THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVENTHCONVOCATIONSPRING QUARTERTWO THOUSAND AND SIXTEENTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONTABLE OF CONTENTSThe Five Hundred Twenty-Seventh ConvocationThe University of ChicagoThe Traditions of ConvocationOverview of the DayThe Five Hundred Twenty-Seventh ConvocationThe Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of MedicineThe Division of the HumanitiesThe Division of the Physical SciencesThe Division of the Social SciencesThe University of Chicago Booth School of BusinessThe Divinity SchoolThe William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional StudiesThe Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy StudiesThe Institute for Molecular EngineeringThe Law SchoolThe School of Social Service AdministrationThe CollegeThe Award of HonorsThe Alma Mater Page iiiPageivPage viPage IPage 9Page 14Page 21Page 26Page 32Page 44Page 47Page 51Page 57Page 59Page 65Page 70Page 91Page II2THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOThe University of Chicago was founded in 1890 by JohnD. Rockefeller, biblical scholar William Rainey Harper,and Chicago-area Baptists. The University's Articles ofIncorporation commit the institution to excellence in bothundergraduate and graduate education, an explicit policy ofco-education, and an atmosphere of non-sectarianism.Harper agreed to become the first president of the Universityon the condition that he be allowed to establish a universitythat would be unlike any other. He conceived of a universitythat would emphasize the creation of new knowledge and"make the work of investigation primary." To this end, theUniversity has always been dedicated to excellence in researchand has sought the most distinguished scholars for its faculty.Over the years, the University and its faculty have hada major impact on American higher education. Facultyscholarship has shaped several essential disciplines andestablished important and distinctive "Chicago schools"in such disparate fields as economics, evolutionarybiology, sociology, literary criticism, anthropology, law,and economics. More than eighty Nobel laureates havebeen members of the faculty, researchers, or students atthe University. Programmatic innovations originating atthe University include the invention of the four-quartersystem, the establishment of a coherent program of generaleducation for undergraduates, the initiation of a full-timemedical school teaching faculty, and the developmentof extension courses and programs in the liberal arts foradults. The University includes an undergraduate College, fourgraduate divisions (Biological Sciences, Humanities, PhysicalSciences, and Social Sciences), six graduate professionalschools (Divinity School, Law School, Pritzker Schoolof Medicine, Irving B. Harris Graduate School of PublicPolicy Studies, School of Social Service Administration, theUniversity of Chicago Booth School of Business), the Institutefor Molecular Engineering, the William B. and CatherineV. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and ProfessionalStudies, and a diverse collection of academic support unitsand resources, including libraries, research institutes, clinics,museums, theaters, and a university press. The University hasmore than 2,200 faculty and other academic personnel, andan enrollment of over 15,000 students. The zry-acre campus islocated along the Midway Plaisance in Hyde Park, a residentialcommunity on Lake Michigan south of Chicago's Loop.The University's English Collegiate Gothic buildings,built of gray Indiana limestone, were designed to frameshady, green quadrangles. Contemporary campus buildingshave been designed in keeping with the original Gothictheme while drawing from the tradition of great modernarchitecture for which the city of Chicago is famous. EeroSaarinen and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed strikingbuildings for the Law School and the School of SocialService Administration. The National Trust for HistoricPreservation praised the University for its insistence onarchitectural continuity over "a century of social andacademic change."On July I, 2006, Robert J. Zimmer became the University'sthirteenth president.iiiTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE TRADITIONS OF CONVOCATIONABOUT CONVOCATIONThe University of Chicago confers degrees in a ceremony we callconvocation, allowing students to receive their degrees immediatelyupon successful completion of the requirements of their academicprograms. Convocations are also held to inaugurate Universitypresidents or to celebrate milestones in the University's history.Literally a "calling together," the University's convocation assemblesall elements of the University community: students and degreecandidates, their family, the faculty, friends of the candidates andthe University, the Officers of the Corporation, the Trustees of theUniversity, the Provost, and the President.It is significant that the University of Chicago has always referred to theseoccasions as convocations rather than as "commencement exercises"or "graduation ceremonies." Receiving a degree marks neither a new beginning nor a termination. Although for degree candidates it may bea rite of passage, the ceremony focuses on continuity in the search forknowledge.At the first convocation, the University's first president, WilliamRainey Harper, told those present that the ceremony was intended "tobind together into a unity the many complex and diverging forms ofactivity which constitute our university life and work." Convocationaddresses consistently focus on the pursuit of knowledge and thepower of ideas.The procession to the convocation ceremony site is typically led by theUniversity's own bagpipe band. The members wear kilts made from aspecially-designed and woven University tartan.ACADEMIC DRESSThe robes worn by participants in academic ceremonies originatedwhen European universities were being formed in the twelfth andthirteenth centuries. Since many of the instructors came fromreligious orders and taught in unheated and drafty buildings, theyadapted their religious robes for use as the university attire.The long robe with an attached cape or hood became the standard,and variation in the costume indicated the rank of the person wearingit. They were worn every day and served to distinguish scholars andtheir students from other citizens. The apparel worn by universityfaculty seen in old engravings is remarkably similar to that worntoday. The gown is a symbol of the democracy of scholarship since itcovers any clothing indicating other rank or status. While everydayfashions changed, universities retained the earlier style for formalattire to be worn by students, graduates, faculty, and universityofficials on ceremonial occasions.European universities each developed their own styles of academicdress, and the academic procession today illustrates some of thatvariety. In the United States, however, an intercollegiate congressin 1895 agreed on a single standard for academic dress that has beenadopted by most American colleges and universities. Individuals withbachelor's degrees wear a black gown with long pointed sleeves. Theiv gown of master's degree holders is also black, with sleeves that aresquared at the end. Doctor's gowns are fuller with velvet facings downthe front and three bars on the bell-shaped sleeves. While the usualcolor is black, some American universities have adopted gowns of acolor appropriate for each school. At the University of Chicago, ourdoctoral gown is maroon.The cape of the earliest academic costumes has become a hood wornby individuals with doctoral degrees. It is placed over the shouldersand hangs down the back. The lining of the hood is folded out and itscolors indicate the school from which the wearer obtained his or herdegree. The velvet border designates the degree area of study (whitefor arts, yellow for science, blue for philosophy, drab for business,green for medicine, purple for law, and red for divinity). Universityof Chicago honorary degree recipients receive a hood with facingin white (Doctor of Humane Letters), purple (Doctor of Laws), oryellow (Doctor of Science).The first right of a freed Roman slave was the privilege of wearing acap, so the academic cap is the sign of the freedom of scholarship.Although the flat square cap or mortarboard is most usual, theUniversity of Chicago's doctoral cap is an octagonal tam of velvet.THE TRADITIONS OF CONVOCATIONTHE MARSHAL AND THE STUDENT MARSHALSvelvet and gold metallic bars on the sleeves. Prior to receiving theirbachelor's degrees, Student Marshals wear maroon bachelor's robeswith maroon mortarboards. When receiving their degrees, they wearblack mortarboards.The office of Marshal of the University was established in 1895 toassist with the conduct of official ceremonies. Until 1903, the Marshalwas an undergraduate upperclassman, assisted by other undergraduateupperclassmen and by members of the faculty. Since 1903, theMarshal has been a member of the faculty, assisted by other membersof the faculty and by undergraduate upperclassmen.The Marshal, Vice-Marshal, and Assistant Marshals of the Universityof Chicago wear maroon doctor's robes with alternating blackRACHEL FULTON BROWNANDREW DAVISHELMADIKGIULIA GALLIDAKE JUNGMO KANGDANIEL ALEXANDER ACKERMANEMMA SHIRATO ALMONJOSEPH MICHAEL BAYERLKRISTIN BINDEREMILY MARGARET ANNE BISHOPJULIA BODSONKRYSTEN ANIK BRAYKRISHANU CHATTERJEEAI-XlN CHENSOPHIA CHENJOSHUA BENJAMIN CHOPERJESSICA KRISTEN COVILNICHOLAS ENSINGER ANTOSEVAN DANIEL BERNSTEINBRENNA ELIZABETH BUDDLENA W.CHENLILY JIALE CHEN Student Marshals are appointed by the President of the Universityin recognition of their excellent scholarship and leadership.Appointment as a Student Marshal is the highest honor conferred bythe University upon undergraduate students.MARSHALVICTORIA E. PRINCEVICE-MARSHALDAVID LARUE CRABBASSISTANT MARSHALSRICHARD H. HELMHOLZWILLIAM G. HOWELLPATRICK LA RIVIERE JENNIFER MOSLEYMICHAEL SILVERSTEINRONALD A. THISTED CHRISTINA VON NOLCKENCHRISTIAN K. WEDEMEYERPETER WHITESTUDENT MARSHALSSPENCER MCAVOY 2014-20152015-2016CARESSA LANAY FRANKLIN ALEXANDRA ROSS McISAAC ANDREW BUMJIN SONGALLYSON GAMBARDELLA BENJAMIN ALEXANDER REISS ISAAC HAYDEN STEINBENITA KAUR GLAMOUR MCKENNA MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER TAUZERSINDHU GNANASAMBANDAN ANASTASIA KATARINA CHANDANI TZE ERN TEOERIN PAULINA HART MENTZELOPOULOS MALLORY KATHERINE VANMEETERSHERRY XINRU HE MAlA O'MEARA MIAN WANGKARINA JOYCE HENDREN LYDIA TRINIDAD PAZIENZA MICHAEL HARRIS WARRENBROCK DONALD ALLEN HUEBNER KELLY LYNNE PEYTON BRETT MARVIN WIESENMARIKA KACHMAN SRUTHI RAMASWAMI AUSTIN T. YUKATHLEEN SADIE KRAUSSCATHERINE MARIE MARTINEZCAITLIN ANNA McCARTHYNAMRATA GARGMAXIMILIAN HAWKINSNOAH HAROLD HELLERMANNJEFFERY HUANGELISABETH DANBY HUHTAMAR MIRANDA MOSCOW COHEN ELLEN JEAN IVERSONKRITIN DESHPANDE JUSTIN LEE JIASTEPHANIE JULIE DIAZDANNA ZEINA ELMASRYEMILY ANNE ESPINELCHRISTIAN JAMES FINCHERPETER ALAN GAO JOE JOSEPHONSI AARON KAMELKATHARINE AMELIA KETTNERHONG ANH ANNA LESHAWN YUANCHANG LI HOLLY ELIZABETH RAPPSHOSHANA LISA RUDINRAGHAV SAWHNEY2016-2017SIJIA SCARLETT LICRYSTALJ. MA MATTHEW MURPHY SHIMMELJONATHAN ROBERT SORCEELIZABETH ARIEL STARKOLIVIA GWEN STOVICEKMARY CLAIRE TUOHYCAROLINE ANNE VENIEROTHEODORE WILLIAM WATLERTHOMAS JAMES WILBERGJARNICKAE GABRIEL LUBIN WILSONELIZABETH KA-YOON WOOELIZABETH ANNE WOODYUNLONG ZHAOJOSEPH WILLIAM MOCHARNUKANGELA HYEJUNG MOONKARYN ANNE PEYTONJAMILA KADIA PICARTAYELET NECHAMA PINNOLISELLIS AMELIA POWELLBROOKE ARIEL PROVINCHAINGEOFFREY DANIEL RAMSEYERMAYA WYPIJEWSKA SCHEIDLKATHERINE KAIXIN SHENVOVERVIEW OF THE DAYTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016The 527th convocation ceremony brings the entire University together to witness the conferring of degrees.More than I6,000 candidates and attendees will share in this remarkable moment. At other ceremonies heldby the schools and divisions, degree candidates will be honored individually through the presentation ofdiplomas and/or hoods.7:00-9:00 a.m.Candidates assemble and attendees are seated.n:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.The 527th convocation ceremony begins with the academic procession.Schools and divisions will hold individual events, including lunches, receptions, and ceremonies atdifferent locations. Please see the section on your school or division for a schedule of events.viTHE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVENTHCONVOCATIONSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain QuadrangleTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONUNIVERSITY CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDESROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the University, PresidingJOSEPH B. BRINK, University CarillonneurThe Millar Brass EnsembleTHE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONCALL TO ORDERWELCOMEVICTORIA E. PRINCEMarshal of the UniversityROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversityTHE CONVOCATION ADDRESSA TIME OF MINDDAVID NIRENBERGDeborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Professor in the John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought,the Departments of History and Romance Languages and Literatures, and the College;Dean of the Division of the Social SciencesANTHEMCOME YE SONS OF ARTComposed by HENRY PURCELLArranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass Ensemble2THE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVENTH CONVOCATIONTHE CONFERRING OF HONQRARY DEGREESFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LAWSANDREW M. ALPERChairman, Board of Trustees, 2009-20I5presented by ERIC D. ISAACSProvost; Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Physics, the James Franck Institute,and the CollegeFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEFRANCES H. ARNOLDDick and Barbara Dickinson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry,Department of Chemical Engineering, The California Institute of Technologypresented by JEFFREY A. HUBBELLBarry L. MacLean Professor of Molecular Engineering Innovation and Enterprise,the Institute for Molecular EngineeringFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSJ. PATRICK OLIVELLEJacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Professor Emeritus, Department ofAsian Studies,The University of Texas at Austinpresented by GARY TUBBAnupama and Guru Ramakrishnan Professor,Department of South Asian Languages and Civilizations and the CollegeTHE CONFERRING OF THE BENTON MEDALJAMES G. ANDERSONPhilip S. Weld Professor ofAtmospheric Chemistry, John A. Paulson School of Engineering andApplied Sciences, Harvard Universitypresented by GREGORY ENGELProfessor, Department of Chemistry, the James Franck Institute, the Institute for Biophysical Dynamics,and the CollegeTHE CONFERRING OF THE ROSENBERGER MEDALKERRY JAMES MARSHALLArtistpresented by JESSICA STOCKHOLDERRaymond W. and Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished Service Professor,Department of Visual Arts and the College; Chair, Department of Visual ArtsTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONRECOGNITION OF PRIZES AND AWARDSERIC D. ISAACSProvost of the UniversityMUSICAL INTERLUDEPUISQUE TOUT PASSESince all is passing,Let us make a passing melody. Let us sing what leaves usWith love and art;The one that quenches our thirst Let us be quickerWill be right for us. Than the quick departure.Composed by PAUL HINDEMITHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirTHE CONFERRING OF ACADEMIC DEGREESCandidates for Degrees will be presented in order by degree in the following academic units:In the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicineby DEAN KENNETH S. POLONSKYIn the Division of the Humanities by DEAN MARTHA T. ROTHIn the Division of the Physical Sciences by DEAN EDWARD W. KOLBIn the Division of the Social Sciences by DEAN DAVID NIRENBERGIn the University of Chicago Booth School of Business by DEAN SUNIL KUMARIn the Divinity School by DEAN RICHARD A. ROSENGARTENIn the William B. and Catherine V Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studiesby DEAN MARK R. NEMECIn the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies by DEAN D�NIEL DIERMEIERIn the Institute for Molecular Engineering by DEAN MATTHEW TIRRELLIn the Law School by DEAN THOMAS J. MILESIn the School of Social Service Administration by DEAN NEIL B. GUTERMANIn the College by DEAN JOHN W. BOYERTHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Arranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass Ensemble4THE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVENTH CONVOCATIONADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITYROBERT ]. ZIMMERMUSICAL FINALEEXCERPT FROM ODE TO JOYComposed by LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVENArranged by DANIEL LEAVITTThe Millar Brass EnsembleCLOSING WORDSVICTORIA E. PRINCEMarshal of the University5THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE CONVOCATION SPEAKERDAVID NIRENBERGDeborah R. and Edgar D. Jannotta Professor in the John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought, the Departments of Historyand Romance Languages and Literatures, and the College; Dean of the Division of the Social SciencesDAVID NIRENBERG is a prolific scholar whose work ranges acrossliterary, artistic, historiographic, and philosophical genres to examinethe ways in which Jewish, Christian, and Islamic societies haveinteracted with and thought about each other.He is the award-winning author of a number of books, includingCommunities of Violence: Persecution 0/Minorities in the Middle Ages(1996) and Neighboring Faiths: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism in theMiddle Ages and Today (2014). His work Anti-Judaism: The WesternTradition (2013) received the prestigious Ralph Waldo EmersonPrize. The publication surveys 3,000 years of anti-Judaism, from itsdevelopment in ancient Egypt to its manifestation in the theoriesof Martin Heidegger and Joseph Goebbels. His most recent book,Aesthetic Theology and Its Enemies: Judaism in Christian Painting,Poetry, and Politics (2015), explores how Christianity's representationsof Judaism have influenced the Western world. He is at work on anew book that explores the powers and the limits of knowledge in thesciences and the humanities. His research has been recognized withNational Endowment for the Humanities, Mellon, and Fulbright­Hays fellowships, and he is an elected fellow of the MedievalAcademy of America. Dean Nirenberg has developed a significant international presenceas a scholar. He has held visiting professorships at the Ecole desHautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris, the Consejo Superior deInvestigaciones Ciendficas in Madrid, and the Wissenschaftskollegzu Berlin. His books have been translated into French, German,Hungarian, and Italian, and he is a regular contributor topublications such as the London Review 0/ Books, The Nation, and theNew Republic. His articles have appeared in numerous peer-reviewedjournals, and he also serves on the editori� boards of several journals,including Hispania Judaica Bulletin and the Journal 0/ Religion inEurope.Dean Nirenberg joined the University of Chicago faculty in 2006.He previously served on the faculties of Rice University and JohnsHopkins University. He earned a bachelor's degree from YaleUniversity and a Ph.D. from Princeton University, and was awardedan honorary degree by the University of Haifa in 2016. This year,Professor Nirenberg was elected as a member of the AmericanAcademy of Arts and Sciences.THE HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENTSFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LAWSANDREW M. ALPERChairman, Board of Trustees, 2009-20I5ANDREW M. ALPER'S involvement with the University ofChicago has been characterized by his many years of distinguishedservice and philanthropic commitment, exemplified by his leadershipof the Board of Trustees from 2009 to 2015.An active alumnus since his graduation from the College andbusiness school, he was elected a member of the University's Board ofTrustees in 1999. He served for six years as Vice Chair of the Boardof Trustees before being elected Chair in 2009. During his time asChair, he helped the University successfully launch the public phaseof its current $4.5 billion comprehensive campaign, The Universityof Chicago Campaign: Inquiry and Impact. He and his family havesupported many divisions of the University, including the College,the Law School, the Biological Sciences Division, and Chicago Booth.He started his career on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs, where hespent 21 years as an investment banker, co-head of the FinancialInstitutions Group, and Chief-Operating Officer of the InvestmentBanking Division. In early 2002, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg appointed him President of the New York City EconomicDevelopment Corporation and Chairman of the New York CityIndustrial Development Agency. In his four and one-half years ofNew York City service, he was responsible for developing strategiesfor bringing jobs and economic growth back to the city in theaftermath of the events of September II, 2001. He continues to servethe University as a member of the Board of Trustees , and is a LifeMember of the Chicago Booth Council.The candidate will be presented by ERIC D. ISAACS, Provost; RobertA. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor, Department 0/ Physics, theJames Franck Institute, and the College.CITATIONANDREW M. ALPER has been an enthusiastic and generoussupporter of the University for over four decades, and a tirelessadvocate on its behalf. Through his distinguished leadership of theBoard of Trustees and his generous philanthropy, he has served theUniversity with distinction.J' THE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVENTH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEFRANCES H. ARNOLDDick and Barbara Dickinson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering and Biochemistry,Department of Chemical Engineering, The California Institute of TechnologyFRANCES H. ARNOLD is a highly influential founding figurein the field of molecular engineering in biological systems, workingmost notably in directed evolution of complex biomolecules to createnew molecular functions. She has developed a number of fundamentalinsights and approaches that have been translated to applications, andthat have societal impacts in green chemistry and biofuels.Through an extensive program of scientific undertaking, shedeveloped the field of directed evolution, in which molecularbiological methods are employed to put selective pressure on abiomolecule to iteratively move from its starting function to apotentially entirely new function. She therefore pioneered an entirelynew approach for biomolecular discovery. Through continuedscientific and technological innovation, as well as demonstration with a number of compelling examples, the concept of directed evolutionhas become mainstream, being adopted widely by academia andindustry alike.The candidate will be presented by JEFFREY A. HUBBELL,Barry L. MacLean Professor ofMolecular Engineering Innovation andEnterprise, the Institute for Molecular Engineering.CITATIONFRANCES H. ARNOLD has pioneered research and translationin biomolecular engineering, through her development of the conceptof directed evolution. Her fundamental discoveries have led to a newfield of scientific investigation, with applications to green chemistry andthe development ofbiofuels, contributing to a more sustainable future.FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSJ. PATRICK OLIVELLEJacob and Frances Sanger Mossiker Professor Emeritus, Department ofAsian Studies, The University of Texas at AustinJ. PAT RIC K 0 L I VEL LEis an outstanding and prolific scholarof Sanskrit and Pali literature and South Asian religions. His work hascome to define the field ofIndology as it is currently understood, andhas transformed the scholarly world's understanding of fundamentalconcepts in India. It has also helped reorient contemporaryperceptions of India's past. Much of his work has been devoted tothe fundamental philological tasks of critical editing and scholarlytranslation. His entire career has been devoted to an extraordinarilyambitious, decades-long project.He has, over the course of the last forty years, produced the majorsynthesis of the overlapping and often contending religious andlearned cultures of classical Indian civilization. Much of his work hasconcentrated on one particular and especially significant area of thiswider field, what might be termed "classical Brahmanism:' This uniteshis interest in the domains of ascetic renunciation (as in his earliest work, and culminating in his magisterial edition and translationof The Early Upanisads) and in legal reasoning and Hindu law andgovernance (especially his 2005 edition of the Laws of Manu, and histranslation and studies of the Arthasasrra).The candidate will be presented by GARY TUBB, Anupama andGuru Ramakrishnan Professor, Department of South Asian Languagesand Civilizations and the College. -CITATIONJ. PATRICK OLIVELLE'S contributions to the study ofSanskrit and Pali literature amount to the most sustained modernscholarly reflection on the notion of dharma, that central, mostpolysemic and elusive conceptual linchpin of classical Indiancivilization. It is an enormous accomplishment, spanning thedomains of philosophy, theology, literature, and history.7THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE BENTON MEDALJAMES G. ANDERSONPhilip S. Weld Professor ofAtmospheric Chemistry,John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard UniversityJAMES G. ANDERSON is the leading experimental expert on insitu measurements of catalytic radical reactivity in the atmosphere.For three decades, he has led a world-class research program exploringthe chemical, global, and societal impacts of catalytic ozone loss in theupper atmosphere. His work ties microscopic molecular mechanismsand laboratory kinetics of radical-molecule reactions to controlled,ultrasensitive in situ atmospheric measurements of radicals. Hepioneered in situ detection of catalytically active radicals in theatmosphere. He also conducted the first airborne measurements ofhydroxyl radicals in the stratosphere, followed soon thereafter by thefirst measurements of halogen radicals injected into the stratospherefrom breakdown of chlorofluorocarbons. Combining these suitesof instruments, he conducted the pivotal field experiments thatconclusively demonstrated that chlorine radicals were responsible forcatalytic ozone depletion in the polar stratosphere, now known as"the ozone hole."His work relating to the ozone hole directly led to the development ofthe Montreal Protocol, an international treaty designed to protect the ozone layer by phasing out the production of numerous substancesthat are responsible for its depletion. More recently, his research haslinked ozone chemistry to climate change, a finding that also explainsthe microscopic origin of the thinning of the ozone layer over themost heavily populated portions of the planet.The candidate will be presented by G RE G 0 RYE N GEL, Professor,Department 0/ Chemistry, the James Franck Institute, the Institute forBiophysical Dynamics, and the College.CITATIONThroughout his career, JAMES G. ANDERSON has championedenvironmental stewardship by creating impeccable datasets thatprove how human activities effect change in our planet's atmosphere.He has provided leadership to the global community by pioneeringtraceable scientific measurements that demonstrate specificanthropogenic effects on climate and ozone.THE ROSENBERGER MEDALKERRY JAMES MARSHALLArtistIn the wide and inventive space of his paintings, KERRY JAMESMARSHALL has celebrated African American history and culture,insisting on its importance to the artisti� canon and influencing howthat history is understood. He is well known for paintings that focuson Black subjects historically excluded from that canon. His imageryranges from abstraction to comics; he paints figures and signs. Hispaintings are intimate and also meta, as they include the museumsand galleries that they are shown in as part of their subject.He is an inspired, imaginative, and hard working chronicler ofthe African American experience; primarily a painter, he also usessculpture, collage, video, and photography to insist on the presenceof Black identity, both in the United States and in Western art. Hismission is to populate museums and galleries with representationsof people of color. He has said: "it is possible to transcend what isperceived to be the limitations of a race-conscious kind of work. Itis a limitation only if you accept someone else's foreclosure from the8 outside. If you plumb the depths yourself, you can exercise a gooddeal of creative flexibility. You are limited only by your ability toimagine possibilities."The candidate will be presented by JESSICA STOCKHOLDER,Raymond Wand Martha Hilpert Gruner Distinguished ServiceProfessor, Department of Visual Arts and the College; Chair,Department of Visual Arts.CITATIONOne of the leading contemporary painters of his generation and amainstay of the international and Chicago art world for over thirtyyears, KERRY JAMES MARSHALL'S vibrant, complex, and multi­layered images of African American history and culture synthesizedifferent traditions and genres and represent a body of work thatis deeply rooted in personal biography and historical detail whilechallenging stereotypical representations of African Americans.THE DIVISION OFTHE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAND THEPRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR M.D. CANDIDATESRockefeller Memorial Chapel10:30 a.m.FRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2016DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR PH.D. CANDIDATESReva and David Logan Center for the Artsn:oo a.m.SATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEON AND DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTIONDonnelley Biological Sciences Learning Centern:30 a.m.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MEDICINEABDULKAREEM AYOTUNDEAGUNBIADES.B .• Stanford University; 20IONDANG NGONG AZANG-NJAAHS.B .• University of Maryland at ColI�g� Park. 20IOM.P.H.• Univmity of North Carolina atChap�1 Hill. 20I5KENNETH BARSHOPA.B .• Univurity of North Carolina at Chap�1 Hill. 20I2EMILY SUZANNE BARTLETTA.B .• Cornell University; Ithaca. Neio York. 2009S.M.. Univmity of California. &rk�/ry. 20IIM.Sc .• University of Oxford. England.United Kingdom. 20I2RUSSELL EVERETT NEWTONBECKERA.B .• Kalamazoo CoII�g�. 2009Ph.D .• University of Chicago. 20I4RENE SAMUEL BERMEA, JR.S.B .• Univ�rsity of Nom Dame, 20I2STEVEN R. BHUTRAS.B .• Stanford Univ�rsity, 20I2CRAIG STANTON BROWNS.B .• Iowa State University of Science anduchnology. 20I2KIRK EDWARD CAHILLA.B .• Indiana Univmity Bloomington. 20IIHILA CALEVA.B .• Princeton Univ�rsity, 20IIJOAQUIN ANDRES CHAPAA.B .• Stanford University; 2007S.M.• Univ�rsity of Oregan, 2008WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAPINS.B .• Univ�rsity of Wisconsin-Madison. 20I2CAITLIN LEE CHICOINES.B .• Washington University in St. Louis. 20II·WITH HONORSNOURA JEHAN CHOUDHURYS.B .• Brown University: 20II·WITH HONORSCAMILLE ALEXANDRIA CROSSS.B .• Univmity of Maryland at Colkg� Park. 20I2SAHITYA KRISHNA CHANDRADENDULURIA.B .• Vanekrbilt University; 20IIJOSHUA EMAD EASSAA.B .• Northwestern University; 20IISARAH BRADLEY FEENSTRAS.B .• Univ�rsity of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 20I2CHRISTINE HUITING FENGS.B .• Univmity of California. San Diego, 20IIABIGAIL JENNIFER BERGMAN FONGA.B .• Princeton Univ�rsity, 20IOM.B.A .• Univmity ofCokJrado atColorado Springs. 20I2SCOTT R. GOLDBERGA.B .• Brown Univ�rsity, 2005·WITH HONORSANDREW JOSEPH GOLDENS.B .• Purd� Univmity, �st LafoJ�tt�. Indiana. 20I2MARTIN LUKE GREENWALDA. B .• St. John s Colkg�. Annapolis. Maryland. 20IIALLISON ELIZABETH GRUBBSA.B.• Brown University; 2009LAUREN NOELLE HOBBSA.B .• Univmity Of Virginia. 20IIJENNIFER CHRISTINE HOUPYA.B .• Harvard University; 20I2CLIFFORD HSIEHS.B .• Univmity of Teou at Dallas. 20I2IMGE HULURA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2007Ph.D .• ibiJ, 20I4 MOHAMMED SAQUIB HUSSAINA.B .• Augustana Colleg», Rock Island. Illinois. 20I2JAMES MICHAEL ISAACSS.B .• University ofArizona. 20I2ETHAN GRANT JAFFEEA.B .• Davidson Colkg�. 2009·WITH HONORSAUBREY JORDANA.B .• Johns Hopkins University; 20IOM.H.S.• ibid. 20IIFREDERICK B. 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England.United Kingdom. 20I2THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEPOUSHALI BHATTACHARJEEA.B., UnivffSity of Texas at Austin, 2006M.D., Univ�rsity ofTaas M�dical Branch, 20IO(Public Health Sciences)LING-XIN CHENS.B., University of Maryland at Colleg� Park, 2005M.D., Uniuersitj of Maryland, 2009(Public Healtb Sciences}CHARLES CZYSZS.B., UniVffSity ofNorth Carolina at Chapel Hill; 20I4(Genetics)LAUREN CORINNE DASS.B., Duke University; 2006M.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 20II(Public Healsh Sciences)ANNA GRIGORYEVNA DEMBOS.B., Univmity ofGtlifornia, Los Ang�/�s, 20IO(Molecular Pathogm�sis and Molecular Medicine)DANA CATHERINE GILMORES.B., Virginia Polytechnic lnstitut« and StateUniversity; 2009(Mo/�cular Pathogm�sis and Molecular M�dicin�)MARIANNA B. JOHNSONA.B., Kalamazoo CoII�g�, 20II(Mo/�cular Pathogm�sis and Mo/�cular M�dicin�)JONATHAN HARRY KEREM KAHNA.B., Colgate University; 20I3(Mo/�cular Pathogm�sis and Mo/�cular M�dicin�) OLGA KANTORS.B., William Marsh Rice University, 2008M.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 20I2(Public Health Sciences)ANDREW G. KIRKLEYS.B., Univ�rsity of Rochester, 20I2(Mo/�cular Pathogm�sis and Molecular Medicine)AMULYA LINGARAJUB.S.E., Visv�svaraya uchnological University;Btlgaum, India, 2008S.M., Purdue Univn-sity, �st Lafoym�, Indiana, 20IO(Mo/�cular Pathogm�sis and Molecular Medicine}NATHANIAL J. OKPYCHA.B., Rutg�rs. the State University of Neio j�rsty.N� Brunswick, 2002A.M., Duqu�sn� University; 2005M.S. w., RutgffS, the State University of Neiu jffSty.N� Brunswick, 20II(Public H�alth Sciences)COURTNEY PETERSON ORSBONS.B., Duk� Univ"sity, 20IO(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)MICAH THOMAS PROCHASKAA.B. 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WRAYA.B., UnivffSity of Texes at Austin, 2003M.D., Wm�rn University of H�alth Sciences, 20II(Public H�alth Sciences)ALl EKREM YE�tLKANALA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 20I2(Molecular Pathogen�sis and Molecular M�dicin�with specialization in Translational Ru�arch)FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYJOSHUA DAVID AAKERA.B., Macalest" Colkg�, 2005(N�urobiology)DISSERTATION: Th� Ro/� 0fZFPI9I inOligodendrocyte Maturation and MytlinationAPARAJITA HOSKOTECHOURASIAS.B., UniVffSity of Mumbai, India, 2002S.M., ibid., 2004S.M., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2008S.M., Uniuersity of Chicago, 20I4{Cancer Biology)DISSERTATION: Tumor Supprtssiv� FunctionsofBNiPJLAUREN ELIZABETH DRAKES.B., Gordon Colleg�, 2008S.M UniVffSity of Chicago, 20I3(Pathology)DISSERTATION: Tumor Supprmor Functions ofBNiP3 in H�atou"ular GtrcinomaBRANDON GARDNERA.B., Pomona Co"�g�, 2006(Pathology)DISSERTATION: Pathogmic Pathways and PrtclincialT�ting in Mous� Models ofMuscular DystrophyANDREW REECE GEHRKEA.B., Boston Univ�rsity, 2005S.M., UnivffSity of Chicago, 20I3(Organismai BiOlogy and Anatomy)DISSERTATION: The Evolutionary History ofHoxGm� Exprtssion in �rubrat� Appendag�sAARON LAWSON HECHTA.B., Washington Univ�rsity in St. Louis, 20IO(Int"disciplinary Scimtist Training Program:MicrobiOlogy)DISSERTATION: Pathogmic Nich� Establishmmtof Bacteroides fragilisCHARLENE SHIAO-LIN HOIS.B., Corn�II Univ�rsity. Ithaca, N� York, 20IO(Gm�tics)DISSERTATION: Intnrlctions bmumt Eyn Absmt andjaltlStat Signaling tUning Drosophila IHwlopmmt SILVIA NJERI KARIUKIA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 2007(Human Genetics)DISSERTATION: Mapping th« GeneticDeterminants of Immun« Disease Susc�ptibilityKATHRYN ELIZABETH MALECEKA.B., Carleton Colleg�, 20IO(Bioch�istry and Molecular Biology)DISSERTATION: Characterization ofOxidiudM�thylcytosin� Binding Protein Activities in th«Mammalian Brain and Stem C�/1sMICHELLE LENA MILLERA.B., Washington Univ�rsity in St. Louis, 2008S.M.• UnivffSity of Chicago, 20I3(Pathology)DISSERTATION: Mtchanisms Underlying RobustTransplantation ToleranceERIN ELIZABETH MOWERSA.B., UnivffSity of Chicago, 2009(Int"disciplinary Scientist Training Program:Cancer Biology)DISSERTATION: The Role of Autophagy in TumorProgression and M�tastasisALEXANDER SALIM RAJANS.B., UnivffSity of California, Davis, 2006(Computational Neuroscience)DISSERTATION: Inv�stigating tb« Himlrchy ofSubdivisions in Primary Motor Cortex, and benoeenPrimary Motor and Somatos�ory Cortices duringNaturalistic Behavior»DAVID STEPHEN RIGIES.B., Corn�" UnivffSity. Ithaca, N�w York, 20IO(M�dical Physics)DISSERTATION: System Optimization and ImagtR�construction for Sptctral Compuud TomographyMEREDITH S. SADINSKIA.B. UnivffSity of Chicago, 20IO(M�dicill Physics)DISSERTATION: Hybrid. Multidim�nsionalMllgn�tic R�sonllnu Imaging of Prostllt� Gtnc�r MICHAEL HARRISON SCHWARTZS.B., Cornell University; Ithacll, N� York, 20II(Microbiology)DISSERTATION: Inducib/� Protein Mistranslationwith M�thionin� Is a Cons�rv�d ProkllryoticResponse that Affords Diverse Phmotypic Benefit»COURTNEY CRUISE STEPIENA.B., �Ileslcy Colleg�, 2008S.M.• University of Chicago, 20I2(Evolutionary Biology)DISSERTATION: The Roles of Evolutionary Historyand Ecological Interactions in th« Maintmanu of aHigh-Divmity Macroalgal Ass�mblag�JASON MATTHEW TORRESA.B., St. Mary's UnivffSity of San Antonio, 2007(Molecular M�tabolism and Nutrition)DISSERTATION: L��raging ExpressionQuantitativ� Trait Loci to Elucidate th� GenettcArchit�cturt ofTjp� 2 Diab�t�sMICHAEL WERNERS.B., Stetson University: 2009(Mo/�cular Genetics and C�II BiOlogy)DISSERTATION: Chromatin-Enrich�d IncRNAs(ch�RNAs) Art C�II- Tjp� SptCifiC R�gulators ofProximal Coding Gm�sJOANNA ALICJA WROBLEWSKAA.B., Tufts UnivffSity. 2009(Immunology)DISSERTATION: 1M LymphotlJ:xin Pitthway M�dUtmProt«tivt: Immunity against a BacuriJzI PIlthogmCHENAN ZHANGS. B., UnivffSity of Florida, 2008S.M., UnivffSity of TaIlS at Austin, 20II(Public H�alth Scimus)DISSERTATION: A Study ofulom�rt Lmgth as IlProsp�ctiv� Biomark�r of Canc" RiskZHENG ZHANGS.B., UniVffSity of Scimu and uchnology ofChina, H�i, Anhui, 2007A.M., johns Hopkins UnivffSity. 2009(M�dicill Physics)DISSERTATION: Inv�stigation of Optimization­Bas�d Algorithms for Tomographic Imag�Rtconstruction13Main Quadrangle9:15 a.m.THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYLUNCHEONBartlett Commons and Bartlett Quadrangle11:30 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel Hall1:45 p.m.RECEPTIONBartlett Quadrangleimmediately following the ceremonyTHE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDESELECTIONS FROM RENAISSANCE DANCESComposed by TYLMAN SUSATOPROCESSIONThe University of Chicago Pipe Band(Please stand)WELCOMEMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the HumanitiesTHE CONFERRING OF THE JANEL M. MUELLER AWARDS FOREXCELLENCE IN PEDAGOGYBARBARA SCHUBERTSenior Lecturer, Department of MusicHARUMI LORYSenior Lecturer, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizationspresented by JASON MERCHANTProfessor, Department of Linguistics and the College; Deputy Dean for Languages and InstructionTHE CONFERRING OF FACULTY AWARDSFOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGCHARLES COHENMary L. Block Professor, Department ofArt History and the Collegepresented by CHRISTINE MEHRINGProfessor, Department ofArt History and the College;Chair, Department ofArt HistoryHEATHER KEENLEYSIDEAssistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature and the Collegepresented by FRANCES FERGUSONAnn L. and Lawrence B. Buttenwieser Professor,Department of English Language and Literature and the College;Chair, Department of English Language and LiteratureTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I P7TH CONVOCATIONClA.M. AND M.F.A. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONFMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by JOYCE KUECHLERAssociate Dean of Students for Student AffairstlenPH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATION ba:adhaMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by JOYCE KUECHLERAssociate Dean of Students for Student AffairsGraduates will be hooded by faculty members in the Division of the Humanities. oneXIdi:rncuenMUSICAL INTERLUDEc130L -PARAN>JPerformed by AMEERA NIMJEE (Kathak dance) and BERTIE KIBREAH (tabla) HreCLOSING REMARKS arillMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the Humanities acPlfeJOYCE KUECHLERAssociate Dean of Students for Student Affairs whtcRECESSIONALGALLIARD BATTAGLIAComposed by SAMUEL SCHEIDT pVIu16THE FACULTY AWARDFOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGTHE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESCHARLES COHENMary L. Block Professor, Department ofArt History and the CollegeCHARLES COHEN brings out the best in his students,encouraging them to forge their own academic pathsbased on close analysis of artwork and scholarship. Inaddition to his own essential scholarship, his mentorshiphas shaped the field of art history, with his students goingon to produce their own influential research. He has anexceptional commitment to nurturing and teaching thediscipline of art history at its very best--combining visual,material, and connoisseurial acuity with historical andcultural erudition and linguistic mastery. His instructionembodies a deep respect for art and inspires profound critical engagement with objects of study in unexpectedways.The candidate will be presented by CHRISTINEMEHRING, Professor and Chair, Department ofArtHistory and the College.CITATIONCHARLES COHEN'S commitment to empoweringstudents through rigorous study combined with hisencouragement that they follow their passions instillsconfidence in his students and enables original discovery.HEATHER KEENLEYSIDEAssistant Professor, Department of English Language and Literature and the CollegeHEATHER KEENLEYSIDE combines brilliance andreliability to a remarkable degree in both her scholarshipand her teaching. She can always be counted on forunusually incisive thinking. Her inspiring teaching andadvice sustain many students throughout their time in thePh.D. program, and students praise her for equipping themfor their own teaching careers. Her dedicated engagementwith her students' thinking epitomizes the intellectualbearing that the University of Chicago would most wishto be known for. Her gift for capturing and focusing thethoughts she encounters in her students is the practicalpedagogical face of a related feature of her scholarship, inwhich she engages the question of how ideas operate inliterature and in literary history. The candidate will be presented by FRANCESFER GUS 0 N, Ann L. and Lawrence B. ButtentoieserProfessor, Department of English Language and Literatureand the College; Chair, Department of English Languageand Literature.CITATIONHEATHER KEENLEYSIDE is exemplary for acommitment to thinking that is as precise as it is brilliant.Her pedagogical ability to track the movements of thoughtis the immediate and practical face of her scholarly gift foridentifying the various forms that ideas take in literature andliterary history.17THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSCHRISTOPHER ALLENA.B., University of California, &rkelry,20I3(Philosophy)VERONICA ALLENA.B., Michigan State University, 20I4(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)ELLEN ALEXIS AMBROSONEA.B., Butler University, 2003A.M., University of Chicago, 2008(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)YASMINE ANDERSONA.B., University of Virginia, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)MEG HAN ELIZABETH ANGELOSA.B., Princeton University, 20I4(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities}RACHEL ASHBYA.B., Brigham Young University, 20I3(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)MATTHEW ASPEELA.B., Rhode Island College, 20II(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)NADIA F. ATASSIA.B., Valparaiso University, 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)JESSE MICHAEL BACHIRA.B., New York University, 20I2LL.B. (Hans), University of Durham, England,United Kingdom, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)MARY ELIZABETH BAUERA.B., Stanford University, 20I2(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)HALLISKYBEAUPREYA.B., Michigan State University, 20I5(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)BLAKE KARSTEN BEAVERA.B., Brown University, 20I4(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)CARLY B. BOXERA.B., Tufts University, 20I3(Art History)CONNOR JOSEPH BROWNA.B., University of Florida, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)CHARLES ERRETT BURKEA.B., Case �surn Reserve University, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)STEFANO CAGNATOA.B., Kalamazoo College, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)IAN EDWARD CAVENYS.B., Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, 20I3(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities}KATHLEEN LINDSEY CESCONA.B., University of Delaware, 20I3(Middle Eastern Studies)KATE HAYLEY CLAIRMONTA.B., Columbia University, New York City, NewYork,20II(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)JEFFREY PATRICK COLGANA.B., St. fohn's College, Annapolis, Maryland, 20II(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)ROBERT COMPTONA.B., Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, 20I4(Middle Eastern Studies)ANA SOFIA CRUZ BENTOA.B., Emerson College, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)TREVOR CUNNIENA.B., University of North Carolina at Asheville, 20I3(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)MENGNA DAA.B., Vassar College, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)18 SEAN ELLIS DOTSONA.B., Northeastern Illinois University, 20I3(English Language and Literature)GRACE K. DWYERA.B., Bard College, 20IO(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)BRENTON JOHN FERGUSSONA.B., Boston University, 2007(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)LUKE ALEXANDER FIDLERPh.B., Northwestern University, 20I4(Art History)SHANNON FITZGERALDA.B., Allegheny College, 20I4(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities}IAN FORNSHELLB.A.S., QUtst University, Squamisb, BritishColumbia, Canada, 20II(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)ELIZABETH ANNE FOSTERA.B., Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 20II(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)JORDAN GALCZYNSKIA.B., Temple University, 20I4(Middle Eastern Studies)MORGAN IRENE GALLEGOSA.B., University of Utah, 20I4(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)MICHELE RODOLFOXICOTENCATL GAMA SOSAA.B" Yale University, 20I4(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)JULIA ANNE GANTMANA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I4(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)JUAN PABLO GARGIULOA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)BLAIZE MARIAH GERVAISA.B., University of Chicago, 20I6(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)BENJAMIN R. GOLDNERA.B., University of Chicago, 20I6(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)MICHAEL DAVID-CARLOSGONZALEZA.B., Saint Mary's College of California, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)ERIN PATRICIA GOUGHA.B., Lynchburg College, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)ALLISON LEIGH GRAYA.B., University of Pugtt Sound, 2005A.M., University of Chicago, 2007(New Testament and Early Christian Literature)SAMANTHA CLARA GRAYCKA.B., Marlboro College, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JACOB OREN HARRISA.B.(Hons}, York University, Toronto, Ontario,Canada, 20I3(English Language and Literature)ERIN ROSE HASTEYA.B., University of Montana, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)JOSEPH N. HERMIZA.B" Arizona State University, 20I2(Middle Eastern Studies)TIMOTHY HOFFA.B., Marquette University, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)NICOLAS MICHAEL HOLTA.B., Rutgers, the State University of New fersry,New Brunswick, 20I5(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)AMI HUANGA.B., University of Chicago, 20I3(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations) JOHN HUGHESB.Mus., Cleveland Institute of Music, 20I4(Music)STELLA ISELINA.B., Smith College, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities}KRISTI MARIE KEISERA.B., Marquette University, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)VARAK KETSAMANIANA.B" American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 20I3(Middle Eastern Studies)PETER SEAN KIERNANA.B., Trinity College Dublin/Coldiste na TrionoideBaile Atha Cliatb, Ireland, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JAMES WILLIAM KISELIKA.B., University of Chicago, 20I6(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)KRYSTIANA KOSOBUCKIA.B., Indiana University-Purdue UniversityIndianapolis, 20I5(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)TENIYA JAHNE LACYA.B., Western Washington University, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)MATTHEW ALAN LANGA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 20II(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)MENG-HSUAN LEEA.B., National Taiwan University, Taipei, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities}MELISANDE CLAUDINE ELOISELEITNERB.Mus. (Hons), Trinity Laban Conseruatoire ofMusic and Dance, London, England, UnitedKingdom, 20I4(Music)NANCY LIA.B., Columbia University, New York City,New York, 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)MEGAN RAE MACKLINA.B., University of California, Davis, 2008(Comparative Literature)MAX LOUIS MALLERA.B., Reed College, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)ZACHARY MANNINGBiMus., University of Cincinnati, 2009(Middle Eastern Studies)BROOKE ANN-LOUISE MARINES.B., New York University, 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)TREVOR GORDON McCULLOCHA.B., Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in the Humanities)KATHERINE LOUISE McKENNAA.B., Seattle University, 20I3(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JACOB LARRY MECHAMBiMus., Brigham Young Uniuersity-Idabo, Rexburg, 20I3(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)ANYA JULIET METZERA.B., University of Oxford, England, UnitedKingdom, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)MADELEINE MICHAELIDESA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)ANDREW NEAL MILLERA.B., University of Virginia, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)GENEVIEVE MARIE MLADENKAA.B., University Of Texas at Austin, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)JOSEPH LUIS MOCTEZUMAA.B., University of California, &rkelry, 2005(English Language and Literature)PAUL MICHAEL MUMMA.B .• Coll�g� of New [ersey; 2008(Middl� Eastern Studies)JEFFREY NEWMANA.B .• Pennsyluania State University, UniversityPark Campus. 20I4{Middl« Eastern Studies)RAO MOHSIN ALI NOORA.B. 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Hdsingin Yliopisto, H�lsinki, Finland, 2004A.M., ibid., 2005(Philosophy)DISSERTATION: POW" and Frudom in th� SpauofR�asonsOYA TOP\=UOGLUA.B., Bogazifi Oniv�rsiusi, Istanbul, Turkq, 2006A.M., Univ�rsity of Chicago, 2008(N�ar East� Languag�s and CiviliZAtions)DISSERTATION: Embkms of POW": Iuology andIuntity in Lau Old Assyrian GlypticLIRAN YADGARA.B., 'HI Aviv Univ�rsity, Isra�/, 2006A.M., ibid., 2008A.M., Univmity of Chicago, 2009(N�ar East� Languag�s and CiviliZAtions)DISSERTATION: "All th� Kings of Arabia Ar�Suking Your Couns�1 and Adviu": Inulkctual andCultural Exchang� b�tw�m J=s and Muslims in th�Lat" Middk Islamic P"iodTHE DIVISIONOF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYReva and David Logan Center for the ArtsNoonLUNCHEON RECEPTIONimmediately following the ceremonyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEPROCESSIONThe University of Chicago Pipe Band(Please stand)WELCOMEEDWARD W. KOLBDean, Division of the Physical SciencesCONFERRING OF THE FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE INGRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGHEINRICH M. JAEGERWilliam J Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor,Department of Physics, the James Franck Institute, and the Collegepresented by EDWARD C. BLUCHERProfessor, Department of Physics, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College;Chair, Department of PhysicsARTHUR L. KELLY PRIZE FOR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESRecipient:MICHAEL FOOTEProfessor, Department of the Geophysical Sciencespresented by MICHAEL D. HOPKINS, Deputy DeanS.M. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical Sciencesnames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsRecognized by Directors of the S.M Programs andFaculty Members of the Physical Sciences Division22THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESMUSICAL INTERLUDERIGA UD ONby ANDRE CAMPRAThe Millar Brass EnsemblePH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical Sciencesnames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsHooders: Faculty Members of the Division of the Physical SciencesREMARKS BY THE DEANEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical SciencesCLOSE OF CEREMONYEMILY BACKE, Associate Dean, Division of the Physical SciencesRECESSIONALTHE FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGHEINRICH M. JAEGERWilliam J Friedman and Alicia Townsend Friedman Professor, Department of Physics,the James Franck Institute, and the CollegeHEINRICH M. JAEGER is a dedicated teacher andmentor whose students thrive in an atmosphere that valuescreativity and independence. By taking abstract theoreticalconcepts and applying them to create novel approaches forinteracting with the physical world, he opens up new fieldsof research. He employs creative experimental techniquesto dissect the workings of some of the most astonishingphenomena in macroscopic complex fluids, and of thesurprising and delicate mechanics in structures at thenanoscale. His emphasis on design, based on disorderinstead of regularity, is a model for pattern formationthat has profound applications for structure formation.He inspires students and colleagues across the Universitythrough his infectious enthusiasm for establishing a dialogue between the sciences and the arts, and through hisability to reach out to demonstrate science to the generalpublic.The candidate will be presented by EDWARD C.BLUCHER, Professor, Department ofPhysics, the EnricoFermi Institute, and the College; Chair, Department ofPhysics.CITATIONBy promoting an atmosphere of creativity andindependence, HEINRICH M. JAEGER successfullyencourages students to attack a wide range of problemsthat cross the boundaries separating different disciplines ofscience.23THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCESHUAIB VIQUAR AHMEDA.B .• University of Chicago. 2008(Computer Science)MARIE BERGELINS.B .• Betbune-Coakma» Colkg�. 2014(Master of Science Program in tb«Physical Sciences)FREDDY ALFONSO BOULTONA.B., Univmity of Chicago. 2016(Statistics)FRANCISC TEODOR BOZGANS. B .• UnivtrSity of California. Los Ang�ks. 2014A.M.• ibid.• 2014(Math�matics)AUSTIN BRYANT BYERSS.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2016(Computer Science)STEPHEN PHILIP CAMERONB.Math .• OJ/Ieg� ofWiUimn and Mary in Vi'linia. 2014(Math�matics)LU CAOB.Econ .• Nanjing Univ�rsity. China. 2014(Statistics)ALAN CHANGA.B .• Princeton University; 2014(Math�matics)BETTY CHAMAY CHENS.B .• Taip�i M�dical UnivtrSity. Taiwan.200gS.M.• National Yant-Mint Univmity. Taipei,Taiwan. :1.011(Computer Science}XIN CHENB.Beon .• Xieme» Univ�r1ity. Fujie», China. :1.014B.Eng.• ibid.• :1.014(Financial Math�matics)CHANG CHENGB.Math .• Tsinthua Univmity. lkijing. China. :1.014(Statistics)SHAO MOU CHENGA.B., National Taiwan Univ�rsity. Taipei, :1.011(Statistics)PATRICIA ANN CORVINOS.B .• Fairfi�/d University; :1.007(Computer Science)BRYCE STEVEN CUNNINGHAMA.B .• Trinity Univ�rsity. San Antonio. :1.005(Computer Science)MOHAMMAD EMON DAI ALI­AKBARS.B., Univmity ofIDinois at Urbana-Champaip. :1.01:1.(Computer Science)RAN DAIS.B .• P�ltint Univmity. &ijint. China. :1.oogPh.D .• Univ�rsity of Minn�sota- Twin Cities, :1.015(Statistics)LIJUN DINGS. B .• Hong Kont Univ�rsity of Science andTechnology. Kowloon. :1.014(Statistics)MAURICIO DOMINGUEZARMENTAS.B .• Instituto Tecnol6pco y tk Estudios Superiore»tk Monterrry. Mmco. :1.01:1.(Compl4ter Science)JASON BRIAN EDELSTEINA.B .• Univmity ofChicato. :1.006(Compl4ter Science)JONATHAN THOMAS EVERSB.B.A .• Univmity of Kentuc/ty. :1.01J(Statistics)SCOTT MICHAEL FENNELLYAB.• State Uni�ty ofN� Yt1n at Bi"thamton. :1.015(Comput�r Scienc�)MICHAEL FRASCOS.B .• Univmity ofChicato. :1.016(Statistics)24 REID MONROE HARRISS.B .• Uniuersity of South Carolina-Columbia. :1.014(Matbematics)TIMOTHY HASPERTS.B .• Illinois State Univmity. :1.004M.Ed.• National Louis Univ�rsity. :1.006(Computer Science)CHRISTOPHER HEINRICHS.B .• Indiana Univ�rsity Bloomington. :1.01:1.S.B .• ibid.• 2012(Physics)BRADLEY BURGIN HICKSS.B .• �It� Forest Univ�rsity. 2014(Master of Science Program in tb« Physical Sciences)JUSTIN HSUS.B .• UnivtrSity of California. San Diego, :1.01J(Statistics)ZHENHUI HUANGB.Mgmt .• Jinan Uniwrsity. Guantzhou. China. :1.007S.M. Uni�ty ofIDinois at Urbana-Champaip. 200g(Computer Science}JOSHUA HUNTERS.B .• Northwestern University; :1.012(Financial Math�matics)JAE YOUNG JEONS.B .• Univmity ofViTtinia. :1.01:1.A.M.• ibid.• :1.01J(Statistics)HAO JIANGDipl., Sun Yat-Snt Uni�ty. Guantzhou. China. :1.01JLL.B .• ibid.• 201JS.B .• ibid.• :1.014(Statistics)JOHN ALEXANDER JOHNSONA.B .• Yal« University. :1.oog(Computer Science}BOYUAN LAIB.Sc .• Univmity of Sydney. N� South Wa/�s.Australia. :1.014(Statistics)OMAR LATIFS.B .• Ohio State Univmity. Columbus. :1.01J(Computer Science)JUN YUAN LAUS.B .• N� Yorlt University. :1.010(Comput" Science)YOUNGSUK C. LEEA.B .• Univmity of California. Los Ang&s. :1.01J(Statistics)YU LIS.B .• 'Ibe Univ=ity of Hont Kont. Hont Kont. :1.014(Math�matics)NENGBAO LIUB.Ent.• Tianjin UnivtrSity. Chinll. :1.01:1.S.M.• Masur Institut« of Scimc« and TechnoJoo. AbuDhabi. Unit�d Arab Emirates, :1.014(Comput�r Science)KUN LUB.Stat.• Rmmi« Univmity of China. lkijint> :1.014(Statistics)YIHUI LUB.Beon .• East Cbin« Univ�rsity of Political Scienceand LIIw. Shanthai. :1.01JA.B .• UnivtrSity of Roehm", :1.014(Fintlnciai Mllth�tics)DAVID JOSEPH MANGLANOS.B .• Un�ty ofIDinois at llrbana-ChampaiUJ. :1.01J(Comput" Sci�nc�)ILIAR MANGUTOVEnt.• St. P�t�rsbur: Stat� Institute of Fin�Muhanics lind Optics. Russia. Igg5(Financial Math�mlltics)VENKATA KRISHNA SUMANTHMANNAMB.Ent-. Birla Institute ofT«hnoJoo. Mesr.. India. 2009(Comput" Science) TUNG THO NGUYENS.B .• Vi�tnam National University. Hanoi. :1.014(Mathematics)NICHOLAS PANNA.B .• Johns Hopltins Univ�rsity. :1.010M.B.A .• ibid.• :1.012(Comput" Science)KATHERINE ALEXIS PERRYA.B .• Carleton CoII�g�. 2010(Comput�r Science)MATHEW PHILIPB.Eng.• Manonmaniam Sunuranar Univ�rsity.Thirunelbeli, India. Iggg(Computer Science)LEAH K. ROTHA.B .• St. Olaf Colleg», 2014(Physics)KARL EDWARD SCHAEFERA.B .• William Marsh Rice UnivtrSity. 2014(Math�matics)BLAKE SHAPIROS.B .• Washington UnivtrSity in St. Louis. :1.007(Comput�r Science)DA SIS.B .• Univ�rsity of Wisconsin-Madison. :1.014(Financial Math�matics)DURGA SMITHA SRIKAKOLAPUB.M.E.• Osmania UnivtrSity. Hytkrabad. India. :1.001(Financial Math�matics)DMITRIY SVIDZINSKIA.B .• N� Yorlt UnivtrSity. :1.010(Comput" Science}MICHAEL SYLVESTERB.E.S .• Univ�rsity of Michitan-Ann Arbor. :1.oog(Comput�r Science)SIAN FIONA WALKERS.B .• New Yorlt Univmity. :1.014(Statistics)BRIAN LING-SHEN WALLACES.B .• Univmity of California. B�rlt�ky. :1.010(Computer Science)JIALI WANGS.B.• PtnNJ/vanUt State Univmity. Univmity Pan. :1.014(Financial Math�matics)GIAN THOMAS MARZIANIWROBELS.B .• G�ort�town University; :1.011(Computer Science)HONGYU XIAOB.E.S.• China Uniwrsity ofbtrokum. &ijint. :1.014(Master of Science Prol'am in th� Physical Sciences)YI HSIN YEHA.B .• UnilltrSity of Roch�st". 2014(Statistics)YIZHANGB.Beon .• Wuhan Univmity. China. :1.014S.B .• ibid.• :1.014(Statistics)QIAN ZHAOS.B .• Fuun UnivtrSity. Shanthai. China. :1.014(Statistics)XIANGYI ZHENGS. B.• Uniwrsity of Hont Kont. Hont Kont. :1.014(Stlltistics)SHIGANG ZHUA.B .• Boston Unill�rsity. :1.015(Comput" Science)THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYASILATA ANAND BAPATS.B., Massachusetts Institute ofuchnology, 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20I2(Matbematics)DISSERTATION: Some Results on Perverse Sh�avuand Bemstein-Sato PolynomialsKARAN BHURIPANYOS.B., Baylor University; 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 20II(Chemistry}DISSERTATION: Idmtification of Ubiquitin LigaseSubstrates via Orthogonal Ubiquitin TransftrMICHAEL ADAM BOLESS.B., University of North Carolina at ChapelHill.cunoS.M., University of Chicago, 20II(Ch�mistry)DISSERTATION: S�IfAsumbly of ColloidalNanocrystals: Surface Ligands Promote theFormation of Unexpected SuperlatticesJINGYUAN CHENS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20II(Physics)DISSERTATION: Bury Phase Physics in Free andInteracting Fermionic SystemsSHUYANG CHENGA.B., University of Oxford, England, UnitedKingdom, 2009M.Math., ibid., 20IO(Math�matics)DISSERTATION: Towards a Nonstandard FourierAnalysis in Automorphic Forms: Some Results onTwo Toy ExamplesJAMES FARRIS DAMAS.B., California Institute ofT�chnology, 20IOS.M., Univ�rsity of Chicago, 20II(Chemistry}DISSERTATION: Contributions towards tb« Theoryofth� Bottom-Up Coerse-Graining of ComplexMo/�cu/�sMAX DAVID ENGELSTEINS.B., Yale University; 20IOS.M., Uniuersity of Chicago, 20I2(Mathematics}DISSERTATION: Free Boundary Problems forHarmonic and Caloric M�asur�SIMI ON FILIPA.B., Princeton University: 2009Dipl., University of Cambridg», England, UnitedKingdom, 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20I2(Math�atics)DISSERTATION: Teicbmuller Dynamics and Hodg�Theory EVANGELIA GAZAKIPtychion, Etbnikon kai KapodistriakonPanepistimion Atbinon, Athens, Greece, 2007M�taptychiakon, ibid., 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 20II(Math�matics)DISSERTATION: Zero Cycles on Abelian Vari�ti�s,Somekaw« K-groups and Local SymbolsANDREW LIANG LI GENGS.B., Massachusetts Institute ofuchnology, 20IIS.M., University of Chicago, 20I3{Mathematics}DISSERTATION: The Classification of Five­Dimensional GeometriesLICHUNG HAS.B., National Taiwan University; Taipei, 2006(Physics)DISSERTATION: Base-Einstein Condensates in aShakm Optical LatticeJAMES MICHAEL HENDERSONS.B., University of Central Oklahoma, 2008S.M., University of Chicago, 2009(Cbemistry}DISSERTATION: Antimicrobial Peptides' S&ctivityand Line Activity Governed by Membrane PropertiesALEXANDER ALEKSANDROVICHKAUROVDip!', St. P�ttrsburg Stat« Polytechnic University;Russia, 20IIS.M., University of Chicago, 20I2(Astronomy and Astrophysics)DISSERTATION: On Improving Analytical Modelsof Cosmic Reionizetion for Matching NumericalSimulationLEVKE KOOPS.B., Ruprecht-Karls-Uniuersitdt Heidelberg,Germany. 2009M.App.Sc., University of Toronto, Ontario,Canada, 20II(G�ophysical Sciences)DISSERTATION: Tbe Isotopic Evolution ofth�Early Solar Syst�m as Traced by Hibonite-RicbR�fractory InclusionsTERUHISA KOSHIKAWABach., University of Tokyo, Japan, 20I2S.M., University of Chicago, 20I4(Math�matics)DISSERTATION: Hodg� Bund/�s and H�ights ofPure MotivesSANG YUN LEES.B., Seoul National University; South Korea, 2007S.M., ibid., 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20II(Ch�mistry)DISSERTATION: Multiscak Motkling of IonExchang� Mecbanism in the CIC Antiporter RUIBIN LIANGS.B., Tsinghua University; Beijing, China, 20IIS.M., Univusity of Chicago, 20I2(Ch�mistry)DISSERTATION: Multiscale Reactive MolecularDynamics Simulation of Proton Transport inProteinsZHE LIUS.B., Nankai University; Tianjin, China, 2008M.N.S., Graduat« University of the ChineseAcatkmy of Sciences. Beijing, China, 20II(Statistics)DISSERTATION: High-Dimensional GraphEstimation and Density EstimationLAN LUOS.B., Worcest�r Polyt�chnic Institute, 20IIS.M., University of Chicago, 20I2(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: M�tal-Catalyud AsymmetricEpoxidatian and Its R�lattd ReactionsANTHONY MICHAEL MARTINEZS.B., Fairfi�1d University; 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20II(Ch�mistry)DISSERTATION: Chemical Probes for ControllingBacterial Transcription, Inducing MitochondrialPermeabilization, and Studying Cellular OxidationSteteANDREW NAMAN POPPICKA.B., University of Chicago, 20IO(Statistics)DISSERTATION: Statistical M�thods for ClimaticProcesses with Tempora] Non-stationarityVED PRAKASH SINGHB.Sc., Indian Institute ofuchnology Bombay,Mumbai, India, 20IOM.Sc., ibid., 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20I5(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Coherence and Chirality inEnagy Transfa Dynamics of Light HaroestingAntmna ComplexesVAIDEHEE MADHAV THATTEB.Math., Indian Statistical Institute, Bangalare,India, 2009M.Math., Indian Stetistical Institute, Kolkata,India,2oIIS.M., Univ�rsity of Chicago, 20II(Math�matics)DISSERTATION: Ramification Tbeary for ArbitraryValuation Rings in Positive Characteristic25THE DIVISIONOF THESOCIAL SCIENCESSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONIda Noyes HallNoonDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel2:15 p.m.THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESDAVID NIRENBERGDean, Division of the Social SciencesPROCESSIONRIGAUDONfrom Idomeneo Re di Creta by ANDRE CAMPRATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist(The Congregation stands and remains standing until after the welcome)CALL TO ORDERRACHEL FULTON BROWNAssociate Professor, Department of HistoryTHE CONFERRING OF FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE INGRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGREMARKSAMANDA WOODWARDWilliam S. Gray Professor, Department of Psychology and the CollegeDeputy Dean, Division of the Social SciencesMUSICAL PERFORMANCEMENUETfrom Suite Gotbique by LEON BOELLMANNTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGRecipients of Degrees will be presented in alphabetical order by degree in the following programs:In the Committee on International Relations, by MICHAEL REESEIn the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, by PAUL WALKERIn the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, by DAIN BORGESIn the Department of Anthropology, by KARIN KNORR CETINAIn the Department of Comparative Human Development, by MARGARET BEALE SPENCERIn the Department of Economics, by HUGO SONNENSCHEINIn the Department of History, by EMILIO KOURIIn the Department of Political Science, by CAT H Y J. CO HENIn the Department of Psychology, by PATRICK HALLIn the Department of Sociology, by ANDREAS GLAESERREMARKS BY THE DEANDAVID NIRENBERGDean, Division of the Social SciencesMUSICAL PERFORMANCEFESTIVE TRUMPET TUNEComposed by DAVID GERMANTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistRECESSIONALTOCCATAfrom Organ Symphony NO.5 by CHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist(Please stand)THE FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGLINDA ZERILLICharles E. Merriam Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Political Science and the CollegeLINDA ZERILLI is a brilliant and innovative scholar offeminist and political theory and continental philosophy.She is revered for her intelligence and incisive writing.But as much as she is admired for her research, she is alsodeeply respected for her generosity to and care for graduatestudents. Known across campus for creating an energizingand inclusive classroom environment, she practices acollaborative pedagogy that motivates students to higherlevels of thinking and writing. Outside of the classroom,she works tirelessly to create institutions where studentscan build community and find support as they work torefine their scholarship. She serves as a mentor to students throughout their careers, shaping not just their thinkingbut also their lives.1he candidate will be presented by CATHY J. COHEN,David and Mary Winton Green Professor, Department ofPolitical Science and the College; Chair, Department ofPolitical Science.CITATIONA brilliant and incisive scholar of feminist and politicaltheory, LINDA ZERILLI models for students the pursuitof deep intellectual inquiry while working to build a moreexpansive and inclusive intellectual community.THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSKENTARO ASAIA.B., University of Chicago, 2007(Economics)RALEIGH ALVES BARRETTA.B., Chapman University; 20I2(Masur ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)NICHOLAS ANDREI GIOVANNIBELLINSONA.B., Princeton University; 20I3(Social Thought)JASMINE HELENE' BENJAMINA.B., Claflin Colleg«, 20I3(Political Science)WINSTON CHILTON GREGORYBERGA.B., G�org� Washington University; 20I3(International Relations)NIKITA BEZRUKOVA.B., M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University;Russia, 20I2(Middk Eastern Studies)ANNA BROADWELL-GULDEA.B., Hendrix Coll�g�, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)KATHARINE DIANE BROWNA.B., University of California, Santa Barbara, 20IOM.P.P., University of Chicago, 20I6(Middk Eastern Studies)JILL BUCCOLAA.B., Hillsdale Colleg«, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)PATRICK BURKEA.B., Del'aul Uniuersity; Chicago, Illinois, 20I5(International Relations)SAMUEL CAHILLA.B., North Central Colleg», 20I4(Masur ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences}JORGE ANTONIO CAMPOSTELLEZLic., El Cokgio tie Mlxico, Mexico City, 2009(AnthropoilJgy)LARRY JAMES CARRILLOA.B., University of California, Riverside, 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Social Sciences}JOHN F. CATALDIS.B., United Statu Merchant Marine Acad�my, I983S.M., Loyola Unioersity Neu: Orleans, 20I3(Mast�r ofArts Program in th« Social Sciences}CHAO CHI CHIUA.B., University of California, San Dieg», 20I5(Masta ofArts Program in tbe Social Sciences}SOO JIN CHOA.B., N� York University; 20IIA.M., Yonsd University, Seoul; South Korea, 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Social Sciences}MARION JAMES COSEYA.B., Purdue University; 20I5S.B., ibid., 20I5(Masta ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)TZIPPORAH P. DANGA.B., University of San Francisco, 20I4(Masta ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences}SCOTT WALTER DANIELSONS.B., Emory University; 20I3(Masta ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)JEFFREY MICHAEL DELLAROCCOA.B., Texas A&M University, 20I4(Masta ofArts Program in th� Social Scimas)MICHAEL DOLANA.B., SUNY Colkg� at Osw�go, 20I3(Middk East� Studi�s)AARON MICHAEL DREWSA.B., Univ�rsity of Wisconsin-Madison, 20I5{Inurnational R�lations}RACHEL JOY FARELLS.B., G�org�town University, 20I3(Middk East� Studi�s) MICHELLE FARLEYS.B., M�rcyhurst Coll�g�, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)SARA PATRICIA FERREIRAMOREIRALic., Uniuersidade do Porto, Porto, Portugal, 2005Mestr«, Uniuersidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Lisbon,Portugal, 2009(Economics)DAVID KELLY FRAPPIERA.B., University of Washington, 20II(Masur of Arts Program in tb« Social Sciences)ANTONIO GAETANO GIOIAA.B., Uniuersity of California, Los Ang�l�s, 20I4(Masur ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)MAXIMILIAN BENJAMIN GOLDMANA.B., Whitti�r College, 20I5(Masta of Arts Program in tb« Social Sciences)AMANDA BERNADINE GRAFFA.B., Marquette University; 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences}MOHAMMAD ZUHAD AKHTAR HAlA.B., Grinnell College, 20I5(International Relations)GUNNAR HEINSDip!', Univ�rsitiit zu Kdin, Cologne, G�rmany, 20IO(Economics)ANDREA HENRYS.B., Tufts University; 20IO(PsychoilJgy)SARRA SAMY HILALIA.B., Santa Clara University; 20I3S.B., ibid., 20I3(Middk Eastern Studi�s)KAI-WEI HSUA.B., National Taiwan University; Taipd, 20I3(Economics)MIAO JENNY HUAA.B., University of California, &rk&y, 2009S.B., ibid., 2009(AnthropoilJgy)ELIZABETH L. HUPPERTA.B., Boiodoin Colkg�, 20I2(Masur of Arts Program in tb« Social Sciences}FRANK FELIPE IBARRAA.B., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2005(Masur ofArts Program in th« Social Sciences}JENNIFER MARCELLA JACKSONS.B., Uniuersisj ofSouth�rn California, 2007A.M., California Suu« Univ�rsity, Fullerton, 20II(Political Science}HYO SUNG JOOA.B., Claremont McKmna Colkg�, 20I4[International Relations)ROBERT PATRICK KAMINSKIA.B., G�org�town University; 20I2(History)AARON KAUFMANA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, Nei» York, 20I4(Masur ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)ETHAN KIMA.B., University of Southem California, 20I5(Intemationel Relations)HYUNKI KIMB.S.S., Ewha Womm s University, Seoul, SouthKorea, 20I5{International Relations)MALGORZATA MARIA LABNOS.B., Uni�ty ofI/Jjnois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I3(Middk Easurn Studi�s)RYAN GEOFFREY LAWRENCEA.B., Wak� Fowt University, 20I5(Masta ofArts Program in th� Social Scimas)LUCY MICHELLE LEBANA.B., FilJrida Gulf Coast University, 20I5(Int�ational &lations) PATRICK CHARLES LEWISA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, Neio York, 2009A.M., Sabanci Unioersites], Istanbul, Turkry, 20I2(Anthropology)EMILY CHRISTINA LITTLEA.B., Wright State University; 20I3(Middl� Eastern Studies}SHENG-HAO LOS.B., National Taiwan University; Taipa, 20I2(Economics)YI LUOA.B., Claremont McK�nna College, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in tbe Social Sciences}MEGAN MELISSA MACHAMERA.B., University of California, San Dieg», 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in th« Social Sciences}MARGARET MASSA.B., Swarthmore Calleg«, I996A.M., University of Chicago, 2004{Comparative Human Development)JOSHUA GARY MAUSOLFA.B., Na» York University; 20I2(Sociology)MARfA IGNACIA MERCADALALBORNOZB.Econ., Pontificia Uniuenidad Catdlic« tie Chile,Santiago, 2007Mag., ibid., 2008MSc., Tilburg Uni�ty, 'Ibe Nahmands, 2008(Economics)ANDREW R. MOELLERA.B., Moody Bible Institute, Deerfield, Illinois, 20IOM.Div., Trinity Eoangelica! Divinity School, 20I3M. Th., ibid., 20I4(Masta ofArts Program in th« Social Sciences)NORA CATHERINE NICKELSS.B., University of Notre Dame, 20I3(Comparativ« Human Development}SONGKHUN NILLASITHANUKROHS.B., Univasity of Wisconsin-Madison, 20I4A.M., Uniuersisj of Chicago, 20I6{International Relations}IDA SOFIE NITTERA.B., Macaksta Colkg�, 20I3(Middk Eastern Studies}CHRISTINE EFUA OHENEWAHA.B., Macalester Colkg�, 20I5(International Relations}ANAMIKA DIYA PATELB.A.(Hons}, University of Warwick, England,United Kingt/Qm, 20I5[International Relations)LUKE NATHANIEL PEREZA.B., Brown Univ�rsity, 20I5(Masta ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)LINDSEY MIDORI PETITTA.B., North Centra! Colkg�, 20I4(Masta ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences}MICHAEL AARON PIERSONA.B., University of Chicago, 20I3(Masta ofArts Program in the Social Sciences}JORDAN COSBY POOLEA.B., University of Chicago, 20I6(Masta ofArts Program in th« Social Sciences}WENQUS.B., Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in tbe Social Sciences}CANDACE BURR QUEATHEMA.B., Brigham Young Univ�rsity, 20IIJ.D., Chapman University, 20I4(Masta ofArts Program in th� Social Scimcn)IAN NICHOLAS RAMDEENA.B., University of Chicago, 20I5(Masta ofArts Program in th� Social Scimus)CHRISTOPHER WILLIAM RAYA.B., University of Maryland at Colkg� Park, 20I4(InUTnational &lations)THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONRACHEL ELIZABETH ROSENBERGA.B .• Dartmouth Coll�g�. 20I3(Masur ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)SANA TAJODDIN SAIYEDA.B .• W�lI�slq Colleg«, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)FAHAD M. SAJIDA.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20II(Political Science)CRISTINA YUMI SAKAMOTOB.B.A .• Fundacdo Getulio Vargas. Sao Paulo.Brazil. 2008M.B.S .• ibid.• 20IOM.l.M.• Uniuersita Commerciale 'Luigi Bocconi',Milan. Italy. 20IO(Sociology)MAX ANDREW SAMELSA.B .• University of Chicago. 20IO(International Relations)MARIA FRANCISCA SANDOVALA.B .• University of Southern California. 20IO(Latin Am�rican and Caribbean Studies)JASON RYAN SATTIZAHNA.B .• University of Missouri-Columbia. 20II(Psychology)MARCILENA GLADYS SHAEFFERA. B .• University of Notre Dame, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)AKHIL SANJAY SHAHA.B .• University of Durham. England. UnitedKingdom. 20I4(Middle Eastern Studies)REBECCA KAYU SHAHEENA.B .• University of San Dieg», 20I3(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences) DEBRA MARIE SMETANAA. B .• University of Notre Dame, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in tbe Social Sciences)SEYNIQUE SMYTHEA.B .• Drexel University; 20I5(International Relations)KAITLYN ANGELA SPEHARA.B .• Susquehanna University; 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)JUSTIN RAYMOND SUGGSA.B .• Northern Illinois University; 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)NAZMUL S. SULTANA.B .• City University of Neu/ York. 20I4(Political Science)BEHNAM BEN TALEBLUA.B .• George Washington Uniuersity; 20I2(International Relations)PAUL ANTHONY THOMASA.B .• University of Kansas. 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences}MICHAL TRUSZA.B .• Boston University; 20I5(International Relations)JOEL ALFRED VELDKAMPA.B .• Dordt College, 20IO(Midd/� Eastern Studies)GABRIEL VELEZA.B .• Harvard University. 2007(Comparative Human Development)ESTEFANfA VIDAL MONTEROLie .• Uniuersidad d� Chile, Santiago. 2007(Anthropology)THEODORE JEFFREY VOELKELA.B .• University of California. Berkeley, 200IA.M.• Yonui University, Seoul, South Korea, 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in tbe Social Sciences) LUCY HOPE WARKA.B .• University of Cambridge, England. UnitedKingdom. 20I5(Master of Arts Program in tb« Social Sciences)MARSHALL ALLAN WATSONB.L.A .• Kennesaw Co/l�ge. 20I2(Middl« Eastern Studies)ALISON MARIE WEISSS.B .• United Statts Air Fora Academy. 20I5(International Relations)PERRY WONGA.B .• University of Chicago. 20I2(Anthropology)SIU HEI WONGA.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I5(International Relations)KAI HAO YANGA.B .• National Taiwan University; Taipei, 20I2(Economics)JEFFREY JOSEPH YOZA, JR.S.B .• Mount Union College, 20I5(Masur of Arts Program in tbe Social Sciences)MING CHAK WILSON YUENA.B .• University of California. Los Ang�/�s. 20IODr. Iur..• University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong. 20I2(International Relations)NANXIZENGA.B .• Renmin University of China. Beijing. 20I4LL.B .• ibid.• 20I4(International Relations)LING ZHONGA.B .• University of Hong Kong. Hong Kong. 20I5(Masur ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)SELENA ZHONGA.B .• University of British Columbia. vancouv�r,Canada. 20I3(Sociology)FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYJONATHAN JAMES ADAMSA. B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 2009A.M.• University of Chicago. 20I2(Economics)DISSERTATION: Transitions in Long RunEconomic GrowthKENTARO ASAIA.B .• University of Chicago. 2007A.M.• ibid.• 20IO(Economics)DISSERTATION: Political Connections andFinancial StabilityPHILIP OLIVER BARRETTA.B .• University of Oxford. England.United Kingdom. 2005Dipl..• University of London. England.United Kingdom. 2000M. Sc .• ibid.• 2008(Economics)DISSERTATION: Reputation and Sov�reign DefaultALEXANDRA BASSA.B .• University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2005A.M.• University of Chicago. 2009(Political Science)DISSERTATION: Difining Invisible Problems: TheIntersection of Politics and Science in Am�ricanPublic Opinion about Climate Cbang«MARTIN ALBERTO BERAJAA.B .• Unioersidad Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires,Argentina. 2008A.M.• ibid.• 20IO(Economics)DISSERTATION: Essays in Macro�conomicsERIN JENNA CABLES.B .• Univ�rsity of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 20IOA.M.• Univ�rsity of Chicago. 20I2(Psychology)DISSERTATION: Circadian Influenas on th�Functional &gulation ofTh� R�productiv� andImmun� Sysums of Sib�rian Hamst�rs (Phodopussungorus)30 PIPER E. COUTINHO-SLEDGEA.B .• Wtslryan University; 2003S.M.• University of Vermont and State AgriculturalCollege. 2007A.M .• University of Chicago. 20II(Sociology)DISSERTATION: Embodying Gender throughCancer: Medical Interactions and th« Production ofAppropriauly Gendered BodiesSUSANNAH MARIE ENGSTROMA.B .• University of Pennsylvania. 2002A.M.• University of Chicago. 2008(History)DISSERTATION: Theater for tbe City: Proftssionalismand Cultural Democracy in Minneapolis, I940-I970SARA PATRICIA FERREIRAMOREIRALie .• Uniuersidade do Porto. Porto. Portugal. 2005Mestre. Unioersidade Tecnica de Lisboa, Lisbon.Portugal. 2009A.M .• University of Chicago. 20IO(Economics)DISSERTATION: Firm Dynamics. Persistent Effectsof Entry Conditions. and Business Cycle:COURTNEY AMBER FILIPPIA.B .• University of Virginia. 20IIA.M.• University of Chicago. 20I3(Psychology)DISSERTATION: From Action to Abstraction: TheDevelopment of Early Social CognitionJOSEPH ANDREW FORDA.B .• Harvard Univ�rsity. 2000A.M.• Univ�rsity of Chicago. 2008(Political Sciena)DISSERTATION: Fun�rary Practias and PoliticalSuccmion: Thru &gim� Typ�sKOREY GARIBALDIA.B .• Univ�rsity of Minn�sota- Twin Citi�s. 2009A.M.• Univ�rsity of Chicago. 20IO(History)DISSERTATION: Knock on Any Door: 1h� Ris� andFall of Inugration in Ammcan Cultur�. I9II-I972 STEPHEN JOSEPH GRAYS.B .• Brandeis University: 20IIA.M.• University of Chicago. 20I3(Psychology)DISSERTATION: Transcranial Direct CurrentStimulation and Episodic Memory RetrieualCHRISTOPHER MICHAELGRAZIULS.B .• Virginia Polytechnic Institute and StateUniversity; 2004S.B .• ibid .• 2004A.M.• University of Chicago. 2005A.M.• ibid.• 2009(Sociology)DISSERTATION: Venues: Locating Social ContextALLISON PATTERSON HARRISA.B .• Brown University; 2002M.P.P.. Rutgers, the State University of Neui [ersey;Neio Brunswick. 2000A.M.• University of Chicago. 20I2(Political Science)DISSERTATION: Who's on the Bench? PoliticalImplications ofJudicial Characteristics and JudicialSelection Methods in the U.s.GUNNAR HEINSDipl..• Uniuersitdt zu Koln, Cologne, Germany; 20IOA.M.• University of Chicago. 20IO(Economics)DISSERTATION: Essays in International TradeFREDERICK B. KETCHUMS.B .• WhMton Co/l�g�. 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Duane Rath Professor of Economics and the John E. Jeuck Faculty FellowALUMNI ADDRESSHOW TO START UP AND START OVERMICHAEL POLSKY, M.B.A. '87Founder, President and CEO of Invenergy LLCMUSICAL INTERLUDEMembers of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirAWARDING OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODINGpresented by SUNIL KUMAR, Dean, Chicago Booth School of Businessand Faculty Dissertation ChairpersonsTHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Members of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirCLOSING REMARKSSUNIL KUMARDean, Chicago Booth School of Business33THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR DEGREE OFINTERNATIONAL MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONLINDSAY KATE TAYLORS.B .• University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2009FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONARJUN SANJAY AGARWALAA.B .• Vassar College, 20IODANIEL PATRICK AHERNS.B .• Marquett« University; 2005GREER SHERRILL AHLQUISTA.B .• Princeton University; 2009·WITH HONORSMICHELLE JIE AIB. Com .• University of Sydnry. 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B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 200IJOSEPH GABRIEL DUMASS.B .• Uniud Staw Air Foret Acad�my. 2006A.M.• Univmity of Oklahoma. 20IISAMUEL TUCKER DUPREYA.B., Yal� Univ�rsity. 20IOTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONJILLIAN LEIGH DURKINA.B., Northwestern University; 2008M.P.P., University of Chicago, 2016MATTHEW HOLLIS EAVESS.B., Vanderbilt University, 2008SCOTT EBBOTTB.B.A., Emory Uniuersity; 201I'WITH HIGH HONORSJAMIE ECKERTA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2005JOSE FRANCISCO EIBARLic., Uniuersidad d� Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20IIMICHAEL B. 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India, 2003Dipl., Institute of Management Technology,Ghaziabad, India, 2006·WITH HONORSJUAN MULDOONA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2009FELIPE REIS RIBAS MULLEREng., Uniuersidade Federal do Parana, Curitiba,Brazil, 20IOLic., Centro Unioersiiario Curitiba, Brazil, 20I2·WITH HONORSMUKUND MURLI MULTANIS.B., Fordham University, 20IO·WITH HONORSTHAIS MUNTADA CAVINATTOBach., Fundacdo Getulio Vtzrgas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 20IOMEHDI MUNTAZIRB.Eng., NED University of Engineering andTechnology, Karachi, Pakistan, 2002AUSTIN LOVE MURRAYSB., Fordham University, 20IOJESSE NADINGS.B., Colorado State University, 2007NASHAY NAEVES.B., Iowa State University of Science andTechnology, 2008S.M., Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 20IINITIN YESHWANT NAIKB.Eng., University of Mumbai, India, I998M. CS., University of Texas at Dallas, 2003SIDDHARTH ARVIND NAIRB.Mgmt., St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India, 2007SB., Babson College, 2009AYAKO NAKAYAMAB. Com. 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(Hons), National University of Singapore,Singapore, 20IIWILLIAM DAQUAN NIS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005ARNO NIAZIKand, Uppsala Uniuersitet, Sweden, 2009Mag., ibid., 20IOERIC ROBERT NIEDERHELMANS.B., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 20IITIFFANY NICOLE NOLTEA.B., Seattle Pacific University, 20IIBRUNO NORONHA ROLLO DIASBach., Insper Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa, SaoPaulo, Brazil, 20II·WITH HIGH HONORSJACOB JAMES NORTONS.B., Georgetown University, 2008ABDEL-AZIZ NOURB. Com" Zagazig University, Egypt, 2003M.B. T., University of Southern California, 20IISTEPHANIE LYNN NOWELLS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20II·WITH HIGH HONORSKATHERINE WHITNEY O'CONNORA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009PAUL JOSEPH O'DONOVANB. Sc. (Hons), National University of IrelandUniversity College Cork/Ollscoil na hEireannColaiste na hollscoile Corcaigh, Ireland, 2006·WITH HONORSMICHELLE SANGEUN OHA.B., Duke University, 2006·WITH HONORSDARCEY O'HALLORANA.B., George Washington University, 20IORYAN PATRICK O'HARAS.B., Florida State University, 2009DAMILOLA KEHINDE OLOTUA.B., Knox College, 20IIMATTHEW RUSSEL OLSONS.B., Oklahoma State University, 20I2·WITH HONORSUTKU ONStPAHtOGLUS.B., KOf Uniuersitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 20II·WITH HONORSJOSE ALBERTO ORLANDINISANCHEZIng., Pontificia Uniuersidad Catdlica de Chile,Santiago, 2009·WITH HONORSMATTHEW JOSEPH ORSCHELNS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2007JORGE SEBASTIAN HUGOORTEGA HAYEIng., Pontificia Uniuersidad Cat6lica de Chile,Santiago, 20IIMag., ibid., 20IICHASE GRIFFIN OVERLIES.B., Pepperdine University, 20IOOZHAN OZALPS.B., Sabanci Uniuersitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 20IOEMILY VICTORIA PAARMANNA.B., University of Virginia, 200639THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONJAVIER MARCELO pAEZ OLVERAEng.• Institute ucnolOgico y d� Estudios Superioresde Monterrey; Mexico, 20IOGUIDO PAGANILaurea, Uniuersits di Bologna. 2007Laurea Magistrale, ibid.• 2009M.Sc .• University of Oxford. England.United Kingdom. 20IIKUNAL SINGH PALA.B .• Franklin and Marshall Colleg«, 2009DAVID HOWARD WESTIN PALMA.B .• University of Chicago. 20IO-WITH HIGH HONORSJOSHUA LOUIS PANUTHOSA.B .• University of California. Los Ang�ks. 20IOVISHAL N PARIKHA.B .• Johns Hopkins University; 20IO-WITH HONORSKIRTHI PARUCHURIB. Tech .• Jawaharlal Nehru Tecbnologicai University;HytUrabad. India. 2002S.M.• Louisiana Stat« University and Agriculturaland Mechanical College, 2005KIRAN PASHAMB.uch .• Motilal Nehru Regional EnginuringColl�g�. Allahabad. India. 2003HOSHRAV MINOO PATELS.B .• Neur York University, 2009KETUL P. PATELS.B .• Northwestern University; 2009-WITH HONORSNEHAL PATELA.B .• Uniuersity of California. Los Ang�l�s. 20II-WITH HONORSSOPHIA SANA PATELB.B.A .• University of Texas at Austin. 20IIROBERT BUCK PATENGES.B .• Carn�gi� Malon University: 2008NATASHA SARAH PATERSONA.B .• Yak Univ�rsity. 20IOROBERT PAULA.B .• Union Calleg«, Schm�ctady. Neia York. 2008DAVID RICHARD PAULMEYERS.B .• University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2009-WITH HIGH HONORSEDUARDO PAULSEN HUELSZBach .• Instituto Tecnologico Aut6nomo tU Mexico,San Ang�l. 20IOMARCOS EDUARDO PAVLOVICMAC DONALDLie .• Universidad de San Andres, Buenos Aires,Argentin«, 2009MADISON CLARE PEARSALLS.B .• Cornell Unioersity; Ithaca. Neur York. 20II-WITH HIGH HONORSDAN ZVI PELEDB.Sc .• Technion-Israel Institute ofuchnology.Haifa.20I2SHISI PENGB.B.A .• Hong Kong Uniuersity of Scienc« andTechnology; Kowloon. 2007S.M. N� J=q Institute ofuchnology. N�ark. 2008-WITH HIGH HONORSJACQUELINE PERCHUKB.B.A .• Emory Univ�rsity. 2007DANIELA PEREIRA GIANNOCAROBach .• Fundafao G�tulio v"rgas. Sao Paulo.Brazil. 2008JOSE A. PEREZB.B.A .• Univ�rsity ofTncas at Arlington. 2008BENIGNO PEREZ HERRERAIng.• Univmidad Ib�roam�ricana. Mncico City.Mncico. 20IIKATHERINE MARIE PERRIS.B .• Univ�rsity ofSouth�rn California. 2008MARTHA CYGAN PERRYS.B .• &ntlq Colkg�. 20IOPAOLO PERSICOS.B .• Fordham Univ�rsity. 200940 IGOR PERSKYA.B .• San Diego Stat« University; 20IOIGNACIO PETROCCHI MASSUHLic., Uniuersidad Torcuato di Tella, Buenos Aires,Argentina. 2007Mag.• Uniuersidad del Cema, Tucuman,Argentina. 20I3DUONG PHAM THUY PHANBiBus .• Nanyang Technological University,Singapor�. Singapor�. 2009MAURICIO SHAUN PICHARDOS.B .• Pennsylvania Stat« University,University Park. 2008MICHAEL PINTARS.B .• Ohio State University; Columbus. 2009-WITH HONORSCORY WOODWARD PITTMANB.B.A .• University of Georgia, 200/5M.Acc .• ibid.• 200/5JESSICA PLATKOA. B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 2009RICHARD JONATHAN PODJASEKS.B .• Del'au! Uniuersity; Chicago. Illinois. 20I2KATIE MAY PO ONA. B .• Walulq Colleg«, 20IO-WITH HONORSNICHOLAS ROMUALD IGNATIUSPOPLAWSKIS.B .• Georgetown University; 2008BRADLEY ALEX POWELLB. Com .• University of Toronto. Ontario. Ca1l4da, 20IO-WITH HIGH HONORSBRYAN POWERA.B .• Johns Hopkins Uniuersity; 2009RYAN KENDALL POWERSB.B.A .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 2009DEEPTI PRADHANB.Eng.• Uniuersity of Mumbai. India. 200/5S.M.• Texas Ac!rM Univmity-Kingsvill�. 2008RISHI RAJ PRASADBiTech .• Sikkim Manipal University; Gangtok.India. 2004M.Sc .• Uniuersite della Suizzer« Italiana, Lugano,Switurland. 200/5BRIANNE PTACEKB.B.A .• Univusity of Notre Dame, 2007-WITH HONORSVINODH PUTARJUNANB.Eng.• Osmania University; Hyekrabad. India, 2000M.Eng.• Texas Ac!rM University; Colkg� Station. 2002PEl QINB.Econ .• East China Institute of Cbemicaluchnology. Shanghai. 2007Ml.B .• Shanghai University of Finance andEconomics. China. 20IOMEl LUN QUACHA.B .• Dartmouth Colkg�. 2007MATTHEW MARK QUIGLEYS.B .• United States NavaIAcad�my. 2008REBECCA HELEN RADKOFFS.B.• Carn�gil! Mellon Uniuersity; 2008SARA DANIELE RAFFAS.B .• Gl!orgl!town Univl!rsity. 20IOJAYANTH RAGHAVANS.B .• Univmity of Pmnsylvania. 20IO-WITH HONORSDANIEL FRANCIS RAHILLS.B .• Univmity of Notr� Daml!. 2009-WITH HIGH HONORSANDREA DEL PILAR RAMIREZS.B.• StaU UniVl!T"Sity ofN� York at Binghamton. 2008MOHAMAD SHAHRULNIZAM RAMLIB.Eng.• v"ntUrbilt Univasity. 2009RAJEEV RANJANB.uch .• Dhirubhai Ambani Institutl! ofInformation and Communication uchnology.Gandhinagar. India. 200/5S.M.• Illinois Instituu ofuchnology. 20IO SUSHMITA RAWATBiTech .• Indian Institute ofuchnology Delhi, NeuiDelhi, India. 20IODIEGO A. RECINOSS.B .• Iowa State University of Science andTechnology. 20IORAVI KIRAN REDDIBiTecb .• Indian Institute of Technotogy Kanpur,Kalyanpur. India. 2009DANIEL RYAN REGERS.B .• University of Central Florida. 2008SARAH FRANCES REINEMANNS.B .• Washington University in St. Louis. 20II-WITH HIGH HONORSLUIS JOSE REYESA.B .• Johns Hopkins University; 2007HARRY MILES RIEPLS.B .• North Park Colkg� and 1hl!ological Seminary: 2005DAVID ANDREW RIGLERB.B.A .• University of Iowa. 2008-WITH HIGH HONORSKATHERINE JENNIFER RIPPEA.B .• Harvard University; 20IODAVID Y. ROS. B.. Univ=ity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2003DANA SEAVE ROBINSONA.B .• University of Pennsylvania. 20IODANIEL PATRICK ROBINSONS.B .• Geargetoum University; 2009-WITH HIGH HONORSJAIME DANIEL ROCHAS.B .• Rutgers, tb« Stat« Uniuersity ofNl!w Jl!ruy.Neuiark, 2004AILIA ANNA ORTEGARODRIGUEZS.B .• California Polytechnic Stat« University; SanLuis Obispo. 2009ALEXANDER RODERBURGROINESDALA. B .• William Marsh Rice University; 2008ISRAEL ROJAS-MORENOS.B .• Stanford University; 2008JENNIFER WINTHROP ROSEA.B .• Tufts University; 2009AARON STUART ROSENBERGA.B .• Columbia University; N� York City.Neio York. 2005M.P.P.. University of Chicago. 20I/5-WITH HIGH HONORSSARAH ELISHEVA ROSENFELDA.B .• Smith Colkg�. 200/5DEMETRIUS ROTABach .• Universidade de Sao Paulo. Brazil. 2009EMMA PAGE ROTENBERGA.B .• Columbia Univmity. Neio York City.N� York. 2009HEATHER MARIE RUBACKYA.B .• Gl!orgl! Washington University; 2009MATTHEW DAVID RUBINA.B .• Washington University in St. Louis. 2007-WITH HONORSEMILY ERIN RUFFB.B.A .• Colkg� of William and Mary in VitEinia, 2007DANIEL EDUARDO RUIZS.B.• Purdut! Univ=ity. Welt LaflZJl!ttI!. Indiana, 2009ALEX MARIE RUTKOWSKIS.B .• Univmity of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 2007SEAN E. SAFAVINEJADS.B .• Univ=ity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2007S.M.• ibid.• 2008CHHAVI SAHNIS. B.. UnilJl!7"Jity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign. 20IIJAYANT SALDANHAB.Eng.• Vivl!kanand Education Soci�ty's Institutl! ofuchnology. Mumbai. India. 2000S.M.• Syracusl! Univmity. 2003RAMIRO JAVIER SANCHEZ CABALLEROIng.• Instituto ucnolOgico tU Buenos Airl!s.Argmtina. 20IIALISON PAIGE SANDERSA.B., University of California, Berkeley. 2008·WITH HONORSDANIEL MAX SANDERSA.B., Carleton Coll�g�, 2001·WITH HONORSSETH ERNEST SANDERSA.B., Ohio State University; Columbus, 2009J.D., Univ�rsity of Texas at Austin, 20I2CAMILA SANGALIBach., Fundacdo Getulio Vttrgas, Slio Paulo,Brazil, 2006·WITH HIGH HONORSLUIS PEDRO SAN ROMAN GONZALEZEng., Instituto Tecnologica y de Estudios Superioresde Monterrey; Mexico, 20IOJONATHAN SARASONA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2001VIKRAM SAl SASIA.B., Washington Unioersity in St. Louis, 2001NOURSCHEHADEA.B., American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 20IIB.B.A., ibid., 2009PIETRO SCHENALaurea, Unioersita Commerciale 'Luigi Bocconi',Milan, italy, 2006Laurea Magistrak, ibid., 2009KRISTEN THERESE SCHENBORNS.B., Del'aul Uniuersity; Chicago, Illinois, 2009MICHAEL ANTHONY SCHERERB.Eng., Yanderbilt University; 2008SCOT ROBERT SCHIEFELBEINB.B.A., Pittsburg Stat« University; Kamas, 2001·WITH HONORSROBERT WARREN SCHODER, JR.A.B., University of Notre Dame, 20IOANDREW PATRICK SCHWERTS.B., Duk« University; 20II·WITH HONORSMOREBLESSINGS SEKENHAMOB.Acc., University of South Africa, Pretoria, 2001JEREMY STAHLY SELBSTA.B., fohns Hopkins University; 20IIEDUARDO SERAFIM JUNIORBacb., Insper Institute de Ensino � Pesquisa,Slio Paulo, Brazil, 20IIADITYA VIJAY SHAHB.Eng., University of Pune, India, 2003S.M., University of South an California, 2006ANANYA SUNIL SHAHB. Tecb., Indian Institute ofuchnology Madras,Chennai, India, 2009·WITH HIGH HONORSYIFTACH SHALITA.B., Tel Aui» University: Israel; 20I2RANJINI KRISHNAMURTHYSHANKARS.B., Johns Hopkins University. 2009GILLIAN CLARE SHAPIROA.B., Uniuersuy of Chicago, 2006·WITH HONORSLATIKA SHARMAB.Eng., Punjab Enginuring College, Chandigarh,India, 2009MB.A., Florida International University; 20IIGABRIEL REHMAN SHAUKATB.B.A., University ofG�orgia, 2008·WITH HONORSTHOMAS PATRICK SHAWS.B., Indiana Univ�rsity Bloomington, 2009·WITH HONORSHUANYU SHIS.B., Sichuan University; Chmgdu, China, 20IOA.M., Brandeis University; 20I2MENGJIAO SHIA.B., Franklin and Marshall Colkg�, 20IIALAN SHIHA.B., Univ�rsity of California, Bak�ky, 20IOM.Ed., G�org� Mason Univasity. 20I2DARRIN ALAN SHILLAIRS.B., Univ�rsity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2006 THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSTAESHIK SHINA.B., Brandeis University; I996ALON SHIRANB.Sc. (Hons), Open University of Israel, Tel Aviv, 20I3·WITH HIGH HONORSCHANG BRYAN SHUS.B., Georgia Institute ofuchnology, 2001S.M., ibid., 2008ANUP SHUKLAS.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005S.M., ibid., 2006ITZHAK SIGRONB.A. (Hom), Technion-Israel Institute of Technology,Haifa,2006B.Sc.(Hom), ibid., 2006M.Sc., ibid., 20I3·WITH HIGH HONORSMARYNA ALEXANDROVNASITSIUHINAB.B.A., University ofWiscomin-Madison, 2009ALEXANDRA RAVEN SMITHB.B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 2008RYAN DAVID SMITHS.B., Brigham Young University; 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSBRIAN DANIEL CHANG SOB.Sc.(Hom), Atm�o d� Manila University; Qu�zonCity, Philippines, 2009M.Sc., Singapore Managemen» University;Singapore, 20II·WITH HIGH HONORSADITI SODHIB.B.A., Panjab University; Chandigarh, India, 2003Dipl., Symbiosis Institute of Manag�mmt Studiu,Pune, India, 2006ISAAC TAEYUN SONGB. B.A., University of Notre Dame, 20IOYU SONGB.B.A.(Hom), Chinese University of Hong Kong,Hong Kong, 2009AYUSH SOODB. Tecb., &gional Engineering Colkg�, Kuruksh�tra,India,20IICHRISTOPHER JON SPEERS.B., University of Utah, 20IOEMILY JANE SPLETTA.B., Neui York University; 20II·WITH HONORSANDREA MARY SRESHTAA.B., Yal� University; 2006M.Arch., Columbia University; New York City. NeioYork,20IIJEFFREY BENJAMIN STAFFORDB.B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2005·WITH HIGH HONORSSTAMATINA STAMBOLISS.B., Saint Louis University; 20IOJAMES PATRICK STEPHENSA.B., Colgau University: 2009·WITH HONORSJONATHAN MICHAEL STEVENSS.B., Brigham Young University; 20IIRYAN LANCEFIELD STOCKDALECARRILLOBacb., Unioersidad lberoamericana, Mexico City,Mexico, 2009ELENA NICOLE STRATIGAKESA.B., Uniuersitj of Chicago, 20II·WITH HONORSCHANG SUBiFin., East China Unioersuy of Political Scienceand Law, Shanghai, 2009S.M., Washington Uniuersity in St. Louis, 20IIKEVIN SUA.B., Northwestern University; 2009·WITH HONORSMINYI SUB.Mgmt., GUilngdong Univ�rsity of Fordgn Studi�s,GUIlngzhou, China, 2009M.Acc., Ohio Stat� Univ�rsity, Columbus, 20IO PABLO SUAREZ HERNANDEZIng., Uniuersidad D� Seuilla, Seville, Spain, 2006GUNJAN SUDS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2008·WITH HIGH HONORSETHAN JAMES SUFIANA.B., Stanford University; 20IIA.M., ibid., 20I4SANA SUHA.B., University of Chicago, 2009ANDREW MORAN SULLIVANS. B., Unioersity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009RYAN NEAL SUMMERSA.B., Hope Coll�g�, 20IODAVID L. SUNA.B., University of Maryland at Coll�g� Park, 2009RICKY QIAO SUNS.B., University of California, Berk�lry, 2006YANG SUNB. Com., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 20IIANDREW PHILIP SUTTONS.B., University of Virginia, 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSJAMES EDWARD SVENSTRUP IIIS.B., University of Texas at Austin, 2008·WITH HONORSROHAN SWARB. Tecb., Indian Institute of Technology Madras,Cbennai, India, 2006S.M., University of Cincinnati, 2009·WITH HIGH HONORSLESLEY SWEENEYB.B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2000ARDALAN TAJALLI-VALVERDEA.B., Stanford University; 20IOS.M., ibid., 20IOELISABETH CARMEAN TALENTOWSKIA.B., Illinois Wulryan University; 20IOSHUTING TANGS.B., Zh1iang University; Hang Zbou, China, 20IOPIERRE TARANTELLIB.Com., McGil/ University; Montreal, Quib�c,Canada, 2001GORDON FREDERICK TAYLORB.B.A., Texas State University; 20IOCAROLINA TENCEREng., Escola Politecnica da Unioersidade de SlioPaulo, Brazil, 201IDipl., Fundaflio Instituto de Administraoio, SlioPaulo, Brazil, 20I2Mast., Ecole Centrale d� Nantes, France, 20I2GAURAV TEWARYB.Eng., Nanyang Technological University;Singapor�, Singapor�, 20IO·WITH HONORSCECILE JACLYN THAIA.B., Narthuiestem University; 20IOLUONG TH� VINHA.B., University ofCambridg�, England,United Kingdom, 2008JEFFREY RICHARD THIESENA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2009S.B., ibid., 2009·WITH HONORSCHARLES JAMES THOMASA.B., Univ�rsity of Virginia, 2008·WITH HONORSDREW FIELDER THOMASS.B., United States Naval Acadrmy, 2004Dipl., Naval War Coll�g�, 20I2MELISSA HAYES THOMASS.B., Indiana Unioenirj Bloomington, 200IMICHAEL JOSEPH PETERTILATTIS.B., Illinois Institute ofuchnology, 2009S.M., ibid., 20IOTHERON BRENT TINGSTADA.B., Univ�rsity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2003M.P.A., Harvard Univ�rsity. 20I4REMUS TOMICIA.B., Univasity of Washington, S�attk, 200341THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 52.7TH CONVOCATIONJACOB AARON TOPLITTA.B .• University of South Carolina-Columbia. 2007GARY PAUL TOPPB.Sc. (Hons), University of Manchester, England.United Kingdom. 2008Dipl .• University of London. England.United Kingdom. 20I3GUY-ANDY TOUSSAINTB.B.A .• University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2009BRANDON GARRETT TOYS.B .• University of South an California. 2003·WITH HONORSANH ANH TRANB.Sc. (Hons), University of London. England.United Kingdom. 2008JAMES FRANK TRIPIANOS.B .• United States Naval Acad�my. 2006YI-LING TSAIA.B .• Uniuertity of California. &rkdey. 2009DAVID DANIEL TUNEA.B .• Harvard University, 2009STEPHANIE NICOLE TUTTLEA.B .• Harvard University, 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSADAM ROSS UDASINS.B .• Duke University. 2008·WITH HIGH HONORSARINZE VICTOR UDEGBUNAMS.B .• Michigan State University. 20IIMARTA VALER DEL PORTILLOLic .• Uniuersidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid.Spain.20IIFRANK GLEN VALLEB.Bus .• Wtstan Illinois University; 2006MICHAEL JOHN VANDER ROESTA.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IOB.B.A .• ibid.• 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSANDREA BROOKS VANDERSALLA.B .• Johns Hopkins University, 20IOATEESH DIPANKER RAO VANKAYALAB.Eng .• Manipal Institute of Technology. India. 2005GONZALO VAN WERSCH MONTEROIng.• Pontificia Universidad Catdlica de Chile,Santiago. 2008DIANA SOFIA VARGAS SUAVITAEng .• Instituto Tecnologico y d« Estudios Superioresde Monterrey, Mexico, 20I2KAMAL NAYAN VASAGIRIB. Tech .• Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.Hyd�rabad. India. 200IS.M.. Utah State University; 2003ALEXANDER ANTON VASALYA.B .• University of California. &rk�ley. 20IOS.B .• ibid.• 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSFRANCISCO MARTIN VAZQUEZIng .• Uniuersidad Nacional de Cuyo, Mendoza,Argentina, 20II·WITH HONORSANITHA MEENA VEERAPPANB.Eng .• Anna University, Cbennai, India. 2009M.E.M.• Duke University, 20IOPRITESH VELANKARB.Eng .• University of Mumbai, India. 2002S.M.• Syracuse University; 2004SIDDHARTH VENKATESHB.Eng .• Yisuesuaraya Technological University;Belgaum, India. 2006S.M.• Arizona State University; 2008BHARATH KUMAR VENKATESHKUMARB.Eng .• Anna University, Cbennai, India. 2009S.M.• Santa Clara University, 20IOSANTIAGO VILLALOBOS STETAEng .• Uniuersidad lberoamericana, Mexico City.M�xico. 20I2ROBERT RUDOLF ERIC VINCZES.B .• G�org�town Univ�rsity. 200942 ADAM SAIFI VOHRAA.B .• Nortbu/estern University; 20IIM.D .• University of Chicago. 20I6·WITH HIGH HONORSROHAN VOHRAS.B .• Purdue University; Wtst Lafayeu», Indiana. 2007BRITTANY DODD VONDRUSKAS. B.. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2008JEFFREY WAGNERA.B .• Michigan State University; I998KEITH JOSEPH WAGNERS. B .• United States Merchant Marine Acad�my. 2009RUSSELL LOGAN WALDMANB.B.A .• Emory University; 20IO·WITH HONORSANNA MARIE WALLA.B .• Wtlluley Colleg«, 2005A.M.• Columbia University. Neui York City.Neui York. 2007MICHAEL PAUL WALLACEA.B .• Brigham Young University, 20IOMICHAEL JOHN WALTERS. B .• United States Naval Academy. 20085.M .• Stanford University. 20I4·WITH HIGH HONORSTRACY ANNE WALTERB.B.A .• University of Iowa. 2004RUI WANGB.Econ .• Nankai University; Tianjin, China. 2007M.Econ .• Shanghai [iao Tong University; China. 20IORUOYU WANGA.B .• University of Chicago. 20IIWEIWEI WANGA.B .• Capital Normal University. Beijing, China. 2008S.M.• University of South an California. 20IOYU WANGB.Sc.(Hons). National University of Singapore.Singapore. 2004M.Eng.• Cornell University. Ithaca. Neto York. 2005MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER WARRENS.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2009·WITH HONORSSARAH INSLEY HAYNES WARRENA.B .• Davidson College, 20IOANDREW JOHN WATSONS.B .• United States Military Academy. 2009S.M.• Neu/ Mexico State University; Las Cruces, 20I2LEAH BETH WAWRZYNIAKA.B .• University of Chicago. 2008·WITH HONORSBRYAN FREDRICK WEBERS.B .• Northu/estern University, 20I2MICHAEL JON WEGLARZA.B .• Harvard University; 2009·WITH HIGH HONORSALEXANDER WEIGENDDipl., Fachhochscbule R�utlingm. Germany. 2008S.B .• Northeastern University. 20IOORR WEINSTEINB.A. (Hons), Open University of Israel. Tel Aviv. 20IISIMON WEINSTEINDipl .• Uniuersitdt Stuttgart. Germany, 20IIBINBIN WENGB.B.A .• University of Shanghai for Science andTechnology; China. 2009S.M.• D�Paul University. Chicago. Illinois. 20IIM.P.P.. University of Chicago. 20I6MATTHEW J. WESTERLUNDS.B .• University af Pennsyluania, 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSNATALIE MARGARET WHEELERA.B .• University of Colorado at Boulder. 20IIEDWARD ANDREW WHITEA.B .• Yale University. 2009BOONE TABOR WILLIAMSA.B .• Vanderbilt University. 20II·WITH HIGH HONORSJENNIFER LEAH WILLIAMSA.B .• University of Chicago. 2008 GRETE RAE WILLSTROMS.B .• Kent State University. 2003A.M.• Ball State University, 20075.M.• ibid.• 2007NATALIE MARY WILSONS.B .• University of Pennsylvania. 20IIJACQUELINE SANG-WON LEEWINGFIELDS.B .• Brown University. 2006BLAIR CASPER WINSTONA.B .• Claremont McKmna College, 20IODANIEL EVAN WISEB.B.A .• Emory University. 20IOLINDSAY JANE WODARSKIA.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2009ANDREW JAMES WOLOHANB.B.A .• University of Notre Dame. 2009JOHN MICHAEL WRENN IIIS.B .• University of Notre Dame. 2006M.E.M .• Old Dominion University. 20IODIANA DER-EN WUS.B .• University of California. Los Angeles. 20IIZHEN XIAS.B .• Princeton University. 2008·WITH HONORSNELSON LAI-SHING YAN5.B .• Cornell University. Ithaca. Neui York. 20IOM.Eng.• ibid .• 20IIPATRICK YANS.B .• University of California. Berkeley; 2009HYUNA YANGS.B .• Seoul National University. South Korea. I998Ph.D .• University Of Wisconsin-Madison. 2005MARY Z. YANGS. B .• University of Minnesota- Twin Cities. 20IOREBECCA YANGS. B.. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2008ZHICHENG YANGB.Eng.• Harbin Institute of Technology. China. 2004S.M.• Hong Kong Polytechnic. Hong Kong. 2006JOHN BLAIR YAWORSKIA.B .• Yale University. 2008AMRUTA RAVINDRA YEDEKARB.Eng .• Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune,lndiac zoraS.M.• Duke University. 20I2ERIC JAMES YEES.B .• Indiana University Bloomington. 20IOLIDIA PATRICIA YIP YIPS.B .• Del'aul University. Chicago. Illinois. 2009JUAN MANUEL YORI NEUHAUSBach .• Uniuersidad del Pacifico. Lima. Peru, 20IO·WITH HONORSKELLY MARIE YOUNG5.B .• Indiana University Bloomington. 20IO·WITH HONORSJUAN MANUEL YRIGOYENCAPILLABach .• Instituto ucnoLOgico Autonomo de Mexico,San Angel. 20IISHIYUAN YUB.Eng.• Tsinghua University. Beijing, China. 20IO·WITH HONORSHUAN YUANS.B .• University of Utah. 20IOZAIN ASIF YUSUFS.B .• DePaul University, Chicago. Illinois. 20I2JANA BETH ZAGORSKIS.B .• University of Pennsylvania. 2009·WITH HONORSJAMES DAVID ZAHNISER-WORDS.B .• Duke University. 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSISAURA ZELAYA FAVILAA.B .• Dartmouth College, 2008M.P.P.. University of Chicago. 20I6·WITH HIGH HONORSILYA ZELKERDip!'. Moscow Stat� uchnology Univmity. Russia. 2000S.M.• DePaul University. Chicago. Illinois. 2006JINGHUI ZHANGBiAcc., Tianjin Univ�rsity of Finance andEconomics, China, 2007M.Acc., Univ�rsity of Florida, 2009MORAN ZHANGA.B., Fudan University; Shanghai, China, 2010S.M., Nortbtaestern University; 20IIYU ZHANGB.B.A., City Univ�rsity of New York, 20IIYINGZHEN FIELDSTONE ZHAOA.B., P�king University; Beijing, China, 2009A.M., G�org� Washington University; 2011HONGJING ZHOULL.B., East China Normal Uniwrsity. Shanghai, 2010S.B., Indiana Univ�rsity Bloomington, 20II THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSSHUANG ZHOUBiEcon., Nankai Univ�rsity. China, 2009M.Sc., Tilburg Uniuersity; The Netherlands, 2011CHENG ZHUA.B., P�king University; Beijing, China, 20IIB.B.A., ibid., 20IISHAOPENG ZHUA.B., Tufts University; 2009SIJIA ZHUB.Eng., Beijing University of Posts andTelecommunications, China, 2008S.M., Unioersity of Teou at San Antonio, 2010XIAOZHOU ZHUA.B., Carleton Colkg�, 2010 YUE CINDY ZHUB.A.Sc., Univ�rsity of British Columbia, Vancouver,Canada, 2007M.App.Sc., ibid., 2009LUBIN ZHUANGA.B., Univmity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IIB.B.A., ibid., 20IIBRIAN J. ZOUA.B., Northwestern University; 20IIFRANK K. ZOUS.B., Nortbwestem University; 2007FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYBRANDON LEE GIPPERS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2008M.Acc., ibid., 2009DISSERTATION: Assessing tb« Efficts of Mandat�dCompensation DisclosuresINDRANIL GOSWAMIB.Eng., University of Burdwan, Bardbaman,India, 2001Dipl..• Mudra Institute of Communications,Ahm�dabad. India, 2009M.B.A., Uniuersity of Chicago. 2016DISSERTATION: The Dynamic Effict of Incentiveson Post-reward Task Engag�mmtKAREEM FAHMY HAG GAGA.B., Univ�rsity of Tenneue« at Knoxville, 2008DISSERTATION: Attribution Bias in EconomicDecision Making CHENFEI LUA.B., Northwestern University; 2008M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2016DISSERTATION: Seruicer Distress and Mortgag�RenegotiationJOHN GERARD FRANCIS NASHB. C.A., Victoria Univmity ofWt://ington, NeurZealand, 2009B.Sc., ibid., 2009B.C.A.(Hons}, ibid.• 2010M.B.A., University of Chicago. 2016DISSERTATION: Liquidity Sharing and FinancialContagionNATHAN MICHAEL PETEKA.B., Carleton Colkg�, 2004DISSERTATION: The Marginal Beniflt of InpatientHospital Treatment XIAO QIAOS.B .• Univ�rsity of Pennsylvania, 2011DISSERTATION: Conditional Marke: Exposures oftb« Valu� PremiumNATALIE MARGARET WHEELERA.B., Unioersity of Colorado at Boulder; 2011M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2016DISSERTATION: Preference for Past Pain: AnEmpirical Test of tb« Bias toward tb« FutureJING WUB.Eng., Tsinghua University; Beijing, China, 20IIM.B.A., University of Chicago, 2015DISSERTATION: Firm Performance and Risk inSupply Chain NettoorksXUE YANGS.B., East China Normal University; Shanghai, 2006M.Mgmt., Shanghai Jiao Tong Univmity. China. 2009DISSERTATION: Anticipaud Affictiv� Reactions inGift-Giving DecisionsFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN THEUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ANDTHE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESHIROKI KOTABEA.B .• Temple University; 2008A.M.• University of Chicago. 2014(Psychology and Business)DISSERTATION: Disorder; Naturalness, and TheirInfluenc« on A�sth�tics and BehaviorTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYBond Chapeln:30 a.m.RECEPTIONSwift HallThird Floor Lecture Hallimmediately following the ceremonyTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLDIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEPHILLIP KLOECKNER, OrganistPROCESSIONThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand and remain standing until after the welcome)WORDS OF WELCOMERICHARD A. ROSENGARTENDean, Divinity School;Associate Professor of Religion and Literature and Visual CultureTERESA HORD OWENSDean of StudentsGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGnames to be read by TERESA HORD OWENSDean of StudentsFACULTY HOODERSCATHERINE BREKUSCharles wtz"en Professor of the History of Religion in America, Harvard Divinity SchoolHANS-JOSEF KLAUKNaomi Shenstone Donnelley Professor of New Testament and Early Christian LiteratureKEVIN HECTORAssociate Professor of Theology and Philosophy of ReligionsRICHARD A. ROSENGARTENDean, Divinity School;Associate Professor of Religion and Literature and Visual CultureREMARKSRICHARD A. ROSENGARTENDean, Divinity School'Associate Professor of Religion and Literature and Visual CultureRECESSIONAL(Please stand)The Millar Brass EnsemblePOSTLUDEPHILLIP KLOECKNER, Organist45THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF DIVINITYSARAH FREEMAN BECKA.B., Colkg� of William and Mary in Virginia, 20IOROBIN DANIELLE COXA.B., Lynchburg Colkg�, 20I2MEG HAM ANNE FREYTAGA.B., Univ�rsity of Chicago, 2004M.A. T., ibid., 2005A.M., ibid., 20I6 BENJAMIN LEWIS GARRETTA.B., Samford University, 20I3LAWRENCE S. GREENA.B., Northern Illinois Uniuersity; I990M.B.A., ibid., I999ELLEN HAVDALAA.B., Harvard University; I988 MARCUS CHRISTIANLOHRMANNA.B., Valparaiso University; 2009ADAM PATRICK SPENCERA.B., Baldwin-Wal/au Colkg�, 2008FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSCAROLINE ELIZABETH ANGLIMA.B., Maryvill� Colkg�, 20I3RYAN STUART BINGHAMS.B., Brigham Young University. 20I4EMILY NATASHA BRANTONA.B., Smith Colleg», 20I4ELIZABETH OLSEN BROCIOUSA.B., Utah Vallry Stat« Col/�g�, 2004RACHEL CARBONARAA.B., St. [obns University; jamaica, Neia York, 2009A.M., L�slry University; 20I2DAVID JACOB COHENA.B., Hebrew University offerusalem, Israel, 20I4ASLAN COHEN MIZRAHILic., Institute ucnoltJgico Autonomo de Mtxico,San Ang�/, 20I3CARL DAOA.B., University of M�/bourn�, Parkville, Victoria,Australia, 20I3JENNIFER ANNE FRARYA.B., Brown University; 20I2HEENA HAIDERALIA.B., University of Rochester, 20I4LAUREL ANDREA HARIGA.B., Bard Colleg« at Simon's Rock, 2008YEONG-GOANG HEOA.B., University of California, Berkeley; 20I3KELLY M. HOLOBA.B., Rud Col/�g�, 20I4BRIAN JOSEPH HUGHESA.B., Uniuersity of Rochester. 20I3NISHEETA RANJIT JAGTIANIB.M.M., University of Mumbai, India, 2008 ALLISON LEIGH KANNERA.B., University of North Carolina at Chap�1 Hdl; 20I3CASEY LYNNE KAPALKOA.B., Stonehill Col/�g�, 20I2MENACHEM MENDEL KRANZA.B., Chaim Yakov Shlomo ColI�g� ofj�wish Studies, 20I3PATRICK GEORGES LAMBELETA.B., San Francisco Suu« University; I998VINICIUS MARINHOBach., Uniuersidade Federal do Rio de janeiro,Brazil, 2005SETH ALSTON MICHAELA.B., Col/�g� of Woo ster, 20I4ZAHRA MOEINI MEYBODIA.B., City Uniuersity of Neio York, 20I4THOMAS HENRY OWINGSA.B., Ohio �skyan University; 20I4A.B., ibid., 20I4NATHAN DAVID PEDERSONA.B., Crown College, 20IOM.Div., Trinity International University;Deerfield, Illinois, 20I3KELSEY ANN PETERSONA.B., Florida State University; 20I3MATTHEW JOHN PETERSONA.B., Brown University; 20I3JESSE CAMPBELL PRUITTA.B., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, 20I3RACHEL SARAH RENZA.B., Yesbioa University; Neui York, 20I4SAVANNAH RAYNE ROUNTREEA.B., Appalachian State University; 20I4 TARA ASHLEY RUTLEDGEA.B., Uniuersitj of North Carolina at Greensboro, 20I3MARGARET ADELESCHNEIDERMANA.B., Bucknell University; 20I4BENJAMIN DAVID SHEPPARDA.B., University ofG�orgia, 20I2KATHARINE ALEXANDRASTURGILLA.B., Centre Colleg«, 20I4AMELIA JANE THOMSON­DEVEAUXA.B., Princeton University; 20IIKYLE JEFFERY TREMBLEYA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I4MARION T. VANBEBBERS.B., University Of North Texas, I988S.M., ibid., I988].D., Columbia University; Neur York City,Neio York, I993Ph.D., University of North Texas, 20I4MAHARSHI MUKUL VYASB.Eng. (Hans.) Birla Institute ofuchnology andScience, Pi/ani, India 20I4M.Sc.(Hons.} ibid., 20I4CASSIDY SHEA WELTERA.B., Univ�rsity of Rochester, 20I4LOGAN WRENNWESTMORELANDA.B., Appalachian State University, 20IIJI XIAA.B., University of Chicago, 20I2NAUFF ZAKARIAA.B., University of Texas at San Antonio, 20I3FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYJUSTIN R. HOWELLA.B., William Carry Col/�g�, 200IM.Div., Baylor University; 2004DISSERTATION: Tbe Pharisees and Figur�d Speechin Luke-Acts46 PHILIPPA ROSE KOCHA.B., G�orgnown University; 2004A.M., University of Chicago, 2007DISSERTATION: Persistent Providence: Healingthe Body and Soul in Early AmericaEVAN FRANCIS KUEHNA.B., Wh�aton ColI�g�, Illinois, 2005A.M., ibid., 2006DISSERTATION: Troeltscb's Eschatological Absolut« CHARLES SCOTT PRESTONA.B., Pomona Colleg«, 2003A.M., University of Chicago, 2006DISSERTATION: Writing a More "Samskrra" India:Religion, Culture, and Politics in V. Raghavan 'sTu/entietb-Century Sanskrit LiteratureTHE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE V.GRAHAM SCHOOL OF CONTINUINGLIBERAL AND PROFESSIONALSTUDIESSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYGordon Parks Arts HallNoonRECEPTIONGordon Parks Arts Hallimmediately following the ceremonyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONPRELUDEDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESThe Millar Brass EnsemblePROCESSIONALThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand and remain standing until after the welcome)WELCOMEMARK R. NEMECDean, William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional StudiesDIPLOMA & HOODING PRESENTATIONML.A. Gradua�es presented by Associate Dean MARY DANIELSS.M Analytics Graduates presented by Associate Dean ROB SCHNIEDERSS.M Threat and Response Management Graduates presented by Associate Dean ROB SCHNIEDERSMA. T. Graduates presented by Director and Clinical Professor SARA LISTON SPURLARKUrban Education Institute/Committee on Education SARA RAY STOELINGAnames to be read by Dean of Students BRIDGET COLLIERFEATURED SPEAKERIAN H. SOLOMONVice President for Global EngagementRECESSIONALThe Millar Brass Ensemble48THE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE V. GRAHAM SCHOOL OF CONTINUING LIBERAL AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF LIBERAL ARTSDEMETRI DAWN ALLMONS.B., Soutbern University; Baton Roug�,Louisiana, 2007JOSE SAMUEL STANLEY PAULCLAIRA.B., Brown University; 20I4EMILY KEBERA.B., Unioersity of Florida, 2007 MICHAEL LANDERSB.B.A., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, 20I4FRANCINE McKENNAS.B., Purdu« Uniuersity; W�t Lafoym�, [ndiana, I984ME-LINH NGUYENA.B., University of California, &rluky, 20UKATHERINE SCHMIDTA.B., University of Richmond, 20I2 BRANDON LEE STUARTA.B., Johns Hopkins University; 20IOJACOB WENTZELA.B., Loyola University Chicago, 20IILINGLING XUA.B., Michigan State University; 20I4FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEKAYVON SHAWN ALIS.B., University ofWisconsin-Milwauku, 20I3(Analytics)MICHAEL BESEDICKS.B., Floritla Stare University; 20I2(Analytics)LEON BLACKSHAWB.B.A., Portland State University; 2006(Analytics)DAVID F. BUNGES.B., Valparaiso University; :l004(Threat and Respons« Manag�mmt)ANTHONY M. BUTLERA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, I992{Threet and Response Manag�mmt)JODI LYN CANADAYB.A..S., Letois Univmity, Romeoville, Illinois, 20I4(Threet and Respons« Manag�mmt)JONATHAN CHANS.B., Uniuersity of Illinois at Chicago, 200I(Analytics)JOSEPH P. COUGHLINA.B., Temple University; 2008{Threat and Response Manag�mmt)LYNDA M. DAHERA.B., Duquesn« University; I983(Threat and Respons« Manag�mmt)RYAN DALE DURFEYA.B., Univ=ity of'Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008(Analytics)BENJAMIN CHARLES DWYERS.B., South�rn Illinois Uniuersity-Cerbondel«, 2009(Threet and Response Manag�mmt)SEAN TRISTAN EDMONDSONA.B., Carthag� Colkg�, 2007{Tbreat and Response Manag�mmt)ARIA FARMANDA.B., Univ�rsity of Dayton, :l008(Analytics)ASHKON FARMANDS.B., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, 20IO(Analytics)DAVID LAWRENCE GALINSKYA.B., Ammcan Univ�rsity, Washington, District ofColumbia, 2006M.lB., Grmobk Ecol« tU Manag=mt, France, 2009(Analytics) MAURICE GUERINA.B., Northern Illinois University: 2004M.B.A., Saint Xavier University; 2009(Threat and Response Manag�mmt)ELON HASSONA.B., Univ=ity ofCalifornill Santa Barbara, I994JD., Lewis and Clark Colkg�, 200I(Analytics)MATTHEW CHARLES HILLIARDB.L.A.., University of Iowa, 2005M.B.A., Saint Xavier University; 20I3(Threat and Response Manag�mmt)MARY KATHERINE HORANA.B., Marqu�tt� University; 2004S.B., Saint Louis University: 20IO(Threat and Respons« Management)JENNIFER KADOHIRAA.B., Miami University; Oxford, Ohio, I997M.B.A.., New York Institute ofuchnology, :l005(Analytics)JACK WOLFF KILLHEFFERS.B., �sUrn Illinois Uniuersity; 20I2(Threat and Response Manag�mmt)JAMIE LEIGH LEMONS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2007(Threet and Response Manag�mmt)BORIS LEVINS.B., Loyola University Chicago, 2006(Threat and Response Manag�mt)WILLIAM STEVEN MENDENS.B., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, I990(Analytics)JADE ELLERY MESTDAGHB.Com., Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Toronto,Ontario, Cenad«, 20I2(Analytics)WYNTON ANTONIO PARKERS.B., Norfolk Stat« University; 20U{Threat and Respons« Manag�mmt)JODY LYNN PRADELSKIS.B., Valparaiso Uniuersity; 20I3(Threat and Response Manag�mt)VENU VEERA RAGHAVANB.B.A., Univ"sity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IO(Analytics)SARAH ELIZABETH RICES.B., Marquette University; 20IO(Threat and Response Manag�mmt) BRIAN RITZS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, :lOI2S.B., ibid., 20I2(Analytics)CLEMENT J. ROBINSONA.B., Univ�rsity of Chicago, 20IO(Analytics)MARTIN SANTOYOA.B., Illinois Stat« Univ�rsity, 20I3[Threat and Respons« Mllnag�mt)TIMOTHY JOSEPH SCHNOORA.B., Carthag� Coll�g�, 2009(Threet lind Response Manag�mmt)KEVAL SHAHS.B., Univ�rsity of Mumbai, India, 20U(Analytics)SWARNIM SHEKHARB.Sc.(Hons), Vinoba Bbaue University; Dhllnbad,Indill,2oo3M.I.S., Nortbiaestern University; 20I5(Analytics)JAGJINDER SINGHB.Eng., Gulbarga Univmity, India, 200I(Analytics)KATHERINE BEALL SLONAKERS.B., G�orgia Institute ofuchnology, 20IO(Threat and Respons« Manag�mmt)MATTHEW WILLIAM SWAINA.B., Lewis Univmity, 200I(Threet and &sponu Manag�mmt)KHINE PWINT THEA.B., Lak« Forest Colkg�, 20I2(Analytics)ISABELLA CAROLINAVELASQUEZA.B., Univ�rrity of Chicago, 20IO(Analytics)AN THIEN VOB. Comp., National University of Singapor�,Singapor�, 2006M.B.A., Texas Christian Univ�rrity, 20I2(Analytics)EMILY ROSE ZARANS.B., Michigan Stat« University; 2006(Threat and Respans« Manag�mmt)THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS IN TEACHINGLUIS ALBERTO AMAYAA.B .• University of Chicago. 20I3(E/�mmtary Education)STEPHANIE N. ARCEA.B .• Leiois University; 2008(E/�mmtary Education)MOLLY IRENE BENNISONA.B .• Univmity of Oregon, 20I2(Ekmmtary Education)SKYE BLACKS.B .• Michigan Stat« Univ�rsity. 20n(Ekmmtary Education)QUETZALLI ISABEL CASTROA.B .• Univ�rsity of Illinois at Chicago. 20n(Ekmmtary Education)NATHANIEL SUNGMIN CHAA.B .• Calvin Colkg�. 20I2(Ekmmtary Education)ANDREW JAMES CHENA.B .• Univ�rsity of Wisconsin-Madison. 20I3(Ekmmtary Education)MIRIAM SUNYOUNG CHOEA.B .• Univmity of California. Berk&y. 2009{Elementary Education)WHITNEY COBLEA.B .• Univasity of Detroit M�rcy. 2009(Ekmmtary Education)MATTHEW PATRICK COLLINSA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 20I5(Ekmmtary Education)ISABELLA DAMAS VANNUCCHIA.B .• Miami University; Oxford. Ohio. 20I3(E/�mmtary Education)50 LOUVINA DAVISS.B. Illinois StaU University; 20I3(Ekmmtary Education)PAUL FRANCIS DERONNEA.B .• Oberlin College, 20I3B.Mus .• ibid.• 20I3(Math�atics)MELISSA ANGELA GEORGIOUA.B .• Indiana Univ�rsity Bloomington. 20n(Ekmmtary Education)YOLANDA HERRERAA.B .• Bates Calleg«, 2008(Ekmmtary Education)JOHN ALLAN IDLASA.B .• Univ�rsity of Wisconsin-Madison. 20I3(E/�mmtary Education)JAZMYN CHARISSE JEFFERSONA.B .• Denison University; 20I4(Ekmmtary Education)LESLIE YUREE KANGA.B .• Knox Colkg�. 20n(Ekmmtary Education)MARLEY TERNER KLEIMANA.B .• Del'au] University; Chicago. Illinois, 20I3(Ekmmtary Education)ROBIN LAMA.B .• Vassar Colkg�. 20I4(Math�atics)MARCANTHONY MARTINEZA.B .• Ohio Stat� Univ�rsity. Columbus. 20I4(Ekmmtary Education) MICHAEL HAMILTON MILLERA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 20I3(Math�atics)JOSEPH ADAM O'HARAS.B .• Southern Illinois Uniuersity-Carbandal«, 2007(Biology)JORDASCHE J. OLIVERS.B .• Howard University; 2004(Biology)JONATHAN PEREZA.B .• Univ�rsity of Chicago. 20I5(Biology)IAN ROSSS.B .• Temple University; 20I2(Biology)ELAINE NICOLE SVATOSA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 20I2(Ekmmtary Education)SAMANTHA LOUISE SYMONA.B .• Eckad Colkg�. 2007(Biology)RACHEL ERICA TINGLEYA.B .• Coe Colkg�. 20I3(Ekmmtary Education)MARTIN WILSONA.B .• Kansas Stat« Uniuersity; 20I3{Elementary Education)JI HO YANGA.B .• Univmity of North Carolina at Chap�1Hill.20I2(Ekmmtary Education)THE IRVING B. HARRISGRADUATE SCHOOL OFPUBLIC POLICY STUDIESSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:I5 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel Halln:30 a.m.RECEPTIONHutchinson Courtyardimmediately following the ceremonyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYWELCOMEORDER OF EXERCISESJEREMY EDWARDSSenior Associate Dean, Academic and Student AffairsALUMNI REMARKSSTUDENT REMARKSJOSE RAFAEL ESPINOSA RESTREPO, MPP 1:6JENNIFER TESCHER, MPP '96PRESENTATION OF DIPLOMASDANIEL DIERMEIERDean, Harris School of Public PolicyEmmett Dedmon Professor of Public AdministrationHOODING OF GRADUATESNames to be read by DOUGLAS GEIGERDirector of Student AffairsFACULTY HOODERSfor Master's studentsAMY CLAESSENSAssistant ProfessorPETER BUISSERETAssistant ProfessorCOLM O'MUIRCHEARTAIGHProfessorPAULA WORTHINGTONSenior Lecturer52THE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESFACULTY HOODERSfor PHD studentsDAN BLACKProfessor and Deputy DeanKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor and Deputy DeanERIK HURSTV. Duane Rath Professor, Chicago BoothROBERT LALONDEProfessorlENS LUDWIGMcCormick Foundation ProfessorOFER MALAMUDAssociate ProfessorDAVID MELTZERProfessorALICIA MENENDEZAssociate ProfessorBRUCE MEYERMcCormick Foundation ProfessorRECESSIONAL(Please stand)CLOSING REMARKSDANIEL DIERMEIERDean, Harris School of Public Policy53THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 52.7TH CONVOCATIONCOLETTE SALEMIA.B., Williams Coll�g�, 2010A.M., University of Chicago, 2015KSHAMA SHAHS.B., University of Florida, 2006M.P.H., University of California Los Ang�l�s, 2010M.D., University of Florida, 2012FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN THE IRVING B.HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIES ANDTHE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESJEEYOON AHNA.B., �lldry Coll�g�, 20IIJOSE JAVIER BALMACEDAA.B., Williams Coll�g�, 2010QULIANG CHENS.B., Rmmin Uniwrsity of China, Beijing; China, 2014KRISTEN LYNN HAYASHIA.B., Univmity of California, San Diego, 2011SONGKHUN NILLASITHANUKROHS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2014A.M., Unioersity of Chicago, 2016VANYA LILA BRITTOS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2014(Enuironmental Science and Policy)LINGWEI CHENGA.B., Dickinson College, 2014(Computational Analysis and Public Policy)CHRISTINE ELIZABETH COOKA.B., Boston Colleg», 20II(Computational Analysis and Public Policy)BRIDGIT AMANDA DONNELLYA.B., Columbia University; Neia York City,N� York, 20II(Computational Analysis and Public Policy)JOHN PAUL HEISELS.B., University of Minnesota-Tioin Cities, 2008(Computational Analysis and Public Policy) YUVRAJ PATHAKB. Tech., Indian Institute ofuchnology Bombay,Mumbai, India, 2009M. Tecb., ibid., 2009M.S.S., Ecoles des Hautes Etudes en SciencesSociales, Paris, France, 2012JEREMY WILLIAM ROLINSKIA.B., Michigan State University; 2002A.B., ibid., 2002M.B.A., ibid., 2006J.S.D., ibid., 2006MITSUE IWATAA.B., City University of Nao York, 2014(Computational Analysis and Public Policy)SANTIAGO LADISLAO LARRAINERRAZURIZJ.D., Pontificia Uniuersidad Cat6lica d� Cbil«,Santiago, 2009Lic., ibid., 2013(Computational Analysis and Public Policy)KYLE ABRAM MAGIDAA.B., Harvard University. 2008. (Computational Analysis and Public Policy)NATNAELL MAMMOS.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2012(Computational Analysis and Public Policy) TREY RUSSELL SANDSA.B., Reed Coll�g�, 2011(Computational Analysis and Public Policy)YICHENG SHENS.B., Nanjing University; China, 2014(Environmental Science and Policy)XIAORUI TANGBiEcon., P�king University; Beijing, China, 2014LL.B., ibid., 2014(Computational AnalySiS and Public Policy)CHANG ZHOUS.B., University of British Columbia, Vtlncouv�r,Canada, 2014(Enuironmental Science and Policy)FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICYPIERINA CAROLINA AGURTOSALAZARB.Econ., Uniuersidad Peruana de CienciasAplicadas, Lima, Peru, 2010ALEJANDRO ALBANEZ RIVASS.B., Uniuersidad Cat6lica Andres &110, Caracas,Vm�zu�/a, 2013DIANA SHIREEN ALIA.B., Northwestern University; 20IIA.M., University of Chicago, 2016BESHER AL MAKHLOUFA.B., American Universisy of Beirut, Lebanon, 2014ANDREW ALFONSO ANGELESA.B., University of Chicago, 2015NATALIA ANTASA.B., Marqu�tt� University; 2011MANUEL ARAGONES MORAS.B., Instituto Tecnoldgico Aut6nomo de Mexico,San Angd, 2009B.Econ., ibid., 2012EDUARDO JR. ARENASHERNANDEZLic., Unioersidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City,Mexico, 2010MARIA ALEJANDRA ARIASCALLEJASBacb., Unioersidad de los Aruks, &gold, Colombia, 2009Mag., ibid., 2012M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2016MEHMET SERCAN ARSLANBach., Gazi Uniuersitesi, Ankara, Turkry, 2006M.B.A., Orta Dogu uknik Uniuertesi, Ankara,Turkry, 2009·WITH HONORSNOHELY VANESSA ARTEAGAS.B., Babson Colleg», 20II54 ELLIOTT WARREN BALCHA.B., Harvard University; 2003MAURICIO BANUELOSS.B., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, 20IINATHAN ALEXANDER BEATONA.B., Tufts University; 2012J.D., University of Chicago, 2016ALVARO BELLOLIO AVARIAB.Eng., Pontificia Uniuersidad Cat6lica de Chile,Santiago, Chile, 2013·WITH HONORSHELENA ELIZABETH ISOMBENTLEYA.B., Michigan State University; 2013CECELIA BLACKA.B., G�org� Washington Unioersity; 20IILAURA ELIZABETH BOWENA.B., Occidental College, 20IIM.B.A., University of Chicago, 2016JACK BEYER BROFMANA.B., Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011KATHARINE DIANE BROWNA.B., University of California, Santa Barbara, 2010A.M., University of Chicago, 2016·WITH HONORSELLEN S. BYRNES.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 1988AMY CADWALLADERS.B., Miami University; 20IIROBERT PATRICK CALLAHANA.B., University of Memphis, 2010LUIS JAVIER CARRERA DIAZLic., lnstituto ucnol6gico Aut6nomo d� Mtxico,San Ang�l, 2014BRIAN KUNDAI CHINGONOA.B., Harvard University; 2009M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2016 DHATHRI CHUNDURUS.B., Yanderbils University; 2008SOPHIE MEYER COHENA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2009ALEJANDRO CUAUHTEMOC MEJfAS.B., Centro de Inoestigacion y DocenciaEconomicas, Mexico City, Mexico, 2010YVONNE A. DAVISB.B.A., Stetson University; 2008A.M., University of Chicago, 2016JESUS ALEJANDRO DIAZA.B., Uniuersity of Chicago, 2013PEDRO LUIZ DO NASCIMENTO FILHOLL.B., Unioersidade d� Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2010HECTOR MANUEL DOXACEVEDOB.B.A., University of Puerto Rico-Rio Piedras, 2012JILLIAN LEIGH DURKINA.B., Northwestern University; 2008M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2016FUMIAKI EBIHARALL.B., Keio University; Tokyo, Japan, 2007TESS ELIZABETH ECKSTEINA.B., Ohio State University; 2012PABLO EGUIGUREN FERNANDEZB.B.A., Pontificia Uniuersidad Cat6lica de Chile,Santiago, 2008CANDACE ILYSE ELMQUISTA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2014JOSE RAFAEL ESPINOSAA.B., Uniuersidad tk los Antks, &gotd, Colombia, 20IlAbogado., ibid., 20IILL.M., ibid., 2014JORGE ANDRES FANTUZZI MAJLISLic., Pontificia Unioersidad Cat6lica de Chile,Santiago, 2008Mag., ibid., 2008EMILY A. FELDHAKEA.B .• Hope College, 20IICLAUDIA CAROLINA FIGUEROAGARCfA-HUIDOBROLie .• Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Cbil«,Santiago. 2007M.Econ .• ibid.• 2008PETER LOUIS EDWARDS FOGELA.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 20I2JORGE MARCELO FRANCOQUINCOTA.B .• Unioersidad del Pacifico. Lima. Peru, 2008Lie .• ibid.• 2009MICHAEL LAWRENCE FRANKA.B .• Colgate Uniuersisy; 20I2HANCONG GAOB.Econ .• P�king University, Beijing, China. 20I4YANGFAN GAOLL.B .• China University of Political Science andLaw. Beijing. China. 20I3LL.M.• Cornell University; 20I4MIGUEL ANGEL GARCIA PAZBach .• Uniuersidad Catolica San Pablo. Arequipa,Peru, 2003Lie .• ibid .• 2005JORGE HUMBERTO GONZALEZHERMOSOLie .• Institute Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico,San Angel. 20I2MATTHEW CALVIN GREENA.B .• University of Chicago. 20I2EMILY CLAIRE HADDADA.B .• Yak University; 2007M.B.A .• University of Chicago. 20I6HOLLY B. HAGERTYS.B .• Am�rican University, Washington. District ofColumbia. 20I4JOANNA CAROLYN HOFFMANA.B .• Williams College, 2010PAUL MARTIN HOFFMANS.B .• Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2008ZACHARY JOSEPH EISMANHONOROFFA.B .• McGill University. Montreal, Quib�c.Canada. 20IOCHENJINZI HUA.B .• Beijing Foreign Studies University, Beijing,China.20IIB.Econ .. ibid.• 20IIWEICHEN HULL.B .• hking University; Beijing, China. 20I4SHAFIA IMTIAZB. B.A .• Institute of Business Administration.Karachi. Pakistan. 20IIMITSURU INOUEB.Econ .• Hitotsubasbi University; Tokyo. Japan. 2009XIN JINB.B.A .• G�org� Washington University; 20I3MASAYUKI KAZATOS.B .• Osaka University; Japan. 2008S.M.• ibid.• 20IOFUMI KOJIMALL.B .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2009JESSICA SZE-TING KONGA.B .• Illinois Wdryan University, 20IOJOSHUA KRAUSSS.B .• University of Maryland at Colleg« Park. 2009ADAM LECHNIRA.B .• D�Paul University; 2009PATRICK LEOWA.B .• University of Chicago. 20I5ANN LIA.B .• Harvard University; 20I3SHENMIN LIUB.Econ .• Rmmin Univ�rsity of China. &ijing, 20I4SIRU LIULL.B .• Tsinghua Univ�rsity. &ijing. China. 20I4 THE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESDANIEL FELIPE LOPEZ SIERRAAbogado. Uniuersidad de los Andes, Bogota.Colombia, 2006Spec .• Pontificia Uniuersidad [aueriana, Bogota.Colombia. 20I2MASAHIRO MAMIYAB.Econ .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2008·WITH HONORSMIKIA MANLEYA.B .• Harvard University; 20I4CRISTINA MARTINEZ CUELLARBach .• Econ .• Uniuersidad de los Andes, Bogota.Colombia. 20IIMag .• ibid.• 20I2M.B.A .• University of Chicago. 20I6·WITH HONORSREBECCA MASONA.B .• University of California. &rk�ky. 20IISANTIAGO MATALLANA MENDEZBach .• Unioersidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota. 2004Mag., ibid.• 2008FALLON ELIZABETH McGRAWS.B .. Northwestern University; 2008M.B.A .. University of Chicago. 20I6RAUL ERNESTO MEJfA IBANEZAbogado. Uniuersidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.Mexico, 20I2SOPHIE C. A. MILAMA.B .• University of North Carolina at Chap�1 Hill. 2002·WITH HONORSKIYOKO MORIHARAA.B .• Wauda University; Tokyo. Japan. 2003OSITADINMA D. NWANEVUA.B .• University of Chicago. 20I5KOHEI OKAZAKIBach .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2009GOWUN PARKA.B .• Korea University, Seoul, South Korea, 2002A.M.• University of York. England. UnitedKingdom. 2004M.B.A .• Boston Coll�g�. 20I2CHRISTIAN PECAUTA.B .• Stanford University. 2004CAMERON BENJAMIN PELTZA.B .• St. John s Coll�g�. Annapolis. Maryland. 20I4MICHELLE JEANETTE PEREZS.B .• University of California. &rk�ky. 20I2EMILY PERISHA.B .• Laurence University; 20I2KAYLA PHELPSA.B .• Knox College, 20IOAARON DAVID POLITSKYS.B .• Carnegi« Mellon University; 200IANDRES PONCE DE LEON ROSASA.B .• Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mixico.San Angel, 20I4·WITH HONORSOSCAR PONCE DE LEON SALASB.Econ .• Uniuenidad del Pacifico. Lima. Peru, 2003AICHIRO SURYO PRABOWOS.E.. Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta. Indonesia, 20I2RICHARD LOGAN PRATTA.B .• Vanderbilt University; 20IILEILA CHYNNA PREEA.B .• Northwestern University; 20I2GARRICK JOHN PROKOSA.B .• Johns Hopkins University; 20I4PAVEL RAMIREZ MALPICAA.B .• University of Chicago. 20IILAURA WONG RAVINDERS.B .• Azusa Pacific University; 2008ETIENNE RAYNAUDLL.B .• Trinity Coll�g� DublinlColdisu na Trionoid�Bai/� Atha Cliath. Ir�land. 20I2SEBASTIAN ALFONSO RIVASVARGASB.j.. Univmidad de Chi/�. Santiago. Chi/�. 2007 AARON STUART ROSENBERGA.B .• Columbia University; 2005M.B.A .• University of Chicago. 20I6AVIVA GAW ROSMANA.B .• University Of Chicago. 20IOZHAOSONG RUANB.S.S .• Chinese University of Hong Kong.Hong Kong. 20I4AIN AARON SANCHEZ PEREZB.B.A .• University of Wisconsin- Whit=aur. 20I3URSINA MARIA SCHAEDEA.B .• Uniuersitdt St. Gallen, Suntzerland, 20I3SALWA SHAMEEMA.B .• University of Illinois at Chicago. 20I3AARON JOSEPH SHATTUCKS.B .• United States Military Academy; 2007·WITH HONORSJIANAN SHIA.B .• Uniuersity of Miami. 20I4DAVID CHRISTOPHER SIMPSONA.B .• University of Alabama. Tuscaloosav zorzSUJATA SINGHA.B .• St. OlafColl�g�. 20I3REBECCA SPAVINSA.B .• University of Virginia. 20II·WITH HONORSMENGXIN SUNLL.B .• Nankai University. Tianjin, China. 20I4MATTHEW M. SWIFTB.B.A .• Baylor University; 20I2J.D .• University of Chicago. 20I6ASEAL M. TINEHA.B .• Unioersity of Chicago. 20I5·WITH HONORSHIROKAZU TSUDALL.B .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2008KOTARO UEGAKIB.Econ .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2008MARIANNE SHEHARA WAASS.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 20I3JONATHAN BRETT WALDRONA.B .• Uniuersity of Chicago. 20IIALEXANDER WAROFKAA.B .• Case �sUrn Reserve University. 20I2E. ELIZABETH WEINERA.B .• Colorado College, 2009BINBIN WENGB.B.A .• University of Shanghai for Science andTechnology. China. 2009S.M.• Del'aul University, Chicago. Illinois. 20IIM.B.A .• University of Chicago. 20I6SEAN MICHAEL WILEYA.B .• University of Iowa. 20IOYANG XUB.Econ .• Sun Ytzt-Sm University; Guangzhou.China.20I4AHMET RACI YAL<;INS.B .• Orta Dogu Teknik Uniuersitesi, Ankara.Turkey; 2008·WITH HONORSANASTASIYA YARYGINAUDOVENKOLic .• Unioersitat de Barcelona, Spain. 20I2M.Econ .• ibid.• 20I4JIAKUN YUANS.B .• University of Virginia. 20IIISAURA ZELAYA FAVILAA.B .• Dartmouth Co//�g�. 2008M.B.A .• University of Chicago. 20I6WENWEN ZHANGA.B .• Wh�aton Colleg«, 20I3HONG R. ZHANG DURANDALS.B .• Ba�a Colkg�. 20I2ZHONGLUN ZHAOS.B .• Tsinghua Univ�rsity. &ijing. China. 20I4JULIA YITING ZHUA.B .• Univ�rsity of Chicago. 200955THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYPABLO ANDRES CELHAYBALMACEDAA.B .• Universidad d� Chile, Santiago. 2005A.M.• Univusity af Chicag», 2007DISSERTATION: Essays in Public EconomicsJONATHAN MARTIN VILLARSDAVISA.B .• Univmity o/Chicago. 2009DISSERTATION: Essays on Matching. Efficimcy.and Optimal Social PolicyALVARO SEBASTIAN GALLEGOSVALLEJOSIng. Com .• Uniuersidad de Chile. Santiago. Chile. 2006M.Econ .• ibid.• 2007A.M.• Northwestern University; 20IIDISSERTATION: Improving tb« Distribution 0/Educstianal Opportunities56 CAROLINA PATRICIA MENDEZVARGASA.B .• Universidad d� Chil«, Santiago. Chile. 2008Mag.• ibid.• 20IODISSERTATION: Evaluating the Impact 0/Suppkmmtal Funds on DiJadvantAg�d Schools:Evidence from ChileREBECCA MYERSONA.B .• Harvard University; 2007M.P.H.. Univn-rity o/Wlt!hington. Seettl« 20IIDISSERTATION: Essays on Bebavioral Responses toHealth Policy PATRICIA I. RITTER BURGAB.Econ .• Uniuersidad del Pacifico. Lima. Peru, 200IM.Sc .• University o/Oxford. England. UnitedKingdom. 2004M.P.P.. Universisy o/Chicago. 20IODISSERTATION: Essays on Ob�sity and OralHealth in Developing CountriesCAROLYN MARY SLOANEA.B .• Vandabilt University; 2005M.B.A .• Uniuersity of Chicag», 20IODISSERTATION: Essays on a Changing LaborMarlutTHE INSTITUTE FORMOLECULAR ENGINEERINGSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYWilliam Eckhardt Research CenterRoom 16112:30 p.m.RECEPTIONWilliam Eckhardt Research CenterAtriumimmediately following the ceremonyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESWORDS OF WELCOMEMATTHEW TIRRELLDean and Pritzker Director, Institute for Molecular EngineeringJUAN DE PABLOLiew Family Professor in Molecular EngineeringFACULTY HOODERJUAN DE PABLOLiew Family Professor in Molecular EngineeringFINAL REMARKSMATTHEW TIRRELLDean and Pritzker Director, Institute for Molecular EngineeringFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYGURDAMAN SINGH KHAIRAB.E.• Birla Institute ofTuhnology and Science,Pilani, India. 20IOS.M.• Univ�Nity of Wisconsin-Madison. 20I3DISSERTATION: Molecular Motkling of DirectedS�/f-ArumbIJ of Block Copolymers: FundamentalStudies of Processing Conditions and EvolutionaryPattern DesignTHE LAW SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel11:30 a.m.RECEPTIONThe Law Schoolimmediately following the ceremonyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe Millar Brass EnsembleWELCOMETHOMAS J. MILESDean, The Law SchoolClifton R. Musser Professor of Law and Economics, and Walter Mander Research ScholarPRESENTATION OF DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS AWARDADAM SILVER, JD'88REMARKSEMILY BUSSMark and Barbara Fried Professor of LawPRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODING OF GRADUATESLL.M. GRADUATESnames to be read by RICHARD 1. BADGER, JD'68Associate Dean for Graduate ProgramsJ.S.D. GRADUATESnames to be read by RICHARD 1. BADGER, JD'68Associate Dean for Graduate ProgramsJ.D. GRADUATESnames to be read by TOM GINSBURGDeputy Dean, Leo Spitz Professor of International Law,Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Research Scholar, and Professor of Political ScienceFACULTY HOODERSDOUGLAS BAIRDHarry A. Bigelow Distinguished Service Professor of LawWILLIAM BAUDENeubauer Family Assistant Professor of LawRANDAL C. PICKER, JD'85James Parker Hall Distinguished Service Professor of Law andthe Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Teaching ScholarLIOR STRAHILEVITZSidley Austin Professor of LawRECESSIONAL60THE LAW SCHOOLFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LAWDANIEL E. ALPERSTEINA.B., McGill University; Montreal, Queb�c,Canada, 20I3·WITH HIGH HONORSETHEL ADWOA AMPONSAHS.B., G�org�town University; 20IILUCAS J. ARTAIZS.B., Nartbtoestern University; 20IOM.Ed., Arizona State University; 20I2·WITH HONORSHALEY A. BARTONA.B., University of Wyoming, 20I3·WITH HONORSCHARLIE SUZANNAH BASERA.B., University of Montana, 20IOKATIE DANIELLE BASSA.B., University of Washington, Seattle, 20I3NATHAN ALEXANDER BEATONA.B., Tufts University; 20I2M.P.P., Uniuersity of Chicago, 20I6·WITH HONORSLAUREN NICOLE BEEBEA.B., Boston Coll�gt, 20I3·WITH HONORSTHOMAS JAMES BELESIUS.B., Santa Clara University; 20I2SAMANTHA LAUREN BERKOVITSA.B., University of Chicago, 20IIMARIA ANN BOELENA.B., Hemline University; 2008VANESSA MARIE BROWNA.B., Dartmouth College, 20IIWILLIAM BRUMFIELDA.B., Southeastern Louisiana University; 20I2SEAN A. BURSTYNA.B., G�orgt Washington University; 20I3JORDAN MICHAEL CALLA.B., Brigham Young University; 20I3·WITH HONORSREBECCA B. CANARY-KINGA.B., Carleton Coll�gt, 20IONICKOLAS SPENCER CARDA.B., Indiana Uniuersity Bloomington, 20I3STEPHEN M. CARRINGTONS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I3NICHOLAS CHRISTOPHERCAVALLOA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20IOTYLER JOSEPH CERAMIA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 20I3CORINA CERCELARUA.B., University ofWisconsin-Eau Claire, 20IOZACHARY R. CLARKA.B., Uniuersity of Kansas, 20I2·WITH HIGH HONORSKATHRYN E. CLAUSINGA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I3MATTHEW GABRIEL COCKERILLA.B., Creighton University, 20I2JAMIE LYNN COHNS.B., University of Florida, 20I2RACHEL EMILY COHNS.B., Cornell Uniuersity; Ithaca, Neio York, 20II·WITH HONORSOLIVIA STIDHAM COLVILLA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20I2·WITH HONORSJEFFREY SCOTT CONNELLA.B., Tulane University; 20IIMICHAEL ALEXANDER CONNERSA.B., Duke University. 20I2CAROLINE ASHLEY COOKA.B., University of San Diego, 20I3·WITH HIGH HONORSHANNAH LICHTIG COOKA.B., Uniuersity of Chicago, 20II·WITH HIGH HONORS JENNIFER COOKA.B., Bryn Mawr Coll�g�, 20II·WITH HONORSCORNELIUS WILLIAMCORNELSSEN XA.B., Pennsylvania State University; 2006KATHLEEN S. CORNETTB.B.A., University of Georgia, 20I3·WITH HONORSAMBER ELISE CRUZA.B., Yanderbilt Uniuersity; 20I3NITYA DEEPA DAS ACEVEDOA.B., Princeton University, 2006A.M., University of Chicago, 2009Ph.D., ibid., 20I3·WITH HONORSSARAH M. DAVIDA.B., Yale University; 20IOADAM Z. DECKERA.B., Brigham Young University; 20I2AINSLEY CATHERINE DOWLINGA.B., Boston University; 20I3MARA ROSE KENNELLYEASTERBROOKA.B., University of Chicago, 20I3BRITTANY ELISABETHELLENBERGA.B., Uniuersity of Texas at Dallas, 20I3ANDREA LEE EVANSA.B., Yalt University; 20I3·WITH HONORSELI LEIGHTON EVANSS.B., Brigham Young University; 20I2LAUREN ELAENA FARAINOA.B., Harvard University; 20I3·WITH HONORSSEAN WILLIAM FERNANDESA. B., University of North Carolina at Chape]Hill,20I3PETER ALFREDO FERNANDEZA.B., Brown University; 20I3KEVAN T. FISHERS.B., University of South Carolina-Columbia, 20I3·WITH HONORSCAITLIN MAIREAD FOLEYA.B., Uniuersity of Pennsylvania, 20IOKURT FOWLERA.B., Northwestern University; 20I3·WITH HONORSTHOMAS ELLIOT GAISERA.B., Hillsdale Coll�g�, 20I2KAYLA GAMINA.B., St. John 's College, Annapolis, Maryland, 2008RUBY JANAE GARRETTA.B., Stanford University; 20IOKATHERINE ELIZABETH GAUSES.B., University of South Carolina-Columbia, 20I3JESSICA JEAN GIULITTOA.B., Ohio State University; 20I3·WITH HONORSMICHAEL LUIS GOMEZA.B., University of Chicago, 2009GRACE AYELET GOODBLATTA.B., University of California, &rk�lry, 20IOJEREMY M. GREENA.B., Neus York University; 20IOCONSTANCE 1. GRIEVESA.B., Middk Tennessee State University; 20I3ALEXANDER JULES GROSSA.B., University of Denver, 20IIMARGARET M. GUIDOTTIA.B., University of Virginia, 20IO·WITH HONORSSHAUN MICHAEL HAINESA.B., University of South an Maine, 2007A.M., University of Neui Mexico, 2009·WITH HONORS WILLIAM R. HALABY IIIS.B., Univ�rsity of South Florida, 20I2JOSHUA BENJAMIN HAMMERS.B., Duke University; 20IIJOSEPH S. HARPERA.B., Rutg�rs, The Stat« University of Nna J�rs(] -Neta Brunswick, 2008CHARLES EDWARD HARRISON, JR.A.B., Uniuersity of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, 20I2EAMONN ROBERT CORKERYHARTA.B., Bowdoin College, 2009·WITH HIGH HONORSDARELL D'ANGELO HAYESA.B., Claremont McKmna College, 20IOMICHELLE M. HAYNERA.B., Universisy of Texas at Austin, 20I2·WITH HONORSMICHAEL TYLER HECKMANNA.B., University of Florida, 20IIS.B., ibid., 20II·WITH HONORSJOHN ARTHUR HOLLERA.B., Pomona College, 20II·WITH HONORSJORDAN JOSEPH HUGHESA.B., Michigan Stat« University; 20I3SAMUEL JAHANGIRA.B., Northwestern University; 20I3·WITH HONORSNATHAN JAMES JIMENEZA.B., Northwestern University; 20I3·WITH HONORSWILLIAM M. JOHNSONS.B., Michigan State University, 20II·WITH HONORSMAJK KAMAMIA.B., York University; Doumsoieui; Ontario,Canada, 20I3JASON ROBERT KASSS.B., University of Chicago, 20I3SAIF ALI KAZIMA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 20I3·WITH HONORSMICHAEL PATRICK KENSTOWICZA.B., University of Chicago, 20I2JOEL SHIN KIMS.B., University of California, &rk&y, 2008KATHLEEN V. KINSELLAA.B., University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IISEAN MICHAEL KOLLERA.B., Unioersity of Notre Dame, 20I3MAlA LEAH LAMDANYA.B., Washington Univ�rsity in St. Louis, 20I2BROCK H. LANEYA.B., Brigham Young University; 20I3MADELINE WARD LANSKYA.B., University of South an California, 20I3·WITH HIGH HONORSPETER McCABE LARAMOREA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20I3WILLIAM MICHAEL LARSENA.B., University of Chicago, 20IIHANNAH KATE LAZARA.B., Uniuersity of Tennessee at Chattanooga, 20I3·WITH HONORSSANG HUN LEEA.B., Duk« University; 20I3·WITH HONORSSHANNON YEJOO LEEA.B., University of California, &rkdry, 2008MAXWELL D. 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Universitd d�gli Studi di Roma'La Sapienza" Italy. 20I2Mast .• ibid.• 20I5 REVAN SUNOLLL.B., Galatasaray Unioersitesi.Tstanbul, Turkty. 20IOKIMI SUZUKILL.B .• University of Tokyo. japan. 20IOPATRICK FORBES TODDB.A .• Unioersity of Cambridge, England. UnitedKingdom. 20I4JAVIER UNDURRAGAOCHAGAVIALie .• Pontificia Uniuersidad Catolica tU Chile,Santiago. 20IOBASTIAAN GERARD US VAN RATHLL.B., Uniuersiteit van Amsterdam, TheNetherlands, 2009LL.M., Tilburg University; The Netherlands, 20IOCARLO RUDOLF VON HANSTEINMattrise, Uniuersite de Paris II (Pantheon-Asses),Frana.20I5JING WANGLL.B .• Tsinghua University; Beijing, China. 20I4MUTING XIELL.B .• Tsinghua University. Beijing, China. 20I5SHIPO XIEB.E.• P�king University, Beijing, China. 20IOLL.B .• ibid.• 20IOKOICHIRO YAMAURALL.B .• University of Tokyo. japan. 2004J.D., ibid.• 2006NARUTOSHIYOSHIDALL.B .• Keio University; Tokyo. japan, 2005LL.M.• ibid.• 2007LL.M.• University of London. England, UnitedKingdom. 20IOPh.D .• ibid.• 20I5QUAN ZHOUB.E.. P�king University; Beijing, China, 2008j.M.• ibid.• 20I2LL.M.• ibid.• 20I2FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF LEGAL STUDIESCHRISTOPHER DIMITRI BERKA.B .• University of Washington. 2007A.M.• University of Chicago. 20IO BOYCE ROBERT OWENSA.B .• Harvard University, 2009A.M.• University of Chicago. 20IOA.M.• ibid.• 20I3FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF JURISPRUDENCERISHAD AHMED CHOWDHURYA.B .• �st Bmgal National Uniuersity ofjuridicalSciences, Kolkat«, India. 2006LL.B.(Hons}. ibid.• 2006LL.M.• Unioersity of Chicago. 2009DISSERTATION: Missing the Woodfor the Trees: ACritical Exploration of the Supreme Court of India'sChronic Struggl� with Its Docket64 ADRIANA GARCfA GARCfALie .• Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico,Ciudad de Mtxico. 2000Mast.• Universidad Complutense d� Madrid.Spain. 2004LL.M.• University of Chicago. 20IODISSERTATION: judicial Politics of tb« MexicanSubnational Administrative Courts AD! LEIBOVITCHLL.B .• Hebrew Uniuersity offrruselem, Israel, 2006M.B.A .• ibid.• 2007A.M.• ill Aviv University; Israel, 2009LL.M.• University of Chicago. 20IIDISSERTATION: Context-Dependence in judicialD�cirion-MakingMORAN SADEHLL.B .• ill Aviv University, Israel, 2002LL.M.• ibid.• 2007LL.M., Univ�rrity of Chicago. 2008DISSERTATION: Institutional D�rign ofGu�stWork�r ProgramrTHE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFRIDAY, JUNE 10, 2016HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel6:00 p.m.SATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION AND RECEPTIONSchool of Social Service Administration Libraryimmediately following ConvocationTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONHOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALRIGAUDONComposed by AN D RE CAM P RATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistWELCOMENEIL B. GUTERMANDean, School of Social Service AdministrationMose and Sylvia Firestone ProfessorREMARKSRICARDO ESTRADA, AM'93President and CEO of Metropolitan Family ServicesPRESENTATION OF FACULTY AWARDSNEIL B. GUTERMANDean, School of Social Service AdministrationJENNIFER MOSLEYAssociate ProfessorWinner of the Award for Excellence in Doctoral Student Mentoring at SSAPRESENTATION OF STUDENT AWARDSCELIA M. BERGMANDean of StudentsALLISON WESTON, AM'o8President, SSA Alumni AssociationKRISTEN HARMSSonya G. Berz Honor AwardCHRISTINE KREGGSolomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize66THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONHOODING OF SPRING 2016 GRADUATESRead by JENNIFER MEADE, AM'oI, Director of Schoo I Social WorkYELENE MODLEY, AM'09, Senior Associate Director ofAlumni Relations and the SSA FundFACULTY HOODERSROBERT CHASKINProfessor and Deputy Dean for Strategic InitiativesMARK E. COURTNEYProfessorJESSICA DARROW, AM'07, PHD'I5LecturerALIDA M. BOURISAssistant ProfessorANGELA S. GARCIAAssistant ProfessorDEBORAH GORMAN-SMITHEmily Klein Giduiitz ProfessorGINA FEDOCKAssistant ProfessorSYDNEY L. HANSSamuel Deutsch ProfessorBETH-ANNE JACOB, PHD '02LecturerWALDO E. JOHNSON, JR.Associate ProfessorSTANLEY G. McCRACKEN, AM'78, PHD'87LecturerSHIPRA PARIKHLecturerTINA L. RZEPNICKI, AM'78, PHD'82Deputy Dean for CurriculumDavid and Mary Winton Green ProfessorMARCI A. YBARRAAssistant ProfessorCLOSINGNEIL B. GUTERMANDean, School of Social Service AdministrationRECESSIONALTOCCATAINFComposed by CHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist67THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSSTEPHANIE HAMILTON AARONS.B., Northwestern University; 20I4NADIA AMINA ABBASM.B.Ch.B., Uniuersity of Peshau/ar, Pakistan, 200IHALIMO SHARIF ABDULKARIMA.B., Augsburg Colleg«, 20I4SB., ibid., 20I4MADIHA ABIDA.B., G�orgia Star. 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B., University of Maryland at Coll�g� Park, 20I3PATRISE DIONNA BELL­WASHINGTONA.B., Northeastern Illinois University, 20[3NAJAH JAVED BHATTYS.B., University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I3OLIVIA BLOCKERA.B., McGill University, Montreal, Quibu,Canada, 20I3MARGARET LYNN BORYSIAKS.B., Michigan State University, 20I2ZULMARIE BOSQUESA.B., Bowdoin Coll�g�, 20IIANNE M. BOYDA.B., Marquette University. 2007DEMI MARIE BRANCATOA.B., Arizona State University; 20I4DEBORAH KING BRIDGESS.B., Nortbtoestern University, I987MORNA ROSE BROTHERSA.B., Deltau! University; Chicago, Illinois, I998A.M., Indiana University Bloomington, 2003MICHELLE NICOLE GRACEBROWNS.B., Illinois Star. University, 20I4KYLE PATRICK BULLOCKA.B., California State University; Long Beach, 2008LULl BUXTONA.B., Hampshire College, [998A.M., Columbia College, Chicago, Illinois, 2003CONSTANCE VICTORIA CALICEA.B., Columbia Coll�g�, Chicago, Illinois, 201IYVONNE MARIE CARDENASS.B., Loyola University Chicago, 20I4JESSICA CARDOTTA.B., Neto Coll�g� of Florida, 2008FIONA CATHERINE CARYA.B., Duk« University. 20I2A.M., Marian Coll�g�, 20I4BRIAN CASEYS.B., Loyola University Chicago, I996S.M., Yal� University; 200IA.M., ibid., 2004Ph.D., ibid., 200968 SONYA CHAUDHRYA.B., Stanford University; 20I4STEPHANIE KRISTINE CHIRIA.B., San Francisco State University. 20[2NICOLE MARY CHIRILLOA.B., Purdue University, Wm Lafoy�tt�, Indiana, 20IIJOSHUA SAMUEL CLARKA.B., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 20IOCATHERINE CLARKES.B., James Madison University. 20I2SARAH LINDSEY COPEA.B., Augusta Coll�g�, 20I4B.S. w., ibid., 20I4KAREN ANN CROWA.B., Vanderbilt University. 2009CATHERINE CURLEYS.B., Marquette University; 2009JODI DANIELB. G.S, North Park Uniuersity; 20I3KATHERINE D'AUNNOS.B., Loyola University Chicago, 20I3BRIDGETTE M. DAVISA.B., Simpson Colleg«, 2003YVONNE A. DAVISB.B.A., Stetson University, 2008M.P.P., University of Chicago, 20[6ALISA DE LOS REYESA.B., Rud Coll�g�, 20I2MARIE DEACONU-BAYLONA.B., Stanford Uniuersity; 20[2ANNE KEELEY ECKMANA.B., University of Virginia, I987A.M., University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, I992Ph.D., ibid., I996ELIZABETH FRANCES ELLIOTTA.B., University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada,20IILAUREN ELYSE EMERICKA.B., Michigan State University; 20IOEMMA R. EPSTEINA.B., Colorado College, 2009GREGORY ERICKSONA.B., Dartmouth Coll�g�, 2006A.M., Columbia University; Nno York City, Neu.York,20IIJULIANNA LEE ESTALLA.B., University of Chicago, 20I5KRISTEN LYN ETHIERA.B., Clark University. 20I2SAVANNAH KATHERINE FELIXA.B., University of Chicago, 2009CLARA E. FREEMANA.B., University of Iowa, 20[4ALEXANDRA FERRAH FRENNA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 20I3MEG HAM ANNE FREYTAGA.B., University of Chicago, 2004M.A. T, ibid., 2005M.Div., University of Chicago, 20I6MADELINE FRIEDMANA.B., Columbia University; Neui York City, NeuiYork,20I2PETER FRITCHA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, Neio York, 2009ROSE ERIN GALLAGHERA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, I996IS. D., ibid., [999NANCY GALVEZB.S. w., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 20IILAURA ELIZABETH GAUDETTEA.B., University of Vt!rmont and State AgriculturalColl�g�, 20[3ELENI MARGARETA GAVERASA.B., The Neio School, 2007M.M.S., Lunds Uniuersitet, Lund, Sweden, 20I2FAISAL GHIASS.B., Benedictine University; 2007EMILY GILLB.M. Converse College, 20IIKELLY JEAN GOODWINA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 20II KATRINA MICHELLE GORMANA.B., Azusa Pacific University; 20I2KELLY LYNN GRAVESA.B., University of Minnesota-Ttoin Cities, 20I4KATHARINE SHANNON GREELEYA. B., W�st Chester University of Pennsylvania, 20I3CHLOE SHELLY GREMAUDA.B., University of Missouri-Columbia, 20I3ANDREA KARINA HAIDARA.B., University of Chicago, 20I5KELIN MARLOWE HALLA.B., University of Chicago, 2009KIRSTEN N. HARMSB.S. w., Trinity Christian Colleg«, 20I4MIRIAM LISE HAUSERA.B., Surarthmore Colleg«, 20I3SHERYLENE HEAHA.B., National University ofSingapo", Singapo", 2002LAURA MARIA HINCAPIEA.B., Uniuersidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia,20I2ALIZA ANIS HIRANIA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I4EVA MISHAIEAL HUZIERANS.B., Loyola University Chicago, 20I3EMMANUEL SAMUEL ALLENJACKSONA.B., University of Central Florida, 20I4CALLIE MARIE JACOBSA.B., University of Chicago, 2009ANDRE ROMANDJOHNSONA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005CAMESHA LYNETTE JONESA.B., Spelman Coll�g�, 20I3CANDACE ALAURA JONESS.B., Babson Colleg�, 20IIJULIA ELIZABETH WEBSTER JONESSB., Metropolitan State University of Denver, 20IOKATELIN ANNELIESE JONESS.B., Taylor University, 20IIINGE KAROSEVICAS.8., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I3SEVIL BERIA KAYMAKCALANA.B., Loyola University Chicago, 2007KRISTEN CHAMBERS KENNEDYA.B., Boston Colleg«, 20IIALEXANDER VALIENSI KENTS.B., Viterbo College, 20I4THEODORA KOUMOUTSAKISA.B., Northeastern Illinois University, 20I2CHRISTINE L. 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B., City University of New York, 20I4SHUYANG YUA.B., DePauw University; Greencastle, Indiana, 20I4HANNAH BLOOM ZANGWILLA.B., Brandeis University, 20IIKARA WELLS ZENNIA.B., Auburn University Main Campus, 20I4YU ZHANGLL.B., Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 20I4YUQI ZHENGA.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 20I4RUOYUN ZHULL.B., China University of Political Science andLaw, Beijing. 20I4FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYADAM BROWNA.B., Colby College, I996M.S. w., Smith College, 2008DISSERTATION: Heterogmeity Among juomileSexual Abusers: An Exploration of CrimeCharacteristics, Family Context, and Mental HealthAMY TURNBULL KHARES.B., University of Kansas, I997M.S. w., ibid., I999DISSERTATION: Privatizing Chicago: The Politicsof Urban Redevelopment in Public Housing Reforms ALEXANDRA BOYLE STANCZYKA.B., Vassar College, 2008A.M., University of Chicago, 20I3DISSERTATION: Paid Family Leave, HouseholdEconomic Wellbeing, and Financial Resourcesaround a Birth KEVIN POH HIONG TANA.B., National University of Singaport, Singaport, 2002B.S.S., ibid., 2003M.S. w., Washington University in St. Louis, 2008DISSERTATION: The Role of School Context onAggression and Substance Use during Middl« School:A Person-Oriented Developmental Approach69THE COLLEGESATURDAY, JUNE II, 2016UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONHarper and Crerar QuadranglesU:30 a.m.for family and friends of the graduatesCLASS OF 2016 LUNCHEONRatner Athletic CenterU:30 a.mfor the graduatesDIPLOMA CEREMONYMain Quadrangle1:00 p.m.RECEPTIONS FOR COLLEGIATE DIVISIONSSocial Sciences, Harper, and Classics Quadranglesimmediately following the ceremonyTHE COLLEGEDIPLOMA CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe University of Chicago Pipe BandCALL TO ORDERVICTORIA E. PRINCEMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversitySTUDENT SPEAKERSKRISTOPHER MICHAEL PITTARDHANNAH MARIE GITLINKONJE M. MACHINIANTHEMMY SPIRIT SANG ALL DAYComposed by GERALD FINZIThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirTHE CONFERRING OF THE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIETMANCHESTER QUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE INUNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGAND THE AWARDING OF UNDERGRADUATE DIPLOMASDiplomas will be awarded by Collegiate Division. At the start of each Collegiate Division, the Llewellyn Johnand Harriet Manchester Quantrell Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching will be conferred.THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardDANIEL SCOT MCGEHEEAssociate Professor, Department ofAnesthesia and Critical Care and the Collegepresented by JEROME KLAFTAProfessor, Department ofAnesthesia and Critical CareThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by LAURENS METS, Master.71THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE HUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardMALTE WILLERAssistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and the Collegepresented by GABRIEL RICHARDSON LEAR, Professor,Department of Philosophy, the John U Nef Committee on Social Thought, and the College;Chair, Department of PhilosophyThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby CHRISTOPHER J. WILD, Master.THE NEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer andDean Boyer by LUCY K. PICK, Director of Undergraduate Studies in Religious Studies.THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell Award_ SARAH N. ZIESLERSenior Lecturer, Department of Mathematics and the Collegepresented by ROBERT FEFFERMAN, Max Mason Distinguished Service Professor,Department of Mathematics and the CollegeThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby MICHAEL STEIN, Master.THE SOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardsDEREK ALLEN NEALProfessor, Department of Economics and the Collegepresented by STEPHANE BON HOMME, Professor, Department of Economics and the CollegeEMILY LYNN OSBORNAssociate Professor, Department of History and the Collegepresented by KENNETH POMERANZ, University Professor, Department of History, Department ofEast Asian Languages and Civilizations, and the CollegeThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby JAMES T. SPARROW, Master.THE STUDENT MARSHALSThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby VICTORIA E. PRINCE, Marshal of the University.72THE COLLEGETHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Arranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGEJOHN W. BOYERMUSICAL FINALEExcerpt from ODE TO JOYComposed by LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVENArranged by DANIEL LEAVITTThe Millar Brass EnsembleCLOSING WORDSVICTORIA E. PRINCEMarshal of the UniversityTHE RECESSIONAL(Please stand)The University Pipe Band73THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONPARAS PIYUSH MEHTA(Biological Sciences}NEAKA ZARANDIANMOHTASHEMI(Biological Sciences)SAMUEL S. MOON(Biological Sciences)TESS RICCIARDI MORAN(Biological Sciences)BRIAN HANCHUN MU(Biological Sciences)ALICE wANJIKt1 Ieft'1I€SRlrCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONPETER LAWRENCE ALEXIEFF(Biological Sciences)SYEDA AKILA ALLY(Biological Sciences)CHUKWUNEDUM OBIAGELIANIEMEKA(Biological Sciences)ABENA APPAH-SAMPONG(Biological Sciences)(Public Policy Studies)MILES HAYDEN BARNEY(Biological Sciences)JOSHUA EUGENE BERLIND(Biological Sciences)STEPHANIE BI(Biological Sciences)(English Languag� and Literature}JORGE ALEJANDRO BILBAO(Biological Sciences}MEDHA BISWAS(Biological Sciences)CONNOR JAMES BOYLE(Biological Sciences)ELIZABETH ANN BRIM(Biological Sciences)JESSIE ELIZABETH BRONSKI(Biological Sciences)DANA BRYAZKA(Biological Sciences with Honors)ADRIAN ALEJANDRO CARCAMO(Biological Sciences)JOSEPH PATRICK CARIZ(Biological Sciences)(Political Science)SHOMBIT ROY CHAUDHURI(Biological Sciences)DARREN AUSTIN CHEN(Biological Sciences)SYLVIA CHEN(Biological Sciences)NATALIE CHRISTYN CHEUNG(Biological Sciences)CATHERINE BALFOUR COVE(Biological Sciences)XI DAI(Biological Sciences)GABRIELA DE LA ROSA(Biological Sciences)ROBERTO CARLOS DE LOERA(Biological Sciences)KATRINA MARIE DELOSO(Biological Sciences)JIN DENG(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)XOCHITL DOMINGUEZ(Biological Sciences)SENXIDU(Biological Sciences)OMAR EL-CHARIF(Biological Sciences with Honors)IRIS EMERMAN(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)MARIE LOUISE FEFFERMAN(Biological Sciences)(Public Policy Studies)HARRY YANG GAO(Biological Sciences)MEERA GARRIGA(Biological Sciences with Honors)ANNA ALEXANDRA GODDI(Biological Sciences)VICTORIA ANNE GROSE(Biological Sciences)BRIANNA NICOLE HICKEY(Biological Sciences)74 ALISHA ANNA HO(Biological Sciences)ANDREW J. HOMERE(Biological Sciences)SCULLY YUJIN HSU(Biological Sciences)CLARA TIPPING HU(Biological Sciences}DANIEL WILLIAM WARRENHUGHES(Biological Sciences)SALMAN SAYEED ISLAM(Biological Sciences)CAPUCINE JACOB-CHAVAGNAC(Biological Sciences)ELLI NICOLE JACOBSON(Biological Sciences)HARINI JAGANATHAN(Biological Sciences with Honors)NEETI JAIN(Biological Sciences)JOSEPH DAVID JANIZEK(Biological Sciences)ELIZABETH HALEY JENSEN(Biological Sciences)BRIA M. JORDAN. (Biological Sciences)ELIOT SCOTTIE JOYA(Biological Sciences)LOUISE MARIE JUDGE(Biological Sciences)(English Languag� and Literature)SAAD AHMED KHAN(Biological Sciences)AMANUEL MICHAEL KIBROM(Biological Sciences)YOONJI KIM(Biological Sciences}KATALINA CISTINE KIMBALL(Biological Sciences)MADELINE ERDNTOYANKLINGER(Biological Sciences)RACHELLE ELIF KOCH(Biological Sciences)ISABELLA ANNE KRATZER(Biological Sciences)MONICA SKYLAR LANNING(Biological Sciences)ABIGAIL PRESTON LEINROTH(Biological Sciences)RUBEN LESNICK(Biological Sciences)CARYSSA NATALIA LIM(Biological Sciences)HENRY KAZUNARU LITT(Biological Sciences)ANGELA CHEN LIU(Biological Sciences)KRISTIN OFELIA LOPEZ(Biological Sciences)NORA ELIZABETH LOUGHLIN(Biologica! Sciences)(Geophysical Sciences)MICHIKA MAEDA(Biological Sciences)SAMUEL DAVID MAID MAN(Biological Sciences)MARCUS LATHAM MARABLE(Biological Sciences)(Economics)NIKOLAI MARC MAXIMAY(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)COLIN JUDE McNAMARA(Biological Sciences) NICOLE CHRISTINE MULLEN(Biological Sciences)DANIEL MURATORE(Biological Sciences)NKEMDILIM ASHLEYNWAOKOLO(Biological Sciences)ANTHONY ADEDEJI OSUMA(Biological Sciences)SHAMA SRIVASTAVA PANDIRI(Biological Sciences)EVA PAULINA PARTIDA ABAD(Biological Sciences)BRETT ADAMS PEPOWSKI(Biological Sciences)ARIANNA JANELLE PETERS(Biological Sciences)ADRIANA MARIE PRADA(Biological Sciences)MICHAEL ROBERT PROCASSINI(Biological Sciences)JENNIFER ZHEN QIN(Biological Sciences)(Public Policy Studies)ADITYA MANOHAR RAO(Biological Sciences)MARTHA HOPE RENN(Biological Sciences with Honors)SEAN CHRISTOPHER RIVERA(Biological Sciences)SURAIN BALA ROBERTS(Biological Sciences)ARI BENJAMIN ROITMAN(Biological Sciences)NATALIA A. ROQUE(Biological Sciences)CHIRAG SACHAR(Biological Sciences)JOUMANAJANESAMAHA(Biological Sciences)IVY GISELLE SANDQUIST(Biological Sciences)HODA ELISABETH SAYEGH(Biological Sciences)ANGELA SHEN(Biological Sciences)VINCENT SHIEH(Biological Sciences)MADELINE STAFFORD SOVIE(Biological Sciences)SUDEEPTA SRIDHARA(Biological Sciences}ANNA STYRCZULA(Biological Sciences)JAMES LELAND TAYLOR(Biological Sciences}LEV MAXIMOVICH TSYPIN(Biological Sciences with Honors)LUTHER MASON WALLS(Biological Sciences)JACQUELINE FANG WANG(Biological Sciences)DE'ANDRE ANTONINO WARREN(Biological Sciences}SARAH WATANASKUL(Biological Sciences)(English Language and Literature with Honors)SEAN YOUNG-JIN WHANG(Biological Sciences)LELIA ERRETT WILLIAMS(Biological Sciences)NICHOLAS DRYGAS WILLIAMS(Biological Sciences) VIRGIL ANDERSON WOODS(Biological Sciences}KEVIN YANG(Biological Sciences)ZERUO YANG(Biological Sciences)OLIVIA VICENTA YVELLEZ(Biological Sciences) THE COLLEGEPAUL KRIDA ZAKIN(Biological Sciences)KYLIE ELIZABETH ZANE(Biological Sciences)LILY LING ZHAO(Biological Sciences)(Physics)(Masbematics S.B.)DANIEL L. ZHENG(Biological Sciences)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONZOE MARIE BOUNDY-SINGER(Biological Sciences)BRYAN JAMES BUNNING(Biological Sciences)MATTHEW CHI KI CHEUNG(Biological Sciences)KRISTINE NICOLE DON(Biological Sciences)RANIA GARDE(Biological Sciences with Honors)BRIAN PAUL GOLDSPIEL(Biological Sciences with Honors)CHRISTINA CLARE HUANG(Biological Sciences with Honors)ALYNA YAMUNA KATTI(Biological Sciences with Honors)VERONIKA KONDEV(Biological Sciences with Honors) KYLE NASH KUNZE(Biological Sciences with Honors)MAYA ANNE LEWINSOHN(Biological Sciences with Honors)JOYCE SAUANN LU(Biological Sciences)(Anthropology A.B. with Honors)JHONATAN MARTE(Biological Sciences with Honors)NATALIE ANNIE PETROSSIAN(Biological Sciences)ANDREW SETH RAPOPORT(Biological Sci mas)(Public Policy Studies A.B. with Honors)NOAH NICHOLIE SAWYER(Biological Sci mas)ANDREW JOSEPH SCASNY(Biological Sciences) RICHARD. BENJAMIN SULSER(Biological Sciences)LUKE A. VERSTEN(Biological Sciences)MARIA CATHERINE VITERI(Biological Sciences)YUHAO WANG(Biological Sciences with Honors)HANNAH INGERSON WELLER(Biological Sciences)GEORGE ZAKHARY(Biological Sciences)ANNIE ZHANG(Biological Sciences with Honors)IRENE ZHANG(Biological Sciences)(Visual Arts A.B.)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEHUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONAMIL SHARIF ADAM(Philosophy)ENO AGOLLI(Philosophy with Honors)SHAIR MOMIN AHMED(Linguistics)ANNELIESE LINDA AMBURN(Philosophy)SOPHIA POLINA ANASTAZIEVSKY(Philosophy)JAKE ARAUJO-SIMON(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities)MAX JOSEPH ASAF(Cinema and Medi« Studies with Honors)(English Language and Literature with Honors)REBECCA ANNE ASKINS-GAST(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)LILLIAN RACHEL ASTROW(Art History)ANNA CLAIRE ATKESON(Visual Arts)J. BACH(Gender and S�xuality Studies)BRIAN JAMES BARKER(Cinema and M�dia Studies with Honors)(English Language and Literature)MEGAN ROSE BARNES(Linguistics)LAURIE MADELEINE BECKOFF(English Languag« and Literature with Honors)FREDERIC CAREW BENDEKGEY(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)EMILY PEARL BEREZ(Interdisciplinary Studies in tb« Humanities)MAXINE LEAH BERMAN(English Languag« and Literature with Honors){feu/ish Studies}GABRIELLE ANNAH BERNARD(Visual Arts) FRANCES MARGARET BERNSTEIN(Classical Studies with Honors)DANIEL RICARDO BETANCOURT(Philosophy)MAVERICK SAMUEL BLANTON(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)SARAH LORRAINE BLAUSER(Philosophy)(Sociology with Honors)RABI BOUZOU-WAZIRI(Romance Languages and Literatures}EAMON ROBERT ANDREWBOYLAN(Theater and P�rformana Studies)WALKER WEST BREWER(Art History)(Gender and S�xuality Studies)EMILY ELIZABETH BROWN(Music)(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)BRIANNA MARIAH BULLOCK(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)CHARLES STEPHEN BULLOCK(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)CYNTHIA MARIE CAMPOS COSTANZO(Theater and Performance Studies)YEESOO CHAE(Visual Arts)EMMA JANE CHRISTENFELD(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures)JENNIFER KELECHI CHUKWU(English Languag� and Literature)(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)EUGENE FAMA COCHRANE(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)DANA RENEE COHEN(Art History)(Political Science)ELI AARON COHEN(Philosophy) EMMA CHASE COLLINS(English Languag� and Literature}MARK WILLEKES CRONIN(Art History with Honors)ANTONIO MIGUEL CRUZ-URIBE(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)CONNOR SIMON CUNNINGHAM(Linguistics)(Mathematics S.B.)MICHAEL JOSEPH DARMIENTO(Philosophy)ALEXA KAITLYN DAUGHERTY(Art History with Honors)(Cinema and Media Studies)LAUREN KIESLING DAURIZIO(Gender and Sexuality Studies)ELISABETH DEL TORO(Theater and Performance Studies)PAUL FRANCIS DILLON(Philosophy)AMELIA DMOWSKA(English Language and Literature)NORA ELIZABETH DOLLIVER(Slavic Languages and Literatures with Honors)ALEXANDRA PETERS DUDLEY(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)CATHERINE COSGROVE DUGGAN(Philosophy)LUKE JEAN MAXIMILIENDUROC-DANNER(Music with Honors)ANDREW MARTIN ECKHOLM(Philosophy)TAYRYN ALEXIS EDWARDS(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)EMILY GRACE EHRMANTRAUT(Linguistics with Honors)JACOB BRYCE ELKIN(English Languag« and Literature)THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONELIZABETH A. ELLINGBOE{English Languag� and Literature with Honors}(Gender and S�xuality Studies with Honors}ACACIA BRIDGET FERNANDEZ{English Languag� and Literature)ARMANDO FERNANDEZ{Philosophy}SAMANTHA ROSE FINLEY{English Languag� and Literature)JESSEE HANNAH FISH(Visual Arts)MADELINE GRACE FITZGERALD{English Languag� and Literature)JULIA MARY FRIEDLAND{English Language and Literature with Honors}DANIEL AARON FRIEDMAN{Romance Languagu and Literatures with Honors}CLAIR MARIE FULLER(Gender and S�xuality Studies with Honors}{English Languag� and Literature with Honors}ERIN CHRISTINE FULLER{English Languag� and Literature}SARAH McCUTCHEN FULTON{Romance Languag�s and Literatures){Linguistics}ROSALEY HAN GAl{East Asian Languagu and Civilizations withHonors}MATTHEW HARRY GAILLOUD{Classical Studies with Honors}ABIGAIL R. GINZBURG{Russian and East European Studies)DANIEL SAM GLASS{Philosophy}ELLEN PAULEY GOFF{English Languag� and Literature}PETER FRANKLIN GOLDBERG{Philosophy with Honors}BENJAMIN R. GOLDNER{Philosophy}IDALIA FRESIA ESTERGONZALEZ{Romance Languages and Literatures)DAVID GOODMAN-EDBERG(Theater and Performance Studies)CYDNEY ROSE GRANNAN{English Language and Literature)DZAN HARBA{Philosophy}JOSHUA SONNY HARRIS{English Language and Literature with Honors}(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors}TORY MARIE HELDT{Romance Languages and Literatures)DANIEL JOSEPH HENDERSON(Visual Arts)MICHAEL BENJAMIN HOMIAK{Classical Studies with Honors}RENATA GROSS HOROWITZ*(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanitieswith Honors}'Award�d PosthumouslyJENNIFER HORTON{Music with Honors}NATHAN ERIC HOWE{Philosophy}JOYCE HUANG{English Languag� and Literature)ANDREW DANIEL HUNGATE{English Languag� and Literature)ELEANOR MICHELLE HYUN{English Languag� and Literature)RACHEL BINAH MARBACH JACKSON(Interdisciplinary Stu diu in the Humanities withHonors}(Visual Arts)DAVID BENJAMIN JAFFE{Classical Studies with Honors}76 EDWIN HAO CHEN JIANG{Philosophy}CAMILLA KATHLEEN KEENAN­KOCH{English Languag« and Literature)HANNAH GRACE KELLY(Interdisciplinary Studies in tb« Humanities)SOPHIE PARKE KENNEDY(Theater and Performance Studies)(Political Science)KELSEY RAE KERIN{English Languag� and Literature)ADAM M. KHAN(Germanic Studies)ERIN MINJI KIM{English Languag� and Literature with Honors}WALKER RILEY KING(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors}CATHERINE AMANDA KLINGMAN{English Languag« and Literature}ALLISON REBECCA KRAMER{Linguistics}(Computer Science S.B.)ERICA JADE KRUEGER(Near Eastern Languag�s and Civilizations}MARK HENDRICK KUMLEBEN{Philosophy}AVERY JOSEPH LAFLAMME(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors}MADISON NICOLE LANDS(Gender and S�xuality Studies with Honors}. {English Languag� and Literature}ELEK PETERS LANE{Philosophy with Honors}COLLIN ANTHONY LAPINSKY{Linguistics}GABRIELA MARIA LASTRES{Romance Languages and Literatures)LAURALY PIERRELY LAURENT{East Asian Languages and Civilizations}PERRY SOPHIA LEAVITT{Art History with Honors}JENNY JEASANG LEE{English Language and Literature)JONATHAN WON LEE{English Languag« and Literature}ANDREW JOHN PERSE LIBERTIN{Philosophy}{Political Science)ANDREW K. LINDSAY{Music with Honors}{Economics}STACY YUN-CHIA LIU{Linguistics}JAMES FRANCIS ROGERS MAcKENZIE(Cinema and Media Studies){English Language and Literature)SHAUN ARJUN MAJUMDAR{Linguistics}OLIVIA MAYNARD MARKBREITER{Philosophy}ANA ISABEL MARTINEZ(Comparatiue Literature)TAYLOR LEE McDOWELL{English Languag« and Literature)RYAN DAVID McNAMARA{English Languag� and Literature)WESLEY STIERLEN MILLS(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors}{English Languagt and Literature with Honors}GRACE ELIZABETH MITCHELL{Russian and East European Studi�s with Honors}AVI MARK MOLDER{Linguistics}RES HAD MONSUR(Visual Arts)SHAUNA KATHLEEN MOORE{East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors} CHRISTIAN JOHN MORTENSEN{Linguistics}AUGUSTUS VON MOSSE{English Language and Literature)NATALIE CHARLENE MULLINS{English Languagt and Literature)SHUBHRA MURARKA{English Language and Literature}PETAR DIMITROV NALBANTOV{Philosophy}(Political Science)GABRIEL IAN JOSEPH NATHAN{Philosophy and Allitd Fi�lds}TYLER JEFFERSON NEENAN{Philosophy}JOSEPH EDWIN CARMOLA NEIDORF{Music}CLAYTON NICHOLAS NORRIS{Linguistics}(Computer Science S.B.)ALEXIS UYIOGHOSA OBASUYI(Cinema and Media Studies)JOHN THOMAS O'CONNOR{East Asian Languagts and Civilizations}{History}JACQUELINE YUET-KWEIMOANIKE'ALA OSHIRO{East Asian Languages and Civilizations withHonors}JONATHAN RAVEN OTCASEK{English Language and Literature with Honors}JOHN JOSEPH OTTO III{Romance Languag�s and Literatures with Honors}JULIUS JIHO PAK(Germanic Studies)CAMILA ELIZABETH PALOMINO{Art History}(International Studies with Honors}EMMA CLAIRE PAULY(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors}MARGOT ROSALIA PIERLUISSI{Romance Languages and Literatures)NICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAY(Near Eastern Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors}(Religious Studies with Honors}JUCHI MUHULI PRATT(Germanic Studies with Honors}JONAH HERSCH RABB(Cinema and Media Studies)EDEN JOSHUA RACKET{English Language and Literature with Honors}(Medieval Studies}HANNAH WILLS RAUSCH{East Asian Languages and Civilizations withHonors}ALEXANDER BUCK RELIHAN{Linguistics}ALEXANDRA PAISO ROBLEDO{Linguistics}EVE RODGERS{Art History}TYLER SHAW ROEDER(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations}JACOB CHRISTIAN ROMEO{Philosophy}JACOB SAMUEL ROSENBERG{English Language and Literature}KRIS ROSENTEL(Gender and S�xuality Studies with Honors}JACKSON SCOTT ROTH{Philosophy}SARA WENDEL RUBINSTEIN(Gender and S�xuality Studies with Honors}BROOKE LAUREN RUTSTEIN{Music}{Psychology}SHALENIE SANKER{Art History}NATHANIEL HILLEL SCHWARTZ(Philosophy with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)ALINA MARIE SCOTTI(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors)(Art History with Honors)HELEN OLGA SDVIZHKOV(Linguistics)(Psychology)(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures)REBECCA MARION SEGALL(Classical Studies with Honors)HANNAH MARIE VADA SHEA(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)NICHOLAS RUBEN SIDORAN(Theater and Performance Studies)JOSHUA MICHAEL SILVER(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)ZO� DRAYTON SMITH(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)MELANIE VERONICA SNIDER(English Languag� and Literature)ALISON MARIE SNYDER(Visual Arts)ROBERT DAVID NELSON SORRELL(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)MURPHY SPENCE(Visual Arts)SHOSHANAH MAE SPURLOCK(Art History)SIMON ANDREW STANCO(Philosophy)MAX HIRO TAMAHORI(Music)SHAOGUANG TAN(Philosophy)(Economics)SARAH DANIELLE TARABEY(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)CLANCY SHERIDAN TAYLOR(Comparative Literature with Honors)ANGELA IRENE THEODOROPOULOS(Interdisciplinary Studies in th� Humanities withHonors) ALLISON JULIA TOREM(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)GEORGE JOSEPH TOWNSEND(English Languag« and Literature with Honors)ANNA TROPNIKOVA(Russian and East European Studies with Honors)(Visual Arts)REALYNN ELIZABETH UDDYBACK(English Languag« and Literature)WILLIAM TYLER ULMAN(Art History with Honors)STEPHEN TYLER URCHICK(Art History with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)BERKAN UZE(Philosophy)GIULIANA FRANCESCAVACCARINO GEARTY(Art History with Honors)KATHRYN MARY VANDERVALK(English Languag� and Literature)LAUREN RAY VOGEL(English Language and Literature)LEAH RACHEL VON ESSEN(Comparative Literature with Honors)KAYLEIGH VOSS(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)MARINA CLAIRE VULINOVIC(Philosophy)SHIRO KEZIAH WACHIRA(Philosophy)GARETH LENNOX WALSH(Philosophy)PHILIP BRIAN WANDAWA(Philosophy)(Economics)KAIJIE JEFFREY WANG(English Languag� and Literature)(Mathematics S.B.)LI WANG(Philosophy)(Political Science)YI WANG(Cinema and Media Studies)(Art History) THE COLLEGEJOANN PAULETTE WELCH(Classical Studies)RUTH ELLEN WELLIN(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)CAMBRIA ARION WHITCOMB(Visual Arts with Honors)KELSEY EAMES WHITCOMB(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)JULIANA LEE WHITE(Art History)(Cinenu: and Medi» Studies)DANIELE ALEY WIEDER(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors)GWENDOLYN MARGARETWIEGOLD(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors)CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS(English Languag� and Literature)ANNE LILAH WILLNER(Classical Studies with Honors)(Political Science)KENNY WONG(Philosophy)(International Studies with Honors)NATALIE ELAINE WRIGHT(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)CELIA BING YUEN(Linguistics)ANGELA ZHANG(Visual Arts with Honors)(Economics)CYNTHIA QINGXI ZHANG(Camparatiue Literature with Honors)WILLA YICHENG ZHANG(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)JEFFREY ZHAO(Philosophy)YUQING ZHU(Comparative Literature with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THENEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONANERI AMIN(Law. Letters, and Society with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)KAREN MARIE ANDERSON(Law. Letters, and Society with Honors)(Political Science)ALEXANDER JAMES BAHLS(Law. Letters, and Society)NAVEA M. FRAZIER(Law. Letters, and Society)BLAIZE MARIAH GERVAIS(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)ANNE MAcLEOD GIFFORD(Law. Letters, and Society)HANNAH MARIE GITLIN(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)KAMRAN HASHEMZADEH(Law. Letters, and Soci�ty with Honors)(Public Policy Studies with Honors) ABIGAYLE ZENIA HUNTLEY(Rdigious Studies)JI YUN JUNG(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)(International Studies)JACOB PIERCE KAUFMAN(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)(Philosophy)JENNY LUCIENNE KEROACK(Law. Letters, and Society with Honors)EMMA BARTON KOCH(Religiou: Studies with Honors)KAYLA ROSE MATHISEN(Law. Letters, and Society)JORDAN COSBY POOLE(Law. Letters, and Soci�ty with Honors)SAMUEL PULIAFITO(Religious Studies) EVAN ALEXANDER ROCHER(Law. Letters, and Soci�ty with Honors)JULIA LILI SANTHA(Law. Letters, and Society with Honors)RACHEL JULIA SCHEINFELD(Law. Letters, and Society with Honors)ETHAN SAMUEL STOCKWELL(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)JASMINE MARIE THROCKMORTON(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)NICHOLAS THEOBALD ISELINVON HORN(Law. Letters, and Society)MADELINE MARIE WITTERS(Law. Letters, and Society)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)77THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONZACHARY TYLER JENKINS(Computer Science)PATRICK JAMES JENSEN(Physics)(Mathematics S.B.)TROIE DENEEN JOURNIGAN(Physics)THEODORE J. KIM(Physics)JAMES WILLIAM KISELIK(Mathematics)HUNTER LARSON KORGEL(Physics)NICHOLAS EDWARD KOWALSKI(Physics with Honors)(Geophysical Sciences)JONATHAN XAVIER KYL(Physics with Honors)HADAR LAZAR(Physics with Honors)SEUNG HWAN LEE(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics with Honors)EDWARD AARON BLOCK L1EB(Physics)CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW LIEPOLD(Physics with Honors)JOHN NICHOLAS LOEBER(Mathematics)(Statistics)(Computer Science S.B.)GAVRIEL TAL LORIA(Mathematics)(Philosophy)VICENTE CELEDONIO LOSSADA(Mathematics)JACOB ANDREW LOURIE(Mathematics with Honors)AUSTEN ALEXANDER MANCE(Physics)(Economics)JULIAN CHARLES MAROHNIC(Physics)(Mathematics S.B.)JULIAN DAVID MARTINEZ(Mathematics)STEFAN OCTAVIO DOUCETMARTINEZ(Mathematics)(Economics)ARIEL YECHEZKEL MATALON(Physics with Honors)MATHEUS LEMOS MAURICIO(Mathematics)(Economics)SARAH ISABEL McCONNELL(Mathematics with Honors)ALISON LYNN McMANUS(Chemistry with Honors)(History with Honors)REDMOND CALLAGHANMcNAMARA(Mathematics with Honors)NOLAN CLARK MEGHROUNI-BROWN(Physics)DREW SHRADER MELCHERT(Physics with Honors)REED BENJAMIN MERSHON(Geopbysicat Sciences)CATHERINE MARIE MORESCO(Physics)(Computer Science S.B.)JACOB KENDALL MULCAHY(Mathematics}CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEPHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONASHWIN KRISHNA ACHARYA(Physics)OMAR SHEHERYAR AGHA(Mathematics)(Linguistics)BILAL JALEN AJRAM(Chemistry)JAIME ARANA-ROCHEL(Computer Science)MICHAEL ANDREW ARMONA(Physics)ANTON AVERIN(Physics)JULLIAN WEI BAO(Statistics)KEVIN CHANG BARNUM(Mathematics with Honors)(English Language and Literature with Honors)EVAN DANIEL BEDERMAN(Computer Science)KEVIN BRUNO BERNAT(Physics with Honors)HANNAH PARKER BINNEY(Physics with Honors)ALYSSA MARIE WELLERBLACKBURN(Physics)CHRISTOPHER DAVID BOCHENEK(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)JUSTIN BOGANEY(Mathematics)FREDDY ALFONSO BOULTON(Statistics)BENJAMIN PHILIP BULOW(Mathematics)ROBERT EZELL BUTLER III(Physics)BENJAMIN EVERETT CALL(Mathematics with Honors)EMMA GRACE CASTIGLIA(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics)MICHAEL JASON CERVIA(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)ALEXANDER TY CHEN(Physics with Honors)(Matbematics 5.B.)ELLIOTT CONG CHEN(Physics)(History)PATRICK CHEN(Physics)(Mathematics)IAN BASIL CHRONIS(Chemistry)SHEENA Y. CHU(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)JAMES MAXWELL CLARKE(Physics)BRENDEN JOHN COLLINS(Mathematics with Honors)NINA MIREILLE COYLE(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)OWEN CUMMINGS(Mathematics)ANDREW CVIK(Physics)(Mathematics S.B.)TYLER ADISON DARNELL(Mathematics)78 HARRY HAMILTON DEMPSEY(Mathematics)(Statistics)SKYLAR ANTHONY DETURE(Statistics)(Mathematics)GAMAL ABDEL DEWEEVER(Computer Science)(Linguistics)ALEJANDRO DIAZ(Physics with Honors)TANNER CASEY DI LELLO(Mathematics)(Economics)ANDREW DONG(Mathematics)ALEXANDER GEORGE DROSTER(Physics)(Mathematics)ZARI PRAPIONE DUMANIAN(Chemistry)TY O. EASLEY(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics)SOPHIE ARIEL ETTINGER(Physics with Honors)JAYCE LABEN FElGER. (Mathematics)(Economics)STEVEN ALBERT FRANKE(Physics)VAUGHN LAKE FRANZ(Physics)ANDONI MICHAEL GARCIA(Mathematics)(Biological Sciences)SEAN JOSEPH GASIOROWSKI(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B. with Honors)FILIP GEAMAN(Physics)(History with Honors)CHRISTOPHER JOHN GEOGA(Statistics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)NATHAN PRUNEAU GILL(Mathematics)NATALIA A. GRUDZIEN(Chemistry)SERGIO ALBERTO GUERRA(Chemistry)NOAH HENRY JACOBS HALFORD(Physics with Honors)(Computer Science S.B. with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)MOHAMED FADI HAMMOUD(Chemistry)RICHARD LUIS HANSON(Computer Science)SAMUEL WILLIAM HARRISON(Physics)(Economics)ALEX WILLIAM HAYS(Computer Science)ZOEY CAMIE HEARN(Physics)JORDAN MARCELLE HISEL(Mathematics with Honors)DANIKA RENEE HOLMES(Physics)HARSHA PRASAD HONASOGE(Physics with Honors)SAMUEL ALEX HOPKINS(Computer Science)EITAMAR LOUIS NADLER(Chtmistry with Honors)VICTORIA AMELIA NORMAN(Physics with Honors)PALOMA LUZ OCOLA(Physics with Honors)KEVIN ANTHONY O'CONNOR(Physics)(Statistics)JOHN LAWRENCE ORLOWSKI­SCHERER(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)ESTELLE RAMONA OSTRO(Physics)ROBERT B. PENG(Statistics with Honors)(Computational and Applied Mathematics S.B.)KRISTOPHER MICHAEL PITTARD(Physics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MATTHEW TYLER PORTUNE(Physics)COURTNEY NICOLE PRENTISS(Mathematics)JAYASAI RAM RAJAGOPAL(Mathematics)MICHAEL GEORGE REID III(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.) TREVOR DALE ROBERTS(Chemistry with Honors)BENJAMIN JOSEPH ROHRER(Computer Science)MATHIAS CASTELFRANCO ROSS(Physics)(Mathtmatics S.B.)NICHOLAS MALIN ROUSE(Mathematics with Honors)SAMUEL HERZFELD SASKIN(Physics with Honors)LAUREN JOY SAUNDERS(Physics with Honors)SALVIANO P. SCHILLACI(Statistics)WILLIAM TAHOE DE OLIVEIRASCHRADER(Physics with Honors)BECKET JACK WOOD SEMPLINER(Mathematics with Honors)ABIGAIL JOY SHEARROW(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics)JOEL FRANKLIN SIEGEL(Physics with Honors)(Applied Mathematics S.B.)ANEESA SONAWALLA(Physics)MITCHELL HENRY SPRADLIN(Physics)EMMA KARIN REISHUS (Computer Science S.B.)(Statistics) ANDREW JACOB STIER('J?n�N ANDRIS ROBERTS (Physics)�/1i;;;;o� tf!teJ511A/(/ tfJDn/��matiCS)(eFmf'ti7't7!. ..J�/�U) THE COLLEGEDANIEL JAMES SULLIVAN(Physics with Honors)(Applitd Mathematics S.B.)ADAM PATRICK SUTHERLAND(Physics with Honors)(Geophysical Sciences)BLAINE AARON FOSTER TALBUT(Mathematics with Honors)THOROLDJAMESTRONRUD(Physics)ZACHRY ZHENYU WANG(Mathematics}(Economics)(Statistics)ZANE MARSHALL WARNER(Physics)(Economics)NOLAN PATRICK WINKLER(Mathematics)BERNARD XIE(Physics)TAEKWAN YOON(Physics with Honors)GIORGIO FEDERICO YOUNG(Mathematics)ESTEBAN ZACHARZEWSKI(Physics)ALICE ZHANG(Chemistry)VICTOR ZHANG(Mathematics with Honors)(Philosophy)NINGFENG ZHU(Physics with Honors)(Mathtmatics S. B.)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISION AND THEDIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESJONAS ALBERT ACTOR(Mathtmatics)JACOB LEE ALBERS(Computer Science)NIKOLAS DEAN ANDERSON(Matbematics)(Statistics A.B.)JEREMY L. ARCHER(Computer Science)JONATHAN RICHARD BEHRENS(Chemistry with Honors)IAN DOUGLAS BERGMAN(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry A. B.)STELLA ROSE BIDERMAN(Mathematics with Honors)(Philosophy A. B.)ANDREW GRAHAM BOURNE(Computer Science)AUSTIN BRYANT BYERS(Computer Science)(Mathematics)BRANDON MARCUS CALLENDER(Computer Science)NATHAN PAUL CANNIFF(Biological Chemistry)JENNA NICOLE CERVANTES(Chemistry)SPENCER D. CHAN(Mathematics)ALICE JENLIN CHANG(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.) MICHAEL STEVEN CHEIKEN(Mathematics)(Cinema and Medi« Studies A.B.)PETER JEFFREY CHEN(Chemistry with Honors)(Biological Chemistry)JENNA LEE CLEMENS(Computer Science)DAVID JAMES COHEN(Computational and Applitd Mathematics)ANGELA DAWN CORDOVA(Geophysical Sciences}ANTHONY RAMON CRESPO(Computer Science)(Mathematics}COLLIN NICHOLAS D'ALOISIO(Computational and Applitd Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)DANIEL LEE DENG(Computer Science)PAUL RAYMOND DUNCAN(Mathematics with Honors)(Computer Science)RAPHAEL R. EGUCHI(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry)JACK ANDREW ELLENBERGER(Computer Science)HEFEI FANG(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)SARAH ANNE FITZPATRICK(Enuironmental Science) MICHAEL LOUIS FOSCO(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)(Statistics)MICHAEL FRASCO(Statistics)KEVIN MICHAEL FREESE(Computer Science)HANNAH CONCETTA FRIEDMAN(Chemistry with Honors)KIRA SHIRIN ELIZABETH GHANDHI(Computer Science)(Mathematics)JAMES CONNOR GILHULA(Chemistry with Honors)MICHAEL LOUIS GOLDMAN(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)ZAKIR RAJAB GOWANI(Computer Science)(Applied Mathematics)FRANCIS X. GREENE(Chemistry with Honors)MELISSA FAITH GROSSBARTH(Mathematics)ZHIDA GUI(Applied Mathematics)(Economics A.B. with Honors)JUSTIN WEIJIE GUO(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)ABHI GUPTA(Mathematics)(Economics A.B. with Honors)(Statistics)79THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONRAVI GUPTA(Mathematics}(Economics A.B.)(Philosophy A.B.)MATTHEW AARON GUREVITCH(Mathematics)MOHIT MILIND HAJARNIS(Mathematics}(Economics A.B.)ERIK LOUIS HALPERIN(Computer Science)CLARK JACOB HALPERN(Environmental Science)(Biological Sciences A.B.)JACKSON RUSSELL HANCE(Mathematics with Honors)DOMINICK LEE HANNAH(Appli�d Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)ERIN ALEXIS HORNING(Mathematics)CURTIS ROBERT HUGHEY(Mathematics)(Computer Science)BENJAMIN QUOC HUYNH(Statistics)ALLISON HWANG(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.)MARTIN SPENCER HYMAN(Computational and Appli�d Mathematics)ALISSA M. JARED{Environmental Science with Honors)ISABEL MARIE JENSEN(Chemistry)PEDRO JUAREZ(Mathematics with Honors)MARK SUNWOO JUHN(G�ophysical Sciences)(Biological Sciences A.B.)WAKANENE KAMAU(Biological Chemistry with Honors)JACOB NEWMAN KAPLAN(Chemistry)(Biological Chemistry)HANNAH SCHAEFER KENAGY(Chemistry with Honors)JOHANNES KRONENBERG(Appli�d Mathematics)ALBERT KUO(Mathematics}(Statistics A.B.)MARK KEVIN LANDGREBE(Computer Science)ADAM EDWARD LEVI(Chemistry)ERIC ALAN LI(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)JIAYU LIANG(Mathematics with Honors)PHILIP CHIJUI LIANG{Mathematics with Honors)ANGELA LIN(Statistics)(Economics A.B.)GEORGE LEE LIU(Mathematics)QI LIU(Matbemasics)(Economics A.B.)DAVID H. LIVINGSTONE{Environmental Science)MAREN ELIZABETH LOE(Computational and Appli�d Mathematics)LUCIA LU(Computer Science)80 CONNOR RAYMOND LYNCH(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature A.B.)PAIGE JOSEPHINE MAcKENZIE(Math�matics)(Economics A.B.)RYAN A. MANZUK{Geopbysica! Sciences with Honors)WILLIAM CANNON MATTHEWS III(Computer Science)(Mathematics A.B.)ALEXANDER JAMES McDONOUGH(Mathematics with Honors)(Statistics A.B.)RYAN MICHAEL McDOWELL(Computer Science)RACHEL MAXINE McENROE(Mathematics with Honors)(Physics A.B.)TERRY ZHE MING(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)(Economics A.B.)UDIPTA NAIDOO(Computer Science)SACHIN R. NATESH(Computational and Appli�d Mathematics)LUIZETTA VADIMOVNANAVRAZHNYKH(Chemistry with Honors)MING NG(Mathematics with Honors).(Philosophy A. B.)KATHERINE JUDITH OOSTERBAAN(Chemistry with Honors)NAOMI MORGANE PACALIN(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Ch�mistry A.B.)YUJIA PAN{Mathematics)(Statistics A.B. with Honors)(Political Science)SRINIVAS VARADENDRAPANCHAMUKHI(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Ch�mistry A.B.)MARISSA KATHRYN PARKER(Chemistry with Honors)JOSH WILLIAM PEARCE(Mathematics}YUCHENG PENG(Environmental Science with Honors)(Geapbysica! Sciences A.B.)MARK PALMER PERLMAN(Mathematia with Honors)REMY LUCA PRECHELT(Computer Science)(Physics A.B.)MARCO EDWARD PREZIOSO(Mathematics)JAMES MARTIN RACANELLI(Statistics)(Mathematics A.B.)TASNIM RAHMAN(Computer Science)CHETHAN NUKALAPATI REDDY(Statistics)MEGAN AUSTIN RENSHAW(Computer Science with Honors){Mathematics)SEAN REYNOLDS(Mathematics)ADRIANA ISABEL RIZZO(G�ophysical Sciences)AUDREY GENEVIEVE ROWE(Geopbysica! Sciences}(Biological Sciences A.B.) ANISH RAJ ROY(Chemistry with Honors)(Biological Chemistry)MICHAEL DAVID ROY(Chemistry with Honors)TANYA MARIE RUDAKEVYCH(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)JAKE CARTER RUSSELL(Chemistry with Honors)ABHINAV SAH(Mathematics}(Economics A.B.)AARON JACOB SCHAER(Computer Science)SANJIT SHASHI(Mathematics with Honors)SCOTT JIALUN SHI(Computer Science)(Math�matics)DANIEL SILVA-INCLAN(Statistics)(Economics A.B.)MATTHEW JAY SILVERMAN{Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)(Economics A.B.)SUHEL SANJAY SINGH(Math�matics)(Economics A.B.)MARIA JENSEN SMITH(Mathematics)JOSEPH BENJAMIN SOLOMON(Ch�mistry with Honors)(Biological Chemistry)GUCHUANSONG{Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)JULIAN JACOB SPERGEL(G�ophysical Sciences)ADRIANA MEl STEINBACH(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry A.B.)SAYRI HUI SHUO WANG SUAREZ(Computer Science)MATTHEW AMBROSE SULLIVAN(Biological Ch�istry with Honors)(Chemistry)(Biological Sciences A.B.)RIDWAN SYED(Computer Science with Honors)(Mathematics A.B.)MELISSA XIAO TAN(Math�tics)CHEN HUI GEORGE TEO(Computer Science)YIRAN TIAN(Math�matics)(Economics A.B.)PARKER KIEL TIKSON(G�ophysical Sciences)ADIL ANAND TOBAA(Statistics)OLIVIA AMANDA TSE(Enuironmental Science)(English Languag� and Literature A.B.)MICHAEL FRANCIS UNNOLD(Computer Science)EMILEE ANN URBANEK(Computer Science)RICARDO AARON VELOZ(Appli�d Mathematics)FREDERICK D. VU(Mathematics with Honors)YIFAN GEOFFREY WANG(Statistics)(Economics A.B.)AMANDA LYNN WATERBURY(Chtmistry with Honors)(Biological Chemistry)KIRSTEN AMY WIARD-BAUER(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)CHIH-WEI WU(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)LIYU XIA(Mathtmatics with Honors)(Computational and Applitd Mathematics withHonors) ANDREW YANG(Computer Science}YANGXINYE YANG(Computer Science)SERAPHINA CHEN YONG(Computer Science)SARAH SOOJIN ZEICHNER(Gtophysical Sciences with Honors)FEIFAN ZHANG(Mathtmatics)(Economics A.B.) THE COLLEGEHAONAN ZHOU(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)ALLEN CHENGZHI ZHU(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry)(Economics A.B.)YUZHOU ZOU(Mathematics with Honors)(Chemistry A.B.)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THESOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONKATHERINE MARIE AANENSEN(Gtographical Studies with Honors)GEORGE ANTHONY ABITANTE(Psychology with Honors)REBECCA FREIDIN ABRAMS(Public Policy Ssudies)BOBBY ADUSUMILLI(Economics)IOANNA EKATERINA AGUILARMENDEZ(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ANDREW RHEE AHN(Comparative Human Development with Honors)(Economics)SEBASTIEN AKARMANN(History)SALMAN ALI(Economics)MARTHA LETICIA ALVAREZ(Psychology)KAILYN DANIELLE AMORY(Anthropology)ADHIRAAJ ANAND(International Studies)JONATHAN ENSINGER ANTOS(Economics)GARRETT PRAITIS APEL(Economics)(Geophysical Sciences)BROCK PHILLIP APPENZELLER(Political Science)KENNETH ARMSTRONG(Economics)FATIMA ASLAM(Political Science)(History)ALEXANDER BASIL ATHENSON(Economics)SETH BARNUM WILSON AUGUST(Economics)ZACHARY GENE AUGUSTINE(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors)CYNTHIA JENNIFER AVILA(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine)EVALINE JIAJIA BAI(Public Policy Studies)(Enuironmmtal Studies)ANTHONY BASTIAN BALAS(Political Science with Honors)KAAVYA BALASUBRAMANIAN(Economics)(Computer Science)TAYLOR MICHELLE BANHOLZER(Economics)ALEXANDER ZEV BARG(Economics)(Political Science) MADELEINE VICTORIA BARR(Economics)HELENA ROSE BASSETT(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)BRENNAN KRAMER BASSMAN(Political Science)REUBEN RANDALL BAUER(Economics with Honors)(Law, Letters, and Society)CLARK AUSTIN BELANGER(Public Policy Studies)CHRISTOPHER BELLO(Sociology with Honors)VINCENT DOMENICO BELTRANO(Public Policy Studies)EMILY JANE BENJAMIN(Comparative Human Development)MICHAEL TRUMAN BENNETT(Economics)JASMINE R. BERRY(Psychology)RAHUL SUHAS BHIDE(Economics)(Political Science)ALEXANDER CARROLL BISCHOF(Economics)KENT ALEXANDER BISCHOFF(Economics)MARY ROLL BITTNER(Public Policy Studies with Honors)DARIUSZ MARK BLACHOWICZ(Economics)HENRY PHILLIP BLOOD(History)MILES IMM BLOOMENKRANZ(Economics)MAXIMILIAN ROBERT BLUESTONE(Psychology with Honors)NICHOLAS BOCANEGRA(History)SAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLAND(Public Policy Studies with Honors)CHLOE LUDGATE BOOTH(Public Policy Studies)(Economics)FRANCESCA CHARLOTTEBOTTORFF(Political Science)PETER JOSEPH BOXLEY(Sociology with Honors)BRANDON PHILLIP BRATSAFOLIS(Political Science)PIERS ADAM BRECHER(History with Honors)(Romance Languagts and Literatures}CHRISTOPHER EDWARD BREEN(Political Science with Honors)(Slavic Languagts and Literatures) ERIK NATHANIEL BREWER(Economics)NATHAN BROOKS III(Public Policy Studies)(Psychology)ANNA A. BRUZGULIS(Political Science with Honors)SAMUEL FARJEON BUCHWALTER(Economics)SAMANTHA ELIZABETH BUCK(History with Honors)ELIANA KRISTAL BUTLER(Economics)(Romance Languages and Literatures}ELISABETH CATHERINE BUTLER(Public Policy Studies)CAROLINE HELEN BYE(History)(Public Policy Studies)SPENCER SLOAN BYRNE(Economics)SIBO CAl(Economics)FRANCISCO AGUSTIN CALVACHEMEYER(Psychology with Honors)ISABELLE MARY CANAAN(Political Science with Honors)RYNE MATTHEW CANNON(Intemational Studies with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)ADRIAN TORVALD CARLSSON(Economics)(Psychology)DANIEL MATTHEW CASSARA(Economics)EMORY CARTER CAVANAGH(Psychology)JING CHAI(Sociology with Honors)(Political Science)TAYLOR ANN CHAMBERLAIN(Economics)STEPHANIE ANTONETTA CHAMPI(Sociology with Honors)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)SIN YEE SHEENIE CHAN(Economics)ZOE ELIZABETH JHIA CHI CHAN(Anthropology)BHARAT KRISHNAN CHAN DAR(Economics)THEODORE THANAT CHATJAVAL(Economics)CARTER COLTRANEWILLOUGHBY CHEN(Economics)81THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONDONNA CHEN(Economics)(Environmental Studies)SHO ZREN CHEN(Economics)(Political Science)TUNAN CHEN(Economics)(Statistics)ZHENGYE CHEN(Economics)JAMES CHEUNG(Economics)SASHA BONAFEDE CHHABRA(History)ERIC S. CHIEN(Economics)RYAN CHIEW(Anthropology with Honors)PUI CHUNG CHIU(Economics)(Philosophy)KOUNGSIK CHO(Economics)HEATHER ELIZABETH CHOI(Psychology){Visual Arts}THOMAS JUNGWOO CHOI(Economics)YEO BI CHOI(Economics)(Psychology with Honors)ASHLEY CHONG(International Studies)MELINDA CHOU(Economics)NOAH JEROME CHRISTIANS(International Studies with Honors}KAREN LORRAINE CHU(Public Policy Studies)CINDY CHUNG(Economics)(Statistics)(Mathematics}RAYMOND KATSUKI CHUNG(History with Honors)(East Asian Languagts and Civilizations)CHLOE ISABELLE CIPOLLA(History with Honors)BENJAMIN RICHARD CLARK(Economics)COLTON MEYER CLARK(Economics)AMELIA LYN CLEMENTS(International Studies with Honors)(Anthropology with Honors)ELEANOR ALANNA CLIFFORD(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors)ANDREA CLINTON(Environmental Studies with Honors)RUFUS COATES WELSH(Economics)(Political Science)BESS POXON COHEN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)SAMUEL WOODFIN COLEMAN(Public Policy Studies)SAMANTHA JANET COLLINS(Economics)PAUL J. COMET(Economics)JOHN PATRICK CORCORAN(International Studies)MARGARET MURRAY CORNELIUS(History with Honors)SAM ROYSTON CORTESE(Political Science)82 LAUREN ALESIA COVINGTON(International Studies)JACOB S. CRAWFORD(Economics)GERALD PHILIP CREAN IV(History with Honors)SOPHIA ALEXANDRACRITCHFIELD-JAIN(Economics)DENNISON POWELL CROWELL(Psychology)SHUYI CUI(Economics)(Political Science)LAUREN BROOKS CULBERTSON(Public Policy Studies with Honors)NICOLE CHARLOTTE CUNHA-GOMES(Political Science)GREGORY CHARLES DA COSTAGUIMARAIS(Public Policy Studies)MINGYUE DAI(Sociology with Honors)(Economics)ASHLEY CHRISTINA DANIEL(Psychology with Honors)CHRISTOPHER ALAN DAUGHERTY(History)VLADIMIR DAVID(Economics)(Psychology)8AMERON KNOX DAY(Public Policy Studies)(Sociology with Honors)ROMAIN ANDRE DE PLANTA(Economics)AARON PHILIP DEMSETZ(Economics)AARON DENG(Public Policy Studies)(Environmental Studies)CHRISTOPHER HAINES DENGLER(Economics)TALIA JOELLE DESSEL(International Studies with Honors)(Russian Studies)LAUREN ELIZABETH DIETZEL(Comparative Human Development)ROBERT DING(Economics)MICHAEL JOHN DINSMORE(Economics)PHILIP KIRIL DOBRINOV(Economics)NATNAEL BEYENE DOILICHO(Public Policy Studies with Honors)JACQUELINE ANN DOMROWSKI(Comparative Human Development}(Psychology)DREW ALLEN DONALDSON(History with Honors)CHRISTINA Z. DONG(Sociology with Honors)SAMUEL DONG(Economics)JENNIFER LILLIAN DORFMAN(History with Honors)OLIVIA LYNN DOROW HOVLAND(Enuironmental Studies with Honors)KATHERINE ANNE DOWLEY(Public Policy Studies)HANNAH DRAGONE(Anthropology)JEFFREY MICHAEL DRESNICK(History with Honors)ALEXANDRA DIANA DUMEZICH(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine) ANDREEA DUTU(Political Science)CELIA CAMPBELL ECKERT(Political Science with Honors)KATHERINE CORINNE ECKSTROM(Comparative Human Development}(Romance Languagts and Literatures)CARISSA ISABEL ASPRERECLARIN(Political Science)CYRIL V. EKIERMAN(Economics)DALYA EBRAHIM ELMALT(Economics)JULIA ANN EPPLIN-ZAPF(International Studies with Honors)(Political Science)JOSEPH BRENDAN EROYAN(Public Policy Studies)MEREDITH KINCADE ESQUIVEL(Comparatioe Human Development)DANIEL RAFAEL ESTEVEZ(Economics)(Political Science)CLARE McDONALD EVERTS(Economics)LAURA PATRICIA FAAS(Anthropology)CHUNI FANN(Economics)(Statistics)ELISHA RAWLE FARLEY(Psychology)VANESSA MARl FARRANTE(Psychology)LAUREN DANIELLE FELDMAN(Anthropology)(Romance Languages and Literatures)RACHEL TAMSEN FERREE{International Studies with Honors}SUMMER JAZMINE FIELDS(SOciology with Honors)TATIANA KARINA FIELDS(Political Science with Honors)CHELSEA HANNAH FINE(Public Policy Studies with Honors)DYLAN FINLEY(Economics)HANNAH MICHAEL FLYNN(Environmental Studies with Honors)MATTHEW THOMAS FONDACARO(Economics)SARA ARAUJO FONTES(Political Science)ANISHA BHATTACHARYA FORD(Public Policy Studies)KATHERINE JEAN FORRESTER(Political Science with Honors)LINDSEY ROSE FORTE(Political Science)ELIZABETH SCHILLER FRANK(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors)CHARLOTTE FRANCES FRANKLIN(Political Science)AMIRA FRANCESCA FREEMAN(Camparativ« Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)(Anthropology)LAUREL MARIE FREIDENBERG(Economics)MAXINE FRENDEL(Sociology with Honors)EVAN GRACE FRENKEL(International Studies)LUCAS TIMOTHY FRISS(Political Science)LINDA YUAN YUAN FU(Economics)RICO LONG HIN FUNG(Political Science}CARSON LEETE GAFFNEY(Sociology with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)MICHAEL GALPERIN(Economics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)TAVISH GIORGIO GANTZ(Economics)BRANDON GARCIA(Economics)MICAH TAYLOR GARD(Public Policy Studies)(Political Science)LEAH MARIE GARNER(Environmental Studies with Honors)QUINN FOREST GEORGIC(International Studies with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)ENKHMEND GERELTOGTOKH(Economics)(Environmental Studies with Honors)AMOS ASHER GEWIRTZ(Anthropology)CHLOE ROSE GIANATASIO(Psychology)SURYA GIRl(Economics)CHLOE SHAVONNE GLISPIE(Comparative Human Development)ADAM JOSEPH GODBEY(Economics)JASON PHILIP GOLD(Economics)(Psychology)MATTHEW HERSH GOLDENBERG(International Studies with Honors)HYUNSOO GONG(Economics)ANA JIMENA GONZALEZ(Sociology with Honors)(Latin American Studies with Honors)JONATHAN RAFAEL GONZALEZ(Anthropology)MICHAEL PERRY GOODYEAR(History with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)KARIN MARIE GORSKI(Economics)NICOLE E. GORTON(Economics with Honors)MATTHEW ADAM GOTTESFELD(Sociology with Honors)RAGINE ALETHEA GRAVES(Economics)BRYAN DONALDO GRAYBILL(Environmental Studies)ALISON ANNE GREEN(Psychology)KRISTIN ANN GREENWOOD(Economics)DAVID RICHARD GREMLING(Public Policy Studies)TRISHA GUPTA(Political Science)VIDUR KUMAR GUPTA(Economics)(Political Science)CARLOS EDUARDO GUZMANDAIREAUX(Economics)(Philosophy)HEATHER GLAZER HAGERLING(Environmental Studies with Honors)JONATHAN RICHARD HAGLUND(Economics)MIKAELA PHYLLIS HAMMEL(Psychology) ANDREW RICHARD HAMMOND(Economics)SEUNGHEE HAN(International Studies with Honors)MAYA HANDA(Public Policy Studies with Honors)RYANN NICOLE HANLEY(Economics)JENNA ROSE HARRIS(Public Policy Studies)MITCHELL BUXTON HARRISON(Political Science)JAMES HASSETT HARTER(Economics)KEVIN H. HASENFANG(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Political Science)AURNA KNISA HASNIE(Economics)RUSSELL SLOANE HATHAWAY(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)THOMAS DANIEL HEALY(Economics)JENNA SHEA HEBERT(Political Science)LINDSEY MICHELLE HENDERSON(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors)MAGGI O. HENEGHAN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MARA THERESE HENEGHAN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)SCOTT JAMES HERLIHY(Economics)JOSHUA LEIB HERZBERG(Economics)ALANNA LOUISE HEYER(Public Policy Studies)(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)JESSICA ERIN HICKEY(Economics)ASHLEY MARIE HILLIARD(Economics)THUYTHAM HO(Sociology with Honors)JUWON HONG(Economics)ANTON JOHN ESTAUGH HOPKINS(Public Policy Studies)(International Studies with Honors)KAYLI BETTS HORNE(History)KYLER HU(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)JAMISON YUE-REN HUANG(Economics)LIANGCHEN HUANG(Economics)LILIAN JIAMIN HUANG(Economics)(Political Science with Honors)PETER TAIRAN WANG HUANG(Economics)SOFIA SI]IA HUANG(Psychology with Honors)JANE ELIZABETH HUBER(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ADRIENNE MARIE HUNT(Psychology with Honors)SAMUEL GEORGE HUSMAN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)JENNIFER JIWON HWANG(Public Policy Studies)(Anthropology)JOSEPH FRANCIS IMBURGIA(History)(Political Science) THE COLLEGEMANUEL ANTONIO INFANTE(Economics)DAISUKE INOUE(History with Honors)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)SOMANN IRANI(Public Policy Studies)ANDERIRURETAGOYENA(Economics)(Latin American Studies with Honors)ELLEN ANNE ISMAN(Anthropology with Honors)ARVIND DEVARAJAN IYENGAR(Economics)RACHAEL KEI JACKSON(International Studies)ELLEN ANN JACOBS(International Studies)ANIKA SAN DEEP JAIN(Anthropology)RAKHEE SAN DEEP JAIN(Economics)YORKBELL JARAMILLO TABARES(Economics)MARK ANTHONY STESNEY JAZBIK(Economics)GRACELYN RITA JENNINGS­NEWHOUSE(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)YUCHEN JI(History with Honors)MICHELLE YUAN JIANG(Economics with Honors)OLIVIA Z. JIANG(Economics)CATHRYN JIJON(International Studies)RUTVIK VIREN JOGLEKAR(Economics)JACOB E. JOHNSON(Comparative Human Development with Honors)LUKE GORDON MOWERS JOHNSON(Political Science with Honors)REX ROGERS JOHNSON(Economics)SOFIA KELLEY JOHNSON(Comparativr Human Development with Honors)KYLAH ROSE SELTZER JOHNSTON(Enuironmental Studies)(Public Policy Studies)CLAIRE RENEE JOKINEN(Psychology)(Comparatiue Human Development)ZAHRA ASMA JOOMA(Political Science)KARL LEWIS JOYNER(Comparative Human Development)HONGYI JU(Economics)(Political Science)TIMOTHY ANDREW JUANG(Sociology with Honors)ESKIRA TECLEZGY KAHSAY(Psychology)(Comparative Human Development)COURTNEY VICTORIA KAN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Law, Letters, and Society)ANDREW KANG(Economics)DONG YUN DANIEL KANG(Economics)(Law, Letters, and Society)ARIELLA JORDANA KASMER-JACOBS(Anthropology)THEO MclEOD KASSEBAUM(Anthropology with Honors)SNEHA KASUGANTI(Economics)83THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONHODA KATEBI(International Studies with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)ZOE ISABEL KAUDER NALEBUFF(Geographical Studies with Honors)KOMAL KAWATRA(Economics)ERIKA LYNN KELLY(Anthropology with Honors)HUNTER POWELL KENNEDY(Anthropology)ZACHARY SAM KESSLER(Public Policy Studies)MUBEEN AHMED KHAN(Psychology)HANA EBERT KHOSLA(Economics)MAIRA AZRA KHWAJA(History)TALLINN ELIANNA KIEFER(Psychology)ERIC MYUNG JOON KIM(Economics)HAE HYUN KIM(Economics)JOSEPH SOOHWAN KIM(Economics)KEVIN HYOSUP KIM(Economics)KWANG HYUN KIM(Economics)MICHELLE SEUNG JIN KIM(Psychology)(Linguistics)PATRICK KIM(Political Science with Honors)RACHELE ANNA KIM(Economics)BRENNAN HARRIS KING(Economics)EVA KINNEBREW(Environmental Studies with Honors)TYLER BRADLEY KISSINGER(Public Policy Studies)JACOB ALEXANDER KLINE(History with Honors)ELIZABETH FENSKE KNOPF(Anthropology with Honors)UGUR KOCAK(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MEGAN LOUISE KOEHNEN(Psychology with Honors)(Biological Sciences)GRACE HEE-EUN KOH(Political Science with Honors)KATHLEEN ELIZABETH KOHM(Economics)SHASHWAT KOIRALA(Economics)KATERINA ANASTASIA KOKKAS(History with Honors)OLUWAFIKAYO OLUTIMILEHINKOYEJO(Economics)MITCHELL LOUIS KRALL(Political Science)ANJALI ASHLEY KUMAR(Economics)ANURAG KUMAR(Anthropology)SIDDHARTH KUMAR(Economics)RACHEL ELIZABETH KUPFER(Proftssional Option: Public Policy Studies)MEREDITH JULIET KUSHNER(Psychology)84 TONI MARIE KUZIELA(History)(Germanic Studies)MO YIN JESSICA KWOK(Political Science)TIANJIAN LAI(Sociology with Honors)PARINA DHINESH LALCHANDANI(Economics)(Psychology)WINSTON CUYLER LAM(History)(Public Policy Studies)SARAH ANNE LANDES(International Studies)JENNIFER JI-WON LAW(Psychology)RANDI MICHELE LAWRENCE(Public Policy Studies)ZACHARY MASON LAWRENCE(History)WILLIAM JOSEPH LEDDY IV(Economics)ANNIE ELAINE LEE(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Political Science)AUSTIN ABNER LEE(Psychology)DIANE LEE(Economics)JEAN LEE(Economics)(Political Science)JIHYUN LEE(Political Science with Honors)JONGHYUN LEE(Political Science)MARISA HAEJU LEE(Psychology)STEPHANIE LEE(Economics)NICOLE ZOE LENACK(Economics)CHRISTINA LEON(Public Policy Studies)SAMUEL PALONS LEVINE(Economics)ARTHUR XIANG BIAO LI(Economics)(Political Science)GINA LI(International Studies with Honors)GRACE LIAO(Psychology)JEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMAN(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)FREDERIC LIEGL(Economics)(Philosophy)DOYOUNG LIM(International Studies with Honors)KRISTIN LAUREN LIN(Political Science)OLIVIA LIN(Political Science)SOPHIA JIAYUAN LIN(International Studies)JONATHAN LING(Economics)MICHAEL WANG LIU(Economics)YANG LIU(Public Policy Studies with Honors)YUNCHEN LIU(Economics)(Computer Science)MICHAEL RICHARD LIZZA(Political Science) WING CHEUNG VINCENT LO(Economics)ROBERTA JASCINTHA LOBO(Economics)(Political Science)GABRIEL LOBOGUERRERO(Economics)NABILA LOTAYEF(Economics)(Political Science)ZHI ZHONG LOU(Political Science with Honors)(Economics)DIANA ZITLALI LOZANO(Public Policy Studies)(Comparative Human Development)YAN JUN LU(Sociology)MAXWELL WILLEM LUBKEMAN(Political Science)YIRU LUO(Economics)BENJAMIN LUSAMBA(Economics)(Political Science)SHREYA LUTHRA(Psychology)IAN THOMAS LYNCH(Comparative Human Development)NICHOLAS PAUL LYON(Psychology with Honors)(Biological Sciences)KONJE M. MACHINI(Anthropology)COLIN ETHAN MACRI(Economics)REBECCA MAK(International Studies)JULIAN FLETCHERMANASSE-BOETANI(Economics)JUNWEN MAO(History with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)KELLY MAO(Economics)ERICA NICOLE MARICICH(SOCiology with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)JAIVEER KOHLI MARIWALA(Political Science with Honors)ANALYSE CATHLYN MARKOVIC(Psychology)(Comparative Human Development)NATHAN BURNELL MASSEY(Political Science)ANNA KATHRYN MATHER(Economics)MICHAEL JOSEPH MATLAGA(Public Policy Studies)ZELDA MAYER(Sociology with Honors)JULIAN CHEW McCLELLAN(Economics)TAMAR LYN McCOLLOM(History)KYLE PATRICK McCORNACK(Psychology)JAMES PATRICK STEELEMcDONOUGH(Latin American Studies with Honors)BRENDAN MILLIGAN McGUIRE(History with Honors)ASHLEY TYLER McKEITHEN(Public Policy Studies)KEENAN RYAN McKENZIE(Economics)BRADLEY RYAN McKNIGHT(History)LAUREN ELIZABETH McMANN(Political Science)PATRICK JOSEPH McMANUS(Political Science)SUMATI VIDYA MEHTA(International Studies with Honors)JUAN MARIO MEJfA POSADA(Economics)ADRIAN MELENDEZ(Psychology)ADIL MENON(History. Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors)REBECCA-LILY MICHELL(Sociology with Honors)ELIZABETH RHIANNON LUK MILLER(Political Science with Honors)HALEIGH JEANELLE MILLER(Public Policy Studies with Honors)JACOB CLARKE MILLER(Economics)MICHAEL ADAM MILLMAN(Economics)CAROLINA MIRANDA RODRIGUES(Economics)JASMINE S. MOBLEY(Economics)SACHIN DEELIP MODAK(Economics)MICHAEL SHANE MODAK­TRURAN(History with Honors)(Political Science)DUAA MOHAMED(Public Policy Studies)PETER JOHANNES MOLLER(Economics)VICTORIA REGINA MOOERS(Economics with Honors)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)CAITLIN MARIE MOORE(Comparative Human Development)ALEXANDRE CHOATE MORITZ(Economics)(Political Science)SUSHMITHA REDDY MUPPIDI(Economics)VERONICA NOELANI MURASHIGE{Environmental Studies)PRIYANKA MYSORE(Comparative Human Development)SHREYA GAYATRI NAIDU(Economics)DAVID NEBIYU VIOQUE(Economics)KIARA MILLAY NERENBERG(Sociology with Honors)ANNA BELLE NEWPORT(Political Science with Honors)BRIAN WING KUI NG(Economics)(English Language and Literature with Honors)JORDAN MANCHESTER NG(Public Policy Studies)BOB LIU NI(Economics)(Computer Science S.B.)ALEXANDER JAMES NICHOLS(Economics)KYLE M. NITISS(Economics)JENNIFER SHIRLEY NOVO(Psychology with Honors)EKENE OGECHI NWANKWO(Anthropology)KATHLEEN NICHOLE OLIVER(Economics)(International Studies)ANNIKA KARIN OLSON(International Studies) MICHAEL DAVID ORMOND(Public Policy Studies)RYAN ALEXANDER OROS(Economics)MYRIAM ANDREINA OTERMIN(Economics)KEVIN MICHAEL OTRADOVEC(History)JULIA ANNE OZELLO(Political Science)ALEXANDER PAGE(Economics)JAMES JAEYONG PAIK(Psychology)RICHARD JAMES PAINTER(Economics)ZOE BRAHAMSHA PALENIK(Enoironmental Studies with Honors)NICOLE MARIE PALERMO(Public Policy Studies)CHIARA PANDOLFI DE RINALDIS(Comparative Human Development)YUHUI PANG(Economics)(Statistics S.B.)MICHAEL FRANCIS PARDO(Psychology)IVAN VIKTOR PARFENOFF(History with Honors)(Philosophy)GREGORY YUN BIN PARK(Economics)BRETT SPENCER PARKET(Economics)DEVAN NICOLE PARKISON(Economics)ALEJANDRO IGNACIOPARRAGUEZ TALA(Economics with Honors)EMMA CELIA PASTERNACK(Economics)RILEY WYMORE PAUL(Public Policy Studies)MELISSA JANE PAVLIK(Political Science with Honors)JACOB EVAN PEARCE(Anthropology)DINA EFFIE PECK(Economics)NATHANAEL JOSHUA PEEREBOOM(Economics)PAIGE ELIZABETH PENDARVIS(History with Honors)BRYCE DONALD PEPPERS(Sociology with Honors)VINCENTE GLYNN PEREZ(Anthropology with Honors)(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)ALEXANDRA VERONICA PEREZ­GARCIA(Psychology with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)HELEN ALECIA PETERSEN(Political Science with Honors)JAMISON REED PFEIFER(Sociology with Honors)(English Language and Literature)DEREK PHAM(Political Science)ADAM NATHANIEL PICKER(Psychology)NICHOLAS JOHN PIELECH(Political Science)ALISON IRA PILDNER(Comparative Human Development)MADELAINE CLAIRE PISANI(Political Science) THE COLLEGEALEXANDER AMERIGOPIZZIRANI(Economics)ARABELLA PLUTA-EHLERS(Comparative Human Development with Honors)JORDAN PAUL PORTO(Sociology with Honors)COLEMAN AUSTIN PRESS(History)JOHN PETER PREYSNER(Geographical Studies with Honors)MARIA ANA PULIDO(Sociology with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)JEREMY NATAN PUSHKIN(Public Policy Studies)ANNE QIU(Economics)ERIC HUW QIU(Economics with Honors)YINGXUAN QIU(Economics with Honors)(Statistics S.B.)DARIO ANTHONY RABAK(Enuironmental Studies with Honors)OLIVER LEWIS RAMIN(Public Policy Studies)EVAN SAURA RAMSEY(International Studies)AVISHEK RAO(Economics)MARIAH RACQUEL RAYNOR(Public Policy Studies)SABAHUDIN REDZEPOVIC(Economics)ANDREW RUSSELL REYNOLDS(Economics)MINIA NATALY RIOS GUTIERREZ(Sociology)ROMAN G. RIVERA(Economics)(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)DANIEL ROBERTS(Economics)BETHANY MICHELLE ROBINSON(Political Science with Honors)(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)DARRIAN ROBINSON(Public Policy Studies)(Environmental Studies)ERIC JAMES ROBINSON(Comparative Human Development)SARAH KATHERINE ROBINSON(Political Science)ELLEN RODNIANSKI(History with Honors)JEREMY JACKSON RODRIGUEZ(Economics)ELLEN MARY RONEY(Psychology with Honors)SOPHIA ANN ROSENFELD(Sociology with Honors)TYLER SEAN ROSS(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ANNABELLE TERESA ROSSER(International Studies with Honors)SERGIO ANDRES RUFFOLO(Economics)SARAH MACK RUNKLE(Economics)CLAUDIA ELISE RUSSELL(Psychology)HAZALSABAH(Economics)OMAR SAFADI(Political Science with Honors)85THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONLEILA SAFAVI(Economics)(English Language and Literature)NICHOLAS STEWART SAFFRAN(Political Science with Honors)JACOB P. SAINDON(Geographical Studies}MAX ANDREW SAMELS(Economics)SCHUYLER JAMES SANDERSON(Psychology)(Comparative Human Development)MARK EMERSON SANDS(Economics)JEAN-PHILIPPE ISAAC SANGIOVANNI(Public Policy Studies)SWARA RAJENDRA SARAIYA(International Studies with Honors)(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)LUKSHMEE SARAVANAPAVAN(Economics)JACLYN RENEE SATTLER(Sociology with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)CRISTIAN SAUCEDO(Economics)ALBERT R. SAVITZKY(Economics)MATTHEW OLIVER SCHAFFER(History)(English Language and Literature with Honors)CRISTINA SCHAVER(International Studies with Honors)(Latin American Studies with Honors)CHARLES ROBERT SCHERER(Public Policy Studies)JOHN MICHAEL SCHMEROLD(Economics)JOHN GRAHAM SCHMITT(Economics)ELIZABETH PAIGE SCHUTZ(Internasional Studies with Honors with Honors)MATTHEW JACOB SCHWEITZER(History with Honors)RYDER CHARLES SCOTT(Geographical Studies)(Public Policy Ssudies)ALEXANDER DEAN SERRATELLI,(Political Science with Honors)MADHAV SETH(Economics)(Political Science)MOSUM SHAH(Economics)KEVIN D. SHANG(Economics)ARNAV SHARMA(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)NOAH B. SHAW(Political Science with Honors)JULIA BETH SHERMAN(Psychology)AMAY DEEPAK SHETH(Economics)KEVIN KAIWEN SHI(Political Science with Honors)HEE CHUL SHIN(Economics)MATTHEW NEIL SHISLER(Economics)KUTAH JALEIKA SILLAH(Psychology)JARED SHANE SIMON(Environmental Studies with Honors)(Philosophy)SAMANTHA LEE SLATON(Sociology with Honors)86 JORDAN CHRISTOPHER SMITH(Economics)RICHARD ELLIOTT SNYDER(History)JOY IBUKUNOLU SOBOWALE(Comparative Human Development with Honors)JASMINE SOLOLA(Comparatiue Human Development)SOPHIA EUNMI SON(Sociology with Honors)MICAH BARAM SPERLING(History)BENJAMIN PETER SPIKOL(History with Honors)PRADEEP SREEKUMAR(Economics)(Psychology)RISHI SRIRAM(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)MADELEINE CLAIRE STANICH(Political Science with Honors)(History with Honors)VICKY ANGELA STAVROPOULOS(Public Policy Studies with Honors)JOHN SAMUEL STEINBERG(Economics)JAY MICHAEL STEMMER(Economics)EVELINA STERINA(Psychology with Honors)(Biological Sciences)JULIANNA ST. ONGE(Sociology with Honors)ANGEL SUN(Economics)INGRID ELISABET VIANNASYDENSTRICKER(Political Science)ADIA MARIE SYKES(Anthropology with Honors)NAOKO TAKEDA(Economics)(Mathematics)NAOKO TAKEUCHI(Psychology)ARI SOLOMON TANDLER(Economics)ELAINE DONNA TANG(Economics)JACQUELINE LUCY TANG(Economics)(Psychology)RYAN TANG(Proftssional Option: Public Policy Studies)(Economics)QUAN ANH TAO(Economics)SAMUEL ADDISON TAYLOR(Sociology with Honors)EMMA MAHDIEH TEHRANI(Political Science)(Psychology)ARTHUR CYRUS TELLIS(Economics)BENJAMIN SPIRO TENNENBAUM(Public Policy Studies)TERESA MARIO CI EN TEO(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)AUSTIN AUGUSTUS TERRY(Political Science)(International Studies)TANANYA THAMTHIENG(Economics)(Psychology)ROMANE THIEBAUT(Economics)(Public Policy Studies) PARKER JAMES THOMAS(International Studies)GREGORY SCOTT GERARD THOME II(Economics)COLE ALLAN THOMS(Political Science with Honors)MEAGAN NICOLE THORNTON(Psychology)JENNIFER-NICOLE SIDHARTATINTOC(Economics)MAXWELL T. TITSWORTH(Public Policy Studies)ALISON LEIGH TITUS(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Visual Arts with Honors)RACHEL SUE TODD(Political Science with Honors)(Russian and East European Studies with Honors)LAUREN RENEE TOLLEY(Political Science)ARUSHI TOMAR(Psychology)ADALINE MARIA TORRES(History with Honors)(Latin Am�rican Studies with Honors)NELSON ELIZABETH TROTTER(International Studies with Honors)LEANDRA M. TRUDEAU(Enuironmental Studies)(Public Policy Studies)FREDDY TSAO(Public Policy Stu diu)VIVIAN TU(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Environmental Studies with Honors)SUSANNA MARY TUAN(Sociology with Honors)DANIEL EDWARD TUMM(Economics)OMOTOLANI A. UTHMAN(Economics)AYSEG UL UYSAL(Political Science)BERNARDO VARGAS VITE(Political Science)(Philosophy)MITCHELL EVAN VASHON(Economics)NATHAN MALAQAI VASQUEZ(Psychology with Honors)MATTHEW JOSEPH VELDMAN(Economics)(English Language and Literature with Honors)VIDYA SHARADA VENKATAKRISHNAN(Public Policy Studies)MYTHILI VINNAKOTA(Economics with Honors)MICHAEL F. VIOLA(Political Science with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)PETER E. VISSER(Political Science)RACHEL KATHERINE VOGT(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Economics)ALEXANDER DANIEL VOSS(Public Policy Studies with Honors)NICOLE CAROLINA VULEJ(Economics)(Political Science)AYESHA WADHAWAN(History with Honors)(South Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)ROSA BRITTAIN WALKER(Public Policy Studies)TYLER DONAE WALKER(History)RYAN R. WALSH(Economics)ANGIE YUEQI WAN(Political Science)JUSTIN NAVEEN WANEY(Economics)DIANA JIN WANG(Economics)HAO WANG(Economics)JOAN Z. WANG(Economics)(Mathematics)LAN WANG(Economics)(English Language and Literature)VICTORIA MINGYI WANG(Comparative Human Development)YUJUE WANG(International Studies with Honors)MICHAEL WANG-LU(Economics)(Biological Sciences)SEAN WANG-LU(Economics)LIAM THOMAS WARD, JR.(Economics)RACHEL VICTORIA WASIELEWSKI(Comparative Human Development)NICHOLAS ROBERT WATSON(Economics)MELISSA KAUFMANN WATT(Economics)INGRID NEWELL WATTS(Economics)(Music)YUAN-YUAN WEI(Sociology with Honors)ROBERTA ALYSSA WEINER(Environmental Studies with Honors)(Political Science)BRIAN THOMAS WEISBECKER(Economics)GRANT WEISBERG(Economics)MAXIMILIEN JEAN WEISS(Economics)AUSTIN LEE WERTH(Political Science)AMANDA ELAINE WIESLER(Sociology with Honors)REBECCA LAUREN JANISCHWIGHT(Psychology)EMILY MAE WILCOX(Economics)(Russian Studies)PAIGE MISHEL WILLIAMS(Comparative Human Development)(Psychology)GABRIELLE ELENA MEVS WIMER(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors) CURTIS ALDEN CARLSON WINTER(Economics)TYLER JACOB WOJAK(Economics)(Computer Science S.B.)PAIGE ELAINE WOMACK(Psychology)THOMAS JENNINGS WOOD(Political Science with Honors)ZACHARY JOSEPH WOOTTEN(Public Policy Studies)ALLEN TAYLOR WORTH(Economics)VINCENT WU(Political Science)WILSON YOUNG WU(Economics)(Statistics)CHRISTIAN NATHANIEL WYSE(Economics)(Political Science)CHRISTINA XIAO(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ANGELA XIN(Economics)WENZHAO XING(Economics)YUXUAN XING(Economics with Honors)STEVEN XINHAI XU(Economics)BRIAN RENNAN YAN(Economics)ROBIN YE(Public Policy Studies with Honors)NADINE MELISSA YEATMAN(History)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)EMILY CHENYANG YI(Economics)CHAN YOON(Economics)JAEWON YOON(Psychology with Honors)(Economics)VO RAM YOON YEO(Public Policy Studies with Honors)CATHERINE ANNE YOUNG(Public Policy Studies)RIENA HUEY-YING YU(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)SHENG YU(Economics)THERESA H. YUAN(History with Honors)SAMUEL MACKLIN ZACHER(Political Science with Honors)(Economics)COOPER D. ZAJAC(Political Science)(Visual Arts) THE COLLEGEMARl ELVIA ZALDIVAR(Political Science with Honors)XIAOZHOU ZANG(Economics)(Geograpbical Studies)FASIKA AFEWORK ZELLELEW(Psychology)(Comparative Human Development)ALLAN TAO ZHANG(Economics)AMY ZHANG(Economics)DORA YUHE ZHANG(Economics)(Visual Arts)GORDON BURDY ZHANG(Economics)IVY TANGNAN ZHANG(Economics)KERRY PAUL ZHANG(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)LUKUN ZHANG(Economics)SHARON LIAO ZHANG(Economics)WALTER WANG ZHANG(Economics)(Physics)XINYUAN ZHANG(Economics)YOU YOU ZHANG(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)DAVIS BO-YANG ZHAO(Economics)SARAH JESSICA ZHAO(International Studies)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)TONY ZHAO(Economics)KYLE BO ZHENG(Economics)ALAN WILLIAM ZHONG(Economics)PHILIP XUAN ZHOU(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)ANNIE ZHU(Economics)JOYCE YIXI.A ZHU(Economics)CAYWIN QINSEN ZHUANG(Economics)(Biological Sciences)DIANE JESSICA ZIMMERMAN(Economics)EVAN JOSEPH ZIMMERMAN(Economics with Honors)NICOLAS ZULETA(Public Policy Studies)87THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE STUDENT MARSHALSCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTSIN THE COLLEGEDANIEL ALEXANDER ACKERMAN(International Studies)EMMA SHIRATO ALMON(Public Policy Studies)JOSEPH MICHAEL BAYERL(International Studies with Honors)KRISTIN BINDER(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)EMILY MARGARET ANNE BISHOP(Anthropology with Honors)KRYSTEN ANIK BRAY(Linguistics)KRISHANU CHATTERJEE(Philosophy)AI-XIN CHEN(Anthropology)(Biological Sciences)SOPHIA CHEN(English Language and Literature)JOSHUA BENJAMIN CHOPER(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)JESSICA KRISTEN COVIL(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)CARESSA LANAY FRANKLIN(Germanic Studies)(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)ALLYSON GAMBARDELLA(Biological Sciences)BENITA KAUR GLAMOUR(Biological Sciences) ERIN PAULINA HART(English Language and Literature with Honors)SHERRY XINRU HE(Psychology with Honors)(Linguistics)KARINA JOYCE HENDREN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)BROCK DONALD ALLENHUEBNER(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Political Science)MARIKA KACHMAN(Biological Sciences)DAKE JUNGMO KANG(History with Honors)(Mathematics)KATHLEEN SADIE KRAUSS(Biological Sciences)CATHERINE MARIE MARTINEZ(History)(Political Science)SPENCER MCAVOY(English Language and Literature)CAITLIN ANNA McCARTHY(Economics with Honors)BENJAMIN ALEXANDER REISSMCKENNA(Mathematics with Honors)ANASTASIA KATARINACHANDANIMENTZELOPOULOS(Linguistics) MAlA O'MEARA(Public Policy Studies)KELLY LYNNE PEYTON(Anthropology with Honors)SRUTHI RAMASWAMI(Economics)HOLLY ELIZABETH RAPP(International Studies with Honors)SHOSHANA LISA RUDIN(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Scienceand Medicine with Honors)ANDREW BUMJIN SONG(Biological Sciences)ISAAC HAYDEN STEIN(History with Honors)MATTHEW CHRISTOPHERTAUZER(Economics)TZE ERN TEO(Philosophy with Honors)MALLORY KATHERINEVANMEETER(Anthropology with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)MICHAEL HARRIS WARREN(Biological Sciences)BRETT MARVIN WIESEN(Biological Sciences)AUSTIN T. YU(Mathematics)(Economics)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE COLLEGE AND THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESJULIA BODSON(Statistics with Honors)ALEXANDRA ROSS McISAAC(Chemistry with Honors)88 LYDIA TRINIDAD PAZIENZA(Chemistry with Honors)(Biological Chemistry) RAGHAV SAWHNEY(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)THE COLLEGETHE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIET MANCHESTERQUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCEIN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGDANIEL SCOT MCGEHEEAssociate ProfessorAssociate Professor, Department ofAnesthesia and Critical Care and the CollegeDANIEL SCOT MCGEHEE is a neurophysiologist withresearch interests in the biologic mechanisms underlyingaddiction to nicotine and other substances of abuse. Whilehe teaches graduate and medical students, in the College heis director of "Fundamentals in Physiology," a popular yetdemanding course required of all first-year biology students.This course integrates concepts from cell biology andgenetics and explores ways in which multicellular organismsovercome fundamental physical challenges. As a member ofthe Steering Committee of the Biological Sciences CollegiateDivision, he has significant input into undergraduatecurricular design and evolution. Representative teachingcomments from undergraduate students include: "one of the best professors I've had for any biology class,""very approachable," and "told interesting stories that tiedinto the material being learned."The candidate will be presented by JEROME KLAFTA,Professor, Department ofAnesthesia and Critical Care.CITATIONScholar of neurophysiology and accomplished teacher,DANIEL SCOT MCGEHEE engages his students,in learning the foundational physiological principles ofmulticellular organisms.DEREK ALLEN NEALProfessor, Department of Economics and the CollegeDEREK ALLEN NEAL is an economist who specializesin human capital, educational policy, wage inequality, theeconomics of crime and labor economics more generally. Heteaches undergraduate courses in the methods of empiricaland theoretical economic analysis as well as sought afterelective courses. A dedicated advisor of undergraduate thesesand mentor to young researchers, he transmits to studentshis passion for labor economics and for finding solutions topressing social problems in ways that encourage students topursue further study. Asked, "How has this course contributedto your education?" one of his students replied, "Neal is veryup-to-date on education research, often at the cutting edgeof it himself, and the class really benefits from it." Anothersaid "I can hold an intelligent conversation about everythingthat is wrong with the incentives behind public education globally. I also have a better understanding of how to evaluateempirical strategies in economics." These responses reflecthis commitment to teaching students to balance rigoroustheoretical foundations with extensive empirical testing.The candidate will be presented by STEPHANEBONHOMME, Professor, Department of Economics andthe College.CITATIONLabor economist DEREK ALLEN NEAL transmits tohis students the importance of carefully constructed socialpolicies, rooted in theory and validated empirically, toproduce a more just society.89THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONEMILY LYNN OSBORNAssociate Professor, Department of History and the CollegeEMILY LYNN OSBORN is our campus's only full-time historian of Africa: a continent with 54 countries andover a billion people. This is a role that makes impossibledemands, yet Emily somehow meets them all. Herstudents appreciate her grasp of an extraordinary range ofmaterial and her infectious enthusiasm for her subject. Butjust as much, if not more, they value how well she gets toknow her students, even in large classes, and her ability tomake classes exciting as well as thought provoking. Herstudents note that her remarkable skills as a lecturer areonly the beginning: what is even more impressive is howshe makes them feel comfortable exploring topics aboutwhich many of them knew very little before her class,creating a heady atmosphere of curiosity, confidence, and eagerness, and a strongly-felt sense of learning as a vitallyimportant, shared enterprise.The candidate will be presented by KENNETHPOMERANZ, University Professor, Departmentof History, Department of East Asian Languages andCivilizations, and the College.CITATIONScholar of African histories, societies, and cultures, EMILYLYNN OSBORN exemplifies a fierce dedication tolearning, and helps her students live the idea that the steeplearning curve which unfamiliar subjects offer is not anoccasion for fear, but an opportunity for exciting growth.MALTE WILLERAssistant Professor, Department of Philosophy and the CollegeMALTE WILLER is a philosopher who uses the precisetools of formal semantics to study the dynamic waysthat language creates meaning. In a range of courses,he introduces students to the exciting debates in thephilosophy of language of the past one hundred years andgives them the logical skills and confidence to take theirown critical stance on the issues. Students praise him forhis ability to transform dry and difficult material into thebasis of engaging class discussion. Over and again theyexpress their grateful surprise at discovering how interestingquestions in logic and the philosophy of language canbe. The following comment is typical: "Malte is a trulyexcellent teacher. There are few like him. He obviously putsa lot of work into his teaching and cares deeply about his students' learning. He is also hilarious. I imagine that anyclass he teaches would be fantastic." Clear, demanding,and full of good humor, he embodies the University'scommitment to undergraduate education.The candidate will be presented by GABRIELRI CHARD SON LEAR, Professor, Department ofPhilosophy, the John U Nef Committee on Social Thought, andthe College; Chair, Department of Philosophy.CITATIONPhilosopher of language and formal semantics, MALTEWILLER opens students to the complex ways languageconveys meaning and truth, and helps them to experienceprecise reasoning as a source of joy and illumination.SARAH N. ZIESLERSenior LecturerDepartment of Mathematics and the CollegeSARAH N. ZIESLER is a scholar and teacher ofmathematics whose instruction has delighted and inspiredstudents in all of her classes. She transmits her deepunderstanding and love of the subject she teaches with somuch success that it is not uncommon for her studentsto feel that her class is the best they have taken at theUniversity. For example, one student wrote: "Sarah is thebest teacher I have ever had and it is because of her that Iam pursuing further studies in math. She has shown herstudents kindness and encouragement and support thatjust leaves me speechless ... " Another wrote: "I can't put90 into words how much Dr. Ziesler has influenced my collegecareer. She has honestly changed my life."The candidate will be presented by ROB E R TFEFFERMAN, Max Mason Distinguished ServiceProfessor, Department of Mathematics and the College.CITATIONA scholar and a teacher, SARAH N. ZIESLER'Sremarkable devotion to her students and outstandingclassroom performance transform her students'understanding and appreciation of mathematics.THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONAWARDED GENERAL HONORS WITH THE BACHELOR'S DEGREEKATHERINE MARIE AANENSENGEORGE ANTHONY ABITANTEREBECCA FREIDIN ABRAMSASHWIN KRISHNA ACHARYADANIEL ALEXANDER ACKERMANJONAS ALBERT ACTORAMIL SHARIF ADAMBOBBY ADUSUMILLIOMARSHEHERYARAGHAENOAGOLLIIOANNA EKATERINA AGUILAR MENDEZANDREW RHEE AHNSEBASTIEN AKARMANNJACOB LEE ALBERSPETER LAWRENCE ALEXIEFFSALMAN ALIEMMA SHIRATO ALMONMARTHA LETICIA ALVAREZANNELIESE LINDA AMBURNANERIAMINKAILYN DANIELLE AMORYADHIRAAJ ANANDKAREN MARIE ANDERSONNIKOLAS DEAN ANDERSONJONATHAN ENSINGER ANTOSGARRETT PRAITIS APELABENA APPAH-SAMPONGJAKE ARAUJO-SIMONJEREMY L. ARCHERKENNETH ARMSTRONGMAX JOSEPH ASAFREBECCA ANNE ASKINS-GASTFATIMA ASLAMLILLIAN RACHEL ASTROWANNA CLAIRE ATKESONSETH BARNUM WILSON AUGUSTZACHARY GENE AUGUSTINECYNTHIA JENNIFER AVILAALEXANDER JAMES BAHLSEVALINE JIAJIA BAIANTHONY BASTIAN BALASKAAVYA BALASUBRAMANIANJULLIAN WEI BAOALEXANDER ZEV BARGBRIAN JAMES BARKERMEGAN ROSE BARNESMILES HAYDEN BARNEYKEVIN CHANG BARNUMHELENA ROSE BASSETTREUBEN RANDALL BAUERJOSEPH MICHAEL BAYERLLAURIE MADELEINE BECKOFFJONATHAN RICHARD BEHRENSCLARK AUSTIN BELANGERCHRISTOPHER BELLOVINCENT DOMENICO BELTRANOFREDERIC CAREW BENDEKGEYEMILY JANE BENJAMINEMILY PEARL BEREZIAN DOUGLAS BERGMANJOSHUA EUGENE BERLINDMAXINE LEAH BERMANGABRIELLE ANNAH BERNARDKEVIN BRUNO BERNATFRANCES MARGARET BERNSTEINJASMINE R. BERRYDANIEL RICARDO BETANCOURTSTEPHANIE BIJORGE ALEJANDRO BILBAOKRISTIN BINDERHANNAH PARKER BINNEYALEXANDER CARROLL BISCHOFEMILY MARGARET ANNE BISHOP92 MEDHA BISWASMARY ROLL BITTNERDARIUSZ MARK BLACHOWICZALYSSA MARIE WELLER BLACKBURNMAVERICK SAMUEL BLANTONSARAH LORRAINE BLAUSERHENRY PHILLIP BLOODMAXIMILIAN ROBERT BLUESTONENICHOLAS BOCANEGRACHRISTOPHER DAVID BOCHENEKJULIA BODSONSAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLANDCHLOE LUDGATE BOOTHFRANCESCA CHARLOTTE BOTTORFFFREDDY ALFONSO BOULTONZOE MARIE BOUNDY-SINGERANDREW GRAHAM BOURNEPETER JOSEPH BOXLEYCONNOR JAMES BOYLEKRYSTEN ANIK BRAYPIERS ADAM BRECHERCHRISTOPHER EDWARD BREENERIK NATHANIEL BREWERWALKER WEST BREWERELIZABETH ANN BRIMJESSIE ELIZABETH BRONSKINATHAN BROOKS IIIEMILY ELIZABETH BROWNANNA A. BRUZGULISDANA BRYAZKASAMUEL FARJEON BUCHWALTERSAMANTHA ELIZABETH BUCKBRIANNA MARIAH BULLOCKCHARLES STEPHEN BULLOCKBENJAMIN PHILIP BULOWELIANA KRISTAL BUTLERELISABETH CATHERINE BUTLERROBERT EZELL BUTLER IIICAROLINE HELEN BYEAUSTIN BRYANT BYERSSPENCER SLOAN BYRNESIBO CAlBENJAMIN EVERETT CALLBRANDON MARCUS CALLENDERFRANCISCO AGUSTIN CALVACHE MEYERCYNTHIA MARIE CAMPOS COSTANZOISABELLE MARY CANAANRYNE MATTHEW CANNONADRIAN ALEJANDRO CARCAMODANIEL MATTHEW CASSARAEMMA GRACE CASTIGLIAEMORY CARTER CAVANAGHJENNA NICOLE CERVANTESMICHAEL JASON CERVIAYEESOOCHAEJING CHAITAYLOR ANN CHAMBERLAINSTEPHANIE ANTON ETTA CHAMPISPENCER D. CHANZOE ELIZABETH JHIA CHI CHANBHARAT KRISHNAN CHANDARALICEJENLIN CHANGKRISHANU CHATTERJEESHOMBIT ROY CHAUDHURIMICHAEL STEVEN CHEIKENAI-XINCHENALEXANDER TY CHENCARTER COLTRANE WILLOUGHBY CHENDARREN AUSTIN CHENDONNA CHENPATRICK CHENPETER JEFFREY CHENSHO ZREN CHEN SOPHIA CHENSYLVIA CHENTUNANCHENZHENGYE CHENJAMES CHEUNGMATTHEW CHI KI CHEUNGSASHA BONAFEDE CHHABRAERIC S. CHIENRYANCHIEWPUI CHUNG CHIUKOUNGSIK CHOHEATHER ELIZABETH CHOITHOMAS JUNGWOO CHOIYEO BI CHOIJOSHUA BENJAMIN CHOPERMELINDA CHOUEMMA JANE CHRISTENFELDNOAH JEROME CHRISTIANSIAN BASIL CHRONISKAREN LORRAINE CHUJENNIFER KELECHI CHUKWUCINDY CHUNGRAYMOND KATSUKI CHUNGCHLOE ISABELLE CIPOLLABENJAMIN RICHARD CLARKJENNA LEE CLEMENSAMELIA LYN CLEMENTSELEANOR ALANNA CLIFFORDANDREA CLINTONRUFUS COATES WELSHEUGENE FAMA COCHRANEBESS POXON COHENDANA RENEE COHENDAVID JAMES COHENELI AARON COHENBRENDEN JOHN COLLINSEMMA CHASE COLLINSJOHN PATRICK CORCORANMARGARET MURRAY CORNELIUSSAM ROYSTON CORTESECATHERINE BALFOUR COVEJESSICA KRISTEN COVILLAUREN ALESIA COVINGTONNINA MIREILLE COYLEJACOB S. CRAWFORDGERALD PHILIP CREAN IVANTHONY RAMON CRESPOSOPHIA ALEXANDRA CRITCHFIELD-JAINMARK WILLEKES CRONINDENNISON POWELL CROWELLANTONIO MIGUEL CRUZ-URIBELAUREN BROOKS CULBERTSONNICOLE CHARLOTTE CUNHA-GOMESCONNOR SIMON CUNNINGHAMMINGYUEDAIXI DAICOLLIN NICHOLAS D'ALOISIOASHLEY CHRISTINA DANIELMICHAEL JOSEPH DARMIENTOALEXA KAITLYN DAUGHERTYCHRISTOPHER ALAN DAUGHERTYLAUREN KIESLING DAURIZIOVlADIMIR DAVIDCAMERON KNOX DAYROBERTO CARLOS DE LOERAROMAIN ANDRE DE PLANTAELISABETH DEL TOROKATRINA MARIE DELOSOAARON PHILIP DEMSETZAARONDENGDANIEL LEE DENGJINDENGTALIA JOELLE DESSELSKYLARANTHONY DETURETANNER CASEY DI LELLOALEJANDRO DIAZPAUL FRANCIS DILLONROBERT DINGMICHAEL JOHN DINSMOREAMELIA DMOWSKANATNAEL BEYENE DOILICHONORA ELIZABETH DOLLIVERKRISTINE NICOLE DONDREW ALLEN DONALDSONCHRISTINA Z. DONGSAMUEL DONGJENNIFER LILLIAN DORFMANOLIVIA LYNN DOROW HOVLANDJEFFREY MICHAEL DRESNICKSENXlDUALEXANDRA PETERS DUDLEYCATHERINE COSGROVE DUGGANZARI PRAPIONE DUMANIANPAUL RAYMOND DUNCANLUKE JEAN MAXIMILIEN DUROC-DANNERANDREEA DUTUITO. EASLEYCELIA CAMPBELL ECKERTANDREW MARTIN ECKHOLMKATHERINE CORINNE ECKSTROMTAYRYN ALEXIS EDWARDSRAPHAEL R. EGUCHIEMILY GRACE EHRMANTRAUTOMAR EL-CHARlFJACOB BRYCE ELKINELIZABETH A. ELLINGBOEDALYA EBRAHIM ELMALTIRIS EMERMANJULIA ANN EPPLIN-ZAPFJOSEPH BRENDAN EROYANMEREDITH KINCADE ESQUIVELDANIEL RAFAEL ESTEVEZSOPHIE ARIEL ETTINGERCLARE MCDONALD EVERTSLAURA PATRICIA FAASHEFEI FANGCHUNIFANNVANESSA MARI FARRANTEMARIE LOUISE FEFFERMANJAYCE LABEN FElGERLAUREN DANIELLE FELDMANARMANDO FERNANDEZRACHEL TAMSEN FERREESUMMER JAZMINE FIELDSTATIANA KARINA FIELDSCHELSEA HANNAH FINEDYLAN FINLEYSAMANTHA ROSE FINLEYMADELINE GRACE FITZGERALDSARAH ANNE FITZPATRICKHANNAH MICHAEL FLYNNMATTHEW THOMAS FONDACAROANISHA BHATTACHARYA FORDKATHERINE JEAN FORRESTERLINDSEY ROSE FORTEMICHAEL LOUIS FOSCOELIZABETH SCHILLER FRANKCARESSA LANAY FRANKLINCHARLOTTE FRANCES FRANKLINMICHAEL FRASCOAMIRA FRANCESCA FREEMANLAUREL MARIE FREID ENBERGMAXINE FRENDELEVAN GRACE FRENKELJULIA MARY FRIEDLANDDANIEL AARON FRIEDMANHANNAH CONCETTA FRIEDMANLINDA YUANYUAN FU CLAIR MARIE FULLERSARAH MCCUTCHEN FULTONCARSON LEETE GAFFNEYROSALEY HAN GAIMATTHEW HARRY GAILLOUDMICHAEL GALPERINALLYSON GAMBARDELLAHARRY YANG GAOANDONI MICHAEL GARCIABRANDON GARCIAMICHAH TAYLOR GARDRANIA GARDELEAH MARIE GARNERMEERA GARRIGASEAN JOSEPH GASIOROWSKIFILIP GEAMANCHRISTOPHER JOHN GEOGAQUINN FOREST GEORGICENKHMEND GERELTOGTOKHBLAIZE MARIAH GERVAISKIRA SHIRIN ELIZABETH GHANDHICHLOE ROSE GIANATASIOANNE MACLEOD GIFFORDJAMES CONNOR GILHULANATHAN PRUNEAU GILLABIGAIL R. GINZBURGHANNAH MARIE GITLINBENITA KAUR GLAMOURCHLOE SHAVONNE GLISPIEADAM JOSEPH GODBEYANNA ALEXANDRA GODDIELLEN PAULEY GOFFPETER FRANKLIN GOLDBERGMATTHEW HERSH GOLDENBERGMICHAEL LOUIS GOLDMANBENJAMIN R. GOLDNERBRIAN PAUL GOLDSPIELHYUNSOO GONGANA JIMENA GONZALEZIDALIA FRESIA ESTER GONZALEZDAVID GOODMAN-EDBERGMICHAEL PERRY GOODYEARNICOLE E. GORTONMATTHEW ADAM GOTTESFELDZAKIR RAJAB GOWANICYDNEYROSEGRANNANBRYAN DONALDO GRAYBILLALISON ANNE GREENFRANCIS X. GREENEKRISTIN ANN GREENWOODMELISSA FAITH GROSSBARTHNATALIA A. GRUDZIENZHIDAGUIJUSTIN WEIJIE GUOABHIGUPTARAVIGUPTATRISHA GUPTAVIDUR KUMAR GUPTAMATTHEW AARON GUREVITCHCARLOS EDUARDO GUZMAN DAIREAUXHEATHER GLAZER HAGERLINGMOHIT MILIND HAJARNISNOAH HENRY JACOBS HALFORDERIK LOUIS HALPERINMIKAELA PHYLLIS HAMMELANDREW RICHARD HAMMONDSEUNGHEE HANJACKSON RUSSELL HANCEMAYA HANDARYANN NICOLE HANLEYDOMINICK LEE HANNAHDZANHARBAJENNA ROSE HARRISJOSHUA SONNY HARRISMITCHELL BUXTON HARRISON ERIN PAULINA HARTJAMES HASSETT HARTERKEVIN H. HASENFANGKAMRAN HASHEMZADEHAURNA KNISA HASNIERUSSELL SLOANE HATHAWAYSHERRY XINRU HETHOMAS DANIEL HEALYJENNA SHEA HEBERTTORY MARIE HELDTDANIEL JOSEPH HENDERSONLINDSEY MICHELLE HENDERSONKARINA JOYCE HENDRENMAGGIO. HENEGHANMARA THERESE HENEGHANSCOTT JAMES HERLIHYJOSHUA LEIB HERZBERGALANNA LOUISE HEYERBRIANNA NICOLE HICKEYJESSICA ERIN HICKEYASHLEY MARIE HILLIARDJORDAN MARCELLE HISELALISHA ANNA HOTHUYTHAMHOMICHAEL BENJAMIN HOMIAKHARSHA PRASAD HONASOGEJUWONHONGANTON JOHN ESTAUGH HOPKINSSAMUEL ALEX HOPKINSKAYLI BETTS HORNERENATA GROSS HOROWITZJENNIFER HORTONNATHAN ERIC HOWECIARA TIPPING HUKYLERHUCHRISTINA CLARE HUANGJAMISON YUE-REN HUANGJOYCE HUANGLIANG CHEN HUANGLILIAN JIAMIN HUANGPETER TAIRAN WANG HUANGSOFIA SIJIA HUANGJANE ELIZABETH HUBERBROCK DONALD ALLEN HUEBNERCURTIS ROBERT HUGHEYANDREW DANIEL HUNGATEADRIENNE MARIE HUNTABIGAYLE ZENIA HUNTLEYSAMUEL GEORGE HUSMANBENJAMIN QUOC HUYNHALLISON HWANGELEANOR MICHELLE HYUNDAISUKE INOUEANDER IRURETAGOYENASALMAN SAYEED ISLAMELLEN ANNE ISMANARVIND DEVARAJAN IYENGARRACHEL BINAH MARBACH JACKSONRACHEL KEI JACKSONELLEN ANN JACOBSELLI NICOLE JACOBSONDAVID BENJAMIN JAFFEHARlNI JAGANATHANANIKA SAN DEEP JAINNEETIJAINRAKHEE SANDEEP JAINJOSEPH DAVID JANIZEKALISSA M. JAREDMARK ANTHONY STESNEY JAZBIKZACHARY TYLER JENKINSGRACELYN RITA JENNINGS-NEWHOUSEELIZABETH HALEY JENSENPATRICK JAMES JENSENYUCHENJIEDWIN HAO CHEN JIANG93MICHELLE YUAN JIANGCATHRYN JIJONRU1VIK VIREN JOGLEKARJACOB E. JOHNSONLUKE GORDON MOWERS JOHNSONREX ROGERS JOHNSONSOFIA KELLEY JOHNSONCLAIRE RENEE JOKINENBRIA M. JORDANELIOT SCOTTIE JOYAKARL LEWIS JOYNERHONGYIJUTIMOTHY ANDREW JUANGPEDRO JUAREZMARK SUNWOO JUHNJIYUNJUNGMARIKA KACHMANESKIRA TECLEZGY KAHSAYCOURTNEY VICTORIA KANANDREWKANGDAKE JUNGMO KANGDONG YUN DANIEL KANGARIELLA JORDANA KASMER-JACOBSTHEO MCLEOD KASSEBAUMSNEHA KASUGANTIHODAKATEBIALYNA YAMUNA KATTIZOE ISABEL KAUDER NALEBUFFJACOB PIERCE KAUFMANERIKA LYNN KELLYHANNAH GRACE KELLYHANNAH SCHAEFER KENAGYHUNTER POWELL KENNEDYSOPHIE PARKE KENNEDYKELSEY RAE KERINJENNY LUCIENNE KEROACKZACHARY SAM KESSLERADAMM.KHANSAAD AHMED KHANHANA EBERT KHOSLAMAIRA AZRA KHWAJATALLINN ELIANNA KIEFERERIC MYUNG JOON KIMERIN MINJI KIMHAEHYUNKIMKEVIN HYOSUP KIMKWANG HYUN KIMMICHELLE SEUNG JIN KIMPATRICK KIMRACHELE ANNA KIMTHEODORE J. KIMYOONJIKIMBRENNAN HARRIS KINGWALKER RILEY KINGEVA KINNEBREWJAMES WILLIAM KISELIKJACOB ALEXANDER KLINEMADELINE ERDNTOYAN KLINGERCATHERINE AMANDA KLINGMANELIZABETH FENSKE KNOPFUGURKOCAKEMMA BARTON KOCHRACHELLE ELIF KOCHMEGAN LOUISE KOEHNENGRACE HEE-EUN KOHKATHLEEN ELIZABETH KOHMSHASHWAT KOIRALAKATERINAANASTASIA KOKKASVERONIKA KONDEVNICHOLAS EDWARD KOWALSKIOLUWAFIKAYO OLUTIMILEHIN KOYEJOMITCHELL LOUIS KRALLALLISON REBECCA KRAMERISABELLA ANNE KRATZERKATHLEEN SADIE KRAUSS94 ERICA JADE KRUEGERANURAG KUMARMARK HENDRICK KUMLEBENKYLE NASH KUNZEALBERTKUOMEREDITH JULIET KUSHNERTONI MARIE KUZIELAMO YIN JESSICA KWOKAVERY JOSEPH LAFLAMMETIANJIAN LAIPARINA DHINESH LALCHANDANIMARK KEVIN LANDGREBEMADISON NICOLE LANDSELEK PETERS LANEGABRIELA MARIA LASTRESLAURALY PIERRELY LAURENTJENNIFERJI-WON LAWRANDI MICHELE LAWRENCEZACHARY MASON LAWRENCEHADAR LAZARPERRY SOPHIA LEAVITTWILLIAM JOSEPH LEDDY IVANNIE ELAINE LEEDIANE LEEJEAN LEEJENNY JEASANG LEEJIHYUNLEEJONATHAN WON LEEJONGHYUN LEEMARISA.HAEJU LEESEUNG HWAN LEESTEPHANIE LEEABIGAIL PRESTON LEINROTHNICOLE ZOE LENACKRUBEN LESNICKADAM EDWARD LEVISAMUEL PALONS LEVINEMAYA ANNE LEWINSOHNARTHUR XIANG BIAO LIERIC ALAN LIGINALIJIAYULIANGPHILIP CHIJUI LIANGGRACELIAOANDREW JOHN PERSE LIBERTINJEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMANFREDERIC LIEGLCHRISTOPHER MATTHEW LIEPOLDCARYSSA NATALIA LIMDOYOUNGLIMANGELA LINKRISTIN LAUREN LINOLIVIA LINSOPHIAJIAYUAN LINANDREW K. LINDSAYHENRY KAZUNARU LITTANGELA CHEN LIUMICHAEL WANG LIUQILIUSTACY YUN-CHIA LIUYANGLIUYUNCHENLIUDAVID H. LIVINGSTONEMICHAEL RICHARD LIZZAWING CHEUNG VINCENT LOROBERTAJASCINTHA LOBOGABRIEL LOBOGUERREROMAREN ELIZABETH LOEKRISTIN OFELIA LOPEZGAVRIEL TAL LORIANABILA LOTAYEFZHI ZHONG LOUNORA ELIZABETH LOUGHLINJACOB ANDREW LOURIEJOYCE SAUANN LU LUCIALUYANJUNLUMAXWELL WILLEM LUBKEMANYIRULUOBENJAMIN LUSAMBASHREYA LUTHRAIAN THOMAS LYNCHNICHOLAS PAUL LYONKONJE M. MACHINIPAIGE JOSEPHINE MACKENZIECOLIN ETHAN MACRIMICHIKA MAEDASAMUEL DAVID MAIDMANSHAUN ARjUN MAJUMDARREBECCAMAKJULIAN FLETCHER MANASSE-BOETANIRYAN A. MANZUKJUNWENMAOKELLY MAOMARCUS LATHAM MARABLEERICA NICOLE MARICICHJAIVEER KOHLI MARIWALAOLIVIA MAYNARD MARKBREITERJULIAN CHARLES MAROHNICJHONATAN MARTEANA ISABEL MARTINEZCATHERINE MARIE MARTINEZARIELYECHEZKELMATALONANNA KATHRYN MATHERKAYLA ROSE MATHISENMICHAEL JOSEPH MATLAGAWILLIAM CANNON MATTHEWS IIIMATHEUS LEMOS MAURICIONIKOLAI MARC MAXlMAYZELDA MAYERSPENCER MCAVOYCAITLIN ANNA MCCARTHYJULIAN CHEW MCCLELLANTAMAR LYN MCCOLLOMSARAH ISABEL MCCONNELLKYLE PATRICK MCCORNACKALEXANDER JAMES MCDONOUGHJAMES PATRICK STEELE MCDONOUGHRACHEL MAXINE MCENROEBRENDAN MILLIGAN MCGUIREALEXANDRA ROSS MCISAACASHLEY TYLER MCKEITHENBENJAMIN ALEXANDER REISS MCKENNALAUREN ELIZABETH MCMANNALISON LYNN MCMANUSCOLIN JUDE MCNAMARAREDMOND CALLAGHAN MCNAMARARYAN DAVID MCNAMARANOLAN CLARK MEGHROUNI-BROWNSUMATI VIDYA MEHTAJUAN MARIO MEJfA POSADADREW SHRADER MELCHERTADRIAN MELENDEZADILMENONANASTASIA KATARINA CHANDANIMENTZELOPOULOSREBECCA-LILY MICHELLELIZABETH RHIANNON LUK MILLERHALEIGH JEANELLE MILLERJACOB CLARKE MILLERMICHAEL ADAM MILLMANWESLEY STIERLEN MILLSTERRY ZHE MINGGRACE ELIZABETH MITCHELLSACHIN DEELIP MODAKMICHAEL SHANE MODAK-TRURANNEAKA ZARANDIAN MOHTASHEMIAVI MARK MOLDERRESHAD MONSURVICTORIA REGINA MOOERSCAITLIN MARIE MOORESHAUNA KATHLEEN MOORETESS RICCIARDI MORANCATHERINE MARIE MORESCOALEXANDRE CHOATE MORITZCHRISTIAN JOHN MORTENSENAUGUSTUS VON MOSSEBRIAN HANCHUN MUALICE WANJIKU MUKORANATALIE CHARLENE MULLINSSUSHMITHA REDDY MUPPIDISHUBHRA MURARKAVERONICA NOELANI MURASHIGEEITAMAR LOUIS NADLERSHREYA GAYATRI NAIDUPETAR DIMITROV NALBANTOVSACHIN R. NATESHGABRIEL IAN JOSEPH NATHANLUIZETTA VADIMOVNA NAVRAZHNYKHDAVID NEBIYU VIOQUETYLER JEFFERSON NEENANJOSEPH EDWIN CARMOLA NEIDORFKIARA MILLAY NERENBERGANNA BELLE NEWPORTBRIAN WING KUI NGMINGNGBOB LIUNIALEXANDER JAMES NICHOLSKYLE M. NITISSVICTORIA AMELIA NORMANCLAYTON NICHOLAS NORRISJENNIFER SHIRLEY NOVOPALOMA LUZ OCOLAKEVIN ANTHONY O'CONNORKATHLEEN NICHOLE OLIVERANNlKA KARIN OLSONMAIA O'MEARAKATHERINE JUDITH OOSTERBAANJOHN LAWRENCE ORLOWSKI-SCHERERMICHAEL DAVID ORMONDRYAN ALEXANDER OROSJACQUELINE YUET-KWEI MOANlKE'ALAOSHIROESTELLE RAMONA OSTROJONATHAN RAVEN OTCASEKMYRIAM ANDREINA OTERMINKEVIN MICHAEL OTRADOVECJOHN JOSEPH OTTO IIIJULIA ANNE OZELLONAOMI MORGANE PACALINALEXANDER PAGEJAMES JAEYONG PAIKZOE BRAHAMSHA PALENIKNICOLE MARIE PALERMOCAMlLA ELIZABETH PALOMINOYUJIAPANSRINNAS VARADENDRA PANCHAMUKHISHAMA SRIVASTAVA PANDIRICHIARA PANDOLFI DE RINALDISYUHUIPANGIVAN VIKTOR PARFENOFFMARISSA KATHRYN PARKERBRETT SPENCER PARKETDEVAN NICOLE PARKISONALEJANDRO IGNACIO PARRAGUEZ TALAEMMA CELIA PASTERNACKRILEY WYMORE PAULEMMA CLAIRE PAULYMELISSA JANE PAVLIKLYDIA TRINIDAD PAZIENZAJACOB EVAN PEARCEDINA EFFIE PECKNATHANAEL JOSHUA PEEREBOOMPAIGE ELIZABETH PENDARVISROBERT B. PENGYUCHENG PENG BRETT ADAMS PEPOWSKIBRYCE DONALD PEPPERSVINCENTE GLYNN PEREZALEXANDRA VERONICA PEREZ-GARCIAMARK PALMER PERLMANARIANNA JANELLE PETERSHELEN ALECIA PETERSENNATALIE ANNIE PETROSSIANKELLY LYNNE PEYTONJAMISON REED PFEIFERDEREKPHAMADAM NATHANIEL PICKERNICHOLAS JOHN PIELECHMARGOT ROSALIA PIERLUISSIALISON IRA PILDNERKRISTOPHER MICHAEL PITTARDALEXANDER AMERIGO PIZZIRANIARABELLA PLUTA-EHLERSJORDAN COSBY POOLEJORDAN PAUL PORTOMATTHEW TYLER PORTUNENICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAYJUCHI MUHULI PRATTREMY LUCA PRECHELTCOLEMAN AUSTIN PRESSJOHN PETER PREYSNERMICHAEL ROBERT PROCASSINISAMUEL PULIAFITOMARIA ANA PULIDOJEREMY NATAN PUSHKINJENNIFER ZHEN QINANNEQIUERIC HUWQIUYINGXUAN QIUDARIO ANTHONY RABAKJONAH HERSCH RABBJAMES MARTIN RACANELLISRUTHI RAMASWAMIEVAN SAURA RAMSEYADITYA MANOHAR RAOAVISHEKRAOANDREW SETH RAPOPORTHOLLY ELIZABETH RAPPHANNAH WILLS RAUSCHSABAHUDIN REDZEPOVICMICHAEL GEORGE REID IIIEMMA KARIN REISHUSALEXANDER BUCK RELIHANMARTHA HOPE RENNMEGAN AUSTIN RENSHAWANDREW RUSSELL REYNOLDSSEAN REYNOLDSMINIA NATALY RIOS GUTIERREZROMAN G. RIVERADANIEL ROBERTSJOHN ANDRIS ROBERTSSURAIN BALA ROBERTSTREVOR DALE ROBERTSBETHANY MICHELLE ROBINSONSARAH KATHERINE ROBINSONEVAN ALEXANDER ROCHEREVE RODGERSELLEN RODNIANSKIJEREMY JACKSON RODRIGUEZTYLER SHAW ROEDERARI BENJAMIN ROITMANJACOB CHRISTIAN ROMEOELLEN MARY RONEYNATALIA A. ROQUEJACOB SAMUEL ROSENBERGSOPHIA ANN ROSENFELDKRIS ROSENTELMATHIAS CASTELFRANCO ROSSTYLER SEAN ROSSANNABELLE TERESA ROSSERJACKSON SCOTT ROTH NICHOLAS MALIN ROUSEAUDREY GENEVIEVE ROWEANISH RAJ ROYMICHAEL DAVID ROYSARA WENDEL RUBINSTEINTANYA MARIE RUDAKEVYCHSHOSHANA LISA RUDINSERGIO ANDRES RUFFOLOSARAH MACK RUNKLECLAUDIA ELISE RUSSELLJAKE CARTER RUSSELLBROOKE LAUREN RUTSTEINHAZALSABAHOMARSAFADILEILA SAFAVINICHOLAS STEWART SAFFRANABHINAVSAHJACOB P. SAINDONJOUMANAJANE SAMAHAMAX ANDREW SAMELSSCHUYLER JAMES SANDERSONIVY GISELLE SANDQUISTMARK EMERSON SANDSJEAN-PHILIPPE ISAAC SANGIOVANNIJULIA LILI SANTHASWARA RAJENDRA SARAIYALUKSHMEE SARAVANAPAVANSAMUEL HERZFELD SASKINJACLYN RENEE SATTLERCRISTIAN SAUCEDOLAUREN JOY SAUNDERSALBERT R. SAVITZKYRAGHAV SAWHNEYHODA ELISABETH SAYEGHANDREW JOSEPH SCASNYAARON JACOB SCHAERMATTHEW OLIVER SCHAFFERCRISTINA SCHAVERRACHEL JULIA SCHEINFELDJOHN MICHAEL SCHMEROLDELIZABETH PAIGE SCHUTZNATHANIEL HILLEL SCHWARTZMATTHEW JACOB SCHWEITZERRYDER CHARLES SCOTTALINA MARIE SCOTTIHELEN OLGA SDVIZHKOVREBECCA MARION SEGALLBECKET JACK WOOD SEMPLINERALEXANDER DEAN SERRATELLIMADHAVSETHMOSUMSHAHKEVIN D. SHANGARNAV SHARMASANJIT SHASHINOAHB.SHAWHANNAH MARIE VADA SHEAJULIA BETH SHERMANAMAY DEEPAK SHETHKEVIN KAIWEN SHIVINCENT SHIEHHEE CHUL SHINMATTHEW NEIL SHISLERNICHOLAS RUBEN SIDORANJOEL FRANKLIN SIEGELJOSHUA MICHAEL SILVERMATTHEW JAY SILVERMANJARED SHANE SIMONSUHEL SANJAY SINGHMARIA JENSEN SMITHZO� DRAYTON SMITHMELANIE VERONICA SNIDERRICHARD ELLIOTT SNYDERJOY IBUKUNOLU SOBOWALEJOSEPH BENJAMIN SOLOMONSOPHIA EUNMI SONANEESA SONAWALLA95THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONANDREW BUMJIN SONGGUCHUANSONGROBERT DAVID NELSON SORRELLMADELINE STAFFORD SOVIEMURPHY SPENCEJULIAN JACOB SPERGELMICAH BARAM SPERLINGBENJAMIN PETER SPIKOLMITCHELL HENRY SPRADLINSHOSHANAH MAE SPURLOCKPRADEEPSREEKUMARRISHI SRIRAMJULIANNA ST. ONGESIMON ANDREW STANCOMADELEINE CLAIRE STANICHVICKY ANGELA STAVROPOULOSISAAC HAYDEN STEINADRIANA MEl STEINBACHJOHN SAMUEL STEINBERGEVELINA STERINAANDREW JACOB STIERETHAN SAMUEL STOCKWELLANNA STYRCZULASAYRI HUI SHUO WANG SUAREZMATTHEW AMBROSE SULLIVANRICHARD BENJAMIN SULSERADAM PATRICK SUTHERLANDINGRID ELISABET VIANNA SYDENSTRICKERRIDWANSYEDADIA MARIE SYKESNAOKO TAKEDANAOKO TAKEUCHIBLAINE AARON FOSTER TALBUTMAX HIRO TAMAHORIMELISSA XIAO TANSHAOGUANG TANARI SOLOMON TANDLERELAINE DONNA TANGJACQUELINE LVCYTANGRYAN TANGSARAH DANIELLE TARABEYMATTHEW CHRISTOPHER TAUZERCLANCY SHERIDAN TAYLORSAMUEL ADDISON TAYLOREMMA MAHDIEH TEHRANIARTHUR CYRUS TELLISBENJAMIN SPIRO TENNENBAUMCHEN HUI GEORGE TEOTERESA MARIO CI EN TEOTZEERNTEOAUSTIN AUGUSTUS TERRYTANANYA THAMTHIENGANGELAIRENETHEODOROPOULOSROMANE THIEBAUTPARKER JAMES THOMASGREGORY SCOTT GERARD THOME IICOLE ALLAN THOMSJASMINE MARIE THROCKMORTONPARKER KIEL TIKSONMAXWELL T. TITSWORTHALISON LEIGH TITUSADILANANDTOBAARACHEL SUE TODDALLISON JULIA TOREMADALINE MARIA TORRESGEORGE JOSEPH TOWNSENDANNA TROPNIKOVANELSON ELIZABETH TROTTERLEANDRA M. TRUDEAUOLIVIA AMANDA TSELEV MAXIMOVICH TSYPINVIVIANTUSUSANNA MARYTUANDANIEL EDWARD TUMMREALYNN ELIZABETH UDDYBACKWILLIAM TYLER ULMANEMILEE ANN URBANEK96 STEPHEN TYLER URCHICKBERKANUZEGIULIANA FRANCESCA VACCARINO GEARTYKATHRYN MARY VANDERVALKMALLORY KATHERINE VANMEETERMITCHELL EVAN VASHONNATHAN MALAQAI VASQUEZMATTHEW JOSEPH VELDMANMYTHILI VINNAKOTAMICHAEL F. VIOLAMARIA CATHERINE VITERILAUREN RAY VOGELRACHEL KATHERINE VOGTLEAH RACHEL VON ESSENNICHOLAS THEOBALD ISELIN VON HORNALEXANDER DANIEL VOSSKAYLEIGH VOSSNICOLE CAROLINA YULEJMARINA CLAIRE YULINOVICSHIRO KEZIAH WACHIRAAYESHA WADHAWANROSA BRITTAIN WALKERTYLER DONAE WALKERLUTHER MASON WALLSGARETH LENNOX WALSHANGIE YUEQI WANPHILIP BRIAN WANDAWAJUSTIN NAVEEN WANEYDIANAJINWANGHAOWJ\NGJACQUELINE FANG WANGJOAN Z. WANGKAIJIE JEFFREY WANGLAN WANGLIWANGVICTORIA MINGY! WANGYIWANGYIFAN GEOFFREY WANGYUHAOWANGYUJUEWANGZACHRY ZHENYU WANGMICHAEL WANG-LVSEAN WANG-LVDE'ANDRE ANTONINO WARRENMICHAEL HARRIS WARRENRACHEL VICTORIA WASIELEWSKISARAH WATANASKULAMANDA LYNN WATERBURYNICHOLAS ROBERT WATSONMELISSA KAUFMANN WATTINGRID NEWELL WATTSYUAN-YUAN WEIROBERTA ALYSSA WEINERBRIAN THOMAS WEISBECKERGRANT WEISBERGMAXIMILIEN JEAN WEISSJOANN PAULETTE WELCHHANNAH INGERSON WELLERRUTH ELLEN WELLINSEAN YOUNG-JIN WHANGCAMBRIA ARION WHITCOMBKELSEY EAMES WHITCOMBJULIANA LEE WHITEKIRSTEN AMY WIARD-BAUERDANIELE ALEY WIEDERGWENDOLYN MARGARET WIEGOLDBRETT MARVIN WIESENAMANDA ELAINE WIESLERREBECCA LAUREN JANISCH WIGHTEMILY MAE WILCOXLELIA ERRETT WILLIAMSPAIGE MISHEL WILLIAMSANNE LILAH WILLNERGABRIELLE ELENA MEVS WIMERNOLAN PATRICK WINKLERCURTIS ALDEN CARLSON WINTERMADELINE MARIE WITTERS PAIGE ELAINE WOMACKKENNY WONGTHOMAS JENNINGS WOODALLEN TAYLOR WORTHNATALIE ELAINE WRIGHTVINCENTWUCHRISTIAN NATHANIEL WYSELIYUXIACHRISTINA XIAOBERNARDXIEANGELAXINWENZHAO XINGBRIAN RENNAN YANANDREW YANGKEVIN YANGYANGXINYE YANGZERUOYANGROBINYENADINE MELISSA YEATMANSERAPHINA CHEN YONGCHANYOONJAEWONYOONTAEKWAN YOONVO RAM YOON YEOCATHERINE ANNE YOUNGGIORGIO FEDERICO YOUNGAUSTINT.YURIENA HUEY-YING YUSHENGYUTHERESA H. YUANCELIA BING YUENOLIVIA VICENTA YVELLEZSAMUEL MACKLIN ZACHERCOOPER D. ZAJACPAUL KRIDA ZAKINMARI ELVIA ZALDIVARKYLIE ELIZABETH ZANEXIAOZHOU ZANGSARAH SOOJIN ZEICHNERALICE ZHANGAMY ZHANGANGELA ZHANGANNIE ZHANGCYNTHIA QINGXI ZHANGDORA YUHE ZHANGFEIFAN ZHANGGORDON BURDYZHANGIRENE ZHANGIVY TANGNAN ZHANGKERRY PAUL ZHANGLVKUNZHANGSHARON LIAO ZHANGVICTOR ZHANGWALTER WANG ZHANGWILLA YICHENG ZHANGXINYUAN ZHANGYOU YOU ZHANGJEFFREY ZHAOLILY LING ZHAOSARAH JESSICA ZHAOTONY ZHAODANIEL L. ZHENGKYLE BO ZHENGALAN WILLIAM ZHONGHAONANZHOUPHILIP XUAN ZHOUALLEN CHENGZHI ZHUANNIEZHUJOYCE YIXIA ZHUNINGFENG ZHUYUQINGZHUCAYWIN QINSEN ZHUANGEVAN JOSEPH ZIMMERMANYUZHOUZOUNICOLAS ZULETA MEMBIFOR ESIMembtDANIELAMILSHENOAGEMMASKAREN IjONATHMAXJO!JOSEPHlAURIEFRANCEKRlSTIf'SAMUElFREDO'!CONNOKRYSTEJCHARUBENJAMELIANAAUSTINRYNEMZOE ELIKRlSHAAI-XIN (DARREtPETERJYEOBICJOSHUACHLOEAMELIAJOHN PiJESSICANINAMANTHOMARK'lXlDAIMICHAlALEXA ICHRISTjEFFRE�SENXI ILAURErRACHElKATHEIJULIANMICHAlALLYSOFILIP GlNATHABENITAADAMJMICHABRIAN IMICHAHEATHNOAH IjACKSCDZANIRUSSELSHERR�KARIN)HARSHLILIANSOFIASBROCKANDREMEMBERS ELECfED TO THE BETA OF ILUNOIS CHAPTER OF PHI BETA KAPPAFOR ESPECIAL DISTINCTION IN GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP IN THE CoLLEGE:Members of the Class of20I6 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I6DANIEL ALEXANDER ACKERMANAMIL SHARIF ADAMENOAGOLLIEMMA SHlRATO ALMONKAREN MARIE ANDERSONJONATHAN ENSINGER ANTOSMAX JOSEPH ASAFJOSEPH MICHAEL BAYERLlAURIE MADELEINE BECKOFFFRANCES MARGARET BERNSTEINKRISTIN ANNE BINDERSAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLANDFREDDY ALFONSO BOULTONCONNOR JAMES BOYLEKRYSTEN ANIK BRAYCHARLES STEPHEN BULLOCK.BENJAMIN PHILIP BULOWELIANA KRISTAL BUTLERAUSTIN BRYANT BYERSRYNE MATTHEW CANNONZOE ELIZABETH JHIA CHI CHANKRISHANU CHATTERJEEAJ-XlN CHENDARREN AUSTIN CHENPETER JEFFREY CHENYEOBI CHOIJOSHUA BENJAMIN CHOPERCHLOE ISABELLE CIPOLLAAMELIA LYN CLEMENTSJOHN PATRICK CORCORANJESSICA KRISTEN COVILNINA MlREILLE COYLEANTHONY RAMON CRESPOMARK WILLEKES CRONINXlDAIMICHAEL JOSEPH DARMIENTOALEXA KAITLYN DAUGHERTYCHRISTINA Z. DONGJEFFREY MICHAEL DRESNICKSENXI DULAUREN DANIELLE FELDMANRACHEL TAMSEN FERREEKATHERINE JEAN FORRESTERJULlA MARY FRIEDLANDMICHAEL GALPERINALLYSON NICOLE GAMBARDELLAFILIP GEAMANNATHAN PRUNEAU GILLBENITA KAUR GLAMOURADAM JOSEPH GODBEYMICHAEL LOUIS GOLDMANBRIAN PAUL GOLDSPIELMICHAEL PERRY GOODYEARHEATHER GLAZER HAGERLINGNOAH HENRY JACOBS HALFORDJACKSON RUSSELL HANCEDZANHARBARUSSELL SLOANE HATHAWAYSHERRY XlNRU HEKARINA JOYCE HENDRENHARSHA PRASAD HONASOGELILIAN JIAMIN HUANGSOFIA SIJIA HUANGBROCK DONALD ALLEN HUEBNERANDREW DANIEL HUNGATE SALMAN SAYEED ISLAMDAVID BENJAMIN JAFFEJOSEPH DAVID JANIZEKYUCHENJITIMOTHY ANDREW JUANGMARIKA MIKHAYLOVNA KACHMANDAKE JUNGMO KANGARIELLA JORDANA KASMER-JACOBSJENNY LUCIENNE KEROACKJACOB ALEXANDER KLINEMADELINE ERDNTOYAN KLINGERELIZABETH FENSKE KNOPFKATERINA ANASTASIA KOKKASNICHOLAS EDWARD KOWALSKIKATHLEEN SADIE KRAUSSTIANJIAN LAIJIHYUNLEEJONATHAN WON LEESEUNG HWAN LEERUBEN LESNICKMAYA ANNE LEWINSOHNERIC ALAN LIJEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMANHENRY KAZUNARU LITTNICHOLAS PAUL LYONJULIAN FLETCHER MANASSE-BOETANIERICA NICOLE MARICICHJAMES PATRICK STEELE MCDONOUGHALEXANDRA ROSS MCISAACBENJAMIN ALEXANDER REISS MCKENNAALISON LYNN MCMANUSMICHAEL SHANE MODAK-TRURANCATHERINE MARIE MORESCOANNA BELLE NEWPORTJOHN LAWRENCE ORLOWSKI-SCHERERJAMES JAEYONG PAIKZOE BRAHAMSHA PALENIKCHIARA PANDOLFI DE RINALDISMARK PALMER PERLMANKELLY LYNNE PEYTONNICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAYJUCHI MUHULI PRATTJOHN PETER PREYSNERYINGXUAN QIUSRUTHI RAMASWAMIHOLLY ELIZABETH RAPPMARTHA HOPE RENNMEGAN AUSTIN RENSHAWDANIEL TIMOTHY ROBERTSJOHN ANDRIS ROBERTSTREVOR DALE ROBERTSTYLER SEAN ROSSSHOSHANA LISA RUDINJAKE CARTER RUSSELLOMAR JULAIN SAFADINICHOLAS STEWART SAFFRANMAX ANDREW SAMELSSAMUEL HERZFELD SASKINRAGHAV SAWHNEYNATHANIEL HILLEL SCHWARTZALINA MARIE SCOTTIHELEN OLGA SDVIZHKOVREBECCA MARION SEGALLMATTHEW NEIL SHISLERMATTHEW JAY SILVERMAN MELANIE VERONICA SNIDERANDREW BUMJIN SONGISAAC HAYDEN STEINADRIANA MEl STEINBACHMELISSA XlAO TANMATTHEW CHRISTOPHER TAUZERTZEERNTEOANGELA IRENE THEODOROPOULOSJASMINE MARIE THROCKMORTONLEV MAXlMOVICH TSYPINMALLORY KATHERINE VANMEETERSHIRO KEZIAH WACHlRAMICHAEL HARRIS WARRENSARAH WATANASKULAMANDA LYNN WATERBURYMembers of the Class of20I6 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I5PRIZESAMIL SHARIF ADAMKAREN MARIE ANDERSONFRANCES MARGARET BERNSTEINRYNE MATTHEW CANNONKRISHANU CHATTERJEEPETER JEFFREY CHENJOSHUA BENJAMIN CHOPERJESSICA KRISTEN COVILNINA MlREILLE COYLECONNOR SIMON CUNNINGHAMCATHERINE MICHELE DESOERKARLEE ESMAILLIKATHERINE JEAN FORRESTERALLYSON NICOLE GAMBARDELLABRIAN PAUL GOLDSPIELJACKSON RUSSELL HANCEDZANHARBAERIN PAULINA HARTSHERRY XlNRU HEKARINA JOYCE HENDRENSOFIA SIJIA HUANGBROCK DONALD ALLEN HUEBNERDAVID BENJAMIN JAFFEMARIKA MIKHAYLOVNA KACHMANJACOB ALEXANDER KLINEELIZABETH FENSKE KNOPFOREN AUGUSTTAMMINEN KRIEGELMAYA ANNE LEWINSOHN THE AWARD OF HONORSHANNAH INGERSON WELLERRUTH ELLEN WELLINVINCENTWULIYUXIABERNARDXlEROBINYEAUSTIN THEODORE CHEN YUPAUL KRIDA ZAKINVICfOR BIGUI ZHANGYOU YOU ZHANGHAONANZHOUALLEN CHENGZHI ZHUCAYWIN QINSEN ZHUANGYUZHOUZOUJEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMANHENRY KAZUNARU LITTJUNWENMAOERICA NICOLE MARICICHBENJAMIN ALEXANDER RIESS MCKENNAMICHAEL SHANE MODAK-TRURANJAMES JEAYONG PAIKKELLY LYNNE PEYTONNICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAYHOLLY ELIZABETH RAPPJOHN ANDRIS ROBERTSOMARJULAIN SAFADIMAX ANDREW SAMELSSAMUEL HERZFELD SASKINNATHANIEL HILLEL SCHWARTZMATTHEW JAY SILVERMANANDREW BUMJIN SONGMATTHEW CHRISTOPHER TAUZERTZEERNTEOSTEPHEN TYLER URCHICKMALLORY KATHERINE VANMEETERMIANWANGMICHAEL HARRIS WARRENAMANDA LYNN WATERBURYHANNAH INGERSON WELLERJAEWONYOONAUSTIN THEODORE CHEN YUALLEN CHENG ZHI ZHUMembers of the Class of 20I7 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I6NICHOLAS ENSINGER ANTOSJACKSON TAYLOR BIERFELDTPHEDIAS CHRISTODOULIDESSTEPHANIE LILA EMERSONJEREMY KASE FERGUSONSHIRA FISH BACHAMBER SHAY FRANKLANDXANTHE TANJA GALLATEPETER ALAN GAOSTEVEN ANTHONY GIACALONENOAH HAROLD HELLERMANNELLEN JEAN IVERSONALEXANDER DAVID TOMAN JARMANAMMAR AHMAD KALIMULLAHJOSHUA SAMUEL KAPLANCASEY JAEKYUNG KIMJOHN JlYUN KIMMEGAN NICOLE LAUHONG ANH ANNA LEMAN TIM LEESIJIA SCARLETT LISHAWN YUANCHANG LI WENXUANLIUMUTIANLIUCRYSTALJ. MAJACKSON COLE MACORJORGE SEBASTIAN MATT-NAVARROPATRICK JOSHUA MCCARTHYANGELA HYEJUNG MOONSETH WILLIAM MUSSERCOREY ARTHUR OKINAKARICHARD PANKARYN ANNE PEYTONAYELET NECHAMA PINNOLISCARA AMELIA PIRAINOELLIS AMELIA POWELLPASCAL JOSHUA PRAGNELLGEOFFREY DANIEL RAMSEYERSAIEESH ALAN RAOPATRICK FINIAN REILLYBRET DAVID SILVERGLATEGUCHUANSONGJONATHAN ROBERT SORCEDANIEL DAVID SPIEGEL97THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHERESA-ANNE TATOM-NAECKERjERRYTSAIMICHAELA RACHEL DONAHUE VOlTANDREW G. WANGMIANWANGTHEODORE WILLIAM WATLER 527TH CONVOCATIONTHOMAS JAMES WILBERGELIZABETH KA-YOON WOOELIZABETH ANNE WOODSHANNON LAUREL WOTHERSPOONKEVIN YANGYUQING ZHUANGTHE MAROON KEY SOCIETY, A GROUP OF THIRD- AND FOURTH-YEAR STUDENTSINVITED TO SERVE AS AN ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGEAND TO ASSIST IN THE ENTERTAINMENT OF VISITORS TO THE QUADRANGLES:Students of the Class of20I8 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I6JOSHUA JOHN KRAMERVERONICA LEE LUBOFSKYOLUWASEYI OMONIjOPREETHI RAJUMORGAN ALEXIS REDMONDSTACEY PACITTI REIMANNGEORGE ADAMESASYAAKCACALVIN FRANK COTTRELLCLAIRE DIANE DOODYCOLIN JOHN GARONERICJ. HOLMBERGSYDNEY DEBORAH KOStudents of the Class of20I7 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I6VICTORIA DEBORAH LEIGH MONTEIROJASMINE N. ORTEGASAIEESH ALAN RAOLOUISA ELIZABETH RICHARDSON-DEPPEMAYA WYPIJEWSKA SCHEIDLSARAH ERENA STARRMARY CLAIRE TUOHYELIZABETH KA-YOON WOOCHARLES AMOS WOODSELINAM VANESSA AGBOCAMILLE SIERRA CORRENATALIA RENAE DELERYDANNA ZEINA ELMASRYKENZO EMILIANO ESQUIVELRAYMOND RUI FANGANNA KAY GREGGALEXA HOPE HANELINJUSTIN LEE JIAANA NICOLE LANIERStudents of the Class of20I7 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I5EMMA SHIRATO ALMONNATHAN BROOKSELEANOR ALANNA CLIFFORDSAMUEL PALONS LEVINEDUAA MOHAMEDTESS RICCIARDI MORAN EVANGELINE ANNE REIDWILLIAM J. RHEESAMMIE CARLYN SPECTORALA MOUSA TINEHKATHERINE ANN ZELLNERMAlA MARIE O'MEARAVINCENTE GLYNN PEREZMARK EMERSON SANDSTANANYA THAMTHIENGADIL ANAND TOBAABRIAN THOMAS WEISBECKERStudents of the Class of20I6 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I5ANERIAMINKAREN MARIE ANDERSONSTEPHANIE BICAROLINE HELEN BYEJESSICA KRISTEN COVILBENITA KAUR GLAMOURMICHAEL PERRY GOODYEARKEVIN H. HASEN FANGRUSSELL SLOANE HATHAWAYGRACELYN RITA JENNINGS-NEWHOUSE KRISTIN LAUREN LINMAREN ELIZABETH LOEBENJAMIN LUSAMBASAMUEL DAVID MAIDMANHELEN ALECIA PETERSENANDREW BUMJIN SONGJULIANA R. ST. ONGETZEERNTEOJUSTIN NAVEEN WANEYPAIGE ELAINE WOMACKSENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELEerED TO THE BETA OFILLINOIS CHAPTER OF ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORKOF THE SCHOOL:WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAPINCAITLIN LEE CHICOINENOURAJEHAN CHOUDHURYSCOTT R. GOLDBERGETHAN GRANT JAFFEEAUBREY JORDANGABRIELLE YI-HUI LIUJACQUELINE MEADOWJULIA MARIE MHLABARAMIN ALEXANDER MORSHEDELIZABETH SANDIFER MUNROE98 TALIA CEIL SHEARKATHRYN MARIE SULLNANADAM BENJAMIN WEINERNATHANIEL MARTIN WILSONKEVIN MICHAEL WYMER THEAHISTOJUNWETHE]!SECTICWORKSCHO(RACHEMARGAJOHN}SENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELEerED TO THE GOLDHUMANISM HONOR SOCIETY:NDANG NGONG AZANG-NjAAHKIRK EDWARD CAHILLHILACALEVCAITLIN LEE CHICOINENOURAJEHAN CHOUDHURYSCOTT R. GOLDBERGLAUREN NOELLE HOBBSETHAN GRANT JAFFEEAUBREY JORDANMEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE LAw SCHOOL ELECTED TO THEORDER OF THE COIF FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORK OF THE SCHOOL:DANIEL E. ALPERSTEINZACHARY R. CLARKCAROLINE ASHLEY COOKHANNAH LICHTIG COOKKURT FOWLERMARGARET M. GUIDOTTISHAUN MICHAEL HAINESEAMONN ROBERT CORKERY HARTMADELINE WARD LANSKYMICHAEL JOSEPH LOCKMANMAX H. LOOPER ALLISON JOAN LOUISLESLIE ANNE MATAYANITA MARY PADAVILNOAH GILBERT SCHWARTZTALIA CEIL SHEARMICHELLE ASHLEY TSANGMICHAEL JOHN UNDERRINERKEVIN MICHAEL WYMERKRISTA JANE PERRYCHAD S. RICHMANPAULJ. ROGERSONPETER NAGY SALIBWILLIAM B. SNYDERWINEMARGARET ALLISON UPSHAWHUNTER A. VANCEMATTHEW STEPHEN WILLIAMSCAROLINE A. WONGMORGAN ELIZABETH YATESRYAN J. ZIELINSKIEMILY ROSE BOCKTHE Roy D. ALBERT PRIZES, FOR THE BEST MASTER'S THESES INANTHROPOLOGY:ZACHARY DAVID SHELDON THEEsscocOtITSTABHIGDANIElTHEEUNDEHAVE'INTERJNICOLITHESSTUDEOtITS'!SHOW:KIRSTETHE J. KYLE ANDERSON AWARD, PRESENTED TO THE SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERWHO BEST EXEMPLIFIES CHARACTER, LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, AND DEDICATIONTO THE TEAM WHILE DISTINGUISHING HIMSELF WITH ACCOMPLISHMENTS ONTHE FIELD:LUCAS TIMOTHY FRISS THE ISCHOfLFADEISAAC 1THE MARGARET C. ANNAN UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS IN WRITING,ESTABLISHED IN Ms. ANNAN'S MEMORY BY HER STUDENTS, FOR THIRD-YEARSTUDENTS IN THE COLLEGE IN RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENT WRITING AND FORSUPPOIIT OF A WRITING PROJECT:ELLEN MARGARET WIESE, FictionCHLOE AYN PFEIFFER, NonfictionNATALIE ROSE RICHARDSON, PoetryTHE DEPAIITMENT OF ART HISTORY DISSERTATION PRIZE, FOR THEOUTSTANDING DOCTORAL DISSERTATION IN THE DEPARTMENT:KRISTINE MARIE LARISON THE IOtITSlMOLEKYLETMICHETHE ILINGUCONNfSHERRDAKE JUNGMO KANGTHE AsAOA EIJI PRIZES, FOR THE BEST BACHELOR'S THESES DEALING WITHTOPICS RELATED TO EAST AsIA: THE (STUDIANNA·SHAUNA KATHLEEN MOORETHE IhOG)CELEBINVOlDIVERDANIEDETO):THE DOUGLAS BAIRD PRIZE IN COMMERCIAL LAw, FOR OUTSTANDING WORKIN THE FIELD AS REFLEerED IN CLASSROOM ACHIEVEMENT OR SCHOLARSHIP:MARGARET M. GUIDOTTITHE EDITH BALLWEBBERATHLETE PRIZES, TO WOMEN ATHLETES WHO HAVECONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO A VARSITY SPOIIT:KRISTIN OFELIA LOPEZ, Class of20I6CATHERINE ANNE YOUNG, Class of 20I6EMILY MARIE HUNT, Class of20I7SARA NICOLE KONIEWICZ, Class of20I8CAROLINE HAMILTON SCHULZ, Class of 20I9 THE ISCHOCONT)PHILIPISABELGABRI)RYAN (JAMARKELLYJONATJONATHAN MICHAEL ACEVEDOMOYINOLUWA ELIZABETH ADETIBANICHOLAS ENSINGER ANTOSANASE SEWUESE ASOMJAKE OREN MANSOORKIRAN AMBIKA MISRAStudents of the Class of20I6 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I4THE ANN WATSON BARBER OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARDS, FOR THE THIRDYEAR STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THEQUALITY OF LIFE sa THE LAw SCHOOL:HANNAH LICHTIG COOKLAUREN ELAENA FARAINORUBY jANAE GARRETTGRACE AYELET GOOD BLATT JOEL SHIN KIMELISABETH KNOWLES MUIRHEADMARLOW E. SVATEKKENNETH MATTHEW THOMASD THE ANNA M. AND GEORGE H. BARNARD MEMORIAL PRIZE IN AMERICANHISTORY, FOR THE BEST BACHELOR'S ESSAY IN UNITED STATES HISTORY:JUNWENMAOTHE JOSEPH HENRY BEALE PRIZES, PRESENTED TO A STUDENT IN EACHSECTION OF THE FIRST YEAR LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PROGRAM WHOSEWORK IS JUDGED TO BE MOST WORTHY OF SPECIAL RECOGNITION IN THE LAwSCHOOL:RACHEL EMILY COHNMARGARET M. GUIDOTTIJOHN ARTHUR HOLLER HANNAH KATE LAZARRUOXIWURYAN J. ZIELINSKITHE BECKER FRIEDMAN INSTITUTE AWARDS FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT,RECOGNIZING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHO HAVE DEMONSTRATEDOUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP IN MICROECONOMICS,ABHIGUPTADANIEL TIMOTHY ROBERTS MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER TAUZERTHE BECKER FRIEDMAN INSTITUTE AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDINGUNDERGRADUATE SERVICE, RECOGNIZING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHOHAVE WORKED HARD TO CREATE AND SUSTAIN A COMMUNITY OF STUDENTSINTERESTED IN ECONOMICS:NICOLE E. GORTONTHE SONIA G. BERZ HONORS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING MASTER'S DEGREESTUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FOROUTSTANDING WORK, WITH SPECIAL CONSIDERATION GIVEN TO ONE WHOSHOWS GREAT FUTURE PROMISE IN THE FIELD OF SERVICES TO THE ELDERLY:KIRSTEN HARMSLAYER:ATIONiON THE IRWIN J. BIEDERMAN AWARD, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTHSCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDINGLEADERSHIP IN STUDENT LIFE AND ACTIVITIES DURING THE FIRST YEAR:ISAAC TAEYUN SONG!.ARDFOR THE DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AWARD, FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF BIOCHEMISTRY ANDMOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS:KYLE THOMAS DOLANTHE BEST DISSERTATION AWARDS IN THE DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES:MICHELLE LENA MILLER BENJAMIN MICHAEL ADLER WINGERTHE LEONARD BLOOMFIELD PRIZES IN LINGUISTICS, TO THE GRADUATINGUNGUISTICS MAJORS WITH THE HIGHEST G.PA. IN LINGUISTICS COURSES:CONNOR SIMON CUNNINGHAMSHERRY XINRU HE CHRISTIAN JOHN MORTENSENTHE GEORGE V BOBRINSKOY AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATESTUDIES IN THE DEPARTMENT OF SLAVIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES:ANNA TROPNIKOVA'ORKlIP: THE BOOTH DIVERSITY AWARDS, TO GRADUATING FULL-TIME M.B.A.PROGRAM STUDENTS IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING EFFORTS TOCELEBRATE DIVERSITY IN THE BOOTH COMMUNITY AS WELL AS ACTIVEINVOLVEMENT AND SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO BOOTH'S ONGOINGDIVERSITY EFFORTS:lAVEDANIELA CARVALHO BRODERICKDETOY JAMES III ANTOINE JENNINGSNATALIE MARY WILSONTHE DEAN'S SERVICE AWARDS, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTHSCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENTS OR GROUPS FOR THEIRCONTRIBUTIONS TO DEAN'S OFFICE INITIATIVES:PHILIP KAZUMI ANZAIISABEL ARANA DE URIARTEGABRIEL JOSEPH BARKLEYRYAN CHRISTOPHER BICKHAMJAMARR IRVIN ODELL BUCHANANKELLY ANN FEEJONATHAN DANIEL GOL SHELLEY GUPTAAUSTIN PRENTICE HALLETTJULIE ANN HASIBASEAMUS EDWARD JACKSONMICHAEL ANTHONY KURTJAMES KENDALL LARUEKIRSTEN REBECCA LINGHIRD THE AWARD OF HONORSKELLY MARGARET MCCARTNEYSARAH ELIZABETH MCMORRINESIDDHARTH ARVIND NAIRROBERT BUCK PATENGEDANA SEAVE ROBINSONISRAEL ROJAS-MORENO EMILY ERIN RUFFISAAC TAEYUN SONGETHAN JAMES SUFIAN. CHARLES JAMES THOMASDIANA DER-EN WUREBECCA YANGTHE DEAN'S SERVICE AWARDS, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTHSCHOOL OF BUSINESS EVENING MBA AND WEEKEND MBA PROGRAMSTUDENTS OR GROUPS FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS TO DEAN'S OFFICEINITIATIVES:RYAN BORMET ARON BRADLEY BRANAMTHE CHICAGO BOOTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS OF DISTINCTION, RECOGNIZINGFULL-TIME M.BA. PROGRAM GRADUATING STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADEEXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE AREAS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE,LEADERSHIP, AND STUDENT LIFE:WHITNEY COLEMAN ENRIGHTKELLY ANN FEEHODAGERAMIMITCHELL SPENCER KIRBYMUKUND MURLI MULTANI JACOB JAMES NORTONKATHERINE MARIE PERRIEMILY ERIN RUFFISAAC TAEYUN SONGTHE CHICAGO BOOTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS OF DISTINCTION, RECOGNIZINGEVENING AND WEEKEND M.B.A. PROGRAM GRADUATING STUDENTS WHOHAVE MADE EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE AREAS OF COMMUNITYSERVICE, LEADERSHIP, AND STUDENT LIFE:NIKHIL ANGELOKATHERINE HARPER BESSER JORGE FREDDY MARTINEZJOANNE MARIE MEULENDYKETHE CHICAGO BoOTH AWARD FOR FINANCE, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO AGRADUATING EVENING MBA OR WEEKEND MBA STUDENT WITH THE BESTSCHOLASTIC RECORD IN FINANCE.AARON JOSEPH FINLEYTHE CHICAGO BOOTH LEADERSHIP AWARD FOR STRATEGY, AWARDEDANNUALLY TO A GRADUATING EVENING MBA OR WEEKEND MBA STUDENTWITH THE BEST SCHOLASTIC RECORD IN STRATEGY.ANDREW KENT MCCRUMTHE WAYNE C. BOOTH GRADUATE AWARDS, FOR ExCELLENCE IN TEACHING,TO GRADUATE STUDENTS WHO MAKE OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TOINSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS IN THE COLLEGE:MOHAMED R. ABDELHAFEZYUNA BLAJER DE LA GARZA COSETTE A. BRUHNSERIC MICHAEL HIRSCHTHE BRIDGE BUILDER AWARDS, RECOGNIZING STUDENTS WHO HAVE WORKEDTO ESTABLISH OR SUPPORT CONNECTIONS BETWEEN STUDENT GROUPS ORINDIVIDUALS:ROBERTO CARLOS DE LOERA NUR BANU SIMSEKTHE T. KIMBALL BROOKER PRIZES, TO FOSTER THE LOVE OF THE BOOKAND TO ENCOURAGE BOOK COLLECTING AMONG SOPHOMORE AND SENIORUNDERGRADUATES:SAMUEL PULIAFITO ALEXANDER BUCK RELIHANTHE D. FRANCIS BUSTIN PRIZE, TO HONORA VALUABLE AND IMPORTANTCONTRIBUTION, PROPOSAL, OR SUGGESTION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT ANDBETTERMENT OF THE PROCESSES, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES OF OURGOVERNMENT BY A STUDENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:JOSEPH S. HARPERTHE YANG uo-LAN-XrAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN ORGANIc/INORGANICCHEMISTRY:HAOZHANGTHE YANG uo-LAN-XrAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY:JAMES FARRIS DAMA99THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE CAMPUS LIFE & LEADERSHIP AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHOHAVE DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP IN A SINGLE CO-CURRICULAR ENDEAVORAND SUBSEQUENTLY IMPROVED THE QUALITY OF LIFE ON CAMPUS:GERALD PHILIP CREAN IVSOPHIA ALEXANDRA CRITCHFIELD-JAINMARIE LOUISE FEFFERMAN PARINA DHINESH LALCHANDANIELIZABETH RHIANNON LUK MILLERTHE HERBERT L. CAPLAN PRIZE FOR CREATIVE LEGAL THINKING ISGIVEN TO FOR THE BEST 1 L OR 2L ORIGINAL STUDENT PAPER, SUITABLEFOR PUBLICATION, DISCUSSING AN ISSUE OF CONTEMPORARY INTEREST ANDCONCERN AND ADVANCING CREATIVE LEGAL SOLUTIONS. THIS MAY INCLUDE,AMONG OTHER IDEAS, CRITIQUING EXISTING LAWS OR RENDERED JUDICIALDECISIONS:CAROLINE A. WONGTHE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF CANCERBIOWGY:DANIEL SOLOMAN LEVENTHALTHE JOSEPH A CAPps AWARDS, GIVEN TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOROUTSTANDING PROFICIENCY IN CLINICAL MEDICINE:CAITLIN LEE CHICOINE SCOTT R. GOLDBERGTHE CLASSICS PRIZE, PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATING SENIOR WHO HASACHIEVED THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC DISTINCTION IN THE CLASSICAL STUDIESMAJOR:FRANCES MARGARET BERNSTEINTHE GERHARD CWSS TEACHING AWARDS IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, TOGRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:NATALIE HONGTING CHANJONATHAN KEIM HUW CONOR REESTHE PAUL R. COHEN MEMORIAL PRIZES, TO THE GRADUATING SENIORSWHO HAVE ACHIEVED THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC RECORD IN THE FIELD OFMATHEMATICS:JACKSON RUSSELL HANCEJIAYU LIANGSARAH ISABEL MCCONNELL BECKET JACK WOOD SEMPLINERYUZHOUZOUTHE COLLEGE OUTSTANDING NEW LEADER AWARD, TO A FIRST- OR SECOND­YEAR STUDENT FOR EXEMPLARY CONTRIBUTIONS TO STUDENT LIFE WHILESHOWING FURTHER PROMISE AS A STUDENT LEADER:AKANKSHA S. SHAHTHE COMMITTEE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF COMPUTATIONAL NEUROSCIENCE:MATTHEW DAVIS BESTTHE OLIVER CROMWELL COX AND ERNEST EVERETT JUST PRIZE, FORTHE UNDERGRADUATE SENIOR THESIS RECOMMENDED FOR DEPARTMENTALHONORS IN ANY DISCIPLINE THAT BEST EXEMPLIFIES THE ASPIRATIONS ANDACHIEVEMENTS OF OLIVER CROMWELL COX, AM. '32, PH.D. '38, ANDERNEST EVERETT JUST, PH.D. '16:TAYRYN ALEXIS EDWARDSTHE CRAITENBERGER MEMORIAL PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO THEGRADUATING FULL-TIME M.B.A STUDENT WITH A SUPERIOR ACADEMIC RECORDENTERING INTO A CAREER IN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT:TRAVIS ROBERT ARNOLDTHE ALBERT J. CROSS PRIZES, FOR ExCELLENCE IN RESEARCH, TEACHING, ANDDEPARTMENTAL CITIZENSHIP IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:MARY CATHERINE ANDORFER IGORFEDINTHE MAx DAVIDSON AWARDS, PRESENTED TO MEMBERS OF THE MEN'S ANDWOMEN'S TENNIS TEAMS WHOSE DEDICATION TO THE TEAM AND SPORTS HASEXCELLED ABOVE ALL OTHERS:ARIANA IRANPOURLUKETSAI100 BRADLEY ALEX POWELLTHE HARRY L. DAVIS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING STUDENT IN THE UNIVERSITY THE DEOF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS WHO HAS MOST EXEMPLIFIED THE PERFOruCREATIVITY, WILLINGNESS TO TAKE RISKS, AND DEEP COMMITMENT TO THEMEMBERS OF THE CHICAGO BOOTH COMMUNITY THAT WERE PART OF HARRY LAUREN IDAVIS'S LEADERSHIP WHILE DEPUTY DEAN FOR THE M.B.A PROGRAMS: THERcHISTOR'THE DEAN's PRIZES FOR BEST EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING, AWARDEDANNUALLY TO RECOGNIZE FULL-TIME M.B.A PROGRAM STUDENT PROGRAMSTHAT HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ADDRESSED AN AREA OF GROWTH WITHIN THECOMMUNITY AND DEMONSTRATED, THROUGH THE PROGRAM, A COMMITMENTTO EMBRACING AND IMPROVING THE CHICAGO BOOTH COMMUNITY: GIULIAN,IN THE �SAHILBAHRIAMANDA MARLENE COLLINSHODAGERAMIKEVIN LAM LUONG THE VINHBRYAN MCCLINTOCKJUAN MANUEL YRIGOYEN CAPILLA POEM 0SPENCERTHE DEAN'S PRIZE FOR BUILDING THE BOOTH BRAND RECOGNIZES ACOLLABORATIVE EFFORT ON BEHALF OF CHICAGO BOOTH STUDENTS, GROUPS,OR PROGRAM COMMITTEES THAT BENEFITS THE BUILDING OF A CHICAGOBOOTH BRAND TO THE EXTERNAL CAMPUS, CITY, NATIONAL OR INTERNATIONALCOMMUNITY: THE HIBooTHBOONE 1SARAH ELIZABETH JAHNKEMINAKlMEMMA PAGE ROTENBERG SARAH INSLEY HAYNES WARRENPATRICKYAN OUTSTAIMARTINTHE DEAN'S AWARD FOR SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY, AWARDED ANNUALLYTO RECOGNIZE A GROUP OR GROUPS OF FULL-TIME M.B.A GRADUATINGSTUDENTS WHOSE COLLABORATIVE EFFORT ON BEHALF OF CHICAGO BOOTHSCHOOL STUDENTS HAS MADE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON THE INTERNALBOOTH SCHOOL COMMUNITY (E.G., SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL EVENT,AND PROGRAM PLANNING COMMITTEES): THEDJOUTSTAlORCH£:OF MUSIEXTRAOERIN ASl­EVAKlNrANDRE\lQGABRIEL JOSEPH BARKLEY JONATHAN DANIEL GOLTHE DEAN'S AWARD FOR SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY, AWARDED ANNUALLYTO RECOGNIZE A GROUP OR GROUPS OF EVENING AND WEEKEND M.B.AGRADUATING STUDENTS WHOSE COLLABORATIVE EFFORT ON BEHALF OFCHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL STUDENTS HAS MADE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ONTHE INTERNAL BOOTH SCHOOL COMMUNITY (E.G., SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL,CULTURAL EVENT, AND PROGRAM PLANNING COMMITTEES): THE A'GENETIZIYUE GJTHEE�ExPERI1JOSEPHJNABEELA ALIDINAJOHN JOSEPH DUFFY III WILSON WAISHUN SUNELIZABETH TENCHTHE CATHERINE DOBSON PRIZE, FOR BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN AT THE70TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PH.D. STUDENT IN THE THE GJFULL-TAREA OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:MICHAEL JOHN UNDERRINER CONTRIENHAN(THE FLORENCE WISSIG DUNBAR PRIZE FOR MARKETING, AWARDED ANNUALLY JOEL ELCTO A GRADUATING EVENING M.B.A OR WEEKEND M.B.A STUDENT SELECTED THE LAON THE BASIS OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT, LEADERSHIP, AND CONTRIBUTIONSTO THE STUDY OF MARKETING: SIUDENEMILY JANE SPLETT EXCEP11VICTORIWEIYANTHE GERTRUDE DUDLEY MEDAL, TO A FEMALE ATHLETE WHO HASCONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY IN BOTH LEADERSHIP AND PERFORMANCE TO THEWOMEN'S ATHLETIC PROGRAM: THEJOOUTSTACMilZMATERJMAREN ELIZABETH LOETHE DONALD E. EGAN SCHOLAR AWARDS, TO STUDENTS WHO, LIKE MR.EGAN (J.D. '61), HAVE DEMONSTRATED A STRONG INTEREST IN THE LAwSCHOOL AND HAVE A REPUTI\TION FOR INTEGRITY: KAVYABTHETJATHLETPERFORANDRE�GRACE AYELET GOODBLATTJOEL SHIN KIMKARICE D. RHULE JACOB LOREN RIERSONMICHAEL H. SAVAGETHE ENTREPRENEUR'S ADVOCATE AWARDS, TO THE GRADUATING LAw SCHOOL THE DSTUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE AN EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTION TO THE PERFOFINSTITUTE FOR JUSTICE CLINIC ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ITS CLIENTS, AND THECAUSE OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP:SAMUEL L. RUDIKJOHN ARTHUR HOLLER CHENAl>HElARRyTHE JOHN BILLINGS FISKE POETRY PRIZE, AWARDED TO THE BEST ORIGINALPOEM OR CYCLE OF POEMS BY A STUDENT IN THE GRADUATING CLASS:SPENCER PERKINS MCAVOYVERSITY THE DEPAlITMENT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDINGD THE PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF FAMILY MEDICINE:LAUREN NOELLE HOBBSTHE ROBERT AND JOAN FEITLER PRIZE, FOR THE BEST BA. PAPER IN ARTHISTORY:GIULIANA FRANCESCA VACCARINO GEARTY:RAMS THE ELSIE F. FILIPPI MEMORIAL PRIZE IN POETRY, PRESENTED TO A STUDENTIN THE COLLEGE WHO DEMONSTRATES DISTINCTION IN POETIC COMPOSITION'MENT OR IN THE STUDY OF POETRY:HANNAH MARIE VADA SHEATHE HENRY FORD II SCHOLAR AWARD, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOBooTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENT FOR THE MOSTOUTSTANDING RECORD AFTER THE FIRST YEAR OF COURSEWORK:BOONE TABOR WILLIAMSOUPS,)TIONAlTHE DANIEL X. FREEDMAN AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PSYCHIATRY:MARTIN LUKE GREENWALDALLY THE DAVID L. FULTON PRIZES FOR ORCHESTRAL ExCELLENCE, PRESENTED TOOUTSTANDING STRINGED-INSTRUMENT PLAYERS IN THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONYORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED THE HIGHEST LEVELOF MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT ON THEIR INSTRUMENTS, AS WELL AS ANEXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT TO THE ORCHESTRA:)THlENT,ALLYl. ERIN ASHLEIGH HAGOODEVA KINNEBREWANDREW VINCENT MOLINA VICTORIA REGINA MOOERSINGRID NEWELL WATTSON THE AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OFGENETICS, GENOMICS, AND SYSTEMS BIOLOGY:ZIYUEGAO TALIA KARASOVJ...,THE EVERETT E. GILBERT MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR THE BEST THIRD-YEARExPERIMEN'D\LIST IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY:JOSEPH JEFFERY GAIR,\T THE THE GWBAL AWARENESS AWARD, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO A GRADUATINGN THE FULL-TIME M.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENT IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONALOL:CONTRIBUTIONS MADE, WHILE AT CHICAGO BOOTH, TO INITIATIVES THATENHANCE THE CHICAGO BOOTH REPU'D\TION AND BRAND INTERNATIONALLY:"UALLY JOEL ELORM AYITE AYEE..ECTEDTIONS THE LAWRENCE AND JOSEPHINE GRAVES TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATESTUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:VICTORIA SUZANNE AKIN JEFFREY MANNINGrOTHE THE JOHN G. HAWTHORNE TRAVEL PRIZE IN CLASSICAL STUDIES, TO ANOUTSTANDING COU..EGE STUDENT IN CLASSICAL LANGUAGES, LITERATURE, ORCMUZATION; FOR TRAVEL TO GREECE OR ITALY OR FOR STUDY OF CLASSICALMATERIALS IN OTHER COUNTRIES:KAVYABHATt.THE TED HAYDON AWARD, AWARDED TO A MALE TRACK AND FIELDATIiLETE WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO THE SPORT THROUGHPERFORMANCE, LEADERSHIP, AND OVERALL DEDICATION:ANDREW CHOW MANEVAL:::HOOL THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH STUDIES AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDINGm THE PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:CHENAN ZHANG THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE HEART OF THE TEAM AWARD, PRESENTED BY THE GRADUATE ATHLETICAsSOCIATION TO A SENIOR WHO HAS PROVIDED LIFE, SPIRIT, AND GUIDANCE,AND DEMONSTRATED ENTHUSIASM, PERSEVERANCE, AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDETHROUGHOUT HER CAREER:PAIGE ELAINE WOMACKTHE CATHY HEIFETZ MEMORIAL AWARD, PRESENTED TO A STUDENT INTHE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC WHOSE ASSOCIATION AS A MEMBER OF THISCOMMUNITY HAVE BEEN SINGULARLY MARKED BY A SPIRIT OF CARING ANDHELPFULNESS:BRAXTON DEONTE' SHELLEYTHE NANCY P. HELMBOLD TRAVEL AWARD, IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDINGACHIEVEMENT IN GREEK AND/OR LATIN:AYESHA SIDDIQUITHE PERRY S. HERST PRIZES, RECOGNIZING GRADUATING SENIORS IN THECOLLEGE WHO HAVE COMBINED STUDY WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:BESS POXON COHENJEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMAN SHIRO KEZIAH WACHIRATHE EDWARD W HINTON MEMORIAL Curs, FOR ExCELLENCE IN APPELLATEADVOCACY, TO THE WINNERS OF THE HINTON MOOT COURT COMPETITIONIN THE LAw SCHOOL:JESSICA JEAN GIULITTO EAMONN ROBERT CORKERY HARTTHE JOEL AND CAROL HONIGBERG FUND AWARD, SUPPORT UNDERGRADUATESTUDENTS IN THE CREATION AND PERFORMANCE OF NEWLY COMPOSEDMUSICAL COMPOSITIONS:NOAH LITMAN KAHRSTHE JAMES C. HORMEL PUBLIC SERVICE AWARDS, FOR THE GRADUATES IN THELAw SCHOOL WHO HAVE MADE A STRONG COMMITMENT TO PUBLIC SERVICE:NATHAN A. MAXWELL ANDREW C. SULLIVANTHE DAVID S. Hu AWARDS, PROVIDE AN ANNUAL OPPORTUNITY TO REMEMBERDAVID S. Hu, A PROMISING STUDENT OF THE CLASS OF 2011, KNOWN FOR HISKINDNESS, INTELLECT, AND ENTHUSIASM FOR LEARNING AT THE UNIVERSITY OFCHICAGO, IN RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS WHO HAVE SHOWN EXCELLENCE INTHEIR ECONOMICS COURSE WORK AND CREATIVITY IN WRITING THEIR SENIORTHESES:MICHAEL GALPERINZHIDAGUIABHIGUPTA MICHELLE YUAN JIANGYINGXUAN QIUMICHAEL RICHARD SHELDONTHE HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE LIVED ALIFE OF HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND RESPONSIBIUTY, WITH A DEMONSTRATEDCOMMITMENT TO THE WELFARE OF THE GREATER COMMUNITY:SAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLANDJEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMAN INGRID ELISABET VIANNA SYDENSTRICKERTHE PETER HUTTENWCHER AND DOUGLAS BUCHANAN PRIZE INNEUROWGY, FOR THE BEST MEDICAL STUDENT CLINICIAN/RESEARCHER:RAMIN ALEXANDER MORSHEDTHE LEON O. JACOBSON PRIZE, FOR THE BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN ATTHE 70TH ANNuAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PH.D. STUDENT INTHE AREA OF BASIC SCIENCE INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICALSCHOOL:STEVEN R. BHUTRATHE LEON O. JACOBSON BASIC SCIENCE PRIZES, FOR THE MOST MERITORIOUSBASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH PERFORMED BY M.D.lPH.D. STUDENTS AT THE 70THANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:AKASH DIPAK PAREKH MARINA NASRIN SHARIFITHE CHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES BEST BA. EsSAY PRIZES,RECOGNIZING THE BEST B.A. THESES ON A TOPIC RELATED TO JEWISH STUDIES:ELIORA MICHAELA KATZRIVKA BAKER KEUSCH101THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE EARL S. AND EsTHER JOHNSON PRIZES, TO THOSE STUDENTS IN THEMAsTER OF ARTS PROGRAM WHOSE PAPERS BEST COMBINE HIGH SCHOLARLYACHIEVEMENT WITH CONCERN FOR HUMANISTIC ASPIRATIONS AND THEPRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES:CATHERINE COQUILLETTE JOSEPH ASHER WALLERSTEINTHE EMILE KARAFIOL PRIZE, FOR THE BEST BACHEWR'S ESSAY IN EUROPEANOR INTERNATIONAL HISTORY:BENJAMIN PETER SPIKOLTHE FRANCIS X. KiNAHAN MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO THE GRADUATING SENIORWHO HAS MADE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNIVERSITYTHEATER:GWENDOLYN MARGARET WIEGOLDTHE PATRICIA R KiRBY MULTI-SPORT ATHLETE AWARD, TO THE SENIORWOMAN ATHLETE WHO HAS RECEIVED THE GREATEST NUMBER OF MAJOR "C"LETTERS:BRIANNA NICOLE HICKEYTHE KiRKLAND & ELLIS CORPORATE LAB AWARDS OF ExCELLENCE,RECOGNIZING CORPORATE LAB STUDENTS IN 2015-2016 WHO, IN THEOPINION OF LAB FACULTY, HAVE DEMONSTRATED CONSISTENT LEADERSHIP ANDEXCELLENCE IN CORPORATE AND TRANSACTIONAL PRACTICE:LUCAS J. ARTAIZSHAHRZAD S. DANESHVAR LAUREN ELAENA FARAINOSTUDENTS WERE SELECTED FOR THIS HONOR AT THE END OF THEIR FIRST YEAR,SECOND YEAR, OR THIRD YEAR BASED ON SUPERIOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE.A TOTAL OF TEN PERCENT OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF THE LAw SCHOOLHAS BEEN DESIGNATED AS KiRKLAND & ELLIS SCHOLARS:DANIEL E. ALPERSTEINZACHARY R. CLARKCAROLINE ASHLEY COOKHANNAH LICHTIG COOKKURT FOWLERMARGARET M. GUIDOTTISHAUN MICHAEL HAINESEAMONN ROBERT CORKERY HARTMADELINE WARD LANSKYWILLIAM MICHAEL LARSENMICHAEL JOSEPH LOCKMANMAX H. LOOPER KRISTA JANE PERRYCHAD S. RICHMANPAULJ. ROGERSONPETER NAGY SALIBWILLIAM B. SNYDERWINEMARGARET ALLISON UPSHAWHUNTER A. VANCEMATTHEW STEPHEN WILLIAMSCAROLINE A. WONGMORGAN ELIZABETH YATESRYAN J. ZIELINSKIPETER JEFFREY CHENTHE FRANCES E. KNOCK PRIZES, FOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTIN BIOWGICAL CHEMISTRY:ALLEN CHENGZHI ZHUTHE FRANCES E. KNOCK PRIZE, FOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTIN CHEMISTRY:ALISON LYNN MCMANUSTHE ELLIS BONOFF KOHS AWARDS FOR ORCHESTRAL ExCELLENCE, PRESENTEDEACH YEAR TO OUTSTANDING STUDENT MUSICIANS IN THE UNIVERSITYSYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED THEHIGHEST LEVEL OF MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT ON A WOODWIND, BRASS, ORPERCUSSION INSTRUMENT, AS WELL AS EXTRAORDINA.RY COMMITMENT TO THEORCHESTRA:DANIEL KALMAN PHILLIPS ANNA MARGARET RIMLINGERTHE KPMG AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP AND SCHOLARSHIP RECOGNIZESACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AND OUTSTANDING INVOLVEMENT IN STUDENT LIFEAND ACTIVITIES:JACQUELYN MARIE DIMONTESHIRA T. HIRSH DANIEL FRANCIS RAHILLCHRISTOPHER BENJAMIN WALLACETHE MARTIN C. AND MARGA.RET M. LEE PRIZES HONOR THE BEST OVERALLPERFORMANCES ON THE CORE AND PRELIMINA.RY EXAMINATIONS IN THEDEPA.RTMENT OF ECONOMICS:YUEHAO BAl, Price CoreLIANGJIE WU, Macro CoreYUEHAO BAI, Quant Core102 POIN'THE JOHN HAESELER LEWIS PRIZES, AWARDED IN RECOGNITION OF THE BESTGRADUATING SENIORS CONCENTRATING IN PHYSICS: THEFISENIOFRESEARNINA MlREILLE COYLE SEUNG HWAN LEETHE SOWMON O. LICHTER MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A GRADUATING MAsTER'S KlRK EI:DEGREE STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FORSCHOLARSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP:CHRISTINE KREGG THENpRESEl"(GWB.&SAF]THE MARrON R AND ADOLPH J. LICHSTERN B.A. EsSAY PRIZE, FOR THEBEST B.A. ESSAY IN ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE FIELDS OF SOCIAL/CULTURAL!LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY:ELIZABETH FENSKE KNOPF NOAHCTHEeFIELD (THE LICHTSTERN DISSERTATION PRIZE, FOR THE BEST DOCTORALDISSERTATION IN ANTHROPOLOGY:KATHRYN ANNE MARINER THE IOUTSTIKlRK EIWlLLIATHE LINCOLN ACADEMY OF ILLINOIS STUDENT LAUREATE AWARD, FOR THEILLINOIS RESIDENT WHO ACHIEVES OVERALL EXCELLENCE IN CURRICULA.R ANDEXTRACURRICULA.R ACTIVITIES:CYNTHlA JENNIFER AVILA THECSTUDESCHOCNOURATHE SOCIETY FOR LINGUISTIC ANTHROPOLOGY GRADUATE EsSAY PRIZE:JANET ELIZABETH CONNORTHE KA.RL LLEWELLYN MEMORIAL CUP, FOR EXCELLENCE IN BRIEF WRITINGAND ORAL ADVOCACY IN THE HINTON MOOT COURT COMPETITION IN THELAw SCHOOL: THECCOMPAN ORCOMPLAUREN NICOLE BEEBETHE STEVEN LUKES MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOREXCELLENCE IN THE FIELDS OF BOTH INTERNAL MEDICINE AND NEUROWGY:ELIZABETH SANDIFER MUNROE ALLISCCYNTHDANIElJOSHUTHE IBACH]THE MADISON DEARBORN PA.RTNERS PRIVATE EQUITY AWARD, TO AGRADUATING FULL-TIME, EVENING, OR WEEKEND MBA PROGRAM STUDENTWHO HAS DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AND INTEREST IN PRIVATE EQUITYTHROUGH THE COURSES HE OR SHE HAS TAKEN AND HIS OR HER PA.RTICIPATIONIN PRIVATE EQUITY:MICHAEL B. EISINGER ANDRETHE (FIELDLENA 1THE MARK MAMOLEN PRIZES IN BUSINESS, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO STUDENTSWHO EXCEL IN THE A.REA OF BUSINESS LAW AS DETERMINED BY PERFORMANCEIN THE BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS COURSE: THE)MOLEDANIEZACHARY R. CLARKCAROLINE ASHLEY COOKKURT WESLEY FOWLER EAMONN ROBERT CORKERY HARTMAXH. LOOPERALASTAIR PETER PAPWORTH THE (FIELDTHE EDWIN F. MANDEL AWARDS, TO THE GRADUATES WHO HAVECONTRIBUTED MOST TO THE LAw SCHOOL'S CLINICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM: BRlTTlMICHAEL JOSEPH LOCKMANSTEPHANIE B. SPIRO ANDREW C. SULLIVANWUDlWU THE 1IAUN«BOOTTHE\,MITCI-THE IGNACIO MARTIN-BA.RO, S.]., HUMAN RIGHTS EsSAY AWARDS, PRESENTEDTO THE COLLEGE OR GRADUATE STUDENS WITH THE BEST HUMAN RIGHTSEsSAY:JOYCE SAUANN LV NADlAPERL THE�THOSUNIVTHE OSCA.R G. AND ELSA S. MAYER PRIZE, FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE INTHE M.B.A. PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OFBUSINESS: MOYUDAVID RICHARD PAULMEYER THEBACHJOSHlTHE MCKENZIE PRIZE IN GERMANIC STUDIES:JUCHI MUHULI PRATT HANNTHE DAVID BLAIR MCLAUGHLIN PRIZES, FOR ESSAYS DEMONSTRATING SPECIAL THESKILL AND SENSE OF FORM IN THE WRITING OF ENGLISH PROSE: FEMACHRISTOPHER BELLOERIN PAULINA HART MAYARYANfER'S[FORJOSHUA SONNY HARRISHANNAH MARIE VADA SHEA KAYLEIGH EVANGELINE VOSSWILLA YICHENG ZHANGI BESTTHE FRANKLIN McLEAN MEDICAL STUDENT REsEARCH AWARD, FORASENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT WHO HAS PERFORMED THE MOST MERITORIOUSRESEARCH:KIRK EDWARD CAHILLEJ) THE MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES ALUMNI PRIZE; FOR THE BESTpRESENTATION MADE BY A STUDENT IN THE AREA OF APPLIED SCHOLARSHIP(GWBAL HEALTH, COMMUNITY HEALTH, MEDICAL EDUCATION, OR QUALITY& SAFETY) AT THE 70TH SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:NOAH GILBERT SCHWARTZTHE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTS'D\NDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF MEDICAL PHYSICS:ADRIAN ALBERTO SANCHEZTHE DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOROUTS'D\NDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE:THE KIRK EDWARD CAHILL� AND WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAPIN GABRIELLE YI-HUI LIUTHE OUTS'D\NDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN MEDICINE, TO SENIORSTUDENTS FOR OUTS'D\NDING ACHIEVEMENT DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICALSCHOOL:NOURAJEHAN CHOUDHURYrING[HE THE OLGA AND PAUL MENN FOUNDATION PRIZES, IN ENGLISH, MUSICALCOMPOSITION OR PLAYWRITING, FOR AN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY OR NOVEL,AN ORIGINAL PLAY OF ONE OR MORE ACTS, OR AN ORIGINAL MUSICALCOMPOSITION BY STUDENTS IN THE GRADUATING CLASS:ALLISON JULIA TOREM, EnglishCYNTHIA QINGXI ZHANG, EnglishDANIEL ALEXANDER ACKERMAN, PlaywrightJOSHUA SONNY HARRIS, PlaywrightFORDGY:)ENT THE LEONARD B. MEYER PRIZE FOR MUSICAL ExCELLENCE, FOR THE BESTBACHELOR'S THESIS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC:ANDREW K. LINDSAYPATIONTHE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTS'D\NDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF MICROBIOWGY:LENATHOMERDENTSrnCE THE AWARDS FOR OUTS'D\NDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OFMOLECULAR GENETICS AND CELL BIOLOGY:DANIEL RICHARD SEMLOW JONATHAN DAVID WINKELMANTHE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTS'D\NDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF MOLECULAR METABOLISM AND NUTRITION:BRITTNEY RACHEAL COATSlAM:THE MOULDER STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS, TO STUDENTS WHO HAVELAUNCHED OR SIGNIFICANTLY GROWN A NEW VENTURE WHILE AT CHICAGOBOOTH AND HAVE WORKED CLOSELY WITH THE POLSKY CENTER TO ADVANCETHE VENTURE:ENTEDTS MITCHELL SPENCER KIRBY MICHAEL PINTARTHE JANE MORTON AND HENRY C. MURPHY AWARDS, PRESENTED TOTHOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE A UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION TO IMPROVINGUNIVERSITY STUDENT LIFE:NLOF MOYlNOLUWA ELIZABETH ADETIBA STEPHANIE ALICIA GREENETHE JANEL MUELLER UNDERGRADUATE THESIS PRIZES FOR THE BESTBACHELOR'S ESSAYS IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE:'ECIAL THE MARY JEAN MULVANEY SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARDS, TO THE MALE ANDFEMALE SENIOR ATHLETES WITH THE HIGHEST JUNIOR AND SENIOR GRADEPOINT AVERAGES:MAYA ANNE LEWINSOHNRYAN ALLEN MANZUK THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE THOMAS R. MULROY PRIZES, FOR EXCELLENCE IN APPELLATE ADVOCACYIN THE LAw SCHOOL:LAUREN NICOLE BEEBETHOMAS JAMES BELESIUZACHARY R. CLARKHANNAH LICHTIG COOKTHOMAS ELLIOT GAISERJESSICA JEAN GIULITTOCONSTANCE I. GRIEVESEAMONN ROBERT CORKERY HART DARELL D'ANGELO HAYESMADELINE WAR!) LANSKYSAMUEL JAHANGIRDEVEN PARMARKRISTA JANE PERRYTIMOTHY A. WHITERYAN J. ZIELINSKITHE HOWELL MURRAY-ALUMNI AsSOCIATION AWARDS, TO RECOGNIZE THOSESTUDENTS JUDGED OUTSTANDING FOR THEIR LEADERSHIP AND CONTRIBUTIONSTO THE VI'D\LITY AND CREATIVITY OF STUDENT LIFE ON THE MIDWAY:EMMA SHlRATO ALMONSTEPHANIE BIBENITA KAUR GLAMOURMICHAEL PERRY GOODYEARRUSSELL SLOANE HATHAWAYMAIRA AZRA KHWAJAAMANUEL MICHAEL KIBROMMADELINE ERDNTOYAN KLINGER GRACE HEE-EUN KOHMAREN ELIZABETH LOEBENJAMIN LUSAMBATYLER SEAN ROSSELIZABETH PAIGE SCHUTZEMMA MAHDIEH TEHRANITANANYA THAMTHIENGWEN ZHAO XINGTHE RUTH Mu�y EsSAY PRIZE OF THE CENTER FOR GENDER STUDIES,HONORING THE BEST ESSAY WRITTEN IN THE AREAS OF WOMEN'S STUDIES,FEMINIST CRITICISM, OR GENDER STUDIES:KRISTOFER ROBERT ROSENTELTHE NORMAN H. NACHTRIEB MEMORIAL AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE INUNDERGRADUATE STUDIES OF CHEMISTRY, AWARDED EACH YEAR TO ANOUTS'D\NDING STUDENT IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:JOSEPH BENJAMIN SOLOMONTHE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF NEUROBIOLOGY:MICHAEL FRANCIS PRIESTTHE DEPARTMENT OF NEUROWGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTFOR OUTS'D\NDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:SAMMITA MALLUR SATYAN�YANTHE NICHOLSON CENTER B.A THESIS PRIZES, FOR THE BEST SENIOR B.ATHESES IN THE AREA OF BRITISH STUDIES BASED ON THE USE OF PRIMARYMATERIALS IN ANY CONCENTRATION OR DISCIPLINE:GERALD PHILIP CREAN IV FILIP GEAMANTHE NICHOLSON CENTER MAPH THESIS PRIZE, FOR THE BEST MA. THESISIN THE MASTER OF ARTs PROGRAM IN THE HUMANITIES WITH AN EMPHASISON BRITISH STUDIES BROADLY CONCEIVED (INCLUDING BRITAIN, IRELAND,AND THE FORMER BRITISH EMPIRE):ERIN ROSE HASTEY ANYAJULIET METZERTHE ELIZABETH R. NORTON PRIZE FOR ExCELLENCE IN REsEARCH INCHEMISTRY:KUANGDALUTHE DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIORMEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTS'D\NDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OFOBSTETRICS AND GYNECOWGY:ALLISON ELIZABETH GRUBBSTHE DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGY AND VISUAL SCIENCE AWARDS, TOSENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD:MEGAN ROSE SILAS BLAKE LOUIS WILLIAMSTHE J USTIN PALMER PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY BY THE DEPARTMENT OFNEAR EASTERN LANGUAGES AND CIVILIZATIONS TO THE UNDERGRADUATEMAJOR WHO SUBMITS THE BEST SENIOR HONORS PAPER:NICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAY103THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:MARIE ELIZABETH PERRONEMICHELLE LENA MILLER MATTHEW AUGUST ODENWALDTHE PERFORMING ARTS COLLABORATOR AWARD, RECOGNIZING THEGRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED THE SPIRIT OFCOLLABORATION BETWEEN 1WO OR MORE ARTS GROUPS ON CAMPUS:ELEANOR ALANNA CLIFFORDTHE PERFORMING ARTs LEADERSHIP AWARD, RECOGNIZING THE GRADUATINGSTUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED ARTS LEADERSHIP IN A SINGLEPERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATION ON CAMPUS:ELISABETH NOELLE DEL TOROTHE CHAIRMAN'S AWARD IN PHYSICS, TO RECOGNIZE A PHYSICS STUDENTWHO HAS EXHIBITED OUTSTANDING SERVICE TO THE DEPARTMENT, THEUNIVERSITY, OR THE LOCAL COMMUNITY:RUFUS MURDOCH BOYACKTHE CAsPER PLATT AWARD, FOR THE OUTSTANDING PAPER WRITTEN BY ASTUDENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:MARGARET ALLISON UPSHAWTHE TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DIVISION OFTHE PHYSICAL SCIENCES IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OFUNDERGRADUATES:ALAN CHANGHEMA CASEY PAUL RODRIGUEZTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING APPLIED SCHOLARSHIPPRESENTED BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT:ANDREW JOSEPH GOLDENTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING BASIC SCIENTIFICINVESTIGATION PRESENTED BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT:AKASH DIPAK PAREKHTHE AWARDS FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONIN CLINICAL OR SOCIAL SCIENCES BY SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS:NOURAJEHAN CHOUDHURY SAHITYA KRISHNA CHANDRA DENDULURITHE PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARDS RECOGNIZING VOLUNTEERSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED A SUPERIOR COMMITMENT TO SERVICE IN THEGREATER COMMUNITY DURING THE PAST ACADEMIC YEAR:SYEDA AKILA ALLYPHILLIP JOHNSON HSU VICTORIA WANGTHE PRITZKER LEADERSHIP AWARDS, TO SENIORS FOR OUTSTANDINGEXTRACURRICULAR ACCOMPLISHMENTS DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICALSCHOOL:KATHERINE GIVEN LIGHENBERGJACQUELINE MEADOW JULIA MARIE MHLABATHE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ADVOCACY AND EQUITY ADVOCACYAWARD, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS WHO DEMONSTRATE ADVOCACYWITHIN OUR INSTITUTION OR OUTSIDE FOR SERVICE, RESEARCH, AND POLICYCHANGES WHICH ADDRESS INEQUITIES IN HEALTH AND/OR HEALTHCARE, ASWELL AS LEADERSHIP IN PROMOTING A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY ATPRITZKER AND IN NURTURING A WARM AND SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FORALL - REGARDLESS OF IDENTITY:SCOTT R. GOLDBERGTHE PRO BONO SERVICE INITIATIVE AWARD OF ExCELLENCE, TO THEGRADUATE OF THE LAw SCHOOL WHO HAS COMPLETED THE MOST PRO BONOSERVICE HOURS:SARAH ELIZABETH WILBANKS104 THEOEM<PATHLAURTHE JOHN VAN PROHASKA AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING POTENTIAL INTEACHING, RESEARCH, AND CLINICAL MEDICINE:RAMIN ALEXANDER MORSHED THEJ<EXCEL!UNTO �VALUESTEAMNNAT HAlTHE CENTER FOR REsEARCH IN SECURITY PRICES AWARD, TO A STUDENT INTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FOR ExCELLENCEIN FINANCE:BRADLEY ALEX POWELL THEeTHECOEPENMEANSFUNDSCALVINTHE RISE Up AWARDS, TO STUDENTS WHOSE ENGAGEMENT WITH MEMBERSOF THE CAMPUS COMMUNITY REPRESENT THE UNIVERSITY'S SHAREDCOMMITMENT TO THE VALUES OF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION:VO RAM YOON YEOTHE JOHN GRAY RHIND AWARD, TO AN ADVANCED STUDENT IN THE MINISTRYPROGRAM AT THE DIVINITY SCHOOL WHOSE EXCELLENCE IN ACADEMICAND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING GIVES NOTABLE PROMISE OF A SIGNIFICANTCONTRIBUTION TO THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH:MARCUS CHRISTIAN LOHRMANN THEATHESEPETERTHElSENIOICOMMMICHETHE ROCKEFELLER CHAPEL ORGAN SCHOLARSHIP, AWARDED TO A STUDENTWHO SHOWS SIGNIFICANT PROMISE AS A KEYBOARD PERFORMER ANDWHO PLAYS A LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE CHAPEL'S ORGAN STUDIO AS ANAMBASSADORS FOR STUDENTS TAKING LESSONS IN ORGAN PERFORMANCE:BRYAN ALEXANDER MCGUIGGIN THE!WHO]PROFIITHE MARY ROBERTS SCOTT MEMORIAL PRIZES, GIVEN TO MEDICAL STUDENTSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE DURINGBOTH THE BASIC AND CLINICAL SCIENCE YEARS:TALIA CEIL SHEAR ANNAlLORENRESHATHE!GRADlEXCEPPAULESARA �THE WALTER AND FAY SELOVE PRIZES, FOR DEMONSTRATING EXCELLENTPROMISE FOR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH IN PHYSICS:PATRICK JAMES JENSEN JOSEPH ARTHUR MITTELSTAEDTTHE JOAN SHIU AWARD, TO PROVIDE RECOGNITION TO STUDENTS WHO HAVERENDERED EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AS VOLUNTEERS IN THE DEPARTMENT OFCHEMISTRY AS SELECfED BY THEIR FELLOW STUDENTS: THE]OUTS1KEVINREBECCA E. BLACK BOXUANZHAOTHE;HIGHACTIeTHE PAUL SHOREY FOREIGN STUDY PRIZE, FORA DESERVING STUDENT OFGREEK OR lATIN FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE ATHENS OR ROME PROGRAM INTHE COLLEGE:TIMOTHY EDWARD CUNNINGHAM GREG(THE SIDLEY AUSTIN PRIZES, TO A LAw SCHOOL STUDENT IN EACH SECfION OFTHE FIRST YEAR LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PROGRAM WHOSE BRIEF WASJUDGED TO BE MOST OUTSTANDING AND DESERVING OF RECOGNmON: THEAWA]SIGNITHE)KENNETH BARSHOPRACHEL EMILY COHNKRISTA JANE PERRYREBECCA E. SMITH MARGARET ALLISON UPSHAWHUNTER A. VANCEADAM J. WEINER RlCH}THEGRADARTISOANIITHE SOCIAL IMPACf LEADERSHIP AWARD, TO A GRADUATING FULL-TIME,EVENING, OR WEEKEND MBA PROGRAM STUDENT WHO HAS DEMONSTRATEDLEADERSHIP AND INTEREST IN SOCIAL IMPACf THROUGH THE COURSES HE ORSHE HAS TAKEN AND/OR HIS OR HER PARTICIPATION IN SOCIAL ENTERPRISEINITIATIVES:SERENA ERIKA HOHMANN THERECOCONlWORlBRANTYO.THE SOCIETY FOR ACADEMIC EMERGENCY MEDICINE ExCELLENCE AWARD,FOR DEMONSTRATED EXCELLENCE IN THE SPECIALTY OF EMERGENCYMEDICINE:ANDREW JOSEPH GOLDEN THEWHOHANrTHE AMos ALONZO SUGG MEDAL, TO A SENIOR MALE ATHLETE WHO HASCOMBINED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE AND ABILITY, LEADERSHIP, CHARACfER,SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO TEAM SUCCESS, AND SCHOLARSHIP:VINCENT DOMENICO BELTRANO�RSfIN£NCE THE JOSEPH STAMPF MEDAL, TO THE SENIOR PLAYER WHO STRIVES FOREXCELLENCE AS A MAN AND AS A BASKETBALL PLAYER; WHO GIVES OF HIMSELFUNTO THE LIVES OF HIS TEAMMATES; AND WHOSE COMMITMENT TO HIGHVALUES AND INTEGRITY IS EXPRESSED IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH HISTEAMMATES AND COACHES:NATHAN BROOKS IIITHE GAY K. AND JOHN R. STANEK PRIZES, AWARDED TO STUDENTS INTHE COLLEGE WHO SHOW PROMISE FOR A LIFE OF CIVIC ACTION, WHO AREDEPENDENT IN WHOLE OR IN PART ON HIS OR HER OWN EFFORTS FOR THEMEANS OF ATTENDING THE COLLEGE, AND WHO WILL RELY ON THE PRIZEFUNDS TO CONTINUE HIS OR HER EDUCATION:CALVIN FRANK COTTRELL STEPHANIE JULIE DIAZ-lISTRY THE ADLAI STEVENSON THESIS PRIZES, FOR THE OUTSTANDING BACHELOR'STHESES IN INTERNATIONAL STUDIES:PETER JOHN SMAGACZ KENNY WONGtNT THE URBAN HEALTH INITIATIVE STRONGIN COMMUNITY SERVICE PRIZES, TOSENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED THE MOST THROUGHCOMMUNITY SERVICE:MICHELLE ASHLEY TSANGTHE LOUIS SUDLER PRIZES IN THE CREATIVE ARTS, TO GRADUATING SENIORSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED EXCELLENCE OR THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OFPROFICIENCY IN THE CREATIVE ARTS:ANNA CLAlRE ATKESONLORENZO JOSEPH CONTERESHAD MONSUR ALISON LEIGH TITUSCAMBRIA ARION WHITCOMBTHE NATHAN SUGARMAN TEACHING AWARDS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY, TOGRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:PAUL BRADLEY CALIOSARA KENYON HESS LAURA CHRISTINE WATKINSAVETHE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF SURGERY:KEVIN MICHAEL WYMERIN THE SOL TAX PRIZE, FOR THE DOCTORAL DISSERTATION WHICH COMBINESHIGHEST INTELLECTUAL MERIT WITH RELEVANCE TO ANTHROPOLOGY ANDACTION:GREGORY DUFF MORTONNOF� THE UNIVERSITYTHEATERITHEATERAND PERFORMANCE STUDIES TECHNICALAWARD, IN SUPPORT OF THE GRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS MADE THE MOSTSIGNIFICANT DESIGN AND TECHNICAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE UNIVERSITYTHEATER DURING THEIR COLLEGIATE EXPERIENCE:RICHARD BENJAMIN SULSERin)R THE THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES AWARD, RECOGNIZING THEGRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED THE INTEGRATION OFARTISTIC AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:DANIELE ALEY WIEDERTHE THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES ExEMPLARY MENTOR AWARDS,RECOGNIZING THE GRADUATING SENIORS WHO HAVE MADE OUTSTANDINGCONTRIBUTIONS THROUGH MENTORSHIP TO THE UNIVERSITY THROUGH THEIRWORK WITH PERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATIONS:BRANDON MARCUS CALLENDERTYO. EASLEY JULIA LILI SANTHATHE ELSBETH THILENIUS CHORAL SCHOLARSHIP, AWARDED TO THE STUDENTWHO MADE THE CHAPEL CONGREGATION GLAD WITH THEIR MUSIC:HANNAH O'SULLIVAN LANDESTHE LEONARD Tow HUMANISM IN MEDICINE AWARD, FOR CONSISTENTLYDEMONSTRATING COMPASSION AND EMPATHY IN THE DELIVERY OF CARE TOPATIENTS AND ILLUSTRATING PROCESSIONAL BEHAVIOR BY EXAMPLE:LAUREN HOBBS THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE UNSUNG HERO AWARDS, RECOGNIZING STUDENTS WHO HAVE POSITIVELYINFLUENCED A PROGRAM OR ORGANIZATION FROM BEHIND THE SCENESWITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD GOALS, A WILLINGNESS TO HELP INWHATEVER CAPACITY NECESSARY, AND A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN THECOMPLETION OF TASKS AND DUTIES:SHERRY X1NRU HEARIELLA PAULA KATZ ALEJANDRO SEPULVEDA MENDOZATHE VIJAY, '77, AND SITA VASHEE PROMISING ENTREPRENEUR AWARD, TOTHE GRADUATING FULL-TIME M.B.A., EVENING M.BA., OR WEEKENDM.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENT HAVING THE BEST SCHOLASTIC RECORD INENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OFBUSINESS:ALYSSA JOY JAFFEETHE CURTIS AND SUSAN WILLING AWARD, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO HONORA SECOND-YEAR STUDENT IN CHICAGO BOOTH WITH AN OUTSTANDINGACADEMIC RECORD IN FINANCE AFTER THEIR FIRST YEAR OF STUDY:ITZHAK SIGRONTHE WILMA WALKER HONOR AWARD, TO A STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THE FIRST YEARAND FOR THE PROMISE OF FUTURE ACHIEVEMENT IN SOCIAL WORK:ALEJANDRO MONROY-VELEZTHE DAVID WALLACE AWARDS, FOR OUTSTANDING WORK BY GRADUATESTUDENTS IN APPLIED STATISTICS:MARC GOESSLINGKUSHAL KUMAR DEYTHE GREGOR WENTZEL PRIZE, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATETEACHING IN THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS BY A FIRST-YEAR GRADUATESTUDENT TUTOR:WEIQUANTHE GREGOR WENTZEL GRADUATE RESEARCH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATESTUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS:KARTIK PRABHUTHE BRUCE WINSTEIN PRIZE, FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT BY A PHYSICSSTUDENT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTATION:ALBERT RYOUTHE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC AsSOCIATION AND ORDER OF THE "C" MOSTVALUABLE PLAYER AWARDS, PRESENTED TO ATHLETES WHO MAKE ASIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM AND BEST DEMONSTRATE SKILL,LOYALTY, AND SPORTSMANSHIP:CAITLIN MARIE MOORE, Basketball- WOmenJORDAN CHRISTOPHER SMITH, Basketball-MenKRISTIN OFELIA LOPEZ, SoftballDAVID JIANG LIU, Tennis-MenRACHEL YOONHEE KIM, Tennis- WOmenNKEMDILIM ASHLEY NWAOKOLO, Track 6- Field Outdoor- WOmenANDREW CHOW MANEVAL, Track 6- Field Outdoor-MenTHOMAS WARREN MEEK, Swimming 6- Diving-MenMICHELLE LYNN DOBBS, Track & Field Indoor- WOmenALISON MICHELLE WALL, Swimming & Diving- WOmenNICOLE CHRISTINE MULLEN, Soccer- WOmenJORGE ALEJANDRO BILBAO, Soccer-MenSAMUEL WOODFIN COLEMAN, FootballKHIA EILEEN KURTENBACH, Cross Country- WOmenMICHAEL T. FRASCO, Cross Country-MenRAGINE ALETHEA GRAVES, VolleyballGARETH DAVID JONES, Track 6- Field Indoor-MenTHE DIANA WOO MEMORIAL AWARD, FOR ExCELLENCE IN CLINICALPEDIATRICS:NOAH GILBERT SCHWARTZTHE F. HO�LL WRIGHT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PEDIATRICS:ALLISON ELIZABETH GRUBBS105THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE WROBEL TROPHY AWARD, TO THE WRESTLER WHO HAS SCORED THEMOST TEAM POINTS DURING THE SEASON:DEVAN MICHAEL RICHTERTHE GUARANG AND KANwAL YODH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING WORK IN ExPERIMENTAL PHYSICS:JEFFREY ROGERS DANDOYELLA PATRICIA BUTLERNATALJA DENISE CZARNECKIDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY MARK HANNA WATKINS POST-FIELDFELWWSHIPSCHRISTOPHER MICHAEL GRANTEMMA ELIZABETH HITEEDUJUANFERNMADTHE ARNOLD ZELLNER DOCTORAL PRIZE, TO A DOCTORAL STUDENT FROM CHATITHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS WHOSE RESEARCH MARTHCONTRIBUTES TO THE APPLICATION OF BAYESIAN METHODOWGY IN FINANCEAND INVESTMENTS:SHUANGZHOUFELLOWSHIPSACOR-CAORC PRE-DOCTORATE FELWWSHIPZACHARY DAVID SHELDONALPHA OMEGA ALPHA CAROLYN KUCKEIN STUDENT REsEARCH FELWWSHIPBOBIEJO AVA FERGUSONARTHUR ADKINS SUMMER FELLOWSHIPWILLIAM DOUGLAS JONESAMERICAN COUNCILS TITLE VIII REsEARCH GRANTKAITLYN JANE TUCKERAMERICAN HEART AsSOCIATION PREDOCTORAL FELWWSHIPSJENNIFER LA ALICJA SANTOSAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDIAN STUDIES ACADEMIC YEAR LANGUAGEFELWWSHIPSANJALI ANANDANDREW DRESDEN KERRJESSE CAMPBELL PRUITT JUSTIN NATHANIEL SMOLINKYLE JEFFERY TREMBLEYAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDIAN STUDIES SUMMER LANGUAGE FELWWSHIPSJAZMIN GRAVESERIC MOSES GUREVITCHANDREW DOWDLE HALLADAYZOE WOODBURY HIGH ANDREW CARL KUNZEJUSTIN NATHANIEL SMOLINKYLE JEFFERY TREMBLEYAMERICAN MEDICAL AsSOCIATION FOR AN AMA PHYSICIANS OF TOMORROWSCHOLARSHIPJULIA MARIE MHLABAAMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY-LEWIS AND CLARK FUND FORExPWRATION AND FIELD REsEARCHHANNAH RENEE MCELGUNNAMERICAN PHIWSOPHlCAL SOCIETY PHILLIPS FUND FOR NATIVE AMERICANREsEARCHHANNAH RENEE MCELGUNNAMERICAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE IN TURKEY SUMMER LANGUAGE FELLOWSHIPMARIA ISABEL LACHENAUERAMERICAN REsEARCH INSTITUTE OF THE SOUTH CAUCASUS (ARISC) JUNIORREsEARCH FELWWSHIPNATALJA DENISE CZARNECKIAMHERST COLLEGE COPELAND COLWQUIUM FELLOWSHIPJENNIFER YIDA PANDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOWGY LEIFFER PRE-FIELD REsEARCH FELWWSHIPSALEJANDRA AZUERO QUIJANODAMIEN ALEXANDER BRIGHTHANNAH E. BURNETTJANET ELIZABETH CONNORSONIA ALEXANDRINE PORELLE GRANTDO DOMKIM BRIEL KOBAKHILARY M. LEATHEMSTACY ANN PAPESTEVEN DANIEL SCHWARTZLAUREN VIVIAN SUTHERLAND106 CHlCAMATTHYOUNCCHIllSONYACIC/�LAURACOLUAIrr 1-MARINNICOLA JANE BARHAMART INSTITUTE OF CHICAGO MELLON CURATORIAL REsEARCH FELWWSHIPSJENNIFER ROSE COHEN COLl.]RACHEBECKMAN SCHOLARS PROGRAM IN MOLECULAR SCIENCES FELWWSHIPSELLEN JEAN IVERSON ANDREW VINCENT MOLINA COLLIREsruBOXUlMATTHEW JAKE FRASERBERLIN PROGRAM IN ADVANCED GERMAN STUDIES OF THE FREIEUNIVERSITAET BERLINKIERAlCOIDCAROLINE LILLIAN SCHOPPBRIGHAM YOUNG UNIVERSITY RELIGIOUS EDUCATION DISSERTATION GRANTMONICA LOUISE PHILLIPSMEGAN AUSTIN RENSHAWTHE GOOGLE ANITA BORG MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP HENR1GRACIMADENICH(CARA'LILIAN JIAMIN HUANGMICHAEL WILLIAM O.lITIZ MYERS CARNEGIE ENDOWMENT JUNIORFELWWSHIPSo MAR JULAIN SAFADI CSC:CEAS DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPSBRITTA ELISABETH INGEBRETSONYEONJULEEBENJAMIN DAVID ROSSYOKE HIM NICHOLAS WONGCEAS PRE-DISSERTATION GRANTSWILLIAM CARROLLNAIXI FENGCATERINA FUGAZZOLAALIZ HORVATHCEAS PROFESSIONAL TRAINING GRANTSYIN CAlCARL ERNEST KUBLERJIIN LINALEXANDER SCOTT MURPHYERIN NEWTON BRITTJINXUJINYANYUQIANYAN CSRlMINY(CSRlCAYCIZHIYANYANGALICEYEHYINXIAN ZHANG OAAPETEFEMMJOAAJENNlSOPHIA IKEGAMI SHERRYSUSAN DAN SUBRUCE WINKELMANYIREN ZHENG OAT)JONA:JOSHlOAVlSCOTT WADE AALGAARDNORIKO KANAHARACEAS TOYOTA DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPSGLAIJOSHIJUNHEELEENARAPARKJESSI<CENTER FOR ARABIC STUDY ABROAD FELLOWSHIPSHARON ELANA JACOBS Om.CENTER FOR LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES TINKER FIELD REsEARCH GRANTS KATHNATAFRANCO BAVONI ESCOBEDOJONATHAN MARK DEMINGINES ESCOBAR GONZALEZLORNA ASHLEY HADLOCKRAYMOND ALEXANDER HUNTERAGNES MONDRAGON CELIS OCHOACARLY OFFIDANI-BERTRANDEILIN RAFAEL PEREZ STEVEN DANIEL SCHWARTZGABRIEL VELEZPERRY A. WONG,OMKRISTIN NICOLE ZODROWCHATEAUBRIAND FELWWSHIPSSEARCH MARTIN CARROLL DOPPELT TOMMASO SABBATINI/\NCECHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES REsEARCH & TRAVEL GRANTSMATTHEW RICHARD JOHNSONYOUNG BOK KIM RACHEL NICOLE SCHINECHILDREN'S CORPS FELWWSHIPSONYA DEVI CHAUDHRYCIC/SMITHSONIAN FELWWSHIPLAURA CATHERINE SOUTHCOTTCOLLEGE ART AsSOCIATION PROFESSIONAL DEVEWPMENT FELWWSHIP INART HISTORYMARIN SARVE-TARR,HIPS CoLLEGE DE FRANCE ExCHANGE FELWWSHIPSRACHEL CLARE KYNE JACQUELINE GRACE VICTORCOLLEGE DE FRANCE SCIENCE REsEARCH TRAVEL GRANT FOR DOCTORALREsEARCH IN PARISBOXUANZHAOCOUNCIL FOR EUROPEAN STUDIES PRE-DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPKIERAN MATTHEW KELLEYRANT THE CRITICAL LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM FELWWSHIPSHENRY ATTICUS BALLESTEROSGRACE MAYA BOLOGNAMADELINE ISABEL.DE FIGUEIREDONICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAYCARA CHRISTENBERRY NORA CLARE NOVOTNAK JACOBSEN BENHAMMEDCOURTNEY KAINNICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAYMALINI K. SINGHKELSYE CHRISTINA TURNERCSGS DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPSBRITTA ELISABETH INGEBRETSON KATHERINA MARIA MOTYLCSRPC DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPMINYONGLEECSRPC-CSGS JOINT DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPCAYCE C. HUGHESDMD GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPSPETER JEFFREY CHENEMMA ROSE GOEHLER MADELINE ERDNTOYAN KLINGERBRANDON RILEY WALDONDMD INTENSIVE LANGUAGE FELWWSHIPJENNIFER YIDA PANDATA SCIENCE FOR SOCIAL GOOD FELWWSHIPSJONATHAN THOMAS KEANEJOSHUA GARY MAUSOLF JOHANNA OLIVIA TORRENCEDAVIS PROJECT FOR PEACE PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSJOSHUA JOHN KRAMER NATALIE ROSE RICHARDSONGLADYS KruEBLE DELMAS FOUNDATION GRANTS FOR VENETIAN STUDIESJESSICA GABRIEL PERITZDUNN REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPS IN ENGUSHrs KATHLEEN LEEANN COLENATALIE ROSE RICHARDSONEDUCATION PIONEERS SUMMER FELWWSHIPSJUAN PABLO BRAUNFERNANDO ANDRES COELLOMADELINE STEVENSON KING EHESS ExCHANGE FELWWSHIPJOHN SKYLOR CROPPER THE AWARD OF HONORSDEPARTMENT OF ENERGY NATIONAL NUCLEAR SECURITY ADMINISTRATIONSTEWARDSHIP SCIENCE GRADUATE FELWWSHIPVIKTOR FERENC ROZSAMICA AND AHMET ERTEGUN GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMME IN THEHUMANITIESPRANAV KUMAR JAINTHERESA ANN ANASTIFAHs-BECK DOCTORAL DISSERTATION GRANTSCHARITY LYNNE ANDERSONFIELD MUSEUM WOMEN IN SCIENCE FELWWSHIPSUPRIYADAVID JONATHAN KNIGHTFORD FOUNDATION PRE-DOCTORAL FELWWSHIPSMARCUS LEEFOREIGN LANGUAGE AND AREA STUDIES FELWWSHIPSAcademic YearFIRAS IBRAHIM ALKHATEEBERIN MARY ATWELLJAHNABI BAROOAHGRACE ANNE BICKERSKEEGAN BOYARCHRISTY MONET BRANDLYJOSEPHINE BRILLDEREK MICHAEL BUYANMARIEL COLBERTPAULO DO NASCIMENTO BRITOLORNA ASHLEY HADLOCKANDREW DOWDLE HALLADAYZACHARY NICHOLAS HEBERTJOSEPH N. HERMIZZOE WOODBURY HIGHMAGGIE KATHRYN BOROWITZCHRISTY MONET BRANDLYMEGAN BROOKMANFRANKLIN E. DEESETIMOTHY DEMAYKSENIA ALEXEYEVNA ERSHOVAJOSE ESTRADAJEFFREY PATRICK GEIGERLORNA ASHLEY HADLOCKMARIELLE BURR HARRISONJENNA MARIE HENDERSONDAVID HARRY HOGUEALLISON LEIGH KANNERANDREW LOUIS KATZENSTEIN DAVID HARRY HOGUECARL ERNEST KUBLERALYSIA MANN CAREYERIN ELIZABETH MCCULLUGHVIRAJ RAJANIKANT PATELSAMANTHA LEIGH PELLEGRINOEILIN RAFAEL PEREZKYLE AUSTIN PETERSHANNA MARIE PICKWELLNICHOLAS POSEGAYTZVI HIRSCH SCHOENBERGTAREK HAKEEM SHAGOSHALEXANDER REZA SHAMSBENJAMIN COLEMAN VAN ZEEROY ALBERT KIMMEY IIICARL ERNEST KUBLERPATRICK CHARLES LEWISALYSIA MANN CAREYJEFF MINGOEILIN RAFAEL PEREZALEXANDRA MONTERO PETERSKYLE AUSTIN PETERSHANNA MARIE PICKWELLMEDARDO GABRIEL ROSARIOJONAH SIMPSONBENJAMIN COLEMAN VAN ZEEKYLE DANIEL WYNTER-STONERFOREIGN LANGUAGE ACQUISITION GRANTSAMIL SHARIF ADAMLINDSEY MARIE ADAMSCORBIN B. ALLARDICEREBECCA ANNE ASKINS-GASTCARINA FRANZISKA BAKERSAMUEL FOLEY BAUREISNICOLLE MARR BERTOZZIJACKSON TAYLOR BIERFELDTALIYAH MICHAELA BIXBY-DRIESENKRYSTEN ANIK BRAYCHRISTOPHER EDWARD BREENWILLIAM JOHN BURSICHLILY JIALE CHENCHLOE ISABELLE CIPOLLANICHOLAS TYLER DINAPOLI DANIEL JAKE EBERTSPRIYANKASARAIYAFARRELLKAESHA MARIE FREYALDENHOVENTAVISH GIORGIO GANTZCOLIN JOHN GARONELIZABETH ANN GILBERTPETER FRANKLIN GOLDBERGMICHAEL PERRY GOODYEARIAN C. HAFLEYEMILY KATHLEEN HANSENJESSICA LYNNE HARDWICKJINGHUANGELISABETH DANBY HUHANDREW DANIEL HUNGATEALEXANDER DAVID TOMAN JARMANTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOLINDSEY MEGAN JAYNEAL MICHAEL JOCHMANNSHREYA REDDY KALVAKIRAKEMITCHELLJURRELLLE�SGLEN EDWARD LITCHFIELDJOHN ACTON LOTUSJOYCE SAUANN LVJENNIFER KATHY MARTINEZANDREW KENNETH MCVEALAURELMENGDAVID MILLSTEINDAVID MONREALYURI STEPHANIE MOTOYAMANATALIE O'BRIEN NACULICHMELISSA MAY NADEAUANNA BELLE NEWPORTDAVID CHRISTOPHER NITZCARA AMELIA PIRAINOBRYAN DAMILOLA POPOOLABROOKE ARIEL PROVINCHAINIAN CLIFFORD RACKSONPATRICK FINIAN REILLYFRAN<;OIS FURET TRAVEL GRANTSBASTIEN JEAN CRAIPAINCAITLIN MARY HOFFNICHOLAS O'NEILL 527TH CONVOCATION�LLIAMJ. RHEEANNA MARGARET RIMLINGERCECILIA RESENDE SANTOSMARINA RESENDE SANTOSSHOSHANA ANNA SCHOENFELDSOPHIA CASALE SHENGMICHAEL QUINN SIEDLECKIJOSHUA MICHAEL SILVERGABRIELA N. SKIFSTADLAUREN CHRISTINE SMITH�LLIAM CARL THOMASANTHONY G. THUMPASERYSHRABYA TIMSINASHUBHA VEDULAGARETH LENNOX WALSHHANTAOWANGMIANWANGSARAH WATANASKULJIACHENG YANSARAH ELIZABETH YOUNGGINA YUZHEYANG ZHENGKRISTIN NICOLE ZODROWJOHANNA ALAIMO PACYGASASHA ANNALICIA ROHRETYUEYUANFRANKE INSTITlTfE FOR THE HUMANITIES DISSElITATION FELWWSHIPSANDREW STAMM INCHIOSATHOMAS PATRICK KELLYBRANDEN DAVID KOSCH DANIELA LICANDROADHIRA NANDA MANGALAGIRIFRANKE INSTITlTfE FOR THE HUMANITIES DISSElITATION COMPLETIONFELLOWSHIPREBECCA ANN CRISAFULLIXANTHE TANJA GALLATEYINLAMHAOEARL R FRANKLIN REsEARCH FELWWSHIPS IN PSYCHOLOGYHAOZHESHANZACHARY LEE TRAILFUERSTENBERG FELWWSHIPSKIRSTEN COLLINSMENACHEM MENDEL KRANZDANYARAQUELLAGOS TZVI HERSH SCHOENBERGYONATAN TZVI SHEMESHKEVIN MARK BLANKINSHIPCHRISTOPHER ALEXANDER GATTOFULBRIGHT-HAYS DISSERTATION REsEARCH ABROAD FELWWSHIPSEMMA CHRISTINE KALBDAVID ANTHONY KROLIKOSKIFULBRIGHT U.S. STUDENT PROGRAM FELWWSHIPSJAMAL ABED-RABBOPETER JEFFREY CHENRYANCHIEWCONNOR SIMON CUNNINGHAMANDREA KARINA HAIDARMIRIAM LISE HAUSERTIMOTHY ANDREW JUANGROY ALBERT KIMMEY IIIJAMES WILLIAM KISELIKDANIEL DAVID KNORRVERONIKA KONDEVDAVID JOSEPH LEBOVITZDEIRDRE THERESA LYONSTHE GATES CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARSHIPBRIAN PAUL GOLDSPIEL108 NABANJAN MAITRAANNA BELLE NEWPORTMOIRA KRISTIN O'SHEAERIC TIMOTHY PHILLIPSEMILY JANINE RAPDAVID MICHAEL REHERANATOLE UPARTJOSHUA RAMON VERANANCY DEE VUEBRANDON RILEY WALDONMATTHEW DORSEY WALSHMARGARETZHUOERWANGTYLER NATHAN �LKINSON THE GERMAN ACADEMIC ExCHANGE SERVICE (DAAD) REsEARCHFELWWSHIPCHENXIN JIANGLEON GOLDEN UNDERGRADUATE REsEARCH FELWWSHIPHEEYOUNG PARKBARRY M. GOLDWATER SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SCIENCEBENJAMIN AARON LOWESETH �LLIAM MUSSER JONATHAN ROBERT SORCEGRAINGER GRADUATE FELWWSHIPSLOGAN �LLIAM CLARK MARTIN �LLIAM SCHEELERDAVID W GRAINGER SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPJOHN ANDRIS ROBERTSCHARLES M. GRAY FELWWSHIP FOR LAw, LETTERS, AND SOCIETYEMILY ANNE ESPINELCHARLES M. GRAY SCHOLARSHIPS FOR FUNDAMENTALS: ISSUES AND TEXTSGABRIELLE LINDSEY DULYSMAUD OTTEN JANSENARIELLA PAULA KATZMILENA JOY PROSS CHUN HIN LUCAS TSESOPHIA CLARA VOJTARACHEL ILANA ZUCKERl-IANNA HOLBORN GRAY FELLOWSHIPSROBERT J. REAMER, JR. CLAIRE NADINE ROOSIENDAVID GRENE SUMMER FELWWSHIPMATTHEW ORPHIR CARTIERWILLIAM RAINEY HARPER DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPSMEGAN ELIZABETH BEDELLMICHAEL ROSS CHLADEKADRIAN TADEUSZ GRZYBOWSKISEAN HOWETANIA ISLAS WEINSTEIN YUANWEN JIANGMONIKA SCHOLZZHOULIXUKENNETHYUBOXUANZHAOHARVARD SOCIETY OF FELWWS JUNIOR FELWWSHIPSIMION FILIPHERTOG FOUNDATION SCHOLARS PROGRAMCAROLINE LYNN CORDELLHHMI GILLIAM FELWWSHIP FOR ADVANCED STUDYCHRISTOPHERA.J. CRADDOCKROBERT H. N. Ho FAMILY FOUNDATION DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPS INBUDDHIST STUDIESJORDAN NATHANIEL SCHONIG DAVID KERMAN TOMLINSONHYODOSKI SUMMER REsEARCH AWARD IN POllTICAL THEORYRACHEL ANN NOLLHUMANITIES WITHOUT WALLS PREDISSElITATION FELWWSHIPSHANNAH BROOKS-MOTL ILANA MILLERIIC BRAZIL POllCY lAB FELWWSHIPSKOMAL MURLI AGARWAL NINI WEIJIN GUALICIA BARCEINAS YUXlN JINHANNAH BENT LEITH MCINDEWARSOUDEEP DEB JOEL HAVILAND SMITHINTERNATIONAL HOUSE COMMUNITY FELWWSHIPSHIROSHI AKA!VIDURAJANG BAHADURMANUEL ANTONIO CABAL LOPEZRAJAB GHAZZAOUIPEYMAN HOSSEINCHIGHAREHAGHAJ DANIELE MACUGLIADHRUV RAJ NAGARCHRISTINE EFUA OHENEWAHNATALIA PAVLOUSARATH SASIDHARAN PILLAI NATI(RYAN!RICARr:ROBERlOREST.INTERlDYLANPAVEL IKOCHHASEN]LIND$,CARLBGEOR(CHARLMARs]SAMUECHLOEMARSHJESSIC.AWILLIAAARONELiSAJIMICHAMEDICMARENMEDI]CLAIREMEWELiZABMEWMARCEKATHRRAMmEMMAMELLIJESSIClSIMONMARIABASICLAIREMARG}CARMIMELLIDIEGOMOJOlTYLERMELLKARWMETRSOLVE]NATI(DOMnNATI(REBEOITS RICARDO DIEGO SUAREZ ROJASROBERT WEBBEROREST XHERIJA YUDONG ZHANGXIAOWEI ZHUANGDYLAN T. COWARTPAVEL RAMIREZ MALPlCAINTERNATIONAL INNOVATION CORPS FELLOWSHIPSALEXANDRA MARIE TATEKOCH KELLAN OPHTHALMOLOGY SCHOLARSHIPHASENIN AL-KHERSANLINDSAY DISSERTATION COMPLETION FELLOWSHIPCARL BRYANT SHOOKGEORGES LURCY CHARITABLE AND EDUCATIONAL TRUST FELLOWSHIPCHARLES BEGUE FAWELLMARsHALL SCHOLARSHIPSAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLANDMARTY CENTER FELLOWSHIPSCHLOE ALEXANDRA BLACKSHEARMARSHALL ALLEN CUNNINGHAMJESSICA L. DEGRADOWILLIAM EZEKIEL GOGGINAARON THOMAS HOLLANDERELISA JONESMICHAEL THOMAS LE CHEVALLIER EKATERINA NIKITINA LOMPERISKATHARINE MERSHONROBERT JOHN PORWOLLJONATHAN EVERETT SOYARSALEKSANDAR USKOKOVKENNETHYUMEDICAL SCIENTIST TRAINING PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPMAREN ELIZABETH LOEMEDIEVAL ACADEMY FELLOWSHIPS BRIDGIT BALDWIN AWARDCLAIRE ELIZABETH JENSONELIZABETH DANIELLE LHOSTMELLON ACLS DISSERTATION COMPLETION FELLOWSHIPMELLON FOUNDATION DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSMARCEL SEBASTIAN ANDUlZA PIMENTEL GUY EMERSON MOUNTKATHRYN ANN LINDQUIST SEAMUS ANTHONY POWERRAMON EDGARDO LOPEZEMMA STONE MACKINNON DILARA KADRIYE USKUPMELLON HUMANITIES DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSJESSICA L. DEGRADOSIMON ROSS GUROFSKYMARIA DE LOS ANGELES GUTIERREZBASCONCLAIRE ELIZABETH KIRWINMARGARET MCFEECARMEN MARIEL MERPORT JASON MARTIN OSEQUEDAJOANNA ALEKSANDRA PIETRASZKOKATRINA JUNE POWERSADAM LYND ROWECHERYL ANNE STEPHENSONPAUL lOAN VADANDAN WANGMELLON MAYs UNDERGRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSDIEGO ELOY CARDENASMOJOLAOLUWA ESTHER IDOWUTYLER ELLIS JOHNSON MAY JESSICA MAKKILAUREN ALESSANDRA RICHARDSONALYSSA ALEXANDRA RODRIGUEZMELLON MAYs UNDERGRADUATE FELLOW DISSERTATION GRANTKARMA FRANKLIN FRIERSON THE AWARD OF HONORSNATIONAL INSTITUTES OF HEALTH RUTH L. KIRSCHSTEIN INDIVIDUALPREDOCTORAL NATIONAL REsEARCH SERVICE AWARDSALEXANDRIA MARIE BOBEJEFFREY JAMES BUNKERDANIEL CHRISTOPHER RABE ANEESHA SURESHMICHAEL CHARLES TURCHINNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSJACKSON RUSSELL HANCEHANNAH SCHAEFER KENAGYTIANJIAN LAIARIEL YECHEZKEL MATALONLYDIA TRINIDAD PAZIENZAMARK PALMER PERLMANTREVOR DALE ROBERTSBECKET JACK WOOD SEMPLINERBLAINE AARON FOSTER TALBUTLILY LING ZHAOYUZHOUZOULAUREN ELIZABETH BLAKECRISTINA CARRAZZAZOHEYR DOCTOR BENJAMIN FLETCHER FOSQUEDANIEL GAMARNIKANDREW BRADLEY GEORGEKATHARINE HENDERSONYUKAMBEDAVID JONATHAN KNIGHTJENNIFERLUJAELYN RENEE PEISONATALIA PILANDALLISON REEDVIKTOR FERENC ROZSASARAHTULGAGABRIEL VELEZSAMUEL JAMES WHITELEYALISON MICHELE FESERNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DOCTORAL DISSERTATION REsEARCHIMPROVEMENT GRANT IN CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGYREBECCA KATE JOURNEYNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPAARON MICHAEL OLSENNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DOCTORAL DISSERTATION REsEARCHIMPROVEMENT GRANT IN LINGUISTICSJOANNA ALEKSANDRA PIETRASZKONATIONAL SECURITY EDUCATION PROGRAM DAVID L. BORENUNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDY ABROADNOAH B. SHAWNATIONAL SECURITY EDUCATION PROGRAM BOREN FELLOWSHIPRIKKI ELLA BROWNABIGAIL LILLY FINEVIVIANA NATALIA HONGCHARLOTfE W NEWCOMBE DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSFRANCEY RUSSELLNICHOLSON CENTER FOR BRITISH STUDIES GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSTHEODORE SAMUEL BEERSCARLY B. BOXERBEATRICE BRADLEYMICHAEL C. CASTELLELUKE ALEXANDER FIDLERMATTHEW JAKE FRASERKYLE GARDNERANNIE LEAH GREENEISAAC HOCKMALARVIZHIANNALJAYANTHSHEFALIJHAELIZABETH DANIELLE LHOSTPETER DOUGLAS MCDONALD DANIEL PATRICK MORGANJUSTIN ROBERT NIERMEIER-DOHONEYAHONAPANDAERIC TYLER POWELLKELSEY LONDON ROBBINSCOLIN PATRICK RYDELLZOYASAMEENMARIAM SHEIBANIAMANDA SHUBERTNAZMUL SAGAR SULTANSAMI JIRYIS SWEISDAVID AVARI PATRICK WOMBLEMETROPOUTAN MUSEUM OF ART, CHESTER DALE ART HISTORY FELLOWSHIPSOLVEIG NELSON HANSONG LINICHOLSON UNDERGRADUATE REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPS FOR SUMMER THESISRESEARCH IN THE BRITISH ISLESDOMINIC JAMES GIBSONNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EDUCATION/SPENCER DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSLAURA ANNE HORTONNATIONAL ACADEMY OF EDUCATION/SPENCER POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPREBECCA HINZE-PIFERNATIONAL DEFENSE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING FELLOWSHIPRYAN EDWARD WOOD JONATHAN DANIEL MORRISNSF Essr AsIA AND PACIFIC SUMMER INSTITUTES FOR US GRADUATESTUDENTSBENJAMIN DAVID BLANCHARDKRISTYN NICOLE MAHEALANI HARANSF SCHOLARSHIP FOR ARCHAEOLOGICAL TRAINING FOR NATIVE AMERICANSAND NATIVE HAWAIIANS109THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 517TH CONVOCATIONORIENTAL INSTITUTE HELEN RICH TRAVEL GRANTSYOUNG BOK KIM ROBERT RHYNE KINGPAUSANIAS SUMMER REsEARCH FELWWSHIPEMILY KATHLEEN HELM•THOMAS PAVEL ENDOWMENT AWARDJIGAOUNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRE-DOCfORAL FELLOWSHIP FOR ExCELLENCETHROUGH DIVERSITYKAYA WILLIAMSTHOMAS R PICKERING FELWWSHIPRUSSELL SLOANE HATHAWAYPHI KAPPA PHI Lovs OF LEARNING AWARDTEAGAN ANN WOLTERPOZEN FAMILY CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS REsEARCH GRANTSJANET ELIZABETH CONNORISAAC HOCKEILATMAOZERIN MCFEE TEJAS PARAS HERVERA SHIKHELMANRAFFAELLA TAYLOR-SEYMOURPRESIDENTIAL MANAGEMENT FELWWSANTONIA KATE BERNHARDTANTHONY PETER JOHN BUCCI IIIADAM LECHNIR JOY HONG-MAY LINPHILIP E. SUNGPROVOST'S DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSABIGAIL AKAVIAALISON TYNER DAVIS CARL BRYANT SHOOKCHARLES REDD CENTER FOR WESTERN STUDIES SUMMER AWARDHANNAH RENEE MCELGUNNROSHAN INSTITUTE FELLOWSHIP FOR ExCELLENCE IN PERSIAN STUDIESmus KAMIL MIKOLAJCZAKALBERr SCHWEITZER FELLOWSHIPSEMILY ANNE CULLEMILY FOLTZAMANDA M. GVOZDEN CARLY OFFIDANI-BERTRANDKRISTOFER ROBERT ROSENTELOLGA DMITRIYEVNA SINYAVSKAYASCHLUMBERGER FOUNDATION FACULTY FOR THE FUTURE FELWWSHIPSUPRIYASCIENCES Po ExCHANGE FELLOWSHIPBEVIN BRITTANY BLABERSIEBLER SCHOLARSMAX JACOB COHENYEVGENIYA SERGEYEVNA KALIBEROVABRADLEY ALEX POWELL ALONSHIRANBOONE TABOR WILLIAMSSIMONS SOCIETY OF FELLOWS JUNIOR FELLOWJAMES FARRIS DAMASMITHSONIAN AMERICAN AlIT MUSEUM'S JOSHUA C. TAYWR FELWWSHIPJAMES ROSENOWSMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE AMERICAN ARCHIVES OF AlIT FELLOWSHIPJENNIFER AUGUSTA SICHELSMITHSONIAN TROPICAL REsEARCH INSTITUTE SHORr-TERM FELLOWSHIPLAURA CATHERINE SOUTHCOTT110 JEANNUNlYGRANOLIVER CUSSENSOCIAL SCIENCE REsEARCH COUNCIL (SSRC) INTERNATIONAL DISSERTATIONFIELD REsEARCH FELWWSHIPSMALARVIZHI ANNAL JAYANTH WENlZACHlSOCIETY FOR PSYCHOLOGICAL ANTHRoPOWGy/ROBERT LEMELSONFOUNDATION FELLOWSHIPSANJA MIKLIN ASHLECAMElROBEI'JOHN'ENKHMEND GERELTOGTOKHSCHWARZMAN SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAM ExPWRATIONTYLER SEAN ROSS DR.}SQUARE D FOUNDATION TRAVEL GRANTMIKHAIL XERXES REZAZADEHSSRC DISSERTATION PROPOSAL DEVEWPMENT FELWWSHIPAMANDA SHUBERTSTEM CHATEAUBRIAND FELWWSHIPKATHARINE HENDERSONEUN YOUNG HWANGSTEVANOVICH INSTITUTE ON THE FORMATION OF KNOWLEDGE DISSERTATIONREsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSBOGDAN GABRIEL POPESCUFUND FOR THEOWGICAL ExPWRATION DOCTORAL FELWWSHIPDAVID GREGORY LATIMORETHIRD YEAR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL GRANTSENOAGOLLIBENJAMIN J. AUSTINMARY ROLL BITTNERPIERS ADAM BRECHEREMILY ELIZABETH BROWNAI-XINCHENRYANCHIEWRACHEL TAMSEN FERREEENKHMEND GERELTOGTOKHJIYUNJUNGNOAH LITMAN KAHRS ZOE ISABEL KAUDER NALEBUFFTAMAR LYN MCCOLLOMALISON LYNN MCMANUSZOE BRAHAMSHA PALENIKPAIGE ELIZABETH PENDARVISTHOROLD JAMES TRONRUDFREDDY TSAOGIULIANA FRANCESCA VACCARINO GEARTYMARIA CATHERINE VITERITHERESA H. YUANTAIWAN HuAYU ENRICHMENT SCHOLARSHIPHANNA MARIE PICKWELLTHE HARRY S. TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIPSMOYINOLUWA ELIZABETH ADETIBAUCIHP CUNICAL ExCELLENCE SCHOLARS PROGRAMSAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLANDCYNTHIA JENNIFER AVILASTEPHANIE BIROBERTO CARLOS DE LOERAABIGAYLE ZENIA HUNTLEYANIKA SANDEEP JAINRACHELLE ELIF KOCHCARYSSA NATALIA LIMALICE WANJIKU MUKORAMARGOT ROSALIA PIERLUISSIJENNIFER ZHEN QIN ANDREW SETH RAPOPORTMARTHA HOPE RENNANDREW BUMJIN SONGANGIE YUEQI WANJACQUELINE FANG WANGMICHAEL HARRIS WARRENSARAH WATANASKULGABRIELLE ELENA MEVS WIMERKEVIN YANGUCIHP HEALTH Poucv SCHOLARS FELLOWSHIPSSAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLANDDANA BRYAZKAASHLEY CHONG RACHEL ELIZABETH KUPFERCOLIN JUDE MCNAMARAANDREW SETH RAPOPORTMORRIS K UDALL UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPKENZO EMILIANO ESQUIVELUNIVERSIDAD COMPUITENSE DE MADRID/ERASMUS+ SCHOLARSHIPSJUSTIN MAURO BENAVIDEZKRISTOPHER TYLER DRIGGERS[ON THE AWARD OF HONORSUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO CENTER FOR GESTURE, SIGN, AND lANGUAGEGRANT YALE PROGRAM FOR THE STUDY OF ANTISEMITISM SALO W AND JEANNETIEM. STUDENT REsEARCH GRANTLIRAN YADGARZACHARY NICHOLAS HEBERTWENNER-GREN FOUNDATION DISSERTATION FIELDWORK GRANTS YENCING ACADEMY SCHOLARSHIP FELLOWSHIPVICTORIA NGUYENLAKE CARLTON POLANHAEDEN ELI STEWART JULLIAN WEI BAOELEK PETERS LANEDENIZ CEM OZENSOY TZEERNTEOBENJAMIN TRNKAASHLEY ELIZABETH DRAKECAMERON STEPHEN HUROBERT MILES LOOMISJOHN O'DONNELL MULLEEDR. ArZIK WOLF POST-BACCALAUREATE FELLOWSHIP IN HUMAN RIGHTS YOUNG TALENT AWARD, PRINS BERNHARD CULTUURFONDSTHALIA ELISABETH LYSENJEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMAN[ONIIITHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 527TH CONVOCATIONTHE ALMA MATERText: Edwin H. Lewis, Ph.D., 1894 Music: Eustasio Rosales and Mack Evans�ti! J IJ. Jl J J IJ J J J I r' Jl F9 IFJ r JTo - day we glad - ly sing the praise of her whose daugh- ters and whose sons Now�ti 1':\r Jl J J Ii j J J IJ. � J 1 I J. � J Jloy al voi - ces proud - ly raise to bless her with our be - ni - sons. Of�ti J. )1 J J IJ. 0 J J IJ. )1 J J IJ. -0 J Jall fair mo - thers fair - est she, most wise of all that wis - est be, most�ti FJ IPl IF] 1':\J. J J. ¥ IF r J J. )1 IJtrue of all the true say we, is our dear Al- rna Ma ter. IIMUSICIANSMILLAR BRASS ENSEMBLEMATTHEW LEE, DirectorTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MOTET CHOIRJAMES KALLEMBACH, DirectorSOPRANO ALTO TENORFRANCESCA FREEMAN MEGAN BARNES CHAR DASTONELLA HESTER LAURA BRAWLEY COLIN GARONKATELYN LEE MEGHAN ELLIOTT SAMUEL GERSHOREBECCA SORENSEN HANNAH FLYNN NEAL JOCHMANNALLEGRA STEENSON DANIELLE RUBIN JAMES MANCHESTERKENYA SENECHARLES JOSH PEARCEKEDRICK SHIN BASSJOHN BARBEYDANIEL COHENSTEPHEN CREIGHTONLUKE DUROC-DANNERCOLIN FOWLERAVERY KRIEGELBENJAMIN MCKENNAMICHAEL MODAK-TRURAN112