THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-THIRDCONVOCATIONSPRING QUARTERTWO THOUSAND AND FIFTEENRRExp LD941 c.4University of ChicagoThe ... convocationnO.523 2015 SprBib: 215102 Hold: 142236 Rec'd: 3/30/2017THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONTABLE OF CONTENTSThe Five Hundred Twenty-Third ConvocationThe University of Chicago Page iiiThe Traditions of Convocation Page ivOverview of the Day Page viThe Five Hundred Twenty-Third Convocation Page IThe Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicine Page 9Page 14The Division of the HumanitiesThe Division of the Physical Sciences Page 21The Division of the Social Sciences Page 28The University of Chicago Booth School of Business Page 35The Divinity SchoolThe William B. and Catherine V. Graham School ofContinuing Liberal and Professional Studies Page 51The Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies Page 54The Law School Page 60The School of Social Service Administration Page 66The College Page 72The Award of Honors Page 93The Alma mater Page 114THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOThe University of Chicago was founded in 1890 byJohn D. Rockefeller, biblical scholar William RaineyHarper, and Chicago-area Baptists. The University'sArticles of Incorporation commit the institutionto excellence in both undergraduate and graduateeducation, an explicit policy of co-education, and anatmosphere of non-sectarianism.Harper agreed to become the first president of theUniversity on the condition that he be allowed toestablish a university that would be unlike any other.He conceived of a university that would emphasizethe creation of new knowledge and "make the work ofinvestigation primary." To this end, the University hasalways been dedicated to excellence in research and hassought the most distinguished scholars for its faculty.Over the years, the University and its faculty havehad a major impact on American higher education.Faculty scholarship has shaped several essentialdisciplines and established important and distinctive"Chicago schools" in such disparate fields aseconomics, evolutionary biology, sociology, literarycriticism, anthropology, and law and economics.More than eighty Nobel laureates have beenmembers of the faculty, researchers, or students at theUniversity. Programmatic innovations originating atthe University include the invention of the four­quarter system, the establishment of a coherentprogram of general education for undergraduates,the initiation of a full-time medical school teachingfaculty, and the development of extension coursesand programs in the liberal arts for adults. The University includes an undergraduate College,the William B. and Catherine V. Graham School ofContinuing Liberal and Professional Studies, fourgraduate divisions (Biological Sciences, Humanities,Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences), six graduateprofessional schools (Divinity School, Law School,Pritzker School of Medicine, Irving B. Harris GraduateSchool of Public Policy Studies, School of SocialService Administration, the University of ChicagoBooth School of Business), the Institute for MolecularEngineering, and a diverse collection of academicsupport units and resources, including libraries, researchinstitutes, clinics, museums, theaters, and a universitypress. The University has more than 2,200 faculty andother academic personnel, and an enrollment of over15,000 students. The zry-acre campus is located alongthe Midway Plaisance in Hyde Park, a residentialcommunity on Lake Michigan south of Chicago's Loop.The University's English Collegiate Gothic buildings,built of gray Indiana limestone, were designed toframe shady, green quadrangles. Contemporarycampus buildings have been designed in keeping withthe original Gothic theme while drawing from thetradition of great modern architecture for which thecity of Chicago is famous. Eero Saarinen and LudwigMies van der Rohe designed striking buildings forthe Law School and the School of Social ServiceAdministration. The National Trust for HistoricPreservation praised the University for its insistenceon architectural continuity over "a century of socialand academic change."On July I, 2006, Robert J. Zimmer became theUniversity's thirteenth president.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONTHE TRADITIONS OF CONVOCATIONneither a new beginning nor a termination. Although for degreecandidates it may be a rite of passage, the ceremony focuses oncontinuity in the search for knowledge.At the first convocation, the University's first president,William Rainey Harper, told those present that the ceremonywas intended "to bind together into a unity the many complexand diverging forms of activity which constitute our universitylife and work." Convocation addresses consistently focus onthe pursuit of knowledge and the power of ideas.ABOUT CONVOCATIONThe University of Chicago confers degrees, in a ceremonywe call convocation, at the end of each quarter, allowingstudents to receive their degrees immediately upon successfulcompletion of the requirements of their academic programs.Convocations are also held to inaugurate University presidentsor to celebrate milestones in the University's history.Literally a "calling together," the University's convocationassembles all elements of the University community: studentsand degree candidates, their family, the faculty, friends of thecandidates and friends of the University, the Officers of theCorporation, the Trustees of the University, the Provost, andthe President.It is significant that the University of Chicago has always referredto these occasions as convocations rather than as "commencementexercises" or "graduation ceremonies." Receiving a degree marks The procession to the convocation ceremony site is typicallyled by the University's own bagpipe band. The members wearkilts made from a specially designed and woven Universitytartan. The band plays at the four convocations each year andat the alumni convocation during alumni weekend.squared at the end. Doctor's gowns are fuller with velvetfacings down the front and three bars on the bell-shapedsleeves. While the usual color is black, some Americanuniversities have adopted gowns of a color appropriate for eachschool; the University of Chicago's doctoral gown is maroon.The cape of the earliest academic costumes has become a hood,worn, by individuals with doctoral degrees, over the shouldersand hanging behind. The lining of the hood is folded out andits colors indicate the school from which the wearer obtainedhis or her degree. The velvet border designates the degree areaof study (white for arts, yellow for science, blue for philosophy,drab for business, green for medicine, purple for law, and redfor divinity). University of Chicago honorary degree recipientsreceive a hood with facing in white (doctor of humane letters),purple (doctor oflaws), or yellow (doctor of science).The first right of a freed Roman slave was the privilege ofwearing a cap, so the academic cap is the sign of the freedomof scholarship. Although the flat square cap or mortarboardis most usual, the University of Chicago's doctoral cap is anoctagonal tam of velvet.ACADEMIC DRESSThe robes worn by participants in academic ceremoniesoriginated when European universities were being formedin the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Since many of theinstructors came from religious orders and taught in unheatedand drafty buildings, they adapted their religious robes for useas the university attire.The long robe with an attached cape or hood became thestandard, and variation in the costume indicated the rank ofthe person wearing it. They were worn every day and servedto distinguish scholars and their students from other citizens.The apparel worn by university faculty seen in old engravingsis remarkably similar to that worn today. The gown is a symbolof the democracy of scholarship since it covers any clothingindicating other rank or status. While everyday fashionschanged, universities retained the earlier style for formal attireto be worn by students, graduates, faculty, and universityofficials on ceremonial occasions.European universities each developed their own styles ofacademic dress, and the academic procession today illustratessome of that variety. In the United States, however, anintercollegiate congress in r895 agreed on a single standardfor academic dress that has been adopted by most Americancolleges and universities. Individuals with bachelor's degreeswear a black gown with long pointed sleeves. The gown ofmaster's degree holders is also black, with sleeves that areivTHE TRADITIONS OF CONVOCATIONTHE MARSHAL AND THE STUDENT MARSHALSThe office of Marshal of the University was established in1895 to assist with the conduct of official ceremonies. Until1903 the Marshal was an undergraduate upperclassman,assisted by other undergraduate upperclassmen and bymembers of the faculty. Since 1903 the Marshal has beena member of the faculty, assisted by other members of thefaculty and by undergraduate upperclassmen.The Marshal, Vice-Marshal, and Assistant Marshals of theUniversity of Chicago wear maroon doctor's robes withT, ANDREW DAVISHELMADIKRACHEL FULTON BROWNGIULIA GALLIRAFAEL MEGHANI ABRAMOVITZNADIA KATHRYN ALHADIYUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANINICHOLAS BRASTINS BARNESCLAIRE MARIE BAUMERAVA BENEZRAJOHN PAUL BLIAMPTISAMANDA LEIGH BLOCKSIMONE TESHURA BONAPARTEELVIN BORA alternating black velvet and gold metallic bars on the sleeves.Prior to receiving their bachelor's degrees, Student Marshalswear maroon bachelor's robes with maroon mortarboards.When receiving their degrees, they wear black mortarboards.Student Marshals are appointed by the President of theUniversity in recognition of their excellent scholarship andleadership. Appointment as a Student Marshal is the highesthonor conferred by the University upon undergraduate students.MARSHALCATHERINE C. BAUMANNVICE-MARSHALDAVID LARUE CRABBASSISTANT MARSHALSRICHARD H. HELMHOLZWILLIAM G. HOWELLPATRICK LA RIVIERE JENNIFER MOSLEYMICHAEL SILVERSTEINRONALD A. THISTED CHRISTINA VON NOLCKENCHRISTIAN K. WEDEMEYERPETER WHITESTUDENT MARSHALS2014-2015JEANNE JULIANA GERMAINE MATTHEW SCOTT KELLNER LIANNE SEYFERTHCHAUFFOUR JI YEON KIM DAMINI SHARMACHUN HO CHOW JANEY JAE-EUN LEE NA EUN SHINTAYLOR CARL COPLEN SCOTT CHARLES HAUSER LORING ERIN MARY SIMPSONMELINA EVELYN DE BONA PRESTON MACKENZIE LUONG EMILY NICOLE TIXIERALEXANDER JOSEPH DUNLAP NISSA WANYING MAl ASHLEYC. TRANRINA SILLER FRIEDBERG SPENCER PERKINS MCAVOY JENNIFER JEAN UEHLINGMELISSA NICOLE GATTER MALLORY CAITLYN MORSE AUSTIN WILLIAM WARDJANE ESPY GORDON NIKHITHA MURALI LINDSAY EMILY WARRENANDREA KARINA HAIDAR NICHOLAS WOLF PARKER DEREK PERSEUS WONGHOPE LOUISE MARTENS BRETSCHER MAGDALENA DEYANOVA IVANOVA MARGEAUXALLISON PERKINSJONATHON JAMES CATLIN ANASTASIA GALINA KAISER MORGANE RICHER LA FLECHELOK TSING ENOCH CHAN DAKE JUNGMO KANG MICHAEL FABER ROSENBAUMDANIEL ALEXANDER ACKERMANEMMA SHIRATO ALMONJOSEPH MICHAEL BAYERLKRISTIN ANNE BINDEREMILY MARGARET ANNE BISHOPJULIA BODSONKRYSTEN ANIK BRAYKRISHANU CHATTERJEEAI-XINCHENSOPHIA CHENJOSHUA BENJAMIN CHOPERJESSICA KRISTEN COVIL HONGYANG XIAOBOSIZHANGHAYLEY JESSICA ZULLOW2015-2016CARESSA LANAY FRANKLIN ALEXANDRA ROSS McISAACALLYSON NICOLE GAMBARDELLA BENJAMIN ALEXANDER REISS ANDREW BUMJIN SONGISAAC HAYDEN STEINBENITA KAUR GLAMOUR McKENNA MATTHEW CHRISTOPHER TAUZERSINDHU GNANASAMBANDAN ANASTASIA KATARINA CHANDANI TZE ERN TEOERIN PAULINA HART MENTZELOPOULOS MALLORY KATHERINE VANMEETERSHERRY XINRU HE MAIA MARIE O'MEARA MIAN WANGKARINA JOYCE HENDREN LYDIA TRINIDAD PAZIENZA MICHAEL HARRIS WARRENBROCK DONALD ALLEN HUEBNER KELLY LYNNE PEYTON BRETT MARVIN WIESENMARIKA MIKHAYLOVNA KACHMAN SRUTHI RAMASWAMIKATHLEEN SADIE KRAUSSCATHERINE MARIE MARTINEZCAITLIN ANNA McCARTHY AUSTIN THEODORE CHEN YUHOLLY ELIZABETH RAPPSHOSHANA LISA RUDINRAGHAV SAWHNEYTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015OVERVIEW OF THE DAYThe 523rd convocation ceremony brings the entire University together to witness the conferring of degrees.More than 16,000 candidates and attendees will share in this remarkable moment. At other ceremonies heldby the schools and divisions, degree candidates will be honored individually through the presentation ofdiplomas and/or hoods.Candidates assemble and attendees are seated.The 523rd convocation ceremony begins with the academic procession.11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Schools and divisions will hold individual events including lunches, receptions, and ceremonies atdifferent locations. Please see the section on your school or division for a schedule of events.viTHE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-THIRDCONVOCATIONSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONUNIVERSITY CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the University, PresidingPRELUDESWYLIE CRAWFORD, University CarillonneurThe Millar Brass EnsembleTHE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversityTHE CONVOCATION ADDRESSWHY WE MAKE ARTSHULAMIT RANAndrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professor,Department of Music; Artistic Director, ContempoANTHEMCOME YE SONS OF ARTComposed by HENRY PURCELLArranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass Ensemble2THE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-THIRD CONVOCATIONTHE CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREESFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCERICHARD B. ALLEYEvan Pugh Professor of Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State Universitypresented by DOUGLAS R. MAcAYEALProfessor, Department of the Geophysical Sciences and the CollegeFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCETITIA DE LANGELeon Hess Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics;Director of Anderson Center for Cancer Research, The Rockefeller Universitypresented by OLUFUNMILAYO 1. OLOPADEWalter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor, Departments of Medicine and Human Genetics;Associate Dean, Global Health; Director, Center for Clinical Cancer GeneticsFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSANDREU MAS-COLELLProfessor, Department of Economics, Universitat Pompeu Fabrapresented by HUGO F. SONNENSCHEINDistinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Department of Economics and the College;President Emeritus and Honorary TrusteeFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEPETER SARNAKProfessor, School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Studypresented by ALEX ESKINArthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Mathematics and the CollegeTHE CONFERRING OF THE ROSENBERGER MEDALASHLEY WHEATERArtistic Director, The Joffrey Balletpresented by DAVID J. LEVINAddie Clark Harding Professor, Departments of Germanic Studies, Cinema and Media Studies,and the College; Director, Richard and Mary L. Gray Center for the Arts and Inquiry•3THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONRECOGNITION OF PRIZES AND AWARDSERIC D. ISAACSProvost of the UniversityMUSICAL INTERLUDEPUISQUE TOUT PASSESince all is passing,Let us make a passing melody. Let us sing what leaves usWith love and art;The one that quenches our thirst Let us be quickerWill be right for us. Than the quick departure.Composed by PAUL HINDEMITHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirTHE CONFERRING OF ACADEMIC DEGREESCandidates for Degrees will be presented in order by degree in the following academic units:In the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicineby DEAN KENNETH S. POLONSKYIn the Division of the Humanities by DEAN MARTHA T. ROTHIn the Division of the Physical Sciences by DEAN EDWARD W. KOLBIn the Division of the Social Sciences by DEAN DAVID NIRENBERGIn the University of Chicago Booth School of Business by DEAN SUNIL KUMARIn the Divinity School by DEAN MARGARET M. MITCHELLIn the William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studiesby DEAN MARK R. NEMECIn the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies by DEAN DANIEL DIERMEIERIn the Law School by DEAN MICHAEL H. SCHILLIn the School of Social Service Administration by DEAN OF STUDENTS CELIA M. BERGMANIn the College by DEAN JOHN W. BOYERTHE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-THIRD CONVOCATIONTHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Arranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITYROBERT J. ZIMMERMUSICAL FINALECONSECRATE THE PLACE AND DAYComposed by LLOYD PFAUTSCHArranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the University5THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONTHE CONVOCATION SPEAKERSHULAMIT RANAndrew MacLeish Distinguished Service Professor,Department of Music; Artistic Director, ContempoSHULAMIT RAN is an internationally recognized composerwhose work has received most major honors awarded tocomposers in the United States, including the 1991 PulitzerPrize in musical composition, which she received for her work"Symphony."Many of the world's leading orchestras, including the ChicagoSymphony, the Cleveland Orchestra, the PhiladelphiaOrchestra, the Israel Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic,and the American Composers Orchestra, have performed herwork. In addition to the Pulitzer Prize, she has received firstprize in the Kennedy Center-Friedheim Awards competitionfor orchestral music, two Guggenheim Foundation fellowships,grants and commissions from the National Endowment for theArts, the Koussevitzky Foundation at the Library of Congress,Chamber Music America, and more. While a member of the University's faculty, Professor Ranwas Composer-in-Residence with the Chicago SymphonyOrchestra from 1990 to 1997 and the Brena and Lee FreemanSr. Composer-in-Residence with the Lyric Opera of Chicagofrom 1994 to 1997, where she composed her first opera. Since2002 she has served as artistic director of Contempo, formerlyknown as the Contemporary Chamber Players of the Universityof Chicago.A native ofIsrael, Professor Ran came to the University ofChicago in 1973 after studying at the Mannes College ofMusic in New York. She is an elected member of the AmericanAcademy of Arts and Sciences and the American Academyof Arts and Letters. She is retiring this year to focus more oncomposing. Her upcoming projects include an opera aboutAnne Frank to be produced and premiered by the IndianaUniversity Opera and Ballet Theater.THE HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENTSFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCERICHARD B. ALLEYEvan Pugh Professor of Geosciences, The Pennsylvania State UniversityRICHARD B. ALLEY is widely recognized as the leadingglaciologist of his generation and one of the foremost climatescientists of his time. He has made fundamental contributionsto understanding the history and mechanisms of climatechange and the role played by Earth's large ice masses. Theeminence of his scholarly scientific work is evident in hiscontributions in three key areas: paleoclimatology, glaciology,and climate dynamics. They include the discovery that majorclimatic changes in Earth history have happened abruptly, onthe order of years; the determination of how ice sheets interactwith and flow over the surfaces on which they ride, forminga stream that can be much less stable than was previouslysupposed; and the assessment of the drivers of climatechange that are intrinsic to the Earth system and thereforecomplement external, astronomical forcing. While anyone of these contributions alone would have beenconsidered seminal, as a collective body of scholarly work they havecompletely transformed the study of Earth science. In addition, hehas distinguished himself in a fourth area important to science, bybeing an exemplary communicator to the general public.The candidate will be presented by DOUGLAS R. MACAYEAL,Professor, Department of the Geophysical Sciences and the CollegeCITATIONThrough pioneering research in ice core paleoclimatology,RICHARD B. ALLEY'S landmark contributions havereshaped paradigms, framed the broader problem of climatechange, and made such knowledge more generally accessible tothe general public and policymakers. His work has synthesizedthe evidence that abrupt climate changes occurred in the past,and has driven hypotheses about their cause and implications. rloahaPt(1,c(teITerb;inAlectoofnceosetintheouPncalheGcthethetheTHE FIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-THIRD CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCETITIA DE LANGELeon Hess Professor of Cell Biology and Genetics;Director, Anderson Center for Cancer Research, The Rockefeller UniversityA leader in cancer research, TITIA DE LANGE has pioneeredthe study of telomeres, the protective elements at the tipsof each chromosome. Her work has not only advanced ourappreciation for a crucial element in chromosome stability, buthas also helped to establish telomere regulation and function asa promising target for the prevention and treatment of cancer.Professor de Lange was among the first to isolate humantelomeres, and to clone telomere repeat binding factorI, a monumental discovery. She identified five of the sixcomponents of the protein complex that binds and protectstelomeres, which she named shelterin, and uncovered themechanisms that repress inappropriate repair of chromosomeends. Most recently, her laboratory revealed the mechanismsby which loss of telomere protection contributes to geneticinstability in cancer. The candidate will be presented by OLUFUNMILAYO 1.OLOPADE, Walter L. Palmer Distinguished Service Professor,Departments of Medicine and Human Genetics; Associate Dean,Global Health; Director, Center for Clinical Cancer GeneticsCITATIONTITIA DE LANGE'S impact on cancer research has led toprogress in the understanding of the genetic causes of cancerand the connections between cancer and aging. Her work hasnot only advanced our appreciation for these crucial elementsin chromosome stability, it has also helped to establishtelomere regulation and function as a promising target for theprevention and treatment of cancer.FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSANDREU MAS-COLELLProfessor, Department of Economics,Universitat Pompeu FabraANDREU MAS-COLELL is one of the world's leadingeconomic theorists. He has made fundamental contributionsto general equilibrium theory, as well as to the developmentof the theory of adaptive learning in games. This latter worknot only advances our understanding of a central question ineconomics and game theory, but also opens up an entirely newset of hypotheses about learning behavior that can be evaluatedin laboratory settings. Additionally, he was the lead author ofthe textbook Microeconomic Theory, which has shaped theoutlook of economists for a generation.Professor Mas-Colell has also contributed to advancing thecause of research and education internationally. Currently,he is the Minister of Economy and Knowledge of theGovernment of Catalonia. He was instrumental in foundingthe Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, and has served asthe Minister of Universities and Research for Catalonia ando the General Secretary of the European Research Council.i 7he candidate will be presented by HUGO F.SONNENSCHEIN, Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus,Department of Economics and the College; President Emeritusand Honorary TrusteeCITATIONThe extensive and prominent intellectual contributions ofANDREU MAS-COLELL have expanded the reach of arigorous mathematical approach to central questions in a widerange of disciplines, such as finance, industrial organization,and behavioral and public economics. His ambitious andinfluential research in economics and his commitment tohigher education and social welfare have made him a leader intransforming fields of inquiry and institutions.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONactivity. In yet another direction, he initiated the study ofthe mathematical theory of Quantum Chaos, a subject onthe cutting edge of mathematical physics. Very recently, hehas pioneered the study of "thin groups", with connectionsto numerous other areas in mathematics including additivecombinatorics, ergodic theory, and hypergeometric functions.FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEPETER SARNAKProfessor, School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced StudyPETER SARNAK is considered the most influential analyticnumber theorist in the world. His visionary theorems andconjectures have set the agenda within the field of mathematicsfor the last thirty years and distinctly shaped the subject ofanalytic number theory by introducing new and powerfultechniques to the study of many complex and longstandingproblems. One of his most outstanding contributions to numbertheory is his study of zeros of the zeta- and related L-functions.These objects are critical in the Langlands program, and his workhas had considerable bearing on the research of a number ofesteemed faculty members within the University's Department ofMathematics. His work on expanders, and what it makes possiblefor the understanding of random geometric constructions, hasalso influenced the study of mathematics within the University.Professor Sarnak's work on Ramanujan graphs has demonstrateda profound connection between theoretical computer scienceand number theory, and has sparked a wide range of scholarly 1he candidate will be presented by ALEX ESKIN,Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor,Department of Mathematics and the CollegeCITATIONPETER SARNAK has made groundbreaking and highly originalcontributions to many diverse areas in mathematics, and the impactof his vision is felt strongly across many disciplines, includingmathematical physics, computer science, and network engineering.He has influenced the development of several mathematical fields,often uncovering deep and unsuspected connections.THE ROSENBERGER MEDALASHLEY WHEATERArtistic Director, The Joffrey BalletThrough ASHLEY WHEATER'S vision and leadership, TheJoffrey Ballet has gained unprecedented visibility and renown asa world-class ballet company, to the benefit of the dance worldand to the delight of the city of Chicago. An accomplisheddancer and ballet master in his own right, but-by design­not himself a choreographer, he is an inspiring and demandingleader. With a focus on unparalleled training, his singularvision for his dancers requires them to be technically superband exceptionally charismatic. Since arriving at the Joffreyin 2007, Mr. Wheater has commissioned major new worksby innovative young choreographers, rejuvenated and stagedclassic masterworks, and discovered and promoted creativevoices through The Joffrey Ballet's diverse programming.Mr. Wheater has also established the Academy of Dance,the official School of The Joffrey Ballet, which has attractedmore than 800 students from across the country, andwhose top graduates have joined The Joffrey itself and otherleading companies around the world. He has also expanded The Joffrey's community engagement program, and in sodoing, deepened the ballet company's ties with its homecity. Of course, the Joffrey Ballet also tours nationally andinternationally, to wide critical acclaim.1he candidate will be presented by DAVID]. LEVIN, AddieClark Harding Professor, Departments of Germanic Studies,Cinema and Media Studies, and the College; Director, Richardand Mary L. Gray Center for the Arts and InquiryCITATIONASHLEY WHEATER'S passion and commitment tothe artistic form of dance have led The Joffrey Ballet tounprecedented heights of visibility and accomplishment asan internationally renowned ballet company. By offering acomplex repertoire and bringing some of the world's mostcompelling choreographers to the stage, his efforts havegarnered tremendous respect and well-earned renown to TheJoffrey Ballet for its contributions to the local, national, andinternational dance community.8i.THE DIVISION OFTHE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAND THEPRITZKER SCHOOL OF,FRIDAY, MAY 29, 2015DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR M.D. CANDIDATESRockefeller Memorial Chapel10:30 a.mFRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR PH.D. CANDIDATESrd Reva and David Logan Center for the Artsn:oo a.mSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.eLUNCHEON AND DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTIONBiological Sciences Learning Centern:30 a.m.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONDIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR M.D. CANDIDATESORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKENNETH S. POLONSKYRichard T. Crane Distinguished Service ProfessorDean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of MedicineExecutive Vice President for Medical AffairsADDRESSJEFFREY I. GORDON, M.D. '73Dr. Robert j. Glaser Distinguished Service ProfessorDirector, Center for Genome Sciences & Systems BiologyWashington University School of Medicine in St. LouisPRESENTATION AND HOODINGHOLLY J. HUMPHREYRalph W Gerard Professor in MedicineDean for Medical EducationFaculty Marshal: JAMES N. WOODRUFFCLOSING REMARKSKENNETH S. POLONSKY10THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR PH.D. CANDIDATESORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKENNETH S. POLONSKYRichard T. Crane Distinguished Service ProfessorDean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of MedicineExecutive Vice President for Medical AffairsADDRESSMARTIN CHALFIENobel Laureate, Chemistry (08William R. Kenan, Jr. ProfessorColumbia UniversityPRESENTATION AND HOODINGVICTORIA E. PRINCEProfessor, Department of Organismal Biology & AnatomyDean of Graduate Affairs, Division of the Biological SciencesRICHARD HUDSON20I5 Faculty MarshalProfessor, Department of Ecology and EvolutionCLOSING REMARKSKENNETH S. POLONSKY11THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MEDICINEKATLYNN ZOE ADKINSA.B., Carleton College, 20II·WITH HONORSMICHAEL DEAN ALLAINS.B., University of Washington, Seattle, 20IORACHEL SARA ALLONA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 20IOCLAIRE ASHLEY BEVERIDGEA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 20IIDAVID CHARLES BINDERA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, Neui York, 2007Ph.D., University of Chicago, 20I]PHILIP CHARLES CARULLOA.B., University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus, 20IOCHRISTOPHER ALANCASTANEDABiMus., Loyola University Neui Orleans, 20IOANNE LAUER CASTROA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2007·WITH HONORSRACHEL CHAORAN CHENS.B., Yalt Uniuersity, 20IIKIMBERLY LOUISE CLINITES.B., Pepperdine University; 2006·WITH HONORSALEXANDER GORDON COLES.B., Baylor University; 20IICAMIL ENID LICEAGA CORREIAS.B., Yal� University; 2009THOMAS PETER COURIA.B., Northwestern University; 20IO·WITH HONORSMICHAEL CUIA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20IIS.B., ibid., 20IISARAH DABAGHS.B., University of Washington, Seattle, 20IIMEG HAN CHESEK DALYA.B., University of Chicago, 2009ANDRE NICHOLAS DAVIESA.B., Harvard University; 20IILARA ELIZABETH DELAMATERS.B., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 20IOKYLE JOHN ERICSONS.B., University of Florida, 20IICHRISTOPHER DAVIDFLANAGANA.B., Vanderbilt University, 20IICASSANDRA DELORES-LAMARFRITZS.B., University of Kansas, 20IOALEXANDRA ELYSE GARNETTS.B., Tufts University, 2009DAVID GOESES.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IISOLOMON MAXIMO GREENBERGA.B., University of Chicago, 20IIDOMINIC A. HARRISA.B., University of Chicago, 2006REBECCA MEIRA HARRISA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20IOMICHAEL JEFFREY HAYESS.B., Santa Clara University, 20IO·WITH HONORSJUSTIN BLAKE HELLMANA.B., University of California, Btrk�lty, 2002JONATHAN THOMPSON HENRYA.B., Grinnell College, 2006Ph.D., University of Chicago, 20I]ARIELLE TZIPORA HIRSCHFELDA.B., Oberlin Coll�g�, 2007B.Mus., ibid., 2007CHAD H. HOCHBERGB.F.A., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2006 KEVIN EDWARD HODGESS.B., University of Notre Dame, 20II·WITH HONORSJENNIFER MARIE JONESS.B., Davidson College, 20IOJENNIFER TRACI-LYNN KARLINA.B., Wultyan University, I999A.M., University of Chicago, 2009Ph.D., ibid., 20I2AMY LAUREN KAUFMANS.B., Stanford University; 2009STEPHANIE MATHEWSKAZANTSEVA.B., Dartmouth College. 2005A.M., University of California, San Diego, 2007ASHOKE RAJENDRAKHANWALKARA.B., Harvard University. 2009INYOUNG KIMA.B., University of Chicago, 200IPh.D., ibid., 20IIJIMIN KIMA.B., Emory University; 2005M. Sc. , University of London, England,United Kingdom, 2007STEPHANIE HEWON KIMS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2006Ph.D., University of Chicago, 20I]JENNIFER LEE KRANINGER5.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 20IOJOHN J. LIM.S.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009YIMO LINA.B., Brown University; 2009ELISE MARIE MADRIDS.B., University ofArizona, 2009JENNIFER ANNE McCOYA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IIRYAN ALLEN McDERMOTTS.B., University of Notre Dame, 20IICHARLES McKILLIP MULLERA.B., Nortbu/estern University, 20IIASHLEY MARJON NASSIRIS.B., University of California, Berkeley; 20IOM.B.A., University of Chicago, 20I5CLAIRE ABRAHAM NAUSA.B., University of Notre Dame, 20IIS.B., ibid., 20IIMELISSA GRAHAM NAYLORA.B., Miami University; Oxford, Ohio, 2004A.M., Harvard University; 2006Ph.D., ibid., 2008ERIC MICHAEL NICKELSS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009MANAS NIGAMS.B., University of Virginia, 20IIPATRICIA C. OSMOLAKS.B., Providence Colleg«, 20IORISHI KAUSHIK PANDYAA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20IOPARAS SURESH PATELB.P.A., Wayn� State University, Detroit, Michigan, 20IIJACK MICHAEL PEACEA.B., University of Southem California, 20II·WITH HONORSSUSAN PElA.B., University of Chicago, 2007JOANNA ELIZABETH PERDOMOA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20IICOLIN M. PESYNAA.B., University of Chicago, 2009LIESE CHRISTINE CROSBYPRUITTA.B., Stanford University; 20IOS.B., ibid., 20IO ALISHA AJIT RANADIVES.B., Brown University; 2009ELIZABETH WHITMANRHINESMITHA.B., Harvard University. 2005LORENZO RINALDOA.B., Loyola University Chicago, 2007Ph.D., University of Chicago, 20I]CHRISTOPHER ADAM RISHELS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007S.B., ibid., 2007Ph.D., University of Chicago, 20I2ALEXANDER JUDSON MOORERUBYS.B., Brown Uniuersity; 2009M.Sc., University of London, England,United Kingdom, 20I4MATTHEW JOSEPH SANCHEZS.B., University of Notre Dame, 20IIROBERT JOHN SANCHEZA.B., Yale University; 2008RICHARD MICHAEL SCHROEDERA.B., University of Notre Dame, 20IIBRITTANY LAURENSEIDENSTICKERS.B., Gtorg�town University, 20IINAN SETHAKORNS.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2005Ph.D., University of Chicago, 20I2ANUP BHARAT SHAHS.B., Northwestern University. 2007S.M., Stanford University; 20IOCLAIRE SHAPPELLA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2009OLUWAFIKUNMI MOYOSOBOWALEA.B., Yale University: 2009JONATHAN HARVEY STEIN.S. B., University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IIKEVIN ULYSSE STEPHENS, JR.S.B., Yal� University, 20IOM.B.A., University of Chicago, 20I5EMILY ANN MARIE WALKERSTOCKERTA.B., University of Chicago, 2005M.B.A., ibid., 20IO·WITH HONORSCHRISTINA HYEIN SUHS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IINATHAN CHARLES SWALLOWS.B., University of Utah, 20IICAROLINE LEIGH THOMASS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IOBRIAN WILLIAM THURBERS.B., Brigham Young University. 20IOJACOB !BROOK TOWERS.B., Brown University; 20IIKIARA ALEXANDRA TULLAA.B., Harvard University; 20IIVAIBHAV UPADHYAYS.B., Duke University; 2007Ph.D., University of Chicago, 20I]·WITH HONORSANNE MARIE VIOLLTA.B., Northu/estem University, 20IIYAN WANGA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20IIHANNAH CATHERINE WENGERS.B., University of Notre Dame, 20IOMICHAEL LENN YEEA.B., University of Rochester, 20IICINDY YUANS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006S.B., ibid., 2006A.M., University of Chicago, 20IIPh.D., ibid., 20I]THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEALEXANDER J LANGERMANA.B., Cornell Calleg«, Mount �rnon, Iowa, I999M.D., University of Chicago, 2005(Public Health Sciences)JIABEI LIB.Eng., Zhqiang Uniuersity; Hang Zhou, China, 20I3(Public Health Sciences)JODI RACHELLE MAYFIELDS.B., University of Neui Mexico, 200IM.D., ibid., 2008(Public Health Sciences) JONATHAN STUART MITCHELLS.B., Appalachian State University; 20IO(Evolutionary Biology)NOELLE MARIE PATNOS.B., Stanford University; 2001(Molecular Pathogenesi« and Molecular Medicine)MONICA ELIZABETH PEEKS.B., Vandabilt University; I99IM.P.H., Johns Hopkins University; I995M.D.,ibid., I996(Public Health Sciences) JESSICA PENTZ RIDGWAYA.B., Stanford University; 2003M.D.,Univ�rsity of California, San Francisco, 2001(Public Health Sciences)ELIZABETH LOUISE SANDERA.B., University of vermont and State AgriculturalCollege, 20I2(Ecology and Evolution)YALINI VIGNESWARANS.B., UnivtrSity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001S.B., ibid., 2001M.D., Rush University, 20II(Public Health Sciences)FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYBRYAN JOSHUA BERUBEA.B., Grinnell Colleg«, 2001(Microbiology)DISSERTATION: Molecular Analysis ofStaphylococcus aureus Toxin Interaction withHostC�/1sCHRISTOPHER MICHAELCARMEANS.B., Eastern Connecticut State University; 2008(Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition)DISSERTATION: Brown Sugar, How Come You StoreSo Good? R�gulation of Brown Fat Glycogm StoragtVIVIAN MEIWAH CHOIA.B., Uniuersity of California, &rktlty, 2006(Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program:Microbiology)DISSERTATION: Characterization ofVirulma­Associated Protein Processing Genes in Bacteroides fragilisBRITTNEY RACHEAL COATSS.B., California State University; San Bernardino,20IOS.M., ibid., 20I2{Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition)DISSERTATION: M�tabolically ActivatedMacrophag�s in Obtsity and Insulin ResistanceMARCELO COCA PERRAILLONS.B., Uniuersidad Dieg» Portales, Santiago, Chile, I998A.M., Tufts University; 200I(Public Health Sciences)DISSERTATION: Essays on Health Cart QualityMeasurement and EvaluationPAWEL KAMIL DOMINIK5.M., Uniu/ersytet Jagi�lIonski w Kratakoioi«,Krakow, Poland, 2009(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)DISSERTATION: Generation of SyneheticAntibodies Against Membrane Proteins in Nanodiscsfor Use in Structural BiologyZIYUE GAOS.B., Tsinghua University; Beijing, China, 20IO(Genetics}DISSERTATION: Neur Approaches to th« Study ofNatural Selection and Mutation in HumansZACHARY RAYMONDGRELEWICZA.B., University of Chicago, 2009(M�dical Physics)DISSERTATION: Combined MV+kV DoseOptimization for IGRTAASHISH JHAA.B., University of California, &rkd�y, 2001(Human Genetics)DISSERTATION: Exptrimmtally Evolv�dPopulations of Drosophila rnelanogaster &v�alPolygmic Basis of Comp/�x Traits KAVAL KAURA.B., University of Chicago, 2008(Immunology)DISSERTATION: B C�1l Responses to Influenza inth« Context ofAutoimmunityCHRISTOPHER JOSEPH MARIANIS.B., University of Notre Dame, 2009(Pathology)DISSERTATION: TETI-Catalyztd5-Hydroxym�thylcytosint Rtgulaus Gene Expressionin Response to Extracellular StimuliLEAH MARIE MAYO5. B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 20I3(Neurobiology)DISSERTATION: Human Drug Conditioning:Combining St/fRtport, Behavioral, andPsychophysiological MeasuresJONATHAN STUART MITCHELLS.B., Appalachian State University. 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20I5(Evolutionary Biology)DISSERTATION: Inferring Eco-eualutionaryDynamics from tb« Imperfect Fossil Record of BirdsMATTHEW AUGUST ODENWALDA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2009(Pathology)DISSERTATION: The Tight Junction ProteinZonula Occludens-r Integrates EpithelialMorphogenesisNOEL THOMAS PAULIS.B., Syracuse University; 2009(Immunology)DISSERTATION: Th� Impact of Staphylococcusaureus Inftction on Human B C�II ResponsesFEDERICO DAMIAN PINEDAS.B., Carnegie Mellon University; 2008(Medical Physics)DISSERTATION: Semi-quantitative andQuantitativt Analysis of Dynamic Contrast­Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging of tb« BreastPATRICK JENNINGS REEDS.B., University of Washington, Seattle, 2001S.B., ibid., 2001(Neurobiology)DISSERTATION: Tbe Idmtification and Study ofKnown and Nouel Variants in Spinocerebellar AtaxiaSHANE MICHAEL REGNIERS.B., UnivtrSity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IO(Moltcular Metabolism and Nutrition)DISSERTATION: Dietary and DevelopmentalExposurt to tht Fungicid� Toly/jluanid DisruptsGlobal En�rgy M�tabolism in Mia JONATHAN ROBERTROSENFIELDS.B., Georgia Institute ofTuhnology, 2008S.M., University of Pennsyluania, 20IOM.M.P., ibid., 20IO(Mtdical Physics)DISSERTATION: An Inv�stigation ofa PrototypeAcousto-Optic Transmission Ultrasound Imaging Systemfor Improved Breast Cancer Screening S�nsitivityBENJAMIN EVAN RUSSELL RUBINA.B., Cornell Uniuersity, Ithaca, Neui York, 2009(Evolutionary Biology)DISSERTATION: The Impact of Mutualism onGenome Evolution and Endosymbiont DiversityADRIAN ALBERTO SANCHEZ5.B., Uniuersity of Tennessee at Knoxville, 20IO(Medical Physics)DISSERTATION: Task-Baud Optimization ofComputed Tomography Imaging SystemsARUPSARMAS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 2008(Computational Neuroscience}DISSERTATION: Learning-Dependent Plasticity ofVisual and Cognitive Encoding in Parieto-FrontalNetworksDANIEL RICHARD SEMLOWS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005(Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)DISSERTATION: Function and Mechanism ofDEAH-box A TPases at tb« Catalytic Stagt of Pre­mRNA SplicingMELISSA YUWONO TJOTAA.B., Harvard University; 2008(Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program:Immunology)DISSERTATION: Activation of Antigm PresentingCtlls Through FcRy; Drives IL-33 Dependent Th2-Typ� Responses in tb« LungsRYAN O'NEAL WALTERSA.B., University of Montana, 2004A.B., ibid., 2004(Nturobiology)DISSERTATION: Targtting Nanoparticles to NeuronsWILLIAM ANDREW WEISSS.B., �sttrn Washington Uniuersity; 2009(Mtdical Physics)DISSERTATION: Quantitativ� Analysis of HighSpectral and Spatial Resolution (HiSS) Breast MRIRICHARD WILLIAMS IVS.B., Louisiana Stat« University and A&M Colleg�, 20055.B., ibid., 2005(Computational Nturoscima)DISSERTATION: Fin Ray Proprioaption and itsRolt in Actinopttrygian Fish SwimmingKATHRYN ELIZABETH WOLAKA.B., Univtrsity of Rochtsttr, 2005(Canar Biology)DISSERTATION: Targ�ting Pathways ofChtmoruistanct using Small Moluul�s13THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:I5 a.m.LUNCHEONBartlett Commons and Bartlett Quadranglen:30 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel HallI:45 p.m.RECEPTIONBartlett Quadrangleimmediately following the ceremonyTHE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDESELECTIONS FROM RENAISSANCE DANCESComposed by TYLMAN S U SA TOPROCESSIONThe University of Chicago Pipe Band(Please stand)WELCOMEMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the HumanitiesTHE CONFERRING OF THE JANEL M. MUELLER AWARDS FOREXCELLENCE IN PEDAGOGYANA MARIA LIMASenior Lecturer, Department of Romance Languages and LiteraturesDAN RAEBURNLecturer in Creative Writingpresented by JASON MERCHANTProfessor, Department of Linguistics and the College; Deputy Dean for Languages and InstructionTHE CONFERRING OF FACULTY AWARDSFOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGDAISY J. DELOGUAssociate Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and the Collegepresented by LARRY F. NORMANFrank L. Sulzberger Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures, and the College;Chair, Department of Romance Languages and LiteraturesCHRISTOPHER KENNEDYProfessor, Department of Linguistics and the College; Chair, Department of Linguisticspresented by ALAN C. L. YUAssociate Professor, Department of Linguistics and the College15THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONA.M. AND M.F.A. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by MARTINA MUNSTERSDean of StudentsPH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by MARTINA MUNSTERSDean of StudentsGraduates will be hooded by faculty members in the Division of the Humanities.MUSICAL INTERLUDEA TASTE OF THE MIDDLE EASTThe Middle East Music EnsembleCLOSING REMARKSMARTHA T. ROTHDean, Division of the HumanitiesKARLA SCHERER, A.M., '99Chair of the Humanities Visiting CommitteeMARTINA MUNSTERSDean of StudentsRECESSIONALGALLIARD BATTAGLIAComposed by SAMUEL SCHEIDT16THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESTHE FACULTY AWARDFOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGDAISY]. DELOGUAssociate Professor, Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and the CollegeDAISY]. DELOGU'S work at the intersection ofculture, politics, and gender in Medieval Francehas opened new avenues for understanding howindividuals - writers and readers alike - constitutetheir sense of themselves and the world. Thecreativeness and commitment she brings toher scholarship are contagious, and have beentransformative for students across a broad range ofdisciplines at the University. She employs astonishingskill and inventiveness to engage students in a subjectmatter often quite foreign to them, and in doingso, opens their literary and historical imaginationsto a new world. She is moreover passionate aboutimproving not only the scholarly development of ourstudents, but also their daily, human experience in our program and in our university. She is a model ofboth intellectual vigor and human generosity.The candidate will be presented by LARRY F.NORMAN, Frank L. Sulzberger Professor,Department of Romance Languages and Literatures,and the College; Chair, Department of RomanceLanguages and LiteraturesCITATIONCombining a contagious passion for intellectualinquiry with a deep concern for our students ashuman beings, DAISY]. DELOGU is inspiring anew generation of scholars in Medieval and Frenchstudies.CHRISTOPHER KENNEDYProfessor, Department of Linguistics and the College; Chair, Department of LinguisticsCHRISTOPHER KENNEDY is an extraordinaryscholar whose prolific and innovative work insemantics, pragmatics, and the philosophy oflanguage has inspired countless students andcolleagues to think beyond disciplinary boundaries.He is a tireless advocate for his students andcolleagues, always thinking of new ways to cultivatean atmosphere that enables everyone to thrive.His influence reaches beyond his writing and theclassroom. He is a paragon of a teacher-scholar, wholeads an exemplary life that reminds us all of the importance of maintaining a balance between workand beyond.The candidate will be presented by ALAN C. L. vuAssociate Professor, Department of Linguistics and theCollegeCITATIONWith his intellectual openness, generosity, andacademic rigor, CHRISTOPHER KENNEDY inspirescountless young scholars and colleagues to strive forexcellence in academia and beyond.17THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSANURAG ADVANIB.A. (Hons), University of Delhi, Neui Delhi,India,20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)ABIGAIL AKAVIAA.B., Hebrew University ofJ�rusal�m, Israel, 2007(Classics: Classical Languages and Literatures)DAVID AARON ALTMANA.B., Hofura University; 20I4(Master of Arts Program in tbe Humanities)ANDRA M. ANTONA.B., University of California, Los Angeles, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in tb« Humanities)AHMAD ARBABOUNA.B., University of Maryland at College Park, 20I2(Middl« Eastern Studies)ASNIA ASIMB.B.A. (Hons), Institute of Business Administration,Karachi, Pakistan, 20IIM.B.A., ibid., 20II(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)AMANDA LEIGH BLOCKA.B., University of Chicago, 20I5(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)MARK COLIN BROKENSHIREBiNurs., University of South Australia, Ad�laid�,Australia, I997A.B., ibid., 2009B.A. (Hans), ibid., 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)EMMA GRACE BRUSHA.B., Dartmouth College, 20I3(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)SEAN LEE CAMPBELLA.B., University of California, Los Angeles, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)LAUREN RENAE CARTYA.B., State University of N= York at Binghamton, 20II(Middl� Eastern Studies)EUGENE KWAN-TAI CHANB.Ed. (Hans), Hong Kong Institute of Education,Hong Kong, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JIAYI CHENA.B., Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)KIMBERLY ASHLEY CHINA.B., University of Chicago, 20I5(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)JOANNA CICHOMSKIA.B., Princeton University. 20I3(Master ofArts Program in tb« Humanities)KYLE CLARKA.B., University ofArizona, 20I3(Middl� Eastern Studies)ALLISON COCHRANEA.B., Lawrence Uniuersity, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in th« Humanities)SHANA ROOCHNIK CRANDELLA.B., Columbia University; Neio York City,Neio York, 20IO(Philosophy)IKUMI EILEEN CROCOLLA.B., Bowdoin College, 2009S.M., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in th« Humanities)JOSHUA MICHAEL DAVIDSONA.B., University of Colorado at Denver, 20I2(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)CLANCEY CATHERINE D'ISAA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)KRISTOPHER TYLER DRIGGERSA.B., Yal« University; 20II(Art History)18 SHEILA ENRIGHTA.B., Villanova University; 20I3(Master ofArts Program in tb« Humanities)GERARDO ESPINAL FRANCOA.B., University of Houston-University Park, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities}REBEKAH GENEVA FABRIZIOA.B., Ohio State University; Columbus, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JENNIFER FARRELLB.F.A., School ofth� Art Institute of Chicago, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in tb« Humanities)EDWARD FERNANDEZA.B., Carthag� College, 20I3(Middl� Eastern Studies)ADAM C. FLOWERSA.B., Bard College, 20I3(Middl� Eastern Studies)GEORGIOS APOSTOLOS GITTISA.B., Princeton University, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in tb« Humanities)MARCOS BfDOLI GOUV�AA.B., Williams College, 2005A.B., University of Cambridge, England,United Kingdom, 2007(Classics: Classical Languag�s and Literatures}HANNE GRAVERSENB.A. (Hans), University of London, England,United Kingdom, 2006(Art History)JAZMIN GRAVESA.B., Columbia University; Neio York City,Neio York, 20I3(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)JONATHAN RUSSELL GREGGA.B., Hillsdale College, 20II(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JESSICA JANE HANNAHA.B., University of Cambridge, England,United Kingdom, 20I2(Mast�r of Arts Program in the Humanities)RICHARD FREDERICK HARRODA.B., Monmouth College, 2007(Middl� Eastern Ssudiet)ANDREW HERMA.B., Elizabethtoum Colleg«, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)SAMUEL STEPHENSONHOTCHKISSA.B., Reed Colleg�, 20IO(Classics: Classical Languages and Literatures)SANNIAH JABEENB.A. (Hons), Labore University of ManagementSciences, Pakistan, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in th« Humanities)HAN GIL JANGB.F.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in th« Humanities)ALENA M. JONESA.B., Oberlin College, 2008(Master ofArts Program in tbe Humanities)PARTH JOSHIA.B., Loyola Uniuersity Chicago, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JULIANNA JOYCEA.B., Randolph-Macon Woman's College, 20I3(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)GARY ALEXANDER KAFERA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)RACHEL ROSE KAMINSA.B., Yale University, 2002(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)NICHOLAS PATRICK KELLYA.B., George Washington University, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities) NSHAN THOMAS KESECKERA.B., University of San Francisco, 20I3(Middle Eastern Studies)ELLIOTT HAMILTON CLIFFORDKOCHA.B., Hav�rford College, 20II(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)MEGAN MARIE KROLLA.B., University of Georgia, 20I2(Middle Eastern Studies)CHRISTIAN SPIROSMOTSENIGOU KRONSTEDA.B., Marymount Manhattan College, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)SHENDA KUANGLL.B., Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)ANDREW THOMAS LAWDERA.B., Del/aul University, Chicago, Illinois, 20II(Middl« Eastern Studies)PATRICIA ANN LAWLISA.B., Nortbtaestern University, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in tb« Humanities)ELIZABETH D. 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DAVISProfessor, Department of the Geophysical Sciences, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the CollegeANGELA V. OLINTOHomer J Livingston Professor, Department ofAstronomy and Astrophysics, the Enrico Fermi Institute,and the College; Chair, Department ofAstronomy and Astrophysicspresented by EDWARD W. KOLBArthur Holly Compton Distinguished Service Professor, Department ofAstronomy and Astrophysics,The Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College; Dean, Division of Physical SciencesARTHUR L. KELLY PRIZE FOR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESRecipients:ROBERT PEPPERMANROBERT WALDpresented by MICHAEL GROSSE, Associate DeanTHE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESS.M. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical Sciencesnames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsRecognized by Directors of the S.M Programs andFaculty Members of the Physical Sciences DivisionMUSICAL INTERLUDERIGAUDONby ANDRE CAMPRAThe Millar Brass EnsemblePH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical Sciencesnames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsHooders: Faculty Members of the Physical Sciences DivisionREMARKS BY THE DEANEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical SciencesCLOSE OF CEREMONYEMILY BACKE, Associate DeanRECESSIONALTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONTHE FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGANDREW]. CAMPBELLAssociate Professor, Department of the Geophysical Sciences and the CollegeANDREW]. CAMPBELL takes a hands-on approach The candidate will be presented by ANDREW mentoring - making himself available at all D A VI S, Professor, Department of the Geophysicaltimes and getting his hands dirty with the students' Sciences, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the Collegeexperiments - while simultaneously giving them theintellectual freedom to work on problems of their CITATIONown choosing. There are no "black boxes" in his lab; With creativity, innovation, and rigor, ANDREW].students understand every aspect of their apparatus, CAMPBELL has set a new standard for research inand generally design and construct them themselves. mineral physics, and he has trained his students toHis generosity has instilled self-confidence and reach that standard and join the vanguard of the nextscientific maturity in his students, and his guidance generation of scientists.has formed them into outstanding and successfulexperimentalists who will be among the future leadersin mineral physics and planetary science.ANGELA V. OLINTOHomer J Livingston Professor, Department ofAstronomy and Astrophysics,the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College;Chair, Department ofAstronomy and AstrophysicsANGELA V. OLINTO studies the mysterious origins ofnature's highest energy cosmic rays and of the magneticfields that pervade all objects in the universe. She hasgenerously and consistently created an environmentto empower her students to excel according to eachindividual's talent and skill set. Selflessly promotingher students, she redirects the spotlight toward them,giving them practice and confidence in presentingat conferences and to the public. Long after theirgraduation she identifies opportunities for her studentsto advance in their careers. She not only inspires,but also helps her students to become the kind ofmagnanimous mentor she is, by providing them withopportunities to mentor younger students. Her wise,patient, and generous influence extends far beyond herown students. The candidate will be presented by EDWARD W.KOLB, Arthur Holly Compton Distinguished ServiceProfessor, Department ofAstronomy and Astrophysics,the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College; Dean,Division of Physical SciencesCITATIONWith a fundamental philosophy of investing in andempowering future scientists and leaders, and withan enthusiastic ability to make complicated ideasunderstandable, ANGELA V. OLINTO is a creativeresearcher and genuine friend whose sustainedexcellence in mentoring follows students long aftergraduation.24THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEFERAS ALDAHLAWIS.B., Seattle University, 20I](Masur of Science Program in the Physical Sciences)LIONEL BARROWA.B., Bard Coll�g�, 20II(Computer Science)NATHAN TIMBERLAKE BARTLEYA.B., University of Chicago, 20I](Computer Science)DYLAN KELLER BENSONA.B., University of Chicago, 20I2(Computer Science)MICHAEL BLUMENSHINEA.B., Del'au] Uniuersity; Chicago, Illinois, 20II(Computer Science)ANDREW ROBERT BOSHARDYA.B., Univusity of Chicago, 20I](Computer Science)JOSEPH CODY BRAUNA.B., University of North Carolina at ChapelHill,2008(Computer Science)JOHN MICHAEL BULEYA.B., University of Virginia, 2000(Computer Science)DANIEL CAMPOS SALASBacb., Uniuersidad de Costa Rica, San Josl, 20I](Math�matics)MICHAEL JOSEPH CERUZZIS.B., Cornell University, Ithaca, NI!W York, 20I](Computer Science)GONG CHENS.B., University of Minnesota-Tu/in Cities, 20I](Mathematics)YUN CHENGS.B., University of Virginia, 20I2(Matbemasics)ZEV CHONOLESS.B., Brown University; 20I2(Math�matics)CHAOXING DAIS.B., Hong Kong University of Science anduchnology, Kowloon, 20I](Statistics)JONATHAN STUART DANZIGA.B., Tufts University: 20I2(Computer Science)JOSHUA DAYS.B., Cincinnati Christian University; 20II(Computer Science)BRYAN JOSEPH DELEONS.B., Massachusetts Institute ofuchnology, 2000(Computer Science)CARLOS IGNACIO DI FIORELic., Unioersidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20I2(Mathematics}CONNOR EGBERTS.B., Uniuersity of Oklahoma, 20I2(Computer Science)JOSEPH AARON ELLISS.B., University of Chicago, 20I5(Comput�r Science)YIRAN FANB.Econ., P�king University; &ijing, China, 20I2(Financial Mathematics)STEVEN FANNINS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, I990(Computer Science)NIR GADISHB.Sc., Hebreu/ University ofjerusalem, Israel, 20I2(Mathematics)YANLEI GONGS.B., National University of Singapore, Singapor�,20I2(Financial Math�matics) PETER GILES HANSENS.B., University of Chicago, 20I4(Statistics)JAKE RYAN HERGOTTS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20II(Computer Science)CONNOR KELLY IMESS.B., University of Southern California, 2008(Computer Science)BERNARDO JORGEA.B., University of Miami, I99IM.B.A., Florida State University; I994(Financial Mathematics)JAEYOUNG CHRISTOPHER KANGS.B., Northwestern Uniuersity. 20I2(Computer Science)DANA ROSE KATZA.B., Stanford University. 20I2(Computer Science}ELISABETH MELINA KAVAS.B., University of Nno South \Vtllu, Kensington,Australia, 20I](Mathematics)THOMAS JOHN KELLYA.B., Elmhurst College, 2009(Computer Science}BYOL KIMA.B., Ya/� University; 2009(Statistics)SANG GI KIMS.B., University of Minnesota-Tioin Cities, 20II(Statistics)VICTOR LEES.B., National Taiwan University; Taip�i, 2009(Physics)PABLO LEMOS PORTELAS.B.(Hom), Uniuersidad Complutense de Madrid,Spain,20I](Master of Science Program in tb« Physical Sciences)BERTRAND LIECHTENSTEINDipl., 'I. 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Beijing, China, 20I4(Mast�r of Science Program in tb« Physical Sciences)DARRIN MACHAYS.B., Purdue University. west Lafayau, Indiana,2007(Financial Mathematics)MATTHIAS REINHARD MEIERA.B., University of Oxford, England,United Kingdom, 20I4(Computer Science)NIKITA MISHRAB.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur,India,20I2M.Sc., ibid., 20I2(Computer Science)DREW STEVEN MOOREA.B., William Marsh Ria University; 20I](Math�matics)MACIEJ ALBERT NICEWICZA.B., University of Chicago, 2004S.M., University of California, Los Ang�/u, 2007(Computer Science)MARGARET ELIZABETHNICHOLSA.B., Oberlin Coll�g�, 20I](Mathematics)CHRISTOPHER THOMAS OSTERA.B., University of Chicago, 20II(Mastu of Science Program in th« Physical Sciences) YUTONG PANS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I](Master of Science Program in the Physical Sciences)TRISTAN HINES RASMUSSENS.B., University of Chicago, 20I5(Computer Science)JONATHAN RUBINA.B., Ya/� University: 20I2(Math�matics)ZACHARY JON SCHAEFERLoyola University of Chicago, 20I2(Statistics)BENJAMIN DANIEL SEEGERS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 20I](Matbematia)JIAJUN SHENB.£., Shanghai Jiao Tong University; China, 20I2(Computer Science)ZICHEN SHENA.B., University of Southern California, 20I](Financial Mathematics)VED PRAKASH SINGHB.Sc., Indian Institute ofuchnology Bombay,Mumbai, India, 20IO(Chemistry)JACOB THOMAS SOKOLOWSKIB.B.A., Grand Vallry Stat« Uniuersity; 2008S.M., Deleaul University, Chicago, Illinois, 20II(Computer Science)SUSAN ELISABETH STEVENSA.B., Denison University: 20IO(Computer Science)ERIC GANESH SUKUMARS.B., Duee Uniuersity; 2009(Computer Science)JINGU SUNGB.Econ., Ajou University; Suwon, South Korea, 20I]S.B., State University of NI!W York at Stony Brook,20I](Statistics)DEBORAH ANN SUTTONS.B., Purdue University; west Lafay�tu, Indiana,20IIS.M., ibid., 20I](Statistics)YE TIANB.Sc., McGill University; Montreal, Quib�c,Canada, 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 20IO(Statistics)JIAYANG TONGB.Eng., &ijing Uniuenity of Posts andTelecommunications, China, 20II(Computer Science)GIANG THI HUONG TRANA.B., Bard Colleg«, 20I2(Mathematics)ALEXANDER TSUA.B., Dartmouth Coll�g�, 20I4(Computer Science)NATHAN VOSS.B., University of North Carolina at ChapelHill,20I](Statistics)RILEY P. 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YANGS.B., Syracuse University; 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20II(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: The Development andApplication of Enantioselectioe Reactions of Mask�dAcyl Cyanid« Reagent:27THE DIVISIONOF THESOCIAL SCIENCESSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONIda Noyes Hall12:00 p.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel2:15 p.m.THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESDAVID NIRENBERGDean, Division of the Social SciencesPROCESSIONRIGAUDONfrom Idomeneo Rt di Creta by ANDRE CAMPRATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistThe Congregation stands and remains standing until after the welcome.CALL TO ORDERMICHAEL SILVERSTEINAssistant Marshal of the UniversityTHE CONFERRING OF FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE INGRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGJOHN LEVI MARTINProfessor, Department of Sociology and the Collegepresented by ELISABETH S. CLEMENSWilliam Rainey Harper Professor, Department of Sociology and the College; Chair,Department of SociologyREMARKSSTEPHAN PALMIEProfessor, Department ofAnthropologyChair, Department ofAnthropologyMUSICAL PERFORMANCEMENUETfrom Suite Gothique by LEON BOELLMANNTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist29DAVID NIRENBERGDean, Division of the Social SciencesTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGRecipients of Degrees will be presented in alphabetical order by degree in the following programs:In the Committee on International Relations, by MICHAEL REESEIn the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, by PAUL WALKERIn the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, by DAIN BORGESIn the Department of Anthropology, by STEPHAN PALMIEIn the Department of Comparative Human Development, by EUGENE RAIKHELIn the Department of Economics, by AZEEM SHAIKHIn the Department of History, by EMILIO KOURIIn the Department of Political Science, by CATHY COHENIn the Department of Psychology, by B. PATRICK HALLIn the John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought, by NATHAN TARCOVIn the Department of Sociology, by ELISABETH S. CLEMENSREMARKS BY THE DEAN OF THE DIVISIONOF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESMUSICAL PERFORMANCEFESTIVE TRUMPET TUNEComposed by DAVID GERMANTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistRECESSIONALTOCCATAfrom Organ Symphony NO.5 by CHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist(Please stand)30THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESTHE FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGJOHN LEVI MARTINProfessor, Department of Sociology and the CollegeAn innovative theorist of social structure and action,JOHN LEVI MARTIN explores the basic dynamicsof social life across a sweeping range of material, fromchildren's literature to the politics and debates ofconstitutional conventions. Each inquiry, no matterthe topic, is an opportunity to discern the emergence,reproduction, and transformation of the social rolesand structures of relationships. With students, hedemands standards for interpreting evidence andmaking arguments, but rejects any idea that there is asingular formula for the living of life - of the mind orotherwise. He engages each student with a distinctivecombination of intellectual rigor, open-mindedness,and profound humanity. The candidate will be presented by ELISABETHS. C L E MEN S, William Rainey Harper Professor,Department of Sociology and the College; Chair,Department of SociologyCITATIONEngaging each student with intellectual rigor andprofound humanity, JOHN LEVI MARTIN leads byexample, demonstrating how fundamental questions ofsocial structure and action can be explored in settingsmundane, exotic, or possibly even world-changing.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSJENNIFER ANNE ALTMAN-LUPUA.B., Columbia University, Nno York City,Neur York, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)ANTHONY CHRISTOPHERBADAMIA.B., Brown University; 20II(Political Science)SUMITRA BADRINATHANA.B., St. Xavier's College, Mumbai, India, 20I4(International Relations)GWENDOLYN AILEENBELLINGERA.B., University of North Carolina atChapel Hill, 20I2(Middle Eastern Studies)PIETRO BIROLILauren, Uniuersite Commercials Luigi Bocconi,Milan, Italy, 2005Laurea specialistica, ibid., 2007Laurea specialistica, Uniuersite Catbolique deLouuain, Louuain-La-Neuve, Belgium, 2007(Economics)COURTNEY YUN BISCANA.B., University of Notre Dame, 20I4(International Relations)ARI MICAH BLASKA.B., Dickinson College, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)ANTHONY PETER JOHN BUCCI IIIA.B., George Washington University, 20I4(International Relations)TAYLOR ANNE CAPPSA.B., Trinity University, San Antonio, 20I3(Middle Eastern Studies)CARLOS CARDENAS-INIGUEZS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009(Psychology)DAVID ROSS CEAA.B., University of Central Oklahoma, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)MEl YIN BONNIE CHANA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 20I2(Political Science)LI CHENLL.B., Renmin University of China, Beijing, 20I3(International Relations)DAHLIA HASTA COLMANA.B., Sarah Lawrence College, 20I2(International Relations)CHRISTINE MARIE COMFORTA.B., University of Central Florida, 20I3(International Relations)MICHAEL ZIMMER DEANA.B., University of California, Santa Barbara, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)JONATHAN VINCENT DOHERTYA.B., University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria,Australia, 20I3(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)MATTHEW CRAIG DUNCANA.B., University of Notre Dame, 20I2(International Relations)PATRICK NIALL FEEA.B., University of Cambridge, England,United Kingdom, 20I4(International Relations)CHELSEA M. FLENARA.B., Ohio University, Athens, 20I3(Middle Eastern Studies)KIRSTEN ELOISE FORSBERGA.B., Yale University, 20II(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)MATTHEW DANN FOURACREA.B., University of Denver, 20I3(International Relations)32 DANIEL ALBERT FROEHLINGA.B., University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 20I4(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)SARAH J. FURGERS.B., Iowa State University of Science andTechnology, 20I3(Middle Eastern Studies)GEORGE LAWRENCE GROBE IVB.A. (Hans), University of Toronto, Ontario,Canada, 20I4(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)YURI HAASZLic., Uniuersidade Federal do Parand,Curitiba, Brazil, 2006A.M., International Christian University,Tokyo, japan, 20II(Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences)AREEBA HASANA.B., Rutgers, The State University of New jersey,New Brunswick, 20I2(Middle Eastern Studies)ALEX HASKINSA.B., Bowdoin College, 20IIM. 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'80, M.B.A. '81Professor of Management Practice, Harvard Business SchoolMembers of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirAWARDING OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODINGpresented by SUNIL KUMAR, Dean, Chicago Booth School of Businessand Faculty Dissertation ChairpersonsTHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Members of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirCLOSING REMARKSSUNIL KUMARDean, Chicago Booth School of Business36THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFOR DEGREE OF THEINTERNATIONAL MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONVIDUR SEHGALA.B., Yale University, 2010·WITH HONORSFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONAHMED ABDEL-SAHEBA. B., University of Maryland at College Park, 2007MOHAMED FAHAD KHALIDABDULLAHA.B., University of Soutbern California, 2010JAISON ABRAHAMS.B., Purdue University, Wtst Lafayeu«, Indiana, 2007BRIAN MICHAEL ACKSS. 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Santiago. 20I2 THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSZACHARY DAVID SATLINA.B .• Washington University in St. Louis. 2009-WITH HONORSJEFFREY JAMES SAWINS.B .• United States Naval Academy; 2008KEVIN B. SCHAEFERS.B .• Lehigh University. 2006·WITH HONORSREID EDWARD SCHENKS.B .• Iowa State University of Science andTechnology. 2009MATTHEW ALAN SCHIFFMANS.B .• Brown University. 2009WANA SCHULZEEng.• Univmidatk Estadual de Campinas, Brasil; 2007JASON DANIEL SCHWABS.B .• United States Military Academy; 2005EVAN DAVID SCHWARZB.B.A .• University of Wisconsin-Madison. 20IOMARIA AGUSTINA SCLARANDILie, Uniuersidad de Buenos Aires. Argentina. 2008Mag .• Unioersidad Torcuato di ilila. Buenos Aim.Argentina. 20IIADAM JAMES SINCLAIRSEABROOKS. B .• Cornell University. Ithaca. New York. 2008A.M.• University of Western Ontario. London.Canada. 2009DAVID ELLIOT SEIFERTs. B .• Washington and Lee University. 2006·WITH HIGH HONORSLINA SERPILS.B .• Cornell University. Ithaca. 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Michigan. 2005D.P.. �yne State Univmity. Detroit. Michigan. 2007MICHAEL JOHN SZCZEPANEKS. B.. Univmity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign. 200IM.Acc .• ibid.• 2002SONNY TAlA.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2009HICHAM TALEBALIM.Sc .• University of London. England.United Kingdom, 20IOYUNYI TANB.Mgmt.• Fudan Univmity. Shanghai. China. 2008GUY TARTAKOVSKYB. Sc. (Hons), Technion-Israel Institute ofilchnology.Haifa. 2008M.Sc .• ill Aviv University. Israel. 20I2-WITH HIGH HONORS45THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONWILLIAM RIGGS TAYLORS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20085.M., ibid., 20IOJAMES JOSEPH TENZILLOS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008ABHlTI TEWARIB. 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Sc. , University of London, England,United Kingdom, 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORS THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSWENYIZHAOB.Mgmt., Soochow University, Suzbou, China, 20IOBOHONG ZHENGA.B., Shanghai International Studies University,China, 2009HAINING ZHENGB.Econ., Shanghai International Studies University,China, 2009LYUBOMIR ZHOTEVS.B., Tehnicesk! Unioersitet Sofia, Bulgaria, 2005 MINGJUE ZHOUA.B., Uniuersity ofW�surn Ontario, London,Canada, 2009·WITH HIGH HONORSYINAN ZHOUS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2007·WITH HONORSAARON J. ZIELINSKIB.B.A., University of Nom Dame, 2007DAN ZOU5.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYTHOMAS JOSEPH BESTS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006S.M., ibid., 2007DISSERTATION: Hospital Bed CapacityManagementNADAV KLEINA.B., Amherst College, 2007A.M., University of Chicago, 2008M.B.A., ibid., 20I3DISSERTATION: Th� Topography of Generosity:Asymmetric Evaluations of Prosocial Actions acrossPeople, Cultures, and Ag« GroupsNITISH KUMARB. 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Sc. , University of London, England,United Kingdom, 2009M.B.A., University of Chicago, 20I5(Financial Economics)DISSERTATION: Dividend Risk and the Cross­Section of Dividend Risk Premia JULIANA R. SCHROEDERA.B., University of Virginia, 2008A.M., Uniueristy of Chicago, 20I2M.B.A., ibid., 20I4(Psychology and Business)DISSERTATION: A Self-Other MotivationalAsymmetry: People Overlook Others' High LevelNeeds Compared to Th�ir Own47THE DIVINITY SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.RECEPTIONSwift HallThird Floor Lecture Hallimmediately following the ceremonyDIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYBond Chapeln:30 a.m.THE DIVINITY SCHOOLDIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEPHILLIP KLOECKNER, OrganistPROCESSIONThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand and remain standing until after the welcome)WORDS OF WELCOMEMARGARET M. MITCHELLDean, Divinity School;Shailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian LiteratureTERESA HORD OWENSDean of StudentsGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGnames to be read by TERESA HORD OWENSFACULTY HOODERSDANIEL ARNOLDAssociate Professor of the Philosophy of ReligionsWILLEMIEN OTTENProfessor of Theology and the History of ChristianityWILLIAM SCHWEIKEREdward L. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor of Theological EthicsREMARKSMARGARET M. MITCHELLDean, Divinity SchoolRECESSIONAL(Please stand)The Millar Brass EnsemblePOSTLUDEPHILLIP KLOECKNER, Organist49THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF DIVINITYFARTUN ADEN AHMEDS.B., Metropolitan State University, 20I2GEORGE ARCENEAUX IVA.B., St. Olaf College, 20IIJONATHAN D. BURKEYA.B., Olivet Nazarene University, 20IOA.M., ibid., 20I2HANNAH RUTH CAMPBELLGUSTAFSONA.B., Carleton College, 2009A.M., University of Chicago, 20I5PATRICK SHANE DERDALLA.B., University of Virginia, 20II NEIL GRAMS ELLINGSONA.B., Harvard University, 2006GAIL AUSTIN GOLDSMITHA.B., Marist College, 20I2JONATHAN DAVID HOLTMEIERA.B., St. Olaf College, 2008MARY ELLEN JEBBIAA.B., University of Southern California, 20I2S.B., ibid., 20I2ELIJAH DARNELL KINDREDS.B., Tennessee State University, Nashville, 2001ALLISON BETH LUNDBLADA.B., Oberlin College, 20I2 SETH KRISTOFER PATTERSONA.B., St. Olaf College, 2002M.F.A., Florida Atlantic University. Boca Raton, 2004MARGARET OLSON POTTHOFFA.B., Grinnell College, 2008M.P.P., University of Chicago, 20I5KATHRYN BARNARD RAYA.B., Oberlin College, 2008A.M., University of Chicago, 20I5JOHN MARC SIANGHIOA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001A.M., ibid., 2009FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSEMILIE EVE AMAR-ZIFKINA.B., Fordham University, New York, 20I3HASSAN SHAKEEL AWAISIA.B., Boston University, 20IIRONALD BARNESA.B., Cae College, I910ADAM JOSEPH BEYTA.B., Northwestern University, 20I2JAMES PATRICK BREENA.B., Lawrence University, 2009DEBORHA ASHLEY CAMPBELLA.B., Macalester College, 20I2EDAN DALSHEIM-KAHANE. A.B., Bard College at Simon's Rock, Massachusetts, 20I3JAY ELLIOTT EVANSA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri, 20I3JENAE MARISSA GURLEYA.B., University of California, Riverside, 20I2ZACCARY ADAM HANEYA.B., St. Norbert College, 20I3CHRISTINA LOUISE JASKOA.B., Wheaton College, Illinois, 20IO RAFIA AMINA KHADERA.B., Benedictine University, 2009CHIME CHODON LAMAA.B., Smith College, 20IIIAN DANIEL LAWRENCEA.B., University of Delaware, Newark, 20I3AMANDA ELISE LEARYA.B., Valparaiso University, 20I3DOV NATAN LERNERA.B., Yeshiva University, 20IINICHOLAS REYNOLDS LOWEA.B., Wofford College, 20I3SHAWN DOUGLAS SAMUELMAcPHERSONA.B., University of Western Ontario, London,Canada, 20I3ALEXANDRA CHRISTINEMATTHEWSA.B., University of Oregon, Eugene, 20I2SOFIA MARIA MAURETTEA.B., Unioersidad Catolica Argentina,Buenos Aires, Argentina, 20I2DANIEL ANDREW OWINGSA.B., University of Chicago, 20II VIRAJ RAJANIKANT PATELS.B., Pennsylvania State University,University Park, 20IOALEXANDER JOSEPH SHAPIROA.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2009TREVAR JAY SIMMONSB.A., Palm Beach Atlantic College, 2006A.M., Gardner- Webb College, 20IOKATHRYN A. SMIDSTRAA.B., Grand Valley State University, 20I2CHRISTOPHER WARD SMITHA.B., Lewis and Clark College, 2009HECTOR MANUEL VARELA RIOSS.B., University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, I990ALEXANDRA MARIE WADMANA.B., University of California, Los Angeles, 20I3TENG WANGA.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 20IICONNER SAMUEL WESTBYA.B., St. Olaf College, 20IISARAH VIOLET ZAGERA.B., Williams College, 20I3FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYPIERRE-JULIEN DANIEL HARTERLic., Universite Paris I (Pantbeon-Sorbonne),France 2002Mattrise, ibid., 2004DISSERTATION: Buddhas in the Making: Path,Perfectibility, and Gnosis in the AbhisamaytilarrzktiraLiteratureMARC EDWARD LIVECCHEA.B., St. Olaf College, I994A.M., Wheaton College, Illinois, 2001DISSERTATION: With Malice Toward None:The Moral Ground for Killing in War CHAIM MEIR NERIAA.B., Hebrew University ofjerusalem, Israel, 2002A.M., University of Notre Dame, 2003A.M., University of Chicago, 2006DISSERTATION: "It Cannot Be Valued with theGold of Ophir" (job 28:I6): Rabbi joseph B. Shem­Tab's Commentary on Aristotle's NicomacheanEthics Sources and Analysis ERIKA JOY JOHNSON TRITLEA.B., Luther College, I999A.M., University of Chicago, 2005OISSERTATION: To the jew First and to theGreek: Alonso de Cartagena s Defensoriumunitatis christianae and the Problem ofjewish Fleshin Fifteenth-Century SpainREBECCASCHARBACHWOLLENBERGA.B., University of Chicago, 2002A.M., Hebrew University ofjerusalem, Israel, 2006DISSERTATION: The People of the Book Withoutthe Book: jewish Ambivalence towards Biblical Textafter the Rise of ChristianityTHE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE V.GRAHAM SCHOOL OF CONTINUINGLIBERAL AND PROFESSIONALSTUDIESSATURpAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE CEREMONYInternational HouseAssembly Hall12:00 p.m.RECEPTIONInternational HouseRockefeller Loungeimmediately following the ceremonyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEThe Millar Brass EnsemblePROCESSIONALWELCOMEThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand and remain standing until after the welcome)names to be read by BRIDGET COLLIERDean of StudentsMARK R. NEMECDean, William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional StudiesGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONM.L.A.,AND S.M. GRADUATESCERTIFICATE PRESENTATIONCERTIFICATE RECIPIENTSnames to be read by MARY DANIELSAssociate DeanFEATURED SPEAKERKATE COLEMAN, M.B.A. '78, M.L.A. '98Member of the Graham School CouncilEVP, Chief Strategy/Advancement OfficerYMCA of the USARECESSIONALThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand)52THE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE V. GRAHAM SCHOOL OF CONTINUING LIBERAL AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF LIBERAL ARTSJOSHUA DAVID BROWNA.B .• Wukyan University. I999A.M.• University of Chicago. 2003JOSEPH WALTER BRYSIEWICZA.B .• Lake Forest Coluge. 200IA.M.• Concordia University. 2008JANN INGMIRES.B .• Southern Illinois Univenity-Carbondal«, I980A.M.• University of Illinois at Springfield. I993 ZACHARY ISROWA.B .• Aurora University. 20I4GEORGE KOUPATADZES.B .• DeVry University; Oak Brook Terrace. Illinois.2002SORA MOONA.B .• Drake University. Des Moines. Iowa. 2008 KATHERINE LEE POMMIERA.B .• Flagler College. 2008CHARLES THOMPSONS.B .• Univtrsity of Maryland-University College.Adelphi. 2007M.B.A .• Northern Illinois University. 20IOAGNIESZKA KRYSTYNA TOPURA.B .• DePaul University. Chicago. Illinois 200IA.M.• ibid. 20IOFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEALEKSANDRA BARANA.B .• Columbia College. Chicago. Illinois. 20I2(Threat and Response Management)THOMAS W. BARNETTA.B .• University of Illinois at Chicago. 2002(Threat and Response Management)NEIL BENEDICTB.B.A .• Saint Xavier University: 20I2M.B.A .• ibid.• 20I3(Analytics)JUSTIN LENNARD BREWERS.B .• Northeastern Illinois University. 20I2(Analytics)CHERYL BROWN-TALLEYS.B .• Western Illinois Uniuersity; I986M.P.A. Roosevelt University. I996(Threat and Response Management) FRANCISCO J. CRESPOS.B .• Georgetown University. 2008(Threat and Response Management)KIMBERLY THERESA NOWICKIS.B .• Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. I993(Threat and Response Management)SABEEN SHAMSIA.B .• Loyola University Chicago. 20I2S.B .• ibid. 20I2(Threat and Response Management)MARK SIGGELKOWB.A.S .• University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh. 20I3(Threat and Response Management)ARMANDO SILVAA.B .• Northeastern Illinois University; 2008(Threat and Response Management) SARA ELISABETH SOHMA.B .• University of New Hampshire. 2007(Threat and Response Management)PAMELA FRANCINE THOMAS-HALLS.B .• Elmhurst Coluge. I984S.M.• DePaul University. Chicago. Illinois. I998(Threat and Response Management)JANET TOLIVERA.B .• Saint Martin's Colltge. Lacey. Washington. I98IS.M.• Chicago State University. I99I(Threat and Response Management)WALTER JAMES WILLIAMSS.B .• Illinois Institute of Technology. I982(Threat and Response Management)5311:30 a.m.THE IRVING B. HARRISGRADUATE SCHOOL OFPUBLIC POLICY STUDIESSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel HallRECEPTIONHutchinson Courtyardimmediately following the ceremonyTHE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEJEREMY EDWARDSSenior Associate Dean, Academic and Student AffairsALUMNI REMARKSDAN TANGHERLINI, M.P.P. '91Chief Operating Officer, Artemis Real Estate PartnersPRESENTATION OF DIPLOMASDANIEL DIERMEIERDean, Harris School of Public PolicyEmmett Dedmon Professor of Public AdministrationHOODING OF GRADUATESNames to be read by DOUGLAS GEIGERDirector of Student AffairsFACULTY HOODERSfor master's studentsKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor and Deputy DeanAMY CLAESSENSAssistant ProfessorDAN COURSEYAmeritech Professor of Public PolicyDAMON JONESAssistant Professor55FACULTY HOODERSTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONRECESSIONALfor PH. D. studentsSCOTT ASHWORTHAssistant ProfessorDAN BLACKDeputy Dean and ProfessorKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor and Deputy Dean(Please stand)CLOSING REMARKSDANIEL DIERMEIERDean, Harris School of Public Policy56THE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSLEAH RAINSFORD CALVOA.B .• Stanford University; 2009·WITH HONORSQIDONGB.Econ .. Zongnan Univ�rsity of Economics andLaw. Wuhan. China. 20I2·WITH HONORSKAZEEM OLUWOLE HAMEDS.B .• Lagos Stat« University; Nig�ria. 2005M.P.A .• Florida International University; 20IO YIYI HEA.B .• University of Southern California. 20I4A.M.• ibid.• 20I4MICHAEL HERBSTMANB.Mgmt .• Tulane University; 2007M.B.A .• Del'aul University; Chicago. Illinois. 20IOS.M.• ibib .• 20IIJASON ELLIOTT JAMESA.B .• Uniuersity of Notre Dame, 2000J.D .• University of Virginia. 2009 ZHIJUN QIANB.Econ .• Nanjing University; China 20I2CHRISTOPHER MICHAELRHYMESA.B .. Tulane University. 2009J.D .• Louisiana State University and Agriculturaland Mechanical Colleg«, 20I2SAMEER S. VOHRAA.B .• Northwestern University; 2004J.D .• Southern Illinois Uniuersity-Carbandale, 20IIM.D .• ibid.• 20nFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN THE IRVING B.HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIES ANDTHE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESADRIANA CICCONES.B .• Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2009 JENNIFER Y. GAlA.B .• University of Pennsyloania, 20n·WITH HONORS THEODOR KULCZYCKIS.B .• University ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2009·WITH HONORSFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICYALFONSO AMAYA PARRABach .• Uniuersidad de Los Andes. Bogotd.Colombia. 2008Bach .• ibid.• 2009Mast .• ibid.• 20IIM.B.A .• Univ�rsity of Chicago. 20I5DAVID THOMAS APPLEGATEA.B .• Boston Coll�g�. 2008ANDREA AREVALO ARROYOB.Econ .• Centro d� Inv�stigaciOn y DocenciaEconomicas, Mexico City. Mexico, 20IIYUSUKE ARITAB.Econ .• Hitotsubashi University; Tolryo. Japan. 2007ERIC AVILES HERRERAB.Econ .• Institute Tecnologico Autonomo de Mlxico.San Ang�l. 2005M.Econ .• ibid.• 2009MICHAEL AZMERAA.B .• University of Maryland at Coll�g� Park. 2008J.D .• G�org� Washington Unioersity. 20IIMUHAMMAD FAISAL ALI BAIGB.Sc .• Lahore University of Manag�mmt Sciences,Pakistan. 2009ANTONIA KATE BERNHARDTA.B .• Johns Hopkins Uniuersity; 20IJPAUL BERRYA.B .• Brown University; 2007CONSTANCE ELIZABETHBOOZERA.B .• Columbia Uniuersisy; Neio York City.Neio York. 20IJNORA KATHERINE BOUACHAA.B .• Beloit�. 20IOKRISTYN BRETZA.B .• Williams Coll�g�. 2007MELISSA LYNN BROWNS.B .• Northuiestem University; 20IJKATHERINE MARIA BUITRAGOA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2009LAURA LEE PRICE BURKSA.B .• Birmingham-Southern Colleg», 20IOJESSICA CABALLEROA.B .• Duke University; 2000M.B.A .• Univmity of Chicago. 20I5ZHENGYUE CAOB.Mgmt. Renmin University of China. &ijing. 20nS.M. Univ�rsity ofuxas at Dallas. 20IJ COREY JIALIN CHANA.B .• University of California. &rkdq. 2008ENRIQUE CHAZARO ACOSTAA.B .• Institute Tecnologico y d� Estudios Superioresde Monterrey; Mexico, 20IOTENGJIAO CHENB.Eng. Zh�jiang University, Hangzbou, China. 20nS.M. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 20IJ·WITH HONORSTINOTENDA LINDSEY CHITIGAA.B .• University of Chicago. 20IIJIYOUNG CHOIA.B .• Korea University; Seoul, 2008A.M.• Hanyang University; Seoul, South Korea, 20I2ROBERT JAMES CONLISKB.L.A .• University of Illinois at Chicago. 2008RUITING DAIS.B .• Huazhong University of Science anduchnology. Wuhan. China. 20I2MICHAEL DEHEEGERA.B .• Colby Coll�g�. 2007BENJO ALMONTE DELARMENTES.B .• University of tb« Philippin�s. Qunon City. 2005M.D .• ibid.• 2008A.M.• University of th« Philippines, Diliman, 20nMARY DESMONDA.B .• Syracuu University; 20I2MARfA FERNANDA DfAZ DE LAVEGA GARCIAA.B .• Institute Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico,San Angel, 2009EOIN STEPHEN DILLONA.B .• Uniuersity of Wisconsin-Madison. 2008MICAH DONALD DOSES.B .• United States Naval Acad�my. 20IJJORDAN A. DURRETTA.B .• Knox Calleg«, 20IJSHAUN FINLEY EDWARDSA.B .• Washington And L�� University; 2008GREGORY MARK ELLINGSONA.B .• Central Coll�g�. hila. Iowa. 20IJSIMONE ELIZABETH FACEYS.B .• Florida Agricultural and MechanicalUniversity; 2007M.B.A .• Univmity of Chicago. 20I5LESLIE FAETHA.B .• Univ�rsity of California. Davis. 20II TANGELA SHAREESE NICOLEFEEMSTERS.B .• Southern Methodist University; 2007KAZUYA FUKUHARAA.B .• Keia University; Tokyo, Japan. 2000ALBERTO ENRIQUE GARRIDOCAMPOSB.£'S .• Univmidad de Chile, Santiago. 2008LOUISE CLARKE GERAGHTYA.B .• Connecticut Colleg«, 2009GREGORY C. GILLETTEA.B.• Univmity of California. Bak�/ry. 2008JONATHAN GIUFFRIDAA.B .• Princeton University; 20IOXUE GONGLL.B .• P�king University; &ijing. China. 20I2B.Econ .• ibid.• 20I2A.M.• Uniuersity of California. Los Ang� 20IJ·WITH HONORSEUGENIU HANA.B .• Uniuersitatea din Bucurqti,Bucharest, Romania. 20IOM.P.A .• Tsinghua University; &ijing. China. 20IJMARY CHARLOTTE HANLEYA.B .• Univ�rsity of Chicago. 20IIMARIANNE J. HARAMOTOCABRERAB.A.C.S .• Univmidad d� Chile, Santiago. 2000·WITH HONORSKAZUHIRO HAYASHILL.B .• Was�da University; Tokyo. Japan. 2009·WITH HONORSBUWEI HELL.B .• Fudan University; Shanghai. China.20IJCHERYL ANN HEALYA.B .• Wtlldry Coll�g�. 2009DANIEL KAY HERTZA.B .• Harvard University; 20IOJAMES COLEMAN HOWESA.B .• Bowling Green State University; 20IORYAN EVANS HUFFMANS.B .• Northwestern University; 2008·WITH HONORSKIARA RENEE HUGHESB.B.A .• Baylor University; 20n57THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONDAVID ANDRES IBANEZ PARRABiEcon., Pontificia Unioersidad [aueriana, Bogota,Colombia, 2008M.Econ., ibid., 2009ZAINAB IMAMB.Sc., University of London, England,United Kingdom, 2010XITAO JIANGA.B., Pennsylvania State University, UniversityPark, 2012ESPERANZA JOHNSON URRUTIAB.Econ., Pontificia Uniuersidad Catolica de Chile,Santiago, 2010TAKAYUKI KANAIB. 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T., Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology,Surabaya, Indonesia, 2003THE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESWENDY WONGS.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 2009-WITH HONORSGIOVANNI ANTON MARZIANIWROBELA.B .• University of Chicago. 20I3 LIN XIAA.B .• Sun Ytzt-Sm Uniwrsity. Guangzhou. China. 20I2WENJUN XUS.B .• Chinese University of Hong Kong.Hong Kong. 2009M.Phil.• ibid.• 20I2 HIROKI YOSHIDAB.Econ .• University ofTolryo. Japan. 2008MEIZHE YUXIAOYUE YULL.B .• Beijing Fort:ign Studies University. China. 20I2A.B .• ibid.• 20I2FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYLAUREN SARTAINA.B .• University of Texas at Austin. 2004M.P.P.. University of Chicago. 2008DISSERTATION: Three Essays on Urban Schooling CONGYI ZHOUA.B .• Lanzhou University; China. 200IS.M. Nankai University; Tianjin, China. 2004DISSERTATION: Three Essays in AuthoritarianPolitics59THE LAW SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapeln:30 a.m.RECEPTIONThe Law Schoolimmediately following the ceremonyTHE LAW SCHOOLDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe Millar Brass EnsembleWELCOMEMICHAEL H. SCHILLDean, The Law SchoolHarry N. wyatt Professor of LawPRESENTATION OF DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS AWARDJAMES B. COMEY JR., J.D. '85REMARKSDAVID A. STRAUSSGerald Ratner Distinguished Service Professor of LawPRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODING OF GRADUATESLL.M. GRADUATESnames to be read by RICHARD 1. BADGERAssociate Dean for Graduate ProgramsJ.D. GRADUATESnames to be read by AMY M. GARDNERDean of StudentsFACULTY HOODERSDOUGLAS G. BAIRDHarry A. Bigelow Distinguished Service Professor of LawAZIZ HUQProfessor of Law and Herbert & Marjorie Fried Teaching ScholarSAUL LEVMOREWilliam B. Graham Distinguished Service Professor of LawJENNIFER NOUNeubauer Family Assistant Professor of LawRECESSIONALTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LAWMATEO T. ACEVESA.B., Brandeis University; 20II'WITH HONORSANDREW CHARLES ADAIRA.B., Northwestern University; 2009'WITH HONORSANDREW M. ADAIRS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I2VIVIANA HELEN ALDOUSA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 20I2FARIDAT AROGUNDADEB.B.A., George Washington University; 20IITABITHA J. ATKINA.B., University of ILlinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I2ANI AVAGYANA.B., University of California, Berkeley. 2008A.M., Loyola Marymount University; 20IOMICHAEL K. BALLEW, JR.A.B., University of Tennessee at Knoxuille, 20IILOUIS CUSHING BALOCCAA.B., University of Chicago, 20II'WITH HONORSRHIANNON N. BATCHELDERA.B., N= York University; 20IINORA ESTEFANfA BECERRAA.B., University of Chicago, 20IOBENJAMIN ANDREW BERKMANA.B., Northwestern University; 20I2'WITH HONORSELPITHA BETONDOA.B., Del'aul University; Chicago, Illinois, 20I2KATHRYN BIA.B., Dartmouth College, 2009B.Eng., ibid., 2009'WITH HONORSDAVID ISRAEL BIRNBAUMB. T.L., Ner Israel Rabbinical College, 20I2S.B., Johns Hopkins University. 20I2'WITH HONORSRACHEL ILANA BLOCKA. B., Surarthmore College, 2004S.M., Uniuersitat Pompeu Fabra,Barcelona, Spain, 2007'WITH HONORSERIN MARIE BOYDS.B., Spelman College, 2004S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Tecbnology. 2008PAIGE D. BRADDYS.B., Tulane University, 2009S.M., ibid., 2009BLAIR REBECCA BRADFORDA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 20I2B.B.A., ibid., 20I2'WITH HONORSCOREY KEENAN BRADYA.B., Florida State University, 20IO'WITH HONORSMATTHEW J. BRINCKSA.B., Northwestern University, 20II'WITH HIGH HONORSPETER JACOB BRODYA.B., Emory University; 20II'WITH HONORSBENJAMIN D. BROOKSB.Mus., California State University, Sacramento, 20I2'WITH HIGH HONORSWILLIAM W. BUCHERA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20II'WITH HONORSJOSHUA HART BURDAYS.B., University of Massachusetts at Amherst, 2009 MARY KAITLYN BURKA.B., Georgetown University, 20I2'WITH HIGH HONORSPHILIP JOSEPH AINSWORTHCARUSOA.B., University of Chicago, 2007M.B.A., ibid., 20I5'WITH HONORSNICHOLAS ANGELO CASELLIS.B., University of Scranton, 20I2'WITH HONORSROBERT CATMULLA.B., University of Nevada, Las Vtgas, 20IIWON HO CHOS.B., Johns Hopkins University, 20IOKENDELL R. COATESA.B., Northwestern University, 20I2RONI J. COHENA.B., N= York University, 20IIFABIANA COHEN LEVYA.B., Northwestern University, 20I2SEAN PATRICK COLLINSA.B., University of Maryland at Colleg« Park, 20I2'WITH HONORSEMMA JANE CONE-RODDYA.B., University of Chicago, 20II'WITH HONORSLAURA KATHLEEN CONLEYA.B., Weslryan University, Middletown,Connecticut, 2007A.M., University of Chicago, 20I2'WITH HONORSNICHOLAS STEPHEN DUFAUS.B., University of California, Berkeley, 20II'WITH HIGH HONORSHENRIK DUMANIANA.B., City University of N= York, 20IIMATTHEW THOMAS DuWALDTA.B., Kalamazoo Colleg«, 20I2CHRISTOPHER P. EBYA.B., Georgia College 0- State University, 20II'WITH HONORSTROY ALLEN EDWARDS, JR.S.B., Haverford College, 20I2'WITH HONORSANDREW ELKHOURYA.B., University of California, Berkelry, 20I2'WITH HONORSDANIEL SCOTT EMASA.B., Creighton University, 20I2DANIEL A. EPSTEINA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2007PAIGE ASHLEY EPSTEINS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IOA.M., ibid., 20I2SIOBHAN M. FABIOA.B., George Mason University; 20I2MEG E. FASULOS.B., Kansas State University, 2007Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley. 20I2'WITH HONORSEVAN M. FEINAUERA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009S.M., Suffolk University, 20II'WITH HONORSJUDSON ROBERT FINNEGANA.B., Duke University, 20I2'WITH HONORSMAURIO A. FIOREA.B., Pennsylvania State University, 20IOS.B., ibid., 20IOM.B.A., Uniuersisy of Pittsburgh, 20I2'WITH HONORS PAUL J. FORMELLAS.B., Florida State University, 20I2'WITH HONORSALAN BENJAMIN FREEDMANS.B., George Washington University, 2008A.M., Johns Hopkins University, 20IOSONIA ELIZABETH FULOPA.B., Tufts University, 200IA.M., Washington University in St. Louis, 2003KATHERINE ANNE GARCEAUB.F.A., N= York University, 20IO'WITH HONORSLIOR A. GEFTA.B., N= York University, 20IIMONICA GHOSHA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 20I2JACQUELINE ANN GIANNINIA.B., Butler University; 20I2'WITH HONORSARIGLATTA.B., Touro College, 20IIAASIYA FARAH MIRZA GLOVERA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20IOM.Phil., University of Cam bridge, England,United Kingdom, 20I2NATHANIEL T. GOLDFINGERA.B., Ohio State University, Columbus, 20IOJESSICA CASSANDRA GONZALEZA.B., University of Florida, 20IIBRITTANY E. GORINA.B., University of California, Berkelry,20Io'WITH HONORSALEX M. GRABOWSKIS.B., Northwestern University, 20I2'WITH HONORSJOHN JOSEPH GREIN IVA.B., Amherst College, 2009'WITH HONORSSARA KATHERINE HALEYA.B., Swarthmore College, 2008DANIEL NOLAN HAMMONDS.B., Truman State University, 20II'WITH HONORSDENIS N. HARPERA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2009'WITH HIGHEST HONORSDREW COLIN HARRISA.B., Brown University, 20IIS.M., University of London, England,United Kingdom, 20I2'WITH HONORSALEXANDER D. HAWGOODA.B., University of California, San Diego, 20I2CAROLINE E. HENRYA.B., Williams College, 20IOSARA ELISE HERSHMANA.B., Columbia University, N= York City,N= York, 20IOALEXIS C. HOLMESA.B., University of Maryland at College Park, 20I2STEVEN DOUGLAS HOYINGS.B., Ohio State University, Columbus, 2009M.Ed., ibid., 20IOBENJAMIN W. HUDGENSA.B., Claremont McKenna College, 20II'WITH HONORSTHOMAS ORLANDO HUYNHA.B., Michigan State University, 20IIKARA NICOLE INGELHARTA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20I2WHITNEY MARIE ISINGA.B., University of Georgia, 20I2B.B.A., ibid., 20I2ERICA ABRA JAFFEA.B., Knox College, 2008JACKIE LAROSA JAKABA.B., University of Chicago, 20IIMOLLY M. JAMISONS.B., Pennsylvania State University; 2009S.M., University of Pennsylvania, 20IIMILES HOVEKE JOHNSONA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009·WITH HIGH HONORSRONALD CECIL JONES IIA.B., University ofArkansas at Fayetteville, 20I2SARAH KANGA.B., University of Southern California, 2009SAMITA TAHSIN KHANA.B., Johns Hopkins University; 20I2CHANGHO KIMLL.B., University of Tokyo, Japan, 2007LL.M., University of Chicago, 20I3CLARA B. KIMA.B., University of North Carolina atChepe! Hill, 20IOJOSHUA R. KORNFIELDA.B., University of Miami, 20IIMATTHEW B. KUGLERA.B., Williams College, 2005A.M., Princeton University, 2008Ph.D., ibid., 20IO·WITH HIGHEST HONORSLEE ROCHELLE LAXAMANAA.B., Loyola University Chicago, 2009LYLE BENJAMIN LEBLANGS.B., Tulane University; 2000·WITH HONORSANNIKA J. LEEA.B., University of California, Berkeley; 20IIDONG HUN LEEA.B., Johns Hopkins University; 20I2ROBERT JAMES LEES.B., University of Southern California, 20IIJEFFREY PAUL LEVINEA.B., Johns Hopkins University. 20II·WITH HONORSL1NGFENG LIA.B., Duk� University; 20I2IAN SCOTT LINDSAYA.B., Brigham Young University, 20I2LOUIS BRANDON L1SSA.B., Nartbtoestern University; 20IOBRYAN J. LOWRANCEA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, New York, 2000A.M., Columbia University; New York City,New York, 2007M.Ph., ibid., 2009Ph.D., ibid., 20I2MYLES R. MACDONALDA.B., Claremont McKmna Colleg«, 20I!THOMAS MALINOWSKYA.B., University of Virginia, 20IITIMOTHY A. MARKEYA.B., Wabash College, 20I2·WITH HONORSCHRISTINA CRANE MATTHIASA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 20IOM.Phil, Trinity Coll�g�, Dublin, Ireland, 20II·WITH HONORSVASILlY MAYERS.B., University of Oklahoma, 20IOS.M., ibid., 20IIKATHERINE L. McCLAINA.B., University of Missouri-Columbia, 20I2JEFFREY S. McINTOSHB.B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2007·WITH HONORSMATTHEW M. McKAYA.B., Michigan State University; 20I2 TAMMY LEE MEIKLES.B., University of Texas at Dallas, 20IOS.M., ibid., 20I2JUSTIN ALPHONSE MERCURIOA.B., Loyola University Chicago, 20I2·WITH HONORSRACHEL LAURIE MILLERA.B., University of Florida, 20I2JAYVAN ERROL MITCHELLA.B., Wulqan Uniuersity; 20IIABIGAIL BEHR MOLITORA.B., University of Iowa, 20I2·WITH HONORSTIMOTHY JIHOON MOONS.B., Stanford University; 20II·WITH HONORSBRANDON T. MOORES.B., Illinois State University; 2008SEAN WARD MOOREA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 2009S.B., ibid., 2009CHAD DREXLER MORINA.B., Harvard University; 20IOZACHARY SWEET MOSKOWITZA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20I2JOHN PATRICK MOYNIHANA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 20I2SEAN L. MUMPERA.B., Loyola Marymount University; 2000·WITH HONORSSARAH ELIZABETH NEUMANA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IO·WITH HONORSJACQUELINE MARIA NEWSOMEA.B., New York University; 20I2JULIANNE THU NGUYENA.B., University of Louisville, 20IIDAVID S. NIMMONSB.B.A., Texas A&M University; Coll�g� Station,20IOMICHAEL J. O'BRIENA. B., University of Notre Dame, 20I2·WITH HONORSYASAMIN NICOLE OLOOMIA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 20I2JEFFREY S. OLSHANA.B .• Brown University; 20IIM.St., University of Oxford. England.United Kingdom. 20I2DAVID G. PALAYA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IO·WITH HONORSALEX ATTICUS PARKINSONA.B .• Harvard University; 20II·WITH HIGH HONORSCATALINA SANTOS PARKINSONA.B., Harvard University; 20I2STEPHEN M. PAYNEA.B .• University of Notre Dame, 20I2·WITH HIGHEST HONORSKATHERINE MARIE PEASLEEA.B .• Stanford University; 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSSARA ELIZABETH PEELEA.B .• Davidson College, 20II·WITH HONORSSRINIJA PERNANKILA. B., Univusity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. 2009SCOTT ROBERT PLECKIA. B.. Unioersity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IIJONATHAN NATHANIAL POWERSS.B., Baylor University; 20I2PAUL BARTHOLOMEWQUINTANSA.B., Harvard University; 20IO THE LAW SCHOOLJOSHUA E. REALA.B .• University of Southern California. 20I2STEPHEN ISIDORE RICHERA.B .• Tulane University; 2007A.M., University of Chicago. 2008REBECCA ROSE RICKETTA.B., Brigham Young University, 20I2·WITH HONORSJAMES I. ROBINSONA.B., University of California, &rk&y. 20IIMARK VICTOR ROHANA.B .• University of Minnesota-Tu/in Cities, 20I2·WITH HONORSKEIKO ELIZABETH ROSEA.B., Brown University; 2009·WITH HONORSEDWIN ALEXANDERROSENFIELDA.B .• New York University; 20IO·WITH HONORSJOSEPH ROTH ROSNERA.B .• Brown University; 20I2CASEN BAKER ROSSB.Mus., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008A.B., ibid., 20IO·WITH HONORSJOSHUA A. RUFFA.B .• Butler University. 20II·WITH HONORSCAMERON CHARLES RUSSELLA.B., University of Oxford. England,United Kingdom, 2009A.M.• University of Chicago. 20II·WITH HONORSCHRISTOPHER WAYNE RYDERA.B .• Johns Hopkins University; 20IOANGELIQUE MARIE SALIBA.B., Wh�aton Colleg�. 20IIJOSEPH C. SCHROEDERA.B., University of Tulsa, 20I2S.B .• ibid.• 20I2·WITH HIGHEST HONORSDANIEL J. SCHUFREIDERA.B .• Northwestern University; 20IIJOSEPHINE M. SCHULTEA.B .• University of Notre Dame, 20IO·WITH HIGH HONORSSARAH J. SCHULTESS.B .• Arizona State University; 2009OLGA SERGEYEVNAVINOGRADOVA SCHWIERS.B .• M. V. Lomonosov Moscow Stat« University.Russia, 2003Ph.D .• University of Illinois at Chicago. 2007·WITH HONORSGILLIAN P. SEAMANA.B .• Case Wt-stan Reserve University; 20I2WILLIAM MORRIS SEGALS.B .• University of Chicago, 2005A.M.• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009Ph.D .• ibid., 20I2·WITH HONORSANTHONY-RAY SEPULVEDAA.B .• University of Arizona, 20IOMIKAELA R. SHAWA.B .• Indiana Uniuersity Bloomington. 20I2MIN SHENA.B .• Guangdong University of Foreign Studies,Guangzho«, China. 2003M.B.A .• Ohio State University; 20IOCAMILLE MARIA SHEPHERDA.B .• Bowdoin Colleg�. 20IOLINDSAY LEE SHORTA.B., University of Oregon. 20IIDANIEL A. SITOA.B .• Swarthmore College. 2009·WITH HIGH HONORSTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONKAITLINN PATRICIA SLITERA.B., Unilln'Sity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IIPHILIP SMOKEA.B., Ohio Stat« University; 2009M.Ed., University of Missouri-St. Louis, 20IIWILLIAM JOSEPH SMOLINSKIA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, N= y"rk, 20I2SAMUEL GREGORY STUCKERS.B., Clemson University; 20I2KELSEY NICOLE SULLIVANA.B., University of Florida, 20IILAUREN C. SWADLEYA.B., Unilln'Sity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20IIALEXANDRA MARIE TATEA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IODEEPA THIMMAPAYAA.B., Northwestern University; 2008M.B.A., University of Chicago, 20I5IAN J. TODDA.B" Uniuersirj of Denver; 20I2DANIEL CHESTER TORENA.B., Hop� Colkg�, 20IOJULIA LINS TROTTAA.B., University ofTaas at Austin, 20IIGREGORIOS TSONISA.B., University of Chicago, 2005·WITH HONORS AMY L. TWOHIGA.B., Unioersity of California, Los Angd�s, 20I2JASMINA VAJZOVICA.B., Saint Louis University; 20I2PATRICK J. VALENTIA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20I2·WITH HONORSDANIEL VINSONS.B., Brown University; 2009·WITH HONORSRYAN W. WALLENSTEINA.B., Creighton University; 20IIKATHERINE T. WALLINGA.B., Iowa State University of Science anduchnology, 20I2S.B., ibid., 20I2·WITH HONORSCHRISTOPHER JAMESWASHINGTONS.B., Washington and Lee University; 20IOVALDEMAR LUTHERWASHINGTON IIA.B., Johns Hopkins University, 2008LAURA MARIE WATSONA.B., University of St. Thomas, Saint Paul,Minnesota, 20I2·WITH HONORSJERAMY DANIEL WEBBS.B., University ofunnmu at Knoxville, 20IO RALEIGH G. 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ZIMMERMANA.B., University of Dayton, 20I2·WITH HIGH HONORSDAVID DWAYNE ZOBELLA.B., University of Wyoming, 20I2FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF LAWSTERESITA ACEDO BETANCOURTAbogada, Uniuersidad Catolica Andrls Bello,Caracas, Vm�zu�ia, 20IOLL.M., Uniuersity of Oslo, Norway, 20I3FERHAT AFKARLL.B., Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta, 2009MASAAKI AONOLL.B., Univmity ofTolryo, Japan, 2004J.D., ibid., 2008KRITHIKA ASHOKB.B.A.-LL.B.(Hons), National Law University;Jodhpur, India, 20I3MASAYUKI ATSUMIA.B., Sophia University; Tokyo, Japan, 2004LL.M., Kobe University; Japan, 2006THOMAS BAN WELL AYRESBach., Uniuersidade Federal do Rio d� [aneiro,Brazil, 20IIM.B.A., Fundafllo GmUio Vtzrgas, Rio de janeiro,Brazil, 20I3VANESSA BERTONHA FELICIOLL.B., Pontificie Universidade Catolic« de SaoPaulo, Brazil, 2008MARIA CECILIA CANEPAOLAECHEALL.B., Pontificia Universidad Catolic« del Pm,Lima, 2009ALEXANDRE CARVALHO PINTORIOSLL.B., Pontificia Uniuersidade Catolic« de SaoPaulo, Brazil, 2009KAN-HSUEH CHIANGA.B., National Chmgchi University; 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Israel, 20IIM.B.A., ibid., 20I5BASAK GOKSU GURBUZLL.B., Istanbul Uniuersitesi, Turkey, 2009CARL OSCAR HENNINGSEBASTIAN HALLENLL.M., Stockbolms Uniuersitet, Stockholm, Sw�tkn,20II ELEANOR BREEDA HEALY-BIRTDipl., Unioersiu Bordeaux IV (Monusqui�u),Pessac, France, 20I3LL.B., Univmity of Bristol, Enliand,United Kingdom, 20I4FLAVIA JARDIM DE OLIVEIRALL.B., Pontifici« Universidade Catolic« d� SaoPaulo, Brazil, 20IIJOSE RAUL JASSO PEREZLL.B., Uniuersidad Autonoma d� San Luis Potosi,Maico,20IIMASAKAZU KARAKAWALL.B., Kob« University; Japan, 2008JAAKKO KASPERI KORPELAINENLL.B., The University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 20I3FABIAN KRAUSEDAVID EMILIO KUROIWAHONMAAbogado, Pantificia Univmidad Catolica del Pm,Limac zotoHOSUK LEELL.B., Kor�a University; Seosd, South Korea, 2000RAQUEL LUCAS HERRAIZB.B.A., Uniuersidad Camplutem« d� Madrid,Spain,20IILL.B., ibid., 20IILL.M., Instituto Empresa, Madrid, Spain, 20I3JIERUI LUOLL.B., Southwestern University of Finance andEconomics, Chmgdu, China, 20IIROBERTO LUCIANO LUPINIPINZANIAbogado, Universidad Catolic« Andris Bello,Caracas, Vm�zu�ia, 20IOMIGUEL ANGEL LUQUEAbogado, Pantificia Univmidad Catolica d�1 Pm,Lima, 2006FRANCIS Me NAMARAB. c.L., Uniuersirj Colkg� Dublin/An Co/Jist�Ollscoile, Baile Atha Cliath, Ireland, 20I4MARC MESLINDipl., Univn-sitl tk Paris II (Panthlon-Allal),France, I998Lic., ibid., I999Dipl., Institut d'Etud�1 Politiquu tk Paris, France,I999SANGEETHA MUGUNTHANB.A.LL.B.(Hons), HidayatullAh National LawUniv�rlity, Raipur, India, 2009ALAIN JOSE MUSTERBLaw, UniV"litiit B�, SwiturlAnd, 2007MLaw, ibid., 2008JOSE ANTONIO NOGUERAWATTYLic., Univn-sidad Iberoamericen«, Mexico City,Mexico, 20I2TAKEHIKO OGUMALL.B., Univn-sity ofToltyo, japan, 2004DIANA PACIFICO HENNELL.B., Pontif/cia Univn-sidatk Cetslic« tk SiioPaulo, Brazil, 2007ESTEBAN PEREZ MEDINAAbogado, Univn-sidad San Francisco d� Quito,Ecuador, 20I]ARTURO POBLETE CASTROLic., Pontifici« Univn-sidad Cat61ica d� Chile,Santiago, 2008VfCTOR DOMINGO POBLETEORTUZARLic., Pontificia Univn-sidad Cat61ica tk Chile,Santiago, 20IOALFREDO RAMfREZ PAB6NLL.B., Univn-sidad Cat61ica Santa Maria LaAntigua, Panama City, Panama, 20I]IGOR MARCELL RAMOS FINZILL.B., Futul4;iio GdUuo �'XIll, Siio Paulo, Bmzil; 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Taip�i, 2004LL.M., ibid., 2007LL.M., Univ�rlity of Chicago, 20I2DISSERTATION: The judicialization of Politics inN�w Democracies65Main Quadrangle9:15 a.m.THE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFRIDAY, JUNE 12, 2015HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel6:00 p.m.SATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYSchool of Social Service Administration Libraryimmediately following ConvocationDIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION AND RECEPTIONTHE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION·HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALRIGA UD ONComposed by ANDRE CAMPRATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistWELCOMENEIL B. GUTERMANDean, School of Social Service AdministrationMose & Sylvia Firestone ProfessorREMARKSMATTHEW W. EPPERSONAssistant Professor,Winner of the William Pollack Award for Teaching Excellence in 20I5PRESENTATION OF FACULTY AWARDSNEIL B. GUTERMANDean, School of Social Service AdministrationALIDA M. BOURISAssistant ProfessorWinner of the Award for Excellence in Doctoral Student Mentoring at SSAPRESENTATION OF STUDENT AWARDSCELIA M. BERGMANDean of StudentsJACOB DANCER, A.B. '89, A.M. '04President, SSA Alumni AssociationKELLY WRIGHTSonia G. Berz Honor AwardGRANT THOMAS BUHRSolomon 0. Lichter Memorial PrizeTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONHOODING OF SPRING 2015 GRADUATESRead by MARY S. DEBOSE, A.M. '77, Assistant Director ofAdmissionsYELENE MODLEY, A.M. '09, Senior Associate Director ofAlumni Relations and the SSA FundALIDA M. BOURISAssociate ProfessorFACULTY HOODERSROBERT CHASKINAssistant ProfessorDEBORAH GORMAN-SMITHProfessorJULIA R. HENLEYAssociate ProfessorBETH-ANNE JACOB, PH.D. '87LecturerSTANLEY G. MCCRACKEN, A.M. '78, PH.D. '87Senior LecturerCLOSINGCURTIS MCMILLENProfessorGINA M. SAMUELSAssociate ProfessorMARCI A. YBARRAAssistant ProfessorTINA L. RZEPNICKI, A.M. '78, PH.D. '82Deputy Dean for CurriculumDavid Winton & Mary Winton Green ProfessorNEIL B. GUTERMANDean, School of Social Service AdministrationRECESSIONALTOCCATAINFComposed by CHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist68THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSJANE AHNA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, zottEMILY REBECCA ALEXANDERA.B., G�org� Washington Uniuersity; 20IORODNEY ALLENA.B., Northeastern Illinois Univ�rsity, 20I]ALISON NICOLE ALSTOTTS.B., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 2002BRITT K. ALVYA.B., University of California, B�rlu0, 2008ELIZABETH S. APPLEBYA.B., Elan Coll�g�, 20I]MICHELLE ANNE AUDENA.B., University of Chicago, 20IOANNA M. BARTOSZEKA.B., Leiois Uniuersity; 2008STEVEN JONATHAN BASSA.B., University of California, &rlulry. 20I]MICHELLE ANN BEHRENSA.B., Concordia Colleg», 20I2ALLISON KATE BENGFORTA.B., St. OlafColl�g�, 20IOMARTIN WILLIAM BENTLEYS.B., Univn-rity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I]SHARON MARIE BERLINS.B., La Sall� Univmity.I990A.M., Columbia Uniuersity; Neu: }Drk City.Neur }Drk, I997TERESA MARIE BERNARDB.S. w., Univn-rity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign. 20I]ROBYN BESANAB.S. w., Univn-rity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign. 20I2RASHIDA NAOMI BLACKB.Mus., Neu: England Canseruatory of Music, 200IA.M., University of Chicago, 2006REBECCA ELIZABETH BLAKEA.B., Colgau University; 20IOEDUARDO SALINAS BOCANEGRAA.B., Northeastern Illinois University. 20I2KELSEY BOGUEA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 20I]SARAH RITA BOLICKA.B., Appalachian Stat« University, 20IOJANAE EBONI BONSUA.B., Univ�rsity of South Carolina-Columbia, 20I2KELLI LYNN BOSAKA.B., Uniuersity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, zoriNICOLE DOROTHY BRADLEYA.B., Univ"sity of Illinois at Chicago, 2002ROBIN DANIELLE BRANDTA.B., mzyn� Stat« University; 20I]APRIL LYNN BREWERA.B., American University; 2009NIKKI M. BRIGGSS.B., Illinois Calleg«, 20IORACHEL LEAH BRODYA.B., Uniuersity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009MB.A., Univmity of Chicago, 20I5LAUREN ILYSE BRONZOA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2008KYRSTEN SAXTON BROWNS.B., Nortbtaestem University; 20IISARAH SCARBOROUGH BRYCEA.B., Furman Colleg«, 20I]GRANT THOMAS BUHRA.B., Univmity of Illinois at Chicago, 20I]LISA BUTLERB.G.S., Rooseuel: University; 20IIHANNAH RUTH CAMPBELLGUSTAFSONA.B., Carleton Calleg«, 2009M.Div., Univmity of Chicago, 20I5 MARY ELIZABETH CARLTONA.B., Dehru! University; Chicago, illinois, 2009DANA ELIZABETH CASTILLOA.B., University of Chicago, 20I4TRACEY LANE CHAPLINS.B., Athens State Coll�g�, 2005A.M., Unioersity ofAlabama in Huntsville, 20I]YUN CHENLL.B., Xiamen University; China, 20I2GRACE DOEUN CHOIA.B., University of California, Los Angd�s, 20IOKALLIE CLARKA.B., California Stat« University; Fullerton, 2002MELISSA ELSA CLARKA.B., Ohio Stat« University; Columbus, 20IOKAYLA ANN COLSONA.B., Carnell Univ�rsity, Ithaca, Naa }Drk, 2008J.D., Loyola University Chicago, 20IILINDSAY ELIZABETHCRAMMONDA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2005CAITLIN ROSE CUBBONB.S. w., Loyola University Chicago, zoirJOLYNN M. CUNNINGHAMB.F.A., Univmity of tb« Arts, I994M.F.A., Savannah Coll�g� ofArt and Design, zortDEVON MARIE DAL DEGANA.B., Marqu�tt� University; 2006M.A. T., Dominican Uniuersity; 20IIXICUO DES.B., University of Washington, Seattle, 20I2ASHLEY JUNE DEBILZENA.B., Gustavus Adolphus College, zattMEGAN THERESE DELANEYA.B., Univmity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008M.Ed., University of Missouri- St. Louis, 20IOTERESA LYNETTE DELE6NA.B., Saint Xavier Uniuersity, 2007MEGAN ELIZABETH ZOADEPUMPOA.B., Boston Calleg«, 20IOELIZABETH ROSE DEWANA.B., Tufts University; 2009FANNY DIEGO ALVAREZA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2009ANNA CLAIRE DIXONA.B., Wh�aton Calleg«; 20I]ADDISON CHRISTY DOMSKEA.B., Wutminsur Coll�g�, 20I2ANNIE ZEAN REBECCA DUNBARA.B., Simmons Colkg�, 20IOELIZABETH ANNE DUNNA.B., Yale University; 20IOLEAH BRYNN EGGERSS.B., North Dakota State University; 2009CAROLINA ESPINOZAA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 20I2ANNALISE CATHARINE EVERETTA.B., University of Colorado at Boulder, 20IOCATHERINE ANN FAULKNERA.B., G�orgia Southern College, 20I2WILLIAM FERGUSONS.B., Illinois State University; 2005NICOLE MARIE FLORESSA.B., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, 20I]JONATHAN D. FOILESA.B., Univn-rity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2008M.Div., Northern Baptist 1h�ological Seminary; 20llSOPHIE LAUREN FOSTERA.B., Uniuersitj of Iowa, 20I2MAXWELL DAVID FRANKELA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20I] CAROLINE JULIE FREITAGS.B., G�org� Washington University; 20I2CAITLIN HOLLOWAY FULLERA.B., Grinnell Colkg�, 20IICOURTNEY ELIZABETHGAZERROA.B., Boston Coll�g�, 20I]BRYN VICTORIA GELAROS.B., Pennsylvania Stat« University; 20I2ORLI RACHEL GINSBURGA.B., Michigan Suu« University; 20I2SARA GONZALEZA.B., Northeastern Illinois Uniuenity: 20I]LIVIER ALEJANDRA GUTIERREZA.B., Uniuersity of California. B"k�ky. 20IOAUDREY GRALNEK HABERMANNA.B., University of Chicago, 2009KATHERINE WHITNEY HALSTEDA.B., Georgetown' Univ"sity. zaitMARGARET HANSA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 20IIAMY LYNN HARMONA.B., Marqu�tu Unioersity; 2008SONIA HEIDENREICHA.B., Kenyon Colkg�, 20IOMOLLY ANN HENDRICKSA.B., Univ�rsity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, :lOI]DERRY PATRICIA HENRICKS.B., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, :l009DIANA HERNANDEZA.B., Northeastern Illinois University; zaizMELISSA LINDSEY HORNEA.B., G�org�town University. zoriBROOKS ANN HORNSBYB.F.A., Nnu }Drk University; :lOIIXIAOXIN HUANGU.B., South China Agricultural Univ"sity. :lOI]JANA LYNN HUNSLEYS.B., Indiana Wdryan University; :lOI]MIHAELA AURICA IRIMEA.B., Univ�rsity of Illinois at Chicago, 2009ALISSA PARIS ISAACSONS.B., Tulane University; zauRAJYA LAKSHMI KARIPINENIA.B., Washington Univ�rsity in St. Louis, :l006ISAAC P. 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University of Texas at Austin. 2007DISSERTATION: Constructing Home on a CliffAging Out of tb« Child W�lfar� System at Age 2Iwith a Serious Mental Health Condition FALLON WILSONA.B .• Spelman Coll�g�. 2005A.M.• University of Chicago. 2007DISSERTATION: Gender-Based Harassmentof Girls: School Personnel's Perceptions andInstitutional ResponsesALEJANDRA ROS PILARZA.B .• University of Notre Dame, 2006A.M.• Unuiersity of Chicago. 20IODISSERTATION: Multipl« Child CareArrangements and Young Children 's Development71THE COLLEGESATURDAY, JUNE 13, 2015UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONHarper and Crerar Quadranglesn:30 a.m.for family and friends of the graduatesCLASS OF 2015 LUNCHEONRatner Athletic Centern:30 a.mfor the graduatesDIPLOMA CEREMONYMain Quadrangle1:00 p.m.RECEPTIONS FOR COLLEGIATE DIVISIONSSocial Sciences, Harper, and Classics Quadranglesimmediately following the ceremonyTHE COLLEGEDIPLOMA CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe University of Chicago Pipe BandCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversitySTUDENT SPEAKERSMIRANDA NICOLE CHERKAS ANDREW MINJAE KIM NATALYA SAMEEANTHEMMY SPIRIT SANG ALL DAYComposed by GERALD FINZIArranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirTHE CONFERRING OF THE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIETMANCHESTER QUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE INUNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGAND THE AWARDING OF UNDERGRADUATE DIPLOMASDiplomas will be awarded by Collegiate Division. At the start of each Collegiate Division, the LlewellynJohn and Harriet Manchester Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching will be conferred.THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardILARIA REBAYProfessorBen May Department for Cancer Research, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology, theCommittee on Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology and the Collegepresented by GEOFFREY L. GREENEVirginia and D.K Ludwig Professor, Ben May Department for Cancer Research and the College;Chair, Ben May Department for Cancer ResearchThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by LAURENS METS, Master.73THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONTHE HUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardMARTHA WARDAssociate Professor,Department ofArt History and the Collegepresented in absentia by CATHERINE C. BAUMANN, University MarshalThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby THOMAS CHRISTENSEN, Master.The graduates will be presented to President Zimmer andDean Boyer by DENNIS J. HUTCHINSON, Master.THE NEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONTHE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardDANIEL E. HOLZAssociate Professor,Department of Physics, The Enrico Fermi Institute, and the Collegepresented by EDWARD C. BLUCHER, Professor, Department of Physics, the Enrico Fermi Institute,and the College Chair, Department of PhysicsThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby MICHAEL STEIN, Master.THE SOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardsMATTHEW BRIONESAssociate ProfessorDepartment of History and the Collegepresented by JAMES T. SPARROW, Associate Professor, Department of History and the College; Master,Social Sciences Collegiate Division; Deputy Dean, Division of Social Sciences; Associate Dean, the CollegeSARA RAY STOELINGASara Liston Spurlark Director,Urban Education Institute and Clinical Professor, the Committee on Educationpresented by SUSAN C. LEVINE, Rebecca Anne Boylan Professor, Department of Psychology,Committee on Education, and the CollegeThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by JAMES T. SPARROW, Master.74THE COLLEGETHE STUDENT MARSHALSThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby CATHERINE C. BAUMANN, Marshal of the University.THE ALMA MATER(Please stand)The University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGEJOHN W. BOYERMUSICAL FINALEHOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING?American Traditional, arranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet Choir. The Millar Brass EnsembleCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityTHE RECESSIONAL(Please stand)The University Pipe BandTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONJASON DIAZ AGUAS(Biological Sci mas)AZEEM TANVEER AHMAD(Biological Sciences)MOTOLANI OLUWAFUNMBI AKINOLA(Biological Sciences)SAMARA EMILY ALBAZZAZ(Biological Sciences)LEIGH ALON(Biological Sciences)SAMANTHA LYNN ANDERSON(Biological Sciences)JAWAD IBRAHIM ARSHAD(Biological Sciences)(Economics)TRAVIS RICHARD BANISTER(Biological Sciences)JENNA CLAIRE BEKENY(Biological Sciences)CINDY CHEN(Biological Sciences)TERESA HSIAO TIEN CHEN(Biological Sciences)BENJAMIN LUCAS COINER(Biological Sciences)CHARIS NATASHA EUNSUNCROFTON(Biological Sciences)BENJAMIN ELLIS CULLEEN(Biological Sci mas)NATALIE ANNE DAVID(Biological Sciences)ANTHONY PAUL DERENZO(Biological Sciences)KIMBERLY OGOCHUKWU DIEI(Biological Sciences)ERIC DANIEL DUNBAR(Biological Sciences)(Public Policy Studies)HADLEY WARM EICHENGREEN(Biological Sciences)HERNANDO RAFAEL FEREIRA(Biological Sciences)SAMUEL YI-LI FRANK(Biological Sciences)ASHWIN GANTI(Biological Sciences)(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)HELEN XIN GAO(Biological Sciences)JULIA CAROLINA GARCIA­VARGAS(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)ADAM JOSHUA GETZLER(Biological Sciences)KYRA HOLLISTER GRANTZ(Biological Sciences)DONNA GUO(Biological Sciences with Honors)MICHELLE LIAO GUO(Biological Sciences)JENNIFER CALLEGARI HILL(Biological Sciences)CONSTANCE HILLARY HUANG(Biological Sciences)VICTORIA MINGYE HUANG(Biological Sciences)VICTORIA WEYU HUANG(Biological Sciences)YA-GIN HANNA HUANG(Biological Sciences)76 CHIJIOKE ONYENATURUCHI IKONTE(Biological Sciences)SARA IMAM(Biological Sciences}CECILIA JIANG(Biological Sciences)AYODELE ADDAYE JOLIBOIS(Biological Sciences)MAFAZA KHAN(Biological Sciences)HENRY DAVID DOYLE KIMBALL(Biological Sciences)APARNA KRISHNAN(Biological Sciences)ANNE CLARA KROK(Biological Sciences with Honors)XIE RACHEL KULIKOFF(Biological Sciences)(Environmental Studies with Honors)SARA ANNE KWAN(Biological Sciences)CECELIA TU CAM LAI(Biological Sciences)JUHO LEE(Biological Sciences)SIMON JUN JIE LIANG(Biological Sciences)TEJONG LIM(Biological Sciences}lONE LYNN LOCHER(Biological Sciences)WILLIAM WESLEY LONG, JR.(Biological Sciences)IvAN EZEQUIEL L6PEZ(Biological Sciences)SARA ZHOU LU(Biological Sci mas)(Music)MEAGHAN KATHLEEN LYONS(Biological Sciences)ADIBA MAISHA MATIN(Biological Sciences)MARISA HAYLEY MAYER(Biological Sciences)SHASHANK KUMAR MITTAL(Biological Sciences)SWANSEA YEE-LUM MO(Biological Sciences)RACHAEL NASS(Biological Sciences)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)AKUA NKANSAH-AMANKRA(Biological Sciences)JUSTIN AVERY O'DELL(Biological Sciences)(G�ophysical Sciences)RYAN PAUL O'DONNELL(Biological Sciences)MIA VALENTINA PAGLIUCA(Biological Sciences)JONATHAN SHIAJUIN PAN(Biological Sciences)JACK KUZMIAK PHILLIPS(Biological Sciences)HEMANTH KUMAR POTLURI(Biological Sciences with Honors)QUINN KENNETH QUINTANAR(Biological Sciences}ALICE AREND READICK(Biological Sciences)SEHAR RESAD(Biological Sciences) ANTHONY COLE RESTAINO(Biological Sciences)BENJAMIN KURIAN RINCY(Biological Sciences)TRACE NICKOLAUS ROBBINS(Biological Sciences)FREDERICA MORRIS ROCKWOOD(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)MAIM ON CHARLES ROSE(Biological Sciences)LEIGH TAYLOR RYFFEL(Biological Sciences)TIMOTHY RONALD SALAZAR(Biological Sciences)GWENDOLYN MARY SANDOBOE(Biological Sciences)SITARA SATISH(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)MARGARET LYNN SCIMECA(Biological Sciences)AUMER SHUGHOURY(Biological Sciences)(Philosophy)NOOR SINGH(Biological Sciences)ARIADNE F. SOUROUTZIDIS(Biological Sciences)(Economics)MADHU RATNA SRIKANTHA(Biological Sciences)KEVIN ALEXANDER STEFFES(Biological Sciences)REBECCA SOPHIA STEINBERG(Biological Sciences)KYRA ELLEN BROWN STILLMAN(Biological Sciences)JUN LIANG TAN(Biological Sciences)THOMAS JOHN THOBURN(Biological Sciences)DAVID ISAAC THOMAS(Biological Sciences)CHANGTAI TIAN(Biological Sciences)WENDY TIAN(Biological Sciences)FRANCESCA GUGLIELMINI TOMASI(Biological Sciences}BENJAMIN TRNKA(Biological Sciences)BRYAN CHARLES ULRICH(Biological Sciences)ADRIENNE DRAMANIQUE WALKER(Biological Sciences)LAWRENCE KUN WANG(Biological Sciences)JAMES LAWRENCE WARNER(Biological Sciences)KANAKORN WATTANAVEKIN(Biological Sciences)EMILY ANN WOLFSON(Biological Sciences)ZACHARY YIN(Biological Sciences)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)XAVIER JACOB ZAHNLE(Biological Sciences)NAN ZHAO(Biological Sciences)THE COLLEGECANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFLAVIUS ALEXANDRU BECA(Biological Sciences with Honors)LAUREN ALYSSA CAPRA(Biological Sciences)FELICITY KATE DEISS(Biological Sciences with Honors)REEM ELORBANY(Biological Sciences)MARA FARCASANU(Biological Sciences with Honors) MESELLE GENEVIEVE JEFF-EKE(Biological Sciences)ELINA KOSTYANOVSKAYA(Biological Sciences)SWATHI KRISHNAN(Biological Sciences with Honors)(Anthropology A.B.)SARAH MARIE KURTIS(Biological Sciences with Honors)CHRISTOPHER CALEB KYRIAZIS(Biological Sciences) RIVA POLLAK LETCHINGER(Biological Sciences)CAROLINE HERRMANN OWENS(Biological Sciences)SAMUEL PATRICK SULLIVAN(Biological Sciences)CODY JAMES WEINBERGER(Biological Sciences with Honors)(Mathematics)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEHUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONAARON BENJAMIN ACKERMAN(English Language and Literature)FRANCHESCA ISABEL ALAMO(English Language and Literature)EMILY WEAVER ANAGNOSTOS(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)CORINNA JAMES KOLODNYANDERSON(Visual Arts)(Mathematics)JOSEPH WESLEY ARCHER(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Biological Sciences)JAMES ISAAC AUSTEN(Cinema and Media Studies)ISABELLE DIANA BARANY(English Language and Literature with Honors)AJAY KUMAR BATRA(English Language and Literature with Honors)CAMDEN GREGORY BAUCHNER(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)BRIAN JAMES BELAK(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)ALEXANDRA GISELLE BELZLEY(English Language and Literature with Honors)VICTORIA ELIZABETH BINFORD(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)ALAINA MARIE BOMPIED!(Philosophy)VICTORIA ANNA ELISABETHBORENGASSER(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities)CHRISTOPHER CAETANO BRAGALE(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)ANDREANNE BRETON(English Language and Literature with Honors)LUKE MARTIN BRETSCHER(Medieval Studies with Honors)(Computer Science S.B.)(English Language and Literature with Honors)CAROLINE GULLY BROWN(Theater and Performance Studies)ELLA JO BROWN(English Language and Literature with Honors)NICOLA MARIE BROWN(English Language and Literature)MARIKA ELON BROWNLEE(Visual Arts)MAYA MICHELLE BULKELEY-KRANE(Philosophy)ZANE ALEXANDER BURTON(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)INYSE BUSTILLOS(Romance Languages and Literatures)(Visual Arts) ELIZABETH L. BYNUM(Music with Honors)KATHERINE ROSE CAPUDER(Art History with Honors)SHANICE CASIMIRO(English Language and Literature)SAURAVICHAKRABARTY(English Language and Literature with Honors)LEAH SUTTER CHAPMAN(Linguistics with Honors)MARISA ALLISON CHILBERG(Theater and Performance Studies)KIMBERLY ASHLEY CHIN(Classical Studies with Honors)MICHAEL JOHN CARVALHOCHOQUETTE(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)SONIA CHOU(Art History)(Anthropology)CARRIE CHUI(Visual Arts)(Biological Sciences)DANIEL VINCENT CIOFFI(Art History with Honors)GABRIELLE MARIE COSTA(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)DANIEL LANGFORD CRONIN IV(English Language and Literature with Honors)MICHAELA STONE CROSS(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)MEGANA LYNNE D'ALEO(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)BRONAGH K. DALY(Theater and Performance Studies)PETER CHRISTOPHER DAMM(Cinema and Media Studies)WILL STEPHEN DART(English Language and Literature)JENNIFER DAVID(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)(SOciology)CHRISTOPHER THOMAS DEAKIN(Theater and Performance Studies)TAYLOR DAVIS DOUGHERTY(Philosophy)LILIAN DUBE(English Language and Literature with Honors)JENZO FERNANDO DUQUE(English Language and Literature with Honors)REBECCA ELIZABETH EDWARDS(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)TAYLOR DENISE EHLIS(Romance Languages and Literatures) ELISA CATHERINE EPSTEIN(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)NATHANIEL HENRY EPSTEIN(Cinema and Media Studies)JULIANNA ESTALL(Visual Arts)MADELINE CLARE ADELEESTERHAMMER-FIC(English Language and Literature)LUCIE ANNA FAMA(English Language and Literature)EMILY JANE FEELEY(Linguistics)MAYA SIMONE MACCHIARELLAFESTINGER(Romance Languages and Literatures)ALEXANDER RICHARD FILIPOWICZ(English Language and Literature with Honors)BLAKE EVERETT FLEISHER(Linguistics)PATRICK HENRY FORD(Philosophy)JONAH A. FREEDMAN(Visual Arts)ELEANOR ROSE GAMBLE(English Language and Literature with Honors)JOHN WILLIAM GAMINO(English Language and Literature)FRANCES HELEN GIGUETTE(Philosophy)KIRSTEN EMILIE GINDLER(Visual Arts)(English Language and Literature)SHELBY ELIZABETH GONZALES(English Language and Literature)CONNOR R. GOODWIN(Comparative Literature)JADE BRIANA GOODWIN-CARTER(Gender and Sexuality Studies)JOSHUA ALEXANDER GREENBERG(English Language and Literature with Honors)TESSA WElL GREENBERG(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities)MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER GRIFKA(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)LAUREN KAORI GURLEY(Comparative Literature with Honors)JOHN STUART HAMM(English Language and Literature with Honors)KIMBERLY HAN(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)CONNOR PAUL HANNA(Romance Languages and Literatures)77THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO P-3RD CONVOCATIONAUBREY LYNN HARPER(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)NAOMI LIEBE HARRIS(English Language and Literature with Honors)EMILY NICOLE HATCH(Philosophy)CHRISTINE ELIZABETH HEALEY(Philosophy and Allitd Fields)JANASHAAN HENG-DEVAN(English Language and Literature)PARKER TESS MAXFIELD HENRY(Philosophy)HUNTER PETERSON HICKS(Philosophy)ABIGAIL MARY HOSKINS(Classical Studies with Honors)CHRISTINE HUANG(English Language and Literature with Honors)JULIE JUNG HUH(Philosophy)MICHAEL JIN HWANG(Music)ELLIOTT ALEXANDER INDIRAN(Linguistics)NAOMI DANIELLE ITZKOFF(Linguistics)DANIEL WALTER JACOBS(Classical Studies with Honors)MINNA ALI JAFFERY(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Near Eastern Languagu and Civilizations)WESLEY KUHRON JONES(Linguistics with Honors)(Economics)SAMANTHA RAE KARAS(English Language and Literature)HOLLY BERNICE KASSNER(Classical Studies)ASHLYN HELEN KERSHNER(English Language and Literature}RYUNG NAM KIM(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)KATHERINE LOUISE KIRKLAND(Cinema and Media Stu diu with Honors)(English Language and Literature)DILLON ANTHONY PIERRE KLINCKE(Cinema and Media Studies)CLARECE HANNA KOURY(Visual Arts)(Gender and Sexuality Studies)ADAM JAMES KRATOSKA(Linguistics)SCOTT A. LABOVE(Linguistics)DANIEL WILLIAM LAPINSKI(Linguistics)(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)MARJATTA ESTER LEE(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)JACKSON PAUL LIND-LEBUFFE(Philosophy)ANDREA MAE LINDSAY(English Language and Literature)STEPHANIE ANETTE LITCHFIELD(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors)(Comparative Literature)SARAH C. LO(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)(Theater and Performance Studies)HANNAH ROSE LUTZ(Music with Honors)(Philosophy)DUSTIN JOHN LY(Philosophy)(Mathematics)78 ANDREW PATRICK MANDATO(Philosophy and Allitd Fields)NOAM MARGALIT(Philosophy)ALEXANDRA MERRITT MATHEWS(Comparative Literature)LIAM JOJI MATSUMOTO LEE(English Language and Literature with Honors)APRIL VIVIAN McCALLUM(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)STEPHEN DANIEL McHUGH(English Language and Literature)ISABELLA MAIREAD McKINLEY­CORBO(South Asian Languages and Civilizations withHonors)SYDNEY HEATH MEADOW(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)JESSICA MEJIA(Romance Languagrs and Literatures)ANTON MELNIKOV(Linguistics)MARGUERITE ALEXANDRA MEYER(English Language and Literature)NAOMI CHARLOTTE MINE(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)ANDREW MOSES LEONARDMITCHELL(English Language and Literature with Honors)CHARLES CLINTONMONTGOMERY(Philosophy)AVRA MOUZAKIS(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)MINA MARIE MYERS(English Language and Literature)MADELINE CLAIRE NEWQUIST(English Language and Literature with Honors)ALEXANDER DAILEY NIRENBERG(Philosophy)(Political Science)JACK COURI NUELLE(English Language and Literature)HANNAH MARGARET NYHART(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities)HANNAH ELIZABETH O'GRADY(English Language and Literature with Honors)MAAYAN YAAKOV OLSHAN(Philosophy)(English Language and Literature)MARY GRACE ORNDORFF(Art History)JESSE JAMES BOOKER ZIGEL ORR(South Asian Languages and Civilizations withHonors)LOGAN TANGEMAN PAYNE(Romance Languages and Literatures)MARCUS ANTHONY PEREZ(Cinema and Media Studies)SANDY SHAN QI(Philosophy with Honors)ANGELA F. QIAN(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)TALA MARIA RADEJKO(Comparative Literature with Honors)JULIA ANNE REINITZ(Comparative Literature with Honors)(Slavic Languages and Literatures with Honors)YEVANIT RUTH RESCHECHTKO(Comparative Literature with Honors)(Latin American Studies with Honors)COLETTE CONROY ROBICHEAUX(Philosophy)TOVAH RACHEL ROSENTHAL(East Asian Languagu and Civilizations) DANIEL JASON ROTHBLATT(Linguistics)SARA MICHELLE RUIZ(Slavic Languages and Literatures with Honors)PHOEBE B. SALZMAN-COHEN(Comparative Literature with Honors)AUSTIN MAYHEW SARFAN(Philosophy)(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)CHRISTOPHER JORDAN SCHEI(English Language and Literature)(Philosophy)MARGARET DRU SCHURR(English Language and Literature)DAVIDA RUSS SCHWABSKY(Philosophy)STEPHENAE ALISSE SEARLES(Romance Languages and Literatures)LILLIAN WANG SELONICK(Classical Studies with Honors)WARREN BOYD SHEPRO(Cinema and Media Studies)THEODORA DOOLITTLE SHURE(Visual Arts with Honors)LINDSEY J. SIMON(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)ERIC PAUL SINGERMAN(Philosophy)REBECCA LOUISE SINGERMAN(Art History with Honors)SONIKA KALEOLANI SINGH(Philosophy)MARGARET FRESHLEY SIVIT(Philosophy)McINTYRE PAUL SKARZYNSKI(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)NATHAN SEXTON SMALL(Philosophy)FELIPE REYNIER SOTO(Philosophy)KATIE RENEE SOULE(Visual Arts with Honors)(Philosophy and Allied Fields)ROBERT ERNEST SPERRY-FROMM(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)CARLO STUART STEINMAN(Classical Studies with Honors)ARIEL ELYCE STEVENSON(Art History)ERIC BARRETT STONE(Philosophy)JAMES DANIEL STONE(Music with Honors)(English Language and Literature)REBECCA ROSE STONER(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)JENNIFER FRISKEY SWANN(English Language and Literature)DANIELLE TAIWO(Linguistics)(Visual Arts)CAROL ANN SHU WEI TAN(English Language and Literature with Honors)ERIN NANCY THOMAS(Art History with Honors)LAUREN HUNTER THOMAS(Philosophy)STEPHEN WOLFGANG TRIANO(Philosophy)DOUGLAS QUINN VAALER(Philosophy with Honors)TERESA ANTONIA VALADEZ(Linguistics)BARBARA NOELLEVANDENDRIESSCHE(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)CAMERON KENLEYVANDERWERF(English Languag� and Literature)ISABEL FRAMPTON WADE(Art History with Honors)BRANDON RILEY WALDON(Linguistics) JACOB WALERIUS(Philosophy with Honors)NOREEN McLEOD WALLS(Linguistics)(English Language and Literature)THOMAS ANDREW WALSH(English Languag� and Literature)(Enuironmental Studies) THE COLLEGEELISE MARIE WANDER(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)EMMA NoH WARHOVER(Classical Studies with Honors)KATHLEEN ELIZABETH YOUNG(Art History)QIANRU RUBY ZHAO(English Languag� and Literature)(Psychology)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THENEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONSIMONE FAY ALDREDGE(Law, Letters, and Society)CELIA MARIA PUENTE BEVER(Religious Studies with Honors)VIVIEN LISETTE CASTILLO(Religious Studies)(Psychology)RAECHEL ELIZABETH CLOUD(Law, Letters, and Society)CLAIRE ANN DEVANEY(Law, Letters, and Society)ALISON TOTH FEDORIS(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)EMMA ROSE GOEHLER(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)CHELSEA E. HANLOCK(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)(Sociology with Honors) ANKIT JAIN(Law, Letters, and Society)(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)EIRENE HAEYEON KIM(Law, Letters, and Society)KELSEY DEBORAH ROSE MACLEOD(Law, Letters, and Society)(Political Science)MARY CAMERON MACLEOD(Law, Letters, and Society)(Political Science with Honors)JOHN HENRY GUEST MITCHELL(Law, Letters, and Society)DANIEL NIMA MOATTAR(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)JOSEPH ALLEN MORRISON(Religious Studies with Honors) REBECCA MARIE QUICK(&ligious Stu diu)ELLEN CAROLINE SHERMANRABIN(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)(Political Science)EMILY ELIZABETH ROZNOWSKI(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)JEREMY MICHAEL SAWYER(Law, Letters, and Society)DYLAN 1. SCHER(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)DANIEL EVAN SCHWARTZ(Tutorial Studies with Honors)STEPHANIE ARIEL SOFER(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)JOSHUA BOONE TRUBOWITZ(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEPHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONMATTHEW GEORGE ACTIPES(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics)NICHOLAS BRICE AEPPEL(Mathematics)(Economics)JESSICA SUSAN AVVA(Physics with Honors)KEVIN JAMES BAKER(Physics)ALEXANDER RICHARD BEACH(Physics)JONSON ROBERT BERMAN(Physics)CALISTA KURTZ BERNARD(Mathematics with Honors)WESLEY TOMSON BRADLEY(Physics)(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures)MICHAEL ELLIOT BROWNE(Chemistry)JOSHUA ALBERT BUSTETTER(Chemistry)DANIELE CARATELLI(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics with Honors)GRACE SHIEH CHANG(Statistics)(Economics)KATHLEEN TIAN CHENG(Chemistry)DAVIO ALEXANDRE CIANCI(Physics with Honors)KEVIN STEPHEN STOTTERCUDDY(Mathematics with Honors) JAY BRADON CUSHING(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics 5.B.)CLEMENTE SHANKAR DADOOLOMELI(Chemistry)DEREK THOMAS DAVIS(Physics)(Mathematics S.B.)MARIA KAMILAH DECKER(Mathematics)GRIFFIN GAHAGAN DENNIS(Chemistry)MEGHAN C. DERKEN(Chrmistry)DEVON ELIZABETH EASTLACK(Chemistry)JAY EVAN FELDMAN(Physics with Honors)(Chemistry)REBECCA ELIANA KITCESFISHMAN(Physics)KYLE ANDREW COX GANNON(Mathematics with Honors)(Philosophy)STEVEN JOHN GARCIA(Physics)ROBIN CHRISTOPHER CECILGREIF(Physics)SEAN DARIUS GRIESEMER(Physics with Honors)ROBERT SANGWOO HAN(Computer Science) YIDING HAO(Mathematics with Honors)(Linguistics with Honors)JIAQI JIANG(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics)SOFI GJING JOVANOVSKA(Mathematics)(Philosophy with Honors)RACHEL BROOKE KATZ(Mathematics)MATTHEW MALCOLM KHOURI(Statistics)MILO CHI-WEN KORMAN(Physics with Honors)MARK L. KOZIEL(Chemistry)JUSTIN THOMAS KRIVDA(Physics)(English Language and Literature)ALEXA RACHELLE LAMBERT(Physics)ALEXANDER QUINCY LARSON(Physics)SIMON DAVID LAZARUS(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics)JEE HEE LEE(Chemistry)JISOO LEE(Physics with Honors)ANG LI(Mathematics with Honors)KAY LI(Mathematics)79THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONJOHN PATRICK LYNCH(Math�matics)KRISTINE Y. MA(Chemistry)LAURA HELEN CORK MACADDINO(Computer Science)SARAH LOUISE MANCINA(Physics with Honors)ANDREW JOSEPH RICHARDMATTILLION(Physics)MARK THOMAS McLOUGHLIN(Physics)(Economics)ELLEN AUGUSTA MULVIHILL(Chemistry)SAMUEL ALEXANDER NEAL(Math�matics)ANDREW ALEXANDER NG(Chemistry with Honors)NATHANIEL PAUL NORTON(Physics with Honors)JAIME ALBERTO OCAMPOBERMUDEZ(Mathematics)(Economics with Honors)DANIEL JAMES OLDER(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B. with Honors)AMANDA PAGUL(Physics)TREVOR RANDALL PEARCE(Mathematics)(Economics)ISABELLA PENIDO(Chemistry)SAMUEL STEVEN POETHKE(Physics)VISHAL VIVEK PRASAD(Computer Science)SAMUEL ALEKSANDER PRZEZDZIECKI(Mathematics)JOHN CORAY RAIHALA(Physics) HENRY NICHOLAS RIORDAN(Computer Science)JOHN DAVID SALEM(Physics)ANDREW JAMES SALOMON(Physics)(Appli�d Mathematics 5.B)JORGE SANCHEZ CUMMING(Chemistry)(Philosophy)SANKEERTH TIRUMALA V. SARADHI(Physics)(Mathematics)NOAH GARRON SCHOEM(Mathematics with Honors)KARL MARTIN SCHULZE(Mathematics)(Economics with Honors)KEVIN SCHWARZWALD(Physics)(Public Policy Studies)JEREMY HOLLAND SEEMAN(Physics)ADAM J. SHAW(Computer Science with Honors)MISHEL SKENDERI(Mathematics)KAITLIN E. SMOLEN(Mathematics)TAWEEWAT SOMBOONPANYAKUL(Physics with Honors)NICHOLAS ADAM STEEN(Physics)ISAAC MICHAEL STERN(Physics)(Economics)RICHARD B. J. STEWART(Computer Science)REID ANDREW STUB BEE(Chemistry)ALEX SU(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics)ANAGHA SUNDARARAJAN(Mathematics)(Political Science with Honors) NATHANIEL KAILI TAN(Chemistry)MARTHA GRACE BONO TEMPLETON(Mathematics)SHANNON TOWEY(Physics)DEREK WIE GAW TSANG(Mathematics)(English Language and Literature with Honors)NOAH WOLFE TUCHOW(Physics)ALEKSANDR HRUSKA UNDERWOOD(Mathematics)(Computer Science S.B.)ZACHARY UPTON-DAVIS(Physics)VAIBHAV VARMA(Physics)RAGHAV VERMA(Chemistry)PETER MARK VILTER(Computer Science)THEODORE HARDING WALTERS(Physics)GLORIA ZHUJUN WANG(Chemistry)(Biological Sciences)ABIGAIL ROSE WARD(Mathematics with Honors)JEREMY LEON WELLER(Mathematics)(Economics)PRESTON SCHMIESING WHITE(Mathematics)(Economics)PAUL ANDREW WILLIAMS(Physics with Honors)ALLEN TIANSHI WU(Mathematics)WEIYI YU(Mathematics)(Economics)SCOTT MENGZE ZENG(Physics with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISION AND THEDIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESRISHABH AGARWAL(Biological Chemistry)(Biological Sciences A.B.)(Chemistry A.B.)ROMAN ANTHONY AMICI(Computer Science)(Physics A. B.)MICHAEL JAMES ANDERSEN, JR.(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)TYLER JAMES NILS ANDERSON(Mathematics)ALEKSANDR AYVAZOV(Mathematics with Honors)(English Language and Literature A.B.)NAVID BAHMANYAR(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)ALEXANDER ROMULO BAKE(Computer Science)MADISON MITCHELL BALL(Geophysical Sci mas)TAMER BARSBAY(Mathematics)80 KATRINA HYDE TRAVERSBENSON(Geophysical Sciences}TSVI BENSON-TILSEN(Mathematics with Honors)CAMILLE ELIZABETH BISHOP(Chemistry with Honors)TABBETHA JEAN BOHAC(Chemistry with Honors)(Biological Chemistry)DIANA PETROVA BOJANOVA(Geophysical Sci mas)(Biological Sciences A.B.)LIN SHEREE BOYNTON(Geophysical Sciences)JACOB CHRISTOPHER BRITZ(Geophysical Sciences with Honors)(Chemistry)ARIEL ISABELLE BURNETT(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A. B.)RACHEL SYDNEY CARANDANG(Mathematics)(Computer Science) LAURA MICHELE CASTELNUOVO(Chemistry)ALEXANDER NICOLAS CHEN(Biological Chemistry)BRIAN CHEN(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)ZEFENG CHEN(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics A.B. with Honors)RAYMOND J. CHI(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.)YO JOONG CHOE(Mathematics with Honors)(Computer Science with Honors)BYRAN C. CHOU(Mathematics)(Statistics)(Economics A.B.)PATRICK SEAN COLLINS(Computer Science)(Philosophy A.B.)DEVON J. COMPTON(Computer Science)IAN WATERMAN COOLEY(Mathematics)HAZEL ANNE COURT(Computer Science)JAMES ARTHUR DELVESCO(Computer Science)ELLIOTT ZHANG DING(Computer Science)(Mathematics}(Statistics A.B.)JOSEPH AARON ELLIS(Computer Science with Honors)KYLE ANDREW ENGEL(Statistics)(Chemistry A.B.)LISA FAN(Mathemasics)(Economics A.B.)YUAN FEI(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)ANISHA PRIYA GANGULY(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures A.B.)(Chemistry A.B.)THEODORE REID GANNETT(Chemistry)(Statistics A.B.)THEODORE GETZ(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry)BENJAMIN MATTHEW LIM GO(Geophysica! Sciences with Honors)(Chemistry A.B.)DAVID JUSTIN GOLDFELD(Chemistry)(Physics A.B.)ANTHONY DIONTE GUERRERO(Biological Chemistry)BASIL JEFFREY HALPERIN(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)JUSTYN THOMAS HARRIMAN(Computer Science)WESLEY DIXON HOWDEN(Mathtmatics)(Economics A.B.)(Political Science A.B. with Honors)DAVID YAXIAO HUANG(Computer Science)ANDREW WAYNE HWANG(Biological Chemistry}(Chemistry A.B.)THERESA HWANG(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)GEORGE BERNARD HYUN(Mathtmatics with Honors)NISHANTH SRIVATHS IYENGAR(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chtmistry A.B.)MUHAMMAD JAWWAD(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.)JONATHAN DI JIN(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.)DANIEL L. KASSLER(Mathematics with Honors)MARC ALEXANDER LUCKKEALHOFER(Statistics)YEJOON KIM(Biological Chemistry with Honors) MICHAEL LASUTSCHINKOW(Mathematics}(Economics A.B.)PETER CHEUK-YAN LAU(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)SANGHUN LEE(Mathtmatics)BODI LI(Computer Science)THOMAS HUA-MING LIAO(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)LUCAS DAX LINGLE(Mathematics with Honors)(Statistics A.B.)JIARUI LIU(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)RYAN LIU(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)TERRANCE LIU(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)KLEVIN LO(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry A.B.)(Biological Sciences A.B.)JENNIFER CHUNDUO MA(Computer Science)(English Languagt and Literature A.B.)JUSTIN JAMES MANLEY(Mathematics)KHATCHER ORBELIMARGOSSIAN(Chemistry)(Biological Chemistry with Honors)ANNE CHRISTINA MARSDEN(Mathematics)(Chemistry A.B.)TREVOR COMMODORE MARTIN(Mathematics)MARK ANDREW MASKERI(Chemistry)KAITLYN ANNE McCAIN(Geophysical Sciences with Honors)RYAN DANIEL MCGILLICUDDY(Chemistry with Honors)IZAAK HAYES MECKLER(Mathematics with Honors)(Computer Science with Honors)JING MIAO(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)MATTHEW ALEXANDERMORALES(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)VIKTOR GARCIA MOROS(Mathematics)JACOB CARTER MULLEN(Chemistry)ANDREW LOUIS MULLER(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.)LUKE XING MULTANEN(Mathematics)GREGORY IAN MYERS(Geopbysical Sciences)CHRISTOPHER JAMES NATOLI(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)MAGDALENA IVONA NAZIEMIEC(Chemistry)JEFFREY ALBERT NELSON(Computer Science) THE COLLEGERUTH II YUNG NG(Computer Science with Honors)(Mathtmatics A.B. with Honors)ELIZA SARA NIEWEGLOWSKA(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry)GRAHAM JAMES NORRIS(Chtmistry with Honors)(Mathematics}CHRISTOPHER DENNIS O'MEARA(Mathematics}(Statistics)ISAAC PARAKATI(Mathtmatics)ZHANSHENG PHANG(Mathematics}(Economics A.B.)(Statistics)IVAN RICHARD PYZOW(Mathematics with Honors)KEVIN QIAN(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)TRISTAN HINES RASMUSSEN(Computer Science with Honors)BRANDON CHRISTIAN RAYHAUN(Mathematics)BRISSA ANAYATZI RENOVATO(Geopbysica! Sciences)CAMERON ALAN RODGERS(Chemistry}KEVIN BRYAN ROSE(Mathematics with Honors)(Computer Science)BRYAN DAVID RUST(Mathtmatics)SHAAN SAPRA(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.)JOSHUA A. SAUCEDO(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A. B.)(Biological Sciences A.B.)ABRAHAM JOEL SECULAR(Computer Science)(Mathtmatics)KATHERINE BRENNANSERCOMBE(Computer Science)(Economics A.B.)YETONG SHAO(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)KATHLEEN CHARLOTTESHIVANANDAN(Chemistry)EKATERINA S. SHKRABOVA(Computer Science)LEONARDO ROBERTO SHU(Statistics)(Economics A.B.)GRAHAM AUSTIN SMITH(Mathtmatics)TURNER THOMAS SMITH(Mathtmatics)(Statistics A.B.)HONGBO SONG(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)MIN JAE SONG(Mathematics with Honors)HENRY JULIUS STEINITZ III(Mathtmatics with Honors)JOSHUA ISAAC STEVENS-STEIN(Computer Science)SIMON ELLIOT SWANSON(M.athematics)81THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONVADIM SERGEI TANYGIN(Chemistry with Honors)VALERIE CARQL TATE(Mathematics)JQHANNA .oLIVIA TQRRENCE(Mathematics with Honors)MARCUS ALLEN TRYBULA(Chemistry)(Biological Sciences A.B.)UDAYAN RAVI VAIDYA(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)(Statistics A.B.) EDWARD WAN(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)PAYTQN A. WEIDENBACHER(Chemistry with Honors)HARRISQN RQHAN WEIGEL(Mathematics)(Computer Science)MICHAEL THQMAS WHEELER(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)GEQRGE RQBERT WQQDBURY(Mathematics)(Psychology A.B.) SAMANTHA MICHELLE WRESCHNER(Computer Science)MEGAN SQPHIA WU(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Biological Sciences A.B.)(Chemistry A.B.)AMBER YUAN(Mathematics)IVY ELYSS ZHAQ(Statistics)ANNA LAURA ZIFF(Statistics)(Public Policy Studies A.B. with Honors)MEREDITH LEIGH BQHEN(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)STEVENjAMESBQLAND(Economics)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THESOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONCHRISTIAN NICHQLAS ADAMES(Psychology)MARIAM AGAEVA(Economics)PAULA AGUTI(Psychology)QLUWASEMILQRE AYQBAMI AjIBQLA(Psychology)EFQSA ADAM AKENZUA(Political Science)EDWARD ARTHUR AKERS III(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)USMAN AKHTER(Economics)JACKSQN ANAVI AKSELRAD(Political Science)ADRIAN ALDANA(Economics)REBECA ALDERETE BACA(History)ILKNUR ALIYEV(Economics)ABDULLA AL-KUWARI(Economics)jQVANNA ALVAREZ(Public Policy Studies with Honors)CATHERINE RENEE ALVAREZ­McCURDY(Public Policy Studies with Honors)RENATQ AMARAL AMBQSS(Psychology)EITAN MENACHEM AMIEL(Economics)TEj DIPTESH AMIN(Political Science)HANNAH ELISE AMUNDSEN(Public Policy Studies)MANUEL EDUARDQ ANDERSQN(Political Science)CARQLYN LAUREL ANDREW(Psychology)ANNA ANDRIYCHUK(International Studies with Honors)ANDREW ALFQNSQ ANGELES(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)VIDAL ANGUIANQ, jR.(Public Policy Studies)ALYSSA KRISTEN ANNEKEN(Psychology)CATHERINE ANNE ARBQNA(Political Science)JQSEPH ARQNSQHN(Political Science)EMILY H. ASHBRIDGE(Psychology) TREVQR MICHAEL BAK(Psychology)HANNAH MARIE BALLARD(Economics)TRISHNA BANERJEE NAIR(Economics with Honors)GREGQRY STEPHEN BARANCIK(Political Science with Honors)RICHARD JQHN BARNES(Anthropology with Honors)lONE HELEN BARRQWS(History with Honors)MQRGAN SARA BARRY(Psychology)INNQCENT VENDELIN BASSQ(Economics)STEFANQS BAZINAS(Economics)KATHRYN ELIZABETH BEACH(History with Honors)HAMID BENDAAS(Political Science with Honors)SARA RQSALIND BERGEN(History with Honors)BALTHAZAR DARIUS BERGKAMP(Economics)(Political Science)RQSE MADELINE BERMAN(History with Honors)NICHQLAS JQHN BEST(Economics)ELIZA MAY BETTERIDGE(Psychology)MIKAELA WINDSQR BETTS(SOCiology)(Public Policy Studies)ANKUR BHARGAVA(Economics)RAjESH BHUSAL(Economics)ALEXA TSEHAI BIRESAW(Psychology)SYDNEY MARIE BIRNBAUM(Political Science)ALINA BITRAN ARIZPE(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ALYSSA LQUISE BIVINS(History with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)TIMQTHY RQBERT BLAIR(Economics)MQLLY ELIZABETH BLQNDELL(Environmental Studies)(Political Science)XIAQ BQHANNQN(Public Policy Studies with Honors) BRANDQN PATRICK BQLQCK(Economics)RACHAEL ELIZABETH BQLTE(Political Science)CQLIN EDMQND BQS(History with Honors)SUMAYA HIBA BQUADI(Economics)KATRIN KAHLER BQVBjERG(Psychology with Honors)LUCIA MARIE BQWER(Public Policy Studies)KAITLYN C. BREGMAN(Psychology)(Anthropology)MQRGAN LINDLEY BRQCK-SMITH(History with Honors)EMMA RQSE BRQDER(History)EMILY PAIGE BRQNSTQN-jQSEPH(Anthropology with Honors)PEYTQN NIKEL BRQWN(Psychology)PHILLIP EDWARD BRQWN(Geographical Studies)JQNATHAN P. BRQZD.oWSKI(International Studies with Honors)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)BENJAMIN JQSIAH BUCHHEIM­jURISSQN(Economics)(Political Science)LAUREL BUCHI-FQTRE(Anthropology)ALICE HARRIET BUCKNELL(Anthropology with Honors)(Visual Arts)MADELINE CLAIRE BURCH(Russian Studies)(Philosophy)EMMA ZURCHER BURGQQN(Public Policy Studies)GRIFFIN TYLER BURR(Public Policy Studies)ADAM WARREN BUTTERFIELD(Public Policy Studies)AILEEN MQNICA CAMPANARQ(Psychology)SCQTT PATTERSQN CAMPBELL(History)DAVID ALEXANDER CAMPILLQ(Public Policy Studies)PHILIP LANE CARLITZ(Economics)DIANE ELIZABETH CARROLL(Political Science)JAMES VINCENT CARROLL(History)MARGARET LAURENCE CARTON(Psychology)MATTHEW TYLER CASON(Economics)(Political Science)ORLANDO CASTANEDA(Economics)UPASNA CHAKRAVARTY(Economics)JACOB MICHAEL CHAMBERS(Psychology with Honors)ESTHER MEl SZE CHAN(Economics)JACK PETER CHIK CHAN(Economics)WING KIE CAMMIE CHAN(Economics)JUSTIN RONGRONG CHANG(Economics)(Statistics S.B.)SHOU AN ARIEL CHANG(Psychology with Honors)MICHAEL STEVEN CHARYSH(Economics)PHAM MINH CHAU(Economics)BENJAMIN CONNOR CHEANEY(Public Policy Studies)BOB CHI CHEN(Economics)(Mathematics)DAPHNE CHEN(Economics)EMILIE IRENE CHEN(Psychology)JAY CHEN(Economics)MEGAN S. CHEN(Economics)MICHAEL YISHUN CHEN(Economics)PAUL CHEN(Economics)MIRANDA NICOLE CHERKAS(Political Science)PHILIP JUSTIN CHERTOFF(Political Science with Honors)MING LI CHEW(Economics)HOWARD CHIANG(Economics)(Psychology)LONG WEN CHIANG(Political Science with Honors)JUNGWAN CHO(Economics)AMYCHQU(Political Science with Honors)ADEED AHMED CHOUDHURY(Economics)JAE HYUN CHUNG(Economics)EDUARDO JESUS CISNEROS(Economics)SUSAN VICTORIA CLARKE(Anthropology with Honors)MARINA LUCIA CLEMENTI(Anthropology) MONICA ELENA CLODIUS(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MICHAEL JAMES COATES III(History with Honors)(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures)AMORETTA NOELLECOCKERHAM(Anthropology with Honors)(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors)NICHOLAS ANDREA CODISPOTI(Public Policy Studies)ALANA GABRIELLE COLE(Anthropology with Honors)MATTHEW PATRICK COLLINS(Sociology)(Public Policy Studies)SYDNEY BLAIR COMBS(Anthropology with Honors)NICHOLAS JAMES CONLON(Political Science)MAURA ELIZABETH CONNORS(Geographical Studies)VALERIA CONTRERAS(International Studies with Honors)JACOB CHARLES CONWAY(Economics)(Mathematics S.B. with Honors)(Statistics S.B.)KARA MARIE CONWAY(Economics)CODY FRANCIS COOK(Economics with Honors)SHANNON ELIZABETH COOPER(Anthropology with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)NORA ROSE CORCORAN(Psychology)RACHEL JOVITA CORRIGAN(Political Science with Honors)TREVOR BRADFORD COYLE(Economics)WILLIAM RYAN CRAFT(Political Science with Honors)ALEX RICHARD CRONHEIM(Public Policy Studies)EZGICUBUKCU(Sociology with Honors)CHEN CUI(Economics with Honors)JAMES FAUST CULLEN(Economics)(Political Science)LAWRENCE WILLIAM DANN­FENWICK(History with Honors)RYAN GARRETT DAVIS(Political Science)OLIVER JAMES PEARSON DEAN(Economics)NATALI DE CORSO(International Studies with Honors)CONSTANCE MATHILDE MARIEDELANNOY(International Studies with Honors)PALOMA DELGADILLO(Economics)LARESA LYNNE DERN(Anthropology with Honors)MICHEL-ANGE DESRUISSEAUX(Political Science)ADOLFO CARLOS DEULOFEUT(Political Science)NAILA MICHELE DHARANI(Economics)SONIA DHAWAN(History)(Economics) THE COLLEGEAMANDA ELIZABETH DOBBYN(Psychology with Honors)MORGAN ELIZABETH DONOVAN(Economics)JULIAN CARROLL DOROMAL(Economics)ZIV DREYFUSS(Economics)DAGNY SOPHIA DUKACH(History with Honors)BRENDEN PHILLIP DUNLEAVY(Economics)LAUREN DUNMORE(History with Honors)HELEN SANDRA ELLSWORTH(Comparative Human Development)MORAD IBRAHIM ELSAIFY(Economics)MICHAEL CHAU ENG(Economics)JACKSON CHARLES EVERT(Economics)(Philosophy)BRENDAN KI KWAN FAN(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)FANGYING FAN(Economics with Honors)JADE TENGPU FANG(Anthropology)MARINA FANG(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)ZHOU FANG(History with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)ORLY NADELL FARBER(Comparative Human Development)SAMUEL PETER FELL(Political Science with Honors)ZACH RUDD FELSENSTEIN(Public Policy Studies)(Geographical Studies)WILLIAM HAMILTON FERNANDEZ(History with Honors)JONATHAN WADE CATRONFIFER(Political Science)MICHAEL DAVID FINDLEY(Economics)BENJAMIN DANIEL FLEISHER(International Studies with Honors)SOFIA GUADALUPE FLORES(Public Policy Studies)ADRIAN RUELAZ FLORIDO(History with Honors)ALEXIS MADELINE FOWLER(Psychology)CHARLES DUNSMORE FOX V(Economics)(History with Honors)DANIEL LOUIS FRANKEL(Political Science)JACQUELINE TAMARA FRIDUSS(Psychology)TONI LIN FRIEDMAN(International Studies with Honors)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)CAROLINE ANNA FRISHMAN(Public Policy Studies)KELLY TAYLOR FRYE(Political Science with Honors)JACOB A. FURE-SLOCUM(Economics)ROBERT J. GATTO(Economics)83THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONAPRATIM GAUTAM(Political Science with Honors)(Economics)ZACHARIAS GIORGOSGIANNAKOPOULOS(Economics)(Psychology)JASON BRIAN GIBBONS(Economics)KERRY MARGARET GIBBONS(History)(Law, Letters, and Society)CAREY CATHERINE GLENN(Public Policy Studies)(Political Science)(Environmental Studies)LESLIE SLOTNIK GLOTZER(Political Science with Honors)(Geograpbica! Studies)ANGELA CRISTINE GLOVER(Psychology)JONATHAN ANDREW GODOY(Political Science)CHIN HOU GOH, (Economics)MAYA ROSE GOLDMAN(Anthropology)ANASTASIA GOLOVASHKINA(Economics with Honors)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)GRETA GOLZ(Economics)JOSELINE XIOMARA GOMEZ(Psychology with Honors)(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)FRANCISCA GOMEZ ORTEGA(Political Science with Honors)(Economics)CONOR DOYLE GOODWIN(International Studies with Honors)LILY BETTE GORDON(Environmental Studies with Honors)BROOKE YASEMIN GOREN(Public Policy Studies)LYDIA LIVINGSTON GORHAM(Political Science with Honors)AKASH VIJENDER GOYAL(Economics)SANYA GOYAL(Economics)PATRICIA CAROL GRAF(Comparative Human Development with Honors)(Psychology)(English Language and Literature)OLIVIA ELIZABETH GREENBERG(Economics)ALICE GREGSON(History)ELEANOR GRACE GREINER(Psychology)SOFIA ROSE GROSS(International Studies with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)YECHEN GU(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)(Statistics 5.B.)GEORGE GVAKHARIA MGEBRISHVILI(Economics)JERAMEE TYLER GWOZDZ(Political Science with Honors)NADIA SOFIA FITRI HABIBIE(Economics)ARI JACOB SPIRA HAKKARAINEN(Economics)ALEXANDRA MYLES JAMES HALLADAY(Comparative Human Development)84 ANDREW MICHAEL HAMMER(Economics)LYN HAN(Political Science)SARAH HUI HAN(International Studies)SUNG SOO HAN(Economics)YEJI HAN(Economics)JESSE KLIMT HANDLER(G�ographical Studies with Honors)AMY KATHRYN HARLOWE(Environmental Studies with Honors)(English Language and Literature with Honors)FELICIA MARIA HARRIS(Public Policy Studies)ALANA CAITLIN HART(Political Science}JANE SINCLAIR HARTER(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies ofScience and Medicine)IAN DOMINICK HARTITZ(Public Policy Studies)ALAN SCOTT HASSLER(History with Honors)IAN JACQUES HAUBOLD(Economics)JONATHAN L. HAUSE(Economics)HADLEY MARIE HAUSER(International Studies)TATSUYA HAYASHI(Economics)GEORGE Z. HE(Economics)VERONICA PORTILLO HEAP(History with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studi�s with Honors)KATHARINE CLARA HEDLUND(Economics)MASON NATHANIEL HELLER(Political Science)LAVINE KAMLESH HEMLANI(Economics)PETER WINDLEY HERMAN(G�ographical Studies)ARLIN ALLEN HILL, JR.(Political Science with Honors)(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)LEAH TALYA HIRSCHFELD(Psychology with Honors)KIT-YING TIFFANY HO(Economics)VIVIAN HO(Economics)SAMUEL GARDNER HODGSON(Political Science with Honors)TAYLOR JEAN HOEFLER(Environmental Studies with Honors)NICHOLAS CHARLESHOLLENKAMP III(Economics)SOPHIE LYNN HOLTZMANN(Psychology with Honors)DIANA JIAJIE HOU(Public Policy Studies)NICOLE ALEXIS HU(Comparative Human Deuelopment)YANG HU(Economics)(Geographical Studies with Honors)ALEXANDER JEFFREY HUANG(Comparative Human Development) JASON HUANG(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)JOSEPH SALERA HUANG(Economics)JUNFAN HUANG(Economics)(Political Science)XIAODU HUANG(Economics)(Statistics)MUSTAFA IBRAHIM(Economics)MICHAEL PETER INGRAM(Psychology)SHAYNA MONTESA INZUNZA(Economics)CHELSEA S. JAFFEY(Anthropology)PRANAV KUMAR JAIN(History with Honors)YUSUF JANAHI(Political Science)(Philosophy)MICHAEL XU MIN JIA(Political Science with Honors)(Mathematics)FAN JIANG(Economics)LEAR JIANG(Political Science with Honors)(Economics)YIHAO JIANG(Economics)FENGMIN JIN(Economics)GABRIEL RICHARD JOHNSON(Public Policy Studies)HALEY ELISABETH JOHNSON(Public Policy Studies with Honors)GARRISON WAILES JONES(Public Policy Studies)IAN MICHAEL JOYCE(Public Policy Studies)JI SU KANG(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies ofScience and Medicine with Honors)JOSEPH GILLUM KAPLAN(G�ographical Studies with Honors)ALEXA LAURA KARCZMAR(Psychology with Honors)DIMITRA NICOLE KATSIS(International Studies)WILLIAM RAND KATZKA(Psychology)DEANNE NICOLE KENNEDY(Psychology)ANDREW MINJAE KIM(Economics)YOUNG SEOK KIM(Economics)BRIAN ESTEBAN KING(Anthropology)EMMA VIRGINIA KINSLEY(Anthropology with Honors)KSENIA KIRILYUK(Economics)JULIE ANN KLOCK(Psychology with Honors)KATHERINE MARY KNIGHT(Economics)RYAN G. KO(Economics)ZYTHA RO�LLE KOCK(History)(Slavic Languages and Literatures)YU KYUNG KOH(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)IAN QUINN KOLATA(Economics)TYLER EDWARD KOLLE(Geograpbica] Studies)(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)AMELIA JANE KOSCIULEK(Anthropology)JONATHAN TODD KOWARSKI(Economics)DANIEL PHILIPP KRAFT(Economics)RYAN ANDREW KROCKER(Psychology)MATHEUS ANNES KROEFF(Public Policy Studies)GEORGE KRYLOV(Economics)KONRAD KUBICKI(Psychology with Honors)ETHAN MICHAEL KUDROW(Economics)ULA KULPA(History)LING QIN JUSTIN KUNG(Economics)ROBERT LEWIS KUNKEL(Economics)CHARLES LEE KUPFERBERG(Economics)(Political Science)KYLE GORDON KURFIRST(Political Science with Honors)DANIELLE LOUISE LABOTKA(Comparative Human Deuelopment with Honors)(Anthropology)EMMA HONOUR LABOUNTY(History with Honors)(Law, Letters, and Society)SAM KS LAI(Economics)TERESA SHIAOJIA LAN(Political Science)JON ERIK LANCASTER(Economics)RACHEL XU LANDES(History with Honors)ISABELLE CATHERINELANGROCK(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies ofScience and Medicine with Honors)SARAH MARISA LANGS(Comparatiu« Human Development)ANTHONY PAUL LASHLEY(Economics)(English Languag� and Literature}ANNA CLARE LASKY(Anthropology)TYLER K. LAW(Economics)ANDREA MICHELLE LAWLOR(Economics)(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)SARAH FRANCES LEBARRON(Public Policy Studi�s with Honors)(Political Science)ANGELA LEE(History with Honors)CATHERINE LEE(Economics)DANIEL CHOI LEE(Economics)PACE MOREHEAD LEE(Political Science) RAJAY S. O. LEE(Economics)SINCLAIR LEE(Political Science)JARED BENJAMIN LENNER(Economics)(Political Science)BRENDAN PHILIP LEONARD(Political Science with Honors)PATRICK LEOW(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)TYLER JAMES LESLIE(Political Science)ALEXANDRA LEVITAS(Anthropology with Honors)(Theater and Performance Studies)GORDON ARMBRUSTER LEW(Economics)ALTA YIU GOG LI(Economics)(Political Science)DONGYUE LI(Economics)JACOB CHING-HON LI(Economics)KEVIN ZHEN TING LI(Economics)KRYSTAL LI(Economics)LAUREN JINXIN LI(Economics)XIAOXIAO LI(Economics)YU S. LI(Economics)ADAM DAVID LINDEMULDER(International Studies with Honors)(Political Science)PAUL SHEN LIU(Economics)(Philosophy)REBECCA QINGYUE LIU(History with Honors)ALEXANDER THEODORELOBMAN(Economics)(Psychology)VIKRAM JUSTIN LOBO(Political Science)JOSEPH RAYMOND LOCASCIO(Political Science with Honors)WILLIAM PETER LOFTUS(Psychology with Honors)LAUREN HACKETT LOGAN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)GUSTAVO NICOLAS LOPEZ(Political Science)MARLENE GERTRUD LORENZ(Comparatioe Human Development with Honors)ALEXANDER HARRY LOUBE(Psychology)HUNTER FREDERICK LOVELAND(Public Policy Studies)BRIAN GEORGE LU(Psychology)WENDY JIAQI LUO(Economics)JULIAN ISAAC LURIA(Economics)ALEXANDER LAURENCE MACINA(Political Science)KIEHLOR JOSEPH MACK(Psychology with Honors)TANVI MAGO(Political Science) THE COLLEGERUCHI MAHADESHWAR(Economics)CONOR LAURENCE MAHANY(Economics)(Math�matics S.B. with Honors)SCOTT JAMES MAINQUIST(Public Policy Studies with Honors)LEAH KAREN MALAMUT(Psychology with Honors)(Biological Sciences)BEATRICE NEWMAN MALSKY(Sociology)(Gender and S�xuality Studies with Honors)MAAYAN SHIRA MALTER(Economics with Honors)DAVID MAO(Economics)(Math�matics)ELIZABETH KATHERINE MARGOLIS(Political Science)MORGANE D. MARTINET(History with Honors)JOSE J. MARTINEZ III(Public Policy Studies)MIGUEL A. MASEDA(Economics)MUZOON FAWAZ MOHAMEDAHMED MATAR(Economics)KEVIN PATRICK MATHENY(Economics)MEGAN A. MATTE(Economics)ALEXI JO McCAMMOND(Sociology)(Romance Languagu and Literatures)KELSEY JEAN McGILLIS(SOCiology)ALEXANDRA STEWART McINNIS(Political Science with Honors)MIHOW PAWEL McKENNY(History with Honors)COLIN JAMES McREYNOLDS(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)ELIAS MAYER MECHABER(Geogrepbical Studies with Honors)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)TINLEY DJODON MELVIN(Comparative Human Development)RUSSELL MEIR MENDELSON(Economics)(Political Science)ANNA LUCIA MEREDITH(Public Policy Studies)MARK A. MEYER(Political Science)ADAN MEZA(International Studies)JOSEPH MARTIN MIHM(Economics)SARAH CATHERINE MILLER(History with Honors)AIDAN JAMES MILLIFF(Political Science)KAYLA ALICE ROBBINS MILNE(Comparativ« Human Development with Honors)(Biological Sciences)PRIYA DINESH MISTRY(International Studies with Honors)SAMAREH LEVA MOGHBEL(Psychology)SARA BROTHERTON MOHR(Anthropology with Honors)SCHUYLER PHILIP MONTEFALCO(Public Policy Studies)85THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONPHILLIP MAURICE MOORE(Political Science)SARAH MORELL(Political Science)LUCILLE JOSEPHINE MSALL(Economics with Honors)MEAGHAN R. MURPHY(Political Science with Honors)CLARISSA ELIZABETH MURRA(Public Policy Studies)CECILE McWILLIAMS MURRAY(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ROYCE ANTHONYMUSKEYVALLEY(Political Science)IMAAD MUSVEE(Economics)OLIVIA CHRISTINE MYSZKOWSKI(Public Policy Studies)AMN NASIR(Economics)JONATHAN SIMON NATHAN(History with Honors)(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)HILDE DEVOIN NELSON(History with Honors)BENJAMIN JAMES NICKERSON(Economics)JEFFREY STEVEN NOCTON(History with Honors)OSITADINMA D. NWANEVU(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)JACKSON MORGAN OAKLEY(Anthropology with Honors)CRISTINA ISABEL OCHOA(International Studies)AKUA AFRAH OFORI-APPIAH(Political Science)ANASTASIA JOY O'HARA(Political Science)JILLIAN VICTORIA OJEDA(Public Policy Studies with Honors)CAMERON NDUBISI OKEKE(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies ofScience and Medicine)(Biological Sciences)NIL EBRU OKTEM(Environmental Studies with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)INDIA MARIE OLCHEFSKE(Public Policy Studies)KEVIN THOMAS CHANG ON(Economics)THOMAS SHANE O'NEILL, JR.(Public Policy Studies)ALEX MARIAN OPECHOWSKI(International Studies with Honors)HANNAH ELIZABETH ORLAND(Geographical Studies (vith Honors)LORI NICOLE OS SIP(Economics with Honors)HUNTER EPSTEIN OWENS(History)VICTORIA PACEY(Economics)MARIO JOHN PALMISANO(Psychology)KEYAO PAN(Economics)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations withHonors)ANTONY ALEXANDERPAPADOPOULOS(Sociology)(International Studies)86 DAVID ALEXANDER PAPIRNIK(Economics)HEWON PARK(International Studies with Honors)MYOUNGSUN JOSEPH PARK(Economics)TAMSIN HOPE PARZEN(History with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)JACOB BEN PASTOR(Economics)ZORI AMBER PAUL(Comparative Human Development)CHRISTINA ADELE PECK(Political Science)NICHOLE LAURAINE PEDRO(Psychology)CHARLES THOMAS PENA(Psychology)JOSE THOMAZ ISRAEL DA VEIGAPEREIRA(Economics)CARLOS PEREZ(Economics)(Philosophy)JONATHAN PEREZ(Environmental Studies)DAVID AUGUST PETERSON(Political Science with Honors)(Economics)HANNA PETROSKI(Environmental Studies with Honors)AMY S. PHILLIPS(Sociology with Honors)(Psychology)ELLEN JANE PLATTS(Anthropology with Honors)STILIANI POLIMENI(Psychology)HIMABINDU POROORI(Psychology)LAURA MICHELLE POULOS(Economics)AMITA S. PRABHU(Economics)(Psychology)CHRISTOPHER LEE PRALEY(Public Policy Studies)MEHEK KARIM PREMJEE(Economics)KEVIN QIAN(Public Policy Studies)SHAO-YI QIAN(Economics)IAN NICHOLAS RAMDEEN(Political Science)DANIEL ERNESTO RAMfREZ- RAFTREE(Sociology)(Romance Languages and Literatures)BRITTANY CAMILLE MARIERAMOS-JANEWAY(Latin American Studies with Honors)ALISHA DODLA REDDY(Public Policy Studies)SACHITH REDDY(Economics)JACINDA CELENE REID(Public Policy Studies)KELSEY ANNE REID(Public Policy Studies with Honors)KEITH WILLIAM REIDY(Public Policy Studies)KAYLA MElLI REINHERZ(Economics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.) SYDNEY JOURDAN OSWALT REITZ(Comparative Human Development)NICHOLAS IAN REKENTHALER(Psychology with Honors)(Philosophy)FREDERIC THOMAS REPOND(Economics)(Environmental Studies with Honors)LAUREN MARIE RIENSCHE(SOCiology)LISA MARIE RINGDAHL(Economics)JULIA BYRNES RITTENBERG(International Studies with Honors)DANIEL ESTEBAN RIVERA(Anthropology)CHRISTINA SHARON RIVERS(Psychology)TYLER JOHN RODEHEFFER(Economics)MICHELLE YVONNE RODRIGUEZ(Political Science with Honors)ZACHARY COSMO ROSS-NASH(Public Policy Studies)NATHANIEL CHARLES ROSSUM(History)ISABELLA KENDAL ROWE(Public Policy Studies)ISABEL SARAH RUBIN(Psychology)(Romance Languages and Literatures)WALTER RUBIO(Psychology)NICHOLAS ANTHONY RUIZ(Psychology)JACOB JOSEPH RYALL(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies ofScience and Medicine with Honors)(Biological Sciences)PATRICK KELLY RYAN(Public Policy Studies)DEEPAK SABADA(Economics)NIKITA SACHDEVA(Economics)(Statistics)CHLOE BRYNNE SADDLER(History)ILIR SADIKU(Political Science)ELENA DANIELA SAKOPOULOS(Political Science with Honors)NATALYA SAMEE(Public Policy Studies)AMMAR M. SAMMA(Economics)CHRISTIAN DANIELA SANCHEZ(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies)KRISTIE MARIE SANCHEZ(Anthropology with Honors)JAIME SANCHEZ, JR.(History with Honors)(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)LUIS GUSTAVO SANCHEZ­CONDE(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Political Science)MICHAEL ANTHONY SANTINI(Anthropology)AHON SARKAR(Economics)CASSANDRA SARNELL(Comparative Human Development)AMAR SHRIRAM SARVARIA(Economics)(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)ARMAN SAYANI(Public Policy Studies)MATTHEW PAUL SCHAEFER(History with Honors)RACHEL MARTHA SCHASTOK(History with Honors)PATRICK SCHLUMPF(Economics)MARGOT ANNE SCHUMANN(International Studies)(Political Science)ELLA YVONNE SCHWAMM(History with Honors)GABRIELLA MONIQUE SEGURA(Public Policy Studies)ARDA SENER(Economics)YUTING SHAO(Economics)SAMUEL HENRY SHAPIRO(Economics)SANNIDHI SHARMA(Economics)ALISON NICOLE SHAW(Public Policy Studies)DANIEL JACOB SHEAR(Economics)(Anthropology)JULIA SHEN(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)MICHAEL SHEN(Economics)MIRIAM LIV IVERSEN SHESTACK(History with Honors)CLAIRE HELENE SHIPTON(Public Policy Studies)(Political Science)AYUSHI SHRIVASTAVA(Public Policy Studies)BENJAMIN ARI SIEGEL(Economics)TOVIA GEETTER SIEGEL(Sociology with Honors)WAYNE PATRICK SIMON II(Public Policy Studies)CLAUDIA VINANDA SINOWATO(Economics)CHARLOTTE VAN DER LAAN SMITH(Psychology)MAX BENJAMIN SMITH(Political Science with Honors)STEPHANIE NICOLE SMITH(International Studies)LOGAN PATRICK SNYDER(Economics)(Political Science)SETH DOUGLAS SOKOLOFF(Economics)(Philosophy)MATTHEW STEVEN SOLOMON(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)SCOTT CHRISTOPHERSOUTHERN(Economics)SARAH JULIA SPERGEL(Comparative Human Development with Honors)MATTHEW MICHAEL STAAB(International Studies)WILLIAM CONNOR STACK(History) JENNIFER LEE STANDISH(History with Honors)BAVO LAURENTIUS ROBERT STEVENS(Political Science)SARAH RENE STICKLEN(Comparative Human Development)ANNA LEE STONE(Public Policy Studies)EMMA T. STONE(Anthropology with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)HENRY ALEXANDER KOENIGSTONE(Economics)ANDREW FRANK STORCH(Political Science)SEAN ROBERT SULLIVAN(Economics)VARSHA SUNDAR(Public Policy Studies)AUDREY SOOJUNG SUNG(Psychology)DAVID SUNG(Economics)SAMARTH SURESH(Economics)TOMAS KESTUTIS SUTRINAITIS(Economics)ADAM TIMOTHY SWINGLE(History with Honors)MEl TING HOLLY SZE(Political Science)ANDYSHEH BEHNAM TABRIZI(Economics)HANPIN TAl(Economics)ANNA JOYCE TAM(History with Honors)KAlA MAGDALEN MENNTAMMEN(Psychology)MEGAN WINGMUN TANG(Psychology)PETER XINMAN TANG(Economics)REGINA CATHLEEN TANNER(Anthropology)KWEHNUI S. N. TAWAH(Economics)KARA JEAN MARIE TAYLOR(Anthropology with Honors)IOANA ALEXANDRA TESLIUC(Economics)JAMES CHRISTOPHER THOBURN(Political Science)ANDREW PRESTON THOMAS(History with Honors)JENNIFER LEIGH THOMAS(Economics)NAVY ALEX THOMPSON(Political Science)TOMMIE YEO THOMPSON(Political Science with Honors)YEN-LI CAROLINE THOMPSON(History)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)ASEAL M. TINEH(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)BRYAN CHRISTOPHER TISDALE(Public Policy Studies)DANIELA KAYE TOLCHINSKY(International Studies)(Political Science) THE COLLEGEBRIANNA ELIZABETH TONG(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies withHonors)(English Language and Literature with Honors)DANIEL CAROTHERS TRACHT(Economics)LINDSEY KATHERINE TREWEEK(Comparative Human Development)SHERRY TSENG(Psychology)HANDE TDRK<;:APAR(Economics)SASHA KILLEN TYCKO(Political Science with Honors)CHAE YUN UM(Economics)DAVID ARTURO VALENCIA(International Studies with Honors)MARIKA DREESSEN VAN LAAN(International Studies with Honors)ANDREW PHILIP VANWAZER(Economics)COLIN PATRICK VARN(Public Policy Studies)DANIEL JOHN VARN(Public Policy Studies)MATTHEW DAVID VECCHITTO(Economics)PAUL VILLACRES(Economics)MARIANA VILLANUEVA HUERTA(Economics)SHINA VOHRA(Political Science)ELIZABETH HUTCHINSON VONSTORCH(Economics)ADAM STEPHEN VORON(Political Science)KRISTIN ELIZABETH WALKO(Anthropology with Honors)BRANDON TODD WALLACE(Political Science)TREVA ROSE WALSH(Anthropology with Honors)(Philosophy)WAN NUR ATHlRAH WAN MOHD AZMI(International Studies with Honors)(Political Science)CINDY WANG(International Studies with Honors)HANNAH SIHAN WANG(Economics)VICTORIA WANG(Economics)XINCHU WANG(Public Policy Studies)(International Studies)ZHUI WANG(Economics)JOHN MORRISON WARREN(Political Science)LAURA GREENBERG WATRY(Geographical Studies with Honors)BENJAMIN EDWARD WEBB(Economics)TYLER WESLEY WEBB(Economics)LUCAS OAKES WEHRWEIN(Sociology with Honors)ZELIN WEI(Political Science with Honors)STEVEN YOON WENDEBORN(Economics)(Law. Letters. and Society)87THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONDYLAN ARTHUR WEST(Economics)RACHEL ROSE WHALEY(Public Policy Studies with Honors)SPENCER MATTHEWWHITEHEAD(Political Science with Honors)DENNIS PATRICK WIATER(Political Science)(Philosophy)ALEXANDER SALAND WIKSTROM(G�ographical Studies)CHLOE HANNAH WILD(Environmental Studies with Honors)CLAIRE ELIZABETH WILD(Environmental Studies with Honors)(Anthropology with Honors)JOSEPH ALLYN WILES(Economics)ALEXANDRIA CLARISSA WILKINS(Public Policy Studies)ANDREW MONTGOMERY WILKINS(History)DANIELLE WILSON(History with Honors)ROBERT LEROY WIMBERLY(Economics)JAKE MATTHEW WINKEL(Public Policy Studies)JASMINE WING-YIN WONG(Comparative Human Development)YU WEI WALTER WONG(Economics)KELLY ELIZABETH WOOD(International Studies with Honors)ALICIA MONIQUE WRIGHT(Anthropology with Honors)(Linguistics with Honors)ANNIE KOK IN WU(Comparative Human Development)JUSTIN WU(Economics)88 SHERRY WU(Economics)ADAM A. WYETH(Economics)STEPHANIE WANJING XIAO(History with Honors)(Law. Letters, and Society)JASON YIN XU(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)QIANYI XU(Economics)(History)RUI XU(Economics)XIANG HUI XU(Psychology)YUEXU(Economics)(Art History)DANLEIYAN(Economics)HAO YAN(Economics)(Statistics)CLAUDIA ELIZABETH YANG(Economics)ZEYNEP YAVUZ(Economics)PAMELA MIHRET YESHEWAS{Comparative Human Development)MARANNA YODER(Economics with Honors)COLIN YU(Economics)HARRISON JIA-MIN YU(Political Science)JENNIFER YU(Political Science)STEPHANIE WAI-YAN YU(Environmental Studies)(Public Policy Studies) YUE YU(Economics)SCOTT PHILLIP YUAN(Economics)HOLLY ANNE ZAHARCHUK(Psychology with Honors)RENAT A. ZALOV(Economics)(Romance Languages and Literatures)JULIA CHULIN ZHAN(Economics)ERIC YANYU ZHANG(Psychology)RONALD R. ZHANG(Economics)TRACY SONG ZHANG(Economics)(Political Science with Honors)ZHIQI ZHANG(Political Science)DENNIS ZHAO(Economics)(Statistics)ELSA BINGYUE ZHOU(International Studies with Honors)(Psychology)JOHANNES ZHOU(Economics)(Statistics S.B.)RONGCHEN ZHU(Economics)TIANYU ZHU(Economics)(Philosophy)EVE REBECCA ZUCKERMAN(Political Science)BAILEY ELIZABETH ZWEIFEL(Environmental Studies)THE STUDENT MARSHALS THE COLLEGECANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTSIN THE COLLEGERAFAEL MEGHANI ABRAMOVITZ(Linguistics with Honors)NADIA KATHRYN ALHADI(Law, Letters, and Soci�ty with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)YUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANI(Political Science with Honors)AVA BENEZRA(Law, Letters, and Soci�ty)JOHN PAUL BLIAMPTIS(Biological Sciences with Honors)AMANDA LEIGH BLOCK(Art History with Honors)SIMONE TESHURA BONAPARTE(Classical Studies with Honors)HOPE LOUISE MARTENSBRETSCHER(Physics with Honors)JONATHON JAMES CATLIN(Fundamentals: [SSUts and Texts with Honors)U�wish Studies with Honors)JEANNE JULIANA GERMAINECHAUFFOUR(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies ofScience and Medicine with Honors)CHUN HO CHOW(Physics with Honors)TAYLOR CARL COPLEN(Philosophy)(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies ofScience and Medicine with Honors)MELINA EVELYN DE BONA(International Studies) MELISSA NICOLE GATTER(International Studies with Honors)(Near Eastern Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors)JANE ESPY GORDON(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)ANDREA KARINA HAIDAR(Sociology with Honors)MAGDALENA DEYANOVAIVANOVA(Biological Sciences)ANASTASIA GALINA KAISER(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MATTHEW SCOTT KELLNER(Math�matics)JI YEON KIM(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors)(Visual Arts)JANEY JAE-EUN LEE(Political Science with Honors)SCOTT CHARLES HAUSERLORING(Economics with Honors)PRESTON MACKENZIE LUONG(Biological Sciences)NISSA WAN YING MAl(Sociology with Honors)NIKHITHA MURALI(Comparative Human Development)NICHOLAS WOLF PARKER(Public Policy Studies with Honors) MARGEAUX ALLISON PERKINS(English Languag� and Literature)(Theater and Performance Studies}MORGANE RICHER LA FLECHE(History with Honors)MICHAEL FABER ROSENBAUM(Public Policy Studies with Honors)LIANNE SEYFERTH(Political Science with Honors)(Comparative Human Development)DAMINI SHARMA(Economics)NA EUN SHIN(Biological Sciences)ERIN MARY SIMPSON(Public Policy Studies with Honors)EMILY NICOLE TIXIER(Biological Sciences)ASHLEY C. TRAN(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)AUSTIN WILLIAM WARD(Law, Letters, and Soci�ty with Honors)(Economics)LINDSAY EMILY WARREN(Comparative Literature}(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures)HONGYANG XIAO(History)(Economics)BOSI ZHANG(Biological Sciences)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE COLLEGECLAIRE MARIE BAUMER(Biological Sciences with Honors) JENNIFER JEAN UEHLING(Biological Sciences)(Environmental Studies A.B. with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE COLLEGE AND THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESLOK TSING ENOCH CHAN(Math�matics)(Economics A.B.)ALEXANDER JOSEPH DUNLAP(Math�matics with Honors) RINA SILLER FRIEDBERG(Matbematics with Honors)MALLORY CAITLYN MORSE(Chemistry) DEREK PERSEUS WONG(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry)(Biological Sciences A. B.)HAYLEY JESSICA ZULLOW(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry A.B.)89THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONThat combination of responses is classic Briones,showcasing his conviction that a proper educationhelps students learn to be deeply and productivelyreflective about anything they encounter.THE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIET MANCHESTERQUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCEIN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGMATTHEW BRIONESAssociate Professor, Department of History and the CollegeMATTHEW BRIONES is a historian of the z.othcentury United States, of the Asian Americanexperience, of cities, racial politics, and the politicsof culture more generally. He teaches courses onboth expected and unexpected topics, with titlesranging from "Is American History Dead?" to"Colonizations" to "Baseball and American Culture."Whatever the subject, he brings a passion for criticalinquiry to the classroom, and shows students thatdeep meaning can be found both in classic textsand in things that might at first seem ephemeral.When asked how his courses contributed to theireducation, one of his students replied, "Definedmy education here. No joke. I wish I took moreclasses like this one." Another said of the same class,"I can think analytically about a topic not usuallyconsidered academic," while a third said, "I learnedthe methods of studying and writing about history." The candidate will be presented by JAMES T.SPARROW, Associate Professor, Department of Historyand the College; Master, Social Sciences CollegiateDivision; Deputy Dean, Division of Social Sciences;Associate Dean, the CollegeCITATIONHistorian of American society and culture, and ofthe Asian and Pacific Islander experience in America,MATTHEW BRIONES opens to his studentssearching dialogues between past and present and selfand other, and the often clashing but also mutuallyenriching interactions of the diverse groups thatmake up U.S. society.The candidate will be presented by EDWARD C.BLUCHER, Professor, Department of Physics, theEnrico Fermi Institute, and the College; Chair,Department of PhysicsDANIEL E. HOLZAssociate Professor, Department of Physics, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the CollegeDANIEL E. HOLZ is a theoretical physicistwho works in the areas of general relativity andcosmology. He is a leader in the endeavor to exploreways in which the upcoming era of gravitationalwave astronomy can be used to make discoveries inastrophysics and cosmology. He is also an exceptionaland inspiring teacher. A student in his recent"Spacetime and Black Holes" class wrote, "ProfessorHolz is an amazing instructor. He is infectiouslyenthusiastic about the material. After the first class,I was more excited to learn about relativity than Ihave been about any other topic in physics. In short,Daniel Holz is stellar." He has the rare ability toexplain his subject with remarkable clarity and alsoto communicate to his students his great passion forscience.90 CITATIONTheoretical physicist and inspired instructor,DANIEL E. HOLZ leads his students withenthusiasm and exceptional clarity toward discovery.ILARIA REBAYProfessorBen May Department for Cancer Research, Department of Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology,The Committee on Development, Regeneration, and Stem Cell Biology, and the CollegeILARIA REBAY is a molecular geneticist whoseresearch investigates how cell fates are specifiedand maintained during development, using thefruit fly Drosophila melanogaster as a modelsystem. She is also an exceptional teacher and hashelped to develop and teach the AP5 AdvancedBiology Curriculum, a three-quarter introductorysequence geared toward first-year students withexceptional strengths and interest in science andmath. Her teaching philosophy makes use of in­depth exploration of select examples so that herstudents gain an understanding and appreciationboth of the fundamental contributions classical andmodern molecular genetics have made to currentunderstanding of biological systems, as well as howgenetics can be used to answer open questions acrosscellular, developmental, and evolutionary scales.Student comments that highlight her exemplary THE COLLEGEteaching style include, "Dr. Rebay was very good athighlighting concepts so as to make genetics purelylogical while at the same time making the lecturesinteresting with fascinating details" and, "She bringsenergy and engagement to all that she does, and toour benefit as students."The candidate will be presented by GEOFFREY L.GREENE, Virginia and D. K Ludwig Professor, BenMay Department for Cancer Research and the College;Chair, Ben May Department for Cancer ResearchCITATIONScholar of molecular genetics and outstandingteacher, ILARIA REBAY inspires her students tobecome involved with scientific research and toappreciate the importance of modern moleculargenetics in understanding biological systems.SARA RAY STOELINGASara Liston Spurlark Director, Urban Education Institute;Clinical Professor, the Committee on EducationSARA RAY STOELINGA is an urban educationexpert whose work spans school reform history,policy, and practice. She is the Sara Liston SpurlarkDirector of the Urban Education Institute, andoversees the development of teachers, rigorousapplied research, the operation of schools, and thedistribution of models to improve schools nationally.She is an exceptional teacher and mentor of students.Her students describe their classroom experience as"dynamic" and "thought-provoking" and as a forumfor the discussion of "controversial issues in a waythat made everyone think, rather than take sides."In the words of one student, "Her knowledge, tact,eloquence, and deep thought make it a joy to be in a class with her." She has clearly established herselfas a leader in the field of urban education and as anexemplary teacher.The candidate will be presented by SUSAN C.LEVINE, Rebecca Anne Boylan Professor, Departmentof Psychology, Committee on Education, and theCollegeCITATIONScholar and leader in urban education andexceptional teacher, SARA RAY STOELINGA leadsefforts to improve urban schools and inspires herstudents to engage in dialogue, learning, and deepreflection on important topics in education.91THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 52}RD CONVOCATIONMARTHA WARDAssociate ProfessorDepartments ofArt History and the CollegeMARTHA WARD'S considerable scholarship on19th- and zorh-century art confronts the modernfoundations of the reception of art, especially withregard to the history of exhibitions and museumsthemselves. Her deep passion for this subject hasproven infectious, as her courses draw in andilluminate even those students who have no priorexperience with the academic study of the arts. In herclassroom the students hold discussions in the presenceof original works of art and as a result, personal, long­term insight and engagement in the field of art historyare engendered. Her teaching style is consistently enthusiastic and thorough, embodying the delicatebalance of approachability and depth that is a modelfor undergraduate instruction at a research university.The candidate will be presented in absentia byCATHERINE C. BAUMANN, Uniaersity MarshalCITATIONMARTHA WARD'S boundless enthusiasm, inspiringstyle, and encouraging classroom presence havemade her art history courses a model of excellence inundergraduate instruction.92THE AWARD OF HONORS'THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 52311.D CONVOCATIONJACOB MICHAEL CHAMBERSESTHER MEl SZE CHANJACK PETER CHIK CHANLOKTSING ENOCH CHANWING KIE CAMMIE CHANGRACE SHIEH CHANGJUSTIN RONGRONG CHANGSHOU AN ARIEL CHANGLEAH SlJITER CHAPMANMICHAEL STEVEN CHARYSHPHAM MINH CHAUJEANNE JULIANA GERMAINE CHAUFFOURBENJAMIN CONNOR CHEANEYBRIAN CHENCINDY CHENDAPHNE CHENEMILIE IRENE CHENJAY CHENMEGAN S. CHENMICHAEL YISHUN CHENPAUL CHENTERESA HSIAO TIEN CHENZEFENGCHENKATHLEEN TIAN CHENGMIRANDA NICOLE CHERKASPHILIP JUSTIN CHERTOFFMING LI CHEWHOWARD CHIANGLONG WEN CHIANGMARISA ALLISON CHILBERGKIMBERLY ASHLEY CHINJUNGWANCHOYO JOONG CHOEMICHAEL JOHN CARVALHO CHOQUETTEAMY CHOUBYRAN C. CHOUSONIA CHOUCHUNHOCHOWCARRIECHUIJAE HYUN CHUNGDAVIO ALEXANDRE CIANCIDANIEL VINCENT CIOFFISUSAN VICTORIA CLARKEMARINA LUCIA CLEMENTIMONICA ELENA CLODIUSRAECHEL ELIZABETH CLOUDMICHAEL JAMES COATES IIIAMORETTA NOELLE COCKERHAMBENJAMIN LUCAS COINERALANA GABRIELLE COLEMATTHEW PATRICK COLLINSPATRICK SEAN COLLINSSYDNEY BLAIR COMBSNICHOLAS JAMES CONLONMAURA ELIZABETH CONNORSVALERIA CONTRERASJACOB CHARLES CONWAYKARA MARIE CONWAYCODY FRANCIS COOKIAN WATERMAN COOLEYSHANNON ELIZABETH COOPERTAYLOR CARL COPLENRACHEL JOVITA CORRIGANGABRIELLE MARIE COSTAHAZEL ANNE COURTTREVOR BRADFORD COYLEWILLIAM RYAN CRAFTAWARDED GENERAL HONORS WITH THE BACHELOR'S DEGREERAFAEL MEGHANI ABRAMOVITZAARON BENJAMIN ACKERMANMATTHEW GEORGE ACTIPESNICHOLAS BRICE AEPPELMARIAM AGAEVARISHABH AGARWALJASON DIAZ AGUASAZEEM TANVEERAHMADUSMAN AKHTERMOTOLANI OLUWAFUNMBI AKINOLAJACKSON ANAVI AKSELRADFRANCHESCA ISABEL ALAMOSAMARA EMILY ALBAZZAZADRIAN ALDANAREBECA ALDERETE BACASIMONE FAY ALDREDGENADIA KATHRYN ALHADIILKNUR ALIYEVYUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANIABDULLA AL-KUWARILEIGHALONJOVANNA ALVAREZCATHERINE RENEE ALVAREZ-MCCURDYROMAN ANTHONY AMICIEITAN MENACHEM AMIELHANNAH ELISE AMUNDSENEMILY WEAVERANAGNOSTOSMICHAEL JAMES ANDERSEN, JR.CORINNA JAMES KOLODNY ANDERSONSAMANTHA LYNN ANDERSONTYLER JAMES NILS ANDERSONCAROLYN LAUREL ANDREWANNA ANDRIYCHUKANDREW ALFONSO ANGELESALYSSA KRISTEN ANNEKENCATHERINEANNEARBONAJOSEPH WESLEY ARCHERJOSEPH ARONSOHNJAWAD IBRAHIM ARSHADJESSICA SUSAN AWAALEKSANDR AYVAZOVNAVID BAHMANYARALEXANDER ROMULO BAKEKEVIN JAMES BAKERMADISON MITCHELL BALLHANNAH MARIE BALLARDTRISHNABANE�EENMRGREGORY STEPHEN BARANCIKISABELLE DIANA BARANYRICHARD JOHN BARNESlONE HELEN BARROWSTAMER BARSBAYINNOCENT VENDELIN BASSOAJAY KUMAR BATRACAMDEN GREGORY BAUCHNERCLAIRE MARIE BAUMERSTEFANOS BAZINASKATHRYN ELIZABETH BEACHFLAVIUSALEXANDRUBECAALEX CUDD BECKERJENNA CLAIRE BEKENYBRIAN JAMES BELAKALEXANDRA GISELLE BELZLEYHAMID BENDAASAVA BENEZRATSVI BENSON-TILSENSARA ROSALIND BERGEN94 BALTHAZAR DARIUS BERGKAMPROSE MADELINE BERMANCALISTA KURTZ BERNARDNICHOLAS JOHN BESTELIZA MAY BETTERIDGEMIKAELA WINDSOR BETTSCELIA MARIA PUENTE BEVERANKUR BHARGAVARAJESH BHUSALVICTORIA ELIZABETH BINFORDALEXA TSEHM BlRESAWSYDNEY MARIE BIRNBAUMCAMILLE ELIZABETH BISHOPALINA BITRAN ARIZPEALYSSA LOUISE BIVINSTIMOTHY ROBERT BLAIRJOHN PAUL BLIAMPTISAMANDA LEIGH BLOCKMOLLY ELIZABETH BLONDELLX1AOBOHANNONMEREDITH LEIGH BOHENSTEVEN JAMES BOLANDRACHAEL ELIZABETH BOLTEALAINA MARIE BOMPIEDISIMONE TESHURA BONAPARTEVICTORIA ANNA ELISABETH BOREN GASSERCOLIN EDMOND BOSSUMAYA HIBA BOUADIKATRIN KAHLER BOVBJERGLUCIA MARIE BOWERCHRISTOPHER CAETANO BRAGALEKMTLYN C. BREGMANANDREANNE BRETONHOPE LOUISE MARTENS BRETSCHERLUKE MARTIN BRETSCHERJACOB CHRISTOPHER BRITZMORGAN LINDLEY BROCK-SMITHEMMA ROSE BRODEREMILY PMGE BRONSTON-JOSEPHCAROLINE GULLY BROWNELLAJO BROWNNICOLA MARIE BROWNPHILLIP EDWARD BROWNJONATHAN P. BROZDOWSKIBENJAMIN JOSIAH BUCHHEIM-JURISSONLAUREL BUCHI-FOTREALICE HARRIET BUCKNELLMAYA MICHELLE BULKELEY-KRANEEMMA ZURCHER BURGOONARIEL ISABELLE BURNETTGRIFFIN TYLER BURRZANE ALEXANDER BURTONINYSE BUSTILLOSELIZABETH L. BYNUMSCOTT PATTERSON CAMPBELLDAVID ALEXANDER CAMPILLOLAUREN ALYSSA CAPRAKATHERINE ROSE CAPUDERDANIELE CARATELLIPHILIP LANE CARLITZDIANE ELIZABETH CARROLLJAMES VINCENT CARROLLMARGARET LAURENCE CARTONLAURA MICHELE CASTELNUOVOJONATHON JAMES CATLINSAURAVI CHAKRABARTYUPASNA CHAKRAVARTYCHARIS NATASHA EUNSUN CROFTONALEX RICHARD CRONHEIMDANIEL LANGFORD CRONIN NMICHAELA STONE CROSSEZGICUBUKCUKEVIN STEPHEN STOTTER CUDDYCHEN CUIJAMES FAUST CULLENJAY BRADON CUSHINGCLEMENTE SHANKAR DADOO LOMELIMEGANA LYNNE D'ALEOBRONAGH K. DALYLAWRENCE WILLIAM DANN-FENWICKWILL STEPHEN DARTJENNIFER DAVIDNATALIE ANNE DAVIDDEREK THOMAS DAVISMELINA EVELYN DE BONANATALI DE CORSOCHRISTOPHER THOMAS DEAKINOLIVER JAMES PEARSON DEANMARIA KAMILAH DECKERFELICITY KATE DEISSCONSTANCE MATHILDE MARIE DELANNOYGRIFFIN GAHAGAN DENNISMEGHAN C. DERKENLARESA LYNNE DERNCLAIRE ANN DEVANEYNAILA MICHELE DHARANISONIA DHAWANELLIOTT ZHANG DINGAMANDA ELIZABETH DOBBYNMORGAN ELIZABETH DONOVANZIV DREYFUSSLILIAN DUBEDAGNY SOPHIA DUKACHERIC DANIEL DUNBARALEXANDER JOSEPH DUNLAPBRENDEN PHILLIP DUNLEAVYLAUREN DUNMOREJENZO FERNANDO DUQUEREBECCA ELIZABETH EDWARDSTAYLOR DENISE EHLISHADLEY WARM EICHENGREENJOSEPH AARON ELLISHELEN SANDRA ELLSWORTHREEM ELORBANYMORAD IBRAHIM ELSAIFYMICHAEL CHAU ENGELISA CATHERINE EPSTEINNATHANIEL HENRY EPSTEINJULIANNA ESTALLMADELINE CLARE ADELEESTERHAMMER-FICJACKSON CHARLES EVERTLUCIE ANNA FAMAFANGYING FANLISA FANJADE TENGPU FANGMARINA FANGZHOUFANGORLY NADELL FARBERMARA FARCASANUALISON TOTH FEDORISEMILY JANE FEELEYYUANFEIJAY EVAN FELDMANSAMUEL PETER FELLZACH RUDD FELSENSTEIN WILLIAM HAMILTON FERNANDEZMAYA SIMONE MACCHIARELLA FESTINGERJONATHAN WADE CATRON FIFERALEXANDER RICHARD FILIPOWICZREBECCA ELIANA KITCES FISHMANBENJAMIN DANIEL FLEISHERBLAKE EVERETT FLEISHERADRIAN RUELAZ FLORI DOALEXIS MADELINE FOWLERCHARLES DUNSMORE FOX VSAMUEL YI-LI FRANKDANIEL LOUIS FRANKELJONAH A. FREEDMANJACQUELINE TAMARA FRIDUSSRINA SILLER FRIEDBERGTONI LIN FRIEDMANKELLY TAYLOR FRYEJACOB A. FURE-SLOCUMELEANOR ROSE GAMBLEJOHN WILLIAM GAMINOANISHA PRIYA GANGULYTHEODORE REID GANNETTKYLE ANDREW COX GANNONASHWIN GANTIHELEN XIN GAOSTEVEN JOHN GARCIAMELISSA NICOLE GATTERROBERT J. GATTOAPRATIM GAUTAMTHEODORE GETZADAM JOSHUA GETZLERZACHARIAS GIORGOS GIANNAKOPOULOSJASON BRIAN GIBBONSKERRY MARGARET GIBBONSFRANCES HELEN GIGUETTEKIRSTEN EMILIE GINDLERCAREY CATHERINE GLENNLESLIE SLOTNIK GLOTZERANGELA CRISTINE GLOVERBENJAMIN MATTHEW LIM GOJONATHAN ANDREW GODOYEMMA ROSE GOEHLERCHIN HOUGOHDAVID JUSTIN GOLDFELDMAYA ROSE GOLDMANANASTASIA GOLOVASHKINAGRETAGOLZJOSELINE XIOMARA GOMEZFRANCISCA GOMEZ ORTEGACONNOR R. GOODWINCONOR DOYLE GOODWINJANE ESPY GORDONLILY BETTE GORDONBROOKE YASEMIN GORENLYDIA LIVINGSTON GORHAMAKASH VIJENDER GOYALSANYAGOYALPATRICIA CAROL GRAFKYRA HOLLISTER GRANTZJOSHUA ALEXANDER GREENBERGOLIVIA ELIZABETH GREENBERGALICE GREGSONELEANOR GRACE GREINERSEAN DARIUS GRIESEMERMICHAEL CHRISTOPHER GRIFKASOFIA ROSE GROSSYECHENGUDONNA GUOLAUREN KAORI GURLEY THE AWARD OF HONORSGEORGE GVAKHARIA MGEBRISHVILIJERAMEE TYLER GWOZDZNADIA SOFIA FITRI HABIBIEANDREA KARINA HAIDARBASIL JEFFREY HALPERINJOHN STUART HAMMANDREW MICHAEL HAMMERKIMBERLY HANLYNHANSUNG SOO HANYEJIHANJESSE KLIMT HANDLERCHELSEA E. HANLOCKCONNOR PAUL liANNAYIDINGHAOAMY KATHRYN HARLOWEAUBREY LYNN HARPERJUSTYN THOMAS HARRIMANFELICIA MARIA HARRISNAOMI LIEBE HARRISALANA CAITLIN HARTIAN DOMINICK HARTITZALAN SCOTT HASSLEREMILY NICOLE HATCHIAN JACQUES HAUBOLDHADLEY MARIE HAUSERTATSUYA HAYASHICHRISTINE ELIZABETH HEALEYVERONICA PORTILLO HEAPKATHARINE CLARA HEDLUNDMASON NATHANIEL HELLERLAVINE KAMLESH HEMLANIJANASHAAN HENG-DEVANPARKER TESS MAXFIELD HENRYPETER WINDLEY HERMANJENNIFER CALLEGARI HILLARLIN ALLEN HILL, JR.LEAH TALYA HIRSCHFELDKIT-YING TIFFANY HOVIVIANHOSAMUEL GARDNER HODGSONTAYLOR JEAN HOEFLERNICHOLAS CHARLES HOLLENKAMP IIISOPHIE LYNN HOLTZMANNABIGAIL MARY HOSKINSWESLEY DIXON HOWDENYANGHUALEXANDER JEFFREY HUANGCHRISTINE HUANGCONSTANCE HILLARY HUANGDAVID YAXIAO HUANGJASON HUANGJUNFAN HUANGVICTORIA MINGYE HUANGVICTORIA WEYU HUANGXlAODU HUANGYA-GIN HANNA HUANGJULIE JUNG HUHTHERESA HWANGGEORGE BERNARD HYUNMUSTAFA IBRAHIMELLIOTT ALEXANDER INDIRANMICHAEL PETER INGRAMNAOMI DANIELLE ITZKOFFMAGDALENA DEYANOVA NANOVANISHANTH SRIVATHS IYENGARDANIEL WALTER JACOBSMINNA ALI JAFFERYCHELSEA S. JAFFEY95THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONAN KIT JAINPRANAV KUMAR JAINYUSUF JANAHIMUHAMMAD JAWWADMESELLE GENEVIEVE JEFF-EKEMICHAEL XU MIN JIACECILIA JIANGFAN JIANGJIAQIJIANGLEAR JIANGYIHAOJIANGFENGMINJINGABRIEL RICHARD JOHNSONHALEY ELISABETH JOHNSONGARRISON WAILES JONESWESLEY KUHRON JONESSOFI GJING JOVANOVSKAANASTASIA GALINA KAISERJISUKANGJOSEPH GILLUM KAPLANALEXA LAURA KARCZMARDANIEL L. KASSLERHOLLY BERNICE KASSNERRACHEL BROOKE KATZMARC ALEXANDER LUCK KEALHOFERMATTHEW SCOTT KELLNERDEANNE NICOLE KENNEDYASHLYN HELEN KERSHNERMATTHEW MALCOLM KHOURIEIRENE HAEYEON KIMJIYEONKIMRYUNG NAM KIMYEJOONKIMYOUNG SEOK KIMEMMA VIRGINIA KINSLEYKSENIA KIRILYUKKATHERINE LOUISE KIRKLANDJULIE ANN KLOCKKATHERINE MARY KNIGHTRYANG.KOZYTHA ROELLE KOCKYUKYUNGKOHIAN QUINN KOLATATYLER EDWARD KOLLEMILO CHI-WEN KORMANAMELIA JANE KOSCIULEKELINA KOSTYANOVSKAYACLARECE HANNA KOURYJONATHAN TODD KOWARSKIDANIEL PHILIPP KRAFTADAM JAMES KRATOSKASWATHI KRISHNANRYAN ANDREW KROCKERANNE CLARA KROKETHAN MICHAEL KUDROWXIE RACHEL KULIKOFFULAKULPALING QIN JUSTIN KUNGROBERT LEWIS KUNKELCHARLES LEE KUPFERBERGKYLE GORDON KURFIRSTSARAH MARIE KURTISSARA ANNE KWANCHRISTOPHER CALEB KYRIAZISDANIELLE LOUISE LABOTKAEMMA HONOUR LABOUNTYSCOTT A. LABOVESAMKSLAIALEXA RACHELLE LAMBERT96 TERESA SHIAOJIA LANJON ERIK LANCASTERRACHEL XU LANDESISABELLE CATHERINE LANG ROCKSARAH MARISA LANGSDANIEL WILLIAM LAPINSKIALEXANDER QUINCY LARSONANTHONY PAUL LASHLEYANNA CLARE LASKYMICHAEL LASUTSCHINKOWPETER CHEUK-YAN LAUTYLERK.LAWANDREA MICHELLE LAWLORSIMON DAVID LAZARUSSARAH FRANCES LEBARRONANGELA LEECATHERINE LEEDANIEL CHOI LEEJANEY JAE-EUN LEEJISOO LEEMARJATTA ESTER LEESANGHUNLEEBRENDAN PHILIP LEONARDPATRICK LEOWTYLER JAMES LESLIERIVA POLLAK LETCHINGERALEXANDRA LEVITASGORDON ARMBRUSTER LEWALTA YIU GOG LIANGLIDONGYUELIJACOB CHING-HON LIKEVIN ZHEN TING LIKRYSTALLILAUREN JINXIN LIXIAOXIAOLIYU S. LITHOMAS HUA-MING LIAOTEJONGLIMADAM DAVID LINDEMULDERJACKSON PAUL LIND-LEBUFFEANDREA MAE LINDSAYLUCAS DAX LINGLESTEPHANIE ANETTE LITCHFIELDJIARUI LIUPAUL SHEN LIUREBECCA QINGYUE LIURYANLIUTERRANCE LIUKLEVINLOSARAH C. LOALEXANDER THEODORE LOBMANJOSEPH RAYMOND LOCASCIOlONE LYNN LOCHERWILLIAM PETER LOFTUSLAUREN HACKETT LOGANWILLIAM WESLEY LONG, JR.GUSTAVO NICOLAS LOPEZMARLENE GERTRUD LORENZSCOTT CHARLES HAUSER LORINGBRIAN GEORGE LUSARA ZHOULUPRESTON MACKENZIE LUONGHANNAH ROSE LUTZDUSTIN JOHN LYJOHN PATRICK LYNCHMEAGHAN KATHLEEN LYONSJENNIFER CHUNDUO MALAURA HELEN CORK MACADDINO KIEHLORJOSEPH MACKMARY CAMERON MACLEODTANVIMAGORUCHI MAHADESHWARCONOR LAURENCE MAHANYNISSA WAN YING MAlSCOTT JAMES MAlNQUISTLEAH KAREN MALAMUTBEATRICE NEWMAN MALSKYMAAYAN SHIRA MALTERSARAH LOUISE MANCINAANDREW PATRICK MANDATOJUSTIN JAMES MANLEYDAVID MAONOAM MARGALITELIZABETH KATHERINE MARGOLISKHATCHER ORBELI MARGOSSIANANNE CHRISTINA MARSDENTREVOR COMMODORE MARTINMORGANE D. MARTINETJOSE J. MARTINEZ IIIMARK ANDREW MASKERIMUZOON FAWAZ MOHAMED AHMEDMATARKEVIN PATRICK MATHENYALEXANDRA MERRITT MATHEWSADIBA MAlSHA MATINLIAM JOJI MATSUMOTO LEEMEGAN A. MATTEANDREW JOSEPH RICHARD MATTILLIONMARISA HAYLEY MAYERKAITLYN ANNE MCCAINAPRIL VIVIAN MCCALLUMALEX! JO MCCAMMONDRYAN DANIEL MCGILLICUDDYKELSEY JEAN MCGILLISSTEPHEN DANIEL MCHUGHALEXANDRA STEWART MCINNISMIHOW PAWEL MCKENNYISABELLA MAlREAD MCKINLEY-CORBOSYDNEY HEATH MEADOWELIAS MAYER MECHABERIZAAK HAYES MECKLERANTON MELNIKOVTINLEY DJODON MELVINRUSSELL MEIR MENDELSONANNA LUCIA MEREDITHMARGUERITE ALEXANDRA MEYERMARK A. MEYERJINGMIAOJOSEPH MARTIN MIHMSARAH CATHERINE MILLERAIDAN JAMES MILLIFFKAYLAALICE ROBBINS MILNENAOMI CHARLOTTE MINEPRIYA DINESH MISTRYANDREW MOSES LEONARD MITCHELLJOHN HENRY GUEST MITCHELLSHASHANK KUMAR MITTALDANIEL NIMA MOATTARSAMAREH LEVA MOGHBELSARA BROTHERTON MOHRCHARLES CLINTON MONTGOMERYPHILLIP MAURICE MOORESARAH MORELLJOSEPH ALLEN MORRISONMALLORY CAITLYN MORSEAVRA MOUZAKISLUCILLE JOSEPHINE MSALLJACOB CARTER MULLENANDREW LOUIS MULLERLUKE XING MULTANENELLEN AUGUSTA MULVIHILLNIKHITHA MURALIMEAGHAN R. MURPHYCECILE MCWILLIAMS MURRAYIMAAD MUSVEEGREGORY IAN MYERSMINA MARIE MYERSAMNNASIRRACHAEL NASSJONATHAN SIMON NATHANCHRISTOPHER JAMES NATOLIMAGDALENA IVONA NAZIEMIECSAMUEL ALEXANDER NEALHILDE DEVOIN NELSONJEFFREY ALBERT NELSONMADELINE CLAIRE NEWQUISTANDREW ALEXANDER NGRUTH II YUNG NGBENJAMIN JAMES NICKERSONELIZA SARA NIEWEGLOWSKAALEXANDER DAILEY NIRENBERGAKUA NKANSAH-AMANKRAJEFFREY STEVEN NOCTONGRAHAM JAMES NORRISNATHANIEL PAUL NORTONJACK COURI NUELLEHANNAH MARGARET NYHARTJACKSON MORGAN OAKLEYJAIME ALBERTO OCAMPO BERMUDEZCRISTINA ISABEL OCHOAAKUA AFRAH OFORI-APPIAHHANNAH ELIZABETH O'GRADYANASTASIA JOY O'HARAJILLIAN VICTORIA OJEDANIL EBRU OKTEMDANIEL JAMES OLDERMAAYAN YAAKOV OLSHANCHRISTOPHER DENNIS O'MEARAKEVIN THOMAS CHANG ONALEX MARIAN OPECHOWSKIHANNAH ELIZABETH ORLANDMARY GRACE ORNDORFFJESSE JAMES BOOKER ZIGEL ORRLORI NICOLE OSSIPCAROLINE HERRMANN OWENSVICTORIA PACEYMIA VALENTINA PAGLIUCAMARIO JOHN PALMISANOJONATHAN SHIAJUIN PANKEYAOPANANTONY ALEXANDER PAPADOPOULOSDAVID ALEXANDER PAPIRNIKHEWONPARKMYOUNGSUN JOSEPH PARKNICHOLAS WOLF PARKERTAMSIN HOPE PARZENJACOB BEN PASTORLOGAN TANGEMAN PAYNEJOSE THOMAZ ISRAEL DA VEIGA PEREIRACARLOS PEREZMARGEAUX ALLISON PERKINSDAVID AUGUST PETERSONHANNA PETROSKIZHANSHENG PHANGAMY S. PHILLIPSELLEN JANE PLATTS STILIANI POLIMENIHIMABINDU POROORIHEMANTH KUMAR POTLURIAMITA S. PRABHUCHRISTOPHER LEE PRALEYMEHEK KARIM PREMJEEIVAN RICHARD PYZOWSANOY SHAN QIANGELA F. QIANKEVINQIANSHAO-YI QIANREBECCA MARIE QUICKELLEN CAROLINE SHERMAN RABINTALA MARIA RADEJKOJOHN CO RAY RAIHALAIAN NICHOLAS RAMDEENDANIEL ERNESTO RAMfREZ-RAFTREEBRITTANY CAMILLE MARIE RAMOS-JANEWAYTRISTAN HINES RASMUSSENBRANDON CHRISTIAN RAYHAUNALICE AREND READICKALISHA DODLA REDDYSACHITH REDDYKELSEY ANNE REIDKAYLA MElLI REINHERZJULIA ANNE REINITZSYDNEY JOURDAN OSWALT REITZNICHOLAS IAN REKENTHALERBRISSA ANAYATZI RENOVATOFREDERIC THOMAS REPONDSEHARRESADYEVANIT RUTH RESCHECHTKOMORGANE RICHER LA FLECHELAUREN MARIE RIENSCHEBENJAMIN KURIAN RINCYLISA MARIE RINGDAHLJULIA BYRNES RITTENBERGDANIEL ESTEBAN RIVERACOLETTE CONROY ROBICHEAUXFREDERICA MORRIS ROCKWOODMICHELLE YVONNE RODRIGUEZKEVIN BRYAN ROSEMAIMON CHARLES ROSEMICHAEL FABER ROSENBAUMTOVAH RACHEL ROSENTHALNATHANIEL CHARLES ROSSUMDANIEL JASON ROTH BLATTISABELLA KENDAL ROWEEMILY ELIZABETH ROZNOWSKIISABEL SARAH RUBINWALTER RUBIOSARA MICHELLE RUIZBRYAN DAVID RUSTJACOB JOSEPH RYALLLEIGH TAYLOR RYFFELDEEPAK SABADANIKITA SACHDEVACHLOEBRYNNESADDLERILIRSADIKUELENA DANIELA SAKOPOULOSTIMOTHY RONALD SALAZARANDREW JAMES SALOMONPHOEBE B. SALZMAN-COHENNATALYA SAMEEAMMAR M. SAMMAKRISTIE MARIE SANCHEZJAIME SANCHEZ, JR.LUIS GUSTAVO SANCHEZ-CONDESHAAN SAPRA THE AWARD OF HONORSSANKEERTH TIRUMALA V. SARADHIAUSTIN MAYHEW SARFANAHONSARKARCASSANDRA SARNELLJEREMY MICHAEL SAWYERMATTHEW PAUL SCHAEFERRACHEL MARTHA SCHASTOKCHRISTOPHER JORDAN SCHEIDYLAN I. SCHERPATRICK SCHLUMPFNOAH GARRON SCHOEMKARL MARTIN SCHULZEMARGOT ANNE SCHUMANNMARGARET DRU SCHURRDAVIDA RUSS SCHWABSKYELLA YVONNE SCHWAMMDANIEL EVAN SCHWARTZKEVIN SCHWARZWALDMARGARET LYNN SCIMECAABRAHAM JOEL SECULARJEREMY HOLLAND SEEMANLILLIAN WANG SELONICKARDASENERKATHERINE BRENNAN SERCOMBELIANNE SEYFERTHYETONGSHAOYUTINGSHAOSAMUEL HENRY SHAPIRODAMINI SHARMASANNIDHI SHARMAADAMJ.SHAWALISON NICOLE SHAWDANIEL JACOB SHEARJULIASHENMICHAEL SHENMIRIAM LIV IVERSEN SHESTACKNAEUNSHINCLAIRE HELENE SHIPTONKATHLEEN CHARLOTTE SHIVANANDANAYUSHI SHRIVASTAVALEONARDO ROBERTO SHUAUMER SHUGHOURYTHEODORA DOOLITTLE SHUREBENJAMIN ARI SIEGELTOVIA GEETTER SIEGELLINDSEY J. SIMONWAYNE PATRICK SIMON IIERIN MARY SIMPSONERIC PAUL SINGERMANREBECCA LOUISE SINGERMANCLAUDIA VINANDA SINOWATOMARGARET FRESHLEY SIVITMCINTYRE PAUL SKARZYNSKIMISHEL SKENDERINATHAN SEXTON SMALLCHARLOTTE VAN DER LAAN SMITHGRAHAM AUSTIN SMITHMAX BENJAMIN SMITHTURNER THOMAS SMITHLOGAN PATRICK SNYDERSTEPHANIE ARIEL SOFERSETH DOUGLAS SOKOLOFFMATTHEW STEVEN SOLOMONTAWEEWAT SOMBOONPANYAKULHONGBOSONGMINJAESONGKATIE RENEE SOULEARIADNE F. SOUROUTZIDISSCOTT CHRISTOPHER SOUTHERN97THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO S13RD CONVOCATIONSARAH JULIA SPERGELROBERT ERNEST SPERRY-FROMMMADHU RATNA SRIKANTHAMATTHEW MICHAEL STAABJENNIFER LEE STANDISHNICHOLAS ADAM STEENKEVIN ALEXANDER STEFFESREBECCA SOPHIA STEINBERGHENRY JULIUS STEINITZ IIICARLO STUART STEINMANISAAC MICHAEL STERNBAVO LAURENTlUS ROBERT STEVENSARIEL ELYCE STEVENSONJOSHUA ISAAC STEVENS-STEINRICHARD B. J. STEWARTKYRA ELLEN BROWN STILLMANEMMA T. STONEERIC BARRETT STONEHENRY ALEXANDER KOENIG STONEJAMES DANIEL STONEREBECCA ROSE STONERANDREW FRANK STORCHREID ANDREW STUBBEEALEXSUSAMUEL PATRICK SULLNANANAGHA SUNDARARAJANAUDREY SOOJUNG SUNGDAVID SUNGSAMARTH SURESHTOMAS KESTUTIS SUTRlNAITlSJENNIFER FRISKEY SWANNADAM TIMOTHY SWINGLEMEl TING HOLLY SZEHANPINTAIDANIELLE TAIWOANNA JOYCE TAMKAlA MAGDALEN TAMMENCAROL ANN SHU WEI TANNATHANIEL KAILI TANMEGAN WINGMUN TANGPETER XINMAN TANGVADIM SERGEI TANYGINVALERIE CAROL TATEKWEHNUI S. N. TAWAHKARA JEAN MARIE TAYLORIOANA ALEXANDRA TESLIUCANDREW PRESTON THOMASDAVID ISAAC THOMASERIN NANCY THOMASLAUREN HUNTER THOMASNAVY ALEX THOMPSONTOMMIE YEO THOMPSONYEN-LI CAROLINE THOMPSONCHANGTAI TIANWENDYTIANASEAL M. TINEHBRYAN CHRISTOPHER TISDALEEMILY NICOLE TlXIERDANIELA KAYE TOLCHINSKYFRANCESCA GUGLlELMINI TOMASIBRIANNA ELIZABETH TONGJOHANNA OLNIA TORRENCEDANIEL CAROTHERS TRACHTASHLEY C. TRANLINDSEY KATHERINE TREWEEK STEPHEN WOLFGANG TRIANOBENJAMIN TRNKAJOSHUA BOONETRUBOWITZMARCUS ALLEN TRYBULADEREK WIE GAW TSANGSHERRY TSENGNOAH WOLFE TUCHOWHANDE TORK<;:APARSASHA KILLEN TYCKOJENNIFER JEAN UEHLINGBRYAN CHARLES ULRICHCHAEYUNUMALEKSANDR HRUSKA UNDERWOODZACHARY UPTON-DAVISDOUGLAS QUINN VAALERUDAYAN RAVI VAIDYATERESA ANTONIA VALADEZDAVID ARTURO VALENCIAMARlKA DREESSEN VAN LAANBARBARA NOELLE VANDENDRIESSCHECAMERON KENLEY VANDERWERFANDREW PHILIP VANWAZERMATTHEW DAVID VECCHlTTORAGHAV VERMAPAUL VILLACRESMARIANA VILLANUEVA HUERTAPETER MARK VILTERSHINAVOHRAELIZABETH HUTCHINSON VON STORCHADAM STEPHEN VORONISABEL FRAMPTON WADEBRANDON RILEY WALDONJACOB WALERIUSKRISTIN ELIZABETH WALKOBRANDON TODD WALLACENOREEN MCLEOD WALLSTHOMAS ANDREW WALSHTREVA ROSE WALSHEDWARD WANWAN NUR ATHlRAH WAN MOHD AZMIELISE MARIE WANDERCINDY WANGGWRIA ZHUJUN WANGHANNAH SIHAN WANGLAWRENCE KUN WANGVICTORIA WANGZHUIWANGABIGAIL ROSE WARDAUSTIN WILLIAM WARDEMMA NO�L WARHOVERJAMES LAWRENCE WARNERJOHN MORRISON WARRENLINDSAY EMILY WARRENLAURA GREENBERG WATRYKANAKORN WATTANAVEKINTYLER WESLEY WEBBLUCAS OAKES WEHRWEINZELINWEIPAYTON A WEIDENBACHERHARRISON ROHAN WEIGELCODY JAMES WEINBERGERJEREMY LEON WELLERSTEVEN YOON WENDEBORNDYLAN ARTHUR WESTRACHEL ROSE WHALEY MICHAEL THOMAS WHEELERPRESTON SCHMIESING WHITESPENCER MATTHEW WHITEHEADDENNIS PATRICK WIATERALEXANDER SALAND WIKSTROMCHWE HANNAH WILDCLAIRE ELIZABETH WILDJOSEPH ALLYN WILESALEXANDRIA CLARISSA WILKINSANDREW MONTGOMERY WILKINSPAUL ANDREW WILLIAMSDANIELLE WILSONEMILY ANN WOLFSONDEREK PERSEUS WONGJASMINE WING-YIN WONGYU WEI WALTER WONGKELLY ELIZABETH WOODGEORGE ROBERT WOODBURYSAMANTHA MICHELLE WRESCHNERALICIA MONIQUE WRIGHTALLEN TIANSHI WUMEGAN SOPHIA WUSHERRYWUADAM A WYETHHONGYANG XIAOSTEPHANIE WANJING XIAOJASON YIN XUQIANYIXURUIXUXIANGHUIXUYUEXUHAOYANCLAUDIA ELIZABETH YANGZEYNEP YAVUZZACHARY YINMARANNA YODERKATHLEEN ELIZABETH YOUNGCOLINYUHARRISON JIA-MIN YUJENNIFERYUSTEPHANIE WAI-YAN YUWEIYIYUYUEYUAMBER YUANHOLLY ANNE ZAHARCHUKXAVIER JACOB ZAHNLERENAT A ZALOVSCOTT MENGZE ZENGBOSIZHANGERIC YANYU ZHANGRONALD R. ZHANGTRACY SONG ZHANGZHIQIZHANGDENNIS ZHAOIVY ELYSS ZHAONAN ZHAOQIANRU RUBY ZHAOELSA BINGYUE ZHOURONGCHEN ZHUTIANYUZHUANNA LAURA ZIFFEVE REBECCA ZUCKERMANHAYLEY JESSICA ZULLOWBAILEY ELIZABETH ZWEIFEL NICHJACKCHRlBRWAVAETSVIBALTROSECALI!AMAlHOPIEMILPHIL]JONAESTHBRWJAYS]ZEFE.KIMBBYRAJACOMARlCHEtMEL!FEL!CLAREMIG­REENSAMlMAD]E.SME�FORMenAMILKAREFRAt­RYNEKRlSlPETEJOSHJESSIININACONCATI­KARLKATI­ALLY:BRWJACKDZAlERlNSHEl1KARlSOFlJBRO(DAVIMARlJACOELlZJORErMAY;MenMEMBERS ELECTED TO THE BETA OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER OF PHI BETA KAPPAFOR ESPECIAL DISTINCTION IN GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP IN THE COLLEGE:Members of the Class of20I6 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I5AMIL SHARIF ADAMKAREN MARIE ANDERSONFRANCES MARGARET BERNSTEINRYNE MATTHEW CANNONKRISHANU CHATTERJEEPETER JEFFREY CHENJOSHUA BENJAMIN CHOPERJESSICA KRISTEN COVILNINA MIREILLE COYLECONNOR SIMON CUNNINGHAMCATHERINE MICHELE DESOERKARLEE ESMAILLIKATHERINE JEAN FORRESTERALLYS ON NICOLE GAMBARDELLABRIAN PAUL GOLDSPIELJACKSON RUSSELL HANCEDZANHARBAERIN PAULINA HARTSHERRY XINRU HEKARINA JOYCE HENDRENSOFIA SIJIA HUANGBROCK DONALD ALLEN HUEBNERDAVID BENJAMIN JAFFEMARlKA MIKHAYLOVNA KACHMANJACOB ALEXANDER KLINEELIZABETH FENSKE KNOPFOREN AUGUST TAMMINEN KRIEGELMAYA ANNE LEWINSOHN JEANNE RACHEL LIEBERMANHENRY KAZUNARU LITTJUNWENMAOERICA NICOLE MARICICHBENJAMIN ALEXANDER RIESS McKENNAMICHAEL SHANE MODAK-TRURANJAMES JEAYONG PAIKKELLY LYNNE PEYTONNICHOLAS ROBERT POSEGAYHOLLY ELIZABETH RAPPJOHN ANDRIS ROBERTSOMARJULAIN SAFADIMAX ANDREW SAMELSSAMUEL HERZFELD SASKINNATHANIEL HILLEL SCHWARTZMATTHEW JAY SILVERMANANDREW BUMJIN SONGMATTHEW CHRISTOPHER TAUZERTZEERNTEOSTEPHEN TYLER URCHICKMALLORY KATHERINE VANMEETERMIANWANGMICHAEL HARRIS WARRENAMANDA LYNN WATERBURYHANNAH INGERSON WELLERJAEWONYOONAUSTIN THEODORE CHEN YUALLEN CHENG ZHI ZHUMembers of the Class of20I5 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I5NICHOLAS BRICE AEPPELJACKSON ANAVI AKSELRADCHRISTIE AUYEUNGBRIAN JAMES BELAKAVABENERZTSVI BENSON-TILSENBALTHAZAR DARIUS BERGKAMPROSE MADELINE BERMANCALISTA KURTZ BERNARDAMANDA LEIGH BLOCKHOPE LOUISE MARTENS BRETSCHEREMILY PAIGE BRONSTON-JOSEPHPHILIP LANE CARLITZJONATHON JAMES CATLINESTHER MEl SZE CHANBRIAN CHENJAY SHOU CHENZEFENG CHENKIMBERLY ASHLEY CHINBYRAN C. CHOUJACOB CHARLES CONWAYMARK WILLEKES CRONINCHEN CUIMELINA EVELYN DE BONAFELICITY KATE DEISSLARESA LYNNE DERNMICH ELLIOTTREEM ELORBANYSAMUEL PETER FELLMADELINE CLARE ADELEESTERHAMMER-FIC ZHOUFANGALEXANDER RICHARD FILIPOWICZGARRETT T. FOXRINA SILLER FRIEDBERGMELISSA NICOLE GATTERMAYA ROSE GOLDMANJANE ESPY GORDONANDREA KARINA HAIDARBASILJEFFREY HALPERINJOHN STUART HAMMJESSE KLIMT HANDLERWESLEY DIXON HOWDENALEXANDER JEFFREY HUANGMUSTAFA IBRAHIMDANIEL WALTER JACOBSJESSICA ROSE KADISHAMELIA JANE KOSCIULEKDANIEL PHILIPP KRAFTLING QIN JUSTIN KUNGDANIEL WILLIAM LAPINSKICATHERINE LEETHOMAS HUA-MING LIAOJOSEPH RAYMOND loCASCIONOAM MARGALITMARK ANDREW MASKERIRYAN DANIEL McGILLICUDDYSARAH C. MORELLNIKHITHA MURALIMEAGHAN R. MURPHYAMNNASIRJONATHAN SIMON NATHAN PRIZESALEX MARIAN OPECHOWSKIDAVID ALEXANDER PAPIRNIKTAMSIN HOPE PARZENSANDY SHAN QIANGELA F. QIANKEVINQIANJULIA ANNE REINITZNICHOLAS IAN REKENTHALERYEVANIT RUTH RESCHECHTKONATALYA SAMEEDYLAN I. SCHERLIANNE SEYFERTHTOVIA GEETTER SIEGELNATHAN SEXTON SMALLTAWEEWAT SOMBOONPANYAKULEMMA T. STONEREBECCA ROSE STONERCAROL ANN SHU WEI TAN THE AWARD OF HONORSERIN NANCY THOMASNAVY ALEX THOMPSONEMILY NICOLE TIXIERJOHANNA OLIVIA TORRENCEJENNIFER JEAN UEHLINGBRANDON RILEY WALDONJACOB WALERIUSTREVA ROSE WALSHLINDSAY EMILY WARRENLAURA GREENBERG WATRYPAYTON A. WEIDENBACHERDYLAN ARTHUR WESTPRESTON SCHMIESING WHITECLAIRE ELIZABETH WILDDEREK PERSEUS WONGALLEN TIANSHI WUKAIXIXIEMARANNA YODERMembers of the Class of20I5 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I4YUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANILEIGHALONCHARLES JOSEPH ARGUECLAIRE MARIE BAUMERJOHN PAUL BLIAMPTISKATHLEEN TIAN CHENGYO JOONG CHOECHUN HO CHOWDANIEL V. CIOFFITREVOR BRADFORD COYLEKEVIN STEPHEN STOTTER CUDDYJAY BRADON CUSHINGAMANDA ELIZABETH DOBBYNRAYMOND MATTHEW DONGLILIAN DUBEDAGNY S. DUKACHALEXANDER JOSEPH DUNLAPMARA FARCASANUKYRA HOLLISTER GRANTZMICHELLE CHRISTINE GRIFKAALAN SCOTT HASSLERMAGDALENA DEYANOVA IVANOVAJIAQIJIANGDAKE JUNGMO KANGMATTHEW SCOTT KELLNERDEANNE NICOLE KENNEDYKATHERINE LOUISE KIRKLANDSIMON DAVID LAZARUSLAUREN JINXIN LIPRESTON MACKENZIE LUONGMEAGHAN KATHLEEN LYONSKIEHLORJOSEPH MACK ANNE CHRISTINA MARSDENMEGAN A. MATTESTEPHEN DANIEL McHUGHIZAAK HAYES MECKLERAIDAN JAMES MILLIFFMALLORY CAITLYN MORSECECILE MCWILLIAMS MURRAYHILDE DEVOIN NELSONMARIO JOHN PALMISANONICHOLAS WOLF PARKERJACOB BEN PASTORZHANSHENG PHANGTRISTAN HINES RASMUSSENBRANDON CHRISTIAN RAYHAUNMORGANE RICHER LA FLECHEDAMINI SHARMANAEUNSHINERIN MARY SIMPSONERIC PAUL SINGERMANMINJAESONGCARLO STUART STEINMANJAMES DANIEL STONEANAGHA SUNDARARAJANANDREW PRESTON THOMASJOSHUA BOONE TRUBOWITZDOUGLAS QUINN VAALERELISE MARIE WANDERGLORIA ZHUJUN WANGHANNAH SIHAN WANGJASON YIN XUTRACY SONG ZHANGHAYLEY JESSICA ZULLOWTHE MAROON KEY SOCIETY, A GROUP OF THIRD- AND FOURTH-YEARSTUDENTS INVITED TO SERVE AS AN ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE DEAN OFTHE COLLEGE AND TO ASSIST IN THE ENTElITAINMENT OF VISITORS TO THEQUADRANGLES:Students of the Class of20I7 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I5JONATHAN MICHAEL ACEVEDOMOYINOLUWA ELIZABETH ADETIBANICHOLAS ENSINGER ANTOSANASE SEWUESE ASOMJAKE OREN MANSOORKIRAN AMBIKA MISRA EVANGELINE ANNE REIDWILLIAM J. RHEESAMMIE CARLYN SPECTORALA MOUSA TINEHKATHERINE ANN ZELLNER99THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONStudents Of the Class of20I6 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I5ANERIAMINKAREN MARIE ANDERSONSTEPHANIE BICAROLINE HELEN BYEJESSICA KRISTEN COVILBENITA KAUR GLAMOURMICHAEL PERRY GOODYEARKEVIN H. HASENFANGRUSSELL SLOANE HATHAWAYGRACELYN RITA JENNINGS-NEWHOUSE KRISTIN LAUREN LINMAREN ELIZABETH LOEBENJAMIN LUSAMBASAMUEL DAVID MAIDMANHELEN ALECIA PETERSENANDREW BUMJIN SONGJULIANA R. ST. ONGETZEERNTEOJUSTIN NAVEEN WANEYPAIGE ELAINE WOMACKStudents of the Class of20I6 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I4EMMA SHIRATO ALMONNATHAN BROOKSELEANOR ALANNA CLIFFORDSAMUEL PALONS LEVINEDUAA MOHAMEDTESS RICCIARDI MORAN MAlA MARIE O'MEARAVINCENTE GLYNN PEREZMARK EMERSON SANDSTANANYA THAMTHIENGADIL ANAND TOBAABRIAN THOMAS WEISBECKERYUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANIJEANNE GERMAINE CHAUFFOURStudents of the Class of20I5 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I3TANVIMAGOMALLORY CAITLYN MORSERAYMOND MATTHEW DONG HIMABINDU POROORIEMILY NICOLE HATCH ALISON NICOLE SHAWARLIN ALLEN HILL ASEAL M. TINEHDAKE JUNG MO KANG STEVEN YOON WENDEBORNStudents of the Class of20I5 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I4NICHOLAS BRICE AEPPELJAWAD IBRAHIM ARSHADAVA BENEZRATABBETHAJEAN BOHACSHANNON ELIZABETH COOPERNATALIE ANNE DAVIDCHRISTOPHER THOMAS DEAKINNAILA MICHELE DHARANIANISHA PRIYA GANGULYADAM JOSHUA GETZLER GARRISON WAILES JONESKLEVINLODANIEL ERNESTO RAMIREZ-RAFTREEISABELLA KENDAL ROWENATALYA SAMEEMICHAEL ANTHONY SANTINITAWEEWAT SOMBOONPANYAKULJENNIFER JEAN UEHLINGALEXANDRIA CLARISSA WILKINSHARRISON JIA-MIN YUSENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELECTED TO THE BETA OFILLINOIS CHAPTER OF ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORKOF THE SCHOOL:KATLYNN ZOE ADKINSANNE LAUER CASTROKIMBERLY LOUISE CLINITECAMIL ENID LICEAGA CORREIATHOMAS PETER COURIKYLE JOHN ERICSONMICHAEL JEFFREY HAYESKEVIN EDWARD HODGESJIMINKIM JENNIFER ANNE McCOYCLAIRE ABRAHAM NAUSJACK MICHAEL PEACEELIZABETH WHITMAN RHINESMITHLORENZO RINALDOCLAIRE SHAPPELLEMILY ANN MARIE WALKERVAIBHAV UPADHYAYSENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELECTED TO THE GoLDHUMANISM HONOR SOCIETY:KATLYNN ZOE ADKINSCHRISTOPHER ALAN CASTANEDAANNE LAUER CASTROTHOMAS PETER COURIDAVID GOESEREVECCA MEIRA HARRISMICHAEL JEFFREY HAYESCHAD H. HOCHBERGJIMIN KIM100 CLAIRE ABRAHAM NAUSPATRICIA C. OSMOLAKJACK MICHAEL PEACEJOANNA ELIZABETH PERDOMOALISHA AJIT RANADIVEELIZABETH WHITMAN RHINESMITHROBERT JOHN SANCHEZRICHARD MICHAEL SCHROEDERHANNAH CATHERINE WENGER MATTHEW B. KUGLERALEXATTICUS PARKINSONSTEPHEN M. PAYNEKATHERINE MARIE PEASLEEJOSEPH C. SCHROEDERJOSEPHINE M. SCHULTEDANIEL A. SITOKATHERINE T. WALLINGSTEVEN JOHN WINKELMANKEVIN P. ZIMMERMANTHESCH(CON"]SOPHsromBRIAr­RYANMEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE LAw SCHOOL ELECTED TO THEORDER OF THE CoIF FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORK OF THE SCHOOL:BENJAMIN ANDREW BERKMANMATTHEW J. BRINCKSPETER JACOB BRODYBENJAMIN D. BROOKSMARY KAITLYN BURKNICHOLAS STEPHEN DUFAUDANIEL NOLAN HAMMONDDENIS N. HARPERDREW COLIN HARRISMILES HOVEKE JOHNSON THEHIS!ANDFTHEOmREBElJUDnTHEOFTIJUDGTHE ACHIEVEMENT REwARD FOR COLLEGE SCIENTISTS FOUNDATION AWARD,TO A GRADUATE OR UNDERGRADUATE SfUDENT TO CREATE NEW KNOWLEDGEAND INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGIES:MARY CATHERINE ANDORFER VIVIARACHDANITHE Roy D. ALBERT PRIZE, FOR THE BEST MASTER'S THESIS IN ANTHROPOLOGY:CAMERON STEPHEN HU THEREC<JOUTIDANIZEFEITHE J. KYLE ANDERSON AWARD, PRESENTED TO THE SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERWHO BEST EXEMPLIFIES CHARACTER, LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, AND DEDICATIONTO THE TEAM WHILE DISTINGUISHING HIMSELF WITH ACCOMPLISHMENTS ONTHE FIELD:KYLE ANDREW ENGEL THEUNDHAVEINTEBASILTHE DEPAKrMENT OF ANESTHESIA AND CRITICAL CARE AWARD, TO A SENIORMEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUI'STANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:ANNE LAUER CASTROTHE MARGARET C. ANNAN UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS IN WRITINGESTABLISHED IN Ms. ANNAN'S MEMORY BY HER SfUDENTS, FOR THIRD-YEARSfUDENTS IN THE CoLLEGE IN RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENT WRITING AND FORSUPPOR!' OF A WRITING PROJECT:WILLA YICHENG ZHANG, FictionCHRISTOPHER BELLO, NonfictionYUCHEN JI, Po�try THESTUDOUTISHO'lKELUTHESCH(LEADMEIeTHE DEPAKrMENT OF ARr HISTORY DISSERTATION PRIZE, FOR THEOUI'STANDING DOCTORAL DISSERTATION IN THE DEPARI'MENT:JULIA LOUISE LANGBEIN THEHUMJANMZHOUFANGTHE AsAOA EIJI PRIZES, FOR THE BEST BACHEWR'S THESES DEALING WITHTOPICS RELATED TO Essr AsIA:KEYAOPAN THEOUTIMOlANDFTHE DOUGLAS BAIRD PRIZE IN CoMMERCIAL LAw, FOR OUI'STANDING WORKIN THE FIELD AS REFLECTED IN CLASSROOM ACHIEVEMENT OR SCHOLARSHIP:PATRICKJ. VALENTITHE EDITH BALLWEBBER ATHLETE PRIZES, TO WOMEN ATIILETES WHO HAVECONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO A VARSITY SPOR!':TABBETHAJEAN BOHAC, Class of20I5MAREN ELIZABETH LOE, Class of20I6ALISON MICHELLE WALL, Class of20I7ARIANA IRANPOUR, Class of20I8 NATA:THELING'RAFAITHES1UDJULIATHE ANN WATSON BARBER OUI'STANDING SERVICE AWARDS, FOR THE THIRDYEAR SfUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THEQUALITY OF LIFE ss THE LAw SCHOOL:ANDREW CHARLES ADAIRKATHRYNBITROY ALLEN EDWARDS, JR.ERICA ABRA JAFFEJACQUELINE MARlA NEWSON THEPRO<DIVEJSIGNlCHINALEXATTICUS PARKINSONSTEPHEN ISIDORE RICHERKEIKO ELIZABETH ROSEJOSEPHINE M. SCHULTEGE THE.ANNA M. AND GEORGE H. BARNARD MEMORIAL PRIZE IN AMERICANHISTORY, FOR THE BEST BACHELOR'S ESSAY IN UNITED STATES HISTORY:ANDREW PRESTON THOMASTHE EDITH BARNARD MEMORIAL AWARD IN CHEMISTRY FOR SERVICE TOOrasas:REBECCA E. BLACKJUDITH MARIE KAMM EDWARD WILLIAM MALACHOSKYTHE JOSEPH HENRY BEALE PRIZES, PRESENTED TO A STUDENT IN EACH SECI10NOF THE FIRST YEAR LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PROGRAM WHOSE WORK ISJUDGED TO BE MOST WORTHY OF SPECIAL RECOGNITION IN THE LAw SCHOOL:VJVIANAN HELEN ALDOUS!UID, RACHEL lLANA BLOCK ALEX ATTICUS PARKINSONDANIEL A. SITOSTEVEN JOHN WINKELMANDANIEL NOLAN HAMMONDTHE BECKER FRIEDMAN INSTITIITE AWARDS FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT,RECOGNIZING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED...oGY: OUfSTANDING SCHOlARSHIP IN ECONOMICS, MATHEMATICS, AND SfATISTlCS:DANIELE CARATELLIZEFENGCHEN JACOB CHARLES CONWAYSIMON DAVID LAZARUSI\YERmON THE BECKER FRIEDMAN INSTITIITE AWARDS FOR OUTSTANDINGON UNDERGRADUATE SERVICE, RECOGNIZING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHOHAVE WORKED HARD TO CREATE AND SUSTAIN A COMMUNITY OF STUDENTSINTERESTED IN ECONOMICS:BASIL JEFFREY HALPERIN KAYLA MElLI REINHERZ-nORill: THE SONIA G. BERZ HONORS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING MASTER'S DEGREESTUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FOROUTSTANDING WORK, WITH SPECIAL CONSIDERATION GIVEN TO ONE WHOSHOWS GREAT FUTURE PROMISE IN THE FIELD OF SERVICES TO THE ELDERLY:IR KELLY FAY DEVINE WRIGHT) FORTHE IRWIN J. BIEDERMAN AWARD, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BooTHSCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDINGLEADERSHIP IN STUDENT UFE AND ACTIVITIES DURING THE FIRST YEAR:MEl CHANGTHE MILLARD PIERCE BINYON MEMORIAL PRIZE, FOR DISTINCTION INHUMANISTIC PURSUITS IN THE CoLLEGE COMMUNITY:JANASHAAN HENG-DEVANTHE DEPARTMENT OF BIOCHEMISTRY AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AWARD, FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF BIOCHEMISTRY ANDMOLECULAR BIOPHYSICS:ANDREW ROALD SANDSTROMJRKIP: THE BEST DISSERTATION AWARDS IN THE DIVISION OF BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES:NATASHA IVONNE BLOCH MOREL AYA DARINKA PUSICl.VE THE LEONARD BLOOMFIELD PRIZES IN LINGUISTICS, TO THE GRADUATINGLINGUISTICS MAJORS WITH THE HIGHEST GPA IN UNGUISTICS COURSES:RAFAEL MEGHANI ABRAMOVITZ BRANDON RILEY WALDONTHE GEORGE V BoBRINSKOY AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATESlUDIES IN THE DEPARTMENT OF SLAVIC lANGUAGES AND LrrERATIJRES:JULIA ANNE REINITZURDTHE BooTH DIVERSITY AWARD, TO A GRADUATING FULL-TIME MBAPROGRAM STUDENT IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDING EFFOKfS TO CELEBRATEDIVERSITY IN THE BooTH COMMUNITY AS WELL AS ACTIVE INVOLVEMENT ANDSIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUflONS TO Boom's ONGOING DIVERSITY EFFOKfS:CHINWE UCHE ANEKETHE DEAN'S SERVICE AWARDS, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BooTHSCHOOL OF BusINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENTS OR GROUPS FOR THEIRCONTRIBUflONS TO DEAN'S OFFICE INITIATIVES:SOPHIE CHENSIDDHARTH DOSHIBRIAN HOLTZRYAN MATTHEW MATTISON CHARLES PHILIP ROSSETTIKATHERINE SMITHGUYTARTAKOVSKY THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE CHICAGO BooTH LEAnERSHIP AWARDS OF DISTINCTION, RECOGNIZINGFULL-TIME M.BA PROGRAM GRADUATING STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADEEXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUflONS IN THE AREAS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE,LEADERSHIP, AND STUDENT UFE:VANESSA DOMINQUE DOUYONLINHMYLAMMICHAEL ANTONIO LARRENAGAJESSICA LEIGH NEUFELD ANNA ELIZABETH PIONELUCA PIZZUTOMAITHILI SAGARTHE WAYNE C. BooTH GRADUATE AWARDS, FOR ExCELLENCE IN TEACHING,TO GRADUATE STUDENTS WHO MAKE OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUflONS TOINSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS IN THE CoLLEGE:EMILY ALLEGRA DREYFUSMOIRA LYNN FLANAGAN DAVID MAY GUTHERZJAIRAJ. HARRINGTONTHE BRIDGE BUILDER AWARD, RECOGNIZING A STUDENT WHO HAS WORKEDTO ESTABUSH OR SUPPORr CONNECTIONS BETWEEN STUDENT GROUPS ORINDIVIDUALS:ZELDA MAYERTHE T. KlMBAu. BROOKER PRIZES, TO FOSTER THE LOVE OF THE BOOKAND TO ENCOURAGE BOOK COLLECTING AMONG SOPHOMORE AND SENIORUNDERGRADUATES:ROSE MAIJELINE BERMANJULIET SPRUNG ELDRED RACHEL MAXINE McENROETHE D. FRANCIS BUSTIN PRIZE, TO HONORA VALUABLE AND IMPOIITANTCONTRIBUflON, PROPOSAL, OR SUGGESTION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT ANDBETTERMENT OF THE PROCESSES, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES OF OURGOVERNMENT BY A STUDENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:KATHRYNBITHE YANG CAo-lAN-XrAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN ORGANIc/INORGANICCHEMISTRY:NATHAN DAVID CONTRELLATHE YANG CAo-lAN-XrAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY:MIJO SIMUNOVICTHE CAMpus LIFE & LEAnERSHIP AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHOHAVE DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP IN A SINGLE CO-CURRICULAR ENDEAVORAND SUBSEQUENTLY IMPROVED THE QUALITY OF UFE ON CAMPUS:ELIZABETH L BYNUMSAMUEL ALEXANDER NEAL DANIELLE WILSONEVE REBECCA ZUCKERMANTHE CoMMITTEE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF CANCER BIOLOGY:STEVEN WILLIAM KREGELTHE JOSEPH A CAPps AWARD, GIVEN TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PROFICIENCY IN CUNICAL MEDICINE:THOMAS PETER COURICAREER DEVELOPMENT AWARD, IS GIVEN TO AN GRADUATE STUDENT WHOSUBMITTED A FIRST-AUTHOR ABSTRACf TO THE 46TH LUNAR AND PLANETARYSCIENCE CoNFERENCE (LPSC):FRANCOIS LOUIS HENRI TISSOTTHE CLASSICS PRIZE, PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATING SENIOR WHO HASACHIEVED THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC DISTINCTION IN THE CLASSICAL STUDIESMAJOR:CARLO STUART STEINMANTHE GERHARD CLOSS TEACHING AWARDS IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, TOGRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:MAREK PIECHOWICZ ERIK REINHARTTHE PAUL R CoHEN MEMORIAL PRIZES, TO THE GRADUATING SENIORSWHO HAVE ACHIEVED THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC RECORD IN THE FIELD OFMATIiEMAnCS:ALEXANDER JOSEPH DUNLAPANGLI IZAAK HAYES MECKLERABIGAIL ROSE WARD101THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RO CONVOCATIONTHE COLLEGE OUTSTI\NDING NEW LEADER AWARDS, TO FIRST- OR SECOND­YEAR STUDENTS FOR EXEMPLARY CONTRIBUfIONS TO STUDENT UFE WHILESHOWING FURTHER PROMISE AS STUDENT LEADERS:STEPHANIE JULIE DIAZ BRIAN BETRAND STEINERTHE COLLEGE WRITING TUTOR AWARDs, ARE GIVEN TO GRADUATESTUDENTS FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE TEACHING OF ACADEMIC WRITING TOUNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS:ELIZABETH ANNE FIEDLER ERIN HILLARY EPPERSONCOMPUTER SCIENCE GRADUATE STUDENT TEACHING PRIZES, RECOGNIZINGOUTSTANDING TEACHING ASSISTANTS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE:NATHAN TIMBERLAKE BARTLEY TIRATAT PATANA-ANAKETHE OLIVER CROMWELL COX AND ERNEST EVERETT JUST PRIZE, FORTHE UNDERGRADUATE SENIOR THESIS RECOMMENDED FOR DEPARTMENTALHONORS IN ANY DISCIPUNE THAT BEST EXEMPUFIES THE ASPIRATIONS ANDACHIEVEMENTS OF OUYER CROMWELL COX (AM. '32, PH.D '38) ANDERNEST EVERETT JUST (PH.D '16):JAMIE SANCHEZ, JR.THE CRAITENBERGER MEMORIAL PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO THEGRADUATING FULL-TIME M.BA STUDENT WITH A SUPERIOR ACADEMIC RECORDENTERING INTO A CAREER IN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT:GUY TARTAKOVSKYTHE JOHN CRERAR FOUNDATION SCIENCE WRITING PRIZES FOR COLLEGESTUDENTS, WHICH ACKNOWLEDGES THE ABIUTY OF UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOCOLLEGE STUDENTS TO PRODUCE PAPERS ON A SCIENTIFIC TOPIC THAT ISTHOROUGH IN ITS ARGUMENTS BUT ACCESSIBLE TO A BROAD READERSHIP:MICHAEL WYMAN BEGUNSYDNEY JOURDAN OSWALT REITZ ELEANOR DEATON SULLIVANTHE JOSEPH CROPSEY PRIZES, FOR THE OUTSTI\NDING MASTER'S THESES INCLASSICAL POUTICAL PHILOSOPHY WRITTEN BY STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENTOF POLITICAL SCIENCE:WILLIAM SPENCER LEVINE TEJAS PARAS HERTHE ALBERT J. CROSS PRIZES, FOR ExCELLENCE IN RESEARCH, TEACHING, ANDDEPARTMENTAL CITIZENSHIP IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:BOXUANZHAOTHE ALBERT A DAHLBERG PRIZE, FOR THE BEST BA ESSAY IN ANTHROPOLOGYIN THE FIELDS OF BIOANTHROPOLOGY OR ARCHAEOLOGY:ELLEN JANE PLATTSTHE MAx DAVIDSON AWARDS, PRESENTED TO MEMBERS OF THE MEN'S ANDWOMEN'S TENNIS TEAMS WHOSE DEDICATION TO THE TEAM AND SPORTS HASEXCELLED ABOVE ALL OTHERS:ANKUR BHARGAVADEEPAK SABADA MEGAN WINGMUN TANGTHE HARRY L. DAVIS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING STUDENT IN THE UNIVERSITYOF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS WHO HAS MOST EXEMPUFIED THECREATIVITY, WILUNGNESS TO TAKE RISKS, AND DEEP COMMITMENT TO THEMEMBERS OF THE CHICAGO BOOTH COMMUNITY THAT WERE PART OF HARRYDAVIS'S LEADERSHIP WHILE DEPUTY DEAN FOR THE M.BA. PROGRAMS:REBECCA MARY PRYORTHE DEAN'S PRIZES FOR BEST EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING, AWARDEDANNUALLY TO RECOGNIZE FULL-TIME M.BA. PROGRAM STUDENT PROGRAMSTHAT HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ADDRESSED AN AREA OF GROWTH WITHIN THECOMMUNITY AND DEMONSTRATED, THROUGH THE PROGRAM, A COMMITMENTTO EMBRACING AND IMPROVING THE CHICAGO BOOTH COMMUNITY:MANASEE SHANKAR ATRENISHANKER DAMODARAJOHN PATRICK HEAGYMICHAEL THOMAS HEENANDALE THOMAS MICHELSONPRATYUSH RASTOGIKIESEAN KENNETH RIDDICKALEXANDER EDWIN ROTHMEIER PRACHI NALIN SHAHGUYTARTAKOVSKYABHITITEWARIMATTHEW RUGBY THORNEJACOB DAVID WALKERJIALU ZHANGPENGYUZHAO102 THECOLlMATTPATRIPINEFDEAN'S PRIZES OF SERVICE FOR THE COMMUNITY, AWARDED ANNUALLYTO RECOGNIZE A GROUP OR GROUPS OF FULL-TIME M.BA. GRADUATINGSTUDENTS WHOSE COLLABORATIVE EFFORT ON BEHALF OF CHICAGO BOOTHSCHOOL STUDENTS HAS MADE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON THE INTERNALBOOTH SCHOOL COMMUNITY (E.G., SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL EVENTAND PROGRAM PLANNING COMMITTEES): THEOUTSJONKTHEOUTSORC!OFMEXTRYIDINTHOllIRENE ANNE CONLON DANIELLE ROBERT RANIOLOTHE KAREN DINAL AWARDS, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS FOR EXCELLENCE IN THETEACHING OF ACADEMIC WRITING TO FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS:GILADNIR KENNETHYUTHE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF DEVELOPMENT, REGENERATION, AND STEM CELL BIOLOGY:MAUREEN PATRICIA CETERA THEFIEUDAVIITHE CATHERINE DOBSON PRIZE, FOR BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN AT THE69TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PHD STUDENT IN THEAREA OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:CAMIL ENID LICEAGA CORREIA THEExrsPAVElTHE GERTRUDE DUDLEY MEDAL, TO A FEMALE ATHLETE WHO HASCONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY IN BOTH LEADERSHIP AND PERFORMANCE TO THEWOMEN'S ATHLETIC PROGRAM:SARA ANNE KWAN THEFUllCON1ENIDSHIRINOMGILAITHE BEST CORE TEACHING AsSISTI\NT IN ECONOMICS AWARD, VOTED ON BYTHE STUDENTS IN CORE ECONOMICS CLASSES:JAMES VINCENT MARRONE THETHE:MARCTHE DONALD E. EGAN SCHOLAR AWARDS, TO STUDENTS WHO, UKE MR.EGAN (I.D, '61), HAVE DEMONSTRATED A STRONG INTEREST IN THE LAwSCHOOL AND HAVE A REPUTATION FOR INTEGRITY: THESTUDEXCEANASYIWEANDREW CHARLES ADAIRBLAIR REBECCA BRADFORDNICHOLAS STEPHEN DUFAU ALEXATTICUS PARKINSONSTEPHEN ISIDORE RICHERTHE ENTREPRENEUR'S ADVOCATE AWARD, TO THE GRADUATING LAw SCHOOLSTUDENT WHO HAS MADE AN EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUfION TO THE INSTITUTEFOR JUSTICE CUNIC ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ITS CLIENTS, AND THE CAUSE OFENTREPRENEURSHIP:WILLIAM JOSEPH SMOLINSKI THEOUTSCIVIlMATTHE DEPARTMENT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTI\NDINGPERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF FAMILY MEDICINE:KIMBERLY LOUISE CLINITE ANNETHEATHLPERFITHE ROBERT AND JOAN FEITLER PRIZE, FOR THE BEST B.A PAPER IN ARTHISTORY: MICHDANIEL VINCENT CIOFFI THEAssoANDTHRCEIREI'THE ELSIE F. FluPPI MEMORIAL PRIZE IN POETRY, PRESENTED TO A STUDENTIN THE COLLEGE WHO DEMONSTRATES DISTINCTION IN POETIC COMPOSITIONOR IN THE STUDY OF POETRY:LILIAN DUBETHE JOHN BILLINGS FISKE POETRY PRIZE, AWARDED TO THE BEST ORIGINALPOEM OR CYCLE OF POEMS BY A STUDENT IN THE GRADUATING CLASS:REBECA ALDERETE BACA THEDEPAHAVEMARCTHE RAYMOND D. FOGELSON PRIZE, AWARDED FOR THE MASTER OFARTs PROGRAM IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES THESIS ACHIEVING THE HIGHESTDISTINCTION IN THE FIELD OF ETHNOLOGY OR HISTORY:CHARLOTTE ELISABETH GAW THEACHITYLEITHE HENRY FORD II SCHOLAR AWARD, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOBoOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENT FOR THE MOSTOUTSTI\NDING RECORD AFTER THE FIRST YEAR OF COURSEWORK:THOMAS LAYTON FOOTEH THE DANIEL X. FREEDMAN AWARD, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PSYCHIATRY:JONATHAN THOMPSON HENRY OLUWAFIKUNMI MOYO SOBOWALE�T THE DAVID L. FULTON PRIZES FOR ORCHESTRAL ExCELLENCE, PRESENTED TOOUTSTANDING STRINGED-INSTRUMENT PLAYERS IN THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONYORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED THE HIGHEST LEVELOF MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT ON THEIR INSTRUMENTS, AS WELL AS ANEXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT TO THE ORCHESTRA:[THEYIDING HAOTHOMAS HUA-MING LIAO CASEN BAKER ROSSERAL THE COMMITTEE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF GENETICS, GENOMICS, AND SYSTEMS BIOWGY:DAVID RANDALL BLAIRTHEHEL: THE EVERETT E. GILBERT MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR THE BEST THIRD-YEARExPERIMENTALIST IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY:PAVEL ELKIN) THE THE GWBAL AWARENESS AWARD, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO A GRADUATINGFULL-TIME M.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENT IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONALCONTRIBUTIONS MADE, WHILE AT CHICAGO BOOTH, TO INITIATIVES THATENHANCE THE CHICAGO BOOTH REPUTATION AND BRAND INTERNATIONALLY:SHIRLEY AMSTERDAMNOAMAVIDOVGILAD AYALON KATHRYN JENNIE GOODMANRAPHAEL NULMANIBYTHE HAROLD E. GOETTLER POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS PRIZE, AWARDED FORTHE BEST UNDERGRADUATE ESSAY ABOUT POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS:MARONA YI FANGTHE LAWRENCE AND JOSEPHINE GRAVES TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATESTUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:ANA SILVIA BALIBANUYIWEICHAN CASEY PAUL RODRIGUEZGEORGIOS SAKELLARISDOLUTEE:OF THE JOHN G. HAWTHORNE TRAVEL PRIZE IN CLASSICAL STUDIES, TO ANOUTSTANDING COLLEGE STUDENT IN CLASSICAL LANGUAGES, LITERATURE, ORCIVILIZATION; FOR TRAVEL TO GREECE OR ITALY OR FOR STUDY OF CLASSICALMATERIALS IN OTHER COUNTRIES:ANNE LILAH WILLNERDINGTHE TED HAYDON AWARD, AWARDED TO A MALE TRACK AND FIELDATHLETE WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO THE SPORT THROUGHPERFORMANCE, LEADERSHIP, AND OVERALL DEDICATION:MICHAEL T. FRASCOENTION THE HEART OF THE TEAM AWARD, PRESENTED BY THE GRADUATE ATHLETICAsSOCIATION TO A SENIOR WHO HAS PROVIDED LIFE, SPIRIT, AND GUIDANCE,AND DEMONSTRATED ENTHUSIASM, PERSEVERANCE AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDETHROUGHOUT HER CAREER:EIRENE HAEYEON KIMTHE CATHY HEIFETZ MEMORIAL AWARD, PRESENTED TO A STUDENT IN THEDEPAIITMENT OF MUSIC WHOSE ASSOCIATION AS A MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITYHAVE BEEN SINGULARLY MARKED BY A SPIRIT OF CARING AND HELPFULNESS:MARCELLE COULTER PIERSONTHE NANCY P. HELMBOLD TRAVEL AWARD, IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDINGACHIEVEMENT IN GREEK AND/OR LATIN:TYLER JEFFERSON NEENANDST THE PERRY S. HERST PRIZES, RECOGNIZING GRADUATING SENIORS IN THECOLLEGE WHO HAVE COMBINED STUDY WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:MATTHEW PATRICK COLLINSPATRICIA AURORA FERNANDEZPINEROS ERIN MARY SIMPSON THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE EDWARD W HINTON MEMORIAL Curs, FOR ExCELLENCE IN APPELLATEADVOCACY, TO THE WINNERS OF THE HINTON MOOT COURT COMPETITIONIN THE LAw SCHOOL:DANIEL A. EPSTEINALEXATTICUS PARKINSON KATHERINE T. WALLINGTHE JAMES C. HORMEL PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD, FOR THE GRADUATE IN THELAw SCHOOL WHO HAS MADE A STRONG COMMITMENT TO PUBLIC SERVICE:SARA KATHERINE HALEYTHE DAVID S. Hu AWARDS, PROVIDE AN ANNUAL OPPORTUNITY TO REMIE:MBERDAVID S. Hu, A PROMISING STUDENT OF THE CLASS OF 2011, KNOWN FOR HISKINDNESS, INTIE:LLECT, AND ENTHUSIASM FOR LEARNING AT THE UNIVERSITY OFCHICAGO, IN RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS WHO HAVE SHOWN EXCELLENCE INTHEIR ECONOMICS COURSE WORK AND CREATIVITY IN WRITING THEIR SENIORTHESES:DANIELE CARATELLIZEFENG CHENCODY FRANCIS COOK CHEN CUISCOTT CHARLES HAUSER LORINGTHE HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE LIVED ALIFE OF HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND RESPONSIBILITY, WITH A DEMONSTRATEDCOMMITMENT TO THE WELFARE OF THE GREATER COMMUNITY:AMELIA DMOWSKATHE PETER HUTTENWCHERAND DOUGLAS BUCHANAN PRIZE INNEUROWGY, FOR THE BEST MEDICAL STUDENT CLINICIAN/RESEARCHER:LORENZO RINALDOTHE ILLINOIS GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN GEOGRAPHYAWARD, RECOGNIZING A STUDENT COMMITTED TO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INGEOGRAPHY IN ORDER TO ENCOURAGE BETTER TEACHING OF GEOGRAPHYAT ALL LEVELS, DIFFUSE GEOGRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE, AND UNIFY GEOGRAPHICINTEREST IN THE STATE:ELIAS MAYER MECHABERTHE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF IMMUNOWGY:BENJAMIN DEWART McDONALDTHE LEON O. JACOBSON PRIZE, FOR THE BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN ATTHE 69TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PH.D. STUDENT INTHE AREA OF BASIC SCIENCE INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICALSCHOOL:JOHNJ.LIMTHE LEON O. JACOBSON BASIC SCIENCE PRIZE, FOR THE MOST MERITORIOUSBASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH PERFORMED BY A M.D,/PH.D. STUDENT AT THE69TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:DAVID CHARLES BINDERCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES BEST BA. EsSAY PRIZE, RECOGNIZINGTHE BEST B.A.THESIS ON A TOPIC RELATED TO JEWISH STUDIES:NOAM MARGALITCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES EsSAY PRIZE, RECOGNIZING ANUNDERGRADUATE ESSAY ON A TOPIC RELATED TO JEWISH STUDIES:AUSTIN MAYHEW SARFANTHE EARL S. AND EsTHER JOHNSON PRIZES, TO THOSE STUDENTS IN THEMASTER OF ARTs PROGRAM WHOSE PAPERS BEST COMBINE HIGH SCHOLARLYACHIEVEMENT WITH CONCERN FOR HUMANISTIC ASPIRATIONS AND THEPRACTICAL APPLICATIONS OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES:FELICE T. LING KEVIN ROBERT KILEYTHE MORTON A. KAPLAN PRIZE, TO A STUDENT IN THE COMMITTEE ONINTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FOR THE BEST MASTER' S PAPER SUBMITTEDDURING THE PREVIOUS YEAR:DAVID SAMUEL KANER103THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONTHE EMILE I<ARAFIOL PRIZE, FOR THE BEST BACHEWR'S ESSAY IN EUROPEANOR INTERNATIONAL HISTORY:COLIN EDMOND BOSTHE FRANCIS X .KINAHAN MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO THE GRADUATING SENIOR WHOHAS MADE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNIVERSITY THEATER:MARIA KAMILAH DECKERTHE FRANCIS X KINAHAN AWARD, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FOR EXCELLENCEIN THE TEACHING OF ADVANCED ACADEMIC WRITING:ERIN LEE GLADE MILDRED END REYTHE PATRICIA R KIRBY MUITI-SPOIIT ATHLETE AWARD, TO THE SENIORWOMAN ATHLETE WHO HAS RECEIVED THE GREATEST NUMBER OF MAJOR "C"LETTERS:JENNIFER JEAN UEHLINGTHE KIRKLAND & ELLIS CORPORATE LAB AWARD OF ExCELLENCE,RECOGNIZES CORPORATE LAB STUDENTS IN 2014-2015 WHO, IN THEOPINION OF LAB FACULTY, HAVE DEMONSTRATED CONSISTENT LEADERSHIP ANDEXCELLENCE IN CORPORATE AND TRANSACTIONAL PRACTICE:BLAIR REBECCA BRADFORDTROY ALLEN EDWARDS, JR. CAROLINE E. HENRYEDWIN ALEXANDER ROSENFIELDSTUDENTS WERE SELECTED FOR THIS HONOR Kr THE END OF THEIR FIRST YEAR,SECOND YEAR, OR THIRD YEAR BASED ON SUPERIOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE.A TOTAL OF TEN PERCENT OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF THE lAw SCHOOLHAS BEEN DESIGNATED AS KIRKLAND & ELLIS SCHOLARS:BENJAMIN ANDREW BERKMANMATTHEW J. BRINCKSPETER JACOB BRODYBENJAMIN D. BROOKSMARY KAITLYN BURKNICHOLAS STEPHEN DUFAUDANIEL NOLAN HAMMONDDENIS N. HARPERDREW COLIN HARRISMILES HOVEKE JOHNSON MATTHEW B. KUGLERALEXATTICUS PARKINSONSTEPHEN M. PAYNEKATHERINE MARIE PEASLEEJOSEPH C. SCHROEDERJOSEPHINE M. SCHULTEDANIEL A. SITOKATHERINE T. WALLINGSTEVEN JOHN WINKELMANKEVIN P. ZIMMERMANTHE FRANCES E. KNOCK PRIZES, FOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTIN BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY:THOMAS HUA-MING LIAO DEREK PERSEUS WONGTHE FRANCES E. KNOCK PRIZES, FOR OUTSIANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTIN CHEMISTRY:ANNE CHRISTINA MARSDENMALLORY CAITLYN MORSE HALEY JESSICA ZULLOWTHE ELLIs BoNOFF KOHS AWARDS FOR ORCHESTRAL ExCELLENCE, PRESENTEDEACH YEAR TO OUTSIANDING STUDENT MUSICIANS IN THE UNIVERSITYSYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTIY DEMONSTRATED THE HIGHESTLEVEL OF MUSICAL ACCOMPliSHMENT ON A WOODWIND, BRASS, OR PERCUSSIONINSTRUMENT, AS WELL AS EXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT TO THE ORCHESTRA:JULIANNA HAN AARONTHOMAS HOLLANDER ANABEL MALERCAROLINA A. WONGTHE LEE FAMILY PRIZE FOR HIGHEST GRADE POINT AVERAGE, AWARDED TOTHE GRADUATING PHIWSOPHY STUDENT WHO HAS THE HIGHEST OVERALLGRADE POINT AVERAGE:ERIC PAUL SINGERMANTHE MAIITIN C. AND MARGARET M. LEE PRIZES, TO HONOR THE BESTOVERALL PERFORMANCES ON THE CORE AND PREUMINARY EXAMINATIONS INTHE DEPAlITMENT OF EcONOMICS:ALEJANDRO HOYOS SUAREZ, Price Cor�PAYMON RESZVANI KHORRAMI, Money 6- Banking PrelimQI LI, Macro CoreWILLEM JAN VAN VLIET, Money 6- Banking PrelimXUN XU, Q!uint CO"104 THE JOHN HAESELER LEwIs PRIZE, AWARDED IN RECOGNITION OF THE BESTGRADUATING SENIORS CONCENTRATING IN PHYSICS:JIAQIJIANGTHE SOWMON O. LICHTER MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A GRADUATING MASTER'SDEGREE STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FORSCHOLARSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP:GRANT THOMAS BUHRELIZTHEOUT:THOICHAITHESTUISCHCKATLTHE MARION R AND ADOLPH J. LICHSTERN BA EsSAY PRIZE, FOR THE BESTBA ESSAY IN ANTHROPOLOGY IN THE FIELDS OF SOCIAI.}CULTURALILINGUISTICANTHRoPOWGY:EMILY PAIGE BRONSTON-JOSEPH THEANNUNIRES!REBETHE LICHTSTERN DISSERrATION PRIZE, FOR THE BEST DOCTORALDISSERrATION IN ANTHROPOLOGY:PETER JOSEPH GRAIF THECOloAN (COloTHE LINCOLN ACADEMY OF ILUNOIS STUDENT lAUREKrE AWARD, FOR THEILLINOIS RESIDENT WHO ACHIEVES OVERALL EXCELLENCE IN CURRICULAR ANDEXTRA- CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:ALYSSA LOUISE BIVINS CAR(JEN2REBIJAMICHRTHE KARL LLEWELLYN MEMORIAL CUPS, FOR EXCELLENCE IN BRIEF WRITINGAND ORAL ADVOCACY IN THE HINTON MOOT COUIIT COMPETITION IN THElAw SCHOOL:NICHOLAS ANGELO CASELLI DAVID G. PALAY THIBACTHE STEVEN LUKES MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOREXCELLENCE IN THE FIELDS OF BOTH INTERNAL MEDICINE AND NEUROLOGY:ELIZABETH WHITMAN RHINESMITH THlFIElMICTHE MARK MAMOLEN PRIZE IN BUSINESS, IS AWARDED ANNUALLY TOSTUDENTS WHO EXCEL IN THE AREA OF BUSINESS LAW AS DETERMINED BYPERFORMANCE IN THE BUSINESS ORGANIZATIONS COURSE:ALEX ATTICUS PARKINSON THIFIEIPAUTHE EDWIN E MANDEL AWARDS, TO THE GRADUKrES WHO HAVECONTRIBUTED MOST TO THE lAw SCHOOL'S CliNICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM: TH:LAUBo(THEDAYKENDELL R. COATESCLARAB. KIM KEIKO ELIZABETH ROSEANTHONY-RAY SEPULVEDATHE IGNACIO MARTIN-BARO, S.j., HUMAN RIGHTS EsSAY AWARD,PRESENTED TO THE COLLEGE OR GRADUATE STUDENT WITH THE BESTHUMAN RIGHTS EsSAY:MIRIAM LIV IVERSEN SHESTACKTHE OSCAR G. AND ELSA S. MAYER PRIZE, FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE INTHE M.BA PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OFBUSINESS:LEE STUART ETTLEMAN VlNTHBACAJNLUI<THFE�POIMAlTHE DAVID BLAIR MClAUGHLIN PRIZES, FOR ESSAYS DEMONSTRKrING SPECIALSKILL AND SENSE OF FORM IN THE WRITING OF ENGliSH PROSE:ALEXANDRA GISELLE BELZLEY DANIEL LANGFORD CRONIN IVTHE FRANKUN McLEAN MEDICAL STUDENT REsEARCH AWARD, FOR ASENIOR WHO HAS PERFORMED THE MOST MERITORIOUS RESEARCH:KEVIN ULYSSE STEPHENS, JR. THIN'ANIBEt­NICLAlDAlBEl'ER!DA1THE MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES ALUMNI PRIZE; FOR THE BESTPRESENTATION MADE BY A STUDENT IN THE AREA OF APPLIED SCHOLARSHIP(GWBAL HEALTH, COMMUNITY HEALTH, MEDICAL EDUCATION OR QUALITY& SAFETY Kr THE 69TH SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:CAsSANDRA DEWRES-lAMAR FRITZ THE CoMMITTEE AWARD, FOROUTSIANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF MEDICAL PHYSICS:GAGE HOLDEN REDLERITKATLYNN ZOE ADKINS KEVIN EDWARD HODGESTHE DEPAJITMENLU AWARDs, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE:THOMAS PETER COURICHARLES McKILLIP MULLER CLAIRE SHAPPELLt'S)R THE OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN MEDICINE, TO SENIORSTUDENTS FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICALSCHOOL:STSTlC THE MINERAL AND ROCK PHYSICS GRADUATE REsEARCH AWARD, IS GIVENANNUALLY TO PROMISING YOUNG SCIENTISTS BY THE AMERICAN GEOPHYSICALUNION FOR OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS ACHIEVED DURING THEIR PH.D.RESEARCH:REBECCA ANN FISCHEREND THE OLGA AND PAUL MENN FOUNDATION PRIZES, IN ENGUSH, MUSICALCOMPOSITION OR PLAYWRITING, FOR AN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY OR NOVEL,AN ORIGINAL PLAY OF ONE OR MORE ACTS, OR AN ORIGINAL MUSICALCOMPOSITION BY STUDENTS IN THE GRADUATING CLASS:CAROL ANN SHU WEI TAN, Second Place, PlaywrightJENZO FERNANDO DUQU, First Place, EnglishREBECCA ELIZABETH EDWARDS, Second Place, EnglishJAMES DANIEL STONE, Musical CompositionCHRISTOPHER THOMAS DEAKIN, First Place, PlaywrightNG;v:THE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF MICROBIOWGY:MICHAEL ENEO POWERSTHE LEONARD B. MEYER'S PRIZE FOR MUSICAL ExCEllENCE, FOR THE BESTBACHEWR'S THESIS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC:ELIZABETH L. BYNUM HANNAH ROSE LUTZl: THE MOULDER STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR AWARD, TO A STUDENT WHO HASlAUNCHED OR SIGNIFICANTLY GROWN A NEW VENTURE WHILE AT CHICAGOBoOTH AND HAS WORKED CWSELY WITH THE POLSKY CENTER TO ADVANCETHE VENTURE:THE COMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD MOLECULAR METABOUSM AND NUTRITION:PAUL ANTHONY VOLDENDAVID RABIE COLENE BENNETT MEERSTHE JANE MORTON AND HENRY C. MURPHY AWARDS, PRESENTED TOTHOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE A UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION TO IMPROVINGUNIVERSITY STUDENT LIFE:VINCENTE GLYNN PEREZ MICHAEL SCHUMERIFTHE JANEL MUEllER UNDERGRADUATE THESIS PRIZES FOR THE BESTBACHEWR'S ESSAYS IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE:IAL AJAY KUMAR BATRALUKE MARTIN BRETSCHER DANIEL LANGFORD CRONIN IVJENZO FERNANDO DuQUETHE MARY JEAN MULVANEY SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARDS, TO THE MALE ANDFEMALE SENIOR ATHLETES WITH THE HIGHEST JUNIOR AND SENIOR GRADEPOINT AVERAGES:MALLORY CAITLYN MORSE MARIO JOHN PALMISANOTHE THOMAS R MULROY PRIZES, FOR EXCEllENCE IN APPELLATE ADVOCACYIN THE LAw SCHOOL:ANDREW CHARLES ADAIR ALEXATTICUS PARKINSONIY BENJAMIN ANDREW BERKMAN JOSHUA E. REALNICHOLAS ANGELO CASELLI STEPHEN ISIDORE RICHERLAURA KATHLEEN CONLEY CASEN BAKER ROSSDANIEL A EPSTEIN JOSEPH C. SCHROEDERBENJAMIN W HUDGENS OLGA SERGEYEVNA VINOGRADOVAERICA ABRA JAFFE SCHWIERDAVID G. PAl.AY KATHERINE T. WALLING THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE HOWELL MURRAY-ALUMNI AsSOCIATION AWARDS, TO RECOGNIZE THOSESTUDENTS JUDGED OUTSTANDING FOR THEIR LEADERSHIP AND CONTRIBUTIONSTO THE VITAUTY AND CREATIVITY OF STUDENT UFE ON THE MIDWAY:CHRISTIAN ADAMESNADIA KATHRYN ALHADIYUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANITABBETHA JEAN BOHACJEANNE JULIANA GERMAINE CHAFFOURJAY EVAN FELDMANWILLIAM HAMILTON FERNANDEZASHWIN GANTI ALEXANDRA MYLES JAMES HALLADAYARLIN ALLEN HILL, JR.MALLORY CAITLYN MORSELAUREN MARIE RIENSCHEISABELLA KENDAL ROWESHAAN SAPRAASEAL M. TINEHSTEVEN YOON WENDEBORNTHE RUTH MuRRAY EsSAY PRIZE OF THE CENTER FOR GENDER STUDIES,HONORING THE BEST ESSAY WRITTEN IN THE AREAS OF WOMEN'S STUDIES,FEMINIST CRITICISM OR GENDER STUDIES:STEPHANIE WANJING XIAOTHE NORMAN H. NACHTRIEB MEMORIAL AWARD, FOR EXCEllENCE INUNDERGRADUATE STUDIES OF CHEMISTRY, AWARDED EACH YEAR TO ANOUTSTANDING STUDENT IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:ANNE CHRISTINA MARSDENTHE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATION AND AsSOCIATIONOF AMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS' AWARD, FOR EXCEllENCE OF SCHOLARSHIP:JESSE KLIMT HANDLERTHE CoMMITTEE AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF NEUROBIOWGY:AYA DARINKA PUSICTHE DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:YANWANGTHE NICHOLSON CENTER BA THESIS PRIZE, FOR THE BEST SENIOR BA.THESIS IN THE AREA OF BRITISH STUDIES BASED ON THE USE OF PRIMARYMATERIALS IN ANY CONCENTRATION OR DISCIPUNE:PRANAV KUMAR JAINTHE EUZABETH R NORTON PRIZE FOR ExCEllENCE IN REsEARCH INCHEMISTRY:XIAOWANGTHE DANIEL E NUGENT PRIZE, FOR THE BEST DOCTORAL DISSERTATION INHISTORICAL ANTHROPOLOGY:JASON DAVID RAMSEYTHE DEPAJITMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIORMEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OFOBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY:KATLYNN ZOE ADKINS JENNIFER ANNE McCOYTHE SECTION AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDINGPERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF OPHTHALMOLOGY AND VISUALSCIENCE AWARD:RICHARD MICHAEL SCHROEDERTHE JOHN M. OUN PRIZE, TO THE OUTSTANDING GRADUATE IN LAw ANDEcONOMICS IN THE LAw SCHOOL:DREW COLIN HARRISTHE 2014AGU MEETING OUTSTANDING STUDENT PAPER AWARD, TOPROMOTE, RECOGNIZE AND REWARD PH.D. STUDENTS FOR QUALITY RESEARCHIN THE GEOPHYSICAL SCIENCES BASED ON A STUDENT'S POSTER OR ORALPRESENTATION AT THE AMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION FALL MEETING:MICHAEL JACOBSON GLOTTER105THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONTHE J USTIN PALMER PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY BY THE DEPARTMENT OFNEAR EAsrnRN LANGUAGES AND CIVILIZATIONS TO THE UNDERGRADUATEMAJOR WHO SUBMITS THE BEST SENIOR HONORS PAPER:JANE E. GORDONTHE DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:AMY LAUREN KAUFMANTHE PERFORMING ARTs COLLABORATOR AWARD, RECOGNIZING THEGRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED THE SPIRIT OFCOLLABORATION BETWEEN TWO OR MORE ARTS GROUPS ON CAMPUS:ADAM JAMES KRATOSKATHE PERFORMING ARTs LEADERSHIP AWARD, RECOGNIZING THE GRADUATINGSTUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED AJITS LEADERSHIP IN A SINGLEPERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATION ON CAMPUS:HAMID BENDMSTHE CASPER PLATI AWARD, FOR THE OUTSTANDING PAPER WRITIEN BY ASTUDENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:MATIHEW B. KUGLERTHE TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DIVISION OFTHE PHYSICAL SCIENCES IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OFUNDERGRADUATES:RUFUS MURDOCH BOYACKCHRISTIAN ANTHONY FERKO KEVIN JOHN NIHILLTHE POLSKY CENTER AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP IN PRIVATE EQUITY, HONORSTHE GRADUATING CHICAGO BooTH STUDENT WHO DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIPIN PRIVATE EQUITY THROUGH COURSEWORK AND PA1ITICIPATION IN PRIVATEEQUITY PROGRAMMING; VOLUNTEERISM WITH PRIVATE EQUITY CONFERENCESAND EVENTS; AND LEADERSHIP IN THE STUDENT PRIVATE EQUITY GROUP:SEAN MURRAY WIELANDTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING APPLIED SCHOLARSHIPPRESENTED BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT IS AWARDED TO:CLAIRE ABRAHAM NAUSTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING BASIC SCIENTIFICINVESTIGATION PRESENTED BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT:VAIBHAV UPADHYAYTHE AWARD FOR BEST POSTER DESCRIBING SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION INCLINICAL OR SOCIAL SCIENCES BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT IS AWARDEDTO:PATRICIA C. OSMOLAKTHE PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARDS RECOGNIZING TWO THE JOHN VAN PROHASKA AWARDS, FOR OUTSTANDING POTENTIAL INTEACHING, RESEARCH, AND CLINICAL MEDICINE:VAIBHAV UPADHYAY THREJSCHKEVTHE DEPARTMENT AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD OF PUBLIC HEALTH SCIENCES:MARCELLO COCA PERRAILLON THGruTHIDAYTHE SHEILA PUTZEL PRIZES, TO SENIORS IN THE COLLEGE WHODEMONSTRATES EXCEPTIONAL PROMISE AS A FUTURE PRACTICING PHYSICIAN:lONE LYNN LOCHER SAMUEL DAVID MAIDMAN THOF'IUDcmNICNATTHE JAMIE REDFIELD AWARD FOR ExCELLENCE IN FUNDAMENTALS, TO AGRADUATING FOURTH YEAR STUDENT IN THE FUNDAMENTALS: ISSUES ANDTEXTS PROGRAM IN THE NEW COLLEGIATE DIVISION WHO HAS EARNED THEHIGHEST HONORS SCHOLASTICALLY IN THE PROGRAM:JONATHON JAMES CATLINTHTIMDmTH]SOC10S1THE RICHARD W REILLY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING APTITUDE IN THE FIELD OF GASTROENTEROLOGY:MICHAEL JEFFREY HAYESTHE Rise Up AWARDS, TO STUDENTS WHOSE ENGAGEMENT WITH MEMBERSOF THE CAMPUS COMMUNITY REPRESENT THE UNIVERSITY'S SHAREDCOMMITMENT TO THE VALUES OF DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: THDIDMICALISON TOTH FED ORIS JAMES SANCHEZ, JR.THE CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN SECURITY PRICES AWARD, TO A STUDENT INTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FOR ExCELLENCEIN FINANCE:MINGJUE ZHOU THCOlSIGSCCTHE JOHN GRAY RHIND AWARDS, TO ADVANCED STUDENTS IN THE MINISTRYPROGRAM AT THE DIVINITY SCHOOL WHOSE EXCELLENCE IN ACADEMICAND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING GIVES NOTI\BLE PROMISE OF A SIGNIFICANTCONTRIBUTION TO THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH: THEXCUN'VAlTEJ1IANMARY ELLEN JEBBIA KATHERINE BARNARD RAYTHE ROCKEFELLER CHAPEL ORGAN SCHOLARSHIP, AWARDED TO A STUDENTWHO SHOWS SIGNIFICANT PROMISE AS KEYBOARD PERFORMERS AND WHO PLAYA LEADERSHIP ROLE IN THE CHAPEL'S ORGAN STUDIO AS AMBASSADORS FORSTUDENTS TAKING LESSONS IN ORGAN PERFORMANCE:CHELSIE CHERYL COREN THTH:DEIMEFUlALYTHE RICHARD SALLER DISSERTATION PRIZE, TO THE GRADUATE IN THEDIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES WHOSE DISSERTATION IS THE MOSTDISTINGUISHED PIECE OF SCHOLARSHIP IN A GIVEN YEAR:JONATHAN OBERT THFO]1mTHE MARY ROBERTS SCOTI MEMORIAL PRIZES, GIVEN TO A MEDICALEMILY MARGARET ANNE BISHOP JOANNA ELIZABETH PERDOMOVOLUNTEERS WHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED A SUPERIOR COMMITMENT TO SERVICE STUDENT WHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCEJIMINKIMIN THE GREATER COMMUNITY DURING THE PAST ACADEMIC YEAR:THE PRITZKER LEADERSHIP AWARDS, TO SENIORS FOR OUTSTANDINGEXTRACURRICULAR ACCOMPLISHMENTS DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICALSCHOOL:HANNAH CATHERINE WENGERTHE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ADvOCACY AND EQUITY ADvOCACYAWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT WHO DEMONSTRATES ADVOCACYWITHIN OUR INSTITUTION OR OUTSIDE FOR SERVICE, RESEARCH, AND POLICYCHANGES WHICH ADDRESS INEQUITIES IN HEALTH AND/OR HEALTHCARE, ASWELL AS LEADERSHIP IN PROMOTING A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY ATPRITZKER AND IN NURTURING A WARM AND SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FORALL - REGARDLESS OF IDENTITY:JOANNA ELIZABETH PERDOMO DURING BOTH THE BASIC AND CLINICAL SCIENCE YEARS: THSEr­COJOACAMIL CORREIATHE WALTER AND FAY SELOVE PRIZES, FOR DEMONSTRATING EXCELLENTPROMISE FOR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH IN PHYSICS:JAY BRADON CUSHINGPATRICK JAMES JENSENJIAQIJIANG RACHEL MAXINE McENROEJOSEPH ARTHUR MITTELSTAEDT TliWI­PR(THE LILLIAN GERTRUDE SELZ PRIZES, AWARDED TO THE WOMEN WITH THEHIGHEST ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AFTER THEIR FIRST UNDERGRADUATE YEAR: MATHSIJIA SCARLETT LI TFGREX(ANGELA HYEJUNG MOONCRYSTALJ. MAELIZABETH ANNE WOODELLIS AMELIA POWELLHALLEY REBECCA YOUNG WIIKAlPOI':ERALTHE SOCIETI FOR ACADEMIC EMERGENCY MEDICINE ExCEllENCE AWARD, FORDEMONSTRATED EXCEllENCE IN THE SPECIALTI OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE:MICHAEL DEAN ALLAINTHE JOAN SHIU AWARD, TO PROVIDE RECOGNITION TO STUDENTS WHO HAVERENDERED EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AS VOLUNTEERS IN THE DEPARTMENT OFCHEMISTRY AS SELECTED BY THEIR FELLOW STUDENTS:KEVIN JOHN NIHILLTHE PAUL SHOREY FOREIGN STUDY PRIZE, FOR A DESERVING STUDENT OFGREEK OR LATIN FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE ATHENS OR ROME PROGRAM INTHE COLLEGE:DAVID ZHAON:THE SIDLEY AUSTIN PRIZES, TO A LAw SCHOOL STUDENT IN EACH SECTIONOF THE FIRST YEAR LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PROGRAM WHOSE BRIEF WASJUDGED TO BE MOST OUTSTANDING AND DESERVING OF RECOGNITION:COREY KEENAN BRADYNICHOLAS ANGELO CASELLINATHANIEL T. GOLDFINGER DENIS N. HARPERKEIKO ELIZABETH ROSEKATHERINE T. WALLINGHEis THE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE LEADERSHIP AWARD, TO GRADUATING FULL-TIME, EVENING, OR WEEKEND M.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENTS, WHO HAVEDEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AND INTEREST IN SOCIAL ENTERPRISE THROUGHTHE COURSES HE OR SHE HAS TAKEN AND/OR HIS OR HER PARTICIPATION INSOCIAL ENTERPRISE INITIATIVES:JOSHUA PATRICK ROGERSININCE THE AMos ALoNZO STAGG MEDAL, TO A SENIOR MALE ATHLETE WHO HASCOMBINED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE AND ABILITI, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER,SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO TEAM SUCCESS AND SCHOLARSHIP:SCOTT JAMES MAINQUIST,TRY'IT'LAY THE JOSEPH STAMPF MEDAL, TO THE SENIOR PLAYER WHO STRIVES FOREXCELLENCE AS A MAN AND AS A BASKETBALL PLAYER; WHO GIVES OF HIMSELFUNTO THE LIVES OF HIS TEAMMATES; AND WHOSE COMMITMENT TO HIGHVALUES AND INTEGRITI IS EXPRESSED IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH HISTEAMMATES AND COACHES:IAN MICHAEL JOYCETHE GAY K. AND JOHN R. STANEK PRIZES, AWARDED TO STUDENTS INTHE COLLEGE WHO SHOW PROMISE FORA LIFE OF CIVIC ACTION, WHO AREDEPENDENT IN WHOLE OR IN PART ON HIS OR HER OWN EFFORTS FOR THEMEANS OF ATTENDING THE COLLEGE, AND WHO WILL RELY ON THE PRIZEFUNDS TO CONTINUE HIS OR HER EDUCATION:ALYSSA LOUISE BIVINS ANASTASIA GOLOVASHKINAINCE THE NELS M. STRANDJORD MEMORIAL AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF RAoIOWGY:JONATHAN HARVEY STEINTHE URBAN HEALTH INITIATIVE STRONGIN COMMUNITI SERVICE PRIZES, TOSENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED THE MOST THROUGHCOMMUNITI SERVICE:JOANNA ELIZABETH PERDOMO ALISHAAJIT RANADIVETHE LOUIS SUDLER PRIZES IN THE CREATIVE ARTS, TO GRADUATING SENIORSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED EXCELLENCE OR THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OFPROFICIENCY IN THE CREATIVE ARTS:MARIKA ELON BROWNLEETHEODORA DOOLITTLE SHURE KATIE RENEE SOULETHE NATHAN SUGARMAN TEACHING AWARD IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY, TOGRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:WILLIAM CARPENTERKADE MAYA HEAD MARSDENPOLINA NAVOTNAYA THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE NATHAN SUGARMAN AWARDS, FOR GRADUATE AND UNDERGRADUATESTUDENT RESEARCH, FOR EXCEPTIONAL RESEARCH IN THE ENRICO FERMIINSTITUTE:JESSICA SUSAN AVRAHSIN-YU CHEN BENEDIKT HUBERT DIEMERTHE SUGARMAN/Cwss AWARDS, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THEDEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OFUPPER-LEVEL UNDERGRADUATE COURSES:WILLIAM CARPENTERKADE MAYA HEAD-MARSDEN POLINA NAVOTNAYATHE ASSOCIATION FOR ACADEMIC SURGERY STUDENT RESEARCH AWARD,FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN RESEARCH IN THE GENERAL FIELD OFSURGERY:LORENZO RINALDOTHE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF SURGERY:KEVIN EDWARD HODGESTHE SOL TAX PRIZE, FOR THE DOCTORAL DISSERTATION WHICH COMBINESHIGHEST INTELLECTUAL MERIT WITH RELEVANCE TO ANTHROPOLOGY ANDACTION:FALINA ENRIQUEZTHE THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES AWARD, RECOGNIZING THEGRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED THE INTEGRATION OFARTISTIC AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:JIYEON KIMTHE THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES ExEMPLARY MENTOR AWARDS,RECOGNIZING THE GRADUATING SENIORS WHO HAVE MADE OUTSTANDINGCONTRIBUTIONS THROUGH MENTORSHIP TO THE UNIVERSITI THROUGH THEIRWORK WITH PERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATIONS:ALEKSANDR AVYAZOVMARISA ALLISON CHILBERG HIMABINDU POROORITHE ELSBETH THILENIUS CHORAL SCHOLARSHIP, AWARDED TO THE STUDENTWHO MADE THE CHAPEL CONGREGATION GLAD WITH THEIR MUSIC:HANNAH O'SULLIVAN LANDESTHE LEONARD Tow HUMANISM IN MEDICINE AWARD, FOR CONSISTENTLYDEMONSTRATING COMPASSION AND EMPATHY IN THE DELIVERY OF CARE TOPATIENTS AND ILLUSTRATING PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR BY EXAMPLE:THOMAS PETER COURIUNIVERSITI THEATER/THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES TECHNICALAWARD, IN SUPPORT OF THE GRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS MADE THE MOSTSIGNIFICANT DESIGN AND TECHNICAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE UNIVERSITITHEATER DURING THEIR COLLEGIATE EXPERIENCE:CAROLINE GULLY BROWNTHE UNSUNG HERO AWARD, RECOGNIZING A STUDENT WHO HAS POSITIVELYINFLUENCED A PROGRAM OR ORGANIZATION FROM BEHIND THE SCENESWITH A POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD GOALS, A WILLINGNESS TO HELP INWHATEVER CAPACI1Y NECESSARY, AND A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN THECOMPLETION OF TASKS AND DUTIES:PETER WINDLEY HERMANTHE VIJAY, '77, AND SITA VASHEE PROMISING ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS,TO THE GRADUATING FULL-TIME M.B.A., EVENING M.B.A. OR WEEKENDM.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENT HAVING THE BEST SCHOLASTIC RECORD INENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE UNIVERSITI OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OFBUSINESS:APARNA MISRA JENNIFER PORTER FRIED107THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 5231.0 CONVOCATIONTHE WOMEN'S ATIILETIC AssOCIATION AND ORDER OF THE "C" MOSTVALUABLE PLAYER AWARDS, PRESENTED TO ATHLETES WHO MAKE ASIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM AND BEST DEMONSTRATE SKILL,LOYALTY, AND SPORI'SMANSHIP:MORGAN ELIZABETH DONOVANY, Baskttball- W0mmKYLE ANDREW ENGEL, BaseballJORDAN CHRISTOPHER SMITH, Baskttball-MmTABBETHAJEAN BOHAC, SoftballNICOLAS T. CHUA, Tennis-MenARIANA IRANPOUR, Tennis- W0mmNKEMDILIM ASHLEY NWAOKOLO, Track 6- Field-Outdoor- W0mmNATHANIEL THOMAS DOWNEY, Track 6- Field-Outdoor-MenTHOMAS WARREN MEEK, Swimming 6- Dicing-MenNKEMDILIM ASHLEY NWAOKOLOS, Track 6- Fitld Indoor- W0mmJENNIFER CALLEGARI HILL, Swimming 6- Diving- W0mmNICOLE CHRISTINE MULLEN, Socctr-W0mmKYLE GORDON KURFIRST, Soccer-MenSCOTT JAMES MAIN QUIST, FootballCATHERINE ANNE YOUNG, Cross Country- W0mmMICHAEL T. FRASCO, Cross Country-MenMAREN ELIZABETH LOE, VolleyballBENJAMIN RICHARD CLARK, Track 6- Pield Indoor-MenTHE CURTIS AND SUSAN WILLING AWARD, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO HONORA SECOND-YEAR STUDENT IN CHICAGO BooTH WITH AN OUTSTANDINGACADEMIC RECORD IN FINANCE AFfER THEIR FIRST YEAR OF STUDY:LEANDRO EZEQUIEL BRUFMANTHE WILMA WALKER HONOR AWARD, TO AN STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THE FIRST YEARAND FOR THE PROMISE OF FUroRE ACHIEVEMENT IN SOCIAL WORK:BRIDGETTE M. DAVISDAVID WALLACE AWARD:ANDREW NAMAN POPPICK XIANGZHU108 THE GREGOR WENTZEL PRIZE, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATETFACHINGIN THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS BY A FIRST-YEAR GRADUATE STUDENT TUTOR:MOHAMED RAGAB ABDELMOHSEN ABDEL- HAFEZTHE GREGOR WENTZEL GRADUATE REsEARCH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATESTUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS: ZACMICHAEL ALAN FEDDERKE MICHAEL ROBERT GERACIE AMFEITHE BRUCE WINSTEIN PRIZE, FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT BY A PHYSICSSTUDENT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTATION:RICHARD HAYWOOD PARKER ERI�THE DIANA WOO MEMORIAL AWARD, FOR ExCELLENCE IN CLINICALPEDIATRICS:ELIZABETH WHITMAN RHINESMITH NIS'REI-MICTHE E HOWELL WRIGHT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PEDIATRICS:THOMAS PETER COURI JULTHE WROBEL TROPHY AWARD, TO THE WRESTLER WHO HAS SCORED THEMOST TEAM POINTS DURING THE SEASON:DEVAN MICHAEL RICHTERTHE GUARANG AND KANwAL YODH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING WORK IN ExPERIMENTAL PHYSICS:MARTIN WILLIAM SCHEELER MADEHAlCAlRA)HIFHAlTHE ARNOLD ZELLNER DOCTORAL PRIZE, TO A DOCTORAL STUDENT FROMTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BooTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS WHOSE RESEARCHCONTRIBUTES TO THE APPLICATION OF BAYESIAN METHODOLOGY IN FINANCEAND INVESTMENTS:YONGNING WANGELIMeANTHMI�ZEIBEGRTIYUcAIlEY.SIIMIMIilG FELLOWSHIPSARnIUR ADKINS SUMMER FEllOWSHIPZACHARY GENE AUGUSTINEAMERICAN ACADEMY FOR JEWISH REsEARCH SPECIAL INITIATIVES GRANTFEllOWSHIPERlCDREFF SARAH VIOLET ZAGERAMERICAN AsSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN AMERICAN FEllOWSHIPNISHEETA RANJIT JAGTIANIREHANNA KHESHGI ERIN VIRGINIA MOOREAMERICAN GEOPHYSICAL UNION CONGRESSIONAL SCIENCE FEllOWSHIPMICHAEL JACOBSON GLOTTERAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDIAN STUDIES JUNIOR FEllOWSHIPJULIE ALYSSA HANLONAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDIAN STUDIES SUMMER LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIPMARC KELLYAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PAKISTAN STUDIES SUMMER REsEARCH GRANTMAIRAHAYATDEPAlITMENT OF ANTHROPOWGY LEIFFER PRE-FIELD REsEARCH FEllOWSHIPSHANNAH E. BURNETTCAMERON STEPHEN HURAYMOND ALEXANDER HUNTERHIROKO KUMAKIHARlNI KUMAR MYUNGJILEEESTEFANIA PAZ VIDAL MONTEROJOHN O'DONNELL MULLEEJOHANNA ALAIMO PACYGALAKE CARLTON POLANDEPARI'MENT OF ANTHROPOWGY UCHTSTERN DISSERI'ATION FEllOWSHIPLISA MARIE SIMEONE ADAM CARL SARGENTDEPAlITMENT OF ANTHROPOWGY MARK HANNA WATKINS DISSERTATIONFEllOWSHIPSELIZABETH GAINES ANDERSON FAGAN MADELEINE THERESA McLEESTERDEPAlITMENT OF ANTHROPOWGY MARK HANNA WATKINS POST-FIELDFEllOWSHIPSMOLLY KATHLEEN CUNNINGHAMANDREA LILLY FORD YAQUB HASHIM HILALBRITTA ELISABETH INGEBRETSONBECKMAN SCHOLARS PROGRAM IN MOLECULAR SCIENCES FEllOWSHIPSTHERESA HWANG TREVOR DALE ROBERTSCHICAGO BIOMEDICAL CoNSORTIUM SCHOLAR FEllOWSHIPSMICHAEL JOHN GEBHARDT LEAH MARIE MAYOTHE DAVID L. BoREN UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP FOR STUDY ABROADZELDA MAYERBRADLEY FEllOWSHIPSGREGORY EDWARD BUCHAK YIYAOWANGTHE GATES CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARSHIPSYUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANI ALIYA BAGEWADICARNEGIE ENDOWMENT JUNIOR FEllOWSHIPAIDAN JAMES MILLIFFCHAVE DISSERTATION FEllOWSHIPEVANS FRANCIS KUEHNSIDNEY BWOMENTHAL FEllOWSHIPMICHAEL LASKINBERNARD O. AND CAROL JEAN BROWN CHORAL SCHOLARSHIPS:MICHAEL WILLIAM ORTIZ MYERS THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE CHURCHIll SCHOLARSHIPANNE CHRISTINA MARSDENCoNGRESSIONAL SCIENCE FEllOWSHIPMICHAEL JACOBSON GLOTTERCRITICAL LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM FEllOWSHIPSTYLER JAMES NILS ANDERSONEYAL IN ORA HANFLINGVICTORIA WEYU HUANG ZACHERY WAYNE TAYLORWARREN THOMAS KAMALU YATESDMD SHORT-TERM SCHOLARSHIPALICE HARRIET BUCKNELLCHESTER DALE FEllOWSHIPLESLIE MEREDITH WILSONDATA SCIENCE FOR SOCIAL GOOD FEllOWSHIPSJENNIFER HELSBY YOUNGSOO PARKDAVIS PROJECT FOR PEACE PROGRAM FEllOWSHIPSALEXANDRA Y. DINGDEDALUS FOUNDATION VISITING SCHOLARS sx THE ARCHIVES OF AMERICANART FEllOWSHIPJENNIFER ROSE COHENDORIS DUlCE DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIP FOR PROMOTION OF CHILDWELL BEINGNATHANAELJ.OKPYCHDUNN REsEARCH FEllOWSHIPS IN ENGliSHJACOB BRYCE ELKINJOSHUA SONNY HARRIS SHUBHRA MADHUKAR MURARKACENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES DISSERTATION SUMMER FEllOWSHIPALEXANDER ONG HSUCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES DISSERTATION WRITING FEllOWSHIPSANNE ELIZABETH REBULLSHENGYU WANG HAN ZHANGCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES PROFESSIONAL TRAINING GRANTPARIDE STORTINICENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES CHINESE STUDIES DISSERTATION WRITINGFEllOWSHIPSZHIYINGMAANNE ELIZABETH REBULL SHENGYU WANGHAN ZHANGCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES CHINESE STUDIES PRE-DISSERI'ATIONREsEARCH GRANTSHEANGJIN PARK DODOMKIMCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES JAPANESE STUDIES PRE-DISSERTATIONREsEARCH GRANTHIROKO KUMAKICENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES TOYOTA JAPANESE STUDIES DISSERTATIONWRITING FEllOWSHIPSWILLIAM JOHN FEENEYCHIANG CHIN-KUO FOUNDKrION DOCTORAL FEllOWSHIPZHIYINGMACOLLEGE DE FRANCE ExCHANGE FEllOWSHIPKENNETHYU109THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 523RD CONVOCATIONCOllEGE DE FRANCE SCIENCE REsEARCH TRAVEL GRANTSIMION FILIPTAMAR MAYERCHESTER DALE ART HISTORY FELWWSHIPARICH.MINEENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY TO ACHIEVE REsULTS (STAR)FELWWSHIPORISSA MERRITT MOULTONERASMUS INSTITUTE DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPSEAN MICHAEL GIBBONSLIEW FAMA-MILLER FELWWSHIPSBEN GOSSIN CHAROENWONG WILHAM JAN VAN VLIETJENNIFER ROSE COHENCOUNCIL ON EUROPEAN STUDIES MELWN DISSERTh.TION FELLOWSHIPLEAH DAPHNE GOLDMANFISHER GRADUATE CURATORIAL FELWWSHIPHANNAH MARLENE KLEMMAcademic YearFOREIGN LANGUAGE AND AREA STUDIES FELWWSHIPKSENIA ALEXEYEVNAALIA ELIZABETH BREITWIESERJOSEPHINE BRILLPAULO DO NASCIMENTO BRITORACHEL CARBONARAALYSIA MANN CAREYEMILY ROWE COPPESSMICHAEL DOLANJEFFREY PATRICK GEIGERMARIELLE BURR HARRISONNELL SHAPIRO HAWLEYZACHARY NICHOLAS HEBERTJOSEPH HERMIZZOE WOODBURY HIGHANA ILIEVSKAALLISON LEIGH KANNERMARC KELLEYANDREW DRESDEN KERRVARAK KETSAMANIANDANIEL DAVID KNORRSummerAAMIR BASHIRPAULO DO NASCIMENTO BRITORACHEL CARBONARAALYSIA MANN CAREYKATHLEEN LINDSEY CESCONEBENEZER CONCEPCIONJAMES ROBERT COUNTRYMANJOHN P. DOYLEKRISTOPHER TYLER DRIGGERSJOSE ESTRADAIMRI GRINBERGTESSA AYAME HANDAKEISHA LYNETTE HARRISJENNA MARIE HENDERSONROY ALBERT KIMMEY IIIDANIEL DAVID KNORRPATRICK CHARLES LEWISELIZABETH D. LHOST MENACHEM MENDEL KRANZPATRICK CHARLES LEWISNANCY PAl SUAN LINERIN ELIZABETH McCULLUGHJOHN O'DONNELL MULLEEALEXANDER SCOTT MURPHYERIN NEWTONMOIRA KRISTIN O'SHEAJESSE CAMPBELL PRUITTDAVID CRAIG RECKSIECKRACHEL SARAH RENZSTEVEN DANIEL SCHWARTZJONAH SIMPSONTHALEA CHERRELLE STOKESJOEL VELDKAMPMARSHALL ALLAN WATSONCASSIDY SHEA WELTERZACHARY PAUL WINTERSPERRY A. WONGALICE YEHPAl SUAN NANCY LINERIN ELIZABETH McCULLUGHJACOB DAVID MERLINJOHN O'DONNELL MULLEEALEXANDER SCOTT MURPHYERIN MICHAEL NEWTONKARAANNE PERUCCIODAVID MICHAEL REHERGIOVANNI RICCI JULIO CARLOS RIVERAMYRIAM NOOR SABBAGHIRACHINY SIVISETH SAMEKTHALEA CHERRELLE STOKESSUSAN DAN SUSAMI JIRYIS SWEISAMELIA JANE THOMSON-DEVEAUXBRIAN MICHAEL WHITETEAGAN ANN WOLTERDANIEL JOSEPH GOUGHNIR BEN MOSHEFRANKE INSTITUTE FOR THE HUMANITIES FELWWSHIPSMARCELLE COULTER PIERSONRANU ROYCHOUDHURI110 EARL R FRANKLIN REsEARCH FELWWSHIPS IN PSYCHOWGYGEORGE ANTHONY ABITANTESHERRY XINRU HEJENNIFER SHIRLEY NOVO EVELINA STERINANATHAN MALAQAl VASQUEZJAEWONYOONEARL R FRANKLIN REsEARCH FELWWSHIPS IN HUMAN DEVEWPMENTHELEN SANDRA ELLSWORTHPATRICIA CAROL GRAFDANIELLE LOUISE LABOTKAFRANCOIS FURET TRAVEL GRANTSMICHAEL THOMAS LE CHEVALLIERJAMES FRANCK INSTITUTE FELLOWSHIPKEVIN BRUNO BERNATFUDAN FELWWSHIPDAHLIA HASTA COLMAN MARLENE GERTRUDE LORENZKAYLAALICE ROBBINS MILNEANNIE KOK IN WUREBECCA ELIANA KITCES FISHMANSAVANNAH LEIGH ESQUIVELEMMA ELIZABETH HITEFULBRIGHT-HAYS DISSEJITATION REsEARCH ABROAD FELWWSHIPSMATTHEW CHARLES KNISLEYJEREMY A. SIEGMANFULBRIGHT US STUDENT PROGRAM GRANTSZACHARY BARRZOE BERMANDAVID STEVEN CANTOR-ECHOLSPETER FREDERICK FAGGENCESAR DANIEL FAVILASANDRA MARINA FERNANDEZ. JR.ALANA CAITLIN HARTAARON THOMAS HOLLANDERTAMARA KAMATOVICE. NORYKAPLAN-KELLYNUR IQBAL KARANICHOLAS MAHOOD LAMBRECHT. KIEHLORJOSEPH MACKZDENKO MANDUSICKELLY MULVANEYJIYOONNOHGAUTHAM M. REDDYJULIA ANNE REINITZTIMOTHY RONALD SALAZARZACHARY DAVID SHELDONBENJAMIN TRNKAMARIA JOSEFA VELASCOMARIA ROSE WELCHUS-UK FULBRIGHT COMMISSION SUMMER INSTITUTESJULLIAN WEI BAOBEATRICE GARBER SUMMER SCHOLARSDANIEL J. AHN ARADHANA ANOOJ PARIKHNATALE GRACE GRAYWILLIAM DOUGLAS JONESBRAD LEEHECTOR DANIEL ORELLANA ANDREWSOHNVISHOK SRIKANTHKEVIN YANG DAnOAwHAJMSIt.znOALA'ZHFitwCHHFEDIMJEIELIcRIALJAIHAJATAKASA:SAlNARYAN WILLIAM OAHNTHE GERMAN ACADEMIC ExCHANGE SERVICE (DMD) REsEARCH FELWWSHIPSAMY CAROLYN STEBBINSGERMAN CHANCELWR FELWWSHIPSNAOMI RACHEL ROSEN AMY CAROLYN STEBBINSJOHN ANDRIS ROBERTSBARRY M. GOLDWATER SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SCIENCEALLEN CHENGZHI ZHUSEYMOR GOODMAN FELWWSHIPSYUANWEN JIANG KENNETH JAMES ELLIS-GUA:RDIOLAGRAINGER GRADUATE FELWWSHIPSKA:ROL KRIZKA YIFAN WANGHOPE LOUISE MARTENS BRETSCHERKA:ROL KRIZKADAVID W GRAINGER SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPSJOHN ANDRIS ROBERTSYIFANWANGGETTY LIBRARY REsEARCH GRANT FELWWSHIPSOLVEIG NELSON ERSOOilMBRENTIlJUPHEYMBETHE AWARD OF HONORSCHARLES MONTGOMERY GRAY CHORAL SCHOLARSHIPS:DANIEL JOHN MURATOREDAVID GRENE SUMMER FELLOWSHIPDAVID BENJAMIN JAFFEWILLIAM RAINEY HARPER FELLOWSHIPSHANNAH RACHEL CHAZINJAMES FARRIS DAMASIMION FILIPZIYUEGAODANIEL DRAGOMIR BENEDIKT KOLLLAURA KREIDBERGZHIYINGMAFRANCIS ALAN McKAY BENA MUJANAYI TSHISHIKUOLGA TURANOVA BOBBY LARUE EDWARD WILSONMEDICAL SCIENTIST TRAINING PROGRAM FELWWSHIPHAYLEY JESSICA ZULLOWMELLON ACLS DISSElITATION CoMPLETION FELWWSHIPSAMY LEIA McLACHLANABIGAIL RUTH OCOBOCKJONAH S. RUBINDANIEL SCHULTZBRIAN CHRISTOPHER WILSONLING ZHANGYUANCHENG ZHU CHELSEA REBECCA BURNSMAURAJEANNE CAPPSSOFIA ALIA FENNER TIMOTHY WOODGRINSELL JOSE JUAN PEREZ MELENDEZNATHANIEL ASHTON MILLERANUSHREE LALITHA SUBRAMANIAMCLIRIMELWN DISSERTATION FELWWSHIPS IN ORIGINAL REsOURCESJESSICA MOR LOCKARD MEEKYUNG RUTH MAcMURDIEMELLON FELLOWSHIP FOR EAru.Y AMERICAN LITERATURE AND MATERIALTEXTSCHRISTOPHER DIMITRI BERKWILLIAM RAINEY HARPER/PROVOST'S DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSMELWN FELLOWSHIPS IN THE HUMANITIESGREGOR JAROSCH ANDREW STAMM INCHIOSADI LIUMARYAM KHADIJAH MOHAMMEDHOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL STUDENT REsEARCHFELLOWSHIPMONIKA SCHOLZBOXUANZHAO SABAHAT F. ADILADRIAN ANAGNOSTJOEL SCOTT CALAHANCLINT JAMES FROEHLICHEDMUND PHILIP HAYES JIYOUNG KIMJAMES MATTHEW NEMIROFFANTJE POSTEMAWALTER MICHAEL SHANDRUKJULIA MEGHAN SWANELIKEM PAUL DORBUELLIOTT AND EILEEN HINKE REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSMELWN FOUNDATION DISSERTATION-YEAR FELWWSHIPSROSEAMIR YASIRALABOSYCONSORTIUM FOR THE HISTORY OF SCIENCE, TECHNOWGY, AND MEDICINEREsEARCH FELLOWSHIPALEXANDER THOMAS MOFFETT JAMES COOPER DUESTERBERGMARCUS ALAN LAMPERT JONAH FLANAGAN RADDINGHANNAH ELISE AMUNDSENJACOBS FUND IN HUMAN RIGHTS FELWWSHIPMELISSA NICOLE GATTER MELWN FOUNDATION HANNA HOLBORN GRAY ADVANCED GRADUATEFELWWSHIPCOLIN MICHAEL EGENBERGER HALVERSONJAPAN FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIPSTADASHI ISHIKAWAKARL H. LOVE OSKARSON KINDSTRAND NICHOLAS MAHOOD LAMBRECHT MELWN FOUNDATION/SOCIAL SCIENCES DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSABINE FAVE CADEAUMELLON HUMANITIES DISSElITATION FELLOWSHIPANDREW FRANCIS DURDINCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES DISSERTATION-YEAR FELWWSHIPSARAH SHAWYARDNEYKAUFFMAN DISSElITATION FELLOWSHIPSARA PATRICIA FERREIRA MOREIRA MELLON MAYs UNDERGRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSITZEL BLANCASLILY JIALE CHEN RAYMOND RUI FANGMOLLY ELIZABETH ROBINSONKREss HISTORY OF ART INSTITUTIONAL FELWWSHIPNANCY ANN THEBAUT MELLON MAYs UNDERGRADUATE DISSERTATION GRANT FELLOWSHIPLAUREN ELIZABETH ELDRIDGEAsSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF THE MIDDLE EAsT AND AFRICA REsEARCHGRANT!IPS KWANJEONG EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION FELLOWSHIPSJORGE ANTONIO CAMPOS TELLEZJAEHYEOKJINUGRANT FOUNDATION SCHOLARSHIPERICK LASECA GIHOONLEEAMERICAN MUSICOWGICAL SOCIETY HOWARD MAYER BROWN FELLOWSHIPLAUREN ELIZABETH ELDRIDGELUCE/ACLS DISSERTATION IN AMERICAN ART FELWWSHIPSOLVEIG NELSONGEORGES LURCY FELLOWSHIPSDAVID AFTAB ANSARI NATIONAL ACADEMY OF EDUCATION/SPENCER POSTDOCTORAL FELWWSHIPNATHANAEL OKPYCHNATIONAL DEFENSE SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING GRAD FELWWREBECCA ANN CRISAFULLISARA CHRISTINE CHAMBERLIN ALEKSANDER DURUMERICMARrIN MARTY JUNIOR DISSElITATION FELLOWSHIPBRETT DANIEL COLASACCOEMILY D. CREWSTIMOTHY LARNER GUTMANNJULIE ALYSSA HANLONPHILIPPA ROSE KOCKEVAN FRANCIS KUEHN NATIONAL HEPATITIS PROJECT OF APAMSA SCREENING GRANTSCORNELIA LENGYELBRYCE RICHDANIEL SCHULTZDANIEL LOUIS WYCHEALEXANDRA KATHRYN ZIRKLE PHILLIP JOHNSON HSULUKAS HEINRICH MATERN SOOYOUNG LIMNATIONAL INSTITUTES OF JUSTICE GRADUATE REsEARCH FELWWSHIPJONATHAN MARTIN VILLARS DAVISNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DDIG AWARDSBENJAMIN JOSEPH FEHRMANMATHEMATICAL SCIENCES POSTDOCTORAL REsEARCH FELWWSHIPSYIWEISHE ELLA PATRICIA BUTLER MAIRAHAYAT111THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOVICTORIA NGUYEN 523RD CONVOCATIONNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION GRADUATE REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSJEREMY A. SIEGMANRAFAEL MEGHANI ABRAMOVITZHUSSAIN AL-ASADIROBERT KENNETH ARTHURNICOLE BITLERJENNA RENEE CHRISTENSENALEXANDER JOSEPH DUNLAPMOLLY ELIZABETH GALLAGHERDANIEL MARC HOOPERADAM JAMES ISABELLASARA LINDSAY JACKRELEVAN MATTHIAS KOCHDALLAS JAMES KRENTZELJUSTIN BRADLEY LEMBERGALICE MACQUEENCHRISTINA LYNN MASCO LAURA ALIDA MERWINAARON MICHAEL OLSENELIZABETH LOUISE SANDERMOHAMMED ASIF SIDDIQJOEL HAVILAND SMITHTIMOTHY SOSATYLER NELSON STARRTHOMAS ADAM STEWARTMATTHEWTIENNICHOLAS WILLIAM VANKURENABIGAIL ROSE WARDPAYTON A. WEIDENBACHERALEXANDER EDWARDS WHITELUYAONATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSANASTASIA E. BEIRIGERCHRISTOPHER A. J. CRADDOCKGUSTAF PIPER DOWNSANASTASI MARIA OLDHAM FITZEMILY ANNE LYONSBRIAN MITCHELL KORONKIEWICZHEATHER LYNNE LUMSDEN-HARDENJOSEPH NATHANAEL MASTRONJOHN CLAIBORNE OWENS ASHLEY RAE RICHELEONORE RIMBAULTANTHONY WILLIAM SCHLIMGENNATHAN ALEXANDER SCHINEPRESTON G. SCRAPEBENJAMIN DANIEL SEEGERKATHERINE ELIZABETH SILLIMANAYSE CATHERINE TENGER-TROLANDERALICEYEHNATIONAL SECURI1Y EDUCATION PROGRAM BoREN FELLOWSHIP FORGRADUATESCAROLINE QUINNKIRK RYAN LANCASTERNATIONAL SECURI1Y EDUCATION PROGRAM DAVID L. BoRENUNDERGRADUATE SCHOIARSHIPS FOR STUDY ABROADNOAH B. SHAWNATURAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING REsEARCH CoUNCIL OF CANAoAFELLOWSHIPNIKITA KUKLEVRODRIGO ADEMSEAN MICHAEL DOWDYCHARLOTIE W. NEWCOMBE PH.D. DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSXIAO-BO YUANNICHOLSON CENTER FOR BRITISH STUDIES GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSTOYGUN ALTINATASJADINE KATHRYN COLLINGWOODMARlAHAYATMORGAN LEE KAPLANZACHARY TYLER LEONARDDAVID p. LYONSALEXANDRA MARRACCINIMARGARET McFEEAHONAPANDATEJAS PARASHERNICHOLSON UNDERGRADUATE REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPS FOR SUMMER THESISRESEARCH IN THE BRITISH ISLESBENJAMIN PETER SPIKOL SARATH SASIDHARAN PILLAIGAUTHAM M. REDDYVICTORIA LUCY SALINGERLAURA CATHERINE OLIVIA SHEARINGCARL BRYANT SHOOKHASAN ZAHID SIDDIQUIJENNIFER LYNNE SANDSTROM TIMMONSMARGHERITA TRENTOKENNETHYUNICHOLSON UNDERGRADUATE REsEARCH SUPPOIU GRANTSZELINWEIKELLY ELIZABETH WOODNAOMI LIEBE HARRISCHLOEBRYNNESADDLERPAUSANIAS SUMMER REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPTHELMA ELIZABETH MINNEYUNlVERSfIY OF PENNSYLVANIA PRE-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPSALLISON PATTERSON HARRIS112 Pl.OTNICK FELLOWSHIPSLAURA KREIDBERG ZHOULIXUMIT POLITICAL SCIENCE DIVERSfIY DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPALLISON PATTERSON HARRISPOZEN FAMILY CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS DISSEIUATION CoMPLETIONFELLOWSHIPMICHAL RAN-RUBINPOZEN FAMILY CENTER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS REsEARCH GRANTSSAYANTAN SAHA ROYPOZEN REsEARCH GRANTGABRIEL VELEZPROVOST'S DISSEIUATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSIDDO AHARONYJEREMY DAVID BRIGHTBILL ALEXANDRA KATHRYN ZIRKLEREUTHER LIBRARY FISHMAN TRAVEL GRANTSCHRISTINA PRISCILLA FLORESTRISH KAHLE CORY ROBERT SCHIFFEDWARD L RYERSON FELLOWSHIPS IN ARCHAEOLOGYJULIA ELIZABETH MEBANETITUS KAMIL MIKOLAJCZAKSAILAKSHMI RAMGOPAL ANGELE ROSENBERGPAUL lOAN VADANEMILY SARAH WILSONALBEIU SCHWEITZER FELLOWSHIPSPHILLIP JOHNSON HSUTESSA GARCIA McEWEN AMOL SANAT NAIKKATHERINE GRACE PALMERHELEN SELLEI-BERETVAS GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPMARY CATHERINE ANDORFERBEATRICE G. AND NATE H. SHERMAN FELLOWSHIPJEREMYTZU-HUAI CHANGEMILY FAYE HIGGSCASEY JAEKYUNG KIMMADISON RAE OLMSTEDISABELLA SOPHIA PAN ROHAN NISHANT SHAHVIOLET SORRENTINOWENDYYITONGCAITLINYEESOCIAL SCIENCE REsEARCH CoUNCIL INTERNATIONAL DISSEIUATIONREsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSTOYGUN ALTINTASAHMET TUNC SEN NANCY ANN THEBAUTSSRC DISSEIUATION PROPOSAL DEVELOPMENT FELLOWSHIPALEJANDRO FLORESSSCR JAPAN SOCIETY FOR THE PROMOTION OF SCIENCE FELLOWSHIPNICHOLAS MAHOOD LAMBRECHTSOCIAL SCIENCE VISITING CoMMITTEE DISSEIUATION FELLOWSHIPPATRICK WILLIAM KELLYCoUNCIL ON SOCIAL WORK EDUCATION MINORfIY FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMJOANNA PATAG VILLACORTATHE SOCIETY FOR RENAISSANCE ARr HISTORY TRAVEL AWARDCHRISTINE ZAPPELLACoMMITTEE ON SOUfH AsIAN STUDIES FELLOWSHIPSJUSTIN WESLEY HENRYPATRICK GEORGES LAMBELETNABANJAN MAITRA KELLY NICOLE MEISTERCHARLES SCOTT PRESTONKYLE JEFFREY TREMBLEYSOUTHEAST AsIAN STUDIES SUMMER INSTITUTE (SFASSI) LANGUAGESCHOIARSHIPMOODJALIN SUDCHAROEN ANIALIcALJOKRPACfAL.RACA:HIIRAISAlU(MCAL)JEACAlUl'UCIHP HEALTH POllCY SCHOLARS FELLOWSHIPSClASffINKER FIELD REsEARCH GRANTSALYSIA MANN CAREYJONATHAN MARK DEMINGKRISTOPHER TYLER DRIGGERSPATRICK JOHN DYERCHRISTINA PRISCILLA FLORESALEXIS LYN-MARIE HOWARDRAYMOND ALEXANDER HUNTERCATALINA OSPINA JIMENEZHILARY M. LEATHEMRAFAEL TORCH SERVICE FELLOWSHIPRACHEL ROSE KAMINSTHE HARRY S. TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIPSAMUEL TIMOTHY BOLANDMOTOLANI AKINOLAALYSSA KRISTEN ANNEKENJEANNE JULIANA GERMAINE CHAUFFOURCAROLINE ANNA FRISHMAN THE AWARD OF HONORSJORGE E. LEFEVREERIN McFEEAARON ROBERT PADDOCKNATALIA PILANDALICIA ROSE RILEYCAMILLE ROUSSELLAURA CATHERINE SOUTHCOTTPERRY A. WONGGABRIEL VELEZ U CHICAGO Asrs, SCIENCE, AND CULTURE GRADUATE CollABORATIONGRANTSDAM lEN ALEXANDER BRIGHT CAMERON STEPHEN HUUS TEACHING AssISTANTSHIP IN AUSTRIACORY ROBERT SCHIFFWElL GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSKAICHEN KUANGDALUWENNER-GREN FOUNDATION DISSERTATION FIELDWORK GRANTSHANNAH RACHEL CHAZINMAlRAHAYATVICTORIA NGUYEN SAYANTAN AHA ROYJEREMY A. SIEGMANMRS. GILES WHITING FELLOWSHIPS FOR DISSERTATION REsEARCHIWRITINGHELEN XIN GAOSWATHI KRISHNANRACHELNASSJACOB JOSEPH RYALL CARISSA ANNE ABREGO-COLLIERELLEN ALEXIS AMBROSONEKATHERINE LAURA BOS ALEXANDER JACQUELINE ELIZA VAYNTRUBANDREAWALDOrro AND VALERIE WINDT MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIPSZHILIANG GONG RUIBIN LIANGUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO HARPER DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSANDREW FRANCIS DURDINALEXANDRA KATHRYN ZIRKLE WOODROW WILSON FOUNDATION-ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS-FUNDFELLOWSHIPMIKAELA WINDSOR BETTSYENCING ACADEMY SCHOLARSHIP FELLOWSHIPDENNIS PATRICK WIATER113THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 523RD CONVOCATIONTHE ALMA MATERText: Edwin H. Lewis, Ph.D., 1894 Music: Eustasio Rosales and Mack Evans��! J IJ. Jl ; J I; J a J I r·To - day we glad - ly sing the praise of her r Jwhose daugh - ters and whose sons Now�� r.'\r Jl ; J I J. ; a J IJ. � J 1 Ii ] J Jloy al voi - ces proud - ly raise to bless her with our be - ni - sons. Of�� J. as, J J IJ. a J J IJ. as J J IJ. 1 J JIall fair mo - thers fair - est she, most wise of all that wis - est be, most�� FJ 1£3 IF] r.'\J. ), J i Ir r J J JI IJtrue of all the true say we, is our dear AI- rna Ma ter. IIMUSICIANSMILLAR BRASS ENSEMBLEMATT LEE, DirectorTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MOTET CHOIRJAMES KALLEMBACH, DirectorSOPRANOAMIRA FRANCESCAFREEMANCARl GLANVILLEJI SU KANGHANNAH LANDESEMILY POLNAR ALTOJULIA FOURNIERHANNAH FLYNNLOUISA RICHARDSON-DEPPEDANIELLE RUBINKENYA SENECHARLES TENORCHAR DASTONTAVISH GANTZCOLIN GARONSAMUEL GERSHONEAL JOCHMANNDAVID MAOJOSH PEARCE BASSBENJAMIN MCKENNAERIC KIRKESDANIEL COHENSTEPHEN CREIGHTONLUKE DUROC-DANNERCOLIN FOWLERMICHAEL MODAK-TRURANDANIEL MURATOREIJc Mixed SourcesProduct group from well·managedforests,controlledsourus.ndrtcytled wood or fiberFSC ���s����19114