THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO--FOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHEFIVE HUNDRED TWENTY-FIRSTCONVOCATIONAUTUMN QUARTERDECEMBER TWELFTHTWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEENTHREE O'CLOCK P.M.ROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORDER OF EXERCISESROBERT j. ZIMMERPRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY, PRESIDINGPRELUDES AND PROCESSIONALWYLIE CRAWFORDUNIVERSITY CARILLONNEURMillar Brass EnsembleTHOMAS WEISFLOGUNIVERSITY ORGANISTTHE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONThe Congregation stands and remains standing until after the Call to Order.The Flag BearersThe Marshal of the University and the Student MarshalsThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculty of the UniversityThe Vice-MarshalThe DeansThe Trustees and Officers of the UniversityThe Faculty SpeakerThe Provost of the UniversityThe President of the UniversityBRASS FANFAREMillar Brass EnsembleCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSITYWELCOMEROBERT ]. ZIMMERPRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY--THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I PIST CONVOCATIONTHE CONVOCATION ADDRESSIntroduction given byERIC D. ISAACSPROVOST OF THE UNIVERSITY"THE GREAT CARBON CONSPIRACY"byDAVID ARCHERPROFESSOR, DEPARTMENT OF THE GEOPHYSICAL SCIENCES AND THE COLLEGESince 1993, David Archer has been on the faculty of theDepartment of the Geophysical Sciences at the Universityof Chicago. A climate change expert, he teaches courseson global warming, environmental chemistry, and globalgeochemical cycles, and is a faculty member in theUniversity's Environmental Studies undergraduate program.He has worked on a wide range of topics pertaining to theglobal carbon cycle and its relation to global climate, witha special focus on ocean sedimentary processes and theirimpact on the evolution of atmospheric carbon dioxide, andwas elected a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union in2010 for his exceptional scientific contributions to his field.ArI award winning science writer, Professor Archer haswritten a series of books on climate change; his book TheLong Thaw: How Humans Are Changing the Next IOO, 000 Yearsof Earth's Climate won the 2009 Walter P. Kistler Book Awardfrom the Foundation for the Future. His Global warming: Understanding the Forecast, now in its second edition, is a textfor non-science major undergraduates. Its first edition waslisted as an Outstanding Academic Title by Choice magazine.Other titles include The warming Papers: The ScientificFoundation for the Climate Change Forecast, The GlobalCarbon Cycle, and The Climate Crisis: An Introductory Guideto Climate Change. He is also a regular contributor to oneof the internet's most influential science blogs, and he regularly teaches open-access online courses onclimate science.Prior to joining the University of Chicago, ProfessorArcher completed a postdoctoral fellowship and was apostdoctoral research scientist at the Lamont-Doherty EarthObservatory at Columbia University. He received his oceanography from the University of Washington and hisbachelor's degree in biochemistry from Indiana University.--MUSICAL INTERLUDEFANFARE FOR A FESTIVALComposed byRON NELSONThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirJAMES KALLEMBACHCONDUCTORTHE AWARD OF HONORSAwarded General Honors with the Bachelor's Degree:SPENCER REIMAN BLEDSOEXIAOLUN CHENGSANG HYUN CHOMICH ELLIOTTHOWARD FANGSARAH BESS FEDNERJOSEPH NATHANIEL GLYNNRAE GRAYSARA MAl HENRYWON HUHBRANDON SCOTT KENNEDY RICK DAVID PRESMANKEJIA RENDENIS SEMISALOVZOE REBECCA STEINBERGW. MITCHELL STOUTINELLIE MENG SUELEANOR DEATON SULLIVANBOTAO WUSUNG HYUN YUROBIN TAE KIMASHLEY NICOLE KROLOPPSARAH YO UN G LICLAIRE YAO LINTYLER HARRISON LUTZALYSSA ROSE MALLORYRACHEL AUTUMN MARKLEYCRYSTAL MENGAPARNA NUTAKKIMATTHEW FRANCIS O'KEEFECARLOS JIN-YEP PENIKIS--THE CONFERRING OF ACADEMIC DEGREESCandidates for Degrees will be presented in alphabetical order by degree in the following academic units:In the College by DEAN JOHN W. BOYERThe Student Marshal will be presented by UNIVERSITY MARSHAL CATHERINE C. BAUMANNIn the William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studiesby DEAN MARK R. NEMECIn the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicineby DEAN KENNETH S. POLONSKYNames will be read by DEAN FOR GRADUATE AFFAIRS VICTORIA E. PRINCEIn the Division of the Humanities by DEAN MARTHA T. ROTHIn the Division of the Physical Sciences by DEAN EDWARD W. KOLBIn the Division of the Social Sciences by DEAN DAVID NIRENBERGIn the University of Chicago Booth School of Business by DEAN SUNIL KUMARNames will be read by ASSOCIATE DEAN PATTY KEEGANIn the Divinity School by DEAN MARGARET M. MITCHELLIn the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies by DEAN DANIEL DIERMEIERIn the Law School by ASSOCIATE DEAN RICHARD I. BADGERIn the School of Social Service Administration by ASSOCIATE DEAN OF STUDENTS JOSEPH EDWARDSCandidates not presented are receiving degrees in absentia.The President will lead the audience in acknowledging the candidates after each school's degrees are distributed.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 521ST CONVOCATIONI. IN THE COLLEGEFor the Degree of Bachelor ofArts in the CollegeJOSEPH MICHAEL APODACA(Political Science) TYLER HARRISON LUTZ(English Language and Literature)(Physics)SPENCER REIMAN BLEDSOE(Economics) ALYSSA ROSE MALLORY(Public Policy Studies)XIAOLUN CHENG(Economics) RACHEL AUTUMN MARKLEY(Economics)SANGHYUN CHO(Mathematics)(Economics) CRYSTAL MENG(Economics)SARAH MARIA DUSTER(Biological Sciences) SAAD SYED NASSER(Economics)HOWARD FANG(Economics) APARNA NUTAKKI(Biological Sciences)SARAH BESS FEDNER(Linguistics) CARLOS JIN -YEP PENIKIS(Economics)FRANCIS BONNEVIE GALLEGO(Economics) MEGAN CATHERINE PORTER(Public Policy Studies)JOSEPH NATHANIEL GLYNN(Philosophy)RAE GRAY(Theater and Performance Studies) KEJIA REN(Economics)WILLIAM CLAYTON ROBERTS(Statistics)SARA MAl HENRY(English Language and Literature) DENIS SEMISALOV(Economics)WON HUH(Biological Sciences) W. MITCHELL STOUTIN(History with Honors)IJEURU ANULI IHEJIAHI(Economics) ALEXANDER CARLQUIST STRANDBERG(Psychology)BRANDON SCOTT KENNEDY(Economics) ELLIE MENG SU(Economics)JOSEPH WOORIM KIM(Economics) ELEANOR DEATON SULLIVAN(Biological Sciences)ROBIN TAE KIM(Economics) KEVIN DAVID WANG(Physics)(Economics)(Matbematics-S. B.)ASHLEY NICOLE KROLOPP(Economics)SARAH YO UN G LI(Economics) BOTAOWU(Economics with Honors)(Applied Mathematics-SiBi )(Statistics)CLAIRE YAO LIN(Economics) SUNG HYUNYU(Economics)For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in the College and the Division of the Physical SciencesGRIGORIY YULYEVICH MOSKALENKO(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry) RICK DAVID PRESMAN(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics-A. B.)MATTHEW FRANCIS O'KEEFE(Mathematics) ZOE REBECCA STEINBERG(Environmental Science)II. THE STUDENT MARSHALFor the Degree of Bachelor ofArts in the CollegeMICH ELLIOTT(Economics)III. IN THE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE V. GRAHAMSCHOOL OF CONTINUING LIBERALAND PROFESSIONAL STUDIESFor the Degree ofMaster of Liberal ArtsAUDRA D. HALLS.B., University of Houston-Downtown, I992SIMIN HEMMATI-RASMUSSENA.B., University of Mashhad, Iran, I97I ERIK CHRISTOPHER ZEHENDERA.B., Northwestern University, I989M.B.A., University of Chicago, I997IV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES ANDTHE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFor the Degree of Master of ScienceMOLLY ELIZABETH GALLAGHERS.B., Ohio State University, Columbus, 20II(Ecology and Evolution)SEBASTIAN HEILPERNS.B., Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 20II(Ecology and Evolution)VAGISH SRINIVASAN HEMMIGEA.M., Harvard University, 2002M.D., New York University, 2006(Health Studies) CHRISTINA LYNN MASCOA.B., Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, 20IO(Ecology and Evolution)DARCY LYNN ROSSS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I2(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)WILLIAM TYB URCZYS.B., Stanford University, 2003(Ecology and Evolution)For the Degree of Doctor of PhilosophyALEXANDRA ROSE CUNLIFFEA.B., Northwestern University, 2009(Medical Physics)DISSERTATION: Thoracic Computed Tomography Image TextureAnalysis for Assessment of Radiation-Induced Lung Tissue Damageand Early Identification of Radiation PneumonitisEMILY DAVENPORTS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007(Human Genetics)DISSERTATION: Examining the Environmental and Genetic Basis ofHuman Gut Microbiome CompositionYUSUKE FUKUDAS.B., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 2008(Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)DISSERTATION: Spatial Control of Microtubule Length andLifetime by Opposing Stabilizing and Destabilizing Functions ofKinesin-B AARON STEPHEN KANDURs. B., New College of the University of South Florida, 2006(Ecology and Evolution)DISSERTATION: The Distribution of My til us californianus in theStrait ofJuan de FucaNHIKHUONGA.B., Reed College, 2002(Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)DISSERTATION: Coliphage N4 Inhibits Cell Division by TargetingFtsZ and FtsASTEVEN WILLIAM KREGELS.B., University of Chicago, 2009S.M., ibid., 20I3(Cancer Biology)DISSERTATION: The Role of Pluripotent Stem Cell TranscriptionFactors in Prostate CancerTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 52IST CONVOCATIONBENJAMIN HENRY KRINSKYS.B., Yale University, 2005S.M., University of Chicago, 20IO(Evolutionary Biology)DISSERTATION: The Evolution of Expression Networks Driven by aYoung Gene in DrosophilaKAY-MARIE JOAN LAMARS.B., Iowa State University of Science and Technology, 2008(Human Genetics)DISSERTATION: Mechanisms of LTBP4 in Muscular DystrophyPATRICK FRANCIS LANDBACKA.B., University of Chicago, 2007(Genetics)DISSERTATION: The Evolution and Phenotypic Impact of New GeneDuplicates in HumansYEN-CHYI LIUS.B., National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, 2005(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)DISSERTATION: Neural Control of Alternative Escape Behaviorsthrough Integrated Activity of Hindbrain and Spinal Cord CircuitsANNA MALGORZATA LUCHNIAKS.M., Uniwersytet [agiellonski w Krakou/ie, Krakow, Poland, 2007(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)DISSERTATION: Dissecting the Molecular Etiology of Tubulin­Related Neurodevelopmental Disorders in Humans CHARLENE LEANN McCORDS.B., University of California, Los Angeles, 2006(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)DISSERTATION: The Evolution and Functional Morphologyof Partitioned Adductor Mandibulae Muscles and a Novel JawMechanism in Triggerfishes (Teleostei: Balistidae)BENJAMIN DEWART McDONALDS.B., Brown University, 2007(Immunology)DISSERTATION: The Development of Unconventional IntestinalIntraepitbelial LymphocytesAGNIESZKA MISIURABach., Uniwersytet Gdanski, Gdansk, Poland, 2007(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)DISSERTATION: Roles of Two Serine Recombinases in Mobilizingthe Methicillin Resistance Cassette in MRSAERIKA LINN MOENA.B., Brown University, 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 20I4(Cancer Biology)DISSERTATION: Genome-Wide Cytosine Modifications and TheirImplications for Sensitivity to Chemotherapeutic AgentsAYA PUSICS.B., University of California, Los Angeles, 2007(Neurobiology)DISSERTATION: Neuroimmune Signaling of EnvironmentalEnrichment: The Role of Exosomes in RemyelinationNINAMARIE OCHOAA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 20II(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)V. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESFor the Degree of Master ofArtsSILVER BRONZOLaurea, Uniuersita degli Studi di Roma 'La Sapienza: Rome, Italy,2002(Philosophy)EMILY SARAH DUPREEA. B., University of California, Los Angeles, 20IO(Philosophy)CLAIRE LOUISE HAGEN-FLECKA.B., College of St. Catherine, 2005(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)JONATHAN THOMAS KEANEA.B., University of Florida, 2007(Linguistics)JORGE E. LEFEVREA.B., University of Puerto Rico-Rio Pedras Campus, 20I2(Romance Languages and Literatures)ZACHARY LOVELESSA.B., Auburn University, Main Campus, 2005(Philosophy)CATHERINE MARY MARDULAA.B., Brown University, 20I2(Classics: Classical Languages and Literatures)MICHELLE ALEXANDRA MAYDANCHIKA.B., Dartmouth College, 2005(Art History) NADIA SABA QAZIA.B., Loyola University of Chicago, 2008(Middle Eastern Studies)JULIO CARLOS RIVERAS.B., Georgetown University, 2009(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)NATHAN J. ROTHSCHILDA.B., Yale University, I998(Philosophy)LINSEY SAINTE CLAIRELic., Uniuersite de Paris VII (Denis Diderot), France, 2007Mast., ibid., 2009(Romance Languages and Literatures)AMANDA SHUBERTA.B., Oberlin College, 20IO(English Language and Literature)ADAM ROTH SINGERMANA.B., Harvard University, 2009(Linguistics)JENNIFER WINTER SNOWA.B., University of California, San Diego, 20I2(Master of Arts Program in the Humanities)For the Degree of Doctor of PhilosophyMIRIAM FRANCESCA ALOISIOLaurea, Scuola Superiore per Mediatori Linguistici-Carla Bo,Milan, Italy, 2005A.M., University of Virginia, 2008(Romance Languages and Literatures)DISSERTATION: Dalla comicita all'apocalisse: una lettura ecocriticadell'opera di Luigi MalerbaPERRY ERNEST CALDWELL IVA.B., University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, 2002A.M., University of Kansas, 2006LL.M., National University of Singapore, Singapore, 20IO(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)DISSERTATION: Writing Chinese Laws: The Form and Function ofStatutes in Qin Legal CultureJEFFREY KWESI COLEMANA.B., Dartmouth College, 2008A.M., University of Chicago, 2009(Romance Languages and Literatures)DISSERTATION: Bracingfor Impact: Portrayals of Immigration inContemporary Spanish TheatreKATHRYN ANNE DUDAA.B., Thomas Aquinas College, 2003A.M., University of Chicago, 2008(Slavic Languages and Literatures)DISSERTATION: Inherited Humanism: The Case of EvgeniiaGinzburg and Vasilii AksenovPETER SVAREN ERICKSONA.B., University of Chicago, 2005A.M., ibid., 2009(Germanic Studies)DISSERTATION: Religious Conversion in the Late GermanEnlightenment: Goethe, Schiller, and WielandCiHANGiR GONDOGDUA.B., istanbul Bilgi Uniuersitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 200IA.M., Bogaziri Uniuersitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 2004A.M., University of Chicago, 2007(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)DISSERTATION: '/ire There No Asylums?" The Ottoman State andthe Insane, I856-I908JUDY M. HENSLEYA.B., Gustavus Adolphus College, I997M. TS., Harvard University, 200IA.M., University of Chicago, 2003J.D., Stanford University, 2006(Philosophy)DISSERTATION: Equity Strikes Back: The Lost Ideal of AristotelianEquitable Justice in Contemporary Statutory InterpretationJOELA MAGDALENA JACOBSA.M., Freie Uniuersitdt Berlin, Germany, 2008(Germanic Studies)DISSERTATION: Speaking the Non-Human: Plants, Animals, andMarginalized Humans in Literary Grotesques from Oskar Panizzato Franz Kafka JONATHAN THOMAS KEANEA.B., University of Florida, 2007A.M., University of Chicago, 20I4(Linguistics)DISSERTATION: Towards an Articulatory Model of Handsbape:What Fingerspelling Tells Us about the Phonetics and Phonology ofHandshape in American Sign LanguageTRENT LEIPERTA.B., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, 2005(Music)DISSERTATION: Feeling in the Cracks: Subjective Binds inContemporary European CompositionANTHONY EDWARDS MAHLERA. B., University of Pennsylvania, 2006A.M., University of Chicago, 20IO(Germanic Studies)DISSERTATION: Writing Regimens: The Dietetics of LiteraryAuthorship in the Late German EnlightenmentMARIANNA MARTINA.B., Bryn Mawr College, 2002(Cinema and Media Studies)DISSERTATION: Reading the Cards: Contemporary Genre Practiceand Digital AudiencesMICHELLE ALEXANDRA MAYDANCHIKA.B., Dartmouth College, 2005A.M., University of Chicago, 20I4(Art History)DISSERTATION: Creative Disruption: Contemporary RussianPerformance ArtHENRY ROBERT SCOTCHA.B., University of California, Santa Cruz, I996A.M., University of California, Riverside, 2005(English Language and Literature)DISSERTATION: Oceanic America: A Literary Geography, I844-I930ESRA TA�DELENA.B., Sabanci Uniuersitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 2003A.M., University of Chicago, 2005A.M.,ibid., 2007(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)DISSERTATION: Literature as a Mirror of History: A ComparativeStudy of the Historical Fictions of Ahmet Htkmet Muftiioglu (I870-I927) and furji Zaydan (I86I-I9I4)SAMUEL TOBIN WRIGHTA.B., University of California, Santa Cruz, I999A.M., University of Chicago, 2005(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)DISSERTATION: The Expansion of a Discipline: IntellectualChange in Nyaya-Sastra in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-CenturyIndiaTHE U IVERSITY OF CHICAGO 52IST CONVOCATIONVI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Master of ScienceRASHAD AHMEDS.B., Drexel University, 20I2(Statistics) KYLE JOSEPH GIBSONS.B., Hope College, 20I2(Chemistry)REBECCA E. BLACKA.B., Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, 20I3(Chemistry) MZURI SPITALERI HANDLINA.B., Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington, 20I3(Chemistry)PETER BLANKENSHIPS. B., American University, Washington, District of Columbia, 20I3(Statistics) TONG HUB.£., Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China,20I3(Computer Science)PATRICK EUGENE BRYANTS.B., University of Oregon, 20I3(Physics) HYEONDO HWANGS.B., City University of New York, 20I3(Chemistry)YUJIE CAOS.B., Nanjing Normal University, China, 20I3(Chemistry) NICOLE MARIE JAMESA.B., Whitman College, Walla Walla, Washington, 20II(Chemistry)SARA CHRISTINE CHAMBERLINS.B., University of Texas at Austin, 20IO(Chemistry) ERIC McNEAL JANKES.B., University of Washington, Seatttle, 20I2(Chemistry)SHENGRUI CHENB.B.A., Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, 20IOS.M., University of Texas at Dallas, 20I2(Financial Mathematics) YIZHEN JIAB.Eng., Beihang University, Beijing, China, 20I3(Computer Science)SUBHADIP CHOWDHURYB.Math., Indian Statistical Institute Bangalore Centre, India 20I3(Mathematics) PETER KILGORE JOHNSONS.B., University of Richmond, 20I2(Master of Science Program in the Physical Sciences)WEIWEI CHUB.Eng., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 20I3(Chemistry) CHRISTIAN ALEXANDER KISSIGA.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 20I3(Chemistry)ELIZABETH CLEVELANDS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I2(Statistics) RUPA SRAVANI KOMMINENIB. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati, India, 20I2(Computer Science)MORRIS ELI COHENA.B., Boston University, 20I3(Chemistry) THOMAS MATTHEW KUNTZA.B., Wesleyan University, 20I2(Chemistry)JOSEPH LOUIS COLARUOTOLOS.B., University of Rochester, 20I3(Chemistry) JUNCHI LIS.B., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 20I2(Statistics)PATRICK DAVID CUNNINGHAMA.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 20I3(Chemistry) SHUANGYANG LIB.Eng., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 20I3(Master of Science Program in the Physical Sciences)THOMAS PHILIP DANNENHOFFER-LAFAGES.B., University of Oregon, 20I3(Chemistry) YANAN LIB. Eng. , City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon, 20I3(Computer Science)NOAH DANIEL EASTON5.B., University of Central Oklahoma, 20I3(Chemistry) CHENG LIUB. Eng. , Tianjin University, China, 20I3(Computer Science)JASON RYAN ELANGBAMS.B., University of California, Berkeley, 20I3(Chemistry) HAICHEN LIUS.B., Shanghai [iao Tong University, China, 20I3(Computer Science)XINGUO FANS.B., Zhongshan University, Guangzhou, China, 2004S.M., Duke University, 2006S.M., University of Chicago, 2007(Computer Science) BOWEN LOUS.B., Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, 20I3(Computer Science)JOSEPH JEFFERY GAIRA.B., Saint John's University, Collegeville, Minnesota, 20I2(Chemistry) YAO LUS.B., Tongji University, Shanghai, Chinac zoio(Physics)MICHAEL JAMES LUECKHEIDEA.B., Vassar College, 20I3(Chemistry)JOSEPH NATHANAEL MASTRONS.B., University of Southern California, 20I3(Chemistry)DANIEL MICHERONIS.B., Villanova University, 20IIS.M., ibid., 20I3(Chemistry)MORENVINO MOCHTARS. T, Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia, 2008(Computer Science)KIERAN MURPHYA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 20I3(Physics)ANNA OLSONS.B., Carnegie Mellon University, 2009(Computer Science)JOHN PATRICK OTTOS.B., Creighton University, 20I3(Chemistry)HANNAH RUTLEDGES.B., William Marsh Rice University, 20I2(Chemistry)MANAS SAJJANB.Sc., University of Calcutta, Kolkata, India, 20IIM.Sc., Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India, 20I2(Chemistry)JEFFREY DAVID SAYLERS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20I3(Chemistry)ANTHONY WILLIAM SCHLIMGENA.B., Creighton University, 20II(Chemistry)PRESTON G. SCRAPES.B., University of Arkansas at Fayetteville, 20I3(Chemistry)JUNGKYUN SE�A.B., Columbia University, New York City, New York, 20I3(Statistics)AMIRALI SHAMBAYATIS.B., Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran, 20I2(Computer Science)VALERII SHARAPOVS.B., v.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University, Kharkov, Ukraine,20I2(Chemistry)GUOHUASHENS.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 20I3(Chemistry)JIALIN SONGS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 20I3(Master of Science Program in the Physical Sciences)VISHWAS SRIVASTAVAB.Sc., Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolkata,India,20I3M.Sc., ibid., 20I3(Chemistry) MICHAEL EDWARD STRUPPA.B., George Washington University, I994S.M., Illinois Institute of Technology, I998M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2003(Computer Science)JUNFENG SUNBiEng., East China Normal University, Shanghai, 20I3(Computer Science)JUSTIN JAMES TEES DALES.B., University of Delaware, 20I3(Chemistry)NEDELINA YORDANOVA TENEVAA.B., Colgate University, 20II(Computer Science)ERIK HENNING THIEDES.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 20I3(Chemistry)PO-CHIEH TINGS.B., National Taiwan University, Taipei, 20I2(Chemistry)LUTONGS.B., Nanjing University, China, I994S.M., Ohio University, Athens, I999(Financial Mathematics)RICHARD DARREN VEITS.B., Western Washington University, 20I3(Chemistry)HONGYI WANGB.Eng., Beijing Jiaoto ng University, China, 20I3(Computer Science)WEIYI WANGB.Sc., University of London, England, United Kingdom, 20I3(Statistics)BENJAMIN P. WEISSMANA.B., Hamilton College, 20IO(Chemistry)DAVID MATTHEW WELGUSA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2005M.PP, University of Chicago, 20I3(Statistics)NICHOLAS EDWARD WILLIAMSS.B., Chestnut Hill College, 20I3(Chemistry)XIHUI WUS.B., Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China 20I3(Computer Science)YICHENWUB. Eng. , City University of Hong Kong, Kowloon, 20I3(Computer Science)HUILIN XIONGB.£., Renmin University of China, Beijing, 2008M.App.Fin., ibid., 20IO(Financial Mathematics)JIASU XUS.B., Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 20I3(Chemistry)QIANCHENG YOUS.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 20I3(Chemistry)MIAO YUB.Eng., Shanghai [iao Tong University, China, 20II(Computer Science)THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO PIST CONVOCATIONOLIVIA BROOKE YUS.B., Grand Valley State University, 20I2(Chemistry)LISHENG ZHANGS.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 20I3(Chemistry)XUZHOU ZHANGB.A.S., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 20I3(Financial Mathematics) CHUN ZHOUS.B., Nanjing University, China, 20I3(Chemistry)YE ZHOUS.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 20II(Chemistry)For the Degree of Master of Science in the Division of the Physical Sciencesand the Division of the Biological SciencesCAITLIN SULLIVAN TREJOS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2009(Biophysical Sciences)For the Degree of Doctor of PhilosophyKEITH ALAN CRUMA.B., University of Chicago, 2007(Physics)DISSERTATION: A Measurement ofsin2291) with the Double ChoozExperimentMICHELLE MILLAN DRISCOLLS.B., University of Texas at Austin, 2007S.B., ibid., 2007S.M., University of Chicago, 2008(Physics)DISSERTATION: Geometric Control of Failure Behavior inPerforated SheetsNICOLE ELIZABETH FIELDSA.B., University of Virginia, 2008S.M., University of Chicago, 2009(Physics)DISSERTATION: COsl: Development of a Low Threshold Detectorfor the Observation of Coherent Elastic Neutrino-Nucleus ScatteringZACHARY PAUL GATESS.B., University of Chicago, 2007S.M., ibid., 20IO(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Studies on Solid Phase Synthesis of Pep tide­Thioesters for Use in Chemical Protein SynthesisDANIEL CHARLES HERBSTS.B., University of Virginia, 2007S.M., University of Chicago, 2008(Physics)DISSERTATION: Water Uptake Profile in a Model Ion-ExchangeMembrane: Conditions for Water-Rich ChannelsHO LING LIS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 20IO(Physics)DISSERTATION: Search for W' -+tb -+qqbb with Novel Techniquesat the ATLAS Experiment DAVID DANIEL McCOWANS.B., Ohio University, Athens, 2007S.M., University of Chicago, 2008(Physics)DISSERTATION: A Numerical Study of Longtime Dynamics andErgodic-Nonergodic Transitions in Dense Simple FluidsYUXING PENGS.B., Nankai University, Tianjin, China, I985(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulations ofProton Transport in Nanoconfined Spaces: From Nanomaterial toBiologyRADHA RAMACHANDRANB. 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(Hons), University of London, England, United Kingdom,2008S.M., University of Chicago, 20IO(Astronomy and Astrophysics)DISSERTATION: Constraining Neutrinos and Dark Energy withGalaxy Clustering in the Dark Energy SurveyTIMOFEY ZOLKINBach., Novosibirsk State University, Russia, 2008Mag., ibid., 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20II(Physics)DISSERTATION: Beam Transverse Instability in the FNAL BoosterFor the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the Division of the Physical Sciencesand the Division of the Biological SciencesIVY JEAN FITZGERALDA.B., Agnes Scott College, 20IOS.M., University of Chicago, 20I2(Biophysical Sciences)DISSERTATION: Development and Utilization of a MonomericSuperfolder GFP for Analysis and Enhancement of Yeast SecretionVII. 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IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFor the Degree of Master ofArtsELIZABETH M. GORDONA.B., Willamette University, 2005M.Div., University of Chicago, 20I4 NEHEZI MARAAYAH ROBERTSA.B., Illinois State University, I996For the Degree of Doctor of PhilosophyDAVID W. JOHNSONA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2002M.Div., University of Chicago, 2008A.M., ibid., 2008DISSERTATION: College-going Culture in Urban High Schools:Building Relational Infrastructure to Support PostsecondaryAttainment ALFRED GENE PEREZA.B., San Jose State University, I998M.S. w., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 200IDISSERTATION: Are We Putting the Cart Before the Horse?Understanding Legal and Relational Permanence among YoungAdults with Foster Care HistoriesMELISSA LYNN HARDESTYS.B. Indiana University Bloomington, I999M.S. w., Indiana University Northwest, Gary, 2007DISSERTATION: Ethical Labor and the Making of American Familyin Child Welfare--20THE ALMA MATER(Please Stand)Music:EUSTASIO ROSALES AND MACK EVANSArranged byJAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirJAMES KALLEMBACHCONDUCTORText: Edwin H. Lewis, Ph.D., 1894Jl J J I J J J rTo - day we glad - ly sing the praise of her whose daugh - ters and whose sons Now�� 1':'\r Jl J J I J. , J J IJ. � J 1 I J. ] J Jloy al voi - ces proud - ly raise to bless her with our be - ni - sons. Of�� J. Js, J J Ij. 0 J J IJ. Js, J J Ij. 0 J Jall fair mo - thers fair - est she, most wise of all that wis - est be, most�� FJ liTI IF] 1':'\J. Js, J y IF r J J Js, IJ.true of all the true say we, is our dear AI- rna Ma ter.--ADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITYROBERT J. ZIMMERMUSICAL FINALECONSECRATE THE PLACE AND DAYComposed byLLOYD PFAUTSCHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirJAMES KALLEMBACHCONDUCTORCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMARSHAL OF THE UNIVERSITYTRUMPET FLOURISHMillar Brass Ensemble JIIWYLIE CRAWFORDTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO 52IST CONVOCATIONTHE RECESSIONAL(Please stand)Toccata from SYMPHONY NUMBER 5Composed byCHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOGUNIVERSITY ORGANISTTHE CONVOCATION RECESSIONALThe Flag BearersThe Marshal of the UniversityThe President of the UniversityThe Provost of the UniversityThe Faculty SpeakerThe Trustees and Officers of the UniversityThe DeansThe Vice-MarshalThe Faculty of the UniversityThe GraduatesThe Student MarshalsSWINGING PEALUNIVERSITY CARILLONNEURTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MOTET CHOIRMUSICIANSWYLIE CRAWFORDUNIVERSITY CARILLONNEURMembers of the University ChoirsJAMES KALLEMBACHDIRECTORTHOMAS WEISFLOGUNIVERSITY ORGANISTDIRECTORMillar Brass EnsembleMATT LEE--ROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORGAN AND CARILLONTHE ORGANBuilt with the Chapel itself in 1928, RockefellerMemorial Chapel's regal organ is one of fourUniversity organs of the American organ-builderE. M. Skinner (the others being at Yale, Princeton,and Michigan). These organs are considered amongthe finest examples of twentieth-century romanticorgans built in America. On November 1, 1928,Rockefeller's organ, Opus 634, was unveiled at arecital by Lynnwood Farnam, reportedly to a crowdof over 2,500 admirers.In the Rockefeller organ, Skinner fully invested hisgenius for realizing a full orchestral sound, with acomplete collection of voices and many soft etherealeffects. Many of the large pipe scales, which arenecessary to achieve a full sound in a building thesize of the Chapel, are no longer built and thuscannot be found in contemporary organs. Theoriginal Chapel organ included four manuals andhad 6,610 organ pipes in 108 ranks; since its 2008restoration, it now has 8,565 pipes in 132 ranks.The organ's bay of pipes, located in the Chapelchancel, is a work of art in itself and is an integralelement of the interior architecture of Rockefeller.In addition to the chancel organ located at the frontof the Chapel, Skinner installed a gallery organ inthe upper balcony of the Chapel, to accompanythe gallery choir. The organs can be playedindependently or as one, using either console. THE CARILLONThe Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillonwas installed during the summer of 1932, a yearafter its sister instrument at Riverside Church inNew York City, and was dedicated at Thanksgivingthat year. Both carillons are the masterworks of theGillett & Johnston bell foundry of Croydon,England. Carillons of this size had never beforebeen built and have not been constructed since.The Chicago instrument, comprised of 72 bellsand 100 tons of bronze, is the single largest musicalinstrument ever assembled. Its bells were cast overa three-year period and include a massive 18.5-tonbourdon sounding a low C#.Since carefully tuned carillon bells of this sizehad never been created, the design consultant,Frederick Mayer (organist and choirmaster at WestPoint), took the ground-breaking step of placingthe fourteen largest bells below the playing cabinso that the sound of these bells would not deafenthe performer to the smaller bells. Similarly, he laidout these 58 smaller bells so that the tiniest of themwould be directly above the cabin, with the largerones higher in the tower. He also placed trapdoors inthe roof of the cabin, thus providing the carillonneurwith a balanced sound. In the 1960s, several changeswere made to the installation and a major restorationof this instrument was undertaken from 2006-08.Today, the layout of bells favors the audience ratherthan the carillonneur.--THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO I 52IST CONVOCATIONa black gown, which has long pointed sleeves. Thegown of master's degree holders is also black, withsleeves that are squared at the end. Doctor's gownsare fuller with velvet facings down the front andthree bars on the generous bell-shaped sleeves. Whilethe usual color is black, within the past half centurysome American universities have adopted gowns of acolor appropriate for each school; at the University ofChicago our doctoral gown is maroon.ACADEMIC DRESSThe robes worn by participants in academicceremonies originated when European universitieswere being formed in the twelfth and thirteenthcenturies. Since many of the instructors came fromreligious orders and taught in unheated and draftybuildings, they adapted their religious robes for useas the university attire.The long robe with an attached cape or hood becamethe standard and variation in the costume indicatedthe rank of the person wearing it. They were wornevery day and served to distinguish scholars and theirstudents from other citizens. The apparel worn byuniversity faculty that is seen in old engravings isremarkably similar to that which is worn today. Thegown is a symbol of the democracy of scholarshipsince it covers any clothing indicating other rankor status. While everyday fashions have changed,universities retained the earlier style for formal attireto be worn by students, graduates, faculty, anduniversity officials on ceremonial occasions.European universities each developed their ownstyles and colors of academic dress, and some of thedifferences seen in the academic procession todayillustrate that variety. In the United States, however,an intercollegiate congress in 1895 agreed on a singlestandard for academic dress in this country thathas been adopted by most American colleges anduniversities. Individuals with bachelor's degrees wear The cape of the earliest academic costumes hasbecome a hood, worn, by individuals with doctoraldegrees, over the shoulders and hanging behind.The lining of the hood is folded out and its colorsindicate the school from which the wearer obtainedhis or her degree. The velvet border designatesthe degree area of study (white for arts, yellow forscience, blue for philosophy, drab for business, greenfor medicine, purple for law, and red for divinity).University of Chicago honorary degree recipientsreceive a hood with a white facing (doctor of humaneletters), purple (doctor of laws), or yellow (doctor ofscience).The first right of a freed Roman slave was theprivilege of wearing a cap, so the academic cap is thesign of the freedom of scholarship. Although the flatsquare cap or mortarboard is most usual, Chicago'sdoctoral cap is an octagonal tam of velvet.--THE MARSHAL AND THE STUDENT MARSHALSThe office of Marshal of the University wasestablished in 1895 to assist with the conduct ofofficial ceremonies. Until 1903 the Marshal was anundergraduate upperclassman, assisted by otherundergraduate upperclassmen and by membersof the faculty. Since 1903 the Marshal has been amember of the faculty, assisted by other members ofthe faculty and by undergraduate upperclassmen.The Marshal, Vice-Marshal, and Assistant Marshalsof the University of Chicago wear maroon doctor'sANDREW DAVISHELMA DIKRACHEL FULTON BROWNG IULIA GALLIRICHARD HELMHOLZRAFAEL MEGHANIABRAMOVITZNADIA KATHRYN ALHADIYUSEF ASIDDEG AL-JARANINICHOLAS BRASTINS BARNESCLAIRE MARIE BAUMERAVA BENEZRAJOHN PAUL BLIAMPTISAMANDA LEIGH BLOCKSIMONE T. BONAPARTEELVIN BORAHOPE LOUISE BRETSCHERJONATHON JAMES CATLINLOK TSING ENOCH CHANJEANNE GERMAINECHAUFFOURCHUN HO CHOWTAYLOR CARL COPLEN robes with alternating black velvet and gold metallicbars on the sleeves. Prior to receiving their bachelor'sdegrees, Student Marshals wear maroon bachelor'srobes with maroon mortarboards. When receivingtheir degrees, they wear black mortarboards.Student Marshals are appointed by the Presidentof the University in recognition of their excellentscholarship and leadership. Appointment as aStudent Marshal is the highest honor conferred bythe University upon undergraduate students.MARSHALCATHERINE C. BAUMANNVICE-MARSHALDAVID LARUE CRABBASSISTANT MARSHALSWILLIAM HOWELLPATRICK LA RIVIEREJENNIFER MOSLEYMICHAEL SILVERSTEINRONALD A. THISTED CHRISTINA VON NOLCKENCHRISTIAN K. WEDEMEYERPETER WHITESTUDENT MARSHALS2014-2015MELINA EVELYN DE BONAALEXANDER JOSEPH DUNLAPRINA SILLER FRIEDBERGMELISSA NICOLE GATTERJANE E. GORDONANDREA KARINA HAIDARMAGDALENA DEY AN OVAIVANOVAANASTASIA GALINA KAISERDAKE JUNGMO KANGMATTHEW SCOTT KELLNERJI YEON KIMJANEY JAE-EUN LEESCOTT CHARLES LORINGPRESTON MAcKENZIE LUONGNISSA WAN-YING MAlSPENCER PERKINS McAVOYMALLORY CAITLYN MORSE-- NIKHITHA MURALINICHOLAS WOLF PARKERMARGEAUX ALLISON PERKINSMORGANE RICHER LA FLECHEMICHAEL FABER ROSENBAUMLIANNE RUOLAN SEYFERTHDAMINI SHARMANA EUN SHINERIN MARY SIMPSONEMILY NICOLE TIXIERASHLEY C. TRANJENNIFER JEAN UEHLINGAUSTIN WILLIAM WARDLINDSAY EMILY WARRENDEREK PERSEUS WONGHONGYANG XIAOBOSI ZHANGHAYLEY JESSICA ZULLOWTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO FIST CONVOCATIONTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOThe University of Chicago was founded in 1890 byJohn D. Rockefeller, biblical scholar William RaineyHarper, and Chicago-area Baptists. The University'sArticles of Incorporation commit the institutionto excellence in both undergraduate and graduateeducation, an explicit policy of co-education, and anatmosphere of non-sectarianism.Harper agreed to become the first president of theUniversity on the condition that he be allowed toestablish a university that would be unlike any other.He conceived of a university that would emphasizethe creation of new knowledge and "make the work ofinvestigation primary." To this end, the University hasalways been dedicated to excellence in research and hassought the most distinguished scholars for its faculty.Over the years, the University and its faculty have hada major impact on American higher education. Facultyscholarship has shaped several essential disciplines andestablished important and distinctive "Chicago schools"in such disparate fields as economics, evolutionarybiology, sociology, literary criticism, anthropology, andlaw and economics. More than eighty Nobel laureateshave been members of the faculty, researchers, orstudents at the University. Programmatic innovationsoriginating at the University include the invention ofthe four-quarter system, the establishment of a coherentprogram of general education for undergraduates, theinitiation of a full-time medical school teaching faculty,and the development of extension courses and programsin the liberal arts for adults.The University includes an undergraduate College,the William B. and Catherine V Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies, fourgraduate divisions (Biological Sciences, Humanities,Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences), six graduateprofessional schools (Divinity School, Law School,Pritzker School of Medicine, Irving B. HarrisGraduate School of Public Policy Studies, School ofSocial Service Administration, and the Universityof Chicago Booth School of Business), the Institutefor Molecular Engineering, and a diverse collectionof academic support units and resources, includinglibraries, research institutes, clinics, museums, theaters,and a university press. The University has more than2,200 faculty and other academic personnel, and anenrollment of over 15,000 students. The 2I5-acrecampus is located along the Midway Plaisance in HydePark, a residential community on Lake Michigan southof Chicago's Loop.The University's English Collegiate Gothic buildings,built of gray Indiana limestone, were designed to frameshady, green quadrangles. Contemporary campusbuildings have been designed in keeping with theoriginal Gothic theme while drawing from the traditionof great modern architecture for which the city ofChicago is famous. Eero Saarinen and Ludwig Miesvan der Rohe designed striking buildings for the LawSchool and the School of Social Service Administration.The National Trust for Historic Preservation praised theUniversity for its insistence on architectural continuityover "a century of social and academic change."On July 1, 2006, Robert J. Zimmer became theUniversity's thirteenth president.--