R Exp LD941University of ChicagoThe .. , convocation /[no.] 519 (2014: June 21)Bib:215102 Copy:142237 Rec'd:06/18/14c.4THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHE FIVE HUNDRED NINETEENTHCONVOCATIONSPRING QUARTERTWO THOUSAND AND FOURTEEN519TH CONVOCATIONTABLE OF CONTENTSThe Five Hundred Nineteenth ConvocationThe University of ChicagoThe Traditions of Convocation Page 3Page 4Page 6Page 7Page 18Page 23Page 29Page 36Page 44Page 46Page 58Page 61Overview of the DayThe Five Hundred Nineteenth ConvocationThe Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of MedicineThe Division of the HumanitiesThe Division of the Physical SciencesThe Division of the Social SciencesThe Institute for Molecular EngineeringThe University of Chicago Booth School of BusinessThe Divinity SchoolThe William B. and Catherine V. Graham School ofContinuing Liberal and Professional StudiesThe Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy StudiesThe Law School Page 64Page 69Page 75Page 80Page 101Page 120The School of Social Service AdministrationThe CollegeThe Award of HonorsThe Alma Mater2THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOThe University of Chicago was founded in 1890 byJohn D. Rockefeller, biblical scholar William RaineyHarper, and Chicago-area Baptists. The University'sArticles of Incorporation commit the institutionto excellence in both undergraduate and graduateeducation, an explicit policy of co-education, and anatmosphere of non-sectarianism.Harper agreed to become the first president of theUniversity on the condition that he be allowedto establish a university that would be unlike anyother. He conceived of a university that wouldemphasize the creation of new knowledge and"make the work of investigation primary." To thisend, the University has always been dedicated toexcellence in research and has sought the mostdistinguished scholars for its faculty.Over the years, the University and its faculty havehad a major impact on American higher education.Faculty scholarship has shaped several essentialdisciplines and established important and distinctive"Chicago schools" in such disparate fields aseconomics, evolutionary biology, sociology, literarycriticism, anthropology, and law and economics.More than eighty Nobel laureates have beenmembers of the faculty, researchers, or students at theUniversity. Programmatic innovations originating atthe University include the invention of the four­quarter system, the establishment of a coherentprogram of general education for undergraduates,the initiation of a full-time medical school teachingfaculty, and the development of extension courses andprograms in the liberal arts for adults.The University includes an undergraduate College,the William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies, fourgraduate divisions (Biological Sciences, Humanities,Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences), six graduateprofessional schools (Divinity School, Law School,Pritzker School of Medicine, Irving B. HarrisGraduate School of Public Policy Studies, Schoolof Social Service Administration, the University ofChicago Booth School of Business), the Institutefor Molecular Engineering, and a diverse collectionof academic support units and resources, includinglibraries, research institutes, clinics, museums,theaters, and a university press. The Universityhas more than 2,200 faculty and other academicpersonnel, and an enrollment of over 15,000students. The zry-acre campus is located alongthe Midway Plaisance in Hyde Park, a residentialcommunity on Lake Michigan south of Chicago'sLoop.The University's English Collegiate Gothic buildings,built of gray Indiana limestone, were designed toframe shady, green quadrangles. Contemporarycampus buildings have been designed in keepingwith the original Gothic theme while drawingfrom the tradition of great modern architecture forwhich the city of Chicago is famous. Eero Saarinenand Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed strikingbuildings for the Law School and the School ofSocial Service Administration. The National Trustfor Historic Preservation praised the University forits insistence on architectural continuity over "acentury of social and academic change."On July I, 2006, Robert J. Zimmer became theUniversity's thirteenth president.3519TH CONVOCATIONTHE TRADITIONS OF CONVOCATIONABOUT CONVOCATIONThe University of Chicago confers degrees, in aceremony we call convocation, at the end of eachquarter, allowing students to receive their degreesimmediately upon successful completion of therequirements of their academic programs. Convocationsare also held to inaugurate University presidents or tocelebrate milestones in the University's history.Literally a "calling together," the University'sconvocation assembles all elements of the Universitycommunity: students and degree candidates, theirfamily, the faculty, friends of the candidates and friendsof the University, the Officers of the Corporation,the Trustees of the University, the Provost, and thePresident.It is significant that the University of Chicago has alwaysreferred to these occasions as convocations rather than as"commencement exercises" or "graduation ceremonies." Receiving a degree marks neither a new beginning nor atermination. Although for degree candidates it may bea rite of passage, the ceremony focuses on continuity inthe search for knowledge.At the first convocation, the University's first president,William Rainey Harper, told those present that theceremony was intended "to bind together into a unitythe many complex and diverging forms of activity whichconstitute our university life and work." Convocationaddresses consistently focus on the pursuit of knowledgeand the power of ideas.The procession to the convocation ceremony site istypically led by the University's own bagpipe band. Themembers wear kilts made from a specially designed andwoven University tartan. The band plays at the fourconvocations each year and at the alumni convocationduring alumni weekend.ACADEMIC DRESSThe robes worn by participants in academic ceremoniesoriginated when European universities were beingformed in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Sincemany of the instructors came from religious orders andtaught in unheated and drafty buildings, they adaptedtheir religious robes for use as the university attire.The long robe with an attached cape or hood becamethe standard, and variation in the costume indicatedthe rank of the person wearing it. They were wornevery day and served to distinguish scholars and theirstudents from other citizens. The apparel worn byuniversity faculty seen in old engravings is remarkablysimilar to that worn today. The gown is a symbol of thedemocracy of scholarship since it covers any clothingindicating other rank or status. While everyday fashionschanged, universities retained the earlier style for formalattire to be worn by students, graduates, faculty, anduniversity officials on ceremonial occasions.European universities each developed their own stylesof academic dress, and the academic procession todayillustrates some of that variety. In the United States,however, an intercollegiate congress in 1895 agreed on asingle standard for academic dress that has been adoptedby most American colleges and universities. Individualswith bachelor's degrees wear a black gown with long4 pointed sleeves. The gown of master's degree holdersis also black, with sleeves that are squared at the end.Doctor's gowns are fuller with velvet facings down thefront and three bars on the bell-shaped sleeves. Whilethe usual color is black, some American universities haveadopted gowns of a color appropriate for each school;the University of Chicago's doctoral gown is maroon.The cape of the earliest academic costumes has becomea hood, worn, by individuals with doctoral degrees,over the shoulders and hanging behind. The lining ofthe hood is folded out and its colors indicate the schoolfrom which the wearer obtained his or her degree. Thevelvet border designates the degree area of study (whitefor arts, yellow for science, blue for philosophy, drabfor business, green for medicine, purple for law, and redfor divinity). University of Chicago honorary degreerecipients receive a hood with facing in white (doctorof humane letters), purple (doctor of laws), or yellow(doctor of science).The first right of a freed Roman slave was the privilegeof wearing a cap, so the academic cap is the sign of thefreedom of scholarship. Although the flat square cap ormortarboard is most usual, the University of Chicago'sdoctoral cap is an octagonal tam of velvet.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE MARSHAL AND THE STUDENT MARSHALSThe office of Marshal of the University wasestablished in 1895 to assist with the conduct ofofficial ceremonies. Until 1903 the Marshal wasan undergraduate upperclassman, assisted by otherundergraduate upperclassmen and by members of thefaculty. Since 1903 the Marshal has been a member ofthe faculty, assisted by other members of the facultyand by undergraduate upperclassmen.The Marshal, Vice-Marshal, and Assistant Marshalsof the University of Chicago wear maroon doctor'sAndrew DavisHelma DikRachel FultonMegan Elizabeth AnderluhMichael Wyman BegunElizabeth Marie BehrensNora Rose BinghamMorton Daniel BloomfieldJohn Colin BradleyJoseph Stefano CaputoHunter Sato ChaseDaniel Lee ComeauxJessica Carter CoonJohn Robert DulacMartha Kelly FahlgrenVincente Javier FernandezRafael Meghani AbramovitzNadia Kathryn AlhadiYusef Asiddeg Al-JaraniNicholas Brastins BarnesClaire Marie BaumerAva BenezraJohn Paul BliamptisAmanda Leigh BlockSimone T. BonaparteElvin BoraHope Louise BretscherJonathon James CatlinLok Tsing Enoch Chan robes with alternating black velvet and gold metallicbars on the sleeves. Prior to receiving their bachelor'sdegrees, Student Marshals wear maroon bachelor'srobes with maroon mortarboards. When receivingtheir degrees, they wear black mortarboards.Student Marshals are appointed by the Presidentof the University in recognition of their excellentscholarship and leadership. Appointment as a StudentMarshal is the highest honor conferred by theUniversity upon undergraduate students.CATHERINE C. BAUMANNMARSHALVICE-MARSHALDAVID LARuE CRABBASSISTANT MARSHALSRichard H. HelmholzWilliam G. HowellMichael Silverstein Ronald A. ThistedChristina von NolckenLinda J. WaiteSTUDENT MARSHALSLily Elizabeth GabareeRebecca Nicole GutermanNathan Tyler HatchBenjamin Roy HellerDaniel August HennEvan Mael HernandezJane HuangTessa Dorothy HuttenlocherEvan H.JinKipp William JohnsonDerek Connor JohnstonDavid Samuel KanerMichelle Anne KilbournJeanne Germaine ChauffourChun Ho ChowTaylor Carl CoplenMelina Evelyn De BonaAlexander Joseph DunlapRina Siller FriedbergMelissa Nicole GatterJane E. GordonAndrea Karina HaidarMagdalena Deyanova IvanovaAnastasia Galina KaiserDake Jungmo KangMatthew Scott Kellner 2013-2014Da Hei KuAlyssa Gabrielle LawtherEugene LeeJames Arthur ManleyReuben Lewis KnowlesMcCreanorJason Quino McCreeryAlida Camille Miranda-WolffKatelyn MuenckGabrielle Chelsea NewellJi Yoon NohLingyi PengA. E. Schults2014-2015Ji Yeon KimJaney Jae-eun LeeScott Charles LoringPreston Mackenzie LuongNissa Wan-Ying MaiSpencer Perkins McavoyMallory Caitlyn MorseNikhitha MuraliNicholas Wolf ParkerMargeaux Allison PerkinsMorgane Richer La FlecheMichael Faber RosenbaumLianne Ruolan Seyferth Christian K. WedemeyerPeter WhiteUrveel Mukesh ShahRobert Eric ShoemakerAusten Weaver Turner SmithPatricia Rose StichnothJamila Akia TaylorSavannah Jennifer ThaisMattie Froedge TomaKiko WemmerAlice LilyYeSang Gune YooGrace Rui'En ZhangAnny ZhongDamini SharmaNaEun ShinErin Mary SimpsonEmily Nicole TixierAshley C. TranJennifer Jean UehlingAustin William WardLindsay Emily WarrenDerek Perseus WongHongyang XiaoBosi ZhangHayley Jessica Zullow55I9TH CONVOCATIONOVERVIEW OF THE DAYSATURDAY, JUNE 14,2014The 519th convocation ceremony brings the entire University together to witness the conferring of degrees.More than 16,000 candidates and attendees will share in this remarkable moment. At other ceremonies heldby the divisions and schools, degree candidates will be honored individually through the presentation ofdiplomas and/or hoods.7:00-9:00 a.m.Candidates assemble and attendees are seated.The 519th convocation ceremony begins with the academic procession.11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Divisions and schools will hold individual events including lunches, receptions, and ceremonies at differentlocations. Please see the section on your division or school for a schedule of events.6THE FIVE HUNDRED NINETEENTHCONVOCATIONSATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.519TH CONVOCATIONUNIVERSITY CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the University, PresidingPRELUDESWYLIE CRAWFORD, University CarillonneurThe Millar Brass EnsembleTHE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversityTHE CONVOCATION ADDRESSTYPE AND CONTEXTKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor,Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy StudiesANTHEMHOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING?American Traditional, arranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass Ensemble8THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREESFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEWENDY L. FREEDMANCrawford H Greenewalt Chair and Director, The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of Washingtonpresented by ANGELA V. OLINTOHomer J Livingston Professor, Department ofAstronomy and Astrophysics,the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College; Chair, Department ofAstronomy and AstrophysicsFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEJEFFREY 1. GORDON, M.D. '73Dr. Robert J Glaser Distinguished University Professor,Director, Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology,School ofMedicine, Washington University in St. Louispresented by GODFREY S. GETZDonald N Pritzker Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus, Department of PathologyFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSJOHN HUEHNERGARDProfessor ofMiddle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at Austinpresented by CHRISTOPHER WOODSAssociate Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations,the Oriental Institute, and the CollegeFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEANDREW H. KNOLLFisher Professor of Natural History, Harvard Universitypresented by MICHAEL J. FOOTEProfessor, Department of the Geophysical Sciences; Chair, Department of the Geophysical SciencesFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEGRIGORIY MARGULISErastus L. DeForest Professor ofMathematics, Yale Universitypresented by BENSON FARBProfessor, Department ofMathematics and the College95I9TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSBARBARA H. PARTEEDistinguished University Professor Emerita of Linguistics and Philosophy,University ofMassachusetts, Amherstpresented by CHRISTOPHER KENNEDYProfessor, Department of Linguistics and the College; Chair, Department of LinguisticsFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCETERENCE SPEEDProfessor and Senior Principal Research Scientist, Division of Bioinformatics,The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute ofMedical Research, Parkville, Victoria, Australiapresented by STEPHEN M. STIGLERErnest De Witt Burton Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Statistics and the College;Member, the Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of ScienceTHE CONFERRING OF THE BENTON MEDALTHE HONORABLE ABNER J. MIKVAUniversity of Chicago Alumnus, jD. 'SIpresented by CHARLES LIPSONPeter B. Ritzma Professor, Department of Political Science and the CollegeTHE CONFERRING OF THE ROSENBERGER MEDALJOSEPHINE LEEPresident and Artistic Director, Chicago Children's Choirpresented by ROBERT L. KENDRICKProfessor, Department ofMusic and the College; Chair, Department ofMusicRECOGNITION OF PRIZES AND AWARDSERIC D. ISAACSProvost of the UniversityMUSICAL INTERLUDEPUISQUE TOUT PASSESince all is passing,Let us make a passing melody.The one that quenches our thirstWill be right for us. Let us sing what leaves usWith love and art;Let us be quickerThan the quick departure.Composed by PAUL HINDEMITHThe University of Chicago Motet Choir10THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE CONFERRING OF ACADEMIC DEGREESCandidates for Degrees will be presented in order by degree in the following academic units:In the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicineby DEAN KENNETH S. POLONSKYIn the Division of the Humanities by DEAN MARTHA T. ROTHIn the Division of the Physical Sciences by DEAN EDWARD W. KOLBIn the Division of the Social Sciences by DEAN MARIO L. SMALLIn the Institute for Molecular Engineering by DEAN MATTHEW TIRRELLIn the University of Chicago Booth School of Business by DEAN SUNIL KUMARIn the Divinity School by DEAN MARGARET M. MITCHELLIn the William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studiesby DEAN DANIEL W. SHANNONIn the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies by DEAN COLM O'MUIRCHEARTAIGHIn the Law School by DEAN MICHAEL H. SCHILLIn the School of Social Service Administration by D EA NNE I LB. GUT ERMA NIn the College by DEAN JOHN W. BOYERTHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Arranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITYROBERT J. ZIMMERMUSICAL FINALESOUND THE TRUMPETComposed by HENRY PURCELL, Arranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the University11519TH CONVOCATIONTHE CONVOCATION SPEAKERKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor andDeputy Dean, Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy StudiesKERWIN CHARLES'S work examines a range ofsubjects in the broad area of applied microeconomics.He has studied the causes and consequences ofinequality in economic outcomes and the transmissionof inequality across generations, and investigated racialand gender wage gaps, differences in conspicuousconsumption across racial and ethnic groups, how theracial composition of neighborhoods can affect socialconnections, the effect of retirement on subjective wellbeing, and the effect of health shocks on family stabilityand labor supply. His most recent research focuses onhow different sectoral shocks, such as the decline inmanufacturing and the boom and bust in the housingmarket, affect labor market and educational outcomes fordifferent sub-groups of the population. His work has been published in major journals, includingthe Quarterly Journal ofEconomics, the Journal of PoliticalEconomy, and the Journal of the American StatisticalAssociation. His research has also been given wideattention in the press-he has appeared as a resource andexpert in such publications as the New Yorker and theAtlantic, and on NPR. JEarA research associate at the National Bureau of EconomicResearch, he also serves on the Board of Trustees for NORC,and as associate editor for the Journal ofHuman Resources.•Before joining the University of Chicago in 2005,Professor Charles was an associate professor of economicsand public policy at the University of Michigan. He earnedhis bachelor's degree from the University of Miami and hismaster's degree and doctorate at Cornell University. 1-rcbrlTHE HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENTSFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEWENDY L. FREEDMANCrawford H Greenewalt Chair and Director, The Observatories of the Carnegie Institution of WashingtonWENDY L. FREEDMAN's premier achievement is thedefinitive measurement of the Hubble constant, one ofthe main pillars of modern cosmology. Cosmology asa modern science began when University of Chicagoalumnus Edwin P. Hubble observed the expansion ofthe Universe predicted by Einstein's theory of generalrelativity. Challenging senior astronomers in the field, sheled a number of efforts to make a precise measurement,culminating with her leadership of the Hubble SpaceTelescope Extragalactic Distance Scale Key Project.She continues to study the dynamics of the Universe,leading the Carnegie Supernova Project, which in 2009delivered precise and independent evidence for theacceleration of the expansion of the Universe. Mostrecently, she has led investigations involving the SpitzerSpace Telescope, further decreasing uncertainties inthe acceleration rate of the Universe and bringing newconstraints onto the nature of the mysterious dark energythat dominates the dynamics of the present Universe.12 Following her efforts to bring the Magellan telescopesinto operation, she is currently leading the internationalprogram to construct the Giant Magellan Telescope,which will be the largest in the world.The candidate will be presented by ANGELA V. OLINTO,Homer J Livingston Professor, Department ofAstronomyand Astrophysics, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and theCollege; Chair, Department ofAstronomy and AstrophysicsCITATIONAs a brilliant scientist and a visionary leader withthe courage to think decades ahead, WENDY L.FREEDMAN has left her mark in the history ofastronomy by setting the standard for measuring theexpansion rate of the Universe. Her contributionsand achievements have been fundamental to ourunderstanding of the Universe, and her efforts haveformed the cornerstone of precision cosmology.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEJEFFREY 1. GORDON, M.D. '73Dr. Robert]. Glaser Distinguished University Professor,Director, Center for Genome Sciences and Systems Biology,School ofMedicine, Washington University in St. Louismgcal JEFFREY I. GORDON is considered to be the pre­eminent figure and leading scholar in the rapidly evolvingfield of modern molecular ecology. His work with miceand humans serves as a model for other systems as well- marine, terrestrial, insect, and rhizosphere - and haswide-ranging implications for a broad array of scientificfields.c, He has made singular contributions in the study of generegulation and the microbiome. His scientific careerbegan with important discoveries characterizing generegulation within epithelial cells of the gastrointestinaltract. In the last two decades, his groundbreakingresearch has focused on the symbiotic relationshipbetween the gut and its very large number of microbes.He has emerged as one of the founding figures in creatingthe framework for the study and understanding ofmany human diseases impacted by the gut microbiome,including malnutrition, weight loss, and obesity. The�dIS potential for his work to have a profound influence onglobal health is immense and promises many previouslyunanticipated translational possibilities for interventionsthat could recalibrate the relationship between nutritionand pathobiology.The candidate will be presented by GODFREY S. GETZ,Donald N Pritzker Distinguished Service ProfessorEmeritus, Department of PathologyCITATIONJEFFREY I. GORDON is regarded as the creator ofa scientific field and the architect of new scientificparadigms in modern molecular ecology. His innovativework across traditional disciplinary boundariespositions contemporary biomedical science within anew conceptual framework, and addresses some of themost compelling and important problems in modernmedicine.FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSJOHN H UEHNERGARDProfessor ofMiddle Eastern Studies, University of Texas at AustinJOHN HUEHNERGARD is a Comparative Semitistwhose work has had a profound impact on linguisticand literary studies of the Ancient Near East. He isregarded, in North America and beyond, as one of themost prominent philologists and linguists of the Semiticlanguage family.Within the field of Semitic studies, he has made majorcontributions to the understanding of the historyof individual Semitic languages and to the languagefamily as a whole. His scholarship focuses on thehistorical and comparative grammar of ancient Semiticlanguages, including Akkadian, Ugaritic, Ge' ez,Aramaic, and Classical Hebrew. He also has a deepinterest in contemporary Ethiopian Semitic languages,Neo-Aramaic, the history of writing and literacy, andon theoretical aspects of comparative and historicallinguistics. The most distinguishing feature of his work is thecombination of linguistics and philology, and the extentto which his research includes Akkadian and otherAncient Near Eastern languages written in cuneiform -an expertise which has never been very common amongSemitists.The candidate will be presented by C H R 1ST 0 P HERWOO D s, Associate Professor, Department ofNear EasternLanguages and Civilizations, the Oriental Institute, and theCollegeCITATIONJ 0 H N HUE H N ERG A R D is a singularly infl uen tialleaderin the field of Comparative Semitic linguistics. Hisgroundbreaking work on language has impacted theresearch of scholars of the history, literature, culture, andarchaeology of the civilizations of the Ancient Near Eastand the Mediterranean world.13519TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEANDREW H. KNOLLFisher Professor of Natural History, Harvard UniversityANDREW H. KNOLL is one of the most influentialearth scientists of the past half-century, and has setthe agenda for the exploration of the early historyof life on Earth. He is a pioneer in establishing thegeobiological approach to the study of the history oflife, and is considered to be the most important andsuccessful practitioner of modern geobiology in all ofits manifestations. His research combines input fromgeology, sedimentary geochemistry, paleontology, andevolutionary biology to probe the interaction between theevolving biosphere and the chemistry of Earth's surface.His seminal contributions include first-orderdocumentation and interpretation of the earliest recordof microbial life and primitive multicellular life, as wellas influential work relating to how geochemical signalsleft in rocks can be used to deduce the nature of thebiosphere and biosphere-environment interactions,when more direct evidence in the form of fossils is notavailable. He has also made fundamental, interdisciplinarycontributions to planetary science as part of theMars Exploration Rover mission, by adapting andredirecting the extensive insights and skills gained fromhis investigations of Earth's geological record to theexploration of another world. B}fopIillSIolThe candidate will be presented by M I C H A E L J. F 00 T E,Professor, Department of the Geophysical Sciences; Chair,Department of the Geophysical SciencesCITATION pboThe standard view of Earth and its life for the first fourbillion years is radically different now than it was 35years ago. ANDREW H. KNOLL'S combination ofpaleontological insights with geochemical approaches todefine the interaction between the evolving biosphereand the evolution of the chemistry of Earth's surface is amajor reason for this transformed view.FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEGRIGORIY MARGULISErastus L. DeForest Professor ofMathematics, Yale UniversityGRIGORIY MARGULIS is widely viewed as one of the mostinfluential mathematicians in the world. His work has hada transformative impact on areas as diverse as geometry,dynamical systems, Lie theory, computer science, andnumber theory, and, indeed, he is one of the primaryindividuals responsible for connecting these areas.He has been recognized with the Fields Medal forhis early work on the Superrigidity Theorem, theArithmeticity Theorem, and the Normal SubgroupTheorem. In general terms, these theorems show thatmany classes of symmetries that arise in geometry musthave a remarkable and rigid internal structure, so muchso that their very existence must arise out of solutions ofpolynomial equations with integer coefficients.One of the main themes of his research is thedevelopment and application of powerful tools from onearea of mathematics, dynamical systems, to solve famousquestions in a completely different area, number theory.He converted notoriously difficult problems aboutnumbers into still difficult yet simpler problems about14 statistical properties of flows on certain homogeneousspaces. He then proceeded to solve these dynamicalproblems, solving longstanding open problems innumber theory, such as the Oppenheim conjectureand the Baker-Sprindzuk conjectures on Diophantineapproximation. An entire field of mathematics, knownas dynamics on homogeneous spaces, is based on thesedevelopments. Margulis'S seemingly-out-of-nowhere ideasare now standard. His influence has been enormous.The candidate will be presented by BEN SON FAR B,Professor, Department ofMathematics and the CollegeCITATIONGRIGORIY MARGULIS'S transdisciplinary workestablished the agenda for several generations ofmathematicians, and has exerted a sweeping influenceon modern mathematics. His early work was brilliantlyoriginal in its interweaving of techniques of Lietheory with dynamics, and his later discoveries andcontributions have been equally transformational.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSBARBARA H . PARTEEDistinguished University Professor Emerita of Linguistics and Philosophy,University ofMassachusetts, AmherstBARBARA H. PARTEE is a linguist whose work provides thefoundation for the modern fields of formal semantics andpragmatics. Her work is notable for its synthesis of formallinguistic theory with the logical analysis of language.She played a transformational role in the developmentof contemporary linguistics, by showing how the coreprinciples of No am Chomsky's approach to syntax couldbe combined with a framework for building up meaningscompositionally - from smaller units to larger ones, in a fullysystematic and recursive way - that was being developed bythe philosopher and logician Richard Montague.By guiding these two streams of research to a naturalconfluence, she provided a framework for integratinga model designed to account for our infinite capacityto create- and recognize expressions of language withone designed to systematically provide the complexexpressions of a language with meaning, thereby creatingthe modern field of formal semantics and the basis for ascience of compositional linguistic meaning.Her influence extends beyond linguistics, however.She is considered to have, practically single-handedly, built an interdisciplinary bridge between linguistics andneighboring fields such as philosophy, psychology, andcomputer science, thereby altering the trajectories ofthese disciplines in countless ways and bringing abouta cross-fertilization that was not present before andthat was often viewed as being impossible to achieve bypractitioners within these fields.The candidate will be presented by C H R 1ST 0 P HERKE NNE DY, Professor, Department of Linguistics and theCollege; Chair, Department ofLinguisticsCITATIONBARBARA H. PARTEE'S impact on the field oflinguistics has been profound and transformative,and her work over the past half-century has shapedthe understanding of how meaning is systematicallyassociated with our utterances and the way that we studyit. She is considered by many to be the founder of themodern field of formal semantics, and the impact of herresearch has been felt in the related fields of philosophy,cognitive science, and computer science.15519TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCETERENCE SPEEDProfessor and Senior Principal Research Scientist, Division of Bioinformatics,The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute ofMedical Research, Parkville, Victoria, AustraliaTERENCE SPEED, a statistician and statistical geneticist,is a pioneer in the development and application ofstatistical methods for the analysis of biomedical andgenomic data. His work is considered to exemplify thebest of applied statistics in cross-disciplinary research.Initially a pure mathematician specializing in algebra,he turned to the study of probability and mathematicalstatistics, and later to genomics. His expertise is indeveloping novel statistical and computational methodsto extract the key signals of interest from the inherentlylarge, complex, noisy datasets that arise from emerginggenomics technologies.He and his collaborators have developed innovativestatistical methods for addressing key practical issues inmicroarray data analysis. These methods have becomestandards that have been implemented in widely usedopen-source software, thereby transforming the field.His earlier work on Markov random fields and log-linearmodels was similarly influential, laying the groundworkfor the modern analysis of graphical models. He hasalso made major contributions to the understandingof recombination, the fundamental biological process16 responsible for shuffling genetic material betweenchromosomes as it passes from generation to generation.In addition, he has contributed to various aspects ofgenetic sequence analysis, including transcription factorbinding site prediction, as well as the analysis of datafrom high-throughput sequencing assays, for example, inhis recent work with the Cancer Genome Atlas Project.The candidate will be presented by STEPHEN M.S T I G L E R, Ernest De Witt Burton Distinguished ServiceProfessor, Departments of Statistics and the College;Member, the Committee on Conceptual and HistoricalStudies of ScienceCITATIONTERENCE SPEED is at the pinnacle of his field inthe application of statistics to modern biomedicalresearch and bioinformatics. His work is characterizedby creativity, depth, and real originality, and hisgroundbreaking contributions across the fields ofmainstream statistics and biomedical genetics andgenomics mark him as a world-renowned leader andinnovator.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE BENTON MEDALTHE HONORABLE ABNER J. MIKVAUniversity of Chicago Alumnus, f.D. 5IABNER J. MIKYA, an alumnus of the Law Schooland a recipient of the University's Alumni Medalin 1996, has served with distinction in all threebranches of the United States government. In theIllinois House of Representatives, he advocatedfor fair housing and against corruption in the statewelfare system, and wrote sweeping reforms of thestate criminal code. He served for 16 years on thefederal appeals court of the District of Columbia,as a strong defender of free speech and consumerrights, and rose to the position of Chief Judge. Hethen gave up his lifetime appointment to the benchto serve as White House counsel. He later taught atthe Law School and served as Director of the MandelLegal Aid Clinic. In 1997 Mikva co-founded, withhis wife Zoe, the Mikva Challenge, an organizationthat works with thousands of high school studentsannually, to create opportunities for involvementin experiential activities relating to the democraticprocess. Abner Mikva's volunteer efforts on behalf of Chicagoand Illinois are manifold. His life's work representsnot only his commitment to free speech and othercivil liberties, but his acute awareness of the roleof the judiciary under the Constitution and itsrelationship to both the executive and legislativebranches.The candidate will be presented by CHARLESLIP SON, Peter B. Ritzma Professor, Department ofPolitical Science and the CollegeCITATIONABNER J. MIKYA exemplifies the very meaning of"public service," as one of the few individuals ever tohave served in high office in all three branches of thefederal government, as well as in state government.His entire life and career have been dedicated to thecentral values honored by the University of Chicago'sBenton Medal.THE ROSENBERGER MEDALJOSEPHINE LEEPresident and Artistic Director, Chicago Children's ChoirAs President and Artistic Director of the multiculturalChicago Children's Choir, JOSEPHINE LEE'S effortsare dedicated to enriching and improving the livesof children through music. The Chicago Children'sChoir was founded in 1956 with the goal ofbringing together children of different races andcultures. Today over 3,000 children, many of whomare African American or Latino, participate in itspublic school choirs and after-school programs, andserve as music ambassadors both nationally andinternationally.Under Josephine Lee's vision and leadership, theChicago Children's Choir has solidified longstandingpartnerships with Chicago's renowned artsorganizations, including the Chicago SymphonyOrchestra, the Lyric Opera, and the Ravinia Festival.She has also expanded the Choir's artistic breadth through celebrated collaborations with theater anddance organizations, involving music from otherworld traditions. A classically trained pianist,conductor, arranger, and producer, Ms. Lee has alsoled the choir on national and television broadcasts aswell as in performances around the worldThe candidate will be presented by ROBERT L.KEN D RIC K, Professor, Department ofMusic and theCollege; Chair, Department ofMusicCITATIONJOSEPHINE LEE has brought a wide variety ofChicago's youth to performing excellence and musicalunderstanding, as representatives worldwide of thecity's best qualities. Her work profoundly impacts thelives of Chicago's youth, helping them become culturaldiplomats and world citizens in our global society.17THE DIVISION OFTHE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAND THEPRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFRIDAY, MAY 30, 2014DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR M.D. CANDIDATESRockefeller Memorial Chapel10:30 a.mFRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR PH.D. CANDIDATESReva and David Logan Center for the Artsn:oo a.mSATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:I5 a.m.LUNCHEON AND DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTIONBiological Sciences Learning CenterI2:00 p.m.THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR M.D. CANDIDATESORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKENNETH S. POLONSKYRichard T. Crane Distinguished Service ProfessorDean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of MedicineExecutive Vice President for Medical AffairsADDRESSDAVID AXELROD, A.B. '76Director, the University of Chicago Institute of PoliticsPRESENTATION AND HOODINGHOLLY J. HUMPHREYRalph W Gerard Professor in MedicineDean for Medical EducationFaculty Marshal: H. BARRETT FROMMECLOSING REMARKSKENNETH S. POLONSKY19519TH CONVOCATIONDIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR PH.D. CANDIDATESORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKENNETH S. POLONSKYRichard T. Crane Distinguished Service ProfessorDean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School ofMedicineExecutive Vice President for Medical AffairsADDRESSCHRISTOPHER A. WALSH, PH.D. '83, M.D. '85Chief, Division of Genetics and Genomics, Children s Hospital Boston;Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute;Bullard Professor, Pediatrics and Neurology, Harvard Medical SchoolPRESENTATION AND HOODINGVICTORIA E. PRINCEProfessor, Organismal Biology & AnatomyAssociate Dean and Director, Graduate AffairsFaculty Marshal: MARYELLEN GIGERCLOSING REMARKSKENNETH S. POLONSKY20THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MEDICINEMARIE ADACHIA.B., Pomona Colleg(, 2009OMAR GASUDRAZ AHMEDA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009CHRISTINE MARIE ANTERASIANA. B., University of Pennsylvania, 2010S.B., ibid., 2010DAVID EDWARD WEBSTER ARNOLDSA.B., Williams Colleg(, 2004Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012• WITH HONORSANTHONY VINCENT ASPESIA.B., University of Florida, 2010FRIAWASUMS.B., Hampton Uniuersity; 2007FIYINFOLU OLADELE BALOGUNS.B., University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 2005Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012MAUREEN RACHEL BEEDERMANA.B., Northwestern University, 2008• WITH HONORSCARLYBERGA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010ERIK GUNNAR BERGERSENS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008SABA HARAGU BERHIES.B., Northwestern University, 2008ANKIT BHATIAA.B., Princeton University, 2010DAVID CHRISTOPHER BLUHM5.B., Boston College, 2009ASHLEY MAUDE BROUILLETTES.B., Georgia Institute of1i:chnology, 2010DANIEL JOSEPH BUDREAUS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2005A.M., University of California, San Diego, 2008Ph.D., ibid, 2010BRITTANY ERICA BUTLER5.B., University of Georgia, 2009KRISTOFER EASTMAN CHENARDA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010CHRISTOPHER FRANCIS CHESLEYA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010ALEXANDER CHIUA.B., Yale University, 2007CHRISTOPHER HAE CHOIA.B., William Marsh Rice University, 2010OSCAR JIM MICHAEL COPPESB.Sc., McGill University, Montreal, Quibec, Canada,2010NEAL BOWKER CORSON5.B., Purdue University, �st Lajaym(, Indiana, 2004Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2011SCOTT RICHARD DEBOERA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2002Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012MICHELLE KARIN DESJARDINSB.Mus., Northwestern University, 2005M.Mus., ibid, 2006ADAM SETH DICKEYS.B., �k( Form University, 2003Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2011MARGARET GAIL DISTLER5.B., University of Maryland at Colleg( Park, 2006Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012• WITH HONORSRHONDA RENEE DOUGLASS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 2008STEVEN EDWIN EILERSA.B., Northwestern University, 2009MICHAEL ERIC FENSTERA.B., Grinnell Colleg(, 2008MICHELLE LYNN FLETCHERS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2010TYLER JOSEPH FRIEDRICHA.B., University of Colorado at Boulder; 2009 JONATHAN CONSTANTINE GARNEAUA.B., UniversityofRochmer. 2010VERONICA GARZAA.B., University of California, Berk(/ey, 2005JEFFERY ADAM GOLDSTEINA.B., Drake University, 20055.B., ibid., 2005Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012STEPHANIE DIANE GOVE-YINS.B., University of Chicago, 2007EMILY GUHLA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010NINA RANI GUPTAS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2010XUANHANA.B., University of Chicago, 2011THEODORE GILL HART5.B., United States Air Force Acatkmy, 2010• WITH HONORSKATHERINE ELIZABETH HEKMANA.B., Johns Hopkins University, 2006Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012TRENT STEELSMITH HODGSONS.B., University ofTacas at Austin, 2010VIKRANT SIVA JAGADEESANS.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010• WITH HONORSREBECCA SUZANNE KAISERA.B., University of Chicago, 2010JEONG HWAN KIMA.B., Swarthmore Colleg(, 2007CHRISTOPHER RYAN KINGS.B., University of Virginia, 2005Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012ASHWIN AJIT KOTWALA.B., Northwestern University, 20095.M., University of Chicago, 2013PAUL EDWARD KUKULSKIS.B" University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2010ROBERT KULWINA.B., Harvard University, 2009RUPALI KUMARA.B., University of Pittsburgh, 20105.B., ibid., 2010JOSEPH DANIEL LAMPLOTS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009• WITH HONORSCOURTNEY ANITA LAWHN HEATHB.Mus., Nortbtoestern University, 2001M.Mus., Raoseuels University, 2004JONATHAN YONG LEEA.B., Pomona Colleg(, 2007M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2014CHEN-YUAN LUA.B., University of Chicago, 2009NICHOLAS GLENN LUDMERS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009ERICA LYNNE MAcKENZIES.B., University of North Carolina at Chap(l Hill;2008MADELEINE IVRIT MATTHIESENA.B., Harvard University, 2009• WITH HONORSMOLLY ELIZABETH McADOWA.B., Smith College, 2006Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012DONALD RICHARD BAILEY MILESA.B., Ohio University, Athens, 2009S.B., ibid., 2009MELISSA LYNN MOTTS.B., Idaho State University, 2004Ph.D., University of California, Berk(/ey, 2009TERESA MURRAYS.B., University of Nom Dame, 2008• WITH HONORS DAISYNIES.B., Johns Hopkins University, 2008CAMILLE RUTH PETRIS.B., Boston Coikg(, 2009JENNIFER LILLIAN PHILIPS.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2009ELIZABETH CARLA POLI5.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009JESSICA CRISTINA PORTILLOA.B., Scripps College, 2008M.PH., University of Soutbrm California, 2010ASAD ABDUL QADIRS.B., Cornell University, Ithaca, Neui York, 2010ERNIKA GLENISHA QUIMBYA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010ELLEN KRISTIN REBMANS.B., Loyola University Chicago, 2007DANIEL JOSEPH REYNOLDS5.B., Creighton University, 2010FADY SODDI RIADA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010KATIE ANN RICHARDSA.B., University of Chicago, 2010VANESSA RIVAS-LOPEZA.B., Nortbuestem University, 2010KATARINA JENNIFER RUSCICS.B., University of Chicago, 2006Ph.D., ibid., 2012NEHA ALHAD SATHEA.B., New York University, 2008ANDREW WILLIAM SCHRAMA.B., Yale University, 2006M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2014ALAN JOEL SCHURLEA.B., University of Kansas, 2010ADAM BRADLEY SCHWERTNERS.B., University of Iowa, 2010ALEXANDER HUSTON SHEPPEA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2010S.B., ibid., 2010SANDRA MIAO SHIA.B., Northwestern University, 2010HANNAH ROSE SNYDERA.B., University of Chicago, 2010• WITH HONORSCARMELA SUSANA SOCOLOVSKYA.B., University of Virginia, 2009JOSEPH MICHAEL STATZS.B., University of Nom Dame, 2010MATTHEW ROBERT STUTZS.B., Furman University, 2010• WITH HONORSLISA SUNA.B" William Marsh Rice University, 2010S.B., ibid., 2010KARTHIK MEENAKSHI SUNDARAM5.B., Emory University, 2002Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2011SEAN PATRICK SWEARINGENS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2010JASMINE ALICIA TAYLORA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010DANIEL LEE THORNGREN IIIS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2008LINDA TIENS.B., Emory University, 2008JUSTIN TOMALA.B., Wh(aton College, Illinois, 2010ASHLEY ISABELLA VACHONS.B., University of Washington, S(attle,2010ANGELA NICOLE VIAENES.B., University of Iowa, 2006Ph.D., University of Chicago, 201221519TH CONVOCATIONDAVID JAMES VOCES.B.• Univmity of California. Los Ang�us. 2008NATHANIEL HARRIS WESTS.B .• Northeastern Unioersity; 2007TESS WISKELS.B.• University of California. &rk�1ey, 2008ASHLEY CHEREE WOODSA.B .• Spelman Colug�. 2008S.M. G�orgdown Unioersity; 2010 PETER CHANCELLOR WROEA.B .• Stanford University; 2008LAI XUEA.B.. Washington University in St. Louis. 2010HEllO ALEJANDRO ZAPATAS.B.. Unioersity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2010XIWEN ZHENGA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2006 ALBERT NING ZHOUA.B .• Univmity of Soutbern California. 2009WENJING ZONGA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2010FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEAPARAJITA HOSKOTE CHOURASIAB.Sc .• Univmity ofMumbai. India. 2002MSc .• ibid.• 2004S.M. Univmity of Illinois at Chicago. 2008(Molecular Pathogm�sis and Molecular Medicine)KATHARINE ELIZABETH CRISWELLS.B .• Shippmsburg Univmity of Pennsylvania, 2008S.M. Uniuersity of Texas at Austin. 2011(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)MEAGAN ALLEN PALMERS.B .• University of Texas at Dallas. 2010(Genetics)DANIEL CHRISTOPHER RABES.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2007(Molecular Pathogm�sis and Molecular Medicine) AARON ZVI SAVITA.B .• Earlham Colug�. 2007(Evolutionary Biology)HARI SINGHALB. Tech .• Indian Institute ofuchnology. Bombay. 2008S.M. Johns Hopkins Univmity. 2010(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine)ABHISHEK ASHOK SOLANKIS.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Chicago. 2005MD .• Univmity of Chicago. 2009(Health Studies)TIMOTHY SOSAS.B .• University of Minnesota-Tioin Cities, 2010(Evolutionary Biology) HALEY KATHERINE STINNETTS.B .• East Tennessee State Univmity. 2011(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)SUMMER LORETTA THOMPSONA.B .• Pomona Colug�. 2011(Molecular Pathogm�sis and Molecular Medicine)ROBIN RUIBAI ZHANGS.B .• University of California. Los Ang&s. 2009(Cancer Biology)YUAN ZHANGA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2009(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular M�dicin�)FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYMARTIN MITCHELL ANDREWSS.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Chicago. 2008(M�dical Physics)DISSERTATION: MEMRI and Texture Analysis in aPreclinical Model of Cardiac HypmrophyRUSSELL EVERETT NEWTON BECKERA.B .• Kalamazoo Colug�. 2009(Inurdisciplinary Scientist Training Program:MicrobiOlogy)DISSERTATION: Tissue-Specific Modulation of InnateImmunity by Staphylococcus aureus Alpha- ToxinNATASHA BLOCH MORELA.B.• Uniuersidad de los Andes. Bogota. Colombia.2004DipL. Institut National Agronomique Paris-Grignon,Franu.2005(Ecology and Evolution)DISSERTATION: Evolution of Visual Pigment» inPasserine Birds: From Opsin Genes to VisualPigmmt FunctionMICHAEL GEORGE CONSTANTINIDESA.B.• Princeton Univmity. 2007(Immunology)DISSERTATION: The Role of PLZF in InnateLymphocyt�sRUDOLF PETER FAUSTS.B .• Stanford Univmity. 2005(BiOlogy)DISSERTATION: Genetic and Behavioral Dissection ofth� Role of Dopamine D2 Receptors in Motor andCognitiv� ControlYUJIE LIS.B .• Univmity of Kansas. 2007(Genetics}DISSERTATION: Tbe Dynamic F-Actin Crosslink"Alpha-Actinin is Tailored for Contractile RingAss�bly during Cytokinais inSchizosaccharomyces pombe22 KEVIN JAY LITTLES.B.• Taylor Unioenity; 2008(Mdical Physics)DISSERTATION: Geometric Modeling and SinogramRestoration Methods in Computed TomographyYUWEN L1US.B .• Tsinghua University; &ijing. China. 2006(Deuelopmental Biology)DISSERTATION: Nuclear Receptor-MediatedTranscriptional RT'lation in Prostate Cancer CellsADRIENNE MARIE LUOMAA.B .• Bowdoin Colug�. 2003(Immunology)DISSERTATION: Structural Basis of cdl d-lipidRecognition by Human Vl\1 + yli T C�IIsETIENNE GERALD MANDERSCHEIDA.B.• Oberlin Colug�. 2007(Computational Neuroscience)DISSERTATION: The Infiuence ofAuditory Fudbackon Vocal Sequence ProductionJILLIAN LEE McKEEB.Sc .• McGill University; Montrea]; Qulbec. Canada.2007(Computational Neuroscience)DISSERTATION: A Comparison ofInferior Temporal;Perirhinal. and Prqrontal Cortices in VisualRecognition and LearningJASON FRANCISCO PERERAS.B .• Tufts Unioersity; 2007(Immunology)DISSERTATION: The Deuelopment and Activation ofThymic B C�/ls and Their Rou in T C�II N�gativ�SelectionGAGE HOLDEN REDLERS.B .• Univmity of Florida. 2009(Medical Physics)DISSERTATION: Enhanced Dynamic ElectronParamagnetic Resonance Imaging of In VivoPhysiology ANDREW ROALD SANDSTROMA.B .• Pomona Co/leg�. 2005(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)DISSERTATION: The Molecular Basis ofyli T C�IIRecognition of a Nonclassical MHC Molecul« andR�gulation by Phosphoantigm MetabolitessKATHRYN POINDEXTER SCHERPELZA.B .• Pomona Co/leg�. 2007(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)DISSERTATION: Alzheimers Brain- and Mming�s-Seeded Amyloid FibrilsKIERSTYN TANI SCHWARTZS.B .• Michigan State Univmity. 2007(Microbiology)DISSERTATION: Responses of Intracellular Pathogmsto Enuironmental StressYIYING XUA.B .• Harvard Univmity. 2009(Pathology)DISSERTATION: The Role of ID2 in Natural KillerC�II Maturation and FunctionLEONID A. YURKOVETSKIYS.B .• Brandeis Univmity. 2007(MicrobiOlogy)DISSERTATION: Rol« of Enoironmental Factors inDruelopment of1Jp� 1 DiabetesJIE ZHOUS.B .• Fudan Univmity. Shanghai. China. 2004(Human Genetics}DISSERTATION: Functional Genomic Analysis ofNuclear Receptors in MCF7 CellsTHE DIVISIONOF THE HUMANITIESSATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONBartlett Commons and Bartlett Quadranglen:30 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel Hall1:45 p.m.RECEPTIONBartlett Quadrangleimmediately following the ceremony5I9TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDESELECTIONS FROM RENAISSANCE DANCESComposed by TYLMAN SUSATOPROCESSIONThe University of Chicago Pipe Band(Please stand)WELCOMEMARTHA T. ROTHDean of the Division of the HumanitiesTHE CONFERRING OF THE JANEL M. MUELLER AWARDS FOREXCELLENCE IN PEDAGOGYSAEED GHAHREMANISenior Lecturer, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and the CollegeSCOTT WOLNIAKLecturer, Department of Visual Arts and the CollegePresented by JASON MERCHANTProfessor, Department of Linguistics and the College; Deputy Dean for Languages and InstructionTHE CONFERRING OF A FACULTY AWARDFOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGADEN KUMLERAssociate Professor, Department ofArt History and the Collegepresented by CHRISTINE MEHRINGProfessor, Department ofArt History and the College; Chair, Department ofArt HistoryA.M. AND M.F.A. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONMARTHA T. ROTHDean of the Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by MARTINA M UNSTERSDean of Students24THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESPH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONMARTHA T. ROTHDean of the Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by MARTINA MUNSTERSDean of StudentsGraduates will be hooded by faculty members in the Division of the HumanitiesMUSICAL INTERLUDETARANA IN RAG KHAMAJComposed by U STAD ALI AKBAR KAHNChoreography by JOANNA DE SOUZAPreformed by SUE MUSAFIRCLOSING REMARKSMARTHA T. ROTHDean of the Division of the HumanitiesKARLA SCHERER, A.M., '99Chair of the Humanities Visiting CommitteeMARTINA M UNSTERSDean of StudentsRECESSIONALGAL LIARD BATTAGLIAComposed by SAMUEL SCHEIDTTHE FACULTY AWARDFOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGADEN KUMLERAssociate Professor, Department ofArt History and the CollegeADEN KUMLER'S wide-ranging scholarshipconcerns the ways in which visual images andmaterial objects shape religious truths andtheological discourse. Yet far beyond her influentialscholarship in the Medieval period, she galvanizesthe discipline of art history, for in her work,teaching and research are indistinguishable. Theeducation of graduate students and loyalty to themare, for her, an ethical responsibility and a sourceof personal pride. Her teaching and advising areastute, wise, and empowering. She exemplifies howacademia at its very best is not just about producing but about exchanging knowledge, providing both asource of inspiration and a model of aspiration.The candidate will be presented by CHRISTINEME H R IN G, Professor, Department ofArt History andthe College; Chair, Department ofArt HistoryCITATIONADEN KUMLER'S fervent care, highest academicstandards, scholarly integrity, and infectiousenthusiasm model why and how the study of artand its history is important, vital, challenging, andrewarding.25519TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSSANDRA KAMIL ABDELMALAKA.B., University of California, Irvine, 2012(Master ofArts Program in th� Humanities)MANAAN VALERIE LUBIN MAYSALEXANDERA.B., St. John's Colleg�, Annapolis, 2012(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)KERRY ANN ARMBRUSTERA.B., Columbia Colleg�, Chicago, Illinois, 2011(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)CHRISTIAN B TORRESA.B., University of California, &rk(/ey, 2013(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)KYLE BARROWMANA.B., Columbia Colleg�, Chicago, Illinois, 2012(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)NIR BEN MOSHEA.B., Hebreu/ University offerusalem, Israel, 2005A.M, ibid, 2008A.M, ibid., 2010(Philosophy)ELLIOT JOSEPH BERGERA.B., Brown University, 1995(Mast" ofArts Program in th« Humanities)STEPHANIE DANELLE BONAROTIA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2013(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)ZAK BRECKENRIDGEA.B., Bard Colleg� at Simon's Rock, 2013(Masur ofArts Program in tbe Humanities)LUCY A. BRYANA.B., Connecticut College, 2010(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)DEVIN JANE BUCKLEYA.B., Boston University; 2013(Mast" ofArts Program in th« Humanities)YINCAIA.B., Kalamazoo Coll�ge, 2012(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)VINCENT CHRISTOPHER CAPUTOA.B., Portland State University; 2013(Masur ofArts Program in th« Humanities)BIANCA GABRIELA CHAMUSCOA.B., University of Chicago, 2013(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)MUDASIR IQBAL CHOWDHRYA.B., Loyola University of Chicago, 2011(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)JOANNA CHROMIKA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2013(Masur ofArts Program in tbe Humanities)ANYA RAPHAELLA CICCONEA.B., University of Chicago, 2009(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)AMARIS CUCHANSKIA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2012(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)ANDREW DAVISA.B., University of Connecticut, 2012(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)JENNIFER DERHOVANESIANA.B., University of California, Irvine, 2012(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities}GABRIEL CARL DIETZA.B., University of California, B"k�ley, 2013(Masur ofArts Program in the Humanities)JAIME LEN EDWARDSA.B., University of California, B"k�ley, 2008(Phiwsophy)RONG FANB.Lit., Beijing Languag� Institute, China, 2009MLit., ibid, 2012(Middle Eastern Studies)GOLRIZ FARSHIS.B., University of Florida, 2004(Middle Eastern Studies)KELLY A. FELSBERGA.B., Boston University; 2013(Master ofArts Program in th« Humanities)26 JOHN HANSONA.B., Suffolk University. 2012(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)JODI MARIE HARALDSON-NOONANA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2000A.M, ibid., 2003(Classical Languag�s and Literatures)GRACE MARGARET HOBBSA.B., State University of Neio York at Albany, 2012(Mast" ofArts Program in th« Humanities}JENNIFER M. JOHNSONA.B., State University of New York at Buffalo, 2013(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)TIMOTHY ROSS KAARA.B., Blackburn College, 1977M.FA., Northern Illinois University; 1982(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)MELINDA S. 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NICHOLSONB.ME., Murray State University: 1983A.M., Governors State Univmity, 1988(Music)EMILY NICHOLE NORDLINGA.B., Uniuersity of Louisville, 2012(Master ofArts Program in th« Humanities)COLIN O'BRIEN5.B., United Statts Military Acrulemy, 2010(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)KAYLA MARIE O'DONNELLA. 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Lake Shore Drive12:00 p.m.LUNCHEONimmediately following the ceremony519TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEPROCESSIONThe University of Chicago Pipe Band(Please stand)WELCOMEEDWARD W. KOLBDean, Division of the Physical SciencesARTHUR L. KELLY PRIZE FOR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESRecipients:MICHAEL D. HOPKINSANNE ROGERSpresented by MICHAEL GROSSE, Associate DeanS.M. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical Sciencesnames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsRecognized by Directors of the S.M Programs andFaculty Members of the Physical Sciences DivisionMUSICAL INTERLUDERIGAUDONbyANDRE CAMPRAThe Millar Brass Ensemble30THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESPH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical Sciencesnames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsHooders: Faculty Members of the Physical Sciences DivisionREMARKS BY THE DEANEDWARD W. KOLB, Dean, Division of the Physical SciencesCLOSE OF CEREMONYEMILY BACKE, Associate DeanRECESSIONALTHE FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGDAVID A. MAZZIOTTIProfessor, Department of Chemistry, the James Franck Institute and the CollegeDAVID A. MAZZIOTTI is an internationallyrecognized chemist who is developing theoreticaland computational models that enable scientiststo predict more efficiently and accurately thedynamic behavior of electrons in molecular systems.A researcher who works closely with his graduatestudents, his approaches are providing valuable newinsights to a wide range of phenomena, rangingfrom the mechanistic details of chemical reactionsto the properties of complex materials. He regularlyteaches graduate courses in advanced quantummechanics and in his lectures often draws upon his own research to make deep theoretical conceptsaccessible. Through his mentorship and teaching,he is inspiring a new generation of theoreticalchemists to delve ever deeper into the electronicstructure of moleculesCITATIONCombining infectious enthusiasm withuncompromising rigor, DAVID A. MAZZIOTTIshares his passion for theoretical chemistry with hisgraduate students and inspires them to make theirown discoveries.31519TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEHABIBAHSANS.B., University 0/ Houston-Clear Lake, 1999M.A.Sc., ibid., 2002(Financial Mathematics)�CTOruASUZANNE�NS.B., University of Georgi«. 2012(Mathematics)MARK C. 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ALVlSIOS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008S.M., University of Chicago, 2010{Mathematics}DISSERTATION: Applications of Stochastic Calculus toSchramm-Lonmzer Evolution and Option PricingMICHAL AVlTAL SHMILOVlCIS.B., Tel Aviv University; Israel 2008S.M., ibid., 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 2011{Chemistry}DISSERTATION: Studies of Insulin and Proinsulin byTotal Chemical Synthesis of Natural andUnnatural AnaloguesMICHAEL ALAN BOSSCHERS.B., Calvin College, 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 2010{Chemistry}DISSERTATION: Heavy Metal Recognition in ProteinsRYAN DOUGLAS BROWNA.B., Kenyon College, 2004S.M., Uniuersity of Chicago, 2008(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: The Structure, Dynamics, andSurface Vibratiom of Methyl-Silicon (111) asDetermined by Helium Atom Scattering andComplementary TechniquesZHONGLEI CHENS.B., Nankai Uniuersisy; Tianjin, China, 2008s.M., University of Chicago, 2009(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: A Comparison of Chemical Methodsfor Preparing Site and Degrt!e-SpecificallyMethylated Lysines of Histone 3, As �ll as aCritical Comparison of These Species inBiochemical Assays and Binding Partner DiscoveryEMILY MAY CONOVERS.B., Brown Uniuersity; 2006S.M., University of Chicago, 2008(Physics)DISSERTATION: Muon-Induced Backgrounds in theDouble Chooz Neutrino Oscillation ExperimentGALYNA DOBROVOLSKAS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008S.M., University of Chicago, 2010{Mathematics}DISSERTATION: Finite Local Systems in the Drinftld­Laumon ConstructionILYA GEKHTMANS.B., California Institute of Technology, 2008s.M., University of Chicago, 2010(Mathematics)DISSERTATION: Dynamics of Convex CocompactSubgroups of Mapping Class GroupsROLF WILLIAM HOYERA.B., Grinnell College, 2008S.M. 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Japan, 2008s.t«, ibid., 2010s.M; University of Chicago, 2011(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Super Silyl Ester DirectedStereoselectiue ReactionsANTON VLADIMIROVlCH SINITSKIYDip!', M. V. Lomonosov Moscow State University;Russia, 2002Mag., ibid., 2004Cand.Sci., ibid., 2007S.M., University of Chicago, 2010(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Multiscale Modeling of LargeBiomolecular SystemsJONATHAN RALPH STEPHENSONA.B., Victoria University of�llington, New Zealand,2008B.Sc., ibid., 2008B.Sc.(Hom}, ibid., 2008s.i«, University of Chicago, 2010(Mathematics)DISSERTATION: Topics in Computability Theory:Boolean Algebras and Effictive Packing Dimension DANIEL HABINEK STUDENMUNDA.B., Haverford College, 2008SiM: University of Chicago, 2010(Mathematics)DISSERTATION: Abstract Commensurators of Latticesin Solvable Lie Groups and Solvable S-arithmeticGroupsMARCELA MAHEU WANDERLEYA.B., Rollins College, 2009(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Homochiral Frameworks forEnantioseleaiue ApplicationsTUOWANGB. Chem., Nanjing University. China, 2006S.M., University of Chicago, 2007(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Conductive Atomic Force MicroscopyStudy of Single Semiconductor Quantum Dots andQJuzntum Dot Agt;rt!gatesYATINGWANGS.B., Nankai University. Tianjin, China, 2008s.M., University of Chicago, 2009(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Surface Macromolecules of Bacilluscereus GroupJENNIFER CATHERINE HINTONWILSONB.Sc.(Hom}, Queen's University; Kingston, Ontario,Canada, 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 2011(Mathematics)DISSERTATION: FIw-Modules and Stability CriteriaFor Representations of the Classical Wryl GroupsALEXANDER MURRAY WRIGHTB.Math., University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada,2008S.M., University of Chicago, 2010(Mathematics)DISSERTATION: Affine Invariant Submanifolds of theModuli Space ofAbelian DifferentialsZHAO ZHANGB.Eng., Beijing University of Posts andTelecommunications, China, 2006S.M., Uniuersity of Chicago, 2007(Computer Science)DISSERTATION: Enabling EffiCient Parallel Scriptingon Large-Scale Computer:35THE DIVISIONOF THESOCIAL SCIENCESSATURDAY, JUNE I4, 20I4UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONIda Noyes Hall12:00 p.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel2:15 p.m.THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESMARIO L. SMALLDean, Division of the Social SciencesPROCESSIONRIGAUDONfrom Idomeneo Re di Creta by ANDRE CAMPRATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistThe Congregation stands and remains standing until after the welcome.CALL TO ORDERMICHAEL SILVERSTEINAssistant Marshal of the UniversityTHE CONFERRING OF FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE INGRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGLEORA AUSLANDERProfessor, Department of History and the Collegepresented by BRUCE CUMINGSGustavus E and Ann M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor, Department of History and the College;Chair, Department of HistorySUSAN GALMae and Sidney G. Metzl Distinguished Service Professor,Departments ofAnthropology and Linguistics and the Collegepresented by STEPHAN PALMIEProfessor, Department ofAnthropology and the College; Chair Department ofAnthropologyPATCHEN MARKELLAssociate Professor, Department of Political Science and the Collegepresented by CATHY COHENDavid and Mary Winton Green Professor, Department of Political Science and the College;Chair, Department of Political ScienceREMARKSELISABETH S. CLEMENSWilliam Rainey Harper Professor, Department of Sociology and the College;Chair, Department of Sociology375I9TH CONVOCATIONMUSICAL PERFORMANCEMENUETfrom Suite Gothique by LEON BOELLMANNTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGRecipients of Degrees will be presented in alphabetical order by degree in the following programs:In the Committee on International Relations, by MARK BRADLEYIn the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, by PAUL WALKERIn the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, by DAIN BORGESIn the Department of Anthropology, by STEPHAN PALMIEIn the Department of Comparative Human Development, by RICHARD TAUBIn the Department of Economics, by AZEEM SHAIKHIn the Department of History, by BRUCE CUMINGSIn the Department of Political Science, by CATHY COHENIn the Department of Psychology, by KATHERINE KINZLERIn the John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought, by B. PATRICK HALLIn the Department of Sociology, by ELISABETH S. CLEMENSREMARKS BY THE DEAN OF THE DIVISIONOF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESMARIO L. SMALLMUSICAL PERFORMANCEFESTIVE TRUMPET TUNEComposed by DAVID GERMANTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistRECESSIONALTOCCATAfrom Organ Symphony NO.5 by CHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist(Please stand)38THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESTHE FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGLEORA AUSLANDERProfessor, Department of History and the CollegeLEORA AUSLANDER'S conceptually innovativework has transformed the understanding of cultureand taste in everyday life. Her scholarship extendsto many domains, including French and Europeanhistory, the history of race, studies in feminism,Jewish history, and the history of consumerism.The wide influence of her scholarship is evident ininvitations to the Institute for Advanced Study inPrinceton and to the Center for Advanced Studyin the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford. She hasmade enormous contributions in the teaching andmentoring of dozens of graduate students, andhas been a key force in restructuring the History Department's Ph.D. program, enhancing ourmentoring and involving herself in every aspect ofour graduate education.The candidate will be presented by B Rue ECUM I N G s, Gustavus F and Ann M. SwiftDistinguished Service Professor, Department of Historyand the College; Chair, Department ofHistoryCITATIONA most accomplished historian, LEORAAUSLANDER has devoted herself to the teachingand mentoring of many graduate students, andhas worked tirelessly to ensure that each student'seducation be productive, insightful, and rewarding.SUSAN GALMae and Sidney G. Metzl Distinguished Service Professor, Departments ofAnthropology and Linguistics andthe College; Director, Center for Eastern European, Russian, and Eurasian StudiesThroughout her long and distinguished career,SUSAN GAL has been a driving force inestablishing the Department of Anthropology'sreputation for semiotically oriented linguisticanthropology. Brilliantly straddling topical fields asdiverse as Europeanist anthropology, post-socialiststudies, feminist theory, and the work of linguisticideologies in contemporary ethno-national politics,her work has served as a source of tremendousinspiration to our graduate students. Students andalumni - some of whom are now well on theirway to establish pre-eminent reputations in thediscipline for themselves - consistently praise theintellectual rigor and critical discipline she impartedto them in the course of their education. Theyalso extol her unflagging devotion to her students; the patience, kindness, generosity, and astuteattention to detail of fact or writing with which sheconstructively critiques their work; and the manyways in which she exemplifies the kind of educatorthey aspire to be.The candidate will be presented by S T E P HANPALMIE, Professor, Department ofAnthropology andthe College; Chair, Department ofAnthropologyCITATIONThrough her innovative scholarship, pedagogicaldedication, unflagging attention to her students,and exemplary service, SUSAN GAL has made alasting impact on her students and on the disciplineof anthropology.39519TH CONVOCATION THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIEPATCHEN MARKELLAssociate Professor, Department of Political Science and the CollegeA brilliant scholar of contemporary political andsocial theory and the history of political thought,PATCHEN MARKELL epitomizes the dual rolesof a gifted intellectual and masterful teacher.Interrogating such fundamental concepts as identity,power, and democracy, he invites his students toexamine, criticize, and transform the language andconcepts we use to make sense of our relations toeach other and to the world. In the classroom, hepatiently includes everyone while demanding thehighest standards of scholarly engagement. Hemodels by example the need to think of research asboth process and practice. While always upholding excellence, he treats his students with great careand generosity, influencing not only their academiccareers but, more significantly, their lives.The candidate will be presented by CATHY COHEN,David and Mary Winton Green Professor, DepartmentofPolitical Science and the College; Chair, DepartmentofPolitical ScienceCITATIONPATCHEN MARKELL exemplifies the rigor,generosity, and dedication of a consummate teacherwho both manifests and inspires exceptionalintellectual inquiry.40 STISTTiKBL SCIE THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSSTEPHANIE ABLAA.B., American University of Beirut, Lebanon, 2013(International Relations)STEPHANIE AHRENSA.B., Baylor University, 2012(Political Science)MOHAMMED ALI M. ALLEHBIS.B., Prince Sultan University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia,2011(Middk Eastern Studies)TAYLOR LYNN BALLENGERA.B., Christopher Newport Colkg�, 2013(International Relations)KYLE C. 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EngineeringFINAL REMARKSMATTHEW TIRRELLDean of the Institute for Molecular EngineeringFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYPAULINA ALEJANDRA RINCONDELGADILLOIng.• Institute Tecnologico y Estudios SuperioresOccidente, Guadalajara. Mexico. 2003S.M.. University o/Wisconsin-Madison. 2012DISSERTATION: Origin 0/ Defrc» in Directed S�lfAssembly 0/ Block Copolymers Using FeatureMultiplication45THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOBOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSSATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONChicago Booth, Harper Center, Room 10412:00 p.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMcCormick PlaceArie Crown TheaterRECEPTIONMcCormick Place Terraceimmediately following the ceremonyTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSION(Please stand and remain standing until after the call to order.)WELCOMESUNIL KUMARDeanGeorge Pratt Shultz Professor of Operations ManagementFACULTY ADDRESSARE WE DOOMED?AUSTAN D. GOOLSBEERobert P. Gwinn Professor of EconomicsALUMNI ADDRESSYOUR GREAT ADVENTURE!KATHRYN C. GOULD, M.B.A. '78Founder, Foundation CapitalMUSICAL INTERLUDEMembers of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirAWARDING OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODINGSUNIL KUMARand Faculty Dissertation ChairpersonsTHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Members of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirCLOSING REMARKSSUNIL KUMAR47519TH CONVOCATIONFOR DEGREE OF THEINTERNATIONAL MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONSHANG-CHIEN KWEIS.B., Massachusetts Institute o/uchnology, 2005• WITH HONORS YVANNA ALCERSY PEREZ MORELBEcon., Uniuersidad Catolica 'Madre y Maestra,'Santiago Cabeileros, Dominican R�public, 2009FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONHUSSAIN ABBASB.Eng.(Hons), Univmity o/Shiffi�ld, England. 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HEIDENREICHA.B., D(Pauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, 2003ANNE HEINRICHSDipl., Rubr Uniuersitat Bocbum, Germany; 2004M.P.A., University ofTtxas at Austin, 2006BRANDON JACOB HENAKS.B., Marquette University, 2006JESSICA RAE HERRMANNA.B., Tufts University, 2009• WITH HONORSJUSTIN MICHAEL HIGHAMS.B., United States Air Force Acatkmy, 2004• WITH HIGH HONORSKEN-ICHI HINOA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2006KATHRYN HINTONA.B., University of Virginia, 2007JOSHUA COOPER HIRSCHLANDA.B" Columbia University, N(W York City, N(W York,2008POKNGAHOA.B., �sleyan University, 2009TATIANA HODAPPA.B" University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill;2009WILLIAM ANDREW HOFFMAN IVS.B., Duk( University, 2008• WITH HONORSEMILY ANN HOMINICKS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2003 THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSDOMINIC ANTHONY HOODA.B., Harvard University, 2005• WITH HONORSCLIFFORD S. 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New York. 2004M.Eng.• ibid.• 2005YANYI MAOA.B .• University of California. Los Angeles. 2006FELIPE ABEL MARINA.B .• City University of New York. 2006BRIAN MARLERS.B .• Rase-Hulman Institute of Technology. 2003ANDRES ANTONIO MARQUEZ BOYBach .• Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, SanAngel. Mexico. 2009LOUIS JOSEPH MARSICO IIIS.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2008SILVIJA MARTINCEVICA.B .• Beloit College. 2002KEITH LLOYD MARTINEZA.B .• Morehouse College. 2006JUSTIN ROBERT MARTINIA.B .• Dartmouth College. 2005• WITH HONORSFRANK DALE MASSIB.Mus .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2004 MAKMASASHI MATSUMURAS.B .• University ofAlabama at Birmingham. 2001S.M.• ibid; 2005Ph.D .• ibid.• 2007ANGELA AKIKO MATSUSHITAA.B .• Brown University; 2009KAPIL MAYAWALAB. 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MEHTAS.B .• Deltau! University; Chicago. Illinois. 2001S.M.. ibid; 2005NORMA MELGAREJO ARAMAYOBach .• Pontificia Universidad Catolica dd hrU. Lima.2006JORDAN LAURENCE MENDELS.B .• University of Pennsylvania. 2009S.M.• Columbia Univmity. N= York City. N= York.2010ROMAN MERKULOVDipl., Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology;Russia. 2004Dipl..• ibid., 2006• WITH HONORSLAUREN B. MESSERVEYA.B .• Tufts Uniuersity; 2007KAITLIN S. MEYERA.B .• University of Chicago. 2010• WITH HONORSSARAT MIKKILINENIS.B .. Carnegie Mellon University; 2008LEO K. MILIADESS.B .• University of Illinois at Chicago. 1994s.M.. ibid.• 1996DANIEL P. MILLERS.B .• Massachusetts Institute of Iedmology. 1982S.M.. Illinois Institute ofuchnowgy. 1995RYAN MARK MILLIKANS.B .• Boston Colkg(. 2006STEVEN JOHN MINTURNB.B.A .• University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2008• WITH HONORS THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSSEBASTIAN CHRISTOPHMOENNINGHOFFDipl,.• WHU-Otto Beisbeim School of Managment,Valkndar, Germany. 2008SACHIN MOHANB. Tech .• Banaras Hindu University; Varanasi. India.1997JACQUELYNN ANNE MOLZONS.B .• Lajaym( Coikg(. 2008• WITH HONORSMICHELE MONTESIA.B .• Amherst College, 2008HOJOONMOONA.B .• Korea Uniuenity; Seoul; South Korea, 2006BRYAN PATRICK MOONEYS.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2009MICHAEL EVAN MORGANB.B.A .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2007• WITH HONORSWHITNEY MORGANS.B .• University of Virginia. 2010NATHANEL ISAAC MORIS.B .• Technion-Israel Institute of Technology; Haifa.2008MICHAEL MORRISS.B .• Miami University. Oxford, Ohio. 2007JOHN ANDREW MORRISONS.B .• Brigham Young University; 2008• WITH HONORSRICHARD K. MORSE IIIA.B .• William Marsh Ria Uniuersity; 2006MICHIEL BEN MORSINKB.Sc .• Uniuersiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands.2002B.Sc .• Vrije Uniueniteit; Amsterdam. The Netherlands.2005BRUNO MOURAO SILVABach.. Uniuersidade Federal de Minas Gerais. SewHorizonte, Brazil. 2009TODD MICHAEL MOWRYB.B.A .• Washington University in St. Louis. 2009• WITH HIGH HONORSGEOFFREY MREMAA.B .• Yanderbil: University. 2005GAURAV RAJEEV MUJUMDARB.Eng.• Visvesvaraya Regional Coikge of Engineering.Nagpur, India. 2005INDU MATTATHUMKADE MUKUNDANB. Tech .• Indian Institute ofuchnowgy Madras.Chennai, India. 2003Dipl..• Indian Institute of Management. Ahmedabad.India. 2005ANDREW JOHN MULLERS.B .• University ofWiscomin-Madison. 2007CATHERINE MARIE MUNACOS.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2008• WITH HONORSMATT D. MURDOCKS.B .• Indiana University Bloomington, 2006• WITH HONORSMALIHA A. MUSTAFAA.B .• Columbia University; New York City. New York.2004LUIS NANESEng.. Universidad lberoamericana, Mexico City.Maico.2009JEFFREY PAUL NATHANA.B .• Harvard University; 2009NITIKAJI NAUTIYALB. Com. (Hom). University of Delhi. N= Delhi. India.2003Dipl..• Indian Institute of Mass Communication. N=Delhi. India. 2004A.M.• Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Mumbai,India. 2006AMANDA LYLE NEEDHAMS.B .• Rochester Institute ofuchnowgy. 2007STEVEN ERIC NELLEMANNS.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.1994J.D .• Del'aul University; Chicago. Illinois. 1998S.M.• Northwestern University. 2012 CHELSEY JANAE NELSONS.B .• Arizona State University. 2007JEFFREY WILLIAM NELSONA.B .• University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2004A.M.• Dominican University. 2007CANDICE JANE NEVILLEB.P.A .• University of Technology; Sydney. N= South�/es. Australia. 2008SIDNEY N. NGOCHI-NKEHS.B .• University of Maryland at Colkge Park. 2009CINDY TANG NGUYENA.B .• University of Chicago. 2008KHANH LAM NGurtNA.B .• Carleton Colkge. 2009SON KHAc NGurtNB.B.A .• Trinity University. San Antonio. Texas, 2009ALVIN JEROME NICHOLS IIS.B .• �ke Forest University. 2004TRACEY ELLEN NIEDERHELMANB.B.A .• Miami University. Oxford, Ohio. 2008• WITH HONORSRICARDO ANTONIO NIETOB.B.A .• University of Nom Dame. 2006NEAL ANSHUMAN NISARGANDS.B .• Cornell University. Ithaca. N= York. 2007SUNG MIN NOHA.B .• Seoul National University. South Korea, 2006DANIELLE LIN NOVYA.B .• Teas Tech University. 2007NICK ADAM O'BRIENS.B .• University ofWiscomin-Madison. 2008MEGAN CROSBY O'CONNELLS.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2008• WITH HIGH HONORSMATTHEW JAMES O'CONNORA.B .• University of California. Berkeley. 2004BRADLEY DAVID OGLEVEEA.B .• Harvard University. 2008• WITH HIGH HONORSCHARLES OKOYEA.B .• Northuestem University; 2001CHARLOTTE OKWUDIS.B .• Clarkson University. 2005CHAD DOUGLAS OLIVERA.B .• University of Oklahoma. 2007B.B.A .• ibid.• 2007• WITH HONORSMATTHEW WINTER OLSSONS.B .• University of California. Los Ang(l(s. 2007JESSE OWEN OTTERBLADS.B .• University of Minnesota-Duluth. 2003• WITH HONORSMIRIAM NICOLE GOLDBERG OWENSA.B .• Harvard University. 2008S.M.. City University of Neio York. 2010TOLULOPE AYODEJI OYEKANS.B .• Howard University. 2005S.M.. G(org( Washington University. 2007ABRAHAM EMMANUEL PABBATHIB.Eng.• Osmania University. Hytkrabad, India. 1999VlVEK BALAJI PADMANABANB.Eng.• University of Madras. Cbennai, India. 2000S.M.. University of Toas at Austin, 2003• WITH HONORSDRAGANA PAJOVICB.Sc .• Lunds Unioersitet, Lund. Sueden, 2007M.Sc .• ibid., 2007SHAYAN ALOKE PALITB. Tech .• Indian Institute ofuchnowgy Madras.Chennai, India. 2005S.M.. Georgia Institute of Technology; 2007PREM NIMISH PANCHALB.B.A .• Southern Methodist University. 2006ANNE CHRISTINE PANEKA.B .. University of Illinois at Chicago. 2002S.B .• ibid.• 2002ANDREI PAPAYANOPULOS GARCIALie..• Uniuersidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.Maico.200953519TH CONVOCATIONJENY ROSE PARAKKATTILS.B., Columbia Uniuersity; N= York City, N= York,2008STEPHANIE ANNE PARASA.B., Kenyon Colkg�, 2001BEN PARAYANKUZHIYILB.A.S., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2002SERGIO PAREJAS.B., Boston University; 2006DARSHAN JAG DISH CHANDRA PARIKHB.Eng., G.H Paul Colkg� of Enginuring andTechnology. Va/labh Vidyanagar, India, 2000M.B.A., Gujarat Uniuenity; Ahmttlabad, India, 2003JENNIFER PARKA.B., Princeton University; 2005SURAJ PATELS.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2008BRIAN JOHN PAYANTS.B., Rochester Institute ofTi:chnology, 2006KUNAL ULLHAS PAYMASTERS.B., Purdue University; W�t Lafoym�, Indiana, 2002S.M., University of Wiseom in-Madison, 2005• WITH HONORSDANIEL FREDERICK PEACES.B., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 2008• WITH HONORSNAGA RAJU PEDDISETTYB. Comp., Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar,India, 2001M.Sc., Linkopingr Uniuersitet, Linkoping, Sweden,2005JESSICA L. PEETS.B., Arizona Stat« University; 2008CRISTINA DANIELLE PELAEZA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2009MARCELA PEPE GOLDENSTEINBacb., Uniuersidade Presbiteriana Mackmzie, SaoPaulo, Brazil, 2008Bach., Fundafao Armando Alvares Penteado, SaoPaulo, Brazil; 2010MARIANA MATA MACHADO DE PAIVAPEREIRAB.A.(Hom), University of London, England. UnitedKingtlom, 2001CRISTINA HORTENCIA PEREIRAPORTOB.B.A., Texas Christian University; 2008MAURICIO PEREZ BENITEZLic., Universidad de las Americas Puebla, Mexico,2001KOSTIANTYN PERTSOVSKYIDipl., Kyiv Taras Sbeuchen]» National University;Kieo; Ukraine, 2005Dipl., ibid., 2006NOORA PESONENS.B., University ofIllinois at Chicago, 2008JAY WATNE PETRIES.B., University of Southern California, 2008DANIEL JASON PHILLIPSB.B.A., University of Iowa, 2005MICHAEL PERKINS PHIPPSB.B.A., University of North Carolina at Chape! Hill.2004• WITH HONORSHSIANG CHUN PIB.B.A., National Chmgchi University; Taipei, Taiwan,2001MARCOS PAULO PICCOLI TASSOBacb., Universidade Presbiteriana Macleenzi«, SiioPaulo, Brazil, 2005Bacb., Pontificia Uniuersidade Catolica de Sao Paulo,Brazil; 2006Dipl., Fundarao Getulio �'Xas, Sao Paulo, Brazil;2009DIVYANKA MALLIK PILLAIB.Eng., Birla Institute of Technology; Mesra, India,2006S.M., Univn-sity of Soutbern California, 2008DOUGLAS GARY PIMENTELA.B., Brigham Young University, 2008ADOLFO ALFREDO PITTALUGA HAHNEng., Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo,Uruguay, 2011• WITH HONORS54 EVAN MOORE PITTMANA.B., Emory University; 2008• WITH HIGH HONORSJOSHUA THOMAS PLATEKB.B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2008• WITH HIGH HONORSANDREA HELEN POLDOIANS.B., Tulane University, 2009NGAI L. PO ONS.B., Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong,1991S.M., Carnegie Mellon University, 2002MEGAN MARIE PORTANOVAA.B., Northuestern University, 2006• WITH HONORSVINCENT JOHN PORTERA.B., Harvard University, 2006PUNIT KUMAR PRAGATIB. Tech., Indian Institute ofTi:chnology Kanpur;Kalyanpur; India, 1999RAHUL PRASADA.B., Ohio Wtslryan University; 2004s.M., University of North Carolina at Chap�l Hill;2006• WITH HONORSALYSSA HASSAN PREMJIA.B., University of California, &rkeky, 2009KATHERINE ANNE PRIORES.B., Illinois State University, 2001CHRISTIN MARIE PULLANOB.B.A., University of Wiseom in-Madison, 2001RANJEEV S. PURlA.B., Ohio State University; Columbus, 2009CAMILO ALBERTO QUINONES ROZOBach., Unioersidad de los Andes, Bogotd, Colombia,2004s.M., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2006• WITH HONORSJOHN NATHAN RAFFLESA.B., Principia Colkg�, 2009RADHARAIB. Tech., Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastba University,Delhi, India, 2003GREGORY ROBERT RAINEYS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2006ANURAG RAJATB. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati,India, 2005• WITH HIGH HONORSANKUR RANIWALAS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2008LAKSHMI SWATHI RAPURIB. Tech., Andhra University, Waltair, India, 1996S.M., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1999TYLER JAMES RATHS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2001JOHN PAUL JOSEPH RAUHS.B., Creighton University; 2003FELICIA NICOLE RAULSB.F.A., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,1999KANNAN RAVIB.Eng., University of Kerala; Triuandrum, India,2000PAZ CONSUELO REBOLLEDOMARQUEZ PADILLALic., Uniuersidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City,Mexico, 2009STEVEN REMELIUSA.B., St. Norbert Colkg�, 2001CAROLINE MARIE RENNS.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2001LYNN NOELLE REPLOGLES.B., Georgia Institute ofTi:chnology, 2001MATTHEW RICHMANA.B., Colkg� of N= In-sty, 2006A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 2009CHRISTIAN M. RISCHEA.B., Augustana Colkg�, Rock Island. II/inios, 2003 EVELYN MARGRIET JULIANAROBBRECHTLic., Universiteit Gmt, Ghent, Belgium, 2004Mast., Katholiek« Uniueniteit Leuuen, Belgium, 2005• WITH HONORSSEAN WILLIAM ROBERTSS.B., Leuns University, 2004NICHOLAS LOWELL ROBINSONA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2005MARK STEWART ROCKWOODS.B., Duke Uniuersity; 2002FARRELL ALEXANDRA RODDA.M., University of St. Andreus, Scotland. UnitedKingdom, 2008DANTON RODRIGUEZA.B., [obns Hopkins University, 2005J.D., University of Maryland. Baltimore County, 2008JESUS RODRIGUEZS.B., Saint Louis University, 1998S.M., Georgia Institute ofTi:chnology, 1999Ph.D., ibid., 2002• WITH HONORSDANIEL ANDRES RODRIGUEZTORREALBAA.B., Manchester Co/kg�, 2001S.B., Columbia Univn-sity, N= York City, N= York,2008FRANCES MILLER ROGOZS.B., Massachusetts Institute ofTi:chnology, 2001JOSE DANIEL ROMEROS.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2011MARIA BELEN ROMERO STAJANOBach., Unioersidad de Montevideo, Uruguay, 2010Lic., Unioersidad Catolica del Uruguay, Montevideo,2012JOSEPH RICHARD RONDINELLIA.B., Northwestern University, 2006EHSAN ROOSTAS.B., University of Southern California, 2005S.M., ibid., 2001BRADLEY ROSENB.B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2006OREN ROSENZWEIGB.Sc.(Hom), Technion-Israel Institute ofTi:chnology,Haifa,2002• WITH HIGH HONORSJAVIER RUBIOBach., Uniuersidad del Pacifico, Lima, P�, 2006JUAN CLIMACO RUBIO MARTINEZSALANOVALic., Uniuersidad CEU San Pablo, Madrid. 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The Effoct ofBoard Siz« on PerformanceALICE JENG-YUN CHENA.B., Harvard University; 2008S.M., ibid., 2008M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2014DISSERTATION: Essays in Health Economics ERIC JOHN FLOYDA.B., University of Chicago, 2009M.B.A., ibid., 2014DISSERTATION: Transparency &gulation, Bargaining.and tb« Price of HealthcareCHRISTINE BRIDGET HOSEYA.B., N= York Uniuersity; 2009M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2014DISSERTATION: Moralizing Goals: Consequences forGoal Pursuit and JudgmmtCHRISTINA JENQA.B., Harvard University; 2004DISSERTATION: The Relationship between Cohort S�Ratios and Relative Female EducationalAttainment in Post-1949 China DAMIAN OREST KOZBURA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 2008DISSERTATION: Essays in High-Dim�iona/EconometricsLUX! SHENS.B., Fudan Univmity. Shanghai, China; 2008M.B.A., Univmity of Chicago, 2014DISSERTATION: Uncertainty Increases MotivationDAVID MICHAEL TONIATTIA.B., Harvard Univmity. 2007M.B.A., Univmity of Chicago, 2014DISSERTATION: Political Advertising and WikrTurnoutTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014Main Quadrangle9:15 a.m.UNIVERSITY CEREMONYII:30 a.m.DIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYBond ChapelRECEPTIONSwift HallThird Floor Lecture Hallimmediately following the ceremonyTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLDIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEPHILLIP KLOECKNER, OrganistPROCESSIONThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand and remain standing until after the welcome.)WORDS OF WELCOMEMARGARET M. MITCHELLDean of the Divinity SchoolTERESA HORD OWENSDean of StudentsGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGnames to be read by TERESA HORD OWENSFACULTY HOODERSWENDY DONIGERMircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of theHistory of ReligionsMARGARET M. MITCHELLDean and Shailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian LiteratureSUSAN SCHREINERProfessor of the History of Christianity and TheologyREMARKSMARGARET M. MITCHELLRECESSIONAL(Please stand)The Millar Brass EnsemblePOSTLUDEPHILLIP KLOECKNER, Organist59519TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF DIVINITYLEAH MARIE BOYDA.B., Central Co/kg�, Pella, Iowa, 2007MS. w., Loyola University Chicago, 2011BRANDON MARSHALL COOKA.B., Transylvania University: 2010A. M, University of Chicago, 2014PAUL EDWARD GOODENOUGHA.B., Greenville Co/kg�, Greenville, Illinois, 2004ELEANOR MARGARET KAHNA.B., Uniuersity of Virginia, 2009JD., Univmity of Chicago, 2014 ALEXANDRA NICOLE McCAUSLINA.B., Michigan State Univmity, 2008MARGARET GRACE NANCARROWA.B., Hamline Univmity, 2009STEVEN MICHAEL GRAFTON PHILPA.B., Univmity ofSouthern California, 2010B.F.A., ibid: 2010A.M., University of Chicago, 2014 MATTHEW CRAIG RICHARDSA.B., D�Paui University: Chicago, Illinois, 2005A.M, Univmity of Chicago, 2011WALTER JOSEPH THORNEA.B., Univmity of Virginia, 2011ELIJAH ROBERT ZEHYOUEA.B., Morehouse Colug�, 2010FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSSUSAN MELISSA BALDINGA.B., University ofMassachusetts at Amherst, 2013JONATHAN LAWRENCE BRENTA.B., Maryvilk College, 2012RUSSELL STEPHEN BURKA.B., Anderson Uniuersity; 2010ERIN HILLARY CLARKA.B., Concordia College, 2012STEPHEN PAUL DURCHSLAGS.B., Univmity of Wisconsin-Madison, 1962LL.B., Harvard University; 1966MICHELE MOSSER FERRISS.B., North Carolina Stat» University; 1989A.B., �k� Forest Univmity, 2012HANNAH GRAY GLASSONA.B., Harvard Unioersity; 2010SARAH MARIE GLYNNA.B., Florida International University; 2007SARAH HEIDEN GOMERA.B., Skidmore Colug�, 2010JOHN THEODORE GOODA.B., Univmity of North Texas, 2010A.B., ibid., 2010A.B., ibid., 2010KATHRYN MICHELLE GULLEENA.B., Wh�aton Colkg�, Illinois, 2012 RANDOLPH KEITH GUNNA.B., Carleton Co/kg�, 1980M.P., Univmity ofMinnesota-Tioin Cities, 1995DIANE ELIZABETH HALLA.B., Westtrn Michigan Uniuersity; 2010NATHAN JEFFREY HARDYA.B., Truman State Univmity, 2012JASON D. HITCHCOCKA.B., Wh�aton College, Illinois, 2008LEE DOUGLAS HOFFERA.B., Wh�aton Colug�, Illinois 2010A.M, ibid., 2012CODY CHARLES JONESA.B., Simon's Rock Co/kg� of Bard, 2011JONATHAN DAVID MAJHANOVICHA.B., Rollins Colug�, 2007ANTONIO MUSTOA.B., Fairfi�/d Univmity, 2011TIMOTHY WILLIAM O'BRIEN, S.J.A.B., Coluge of the Holy Cross, 2006A.M, Loyola University Chicago, 2012DARCIE MARILYN PRICE-WALLACEA.B., Smith Colug�, 2000A.M, University of Chicago, 2003LEAH MICHELLE RICHMONDS.B., Centre Colug�, 2011 KARL THOMAS SCHMIDA.B., Univmity ofNorth Carolina at Chap�l Hill2003A.M, Maitripa Colkg�, 2011SARAJO SWIATEKA.B., Univmity ofMinn�sota- Twin Cities, 2009ANDREW SWORDA.B., Texas Christian University; 2011JAMlLA THOMASA.B., Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University;2002LAURA TOTHA.B., Beloit Colug�, 2011HANNAH NICOLE VANVELSA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2011PHILOSOPHY E. WALKERA.B., Vassar Co/kg�, 2008H. THOMAS HENEGHAN WEILERA.B., St. Norbert Colkg�, 2012THOMAS EDWARD IAN WHITTAKERA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 2012CORNELIA WOLF WILSONA.B., Columbia University; N= York City, Neui York,2012HANIYA YAMEENB.Sc. (Hom), Labore Uniuersity of Manag�mtSciences, Pakistan, 2011FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYJOSEPH NATHANIEL BALLANA.B., Grove City Colkg�, 2003A.M, Syracuse Universiry; 2007DISSERTATION: Infinit« Ambiguity: Element: ofVladimir JanMivitch's Philosophy of R�ligionVINCENT MATTHEW EVENERA.B., Kenyon College, 2001A.M., Univmity of Chicago, 2007DISSERTATION: "Enemies of th« Cross": Suffiring,Salvation, and Truth in Sixteenth-Century&ligious Controversy60 ALEXANDER KEITH ROCKLINA.B., Wesleyan University; 2003A.M, University of Chicago, 2007DISSERTATION: Religion under Contract: TheRegulation of &/igion and the Making ofHinduism in Colonial Trinidad JOSEPH EDWARD STEINEGER IVA.B., University of Kansas, 2003A.M, ibid., 2005A.M, University of Chicago, 2007DISSERTATION: The Naturally Implanted Knowudg�of God's Existence: Two 13th Century ScholasticInterpretations ofJohn of Damascus and Anselm of&cTHE WILLIAM B. ANDCATHERINE V. GRAHAMSCHOOL OF CONTINUINGLIBERAL AND PROFESSIONALSTUDIESSATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE CEREMONYReva and David Logan Center for the ArtsPerformance Hall12:00 p.m.RECEPTIONReva and David Logan Center for the ArtsCourtyardimmediately following the ceremony519TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEThe Millar Brass EnsemblePROCESSIONALThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand and remain standing until after the welcome)WELCOMEDANIEL W. SHANNONDeanGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONM.L.A. AND S.M. GRADUATESnames to be read by STEVEN LAYMONAssociate DeanCERTIFICATE PRESENTATIONCERTIFICATE RECIPIENTSnames to be read by STEVEN LAYMONAssociate Deanand CARY NATHENSONAssociate DeanANNOUNCEMENT OF 2014DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD RECIPIENTEXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD RECIPIENTSnames to be read by DANIEL W. SHANNONDeanWELCOME NEW ALUMNIDAMON CATESExecutive DirectorUniversity of Chicago Alumni AssociationRECESSIONALThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand)62THE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE V. GRAHAM SCHOOL OF CONTINUING LIBERAL AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF LIBERAL ARTSMERILET EUGENES.B., DeVry University. Lombard. Illinois,1999 BARBARA WAI SHAN TAlB.F.A., Northern Illinois University. 1988A.M., ibid., 1990FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN THREAT ANDRESPONSE MANAGEMENTPHILLIP AGUETS.B., Northwestern University. 2012MICHAEL BESLOWS.B., Ohio State University. Columbus, 2003KELLY M. BRYANTS.B., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 1995MITCHELL CERRONES.B., Loyola University of Chicago, 1982M.EJ., ibid; 1985M.B.A., ibid., 2003VERA E. EDMERSONS.B., Calumet Colkge of St. joseph, 2012WILLIAM G. FARHATB.A.S., Sima Heights University. 2002 CLAUDETTE GIBSONA.B., Saint Xavier College, 1975D.D.S., Loyola University Chicago, 1979JOHN BURNS HUYETT IVA.B., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and StateUniversity. 2005MEGHAN McCALLUMA.B., St. Norbert Colkge, 2000SARA LYNN MILLERA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago, 2004 MICHAEL R. PARAGES5.B., Dominican University. 2009COURTNEY QUINNEYA.B., American School of Paris, France, 2011MICHAEL J. SARDOB.C.S., North Park University. 2005CLEMENT O. STOKESA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2002TIMOTHY ANDREW VAN NAMES.B., University of California, Irvine, 2012LANDON JAY WADEA.B., Lewis University. 201263THE IRVING B. HARRISGRADUATE SCHOOL OFPUBLIC POLICY STUDIESMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel Hall1I:30 a.m.RECEPTIONHutchinson Courtyardimmediately following the ceremonyTHE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKATHI MARSHALLDean of StudentsALUMNI REMARKSBRIAN JACOB, PH.D. 'orWalter H Annenberg Professor of Education Policy andProfessor of Economics; University ofMichiganPRESENTATION OF DIPLOMASCOLM O'MUIRCHEARTAIGHDean and ProfessorHOODING OF GRADUATESReader KATHI MARSHALLDean of StudentsFACULTY HOODERSfor master's studentsKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor and Deputy DeanAMY CLAESSENSAssistant ProfessorJAMES SALLEEAssistant ProfessorPAULA WORTHINGTONSenior Lecturer519TH CONVOCATIONfor Ph.D. studentsDAN BLACKProfessorKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service Professor and Deputy DeanARIEL KALILProfessor; and Director of the Center for Human Potential and Public PolicyROBERT J. LALoNDEProfessorRECESSIONAL(Please stand)CLOSING REMARKSCOLM O'MUIRCHEARTAIGHDean and Professor66THE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSERIC BAXTERA.B., University of Western Ontario, London, Canada,2005MSc., Univusity of London, England, UnitedKingdom, 2007M.B.A., York University; Doumsoieux Ontario,Canada, 2010MARIA ADAMELIA BURGUENOMERCADOB.Econ., Centro de Inv�stigaciOn y DocenciaEconomicas, Mexico City. Mexico, 2009MSc., University of London, England. UnitedKingdom, 2013ROBERT LEMICHAEL CARTERA.B., University of Florida, 2008S.M., Drexel University; 2012 WENDY SHANNON DARLINGTONB.Mus., University of North Texas, 2004M.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, 2009LAURA DE OLDENA.B., Institute Tecnologica Autonomo de Mexico, SanAng�l2000Ph.D., Northwestern Uniuersity: 2013• WITH HONORSELIZABETH THEBEAU LANDONA.B., University of Chicago, 1986M.B.A., ibid, 1991MOHAN LIBiEcon., Peking University; Beijing, China, 2012S.B., ibid., 2012S.M., University of Chicago, 2014 WALTERMAIRA.B., University ofCambridg�, England. UnitedKingdom, 2012MSc., University of London, England. UnitedKingdom, 2013JUSTIN JOSE MUNGALA.B., Univusity of California, Berk�ley. 2007A.M, Loyola Unioersity Chicago, 2014HWAJIN SHINA.B., Washington Unioersity in St. Louis, 2009FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN THE IRVING B.HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIES ANDTHE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESJEREMY MICHAEL KLAVANSA.B., University of Miami, 2011• WITH HONORS JUSTIN LEVEQUES.B., California Polytechnic Stat« University. San LuisObispo, 2010• WITH HONORSFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICYBORIS ANGELOVA.B., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2004KATIE MARTHA ANTHONYA.B., Carleton Colleg�, 2005LAURA MARJATTA BAILISA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010J.D., University of Chicago, 2014BAURZHAN BEKTEMIROVA.B., Harvard University. 2009• WITH HONORSJUAN CARLOS BENITEZ MOLINAB.Econ., Unioersidad Centroamericana "fost Sim�onCanas, » San Salvador, El Salvador, 2006DREW KAY BLACKERA.B., Amherst Colleg�, 2009MARIANA CALDERON CERBONA.B., Institute Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores deMonterrey; Mexico, 2008RACHEL JACOBS CARNAHANA.B., William Smith Colleg�, 2012ROSA LUCIA CASTRO ZARZURB.Econ., Uniuersidad de los Andes, Bogota. Colombia,2009KA LEI CHAN NGLic., Univusidad de Valencia, Spain, 2002YIXIAN CHENB.B.A., University of Texas of the Permian Basin,2011PAPILLON COLEMANA.B., Macalester Colleg�, 2002BRITTANY SEABROOK COLLINSS.B., Georgetown University. 2010A.M., University of Chicago, 2014JULIE ROSE COOPERA.B., University of Chicago, 2007• WITH HONORSBENJAMIN AARON COUSINEAUA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009J.D., University of Chicago, 2014MICHAEL JAMES CROWLEYA. B., University of Notre Dame, 2002JENNIFER DEAKS.B., Nortbuestem Univusity. 2003CLARE DELARGYA.B., Trinity Colleg� Dublin/The University ofDublin, Ireland; 2011 WILLIAM DELGADO MARTfNEZB.Econ., Uniuersidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia,2008M.Econ., ibid., 2010• WITH HONORSYAXI DENGA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2012SARAH KELLER DICKSONA.B., Univusity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2010HANG DONGS.B., Ohio State University. Columbus, 2012SARAH EMMONSA.B., Middkbury College, 2009TANIA ESCOBEDO JACOBLic., lnstituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, SanAng�l, 2011MANUEL ALEJANDRO ESTEFANDAVILAA.B., Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico, SanAng�l, 2011ANNE FILERA.B., Boston Colleg�, 2009QUANIC CHANTEL FULLARDA.B., University of North Carolina at Chap�l Hill.2009MIGUEL MARlA GARZA CASADOLic., Institute Tecnologico Autonomo de Mixico, SanAng�l, 2011LING GEA.B., Vanderbilt Univusity. 2012ROBERTO FRANCISCO GERHARDTUMALic., Centro de Inv�stigaci6n y Docencia Economicas,Mexico City. Mexico, 2006JEFFREY PAUL GERLACHA.B., University of St. Thomas, Houston, Texas, 2011PEDRO GERSON UGALDEA.B., University of Pennsylvania; 2008J.D., University of Chicago, 2014• WITH HONORSJORGE GUSTAVO GOMEZ LARALic., Centro de Inoestigacion y Docencia Economicas,Mexico City. Mexico, 2009EMILIO GRANADOS FRANCOLic., Institute Tecnoldgico Aut6nomo de Mexico, SanAng�l2011 LINDSEY HEARNA.B., University of California, B"k�ley. 2012• WITH HONORSDAVID ANDREW HELFANDA.B., Colby College, 2008A.M, University of Chicago, 2014MARINA ELISABETH HERNANDEZSCHARRERS.B., lnstituto Tecnoldgico Aut6nomo de Mexico, SanAng�l2012A.B., ibid., 2012DALLAS CHRISTIAN HERNDONA.B., University of Chicago, 2013SARA BETH HOFFMANA.B., Wesleyan University. 2009SCOTT HOUGHTONA.B., University of Iowa, 2007A.M, University of Chicago, 2014ELISE MARIE HOURENA.B., Southern Methodist University. 2011AMMNA HUMAYUNB.Sc., Labore Univusity ofManag=mt Sciences,Pakistan, 2010CONNOR R. HURLEYA.B., Stat« University of Neio York at Geneseo, 2010SADIA IQBALA.B., Loyola University Chicago, 2010YANAN JIANGB.Econ., Peking University. Beijing, China, 2012LL.B., ibid: 2012FELIPE JOSE ANTONIO JIMENEZMEDINAB.Econ., Centro de Inv�stigacion y DocenciaEconomicas, Mexico City. Mexico, 2009ERVIN JOHNSONA.B., North Carolina Stat« University. 2012EVAN JOHNSONA.B., Harvard University. 2006MB.A., University of Chicago, 2014ELIZABETH ANN KENEFICKA.B., Georgetown Uniuenity; 2009SCHANZAH KHALIDB.Sc., Labore University ofManag=mt Sciences,Pakistan, 2010MAGGIE KATE KINGA.B., University of Wiseom in-M,'edison, 2007• WITH HONORS67519TH CONVOCATIONKRISTY KITZMILLERS.B.• Univa-sity of Illinois at Chicago. 1995THU GIANG LEB.Sc .• Univa-sity of London. England. UnitedKingdam. 2012ANGLIB.Econ .• Wuhan University; China. 2012XUEJING LIB.E.F.. Univa-sity of Hong Kong. Hong Kong. 2012YUANAO LIS.B .• Ohio StaU University: Columbus. 2012KERI ANN LINTZB.S. W. Arizona State Univa-sity. 2004M.S. W. ibid., 2007• WITH HONORSREDY ADOLFO LOPEZ LOPEZB.Econ .• Uniuersidad Colegia Mayor Nuestra Senoradd Rosario. Bogota. Colombia. 2001EJp.. Uniuersidad M los AnMs. Bogota. Colombia.2003VINCENT RYAN LUJANS.B .• Nortlnoestem Univa-sity. 2012DYLAN JOHN LUKESS.B .• Univa-sity of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 2009MSc .• Univa-sity of Edinburgh. Scotland. UnitedKingdam. 2010DANIEL GERALD LUTKUSA.B .• University of Nom Dame, 2009DIEGO MACERA POLIB.Econ .• Universidad MI Pacifico, Lima. P�. 2010ASYA MAGAZINNIKA.B.• Vassar Co//eg�. 2009STEPHANY DEL CARMEN MAQUEDAGASSOSA.B .• lnstituto ucnoiOgico Autonomo M Mexico, SanAng�� 2011AMRIT H. MEHRAA.B .• University of Chicago. 2006YUKIO MINOURAB.Econ .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2009EMILY LYNNE MODLINA.B .• Duk« University. 2010MICHAEL JOHN MURTOA.B.• G�org�town Univa-sity. 2012TAKESHI NINOMIYALL.B .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2007MAKITO NISHIBATAKEB.L.A .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2007YAQI NIUS.B .• Camegie Mellon Univa-sity. 2012CHEPU EDDIE PANA.B .• University of Texas at Dallas. 2003M.B.A .• ibid; 2004S.M. ibid., 2007ZHIFEN PANS.B .• Purdue University. �st Lafoym�. Indiana. 2012YANBO PENGA.B .• Nanjing University; China. 2012 WHITNEY CATHERINE PICKELSS.B .• Georgetoum University; 2008CHENYUQIUB.Econ .• Southwestern Uniuersity of Finance andEconomics. Chengdu. China. 2012S.B .• ibid., 2012YICHEN QIUA.B .• Univa-sity of Racbester; 2012MARC HOWARD RAIFMANA.B .• Tufts Univa-sity. 2008NADIA PAOLA RAMfREZ ABARCAB.Econ .• Centro M Invmigacion y DocenciaEconomicas, Mexico City. Mexico. 2009PHILIP V. RIBEIROS.B .• Michigan uchnological Univa-sity. 2006SYEDA NAUREEN RIZVIA.B. Univa-sity of Chicago. 2013MICHAEL BUCHDAHL ROTHA.B .• Oberlin Co//eg�. 2006M.E.M. Duk� University. 2010• WITH HONORSCAROLA DANIELA SALAS MINOLic .• Pontificia Uniuersidad Catolic« M Chile,Santiago. 2004Mag.• Ada/fo Ibanez Univa-sity. Santiago. Chile, 2010FAIZA SALEEMB.Sc.• Labore University of Manag=ent Sciences,Pakistan. 2010KUNIHITO SASAKILL.B .• University of Tokyo. Japan. 2007DAISUKE SEKIA.B.• Kyoto Univa-sity. Japan. 2004A.M. ibid., 2007ANA MARIA SERRANO ANGELA.B.• Pontificia Unioersidad [aueriana, Bogota.Colombia. 2009TIAN SHENA.B .• St. OlafCo//eg�. 2012SARAH ELIZABETH SIBLEYA.B .• Uniuersity of Nom Dame, 2006JOSE GERARDO SILVA ELIZALDELie .• Instituto ucnoiOgico AutOnomo M Mexico, SanAng�� 2011MATTHEW REESE SMITHA.B.• St. Latorence University; 2006MEAGAN LEE SMITHA.B .• University of'Minnesota- Twin Cities, 2008DAVID HENRY SPEARMANA.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2010• WITH HONORSBENJAMIN STONEA.B .• G�org�town University. 2008PHILIP E. SUNGA.B .• Univa-sity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2010 XUANYUTANA.B .• Sun YIlt-Sen University. Guangzhou. China.2012YUAN TAOA.B .• Marietta Colkg�. 2012S.B .• ibid.• 2012ERIC WARREN TAWNEYS.B.• Oakland University. 2012EVA THIVEOSA.B .• University of California. San Dirgo. 2009BRIELLE REBECCA TREECEA.B.• Tufts Univa-sity. 2009A.M. University of Chicago. 2014ALEXANDRA MARGARET USHERA.B.• G�org� Washington University. 2009• WITH HONORSJIHAN DANIEL VARISCOA.B .• Univa-sity of Chicago. 2007SOKLYVETHB.B.M.• Singapore Manag=ent University. Singapor�.2011JESSICA MICHELLE VICTORA.B .• Wh�aton Colkg�. Illinois. 2008FABIOLA VANESSA VILLA MARS.B .• Institute ucnoiOgico y M Estudios Superiores MMonterrey; Mexico. 2002S.M.• ibid.• 2007S.M. Illinois Institute ofuchnology. 2009LALITHA VISHWANAATHB.Sc .• Bangalorr University. India. 2009M.Sc.• Manipal Univa-sity. Bangalorr Campus. India.2011JORGE VOLLRATH AVILAB.Econ .• Instituto ucnoiOgico AUtOnomo M Mexico,SanAng�� 2010XINYIWANGS.B .• Univa-sity of Michigan-Ann Arbor. 2012YUEWANGA.B .• University of Wisconsin-Madison. 2012JOSEPH MICHAEL WESTON, JR.S.B .• United State: Military AcaMmy. 2006MB.A .• University of Chicago. 2014JOSEPH R. WITTEA.B .• Pomona Co//eg�. 2011YIREN XIEA.B .• Smith Colkg�. 2011DANYIYANGB.Econ .• Guangdang University of Forrign Studies,Guangzhou. China. 2012JUN HYUNYUNA.B .• Seoul National University. South Korea, 2010M.RR. ibid: 2012• WITH HONORSMINGYI ZHANGB.Econ .• P�king University; Beijing; China. 2012LL.B .• ibid., 2012FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYPEDRO GERARDO BERNAL LARAA.B.• lnstituto ucnoiOgico y M Estudios Superiores MMonurrry. Mexico. 2003MP.A .• ibid., 2005DISSERTATION: EJsays on tb« Effict of HealthInsurance on Utilization and HealthELISE CHORA.B .• Pomona Co//eg�. 2003MRR. University of Chicago. 2009DISSERTATION: Early Childhood Education: TheInurplay between Gouernment, Marku. andFamily68 KYUNG-HONG PARKA.B .• University of Chicago. 2002A.M. ibid., 2004DISSERTATION: Three &says on Race and PoliticalEconomy MARIA FERNANDA ROSALES RUEDAA.B .• Uniuersidad M los AnMs. Bogota. Colombia.2002MEcon .• ibid., 2005MRR. University of Chicago. 2009DISSERTATION: Three &says on Families, Childrenand Human Capital FormationTHE LAW SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapeln:30 a.m.RECEPTIONThe Law Schoolimmediately following the ceremony5I9TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe Millar Brass Ensemble ABJWELCOME EMICHAEL H. SCHILLDean and Harry N wyatt Professor of LawPRESENTATION OF DISTINGUISHED ALUMNA AWARDNANCY A. LIEBERMANJ.D. '79REMARKSnames to be read by RICHARD I. BADGERAssociate Dean for Graduate ProgramsERIC POSNERKirkland & Ellis Distinguished Service Professor of LawPRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODING OF GRADUATESLL.M. GRADUATESJ.D. GRADUATESnames to be read by AMY M. GARDNERDean of StudentsFACULTY HOODERSDOUGLAS G. BAIRDHarry A. Bigelow Distinguished ServiceProfessor of LawTOM GINSBURGLeo Spitz Professor ofInternational Law; Ludwig and Hilde Wolf Research Scholar;Professor of Political ScienceJONATHAN MASURDeputy Dean and Professor of LawRICHARD H. McADAMSBernard D. Meltzer Professor of Law andAaron Director Research ScholarRECESSIONAL70THE LAW SCHOOLFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LAWBRIAN AHNS.B., G�org�town University; 2002ALEXANDER R. AKHTERA.B., University of Chicago, 2008SAIF ZAMEL ALAQILIS.B., Univmity of Floride, 2011MARYANN TATIANA ALMEIDAA.B., Wi/Jamm� University; 2009• WITH HONORSERIC CHRISTOPHER ALSTONA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2004A.M., University ofMaryland at Colkg� Park, 2008FERNANDO J. ALVAREZ-PEREZA.B., University of Miami, 2011BROOKE ELIZABETH ANDERSONS.B., Pepperdine University; 2009• WITH HONORSCHARLES LOGAN ANDERSONA.B., Princeton University; 2010LAURA MARJATTA BAILISA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010M.PP, University of Chicago, 2014RANDY BARCELOS.B., Florida Stat« University; 2010ZARA BARIB.B.A., University of Texas at Austin, 2007M.Acc., ibid., 2007• WITH HONORSLAUREN CLAIRE BARNETTA.B., Princeton University; 2008• WITH HIGH HONORSFREDERICK CALVIN BENSONA.B., Brigham Young University; 2010• WITH HIGH HONORSLAURA BERNESCUA.B., Tufts Unioenity; 2011• WITH HONORSRACHEL ELIZABETH BETTSA.B., Bluffton University; 2003MICHAEL SHAUGHNESSY BIEHLA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2011• WITH HONORSJARON BIRKANA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009A.M., University of Tennesse« at Knoxville, 2011CHRISTINE ANN BONOMOA.B., Kenyon College, 2011• WITH HONORSTYLERJ. BORNS.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2009• WITH HONORSBRETTJAMESBROMANNA.B., Boston Colkg�, 2011AIMEE WOODWARD BROWNA.B., Brigham Young University; 2011• WITH HIGH HONORSBENJAMIN BELLAMY BROWNA.B., Brigham Young University; 2011BENJAMIN MOSES BROWNA.B., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2011LUKE JEREMIAH BURTONS.B., Uniuemty of Oklahoma, 2009CHARLOTTE ADELAIDA CASTILLOA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 2008YUKIU MONICA CHANA.B., University of Rochester; 2011• WITH HONORSGRADY CHANGA.B., Duk� University; 2010JOSHUA CHOWA.B., Unioersity of California, B"k&y, 2008JUSTIN ADAM COHENA.B., Princeton University; 2006A.M., University of Oxford, England, UnitedKingdom, 2007Ph.D., ibid., 2010 SAUL DANIEL COHENA.B., Wtslryan University; Middletoum, Connecticut,2008• WITH HONORSSEAN JOSEPH COOKSEYA.B., Truman State University; 2010• WITH HIGH HONORSBENJAMIN AARON COUSINEAUA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009M.PP, University of Chicago, 2014KRISTIN LISA COVENEYA.B., Northtoestern Unioersity; 2011COURTNEY MARIE COXA.B., Yal� University; 2006B.Phil., Unioersity of Oxford. England, UnitedKingdom, 2009D.Phil., ibid., 2012• WITH HIGHEST HONORSALEXANDER NATHAN CROSSA.B., Pennsylvania Stat« University; University Park,2011• WITH HONORSKRISTIN SOMMERS CZUBKOWSKIS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008• WITH HONORSSAMANTHA ANN DANIELSA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, N= York, 2011MATTHEW S. DAVISA.B., Clemson University: 2011LEE JOSEPH FITZGERALDDEPPERMANNA.B., Brigham Young University; 2011NICHOLAS ALBERT DEUSCHLEA.B., �k� Form University; 2010ARIF HAKIM DHILLAA.B., Bowdoin College, 2007• WITH HONORSJULIAN DIBBELLA.B., Yak University; 1986BENJAMIN P. DOBBINSS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2008A.M., ibid., 2010DAVID KWABLA DORMONA.B., Tufts Unioersity; 2011JAMES ROBERT DUBRAYA.B., University of Nom Dame, 2009MICHAEL DANIEL EDUCATEA.B., Yak Unioersity; 2011SPENCER ISAAC ELDREDA.B., Duk« University; 2010DAVID E. EMERA.B., Brandeis University; 2009WILLIAM N. EVANSS.B., G�org� Mason University; 2008• WITH HONORSPATRICK G. FALLERA.B., University of Nom Dame, 2011MICHAEL ELI FIELKOWS.B., Uniuersity of Soutbem California, 2011S.B., ibid., 2011ALEXANDRIA RUTH KNOESTERFILUSHA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2008JILL MARIE FORTNEYA.B., Emory Uniuersity; 2009A.M., ibid., 2009DAVID CLINTON FRANKENFIELDA.B., Unioersity of Pennsylvania, 2011ELIZABETH ANN FULMERS.B., University of Florida, 2010JEFFREY MICHAEL FUNSTONA.B., University of California, Los Ang�ks, 2011ANGELA MANMOHAN GANDHIA.B., University of California, San Diego, 2010HANNAH R. GARDEN-MONHEITA.B., Grinnell College, 2007• WITH HIGH HONORSPEDRO GERSON UGALDEA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2008M.PP, University of Chicago, 2014 SEAN McKENZIE GHOLZS.B., Arizona State University; 2011• WITH HONORSJEFF ALRIK GILSONA.B., Kalamazoo Colkg�, 2009• WITH HONORSADINA TOVA GOLDSTEINA.B., City University of N= York, 2007A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 2010ASHLEY EMMA GRAFFEOA.B., Bowling Green State Unioenity; 2011MEGAN RENEE GRANTA.B., Uniuersity of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2010• WITH HONORSSTEPHANIE CARROLL GRATTONA.B., University of Iowa, 2011ALICE YUK NING HAB.Sc., University of British Columbia, Vttncouvn;Canada, 2010ELIZABETH MARY HADYA.B., Uniuersity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2011KOURTNEY IRA HAHNS.B., Florida State Unioersity; 2008M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2014JARED BLAKE HAINESA.B., University of Oklahoma, 2011B.B.A., ibid., 2011• WITH HONORSJEREMIAH JOSEPH HANSENS.B., University of Utah, 2009KARA ANN HARRINGTONA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, N= York, 2011ODESHOO HASDOOA.B., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, 2009• WITH HONORSEMILY MARIE HEASLEYA.B., G�org� Washington University; 2011• WITH HONORSPATRICIA MERCEDES HEROLDA.B., Davidson Colkg�, 2010VIRGINIA RUTH HILDRETHA.B., N= York University; 2011LANA HOMPLUEMA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2011MENGYUAN HOUA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2011NASCINE HOWELLA.B., Yanderbil: University; 2011JULIE HUHA.B., University of Pennsyluania, 2007NEAL DWIGHT HUTCHINSONB.B.A., Howard Unioersity; 2008SARAH IFTEKHARA.B., Nortbuestem University; 2005AARTlIYERA.B., Columbia University; N= York City, N= York,2011NATHAN H. JACKA.B., Brigham Young Uniuersity; 2011• WITH HIGH HONORSLAUREN ELIZABETH JAFFEA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2009• WITH HONORSRAPHAEL JANOVEA.B., American Unioersity; Washington, District ofColumbia, 2009• WITH HIGH HONORSISABELLA MARIA JANUSZS.B., Georgetown University, 2011SEAN HOYOUNG JEONGA.B., University of California, B"k&y, 2009• WITH HONORSSTEPHANIE M. JOHNSONS.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, N= York, 2004ABIGAIL BOSWELL JOHNSTONA.B., University ofPmnsylvania, 2011715I9TH CONVOCATIONKEVIN MICHAEL JONESA.B .• Wh�atQn Co/kg�. Illinois. 2008A.M.. Univ=ity of Chicago. 2011ADAM MICHAEL JOSEPHSA.B .• University of Virginia. 2010• WITH HONORSELEANOR MARGARET KAHNA.B .• University of Virginia. 2009M.Div.• University of Chicago. 2014JOHN ISAAC KARINS.B .• Cornell University. Ithaca. N= York. 2011• WITH HIGH HONORSBENJAMIN TYLER KELLYA.B .• N= School University. 2008• WITH HIGH HONORSKEITH ALEXANDER KILESA.B .• Washington University in St. Louis. 2011DAVID ALLEN KING, JR.S.B .• University of Dayton. 2008• WITH HIGHEST HONORSKATHRYN M. KNUEA.B.• Kalamazoo College, 2010NIKHIL RAMA KRISHNANS.B .• Univmity of California. &rluky. 2009• WITH HONORSVIVEK VIJAY KRISHNANS.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2006ALISON ELIZABETH KRUEGERA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2003A.M.. Columbia University. N= York City. N= York.2004M.Phil.• ibid., 2007Ph.D .• ibid; 2010• WITH HONORSJAY KUMARA.B .• Florida State University. 2011JAMES JOHANNES KYLSTRAA.B .• University of North Carolina at Chap�l Hill.2011• WITH HIGH HONORSMICHAEL BRENDAN LANAHANA.B .• University ofMissouri-Columbia, 2011• WITH HONORSLAURA ANNE SULLIVAN LAPLANTE*A.B .• Univmity of N= Hampshire, 2010BORIS LAVENTB.B.A .• University of Miami. 2011• WITH HONORSMUHYUNG LEEB.B.A .• Yonsri University. 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WASILA.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,20ll• WITH HONORSFREDERICK WILLIAM WATSONA.B., University of St. Thomas, St Paul Minnesota,2011• WITH HIGH HONORSJENNIFER MARTIN WHEELERA.B., Brown University. 2009• WITH HONORS THE LAW SCHOOLBRIDGET MERCEDES WIDDOWSONA.B., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2011BENJAMIN DAVID WITTES.B., University ofMissouri-Columbia, 2011NORA WONGA.B., Williams College, 2009M.p.H., Dartmouth College, 2010ROBERT DURHAM WOODSA.B., University of Texas at Austin, 2011• WITH HONORSSTEPHANIE IRINA YESNIKA.B., Amherst Colkge, 2009VINCENT JONATHAN YINGS.B., Stanford University. 2009S.M., ibid., 2009BARRETT ROLAND HOTCHKISSYOUNGA.B., Harvard University. 2009RANDALL D. ZACKA.B., University of California,. 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Chile, 2007 TRISTAN VERMINCKA.B., Katholi�k� Uniuersiteit Leuuen, &/gium, 2007A.M., ibid., 2008A.B., Unioersireit Gmt, &/gium. 2010LL.M, ibid; 2012CLEMENCE SOPHIE VIAUDLic., Univ=iti tk Nantes, Frana, 2010Ma£tris�, Univmiti Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne),Frana, 2011Mast., ibid; 2013AI WATANABEA.B., Was�da Univ=ity, Tokyo,Japan,2006MENGFEI XIEB.Econ., P�king University; &ijing, China, 2013LL.B., ibid.• 2013YAOYAOLL.B .• P�king Univ=ity, Beijing, China, 2010RIE YOKOTALL.B., Hitotsubashi University; Tokyo. japan, 2004J.D .• Keio Univ=ity, Tokyo, japan, 2007NADANYULL.B., East China Univ=ity of Political Science andLaw. Shanghai, 2005HUIZHANGLL.B., China Univmity of Political Science and Law.Beijing; 2008LL.M, The Univmity of Hong Kong, Hong Kong,2009XIAOMENG ZHANGA.B., Tsinghua University: Beijing; China, 2013LL.B., ibid., 2013THE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel6:00 p.m.SATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION AND RECEPTIONSchool of Social Service Administration LibraryImmediately following convocation519TH CONVOCATIONHOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALRIGAUDON, composed by ANDRE CAMPRATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistWELCOMENEIL B. GUTERMANDean of the School of Social Service AdministrationMose & Sylvia Firestone ProfessorREMARKSNATHAN LINSK, A.M.'74, PH.D.'82Winner of the Edith Abbott Lifetime Achievement AwardPRESENTATION OF FACULTY AWARDSNEIL B. GUTERMANDean of the School of Social Service AdministrationMose & Sylvia Firestone ProfessorGINA M. SAMUELS, Associate ProfessorWinner of the Award for Excellence inDoctoral Student Mentoring at SSAPRESENTATION OF STUDENT AWARDSCELIA M. BERGMANDean of StudentsJACOB DANCER, A.B. '89, A.M. '04President, SSA Alumni AssociationMARIA DUDASonia G. Berz Honor AwardLISA MARGOLIESSolomon O. Lichter Memorial Prize76THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONHOODING OF SPRING 2014 GRADUATESRead by MARY S. DEBOSE, A.M. '77, Assistant Director ofAdmissionsMICHAEL JOGERST, Assistant Dean and Director of Career ServicesFACULTY HOODERSALIDA M. BOURISAssociate ProfessorMATTHEW EpPERSONAssistant ProfessorDEBORAH GORMAN-SMITHProfessorJULIA R. HENLEYAssociate ProfessorJEANNE C. MARSHGeorge Herbert Jones Distinguished Service ProfessorSTANLEY G. MCCRACKEN, A.M. '78, PH.D. '87Senior LecturerCHARLES M. PAYNEFrank P. Hixon Distinguished Service ProfessorGINA M. SAMUELSAssociate ProfessorMELISSA RODERICKHermon Dunlap Smith ProfessorTINA L. RZEPNICKI, A.M. '78, PH.D. '82Deputy Dean for CurriculumDavid Winton & Mary Winton Green ProfessorCLOSINGNEIL B. GUTERMANDean of the School of Social Service AdministrationMose & Sylvia Firestone ProfessorRECESSIONALTOCCATA IN F composed by CHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist7751 9TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSSILVIA LAURA ACOSTAA.B., Florida International Uniuersity; 2010KYLE VINCENT BARRETTSMITHB.B.A., University of Notre Dame, 2009JOHANNA ENGLER BARRYA.B" Colorado Colkg�, 2010GREER CATHERINE BECKMANA.B., Northwestern University; 2008ALVIE E-K BENDERA.B" Seton Hall Unioersity; 2011KAYLA RENEE BENNETTA.B., Wesleyan University; 2010BRIA MARIE BERGERA.B., Michigan Stat� University; 2012EMILY MARGARETBERKMANA.B" Tb« University of Chicago, 2011KATHRYN R. BERRINGERA.B., Carleton Colkg�, 2009MAXWELL NEWSON BESHERSA.B., Oberlin College, 2010BRITTANY RENEE BETZA.B., Manchester Colkg�, 2011KRISTEN LAURA BLACKA.B., Azusa Pacific Colkg�, 2009A.M., Loyola Univmity of Chicago, 2013CLAIRE EILEEN BORGESONA.B., Colorado Colkg�, 2008HOLLEY MARIE BRANDCHAFT- WHITEA.B., Tufts University; 2008NAOMI BROWNA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009JOSEPH AARON BRUCEA.B., Wright State University; 2010SEAN KEVIN BURRA.B., University of Victoria, British Columbia,Canada, 2008AMINA BUTT-SHARIFA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2008LILY MULCAHY CAMPA.B., Grinnell Colkg�, 2010RACHEL CASTLEMANA.B., Uniuersity of Georgia, 2012S.B., ibid., 2012CHELSY ANNETTE CASTROA.B., Univa'Sity ofMiami, 2005[D: Ammcan Uniuersity; Washington, District ofColumbia, 2008KATE SIOBHAN CLANCYA.B., Northeastern Illinois University; 2012ALLISON ANN CLEMENSS.B., Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2011LAURA STEFAN IE COHENS.B., Ohio State University; Columbus, 2009SKYLAR SUZANNE COLEA.B., Pacific Lutheran University; 2009KENNETH WAYNE COLEMANA.B., Carleton Colkg�, 2010MICHAEL COLEMANS.B., Univa'Sity ofTenn�ssu at Knoxville, 2010BRANDON MARSHALL COOKA.B., Transylvania Univmity, 2010M.Div., Univa'Sity of Chicago, 2014ZEHUACUIA.B., Shanghai University; China, 2012MEGAN MARIE CULBERTSONA.B., Simpson Colkg�, 2011CHRISTINE CUSACKA.B., Northeastern Illinois Univa'Sity, 2012ELIZABETH DIAZA.B., Loyola University of Chicago, 2009S.B., ibid., 2009CAITLIN CARMELINA DITTAA.B., Tulane University; 201178 ERICA NAOMI DONICAA.B., D�Paul Uniuersity; Chicago, Illinois, 2009ELIZABETH LEE DORANA.B., Duk� Uniuenity; 2010LAUREN BERRY DRAKES.B., Northtaestem University; 2010MARIA DUDAA.B., Illinois Wesleyan Uniuersity; 2011KATHLEEN COJUANGCO DUPAYAS.B., Franklin W Olin Colleg« of Engineering, 2006LASHAWN MONICK ETHERIDGEA.B., Kalamazoo Colkg�, 2012APRIL FAIRGRIEVES.B" University of Pittsburgh, 2011LAUREN ELIZABETH FEIGS.B., Northwestern University; 2011KIMBERLY ANNE ELISABETH FISCHERA.B., Loyola Uniuersity of Chicago, 2009MOLLIE JENNA FLINKA.B., [eioish Tbeologicial Seminary ofAmmca, 2009JACOB OWEN FRELICKA.B., Univmity ofMaryland at Colleg« Park, 2009SERENA FURNARIA.B., San Francisco State Uniuenity; 2001VICTORIA THOMSEN FURSTENAUA.B., Northwestern Univmity, 2001VERONICA RUTH GARCIAB.S. 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HARTA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009MEREDITH ELLEN HERBSTA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 2012CLARE CAREY HIPSCHMANA.B., Sarah Lawrence Colkg�, 2008MARISSA BETH HIRSHS.B., Miami Univmity, Oxford, Ohio, 2008ILYSSA RACHEL HOFFMANA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2012JONATHAN D. HOLMESS.B., Abilene Christian University; 2012SCOTT HOUGHTONA.B., Univmity of Iowa, 2001M.p.p., Univmity of Chicago, 2014JUSTIN DOYLE HOWESA.B., Univmity of California, Irvine, 2012LEORA ANN HUDAKA.B., Denison Univmity, 2009SEAN LAMAR HUDSONB.S. W, University ofAlabama, 2012JULIA E. JENVEYA.B., Univmity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009 LAUREN ANN JOHNSONA.B., Marymount Manhattan Colkg�, 2002SARAH ELIZABETH JOHNSTONS.B., Georgia Institute ofTtchnology, 2012AMANDA MICHELLE JONESA.B" Univmity ofPennsylvania, 2003S.M., University of Baltimore, 2011HANNAH J. JONESA.B" Wh�aton Colkg�, Illinois, 2012SARAH LYN JONESA.B., Agnes Scott Colkg�, 2009ALEXANDRA LEE JOSEPHA.B., Miami Uniuersity. Oxford, Ohio, 2012TODD CHRISTOPHER JUNKINSA.B., Cedarville Colkge, 1999A.M., Yak Univmity, 2002JOSHUA ELI KAPLAN-LYMANA.B., Chapman University: 2008EMMA KIMURA KATZS.B" University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2011KRISTIN MARIE KENNEDYA.B., University of North Carolina at Chap�l Hill,2009ANGELA CHRISTY KHOSHNOUDA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2010JACQUELINE RENEE KING­PAPADOPOULOSS.B., Loyola Unioersity of Chicago, 2000ELIZABETH ANNE KROLLA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2012JESSICA KUHNENA.B., Univmity of Illinois at Chicago, 2010INGRID VIJA LADDENA.B., Naropa University; 2011DANA MARIE LANDAUA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010CHELSEA MARA LAUNA.B., University of Southem California, 2009MALORYLEEA.B., Univmity of Texas at Austin, 2011SAMANTHA JOYCE LEEB.S. W, wayn� State University; Detroit, Michigan,2011ABIGAIL EVE LEVINA.B., Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2012KIMBERLY M. LIENHOOPA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, Neu. York, 2011YI LONGA.B., Sun Yat-Sen Univmity, Guangzhou, China,2012MADELINE CLAIRE LUPEIA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2011JEREMY DYLAN LYNCHS.B., Hobart Colkg�, 2002A.M., Univmity of Chicago, 2001BRENNA CHRISTINE MACKINA.B., Univmity ofWzsconsin-Madison, 2009EMILY AVA MANAENS.B., Bethe! Univmity, 2006LISA MICHELLE MARGOLIESA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2002ELLA MARKINAA.B., Univmity of Michigan-D�arborn, 2011PAULA JOANNE MARTINA.B., Evn-grtm State Colkg�, 2011SARAH MARIE MARTINA.B., West�rn Maryland Colkg�, 2010LAURIE FORSYTHE MAXWELLA.B., Pennsylvania State University; 2001BETHANY RUTH MAYNARD-MOODYA.B., Univmity of Kansas, 2001MEGAN ASHLEY McCARTNEYS.B., Tulan� University; 2012KIMBERLY L McGEEA.B., Chicago State University; 2011KRISTIN ELISE McKAYA.B., Miami Uniuersity; Oxford, Ohio, 2005KATHERINE ELIZABETH McKELVEYA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2012ARIEL MARISSA MELLINGERA.B., Univn-rity of California, Santa Cruz, 2010SARAH ELIZABETH MEYERA.B., UnilJn'Sity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009SARAH MILESA.B., Beloit Colkge, 2008EMILY SUZANNE MILLERA.B., Goshen Colkge, 2011SUZANNE MILLMANS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2012CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL MILLSA.B., Northeastern Illinois Uniuersity; 2010MEGAN E. MINEAUA.B., Beloit Colkge, 2011CAROLYN ELIZABETH MORALESA.B., Carleton College, 2009LAURA JANET MORALESS.B., Loyola Univn-rity of Chicago, 2010ALEXANDRA HOPE MOROCCOA.B., DePaul Uniuersity; Chicago, Illinois, 2011HEATHER CORINA MORRISA.B., Wellesley College, 2008SIDDHESH JYOTI MUKERJIB.Mus., James Madison Uniuersity; 2008SYLVIA MUNOZS.B., Loyola UnilJn'Sity of Chicago, 2010REGAN MURPHYA.B., Northwestern University; 1996MEGAN ELIZABETH MURRAYS.B., Univn-rity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2012MICHELLE MARIE MUSIALA.B., Brown University; 2010OLIVIA SIIMA NDYABAGYEA.B., Unioersity of Chicago, 2009REBECCA LYNNE NEUBAUERA.B., Kenyon College, 2011CAITLIN NEVINA.B., UnilJn'Sity of California, &rkeley. 2010KEVIN NUNEZA.B., California State Polytechnic University; Pomona,2011MOLLY CATHERINE O'CONNELLS.B., Xavier University: Cincinnati, Ohio, 2009STEPHANIE OMEZIS.B., State Univn-rity of New York at Binghamton,2012TYLER WILLIAM OREMA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2009VALERIE NICOLE PAPILLONA.B., Univn-rity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009BRITTANY MICHELLE PARENTIA.B., Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois, 2007MICHAEL PARKA.B., Univn-rity of Georgia, 2010RACHEL ANNA BOGGESS PATES.B., Colorado State Uniuersity; 2012BEATRIZE PEREZA.B., University of California, Berkeley. 2010 STEVEN MICHAEL GRAFTON PHILPA.B., University of Southern California, 2010B.F.A., ibid., 2010M.Div., University of Chicago, 2014RACHEL ESTHER PODELLA.B., University ofMaryland at ColiLge Park, 2010HILLARY MAE PRES PERA.B., University of Dayton, 2010ALISON K. PULLMANB.B.A" University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2012SHELLY A. QUILESS.B., Uniuersity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2000JASMIN RAHMANA.B., Wesleyan Unioersity; 2011COURTNEY ANN REAGANA.B., Roosevelt University: 2009JACLYN BORGERSON REEVESA.B., Univn-rity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2002MARY MARGARET RINTZA.B., Boston ColiLge, 2012ER-iG IG:IEFOTII �O�};i�T6..A,,j, [I,', '., cfM THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONHEATHER ANN STELNICKIB.F.A., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1997SARAH ANNE STEPHENSA.B., Macalester ColiLge, 2007KATHLEEN STEVENSA.B., Wellesley Colkge, 2005CAROL JANICE STONES.B., Southern Illinois Univn-rity-CarbondaiL, 1981JENNIFER HA TANA.B., Brown University; 2007M.B.A., University of Chicago, 2014ALEXA ALICE TARTERB.G.S., Indiana Uniuersisy-Purdue UnioersityIndianapolis, 2011KAITLIN MARIE THOMPSONS.B., Northeastern University; 2009BRIELLE REBECCA TREECEA.B., Tufts Uniuenity; 2009M.p.p., University of Chicago, 2014SARAH TROUTMANA.B., Univn-rity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2010ANGELICA MARLEN VELAZQUILLOFRANCOA.B., Belmont Abbey ColiLge, 2008LAUREN MARIE WAGNERA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009KAITLYN ELISE WARKA.B., Univn-rity of Chicago, 2010SAMANTHA MARIE WARNERA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, New York, 2012SHAKIRA ROMANITA WASHINGTONA.B., Purdue Unioersity; West Lafayette, Indiana,2011DAVID ANTHONY WATSULAA.B., Boston ColiLge, 2011LAUREN ELIZABETH WEBBA.B., Kent State University: 1999KRISTINA T. WEEMSA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, New York, 2010ARlELLE REBECCA WESTONB.S. w., Univn-rity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2012CASSANDRA NOEL WHITFIELDA.B., Washington State Uniuersity; 2012CONNOR JAMES WILLIAMSA.B., Uniuenity of Colorado at Boulder, 2012DAVID MONSKY WILLIAMSA.B., Wesleyan University; 2010ESTHER WONGA.B., UnilJn'Sity of California, Berkeley. 2009CHAUNTAY WORSHAMS.B., Loyola University of Chicago, 2011MAGGIE LAUREN WOZNICKIA.B., Uniuenity of Northern Iowa, 2009NICOLE ANN WUJTOWICZS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2011YUEXUB.E., Beijing Foreign Studies Unioersity; China, 2012STEPHANIE A. YONGA.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2012SUSAN ZACHARIAS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2012FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYANDREW WARREN BRAKEA.B., DePaul Unioersity; Chicago, Illinois, 1997A.M., New School Uniuersity; 2000A.M., University of Chicago, 2008DISSERTATION: Right from the Start: Teacher-StudentRelationships and the Transition to High School ALISSA RYAN ROTBLATTA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2012PETER JAMES ROWENA.B., McGill Univn-rity, Montreal, Q;.Iibec, Canada,1990A.M., University of California, Los AngeiLs, 1994ARlEL GIOVANNI RUIZ SOTOA.B., Whitman College, 2012HOLLY YERAMIAN SANSOMA.B., Arizona State Uniuersity; 2010EDGAR SANTA CRUZA.B., Saint Peter's College, 2003SHANNON GEORGANA SAPOLICHA.B., Univmity of Rochester, 2006JENNA SARlCA.B., Augustana Colkge, Rock Island, Illinois, 2006COLIN B. SCHOFIELDA.B., Illinois Wesleyan Uniuersity; 2012KAITLIN EGAN SCHREIBERA.B., Lake Forest College, 2012AMY MICHELLE LUTZ SCHUMACHERA.B., Colkge of William and Mary in Virginia. 2005VALERIE SCISLOWICZA.B., Elmhurst College, 2011BARRY LLOYD SHAEFFERA.B., Northeastern Illinois University; 2012MICAH GABRIEL SHAPIROA.B., Northwestern Unioersisy; 2009KATHRYN HEATHER SIMONS.B., New York University, 2001MARTHA LILES SIMONA.B., Southwestern University; 2012JULIA ELAINE KELLY SMITHA.B., DePauw Unioersity; Greencastle, Indiana, 1978M.A. T., University of Chicago, 1999KATHLEEN JUDGE SMITHA.B., University of Chicago, 2013LEIGH ANN SMITH-GARYA.B., Princeton University; 2004Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2012LAUREN ROSE SOCOLA.B., Indiana UnilJn'Sity Bloomington, 2011ASHLEY N. CURRYS.B., Central Missouri State University, 1997M.S. w., Loyola University of Chicago, 2003DISSERTATION: "I don't want a new worker. Whertsmy old worker?" Relationship Disruptions betweenYoung Peopl« and Their Child Welfort Professionals COLLEEN CARY KATZA.B" Brown University; 2003M.S. w., Columbia University; New York City, NewYork,2007DISSERTATION: Investigating the Cycle of violence:The Role ofAttachment Style in the Relationshipbetween Child Maltreatmmt and Intimate PartnerViolence79THE COLLEGESATURDAY, JUNE 14, 2014UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONHarper and Crerar Quadranglesn:30 a.m.CLASS OF 2014 LUNCHEONRatner Athletic Centern:30 a.mDIPLOMA CEREMONYMain Quadrangle1:00 p.m.RECEPTIONS FOR COLLEGIATE DIVISIONSSocial Sciences, Harper, and Classics Quadranglesimmediately following the ceremonyTHE COLLEGEDIPLOMA CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe University of Chicago Pipe BandCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversitySTUDENT SPEAKERSKATHERINE LYNN BURKHART SAMUEL RAPHAEL LEVINE AERIK CHRISTIN FRANCISANTHEMCOME YE SONS OF ARTComposed by HENRY PURCELLArranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleTHE CONFERRING OF THE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIETMANCHESTER QUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE INUNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGAND THE AWARDING OF UNDERGRADUATE DIPLOMASDiplomas will be awarded by Collegiate Division. At the start of each Collegiate Division, the Llewellyn Johnand Harriet Manchester Awards for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching will be conferred.THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardGREGORY DWYERAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Ecology and Evolution, the Committee on Evolutionary Biology, and the Collegepresented by JOY M. BERGELSON, Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution and the College;Chair, Department of Ecology and EvolutionThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Laurens Mets, Master.815I9TH CONVOCATIONTHE HUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardDANIEL BRUDNEYProfessorDepartment of Philosophy and the Collegepresented by GABRIEL RICHARDSON LEARProfessor, Department of Philosophy,the John U Nef Committee on Social Thought and the CollegeThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Thomas Christensen, Master.THE NEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Dennis J Hutchinson, Master.THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardDAVID A. MAZZIOTTIProfessorDepartment of Chemistry, the James Franck Institute, and the Collegepresented by RI CHARD F. JORDAN, Professor, Department of Chemistry and the College;Chair, Department of ChemistryThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Michael Stein, Master.THE SOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardsANNE S. HENLYSenior LecturerDepartment of Psychology and the Collegepresented by AMANDA L. WOODWARD, William S. Gray Professor,Department of Psychology and the College; Chair, Department of PsychologyJOHN E. WOODSProfessorDepartments of History and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and the Collegepresented by THEO VAN DEN HOUT, Professor, Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizationsand the College; Chair, Department of Near Eastern Languages and CivilizationsThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Adam Green, Master.82THE COLLEGETHE STUDENT MARSHALSThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby Catherine C. Baumann, Marshal of the University.THE ALMA MATER(Please stand)The University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGEJOHN W. BOYERMUSICAL FINALEVELA, VELACome out, let us see you!We are the U of C!Ti wi (a cry ofjoy)Traditional South African Celebration SongThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirTREVOR MITCHELL, Tenor SoloCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityTHE RECESSIONAL(Please stand)The University Pipe Band835I9TH CONVOCATIONCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONURSULA CAROLINE ADAMS(Biological Sciences)ELIZABETH ANN OMOLUYI ADESANYA(Biowgical Sciences)JASON HUGH AERNI(Biowgical Sciences)AISHAAHMAD(Biological Sciences)RYAN NUMAIR AHMED(Biological Sciences)GUSTAVO ALVAREZ(Biowgical Sciences)TASNEEM AMINA(Biologica! Sciences)LAVINIA MIDORI ANZAI(Biological Sciences)ALEKSANDRA AUGUSTYNOWICZ(Biological Sciences with Honors)(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)GLADYS JUDY BANFOR(Biowgical Sciences)(Political Science)MD AZFAR BASUNIA(Biological Sciences)JACOB SUGAR BECKER(Biolagica! Sciences)HELEN ALEXANDER BEILINSON(Biological Sciences with Honors)KIMBERLY CATHERINE BENSON(Biologica! Sciences)JULIAN MEYER BERGER(Biological Sciences)FILI BOGDANIC(Biowgical Sciences)DANIEL KIELER BORGER(Biological Sciences with Honors)PATRICIA MARIE BRANDT(Biologica! Sciences)KELSEY MARIE BROKAW(Biological Sciences)(Political Science)MIKAELA LAURELL BROWN(Biologica! Sciences)SARAH VICTORIA BURLEY(Biologicai Sciences)KATHERINE ELIZABETH BURNS(Biologics! Sciences)MARIELA BERENIZ CAMARILLO(Biologicai Sciences)KATHERINE ANN CASADAY(Biologice! Sciences)SAND RENE JANICE CASSELLS(Biological Sciences)CATHERINE CASTRO(Biological Sciences)MARINA ESMERALDA CASTRO(Biologica! Sciences)ANGELO MICHAEL CAVOTO(Biological Sciences)JAEMIN CHA(Biologica! Sciences)MAYURI CHANDRAN(Biological Sciences with Honors)CALVIN CHAO(Biological Sciences)PEGGY KA YEE CHAU(Biological Sciences)(Psychowgy)HYUK JOON CHOI(Biological Sciences)84 VALERIE S. CHOU(Biological Sciences)(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)PAYAL CHOWDHARY(Biowgical Sciences)ALEXANDER EARL COLBORN(Biologicai Sciences)LILLIAN MARY DASSO(Biological Sciences)SUSAN J. DOH(Biological Sciences)ELIZABETH ROSE DOMAN(Biologicai Sciences)JAMES EDWARD DUEHR(Biowgical Sciences)SAMANTHA ASHLEY EVANS(Biological Sciences)COURTNEY ANN FELLER(Biologica! Sciences)ADAM RICHARD FILIPOWICZ(Biological Sciences)LESLIE MAE GAILLOUD(Biological Sciences)MEGAN ELIZABETH GARVEY(Biowgical Sciences)HELEN CAROLINE GILES(Biological Sciences)ADRIAN SON GOMEZ-NGUYEN(Biowgical Sciences)ASHLEY KATE GREEN(Biological Sciences)SALLY ZHECENG GU(Biological Sciences)WEN GUAN(Biological Sciences)(Psychowgy)ANDREW GUSEV(Biological Scienca)RYAN CHRISTOPHER HAGGART(Biological Sciences)(English Languag� and Literature)BENJAMIN REED HAMMER(Biological Sciences with Honors)JAMES ADAM HANNON-HATFIELD(Biological Sciences)AMELIA BISCOMB HANSEN(Biological Sciences)LYDA SUZANNE TREISTMAN HARRIS(Biological Sciences)MAXINE LOVE HOPKINS(Biowgical Sciences}ASHER IVES HUDSON(Biological Sciences)SARAH LAURIE HUYNH(Biological Sciences)RACHAEL JAMEAU(Biological Sciences)ALICEJO(Biowgical Sciences)JAZMINE JAYNIA JOHNSON(Biological Sciences)NATALIA MARIE JOVANOVIC(Biological Sciences)TAMARA ZAHRA KAWADRI(Biological Sciences)BROOKE ANN KELLY(BiolOgical Sciences)(Psychowgy)HAE-IN KIM(Biological Sciences)SAWYER REED KISKEN(Biologica! Sciences) KATERINA SUNN KONSTANTINOFF(Biologica! Sciences)KIMBERLY KELLY KUCHARSKI(Biowgical Sciences)JENNA MARIE KYRIAZES(Biologica! Sciences)ALICE JOO-HYUN LEE(Biologicai Sciences)JEAN A. LEE(Biological Sciences)JENNIFER AMY LEE(Biological Sciences)NICOLE DAH ON LEE(Biologica! Sciences)NOAH BOAS MORSE LEMELSON(Biological Sciences)DORA HUNGYU LIN(Biological Sciences)GEOFFREY LI LIU(Biologicai Sciences)(Music)CHRISTIAN ALAN LOWE(Biological Sciences)XIAOZHEMA(Biological Sciences)LIZZETTE ALEJANDRA MELO-BENITEZ(Biologica! Sciences)AMAURY ITZAEL MICHEL(Biologics! Sciences)KYLE PETER MICHELSON(Biological Sciences)MICHAEL AUGUST MILLER(Biological Sciences)GEETH KAVYA MINAMA REDDY(Biological Sciences)ABDULLAH 1. MUHAMMAD(Biologics! Sciences)LEKHANAIR(Biologica! Sciences)HlMA NEELAKANTAN NAMBOODIRI(Biological Sciences)CHACE CHRISTIAN NOLEN(Biological Sciences)KATHRYN LEE NORD(Biologicai Sciences)AMANDA MARIE DINA OWENS(Biowgical Sciences)(Psychowgy)JOAN JINSONG PARK(Biolagica! Sciences)YEONHEE PARK(Biological Sciences)NISHANT KETAN PATEL(Biological Sciences)RUCHEE PATEL(Biological Sciences}JULIANNA DAWN PEEBLES(Biological Sciences)BRYAN FORCE PETERSON(Biowgical Sciences)KONRAD JOHANN AMMON PETRE(Biowgical Sciences)CHARLES FOSTER PIERCE(Biological Sciences)JAMES JARED PORTER(Biological Sciences)FRANKQIAN(Biologicel Sciences)ROBERT LUIS RAFIDI(Biologica! Sciences)SURYALEKHA RAJAN(Biological Sciences)KRISHNA C. RAVELLA(Biological Sciences)TOLULOPE OTOKINI ROSANWO(Biological Sciences with Honors)ZACHARY MARTIN ROSS(Biological Sciences)MARYIAM ABIDALI SAIFUDDIN(Biological Sciences)MADELINE BIRD SANKARAN(Biological Sciences)CANDICE FAY SCHWARTZENBURG(Biological Sciences)MARIANNE ANDREA SENECZKO(Biological Sciences)ASHLEY ANIKA SEYMOUR(Biological Sciences)MITRA FATAMEH SHARIFI(Biological Sciences)(Comparative Human Development)ZAKARIYAH SHARIF-SIDI(Biological Sciences)SARASHAWKl(Biological Sciences)JULIA YUN-LING SHI(Biological Sciences)ALYSSA JOHANNA SKAR(Biological Sciences)WILLIAM B. STEINBERG(Biological Sciences)MARGARET ANNE STUCKEY(Biological Sciences) XlNYI SUI(Biological Sciences)VICTORIA SUN(Biological Sciences)BIANCA LUCIA TAMEZ-BUCCINO(Biological Sciences)ALEXANDER RICHARD TERRY(Biological Sciences with Honors)SHELLY THAI(Biological Sciences)JORDAN SWANSON THEYEL(Biological Sciences)LIDA ANITA TO(Biological Sciences)(Visual Arts}PETER TAN TRUONG(Biological Sciences)RACHEL LEE UMANS(Biological Sciences)ANAND HEMANT UPADHYAYA(Biological Sciences)JOHN PHILIP VAUGHEN(Biological Sciences)MELISSA ESTHER VELASQUEZ(Biological Sciences)ELLEN LANE VERNER(Biological Sciences)VIVIAN WAN(Biological Sciences)ERIK FENG WANG(Biological Sciences)RYAN SHUFEI WANG(Biological Sciences) THE COLLEGEALLISON BERRY WEAVER(Biological Sciences)ANDREW DANIEL WEBSTER(Biological Sciences)CHLOE ELYSE WEISBERG(Biological Sciences)MARLEE ROSE WESSELHOFF(Biological Sciences)KELSEY M. WHEELER(Biological Sciences with Honors)(Geophysical Sciences S.B.)MICHAELA EILEEN MARIE WHITELAW(Biological Sciences)REBECCA ANN WILSON(Biological Sciences)XlAZHEXU(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)EMMA YE(Biological Sciences)(Public Policy Studies)HEATHER KEOLANI YEE(Biological Sciences)MICHELLE YOUNGJU YUN(Biological Sciences)ELIZABETH ARETI ZALE(Biological Sciences with Honors)JANE YUERAN ZHANG(Biological Sciences)JEREMY PENIN ZIRING(Biological Sciences)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONSARAH ELIZABETH BARNES(Biological Sciences with Honors)STEPHANIE LYNN BAUMGART(Biological Sciences with Honors)HANNAH RUTH SPENCER BLEECKER(Biological Sciences)ANDREW TAYLOR BURCHILL(Biological Sciences)CHRISTOPHER DAVID DELANEY(Biological Sciences with Honors)PATRICK MICHAEL DELANEY(Biological Sciences with Honors) KRITIKA DUSAD(Biological Sciences with Honors)RACHEL C. FOLZ(Biological Sciences)(Gtophysical Sciences A.B.)AMISHA DANISH GANDHI(Biological Sciences with Honors)JARED THOMAS HINKLE(Biological Sciences with Honors)BENJAMIN HARRIS LEHRMAN(Biological Sciences with Honors) JOHN GEORGE MILLER(Biological Sciences with Honors)PRATHIMA RADHAKRISHNAN(Biological Sciences with Honors)(Biological Chemistry)CELINE LOUISE ST. PIERRE(Biological Sciences with Honors)NORA ELLIANA VIVANCO GONZALEZ(Biological Sciences with Honors)KARlANA ELIZABETH WEIS(Biological Sciences)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEHUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONDEAN STEPHEN ACHESON(Classical Studies with Honors)JESSICA MONISOLA ADEPOJU(Philosophy and A//itd Fields)PHOEBE ABRASH ALLARDICE(Near Eastern Languagts and Civilizationswith Honors)ALEX JACKSON ALLEN(Cinema and Media Studies)REBEKA IDALIA ALVAREZ-HECK(Linguistics)DANIELLA SIMONE ANAYA(English Language and Literature)KELSIE R. ANDERSON(English Language and Literature}CAROLINA BAlUN(Philosophy)(English Languag« and Literature)ALEXA ROSE BAKER(Visual Arts) AMANDA JANE BENNETT(Near Eastern Languagts and Civilizations withHonors)MARY SOFIE BIGELOW(Classical Studies)JOANNA RUTH BILYNSKY](East Asian Languagts and Civilizations)TAYLOR HUGHES BROGAN(English Languagt and Literature with Honors)JAMES HENRY BROOKS(Theater and Performance Studies)(English Languagt and Literature)PETE ROSS BROOKS(Philosophy)SAMUEL C. BUTLER(Classical Studies with Honors)IAN CHRISTOPHER CALLOWAY(Linguistics)GEORGIOS CAMBANIS(Philosophy) FLAVIO CANGEMI(Philosophy)BRIANNE LEE CAPLAN(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)DANA ELIZABETH CASTILLO(English Languagt and Literature}KATHLEEN ANNE CAWLEY(Theater and PerfOrmana Studies with Honors)(English Languagt and Literature)JENNIFER SUEJEAN CHAE(English Languagt and Literature)NICOLE CATHERINE CHERRY(Visual Arts)MICHAEL FRANCIS-THOMAS COFFER(English Languagt and Literature with Honors)BENEDICT JOHN CONSTANTINO(English Languagt and Literature with Honors)519TH CONVOCATIONCAMERON NICHOLAS CUNNINGHAM(Music with Honors)LUDGER CLAYTON DAHM(Music with Honors)CYNTHIA LOUISE DAPOGNY(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)VALENTINA DI LlSCIA(Art History with Honors)ZOE IRELYN DOBBS(Linguistics)CHRISTINE ANITA DONALDSON(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)TESS KATALIN DRUMMOND(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)(Theater and Performance Studies)ALEXANDRA MICHELE DUCETT(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)CORDELIA JEANNE DUFF(English Languag� and Literature}ADAM FLEMING DUNLAVY0rt History with Honors){Visual Arts)PHILIP HARRY EHRENBERG(Philosophy)GRACE ELIZABETH NEWBERRYFAUQUET(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)JANE MARIE FENTRESS(VISUal Arts with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)ERIN JEANNE FERGUSON(Comparative Literature}ARIEL MANO FISHMAN(Art History)(English Languag� and Literature}ERIN MEGHAN FITZGERALD(Interdisciplinary Studies in tbe Humanities)DANIEL MICHAEL FLAHERTY(Philosophy)JAMES LINCOLN FLEMING(Theater and Performance Studies with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)ALESSIO FRANKO(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)LILY MIRABELLE FREEDMAN(English Languag� and Literature)ALICIA LARYN FRENCH(Art History)(Latin American Studies)GABRIEL H. FRIEDMAN(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)HANNAH KATHERINE FULLMER(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)JAMES GABRIEL GARCIA(English Languag� and Literature)EMILY IRENA GERRY(English Languag� and Literature}CLARA BLUSTEIN GIBBONS(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)GRACE ELIZABETH GLEASON(Interdisciplinary Studi�s in th� Humanities withHonors)JOANNA KATARINA GLORE(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)ZACHARY S. GOLDHAMMER(English Languag� and Literature)JULIA ANNE GOLDSMITH-PINKHAM(Linguistics with Honors)(Psychology with Honors)JACOB PHILLIP GOLDSTONE(Philosophy)PAUL MICHAEL GOODRICH(Philosophy)(English Languag� and Literature)ALEXANDER PAUL GORDON{Visual Arts)YADAV SUBRAMANYA GOWDA(Linguistics with Honors) ERIC ADRIAN GREEN0rt History)JESSICA RACHEL GREEN(Philosophy)(Comparative Literature}JAMES CLIFTON GROVE(Linguistics)KARENY. GU(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)ANNA CATHARINA GUSTAFSON(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)CLAIRE HEWES HAFFNER(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures with Honors)OLIVIA LAUREN HAINDS(English Languag� and Literature)JULIA DEVEREUX HARPER(English Language and Literature)DYLAN HARRIS(Music)NATHAN EDWARD HARRIS(Music with Honors)AMELIA JANE HAWKINS(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)JOHN THOMAS HAZINSKI(Philosophy with Honors)CHRISTOPHER RYAN HESTER(Linguistics)ANNA AURORA HILL(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)NATHANIEL STEVEN HILL(English Languag� and Literature}LAURA BROOKE HILLEGAS(Art History with Honors)(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)RYANHO(Visual Arts)BRIAN FRANCIS HOEY(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)EMILY ELIZABETH HOLLAND(English Languag� and Literature}(Gender and S=lity Studies with Honors)HANNAH MAREN HOWCROFT0rt History)SABRINA YU-YANG HSIEH(Near Eastern Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors)JUSTIN EDWARD HUDGINS(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)ALISON HING SHUN HUNG(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)EVE MARIE HUPERT(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)ZEV DOV HURWICH(Romance Languat�s and Literatures}(Theater and Performance Studies)EMIR ABDULKADIR INANC(Philosophy)VICTOR ALEJANDRO JARAMILLO(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)ELIZABETH MEE JAY{Visual Arts)ELLEN GARNETT KLADKY(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)(Gmrkr and Socuality Studies with Honors)JOSHUA KOVENSKY(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures with Honors)YASMINE SAE KRINGS(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations with Honors)CHRISTIAN DOMINICK KUBIK(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)MOLLIE GRACE KUETHER(Near Eastern Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors)CHESTER KWAN(Classical Studies)JANET J. KWON0rt History)KATRYCE KAY LASSLE(English Languag� and Literature) RACHEL ALEX LAZAR(Philosophy)MICHELLE TIEN TIEN LEE(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)SHANG-OAK LEE0rt History with Honors)DANIEL CASTAGNETTO LEWIS(English Languag� and Literature)ELIZABETH BAUER LEWIS(Comparative Literature with Honors)ELYSIA ANRU LIANG(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)(Economics)LINDA LlU(Linguistics with Honors)JULIANA BARTON LOCKE(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)LYNDA LOPEZ(Romance Languag�s and Literatures}COLIN LOW YU CONG(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studi�s)JOSHUA JAMES LOWY0rt History)NORI R. LU(English Languag� and Literature)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)CHET MOYE LUBARSKY{Visual Arts)NICHOLAS ANDREW LURQUIN(Medieua! Studies}JONATHAN THOMAS YOU KAI MA(Philosophy)ALEIA MARIE MACULAM(Near Eastern Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors)PAUL MICHAEL MAHONEY(English Languag� and Literature)AMANYA LISA RUDISELL MALOBA(English Languag� and Literature)SARAH ANN MANOCHERIAN{Visual Arts)HALEY FAY MARKBREITER(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)MELISSA MARQUEZ(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)(Latin American Studies)STEPHEN EUGENE MARRONE(Philosophy with Honors)ALYSSA MACDONELL MARTIN(Art History)CHRISTIAN STEPHEN MARTINEZ(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)DAVID P. B. L. MAUGAOTEGA(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)JAMES BALTZER McGANNEY(Philosophy)SAM WHITMAN McGRATH(Philosophy)JEREMY ELY McKEY(Philosophy)MIRANDA DOROTHY MEANS(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)YURIJ DAS MELNYK(Philosophy with Honors)JAMIE MORGAN MERMELSTEIN(Theater and Performance Studie: with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)KATHERINE ELIZABETH MILLER(Linguistics)ANNA MIRIAM MOSS(Linguistics)GWENDOLEN ELIZABETH MUREN(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)MOE SANIBEL NAKAYAMA(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures with Honors)JASMINE IMAN NEAL{Visual Arts)ALISON BAKER NEWMAN(Classical Studies)JEFFREY SCOTT NIEDERMAIER, JR.(East Asian Languages and Civilizations with Honors)JILLIAN RAE NILER(Philosophy with Honors)VALIA DEE LILY O'DONNELL(Visual Arts with Honors)STEPHANIE MARIA OEHRLEIN(Slavic Languages and Literatures)ZOE BLAIR OLIVER-GREY(English Language and Literature)SYLVA NADEEN OSBOURNE(Music)(Romance Languages and Literatures)KATHLEEN AGNES O'SHEA(English Language and Literature with Honors)KYLE VAN NUYSE PAINTER(East Asian Languages and Civilisations)(History with Honors)PAIGE ELEANOR PAULSEN(Near Eastern Languages and Ciuilizatians withHonors)(Geographical Studies)JUSTIN MICHAEL PEARCE(Philosophy)ROBERTO NICHOLAS PEDROSO(Philosophy)ALEIYA MARIELLE PENN(Philosophy)(English Language and Literature)CAITLIN CONSTANCE PHILLIPS(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)RITU PRASAD(English Language and Literature)CONNIE RENEE PRATER(Romance Languages and Literatures)SARAH ELIZABETH MURPHYPRESCOTT(Music)ADAM HARRY PRZYBYL(Philosophy)(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)JENNIFER HANYING QU(Gender and Sexuality Studies)(East Asian Languages and Cioilizations)MICHAEL MURRAY REINHARD(English Language and Literature with Honors)CHELSEY RICE-DAVIS(English Language and Literature with Honors) ASHLEIGH MEGAN RICHELLE(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)RACHEL ELANA RICHMAN(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)KATHERINE HYLAH ROUHANDEH(English Language and Literature with Honors)KATHRYN ANDERSON RUNNING(Philosophy with Honors)ESTHER SCHOENFELD(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)JACOB HENRY GOLDBERG SCHULTZ(East Asian Languages and Civilizatiom)AARON ELI SEGAL(Philosophy with Honors)ALEXANDER ROBERTO SELLERS(Comparative Literature with Honors)ABUSHALE SHAKIR(South Asian Languages and Civilizations)MATTHEW RYAN SHANAHAN(Classical Studies)(Computer Science)BENJAMIN GORDON SILVER(Philosophy)(Political Science)MARY ELLA WRIGHT SIMMONS(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)JEFFREY MICHAEL SLOAN(English Language and Literature)(Economics)AYAB. SMITH(Romance Languages and Literatures)(East Asian Languages and Cioilizations)HARRISON DARYL SMITH(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Philosophy)HANNAH REBECCA SORSCHER(Classical Studies with Honors)LENA CLAIRE SPARKS(English Language and Literature)SAMANTHA RUTH STAMBUK(Theater and Performance Studies)KAYLEE NICOLE STECK(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations withHonors)GWENDOLYN LOUISE STEGALL{Art History}ANDREW PAVONE STOCKBURGER(Linguistics)REBECCAH STROMBERG(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizatiom withHonors) THE COLLEGEJAN TOMASZ TABACZYNSKI(Philosophy)ADAM HEWLETT THOMAS(Philosophy)ALISON ROSE THUMEL(Linguistics with Honors){Anthropology}ERIC DANIEL THURM(Philosophy)DAVID K. TIAN(East Asian Languages and Civilizatiom)SABINA FRANCESCA VACCARINOBREMNER(Philosophy)ALEJANDRA VASQUEZ(Romance Languages and Literatures)(Comparative Literature)VICTORIA VASQUEZ(Romance Languages and Literatures)GENNA LOUISE VEGH(Linguistics)KATHERINE IRENE VLASIC(English Language and Literature)KEVIN MICHAEL VOLLRATH(Philosophy)KATERINA CHRISOULA VRADELIS(Linguistics)TECLA GRACE WALTER(Philosophy)(South Asian Languages and Ciuilizations)EMILY S. WANG(English Language and Literature with Honors)RYNE JOSEPH WEISS(Classical Studies)ALEXANDRA DRYGAS WILLIAMS(Slavic Languages and Literatures)LUCAS MANUEL WILLIAMS SERDAN(Philosophy)KATHERINE CLAIRE WITHYCOMBE(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizatiom withHonors)SARA WOLOVICK(English Language and Literature with Honors)LAUREN KELSEY WRIGHT(Visual Arts)LIDAZ. WU(Slavic Languages and Literatures with Honors)(Visual Arts with Honors)PHILIP CHRISTOPHER YAURE(Philosophy)(Medieval Studies with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THENEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONGRIFFIN ANDREW BRUNK(Law, Letters, and Society)EMMALINE LIVINGSTON CAMPBELL(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)NICHOLAS MCKINNON CARTER(Law, Letters, and Society)(Public Policy Studies)EUGENE CHONG(Law, Letters, and Society)HILARY MARLYS CLIFFORD(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)(Religious Studies)RACHEL DILLON GITTLEMAN(Religious Studies)FRANCES HARVEY(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)ADAM JOSHUA JANOFSKY(Law, Letters, and SOciety)(Political Science with Honors) E. NORY KAPLAN-KELLY(Law, Letters, and SOciety with Honors){Anthropology with Honors}LAUREN ELIZABETH KELLY-JONES(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)(English Language and Literature with Honors)JESSICA DESEREE LACHANCE(Law, Letters, and Society)SAMUEL RAPHAEL LEVINE(Law, Letters, and SOciety)JOY YIZHOU MAO(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)SEAN ALEXANDER MCCLELLAND(Law, Letters, and SOciety with Honors)NADINE MARIE MENNA(Law, Letters, and Society)CHARLES CLAY NICKENS(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors) AENEA HANNAH RASKIN(Religious Studies)KATHERINE PATRICIA RITTENHOUSE(Law, Letters, and Society)(Environmental Studies with Honors)ALEXANDRA JEAN SCOTT(Law, Letters, and Society with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)GABRIEL YACOV SHAPIRO(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)(Philosophy)KEVIN CHARLES SIEGEL(Law, Letters, and Society)GRACE SlEW LIN WONG(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)ZHONGYUAN XU(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)87519TH CONVOCATIONCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEPHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONMARCELO SARKIS ATALLAH(Physics)(Economics)RACHEL LYDIA ATLAS(Physics with Honors)(Geophysical Sciences S.B. with Honors)DYLAN OWUSU ACHIEW BANAHENE­SABULSKY(Physics with Honors)ALEXANDER SAMUEL BENNETT(Physics)JAMES GARLAND BENTLEY(Physics)ALEXANDER BERTOLONI MELI(Mathematics with Honors)DANIEL PETERSEN BOOTH(Computer Science)ANTON BOVIN(Physics)(Computer Science S.B.)BENJAMIN SAVELLE BOYAJIAN(Mathematics with Honors)(Music with Honors)CHARMAINE M. BUTT(Chemistry)(Biologicai Scimces)KATY MARIE CARLYLE(Physics)LUCY YANGYANG CHEN(Mathematics with Honors)(Linguistics)SAMANTHA S. CHEN(Statistics)ERIC S. CHO(Physics)(Mathematics S.B.)JAHAN A. CLAES(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B. with Honors)LAUREN FRANCES CLARKE(Physics)DYLAN HENRY COHEN(Physics)(Public Policy Studi�s)WILLIAM JOSEPH CRAMER(Physics with Honors)MAX ISAAC CYTRYNBAUM(Mathematics with Honors)BERK DILER(Physics)(Appli�d Mathematics S.B.)ANDREW FAN DING(Math�atics with Honors)SAMANTHA MARY DIXON(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics)JONAH ASHER EATON(Physics with Honors)(Appli�d Mathematics S.B.)CYRUS SHAHIN FARAZMAND(Physics)YIFEI FENG(Matbematics}(Philosophy and Alli�d Fi�lds)EAMON D. FORD(Computer Science)CHRISTOPHER WORTHINGTONFROCK(Physics)GWEN FAITH GAGE(G�ophysical Sciences)(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures}CATHERINE SIMIN GAO(Math�tics)(Economics)ANDREW EDMUND GATZ(Mathematics)88 JOSHUA MICHAEL GENSLER(Mashematics)EDGAR GONZALEZ(Chemistry)IGNAS GRABAUSKAS(PhySiCS)GRAHAM PARKER GREVE(Physics)(Comput" Science S.B.)SACHI VICTORIA HASHIMOTO(Mathematics with Honors)TIANSHE HE(Math�atics)(Statistics)ARTHURS. HERNANDEZ(Physics)THEODOR CHRISTIAN HERWIG(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)JOSEPH KRAMER IVERSON(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)ZIHAOJIANG(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics)EDWARD GRAY JOSEPH(Mathematics)(Economics)EZRA NATHAN KARGER(Mathematics)(Statistics)(Economics with Honors)AMIR KHADIVI(Chemistry)ILYAS M. KHAN[Mathematics with Honors)AARON JAMES KRAHN(PhySiCS)ANDREW WOLFRAM KRAMER(Statistics)(Economics)ALEXANDER KIRKMAN LANZANO(Physics with Honors)ABIGAIL EVE LAPIER(Mathematia)(Art History with Honors)MAX JOSEPH LAPONSKY(Math�tics)EUNG BUM LEE(Physics)(Mathematics S.B.)KAITLYN LEE(Physics with Honors)CHELSEA ALLISON LEU(Geopbysica! Sciences)AVI MANASSHE LEVIN(Mathematics)MITCHELL SIDNEY LEVY(Mathematics)(Economics)MATTHEW JEFFREY LEWIS(Physics)XINYUE LI(Statistics)(Biological Sciences)AARON SIMONS LICHTER(Statistics)(Geographical Studies)JOSHUA FRANKLIN LIEBER(Mathematics with Honors)EMILY JEAN LOGAN(Statistics)DAVID F. LORENTZEN(Statistics)(Math�tics)ELLIOT XIN LU(Physics) HANNAH FRIENDLY MARK(Physics)(Geophysical Sciences S.B.)JOSHUA SYDNEY MILLER(Physics)GRAEME FRITCHEN MURRAY(Physics with Honors)(Chemistry)CONNIENHAN(Statistics)(Economics)NATHAN ALAN OFTELIE(Physics)MICHAEL HENRY OLIVER(Physics)(Mathematics S.B. with Honors)KARMELA PADAVIC(Physics with Honors)(Math�atics S.B.)BRIDGET CAITLIN PALS(Physics)(Economics)MONICAPANI(Mathematics)SIDDHARTH PATEL(Matbematia)SARAH ANNE PELUSE(Math�atics with Honors)SAMUEL JOHN PENNISI(Physics)REBECCA MARIE PIERCE(Physics)(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)VICKRAM NARAYN PREMAKUMAR(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)MAHAJABIN RAHMAN(Physics)MATTHEW RAIGOSA(Ch�istry)STEVEN JONATHAN RAND(Computer Science)(English Language and Literature)JOHN WILLIAM REECE(Physics)STEVEN REYES(Physics)KELSEY F. RYAN(Physics)KATHERINE DIANNE SCHILLING(Physics)SALMAN S. SIDDIQI(Math�atics with Honors)BRADLY CARSON STADIE(Mathematics with Honors)ALEXANDER PATRICK STEPHAN(Physics with Honors)MIRIAM CHRISANDRA STEVENS(Geophysical Sciences)(Visual Arts}YEENHWAN Y. SUNG(Computer Science)RANDY JOHN THOMAS SWAN(Chemistry)AARON MICHAEL TAYLORMAYS(Mathematics)VIKRAM UPADHYAY(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)KAUSHIK VASUDEVAN(Statistics)(Economics)MICHAEL WANG(Physics with Honors)(Mathematia 5.B.)JOHN STADELMAN WHITAKER(Computer Science)TERRELL MITCHELL WHITE(Physics)GREY�LLIAMS�LBURN(Physics)OREST XHERIJA(Mathematics) JOHN DAZHONG XlA(Physics)XUXlAO(Physics with Honors)THOMASYU(Physics)(Mathematics S.B.) THE COLLEGERYAN VINCENT ZARCONE(Physics)JASON YANG ZHOU(Mathematics)MICHAEL VICTOR ZINK(Computer Science)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISION AND THEDIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESHIBA FATIMA AHMED(Geophysical Sciences)(Public Policy Studies A.B.)DIAI(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)(Statistics A.B.)IFEDAYO AJIBOYE(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)SHAUNAE MONIQUE ALEX(Geophysical Sciences)LOKESH KRISHNAN ANAND(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)STEPHEN ARTHUR BADIA(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)ANDREW BEINSTEIN(Computer Science)(Mathematics A.B.)LUKE �LBERT BERTELS(Chemistry with Honors)GEOFFREY JAMES BOLINGER(Mathematics)(Computer Science)STANLEY ALEXANDER BREITWEISER(Mathematics)(Physics A.B.)SAMUEL JOSEPH BRYANT(Mathematics with Honors)MANUEL ANTONIO CASTRO(Computer Science)ZIDI CHEN(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)SAMANTHA CHIANG(Environmental Science)(Biological Sciences A.B.)UDAYSANKAR CHOCKANATHAN(Chemistry with Honors)HANG CHU(Chemistry with Honors)SPENCER ALAN CLAXTON(Mathematics)NAOMI ESTHER CLAYMAN(Chemistry)BRADLEY ADAM COHN(Mathematics)ADAM FRANCIS COLEMAN(Chemistry with Honors)BENJAMIN DAVID COSTRELL(Mathematics)RAHIM ABDULRASUL DAMJI(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)(Statistics A.B.)ELEONORA S. DASKALOVA(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)ARINDRIMA DATTA(Mathematics)(Physics A.B.) ETHAN ALAN DEJONGH(Chemistry)GENEVIEVE CLAIRE DENOEUX(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)(Statistics A.B.)HANNAH ZOE DIAMOND-LOWE(Geophysical Sciences with Honors)SAMUEL �LLIAM ATWELL DOOLEY(Mathematics with Honors)MATTHEW DOUGLAS DOWELL(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)GRACE RAN DUAN(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)TAHAEZZYAT(Mathematics)(Chemistry A.B.)JOSHUA BENJAMIN FEINGOLD(Computer Science)MICHELLE H. FENG(Mathematics with Honors)CHARLES GEORGE FISHER(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)(Statistics)JUN HOU FUNG(Mathematics with Honors)BENJAMIN GOLD GAMMAGE(Mathematics with Honors)ROBERT GARCIA(Chemistry)ANDREA GAROFALO(Mathematics)(Biological Sciences A.B.)LYNN HARDIE GARRETT(Mathematics)(Computer Science)LIANG GE(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)TOBIAS AMORY GELLEN(Chemistry)LEXIE ANN GOLDBERGER(Geophysical Sciences)SAMUEL MARTIN GREENE(Chemistry with Honors)ERIC YE-WEI GUAN(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)JIA GUO(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)ERIC RUDD HALLMAN(Mathematics with Honors)PETER GILES HANSEN(Mathematics)ANTON HARRINGTON(Geophysical Sciences)NATHAN ALAN HAUKE(Mathematics with Honors)(Computer Science) NARENDRA PRASAD HAZAREESINGH(Mathematics)(Computer Science)QIZHEN HE(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)PAIGE LUCILE HELMER(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)(Biological Sciences A.B.)MITCHELL KRUPIARZ HILL(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)MARY ELIZABETH HILLEGASS(Chemistry)JENNIFER CHI WEI HU(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Biological Sciences A.B.)(Chemistry A.B.)RACHEL ALEXANDRA HWANG(Computer Science)SIMON DAVID JACOBS(Computer Science)(Linguistics A.B.)MATTHEW THOTTUVELIL JOSEPH(Mathematics with Honors)(Statistics A.B.)DAVID KANG(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)EDWARD JOHN KARABINUS(Mathematics)RYAN ALEXANDER KLEIN(Chemistry)(Environmental Science)ALICIA ARLENE KLEPFER(Environmental Science)COLE MATHENY KNOWLDEN(Computer Science)MOHAMAD SAEED KODAIMATI(Chemistry)(Mathematics)(Biological Chemistry)YURI ALEXANDROVICH KOLCHINSKI(Computer Science with Honors)BRAD ALAN LANGEL(Mathematics)ISAAC NATHANIEL LARKIN(Biological Chemistry)(Biological Sciences A.B.)(Chemistry A.B.)ALEXANDRA KATARINA LEE(Chemistry with Honors)WESLEY TIMOTHY LEE(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)YOUNGHAN DANIEL LEE(Mathematics)(Computer Science)MOLLYE SARAH LEVIN(Chemistry with Honors)895I9TH CONVOCATIONTONY XIANG LIAN(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)FRANKLIN ZONG LIU(Mathmzatics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)HALL LIU(Mathematics with Honors)(Statistics)VICTOR YAO LIU(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A. B.)ANDREW REID MACKIE-MASON(Mathematics with Honors)(Philosophy A.B.)SURAJ MALLADI(Mathematics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)ANDREW McDONOUGH(Biological Ch�mistry)(Chmzistry)SCOTT GILON MENDELSSOHN(Statistics)(Economics A.B. with Honors)CLEMENT MIAO(Mathematics}(Economics A.B.)DAWN ROSE MITCHELL(Geopbysicai Sciences)JENNIFER ROSE MOMKUS(Chemistry)AVA ELIZABETH MYLES(Biological Chemistry)(Chmzistry A. B.)SIDDHARTH M. NARAYANAN(Mathematics}(Physics A.B. with Honors)HANNAH TERESA O'NEILL(Chmzistry)(Biological Chemistry)SHANKARA NISHANT PAILOOR[Mathematics with Honors)(Computer Science with Honors)BOPANG{Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)CATHERINE Y. PARK(Biological Ch�mistry)(Chemistry A.B.)MICHAEL DAVIS PAUL(Chmzistry with Honors)(Biological Chemistry)(Mathematics) LUKE ANDREW PEELER(Mathmzatics)(Computer Science with Honors)MLADEN R. RASIC(Chemistry)BRIAN JAMES RESZUTEK(Math�matics with Honors)(Chmzistry A.B.)BENJAMIN NATHANIEL RIFFER­REINERT(Mathmzatics)(Comput" Science)JAMES MICHAEL ROBERTSON(Mathmzatics with Honors)(Computer Science)BENJAMIN DAVID ROWLES(Mathmzatics)ANDREA DEVON RUMMEL(Geopbysica! Sciences)(Biological Sciences A.B.)JUSTIN JAMES SALAT(Biological Chemistry)(Chmzistry A. B.)(Biological Sciences A.B.)NORA LILLIAN SANDLER(Computer Science with Honors)LUKE MICHAEL SCHMEROLD(Mathematics)(Economics A.B. with Honors)CRAIG STEPHEN SEXAUER(Statistics)ADAM HARRY SHAMLIAN(Mathmzatics)PAMELA JENNIFER SHAPIRO(Comput" Science)JESSE KYLE SILLIMAN(Mathematics with Honors)JACOB ANTHONY SMITH(Chmzistry)MICHAEL STEVEN SMITH(Chemistry)SAMANTHA ELIZABETH SPERA(Computer Science with Honors)(Economics A.B.)GAUTAM DUTTA STROSCIO(Biological Chmzistry with Honors)(Chemistry A. B.)MADISON DENALI TAYLOR(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry A. B.)STEVEN RAFAEL TURNER(Comput" Science) WESTON JOSEPH UNGEMACH(Mathematics with Honors)WILLIAM JOHN KENNETH VERVILLES(Biological Chemistry}(Biological Sciences A.B.)(Chemistry A.B.)VRUSHANK VIPUL VORA(Mathrmatics)(Statistics A.B.)(Economics A.B.)BENJAMIN TOWNSEND WADE(Environmental Science)ANNA ROSE WALDECK(Chmzistry)(G�ophysical Sciences with Honors)JOSEPH ERIC WALSH(Math�matics)SAMUEL JACOB WATERS(Mathmzatics)JESSICA MARIE WEBER(Chemistry)BRITTANY DANIELLE WILLIAMS(Biological Chemistry)DAVID KEITH WILSON(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)RYAN JOSEF WITZKE(Chemistry with Honors)GIULIANO GRAYSON MARZIANIWROBEL(Mathematics}CHUYANGWU(Mathematics)MARIE TENG-PEI WU(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chemistry A. B.)EMILYC. XlA(Math�matics)WAYNE FAN YANG(Mathematics)(Statistics A.B.)VINCENT ZHIWEN YU(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)ALEXANDER KAISER ZAVOLUK(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)MINKE ZHANG(Computer Science)(Physics A. B.)JOSEPH ZHU(G�ophysical Sciences)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THESOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONMOHAMAD H. ABDALLAH(Economics)(Biological Sciences)ARUN ABRAHAM-SINGH(Political Science with Honors)EDWIN DONOVAN ABUNDIS(Political Science)ANTHONYJAVIERABURAADIV(Economics)WALEED FAYSAL ALBASSAM(History)YANDY ALCALA(International Studies with Honors)BLAKE DIXON ALEX(History with Honors)AMEER FARAZ ALLAUDEEN(Economics)MELISSA ALMONTE(Political Science with Honors)PHARIS ALY(Political Science) DAVID ANTONIO AMARO(Public Policy Studies)TARA J. ANANTHARAM(Economics)JOSEPH FONTAINE ANDERSON(SOciology with Honors)IREMANTIKA(Political Science)TEJAS NITIN ANTURKAR(Economics)PATRICIA ANGELICA ARBONAIRIZARRY(Latin American Studies)CLAIRE COURTNEY ARNOLD(History with Honors)(Philosophy)SHERRAINE HILLARY A. ASHLEY(Comparative Human Development with Honors)NELSON EDWARD AUNER(Economics)NICHOLAS DARA AVISHAN(Economics) DARIAN SINGH BAILEY(Economics)ANDREW S. BAK(Economics)EMILY ANNE BAO(Sociology)DOVE PETER JOSEPH BARBANEL(Political Science with Honors)ROBERT CONNOR BARTELMAN(Economics)JANE WATKINS DIXON BARTMAN(Geograpbica! Studies with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)AMRA BASIC(Psychology with Honors)JASMINE MIRIAM BATH(Geographica! Studies)MICHAEL PKD BATTEN(History)LAUREN GRACE BAUMGARTNER(History)MARIAJAQUI BAVARO(Psychology)SOPHIA CATHERINE BENBENEK(Political Science with Honors)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)THEO JORGEN SIDNEY BENJAMIN(History with Honors)DANIEL SANDERS BENNER(History, Philosophy. and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)(Psychology)SEFERINA YOUNG BERCH(History with Honors)EVAN MONTGOMERY BERNARD(Psychology)NATHAN MILLER BLAU(Psychology)(Political Science)SAM GABRIEL BLOBAUM(Political Science)RYAN M. BOBER(Economics)ANNA MARIA BOKUN(Political Science)ALEXA GRACE BOULTON(History)KRISTINA PAIGE BRANT(Sociology with Honors)(Economics)SHANNEE CARRIE BRAUN(Economics)DANIEL THOMAS BRIER(Political Science)(English Lan[;l4llge and Literature)MORGAN ELIZABETH BRITT(Psychology)AARON JOSEPH BROGAN(Political Science with Honors)ROBERT RICHARD BROWN II(Political Science)THOMAS RAYMOND BRUTOFSKY(Economics)MARTA BUDZIKOWSKA(Public Policy Studies)JOSHUA JAMES BURANDT(Economics)KATHERINE LYNN BURKHART(Public Policy Studies)FRANCIS SHANNON BURNS(Psychology)BLAIRE ELISABETH BYG(Political Science with Honors)(Near Eastern Languages and Ciuilizatians withHonors)ZIPEI CAI(Economics)(Political Science)WILLIAM DAVID CALVIN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)JAMES THOMAS CAMP(Economics)SHERRY LILY CAO(International Studies with Honors)ERWIN CARL(Economics)KAITLYN MARIELLE CARPENTER(Political Science)STEPHANIE CARVAJAL(Psychology)SPENCER GILES CARVILL(Psychology)JENNIFER JENN CASPER(Comparative Human Development)LISSETTE CASTILLO(Political Science)VOJTECH CERMAK(Economics)EMMA MARIALUZ CERVANTES(Sociology) ADAM HARRISON CHAIKOF(Political Science with Honors)ARUNDHATI CHANDRASEKHAR(Economics)JAE GUL CHANG(Economics)JULIA JENYU CHANG(Economics)(Political Science)MAIA R. CHANG(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)SEOHYUN STEPHANIE CHANG(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MELISSA THIDARA CHANTHALANGSY(Political Science)(Environmental Studies)RITODHI CHATTERJEE(Economics)(Biological Sciences)ALICIA BINYING CHEN(Economics)BRIAN KANMAI CHEN(Economics)EUGENIA SIYUAN CHEN(Economics)EUPHENIA SIMIAN CHEN(Economics)GREG HUIYU CHEN(Political Science)KAREN CHEN(Economics)KIMBERLY CHEN(Public Policy Studies)VICTOR CHEN(Economics)DANIEL MANHON CHENG(Economics)(Psychology)CHANEL MUN LUM CHIU(Economics)YOUNG JUN CHO(Economics)ANDREW LEE CHOE(Economics)(Statistics)(Mathematics)JUNGEUN CHOI(Public Policy Studies)SEO HYUN CHOI(Public Policy Studies)NICHOLAS BENJAMIN CHOLST(Economics)JUSTINA JANE CHUNG(Economics)MICHAEL ANTHONY CIFOR(Political Science)ARTHUR WESLEY ADAMS CILLEY(Economics)ERICA MARIE CISNEROS(Psychology)BEGUM CITAL(Economics)ELIZABETH ANNE CLARK(International Studies with Honors)RANDALL SEAN CLOPTON(Public Policy Studies)(Music)WOLFGANG PHILIP CONNELL(Economics)NINA LI COOMES(Comparative Human Development with Honors)VINCENT ARCANGELO CORTINA(Economics)HARUNOBU GABRIEL CORYNE(History)KATHERINE MARIA COTE(Economics) THE COLLEGEJULIA LEANNE COVELLO(Political Science)JOSEPH MICHAEL CRONIN(Anthropology with Honors)KATHERINE M. CRONIN(Political Science)PALOMA QUETA CRUZ(International Studies)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)OZAN CUBUKCU(Economics)CAROLYN ANNE CYRANA(Public Policy Studies)JISSY CYRIAC(Anthropology with Honors)KATHERINE MARY DANA(Sociology with Honors)ANDREI DANILIUC(Economics)ALEXANDER SIDNEY DAVIS(Political Science with Honors)DERRICK MARK DAVIS(Political Science)HARRIETT FRANKLIN DAVIS(History)SONYA HELENA DEKHTYAR(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)NICOLE MARIE DELZENERO(Comparative Human Development)ELIZABETH ROSE DENHUP(Sociology)STEPHEN CHRISTOPHER DENNING(Economics with Honors)PARKER LAWRENCE DERENSIS(Economics)(Political Science with Honors)RICHARD ROBERTO DEULOFEUT­MANZUR(History with Honors)CHRISTOPHER JACK DEWING(History)PATRICK HAND DEXTER(Geographical Studies)SHARADA DHARMASANKAR(Economics)(English Language and Literature)SAMUELDIAZ(Sociology with Honors)YVETTE ULOMA DIMIRI(Political Science)ANNA ISABELLA MESERVEYDINWOODIE(Comparative Human Development)ANTHONY JOSEPH DOMEL(History with Honors)EMMA DERRY DRIES(History with Honors)REBECCA ANN DRURY(Psychology)BRIAN PATRICK DUFFY(Public Policy Studies)ELIZABETH DuPOND(Psychology)JAMES ZENTARO EBERT(Economics)JONATHAN DAVID EINHORN(Economics)NOEL IMROZ EJAZ(Political Science)519TH CONVOCATIONJAMES RABALAIS EKSTROM(Political Science with Honors)MICHAEL PATRICK EMBER(Economics)MARVIN MARTIN ESPINOZA(Economics)YUTO EZURE(Economics)(Statistics)MATTHEW PATRICK FAHERTY(History)JOHN RICHARD FALLON(Economics)(Political Science)BONNIE YAN FAN(Economics)ALEXANDER DAVID FARRIS(Sociology with Honors)(Philcsophy)JOHN BURROWS FAUGHNAN(Economics)JONATHAN FENG(Psycholcgy)BENJAMIN EDWARD FIELD(Public Policy Studies}VICTORIA KISELEVA FINE(Psycholcgy)PETER DONALD FINN(Economics)SHARONNA JANAE FORD(Sociolcgy)AERIK CHRISTIN FRANCIS(Political Science)MAYA SHOPKOW FRASER(SOciology with Honors)ALBERT ALEXANDER FREY(Economics)JACK M. FRIEDMAN(History with Honors)MADALYN LEIGH FRIGO(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies with Honors)JOSHUA LOGAN FULLER(Prycholcgy)MARIO EDGE GAGE(Economics)SAMUEL ARTHUR GAGE(Economics)IAN MAXWELL GAINES(Political Science)IOANN GALITZINE(Economics)ELIZABETH ANITA GALKA(Prycholcgy)JOHN PATRICK GALLAGHER(Economics)PRANAV GANDHI(Economics)AMANDA NICOLE GASPAR(Political Science)EMILY RACHEL GONSIER GERDIN(Prycholcgy with Honors)ADHEEB AHMED GHAZALI(Public Policy Studies)HABEN YOHANNES GHEBREGERGISH(History with Honors)MYCHAEL TRAMELL GILLIAM(Public Policy Studies)HANS MICHEL GLICK(SOciology with Honors)ADAM BENJAMIN THAL GLUCK(Sociology with Honors)AKSHATGOEL(Economics with Honors)(Sociology with Honors)AARON ZHI WEN GOH(Economics)ZACHARY ETHAN GOLDABER(History with Honors)92 HANNAH DESMIDT GOLDBERG(History)SHEN GONG(Economics)(Comput" Science S.B.)JESSICA ROSE GOODMAN(Psycholcgy with Honors)KATHERINE MARIAM GOOGINS(Anthropolcgy)KARLYN JANE GORSKI(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)STEPHANIE LAUREN GRACH(History, Philosophy; and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)(Biological Sciences)BRIAN ADAM GREEN(Economics)(Statistics)LYDIA SOPHIA GREEN(Political Science)(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)MAURICE GREEN IV(Political Science with Honors)MATTEA LOUISE GREENE(Political Science)ALEXA NICOLE GREENWALD(Public Policy Studies}SARAH ELIZABETH GREGORY(History, Philosophy. and Social Studies of Science andMedicine)(Philosophy)CAITLIN GARDNER GREY(Comparatiue Human Development)COLIN MATTHEW GRIFFIN(History with Honors)(English Languag� and Literature)ASHLEY ELIZABETH GRIMES(Political Science)HALLIE T. GRUMER(Political Science with Honors)NATALIE KARIM GUINDI(Public Policy Studies)DAVID HAO GUO(Economics)RAYNA SUA GUO(Economics)(Political Science)HEATH LYMAN GUSTAFSON(Sociolcgy with Honors)JANICE ESTHER GUZON(Public Policy Studies)(Sociolcgy with Honors)ELENA HADJIMICHAEL(International Studies)NILOUFAR HAFIZI(Economics)(Romance Languag�s and Literatures}MASON JOSEPH HARLESS(History with Honors)MICAELA MICHELLE HARMS(International Studies)NATASHA KATHERINE HARNWELL­DAVIS(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ZAHED ABDUL HASEEB(Economics)(Philcsophy)FELIPE HAYAKAWA SERPA(Economics)TAYLOR ELISABETH HAYES(Psycholcgy)(Comparative Human Development)ANAMARIA CARMEN HERNANDEZ(Psycholcgy)JACE TYLER HERRMANN(Economics)BENJAMIN SHEPARD HERST(Political Science with Honors) ALEXANDRA RAE HICKS-HARDIMAN(G�ographical Studies)MELISSA MARIE HIGH(History with Honors)ERIN BRITTANY HILLIARD(Public Policy Studies)(Law, Letters, and SOciety with Honors)HARSH SURENDRA HIRANANDANI(Economics)LE CHERN HO(Economics)SHEILA Y. HO(Economics)ALEXANDER ADAMS HOARE(History with Honors)(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations)BEATRICE DYER HOBSON(Comparative Human Development)TERENCE JAMES HOGAN(Sociology with Honors)HENRY GUSTAV HOGLUND(Political Science with Honors)ANDERS BERTIL HOGSTROM(Psycholcgy with Honors)(Comparative Human Development)ANDREW HONG(Economics)MANAL WAJIHAH HOSSAIN(Economics)JAKE TYLER HOWRY(Political Science with Honors)RYAN ALEXANDER HOYT(Public Policy Studies}CHARLES QIN HUANG(Economics)LEIGHTON NICOLE HUCH(Political Science)BRETT ALLEN HUFF(Public Policy Studies)CHARLES NORMAN HUGHES(Political Science)KATHERINE GRACE HUNTINGTON(Sociolcgy with Honors)SARA ELIZABETH HUPP(Political Science)ABDULLA ALI HASAN MAHMOODMOHAMED HUSAIN(Economics)FAISAL ALI HASAN MAHMOODMOHAMED HUSAIN(Economics)JILLIAN JANELLE JACOBBI(Psychology)SHIVANGI JAIN(Economics)CHANDLER DONOVAN JAMES(Political Science)LUKEJANG(Economics)JACKSON SCOTT JENKINS(Economics)ALEX WOOSIK JEONG(Psychology)JESSICA SHERRY JIA(Economics)THOMAS MICHAEL JOE(Economics)(Political Science with Honors)MEGHANN LUCIA MOWERS JOHNSON(Public Policy Studies)(Psycholcgy)PORTIA CAMILLE JOHNSON(Environmental Studies)SAFIYA CORINE JOHNSON(Sociolcgy with Honors)VAIDEHI JOSHI(Intemational Studies)(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)IOANNA BOJIDAROVA KADIEVA(Political Science with Honors)MAYA KAlLAS(International Studies with Honors)(Biological Sciences)JASON KWANMO KANG(Economics with Honors)MOONSUKANG(Economics)NUR IQBAL KARA(Political Science)NEIL SATISH KARANDIKAR(Economics)SHAYAN KARBASSI(International Studies with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)CHARLES KENNETH KARGMAN(Political Science with Honors)JONATHAN PAUL KATZ(History with Honors)(Geographical Studies with Honors)LINDSEY ALICE KELL(Public Policy Studies)(Political Science with Honors)CHELSEA ELIZABETH KENDALL(International Studies with Honors)PAPHON KIATSAKULDECHA(Economics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B.)CHRISTINA JU KIM(Economics)HYESUNG KIM(Economics)JIYOUNG KIM(Political Science with Honors)(English Language and Literature)MIN GOOKKIM(Economics)MINJOO KIM(Economics)RAYMOND H. KIM(Economics)SHIN KIM(Economics)(Computer Science S.B.)SOOWANKIM(Economics)JOHN HYMN KING(Economics)HUGO ATCHISON KIRK(History with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)AMORY MICHAEL SEBASTIAN KISCH(History)GABRIEL CABRAL KITAMURA(Political Science)DANIEL JOSEPH KITSON(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MATTHEW JOSEPH KLEIN(Environmental Studies)(Economics)KALE ALAN KLEKOTA(Economics)STEPHANIE NICOLE KOCH(Political Science)DAVID OSCAR KOHLER(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Political Science)EMILY ELIZABETH KRATZ(Comparative Human Development)MORGAN REBECCA KRIPKE(History with Honors)VLADISLAV ALEKSANDROVICHKROKHMAL(Economics)LILY KEI KUBOTA(Comparative Human Development)LEE ELIJAH KUHN(Public Policy Studies) VICTOR YU KUNG(Economics)MADELINE YVONNE KUSCH­KAVANAGH(International Studies)(Anthropology)JONATHAN AlMAN LABIB(History with Honors)THOMAS JOSEPH LACARIA(Political Science)CHUI SHAN LAI(Economics)SOPHIA CAROLYN LAMBERT(Psychology)JACK LAPINSKI(Economics)ANGELA CHRISTINE LASCALA­GRUENEWALD(Political Science with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)WINIFRED WAI YEE LAU(Economics)IAN REID LAZARUS(Economics)ELIZABETH ANNE LEAHEY(Anthropology)REBECCA LAUREN LEDER(Psychology)ALEXANDRA TING LEE(Economics)(Political Science)HAE RI LEE(Economics)HANNA LEE(International Studies with Honors)HONG GULEE(Political Science)JONGTZE ALEXANDER LEE(Economics)MATTHEW HAESUNG LEE(Comparative Human Development)PAUL C. LEE(Political Science)SA 1M LEE(Sociology with Honors)SCOTT TAESUP LEE(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)SHANRUI MARISSA LEE(Economics)THOMAS JINHEE LEE(Economics)WAI YAN MATTHEW LEE(Economics)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)E. TYLER LEGGETT(Economics)LILLIAN ANNA LERER(Comparative Human Development with Honors)(History, Philosophy. and Social Studies of Scienc« andMedicine with Honors)KAITLIN MARY LESKOVAC(Political Science)KATHRYN ANN LETTIE(Geographical Studies with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)KATHERINE BRITTANY LEU(Sociology with Honors)ANGELA GONG LI(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)DAN YOUNG LI(Economics)DICKSON GUOSHENG LI(Economics)ZHANXIN LUCY LI(Economics)JON JUSTIN LIANG(History) THE COLLEGEDEAN LIAO(Economics)JOHN CHRISTOPHER GO LIM(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)MARLEY-VINCENT LINDSEY(History with Honors)ANDREWLIOU(History)(Political Science)CLAUDE VERNON LOCKHART(Economics)(Political Science)JESSICA LOPEZ(Comparative Human Development)ZACHARY JONATHAN LOUBERT(International Studies with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)JULIA MARIE LOUGHLIN(Economics)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)MAYA LOZINSKI(Economics with Honors)ANDREWJ. LU(Political Science)CONNIE JIA LU(Economics)JIALING LU(Economics)(Statistics)MATTHEW MEYER LUCHINS(Public Policy Studies)WEN QI LUI(Economics)CHIYING LUM(Economics)SARA NICOLE LUNDGREN(Comparative Human Development)SHARON REBECCA LURYE(Public Policy Studies with Honors)HEATHER SELENA LYON(Anthropology)VICTOR YANQI MA(Economics)CLAIRE KIMBERLY MAASS(Anthropology with Honors)CLAIRE LAMBERT MACKEVICIUS(Economics)NERJADA MAKSUTAJ(Economics)ARJUN KUMAR MALHOTRA(Public Policy Studies)VAlBHAV MANCHANDA(Economics)DONYA MANSOUBI(Political Science)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)SALLY MAY MANSOUR(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ROHAN REDDY MANTHANI(Economics)(Biological Sciences)ANNA BERNADINE MARBACK(Political Science)JOHN DAVID MARSHALL(Economics)(Statistics)SUSANNAH MARIE MARSHALL(History with Honors)ANNELIESE MICHELLE MARTY(Anthropology)DYLAN CHARLES MASSEY(Economics)RAVEEN JOSEPH MATHEW(Public Policy Studies)ASHLEY L. MAYO(Professional Option: Public Policy Studies)MICHAEL FINN IN McCOWN(History with Honors)93519TH CONVOCATIONMATTHEW IAN McDONALD(History with Honors)JOHN ELDON MORAN McDONOUGH(Economics)MADELINE LOUISE McMANUS(Comparative Human Deuelopment)RYAN DAVID MERKEL(Economics)(Psychology)SI MIAO(Economics)SARAH ELIZABETH MISKEL(Comparative Human Development)WILSON MIU(History with Honors)(Political Science)MATTHEWMO(Economics)(Sociology with Honors)TRACY MOCK(Anthropology)KAREEM MOHAMMAD(Psychology)(Near Eastern Languagts and Civilizations)TANYA MOOKER]I(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)SEH YOUNG MOON(Economics)OMARI KAMAU MOORE(Psychology)(Comparative Rac« and Ethnic Studies with Honors)JAMESON McCORMICK MORIARTY(Economics)JOSHUA AARON MORRIS-LEVENSON(Economics with Honors)ARIELLE JESSICA MOSELEY(Political Science)CASSIE MOY(Public Policy Studies)JULIE ANN MUGUlRA(Economics)STEPHANIE A. MUI(Economics)COREY ANNE MULDER(Political Science)RUTH AGNES MULVIHILL(Economics)ARCHITH MURALI(Economics)ALASTAIR FRITCHEN MURRAY(Public Policy Studits)ALEXANDER LAWRENCE MURRAY(Political Science)CHRISTIANE ELIZABETH MURRAY(History)(Psychology)MICHELLE CHANTEL MUSIELEWICZ(Latin American Studies)MERIMA MUSTAFIC(Political Science)TANUJA RAJAN NADARAJAN(Economics)DONG HANAM(Economics)MATTHEW J. NEER(History with Honors)(Economics)AIJA ZUZI NEMER-AANERUD(Political Science with Honors)JACQUELINE RAEANNE NESBITT(International Studies)ROBERT PETER NEWELL(Public Policy Studits)MELANIE BRENDA NG(Economics)BENJAMIN EDWARD NORQUIST(Economics)94 MATTHEW RYAN OCHALSKI(Economics)CATHERINE DOLORES O'CONNOR(Public Policy Studies)OMOTUNDE OKESANYA(Political Science)CHUKWU-KA CLARENCE OKOH(Political Science)DEBORAH OLAYEMI OLALEYE(Economics)MICHAEL THEODORE OLIJNYK(Economics)ELENA MARIE OLIVIERI(History with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)DOROTHY ANN OLSZEWSKI(Economics)RYAN JAMES O'MALLEY(Economics)ALEC CHARLES ONTIVEROS(Anthropology)RUBEN DAVID ORNELAS(Political Science)GRACE HYUN-SOOK KIM PAI(Public Policy Studies)JEFFREY PAN(Economics)SHUHAO PANG(Economics)SUNAMEEKA PANIGRAHY(Economics)KYLE KWAME PANTON(Public Policy Studies)(Political Science)DIANA YOUNG PARK(Economics)GRACESOYOUNGPARK(Psychology)HAEYUN PARK(Economics)ROSS MICHAEL PARKET(Political Science)SHAWNTEAL ADRIA PARLETTE(History)PRZEMYSLAW PAWLIKOWSKI(History)CAMY PEARSON(Economics)(Biological Sciences)ANNIE YUH-SHIN PEl(Political Science)SAMUEL ATTICUS PERL(Economics)ABIGAIL DREW PERSHING(Sociology with Honors)(Public Policy Studits with Honors)ALEXANDRA MONTERO PETERS(History with Honors)(Medieua! Studie: with Honors)KELSEY JOAN PETERSON(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicin« with Honors)ANNA RUYI PFAUTZ(Psychology with Honors)MATTHEW CANNON PHILLIPS(Political Science with Honors)(South Asian LanguagtS and Civilizations)DAVID REID PILCH(Economics)FRANCIS ROBERT PINTER(Economics)(Mathtmatics S.B.)KARIM SHERALI PlRANI(History with Honors)(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studits with Honors)YAKYM PIROZHENKO(Economics with Honors)(Mathtmatics S.B. with Honors)CHRISTOPHER JOHN POPE(Anthropology) JENNIFER PAULINE PORTER(Political Science with Honors)DANIEL POVITSKY(Economics)THOMAS RYAN PRENDERGAST(History with Honors)(Comparative Literature with Honors)SAM DECATUR PRESTON(Political Science)BENJAMIN MATTHIAS PRINZ(Economics)KELLY MARIE PUDELEK(SOCiology)ROHAN BRlJMOHAN PURl(Economics)(Computer Science S.B.)ANUM QADIR(Proftssional Option: Public Policy Studies}JOHN JINGCONG QIU(Economics)YIQING QIU(Enoironmental Studies)JING XUN QUEK(Political Science)JULIA ADELE QUIGLEY(Gtographical Studies with Honors)WALTER STEVEN QUINTANILLA(Political Science with Honors)(Romance Languagts and Literatures)LUIS ALEJANDRO QUINTERO(Psychology)JACOB LEWIS RABINOWITZ(Economics)(Political Science)VAROON RAI(Economics)BRENT IAN RAPPAPORT(Psychology with Honors)CAITLIN ELIZABETH REARDON(Political Science)SARAH KAMAMOAKAMAKUAWAIPAHERECKTENWALD(Psychology with Honors)MARK ANDREW REID(Political Science with Honors)ERIC DALE REYES(Economics)(Public Policy Studits)NICOLE FRANCES REYNA(Public Policy Studies)JESSICA HISOO RO(Public Policy Studits)ALISON PALLAS ROBERTS(International Studits with Honors)EMMA GONzALEZ ROBERTS(Psychology)CHARLES DIXON ROCK(Economics)BRADFORD ALEXANDER ROGERS(Sociology)YONGHOROH(Economics)(Psychology)THEODOSIA JEAN ROSSI(Political Science with Honors)(English Languagt and Literature with Honors)MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER ROUALET(Political Science)DANIEL JOSEPH RUA(Economics)(Philosophy)TIMOTHY M. RUDNICKI(History with Honors)(Economics)KATHERINE ROSE SACCO(Anthropology)(Political Science with Honors)VIDUSHI SAHAI(Economics)OZGUN SAK(Sociology with Honors)UMANG SANGHAl(Economics)MICHAEL EDWARD SARCHET(political Science)(East Asian Languag(s and Civilizations)TIMUR SARIDERELI(Political Science)THOMAS EDWARD SCHANKLER(Psychology with Honors)RICHARD W. SCHMIDT(Economics)STEPHANIE KAY SCHMIDT(Psychology)JAKE FRANCIS SCHRAMM(Environmental Studies)TAYLOR ISAAC SCHWIMMER(Public Policy Studies)FORREST DYLAN SCOFIELD(Political Science)LAUREN WINIFRED SEDLAK(Economics)ISABEL MEERA SEN(Public Policy Studies)NICOLAS VILLARREAL SERNA(Public Policy Studies)(Latin American Stutii(s with Honors)XAVIER FRANCIS SERRANI(Political Science with Honors)AMANDA JO SESTITO(Economics)DANIEL PETER SHANK(Economics with Honors)GAELLE DEVANKA SHARMA(History, Philosophy, and Social Studi« of Science andMedicine with Honors)ROHAN SHARMA(Economics)SACHIN SHARMA(Economics)(Philosophy)NICHOLAS MOSES SHATAN(G(ographical Studies)EMILY VICTORIA SHAW(Psychology with Honors)WILLIAM LAURENCE SHAW(Political Science)(History)HAROLD BART SHEFFERY{International Studies)(East Asian Languag(s and Civilizations)LUCYSHEN(Economics)(Math(matics S.B.)(Statistics)REBECCA MICHELLE SILVERBERG(Psychology with Honors)JEFFREY MICHAEL SIMNICK(Economics)SAHIBA KAUR SINDHU(Economics)(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts)SKEET MICHAEL SINGLETON(Economics)ROBERT WILLIAM SITTIG(Economics)MARSHALL JAN BALLARDO SMITH(Political Science)ROBERT KNIGHT SNYDER(Economics)MARTIN CHI HlN SO(Economics)(Theater and Performance Studies)JEFF J. SON(Public Policy Studies)JOSHUA SUNGLAK SON{International Studi« with Honors) RHO KOOK SONG(Economics)SHULl SONG(Economics)GRACE ELIZABETH SONNABEND(History)VIDURSOOD(Economics with Honors)ALEXANDER DIMITRIOSSOTIROPOULOS(Political Science)NIA KAYLYN SOTTO(Comparatiue Human Deuelopment with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studi(s with Honors)(English Languag( and Literature)DEREK ALBERT SPENCER(Public Policy Studies)(Philosophy)TANIA R. SPEZZA(Comparariue Human Development)LAUREN LUTTRELL SPRINGETT(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)VYAS KATTIGANEHALLI SRINIVASAN(Economics)NIKEETA SRIRAM(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)SARAH ELIZABETH STAHL(Anthropology with Honors)KATELYN MARIE STANGL(Psychology with Honors)(Linguistics with Honors)ANNA M. STAPLETON(Sociology with Honors)KEVIN ALLEN STEELE(History)(Political Science)NATALIE NICOLE STEPIEN(Psychology with Honors)ANDREW ZACHARY STEVENSON(Economics)(Psychology)KATHERINE AMANDA KAYLASTEWART(Anthropology)MARISA CELINE STROM(History with Honors)BENJAMIN ANDREWS STRUVE(History with Honors)WILLIAM E. K. STUEBEN(Economics)ADAM ZEHUA SUN(Economics){Mathematics)CHARLIE CHENGBO SUN(Economics)KEIAIRRA MICHELLE SUTTLES(Political Science)SOMA SZABO(Public Policy Studies)ZSOLT BENCE SZABO(Economics)MARYANN TAMRAZI(Psychology)TIFFANY KAYLA TAN WEI SHAN(Economics)DUNZHETANG(Economics)JAMES TAO(Economics)CATHERINE JANE TARSNEY(Public Policy Studies with Honors)NIKHIL RYAN TECKCHANDANI(Political Science){Art History}NAVROZ NIZAR THARANI(Public Policy Studies) THE COLLEGETYLER CHRISTIAN THOMAS-MORRIS(Economics)ERIC IAN THOMPSON(Economics with Honors)CHARLES Y. TIAN(Political Science)CANDACE MARLENA TKAC(Economics)ROISLEEN KATHRYN TODD(Comparatiue Human Development with Honors)(Political Science}THUY-KHUE KIM TRAN(Economics)MANRICO ALFRED TRONCELLITI(Political Science)KELSYE CHRISTINA TURNER(Anthropology with Honors)(International Studies with Honors)NOELLE ELIZABETH J. TURTUR(History with Honors)JEFFREY JAMES TYBURSKI(Political Science)MELISA MERVE UNVER(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)CULLEN RYAN URBANO(Political Science)ESTEBAN VALENCIA(Economics)RACHEL ANN VANDAALEN(Psychology with Honors)OLIVIA LYNNE VARGAS(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)MAGDALEN KAY VAUGHN(International Studies)SEAN DANIEL VENARD(Economics)MAXIM JAMES VISCIO(Economics)ZACHARY TODD VON AHNEN(Economics)ARIELLE L. VON HIPPEL(Psychology with Honors)(Comparativ« Human Development)SONIA VORA(Economics)DHROOTI VRAJESH VYAS(Political Science with Honors)THOMAS DAVID DOUGLAS WAGNER(History)ANNIE WANG(Economics)ARLENE WANG(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)CAROLINE WANG(Economics)CINDY SHENHUI WANG(Economics)KANGWANG(Economics)LEON JOHN WANG(Economics)(Biological Sciences)SUSANNAH MEl HUI WANG(Economics)(East Asian Languag(s and Civilizations)95519TH CONVOCATIONYAXIWANG(Economics)(Psychology)CHRISTOPHER SODEN WARREN(Political Science)ALIZA LOGAN WARWICK(International Studies with Honors)ANTHONY GREY WATSON(Economics)ANJANIQUE MARIA WATT(Political Science)SPENCER MICHAEL WATTS(SOciology with Honors)THOMAS WEBB(History)(Political Science)NOAH WEILAND(History with Honors)AVA GABRIELLE WEISS(Comparative Human Development with Honors)THEODORE J. WELCH(Political Science)PRESTON LEE WERTH(Economics)ERIC HARRIS WESSAN(Political Science)BENJAMIN MICHAEL WHEELER(Economics)COLLEEN MARIE WHITE(Economics)WILLIAM ROBERT WILCOX{International Studies with Honors)PIOTR ROBERT WILK(Economics)MADELEINE GRACE WILLIAMS(Economics)MARGUERITE CLAIRE WILSON(Psychology with Honors)(English Language and Literature with Honors)EMILY ERIN WILT(Economics)VICTORIA MARA WINOGORA(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicine)CHARLES AUSTIN WINSHIP(Political Science) MATTHEW CLAYTON WOLF(Geographical Studies)EE XIN WONG(Economics)TIFFANY GALE WONG(International Studies with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)AVA WOYCHUK-MLINAC(History with Honors)BELLAC. WU(Economics)ERICWU(Economics)PATRICK Y. WU(Political Science with Honors)(Statistics)STEPHANIE WU(Economics)ELISE JOY WUMMER(Economics)JENNIFER MIRANDA XIA(Economics)JING AILEEN XING(Economics)JIAYI JANET XU(Sociology with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)IDA KATHERINE YALZADEH(History with Honors)SHIRLEY DU YAN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ANGELA S. YANG(Economics)BOWENYANG(Economics)LILE YANG(Political Science)RUNNANYANG(Economics with Honors)(Mathematics)VICKI WEIQI YANG(Political Science with Honors)HOPEYAO(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MAHLET YARED(Political Science) YAOWENYEO(Economics)CHUN WA YEUNG(Psychology)RUIYANG YI(Economics)(Statistics)JEFFREY YO(Sociology with Honors)BEN CHUNLIN YU(Economics)(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)JI SUN YU(Economics)VIVIAN AMY YUEN(Economics)ARIADNE MARIKA TERESA MITCHELLYULO(Comparative Human Development)JOHN MANKOWSKI ZACKRISON(Psychology)(History with Honors)ALISHBA FARRUKH ZAIN(Economics)KAREN ZAINAL(Sociology with Honors)NICHOLAS C. ZEBROWSKI(International Studies with Honors)ALEXANDER ROBERT ZEMPOLICH(Economics)EBTISAM ZEYNU(Psychology)XIAFEI ZHANG(Economics)YUAN C. ZHANG(Economics)CATHAY ZHAO(SOciology)DELIAZHOU(Environmental Studies with Honors)ALANTSE ZHU(Economics)BENJAMIN ADAM ZIGTERMAN(History with Honors)THE STUDENT MARSHALSCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTSIN THE COLLEGEMEGAN ELIZABETH ANDERLUH(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)MICHAEL WYMAN BEGUN(Philosophy)ELIZABETH MARIE BEHRENS(Public Policy Studies)NORA ROSE BINGHAM(Romance Languages and Literatures}JOHN COLIN BRADLEY(Philosophy)JOSEPH STEFANO CAPUTO(Public Policy Studies with Honors)DANIEL LEE COMEAUX(Political Science with Honors)(Mathematics)JESSICA CARTER COON(Comparative Human Development with Honors)JOHN ROBERT DULAC(Comparative Human Development with Honors)(Biological Sciences)MARTHA KELLY FAHLGREN(Psychology with Honors) VICENTE JAVIER FERNANDEZ(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)LILY ELIZABETH GABAREE(Psychology with Honors)REBECCA NICOLE GUTERMAN(Law, Letters, and Society)BENJAMIN ROY HELLER(Political Science with Honors)DANIEL AUGUST HENN(Economics)(Political Science)EVAN MAEL HERNANDEZ(Political Science)TESSA DOROTHY HUTTENLOCHER(Sociology with Honors)EVAN JIN(Philosophy)DEREK CONNOR JOHNSTON(Mathematics)DAVID SAMUEL KANER(Law, Letters, and SOciety with Honors)DA HEI KU(English Language and Literature with Honors) ALYSSA GABRIELLE LAWTHER(Economics)EUGENE LEE(Biological Sciences)JAMES ARTHUR MANLEY(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)(Environmental Studies wjth Honors)REUBEN KNOWLES McCREANOR(Economics)JASON QUINO McCREERY(ReligiOUS Studies)ALIDA CAMILLE MIRANDA-WOLFF(English Language and Literature with Honors)(Law, Letters, and SOciety with Honors)KATELYN MUENCK(SOciology with Honors)GABRIELLE CHELSEA NEWELL(International Studies with Honors)JIYOONNOH(International Studies)LINGYI PENG(Public Policy Studies with Honors)THE COLLEGEA. E. SCHULTS(Interdisciplinary Studi�s in th� Humanities withHonors) AUSTEN WEAVER TURNER SMITH MATTIE FROEDGE TOMA(Biological Sciences) (Economics with Honors)SANG GUNE YOOJAMILA AKIA TAYLOR(Biological Sciences)SAVANNAH JENNIFER THAIS(PhySiCS with Honors)(Math�tics S.B.) (Biological Sciences)(Anthropology)GRACE RUI'EN ZHANG(History with Honors){political Science with Honors}URVEEL MUKESH SHAH(Biological Sciences)ROBERT ERIC SHOEMAKER(Theater and Performanc« Studie: with Honors)CANDIDATE FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE COLLEGEKIPP WILLIAM JOHNSON(Biological Sciences with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE COLLEGE AND THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESHUNTER SATO CHASE JANE HUANG(Chemistry with Honors) ANNYZHONG(Matbematics)(Economics A.B.){Mathematics)NATHAN TYLER HATCH(Mathematics with Honors)(Computer Science with Honors)97519TH CONVOCATIONoften emotional. Students are grateful for his helpin distinguishing and understanding the moralprinciples at stake. As one student says, "That isdifficult to do and what makes taking a class onthese issues worthwhile."THE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIET MANCHESTERQUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCEIN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGDANIEL BRUDNEYProfessorDepartment of Philosophy and the CollegeDANIEL BRUDNEY is a philosopher whostudies political and moral theory. His workmoves seamlessly from abstract discussion ofhuman dignity and autonomy to philosophicalengagement with imaginative literature toconcrete problems of biomedical ethics. Formany years he has co-taught an innovativeundergraduate course with doctors from theMacLean Center for Clinical Medical Ethics.Students say he is a "fantastic" lecturer who pushesthem to clarify their views: "Professor Brudneyhas a way of lecturing and posing questions thatmakes students think ... His questions alwayshave a catch to them and a simple answer willnever be adequate." Debates in medical ethicsand political philosophy are complicated and The candidate will be presented by GAB R I E LRICHARDSON LEAR, Professor, Department ofPhilosophy, the John U Nef Committee on SocialThought, and the CollegeCITATIONWide-ranging philosopher and challengingteacher, DANIEL BRUDNEY inspires his studentsto draw on humanistic reflection to orientthemselves in a morally complex world.has established himself as a remarkably effectiveteacher who not only excites students about thefield of ecology, but also about the broader issuesof how to rigorously describe biological processes.GREGORY DWYERAssociate Professor, Department of Ecology and Evolution and the CollegeGREGORY DWYER is an ecologist who studiesthe dynamics of insect pests attacking forest trees.To examine this problem, he elegantly meshesmathematical modeling and field experimentsto explain broad geographical patterns. He isexceptional in his ability to reveal the powerof this interplay between math and biology, aprinciple that he instills in his students and thathas importance far beyond the field of theoreticalecology. He is described by his students as anengaging and approachable instructor with anuncanny ability to present the most complexmaterial with ease. His courses are appreciated asboth challenging and illuminating. As one studentsaid of his class, "My biggest complaint is thatthere wasn't enough of it." Clearly, Gregory Dwyer The candidate will be presented by JOY M.BERGELSON, Professor, Department ofEcology andEvolution and the College; Chair, Department ofEcology and EvolutionCITATIONScholar of ecology and inspiring teacher,GREGORY DWYER challenges his studentsto understand population processes throughthe integration of theoretical and empiricalapproaches.THE COLLEGEANNE S. HENLYSenior LecturerDepartment of Psychology and the CollegeANNE S. HENLY is a cognitive psychologistwho studies the mechanisms that support humancommunication. She is a gifted teacher whoprovides broad support for student engagementin scientific research. One of her students said her"discussion section was the academic highlightof my week for the entire year," while anothersaid her "brilliant instruction changed the way Ithink." However, she does more than change theway her students think; she also mentors themfor life. A grateful student wrote, "Maybe thebest illustration of her personal commitment toher students is the time she helped me revise andre-revise a research talk, slide by slide, ultimatelymeeting with me on a Sunday to make sure it all came together." Her contribution to studentsis priceless; indeed, many alumni still consulther years after graduating. With dedicationand thoughtfulness, she continues to guide herstudents, slide by slide, and changes their lives.The candidate will be presented by AMANDA L.Woo D WAR D, William S. Gray Professor,Department ofPsychology and the College; Chair,Department of PsychologyCITATIONInspiring mentor and insightful cognitive scientist,ANN E S. HEN L Y engages students in theclassroom and in the laboratory, guiding them to adeeper understanding of psychological science.DAVID A. MAZZIOTTIProfessorDepartment of Chemistry, the James Franck Institute, and the CollegeDAVID A. MAZZIOTTI is an internationallyrecognized chemist who is developing theoreticaland computational models that enable scientiststo predict more efficiently and accurately thedynamic behavior of electrons in molecularsystems. His approaches are providing newinsights to a wide range of phenomena, rangingfrom the mechanistic details of chemical reactionsto the properties of complex materials. He teacheswith the same passion, imagination, and rigor thathe brings to his research, and his students praisethe organization and clarity of his lectures, hispositive attitude, and his commitment to makingchemistry interesting and fun to learn. As one ofhis students wrote, "Professor Mazziotti's lectureswere always engaging and informative, and he clearly had fun teaching, which made it fun forthe students. He really knows his material and canexplain it very well."The candidate will be presented by RIC H A R D F.JORDAN, Professor, Department of Chemistry andthe College; Chair, Department of ChemistryCITATIONDAVID A. MAZZIOTTI helps students toview chemistry as not only understandable butfun, and encourages them to draw upon theirUniversity of Chicago experience to achieve abetter understanding of the role of science in themodern world.995I9TH CONVOCATIONThe candidate will be presented by THEO VANDEN HOUT, Professor, Department ofNear EasternLanguages and Civilizations and the College;Chair, Department ofNear Eastern Languages andCivilizationsJOHN E. WOODSProfessorDepartments of History and Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations and the College"Clear, fun, engaging." That is how one studentsums up a class by JOHN E. WOODS, a scholar inthe history of Turkey, Iran, and Central Asia fromthe 13th to the 18th centuries. He teaches aboutan incredibly rich period, and his extraordinaryknowledge, his dedication and passion, his abilityto draw students in, and his famous PowerPointpresentations make his classes unforgettable. Heis known for starting class exactly on time andnot wasting a moment. What could seem like anobligatory Core requirement becomes the favoriteclass of the quarter, and according to students heis one of the best teachers in the University and hisclasses the best they have taken in their lives.100 CITATIONA renowned scholar and gifted teacher, J 0 H N E.WOO D s guides his students with a sure handthrough the fascinating world of the IslamicMiddle Ages and Central Asia.THE AWARD OF HONORS101519TH CONVOCATIONHannah Ruth Spencer BleeckerSam Gabriel BlobaumRyan M. BoberFili BogdanicGeoffrey James BolingerDaniel Kieler BorgerAlexa Grace BoultonBenjamin Savelle BoyajianJohn Colin BradleyPatricia Marie BrandtKristina Paige BrantShan nee Carrie BraunStanley Alexander BreitweiserDaniel Thomas BrierMorgan Elizabeth BrittAaron Joseph BroganTaylor Hughes BroganKelsey Marie BrokawJames Henry BrooksPete Ross BrooksRobert Richard Brown IIGriffin Andrew BrunkSamuel Joseph BryantMarta BudzikowskaJoshua James BurandtAndrew Taylor BurchillKatherine Lynn BurkhartFrancis Shannon BurnsKatherine Elizabeth BurnsSamuel C. ButlerBlaire Elisabeth BygZipei CaiIan Christopher CallowayWilliam David CalvinGeorgios CambanisJames Thomas CampEmmaline Livingston CampbellFlavio CangemiSherry Lily CaoBrianne Lee CaplanJoseph Stefano CaputoKaty Marie CarlyleKaitlyn Marielle CarpenterNicholas McKinnon CarterSpencer Giles CarvillSandrene Janice CassellsDana Elizabeth CastilloLissette CastilloCatherine CastroManuel Antonio CastroAngelo Michael CavotoKathleen Anne CawleyVojtech CermakEmma Marialuz CervantesJennifer Suejean ChaeAdam Harrison ChaikofMayuri ChandranArundhati ChandrasekharJae Gul ChangJulia Jenyu ChangMaia R. ChangSeohyun Stephanie ChangMelissa Thidara ChanthalangsyCalvin ChaoHunter Sato ChaseRirodhi ChatterjeePeggy Ka Vee ChauAlicia Binying ChenEugenia Siyuan ChenEuphenia Simian ChenAWARDED GENERAL HONORS WITH THE BACHELOR'S DEGREEMohamad H. AbdallahArun Abraham-SinghEdwin Donovan AbundisDean Stephen AchesonUrsula Caroline AdamsJessica Monisola AdepojuJason Hugh AerniAishaAhmadRyan Numair AhmedDiAiIfedayo AjiboyeWaleed Faysal AlbassamYandy AlcalaBlake Dixon AlexPhoebe Abrash AllardiceAmeer Faraz AllaudeenAlex Jackson AllenMelissa AlmonteRebeka Idalia Alvarez-HeckTasneem AminaLokesh Krishnan AnandDaniella Simone AnayaMegan Elizabeth AnderluhJoseph Fontaine AndersonKelsie R. AndersonTejas Nitin AnturkarLavinia Midori AnzaiPatricia Angelica Arbona IrizarryClaire Courtney ArnoldSherraine Hillary A. AshleyMarcelo Sarkis AtallahRachel Lydia AtlasAleksandra AugustynowiczNelson Edward AunerNicholas Dara AvishanStephen Arthur BadiaCarolina BaizanAndrew S. BakAlexa Rose BakerDylan Owusu Achiew Banahene-SabulskyEmily Anne BaoDove Peter Joseph BarbanelSarah Elizabeth BarnesJane Watkins Dixon BartmanAmra BasicMd Azfar BasuniaJasmine Miriam BathMichael PKD BattenStephanie Lynn BaumgartLauren Grace BaumgartnerMaria Jaqui BavaroMichael Wyman BegunElizabeth Marie BehrensHelen Alexander BeilinsonAndrew BeinsteinSophia Catherine BenbenekTheo Jorgen Sidney BenjaminDaniel Sanders BennerAlexander Samuel BennettAmanda Jane BennettKimberly Catherine BensonSeferina Young BerchJulian Meyer BergerEvan Montgomery BernardLuke Wilbert BertelsAlexander Bertoloni MeliMary Sofie BigelowJoanna Ruth BilynskyjNora Rose BinghamNathan Miller Blau102 Greg Huiyu ChenKaren ChenLucy Yangyang ChenSamantha S. ChenZidi ChenDaniel Manhon ChengNicole Catherine CherrySamantha ChiangChanel Mun Lum ChiuYoungJun ChoUdaysankar ChockanathanAndrew Lee ChoeJungeun ChoiNicholas Benjamin CholstEugene ChongValerie S. ChouPayal ChowdharyHang ChuJustina Jane ChungArthur Wesley Adams CilleyBegum CitalJahan A. ClaesElizabeth Anne ClarkLauren Frances ClarkeSpencer Alan ClaxtonNaomi Esther ClaymanHilary Marlys CliffordRandall Sean CloptonMichael Francis-Thomas CofferDylan Henry CohenBradley Adam CohnAdam Francis ColemanDaniel Lee ComeauxWolfgang Philip ConnellBenedict John ConstantinoNina Li CoomesJessica Carter CoonBenjamin David CostrellKatherine Maria CoteJulia Leanne CovelloWilliam Joseph CramerJoseph Michael CroninKatherine M. CroninOzan CubukcuCameron Nicholas CunninghamCarolyn Anne CyranaJissy CyriacMax Isaac CytrynbaumLudger Clayton DahmRahim Abdulrasul DamjiKatherine Mary DanaAndrei DaniliucCynthia Louise DapognyArindrima DattaAlexander Sidney DavisHarriett Franklin DavisSonya Helena DekhtyarChristopher David DelaneyPatrick Michael DelaneyNicole Marie DelzeneroGenevieve Claire DenoeuxParker Lawrence DeRensisRichard Roberto Deulofeut-ManzurChristopher Jack DewingPatrick Hand DexterSharada DharmasankarValentina Di LisciaHannah Zoe Diamond-LoweSamuel DiazBerk DilerAndrew Fan DingAnna Isabella Meservey DinwoodieSamantha Mary DixonZoe Irelyn DobbsSusanJ. DohElizabeth Rose DomanAnthony Joseph DomelChristine Anita DonaldsonSamuel William Atwell DooleyMatthew Douglas DowellEmma Derry DriesTess Katalin DrummondRebecca Ann DruryGrace Ran DuanAlexandra Michele DucettCordelia Jeanne DuffBrian Patrick DuffyJohn Robert DulacAdam Fleming DunlavyKritika DusadJonah Asher EatonJames Zentaro EbertPhilip Harry EhrenbergJonathan David EinhornNoel Imroz EjazJames Rabalais EkstromMarvin Martin EspinozaYuro EzureTaha EzzyatMatthew Patrick FahertyMartha Kelly FahlgrenBonnie Yan FanCyrus Shahin FarazmandAlexander David FarrisJohn Burrows FaughnanGrace Elizabeth Newberry FauquetJoshua Benjamin FeingoldMichelle H. FengYifei FengJane Marie FentressErin Jeanne FergusonVicente Javier FernandezBenjamin Edward FieldAdam Richard FilipowiczVictoria Kiseleva FineCharles George FisherAriel Mano FishmanErin Meghan FitzgeraldDaniel Michael FlahertyJames Lincoln FlemingRachel C. FolzAerik Christin FrancisAlessio FrankoMaya Shopkow FraserAlicia Laryn FrenchAlbert Alexander FreyGabriel H. FriedmanJack M. FriedmanMadalyn Leigh FrigoJoshua Logan FullerHannah Katherine FullmerJun Hou FungLily Elizabeth GabareeGwen Faith GageLeslie Mae GailloudBenjamin Gold GammageAmisha Danish GandhiPranav GandhiCatherine Simin GaoJames Gabriel GarciaAndrea GarofaloLynn Hardie GarrettMegan Elizabeth Garvey LiangGeJoshua Michael GenslerEmily Rachel Gonsier GerdinEmily Irena GerryAdheeb Ahmed GhazaliHaben Yohannes GhebregergishClara Blustein GibbonsMychael Tramell GilliamRachel Dillon GittlemanGrace Elizabeth GleasonHans Michel GlickJoanna Katarina GloreAdam Benjamin Thal GluckAkshat GoelAaron Zhi Wen GohZachary Ethan GoldaberHannah DeSmidt GoldbergZachary S. GoldhammerJulia Anne Goldsmith-PinkhamJacob Phillip GoldstoneAdrian Son Gomez-NguyenShen GongJessica Rose GoodmanPaul Michael GoodrichKatherine Mariam GooginsAlexander Paul GordonKarlyn Jane GorskiYadav Subramanya GowdaStephanie Lauren GrachAshley Kate GreenJessica Rachel GreenLydia Sophia GreenMaurice Green NMattea Louise GreeneSamuel Martin GreeneAlexa Nicole GreenwaldSarah Elizabeth GregoryGraham Parker GreveCaitlin Gardner GreyColin Matthew GriffinAshley Elizabeth GrimesJames Clifton GroveHallie T. GrumerKaren Y. GuSally Zheceng GuEric Ye- Wei GuanWen GuanDavid Hao GuoJia GuoRayna Sua GuoAndrew GusevAnna Catharina GustafsonHeath Lyman GustafsonRebecca Nicole GutermanJanice Esther GuzonElena HadjimichaelClaire Hewes HaffnerNiloufar HafiziRyan Christopher HaggartOlivia Lauren HaindsEric Rudd HallmanBenjamin Reed HammerJames Adam Hannon-HatfieldAmelia Biscomb HansenPeter Giles HansenMason Joseph HarlessNatasha Katherine Harnwell-DavisJulia Devereux HarperDylan HarrisLyda Suzanne Treistman HarrisNathan Edward HarrisFrances HarveyZahed Abdul Haseeb THE AWARD OF HONORSSachi Victoria HashimotoNathan Tyler HatchNathan Alan HaukeAmelia Jane HawkinsTaylor-Elisabeth HayesNarendra Prasad HazareesinghJohn Thomas HazinskiTianshe HeBenjamin Roy HellerDaniel August HennEvan Mael HernandezBenjamin Shepard HerstTheodor Christian HerwigChristopher Ryan HesterAlexandra Rae Hicks-HardimanMelissa Marie HighAnna Aurora HillMitchell Krupiarz HillNathaniel Steven HillLaura Brooke HillegasMary Elizabeth HillegassErin Brittany HilliardJared Thomas HinkleHarsh Surendra HiranandaniLe Chern HoRyan HoSheila Y. HoAlexander Adams HoareBeatrice Dyer HobsonBrian Francis HoeyTerence James HoganHenry Gustav HoglundAnders Berti! HogstromAndrew HongMaxine Love HopkinsHannah Maren HowcroftJake Tyler HowrySabrina Yu-Yang HsiehJennifer Chi Wei HuJane HuangLeighton Nicole HuchJustin Edward HudginsAsher Ives HudsonBrett Allen HuffAlison Hing Shun HungKatherine Grace HuntingtonEve Marie HupertZev Dov HurwichAbdulla Ali Hasan Mahmood MohamedHusainFaisal Ali Hasan Mahmood MohamedHusainTessa Dorothy HuttenlocherSarah Laurie HuynhRachel Alexandra HwangJoseph Kramer IversonJillian Janelle JacobbiSimon David JacobsShivangi JainChandler Donovan JamesLukeJangAdam Joshua JanofskyElizabeth Mee JayAlex Woosik JeongJessica Sherry JiaZihao JiangEvanJinAliceJoThomas Michael JoeKipp William JohnsonMeghann Lucia Mowers JohnsonSafiya Corine JohnsonDerek Connor Johnston103519TH CONVOCATIONMatthew Thottuvelil JosephVaidehi JoshiNatalia Marie JovanovicIoanna Bojidarova KadievaMaya KailasDavid Samuel KanerDavid KangJason Kwanmo KangMoonsu KangE. Nory Kaplan-KellyNur Iqbal KaraEdward John KarabinusShayan KarbassiEzra Nathan KargerCharles Kenneth KargmanJonathan Paul KatzTamara Zahra KawadriLindsey Alice KellBrooke Ann KellyLauren Elizabeth Kelly-JonesChelsea Elizabeth KendallAmir KhadiviIlyas M. KhanPaphon KiatsakuldechaChristina Ju KimHae-In KimJi Young KimMin GookKimMinjoo KimRaymond H. KimShin KimJohn Hymn KingHugo Atchison KirkSawyer Reed KiskenGabriel Cabral KitamuraDaniel Joseph KitsonEllen Garnett KladkyMatthew Joseph KleinRyan Alexander KleinKale Alan KlekotaAlicia Arlene KlepferCole Matheny KnowldenMohamad Saeed KodaimatiDavid Oscar KohlerYuri Alexandrovich Ko1chinskiKaterina Sunn KonstantinoffJoshua KovenskyAaron James KrahnAndrew Wolfram KramerEmily Elizabeth KratzYasmine Sae KringsMorgan Rebecca KripkeVladislav Aleksandrovich KrokhmalDaHei KuChristian Dominick KubikLily Kei KubotaKimberly Kelly KucharskiMollie Grace KuetherLee Elijah KuhnMadeline Yvonne Kusch-KavanaghChester KwanJenna Marie KyriazesJonathan Aiman LabibThomas Joseph LacariaJessica Deseree LachanceSophia Carolyn LambertAlexander Kirkman LanzanoAbigail Eve LaPierMax Joseph LaponskyIsaac Nathaniel LarkinAngela Christine LaScala-GruenewaldKatryce Kay LassIeAlyssa Gabrielle Lawther104 Rachel Alex LazarIan Reid LazarusElizabeth Anne LeaheyRebecca Lauren LederAlexandra Katarina LeeAlexandra Ting LeeAlice Joo-Hyun LeeEugene LeeHanna LeeJean A. LeeJennifer Amy LeeJongtze Alexander LeeKaiclyn LeeMichelle Tien Tien LeeNicole Dah On LeeSa 1m LeeScott Taesup LeeShang-Oak LeeShanrui Marissa LeeWesley Timothy LeeBenjamin Harris LehrmanNoah Boas Morse LemelsonLillian Anna LererKaitlin Mary LeskovacKathryn Ann LettieChelsea Allison LeuKatherine Brittany LeuAvi Manasshe LevinMollye Sarah LevinSamuel Raphael LevineMitchell Sidney LevyDaniel Castagnetto LewisElizabeth Bauer LewisMatthew Jeffrey LewisAngela Gong LiDan YoungLiDickson Guosheng LiXinyue LiZhanxin Lucy LiTony Xiang LianElysia Anru LiangJon Justin LiangDean LiaoAaron Simons LichterJoshua Franklin LieberDora Hungyu LinMarley-Vincent LindseyAndrew LiouFranklin Zong LiuGeoffrey Li LiuHall LiuLinda LiuVictor Yao LiuJuliana Barton LockeJessica LopezDavid F. LorentzenZachary Jonathan LoubertJulia Marie LoughlinColin Low Yu CongChristian Alan LoweJoshua James LowyMaya LozinskiAndrew ]. LuConnie Jia LuElliotXin LuNori R. LuChet Moye LubarskyMatthew Meyer LuchinsWen Qi LuiChiYingLumSara Nicole LundgrenSharon Rebecca LuryeHeather Selena Lyon Jonathan Thomas You Kai MaVictor Yanqi MaClaire Kimberly MaassClaire Lambert MackeviciusAndrew Reid MacKie-MasonAleia Marie MaculamNerjada MaksutajArjun Kumar MalhotraSuraj MalladiAmanya Lisa Rudisell MalobaVaibhav ManchandaJames Arthur ManleySarah Ann ManocherianDonya MansoubiSally May MansourRohan Reddy ManthaniJoy Yizhou MaoAnna Bernadine MarbackHannah Friendly MarkHaley Fay MarkbreiterStephen Eugene MarroneSusannah Marie MarshallChristian Stephen MartinezRaveen Joseph MathewAshley L. MayoSean Alexander McClellandMichael Finnin McCownReuben Knowles McCreanorJason Quino McCreeryMatthew Ian McDonaldJames Baltzer McGanneySam Whitman McGrathJeremy Ely McKeyMiranda Dorothy MeansYurij Das MelnykScott Gilon MendelssohnRyan David MerkelJamie Morgan MermelsteinClement MiaoSiMiaoKyle Peter MichelsonJohn George MillerJoshua Sydney MillerKatherine Elizabeth MillerMichael August MillerGeeth Kavya Minama ReddyAlida Camille Miranda-WolffDawn Rose MitchellWilson MiuMarthew MoTracy MockKareem MohammadJennifer Rose MomkusTanya MookerjiSeh Young MoonJoshua Aaron Morris-LevensonArielle Jessica MoseleyAnna Miriam MossCassie MoyKatelyn MuenckJulie Ann MuguiraStephanie A. MuiRuth Agnes MulvihillArchith MuraliGwendolen Elizabeth MurenAlastair Fritchen MurrayChristiane Elizabeth MurrayGraeme Fritchen MurrayMichelle Chantel MusielewiczMerima MusraficAva Elizabeth MylesTanuja Rajan NadarajanLekha NairMoe Sanibel NakayamaDong Ha NamHima Neelakantan NamboodiriSiddharth M. NarayananJasmine Iman NealMatthew J. NeerAija Zuzi Nemer-AanerudGabrielle Chelsea NewellRobert Peter NewellAlison Baker NewmanMelanie Brenda NgConnie NhanCharles Clay NickensJeffrey Scott Niedermaier, Jr.Jillian Rae NilerJi Yoon NohChace Christian NolenKathryn Lee NordBenjamin Edward NorquistCatherine Dolores O'ConnorValia Dee Lily O'DonnellStephanie Maria OehrleinOmotunde OkesanyaChukwu-Ka Clarence OkohDeborah Olayemi OlaleyeMichael Theodore OlijnykMichael Henry OliverZoe Blair Oliver-GreyElena Marie OlivieriHannah Teresa O'NeillSylvia Nadeen OsbourneKathleen Agnes 0' SheaAmanda Marie Dina OwensKarmela PadavicGrace Hyun-Sook Kim PaiShankara Nishant PailoorKyle Van Nuyse PainterBridget Caitlin PalsBo PangShuhao PangMonica PaniSunameeka PanigrahyDiana Young ParkHae Yun ParkJoan Jinsong ParkYeonhee ParkRoss Michael ParketNishant Ketan PatelRuchee PatelSiddharth PatelMichael Davis PaulPaige Eleanor PaulsenPrzemyslaw PawlikowskiJustin Michael PearceCamy PearsonRoberto Nicholas PedrosoJulianna Dawn PeeblesLuke Andrew PeelerAnnie Yuh-Shin PeiSarah Anne PeluseLingyi PengAleiya Marielle PennSamuel John PennisiSamuel Atticus PerlAbigail Drew PershingAlexandra Montero PetersBryan Force PetersonKelsey Joan PetersonKonrad Johann Ammon PetreAnna Ruyi PfautzCaitlin Constance PhillipsMatthew Cannon PhillipsRebecca Marie Pierce David Reid PilchFrancis Robert PinterKarim Sherali PiraniYakym PirozhenkoChristopher John PopeJames Jared PorterJennifer Pauline PorterDaniel PovitskyRitu PrasadConnie Renee PraterVickram Narayn PremakumarThomas Ryan PrendergastSarah Elizabeth Murphy PrescottSam Decatur PrestonAdam Harry PrzybylAnum QadirFrank QianJohn Jingcong QiuYiqingQiuJennifer Hanying QuJing Xun QuekJulia Adele QuigleyWalter Steven QuintanillaJacob Lewis RabinowitzPrathima RadhakrishnanRobert Luis RafidiMatthew RaigosaSteven Jonathan RandBrent Ian RappaportMladen R. RasicAenea Hannah RaskinKrishna C. RavellaSarah KamamoakamakuawaipaheRecktenwaldJohn William ReeceMark Andrew ReidMichael Murray ReinhardBrian James ReszutekNicole Frances ReynaChelsey Rice-DavisAshleigh Megan RichelleRachel Elana RichmanKatherine Patricia RittenhouseJessica Hisoo RoAlison Pallas RobertsEmma Gonzalez RobertsJames Michael RobertsonCharles Dixon RockYong Ho RohTolulope Otokini RosanwoTheodosia Jean RossiMichael Christopher RoualetKatherine Hylah RouhandehBenjamin David RowlesDaniel Joseph RuaTimothy M. RudnickiAndrea Devon RummelKathryn Anderson RunningKelsey F. RyanKatherine Rose SaccoVidushi SahaiOzgun SakJustin James SalatNora Lillian SandlerUmang SanghaiMadeline Bird SankaranMichael Edward SarchetTimur SaridereliThomas Edward SchanklerLuke Michael SchmeroldRichard W SchmidtEsther SchoenfeldA. E. Schults THE AWARD OF HONORSCandice Fay SchwartzenburgTaylor Isaac SchwimmerForrest Dylan ScofieldAlexandra Jean ScottLauren Winifred SedlakAaron Eli SegalAlexander Roberto SellersIsabel Meera SenMarianne Andrea SeneczkoNicolas Villarreal SernaXavier Francis SerraniAmanda Jo SestitoCraig Stephen SexauerUrveel Mukesh ShahAbushale ShakirAdam Harry ShamlianMatthew Ryan ShanahanGabriel Yacov ShapiroPamela Jennifer ShapiroMitra Fatameh SharifiZakariyah Sharif-SidiGaelle Devanka SharmaRohan SharmaSachin SharmaNicholas Moses ShatanEmily Victoria ShawWilliam Laurence ShawSara ShawkiLucy ShenRobert Eric ShoemakerSalman S. SiddiqiKevin Charles SiegelJesse Kyle SillimanBenjamin Gordon SilverRebecca Michelle SilverbergMary Ella Wright SimmonsJeffrey Michael SimnickSahiba Kaur SindhuSkeet Michael SingletonRobert William SittigJeffrey Michael SloanAusten Weaver Turner SmithHarrison Daryl SmithJacob Anthony SmithMarshall Jan Ballardo SmithMichael Steven SmithRobert Knight SnyderMartin Chi Hin SoJeffJ. SonJoshua Sunglak SonRho Kook SongShuli SongHannah Rebecca SorscherAlexander Dimitrios SotiropoulosNia Kaylyn SottoLena Claire SparksSamantha Elizabeth SperaLauren Luttrell SpringettVyas Kattiganehalli SrinivasanNikeeta SriramBradly Carson StadieSarah Elizabeth StahlSamantha Ruth StambukKatelyn Marie StanglAnna M. StapletonKaylee Nicole SteckKevin Allen SteeleGwendolyn Louise StegallAlexander Patrick StephanNatalie Nicole StepienAndrew Zachary StevensonAndrew Pavone StockburgerMarisa Celine Strom5I9TH CONVOCATIONRebeccah StrombergGautam Dutta StroscioBenjamin Andrews StruveWilliam E. K. StuebenXinyi SuiAdam Zehua SunCharlie Chengbo SunVictoria SunRandy John Thomas SwanSoma SzaboZsolt Bence SzaboBianca Lucia Tamez-BuccinoMaryann TamraziTiffany Kayla Tan Wei ShanDunzheTangJames TaoCatherine Jane TarsneyJamila Akia TaylorMadison Denali TaylorAaron Michael TaylormaysNikhil Ryan TeckchandaniAlexander Richard TerryShelly ThaiSavannah Jennifer ThaisNavroz Nizar TharaniAlison Rose ThumelEric Daniel ThurmDavid K. TianCandace Marlena TkacLida Anita ToRoisleen Kathryn ToddMattie Froedge TomaThuy-Khue Kim TranManrico Alfred TroncellitiPeter Tan TruongKelsye Christina TurnerNoelle Elizabeth J. TurturRachel Lee UmansWeston Joseph UngemachVikram UpadhyayAnand Hemant UpadhyayaSabina Francesca Vaccarino BremnerEsteban ValenciaRachel Ann VandaalenOlivia Lynne VargasAlejandra VasquezVictoria VasquezKaushik VasudevanJohn Philip VaughenMagdalen Kay VaughnGenna Louise VeghMelissa Esther VelasquezSean Daniel VenardEllen Lane VernerWilliam John Kenneth VervillesNora Elliana Vivanco GonzalezKatherine Irene VlasicKevin Michael VollrathZachary Todd VON Ahnen106 Arielle L. Von HippelSonia VoraVrushank Vipul VoraKaterina Chrisoula VradelisDhrooti Vrajesh VyasAnna Rose WaldeckTecla Grace WalterVivian WanAnnie WangArlene WangCaroline WangCindy Shenhui WangEmilyS. WangErik Feng WangKangWangLeon John WangMichael WangRyan Shufei WangSusannah Mei Hui WangYaxi WangAliza Logan WarwickSamuel Jacob WatersAnjanique Maria WattSpencer Michael WattsAllison Berry WeaverThomas WebbJessica Marie WeberAndrew Daniel WebsterNoah WeilandChloe Elyse WeisbergAva Gabrielle WeissRyne Joseph WeissPreston Lee WerthKelsey M. WheelerColleen Marie WhiteMichaela Eileen Marie WhitelawGrey Williams WilburnWilliam Robert WilcoxPiotr Robert WilkAlexandra Drygas WilliamsMadeleine Grace WilliamsLucas Manuel Williams SerdanDavid Keith WilsonMarguerite Claire WilsonRebecca Ann WilsonEmily Erin WiltKatherine Claire WithycombeRyan Josef WitzkeMatthew Clayton WolfSara WolovickEeXin WongGrace Siew Lin WongTiffany Gale WongAva Woychuk-MlinacLauren Kelsey WrightBella C. WuChuyangWuEricWuLidaZ. Wu Marie Teng-Pei WuPatrick Y. WuStephanie WuElise Joy WummerOrest XherijaEmilyC. XiaJennifer Miranda XiaJohn Dazhong XiaXuXiaoJing Aileen XingJiayi Janet XuXiazheXuIda Katherine YalzadehShirley Du YanAngela S. YangBo Wen YangLile YangRunnan YangVicki Weiqi YangWayne Fan YangHopeYaoPhilip Christopher YaureEmmaYeHeather Keolani YeeYao Wen YeoRuiyangYiJeffrey YoSang Gune YooBen Chunlin YuThomasYuVincent Zhiwen YuVivian Amy YuenAriadne Marika Teresa Mitchell YuloMichelle Youngju YunJohn Mankowski ZackrisonKaren ZainalRyan Vincent ZarconeAlexander Kaiser ZavolukNicholas C. ZebrowskiGrace Rui'en ZhangXiafei ZhangYuan C. ZhangAnny ZhongDelia ZhouJason Yang ZhouJoseph ZhuBenjamin Adam ZigtermanMichael Victor ZinkJeremy Penin Ziring MEMBERSfOR ESPECMembers IYusefAsid,Leigh AlorCnarles [o:Claire MalJohn PaulKathleen 1Yo Joong (Chun HoDaniel VITrevor BrsJay BradolandaIRaymondLilianDuDagny S.AlexanderMara FareKyraHollMichelle IAlan ScotMagdalerJiaqiJianJDakeJunMatthewDeanne 1egan},MembelEryan NLavinia JMortonJohn CoKristinaFlavia (Lucy YaJahanADaniellJoseph IMax IsaGrace RJohn R(James FAriel MDanielAlbert 1Clara EKarlynColin �Anna (NatharMelissaAnna}Jared 1JennifeSimonDavidI1yas �YuriALeeHJessicaScott �WesbElysia'AndreWen (PRIZESMEMBERS ELECTED TO THE BETA OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER OF PHI BETA KApPAFOR ESPECIAL DISTINCTION IN GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP IN THE COLLEGE:Members of the Class of20I5 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I4: Ava Gabrielle WeissGrey Williams WilburnMiles Connor WitthausAlice Lily YeEmmaYeStephen Daniel McHughIzaak Hayes MecklerAidan James MilliffMallory Caitlyn MorseCecile McWilliams MurrayHilde DeVoin NelsonMario John PalmisanoNicholas Wolf ParkerJacob Ben PastorZhansheng PhangTristan Hines RasmussenBrandon Christian RayhaunMorgane Richer La FlecheDamini SharmaNaEun ShinErin Mary SimpsonEric Paul SingermanMinJae SongCarlo Stuart SteinmanJames Daniel StoneKevin Stephen Stotter CuddyAnagha SundararajanAndrew Preston ThomasErin Nancy ThomasJoshua Boone TrubowitzDouglas Quinn VaalerElise Marie WanderGloria Zhujun WangHannah Sihan WangJason Yin XuTracy Song ZhangHayley Jessica ZullowYusef Asiddeg Al-J araniLeighAlonCharles Joseph ArgueClaire Marie BaumerJohn Paul BliamptisKathleen Tian ChengYo Joong ChoeChun Ho ChowDaniel V. CioffiTrevor Bradford CoyleJay Bradon CushingAmanda Elizabeth DobbynRaymond Matthew DongLilian DubeDagny S. DukachAlexander Joseph DunlapMara FarcasanuKyra Hollister GrantzMichelle Christine GrifkaAlan Scott HasslerMagdalena Deyanova IvanovaJiaqiJiangDake Jungmo KangMatthew Scott KellnerDeanne Nicole KennedyKatherine Louise KirklandSimon David LazarusLauren Jinxin LiPreston Mackenzie LuongMeaghan Kathleen LyonsKiehlor Joseph MackAnne Christina Marsdenegan A. MatteMembers of the Class of20I4 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I4:Eryan Numair AhmedLavinia Midori AnzaiMorton Daniel BloomfieldJohn Colin BradleyKristina Paige BrantFlavio CangemiLucy Yangyang ChenJahan A. ClaesDaniel Lee ComeauxJoseph Michael CroninMax Isaac CytrynbaumGrace Ran DuanJohn Robert DulacJames Rabalais EkstromAriel Mano FishmanDaniel Michael FlahertyAlbert Alexander FreyClara Blustein GibbonsKarlyn Jane GorskiColin Matthew GriffinAnna Catharina GustafsonNathan Edward HarrisMelissa Marie HighAnna Aurora HillJared Thomas HinkleJennifer Chi Wei HuSimon David JacobsDavid Samuel KanerIlyas M. KhanYuri Alexandrovich KolchinskiLee Elijah KuhnJessica Deseree LaChanceScott Taesup LeeWesley Timothy LeeElysia Anru LiangAndrew J. LuWenQi Lui Sara Nicole LundgrenSharon Rebecca LuryeAndrew Reid Mackie-MasonSuraj MalladiHannah Friendly MarkSusannah Marie MarshallReuben Knowles McCreanorMiranda Dorothy MeansAlida Camille Miranda-WolffKarelyn MuenckGwendolen Elizabeth MurenMoe Sanibel NakayamaSiddharth M. NarayananMichael Theodore OlijnykPaige Eleanor PaulsenSarah Anne PeluseLingyi PengAlexandra Montero PetersKarim Sherali PiraniKatherine Patricia RittenhouseJames Michael RobertsonKatherine Rose SaccoGabriel Yacov ShapiroEmily Victoria ShawJesse Kyle SillimanHannah Rebecca SorscherPatricia Rose StichnothMarisa Celine StromGautam Dutta StroscioBenjamin Andrews StruveAusten Weaver Turner SmithNoelle Elizabeth J. TurturWeston Joseph UngemachRachel Ann VanDaalenJohn Philip VaughenArielle L. Von HippelShulei Wang THE AWARD OF HONORSSang Gune YooGrace Rui' en ZhangAnny ZhongJeremy Penin ZiringMembers of the Class of 20I4 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I3:Stephen Arthur BadiaJane Dixon BartmanAmanda Jane BennettLuke Wilbert BertelsKathleen Paige BohanonGeoffrey James BolingerSamuel Cumpson ButlerIan Christopher CallowayMayuri ChandranDaniel Manhon ChengAndrew Lee ChoeParker Lawrence DeRensisZoe Irelyn DobbsMartha Kelly FahlgrenJun Hou FungHaben Yohannes GhebregergishSamuel Martin GreeneJia GuoEric Rudd HallmanNathan Tyler HatchJohn Thomas HazinskiAnders Bertil HogstromJane HuangTessa Dorothy HuttenlocherJoseph Kramer IversonElizabeth Mee JayZihao JiangDaniel Joseph KitsonYuen Ying Kristie LaiAlyssa Gabrielle Lawther Alice Joo-Hyun LeeKathryn Ann LettieHeather Selena LyonClaire Kimberly MaassSarah Ann ManocherianJames Baltzer McGanneyAlexander Bertoloni MeliYurij Das MelnykAndy Lin NianKyle Van Nuyse PainterJames Jared PorterThomas G. PrendergastAdam Harry PrzybylTimothy Michael RudnickiNora Lillian SandlerEsther R. SchoenfeldA. E. SchultsUrveel Mukesh ShahAnna M. StapletonKaylee Nicole SteckNatalie Nicole StepienVictoria SunMattie Froedge TomaSabina Francesca Vaccarino BremnerEmily S. WangAliza Logan WarwickKiko WemmerPhilip Christopher YaureColin Low Yu CongAriadne Marika Teresa M. YuloTHE MAROON KEy SOCIETY, A GROUP OF THIRD- AND FOURTH-YEAR STUDENTSINVITED TO SERVE AS AN ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGEAND TO ASSIST IN THE ENTERTAINMENT OF VISITORS TO THE QUADRANGLES:Students of the Class of20I6 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I4:Emma Shirato AlmonNathan BrooksEleanor Alanna CliffordSamuel Palons LevineDuaa MohamedTess Ricciardi Moran Maia Marie O'MearaVincente Glynn PerezMark Emerson SandsTananya ThamthiengAdil Anand TobaaBrian Thomas WeisbeckerStudents of the Class of20I5 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I4:Nicholas Brice AeppelJawad Ibrahim ArshadAva BenezraTabbetha Jean BohacShannon Elizabeth CooperNatalie Anne DavidChristopher Thomas DeakinNaila Michele DharaniAnisha Priya GangulyAdam Joshua GetzlerGarrison Wailes Jones Klevin LoPatrick John Vasavid MucerinoDaniel Ernesto Ramirez-RaftreeIsabella Kendal RoweNatalya SameeMichael Anthony SantiniTaweewat SomboonpanyakulJennifer Jean UehlingAlexandria Clarissa WilkinsHarrison Jia-Min YuStudents of the Class of20I5 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I3:Yusef Asiddeg Al-JaraniJeanne Germaine ChauffourRaymond Matthew DongEmily Nicole HatchArlin Allen HillDake Jung Mo Kang TanviMagoMallory Caitlyn MorseHimabindu PorooriAlison Nicole ShawAseal M. TinehSteven Yoon WendebornStudents of the Class of20I4 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I2:Vincente Javier FernandezIan Mexwell GainesMychael Trammell Gilliam Edgar GonzalezStephanie Lauren GrachBenjamin Roy Heller107519TH CONVOCATIONKatelyn MuenckChukwu-Ka Clarence OkohGrace Hyun-Sook Kim PaiBenjamin Matthias PrinzStudents o/the Class 0/20I4 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I3:John Colin BradleyJulia Jenyu ChangJohn Robert DulacJames Lincoln FlemingAerik Christin FrancisBenjamin Reed HammerNatalia Marie JovanovicIoanna Bojidarova KadievaE. Kaplan-KellyMichelle Anne KilbournAngela LaScala-Gruenewald Erika Anne RistYuzhou WangTiffancy Gale WongOmar Kamau MooreStephanie A. MuiGabrielle Chelsea NewellJennifer Pauline PorterJacob Lewis RabinowitzUmang SanghaiJeffrey Michael SloanAlexander Dimitrois SotiropoulosKaylee Nicole SteckVincent Zhiwen YuSENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELECTED TO THE BETA OFILLINOIS CHAPTER OF ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORK OFTHE SCHOOL:David Edward Webster ArnoldsMaureen Rachel BeedermanAshley Maude BrouilletteMargaret Gail DistlerMichelle Lynn FletcherTheodore Gill HartVikrant Siva JagadeesanJoseph Daniel LamplotTeresa Murray Camille Ruth PetriElizabeth Carla PoliAdam Bradley SchwertnerMadeleine Ivrit MatthiesenHannah Rose SnyderMatthew Robert StutzLisa SunJasmine Alicia TaylorSENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELECTED TO THE GOLDHUMANISM HONOR SOCIETY:Maureen Rachel BeedermanJonathan Constantine GarneauTheodore Gill HartVikrant Siva JagadeesanNicholas Glenn LudmerErica Lynne MackenzieJessica Cristina PortilloAsad Abdul QadirKatie Ann Richards Vanessa Rivas-LopezAlan Joel SchurleMadeleine Ivrit MatthiesenHannah Rose SnyderMatthew Robert StutzSean Patrick SwearingenJasmine Alicia TaylorHelio Alejandro ZapataAlbert Ning ZhouMEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE LAw SCHOOL ELECTED TO THE ORDEROF THE COIF FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORK OF THE SCHOOL:Lauren Claire BarnettFrederick Calvin BensonAimee Woodward BrownSean Joseph CookseyCourtney Marie CoxHannah R. Garden-MonheitNathan H. JackRaphael JanoveJohn Isaac KarinDavid Allen King, Jr. James Johannes KylstraEzekiel Hillel Zvi NadlerRohit NathMegan Michelle O'NeillJames Ronald SchulteMaxwell Louis SchwartzNicholas Nathan SpearWilliam Dean ThomsonFrederick William WatsonTHE Roy D. ALBERT PRIZE, FOR THE BEST MASTER'S THESIS IN ANTHROPOLOGY:Eleanor Jane BushTHE J. KYLE ANDERSON AWARD, PRESENTED TO THE SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYER WHOBEST EXEMPLIFIES CHARACTER, LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, AND DEDICATION TO THETEAM WHILE DISTINGUISHING HIMSELF WITH ACCOMPLISHMENTS ON THE FIELD:Brett Allen HuffTHE DEPARTMENT OF ANESTHESIA AND CRITICAL CARE AWARD, TO A SENIORMEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:Teresa MurrayTHE MARGARET C. ANNAN UNDERGRADUATE AWARDS IN WRITING,ESTABLISHED IN Ms. ANNAN'S MEMORY BY HER STUDENTS, FOR THIRD-YEARSTUDENTS IN THE COLLEGE IN RECOGNITION OF EXCELLENT WRITING AND FORSUPPORT OF A WRITING PROJECT:jenzo Fernando DuQue, FictionDaniel Langford Cronin, Nonfiction108 Samantha Rae Karas, Poetry THE DEPARTMENT OF ART HISTORY DISSERTATION PRIZE, FOR THEOUTSTANDING DOCTORAL DISSERTATION IN THE DEPARTMENT:Seunghye LeeTHE SONIDEGREE STHE BECKUNDERGRiwoRKINTERESTETHE AsADA EIJI PRIZE, FOR THE BEST BACHELOR'S THESIS DEALING WITH TOPI, Stephen ClRELATED TO EAST AsIA:Sandra Shin-Young ParkTHE AsSOCIATION FOR ACADEMIC SURGERY STUDENT REsEARCH AWARD, FOR OUTSTAN[OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN RESEARCH IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF SURGERY: GREAT FU·Jennifer Lillian Philip Maria DuiTHE DOUGLAS BAIRD PRIZE IN COMMERCIAL LAw, FOR OUTSTANDING WORKTh THE IRWlTHE FIELD AS REFLECTED IN CLASSROOM ACHIEVEMENT OR SCHOLARSHIP:Raphael Janove SCHOOL ILEADERSI­AmeliaDTHE PATRICIA LYNN BAKER PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT IN THEDEPARTMENTS OF POLITICAL SCIENCE OR SOCIOLOGY, OR IN THE MASTER OFARTS PROGRAM IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, FOR THE USE OF SOCIAL SCIENCEKNOWLEDGE IN IMPROVING HUMAN WELFARE, IN IDENTIFYING AND ANALYZING THEMnHuMAN ISEllen GalINSTITUTIONALIZED FORMS OF INEQUALITY, AND IN PROMOTING SOCIAL REFORM: THE LECLaura Beth Doering, Sociology UNGUISlIan Chri:THE EDITH BALLWEBBER ATHLETE PRIZES, TO WOMEN ATHLETES WHO HAVECONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO A VARSITY SPORT:Natalia Marie Jovanovic, Class of20I4Eirene Haeyeon Kim, Class of20I5Jordan Cosby Poole, Class of20I6Britta Amelie Nordstrom. Class of20I7 THE GESTUDIESLidaZ. 'THE BeFULL-TTHE ANN WATSON BARBER OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARDS, FOR THE THIRD· EFFORT�YEAR STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE QUALITI ACTIVEOF LIFE AT THE LAw SCHOOL: DIVERSIMaryAnn Tatiana AlmeidaJeff Alrik GilsonMichael Brendan LanahanLaura Anne Sullivan LaPlanteSarah Elizabeth LoshSoo Jeong ParkChristine Marie RicardoNicholas Nathan SpearBrian TenenbaumFrederick William Watson JonathaDmitriLamar 'THEDSCHOCCONTRSuraj PJoH.lLaurenWeiHWankiMax ATHE ANNA M. AND GEORGE H. BARNARD MEMORIAL PRIZE IN AMERICANHISTORY, FOR THE BEST BACHELOR'S ESSAY IN UNITED STATES HISTORY:Morton Daniel BloomfieldTHE EDITH BARNARD MEMORIAL AWARD IN CHEMISTRY FOR SERVICE TOOTHERS:Landon James Durak THE (FULL-'EXCEP'LEADEMarinChristArtiPTHE JOSEPH HENRY BEALE PRIZES, PRESENTED TO A STUDENT IN EACH SECTIONOF THE FIRST-YEAR LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PROGRAM WHOSE WORK ISJUDGED TO BE MOST WORTHY OF SPECIAL RECOGNITION IN THE LAw SCHOOL:Hannah R. Garden-MonheitKatherine Amanda LongSarah Elizabeth LoshMegan Michelle O'NeillMary Megan StephensJennifer Martin Wheeler THE'TO GIINSTFNicolLauraTHETO E:INDrMat')SteplTHEANDUNDA.EKanTHE BECKER FRIEDMAN INSTITUTE AWARD FOR ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT,RECOGNIZING UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS WHO HAVE DEMONSTRATEDOUTSTANDING SCHOLARSHIP IN ECONOMICS, MATHEMATICS, AND STATISTICS:Suraj Malladi, MacroeconomicsBotao Wu, MicroeconomicsNCEGerald Philip CreanTHE BECKER FRIEDMAN INSTITUTE AWARD FOR OUTSTANDINGUNDERGRADUATE SERVICE, RECOGNIZING AN UNDERGRADUATE STUDENT WHOHAS WORKED HARD TO CREATE AND SUSTAIN A COMMUNITY OF STUDENTSINTERESTED IN ECONOMICS:lTH TOPI Stephen Christopher DenningTHE SONIA G. BERZ HONORS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING MASTER'SDEGREE STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FORlRD, FOR OUTSTANDING WORK, WITH SPECIAL CONSIDERATION GIVEN TO ONE WHO SHOWS�URGERY: GREAT FUTURE PROMISE IN THE FIELD OF SERVICES TO THE ELDERLY:Maria Duda; WORKll THE IRWIN J. BIEDERMAN AWARD, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTHP: SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDINGLEADERSHIP IN STUDENT LIFE AND ACTIVITIES DURING THE FIRST YEAR:Amelia Dolores RunyanTEROF THE MILLARD PIERCE BINYON MEMORIAL PRIZES, FOR DISTINCTION INHUMANISTIC PURSUITS IN THE COLLEGE COMMUNITY:LYZING Ellen Garnett Kladky Amber C. MatthewsREFORM: THE LEONARD BLOOMFIELD PRIZES IN LINGUISTICS, TO THE GRADUATINGLINGUISTICS MAJORS WITH THE HIGHEST G.P.A. IN LINGUISTICS COURSES:HAVE Ian Christopher Calloway Yadav Subramanya GowdaTHE GEORGE V. BOBRINSKOY AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATESTUDIES IN THE DEPARTMENT OF SLAVIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES:LidaZ. WuTHE BOOTH DIVERSITY AWARDS, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO GRADUATINGFULL-TIME M.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENTS IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDINGTHIRD· EFFORTS TO CELEBRATE DIVERSITY IN THE BOOTH COMMUNITY AS WELL ASQUALITI ACfIVE INVOLVEMENT AND SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO BOOTH'S ONGOINGDIVERSITY EFFORTS:Jonathan ZellDmitri KaplunLamar Wadlington Stanley Mark Stewart RockwoodEvan JohnsonTHE DEAN'S SERVICE AWARDS, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTHSCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENTS OR GROUPS FOR THEIRCONTRIBUTIONS TO DEAN'S OFFICE INITIATIVES:Suraj PatelJoH. TrahmsLauren Emily SimonWei Hao ChoWanki HuiMax Adler Braun Jenna Elizabeth BeleticDanielle GopenKwok Hong WongChristopher Ryan Edward WelchKendre Manfredi::TION: ISOL: THE CHICAGO BOOTH LEADERSHIP AWARDS OF DISTINCTION, RECOGNIZINGFULL-TIME M.B.A. PROGRAM GRADUATING STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADEEXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE AREAS OF COMMUNITY SERVICE,LEADERSHIP, AND STUDENT LIFE:Marina Dina LidowChristopher Ryan Edward WelchAni Pradyumna Shah Alexander Bradley BezdekLuis NanesSuraj PatelTHE WAYNE C. BOOTH GRADUATE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING,TO GRADUATE STUDENTS WHO MAKE OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TOINSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS IN THE COLLEGE:Nicole Marie JamesLaura Alida Merwin Daniel Webster PrattElizabeth Jefferis TerrienTHE BRIDGE BUILDER AWARDS, RECOGNIZING STUDENTS WHO HAVE WORKEDTO ESTABLISH OR SUPPORT CONNECTIONS BETWEEN STUDENT GROUPS ORINDIVIDUALS:Mary Ellen JebbiaStephen Edward Pannuto Lena ThornerTHE T. KIMBALL BROOKER PRIZES, TO FOSTER THE LOVE OF THE BOOKAND TO ENCOURAGE BOOK COLLECTING AMONG SOPHOMORE AND SENIORUNDERGRADUATES:A. E. SchultsKareem Mohammad THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE D. FRANCIS BUSTIN PRIZE, TO HONOR A VALUABLE AND IMPORTANTCONTRIBUTION, PROPOSAL, OR SUGGESTION FOR THE IMPROVEMENT ANDBETTERMENT OF THE PROCESSES, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES OF OURGOVERNMENT BY A STUDENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:Florence Iralia PattiTHE YANG CAo-LAN-XrAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN ORGANIC/INORGANICCHEMISTRY:WenyongLiuTHE YANG CAo-LAN-XrAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY:Qianqian TongTHE CAMPUS LIFE & LEADERSHIP AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHOHAVE DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP IN A SINGLE CO-CURRICULAR ENDEAVOR ANDSUBSEQUENTLY IMPROVED THE QUALITY OF LIFE ON CAMPUS:Hilary Marlys Clifford Urveel Mukesh ShahParker Lawrence DeRensis Sara Jo SwiatekSamuel Raphael Levine Kariana Elizabeth WeisAriel Giovanni Ruiz Soto Maxwell Newson BeshersTHE JOSEPH A. CAPPS AWARD, GIVEN TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PROFICIENCY IN CLINICAL MEDICINE:Vikrant Siva JagadeesanTHE CLASSICS PRIZE, PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATING SENIOR WHO HASACHIEVED THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC DISTINCTION IN THE CLASSICAL STUDIESMAJOR:Samuel C. ButlerTHE GERHARD CLOSS TEACHING AWARD IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, TO AGRADUATE STUDENT IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:Rebecca E. BlackTHE PAUL R. COHEN MEMORIAL PRIZES, TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS WHOHAVE ACHIEVED THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC RECORD IN THE FIELD OF MATHEMATICS:Weston Joseph UngemachBenjamin Gold GammageJun Hou Fung Sarah Anne PeluseJesse Kyle SillimanTHE COLLEGE OUTSTANDING NEW LEADER AWARDS, TO FIRST- OR SECOND-YEARSTUDENTS FOR EXEMPLARY CONTRIBUTIONS TO STUDENT LIFE WHILE SHOWINGFURTHER PROMISE AS STUDENT LEADERS:Lily Jiale Chen Vincente Glynn PerezTHE COLLEGE WRITING TUTOR AWARD, GIVEN TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FOREXCELLENCE IN THE TEACHING OF ACADEMIC WRITING TO UNDERGRADUATESTUDENTS:Tristan Heather BatesTHE COMPUTER SCIENCE GRADUATE STUDENT TEACHING PRIZES, RECOGNIZINGOUTSTANDING TEACHING ASSISTANTS IN COMPUTER SCIENCE:Nicholas Morris Seltzer Liwen ZhangTHE OLIVER CROMWELL COX AND ERNEST EVERETT JUST PRIZE FOR THEUNDERGRADUATE SENIOR THESIS RECOMMENDED FOR DEPARTMENTAL HONORSIN ANY DISCIPLINE THAT BEST EXEMPLIFIES THE ASPIRATIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTSOF OLIVER CROMWELL COX (A.M. '32, PH.D. '38) AND ERNEST EVERETT JUST(PH.D. '16):Karim Sherali PiraniTHE CRAITENBERGER MEMORIAL PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO THEGRADUATING FULL-TIME M.B.A STUDENT WITH A SUPERIOR ACADEMIC RECORDENTERING INTO A CAREER IN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT:Anurag Rajat109519TH CONVOCATIONTHE JOHN CRERAR FOUNDATION SCIENCE WRITING PRIZES FOR COLLEGESTUDENTS, WHICH ACKNOWLEDGES THE ABILITY OF UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOCOLLEGE STUDENTS TO PRODUCE PAPERS ON A SCIENTIFIC TOPIC THAT ISTHOROUGH IN ITS ARGUMENTS BUT ACCESSIBLE TO A BROAD READERSHIP:Hannah Friendly Mark Chelsea Allison LeuTHE JOSEPH CROPSEY PRIZES, FOR THE OUTSTANDING MASTER'S THESES INCLASSICAL POLITICAL PHILOSOPHY WRITTEN BY STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OFPOLITICAL SCIENCE:Victoria Lynn CoatsRobert J. Reamer, Jr. Rachel Ann NollTHE ALBERT J. CROSS PRIZE, FOR EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH, TEACHING, ANDDEPARTMENTAL CITIZENSHIP IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:Mijo SimunovicTHE MAx DAVIDSON AWARDS, PRESENTED TO MEMBERS OF THE MEN'S ANDWOMEN'S TENNIS TEAMS WHOSE DEDICATION TO THE TEAM AND SPORTS HASEXCELLED ABOVE ALL OTHERS:Tiffany Chen Krishna C. RavellaTHE HARRy L. DAVIS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING STUDENT IN THE UNIVERSITYOF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS WHO HAS MOST EXEMPLIFIED THECREATIVITY, WILLINGNESS TO TAKE RISKS, AND DEEP COMMITMENT TO THEMEMBERS OF THE CHICAGO BOOTH COMMUNITY THAT WERE PART OF HARRYDAVIS'S LEADERSHIP WHILE DEPUTY DEAN FOR THE M.B.A. PROGRAMS:Thong Kai ShangTHE DEAN'S PRIZES FOR BEST EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING, AWARDEDANNUALLY TO RECOGNIZE FULL-TIME M.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENT PROGRAMSTHAT HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ADDRESSED AN AREA OF GROWTH WITHIN THECOMMUNITY AND DEMONSTRATED, THROUGH THE PROGRAM, A COMMITMENT TOEMBRACING AND IMPROVING THE CHICAGO BOOTH COMMUNITY:Linnea Natalie Meyer GandhiYingLiu Moran Bar GatMichael F. SchoenfeldTHE DEAN'S PRIZES FOR BUILDING THE BOOTH BRAND, RECOGNIZE FULL-TIMEM.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENTS FOR COLLABORATIVE EFFORT ON BEHALF OF BOOTHSTUDENTS, GROUPS, OR PROGRAM COMMITTEES THAT BENEFIT THE BUILDING OFTHE CHICAGO BOOTH BRAND TO THE EXTERNAL CAMPUS, CITY, NATIONAL, ORINTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY:Miriam Nicole Goldberg OwensJennifer Kristen SchwartzKrystle Leigh Goh Evan Andrew CoughenourNitin ChandraNed Levy, Jr.DEAN'S PRIZES OF SERVICE FOR THE COMMUNITY, AWARDED ANNUALLY TORECOGNIZE A GROUP OR GROUPS OF FULL-TIME M.B.A. GRADUATING STUDENTSWHOSE COLLABORATIVE EFFORT ON BEHALF OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOLSTUDENTS HAS MADE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON THE INTERNAL BOOTH SCHOOLCOMMUNITY (E.G., SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL EVENT, AND PROGRAMPLANNING COMMITTEES):Danielle Lin NovySon Khac NguyenEhsan RoostaPreeti Prasad RussellJennifer Ha Tan Mariana Mara Machado De PaivaPereiraTatiana HodappDanton RodriguezChristopher CodyTHE KAREN DINAL AWARDS, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS FOR EXCELLENCE IN THETEACHING OF ACADEMIC WRITING TO FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS:Torsten Kitada Edstam Thomas Patrick KellyTHE CATHERINE DOBSON PRIZE, FOR BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN AT THE68TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PH.D. STUDENT IN THEAREA OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Ashwin Ajit KotwalTHE GERTRUDE DUDLEY MEDAL, TO A FEMALE ATHLETE WHO HAS CONTRIBUTEDSIGNIFICANTLY IN BOTH LEADERSHIP AND PERFORMANCE TO THE WOMEN'SATHLETIC PROGRAM:Michaela Eileen Marie Whitelaw110 THE BEST CORE TEACHING AsSISTANT IN ECONOMICS AWARD, VOTED ON BYTHE STUDENTS IN CORE ECONOMICS CLASSES:Fabrice TourreTHIAssAN[THiMelTHE DONALD E. EGAN SCHOLAR AWARDS, TO STUDENTS WHO, LIKE MR. EGA.IG.D. '61), HAVE DEMONSTRATED A STRONG INTEREST IN THE LAw SCHOO�AND HAVE A REPUTATION FOR INTEGRITY: THE!THIRDCREATTyler 1THE]STUDlEXCElShuy:Olga'Evan!Keith Alexander KilesChristine Marie Ricardo Julia Kathryn SchwartzFrederick William WatsonTHE ENTREPRENEUR'S ADVOCATE AWARD, TO THE GRADUATING LAw SCHOOLSTUDENT WHO HAS MADE AN EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTION TO THE INSTITUTEFOR JUSTICE CLINIC ON ENTREPRENEURSHIP, ITS CLIENTS, AND THE CAUSE OFENTREPRENEURSHIP:Michael Brendan Lanahan THEOUT�CMMATDaniTHE DEPARTMENT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDINGPERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF FAMILY MEDICINE:Jessica Cristina Portillo THEWHCLEAlDanTHE ROBERT AND JOAN FEITLER PRIZE, FOR THE BEST B.A. PAPER IN ARTHISTORY:Abigail Eve laPierT!­CcKaGrTHE ELSIE F. FILIPPI MEMORIAL PRIZE IN POETRY, PRESENTED TO A STUDENTIN THE COLLEGE WHO DEMONSTRATES DISTINCTION IN POETIC COMPOSITIONOR IN THE STUDY OF POETRY:Alison Rose Thumel THACIRe:THE JOHN BILLINGS FISKE POETRY PRIZE, AWARDED TO THE BEST ORIGINAL POB'OR CYCLE OF POEMS BY A STUDENT IN THE GRADUATING CLASS:A. E. SchultsTHE RAYMOND D. FOGELSON PRIZE, AWARDED FOR THE MAsTER OF ARTSPROGRAM IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES THESIS ACHIEVING THE HIGHEST DISTINCTIQ)IN THE FIELD OF ETHNOLOGY OR HISTORY:Hardeep Kaur Dhillon TIAITI­MTHE HENRY FORD II SCHOLAR AWARD, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOBOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENT FOR THE MOSTOUTSTANDING RECORD AFTER THE FIRST YEAR OF COURSEWORK:Jeffrey Crane TLCTHE DANIEL X. FREEDMAN AWARD, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PSYCHIATRY:1RKtDaisy Nie Albert Ning ZhouTHE DAVID L. FULTON PRIZES FOR ORCHESTRAL EXCELLENCE, PRESENTED TOOUTSTANDING STRINGED-INSTRUMENT PLAYERS IN THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONYORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED THE HIGHEST LEVELOF MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT ON THEIR INSTRUMENTS, AS WELL AS ANEXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT TO THE ORCHESTRA:Lindsay Jordan WrightJoseph Kramer Iverson Theodore Samuel BeersEmily Elizabeth BrownTHE EVERETT E. GILBERT MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR THE BEST THIRD-YEAREXPERIMENTALIST IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY:DiLiuTHE GLOBAL AWARENESS AWARD, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO A GRADUATINGFULL-TIME M.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENT IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONALCONTRIBUTIONS MADE, WHILE AT CHICAGO BOOTH, TO INITIATIVES THATENHANCE THE CHICAGO BOOTH REPUTATION AND BRAND INTERNATIONALLY:Maria Belen Romero StajanoTHE HAROLD E. GOETTLER POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS PRIZE, AWARDED FOR THEBEST UNDERGRADUATE ESSAY ABOUT POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS:Richard Roberto Deulofeut-Manzur'DENTTIONTHE NANCY P. HELMBOLD TRAVEL AWARD, IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDINGACHIEVEMENT IN GREEK AND/OR LATIN:Realynn Elizabeth UddybackD ON BY THE LINDA GOULD AND WARREN FABER CREATMTY PRIZE, AWARDED TO ATHIRD-YEAR UNDERGRADUATE IN ENGLISH TO SUPPORT WORK ON HIS OR HERCREATIVE B.A. PRO]ECf DURING THE SUMMER:Tyler Edward KolleTHE LAWRENCE AND JOSEPHINE GRAVES TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATESTUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:Shuyang Cheng Asilata Anand BapatOlga Turanova Simion FilipEvangelia GazakiTHE JOHN G. HAWTHORNE TRAVEL PRIZE IN CLASSICAL STUDIES, TO ANOUTSTANDING COLLEGE STUDENT IN CLASSICAL LANGUAGES, LITERATURE, ORCMLIZATION; FOR TRAVEL TO GREECE OR ITALY OR FOR STUDY OF CLASSICALMATERIALS IN OTHER COUNTRIES:Daniel Walter Jacobs'CHOOLTITUTEUSE OFANDINGTHE TED HAYDON AWARD, AWARDED TO A MALE TRACK AND FIELD ATHLETEWHO HAS CONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO THE SPORT THROUGH PERFORMANCE,LEADERSHIP, AND OVERALL DEDICATION:Daniel PovitskyTHE HEART OF THE TEAM AWARD, PRESENTED BY THE GRADUATE ATHLETICAsSOCIATION TO A SENIOR WHO HAS PROVIDED LIFE, SPIRIT, AND GUIDANCE,AND DEMONSTRATED ENTHUSIASM, PERSEVERANCE, AND A POSITIVE ATTITUDETHROUGHOUT HER CAREER:Morgan Nicole ClarkTHE PERRY S. HERST PRIZES, RECOGNIZING GRADUATING SENIORS IN THECOLLEGE WHO HAVE COMBINED STUDY WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:Karlyn Jane Gorski Benjamin Matthias PrinzGrace Hyun-Sook Kim PaiTHE EDWARD W. HINTON MEMORIAL Cup, FOR ExCELLENCE IN APPELLATEADVOCACY, TO THE WINNER OF THE HINTON MOOT COURT COMPETITION INTHE LAw SCHOOL:Michael M. Turkel)OSTTHE JAMES C. HORMEL PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD, FOR THE GRADUATE IN THELAw SCHOOL WHO HAS MADE A STRONG COMMITMENT TO PUBLIC SERVICE:Christine Marie RicardoTHE DAVID S. Hu AWARD FUND PROVIDES AN ANNUAL OPPORTUNITY TOREMEMBER DAVID S. Hu, A PROMISING STUDENT OF THE CLASS OF 20II,KNOWN FOR HIS KINDNESS, INTELLECf, AND ENTHUSIASM FOR LEARNING AT THEUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, FOR RECOGNITION OF STUDENTS WHO HAVE SHOWNEXCELLENCE IN THEIR ECONOMICS COURSE WORK AND CREATMTY IN WRITINGTHEIR SENIOR THESES:ITO:::>NYStephen Christopher DenningMattie Froedge TomaMaya LozinskiScott Gilon MendelssohnEzra Nathan KargerTHE HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE LIVED ALIFE OF HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND RESPONSIBILITY, WITH A DEMONSTRATEDCOMMITMENT TO THE WELFARE OF THE GREATER COMMUNITY:Jeanne Germaine ChauffourHaben Yohannes Ghebregergish Matthew Scott KellnerTHE PETER HUTTENLOCHER AND DOUGLAS BUCHANAN PRIZE IN NEUROLOGY,FOR THE BEST MEDICAL STUDENT CLINICIAN/RESEARCHER:Scott Richard DeBoerTHE THE ILLINOIS GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN GEOGRAPHYAWARD, RECOGNIZING A STUDENT COMMITTED TO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INGEOGRAPHY IN ORDER TO ENCOURAGE BETTER TEACHING OF GEOGRAPHY AT ALLLEVELS, DIFFUSE GEOGRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE, AND UNIFY GEOGRAPHIC INTEREST INTHE STATE:Aaron Simons Lichter THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE JACOBS FUND IN HUMAN RiGHTS, ASSISTS STUDENTS SEEKING UNPAIDINTERNSHIPS, FELLOWSHIPS, AND INDEPENDENT RESEARCH PRO]ECfS INVOLVINGISSUES OF INTERNATIONAL AND DOMESTIC HUMAN RIGHTS OR REQUIRINGSUSTAINED ENGAGEMENT IN PUBLIC SERVICE WORK THAT CANNOT BE UNDERTAKENWITHOUT FINANCIAL SUPPORT:Kaitlin Mary Leskovac Russell Sloane HathawayTHE LEON O. JACOBSON PRIZE, FOR THE BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN ATTHE 68TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PH.D. STUDENT INTHE AREA OF BASIC SCIENCE INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICALSCHOOL:David James VoceTHE LEON O. JACOBSON BASIC SCIENCE PRIZE, FOR THE MOST MERITORIOUSBASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH PERFORMED BY AN M.D.lPH.D. STUDENT AT THE 68THANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:Margaret Gail DistlerCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES BEST B.A. ESSAY PRIZE,RECOGNIZING THE BEST B.A. THESIS ON A TOPIC RELATED TO JEWISH STUDIES:Jonathan Paul KatzCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES ESSAY PRIZE, RECOGNIZINGUNDERGRADUATE ESSAYS ON A TOPIC RELATED TO JEWISH STUDIES:Grace Elizabeth GleasonTHE EARL S. AND EsTHER JOHNSON PRIZES, TO THOSE STUDENTS IN THEMASTER OF ARTS PROGRAM WHOSE PAPERS BEST COMBINE HIGH SCHOLARLYACHIEVEMENT WITH CONCERN FOR HUMANISTIC ASPIRATIONS AND THE PRACfICALAPPLICATIONS OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES:Brendan Mackie Steven Daniel SchwartzTHE MORTON A. KAPLAN PRIZE, TO A STUDENT IN THE COMMITTEE ONINTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FOR THE BEST MASTER'S PAPER SUBMITTED DURINGTHE PREVIOUS YEAR:Jonathan Mark DemingTHE EMILE KARAFIOL PRIZE, FOR THE BEST BACHELOR'S ESSAY IN EUROPEAN ORINTERNATIONAL HISTORY:Thomas Ryan PrendergastTHE FRANCIS X. KINAHAN MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO THE GRADUATING SENIOR WHOHAS MADE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNIVERSITY THEATER:James Lincoln FlemingTHE FRANCIS X. KINAHAN AWARD, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FOR EXCELLENCEIN THE TEACHING OF ADVANCED ACADEMIC WRITING:Stephen Michael ParkinTHE PATRICIA R. KIRBY MULTI-SPORT ATHLETE AWARD, TO THE SENIOR WOMANATHLETE WHO HAS RECEIVED THE GREATEST NUMBER OF MA]OR "C" LETTERS:Madeline Louise McManusSTUDENTS WERE SELECfED FOR THIS HONOR AT THE END OF THEIR FIRST YEAR,SECOND YEAR, OR THIRD YEAR BASED ON SUPERIOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. ATOTAL OF TEN PERCENT OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF THE LAw SCHOOL HASBEEN DESIGNATED AS KIRKLAND & ELLIS SCHOLARS:Lauren Claire BarnettFrederick Calvin BensonAimee Woodward BrownSean Joseph CookseyCourtney Marie CoxAlexander Nathan CrossHannah R. Garden-MonheitNathan H. JackRaphael JanoveJohn Isaac KarinBenjamin Tyler KellyDavid Allen King, Jr. James Johannes KylstraEzekiel Hillel Zvi NadlerRohit NathMegan Michelle O'NeillJames Ronald SchulteMaxwell Louis SchwartzNicholas Nathan SpearWilliam Dean ThomsonFrederick William Watson111519TH CONVOCATIONTHE FRANCES E. KNOCK PRIZES, FOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT INBIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY OR CHEMISTRY:Jia Guo, Biological ChemistryJane Huang, Chemistry Samuel Martin Greene, ChemistryTHE ELLIS BONOFF KOHS AWARDS FOR ORCHESTRAL EXCELLENCE, PRESENTEDEACH YEAR TO OUTSTANDING STUDENT MUSICIANS IN THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONYORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED THE HIGHEST LEVELOF MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT ON A WOODWIND, BRASS, OR PERCUSSIONINSTRUMENT, AS WELL AS EXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT TO THE ORCHESTRA:Matthew Jason Bloomfield Nathaniel Aaron PancostTHE LEE FAMILY PRIZE FOR HIGHEST GRADE POINT AVERAGE, AWARDED TOTHE GRADUATING PHILOSOPHY STUDENT WHO HAS THE HIGHEST OVERALL GRADEPOINT AVERAGE:Philip Christopher YaureTHE MARTIN C. AND MARGARET M. LEE PRIZES, TO HONOR THE BESTOVERALL PERFORMANCES ON THE CORE AND PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS IN THEDEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS:Mathieu Cloutier, Best Price CoreChien-Yu Lai, Best Price CoreFabrice Tourre, Money 6- Banking Prelim Yunzhi Hu, Money 6- Banking PrelimWillem Jan van Vliet, Best Macro CoreWillem Jan van Vliet, Best Quant CoreTHE JOHN HAESELER LEWIS PRIZES, AWARDED IN RECOGNITION OF THE BESTGRADUATING SENIORS CONCENTRATING IN PHYSICS:Joseph Kramer Iverson Zihao JiangTHE SOLOMON O. LICHTER MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A GRADUATING MASTER'SDEGREE STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FORSCHOLARSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP:Lisa Michelle MargoliesTHE LICHTSTERN DISSERTATION PRIZE, FOR THE BEST DOCTORAL DISSERTATIONIN ANTHROPOLOGY:Marcos Alexander MendozaTHE LINCOLN ACADEMY OF ILLINOIS STUDENT LAUREATE AWARD, FOR THEILLINOIS RESIDENT WHO ACHIEVES OVERALL EXCELLENCE IN CURRICULAR ANDEXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES:Safiya Corine JohnsonTHE KARL LLEWELLYN MEMORIAL Cup, FOR EXCELLENCE IN BRIEF WRITING ANDORAL ADVOCACY IN THE HINTON MOOT COURT COMPETITION IN THE LAwSCHOOL:Maryann Tatiana AlmeidaTHE STEVEN LUKES MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOREXCELLENCE IN THE FIELDS OF BOTH INTERNAL MEDICINE AND NEUROLOGY:Trent Steelsmith HodgsonTHE EDWIN F. MANDEL AWARDS, TO THE GRADUATES WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTEDMOST TO THE LAw SCHOOL'S CLINICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM:Saul Daniel CohenCourtney Marie CoxJames Robert Dubray Florence Italia PattiMarco TraversaTHE IGNACIO MARTfN-BAR6, S.J., HUMAN RIGHTS ESSAY AWARDS,PRESENTED TO THE COLLEGE OR GRADUATE STUDENTS WITH THE BESTHUMAN RIGHTS ESSAYS:Russell Sloane HathawayElena Daniela Sakopoulos Emmaline Livingston CampbellTHE OSCAR G. AND ELSA S. MAYER PRIZE, FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE INTHE M.B.A. PROGRAM OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OFBUSINESS:Eryn Barton Koch THE DAVID BLAIR MCLAUGHLIN PRIZES, FOR ESSAYS DEMONSTRATING SPECIAl HE NORMSKILL AND SENSE OF FORM IN THE WRITING OF ENGLISH PROSE: UNDERGRAIHarrison Daryl Smith Lauren Winifred Sedlak oUTSTANDlJJane HuangTHE FRANKLIN McLEAN MEDICAL STUDENT REsEARCH AWARD, FOR A SENIOWHO HAS PERFORMED THE MOST MERITORIOUS RESEARCH: THE NATI(Jennifer Lillian Philip ERlcANTHE MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES ALUMNI PRIZE, FOR THE BESTPRESENTATION MADE BY A STUDENT IN THE AREA OF APPLIED SCHOLARSHIP(GLOBAL HEALTH, COMMUNITY HEALTH, MEDICAL EDUCATION OR QUALITYSAFETY) AT THE 68TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:Melissa Lynn MottTHE DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE:Ashwin Ajit Korwal Camille Ruth PetriTHE OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN MEDICINE, TO A SENIOR STUDEFOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Madeleine Ivrit MatthiesenORIGINAL PLAY OF ONE OR MORE ACTS, OR AN ORIGINAL MUSICALTtT!Jur­HNEUZABElWeiQinTHE OLGA AND PAUL MENN FOUNDATION PRIZES IN ENGLISH, MUSICCOMPOSITION, OR PLAYWRITING, FOR AN ORIGINAL SHORT STORY OR NOVEL, AN THE DAHISTORlCOMPOSITION BY STUDENTS IN THE GRADUATING CLASS: George IZev Dov Hurwich, Second Place, Play­writingHaley Fay Markbreiter, First Place,EnglishKaren Y. Gu, Second Place, English Cameron Nicholas Cunningham,Musical CompositionRobert Eric Shoemaker, First Place,Playwriting THEDIMEDICAOBSTElMichell,THE LEONARD B. MEYER PRIZE FOR MUSICAL EXCELLENCE, FOR THE BESTBACHELOR'S THESIS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC:Nathan Edward Harris THEJCECONCAlexan,THE JANE MORTON AND HENRY C. MURPHY AWARDS, PRESENTED TO THOSE THE JlSTUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE A UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION TO IMPROVING UNIVERSITl EASTE!STUDENT LIFE:David Alexander CampilloAnthony Michael MartinezCarlos Cardenas-Iniguez SUBMl'Paige]Samuel Elliot GiddinsVictor Yu KungShaan Sapra THE 1OUTS:AngelTHERESEIWenjTHE MARy JEAN MULVANEY SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARDS, TO THE MALE ANDFEMALE SENIOR ATHLETES WITH THE HIGHEST JUNIOR AND SENIOR GRADE POINTAVERAGES:Samuel C. Buder Sarah Anne PeluseTHE THOMAS R. MULROY PRIZES, FOR EXCELLENCE IN APPELLATE ADVOCACY INTHE LAw SCHOOL: THESTU[BEnArielMaryAnn Tatiana AlmeidaJeff Alrik GilsonNicholas Nathan Spear Trenton Don TannerMichael M. TurkelTHE HOWELL MURRAy-ALUMNI AsSOCIATION AWARDS, TO RECOGNIZE THOSESTUDENTS JUDGED OUTSTANDING FOR THEIR LEADERSHIP AND CONTRIBUTIONS TOTHE VITALITY AND CREATIVITY OF STUDENT LIFE ON THE MIDWAY:Stephanie Lauren Grach E. Nory Kaplan-KellyJeremy Penin Ziring loanna Bojidarova KadievaWilliam John Kenneth Vervilles Zahed Abdul HaseebKaylee Nicole Steck Elizabeth Ann Omoluyi AdesanyaAlexander Dimitrios Vicente Javier FernandezSotiropoulos John Robert DulacLynda Lopez Shayan KarbassiChukwu-Ka Clarence Okoh Anamaria Carmen HernandezAlida Camille Miranda-Wolff THISTUPERIHit:THE RUTH MURRAY ESSAY PRIZE OF THE CENTER FOR GENDER STUDIES,HONORING THE BEST ESSAY WRITTEN IN THE AREAS OF WOMEN'S STUDIES,FEMINIST CRITICISM, OR GENDER STUDIES:Melissa Marie HighHE NORMAN H. NACHTRIEB MEMORIAL AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE INDERGRADUATE STUDIES OF CHEMISTRY, AWARDED EACH YEAR TO ANurSTANDING STUDENT IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:Jane HuangA SENIOTHE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATION AND AsSOCIATION OFERICAN GEOGRAPHERS' AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE OF SCHOLARSHIP:STHIP THE DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:Oscar Jim Michael CoppesIOL:Pavel MotlochTHE NICHOLSON CENTER B.A. THESIS PRIZES, FOR THE BEST SENIOR B.A.THESES IN THE AREA OF BRITISH STUDIES BASED ON THE USE OF PRIMARYMATERIALS IN ANY CONCENTRATION OR DISCIPLINE:David P. LyonsElizabeth Danielle LhostSTUDEN Erin Virginia Moore Hasan Zahid SiddiquiClaire Courtney ArnoldELIZABETH R. NORTON PRIZE FOR EXCELLENCE IN RESEARCH IN CHEMISTRY:WeiQinVEL, AN THE DANIEL F. NUGENT PRIZE, FOR THE BEST DOCTORAL DISSERTATION INHISTORICAL ANTHROPOLOGY:George Paul Meium, THE DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIORMEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OFOBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY:Michelle Karin Desjardins'lace,r THE JOHN M. OLIN PRIZE, TO THE OUTSTANDING GRADUATE IN LAw ANDECONOMICS IN THE LAw SCHOOL:Alexandra MorganOSE THE JUSTIN PALMER PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY BY THE DEPARTMENT OF NEARIERSm EASTERN LANGUAGES AND CMLIZATIONS TO THE UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR WHOSUBMITS THE BEST SENIOR HONORS PAPER:Paige Eleanor PaulsenfD)INT THE DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:Angela Nicole ViaeneTHE DEPARTMENT OF PEDIATRICS AWARD, GIVEN FOR THE MOST MERITORIOUSRESEARCH INVOLVING CHILDREN OR DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY:Wenjing ZongSEIS TO THE PERFORMING ARTS COLLABORATOR AWARD, RECOGNIZING THE GRADUATINGSTUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED THE SPIRIT OF COLLABORATIONBETWEEN TWO OR MORE ARTS GROUPS ON CAMPUS:Arielle L. Von HippelTHE PERFORMING ARTS LEADERSHIP AWARD, RECOGNIZING THE GRADUATINGSTUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED ARTS LEADERSHIP IN A SINGLEPERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATION ON CAMPUS:Hilary Marlys CliffordTHE CASPER PLATT AWARD, FOR THE OUTSTANDING PAPER WRITTEN BY ASTUDENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:Michel Daniel EducateTHE TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DIVISION OFTHE PHYSICAL SCIENCES IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OFUNDERGRADUATES:Hannah Leah RutledgeNicholas Morris Seltzer THE AWARD OF HONORSPOLSKY CENTER AWARD FOR LEADERSHIP IN PRIVATE EQUITY, HONORS THEGRADUATING CHICAGO BOOTH STUDENT WHO DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP INPRIVATE EQUITY THROUGH COURSE WORK AND PARTICIPATION IN PRIVATE EQUITYPROGRAMMING; VOLUNTEERISM WITH PRIVATE EQUITY CONFERENCES AND EVENTS;AND LEADERSHIP IN THE STUDENT PRIVATE EQUITY GROUP:Dominic Anthony HoodTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING APPLIED SCHOLARSHIPPRESENTED BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT AT THE 68TH ANNUAL SENIORSCIENTIFIC SESSION:Rupali KumarTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING BASIC SCIENTIFICINVESTIGATION PRESENTED BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT AT THE 68TH ANNUALSENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:David Edward Webster ArnoldsTHE AWARD FOR BEST POSTER DESCRIBING SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION INCLINICAL OR SOCIAL SCIENCES BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT AT THE 68THANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:Jonathan Constantine GarneauTHE PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARDS, RECOGNIZING TWO VOLUNTEERSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED A SUPERIOR COMMITMENT TO SERVICE IN THEGREATER COMMUNITY DURING THE PAST ACADEMIC YEAR:Alexandra Veronica Perez-Garcia Jeanne Germaine ChauffourTHE PRITZKER LEADERSHIP AWARDS, TO SENIORS FOR OUTSTANDINGEXTRACURRICULAR ACCOMPLISHMENTS DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Maureen Rachel Beederman Jasmine Alicia TaylorTHE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ADVOCACY AND EQUITY ADvOCACYAWARDS, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS WHO DEMONSTRATE ADVOCACYWITHIN OUR INSTITUTION OR OUTSIDE FOR SERVICE, RESEARCH, AND POLICYCHANGES WHICH ADDRESS INEQUITIES IN HEALTH AND/OR HEALTHCARE, AS WELLAS LEADERSHIP IN PROMOTING A DIVERSE AND INCLUSIVE COMMUNITY ATPRITZKER AND IN NURTURING A WARM AND SAFE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT FORALL-REGARDLESS OF IDENTITY:Jasmine Alicia Taylor N athaniel Harris WestTHE J OHN VAN PROHASKA AWARDS, FOR OUTSTANDING POTENTIAL IN TEACHING,RESEARCH, AND CLINICAL MEDICINE:David Edward Webster Arnolds Margaret Gail DistlerTHE SHEILA PUTZEL PRIZES, TO SENIORS IN THE COLLEGE WHODEMONSTRATE EXCEPTIONAL PROMISE AS FUTURE PRACTICING PHYSICIANS:Nikhitha Murali Frank QianTHE DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION AND CELLULAR ONCOLOGY AWARD, TO ASENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD:Vikrant Siva JagadeesanTHE RICHARD W REILLY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING APTITUDE IN THE FIELD OF GASTROENTEROLOGY:Justin TomalTHE CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN SECURITY PRICES AWARD, TO A STUDENT IN THEUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FOR EXCELLENCE INFINANCE:Evan Moore PittmanTHE JOHN GRAY RHIND AWARDS, TO ADVANCED STUDENTS IN THE MINISTRYPROGRAM AT THE DMNITY SCHOOL WHOSE EXCELLENCE IN ACADEMICAND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING GIVES NOTABLE PROMISE OF A SIGNIFICANTCONTRIBUTION TO THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH:Leah Marie BoydSteven Michael Grafton Philp1135I9TH CONVOCATIONTHE RICHARD SALLER DISSERTATION PRIZE, TO THE GRADUATE IN THE DIVISIONOF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES WHOSE DISSERTATION IS THE MOST DISTINGUISHEDPIECE OF SCHOLARSHIP IN A GIVEN YEAR:Alexander D. BlanchetteTHE BHAGWANDAS N. SAPRA PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO THE GRADUATINGFULL-TIME, EVENING, OR WEEKEND M.B.A. PROGRAM STUDENT WITH THEMOST OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC RECORD AND AN ACCOUNTING CONCENTRATION:Aaron Lee ToomeyTHE MARy ROBERTS SCOTT MEMORIAL PRIZES, GIVEN TO MEDICAL STUDENTSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE DURINGBOTH THE BASIC AND CLINICAL SCIENCE YEARS:Michelle Lynn Fletcher Hannah Rose SnyderTHE WALTER AND FAY SELOVE PRIZES, FOR DEMONSTRATING EXCELLENT PROMISEFOR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH IN PHYSICS:Taweewat Somboonpanyakul Zihao JiangNathaniel Paul NortonTHE LILLIAN GERTRUDE SELZ PRIZES, AWARDED TO THE WOMEN WITH THEHIGHEST ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AFTER THEIR FIRST UNDERGRADUATE YEAR:Karlee Parvin EsmailliAllyson Nicole GambardellaSherry Xinru He Maya Anne LewinsohnEsther Mei Sze ChanTHE JOAN SHIU AWARD, TO PROVIDE RECOGNITION TO STUDENTS WHO HAVERENDERED EXCEPTIONAL SERVICE AS VOLUNTEERS IN THE DEPARTMENT OFCHEMISTRY AS SELECTED BY THEIR FELLOW STUDENTS:Jonathan RaybinHunter Baksa Vibbert Frank David OlechnowiczTHE PAUL SHOREY FOREIGN STUDY PRIZE, FOR A DESERVING STUDENT OFGREEK OR LATIN FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE ATHENS OR ROME PROGRAM IN THECOLLEGE:Anna Bronislava RonenTHE SIDLEY AUSTIN PRIZES, TO A LAw SCHOOL STUDENT IN EACH SECTIONOF THE FIRST-YEAR LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PROGRAM WHOSE BRIEF WASJUDGED TO BE MOST OUTSTANDING AND DESERVING OF RECOGNITION:Lauren Claire BarnettAimee Woodward BrownSaul Daniel Cohen Maxwell Louis SchwartzMary Megan StephensJennifer Martin WheelerTHE SOCIETY FOR ACADEMIC EMERGENCY MEDICINE ExCELLENCE AWARD, FORDEMONSTRATED EXCELLENCE IN THE SPECIALTY OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE:Peter Chancellor WroeTHE AMos ALONZO STAGG MEDAL, TO A SENIOR MALE ATHLETE WHO HASCOMBINED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE AND ABILITY, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER,SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO TEAM SUCCESS, AND SCHOLARSHIP:Eric Rudd HallmanTHE JOSEPH STAMPF MEDAL, TO THE SENIOR PLAYER WHO STRIVES FOREXCELLENCE AS A MAN AND AS A BASKETBALL PLAYER; WHO GIVES OF HIMSELFUNTO THE LIVES OF HIS TEAMMATES; AND WHOSE COMMITMENT TO HIGH VALUESAND INTEGRITY IS EXPRESSED IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS TEAMMATES ANDCOACHES:Samuel Arthur GageTHE GAY K. AND JOHN R. STANEK PRIZES, AWARDED TO STUDENTS INTHE COLLEGE WHO SHOW PROMISE FOR A LIFE OF CIVIC ACTION, WHO AREDEPENDENT IN WHOLE OR IN PART ON HIS OR HER OWN EFFORTS FOR THE MEANSOF ATTENDING THE COLLEGE, AND WHO WILL RELY ON THE PRIZE FUNDS TOCONTINUE HIS OR HER EDUCATION:Chandler Donovan James Lingyi Peng114 Adam Bradley SchwertnerTHEINTGusTHE NELS M. STRANDJORD MEMORIAL AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDEII'! THE VIJFOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF RADIOLOGY: GRADUAPROGRAIN THE 1THE URBAN HEALTH INITIATIVE STRONGIN COMMUNITY SERVICE PRIZES, TOSENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTED THE MOST THROUGHCOMMUNITY SERVICE: WilliamTHEWVALUA!CONTRlSPORTS]Claire jKyle AIDerridMadeliDeepalMeganMichelOutDanielMelThorno«MicheInaJessica Cristina Portillo Vanessa Rivas-LopezTHE LOUIS SUDLER PRIZES IN THE CREATIVE ARTS, TO GRADUATING SENIORSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED EXCELLENCE OR THE HIGHEST STANDARDS OFPROFICIENCY IN THE CREATIVE ARTS:Jane Marie FentressSarah Ann Manocherian LidaZ. WuValia Dee Lily O'DonnellTHE NATHAN SUGARMAN TEACHING AWARDS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY:Sara Christine ChamberlinPreston G. Scrape Guohua ShenTHE NATHAN SUGARMAN AWARDS FOR GRADUATE AND UNDERGRADUATESTUDENT RESEARCH, FOR EXCEPTIONAL RESEARCH IN THE ENRICO FERMIINSTITUTE:Samantha Mary DixonJane Huang Eric J. OberlaVinicius Miranda BragancaTHE SUGARMAN/CLOSS AWARDS, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENTOF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UPPER-LEVELUNDERGRADUATE COURSES: THE ISECO!RECOChrisFrank David Olechnowicz Justin TeesdaleTHE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:Theodore Gill Hart THESOC!ANDDaviTHE SOL TAX PRIZE, FOR THE DOCTORAL DISSERTATION WHICH COMBINESHIGHEST INTELLECTUAL MERIT WITH RELEVANCE TO ANTHROPOLOGY ANDACTION:Tatiana ChudakovaTHE THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES AWARD, RECOGNIZING THEGRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED THE INTEGRATION OFARTISTIC AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:Kathleen Anne CawleyTHE THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES ExEMPLARY MENTOR AWARDS,RECOGNIZING THE GRADUATING SENIORS WHO HAVE MADE OUTSTANDINGCONTRIBUTIONS THROUGH MENTORSHIP TO THE UNIVERSITY THROUGH THEIRWORK WITH PERFORMING ARTS ORGANIZATIONS:Nora Rose BinghamBenjamin Roy Heller ARlEmJames Rabalais EkstromTHE LEONARD Tow HUMANISM IN MEDICINE AWARD, FOR CONSISTENTLYDEMONSTRATING COMPASSION AND EMPATHY IN THE DELIVERY OF CARE TOPATIENTS AND ILLUSTRATING PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR BY EXAMPLE:Vikrant Siva Jagadeesan Al,RefuKrUNIVERSITY THEATER/THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES TECHNICALAWARD, IN SUPPORT OF THE GRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS MADE THE MOSTSIGNIFICANT DESIGN AND TECHNICAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE UNIVERSITYTHEATER DURING THEIR COLLEGIATE EXPERIENCE:Tess Katalin Drummond AIFISaAHRTHE UNSUNG HERO AWARDS, RECOGNIZING STUDENTS WHO HAVE POSITIVELYINFLUENCED A PROGRAM OR ORGANIZATION FROM BEHIND THE SCENES WITHA POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD GOALS, A WILLINGNESS TO HELP IN WHATEVERCAPACITY NECESSARY, AND A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN THE COMPLETIONOF TASKS AND DUTIES: A1"­A}IJKaterina Chrisoula VradelisMafaza Khan Patrick John Vasavid MucerinoEBenjamin George MerrimanJames IveniukAMERICAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY FELLOWSHIPSYen-Chua LinSTUDENr THE VIJAY AND SITA VASHEE PROMISING ENTREPRENEUR AWARD, TO THEY: GRADUATING FULL-TIME M.B.A., EVENING M.B.A., OR WEEKEND M.B.A.PROGRAM STUDENT HAVING THE BEST SCHOLASTIC RECORD IN ENTREPRENEURSHIPIN THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS:ES, TOGH William Ken LeeTHE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC AsSOCIATION AND ORDER OF THE "C" MOSTVALUABLE PLAYER AWARDS, PRESENTED TO ATHLETES WHO MAKE A SIGNIFICANTCONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM AND BEST DEMONSTRATE SKILL, LOYALTY, ANDSPORTSMANSHIP:lIORSClaire Ann Devaney, Basketball- WOmenKyle Andrew Engel, BaseballDerrick Mark Davis, Basketball-MenMadeline Louise McManus, SoftballDeepak Sabada, Tennis-MenMegan Wingmun Tang, Tennis-WOmenMichelle Lynn Dobbs, Track 6- Field-Outdoor- WOmenDaniel Povitsky, Track 6- Field-Outdoor­MenThomas Warren Meek, Swimming 6-Diving-MenMichelle Lynn Dobbs, Track 6- FieldIndoor- WOmen Abby Alette Erdmann, Swimming 6-Diving- WOmenBeatrice Dyer Hobson, Soccer- WOmenKyle Gordon Kurfirst, Soccer-MenVincent Domenico Beltrano, FootballCatherine Anne Young, Cross Country-WOmenDaniel Povitsky, Cross Country-MenEirene Haeyeon Kim, VolleyballMichael Truman Bennett, Track 6- FieldIndoor-MenTHE CURTIS AND SUSAN WILLING AWARD, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO HONOR ASECOND-YEAR STUDENT IN CHICAGO BOOTH WITH AN OUTSTANDING ACADEMICRECORD IN FINANCE AFTER THEIR FIRST YEAR OF STUDY:Christopher James LewisrMENT'EL;OR THE WILMA WALKER HONOR AWARDS, TO STUDENTS IN THE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THE FIRST YEARAND FOR THE PROMISE OF FUTURE ACHIEVEMENT IN SOCIAL WORK:David Anthony Watsula Sarah Elizabeth SheekTHE GREGOR WENTZEL PRIZE, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGIN THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS BY A FIRST-YEAR GRADUATE STUDENT TUTOR:Gustaf Piper DownsFARTHUR ADKINS SUMMER FELLOWSHIPEmma Noel WarhoverR THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE GREGOR WENTZEL GRADUATE RESEARCH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS:Matthew Wyatt LowTHE NAPIER WILT PRIZES IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE, TO THESENIORS WHO HAVE WRITTEN THE BEST BACHELOR'S PAPERS:Ellen Garnett KladkyGwendolen Elizabeth MurenEmily S. WangTHE BRUCE WINSTEIN PRIZE, FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT BY A PHYSICSSTUDENT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTATION:Lee Patrick McCullerTHE DIANA WOO MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN CLINICAL PEDIATRICS:Jasmine Alicia TaylorTHE F. HOWELL WRIGHT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PEDIATRICS:Brittany Erica ButlerTHE WROBEL TROPHY AWARD, TO THE WRESTLER WHO HAS SCORED THE MOSTTEAM POINTS DURING THE SEASON:Charles Wolf Heller BanaszakTHE GUARANG AND KANwAL YODH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING WORK IN ExPERIMENTAL PHYSICS:Michelle Millan DriscollFELLOWSHIPSAMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL AsSOCIATION MINORITY DISSERTATIONFELLOWSHIPAdela L. AmaralAMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN AMERICAN FELLOWSHIPRebecca Ann FischerAMERICAN INSTITUTE FOR MAGHRIBI STUDIES FELLOWSHIPKristin Gee HickmanT AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDIAN STUDIES ACADEMIC YEAR LANGUAGEFELLOWSHIPSarah Heiden GomerAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDIAN STUDIES JUNIOR FELLOWSHIPSHasan Zahid Siddiqui Sabrina DatooRehanna KheshgiNell Shapiro HawleyAndrew Carl KunzeAMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDIAN STUDIES SUMMER LANGUAGE FELLOWSHIPSViraj PatelAMERICAN REsEARCH INSTITUTE IN TURKEY SUMMER LANGUAGE FELLOWSHIPAmirToft DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY LEIFFER PRE-FIELD REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSStacy Ann PapeSayantan Saha RoyElla Patricia Butler Matthew Charles KnisleyRebecca JourneyDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY LICHTSTERN DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPOwen Nathaniel KohlDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY MARK HANNA WATKINS DISSERTATIONFELLOWSHIPSSimon James May Falina EnriquezDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY MARK HANNA WATKINS POST-FIELDFELLOWSHIPSAmy Leia McLachlanXiao-Bo Yuan Adam Carl SargentHARRy BARNARD MEMORIAL DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPEmily Ann RemusBECKMAN SCHOLARS PROGRAM IN MOLECULAR SCIENCES FELLOWSHIPSTheresa HwangIsaac Nathaniel Larkin Trevor Dale RobertsMara FarcasanuBENJAMIN BLOOM DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPMolly Elizabeth Flaherty115519TH CONVOCATIONBRADLEY FELLOWSHIPSAlexander Konstantinos Zentefis Matthew GunnTHE GATES CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARSHIPTimothy M. RudnickiCHEMICAL HERITAGE FOUNDATION DOAN FELLOWSHIPElla Patricia ButlerMARTHA ANN AND JOSEPH A. CHENICEK GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPXingyu LuCHICAGO BIOMEDICAL CONSORTIUM SCHOLAR AWARDJohn F. ZimmermanCLIR FELLOWSHIP FOR DISSERTATION RESEARCH IN ORIGINAL SOURCESElizabeth J oyce WoodwardCRITICAL LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMMatthew Jacob SchweitzerEmily Rachel Gonsier Gerdin Rafael Meghani AbramovitzDAAD SCHOLARSHIPSabina Francesca Vaccarino BremnerDAAD GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSMax Koss Abigail Lilly FineDACOR FELLOWSHIPNatalya ], WallinBRYAN AND CATHERINE DANIELS OUTSTANDING STUDENT FELLOWSHIPSPooya Hatami Denis PankratovDARTMOUTH COLLEGE THURGOOD MARsHALL DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPJaira J. HarringtonDAVIS PROJECT FOR PEACE PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSWon Huh Aparna NutakkiDEUTSCHE BANK DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPSQipingXuFREDERICK DOUGLASS INSTITUTE FOR AFRICAN AND AFRICAN AMERICANSTUDIES PREDOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPAdela L. Amaral WeiWuDUNN RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS IN ENGLISHHannah Elizabeth O'GradySpencer Perkins Mcavoy Margeaux Allison PerkinsMinna Ali JafferyCENTER FOR EAST AsIAN STUDIES DISSERTATION WRITING FELLOWSHIPSCovell Franklin MeyskensNancy Lin Ji Young KimCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES: CHINESE STUDIES DISSERTATION WRITINGFELLOWSHIPSJeffrey Richard TharsenLing ZhangQuincy Yik Him NganCENTER FOR EAST AsIAN STUDIES: CHINESE STUDIES PRE-DISSERTATIONRESEARCH GRANTS Katherine Laura Bos AlexanderChen ChenThomas Patrick KellyHan ZhangCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES: JAPANESE STUDIES PRE-DISSERTATIONRESEARCH GRANTS JinXuKarl H. Love Oskarson KindstrandCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES: KOREAN STUDIES PRE-DISSERTATION GRANTDongyoung KimCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES: TOYOTA JAPANESE STUDIES DISSERTATIONWRITING FELLOWSHIPSCameron William PenwellRichard Maddison Davis116 SeongUn KimJ unko Yamazaki DOROTHY AND HUGH EDMONDSON SUMMER RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPSCasey Taekyung KimSarah WatanaskulMatthew SullivanMilton Jesus MoscosoToyce.?a�ann LuYoonJI KimAlyna Yamuna Katti Timofey Andreevich KarginovNamrata GargRaphael R. EguchiXiDaiLisa Bonsignore-OppConnor James Boyle FULBRlZebulonFULBRI<ZebulorEric Mi,Christo]Joshua 1DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY, COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE GRADCATE FELLOWSHIPNicholas John FrontiereMARGARET FALLERS DISSERTATION YEAR FELLOWSHIPTomoko SeroJoseph Jay SosaFORD FOUNDATION DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSKathryn A. MarinerFORD FOUNDATION PRE-DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPKristopher Tyler DriggersFOREIGN LANGUAGE AND AREA STUDIES FELLOWSHIPSAcademic YearHassan Shakeel AwaisiChelsea Rebecca BurnsJohn P. DoyleLauren Elizabeth EldridgeKsenia Alexeyevna Ershovajazrnin GravesMarielle Burr HarrisonNell Shapiro HawleyZachary Nicholas HebertNmary Elle JebbiaAndrew Dresden KerrChime Chodon LamaManon Devedeux McGuiganViraj PatelDaniel Kalman PhillipsArmaan SiddiqiMalini K. SinghMaria Rose WelchFLAS/TITLE VI FELLOWSHIPSSummerZachary Tyler LeonardMary Ellen BuckKristopher Tyler DriggersKristy Lynn IronsideLauren Renae CartyMargaret McFeeMedardo Gabriel RosarioMonica M. FelixRachel Nicole SchineRachiny Siviseth SamekSami Jiryis SweisKeshia Lynette HarrisYonatan Tzvi ShemeshEric Timothy PhillipsSarah Violet Zager SummerKevin Mark BlankinshipEbenezer ConcepcionGenevieve Eileen Virginia DempseyKristopher Tyler DriggersLauren Elizabeth EldridgeSavannah Leigh EsquivelGolriz FarshiMonica M. FelixJenae Marissa GurleyEmin LelicMatthew O'ConnellJulio Carlos RiveraClaire Nadine RoosienAugust Nabe SamieElizabeth Anne SartellYonatan Tzvi ShemeshCheryl Anne StephensonAmirToftKaitlyn Jane TuckerSarah Violet ZagerAna IlievskaKristin Gee HickmanPatrick Charles LewisJohn O'Donnell MulleeJenae Marissa GurleyJonah SimpsonKatharine Diane BrownDavid Craig RecksieckEzra BlausteinElizabeth Danielle LhostElizabeth Anne SartellImri GrinbergJulio Carlos RiveraKaitlyn Jane TuckerGiovanni RicciPeter Svaren EricksonJoela Magdalena JacobsFRANKE INSTITUTE FOR THE HUMANITIES FELLOWSHIPSIlanit Loewy ShachamBart Van WassenhoveSophie Lynn HoltzmannNicholas Ian RekenthalerEARL R. FRANKLIN RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS IN PSYCHOLOGYKiehlor Joseph MackLeah Karen MalamutEARL R. FRANKLIN RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS IN HUMAN DEVELOPMENTRoisleen Kathryn ToddJohn Robert DulacNia Kaylyn SottoAva Gabrielle WeissFRANCOIS FURET TRAVEL GRANTSMorgane Delphine MartinetMartina Martinovic Jessica Carter CoonLillian Anna LererSherraine Hillary A. AshleyMaria Josefa VelascoZhou Fang FULBRI'Sarah EKristinKarmaFULBRlSarah IMattheSebastiKristinAnne 1LauraFULBFMaria:GriffirKayleeMicheCaroliFURS'OriVEzra 1BEATBrianEliza!AnniYuhaBARlAnn:DAVJose)DA\HarWnMo[oslBrisAmTinWlFE)M.ClGcE1MHRMIt­P:(SFULBRIGHT-HAYS (DDRA) FELLOWSHIPSZebulon York Dingley Eric Michael HirschFULBRIGHT-HAyS DISSERTATION REsEARCH ABROAD FELLOWSHIPSZebulon York DingleyEric Michael HirschChristopher Thomas DunlapJoshua Lee Solomon Carlos Ward GrenierAntje PostemaJose Juan Perez Melendez�SHIPFULBRIGHT lIE/USIA FELLOWSHIPSSarah Ellen AdcockKristin Gee HickmanKarma Franklin FriersonFULBRIGHT lIE US STUDENT PROGRAM GRANTSSarah Ellen AdcockMatthew Todd HersheySebastian HeilpernKristin Gee HickmanAnne Ning FengLaura Elizabeth Stith Scott Anne Carlton BuxtonZdenko MandusicKarma Franklin FriersonCesar Daniel FavilaKatherina Maria MotylNicole Cecilia BeckmannFULBRIGHT US STUDENT PROGRAM GRANTSMarianne Andrea SeneczkoGriffin Andrew BrunkKaylee Nicole SteckMichelle Tien Tien LeeCaroline Lillian Schopp Emily Rachel Gonsier GerdinJeremy Ely MckeyVaidehi JoshiGenevieve Eileen Virginia DempseyKiko WemmerFURSTENBERG FELLOWSHIPSOri WerdigerEzra Blaustein Jessica Hope AndrussBEATRICE GARBER SUMMER SCHOLARSBrian Paul GoldspielElizabeth Ka-Yoon WooAnnie ZhangYuhao Wang Daniel Scott EatonBrett Adams PepowskiElizabeth Ann BrimWilliam Douglas JonesBARRY M. GOLDWATER SCHOLARSHIPS FOR SCIENCEAnne Christina Marsden Ryan Daniel McGillicuddyDAVID W. GRAINGER SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPSJoseph Kramer Iverson Zihao JiangDAVID GRENE FELLOWSHIPHarry Denis O'NeilWILLIAM RAINEY HARPER FELLOWSHIPSMonica LeeJoshua Andrew ConnorBrian Christopher WilsonAmin Azad SadrTimothy Paul Brawn Uri Zvi ShacharJose Antonio Hernandez CompanySarah Elizabeth JohnsonJonah S. RubinWILLIAM RAINEY HARPER/PROVOST'S DISSERTATION-YEARFELLOWSHIPM. Enghin AtalayCHARLES W. HENDERSON DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPGordon Charles Calder DouglasELLIOTT AND EILEEN HINKES RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPSMiles Hayden Barney Hannah Ingerson WellerHOWARD HUGHES MEDICAL INSTITUTE (HHMI) INTERNATIONAL STUDENTRESEARCH FELLOWSHIPMiao YuINTER-UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR JAPANESE STUDIES SUPPLEMENTAL GRANTParide StortiniCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSamuel Lanham Boyd THE AWARD OF HONORSKATEN SCHOLARSHIPSHayley Jessica ZullowDaniel Villalobos-TerrazasKevin YangEmily Ann WolfsonJacqueline Fang WangFlavius Alexandru BecaIjeoma Mercy Nwabudike Haria Rose MerutkaJhonatan MarteEleanor Grace GreinerSenxi DuMatthew Chi Ki CheungKrishanu ChatterjeeGabrielle Elena WimerJOHN LEUSNER FELLOWSHIPMaryam FarboodiGEORGES LURCY FELLOWSHIPSRebecca Ann Crisafulli Elisa JonesMANN AWARD TRAVEL GRANTMarley-Vincent LindseyMICHAEL AND LING MARKOVITZ DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSTyson David Engstrom LeuchterDavid Ramsey Gregory Duff Morton JasonMARTIN MARTY CENTER JUNIOR FELLOWSHIPXiao-Bo YuanMEDICAL SCIENTIST TRAINING PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSUdaysankar Chockanathan Alexander Richard TerryMELLON ACLS DISSERTATION COMPLETION FELLOWSHIPSKristy Lynn IronsideAndrew Aaron Cashner Maggie Leah TaftKathryn A. MarinerMELLON FELLOWSHIPS IN THE HUMANITIESTrent Clark LeipertLise Ann TruexMartina MartinovicFerenc Peter CsirkesAlisha Lola Jones Laura Elizabeth KolbTristan James SchweigerJonathan Thomas KeaneMegan Rose TuslerIngrid Anna GreenfieldMELLON FOUNDATION DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSDavid Mark DiamondIan Bryce JonesRebekah Brita BagliniStephanie Ruth Anderson Dong LiangTuomo Kallejuhani TiisalaChandani PatelMELLON FOUNDATION HANNA HOLBORN GRAY ADVANCED GRADUATEFELLOWSHIPSEric Michael HirschPhilip Reuben Goldfarb Sarah Abigail Levine-GronningsaterMaude PuglieseMELLON FOUNDATION/SOCIAL SCIENCES DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSThomas w.e. Swerts Adam Hillel DeanLaura Beth Doering Sanja JagesicZoe Nyssa Jan DoeringLauren Elizabeth Buder Bergier Lee CabatinganRebecca Aili Ploof David William KernEmily Claire Kolmodin RomeoMELLON HUMANITIES DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSean Michael HannanMELLON MAyS UNDERGRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSSarah Soojin ZeichnerCaressa Lanay FranklinAna Isabel Martinez Zoe Drayton SmithJessica Kristen CovilVincent PerezMILGROM FAMILY SUPPORT GROUP GRANTChristien Philmarc TompkinsMILLER CENTER/UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DOCTORAL FELLOWJose Luis RamosPHILIP E. MONTAG AND GLENN SWOGGER SUMMER REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPS INHISTORYPatricia Rose StichnothAlexander Adams Hoare117519TH CONVOCATIONNSF DISSERTATION IMPROVEMENT GRANTKaya Williams THEODORE W AND ESTHER SCHULTZ ECONOMICS FELLOWSHIPSJose Joaquin Lopez LiceaArmin Rick Eric Reed NielsenNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION GRADUATE REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSHector AcaronClark ButlerJoseph Jeffery GairDarcy Lynn RossNadia Dou&las PierrehumbertLauren Marie LedinEmily Rose BockMichael Duglas BarnettJeremy Owen Becker TempkinJoel Haviland Smith HELEN SELLEI-BERETVAS GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPHao YangNicholas Edward WilliamsKevin Changhun SongLuke Wilbert BertelsAdam Reginald HardyIan Schneider RemmmgJoshua A. RibackAlyssa Justine HarkerElizabeth Colette ThompsonAndrew Valentine SOCIAL SCIENCE/HuMANITIES REsEARCH COUNCIL CANADA FELLOWSHannah Renee Mcelgunn Sonia Alexandrine Porelle GrantSOCIAL SCIENCE REsEARCH COUNCIL-MELLON INTERNATIONAL DISSERTATIONFELLOWSHIPSNATIONAL SECURITY EDUCATION PROGRAM BOREN FELLOWSHIPS FORGRADUATES Thomas Patrick KellyElizabeth Danielle Lhost Abigail Lilly FineSameena Vaseem AzharDaniel Zimmer Yevgen Sautin SOCIAL SCIENCE VISITING COMMITTEE DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPAaron Todd SeamanNATIONAL SECURITY EDUCATION PROGRAM DAVID L. BOREN UNDERGRADUATESCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDY ABROAD PAUL AND DAISY SOROS FELLOWSHIP FOR NEW AMERICANSRamya ParameswaranPatricia Rose Stichnoth Tosca Ann LichtenheldCHARLOTTE W NEWCOMBE PH.D. DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPS CLAS/TINKER FIELD REsEARCH GRANTSJohn O'Donnell Mullee Raymond Alexander HunterYazan Haitham Bisharah Doughan Philippa Rose KochNICHOLSON CENTER FOR BRITISH STUDIES GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS HARRy S TRUMAN SCHOLARSHIPSCandice B. KerestanErin Mary SimpsonAndrea Haider Ava BenezraYusef Asiddeg Al-jaraniLee CabatinganKelliL. WoodLauren Nicole CoyleMadeleine Suzanne ElfenbeinMalarvizhi Annal JayanthMeekyung Ruth Macmurdie Michael C. CastelleNancy Ann ThebautSabrina DatooPhilippa Rose KochKyle GardnerUCIHP CLINICAL ExCELLENCE SCHOLARS PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSNICHOLSON CENTER SHORT TERM GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPLee Cabatingan Lucy ZhuoErika Wang ZhengStephen Enya YuKevin YangElizabeth Ka- Yoon WooAndrew G. WangGeorge TsourdinisJon Dylan SussmanIlaria Rose MerutkaBonnie Boya SongSaieesh Alan RaoAminah Abrar Sallam Lisa Bonsignore-OppJamila Kadia PicartMilton Jesus MoscosoRyan Loneil BecknerSneha ChebroluLena W. ChenJustin Lee JiaTimofey Andreevich KarginovKris Minyeop LeeAliya Floy Baqai MoreiraIjeoma Mercy NwabudikeAnase Sewuese AsomNICHOLSON UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS FOR SUMMER THESISRESEARCH IN THE BRITISH ISLESJ. Michael EugenioJennifer Rose CohenHilde Devoin NelsonAnna Clare Lasky Aleksandr Markovich PrigozhinAidan Joseph BeattyAlexander Thomas MoffettPAUSANIAS SUMMER REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPMian WangPLOTNICK FELLOWSHIPSRebecca Ann FischerDinah Shender UCIHP COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL MEDICINE PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSJoseline Xiomara GomezAdiba Maisha MatinWendyTianEvelina SterinaMadeline Stafford SovieCameron Ndubisi OkekeColin Jude McNamaraChristina Leon Elizabeth Fenske KnopfHaley Alexandra JohnsonElizabeth Schiller FrankKatrina Marie DelosoLauren Alyssa CapraChristian AdamesMaira Azra KhwajaMark Anthony StoehrPROVOST'S DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSRodrigo AdemNicho1as Paul Koziolek Jeremy Gantz MorseDORIS G. QUINN FOUNDATION DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPStacie Anne Kent UCIHP HEALTH POLICY SCHOLARS FELLOWSHIPSCENTER FOR THE STUDY OF RACE/POLITICS/CULTURE FELLOWAdela L. Amaral Saieesh Alan RaoSarah Mae BradburyKatherine Ann ZellnerYixuan SongJeevna Kaur ShethNatalie Joycelyn Reid Justin Lee JiaAlexandria Christine FigueroaElora BasuAnase Sewuese AsomNaadia Zaire GriffinPaul George Oyler-CastrilloANEESUR RAHMAN FELLOWSHIP AT ARGONNE NATIONAL LABORATORYKenley March Barrett PelzerTHE RHODES SCHOLARSHIPSamuel Martin Greene UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA SAN DIEGO CENTER FOR U.S.-MEXICAN STUDIESPRE- DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPCasey Marina LurtzEDWARD L. RYERSON FELLOWSHIPS IN ARCHAEOLOGYYi Chieh ChiuYoung Bok KimVincent Johannes Van ExelEmily Sarah WilsonJames Robert Countryman US DEPARTMENT OF STATE CRITICAL LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIPSMonica Louise PhillipsSailakshmi RamgopalWilliam Payton Sullivan Antonio MustoMichael Steven PeddycoartSamuel Gold HodgkinAnna Elizabeth HazardSamee SulaimanYevgen Sautin Wesley Michael MililloEmma Christine Kalb118THE AWARD OF HONORSW'ENNER-GREN FOUNDATION DISSERTATION FIELDWORK GRANTSColin Michael Egenberger Halverson Ella Patricia Butler WENNER-GREN FOUNDATION REsEARCH GRANTErik Lee LevinW'ENNER-GREN FOUNDATION ENGAGED ANTHROPOLOGY GRANTSMaureen Elizabeth MarshallMary Theresa Frances Leighton MRS. GILES WHITING FELLOWSHIPS FOR DISSERTATION REsEARCH/WRITINGAnthony Edwards MahlerJenna Rose Leving JacobsonMegan Sarah NutzrnanSailakshmi RarngopalGarrett A. Davidson'ION119THE ALMA MATERText: Edwin H. Lewis, Ph.D., 1894 Music: Eustasio Rosales and Mack Evans�ij! IJ. Jl ; J I; J W J I r' Jl El IF] JJ rTo - day we glad - ly sing the praise of her whose daugh- ters and whose sons Now�ij 1':'1f Jl ; J I J. = W J IJ. � J J I J. a J Jloy al voi - ces proud - ly raise to bless her with our be - ni - sons. Of�ij J. �s J J IJ. 0 J J IJ. �l J J Ij. -0 J J)all fair mo - thers fair - est she, most wise of all that wis - est be, most�ij FJ 1£9 If] 1':'1J. �\ J ¥ IF r J J �\ IJ.true of all the true say we, is our dear AI- rna Ma ter. IIMUSICIANSMILLAR BRASS ENSEMBLEMATT LEE, DIRECTORTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MOTET CHOIRSOPRANOHELEN ELLSWORTHAMIRA FRANCESCAFREEMANJI Su KANGHANNAH LANDESHANNAH MARKSHANA MIREKUEMILY POLNAR120 JAMES KALLEMBACH, DIRECTORALTOTANYA RUDAKEVYCHLISA BONSIGNORE-OPPJULIA FARNIERHANNAH FLYNNROSALEY GAlJESSICA GREENELLEN PLATTSLOUISA RICHARDSON­DEPPEZOE SMITH TENORRYAN EISENMANTAVISH GANTZNEAL JOCHMANNERIC KIRKESMIGUEL ORTEGABRYAN PETERSONJOSH PIERCE BASSBENJAMIN MCKENNADANIEL COHENSTEPHEN CREIGHTONCLAYTON DAHMSAMUEL DOOLEYLUKE DUROC- DANNERCOLIN FOWLERPHILIP MCGRATHMICHAEL MODAK­TRURANDANIEL MURATOREMATTHEW SMITHC Mixed SourcesProduct group from well·managedfortsu. controlled sources.ndrecycled wood orflberFSC ��:I�s�=a:;'�Vc��fOO19