THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHE FIVE HUNDRED FIFTEENTHCONVOCATIONSPRING QUARTERTWO THOUSAND AND THIRTEENTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOThe University of Chicago was founded in l890 byJohn D. Rockefeller, biblical scholar William RaineyHarper, and Chicago-area Baptists. The University'sArticles of Incorporation commit the institutionto excellence in both undergraduate and graduateeducation, an explicit policy of co-education, and anatmosphere of non-sectarianism.Harper agreed to become the first president of theUniversity on the condition that he be allowedto establish a university that would be unlike anyother. He conceived of a university that wouldemphasize the creation of new knowledge and"make the work of investigation primary." To thisend, the University has always been dedicated toexcellence in research and has sought the mostdistinguished scholars for its faculty.Over the years, the University and its faculty havehad a major impact on American higher education.Faculty scholarship has shaped several essentialdisciplines and established important and distinctive"Chicago schools" in such disparate fields aseconomics, evolutionary biology, sociology, literarycriticism, anthropology, and law and economics.More than eighty Nobel laureates have beenmembers of the faculty, researchers, or students at theUniversity. Programmatic innovations originating atthe University include the invention of the four­quarter system, the establishment of a coherentprogram of general education for undergraduates,the initiation of a full-time medical school teachingfaculty, and the development of extension courses andprograms in the liberal arts for adults. The University includes an undergraduate College,the William B. and Catherine V. Graham School ofGeneral Studies, four graduate divisions (BiologicalSciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences, and SocialSciences), six graduate professional schools (DivinitySchool, Law School, Pritzker School of Medicine,Irving 8. Harris Graduate School of Public PolicyStudies, School of Social Service Administration,and the University of Chicago Booth School ofBusiness), and a diverse collection of academicsupport units and resources, including libraries,research institutes, clinics, museums, theaters, anda university press. The University has more than2,200 faculty and other academic personnel, andan enrollment of over l5,000 students. The 2Hacre campus is located along the Midway Plaisancein Hyde Parle, a residential community on LakeMichigan south of Chicago's Loop.The University's English Collegiate Gothic buildings,built of gray Indiana limestone, were designed toframe shady, green quadrangles. Contemporarycampus buildings have been designed in keepingwith the original Gothic theme while drawingfrom the tradition of great modern architecture forwhich the city of Chicago is famous. Eero Saarinenand Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed strikingbuildings for the Law School and the School ofSocial Service Administration. The National Trustfor Historic Preservation praised the University forits insistence on architectural continuity over "acentury of social and academic change."On July l, 2006, Robert J. Zimmer became theUniversity's thirteenth president.5I5TH CONVOCATIONTHE TRADITIONS OF CONVOCATIONABOUT CONVOCATIONThe University of Chicago confers degrees, in aceremony we call convocation, at the end of eachquarter, allowing students to receive their degreesimmediately upon successful completion of therequirements of their academic programs. Convocationsare also held to inaugurate University presidents or tocelebrate milestones in the University's history.Literally a "calling together," the University'sconvocation assembles all elements of the Universitycommunity: students and degree candidates, theirfamily, the faculty, friends of the candidates and friendsof the University, the Officers of the Corporation,the Trustees of the University, the Provost, and thePresident.It is significant that the University of Chicago has alwaysreferred to these occasions as convocations rather than as"commencement exercises" or "graduation ceremonies." Receiving a degree marks neither a new beginning nor atermination. Although for degree candidates it may bea rite of passage, the ceremony focuses on continuity inthe search for knowledge.At the first convocation, the University's first president,William Rainey Harper, told those present that theceremony was intended "to bind together into a unitythe many complex and diverging forms of activity whichconstitute our university life and work." Convocationaddresses consistently focus on the pursuit of knowledgeand the power of ideas.The procession to the convocation ceremony site istypically led by the University's own bagpipe band. Themembers wear kilts made from a specially designed andwoven University tartan. The band plays at the fourconvocations each year and at the alumni convocationduring alumni weekend.ACADEMIC DRESSThe robes worn by participants in academic ceremoniesoriginated when European universities were beingformed in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Sincemany of the instructors came from religious orders andtaught in unheated and drafty buildings, they adaptedtheir religious robes for use as the university attire.The long robe with an attached cape or hood becamethe standard, and variation in the costume indicatedthe rank of the person wearing it. They were wornevery day and served to distinguish scholars and theirstudents from other citizens. The apparel worn byuniversity faculty seen in old engravings is remarkablysimilar to that worn today. The gown is a symbol of thedemocracy of scholarship since it covers any clothingindicating other rank or status. While everyday fashionschanged, universities retained the earlier style for formalattire to be worn by students, graduates, faculty, anduniversity officials on ceremonial occasions.European universities each developed their own stylesof academic dress, and the academic procession todayillustrates some of that variety. In the United States,however, an intercollegiate congress in 1895 agreed on asingle standard for academic dress that has been adoptedby most American colleges and universities. Individuals4 with bachelor's degrees wear a black gown with longpointed sleeves. The gown of master's degree holdersis also black, with sleeves that are squared at the end.Doctor's gowns are fuller with velvet facings down thefront and three bars on the bell-shaped sleeves. Whilethe usual color is black, some American universities haveadopted gowns of a color appropriate for each school;the University of Chicago's doctoral gown is maroon.The cape of the earliest academic costumes has becomea hood, worn, by individuals with doctoral degrees,over the shoulders and hanging behind. The lining ofthe hood is folded out and its colors indicate the schoolfrom which the wearer obtained his or her degree. Thevelvet border designates the degree area of study (whitefor arts, yellow for science, blue for philosophy, greenfor medicine, purple for law, and red for divinity).University of Chicago honorary degree recipients receivea hood with facing in white (doctor of humane letters),purple (doctor of laws), or yellow (doctor of science).The first right of a freed Roman slave was the privilegeof wearing a cap, so the academic cap is the sign of thefreedom of scholarship. Although the flat square cap ormortarboard is most usual, the University of Chicago'sdoctoral cap is an octagonal tam of velvet.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE MARSHAL AND THE STUDENT MARSHALSThe office of Marshal of the University wasestablished in 1895 to assist with the conduct ofofficial ceremonies. Until 1903 the Marshal was anundergraduate upperclassman, assisted by otherundergraduate upperclassmen and by members of thefaculty. Since 1903 the Marshal has been a member ofthe faculty, assisted by other members of the facultyand by undergraduate upperclassmen.The Marshal, Vice-Marshal, and Assistant Marshalsof the University of Chicago wear maroon doctor'sAndrew DavisHelmaDikMartin E. FederKaushal Raghuram AddankiSophia Despnia ArabadjisSeverine Zheng Yan CaoThomas Stephen ChapmanSara Sciaky CordermanIsaac William DalkeBenjamin DauberChristopher Steven DaveyMatthew James DirksHayley Israel DonerSadaf FerdowskiConnor Craig GilroyNaomi Rose UllendorffGorfinkleMegan Elizabeth AnderluhMichael Wyman BegunNora Rose BinghamMorton Daniel BloomfieldJohn Colin BradleyJoseph Stefano CaputoHunter Sato ChaseDaniel Lee ComeauxJessica Carter CoonJohn Robert DulacMartha Kelly FahlgrenVincente Javier FernandezLily Elizabeth Gabaree robes with alternating black velvet and gold metallicbars on the sleeves. Prior to receiving their bachelor'sdegrees, Student Marshals wear maroon bachelor'srobes with maroon mortarboards. When receivingtheir degrees, they wear black mortarboards.Student Marshals are appointed by the Presidentof the University in recognition of their excellentscholarship and leadership. Appointment as a StudentMarshal is the highest honor conferred by theUniversity upon undergraduate students.MARSHALCATHERINE C. BAUMANNVICE-MARSHALDAVID LARUE CRABBASSISTANT MARSHALSRachel FultonRichard H. HelmholzMichael Silverstein Ronald A. ThistedChristina von NolckenSTUDENT MARSHALSHelen Paula HailesAshley A. HardemanEmily Christine HeatonTheodore Everett KentTae Yeon KimFaith Regina LakenSamantha Minji LeeVictoria Antoinette LeeTyler LeedsStephen Ross LurieTrisha Anne MacraeSaalika Abbas MelaAlec Dimitri Lavi MitrovichRoxane Tiana PicardRebecca Nicole GutermanNathan Tyler HatchEvan Mael HernandezDaniel August HennBenjamin Roy HellerTessa Dorothy HuttenlocherJane HuangKipp William JohnsonEvan H.JinDavid Samuel KanerDaHeiKuMichelle Anne KilbournDerek Connor Johnston 20I2-20I3Katherine QuinteroMargaret Suzanne HamiltonReifMichaeljit Singh SandhuRebecca J. SchmidtHarmon Matthew SiegelGregor-Fausto SiegmundJulia Marie Housel SizekJulius Samuel Stein-SupanichBailey Marie SteinworthVasanth Stefan SubramanianWestin Randall TomAlba Augustine Tomasula YGarcia20I3-20I4Eugene LeeAlyssa Gabrielle LawtherJason Quino McCreeryReuben Lewis Knowles Me-CreanorJames Arthur ManleyAlida Camille Miranda-WolffKatelyn MuenckGabrielle Chelsea NewellJi Yoon NohLingyi PengAnna Emily SchultsUrveel Mukesh Shah Linda J. WaitePeter WhiteDaniel Martin TraficonteNicole Ann TutunikOnome UwhubaGabriel Jerome ValleyFrank Tian WenXiaoxing XiaHuitingXuHelena YuRobert Eric ShoemakerAusten Weaver Turner SmithPatricia Rose StichnothMattie Froedge TomaSavannah Jennifer ThaisJamila Akia TaylorKiko WemmerAlice LilyYeSang Gune YooGrace Rui'En ZhangAnny Zhong515TH CONVOCATIONOVERVIEW OF THE DAYSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013the 515th convocation ceremony brings the entire University together to witness the conferring of degrees.More than 17,000 candidates and attendees will share in this remarkable moment. At other ceremonies heldby the divisions and schools, degree candidates will be honored individually through the presentation ofdiplomas and/or hoods.7:00-9:00 a.m.Candidates assemble and attendees are seated.9:15 a.m.The 5l5th convocation ceremony begins with the academic procession.11:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.Divisions and schools will hold individual events including lunches, receptions, and ceremonies at differentlocations. Please see the section on your division or school for a schedule of events.6THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTABLE OF CONTENTSThe Five Hundred Fifteenth ConvocationThe CollegeThe William B. and Catherine V. Graham School ofContinuing Liberal and Professional StudiesThe Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of MedicineThe Division of the Humanities Page 19Page 39The Division of the Physical SciencesThe Division of the Social Sciences Page 43Page 49Page 55Page 61Page 69Page 81Page 85Page 91Page 97Page 103Page 120The University of Chicago Booth School of BusinessThe Divinity SchoolThe Law SchoolThe Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy StudiesThe School of Social Service AdministrationThe Award of HonorsThe Alma Mater7THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE FIVE HUNDRED FIFTEENTHCONVOCATIONSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9515TH CONVOCATIONUNIVERSITY CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the University, PresidingPRELUDESWylie Crawford, University CarilloneurMillar Brass EnsembleTHE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversityTHE CONVOCATION ADDRESSCORPORATE GOVERNANCE: IS IT PERSONAL?ABBIE J. SMITHBoris and Irene Stern Distinguished Service Professor,University of Chicago Booth School of BusinessANTHEMHOW CAN I KEEP FROM SINGING?American Traditional, arranged by DANIEL H. GRAVES and JAMES KALLEMBACHThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleIOTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREESFOR THE DE,GRE,E OF DOCTOR OF SCmNCE,LUIS A. CAFFAllELLIProfessor, Department ofMathematics and the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences,University of Texas at Austinpresented by PANAGIOTIS SOUGANIDISCharles H Swift Distinguished Service Professor, Department ofMathematics and the CollegeFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCmNCEJENNIFEll CLACKProfessor and Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, University Museum ofZoology, University of Cambridgepresented by MICHAEL COATESProfessor, Department of Organismal Biology and Anatomy and the College; Chair, Committee onEvolutionary BiologyFOR THE DEGRE,E OF HUMANE LETTERSNICHOLAS COOKProfessor ofMusic, University of Cambridgepresented by THOMAS CHRISTENSENAvalon Foundation Professor in the Humanities, Department ofMusic and the CollegeFOR DEGREE, OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE, LETTE,RSJOHN SCHEIDChairReligion, institutions et societe de la Rome antique, College de Francepresented by CLIFFORD ANDODavid B. and Clara E. Stern Professor, Department of Classics and the CollegeFOR DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEE. BRUCE WATSONInstitute ProfessorDepartment of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institutepresented by FRANK RICHTEllSewell L. Avery Distinguished Professor, Department of the Geophysical Sciences and the CollegeII51FH CONVOCATIONTHE CONFERRING OF THE BENTON MEDALSUSANNE GHEZExecutive Director and Chief Curator, The Renaissance Societypresented by JESSICA STOCKHOLDERProfessor, Department of Visual Arts and the College; Chair, Department of Visual ArtsTHE CONFERRING OF THE ROSENBERGER MEDALJEANNE K. GANGPrinciple and Founder, Studio Gang Architectspresented by SIDNEY NAGELStein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Physics, James Franck Institute, Enrico FermiInstitute, and the CollegeRECOGNITION OF PRIZES AND AWARDSTHOMAS F. ROSENBAUMProvost of the UniversityMUSICAL INTERLUDEPUISQUE TOUT PASSEComposed by PAUL HINDEMITHThe University of Chicago Motet Choir12THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE CONFERRING OF ACADEMIC DEGREESCandidates for Degrees will be presented in order by degree in the following academic units:In the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicineby DEAN KENNETH S. POLONSKYIn the Division of the Humanities by DEAN MARTHA T. ROTHIn the Division of the Physical Sciences by DEAN ROBERT A. FEFFERMANIn the Division of the Social Sciences by DEAN MARIO L. SMALLIn the University of Chicago Booth School of Business by DEAN SUNIL KUMARIn the Divinity School by DEAN MARGARET M. MITCHELLIn the William B. and Catherine V. Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studiesby DEAN DANIEL W. SHANNONIn the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies by DEAN COLM O'MUIRCHEARTAIGHIn the Law School by DEAN MICHAEL H. SCHILLIn the School of Social Service Administration by D EA NNE I LB. GUT E R MANIn the College by DEAN JOHN W. BOYERTHE ALMA MATER(Please Stand)The University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITYROBERT J. ZIMMERMUSICAL FINALEVOICE DANCE IIIComposed by GREG JASPERSEThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the University1351FH CONVOCATIONTHE CONVOCATION SPEAKERABBIE J. SMITHBoris and Irene Stern Distinguished Service Professor,University of Chicago Booth School of BusinessABBIE J. SMITH is the Boris and Irene SternDistinguished Service Professor in the Universityof Chicago Booth School of Business. She earneda bachelor's degree, an M.B.A. in accounting andfinance, and a Ph.D. in accounting from CornellUniversity and joined the University of Chicagofaculty in 1980. Her primary research interestsinclude the determinants and consequences ofcorporate governance and transparency. She receivedthe McKinsey Award for Excellence in Teaching, aGE foundation Research Grant, a Harvard BusinessSchool Marvin Bower Fellowship, and grants fromthe Accounting Research Center, the Farna-MillerCenter for Research in Finance, and the Initiative onGlobal Markets at Chicago Booth.She is on the editorial board of the Journal ofAccounting Research, where she was co-editor from 2001 to 20II. Her own articles have been published inthe Journal of Accounting and Economics, Journal ofAccounting Research, Journal of Finance, and Journalof Financial Economics.She has also served on a number of corporate andmutual fund boards and currently sits on the boards ofdirectors of Dimensional Funds, Chicago-based UBSFunds, HNI Corporation, and Ryder System, Inc.At the University, she has served on numerouscouncils and committees, including the Provost'sTask Force on the Quality of Student Experience,the Dean's Advisory Committee, and the Women'sLeadership Council, which promotes policiesand practices across the University that aid therecruitment and retention of outstanding femaleacademics.THE HONORARY DEGREE RECIPIENTSFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCELUIS A. CAFFARELLIProfessor, Department ofMathematics and the Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences,University of Texas at AustinLUIS A. CAFFARELLI is a superb mathematician,whose numerous contributions to the theoryof partial differential equations have beengroundbreaking.Many of the basic laws in the biological sciences, thephysical sciences, and engineering are formulatedin the language of partial differential equations.In this area of mathematics, there are few rules forsolving problems, and a mathematician's ingenuityin developing new approaches transcends mereknowledge of the latest techniques. Over the years,Luis Caffarelli has demonstrated an almost magicalability to see a tangle of complicated relationshipsand discern a previously unrecognized pattern.His research brings new and fundamental insightsto complex and important mathematical problems,including theories of free boundary problems and regularity of nonlinear equations, and has had a realinfluence in biology, geometry, and probability aswell as the study of fluids. His brilliant insights haveresolved long standing open problems, and the ideashe introduced are destined to have a lasting impact.The candidate will be presented by PANAGIOTISSOU G A N I DIS, Charles H Swift Distinguished ServiceProfessor, Department ofMathematics and the CollegeCrTATIONLUIS A. CAFFARELLI'S singular contributionsto mathematics have fundamentally advanced thetheory of partial differential equations. He has madebrilliant, lasting, and profound contributions to thefield of mathematics, and his work has ramificationsthat extend beyond mathematics to physics, biology,and engineering.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEJENNIFER CLACKProfessor and Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, University Museum ofZoology,University of Cambridge, United KingdomJENNIFER A. CLACK'S research hascomprehensively transformed our understandingof the fish-to-tetrapod evolutionary transition andthe origin of terrestrial vertebrate life. We, alongsideall other land-dwelling backboned animals, are theproducts of such pivotal events dating from around360 million years ago. By means of meticulousfieldwork coupled with innovative lab work, JenniferClack unleashed a stream of new data that re-wrotethe textbooks and triggered a cascade of new projectsacross the globe.These fundamental discoveries have shed light onthe deep branches of the tetrapod family tree, on theevolution of hearing systems, and on the changingdevelopmental underpinnings of vertebrate fins andlimbs. Her work perfectly exemplifies the powerof interdisciplinary research, and her readiness and ability to develop active and free ranging networksof colleagues have contributed to the outstandingsuccess of her many scientific collaborations.The candidate will be presented by MICHAEL COATES,Professor, Department of Organismal Biology andAnatomy and the College; Chair, Committee onEvolutionary BiologyCITATIONVertebrate paleontologist and zoologist, J E N N I FERA. CLACK is a remarkable scientist and scholarwhose work on the earliest tetrapods has redefinedour knowledge of the "conquest of the land."The impact of her research rests on her skill fordiscovering extraordinary new fossils, her leadership,and her boundless intellectual curiosity.FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSNICHOLAS COOKProfessor ofMusic, University of Cambridge, United KingdomNICHOLAS COOK is one of the most virtuosicand influential music theorists of our time. Over adistinguished and prolific academic career, he hasbrought a profoundly humanistic voice to the studyof music while building bridges of understandingacross the topography of musical studies.He has long emphasized the need to understandmusic as both an empirical and a symbolicphenomenon, as a sonic experience of immensecognitive complexity as well as an affective carrierof deeply rooted cultural meanings. To this end,he has pioneered research into the practices andtechnologies by which music is produced. He hasalso authored an influential body of literature thathas helped us to reassess the historical foundationsand epistemologies of music-analytic discourse.Generous in spirit, he has been an inspirational teacher to a generation of music scholars in Britainwhile also moving beyond academic circles in orderto bring his insight and wit to a broader publicaudience through BBC radio broadcasts.The candidate will be presented by THOMASC H R 1ST ENS EN, Avalon Foundation Professor in theHumanities, Department ofMusic and the CollegeCITATIONA passionate scholar of immense breadth and deepinsight, NICHOLAS COOK has been a singularlyinfluential leader in the field of music theoryand analysis. Through advocacy and example,he has helped to cultivate fruitful dialogue acrossdisciplinary boundaries and thereby enriched ourunderstanding and appreciation of music's place inhuman culture.15515TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF HUMANE LETTERSJOHN SCHEIDChair, Religion, institutions et societe de la Rome antique, College de France, ParisJOHN SCHEID is an outstanding historian of ancientRome and a model scholar. Facing a world inwhich religion was defined by the priorities ofProtestant Christianity, he made the practices andtestimonies of Roman pagans central to historicalstudy and thus enabled a revolution in the study ofnon-Christian religions.This remarkable achievement required a focus onthe evidence produced by Roman pagans and ade-emphasis on the texts produced by their critics.Much of this evidence had to be recovered andpublished by John Scheid himself, who for thispurpose made himself into a splendid epigrapherand archaeologist. The scholarly world is stillabsorbing the massive data that his painstakingwork has made available.J 0 H N S C H E I D has also been a peerless citizen ofthe modern academy. Fluent in multiple languages, he has promoted collaboration and conversationaround the world, and so sustained ancient historyas a truly international discipline.The candidate will be presented by CLIFFORDAND 0, David B. and Clara E. Stern Professor,Department of Classics and the CollegeCITATIONJOHN SCHEID is the principal architect of themodern study of Roman religion. By questioningthe received wisdom of his discipline, herevolutionized the study of Mediterranean religions.He has produced exemplary publications ofinscriptional and archaeological data and has beena model of intellectual generosity in internationalscholarship.FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF SCIENCEE. BRUCE WATSONInstitute ProfessorDepartment of Earth and Environmental Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic InstituteE. BRUCE WATSON is an exceptionally creativeexperimental geochemist responsible for expandingthe study of the origin of rocks and minerals intomany new and productive directions.He has focused on the chemical composition ofmaterials present in deep Earth and the ways inwhich these materials have changed' over geologictime through volcanic activity and other processes.His field has a strong emphasis on major elementsin major minerals, yet he showed how traceelements in minor accessory minerals provideessential information regarding the parental sourcesof lavas that have erupted onto the surface. In oneexample of his work, he used the minor elementtitanium in the minor mineral zircon to showthat conditions in the earliest stage of geologicalhistory called the Hadean were not hadean at all,but, in fact, not much different from conditions16 today. Thus, while some of his work involves minorconstituents of minor minerals, the conclusions hederives can be of global importance.The candidate will be presented by FRANK M.RICHTER, Sewell L. Avery Distinguished Professor,Department of the Geophysical Sciences and theCollegeCITATIONE. BRUCE WATSON'S highly original, deceptivelysimple, and elegantly executed laboratoryexperiments have provided many new and oftensurprising insights into the origin and evolution ofrocks and minerals. He has shown how previouslyoverlooked subtle aspects of mineral chemistryprovide powerful constraints on environmentalconditions throughout most of Earth's history.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOTHE BENTON MEDALSUSANNE GHEZExecutive Director and Chief Curator, The Renaissance SocietySUSANNE GHEZ, educated at the Universityof California, Berkley and Columbia University,joined The Renaissance Society at the Universityof Chicago in 1973 - forty years ago. Located inCobb Hall, the oldest building on the Universityof Chicago's Main Quadrangle, The RenaissanceSociety is one of the longest standing contemporaryart spaces in the United States. Under Ms. Ghez'sleadership as Executive Director, it has becomeinternationally renowned for its innovativeprogramming. She has curated over 150 exhibitionsand produced numerous publications thuspresenting art seldom seen in the Midwest for bothurban and regional audiences. She has also been anavid supporter of Chicago's artists, helping to launchmany careers. Her ability to cultivate so fully, and with such care, artists and audiences both locallyand internationally is remarkable and worthy ofcelebration.The candidate will be presented by JESSICASTOCKHOLDER, Professor, Department of Visual Artsand the College; Chair, Department of Visual ArtsCITATION:SUSANNE GHEZ has been described as the mostinfluential living curator of contemporary art. Inawarding her the Benton Medal, we honor hertransformative work in building support for the artshere at the University, in the city of Chicago, andbeyond.THE ROSENBERGER MEDALJEANNE K. GANGPrinciple and Founder, Studio Gang ArchitectsAs founder and principal of the Chicago-basedStudio Gang Architects, JEANNE GANG has producedsome of today's most innovative architectureand landscapes. Her work is characterized byinvestigations that cross disciplinary boundaries, andher studio is a laboratory for new ideas that rethinkhow architecture can affect our lives - from thenovel use of materials on a small scale to the creativere-examination of cities and environments. InChicago, she has designed the award winning AquaTower, the SOS Lavezzorio Community Center,the Nature Boardwalk at Lincoln Park Zoo, theNortherly Island framework plan, and the MediaProduction Center at Columbia College, all whilerethinking the flow of the Chicago River and theimpact of the City on migratory birds. Her work on the global scale has focused on choosing materialsand technologies that are appropriate for the placesand ecologies her buildings inhabit.The candidate will be presented by SIDNEY NAGEL,Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor,Department ofPhysics, James Franck Institute, EnricoFermi Institute, and the CollegeCITATIONAs an architect, JEANNE GANG has begun totransform the skyline and landscape of Chicagowhile catalyzing interdisciplinary thought abouthow architecture and urban planning informed byresearch at multiple scales can produce new ways ofinhabiting our environments.17THE COLLEGESATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONHarper and Crerar Quadrangles11:30 a.m.CLASS OF 2013 LUNCHEONRatner Athletic Center11:30 a.mDIPLOMA CEREMONYMain Quadrangle1:00 p.m.RECEPTIONS FOR COLLEGIATE DIVISIONSSocial Sciences, Harper, and Classics Quadranglesimmediately following the ceremony515TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe University of Chicago Pipe BandCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversitySTUDENT SPEAKERSAMARA GRACE UGWU RAHUL Roy JONATHAN GRABINSKY ZABLUDOVSKYANTHEMFANFARE FOR A FESTIVALComposed by RON NELSONSThe University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleTHE CONFERRING OF THE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIETMANCHESTER QUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE INUNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGAND THE AWARDING OF UNDERGRADUATE DIPLOMASDiplomas will be awarded by Collegiate Division. At the start of each Collegiate Division, the LlewellynJohn and Harriet Manchester Awards for excellence in undergraduate teaching will be confe"ed.THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardCHRISTINE A. ANDREWSSenior Lecturer, Biological Sciences Collegiate Divisionpresented by JosE QUINTANSWilliam Rainey Harper Professor, Department of Pathology, and the CollegeAnd Associate Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School ofMedicine, andMaster of the Biological Sciences Collegiate DivisionThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Jose Quintdns, Master.20THE COLLEGETHE HUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardADEN KUMLERAssistant ProfessorDepartment ofArt History and the Collegepresented by RICHARD NEERWilliam B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor, Departments ofArt History andCinema & Media Studies, and the CollegeThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Thomas Christensen, Master.THE NEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Dennis J Hutchinson, Master.THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardJEFFREY A. HARVEYEnrico Fermi Distinguished Service ProfessorDepartment of Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute, and the Collegepresented by EDWARD C. BLUCHER, Professor, Department of Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute, and theCollege; and Chair, Department of PhysicsThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer by Michael Stein, Master.THE SOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONFor the Quantrell AwardKRISTEN SCHILTAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Sociology and the Collegepresented by ELISABETH S. CLEMENS, Professor, Department of Sociology and the College; and Chair,Department of Sociology.The graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyer byConstantine Fasolt, Professor of History and the College.THE STUDENT MARSHALSThe graduates will be presented to President Zimmer and Dean Boyerby Catherine C Baumann, Marshal of the University.215IFH CONVOCATIONTHE ALMA MATER(Please Stand)The University of Chicago Motet ChoirThe Millar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGEJOHN W. BOYERMUSICAL FINALECOME YE SONS OF ART, MOVEMENT IComposed by HENRY PURCELLArranged by JAMES KALLEMBACHCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityTHE RECESSIONAL(Please Stand)The University Pipe BandCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEBIOLOGICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONTAMATHOR ABUGHNAIM(Biological Sciences)MARIA ACEVEDO(Biological Sciences)SANDRAAGIK(Biological Sciences)NOAH ALEXANDER(Biological Sciences)ALEXANDER MICHAEL ANNEKEN(Biological Sciences with Honors)(Psychology)DARLENE TERESA ARIEL(Biological Sciences)JADE CHRISTINA AVERY(Biological Sciences)EMILY ARIEL BAMBERGER(Biological Sciences)NATHAN TIMBERLAKE BARTLEY(Biological Sciences)JOSEPH GUIDO BARTOLACCI(Biological Sciences)MARIA SOL BERNARDEZ SARRIA(Biological Sciences)MARGARET ANN BOWIE(Biological Sciences)AUSTIN MICHAEL BROWN(Biological Sciences)JUSTIN MICHAEL BURNS(Biological Sciences)CHRISTINA SHI-YAO CHEN(Biological Sciences)EMILY CHEN(Biological Sciences)22 GRACE LUOYIA CHEN BETHANY ROSE FIXSEN(Biological Sciences with Honors)CHARLES GEARHART FRYE(Biological Science: with Honors)MICHAEL JACEK FURDYNA(Biological Sciences)MANJU ANN GEORGE(Biologic,,1 Scimces)(Psychology)JORDAN DOMINIQUE GREEN(Biological Sciences with Honors)JONATHAN DAVID GUTMAN(Biological Scimces with Honors)LIAM EDWARD HEINS(Biological Sciences)(Biological Sciences)JOSHUA MING CHEN(Biological Sciences)KEVIN H. CHEN(Biological Sciences)VINCENT CORTIE CHEN(Biological Sciences)MEHNAAZ MAHZABEENCHOWDHURY(Biological Sciences)(Romance Languag�s and Litmztum)KATHERINE ALEXANDRA COTTRILL(Biological Sciences)AYESHA DIAMOND CROCKETT(Biological Sciences)SHIBANDRI DAS(Biological Sciences)ALEXANDRA RAE DATTILO(Biological Sciences)JAVIER DE LA ROSA(Biological Sciences) MICHAEL KENNETH HELZER(Biological Sciences){Germanic Studin)CYRUS LEE HINKSON(Biological Scienca with Honors)DONNHUHO(Biological Sciences)EMILY VOLENA HOHANDENG (Biological Sciences with Honors)(Psychology)MATTHEW JOHN HORCH(Biolot,ical Scienca with Honors)SIMO HUANG(Biological Sciences)NOAH JOON HUH(Biological Sciences)(Biological Sciences)GEORGE DEWEY(Biological Sciences)KATHERINE ANNE DISCIPIO(Biological Science: with Honors)LAUREN J. DUNNING(Biological Sciences)SEVDE FELEK(Biological Sciences)TONI PILAR IURCOTTA(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)NASEEM JAMNIA(Biological Sciences)QUINCY ENYlOMA JOHN(Biological Sciences)STEPHANIE JOSEPH(Biological Scimces}ANDREW K. KAM(Biological Sciences with Honors)CHLO£ EMMANUELLE KERN(Biological Sciences}SEUNGWOO KIM(Biological Sciences)SUN KIM(Biological Sciences)JOHN Y. R. KING III(Biological Scimces with Honors)SAMI KHALIL KISHAWI(Biological Sciences)MAURA ANNE KNAPP(Biological Sciences)AMIT S. KOHLI(Biological Scienca)BRIGETTE CHRISTINA KRAGIE(Biological Sciences)HAILEY ANN KRZYSTON(Biological Scimces)WILLIAM NANA PRAH KWATENG(Biological Scimces)BO SHIUN LAI(Biological Sciences with Honors)SHELBY AVENT LANE(Biological Sciences)ALEXA TATE LANGE(Biological Sciences)THU MINH LE(Biological Sciences)JENNIE KYU-YEON LEE(Biological Sciences with Honors}KATHRYN ABRA LESKO(Biological Scimces with Honors}(Music with Honors)HELEN ZHIJUN LEUNG(Biological Sciences)LUCYLI(Biological Sciences)MOLLY ZHEN LIU(Biological Scimces)ANTHONY LEE LOGLI(Biological Sciences)YUELU(Biological Sciences with Honors)PHOEBE SCOTT LYMAN(Biological Scimces with Honors) SHANE D. MACKEY(Biological Sciences}PAULINA ELZBIETA MIKOLAJCZYK(Biological Sciences)KATHERINE LAUREANA MINAYA(Biological Sciences}RACHEL NICOLE MITTELSTAEDT(Biological Sciences)DAGMARA ISAMAR MOSCOSO(Biological Scimces)ROBERT WALTON MOSES(Biological Sciences)(Biological Chemistry S.B.)(Chemistry S.B.)SARA ALYSIA MURALLES(Biological Sciences)YUTO NAKAFUKU(Biological Sciences)CHENAB AHUJA NAVALKHA(Biological Sciences}(Philosophy)MOHAMMAD BIN NAVEED(Biological Sciences)CARMEL ANNETTE NICHOLS(Biological Sciences)EUNSONG PARK(Biological Scimus)JOSEPH HUN PARK(Biological Sciences)FEENALIE NIRANJAN PATEL(Biological Sciences with Honors)DANIEL LUIS PELLICER(Biological Sciences)ALEX PLAMENOVPENEV(Biological Sciences)SONJA OLIVIA PERL(Biological Sciences)LUCY C. PETERSON(Biological Sciences)ANA LUISA PINA(Biological Science)MICHELLE ANN PITCH(Biological Scimas)ABIGAIL MARIE POINT(Biological Science)PANAYOTA KORINA RIGAS(Biological Scimc�)(Romance Languages and Littratum with Honors)SYDNEY AARYN ROSEBRAUGH(Biological Sciences)WALTER ALFONSO ROSSI(Biological Sciences)CARLOS SAHAGUN(Biological Sciences) THE COLLEGEMARZIEH SALEHITAZANGI(Biological Sciences)JEFFERY MARK SAUER(Biological Sciences)RYOTA SEKINE(Biological Sciences)NEIL SHAH(Biological Sciences}DUSTIN GARLABAN SHAW(Biological Sciences)SAADUDDIN MOHAMMED SIDDIQUI(Biological Sciences)AJEET SINGH(Biological Sciences)CHELSEA MARIE SLOAN(Biological Sciences)KATHLEEN JUDGE SMITH(Biological Sciences}CATHERINE NOBLE SODROSKI(Biological Science: with Honors}KRISTEN ELIZABETH SPARAGNA(Biological Scimces)SARAH CAITLIN STYKE(Biological Sciences)(Psychology)ELIZABETH CLAIRE TADIE(Biological Sciences)MICHAEL ARM EN TARTELL(Biological Science» with Honors)VICTORIA ANNE TOMAKA(Biological Scimces)PETER JOHN TYLAWSKY(Biological Sciences)JENNY ZHUOYUE WANG(Biological Sciences)RICHARD WANG(Biological Sciences)SHELBY JANEL WINANS(Biological Sciences with Honors)ARIEL WOLF(Biological Sciences)ETHEL FRANCES YANG(Biological Sciences)JUSTIN C. YU(Biological Science: with Honors)GIOVANNA ALESSANDRAZAMPIEROLLO(Biological Sciences)ERIC ZHANG(Biological Sciences)XlAOJIE ZHANG(Biological Sciences with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEHUMANITIES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONGRAHAM ERNEST ALBACHTEN(English Language and Littratu")MOHAMMED SYED ALI(Gmdn and StxuaJjty Studm with Honors)MIGUEL EDUARDO ANDRADE(Philosophy)ANGELICA MAE VILLALUZ ATlAN(Romance Languages and Littrlltum)STEPHEN GREGORY BALOGH(Philosophy)STEFAN ALEXANDER JAZWINSKIBARTELL(Linguistics)KUNAL AMITABH BASU-DUTTA(Classical Studi�) MELISSA JEAN BELLAH(Philosophy)ALLYCE YVETTE KIRK BEST(East Asian Languag� and Civilizations)ROBERT JOSEPH BLAKSLEE(English Language and Littratu" with Honors)(Philosophy)BENJAMIN DIAMOND BOND(Philosophy)ANDREW ROBERT BOSHARDY(Slavic Languag� and LittTlltum)(Linguistics)PETER BREHM BOUCHER(English Language and LittTlltu" with Honors}MARTIA SHANNON BRADLEY(Comparative LittTlltu")(Philosophy) KIMBERLY ETHELYN BULLOCK(Cintmlland Media Studm with Honors)LAURA KATHERINE CAIN(English Language and Littratu")(Psychology)DANIELLE CALLE(Cinema and MedUz Studm with Honors)NICHOLAS CHRISTOPHERCAS S LEMAN{Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)BlANCA GABRIELA CHAMUSCO(Englith Language and LittTlltu" with Honors)MAXIMILIAN ELIHU CHAOULIDEER(Philosophy)[Germanic Studm with Honors)235IFH CONVOCATIONHELEN CHEN(English LIlnguagr and Liuraturt)ANDREW H. CHO(English LIlnguagr and Literature}MEGHANCHOI(English LIlnguagr and Literature)THOMASDANBEECHUN(English LIlnguagr and Literature)CHARLES HUNNEWELL CLARK(philosophy)HANNAH ROSE CLARK(English LIlnguagr and Literature}ERIC FAMA COCHRANE(English LIlnguagr and Literatur« with Honors}CALEN JOSHUA COLE(Inurdisciplinary Studirs In Humanities with Honon)QUINN EMILY COLTER(English LIlnguagr and Lit(7aturt with Honors}CAROLINE QUIGLEY CROUCH(Linguistics)EMMA CATHERINE CUETO(English LIlnguagr and Liuraturt with Honors)(&Iigiaus StuiJjrs with Honors)MARY KATHERINE CUNNINGHAM(Philosophy)AVITAL SARAH DATSKOVSKY(South Asian LIlnguagrs and Civilizations withHonors}CYNTHIA INEZ DE LA ROSA(English LIlnguagr and Literature)TIANYUAN DENG(Art History)JOANNA YANG QING DERMAN(Neer Eastern LIlnguagrs and Civilizations withHonors)GRANT BARTOLOME DOWLING(Intmiisciplinary Studirs in the Humanities withHonors)ANNA BARNETT DOZOR(Intmiisciplinary Studirs in the Humanities withHonors)(English LIlnguagr and Literature)JULIA SIMONE BECKHARD DRATEL(Cinems: and Mrdia Studirs)ADRIEN M. DUROC-DANNER(Classical Studies)ELI AARON EDELSON(English Languagr and Literature with Honors)NOLAN STEVEN EPSTEIN(Classical Studirs with Honan)POLLY ELLANORA SMITH FAUST(English LIlnguagr and Liuraturt with Honors)ERIK BEN FEDERMAN(Classical Studirs with Honors)JOHN TAYLOR FISHER(Inurdisciplinary Studirs in tb« Humanities)ERAN Y. FLICKER(Cinem« and Mrdia Ssudie: with Honors}DORY AMALIA FOX(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors){jrwish Studirs with Honors)KALI FRAMPTON(Neer Eastern LIlnguagrs and Civilizations withHonors)MICHAEL ABRAHAM FRANCUS(Philosophy)(Political Science with Honors)lLANA OLIVIA FREEDMAN(Classical Studirs with Honors)(Camparativ« Literatur« with Honors)REBECCA ANNE COOK FRIEDMAN(Romanc« LIlnguagrs and Literatures)JOSHUA PIERCE FRY(Philosophy)SAGE MARIE GERSON(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors}KATHRYN JEANNE GIBBONS(English LIlnguagr and Literature} EMMA JAMlLAH GIST(Comparativr Litrraturt with Honors)SARAH ELYSE GOLDBERG(Classical Studirs with Honors)(English LIlnguagr and Literature)MARIA JANE GORBATY(English LIlnguagr and Liuraturt)CHIARA FRANCESCA GRAF(Classical Studirs with Honors)SARAH ELLEN GRANGER(Classical Studirs with Honors)ANDREW KIRBY SIMONSICK GREEN(English LIlnguagr and Liuraturt with Honors)(Lao; Letters, and Socirty with Honors)GRETE K. GRUBELICH(Visual Am)JULIAAVIVA HAHN(Philosophy)COREY EVAN HAROLD(English LIlnguagr and Literature)ARIELLA CLARISSA HARTMAN(English LIlnguagr and Liuraturt with Honors)MICHAELJELANlHARVEY(Classical Studirs)(Philosophy and AJ/ird Fir/ds)ANTHONY OLUWATOBI HASLETT(English LIlnguagr and Literatur« with Honors)YUAN HE(Comparativ« Literatur» with Honors)JONATHAN KANDEL HEIDEN(English LIlnguagr and Lit(7aturt)THOMAS JOHN HEINS(Linguistics with Honors}ETAN EPHRAIM HELLER(Philosophy)JAMES WILLIAMS HINES(Philosophy)CAROLYN JACQUELYN HOKE(Romance LIlnguagrs and Literature: with Honors)(Tbeaser and hrformanu Studirs with Honors)BENJAMIN HENRY SOUVAINE HORN(Linguistics)SHELLY NAOMI HORWITZ(English LIlnguagr and Literature)JESSICA ANN HOUGH(Cinem« and Mrdia Studirs with Honors)EMILY CONNIE HU(Art History)AMI HUANG(Near Eastern LIlnguagrs and Civilizations withHonors)TSUNG MING HUNG(Visual Am)MARY K. HUNTER(Tbeeter and Prrformanu Studirs)TODD B. ISENSTADT(Philosophy)HASAN HILMI ISHAM(Philosophy)YURIKA JACHMANN(Music)MICHAELA ELIZABETH JANDACEK(English LIlnguagr and Literature)ANDERS HERRON JOHNSON(Philosophy)ANNA ROSE JOHNSON(East Asian LIlnguagrs and Civilizations)LANA JOVANOVIC(Comparativr Literature)DANIEL THOMAS KAISERSKI(Classical Studirs with Honors)ANNA PETKOVA KARADZHOVA(Intmlisciplinary Studi« in thr Humanities withHonors)KATHERINE MICHELLE KATZER(English LIlnguagr and Literature)WUJUNKE(Comparativr Literature with Honors) SARA KIM(English LIlnguagr and Liuraturt)(Public Policy Studirs)ANASTASIA KLIMCHYNSKAYA(Comparativr Literature with Honors}VIDA KUANG(Art History)(Anthropology)EMILY BARBARA LAGATTOLLA(English LIlnguagr and Literature)JORDAN AMANDA LARSON(English LIlnguagr and Literature)ALEXIS NICOLE LASSITER(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors)LAURIE LEE(Music with Honors)HANNAH ANTONIA LESKOSKY(Theater and Performance Studirs with Honors}ARMAND JOSEPH NAU LEVY(Philosophy)JOHN MICHAEL LISOVSKY(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors}MANUELA LONDONO CORRALES(Visual Am)JOSEPH RONALD LONGENECKER(Philosophy)JOSEPH DANIEL LOVINS(Classical Studirs)CATERINA LIBBY MAcLEAN(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors)CHARLYN MAGNUS(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors)MAGDALENAJ. MAHONEY(English LIlnguagr and Literature)DANIEL W MANE(Philosophy and Aliird Fields)MELINDA LOU MARKERT(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors)CLAUDIO MARTINEZ(Romance LIlnguagrs and Literatures}THOMAS IMMANUEL MATHEW(English LIlnguagr and Literature with Honors)TARO LESLIE MATSUNO(Philosophy)(Biological Chmlistry S.B.)AUTUMN LEE McCONNICO(Theater and Perfirmance Studirs with Honors)HANNAH GABRIELLA McGINTY(Music with Honors)RIVER JAMES McINTOSH(English LIlnguagr and Literature}CAITLIN ELIZABETH McKEOWN(Classical StuiJjrs)KATHRYN LEIGH MEARES(Classical Studirs)(Philosophy)RYAN SCOTT MEASE(Classical Studirs with Honors)KYLE JAMES MELTZER(Philosophy)SIBEI MI(Romance LIlnguagrs and Literatures}SELESTE MILLAN(English LIlnguagr and Literature}KATHRYN ERIN MITCHELL(English LIlnguagr and Literature)LORENA R. MITCHELL(South Asian LIlnguagrs and Civilization: withHonors)(Political Science)DANIEL KENNETH MOORE(Classical Studirs with Honors)(English LIlnguagr and Literature)TIFFANY M. MORAN(Romance LIlnguagrs and Literatures with Honors)ANTHONY JOHN NAIMOLI(English Languag� and Literature)PREANKA DIVA NARULA(English Languag� and Literature}TOMMIE JAMES NAYLOR III(Phi/Qsophy)(Mathmllltics S.B.)MARIA ELEANOR NELSON(Linguisticr)JURAJ NEVJESTIC(Phi/Qsophy)EVAN SCOTT NICHOLAS(Phi/Qsophy)TARA JEAN NOOTEBOOM(intmiisciplinary Studi�s in tb« Humanities withHonors)ELEANOR ROSE NURMI(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures with Honors)LINDA KAKESA NYEMBA(Cinmlll and M�dia Studi�s)JOSHUA BERNARD OBERMAN(Phi/Qsophy and AJli�d Fields)ISABEL CRISTINA OLIVE(English Languag� and Literature)(Theater and Perfirmenc« Studies with Honors)GABRIEL AUGUST PANEK(Near Eastern Languag�s and Civilizations withHonors)(Political Scienc« with Honors)ALYSSA MICHELLE PAPPAS(VISUIlIArts)EDMUND TAE PARK(Phi/Qsophy)(English Languag� and Literature)ZOE MARIE NAPUA PETTI CORD(V1SUIl1 Arts with Honors)CHAU-ANH THI PHAM(Phi/Qsophy)BRYCE ANDREW POETER(Comparatiu« Literature)BENJAMIN GILL POKROSS(English Languag� and Literaturt with Honors)(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)ZOE ELIZABETH POLACH(English Languag� and Literatur« with Honors)ANSON PONTYNEN(Interdisciplinary Studi�s in th� Humanities)TALIA PRUSSIN(Classical Studi�s with Honors)REBECCA JOANNA RAMIREZ(English Languag� and Literature)RAGHAVENDRA JAITHIRTH RAO(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)JULIA A. REVZIN(English Languag� and Literature} SOPHIE L. RIEMENSCHNEIDER(Comparative Literatur« with Honors)KEVIN DOLLARD ROBINSON(Art History)MOLLY CLAIRE RODIN(English Languag� and Literature)(Classical Studi�s)BRUNO CORTEZ RONCADA(English Languag� and Literature}JASON BINDER ROSENFELD(English Languag� and Literature)(Cinmlll and M�dia Studies with Honors)PENELOPE MALKA ROSENSTOCK­MURAV(Comparatioe Literature with Honors)JESSE AMELIA STERLING ROTH(Theater and Pnformanu Studies with Honors)AARON JACOB RUBIN(Linguistics)CONNOR ANDREW RYAN(Phi/Qsophy)ELISABETH KARPILOW SANDERS(Cinema and M�dia Studi�s)MINNA KATHRYN SCHILLING(Art History with Honors)(Cinem« and M�dia Studies with Honors)THOMAS FREDERICK SCHMIDT­ARENALES(Th�aur and Perfinmance Studi�s with Honors)MELISSA JUNE SCOTT(Music with Honors)CONNOR SEBASTIAN SETTLEMIRE(English Languag� and Literature)(Theater and Pnformanu Studie: with Honors)ANGELA LEE SHERMAN(East Asian Languag�s and Civilizations with Honors)TEMPLE SHIPLEY(l4rt History)WILLIAM LEWIS SIMS(Phi/Qsophy)LANE ANTHONY SMITH(English Languag� and Literature}LUCAS SEATON SMITH(Phi/Qsophy)KUMALASARI SONDJAJA(VISUIlIArts)SUZANNAH RUSS SPAAR(English Languag� and Literasure with Honors)SAM HENRY SPIEGEL(Classical Studie: with Honors)(History with Honors)ALEX CHANDLER STEIN(Theater and Pnformanu Studi�s with Honors)MARGARET RUTH STRAIR(Germanic Studies)(Phi/Qsophy) THE COLLEGETARYN ALICIA STROHMEYER(Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities withHonors)KRISTINA STROTHER-GARCIA(Linguisticr)MYRA YOCHUN SU(Th�at" and Pnformanu Studies with Honors)(Anthropo/Qgy)AARON DARCEL TALLEY(English Languag� and Literature}HELEN JING TANG(Classical Studies)(Political Science)SHIYAH KORRIANO TROTMAN(English Languag� and Literature)ROBERT STEVEN TUTTLE(English Languag� and Literano» with Honors)ESTLIN JOSEPH USHER(Music with Honors)(Phi/Qsophy)ZSOFIA VALYI-NAGY(Linguisticr with Honors)(V1SUIl1 Arts with Honors)MICHAEL VINCENT VERITY(English Languag� and Literature}RYAN TODD WALACH(English Languag� and Literature)SOPHIE MARIE WERELEY(English Languag� and Literature with Honors)WHITNEY HEATHER WESTMORLAND(Gmdn and &xuality Studies with Honors){Comparative Human Deuelopment)JACQUELYN DALE WHITMAN(V1SUIl1 Am with Honors)CHINA ADDISON WHITMIRE(Theater and Pnformanu Studies)ELIZABETH ODESSA MARGOTWILLIAMS(Phi/Qsophy and Alli�d Fi�lds with Honors)MARILYN MARGARET RUTH WILLIAMS(Classical Studies)TIFFANY LAUREN YOUNG(English Languag� and Literature)ESTHER XIA YU(English Languag� and Liuraturt with Honors)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)DARCY MOLLY ADA ZARETZKY(Romance Languag�s and Literatures)(English Languag� and Literature)STEPHANIE ZELAYA(Cinema and M�dia Studi�s with Honors)YECHEN ZHAO(Art History with Honors)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THENEW COLLEGIATE DIVISIONDEREK DENKYI AYEH(&ligious Studi�s)CAROLINE ELIZABETH BRANDER(&ligious Studies)ELISA MANUELA CARINO(Law, Letters, and Soci�ty)OMAR GABRIEL CASTRO(&ligious Studi�s)RACHEL KATHRYN CROSBY(R�ligious Studi�s with Honors)KATE CAMERON DAVIDSON(&ligious Studi�s with Honors)MARA ROSE KENNELLY EASTERBROOK(Law, Letters, and Soci�ty) JOSHUA ISAAC FOX(Fundammtals: lssuet and Tats with Honors)(Phi/Qsophy with Honors)DAPHNA ELLEN GALL(Fundammtals: Issue: and Tats)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)HENRY HEWITT GINNA(Law, Lenen, and Society)(Romance Languag�s arUI Litmltum)ERIC MOSES GUREVITCH(&ligious Studi�s with Honors)KEEGAN WYNN HANKES(Fundamentals: issues and Tats)CALVIN BRADLEY KROGH(&ligious Studi�s with Honors)SELENE MILLAN(&ligious Studi�s)AMY REBECCA MYERS(Law, Letters, and Society) GEORGE EDWARD POWELL III(&ligious Studi�s)SHARAN MAHESH SHETTY(Law, Letters, and Soci�ty)KIMBERLY PAIGE SIEGEL(Law, Letters, and Soci�ty with Honors)(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)NASTASIA MARIANA TANGHERLINI{Fundamentals: Issua and Texts)KASHIRA MONIQUE TURNER(&ligious Studies)EVAN SPENCER WEISS(Fundamentals: iSSUts and Tats with Honors)(Political Science)DANIEL JACOB WEISSBART(Law, Lenen, and Society)(Political Science)51FH CONVOCATIONCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THEPHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONDIMITRIOS ANDRIOPOULOS(Matbematics)MELITA SOFIJA AQUINO(MathmJatics)ATHANASIOS G. ATHANASSIADIS(Physics with Honors)MADELINE GRACE BARNICLE(Mathnnatics with Honors)DAVID SUTHERLAND BLAIR(Physics)MAXWELL JOSEPH BLUMENFELD(Mathnnatics)(Economics)STEVEN BOGACZ(Physics)BRADFORD DEAN BOONSTRA(Physics)CHARLES HOWARD BRITTENHAM(Mathematics)GREGORY DYLAN BROWN(Math�matics)PETER THOMAS BROWN(Physics with Honors)(Math�matics S.B.)TEJIN CAl(Physics with Honors)DRAGOS ALEXANDRU CALUGAR(Mathematics)CHARLES IAN ORMSBY CARY{Mathematics){Computer Science S.B.)CHENG CHEN(Mathnnatics)(Economics)JACOB A. CLEMENTI(Physics)SEAN THOMAS CLEMMER(Computer Science)ALEXANDER JASON CONWAY(Physics)WILLIAM JOSEPH DAGUE(Physics)HUNTER COLE DAVIS(Physics with Honors)(Economics)DAVID ANTHONY DURFEE(Math�matics)(Economics)DANIEL DAVID DZIUBINSKI(Physics)KYLE GERARD FELKER(Physics with Honors)(MathmJatics S.B.)FRANCISCO RAMON FONTA(Physics)(Math=atics)ALEXANDER MAXIM GRANT(Physics with Honors)DANIEL EDWARD MACAN HOFF(Physics with Honors)(MathmJatics S.B.)DEXTER ISTVAN HORTHY(Physics)ALEXANDRU HOSTIUC(Physics with Honors)(Appli�d Mathematics S.B.)ROBERT MICHAEL JASLOW(Physics)(Math�matics S.B.)DESMOND DEVON JONES(Mathematics)WYATT PATRICK JONES(Statistics)UPPILI ANERUDH KANNAN(Physics with Honors)PAULA. KAPLAN(Physics) MICHAEL DAVID KARFUNKLE(Physics)(Cr,�mistry)DHRUVKEDAR(Physics with Honors)(Matbematia S.B.)BAYARDO JOSE LACAYO(Computer Science)JAE HYUN LEE(Statistics)NICHA LEETHOCHAWALIT(Physics with Honors)(Mathnnatics S.B.)COLIN DAVID LETHEM(Mathrmatics)SIQI LI(Physics with Honors)SHA LIU(Mathnnatics)DOMINICK ANTHONY LoBRAICO III(Computer Science)(Public Policy Studie: with Honors)SONG-YANG LOH(Computer Science)JOANA DE OLIVEIRA MACHADO(Chemistry)MAXIMILIAN ISMAEL MAGANA(Physics)PETER JOEL MALONIS(Math�matics)MICHAEL ALAN MALUS(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics}GERMAN MANOIM(Statistics)(Economics)CHANA MESSINGER(Matbematia)MICHAEL HAMILTON MILLER(Physics)(Mathnnatics)BOBBY MORALES(Physics)ETHAN THOR MULDOON(Physics with Honors)NIKITA NANGIA(Physics with Honors)JAMES I. NEGUS(Physics)MATTHEW AMERICONOTARBERARDINO{Mathematics)MATTHEW THOMAS O'CONNOR(Physics)TYLER FRANCIS PAZERA(Physics)YUEQI JOYCE PENG(Mathematics)SAMUEL TIMOTHY PETERSON(Statistics)(Economics)DYLAN ROBERT PIATT(Statistics)(Economics)MICHAEL PISTEY(Physics)(Matbematics)KARLAN JOHANNES JOKELA POLING(Matbematia)MARTIN RAY POSTHUMUS(Computer Science)(Slavic Languag�s and Literatures)KATHLEEN J. QIU(Chemistry)(Psychology)TODD NOLAN RACHOWIN(Mathematia)(Economics) ISABELLE RICE(Computer Science)BENJAMIN GRAYLIN RICHARDSON(Chemistry with Honors)LUTHER DALE RINEHART(Physics with Honors)(Matbematics)MARK ANDRUS ROBERTS(Comput" Science)LAURIE ANNE SARTAIN(Mathnnatics)(English Languag� and Literature)KAREEM ISKANDER SAYEGH(Physics with Honors)KATHERINE ANNA SCHREIBER(Physics with Honors)(Math=atics S.B.)CULLEN DAVID SEATON(Math=atics)MICHAEL EVANS SEXTON(Math=atics)JEFFREY DAVID SHAHINIAN(Physics with Honors)DANYAL ARIF SHEIKH(Mathnnatics)(Economics)PETER CHOONGHWA SHIN(Physics with Honors)(Mathematics S.B. with Honors)ELEANOR SHOSHANY ANDERSON(Statistics)(Medieual Studies)WATEE SRININ(Physics with Honors)JOSEPH CARL ANDREW SYNAN(Statistics)KHARI DOMINIC THOMPSON(G�ophysical Sciences)ADRIANA SOFIA TORRES RIVERA(Chemistry)ALEX MICHAEL TURZILLO(Physics with Honors)(Math=atics S.B. with Honors)GAUTHAM VARADARAJAN(Physics)(Math�matics S.B.)ANDREW JAMES VILLADSEN(Mathemasic: with Honors)ERIC BERNARD VILLHAUER(Chemistry with Honors)SHLOMO HILLEL WAYNE(Physics)(Math=atics)SAMUEL RYAN WILKEN(Physics with Honors)ZACHARY SEID WITTEN(Mathematics)(Computer Science)SEUNG HYUN YANG(Math=atics with Honors)(Economics)MICHELLE XIN YI YEO(Statistics)WILLIAM ROBERT ZECH(Statistics)SIDI ZHANG(Statistics)(Biological Sciences)THE COLLEGECANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISION AND THEDIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESIAN MICHAEL ALEVY(Mathmultics with Honors)(Physics A.B.)SAMUEL MARTIN BAILEY(Mathnnatics)ETHAN BASS(Chemistry)ANISH BHATNAGAR(Math(matics)(Economics A.B.)ALICIA MARIE BIERSTEDT(G(ophysical Sciences)MATTHEW THOMAS BIZJACK(G(ophysical Sciences with Honors)LEAH ELIZABETH BRODSKY(Biological Chemistry)(Chemistry A.B.)(Biological Sciences A.B.)ELIZABETH ASHLEY BROWN(Environmental Science)(Biological Sciences A.B.)CARL WILHELM THEODOR BUTT�f.:a�t::::lc�mu}BRUNO HENNIG CABRAL(Mathematics)(Philosophy A.B.)GUY-KARlMJACQUESCALANDPUYMARTIN(Mathnnatics)XlN CAO(Matbemesics)FERNANDO CUAUHTLI CASTRO(Chemistry with Honors)GARRETT ROBERT CHADO(Chemistry with Honors)L1WEI CHEN(Chmzistry with Honors)MARY GRACE CLUTTER(Chemistry)ELIZABETH RENEE CONNOLLY(G(ophysical Sciences with Honors)BLAKE ELLIOTT DANIELS(Chmzistry with Honors)DAVI ERIC DA SILVA(Mathnnatics with Honors)(Chemistry A.B.)JOHN CALDER DELANEY(Mathnnatia)(Economics A.B.)SARAH ANNE DEL CIELLO(Chmzistry with Honors)AUDREY HELENE MARIE DESVAUX(Mathnnatics)(Economics A.B.)TRAVIS CAMERON DIETZ(Chmzistry with Honors)ERIKA LYNN DUNN-WEISS(Mathmzatics)CHRISTOS ECONOMOU(Chmzistry)KAI HUNTINGTON ELDREDGE(G(ophysical Sciences)ELDEN ELMANTO(Mathrmatia with Honors)VICKY ESPINOZA(G(ophysical Sciences)DOUGLAS ALVIN EVERSON, JR.(Mathnnatics)DAVID GORDON FEDERMAN(Math(matics){Theater and Performanc« Studie: A.B. with Honors)PAUL MICHAEL FISHER(Comput" Science)(Linguistics A.B.)MARK EVAN FORNACE(G(ophysical Sciences with Honors)(Chmzistry) ASHER THOMAS GABARA(Mathnnatics)(Economics A.B.)FRANCO MANUEL GALLASTEGUI(Geophysical Sciences)ALEXANDER}OSEPH GAZDA(Enuiranmenta Science)ETIENNE BEIJIA GREENLEE(Biological Chemistry with Honors)(Chmzistry A.B.)(Biological Sciences A.B.)RAY HANWEN GU(Math(matics)KAREEM IMAD HANNOUN(Chmzistry with Honors)IRVIN YANG HO{Mathematia)(Chemistry A.B.)JONATHAN MICHAEL HODNEFIELD(Geopbysica! Sciences)SEAN DONALD HOGAN(Computer Science)WILLIAM ORIN HUTSON(ChmllStry with Honors)ALEXEI IOUCHKOV(Mathematic: with Honors)(Computer Science)SARAH ANJUM IQBAL(Chemistry)DANIEL GREGORY ISH(Mathmzatics with Honors)(Physics A.B. with Honors)GABRIEL SHAI JACOBS(Gtophysical Sciences)(Biological Sciences A.B.)PRAKRITI PRADHAN JOSHI(Chmzistry)(Biological Chemistry)JASON ROBERT KASS(Mathmzatics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)NOAM KEESOM(Chmzistry)YOUNG KUN KO(Mathnnatics with Honors)THADDEUS DAVID KOMACEK(Geopbysical Sciences with Honors)(Physics A.B.)NINA KUKLISOVA(Applitd Mathnnatics)(Physics A.B.)ERIK SEAN LANDRY(Chmzistry)ANCHENG LIU(Mathnnatics)(Statistics)(Economics A.B.)SEAN PATRICK LIVELSBERGER(Mathmzatics)(Economics A.B.)ZEMING LU(Statistics)(Economics A.B.)DYLAN JOHN LYNCH(Chmzistry with Honors)PAUL JOSEPH MANNINO(Mathmzatics)(Economics A.B.)JONATHAN BERNARD MARGOLIASH(Mathnnatics with Honors)HANEY MAXWELL(Compuur Science) DAVID FRANCIS McDIARMID(Mathnnatia)GREGORY ALEXANDER MITSEAS(Mathnnatics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)REED FREDERIK VERCHICK MOLBAK(Comput" Science)DANIEL WILLIAM MORAN(Mathmzatics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)MICHAEL RAY MORROW(Chemistry)JOSHUA MOSTEIKO(Mathmzatics)(Physics A.B.)SALTANAT MUSLIM-ALI(Compuur Science)PETER JOHN NEB RES(Mathematics)(Economics A.B.)DINGXUANNG(Mathtmatics)(Economics A.B.)EDWIN JOSUE OLIVAS(Mathnnatics)(Economics A.B.)MAX EMMETT PARKER-SHAMES(Computer Science)DIMITRY POPOV(Biological Chemistry)(Chmzistry A.B.)(Biological Sciences A.B.)CHRISTOPHER K. PRICE(Chmzistry)CLAIRE QUANG(Biologica7 Chmzistry)DAVID GILBERT RAMSEY(Mathnnatics with Honors)STEPHEN ISAAC ROSEN�f.:::c=lc�Jmct}GRANT M. ROTSKOFF(Mathnnatics with Honors)JACOB SAMUEL SACHS(Compuur Science)(Physics A.B.)ZACHARIAH LEE SACHS(Mathnnatics)(Chmzistry A.B.)JAMES JOSEPH SALAZAR(Biological Chmzistry)(Chmzistry A.B.)ANIRUDH SANKAR(Mathmzatics with Honors)MIRANDA GRACE SEITZ-McLEESE(Mathtmatics with Honors)KEVIN LEE SEYWALD(Math(matics)(Economics A.B.)MUHAMMAD MUAZ SHAREEF(Biological Chemistry)(Biological Sciences A.B.)(Chemistry A. B.)EILEEN FONG SHIUAN(Biological Chemistry)(Biological Science: A.B. with Honors)ABHINAV SHRESTHA(Mathnnatics with Honors)(Comput" Science)MARK ELLIOT SIKOV(Mathnnatics)(Economics A.B.)MOLLY NORA SIMON(Gtophysical Sciences)NOLAN ANDREW SKOCHDOPOLE(AppEtd Methematia)(Chmzistry with Honors)27515TH CONVOCATIONAARON ALEXANDER STAROV(Compuur Science)JULES RABIE STEPHAN(Biological Chtmistry with Honors)(Chtmistry)MAXWELL EDWARD STOLARSKI(Mathtmatics with Honors)LARA CAITLIN STRICKLAND(Gtophysical Sdmm)YAN SHUOTAN(Mathtmatics with Honors)NIKLAS BJARNE THOMPSON(Chtmistry with Honors)(Mathtmatics)TREVOR EDWARD THOMPSON(Biological Chemistry)(Biological Science: A.B.)(Chtmistry A.B.)WIRIYA THONGSOMBOON(Chtmistry)ANSELEE PIENING TROTTA(Mathtmatics)DAICHI UEDA(Mathtmatics)(Economics A.B.)ANIL B. VAITLA(Mathtmatics)(Compuur Science with Honors) WILLIAM LOUIS WALDREP(Computtr Science)KAIRUI GLEN WANG(Mathtmatics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)YUHUIWANG(Chtmistry)(Economics A.B.)ZHEWANG(Mathtmatics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)STEVEN WARUHIU(Mathtmatics)SPENCER JOHN WASHBURN(Environmmtal Science with Honors)(Chtmistry A.B.)SILIWEN(Mathtmatics)WARREN GRANT WILDER(Gtophysical Sciences with Honors){Statistia)MAXWELL WEN XIONG(Mathtmatics with Honors)(Psychology A.B.)PIALI YANG(Compuur Science)(Mathtmatics) SHIR JUDITH YEHOSHUA(Compuur Science)(Mathtmatics)PATRICK JI FU YU(Mathtmatics)(Economics A.B.)KEVIN ZHANG(Compuur Scimct)(Biological Science: A.B.)MICHAEL HANMING ZHANG(Mathtmatics)(Economics A.B.)RUIJIE ZHANG(Chtmistry with Honors)(Mathtmatics)LILY ZHAO(Environmental Science with Honors)(Public Policy Studits A.B.)WENJIAZHAO(Mathtmatics)GEOFFERY XIN ZHENG(Mathtmatics)(Economics A.B.)(Physics A.B.)ALEC MARK ZIMMER(Applud Mathtmatics with Honors)(StAtistics A.B.)CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTS IN THESOCIAL SCIENCES COLLEGIATE DIVISIONHARRISON ABRAMS(Economics)FRANCISCO JAVIER ACOSTA(Psychology)SETHWADAMS(Political Science)GALA ADES-LAURENT(Politcal Science with Honors){lntemationa] Studits with Honors)BRITTANY AGOSTINO(Economics)SHEFALI AGRAWAL(Anthropology with Honors)(Political Scienc« with Honors)KLAKOW AKEPANIDTAWORN(Economics with Honors)(Mathtmatics)EDGAR ALARCON(Anthropology)MUHAMMAD ALI AL-ARIAN(History with Honors)JESUS ALBARRAN(Sociology)CHARNA NILI ALBERT(Sodology with Honors)AHSAN MUHAMMAD ALI{Environmental Studits)ALEXANDER ALTSKAN(Gtographical Studits)ERIC WILLIAM ANDERSEN(Economics with Honors)LESTER ZHANSHENG ANG{International Studits with Honors)JOHN ISTEPHANOS ANTON(Public Policy Studits)ALLISON REBECCA ARBUTHNOT(Psychology)MARLEY SINADE ARECHIGA(Political Science)ANNA MIA ROWEN ARSENAULT(Public Policy Studits)KENNETH AZAEL AYALA(Economics)(Political Science)MAHAMAYAZ(lntnnational Studits)28 JOY ISOMI AYEMOBA(Psychology)JAMES M. BAATZ(Economics)JOSHUA DAVID BABCOCK(Anthropology with Honors)DIEGO BAENA(History with Honors)(Romance umgwtgts and Litersrures}AMBER MICHELLE BAILEY(History with Honors)BETHANY ANNE BAILEY(Sodology with Honors)(Comparativt Human Development with Honors)AMISHI BAJAJ(Psychology with Honors)OLGA KLAUDIA BAJOREK(Anthropology)ANDREEA IRINA BALlCA(Economics)VICTORIA LEE BARAN(Political Science)DENVER HUGHES BARROWS(Public Policy Studits)VINCENT BENTON BAUER(Political Scimce with Honors)(Near Eastern Langwtgts and Ciuilizatians withHonors)ERIC ALBERTO BEJARANO(Economics)JAMES EVAN BELCHER(Economics)TRAVIS CHRISTIAN BENAIGES(Political Science)JENNIFER CAMILLA BERGER(Public Policy Studits)PETER QUINN BERKOWITZ(Public Policy Studits)(Philosophy)JACOB ALEXANDER BERMAN(Economics with Honors)RAGHUVEERA BETINA(Economics)LEELA BHATIA-NEWMAN(Public Policy Studits) ANDREA JULIA BISCHOF(Intemationa! Studits with Honors)(Germanic Studits)ALICE ROSE BLACKWOOD(History with Honors)(English Langwtgt and Littraturt with Honors)ROSS ERICSON BLAU(History with Honors)JOHN RAYMOND BOBKA(History with Honors)(Law, Lttttrs. and Sodtty with Honors)DAVID IAN BODOW(Economics)ANNA KATHERINE BOOTS(History with Honors)(Law, Letten, and Sodtty with Honors)JOHN WILLIAM GAFFIGANBOROKHOVICH(Economics)MAGGIE KATHRYN BOROWITZ(Anthropology with Honors)SAMUEL THOMAS BRANDT(Gtographical Studits with Honors)DEMETRIOS NICHOLAS BRIZZOLARA(Political Science)ELIZA CLAIRE BROWN(Sociology with Honors)SAMANTHA MARIA BROWN(Public Policy Studits with Honors)SAMUEL BRENNECKE BROWN(Gtographical Studits)BENJAMIN ROBERT BULLOCK(Economics)WILLIAM THOMAS BURGO(Economics)JOSEPH LELAND BYBEE(Economics)MAEVE INGRAM CAMPBELL(International Studits with Honors)(Near Eastern Langwtgts and Gvi/iZIltions withHonors)MARGARET CLAIRE CANTARA(Comparatii» Human Development}DEBORAH CAPIRO(Political Science with Honors}{Romanc« Languagn anti Literatures)CRISTINA CARRAZZA(Psychology with Hanan)(Comparative HUm4n Development}ROSS MEYER CARSTENS(History with Honors)SANDY MARIA CARTER(Environmental StuJies with Honors)(Political Science)ALEXANDER DOUGLAS CASARIEGO(Political Science)MICHAEL JOHN CASEY(Political Science)DARRICK G. CHAN(Economics)(Chemistry)HUI MIN CHANG(Economics)(Art History)LINXI CHANG(Economics)PAUL JIN- WEI CHANG(Political Science)COSETTE ELIZABETH CHAPUT(Political Science)IVY JANE CHARNESKI(Public Policy Studies)VASILEIOS CHATZIASLANIS(Political Science with Honors)ALAN SHU CHEN(Political Science with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)CHRISTINE CHEN(Economics)(Law, Letters, anti Society)DIYANGCHEN(Economics)KEVIN CHEN(Public Policy Studies)YILAN CHEN(Economics)CHRISTOPHER LELAND CHENG(Economics)EDWARD CHENG(Economics)ZHUOLUN CHENG(Economics)STEPHANIE LING CHIAO(Economics)YECHANCHO(Economics)RACHEL JEEWON CHOI(Psychoi4gy)RACHELLE VIOLA CHOUINARD(Political Science with Honors)NAVEED AHMED CHOWDHURY(Political Science)ANNINA BERNADETTE CHRISTENSEN(Psychoi4gy)MEGAN LIM CHUA(Economics)(Political Science with Honors)HAEUNCHUNG(International Studies with Honors)JESSICA C. CHUNG(Economics)(Computer Science S.B.)JACK AARON CINOMAN(Economics)AXELLE MARIE CLOCHARD(Political Science with Honors)(Chemistry)SHAYNA DENISE COELLO(Political Science with Honors)(Latin American Studin)(Romance Languagn anti Literatum)JENNIFER LYNN COHEN(International StuJies with Honors)MELISSA LYNN COLLINS(Economics) LIZBETH CORDOVA(Socioi4gy)(Political Science)KYRIAKI COUNCIL(International Studin with Honors}KATHERINE MARGARET CRAIN(Psychology with Honors}DAVID JOHN CROSSE(Economics)(Near Eastern Languages anti Civilizations)CHAZTERY CRUZ(Socioi4gy)CLAUDIA CRUZ LEO(International Studin with Honors}KIMBERLY NICOLE CYGAN(Economics)(Law, Letters, anti Society)CORAL NITHYA DABARERA(Socioi4gy)ARNAV DALMIA(Economics)MICHAEL JOHN DAUS(Political Science with Honors)LINADAYEM(Political Science with Honors)LAUREN ELIZABETH DEAN(Geographical Studies)(South Asian Languages anti Civiliutions withHonors}MARY HELEN DECK(Socioi4gy with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)MEHRDAD DERAKHSHAN(History with Honors)DINALI TANUSHKA DE SILVA(International Studies)MARTIN JOSEPH DETMER III(History)KARIM DIANE(Public Policy Studies)JESUS ALEJANDRO DIAZ(Public Policy StuJies)CLAUDIA DfAz-ALEMANY(Political Science)JOSEPH SORIN DILENSCHNEIDER(Economics)CLEMENTINA DIOGUARDI LOPEZ(International Studies)KWAASI DJIN(Economics)PATRICK EDWARD DONNELLYMORAN(Economics with Honors)MARK THEODORE DOSS(Political Science with Honors)ABDUL RAFIU DOSUNMU(Political Science)CATRINA ANN DOXSEE(History with Honors)AMEER ERICK DRANE(Latin American StuJies with Honors}(Romance Languagn anti Literatures}CHARLES DU(Economics)JOYCE CHENZHONG DU(Public Policy StuJies)YUNXI DUAN(Economics)(English Language and Literature)MALLIKA DUBEY(Political Science)JARED ABRAHAM DUMMITT(Political Science with Honors)MICHAEL FRANCIS DUNN(Comparative HUm4n Deuelopment) THE COLLEGEANITA SHIREEN DUTTA(Political Science with Honors)ALEX ROBERT DZIERBICKI(Economics)ELEANOR DOROTHY EASTON(Public Policy StuJies)FERNANDO EMILIO ECHEVERRI(Economics)CODY JAMES EDGEWORTH(Economics)ROBERT ALLEN EDSTROM(political Science with Honan)ASHLEY MARIE EDWARDS(Economics)SNEHA ELANGO(Economics)JAMES NATHANIEL ELLIOTT(History)BENJAMIN GABRIEL ELUL(History with Honors}MATTHEW MICHAEL EPPS(Economics)HANA DELENESA ERKOU(International StuJin)CYRUS SAGHATOL ESLAMI(Public Policy StuJies)LIANY ESTEVEZ(Political Science)DANIELA MICHELLE ESTRADA(Psychoi4gy)(History with Honors)ANDREW TU-MING FAN(History with Honors)(Political Science)ROGER FAN(Economics)(Statistics)ANTHONY GIORGIO FARIAS-EISNER(Economics)(Political Science)ANN ELISE FARRELL(Economics)(Political Science)JAN SHARONA FELDMAN(Psychoi4gy)(Comparative HUm4n Development}MARIA ISMENIA FEREIRA(Anthropoi4gy)ERICA ANN FERNANDES(Socioi4gy with Honors}DANIEL MARCO FERNANDEZ-BACA(Psychology)ELY FISH(Political Science with Honors}CRYSTAL MING-YEE FONG(Psychoi4f,Y)ANDRES FONSECA(Economics)ANDREW MYERS FOODY(Economics)JAMES RAYMOND FOSTER(Political Science)KELSAY LEAH ANNA FOUST(Socioi4gy)MAXWELL FRANK(History with Honors}KAITLYN ROSE FRYZEK(Public Policy StuJin)JOSHUA PAUL GAGNE(Political Science with Honors)NOAHJ. GALE(Economics)MATTHEW JAMES GALLERY(Public Policy StuJin)KELSEY KAY GANSER(History with Honors)(Slavic Languagn anti Literatures}295IFH CONVOCATIONYAGAO(Economics)MIRANDA MIRIAM GARCfA(Anthropology with Honors)NOEMI GARCIA(Political Science)JOSEPH KERKSICK GARDNER(Sociology with Honors}MIHAJLO GASI<�(Political Science)DYLAN SUZANNE GENEST(Comparative Human Development)MITCHELLA LATEENA GILBERT(Public Policy Studies)NINAGNEDIN(Economics)JAHNNE RACQUEL GO(International Studies with Honors)(Political Science)CRYSTAL MARIE GODINA(Public Policy Studies)RATNA GOGINENI(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)HANNAH KATZANDER GOLD(Political Science)THEODORE FRANCESCO GOLD(Anthropology with Honors)JORDAN GRAHAM GOLDS(Political Science with Honors}IAN MITCHELL GOLLER(Anthropology)ALEXIS ARlANA GOLLING-SLEDGE(Public Policy Studies)MUNIR SAMEH GOMAA(Psychology)TIANSHAN GONG(Economics)(Applied Mathematics S.B.)WADE TAN GONG(Economics)ABIGAIL LOURDES GONSALVES(Psychology)MICHAEL CELSO GONZALEZ(Economics)JEROME CHARLES GOODRICH(Psychology)ITIRGORGUC(Economics)JONATHAN GRABINSKYZABLUDOVSKY(Professional Option: Public Policy)CHRISTOPHER NOEL GRAF(Sociology with Honors)ELSBETH LOVE GRANT(Anthropology)EMILY JOY GREENWOOD(Psychology with Honors}CLINTON JOSEPH GREINER(Political Science)PATRICK TIMOTHY GRENE(History)JANAYA LAQUAY GRIPPER(Comparative Human Development)LEXIE RENEE GROVE(Sociology with Honors)MARINA ROUMENOVA GROZDANOVA(In_tional Studies with Honors}YIRAN GU(Economics)JUAN OTHON GUEVARA(Sociology with Honors}(Public Policy Studies)ILIYAGUTIN(Sociology with Honors)VICTOR JAMES GUTWEIN(Economics) JONATHAN JAMES HADERLEIN(Political Science)DANIEL CHRISTOPHER HAHN(Economics)RYAN MARK HAMMOND(Economics)SEUNGHOHAN(Economics)BRIAN THOMAS HARTE(Economics)AMANDA RACHEL HARTMAN(Comparative Human Development)VEASNA MEATOPHOM HAS(Anthropology)CHRISTINA MARIE HEINRICH(International Studies with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literasures)CELESTE ALEXANDRA HENKELMANN(Sociology with Honors)MATTHEW ZANE HENRICI(Public Policy Studies)BIANCA JESENIA HERNANDEZ(Anthropology)DALLAS CHRISTIAN HERNDON(Professional Option: Public Policy)SAMANTHA ELIZABETH HOBSON(Sociology with Honors)JEAN-MICHEL DUVEEN HOFFMAN(Political Science)MICHAEL HONG(Psychology)YIWEI HOU(Economics)(Statistics)KATHRYN MARIE HOUGH(Political Science with Honors)HADIYA SHOSHANIK HOUSEPIAN(International Studies)REMI JON HOVSEPIAN(Anthropology)EMILY KATHERINE HREN(Environmental Studies with Honors)VIVIAN HUA(Economics)HELENE WEI HUBER(Political Science)YASMEEN AMlRA HUSSAIN(International Studies)RACHEL ELLEN HYMAN(Geographical Studies with Honors}BATOUL GHAZI MAHMOUD IBRAHIM(Political Science with Honors)(Cinema and Media Studies with Honors)PATRICK SIU-WING IP(Political Science)NUSRA ISMAIL(Political Science with Honors)NAOMI ANNA JACOBS(Anthropology)BENJAMIN RAPHAEL PETRUCKJACOBSON(Economics with Honors)SHAJIAH JAFFRI(Political Science)MARCO ANTHONY JAIMES(History with Honors)(Political Science)SHIVANI JAIN(Economics)ERIK CLARK JAMES(Economics with Honors)MAURA KATHERINE JAMES(International Studies)BENYAM BEZUNEH JARSO(Economics)NANJI(Economics) DIANA LIN JIA(Psychology)JANELJIN(History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)(Biological Sciences)ENNURIJO(Political Science)ERIN SIMONE JOHNSON(political Science)SEAN KEEGAN JOHNSON(Economics)SAMANTHA LEE JONES(Sociology with Honors)(English Language and Literature)ANDREW WILLIAM JORDAN(Economics)BRENDAN DAVID JORDAN(History with Honors)MARKO BERNARD JURKOVIC(Political Science)MEHER KAIRON(Political Science with Honors)GABRIEL MICHAEL O'MALLEY KALAL(Psychology with Honors)(English Language and Literature)BlLAL SHAHlD KAMAL(Economics)AKSHAYA SURESH KANNAN(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MALINIBHAVANlKARTHA{International Studies)MIN SOO KHANG(Comparative Human Development)TARIKA KHATTAR(History with Honors)JI MIN KIM(History with Honors)MICAH KIM(Public Policy Studies)(Political Science with Honors)REBECCA YEHWAN KIM(Political Science)YEEHYUNKIM(Public Policy Studies)(Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies with Honors)CHRISTOPHER CHARLES PETERKINGDON(History with Honors)MEHVE� KONUK(Political Science)ELIZABETH MARGARET KOPECZKY(History)MARK J. KUBACZYK(History with Honors)(Law, Utters, and Society)APOORV KUMAR(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)TARA KUMAR(Economics)(Political Science)KEVIN WING KAI KWOK(Public Policy Studies)HYUK CHAN KWON(Economics)JULIAN M. LAFARGE(Sociology)MASHKA TRICIA ALIX LAFOND(Comparative Human Development)LILY LAI(Psychology)GARRETT MATTHEW LAIRD(Economics)(Mathematics)SIU HON JEFFREY LAM(Economics)GARI ANDERS LANDGREN(Economics)DANIELLE ALYSSA LAND REIN(Economics)NI LANG(Economics)BENJAMIN PHILIP LANGE(Sociology with Honors)AMY BIANCA LARA(Comparative Human Development)RAYMOND MATTHEW LAWS(History with Honors)JAMES MATTHEW LAYTON(Economics)GI-XIANG LEE(Anthropology)JAE I. LEE(Psychology)JASON KA-MENG LEE(Economics)JIN-MIN LEE(Economics)(Political Science)JONATHAN JIN LEE(History. Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)NOAH GREYEAGLE LEE(Anthropology)(Enoironmental Studies)SENGYEON LEE(Comparative Human Deuelopmens with Honors)SEUNG-TAEK LEE(Economics)TRACYC. LEE(Economics)(Art History)TERENCE LEE JUN RONG(Economics)MATTHEW ROLAND LEMIEUX(Political Science with Honors)ALICEJ. LI(Economics)CHEN LI(Economics)(Philosophy with Honors)KATHERINE JINYI LI(History with Honors)(Public Policy Studies)LINDEN MENGYE LI(Economics)STEPHEN BOHENG LI(Economics)XINYI ALICE LI(Economics)DANIEL JAMES LIDEN(History. Philosophy, and Social Studie: of Science andMedicine with Honors)MARISSA LIEBERMAN-KLEIN(Environmental Studies with Honors)(Anthropology)JENNA RAE LILLEMOE(History. Philosophy, and Social Studies of Science andMedicine with Honors)JUNG HALIM(Economics)LYNDA C. LIN(Psychology with Honors)VICTOR ISAAC LIN(Economics)GEORGE JIAQI LIU(Economics)LINDA LIU(Psychology)HANNAH MARIE LOEK(Psychology)HANNAH CONCETTA LOFTUS(Anthropology)EMILIE DIANE LOHMAN(Anthropology with Honors)LUCAS MATTHEW LOOTS(History) JOHN-REYNOLD HERMAN LOPEZ(Economics)MONICA LUNA(Public Policy Studies)(Economics)ALFREDO LUQUE(Economics)JOSEPH JORDAN LURIA(Economics)ELIZABETH JANE LYON(Public Policy Studies)MATTHEW WILLIAM MAcKENZIE(Economics)ROGER MADEJSKI(Economics)KIRSTEN ANNE MADSEN(Anthropology with Honors)MARIANA MAGALA(Economics)MARK PAUL MAHVI, JR.(Political Science with Honors)(Economics)VIVIAN YAN TING MAK(Political Science)NEHAMALIK(Comparative Human Development)RYAN WILLIAM MALITZ(Economics with Honors)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ALEXANDER JOHN MAMACH(Political Science)JOHN CHARLES MANLEY(History)QARINA AMENA MANNAF(Public Policy Studies)MARIANA F. MANZANARES(Psychology)RUIXI MAO(Economics)OLIVIA KATHERINE MAPES(International Studies)(Romance IAnguag�s and Literatures}ToMAs MARCHESINI DE ALVARENGA(Economics)ADRIAN MARKOWICZ(Economics)KATHARINE ANNE MARSDEN(History with Honors)FRANCISCO ALEJANDRO MARTIN ALBI(Economics)LUIS JAVIER MARTINEZ(Political Science)ZACHARY SCOTT MARTINEZ(Economics)MICHAEL WALTON MARVIN(Economics)TYLER EUGENE MAY(Economics)ALAN EDWARD THADDEUSMcCORMICK(Public Policy Studies with Honors)MATTHEW JOSEPH McCRACKEN(Economics)KAYLA NICOLE CHRISTINAMcDONALD(Anthropology)(Comparative Human Development)LAURA ANNE McFADDEN(Political Science with Honors)(Gender and Sexuality Studies with Honors)MICHAEL McGOVERN(History. Philosophy, and Social Studi�s of Scienc« andMedicine with Honors)(Biological Sciences with Honors)LYNDSEY CECELIA McKENNA(Political Science}LIAM EDWARD McLAUGHLIN(Political Science with Honors) THE COLLEGEALEXANDRA NINA McLEES(History with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)JENNIFER LYNNE McPHILLIPS(Public Policy Studies with Honors)ANDREA MARIA McPIKE(Public Policy Studies with Honors)BRANDON WESLEY MECKELBERG(Public Policy Studies)JOSE RAUL MEDINA(Political Science)ELISABETH MARGARET MEIER(History with Honors)MARIA FERNANDA MELGAR(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)DYLAN KEALY MEYER(Environmental Studies)VALERIE ROSE MICHELMAN(Economics)(Sociology with Honors)ASHLEY IRENE MICHNICK(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Biological Sciences)MIRTA MILANES(Psychology)ANDREW EDWARD MILLER(History with Honors)MOLLY ANNE MILLER(Political Science)(Theater and Performance Studies)TAMARI ANDRE MILLER(Public Policy Studies with Honors)(Biological Sciences)EMILY ANNE MINEHART(History with Honors)(Religious Studie: with Honors)VICTOR JOSE MONTECINOS(Latin American Studi�s with Honors)THOMAS DWIGHT MOORE(Economics)IAN MATTHEW MOREY(Public Policy Studi�s)WILLIAM ROBERT MORGAN(History)ALEXIS NOLA MORRIS(Economics)(Public Policy Studies)MARSHA MELISSA MOSES(Political Science with Honors)(Public Policy Studi�s with Honors)DAVID MOZDZEN(Psychology with Honors)OSAMA AYMAN MRYAN(Political Science)MOLLY AGNES MUNSON(International Studies with Honors)STEVEN PATRICK MURPHY(Economics)PARVATHY MURUKURTHY(Political Science with Honors)IMANNAIM(History with Honors)VIKAS R. NATESH(Economics)(Biological Sciences)ELAINE CHRISTINE NAUGHTON(History with Honors)ARIANA NICOLE NED ELMAN(Comparative Human Deuelopment with Honors)SAMANTHA SUE NGOOI(Proftssional Option: Public Policy)ANDREW J. NICHOLSON(Economics)ANDREA HANA NISHI(International Studies with Honors)31515TH CONVOCATIONBERTHINE MANDOU NJIEMOUN(Political Science)KELSEY LIANE NORRIS(History with Honors)(Slavic Languagts and Literatures)HANNAH OBERTINO NORWOOD(Anthropology with Honors)ALEXANDER LEE NOVET(Economics)(Political Scimce with Honors)JENNIFER LYNN NUDO(Internasional Studits)CHRISTOPHER ROBERT NWAKA(Public Policy Studies)KATRINA LYNN NYGAARD(Geographical Studies)(Environmental Studies with Honors)ALARA CELINE OCAL(Intnnational Studies with Honors)DEXTER NEWMAN O'CONNELL(Geographical Studies)EKIN S. OFLAZER(Economics)CLAIRE ELISE SIOBHAN O'GRADY(Public Policy Studies with Honors)NATALY OTINIANO(Political Science)AMMON N'KOSI OWENS(Political Science)DEFNE OZALTUN(Economics)ALEXANDRIA ANTONIA PABICH(Psychology)HANNAH PAE(Political Science)EDGAR DATU IN PAL(Economics)(Public Policy Studits)NANCY PANTOJA(Psychology with Honors)HYEJIN PARK(Economics)(Biological Sciences)JASON SEUNG JONG PARK(Economics)PAUL HEON PARK(Economics)SANDRA PARK(History with Honors)SOONKYU PARK(Sociology with Honors)NEEL AJAY PATEL(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)(Computu Science S.B.)CAROLINA COPELAND PAUL(Political Science)MADELEINE ROSE PENDERGAST(History with Honors)JULIE MARY JANE PENDLETON(Political Science)VICKI IRIS PENG(Political Science with Honors)BRYN BARRETT PERNOT(Anthropology with Honors)LENA PHALEN(Public Policy Studits)VINCENT PHAM(Economics)SEAN STEEG PIERCE(Economics)MICHAEL A. PIERSON(International Studits with Honors)ALEXANDRA PITCHER{International Studies)LUKAS PLEVA(Political Science with Honors)AURIELLE POPE(Psychology)32 DUSTIN MATTHEW POPIEL(Economics)JAMES S. POULOS(History with Honors)NEHA KARIM PREMJEE(International Studia) W\� �(�(Public Policy Studies)GABRIEL ROBERT PUGEL(Sociology with Honors)MEGHAN LEE PUTTY(Comparative Human Development)EUGENE CHONG MIN PYUN(Political Scimce with Honors)(Economics)KATHRYN ELIZABETH RADOVAN(Economics)PRiYA LATHA RAJA(Public Policy Studies with Honors)NANDINI LALITA RAMAKRISHNAN(Economics)MINURA D. A. KASUN RATNASEKERA(Economics)(Mathematics S.B.)ALEXANDER WINSTON READ(Political Science)MARQUEL P. K. REDDISH(Public Policy Studies)(Political Science)NICOLE FRANZEN REICHERT(Economics)RACHEL REID(C4mparative Human Development}KATE ELIZABETH REIDY(Anthropology)DANIEL JAMES REIS(Sociology with Honors)(Romance Languages and Literatures)ANDREW CASPER RHOADS(Economics)HANNAH M. RIDGE(Political Science with Honors)(Near Eastern Languagts and Civilizations withHonors)SYEDA NAUREEN RlZVI(Profissional Option: Public Policy)ELIZABETH WARRINGTON ROBERTS(History. Philosophy. and Social Studies of Scienc« andMedicine with Honors)STEFANIE ANNE ROBEY(Anthropology)DAVID ANDREW RODGERS(Psychology)KAYEONROH(History)TAL ROITBERG(Economics)(Biological Sciences)PHILIP WESLEY ROJC(History with Honors)DANNY ROSA(Sociology with Honors)MICHAEL WILLIAM ROSEMEYER(Economics)ANDREW CHRISTIAN ROSNER(Psychology)NICHOLAS TIMOTHY ROSS(Economics)MATTHEW ERIC ROTHFUSZ(History)RAHULROY(Economics)JOSEPH JOHN RUETTIGER(Economics)ISHARA N. RUFFINS(Psychology)KELLY MARIE RUNYAN(Psychology with Honors)DEVYN ALEXANDRIA RUSSELL(Economics) JACQUELINE ELIZABETH RYAN{International Studies with Honors)SUMAIYA SAAD(Comparative Human Development)AI SAHARA(Intunational Studies with Honors)JORGE SALDANA(Public Policy Studits)SOPHIA ATHENA SALLAS-BROOKWELL(Anthropology with Honors)DANIEL ALEXANDER SANTANA(Political Science)MARK ANDREW SANTANA(Economics)DESPENA SARAMADIS(International Studies with Honors)BRANDON WILLIAM SAUNDERS(Political Science)SAMUEL BARRETT SCARROW(Political Scienc« with Honors)LEE JON SCHLEIFER-KATZ(Sociology with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)EMILIA ANNE SCHLESSINGER(Economics)AMANDA SCHLUMPF(Economics)STEVEN MICHAEL SCHWABE(Economics)ARlN ALEXANDER SCHWARTZ(Economics)JOSHUA SIMON SCHWARTZ(History with Honors)CHRISTINE DIANE SEIDENSTICKER(Economics)MATTHEW DAVID SELLMAN(Public Policy Studies)SYED FEROZE HASSAN SHAH(Economics)(Political Science with Honors)PHOEBE ELISE SHAMBAUGH(History with Honors)TEJUS SHYAM SHANKAR(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)KEVIN MATTHEW SHELTON(Economics)STEPHANIE MICHELE SHORT(Psychology)ADAM RAY SHUBOY(Psychology)TIFFANY SHYU(Economics)DEMIR SIDDIQI(Economics)EMILY ROSE SIEGEL(Public Policy Studits with Honors)HEIDI ELIZABETH SIEGRIST(Psychology with Honors)RACHAEL MARISA SILVER{International Studies)FEDERICO CLAUS SIMON(Economics)YUET MAN VIVIEN SIN(Economics)NIHARIKA SINGH(Economics)JUSTIN EDMOND SIPIORA(Political Science)LORCAJOLENESLOAN(Comparative Human Deuelopmou with Honors)(Psychology)JACOB JEROME SMITH(Political Science with Honors)JORDAN SOKOLOSKI(Political Science with Honors)KATRINA LOVE SONDERMANN(Comparative Human Development)STEPHANIE AMANDA SOTOMAYOR(Political Scime�)EMMANUEL PANAGIOTIS SOUGANIDIS{Economics with Honors}(Mathmultia S.B.)(Statistics)MATELSOW(Intmrationtd Stutim with Honan}GLENN FRANCIS SPRINGMANN(Political Scime�)COLLEEN ELAINE STAURSETH(Psychology)CHRISTOPHER JAMES STAVITSKY(Anthropology)LUCIANA CLAIRE STEINERT(History. Philosophy, ana Social Stutim ofScime� anaMtdicint with Honors)ALEGSLOTUSMAESTEWARD(Comparrltiw Human D�lopmmt)TATUM MEGUMI STEWART(Publk Policy StutJin)DANIEL JASON SUDMAN(Psychology)RACHEL CHARLOTTE SULLIVAN(Political Scime� with Honors)(Romanet Languagts ana LiUrrltum with Honors)KAROLINA M. SWIDER(Political Science)JOHN CHRISTOPHER TABASH{Ecanomia)JENNIFER MARIE VERSOZA TALBOTT(Comparrlliw Human D�lopmmt)GABRIEL TAMEZ NAVARRO{Economia)GARETH WEIXIONG TAN(political Scienc« with Honors)STEPHANIE ANDINI TANGKILISAN(Political Science)ETHAN CLEARY TATE(Publk Policy StuJin)KATHLEEN MARIE TAYLOR(Publk Policy StuJin)WILLIAM INGALLS TAYLOR(Political Seienc« with Honan)SNEHASHAJTHAYIL(Political Science)PIRIYA THEPKANJANA(Economia}AIMYTIEN(History. Philosophy, ana Social Studin ofScienct anaMtJjcint with Honors)SAMUEL RUSSELL TLUSCIK(Sociology)LESTER CHUN PONG TONG(Psychology with Honan)(Philosophy)SARAH TORRES(Political Science)SHANELLE MARIE TRAIL(Economics)KATHRYN JEAN TRELA(Economics)JOSEPH ELIAS TRIPOLITAKIS(Economics)DENNIS YUNG CHIN TSENG(Economics)KATHERINE ZHE TU(Economics)ALEXANDER MICHAEL TUCKER(Publk Policy StutJin)AMARA GRACE UGWU(Public Policy Studin with Honors) ANJULI SARAH UHLIG(Economics)SARAH ELIZABETH UNGUREIT(Publk Policy Studin)KARINA VALENTIN(Psychology) .JOURDAN L. VANN(Psychology)MICHAEL JAMES VAN ROTEN(Political Science)KARTHIK REDDY VANTAKALA(Economics)(Computer Scienc« S.B.)IGOR VASILJEVIC(Economics)SHRUTHIVENKATESH(Economics)(Sociology)CHRISTIAN EMIL VERHULST(Political Scimet)STEVEN ANTHONY VICKERY(History with Honors)ARJUNVIJ(Economics)ISAMAR VILLASENOR(Economics)CASSANDRA BREANNE WALKER(Psychology)(Comparrltiw Human D�lopmmt)MATTHEW DORSEY WALSH(Economics)(Political Scienct with Honors)COLE DOUGLAS WALTERS(Economics)BING WANG(Economics)DAVID WANG(Economics)(Political Scienc« with Honsrt)DAVID SIBO WANG(Economia)JASON WEIYAO WANG(Economics)MICHAEL B. K. WANG(Economics)(Psychology)YIFANWANG(Economics)(Political Science}YUZHOUWANG(Psychology)ROBERT WESSON WARD(Political Scienc« with Honan)(English Languagt ana LiUrrlturr)MAKIKO WATANABE(Psychology)SHINYA WATANABE(Political Science)DANIELLE MARIE WHITE(Comparrltiw Human Development)CAROLINE NICOLE WHITING(Political Science)WILLIAM EDWARD WHITMORE(Comparrltiw Human D�lopmmt)SIMON ALBERT WIENER(Anthropology with Honors}TAMARA RAQUEL WIESEBRON(Publk Policy Studin with Honors)(Philosophy)BRIAN DANIEL WILKINSON(Political Science)MATTHEW THOMAS WILLIAMS(Economics) THE COLLEGEDAVID HENRY WIND(International Studie: with Honors}KARISSA WOIENSKI(political Science)BENJAMIN AARON WOLFF(Economia)CHRISTINE YEE KEI WONG(Public Policy Studin)CALVIN WONG YUN SHENG(Economia)ANN ELIZABETH LIEN WOOD(History with Honors}AYN SU WOODWARD(Anthropology)OLIVIA MONTINE FREEMANWOOLLAM(History with Honors}GEORGE ALEX WOSKOB(Eamomia)(Music with Hanan)GIOVANNI ANTON MARZIANIWROBEL(political Science)(Publk Policy Studin)TIANHAOWU(Economics)(Public Policy Studin)ALICE FElYU XUE(Intmrationtd StuditS with Honors)(Publk Policy StuJin with Honors}BO KYUNG YANG(Economics)BOHONGYANG(Economia)JINYANG(Economia)KEVIN YANG(Public Policy Studin)MINGHANYAU(Economia)TATENDA TARIRO YEMEKE(Publk Policy Studin)CHIHIRO YOSHIDA(Eomomia}QING YIYU(Political Science)YUQlYUAN(Economics)JOANNA VICTORIA ZABIEGA(Anthropology with Honan)(Intmrationtd Studin with Honors)ANTHONY LEE ZHANG(Ecanemia)JULIANNE NAN ZHANG(Economia)(Publk Policy Stutim with Honan)MAGGIE ZHANG(Economics)(Political Science)TIANLUN ZHANG(Economics with Honors}(Statistia)WEIHAO ZHANG(Political Science)CLAIRE YA RU ZHOU(Public Policy Studin with Honors)NELSON ZHU{Economics}(Chtmistry)RUI PING ZHU(Economics)(VuuaJAns)MENGJIEZOU(Economia}33515TH CONVOCATIONTHE STUDENT MARSHALSCANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF ARTSIN THE COLLEGEKAUSHAL RAGHURAM ADDANKI(Psychology)SOPHIA DESPINA ARABADJIS(Anthropology with Honors)S�VERINE ZHENG YAN CAO(Biological Sciences with Honors)THOMAS STEPHEN CHAPMAN(Public Policy Studia with Honors)SARA SCIAKY CORDERMAN(Political Science)ISAAC WILLIAM DALKE(Sociology with Honors)CHRISTOPHER STEVEN DAVEY(Classical Studia)(RomAnce lAnguages and Litmltum)MATTHEW JAMES DIRKS(MathemAtics)HAYLEY ISRAEL DONER(Anthropology with Honors)SADAF FERDOWSI(Gnukr and Sauality StudUs with Honors}CONNOR CRAIG GILROY(Biological Sciences)(Geophysical Sciences)NAOMI ROSE ULLENDORFFGORFINKLE(Biological Sciences)HELEN PAULA HAILES(Philosophy with Honors)ASHLEY A. HARDEMAN(Biological Sciences)EMILY CHRISTINE HEATON(Internationa! Studia with Honors) THEODORE EVERETT KENT(Public Policy StudUs with Honors}TAEYEONKIM(Anthropology with Honors)FAITH REGINA LAKEN(Political Science)SAMANTHA MINJI LEE(English lAnguage and Litmlturr)VICTORIA ANTOINETTE LEE(Anthropology)TYLER LEEDS(Sociology with Honan)STEPHEN ROSS LURIE(Political Science with Honors}TRISHA ANNE MACRAE(Biological Scicnm with Hanon)SAALIKA ABBAS MELA(Political Science with Hanan)(Comparative HUmAn /JnJtlopment with Honors}ROXANE TIANA PICARD(In_tional Studia)KATHERINE QUINTERO(In_tiona! StudUs)MARGARET SUZANNE HAMILTONREIF(Gn7nanic Studies)MICHAELJIT SINGH SANDHU(lAw, Lenen, and Society with Honon)REBECCA J. SCHMIDT(Comparrztiw HUmAn /JnJtlopment with Honors}HARMON MATTHEW SIEGEL(Fundamentals: Issues and Texts with Honors)GREGOR-FAUSTO SIEGMUND(Biological Scienca with Honors) JULIA MARIE HOUSEL SIZEK(Anthropology with Honors}(In_tiona! Studies with Honors}JULIUS SAMUEL STEIN-SUPANICH(RomAnce lAnguaga and Litmltum)BAILEY MARIE STEINWORTH(Biological Scienca with Honan)VASANTH STEFAN SUBRAMANIAN(Economics)(Political Science with Honan)WESTIN RANDALL TOM(Biological Sciences)ALBA AUGUSTINE TOMASULAYGARCIA(English lAnguage and Litmlturr with Honors}DANIEL MARTIN TRAFICONTE(Biological Scienca)NICOLE ANN TUTUNIK(Political Science with Honors}ONOME UWHUBA(Biological Scienca)GABRIEL JEROME VALLEY(English lAnguage and Litmlturr with Honon)FRANK TIAN WEN(Biological Scienca with Honen)(Biological Chemistry S.B.)(Chemistry)XIAOXING XIA(Physics)(Economics)HUITINGXU(Biological Scienca)HELENA YU(Biological Scienca with Honors}CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE INTHE COLLEGE AND THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESJOSHUA JAMES BOSSHARDT(MathemAtics with Honors)(Economics A.B.)34 NICHOLAS ANTHONY POPP(Biological Chemistry)(Biological Science: A.B.)(Chemistry A.B.) JESSICA ROSE SAMPSON(Chemistry with Honan)THE COLLEGETHE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIET MANCHESTER QUANTRELLAWARDS FOR EXCELLENCEIN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGCHRISTINE A. ANDREWSSenior LecturerBiological Sciences Collegiate DivisionCHRISTINE A. ANDREWS is an evolutionarybiologist with research interests in the ecologicaland morphological correlates of foraging andantipredator behavior. She is also an exceptionalteacher and laboratory director of essential courseson evolutionary adaptation, biodiversity and, mostrecently, microbial and human cell biology forpremed students. The following comment bestsummarizes her teaching style: "Professor Andrewsis a fantastic teacher. She is organized, conveysher points clearly, can break down complicatedtopics and encourages students to learn. She isone of the most dedicated teachers 1 have hadat Chicago." Other students describe ChristineAndrews as demanding, but helpful and fair. She has clearly established herself as a popular andhighly effective classroom proponent of evolutionarybiology.The candidate will be presented by J 0 SEQ U I NT AN s,William Rainey Harper Professor, Department ofPathology and the College.CITATIONScholar of evolution and inspiring teacher,CHRISTINE A. ANDREWS leads her students inclassroom explorations of the Darwinian principlesunderpinning modern biology and medicine.JEFFREY A. HARVEYEnrico Fermi Distinguished Service ProfessorDepartment of Physics, Enrico Fermi Institute, and the CollegeJEFFREY A. HARVEY is a leading theoreticalphysicist who brings to the classroom the samerigor, clarity, and penetrating insight that have ledhim to fundamental advances in string theory. Hemakes physics fun with an engaging style laced withwit and humor. A student in his undergraduateQuantum Mechanics course remarked, "I believethat Carl Sagan's assertion that 'There are physicistswho are devastatingly cool...' was written withthis man in mind." His lectures make challengingmaterial approachable, and he takes care bothinside and outside the classroom to connect withhis students and ensure that they comprehend the material. The ability to make difficult concepts clearwhile making physics enjoyable is a rare gift thatdistinguishes his teaching.The candidate will be presented by EDWARDC. B L U C HER, Professor, Department ofPhysics,Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College; and Chair,Department ofPhysics.CITATIONGifted teacher and eminent theoretical physicist,JEFFREY A. HARVEY leads his students to adeeper understanding of physical concepts.3551FH CONVOCATIONADEN KUMLERAssistant ProfessorDepartment ofArt History and the CollegeADEN KUMLER is a subtle, imaginative,and innovative scholar of medieval art whosepowerful scholarship has brought her national andinternational recognition. A graduate of the Collegeherself, she is a teacher who is simultaneouslydemanding and engaging, one who inspiresstudents to work beyond what they had taken tobe their limits, while guiding them to discoveriesabout medieval art and, not coincidentally, aboutthemselves. One undergraduate recently wrote, "Sheis a dynamo and brings an almost fierce passion toher classes." Aden Kumler combines a mastery of scholarship with an intense love of teaching, and theresulting synthesis is incandescent. 938 �J(R939 RC\1(J940 J}RPJ1941 J}VN[941 CERJ943 1\1A11944 JIcE1945 (I-I1946 �FE1947 E1E1948 )}�1949 JI1950The candidate will be presented by RICHARD NEER,William B. Ogden Distinguished Service Professor,Departments ofArt History and Cinema & MediaStudies, and the College.CITATIONInnovative scholar and inspiring teacher, ADENKUMLER illuminates the pleasures and profundityof medieval art for her students.KRISTEN SCHILTAssistant ProfessorDepartment of Sociology and the CollegeKRISTEN SCHILT is an innovative scholar ofgender and sexuality, an award-winning author,and an extraordinary teacher. In her research,she explores fundamental processes in thetransformation of identities and lives, illuminatinghow interaction and organization contribute to theprocess of becoming something other than what oneonce was in terms of belief, action, or gender. Shealso brings this interest in transformation to bearin her teaching. As one student explained, "Noprofessor I've had better meets this high standardof education ... She's urged me to confrontcomforting binaries and to question easy answers.But, more uniquely, she's grounded her challengesin rigorous empathy." As a mentor, she is readyto acknowledge the dilemmas and difficultiesconfronted by students, but also to expect that their responses will produce a deeply informedunderstanding of the institutions and structures thatshape their experiences within the university andbeyond. Through lecture, discussion, and personalexample, Kristen Schilt conveys the power ofexamining one's life within society.The candidate will be presented by ELISABETH S.C L E MEN S, Professor, Department of Sociology and theCollege; and Chair, Department ofSociology.CITATIONInnovative scholar and inspiring mentor, KRISTENS CHI L T challenges her students to bring empathyand rigor to bear in their efforts to understand sociallife and transformation.19511951THE COLLEGETHE LLEWELLYN JOHN AND HARRIET MANCHESTERQUANTRELL AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCEIN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHING[938 WILLIAM THOMAS HUTCHINSON 1953 GROSVENOR WILLIAM COOPER 1965 ERIC W. COCHRANE, JR.JOSEPH JACKSON SCHWAB JOHN OLIVER HUTCHENS JAMES M. REDFIELDREGINALD JOSEPH STEPHENSON ROBERT MONROE PALTER JOSEPH JACKSON SCHWABEDWARD W. ROSENHEIM, JR. NIEN-CHU YANG939 RALPH MORRIS BUCHSBAUMCLARENCE HENRY FAUST 1954 MARK ASHIN 1966 ARUNAS LIULEVICIUSWILLIAM CHRISTIAN KRUMBEIN WELLS CHAMBERLIN ELDERJ. OLSONDONALD MEIKELJOHN DAVID E. ORLINSKY[940 JAMES LEA CATE BEATRICE MINTZ NATHAN SUGARMANRALPH CRAFTON SANGERPAUL DIRKS VOTH 1955 DANIEL L. HARRIS 1967 MICHAEL JOSEPH MURRINGWINJ. KOLB PAUL JOSEPH SALLY, JR.�941 JAMES C. BABCOCK JOHN P. NETHERTON DAVID BURTON WAKEVICTOR E. JOHNSON CHARLES W. WEGENER GILBERT F. WHITENORMAN F. MACLEAN1956 HAROLD GALL 1968 JOHN C. JAMIESON1942 DAVID DAICHES CHRISTIAN W. MAcKAUER EDWARD J. KOLLAREDWARD BOWMAN ESPENSHADE JOSHUA C. TAYLOR LESTER K. LITTLERUSSELL B. THOMAS ROSALIE H. WAX DUDLEY SHAPERE1943 MICHAEL FERENCE 1957 MAURICE B. CRAMER 1969 ISAAC D. ABELLAARTHUR FRIEDMAN REUEL N. DENNEY VIRGIL BURNETTT. WALTER JOHNSON THOMAS S. LEE EMILE KARAFIOLGEORGE L. PLAYE HENRYRAGO1944 JOHN R. DAVEY MANFRED D. E. RUDDATGERHARD E. O. MEYER 1958 MAYNARD C. KRUEGEREVERETT C. OLSON VIOLA MANDERFELD 1970 EASLEY BLACKWOODSTUART M. TAVE JOSEPH CROPSEY1945 GRAHAM DUSHANE IZAAK WIRSZUP STUART A. RICEHAROLD HAYDON LORNA P. STRAUSDURBIN ROWLAND 1959 LAWRENCE BOGORADMERLIN S. BOWEN 1971 PHILIP C. HOFFMANN946 ROBERT KEOHANE MARVIN MEYERS DONALD N. LEVINEF. JOSEPH MULLIN KENNETHJ. REHAGE RICHARD McKEONEUGENE NORTHROP PETER MEYER1960 ROGER H. HILDEBRAND1947 BENSON GINSBURG JANICE BROGUE SPOFFORD 1972 RICHARD W. BEALSLOUISE A. ROBERTS KARL JOACHIM WEINTRAUB WAYNE CLAYSON BOOTHELSEOVIVAS DAVID GARDNER WILLIAMS ROBERT DAVID HUMMELH. GREGG LEWIS1948 ALBERT M. HAYES 1961 ABRAM LINCOLN HARRIS RICHARD W. MINTELAARON SAYVETZ MEYER WILLIAM ISENBERGMILTON SINGER IRVING KAPLANSKY 1973 EDWARD ANDERSRAY KOPPELMAN JOHN L. HUBBY1949 JOHN C. MAYFIELD NORMAN F. MAcLEANRICHARD M. WEAVER 1962 NORMAN H. NACHTRIEB SUZANNE HOEBER RUDOLPHWARNER A. WICK LEO NEDELSKYFRED A. SIEGLER 1974 PHILIP GOSSETT1950 WILLIAM C. BRADBURY EDWARD WASIOLEK ROBERT HASELKORNJOSEPH J. CEITHAML IRA A. KIPNISWILLIAM H. L. MEYER, JR. 1963 RICHARD K. LASHOF LEON M. STOCKMcKIM MARlOTT[951 KNOX CALVIN HILL GERSON M. ROSENTHAL 1975 BERTRAMJ. COHLERJAMES BAYARD PARSONS HERMAN L. SINAIKO BEATRICE B. GARBERH. STEFAN SCHULTZ PAUL B. MOORE1964 SYLVAIN BROMBERGER WILLIAM R. VEEDER1952 WILMA EBBITT JOHN G. CAWELTIALFRED L. PUTNAM FRANK M. CHILD 1976 FRANCIS X. KINAHANALAN SIMPSON RALPH LERNER LEONARD K. OLSENJAY C. WILLIAMS RICHARD P. TAUB515TH CONVOCATION1977 NORMAN H. NACHTRIEB 1990 LEO P. KADANOFF 2002 JEAN COMAROFFRALPH W. NICHOLAS PHILIP B. KURLAND JOHN L. COMAROFFHEWSON H. SWIFT HAROLD A. RICHMAN BENJAMIN GLICKBERNARD S. STRAUSS GARY HERRIGEL1978 HERBERT C. FRIEDMANN PETER WHITE DOUGLAS R. MAcAYEALMELVIN J. SHOCHET MARIO SANTANA1991 MARTIN BURKE1979 DAVID M. BEVINGTON DIANE HERRMANN 2003 EDWARD M. COOK, JR.CLIFFORD W. GURNEY DAVID MALAMENT SUSAN GOLDIN-MEADOWPETER J. WYLLIE URSULA STORB MUNIR HUMAYUNMARVIN ZONIS BERNARD ROIZMAN1992 FRED M. DONNER MARIA CHRISTINA VON NOLCKEN1980 ROBERT GEROCH HENRY J. FRISCHEDWARD M. HAYDON CHARLES M. GRAY 2004 NADINE DI VITOAMY APFEL KASS JOSEPH JARABACK MARTIN E. FEDERJOHN J. MACALOON and THOMAS M. JONES MICHAEL GREENJOHN A. SIMPSON RICHARD SALLER DAViD JABLONSKIJAMES LEITZEL1981 CHI-CH'AO CHAO 1993 LAURIEJ. BUTLERMARK G. INGHRAM MICHAEL H. DICKINSON 2005 LAszLO BABAISAM PELTZMAN EDWARD W. KOLB DR. DOROTHY A. HANCKRONALD A. THISTED GERALD N. ROSENBERG DR. STEPHEN C. MEREDITHSTUART SHERMAN HOLLY MARIE SWYERS1982 ROBERTJ.FEFFERMAN KENNETH W. WARRENEDWARD D. GARBER 1994 JAMES W. CRONINJANEL M. MUELLER INGRID ROWLAND 2006 HELMADIKROBERT J. RICHARDS GEORGE W. STOCKING, JR. HEINRICH M. JAEGERMICHAEL J. WADE JOCELYN MALAMAY1983 TED COHEN RUSSELL H. TUTTLELEON R. KASS 1995 KATHLEEN N. CONZENWILLIAM H. MCNEILL HERBERT GEORGE 2007 MATTHEW BRADYMALKA MOSCONA RICHARD G. KRON RACHEL FULTONMICHAEL S. TURNER STEPHEN PRUETT-JONES KA YEE C. LEETHOMAS PAVEL1984 JEAN COMAROFF 1996 ERIC CAPLANDAVID C. DRAPER HANNA H. GRAY 2008 JESSICA R. CATTELINOROBERT A. FERGUSON JAMES A. HOPSON ANDREAS GLAESERDENNIS J. HUTCHINSON SIDNEY R. NAGEL MICHAEL KREMERERIC LARSEN1985 ANNA LISA CRONE 1997 ELIZABETH ALEXANDER JANOS SIMONJOHN J. MEARS HEIMER GREGORY L. HILLHOUSEALFRED L. PUTNAM LAWRENCE McENERNEY 2009 EDWIN A. FERGUSONHUGH R. WILSON NATHAN TARCOV JONATHAN M. HALLPHILIP S. ULINSKI STUART A. KURTZ1986 GERALD HONIGSBLUM AMY DRU STANLEYDAVID W. OXTOBY 1998 STEVEN LEVITT MALYNNE MAY STERN STEINJOSE QUINTANS JOSEPH A. PICCIRILLIJONATHAN Z. SMITH ALLEN R. SANDERSON 2010 RONALD N. COHENLAURA SLATKIN DARBY ENGLISH1987 FRANK S. MERRITT STEPHEN M. STIGLER WENDY OLMSTEDJAMES M. REDFIELD STEPHAN PALMI£.LORNA P. STRAUS 1999 BERTRAM J. COHLER ANNE ROGERSKARL J. WEINTRAUB MILTONEHREJOSEPHM.WILLIAMS SUSAN M. KIDWELL 2011 ADAM GREENMICHAEL C. LABARBERA CHARLES LIPSON1988 JAN E. GOLDSTEIN MOISHE POSTONE ANGELA V. OLINTOJ. DAVID GREENSTONE MARK OSADJANARUNAS LIULEVICIUS 2000 SHADI BARTSCH VALENTINA PICHUGINMONTE LLOYD DAVID G. GRIERROBERT C. PETERS D. GALE JOHNSON 2012 CATHY COHENLAURENS J. METS GREGORY ENGEL1989 LAUREN BERLANT MEGAN M. MCNULTYCONSTANTIN FASOLT 2001 DANIELLE ALLEN JASON MERCHANTJOHN E. FREDERICK MARKJ.OREGLIA HOWARD NUSBAUMRADOVAN ZAK MARSHA R. ROSNERBERNARD S. SILBERMANKENTHE WILLIAM e AND CATHERINE v.GRAHAM SCHOOLOF CONTINUING LIBERAL ANDPROFESSIONAL STUDIESSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain QuadrangleLUNCHEONInternational HouseHome RoomII:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE CEREMONYInternational HouseAssembly Hall12:15 p.m.RECEPTIONInternational HouseMain Loungeimmediately following the ceremony5ISTH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND CERTIFICATE CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEThe Millar Brass EnsemblePROCESSIONALThe Millar Brass EnsemblePlease stand and remain standing until after the welcomeWELCOMEDANIEL W. SHANNONDeanGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONM.L.A. AND S.M. GRADUATESnames to be read by STEVEN LAYMONAssociate DeanCERTIFICATE PRESENTATIONCERTIFICATE RECIPIENTSnames to be read by STEVEN LAYMONAssociate Deanand CARY NATHENSONAssociate DeanANNOUNCEMENT OF 2013DISTINGUISHED SERVICE AWARD RECIPIENTEXCELLENCE IN TEACHING AWARD RECIPIENTSnames to be read by DANIEL W. SHANNONDeanWELCOME NEW ALUMNIDAMON CATESExecutive DirectorUniversity of Chicago Alumni AssociationRECESSIONALThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please Stand)40THE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE Y. GRAHAM SCHOOL OF CONTINUING LIBERAL AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIESFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF LIBERAL ARTS:JILL ANN BAD LOTTOA.B., Univmity ofCmtral FwriJa, 20IOSHERI LYNN BARRYA.B., Columbia Colkgt, Chicago, Illinas, 200IHEATHER KATHLEEN BUSHS.B., Pmnsylvania Statt Univtrrity. Univmity Park,2002ANGELO RAPHAEL CHAVERSS.B., Chicago Start Univtrrity. I972A.M, Nonhtasttrn Illinois Univmity. I977BORWENCHUA.B., National Tiziwan Univmity. Tizipa, I979MARK RICHARD ELLIOTTS.B., Univmity of Toledo, Ohio, I984A.M, Bowling Gwm Start Univmity. I986JD., Univmity of Toledo, Ohio, I990 ANNE LOUISE GEHRINGA.B., Miami Univmity. Oxford, Ohio, I986LISA GREENFIELDA.B., Univtrrity ofMassachusttts at Amhmt, I988M.D., Wilkt Fornt Univmity. I992JAMES LAVERTYS.B., £nuis Univmity. Romtoville, Illinois, I992S.B., Nonhwtsttrn Univtrrity. I998JEFFREY J. LIMBERGS.B., Excelsior Colkgt of tht Univmity of tb« Start ofNtw YIIrk, 2000PATRANAN PEETAKANONTA.B., Stattle Univmity. 20I2MICHAEL E. ROSENZWEIGA.B., Nova Southtasttrn Univmity. Fort LaudmJale,Fwrida, 2009 SARAH RACHEL SAPPERSTEINA.B., Univmity ofRtdlands, 2005SHANNA LEIGH SCHMIDTS.B., Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,I993MARJORIE MORETZ STINESPRINGS.B., Univtrrity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign,I96IS.M, ibid., I¢3Ph.D., ibid., I968ALLISON STINSONA.B., Univmity ofMassachusttts at Amhmt, 2008MAN LUNG TAMS.B., Whtaton Colkgt, Illinois, I990FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE:JEFFREY J. BEICHNERA.B., Gorgt Washington Univmity. 2009JOHN ANTHONY BRODSTONS.B., Cmghton Univmity. I973MD., ibid., I980M.P.H., Ohio Start Univmity. Columbus, 2003MB.A., Univmity ofNtbraska-Lincoln, 2008TODD CANNANS.B., Univmity ofMiami, I997JOSE COLONA.B., DtPaui Univtrrity. Chicago, Illinois, 20II DAVID GERVINOA.B., Nonhtasttrn Start Univtrrity. Tahlequah,Oklahoma, I996DANIEL ROBERT GILLS.B., Excelsior Collegt of tht Univtrrity of tb« Statt ofNew YIIrk, 20IOMATTHEW JACOB LIPMANA.B., Loyo14 Univmity Chicago, I988TIMOTHY JOHN RAJCEVICHA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 2005EDWARD ANDREW RICHARDSA.B" Loyo14 Univtrrity of Chicago, I985M.P.A., Illinois Institut« ofT«hnology. I992 CAITLYN CONLEY SARNAA.B., St. Mary's Colkgt ofMary14nd. 2008KRISTIN LAURIE STEVENSA.B., Colgart Univmity. I99IM.Div., Union Thtowgical Stminary, Netu YIIrk City.Neio YIIrk, I995EMMET JOHN WELCHA.B., Northeastem Illinois Univtrrity. 20IOTHE DIVISION OFTHE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAND THE PRITZKERSCHOOL OF MEDICINEFRIDAY, MAY 31,2013DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR MD CANDIDATESRockefeller Memorial Chapel10:30 a.mFRIDAY, JUNE 14,2013DIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR PHD CANDIDATESReva and David Logan Center for the Artsn:oo a.mSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEON AND DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTIONBiological Sciences Learning Center12:00 p.m.5IFH CONVOCATIONDIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR MD CANDIDATESORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKENNETH S. POLONSKYRichard T. Crane Distinguished Service ProfessorDean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School ofMedicineExecutive Vice President for Medical AffairsADDRESSJOEL SCHWABProfessor of PediatricsPRESENTATION AND HOODINGHOLLY J • HUMPHREYRalph W. Gerard Professor in MedicineDean for Medical EducationFaculty Marshal: JOEL SCHWABCLOSING REMARKSKENNETH S. POLONSKY44THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEDIVISIONAL ACADEMIC CEREMONY FOR PHD CANDIDATESORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKENNETH S. POLONSKYRichard T. Crane Distinguished Service ProfessorDean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School ofMedicineExecutive Wce President for Medical AffairsADDRESSEUGENE CHANGMartin Boyer Professor ofMedicineAssociate Section Chief of ResearchTHE CONFERRING OF A FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE INGRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGILYA RUVINSKYAssociate Professor, Departments ofEcology & Evolution and Organismal Biology & Anatomy, Committeeson Development, Regeneration & Stem Cell Biology; Evolutionary Biology; and Genetics, Genomics &Systems BiologyPresented by MICHAEL COATESProfessor, Department of Organismal Biology & Anatomy and the College; Chair, Committee onEvolutionary BiologyPRESENTATION AND HOODINGVICTORIA E. PRINCEProfessor, Organismal Biology & AnatomyAssociate Dean and Director, Graduate AffairsFaculty Marshal: TOBIN SOSNICKCLOSING REMARKSKENNETH S. POLONSKY455ISTH CONVOCATION THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINIFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF MEDICINE:RAJIV AGARWALA.B .• Columbia Univmity. New Ytlrk City. New Ytlrk.2009NIKITA GEORGE ALEXIADESA.B .• Lehigh Univmity. 2009S.B .• ibid.. 2009LEONARDO ALIAGAB.RA .• Univmity of Illinois at Chicago. 2002·WITH HONORSADRIENNE RENEE AZURDIAS.B.• Arizona State Univmity. 2009BRITTANYANNEBETHAMS.B .• �yn� State Univmity. Detroit, Michigan. 2009·WITH HONORSLAURA MARSHALL BLINKHORNA.B .• Princeton Univmity. 2003CLIFTON O'NEILL BROCKS.B.• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2003RACHEL MIRIAM CANES.B., Yak Univmity. 1998A.M.• Univmity of California. &rk�!ey, 2001Ph.D .• ibid., 2011AVROM SOLOMON CAPLANA.B .• Tufts Univmity. 2002DANIEL ABRAHAM CARLTONA.B.• COrMll Univmity. Ithaca, New Ytlrk. 2006DANIELLE MARIE CARTERA.B .• Yak Univmity. 2008VALERIE HSINYEN CHENS.B .• Univmity of North Carolina at Chap�1 Hili,2009THARIAN SIMON CHERIANS.B .• Massachus�tts Institute of Technology. 2009KEVIN JOONKYUNG CHOOS.B .• Stanford Univmity. 2008ADAM CLOEA.B .• Boston Univmity. 2004Ph.D .• Univmity of Chicago. 2011SALLY JOSEPHINE COHEN-CUTLERA.B.• Columbia Univmity. New Ytlrk City. New Ytlrk.2008CHRISTOPHER DAVID COLLIERA.B .• Miami Univmity. Oxford. Ohio. 2009MICHAEL PETER COMBSA.B .• Loyof4 Univmity of Chicago. 2006ABIGAIL STEWART CUTLERA.B., Brown Univmity. 2003ROBERT TIMOTHY DESSS.B.• Northwestern Univmity. 2002MATTHEW COLE ELLIOTTS.B .• Auburn Univmity Main Campus. 2007ADAM RUSSELL EPPLERS.B.• M�ssiah Colkg�. 2006MP.H.. Univmity ofG�orgia. 2009MARK LEWIS EPSTEINS.B .• Univmity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2000S.B., ibid; 2000S.M..• ibid; 2002JASON AARON ESPINOZAS.B .• Univmity ofArizona. 2009UCHENNA CHIDINMA EWULONUS.B .• Univmity ofGmgia. 2008MARCIA INGRID FAUSTINS.B .• Loyof4 Univmity of Chicago. 2007BENJAMIN DAVID FERGUSON.S.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaIgn.2004Ph.D .• Univmity of Chicago. 2011AMANDA JUDITH GAWINA.B .• Not'thwatern Univmity. 2009 ELIZABETH ANN GREENSTEINA.B .• Vassar Colkg�. 2009KEVIN JEROME HEATONA.B .• Univmity of San Francisco, 2005LAUREN KOSS HENSLEYS.B., Univmity of Wisconsin-Madison. 2006ALLISON TALBERT HICKEYS.B .• Univmity of Nom Dame, 2009JAMES ABEL IWAZS.B .• University of California. San Diego. 2009SUSHIL KUMAR JAINS.B .• Univmity of California, Los Ang�ks. 2008JENNIFER E KAISERS.B .• Univmity of Wisconsin-Madison. 2007A.M.• ibid.. 2011ATUL KAPlLAS.B .• Massachus� Institute of Technology. 2009GREGORY EDWARD KAUFFMANN.A.B .• Univmity of Virginia. 2009·WITH HONORSAUSTIN WAYNE KLINEA.B .• �bash Colkg�, 2009YELENA KOLDOBSKAYAA.B.• Carnell Univmity. Ithaca. New Ytlrk. 2002S.M.• Univmity of Chicago. 2004Ph.D .• ibid., 2009DANIEL MAHER KOZMANS.B., Univmity of California, Los Ang�les. 2008KIRAN ACHUT KUMARS.B .• Univmity ofArizona. 2008KELLY DANIELLE LEDBETTERA.B.• �lksky Colkg�. 2007SAMUEL SANG LEEA.B., Northwestern Univmity. 2009DANIEL JOSEPH LEVINS.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2009THOMAS WALTER MADERS.B.• Univmity of Nom Dame, 2009PATRICK R. MANNS.B.• Seattk Pacific Univmity. 2005TOUSSAINT L'OVERTURE OLIVIERMEARS-CLARKEA.B .• Obmin Colkg�. 2009AARON J. MILLERS.B.• Colorado State Univmity. 1999S.M.• ibid, 2002REBECCA CHRISTINE MILLERA.B.• Northwestern Univmity. 2006SHAMSIDEEN OLAMITUNDE MUSAS.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2005S.M. Univmity of Chicago. 2011NISHA NARULAS.B .• Brown Univmity. 2009MARGARET LESCHEN NAUNHEIMS.B .• Duke Univmity. 2009·WITH HONORSRYAN KEITH NELSONA.B .• Northtoestern Univmity. 2009SHAWN A. PATELS.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2008JESSICA JEAN PILLARELLAA.B .• Univmity of Nom Dame, 2008JACQUELINE NICOLE POSTONA.B .• Univmity of Oregon. 2008MICHAEL SCOTT PUTMANA.B .• Vanderbilt University; 2009 KATIE ELIZABETH RAFFELS.B .• Xavi" University; Cincinnati. Ohio. 2009·WITH HONORSPAUL ALLEN RIORDANA.B .• Duk� Univmity. 2004JEAN WESTON RUDNICKIS.B.• Brown Univmity. 2008FREDA CHARLOTTE SANSARICQA.B .• New Ytlrk Univmity. 2006S.M.• State University of New Ytlrk at Stony Brook.2009GABRIELLE ROSE SCHAEFERA.B., Univmity of California. Los Ang�ks. 2007DAVID MASON SIEBERTS.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2009LAURA CLAIRE SILLERSA.B .• Princeton Univmity. 2007SAMANTHA GOULD SANFORD SMITHA.B .• Williams Colkg�. 2009ROBERT MICHAEL STERNA.B .• Carleton Colkg�. 2006RACHEL PAPANEK STORKS.B .• Ohio State Univmity. Columbus. 2009JASMINE RUE SWANlKERS.B .• Duke Univmity. 2009SARAH CATHERINE TODDA.B .• Colgate Univmity. 2002M.A. T.. Johns Hopkins University; 2004ANNE CATHERINE TOLEDOS.B .• Univmity ofPortf4nd. 2007JOSEPH RAYFIELD TRIGGSA.B .• Univmity ofPmnsylvania, 2005Ph.D .• Univmity of Chicago. 2011TARAK KANDARP TRIVEDIS.B .• �yn� Stat« Uniuersity; Detroit, Michigan. 2008·WITH HONORSVIYAN UDAWATTAA.B .• Case Wntern Res�� Univmity. 2009WILLIAM JAMES UFFMANNS.B .• United States Naval Acatkmy, 2003JOSHUA TYLER BONNEMA WILLIAMSA.B .• Wh�aton Colkg�. Illinois. 2008S. B .• ibid; 2008·WITH HONORSJOYCE LEY! WOO.S.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champasgn.2009WENLU WENDY XIONGA.B .• Vanderbilt Univmity. 2009BABATUNDE ADEDEJI YEROKUNA.B .• Stanford Univmity. 2008JORDAN YODERS.B .• Duke Univmity. 2009MATTHEW HARRIS ZEGAREKA.B .• Rutgm. The State Univmity of New Jm?Piscataway, 2009WILLIAM ABEL ZEIGERS.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2005Ph.D .• University of Chicago, 2011·WITH HONORSMEl ZHOUS.B .• Pmnsylvania State Univmity. 20085I5TH CONVOCATIONHCINI THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES AND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE:KATHERINE ALLISON DAMMS.B .• Michigan State University. 2002M.D .• ibid., 2006(Health Studies)WESLEY ANDREW GRIMMA.B .• Augustana Collegt, Rock Island, Illinois. 2006s.M.. University of Southern California, 2008(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine)WESLEY JOHN JUNS.B., University of Chicago, 2006(Molecular Pathogtnesis and Molecular Medicine)EKATERINA KHRAMTSOVAS.B., University of Illinois at Chicago. 20IO(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine)STEVEN WILLIAM KREGELS.B., University of Chicago, 2009(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine)DANIEL SOLOMAN LEVENTHALS.B., University of Central Florida, 2008S.B., ibid: 2008(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine) LEAH MARIE MAYOS. B .• University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2009(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine)MICHELLE LENA MILLERA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2008(Molecular Pathogentsis and Molecular Medicint)JOYCE PIERETTIA.B., Columbia University. New York City. New York.2009(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)COLLES ORRIN JOSEPH PRICES.B., University of Maryland-BaltimoTr County. 2008(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine)MICHAEL FRANCIS PRIESTS.B., Stanford University. 2006S.M., ibid; 2007(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Mtdicine)AMITA RASTOGIM. B. Ch.B., All India Institute of Medical Sciences,New Delhi. India, I982Ch.M., ibid., I987M.H.A., University of Kentucky, I999(Health Studits) ERIN SMITHBERGERS.B., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Stat«University. 2009S.M., University of Chicago, 20I3(Molecular Pathogenesis and Molecular Medicine)WENDY TSANGB.Sc.• University of Toronto, Ontario. Canada. I998M.D., QJtuns University. Kingston, Ontario. Canada,2003(Health StudUs)FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYANDREW JOSEPH BESTULS.B., Marquette University. 2007(Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)DISSERTATION: The Role of Fermin-MediatedAssembly of Profilin-Actin in Fission �astDAVID CHARLES BINDERA.B., Cornell University. Ithaca, New York, 2007(Cancer Biology)DISSERTATION: Rescue of Dysfonctional EndcgenousT Cells by an Antigen-Specific Bacterial v.zccintJESSIE CHANGA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 200I(Developmental Biology)DISSERTATION: The Interactions between CdxTranscription Factors and the Retinoic AcidSignaling Pathway in Regulating theRrgionalization of the Posterior Neural PlateANDREW DOSMANNS.B., Marshall University. 2002(Evolutionary Biology)DISSERTATION: Proximate and Ultimate Factors inthe Evolution ofAnimal Personality in Belding'sGround Squimls (Urocitdlus bddingi)LAUREL MARIE FARMERS.B., Carnegie Mellon University. 2008(Neurobiology)DISSERTATION: CLC-3 Chloride Channels Moderat«Long- Term Potentiation at Schaffer Collateral­C4I SynapsesXIAO HANS.B., Tsinghua University. Beijing, China. 2003(Medical Physics)DISSERTATION: Investigation and Applications ofOptimization-Based Image Reconstruction in Full­and Reduced- View Cone-Beam ComputedTomographyEDMOND Y. HUANGS.B., University of California, San Diego. 2005(Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition)DISSERTATION: Dietary and PharmacologicRegulation of the Gut Microbiome: Implicationsfor Health and Disease RAYMOND E. HULSEA.B., University of Illinois at Chicago. I993(Neurobiology)DISSERTATION: A Spectroscopic Investigation into theDynamics of K' Channel GatingXlAJIANGS.B., Nanjing University. China. 2006S.M., Washington State University. 2008(Medical Physics)DISSERTATION: Neuronal Current MagneticResonance Imaging of Evoked Potentials andNeural OscillationsSTEPHANIE HEWON KIMS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006(Developmental Biology)DISSERTATION: The Role of Bone MorphogrntticProtein -9 in Skeletal DevelopmentVEENA KRISHNAMOORTHYB. Sc., University of Delhi, New Delhi. India. 200IMSc., ibid: 2003(Pathology)DISSERTATION: Mechanisms of NOTCHI-MediatedRepression of the Cbemokine Receptor Gene CCf9,in T Cell ProgenitorsPETER BULKLEY KRUSKALA.B .• Oberlin College, 2005(Computational Neuroscience)DISSERTATION: Circuit Reactivations RegulateSynaptic Plasticity: A Dynamic Promoter ofConsolidation in NeocortexKATHERINE GIVEN LIGTENBERGA.B .• University of Chicago. 2008(Microbiology)DISSERTATION: On the Contribution ofLerY, LcrGand YscP to Yersinia PathogenesisSTEPHANIE CLAIRE MELKONIANA.B .• University of Chicago, 2007(Htalth Studies)DISSERTATION: Genetic and EnvironmentalInfluences on Early-Onset Breast Cancer Prognosis:Using Genome-wide Association Data to AsmsGene-Environment Interaction ERIK PEARSONS.B., University of Delaware, 2006B.ME., ibid., 2006(Medical Physics)DISSERTATION: Development and Application ofAdvanced Cone-Beam CT Acquisition Strategiesfor lmage-Guieled TherapiesJOANNA JEAN ROWELLB.Sc., McGill University. Montreal; QJtlbec. Canada,2005(Neurobiology)DISSERTATION: The Evolution and Development ofNeocortical NeuronsMIAO SUNS.B., Peking University. Beijing, China. I992S.M., Chinese Acadnny of Sciences, Shanghai, China,I995S.M., University of Chicago, 2002(Genetics)DISSERTATION: Itlentification of'Metastasis SuppressorSignaling Pathways in Breast CancerAZUSA TANAKAA.B., Goucher Collegt, 2004(Immunology)DISSERTATION: The Role oflg-beta Lysine &sidues inB Cell Development, Signaling, and FunctionALISSA MARIE WLODAVERA.B .• Washington University in St. Louis. 2003(Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)DISSERTATION: Protein and snRNA DynamicsDuring Spliceosome Activation475IFH CONVOCATIONTHE FACULY AWARDS OF EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHINGAND MENTO RINGILYA RUVINSKYAssociate Professor, Departments of Ecology & Evolution and Organismal Biology & Anatomy, Committeeson Development, Regeneration & Stem Cell Biology;Evolutionary Biology; and Genetics, Genomics & Systems BiologyILYA RUVINSKY is the consummate integrativebiologist, with scholarly interests that span thegenetics of developmental regulation, experimentalmodel-based systems, comparative methods, andevolutionary biology. His interdisciplinary researchhas attracted, and excited, an exceptional variety ofstudents, encouraging many to follow his footstepsby ignoring traditional research boundaries. Hisinnovative classes impart upon students profoundconceptual shifts in their thinking about thesignificance of discoveries in biological and medicalscience. His engagement with department life,shouldering responsibilities for graduate trainingand mentoring, has ensured that his talents havebeen thoroughly utilized and shared by studentsboth in and out of his laboratory. Most importantly,all of this is achieved by means of his infectious enthusiasm for science, combined with intellectualrigor, forthright critical discussion, generous sharingof his abilities, and a necessary injection of humor.The candidate will be presented by MICHAEL COATES,Professor, Department of Organismal Biology andAnatomy and the College; Chair, Committee onEvolutionary Biology.CITATIONEnthusiastic, rigorous, critical, witty, andintellectually fearless, ILYA RUVINSKY challengesstudents to think about the scientific method andprovides a superb example for students to follow ininterdisciplinary biological and medical research.THE DIVISIONOF THE HUMANITIESSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONBartlett Commons and Bartlett QuadrangleI1:30 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel Hall1:45 p.m.RECEPTIONBartlett Quadrangleimmediately following the ceremony51STH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONPRELUDESELECTIONS FROM RENAISSANCE DANCESComposed by TYLMAN SUSATOThe University of Chicago Pipe Band(Please Stand)WELCOMEMARTHA T. ROTHDean of the Division of the HumanitiesTHE CONFERRING OF A FACULTY AWARDFOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGCHRISTOPHER WILDAssociate Professor, Department of Germanic Studies, Theater and Performance Studies,the Divinity School and the CollegePresented by DAVID E. WELLBERY,LeRoy T. and Margaret Deffenbaugh Carlson University Professor,Departments of Germanic Studies and Comparative Literature,John U. Nef Committee on Social Thought, and the College.MARTHA T. ROTHDean of the Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by ADRIANNE RENBERGAssociate Dean of StudentsA.M. AND M.F.A. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONMUSICAL INTERLUDEMY SPIRIT BE JOYFULComposed by JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACHTHE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESPH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONMARTHA T. ROTHDean of the Division of the Humanitiesnames to be read by AORIANNE RENBERGAssociate Dean of StudentsGraduates will be hooded by faculty members in the Division of the HumanitiesRECESSIONALGALLIARD BATTAGLIAComposed by SAMUEL SCHEIDTFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS:HASUNAHNA.B .• Yonsn Univmity. &ouL South Korea, 20Il(Mast" ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)AMANDA ERIN ALLENA.B .• Vantin1Jiu Univmity. 2012(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)DAVID CARLOS AMBROSEA.B .• University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2009(Masm- ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)KATHRYN LYNN ARMANA.B.• Southwest Missouri Stak University. 2009(Middk Eastern Studies)KERITH MARIE ASMAA.B.• Univmity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2012(Masm- ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)JOSHUA BAKERA.B.• Temple Univmity. 2009(Romance Languages and Lim-atum)LISA SILVA BARBOSA-ANGLESA.B .• Emmanuel College. Boston. Massachusetts 2011(Masm- ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)THEODORE SAMUEL BEERSA.B .• Princeton Univmity. 2009(Near Eastern Languages and CivilizAtions)JORDANABEHA.B.• Mercyhunt College. 2012(Mastu ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)JOHN GREGORY BEISNERA.B.• University of California. Santa Cruz. 2006(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)DAMIEN J. BERLIETA.B.• Yale University. 2007(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)EDDY BERMUDEZA.B .• St. Thomas Univmity. Miami. F/Qrida. 2011(Mast" ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)ROSA M. BEYERA.B .• Univmity of Wyoming, 2012(Mast" ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)KATHLEEN ANNE BLAIRA.B .• College ofWooskr, 2009(Mastu ofArts Program in the Humanities)FLORENCE YOLANDE MARIEGHISLAINE BO£LPh.B .• Faculth Unioersitaires Saint-Louis. Brussels.Belgium. 2011(Masm- ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)MADELEINE BREHM BOUCHERA.B.• Columbia University. New York City. New York.2009(Masm- ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)MARGARET HELEN BROWNA.B.• University of Georgia. 2012S.B.• ibid. 2012(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities) COSETTE ALANA BRUHNSA.B .• New &hool Univmity. 2010(Romance Languages and Lim-atures)NAJI A BSISUS.B .• University of Dayton. 2004(Middk Eastem Studies)KENDEL M. BURDEAUXA.B .• Univmity of Oklahoma, 2012(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)JONATHAN A. CALLIESA.B .• Univmity ofColifornia. Los Angeles. 2011(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)CLAYTON WILLIS CARDENA.B.• Centre College. 2009(Masm- ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)LUCIAN JAMES CHASEA.B.• Sarah Lsunmce College. 2011(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)PHILIP CHOONGA.B .• Bradley Univmity. 2012(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)GWENDOLYN COLLA<;OA.B .• Vassar College. 2011(Middk Eastern Studies)EBENEZER CONCEPCIONA.B .• Saint Pem-I Univmity. 2008(Romance Languages and Literatures)BENJAMIN H. CREECHA.B .• University of Louisville. 2012(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)REBECCA MAE CUSCADENA.B.• University ofMissouri-Columbia. 2011A.B .• ibid: 20Il(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)CHRISTOPHER COLE DECOUA. B .• University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 20Il(Mast" ofArts Program in the Humanities)DANA LAUREN DEVLIEGERA.B.• University ofNotre Dame. 2012(Mastu ofArts Progrrzm in the Humanities)MARIA ALISON DIKCISA.B .• Loyola University of Chicago. 2012S.B .• ibid. 2012(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)MEGHAN SIOBHAN DOWDA.B .• Columbia College. Chicago. Illinois. 2009(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)CASSANDRA KAY DUNNA.B .• Univmity of California. Los Angeles. 20Il(Masm- ofArts Program in the Humanities)LEOPOLD LEWIS EISENLOHRA.B.• Ohio Stak University. 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Like no scholar before him, he hasexposed the taboos and transgressions surroundingour culture's experience of theater. In his teachinghe seeks to help each student discover her individualintellectual and professional path. His contributionto graduate education in the Department ofGermanic Studies has been transformative. The candidate will be presented by DAVID E.WELLBERY, LeRoy T. and Margaret DeffenbaughCarlson University Professor, Departments of GermanicStudies and Comparative Literature, Committee onSocial Thought, and the College.CITATIONCommitted to a vision of education in all its aspects,CHRISTOPHER WILD empowers his students to beimaginative and wise actors in a complex, rapidlyevolving professional environment.THE DIVISIONOF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMuseum of Science and Industry5700 S Lake Shore Drive12:00 p.m.LUNCHEONimmediately following the ceremonyPRELUDE515TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONThe University of Chicago Pipe Band(Please Stand)WELCOMEROBERT A. FEFFERMANDean, Division of Physical SciencesARTHUR L. KELLY PRIZE FOR EXCEPTIONAL SERVICEIN THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESRecipients:KA YEE C. LEEJOHN E. FREDERICKS.M. DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONROBERT A. FEFFERMAN, Dean, Division of Physical SciencesNames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsRecognized by Directors of the S.M ProgramsRECESSIONALMUSICAL INTERLUDERIGAUDONby ANDRE CAMPRAThe Millar Brass EnsemblePH.D. HOODING AND DIPLOMA PRESENTATIONROBERT A. FEFFERMAN, Dean, Division of Physical SciencesNames to be read by MIRANDA SWANSON, Dean of StudentsHooders: Faculty Members of the Physical Sciences DivisionREMARKS BY THE DEANROBERT A. 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[man, China. 2012(Financial Mathematics)JUN ZHAIS.B .• Tianjin Uniuersity; China. 2012BEcon .• Nankai Uniwrrity. Tianjin, China. 2012(Financial Matbemetics)DANTUO ZHANGB.Eng.• Beijing Uniwrrity ofuchnology. China. 2012(Financial Mathematics)FAN ZHANGA.B .• Uniwrrity of British Columbia. Vilncouvn;Canada, 2012(Financial Mathematics) HANBING ZHANGA.B .• University of Virginia. 2011(Financial Mathnnatics)JUN ZHANG7jf�a�trL�/h=ti�'Jiwrrity. China. 2012MIN ZHANGB.S.S. (Hans), Cbines« University of Hong Kong, Hong(Fin��':fal ��hnnatics)RUICHENG ZHANGB.Econ .• Sun Yat-Sm Univmity. Guangzhou. anna. 20I2(Financial Mathematics}TIANXIANG ZHANGfJ;�:�11:§[;':n�:r ofuchnology. China. 2012WANDEZHANGB.E"!f�fnJt�h,j? ;fofmu and uchnology of China.flr;'�nci�}vf!�a:tJric':J at Austin. 2009WENBOZHANGB.B.A.. (Hons), Singaport Managnnmt University;(Fi,f;:�{:J;oMath:::.atics)XIN ZHANGS.B'Hlf;::,vA,jZi!r;�;nu and uchnology of China.'tJ.�gDjt��1 tJ;;�milJi Chicago. Illinois. 2006(Financial Matbematici) THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESYUELING ZHANGB.E"f;' East China Univmity of Science and(Com�i:"�dc�jnghai. 2012ZHEN ZHANG�f.fI!NM:ftun�:l:sf//lf���:i!�:: £��;/;:'042009(Pinancial Matbematics)LIN ZHAOfJ!;;//:::iJJ//l'),:::/J; China. 2012LINGWEI ZHAOS.B.• Iowa Stat� Univmity of Science and uchnology.2012(Financial Mathematics)RAN ZHOU?f��cVaiiMa��:!J�:;is at Urbana-Champaign. 2012WENZEZHUfJ!���r:l'J:tat�:::ari�? &ijing. China. 2012XIANQING ZOU?ft7:::;!11!;:;'ld::1bjity. Beijing, China. 2012FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY:GRIGORI AVRAMIDIS.B .• California Institute ofuchnology. 2007S.M. University of Chicago. 2009(Mathnnatics)DISSERTATION: Isometrics ofNoncompact AsphmcalManifoldsJARED ALEXANDER BASSA.B .• Harvard Univmity. 2007S.M. University of Chicago. 2009(Mathematics)DISSERTATION: Topological Classification of SomeMultiaxial Actions on Sphere: and ProductsMATTHEW RAND BECKERS.B .• Univmity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2007S.M. 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Italy. 2005Lauren, ibid., 2007S.M. University of Chicago. 2008(Mathnnatics)DISSERTATION: Mirabolic FLzg Vilri�ties:Combinatorics and Convolution Alg�brasDANIEL SCHAPPIB.Sc .• Eidgmossisch� Tecbnische Hochscbule Zurich.Switzerland, 2006MSc .• ibid.• 2008S.M. University of Chicago. 2010(Mathnnatics)DISSERTATION: Gm"aliud Tannaka DualityCHUNXIAOSONGS.B .• P�king University; Beijing; China. 2008S.M. Univmity of Chicago. 2009(Chnnistry)DISSERTATION: Mapping Recmtly Itkntifi�d DNAEpigm�tic Modifications in th� MammalianGmom�515TH CONVOCATIONJIAJINGTANS.B., Univmity ofSdm�t lind T«hnoloo ofChinll,Hefti, Anhui, 2008S.M., Univmity ofChi�IIl'" 2009(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: L Coppn--CIlttJyud EnAntiostltmwCltzism Rtllmzngemmt. IL Adlllln�ts in SuperSilyl Chemistry through tht Dtlltwpmmt ofNewSynthtti� Mtthodowgits.MATTHEW JOHN THIBAULTS.B., MIISSIl�husttts Institust ofT«hnokJo. 2006S.M, Univmity of ChicIll", 2009(Mllthtnuttkr)DISSERTATION: Homotopy Theory ofCombinAtorUtlCostgorits PRATIKWORAHB. "�h., Indittn Instina« ofT«hnoloo Khllrrlgpur,InJU, 2006M T«h., ibitJ., 2006S.M., Univmity of lHinou lit UrlMnA-ChIlmpmgn,2008S.M, Univmity of ChicIll", 20II(Compuser Sd�t)DISSERTATION: Approximlltion Rtsist4nct inOptimiution Hitrrl�hits: &yond LineerPrtdiclltnMATTHEW RICHARD KOBEL WRIGHTS.B., CIlrMgit Mt/Jqn Univmity. 2007S.M., ibitJ., 2007S.M, Univmity of ChicIll", 2009(Mllthtnuttkr)DISSERTATION: Comput4bility lind Struaum GUANQUN ZHENGS.B., Nllnjing Univmity. ChinA, 2007S.M, Univmity ofChicllgo, 2008(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Chll�tion of RNADtmtshyltutsPAVLO ZOLOTAVINDipi; MoWIUJ lnstitust of Phytin lind "�hnowgy,RussiIl, 200$DipL, ibitJ., 2007S.M, Univmity of ChicIll", 2008(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Suptmlndumllity in Co/Jqidttl LtllliNllnocryst4/sTHE DIVISIONOF THESOCIAL SCIENCESSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONIda Noyes Hall12:00 p.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel2:15 p.m.515TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMARIO 1. SMALLDean of the Division, PresidingORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONRIGAUDONfrom Idomeneo Re di Creta by ANDRE CAMPRATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistThe Congregation stands and remains standing until after the welcome.CALL TO ORDERMICHAEL SILVERSTEINAssistant Marshal of the UniversityTHE CONFERRING OF A FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE INGRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGEUGENE RAIKHELAssistant Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development and the CollegePresented by RICHARD P. TAUBPaul Klapper Professor, Departments of Comparative Human Development and Sociology and the College;and Chair, Department of Comparative Human DevelopmentREMARKSBERNARD E. HARCOURTJulius Kreeger Professor of Law and Criminology;Professor and Chair, Department of Political ScienceMUSICAL PERFORMANCEMENUETfrom Suite Gothique by LEON BOELLMANNTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistTHE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGRecipients of Degrees will be presented in alphabetical order by degree in the following programs:In the Committee on International Relations, by CHARLES LIPSONIn the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, by P AU L WA L K E RIn the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, by JOHN MACALOONIn the Department of Anthropology, by JUSTIN RICHLAND, assisted by MICHAEL FISCHIn the Department of Comparative Human Development, by RIc H A R D TAU B,assisted by MARTHA MCCLINTOCKIn the Department of Economics, by HUGO SONNENSCHEIN assisted by ALI HORTACSUIn the Department of History, by BRUCE CUMINGS, assisted by MATTHEW BRIONESIn the Department of Political Science, by BERNARD HARCOURT,assisted by WILLIAM HOWELLIn the Department of Psychology, by SUSAN LEVINE, assisted by KATHERINE KINZLERIn the John U. NefCommittee on Social Thought, by JONATHAN LEAR,assisted by DON DUNBARIn the Department of Sociology, by ANDREW ABBOTT, assisted by DON DUNBARREMARKS BY THE DEAN OF THE DIVISIONOF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESMARIO L. SMALLMUSICAL PERFORMANCEFESTIVE TRUMPET TUNEComposed by DAVID GERMANTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistRECESSIONALTOCCATAfrom Organ Symphony NO.5 by CHARLES-MARIE WIDORTHOMAS WEISFLOG, University Organist(Please Stand)515TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS:ALEXANDER REED ADESA.B., Univusity ofMiami, 20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)MOHAMMAD SHAAN AKBARS.B., Rutgus, tb« Stak University of New JUS? NewBrunswick, 2006{International Relations)KIMBERLY JEAN ANGA.B., University of California. San Diego, 20II(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)MILENA ANG COLLAN GRANILLOA.B., Centra tk Inmtigacion y Docenias Econdmicas,Mexico City. Mexico, 2008(Political Science)ANASTASIA NETTA ARTEMYEV BERGA.B., Harvard Univusity. 2009(Social Thought)NOAH SIMON ASKINA.B., Harvard Univusity. 2002(Socio/Qgy)AARON BRANDON BALLA.B., Illinois msleyan Univusity. 20II(Psycho/Qgy)ANAM KHAN BARAKZAIS.B., Univusity of North Carolina at Char/Qtk, 20II(Mast" ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)ELIN BERGMANKand., Uppsala Univeniset, S�tkn, 20IOMag., ibid., 20IO(Intemasional Relations}SETH HENRY BERLINA.B., Univusity of Chicago, 20II(Political Science)KELLY WILCOX BLACKA.B., Univusity ofMichigan- Ann Arbor. 2007(Anthropo/Qgy)DANIEL WILLIAM BLENKEYA.B., Loras Colleg�, 20II(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)LUKE BRINKERA.B., Univusity of Kansas, 20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)RACHEL MARIE WANDA BURGERA.B., Agn�s Scott Colleg�, 20II(International Relations)KRISTIN ANNE CASTELLANOA.B" Camegi« Mellon Univusity. 20I2(International Relations)STACEY LIAN CHINA.B., University of California, San Di�go, 20II(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)JIN KAI CHNGB.Sc.(Hons}, University of London, England. United/(jngtUlm,20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)MICHELLE HYUN CHOIA.B., Duke Univusity. 20II(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)DAVID COBLE FERNANDEZB.Econ., Unioersidad tk Chik, Santiago, 2006M'Econ., ibid., 2008(Economics)SAMUEL FREDERIC COGGESHALLA.B., Stanford University; 20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)ARRIANNA MARIE C. COLEMANA.B., Univusity of California, &rk�1ey, 2009(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)MARA CAITLIN DECKARDA.B., State Univusity of New YtJrk at Buffa/Q, 20I2(In_tional &lations)JONATHAN MARK DEMINGA.B., Scattk Pacific Univusity. 2004(In_tional &lations)JUSTIN ROBERT DOHONEYA.B., Indiana Univusity B/Qomington, 2004A.M., Ckmson Univusity. 20II(History)MARTIN CARROLL DOPPELTA.B., Univusity of Pittsburgh, 2008S.B., ibid., 2008(Anthropo/Qgy) THORSTEN DRAUTZBURGA.B., Unioersitd» Hamburg, G�rmany. 2005MSc., University of Essex, Colchester; England. UnitedKingdom, 2007(Economics)SPENCER BAILEY DUNCANS.B., Brigham YtJung Univenity-Idaho, Rexburg, 20IO(Middk Eastern Studi�s)EVE KRYSTYNA EJSMONTA.B., Univusity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor. 20IO(Masm ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)MATS JOHAN EKMANA.M, Univusity of Edinburgh, Scotland. UnitedKingdom, 2009(Masm ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)MICKEY FERRIA.B., Tufts Univusity. 2007(Economics)CHRISTINE ELAINE FLEENERS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009{Comparative Human Development)KARMA FRANKLIN FRIERSONA.B., Harvard Univusity. 2009(Anthropo/Qgy)MATTHEW MURPHY FURLONGA.B., Williams Co//eg�, 20IO(Anthropo/Qgy)OLIVER GARLANDA.B., Longwood Co//eg�, 20I2(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)TAYLOR JORDAN GOMBOSA.B., Univusity ofWisconsin-Supmor. 20I2(Masm ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)REBECCA GONCHAROFFA.B., Transylvania University. 20II(International Relations)KEVIN ANDREW GRAHAMA.B., Univusity of California, B"k�1ey, 20II(Middk Eastern Studi�s)CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL GRANTA.B., University of Chicago, 2008A.M., Stanford University. 20IO(Anthropo/Qgy)MARIYA GRINBERGA.B., Univusity of Soutbem California, 20IIS.B., ibid., 20II(Intemational Relations)LUKE DAVID HAGBERGA.B., Boston Colleg�, 20IO(International Relations)KATHRYN ELIZABETH HAGERMANA.B., Syracus« University. 2003(Midtlle Eastem Studw)STEVEN HAMMERSMARKA.B., Univusity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,20IO(International Relations}ISAAC NATHANIEL HANDA.B., University of Cincinnati, 2007(Midtlle Eastern Studi�s)MATTHEW WILLIAM HARRISA.B., Michigan Stak University. 20IO(Masm ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)CAMERON ALEXANDER HECHTA.B., University ofvermant, 20I2{Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)KRISTIN GEE HICKMANA.B., Columbia Univmity. New YtJrk City. New YtJrk,2007(Anthropo/Qgy)FREY HOFFMANA.B., Columbia Colkg�, Chicago, II/inois, I999(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Scimw)MINNA H0JLANDB.A.Sc., K,bmhavns Univmit�t, Copmhagm,Dmmark, 20IO(In_tional &lations)JAMIE WAN WEN HUANGS.B., Univusity OfWtsconsin-Madison, 2002(Middk Easkrn Studi�s) IN HYEE HWANGA.B., YtJns� Uniuersity; Seoul; South KOIYa, 20IO(Political Science)CAITLIN JEWELLA.B., Univusity of Taledo, 20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)JODI KANTERA.B., Duk« University; 2008(Master ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)JAMES PATRICK KENNEDYA.B., Univusity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor. 20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)HARRIETTE VIRGINIA CHARLOTTEKEVILL DAVIESA.B., Univmity of London, England, UnikdKingtUlm, 2008B.A. (Hans), ibid; 20I2(Masm ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)DINA KHAIMOVAS.B., City Univmity of New YtJrk, 20II(Masm ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)YOUNKIA.B., Ctnt�ry Colleg�, 2005A.B., Ewha WOmans Univmity. Scou� South KolYa.2006(Political Science)JAY RANDOLPH KINGA.B., Univusity of Texas at Austin, 20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Scimc�)YANIV KLEINMANA.B., F/Qrida International Univusity. 2008{International &lations)XIAO YING KOHA.B., �org� Washington Univusity. 20I2(International Relations)KATHRYN McGAVOCK LEAA.B" Univmity of Tennesse« at Knoxville, 20II{Master ofArts Program in th« Social Sciences)DARNELL LEATHERWOODS.B., Univusity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,20I2(Mast" ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)RACHEL J. LEWINA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 2009(Mast" ofArts Program in tb« Social Sciences)KATHRYN ANN LINDQUISTA.B., Dartmouth Colleg�, 20IO(Political Science)SEYED ALI MADANI ZADEHS.B., SharifUnivmity ofTechno/Qgy. Tehran, Iran,2004S.M., ibid, 2005S.M., Stanford University; 2007(Economics)MASHAIL AMAN MALIKA.B., Beloit Colleg�, 20I2(International Relations)JAMES VINCENT MARRONES.B., Univusity of Chicago, 2008S.M., Uniuersidad Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain,2009(Economics)IAN McGONIGLEB.A. (Hans), Trinity Colleg� DublinJColdiste naTrlonoitk, Balle Atha Cliath, IIYland, 2007Ph.D., Univusity ofCambridg�, England, United/(jngtUlm,20IO(Anthropo/Qgy)CHRISTOPHER D. MERCADOA.B., Indiana Univusity Northioat; Gary. 2009A.M, Qtum's Univmity of &/fast, North� IIYIand.Unikd /(jngtUlm, 20IO(Political Scimu)ROBERT LEE MITCHELL IIIA.B., Campb�ll Univusity. 20II(Masm ofArts Program in th� Social Scimw)SCOTT RANDALL NASONA.B., Univusity of Oklahoma, 2009(In_tional &lations)ELIZABETH ANNE NECKAA.B., Truman Stak Univusity. 20II(Psycho/Qgy)ANDREW JOSEPH O'CONNORA.B., Univmity of Wisconsin-Madison, 20IO(Middle Eastern Studi�s)JOSHUA ADAM O'DORA.B., Boston Colkg�, 2007(International Rrliztions)SARAH ANN OUTLANDS.B., Missouri State Univmity, 2006(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)LARRYPANDEA.B., D�Paui Univmity, Chicago, Illinois, 2008(Middle Eastern StutJi�s)NA RA PARKA.B., Yonsd Univmity, Seoul. South Korra, 2008A.M., ibid., 20IO(Political Science)GIZEM PlLAVCIA.B., Sabanci Onivmitesi, Istanbul. Turltey. 20II(Middle Eastern StutJi�s)BOGDAN GABRIEL POPESCULic., Univmitatea din Bucurqti, Bucharrst, Romania,2008Lic., ibid., 2008A.M, Univmity ofEssex, Colchnter. England, UnitedKingdom, 2009MPh., Univmity ofNottingham, England, UnitedKingdom, 20I2(Political Science)ZIYI QIUA.B., Univmity of British Columbia, �ncouwr,Canada, 20IIB.S.(Hons}, ibid., 20II(Economics)NICHOLAS WENPIN QUAHA.B., �sltyan Univmity, MJddJetown, Con�cticut,20I2(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)ALISON JANE RAUHA.B., Davidson Colkg�, 20II(Economics)BRIANNE ELIZABETH REEVESA.B., Colleg� of St. Thomas, St. Paul. Minnnota, 20I2(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences) GREGORY WILLIAM RUBERS.B., BraJlty Univmity, 20IO(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)SARA ANNE RUTHVENA.B., Boise State Univmity, 20IO(Middle Eastern StutJin)DANIEL STEVEN SCHOENA.B., Augustana Colkg�, Sioux Falls, South Daltota.20IO(Middle Eastern StutJin)KAYCI JO SCHOONA.B., Univmity ofQorgia, 20I2(Master ofArts Program in th« Social Sciences)SHAINA LYNN SEMIATINA.B., California State Univmity, Fresno, 20IO(Intrmasional Relations)HELEN JOHANNE SHEARSA.B., Univmity of Pug�t Sound, 20I2(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)FEN HSI GRACE SHIOWA.B., Neur Yorlt Univmity, 2008(Intn'nlltional R�lations)ASHVEER PAL SINGHA.B., Univmity of California, &rlt�ley. 20IO(Master ofArts Program in th� Social Sciences)LIBBY RACHEL SNOWA.B., Tulan« Univmity, 20I2(Master ofArts Program in tbe Social Sciences)ALEXA FLORENCE MARIE STEELEA.B.. 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Ctrr: HowComorbitJitics Affict Scrr�ning RausFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN THEDIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES AND THE UNIVERSITY OFCHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS:SERHIY KOZAKS.B .• Lviv StIlU UnivtTrity. UkT'llin�. 2004S.M. ibid.• 2005A.M. Uniwrzita iVlrlova v Prau. Pragw. CuchRepublic. 2008(Finltncitzl Economics)DISSERTATION: Endogmous Risk- Taking 4nd RiskPrrmitz Dynltmics66THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESTHE FACULTY AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGEUGENE RAIKHELAssistant Professor, Department of Comparative Human Development and the CollegeEUGENE RAIKHEL is a cultural and medicalanthropologist with an interest in therapeutictechnologies including addiction and its treatmentin Russia. In this, he brings subtle and nuancedunderstanding to a subject that makes a significantcontribution to the anthropology of medicine andmental health. As a teacher, he brings an equalcommitment to helping students achieve their bestas they face serious intellectual challenges, displayingthe rare ability to demand high standards in waysthat are encouraging and supportive. Studentsare grateful for the constructive guidance theyreceive and learn to rely on him as a rich source ofinformation regarding culture, medicine, and health.In addition to his work with students one-on-one,he is the sponsor of an important new departmental workshop on "Self and Subjectivity" and theinaugural director of the Comparative HumanDevelopment colloquium series, both of whichenrich our students' educational experiences.The candidate will be presented by RIC H A R D P.TAU B, Paul Klapper Professor, Departments ofComparative Human Development and Sociology andthe College; and Chair, Department of ComparativeHuman Development.CITATIONIntellectual breadth combined with a commitmentto high standards and clarity of thought in workingwith individual students makes EUGENE RAIKHEL anideal guide and valuable resource for students in ademanding interdisciplinary program.THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOBOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.LUNCHEONChicago Booth, Harper Center, Room 10412:00 p.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMcCormick PlaceArie Crown Theater4:15 p.m.RECEPTIONMcCormick Place Terraceimmediately following the ceremony515TH CONVOCATION70 DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONPlease stand and remain standing until after the call to orderWELCOMESUNIL KUMARDeanGeorge Pratt Shultz Professor of Operations ManagementFACULTY ADDRESS50 YEARS AT CHICAGOEUGENE F. FAMARobert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor ofFinanceALUMNI ADDRESSPEOPLE,PEOPLE, PEOPLETHOMAS PRITZKERExecutive Chairman, Hyatt Hotels Corporation'76MBA & '76JDMUSICAL INTERLUDEMembers of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirAWARDING OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODINGSUNIL KUMARand Faculty Dissertation ChairpersonsTHE ALMA MATER(Please stand)Members of the University of Chicago Motet ChoirCLOSING REMARKSSUNIL KUMARTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFOR THE DEGREE OF INTERNATIONAL MASTER OF BUSINESSADMINISTRATION:RAJ KUMAR BOYAB. uch .• Indilln Inuitut« ofuchnology Roork��. Indill.2002S.M. Nortbuestem Uniwnity. 2004 GEM EDWARD MCCREARYS.B.• Uniml StAUS MilitAry kadnny. 2003STEVEN MARK SOUTHWICKB.Bus.• Brip,am Young Uniwnity. :1.007-WITH HONORS DAVID WERTHANA.B.• Havnford Colkg�. :1.004FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION:SYED BABAR ABBASS.B.• Gbulam Ishaq Khan Imtitus« of Engin�mngScimces and uchnolagy. Topi. PllkistAn. 2001S.M.• Virginill Polyt�chnic Instituu Ilnd StAUUniwnity. :1.004CHRISTOPHER VARGHESE ABRAHAMA.B.• UniwnilJ ofGdifornia. Los .Ang�/n. 2005DIDIER ACEVEDOB.B.A.. StoMhiU Colkg�. :1.005JORGE ACOSTAIng.• UniwnidtuJ Austrlll Bumos Aim. Argmtina.2005DANIEL MICHAEL ADAMSS.B.• Duqunn� Uniwnity. 2007-WITH HONORSJAMES MATTHEW ADDISONA.B.• VRndnbilt Uniwnity. :1.008ADEDEJI ADEKEYES.B.• Illinois Institut« ofuchnolagy. :1.003SANJHI AGRAWALB.Com.(Hons}. UniwnilJ ofD�/hi. Nnv Delhi; Indi»,2008-WITH HIGH HONORSFARHAN AHMEDS.B .• LRfoYttt� Colkg�. 2005-WITH HONORSLUBNA SAEED AHMEDB. uch .• Indian Instituu ofuchnoloo &mbllJ>Mumblli. Indill. :1.007VISHAL AHUJAB.Eng.• Pllnjllb Uniwnity. Chllndigllrh. Indill. 1997M.A.Sc.• UniwnilJ of Toronto. OntArio. CR7IIUia.2001JING AIS.B.• UniwnilJ ofPmnsylvllnill. 2005-WITH HONORSSINDHU AITHALB.Eng.• Sir M. VisvtsVllrllYIl Institut« ofuchnology.BRnglllart. Indill. 2002-WITH HONORSMOHAMMAD SHAAN AKBARS.B.• Rutgm. ThtStAU UniwnilJ ofNo» 1m? NnvBrunswiCk. 2006A.M. UnivmilJ ofChicllgo. :1.013ATANAS KRASSIMIROV ALEXIEVA.B.• UnivmilJ ofChicllgo. :1.004-WITH HONORSTRACY L. ALLENS.B .• UnivmilJ ofWisconsin-Mlldison. :1.003ANTONIO RICARDO ALLONA KRAUELLL.B .• Univmidad Pontijicill Comillas. Mildrid,Spllin. :1.005Lic .• ibid. 2006-WITH HONORSRAFAELA ALMEIDA CADENAEng.• Uniwnidtule Estildual M CRmpinas. BrtlZil:1.007-WITH HONORSTIAGO PEDRO CORDEIRO DEANDRADEBRch .• &cola M AdministrilcllO M EmprtSllS M SlioPIlUIa. BrtlZil 200P-WITH HONORSJOHN GERARD ANGLISSA.B.• Colgllu Univmity. :1.005OLGA ANTONYUKDipL. Zhytomyr IVim FrRnko StAU Uniwnity.Ulmlin�. :1.004DipL. ibid. :1.006 JORGE CHRISTIAN APARICIO RAMOSBRch .• Univmidad MI PRdjico. Lime, P�. :1.005SAMI ARAYSSIB.Eng.• Ammclln UnivmilJ of Beirut, Lebanon, :1.005S.M.• StAnford Uniwnity. :1.007-WITH HONORSERIN MARIE ASHENFELTERS.B .• Buclrn�U Univmity. :1.007DEV ASHISHB.Eng.• Thllpllr Instina« of Engin�mng Ilnduchnolagy. Piltill/a, Indill. :1.000S.M.• Clarkson Uniwnity. :1.002MARYUM NAZ ASHRAFB.B.A .• UniwnilJ ofG�orgia. :1.006MARC ANDREW AUSTEINA.B.• Northwntnn Uniwnity. :1.007TAIWO HASSAN AYINDES.B.• Howllrd Uniwnity. 2008SWATI S. AYYARA.B.• UniwnilJ ofGdifornill. Irvine, 2006SUKJIN BAEB.Arr:h .• Hllnyllng Univmity. Seoul South Kortll,:1.006JOSE MANUEL BAEZA OATSLie.• Uniwnidad Adolfo Ibllnn;, SRntillgo. Cbil», 2006Ing.• ibid. :1.007Mllg.• ibid. :1.007BISTRA BAHAROVAS.B .• G�0'f�town Uniwnity. :1.004LL.M.• UniwnilJ of London. England, UnittdKingdom. 2007UPASNA BAHLB..A.(Hons}. UniwnilJ ofD�/hi. Nnu D�/hi.lndill.:1.005A.M.• ibid. :1.008RISHI BAJAJS.B .• Nno York Univmity. 2007MUNEEB S. BALBALEA.B.• YRk Uniwnity. 2004A.M. UniwnilJ ofChicllgo. :1.006-WITH HONORSJOANNA ALICIA BANKSS.B.• UniwnilJ of Pmnsylvllnill. :1.006-WITH HIGH HONORSAMIT V. BAPATS.B.• Cornell Uniwnity.lthllCll. Nnv York. :1.008-WITH HONORSALLAN WANJALA BARASAA.B .• BRtts Colkgt. 2008EZGI BARCENASB.Eng.• VRnlkrbilt Uniwnity. 2005S.M.• Hllrvllrd Uniwnity. :1.007PAUL BARRYA.B .• Northwntnn Uniwnity. 2003JOSEPH GREGORY BAUER, JR.S.B .• Villanovll Uniwnity. :1.007KEVIN MANUEL BAUMEISTERLAUWICKMSc.• Rams Mllnag�mt School Frllnu. :1.007MAHER BEAINIB.Eng.• ublln� Ammclln Uniwnity. lkirut.ubllnon. :1.008SASHIDHAR BELLAMB. uch .• Indilln Institut� ofuchnolagy MlldrtU.Chmnai. Indill. 199PS.M.• UniwnilJ ofMilryiand lit Colkg� Pllrk. :1.00:1.-WITH HONORS MATTHEW BELTZS.B.• DrtX�1 Univmity. :1.007-WITH HONORSDANIEL SCOTT BERLINS.B.• UnivmilJ of Illinois at Urbllna-Chllmpllign.2006BRYAN ANDREW BETHELA.B .• UnivmilJ ofWisconsin-Mlldison. 2006GOKULNATH BHAGAVANTHA RAOB.Eng.• Mlldurlli IVlmRrllj Univmity. MlldurRi.Indill.2001S.M.• University of Illinois et Chicilgo. 2003NUPUR BHARGAVAS.B.• Singllport Mllnag=mt Univmity. Singllport.2007B.Bus .• ibid.• 2007SANDRA BHATIAB. uch .• Kurukshmll Uniwnity. Indill, 2001S.M.• Illinois Instituu ofuchnology. :1.004ESHAN BHATNAGARB.Eng.• MllniplllInstitutt ofuchnology. IndiIl, :1.006MICHAEL BRANDON BIGRIGGS.B.• United StilUS NllvlllAcadnny. :1.002MELISSA B. BINDERS.B .• UnivmilJ of Illinois Ilt Chicllgo. 2006JEFFERY BISHOPS.B.• Willillm Mllrsh Rice Univmity. :1.004MUSSE BIZUNEH FIKRUA.B .• Pomona Colkg�. 2006KARL CHRISTIAN BLANK GIR6NA.B .• Univmidad Fmncisca Mllrroquin. GURt�1aCity. GURttmR/a, :1.008KATHRYN R. BLODGETTB.F.A.. UniwnilJ ofArizona. :l.OOPS.B.• ibid. :l.OOPA.M.• AUiIlnt International Univmity. 2010BRIAN NATHANIEL BLOOMA.B.• Nortbwatem Univmity. 2008JUSTIN TODD BOCIANS.B .• Rutgm. Tbe StAtt UnivmilJ of'New 1m? Neu:Brunswick, 2004S.M.• StAnford University; 2005JOHN ELLIOTT BOESEA.B .• Uniuemty ofChicllgo. 2003JUAN PATRICIO BOIDOLL.B .• Pontijicill Uniwnidad CRtolicllArgmtina.Buenos Aim. Argmtina. 2005LL.M. Univmidad Taraeuo di ulla. Bumos Aim.Argmtina. 2008LL.M.• IUinois Institutt ofuchnology. 2008NOELLE M. BONDA.B.• UniwnilJ ofPmnsylvllnill. 2008BRETT HENRY BONETA.B .• Brown Uniwnity. :1.005PRAVEEN BONTUA.B.• UniwnilJ oflowil. 2005DORIVAL BORDIGNON JUNIORB.Eng.• Univmidtule EstildUilI M CRmpinas. BrtlZil2006MELISSA BORSCHNACKS.B.• Northwntnn Uniwnity. :1.005-WITH HONORSANDREW EDWARD BOSTA.B .. WilliRm Mllrsh Ric� Univmity. 2007LISA BOSYS.B.• TrinilJ Colkg�. Hartford, Conn�cticut. 200671515TH CONVOCATIONCAROLYN STANFORD BRAFFA.B .• Columbia Unilm"Sity, N= York City, N= York.2007·WITH HONORSMORGAN BENJAMIN BREWSTERA.B .• Brown University; 2006ANDREA MARIE BREZINGA.B .• Dukt Unillmity, 2006DAVID JOSEPH BROWNS.B .• Unillmity ofIliinois At UrbAnA-ChAmpAign.2007·WITH HONORSDAVID WEBB BROWNS.B .• Clemson Unillmity, 2006MICHAEL BENJAMIN BROWNS.B .• MllSsllChusttts Institute of Technology. 2003·WITH HONORSANDREW JAMES BRUCEB. Com .• Q;«m's Unillmity, Kingston. Ontario,Cl1IllIiIl.2004·WITH HONORSJOSHUA PATRICK BRUCES.B .• Unilm"Sity ofNotrr Dame, 2007·WITH HONORSCHRISTOPHER BUCKLES.B .• McGili Unillmity, MontrlA4 QJ4lbtc. Cl1IllIiIl.200IMD .• Unillmity OfOffllWA. Ontario, CAnIlIiIl.2005·WITH HONORSADITYA BURMANS.B .• TU"l1It Unillmity, 200IPATRICIO ANDRES BUSTAMANTEALEMPARTEIng.• Pantifici« UnillmidaJ CAtolicA ek Chile,SAntiago. 2006MAg.• ibid, 2006MATTHEW JAMES BUTTERWORTHMEng. (Hans), Univmity ofNottingbem, EnglAnd.United Kingdom, 2004KEVIN THOMAS BUTTSS.B .• Unillmity of Illinois At UrbAnA-ChAmpAign.2009·WITH HONORSADAM SHANE BYERLEYS.B .• Pennsyluania Suue Univmity, Univmity PArk.2006·WITH HIGH HONORSHUGH R. CAMERONA.B .• Cerleton Colltgt. 2008·WITH HONORSJORGE CARABALLO FALCONLie .• Unillmidtzd Iberoamericana, Mexico City,Medea; 2009JASON MATTHEW CARDELLAB.B.A .• Univmity of Notre Dame, 2005·WITH HONORSJULIA CATHERINE CARMONAA.B .• Dukt Unillmity, 2007RYAN MICHAEL CASALB.B.A .• Colltgt ofWil/Uzm And MAry in Virginia.2005CARLA CASARES GARCIAA.B .• Unilm"Sidtzd AnAhUAC. Mtxico City, Mtxico.2008DipL. Instituto TecnoMgico Autonomo ek Mlxico. SAnAngt420IOBRIAN P. CAVERSB.B.A .• Unilm"Sity of Notrr DAmt. 2008KRISTOFER KENNETHSON CAYAS.B.• Unillmity ofConntcticut. 200IKING TIN KINGSLEY CHAKB.Sc.(Hons}. Q;«m's Univmity, Kingston. OntArio.CAnIlIiIl.2008·WITH HONORSEMMA CHANS.B.• Univmity ofMichigAn-Ann Arbor, 2007ISAAC CHANS.B .• Northwesttrn Univmity, 2007·WITH HIGH HONORSVEENA CHANDRANB.Eng.• Univmity ofMumbAi. IndiA. 2002HARSHA CHANDRA SHEKARLL.B. (Hons). NAtionAL LAw School of IndiAUnillmity, BtzngAIo". India. 2006 A. MASON CHAPPLE, JR.A.B .• Unillmity ofGtOrgiA. 2005CHRISTOPHER DAVID CHARLESA.B .• Colltgt oftht Holy Cross. 2005·WITH HONORSHANNAH EN-HSUAN CHENS.B .• Univmity ofC/llifornia. Los Angtlts. 2004JINGJING CHENB.Econ .• Rmmin University ofChinll, Btijing, 2006MING-CHIH CHENS.B.• National Chmgchi Univmity, Taipei, TaiWAn.200IS.M. ibid., 2003YI-CHING CHENB.B.A .• NAtiOnAL Chmgchi Univmity, Taipei, Taiwen,2003ZHIFENG CHENB.Eng.. Tongji Univmity, ShAnghAi ChinA, I997MEng.• ibid; 2000Ph.D. Kansas StAtt Univmity, 2005CHRISTINA CHI-HUE CHENGA.B.• Univmity ofClllifornia. Btrkt/ty. 2006DIMITRY ALEXANDER CHERNEYS.B.• Johns Hopkins Univmity, 2007S.M.• ibid., 2007·WITH HONORSMAXIM CHERNOVOLOVB.Econ .• M. V. Lomonosov Moscow StAtt Unilm"Sity,Russia.200IM.Econ .• ibid: 2003EZEQUIEL DAVID CHESZESLie.• Univmidtzd Torr:Ullto di Telill. Buenos Aim.Argentina, 2004MFin .• Universidad ekl Cema, Buenos Aim.Argentina; 2009ERICK CARY CHIANGS.B .• Ohio StAtt Univmity, Columbus. 2005PATRICIO CHICO SERVITJELie .• Univmidtzd Iberoamericana, Mexico City,Mexico, 2009STEPHEN JOON CHOS.B.• Univmity ofPmntylvAnia. 2005·WITH HONORSTRISTA ILARIA CHOKSIA.B.• YAIt Univmity, 2007SARANJIT SINGH CHUDHAS.B .• Univmity of Illinois At ChiCAgo. I998ANNA CHUGUNOVADipl; Moscow StAtt Instina« of'IntemasionalRtlAtions. 2006B.Econ .• ibid.• 20IOCHAE RHAN CHUNA.B.• Korea Univmity, &OU4 South Korea; 2003FONG WA CHUNGA.B.• Univmity ofPmntylllania. 2005PEl JUNG CHUNGA.B .• Univmity of CAlifornia. Btrkt/ty. 2004SANG MAN CHUNGS.B .• CArntgit Mtllon Unillmity, 2007ALEX COCHRANEA.B.• MichigAn StAtt Unilm"Sity, 2006MARK COHENS.B .• Dukt Univmity, 2006·WITH HONORSJARED SCOTT COLLETTES.B.• BrighAm Young Unilm"Sity, 2008GREGORY SCOTT COLLINS, JR.S.B.• Vanekrbilt Univmity, 2005SUSANNA MARIE CONNEENS.B.• LA Sallt Univmity, 2006CRISTOPHER LEE CONNERB.B.A .• Univmity of Iowa. 2005S.M. Univmity ofIllinois at ChiCAgo. 2006BENJAMIN WARNER COOKEA.B .• YAIt Univmity, 2008·WITH HIGH HONORSEMILY LAWLESS CORNELLA.B.• Univmity of Chicago. 2006·WITH HONORSJOHN S. COSTELLOA.B .• Univmity ofPmntylllAnill, 2005 NICHOLAS FLOYD COTTRELLS.B .• Brigbem Young University. 2007PAUL JOHN CREEDONS.B .• Boston Colltgt. 2006·WITH HIGH HONORSEDGARDO LUIS CROVETTOARMESTARB.Eng.• Universidad ek Lima, Peru, 2004GRANT DONOVAN CURRYA.B .• WhitmAn Col/tgt. 2006MICHAEL CURRY, JR.B.B.A .• Emory Univmity, 2002JOHN JOSEPH CZERWIONKA, JR.A.B .• Univmity of Wisconsin-MAdison. 2005ANDREW CZOCHERS.B .• Univmity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign,2005YUN DAIB.B.A.(Hons}. Hong Kong Btzptist Univmity, HongKong, 2007MAIRE MORAN DALYA.B.• Univmity of Chicago. 2005·WITH HONORSKRISHNA REDDY DANDAS.B .• Unillmity ofTtXllS at Austin. 2006S.M. Univmity of Houston. Univmity Park. 20IIKAREN J. DANIELSB.B.A .• Univmity ofNotrr Dame, 2006COLIN DANLEYA.B.• LAkt Forest Colltgt. 2007TAREK DARWISHB.Eng.• American Univmity of Beirut, Lebanon, 2006TATYANA D'ASCENZIS.B .• DtPaui Unilm"Sity, Chicago. Illinois. 2007MITESH DAVEB.B.A .• Univmity of Toronto. Ontario, CAnIlIiIl. 2005VINEET DAVEB.Eng.• NAgpur University; India. 200IS.M. Univmity ofSouthtrn CAliforniA. 2004ALEXEA DENISE DAVISA.B .• HOWArd Uniuersity; 2004BRIAN JAMES DAVISS.B .• lndian« Unillmity Bloomington. I996CHRISTOPHER JAMES D'CRUZB.Sc.(Hons}. Unillmity of Durham, EnglAnd. UnittdKingMm. 2004ANANDA A. DEBNATHB.Eng.• Unillmity of Bombay. India, I993S.M. Michigan StAtt University: I997EDOUARD DE COURREGES D'USTOUA.B .• Univmity ofCAIi/orniA. Sante Barbara, 2006JOAN DE LA PAZ HELLMERA.B .• Arcadi« Univmity, Edinburgh. ScotlAnd. UnitedKingdom, 2006SANTIAGO DELGADO CASTROS.B .• Univmity ofNtbrllSka-Lincoin. 2004PAUL STEPHEN DEMOTTS.B .• Univmity of Notrr Damt. 2005·WITH HONORSDARINA DENKOVAA.B .• Northwtsttrn Univmity, 2004DANIEL JOHN DEREMIGISS.B .• Dukt Unilm"Sity, 2006·WITH HIGH HONORSNIKET DESAIS.B .• Poiyttchnic Unilm"Sity, Brooklyn. N= York. 200IPUSHKAR DESHPANDEB.Eng.• Univmity of Punt. India. 2000S.M.• Purdut Univmity, Wtst LAfaytttt•. IndianA.2002·WITH HONORSANUJA DESIKAN PERKINSS.B .• Northwtsttrn Unillmity, 2006BRENDA DESINOS.B .• Unillmity ofMinntsotA-Twin Citits.2004SWAPNA DEVINENIB.Eng. (Hom). BirlA Institutt of Technology andScimct. PilAni. India. 2003S.M. Univmity ofCAlifornill, Santa Cruz, 2006LUCAS JOHN DE VOSB.B.A., Univ=ity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007-WITH HONORSAMAN DHAMIJAB. uch., Indian Institute ofuchnology Bombay.Mumbai, India, 2005-WITH HONORSANDREW SINGH DHILLONA.B., Univmity of British Columbia, �ncouvn;Canadll, 2007DIANNA LEA DI IORIOA.B., Nortbtoatem Univmity. 2003-WITH HONORSHUONG VIET DIEM DOA.B., N� England Col/eg�, 2007KATIE NICOLE DOMBROWSKIA.B., Univmity of California, Los Ang�les, 2006JUAN MANUEL DONADIOEng., Pontificia Univmidad Catolica Argmtina,Buenos Aim, 2005ANDREW DOWNEYB.B.A., Univmity of Noire Dame, 200IANDREW DOYLES.B., Marq�tt� Univmity. 2006-WITH HONORSJOHN KERWIN DOYLES.B., Univmity ofSouth� California, 2006FRANK MANN DREHERS.B., Duk� Univmity. 2007CHRISTINA ELISABETH DUNCANA.B., Dartmouth Col/eg�, 2006ED EM AGBE DZAKPASUS.B., Kwam� Nltrumah Univmity of Science anduchnology. Kumasi, Ghana, 2003MEng., TexAS A&M Univmity. Co//eg� Station, 2007ADRIAN MARTIN ECKERLic., Pontificia Univmidad Catolica Argentina;Buenos Aim, 2008-WITH HONORSPETER JASON EILHAUERA.B., Northwestern University; 2003BRENDON WILLIAM EISNERA.B., Univmity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor; 2006B.M.A., ibid., 2006B.Mus., ibid; 2006EDOWAYE EDI EKHOMUS.B., Illinois Stat� Univmity. 2008THEODORE REUBEN ELLISA.B., Princeton Univmity. 2008-WITH HIGH HONORSALANA ELSNERA.B., Colgat� Univmity. 2007GAYATHRI ELUMALAIB.Eng., Anna University; Madras, India, 2000S.M, University of Florida, 2003ELIZABETH ENGLANDA.B., Univ=ity of Chicago, 2007A.M., N� York Univmity. 20IO-WITH HONORSDANIEL THOMAS ENGLERTS.B., Hillsdale Co//eg�, 2005JAMES THEODORE VINCENTEPSTEIN-REEVESA.B., American Univmity. Washington, District ofColumbia, 200ITIMOTHY WILLIAM ERICKSONA.B., Wtstmont Co//eg�, 2007RONALD FALCONB.Mus., &rkle� Co//eg� of Music, 2005S.B., Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univmity. 2008S.M., University ofSouth� California. 20IIZEESHAN FAROOQS.B., Univmity of Illinois at Chicago, 2004GUYFEIBISHA.B., UlAviv Univmity. Isr�l2008Dipl., ibid., 2009-WITH HIGH HONORSBRET WILLIAM FEINGERTSA.B., �nderbilt Univmity. 2008RAMI FETOUHB.B.A., Univmity of Michigan-Ann Arbor; 2006DANIEL STEVEN FILOWITZS.B., Indiana Univmity Bloomington, I999 THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSRICARDO GUILHERME FINGERMARTINEZ MORALESDipl., Unioersidade Fedn-al do Rio Grand« do SulPorto Aiel", Brazil 2008SABEEN FIROZALIS.B., �nderbilt University; 2003KAREN L. FISHERA.B., Univmity of Dayton, 2003A.M., Purdu« Univmity. Wtst Lafoym�, Indiana,2006MICHAEL KEVIN FLANAGANB.B.A., Univ=ity ofNatr« Dame, 2005-WITH HONORSGARY WAYNE FORBES, JR.S.B., Georgi« Institute ofuchnology. 2004OLGA CAROLINA FOREROLANDAZABALIng., Universidad tk los Aneks, Bogota, Colombia,2007DANA RENEE FORTINIS.B., N� York Univmity. 2008ALLISON GENEVIEVE FORTUNEA.B., Columbia University; N� York City. N� York,2007AHMOL SINGH FOZDARA.B., Univmity of Virginia. 2006JOANNA ELIZABETH FRAZIERA.B., Univmity ofG�orgia. 2007B.B.A., ibid., 2007SCOTT FRAZINA.B., Columbia University; N� York City. N� York,2006ADAM FREDAS.B., Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2005SARAH ALLISON FREEMANS.B., Duk� University; 2006GUSTAVO FREITAS DE CARVALHOS.B., Instituto Tecnologico tk Aeronautic, Silo [ose dosCampos, Brazil 2007ROY FRENKIELB.Sc., UlAviv Univmity. Isra�l2007KELLIE MARIE FRIESES.B., Marqu�tte Univmity. 2009SHILPA GADHOKS.B., Drexel Univmity. 2007MAN DAR U. GAiTONDEB.Eng., Shivaji Univmity. Ko/hapur; India, 2000S.M., University ofAlabama at Birmingham, 2005EZRA MOSES GALSTONA.B., N� York University; 2006MICHAEL GANDYIng., Institut National Po/ytechniqu� tk Grenobl».Franc« 2003M.Sc., Univ=ity of London, England, UnitedKingdom, 2003GAUTAM GANGULIS.B., Washington Univmity in St. Louis, 2005ALFONSO HERNAN GARCfAVALENZUELAS.B., Instituto ucnoMgico y de £Studios Supmom tkMontm-ry Mexico, 2006M.Fin., ibid., 20IODANILO GARGIULOLaurea, Universita Federico IL Naples, Italy. 2006Dettore, Universita Commercials 'Luigi Bocconi',Milan, Italy. 2008-WITH HONORSELAINE MARGARET GARVENA.B., Wtskyan Univmity. 2005PRAKRITI GAUTAMS.B., Rutgm, The State Univ=ityofN�Jmry. N�Brunswick, 2008MONICA YEKSIGIAN GEEB.B.A., Univmity ofIowa, 2004JAMES J. GERACI, JR.S.B., Univmity ofColorru./Q at Boulder; 2007S.M, ibid; 2008JAMES JOHN GERAGHTYA.B., Univmity of California, Los Ang�les, 2003-WITH HONORSNATASHA GHATAKS.B., Univmity ofMaryland at Co//eg� Park, 2006 CARL GHISELLIS.B., Purdu� University; Wtst Lafoptte, Indiana, 2002-WITH HONORSTYLER TRICE GIDDINGSS.B., Univmity ofPmnsylvania, 2008LINDSAY KATE GIEDRAITISS.B., Univmity of California, San Diego, 2007-WITH HONORSCOURTENAY TAYLOR GILBERTS.B., Wak� Forest Univmity. 2004M.Acc., ibid: 2004-WITH HONORSJANINE GIVENS-BELSLEYA.B., Wh�aton Colleg�, Illinois, 200IANDRE GNECCO AVELAREng., Universidad« de Silo Paulo, Brazil 2004MEng., ibid., 2009PATRICIA LYNN GODWINS.B., uhigh University; I998VISHALGOELB. Tech., &gional Engineering' Col/eg�, Rourk�la,India,2002KRATI GOKHARUB. uch., Indian Institute ofuchnology Delhi, N�Delhi, India, 2006-WITH HONORSCAROLINA GON<;ALVES PEREIRAEng., Univ=idatk Pederal do Rio de janeiro, Brazil,2005EDUARDO GON<;ALVES SALVADORROSSIBach., Funda;ilo Getulio �rgas, SJo Paulo, Brazil,2003MB.A., Funda;ilo Instituto tk Administrllfiio, SiloPaulo, Brazil, 2009TERESA GONZALEZS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2004FEDERICO GONZALEZ MORALESS.B., Univmidad tk los Ande». Bogota, Colombia,2008GRIFFIN CHRISTOPHER GORDONA.B., Dartmouth Co//eg�, 2006-WITH HONORSANDREA JANE GOVIERA.B., Univ=ity of Washington, &attle, 2005MICHAEL PATRICK GOYS.B., Indiana Uniuemty Bloomington, 2008-WITH HONORSSNIGDHA GOYALB. Ted», Indian Institute ofuchnology Delhi, N�Delhi, India, 2008M. Tech., ibid., 2008CAROLINA GRACIA LOPEZA.B., Boston Univmity. 2006STEVEN CHARLES GRAEFES.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2006PERRY O'CONNELL GRAGGS.B., �ndn-bilt University; 2008-WITH HONORSSEAN MATTHEW GREENS.B., Arizona State University: 2004MLA., Univmity of Pennsyloania, 2008FRED LEONARDO GREENE IIIB.B.A., Georgetown Univmity. 2004MICHAEL LOUIS GRIESS.B., Boston Co//eg�, 2004-WITH HONORSLAUREN LYNN GRUENEBAUMA.B., Co//eg� of Wooster; 2005-WITH HONORSTOBY WILLIAM GRUSZEWSKIA.B., Johns Hopkins University; 2006JORGE GUANTER GALTESIng., Univmidad Politecnica tk Madrid, Spain, 2008-WITH HIGH HONORSGREGG GLENN GUERINA.B., Wh�aton Co//eg�, Illinois, 2004RAMAN GUGLANIB.Eng., Tbapar Institute of Engin�mng anduchnology. Patia/a, India, 2007-WITH HONORS73515TH CONVOCATIONSITARAM CHOWDARY GUNDAPANENIB.uch., Nagarajuna Univmity, Guntur; India, I990S.M, T= A&M Univmity, Colkg� Station, I992ERIC WILLIAM GUNIAS.B., University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2003MAcc., ibid: 2004MICHAEL JOHN GUNVILLEB.B.A., Univmity of Notre Dame, 200IVINEET GUPTAB.uch., Indian Institute ofuchnology Madras,Chennai, India, 2002Ph.D, Univmity of California, &rk&y, 2007·WITH HONORSHOLLY GUZMANA.B., Columbia University; N= York City, N= York,2006DYLAN HALLS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2008CHRISTOPH HALTINERA.M, University of Oxford, England, UnitedKingdom, 2007·WITH HONORSJONATHAN MICHAEL HAMMERS.B., Boston Univmity, 2008STEPHANIE NOEL HANESS.B., Kmmng University; 2005MEng., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2008BURDELL HANSEN, JR.S.B., Univmity af Nebraska-Lincoln, 2006·WITH HIGH HONORSDAPHNE DER-SHUEN HAOS.B., Massachuutts Institute ofuchnology, 2007DANIEL BRENDAN HAPPS.B., Purdue Univmity, �st Lafoym�, Indiana, 2003·WITH HONORSJESSICA FAITH HARMONA.B., Harvard Univmity, 2007·WITH HONORSKEITH STEVEN HARWOODS.B., University ofNom Dame, 2005·WITH HONORSANDREA LYNN HASAKAB.B.A., Georg« Washington Uniuersity; 2000RYAN WALPERT HASSA.B., Narthuestern Univmity, 2006RAAHUL HASSAN SATHYANARAYANAB.Eng., &gional Engin�mng Colug�, SurathkaJ,India,2002S.M, Univmity of WISconsin-Madison, 2004KYSON EVERETT HAWKINSB.B.A., Univmity of San Di�go, 2007JONATHAN PETER HAYA.B., Harvard Univmity, 2006·WITH HONORSJING HEB.Eng., Tsinghua Univmity, Beijing; China, 2002MSc., Univmity of Oxford, England, UnitedKingdom, 2003·WITH HIGH HONORSLIKUN HEA.B., University of Science and uchnology of China,Hifri, Anbui, 2002S.M., Michigan Stas« University. 2004·WITH HONORSCORY WAYNE HECKA.B., Dehuaa University; Greencastle, Indiana, 2007BRIAN CHRISTOPHER HECKENBACHA.B., Nortbuestern University; 2006·WITH HONORSKRISTI LYNN HEIMSS.B., Drake University: 2007BRIAN FRANCIS HEINlMANNB.B.A., Univmity of Nom Dame, 2005·WITH HONORSHALLIE PAULA HEMINGWAYA.B., University of Pennsyluania, 2007LISA ANN HILLA.B., Claremont McKmna Colkg�, 2007ORENZO PERRY HOLLOWELL III5.B., G�org�town Univmity, 2005JENNIFER RENEE HOMA.B., Univmity of California, &rk�ky, 2004·WITH HONORS74 NOAH HORNSTROMS.B., Ohio State University. Columbus, 2006·WITH HONORSBRYAN HORVATHS.B., Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2007·WITH HONORSYUANHOUA.B., University of Chicago, 2003JOSHUA STEVENS HOVERMALES.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2004AMY HSUEHA.B., Georgetown Univmity, 2003MSc., University of London, England, UnitedKingdom, 2004COKIE HU5.B., Massacbusem Institute ofuchnology, 2008·WITH HONORSQIANYU HUANGB.Econ., jiangxi Univmity of Finance and Economics,Nanchang, China, I9975.M, Louisiana StaU Univmity and Agricultural andMechanica! Colug�, Baton Roug�, 2002S.M., Northern Illinois Univmity, 2005RACHEL VICTORIA HUDDLESTONA.B., Univmity of Chicago, 2008CHRISTOPHER HUFFS.B., Fairfi�/d University; 2004DWIGHT GEORGE HUTCHINSON IVS.B., Univmity of Florida, 2004J.D., Harvard University; 2007·WITH HIGH HONORSJAMES BRADY HYDE IIIA.B., Vanturbilt University: 2006AMADEO IBARRA FLORESA.B., lnstituto Tecnologica y tk Estudios Superiores tkMontnrty, Mexico City, Mexico, 2007M.Econ., ibid., 20IO·WITH HONORSALEXANDER ILIEVA.B., Lak� Forest Colug�, 2005ANDRES IMAZ APARIQUIANDipl., Uniuersidad tk Ia Empress, Montevideo,Uruguay, 2006Dipl., Uniuersidad tk Ia Republica, Montroitko,Uruguay, 2007Lic., Universidad ORT Uraguay, Montevideo, 2009CAROLYN GISSEL INOAA.B., Harvard University; 2006FABIO MASSAO INOCIMABach., Univmitiade de Silo Paulo, Brazil 2005Mast., Funda,ilo Getulio Vargas, Silo Paulo, Brazil20IOKENICHI MARCELO ISHIZAKI RIVERALic., Centro tk Inv�stigacion y Docencia Economicas,Mexico City, Mexico, 2007·WITH HONORSNIKHIL PRAKASH IYERB.Eng., University ofMumbai, India, I998M.C.S., Florida International University; 2000·WITH HONORSNEHAJAINB.A. (Hans), University of Delhi, N= Delhi, India,2008SUSHIL KUMAR JAINS.B., University of California, Los Ang&s, 2008MD., Univmity of Chicago, 20I3ROCIO SOLEDAD JALILLic., Ponsiflcia Uniuersidad Catolic« Argmtina,Buenos Airrs, 2009JILL AVERY JAROCHS.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, I999CAROLYN JAWA.B., Nortbioestern University; 2004JENNIFER SUZANNE JAZWINSKIS.B., University of Pennsylvania, 2008KINNARI JHAVERIA.B., University of California, &rk�ky, 2007DAVID WEIJIB.B.A., Boston Univmity, 2003 YONGMEIJIS.B., Shandong Uniuersity finan, China, I9955.M, Chinese Acatkmy of Sciences, Beijing, China,I998Ph.D., Washington Univmity in St. Louis, 2004MIMI JIANGB. B.A., University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2008·WITH HONORSSAMEER MANOHAR JOGLEKARS.B., Univmity ofIllinois at Urbana-Champaign,2004AJIT GEEVARGHESE JOHNBiTech., Indian Institute ofuchnology Madras,Cbennei, India, 2002S.M., Universisy ofT= at Arlington, 2007·WITH HIGH HONORSDANIEL COLIN JOHNSONS.B., University of Nom Dame, 2005KALEEF RICHARD JOHNSONS.B., St. fohns Univmity, jamaica, N= York, 2003J.D., ibid., 2006LAURA ANN JOHNSONS.B., Univmity of San Francisco, 2005PETER JAMES JOHNSONS.B., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, 2007LAURA CHRISTINE JONESB.A.S., Princeton University; 2005GRACEJOOB.B.A., Yons�i Univmity, Seoul; South Korea, 2009NICHOLAS JORDANS.B., Syracus« Uniuersity; 2006·WITH HONORSJANET JOZWIKA.B., johns Hopkins University; 2007·WITH HONORSSAEGENE JUNGS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2006·WITH HONORSRAFlKABESAS.B., Technion-Israel Institute ofuchnology, Haifa,2008ALLISON JEAN KAHLERS.B., Georgetown Univmity, 2007·WITH HONORSENRIQUE SANJIV KALEVARB.Com., Q�m's University; Kingston, Ontario,Canada, 2007ISSA C. KAMARAB.B.A., University of Toas ofth� Permian Basin, 2003HYUNGHOON KANGB.B.A., Yornei University Seoul, South Korea, 2006RAJANlKANTH KANYABOINAB.Eng., Osmania University; Hytkrabad, India, I999S.M., University of Florida, 200ISHARON KAO5.B., Univmity of California, &rk�ky, 2007DANIEL BYRON KAPNICKS.B., Duke Uniuersity; 2008·WITH HONORSROHIT KAPOORB.Eng., University of Pune, India, I999TARUN KAPOORB.uch., Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha Univmity,De/hi, India, 2003S.M., University ofMinnesota-Duluth, 2005·WITH HONORSSAMUEL THOMPSON KASSERMANA.B., University of Chicago, 2009LAUREN ELISE KATZBERGS.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, N= York, 2007JEREMY MEROLLA KAYA.B., Brown University: 2007GOLBAHAR KAZEMIAN CHALESHTARIB. 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PAKA.B., Nortbtoestem Univmity, 2007DIOGO FARIA DOMINGUES PALHARESB.Econ., Pontiflcia Univmidatk OttOuca do Rio de[aneiro, Brazil; 2006M.Econ., ibid., 2008MICHAEL JOSEPH PALMA.B., Indiana Univmity Bloomington, 2005MEHMETPANA.B., KOf Unioersisesi, Istllnbul Turkry. 2005CHRISTIAN EMANUELLEPAPAYANOPULOS GARCIAA.B., Instituto ucnoMgico y de Estudios Supmom deMont""? 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Ted», Indian Institute ofuchnology Madras,Cbennai, India, 2004S.M, Univmity of Virginia, 200ifDAVID RIEGEB.B.A., Univmity of Nom Dame, 2008LUCAS E. 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Univusity of Texas at Austin. 2005·WITH HIGH HONORSFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY:joxo PEDRO BACELAR FERNANDESGRANJALie .• Unioersiade do Porto. Portugal. 2005S.M.• Univusidtuk CatJlica Portuguesa, Lisbon.Portugal, 2008DISSERTATION: Disclosure &gulation in th�Commercial Banking Industry: Lessons from th«National Banking EraZACHARY CALLAGHAN BURNSA.B .• Cormll Univusity. Ithaca. Neu: York. 2006M.B.A .• Univusity of Chicago. 2012DISSERTATION: "It All Happm�d So Sloud": Th�Impact ofAction Spud on Asmsmmts ofIntmtionality CHRISTINE TIFFANY CUNYS.B.• �k� Forest University; 200]S.M. ibid; 200]MB.A .• Univusity of Chicago. 2012DISSERTATION: Determinants ofMunicipalDisclosure and tht Consequeno» of DisseminationYUANHOUA.B.• University of Chicago. 200]MB.A .• ibid, 201]DISSERTATION: Divmity and Productivity: Essayson Structurally R�dundant HturogmtityTERESA LYNNE LWINS.B .• Univusity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2008MB.A .• Univusity of Chicago. 201]DISSERTATION: Capacity Constraints and InternalCapital Marktts: Proptrty-Casualty Insurers'Respons« to Humcanes JOSHUA MARK MADSENS.B .• Brigham Young Univusity. 2007M.Acc.• ibid: 2007M.B.A .• Univusity of Chicago. 201]DISSERTATION: InfoTmiltion Disclosures andPrtdictabk &turns: The &solution of CustomtrMomentumMAFERIMA• National Civil Aviation Training OrganizationInstituu. Cairo. Egypt, 2001M.B.A .• Univusity of Nom Dame, 2004DISSERTATION: It Wasnr M« The Effict of Pm:tivtdStlfDiagnosticity on AJ}Jt�nct to Goals andStandardsFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY IN THEUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ANDTHE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES:DIOGO FARIA DOMINGUES PALHARESB.Econ .• Pontificia Univusidtuk CatJlica Jq Rio rk[aneiro, Brazil. 2006M.Econ .• ibid.• 2008M.B.A .• Uniuenity of Chicago. 201](Financial Economics)DISSERTATION: Cash-Flow Maturity and RiskPremia in CDS Mark�ts80 BRIAN MATTHEW WELLERA.B .• Harvard Univusity. 2009A.M. University of Chicago. 201](Financial Economics)DISSERTATION: Intermediation Chains andSpecialization by Spud: Eoidenc« fromCommodity Futures MarkttsTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYBond Chapel11:30 a.m.RECEPTIONSwift HallThird Floor Lecture Hallimmediately following the ceremony515TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA, HOODING, AND AWARDS CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPRELUDEHENRY SYBRANDY, OrganistPROCESSIONThe Millar Brass Ensemble(Please stand and remain standing until after the toelcome.)WORDS OF WELCOMEMARGARET M. MITCHELLDean of the Divinity SchoolTERESA HORD OWENSDean of StudentsGRADUATE DIPLOMA PRESENTATION AND HOODINGNames to be read by TERESA HORD OWENSFACULTY HOODERSCATHERINE BREKUSAssociate Professor in Religions in America andthe History of ChristianityWENDY DONIGERMircea Eliade Distinguished Service Professor of theHistory of ReligionsDWIGHT N. HOPKINSProfessor of TheologyMARGARET M. MITCHELLDean and Sbailer Mathews Professor of New Testament and Early Christian LiteratureMICHAEL SELLSJohn Henry Barrows Professor of Islamic Historyand LiteratureTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLTHE CONFERRING OF A FACULTY AWARD FOREXCELLENCE IN GRADUATE TEACHING AND MENTORINGKEVIN HECTORAssistant Professor, Divinity SchoolPresented by MARGARET M. MITCHELLDean of the Divinity School and Shailer Mathews Professor ofNew Testament and Early Christian LiteratureREMARKSMARGARET M. MITCHELLRECESSIONAL(Please stand)The Millar Brass EnsemblePOSTLUDEHENRY SYBRANDY, OrganistFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF DIVINITY:JEFFREY ALAN CHALLBERGA.B., St. ala/College, 2010RUTH E. COFFMANS.B., Georgetown University, 2000CHRISTOPHER D. ELDERKINA.B., Grinnell College, 2008NINA CLAIRE GIVIYAN-KERMANIA.B., University o/Chicago, 2010THANDIWE AMYHELEN GOBLEDALEA.B., Pomona College, 2000 CHRISTOPHER HARTING HANLEYA.B., St. Olaf College, 2009MILES SPENCER HOPGOODA.B., University o/Chicago, 2010CELESTE GRACE KENNEL-SHANKGROFFA.B., Goshen College, 2004M.j, Northwestern University, 2007KRISTA MICHELLE KUTZA.B., Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, 2009 TESSA SYLVIA McBRAYERA.B., Hilisdale College, 2008JOSHUA DANIEL OXLEYA.B., George Mason University, 2009NADIA MARY STEFKOA.B., University of Notre Dame, 2004WILLIAM MICHAEL STORMA.B., University o/Iowa, 2009ADAM CAPERTON VARNERA.B., Yale University, 2007PETER WARD YOUNGBLOODA.B., Wake Forest University, 2008FOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS:CHRISTINE BROOK ANDERSONA.B., Boston University, 2011A.M., ibid., 2011SUN BOKBAEA.B., Korea University, Seoul, South Korea, 2008M.Div., Seoul Theological Seminary, Bucheon, SouthKorea, 2011SEAN PADRIAC BALAA.B., Harvard University, 2009DANIEL BANNOURAS.B., University 0/ Florida, 2009A.M., Middlesex University, London, England. UnitedKingdom, 2011RYAN LAWSON BRIZENDINEA.B., Whittier College, 1998CHRISTOPHER PATRICK CARNEYA.B., University of Southern California, 2008FRANCESCA NICOLE CHUBB-CONFERA.B., Carleton College, 2011 IZZET COBANA.B., Dokuz Eylul Uniuersitesi, Izmir; Turkey, 2000A.M., Lutheran School o/Theology at Chicago, 2008A.M., Marmara Uniuersitesi, Istanbul, Turkey, 2010JAMES ROBERT COVINGTONA.B., University 0/Arkansas-Fayetteville, 2008MATTHEW CREIGHTONA.B., Boston University, 2011IMAN AMY M. DABBOUSEHA.B., Northwestern University, 2001JENNIFER MARIE DIXONA.B., Georgetown University, 2011MARISA KARYL FRANZA.B., Bryn Mawr College, 2010JANNA KELLY GONWAA.B., University 0/ North Carolina at Chapel Hill,2003M.Div., &gent University, 2007A.M., Tufts University, 2011KELSEY M. GREYDANUSA.B., University of Oregpn, 2011 EMILY FORTUNE HANCOCKA.B., American University of Paris, France, 2011CATHERINE ANNE HARTMANNA.B., University o/Virginia, 2011TODD ELSON HERRICKA.B., Lafayette College, 2009BRIAN GORDON HILLMANA.B., University o/Chicago, 2011IMRAM MUHAMMAD IKRAMA.B., University 0/ Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2011JONATHAN ANDREW JOHNSONA.B., Rhodes College, 2010RICHARD FREDERICK KAUFMANS.B., Yale University, 1950M.B.A., Harvard University, 199-MARK MICHAEL LAMBERTA.B., Truman State University, 2010JUE LIANGA.B., Rmmin Univmity o/China, &ijing, China, 2009A.M., ibid; 20115IFH CONVOCATIONNELSON LEVI LONGA.B.• W�t Virginia Uniwrsity. 2008M. Th .• �s/ey Theological Snninary. 20IIMEGAN ROSE MULCAHYA.B.• Macakstn Colkge. 2007MYRlAM NOOR SABBAGHIA.B .• Univmity of Washington. Stattk. 20IO ELIZABETH ANNE SARTELLS.B .• Uniwrsity ofI//inois at Urbana-Champaign.2008ANDREW HARRISON SEEDERA.B .• Uniwrsity of Chicago. 200PYONATAN TZVI SHEMESHA.B .• lJtJuHUJin College. 200PMS. T.. Fordham Uniwrsity. 20II ISAAC DANIEL SUSSMANA.B.• Oberlin Co//egt. 20IOBAQAR HASSAN SYEDBcS«, Labor« Uniwrsity ofManagement ScitnC�.Paltistan. 20IOSTEPHEN ANDREW WELLERA.B.• WheatQn Colkge. Illinois 2008FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY:SHATHA KHALID ALMUTAWAA.B .• Mount Holyoke Co//egt. 2003A.M.• Uniwrsity of Chicago. 2006DISSERTATION: Imaginatiw Cullum and HistoricTransformations: Narrative in Rasa'i1 IkhwinAl-$af.I.·ANTONIA MICHELLE DAYMONDB.B.A .• HowarrJ Uniwrsity. 2000A.M.• Univmity of Chicago. 2007DISSERTATION: From Slavery to Obama: RethinltingExodus Hermeneutics in Black LiberationTheology JEFFREY DEAN JAYA.B .• Ohio Uniwrsity. Athens. 2000A.M.• Uniwrsity of Chicago. 2002DISSERTATION: The Tragic in Mark: A LittTtlry­Historical IntnpTttationRUCHAMA JERUSHAJOHNSTON-BLOOMA.B .• Reed Colkge. 200:lA.M.• Univmity of Chical'" :l006DISSERTATION: Oriental Studi� and JewishQJ4estions: German-Jewish Encounter» withMuhammad. the Qur.n. and Islamic Moderniti� SETH PERRYA.B.• Georgnown Univmity. 200IA.M. Univmity of Chicago. 2004DISSERTATION: The Endless Malting ofMany Boolts:Bibles and Religious Authority in America. IJ80-I850THE FACULTY AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN GRADUATETEACHING AND MENTORINGKEVIN HECTORAssistant Professor, Divinity SchoolKnown for the clarity and discipline of his thinkingin constructive theology and the philosophy ofreligions, KEVIN HECTOR designs his coursesto develop in his students the capacity for carefulargumentation and accountability to the texts,traditions, histories, and larger publics. Hisdetailed and incisive feedback on students' writingand ideas articulates the highest standards forscholarly work while always offering specific,constructive advice to help students come closerto meeting those goals themselves. An exemplarymentor, he is celebrated for his extraordinarygenerosity with his time and personal attention,always aimed at encouraging and enablingeach student to make her or his own unique contribution to the conversation, both in theclassroom and in the wider world.The candidate will be presented by MARGARET M.MITCHELL, Sbailer Mathews Professor, DivinitySchool; Dean of the Divinity SchoolCITATIONWith his engaging and rigorous classroom style andincisive critical attention to students' intellectualwork, joined by generous encouragement andpersonalized mentoring, KEVIN HECTOR assistseach student to find her or his own voice in thedisciplined conversations that constitute theacademic study of religion.THE LAW SCHOOLSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapeln:45 a.m.RECEPTIONThe Law Schoolimmediately following the ceremony515TH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYREMARKSORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALThe Millar Brass EnsembleWELCOMEMICHAEL H. SCHILLDean and Harry N wyatt Professor of LawPRESENTATION OF DISTINGUISHED ALUMNUS AWARDSTEVEN KOCH'82 MBA & '82 JDSAUL LEVMOREWilliam B. Graham Distinguished Service Professor of LawPRESENTATION OF DIPLOMAS AND HOODING OF GRADUATESLL.M. AND J.S.D. GRADUATESnames to be read by RICHARD 1. BADGERAssistant Dean for Graduate ProgramsJ.D. GRADUATESnames to be read by AMY M. GARDNERDean of StudentsFACULTY HOODERSDOUGLAS G. BAIRDHarry A. Bigelow Distinguished Service Professor of LawAZIZ HUQAssistant Professor of LawALISON LACROIXProfessor of LawGEOFFREY R. STONEEdward H Levi Distinguished Service ProfessorRECESSIONAL86THE LAW SCHOOLFOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LAW:JOSHUA PHARES ACKERMANA.B.• UniWT1ity ofChiclIgo. 2007-WITH HIGH HONORSRENEE AHLERSA.B.• Brown UniWT1ity. 2009BERNARDO OSCAR AINZAS.B.• Ohio SfilU UniWT1ity. 1997M.B.A .• UniWT1ity ofSouthn71 Ctdifomill. 2002MOTUNRAYO DIDEOLU AKINMURELEA.B.• UniWT1ity ofGllifomill. Irvine, 2008A.B.• ibiJ.. 2008ANDREA ALVAREZA.B.• UniWT1ity of Illinois III Urbllnll-Chllmpllign.2005JALPIT RAJNIKANT AMINA.B .• UniWT1ity ofChicllgo. 2010ARIANE AlM�.E PONT ANDRADEA.B.• UniWT1ity ofChiclIgo. 2010JESSICA JEAN ARETTA.B.• UniWT1ity of Minnnofll- Twin Cilin. 2010ROBERT WALLACE ARMSTRONG, JR.AB.• UniWT1ity ofTC(IlS III EI PIlSO. 2009KATHERINE NICOLE ARNOLDA.B.• UniWT1ity ofWisconsin-Mlltiison. 2007A.M.• MllrtJu�1U UniWT1ity. 2009TAIMOOR KHALID AZIZS.B.• Duk� UniWT1ity. 2009OMOBOLA ABIKE BABARINSAS.B .• Com�ll UniWT1ity. IlhllclI. New York. 2010YOU RIM BAKA.B.• Brown UniWT1ity. 2009CATHERINE AGNES BARRETTA.B.• BOSlOn Colkg�. 2010RACHEL CEDRONE BELLS.B.• UniWT1ity ofMllryillntl lit Colkgt Pllrit. 2010JOSHUA LOUIS BENESHA.B.• Rollins Colkgt. 2007M.Sc.• UniWT1ity of Oxford. Engillnti. Unitttl/(jngJom. 2009-WITH HIGH HONORSALEXANDER WILLIAM BERGERSENA.B.• Nonlnwsln71 UniWT1ity. 2010PATRICK JOSEPH BISENIUSS.B.• U'liWT1ity ofWisconsin-Mlltiison. 2001-WITH HONORSCHELSEA L. BLACKS.B .• PurdUt Uniwtsity. Wtsl LIlf�lIt. InJiIlnll. 2009WILLIAM CODY BLACKB.B.A .• UniWT1ity ofTC(IlS III EI PIlSO. 2010JAMES IAN BLACKWOODA.B.• InJiIlnll UniWT1ity Billominl'on. 2009KEVIN ROBERT BLOCKA.B.• Nonhl«sum UniWT1ity. 2009AVRYL ALLYCIA BLUMA.B.• UniWT1ity of Pmnsylllllnill. 2008GABRIELA CRISTINA BOTIFOLLA.B.• UniJltrSity ofMill mi. 2010SAMUEL TURNER SILK BOYDA.B .• University ofChicllgo. 2008-WITH HONORSMATEA BOZJAA.B.• Dukt UniJltrSity. 2008-WITH HONORSALEXIA RENEE BRANCATOA.B .• Arizonll StIlIt UniJlmity. 2010GABRIEL LEE BROUGHTONA.B.• Middkbury Colkgt. 2008CAITLIN D. BROWNA.B.• Floridtz SfilU UniWT1ity. 2010COLLETTE ALISON BROWNA.B.• Floridtz StIlIt UniWT1ity. 2006A.M.• Gtory;ill StIlu UniWT1ity. 2008FOWLER BROWN, JR.AB.• Pomonll Collett. 2010VALERIE CATHERINE BYRNEA.B.• UniWT1ity ofWisconsin-Mlltiison. 2006 ALEXANDER HAMMILL BYSTRYNA.B.• UniWT1ity ofChicllgo. 2007-WITH HONORSJENNIFER HOPE CHEMELAB .• Gllifomill SfilU UniWT1ity. Los Angtln. 2009TONY LEON CHENS.B.• Saim Louis UniJltrSity. 2010XlAOBOCHENA.B .• DIINmoulh Colkgt. 2008CARMELO GEORGE CHIMERAAB.• Glnhllgt Colkg�. 2010EDWARDCHOIA.B.• UniWT1ity ofTC(IlS lit Auslin. 2009CARA BROWN CHOMSKIAB.• Glrklon Colkgt. 2006ALEXA CHU CLINTON14lt:r:�l(;�ty. 2009PATRICK JAMES CONNOLLYAB.• SWIlnhmorr Colkgt. 2001NEIL HARRIS CONRADA.B.• Tulan« UniWT1ity. 2008-WITH HONORSKAY LYNN DAWSONA.B.• StIlIt UniWT1ity of New Yorlt III Binghllmlon.2009FREDERICK W. DE ALBUQUERQUEA.B.• UniWT1ity of Illinois III Urbllnll-ChllmptZign.2009-WITH HONORSSAMUEL DEDDEHA.B.• UniWT1ity ofGllifomill. &rIttky. 2008STEPHANIE ALEXANDRA DE PADUAAB.• UniJlmity of Florida. 2008ANDREW PATRICK DIXONA.B.• UniWT1ityofDIIIlIls. 2009-WITH HONORSMEREDITH ELIZABETH DODDS.B.• UniWT1ity ofWisconsin-MtUiison. 2010CAITLIN MARIE DONNELLYA.B.• UniWT1ity of Notrt Dame, 2010JEFFREY RAY DUNIFONA.B .• Ohio StIlIt UniJlmity. 2010CHELSEA JUSTINE DURGANS.B.• UniWT1ity ofMichiglln-Ann Arbor; 2006A.M.• Columbill UniWT1ity. New York City. NewYorlt.2009SAMUEL EARL ECKMANA.B .• UniWT1ity of PillSburgh-PillSburgh Glmpus.2008S.B.• ibiJ.. 2008-WITH HIGH HONORSLAURA JEAN EICHTEN��T�i�t�6� UniJltrSity. 2009MICHELLE M. ELLISAB.• New Yorlt UniWT1ity. 2006BLAKE EDWARD FALLARA.B .• UniWT1ity ofNonh Glro/inlllll Chllptl Hill.2008-WITH HONORSJOSHUA ANDREW FElGERAB.• UniWT1ity of IUinois III Urbllnll-ChllmptZign.2010JASON ADAM FELDAB.• UniWT1ity of PmnsylJlllnill. 2006-WITH HONORSLAUREN NICOLE FLADGERS.B.• UniWT1ity ofMichiglln-Ann Arbor; 2010EHREN MICHAEL FOURNIERS. B .• Nonlnwsln71 UniWT1ity. 2002-WITH HONORSETHAN DREW FRENCHMANA.B.• UniWT1ity ofChicllgo. 2008-WITH HONORSKATHARINE ANNE FUNKHOUSERA.B.• Nonlnwsum UniWT1ity. 2009ROBERT STEPHEN GALBOAB.• UniWT1ity of Florida. 2010 PHILIP VINCENT GIGLIOS.B.• Gtorg�toum UniWT1ity. 2010NATHAN SCOTT GIMPELAB.• KmISfillt UniJlmity. 2010-WITH HONORSISHMAEL ANTHONY GREENS.B .• Floridtz Sfillt UniWT1ity. 2010NATHAN SAMUEL GREENBERGAB.• UniWT1ity ofMichiglln-Ann Arbor; 2009ROBERT ALLEN GREERA.B.• UniWT1ity ofGllifomill. Los Ang�ln. 2008PETER ALBERT GUTSCHEAB .• UniWT1ity ofMichiglln-Ann Arbor; 2010STEPHEN BRENDAN HAGENBUCHA.B .• Hllvnford Colkg�. 2007-WITH HONORSOSAMA EMAD HAMDYAB.• UniJltrSity ofColifomill. Bdtky. 2010JOSEPH MICHAEL HAMMONS.B .• Gtorgnown UniWT1ity. 200</-ROBERT GARDNER HAMMONDA.B .• Wnkylln UniWT1ity. 2007RICHARD HANANIAA.B.• UniJltrSity ofColonuio III Bou/dn; 2009CALEBJ. HANLONS.B.• Intlillnll UniJltrSity BloomintfOn. 2006MELANIE BETH HARMONA.B.• Nonlnwsum UnivtrSity. 2010-WITH HONORSCHRISTINE NICOLE HARVATB.B.A .• TC(IlS A&M UniWT1ity. 2010-WITH HONORSMARlA ANN HASSETTA.B .• Gonugll UniJltrSity. 2009CHRISTOPHER STEPH HEASLEYA.B.• Gtorg� WllShington UniWT1ity. 2008-WITH HONORSRYAN MATTHEW HEHNERA.B .• BUlin UniWT1ity. 2009-WITH HIGH HONORSGRAHAM GEORGE HULTONHENNESSEYAB.• Colby Colkg�. 2005-WITH HONORSPATRICK RYAN HERNDONAB.• UniJlmity ofGllifomill. Los Ang�ln. 2009ALEJANDRO ALFONSO HERRERAB.B.A .• Templ« UniWT1ity. 2009DANIELLE CHRISTINE HILDRETHA.B.• VtZnJnbiit Univmity. 2010-WITH HONORSSAMUEL HOLLANDERS.B .• MllSSAChusnts Institut» ofuchnology. 2009S.B .• ibid.. 2009REBECCA MARGARET TAYLORHORWITZA.B .• �Ilnky Colkgt. 2006BRADLEY GEORGE HUBBARDS.B.• UniWT1ity ofMissouri-Columbill. 2010M.Acc.• ibid.. 2010-WITH HONORSKARA DANIELLE HUGHLEYA.B.• UniWT1ity of PmnsylJlllnill. 2008CHACLYN RAY HUNTA.B.• UniWT1ity ofGllifornill. Sant« Cruz. 2009ALINA E. IARVES.B .• Univenity of Michiglln-Ann Arbor; 2008TODD TAKAS HI ITAMIA.B.• Idtzho Sfillt UniJltrSity. 2008ABIGAIL CATHERINE JOHNSONAB.• Willillm Mllrsh Ric� UniWT1ity. 2008JEREMY EUGENE JONESS.B .• GtOrgill InslilUlt ofuchnology. 2010MAXWELL B. KAMPFNER-WILLIAMSA.B.• UniWT1ity ofChiclIgo. 20075I5TH CONVOCATIONPHILIP ANDREW KAPPELLB.B.A., University ofWisconsin-Grun Bay, 2010·WITH HONORSSI HYUN KIMA.B., Cornell University; Ithaca, N(UJ York, 2009JEREMY SCOTT KLEINA.B., Univ=ity ofPmnsylvaniA, 2007COURTNEY LYNN KLESHINSKIA.B., GlO'lt Washington University: 2008REMI PAUL KORENBLITA.B., Harvard Univ=ity, 2007·WITH HIGH HONORSNINA KOSTYUKOVSKYS.B., Univ=ity ofMarykmd at Coikgt Park, 2009JESSICA RYAN KRULLA.B., Northwestern Univ=ity, 2003A.M, Loyola Marymount Univ=ity, Los Angtln,CaliforniA, 2005M.B.A., Univ=ity of Chicago, 2013JAYEETA KUNDUA.B., &td COikgl, 2004S.M., Massachusttts Instina« ofu,chnology, 2006DAVID JOSEPH KURCZEWSKIA.B., Corntl/ Univ=ity, Ithaca, N(UJ York, 2008SONIA LAHR-PASTORA.B., Univ=ity of Chicago, 2009ROBERT BINFORD LA MANNAA.B., Pomona Coik�, 2009DANIEL LANSBERG-RODRIGUEZA.B., Carleton Colilgl, 2004KYLE ANDREW LAWRENCEA.B., �kl Forest Univ=ity, 2010HILARY ANNE LEEWONGA.B., Brown Univ=ity, 2006·WITH HONORSSAMUEL BRUCE LEINWEBERS.B., Univ=ity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009DUSTIN ARTHUR LIDDLES.B., University ofOrtgon, 2009DANIEL S. LIMA.B., Univ=ity of CaliforniA, Los Angtln, 2010KERRI-ANN LIMBEEKS.B., Univ=ity ofPmnsylvania, 2010JENNIFER MARIE LINB.B.A., Emory Univ=ity, 2008MEG KALIKMAN LIPPINCOTTA.B., Vassar CO/kgl, 2009ALEXANDRA MARJORIE LUCASA.B., Univenity of Minnesota- Twin Cities, 2009GREGORY STEPHEN LUCASA.B., Univ=ity of Georgia, 2000A.M, University of Chicago, 2004·WITH HONORSASHER HARRISON LUZZATTOA.B., Univ=ity of California, Los Anglin, 2010LEA CHRISTINE MADRYA.B., Ohio Stet« Univ=ity, 2010OWAIS M. MAHESRIA.B., Univ=ity of CaliforniA, Blrkl/ey, 2009JOSHUA PATRICK MAHONEYA.B., University of Northern Iowa, 2009·WITH HONORSMEREDITH LEIGH MANNA.B., Univmity of VirginiA, 2010·WITH HONORSHEATHER ANN MAPESA.B., Univ=ity ofTtxas at EI Paso, 2010CATHERINE MARY MATLOUBA.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009SONALI REMA MEHTA MAULIKA.B., Univ=ity of CaliforniA, Blrkt/ey, 2009TIMOTHY DEL McDEVITTB.Mus., University ofIl/inois at Urbana-Champaign,1999MMus., University ofTtxas at Austin, 2001·WITH HONORSCASEY JAMES McGUSHINB.B.A., University of Notr« Dame, 2010·WITH HONORS88 JACK MITCHELL McNElLYA.B., Dartmouth Coikgt, 2010TAYLOR A. R. MEEHANA.B., Univ=ity ofMissouri-ColumbiA, 2010B./, ibid., 2010·WITH HIGH HONORSSHATON CECILIA MENZIES.B., Howard University, 2004S.M., Univ=ity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor. 2006BRITTANY A. MERRILLS.B., University of California, San Ditgo, 2009S.M., ibid: 2010JESSICA ALMA MICHAELSA.B., GOnzAga Univ=ity, 2007·WITH HONORSRENARD C. MILLER, JR.A.B., Co/kgt ofWillUtm and Mary in VirginiA, 2010LAUREN MARIE MODELSKIS.B., Univ=ity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2009BENJAMIN ABRAHAM MONTANEZA.B., Glo'lltown University, 2002MRR, Harvard University, 2004MLitt., Univ=ity of St. And�s, Scotland, UnitedJ(jngdom, 2006CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN MORTORFFS.B., Brigham Young University, 2010ANGUS FEI NIA.B., Univ=ity of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2009·WITH HONORSBRETT ROBERT NOLANA.B., University ofKmtuc/ry. 2010·WITH HIGH HONORSSTEPHANIE ELLEN NORTONA.B., Kmyon Co/kgt, 2010·WITH HONORSSARAH ELISE NUDELMANA.B., Dukt Univ=ity, 2010MARlA DE LAS VICTORIASORTUONDOA.B., University of California, Los Angtln, 2009KIMBALL DEAN PARKERA.B., Univ=ity of Utah, 2009ANTHONY DANIEL PASTOREA.B., Cornell Univ=ity, Ithaca, N(UJ York, 2010·WITH HONORSELIZABETH LEE PAYNEA.B., Univ=ity of Colorado at Colorado Springs, 2009MARlA TERESA PELLEGRINIA.B., Univ=ity ofPmnsylvaniA, 2010JOYCELYN S. PEYTONA.B., Howard Univ=ity, 2005A.B., ibid; 2005TIFFANY XUANPHUONG PHANA.B., Emory University, 2010DAVID YOONSUNG PIA.B., Univ=ity of Chicago, 2006TIMOTHY CONRAD PICKERTA.B., Glo'lt Washington University, 2010·WITH HONORSJENNIFER WILCYNSKI PLAGMANA.B., University of Notr« Dame, 2010MIRANDA POONAIA.B., City Univmity ofN(UJ York, 2009ANDREW LEIGHTON PORTERA.B., Univ=ity ofConntcticut, 2009MATTHEW LARSEN PORTERA.B., Toas u,ch University, 2010B.B.A., ibid., 2010CHRISTINA NICOLE PRASSASA.B., University ofPmnsylvaniA, 2008S.M, City Univ=ity ofN(UJ York, 2010KIMBERLY MICHELE RHOTENA.B., University of California, Blrkt/ey, 2009ELIZA CLARK RIFFEA.B., University of Chicago, 2006HARRY ToMAs RIMALOWERA.B., Harvard Univ=ity, 2010ANDREW WILLIAM ROBBA.B., Claremont Mm's Co/kgt, 2009·WITH HONORS IAN DAVID ROGERSA.B., Carleton Co/kgt, 2005·WITH HONORSEVAN MICHAEL ROSEA.B., University of Otago, Dunedin, N(UJ uilland,1999·WITH HIGH HONORSGARETT ROBERT ROSEA.B., Univ=ity of Chicago, 2007·WITH HIGH HONORSMEREDITH FILAK ROSEA.B., University of Chicago, 2008MARILYN BOSKEY ROSENA.B., Drak« Univ=ity, 2010PATRICK MATTHEW ROYS.B., Bmtky Coikgt, 2005·WITH HONORSGRAHAM WILLIAM SAFTYA.B., Univ=ity of Denver; 2008·WITH HIGHEST HONORSMARK ALAN SATERA.B., IndiAna Univ=ity Bloomington, 2010·WITH HONORSINGRID ELISE SCHOLZEA.B., ColumbiA University, N(UJ Yon!- City, N(UJ York,2008SCOTT ANDREW SCHONFELDA.B., Stanford Univ=ity, 2008LAURA ANNE SEXTONA.B., University of Chicago, 2008·WITH HONORSDIANE AIMEE SHREWSBURYA.B., johns Hopkins Univ=ity, 2008ASHLEY BROOKE SIMMONSB.B.A., Univ=ity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor. 2010·WITH HONORSADAM JAMES SITTEA.B., Univ=ity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2008PETER CARMEN SOLDATOA.B., Butllr University, 2010ADAM HOWARD SOLOMONA.B., N(UJ York Univ=ity, 2009S.M, Univ=ity of Chicago, 2013JONATHAN C. SPENDLOVEA.B., Univ=ity of Utah, 2009MB.A., Univ=ity of Chicago, 2013SARAH MARGARET STAUDTA.B., University of Chicago, 2010·WITH HONORSNICOLAS W. STEENLANDA.B., Emory Univ=ity, 2009ADAM MICHAEL SUSSERA.B., Washington University in St. Louis, 2010-WITH HONORSROBERT HALLOCK SVENSKA.B., Wi/Jillms CO/kgl, 2007-WITH HONORSCHARLES ANDREW TALPASA.B., California Po/yuchnic Stat( Univ=ity, San LuisObispo, 2010NATHAN ARLEN TANNERS.B., Brigham Young University, 2010-WITH HONORSJEFFREY ALLAN TATEB.B.A., University ofNotr« Daml, 2009DANIEL TAYLOR-CO HARTA.B., Univ=ity ofMichitan-Ann Arbor. 2008-WITH HONORSNATALIE DEYO THOMPSONA.B., Univ=ity ofSouthtrn CaliforniA, 2009-WITH HONORSWILLIAM THOMAS THOMPSONA.B., GlO'lltown University, 2010-WITH HIGH HONORSLAURA LEE THORNTONA.B" jamn Madison Univ=ity, 2007JEAN KATHARINE TINKHAMA.B., Emory University, 2009-WITH HIGH HONORSEMILY ANN UNDERWOODB.B.A" University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010-WITH HONORSEMILY CATHERINE VAN WYCKA.B., Univmity of Notre Dame, 2005JONATHAN DAVID VOLKA.B., Univmity of Kansas, 2008-WITH HONORSTESSA SUZANNE WALKERA.B., Texas A&M University. unoADAM SHERE WALLWORKA.B., Swarthmore Co/kge, 2007A.M., Syracuse Univmity. 2009-WITH HONORSVANIA WEN WANGA.B., University of Chicago, 2008AARON RUSSELL WEGRZYNA.B., Marquette Univmity. zoto-WITH HONORSKEVIN JOHN WESSELA.B., Georgetown University. zoto-WITH HIGH HONORSERIN ELIZABETH-MARIE WHALENA.B., Univmity ofFlorida, zot»ELIZABETH HEATHER WHITEA.B., Univmity of Utah, 2003A.B., ibid., 2003A.M., Stanford Univmity. 2004-WITH HONORS MORGAN WHITE-SMITHA.B., St. john! College, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 2006-WITH HIGH HONORSJONATHAN L. WIGGINS. JR.S.B., Hampton University. 2009JOHN MASON WILKESS.B., Miami Univmity. Oxford, Ohio, zoto-WITH HONORSPAXTON J. WILLIAMSA.B., Iowa State Univmity of Science and Ttchnology,2000MP.P., Univmity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2002M.Sc., University of Birmingham, England, UnitedKingdom, 2005JAIME T. WILLISA.B., Scripps Co/kge, 2007CHRISTINE MICHELLE WOODINS.B., California Institute ofTtchnology, zoto-WITH HONORSDAVID THOMAS WOOLSTONA.B., Co/kge of William and Mary in Virginia, 2009-WITH HONORSMIS HAN RAINI WROEA.B., Stanford Univmity. 2008-WITH HONORSYICHENWULL.B., Pelting University. Beijing. China, zotoU.M, Univmity of Chicago, zou THE LAW SCHOOLCATHERINE L1UYI YANGA.B., William Marsh Rice Univmity. zoioNOAH BUTLER YAVITZA.B., University of Chicago, 2008-WITH HIGH HONORSADRIENNE NICOLE YOUNGA.B., University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2008MEd., Chestnut Hill Co/kge, zoioKENNETH ALAN YOUNGS.B., Brigham 10ung University. zoto-WITH HONORSJUSTINYUS.B., Univmity of California, Los Angeles, 2008-WITH HONORSCHARLES DAVID ZAGNOLIA.B., Wheaton Co/kge, Illinois, 2008-WITH HIGH HONORSMICHAEL Z. ZHUA.B., University of Chicago, zotoTAMMYT. 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AComparativ� AnalysisTHE IRVING Bo HARRISGRADUATE SCHOOL OFPUBLIC POLICY STUDIESSATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYMandel HallII:30 a.m.RECEPTIONHutchinson Courtyardimmediately following the ceremony5ISTH CONVOCATIONDIPLOMA AND HOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESWELCOMEKATHI MARSHALLDean of StudentsALUMNI REMARKSELIZABETH FOLEY SWANSON, '02 MPPDeputy Chief of Stafffor Education, City of ChicagoPRESENTATION OF DIPLOMASCOLM O'MUIRCHEARTAIGHDean and ProfessorHOODING OF GRADUATESReader KATHI MARSHALLDean of StudentsFACULTY HOODERSfor master's studentsKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service ProfessorlENS LUDWIGMcCormick Foundation Professor of Social Service Administration, Law, and Public Policy in the School ofSocial Service Administration and the Harris SchoollAMES SALLEEAssistant ProfessorPAULA WORTHINGTONSenior LecturerTHE IRVING B. HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESfor PhD studentsDAN BLACKProfessorKERWIN CHARLESEdwin A. and Betty L. Bergman Distinguished Service ProfessorJEFFREY GROGGERIrving Harris Professor of Public PolicyWILLIAM HOWELLSydney Stein Professor in American PoliticsROBERT J. LALoNDEProfessorJENS LUDWIGMcCormick Foundation Professor of Social Service Administration, Law, and Public Policy in the School ofSocial Service Administration and the Harris SchoolBRUCE MEYERMcCormick Foundation ProfessorSTEPHEN RAUDENBUSHThe Lewis-Sebring Distinguished Service Professor in Sociology and the Harris SchoolRECESSIONAL(Please stand)CLOSING REMARKSCOLM O'MUIRCHEARTAIGHDean and Professor93515TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS:TRANECE L. ARTISA.B.• Northwestern Univmity. 1990M.B.A .• Univmity of South"" California. 1996LISA PATRICIA CHRISTENSEN GEEA.B.. Bri�am Young Univmity. 2006A.B .• ibitl. 2006J.D .• Univmity of Chicago. 2012JOHN JOSEPH CORRIGAN IVA.B.. Lafoy�tte GJIIege. Easton. Pennsylvania 2001A.M.• Yowi Univmity. Seoul. South Ko�a. 2011 JOO YOUNG LAUREN KIMA.B .• Univmity of Massachw�tts at Amhmt.. 2006A.M.• johns Hoplrins Univmity. 2009JENNIFER A. LYONSA.B .• Univmity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2007A.M.• Univmity of Chicago. 2012DIANE CHEN NIMCHUKA.B .• State Univmity of New York at Albany. 2005S.M. Columbia Univmity. Neur York City. Nna York.2012 DAVID HARMON SMITHA.B .• Univmity ofMassachw�tts at Boston. 2000J.D .• Loyola Univmity of Chicago. 2003HYESUNYOONA.B.• Yons�i Univmity. Seoul. South Komz. 20IlFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE IN THE IRVING B.HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIES ANDTHE DIVISION OF PHYSICAL SCIENCES:ALEXANDER CHARLES FEDELLS.B.• PurrJ� Univmity. Wat LafflFtte. Indial'l4, 2007'WITH HONORS ALEX JOSEPH FRANKA.B.• Boston Univmity. 2007'WITH HONORSFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF PUBLIC POLICY:ANA AGUILERA DE LLANOB.&on. UnivmidatJ Catdlica Andm Bello. Caracas.Ventzf«1a. 2010JUMANAJAMALSUBHIALAREFS.B.• Georgetown Univmity. 2011PRINCESS KENNETTE ALLENA.B .• Univmity of California. &rk�ky. 2006LUTFI ANGGARAA.B .• Universitas Indonesia, D�pok. 2006ANTHONY JAMES AUSTINS.B .• Univmity of WISconsin-Madison. 2008BOCAR ABDOULAYE BAS.B.• Univmity ofQutb�c at Montrla!. Canada. 2009A.M.. Univmity of British Columbia, �ncouver,Canada. 2010CHEUNG YIN CHANA.B .• City Univmity of Neu: York. 2011JENNIFER LEIGH CHANA.B. Univmity of Washington. Seatek. 2007MATTHEW A. CHANEYS.B .• United States Military Academy. 2001'WITH HONORSAMAN CHITKARAB.Eng.• Univmity of D�lhi. New Delhi. India, 2008CHUAN REN CHUNGA.B.• National Taiwan Univmity. Taipri. 2006EDUARDO CISNEROSA.B .• California State Univmity. Long Beach. 2006RUTH E. COFFMANS.B .• Georgetown Univmity. 2006M'Di«, Univmity of Chicago. 2013NATASHA COLLINSA.B .• Univmity of California. 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City Univmity ofNna York 2010ASHLEE BRIANNE GABRYSCHA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2007CAROLINA GARAYZAR GOMEZBiEcon .• Instituto TechnoltJgico Aullinomo tk Mexico,San Ang�1. 2010JESSICA WHITE GILLOOLYA.B.• Brown Univmity. 2009JANINE GIVENS-BELSLEYA.B.• Wh�aton Co/kg�. Illinois, 2001M.B.A .• Univmity of Chicago. 2013BRITTA GLENNONA.B .• CorneO Univmity. Ithaca. New York. 2008BINGHUI GONGA.B .• Central Univmity of Pinance and Economics,Brijing. China 20IlANGSHUMAN GOOPTUA.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Chicago. 2007A.M. ibid., 2009HOLLY GUZMANA.B.• Columbia Univmity. New York City. Neur York.2006M.B.A .• Univmity of Chicago. 2013KATHRYN ELIZABETH HAGERMANA.B.• Syracus� Univmity. 2003A.M.. Univmity of Chicago. 2013'WITH HONORSGATLIN GUNNER HAMLYNA.B .• Univmity of South"" California. 2003JOCELYN CHOU HAREA.B .• Univmity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2003NAVIKA HARSHEA.B.• Osmania Univmity. Hytkrabael. India, 2005A.M.. Univmity of Hytkrabael. India, 2007LINDSAY MORGAN HAYMESS.B .• Missouri Stat� Univmity. 2006'WITH HONORSTASHA ANN HEIDENRICHA.B .• North�stern Univmity. 1999 CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMHOLDSWORTHA.B .• Univmity of California. Berkeky. 2005JAMIE WAN WEN HUANGS.B.• Univmity of Wisconsin-Madison. 2002A.M. Univmity of Chicago. 2013LAUREN ANN HULAA.B .• Univmity of Chicago. 2007SEONG YONG JANGS.B .• Univmity ofMaryland Baltimore County. 2008HUI JEEN JEUNGB.B.A .• Ewha w"mans Univmity. Seoul. South Korea,2000ATSUSHI JINNOU.B.• Univmity ofTolryo. japan. 2005MUHAMMADADNANKHANS.B .• University of Engineering and Technology.P�shawar, Pakistan. 2003YONGKWANG KIMA.B .. Dongguk Unioersity; Seoul. South Korea, 2011GILLIAN KINDELA.B .• Lewis and Clark Coikge. 2007ANGELA MARGARET KLIPPA.B .• D�Paul University. Chicago. Illinois, 2008CHRISTOPHER LA RAJAA.B .• Columbia Unioersity; Neta York City. Nna York.2001DAVID LEVINES.B .• Duk« University; 20IlFANG LIUA.B .• China Fo�ign Affairs Univmity. 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HARRIS GRADUATE SCHOOL OF PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESMICHAEL ANTHONY REDDYA.B., Saint Louis Univmity, 2009JUAN PABLO REGIDOR SANTIBANEZLic., Instituto TecnoMgico AutOnomo tk Mixico, SanAngel, 20II'WITH HONORSJACOB LEPIE ROSCHA.B., Univn-rity of North Carolina at Chapel Hili,2008GERASIMOS ROUTZOUNISPtychion, Ethnikon lrai KApodistriakon PanepistimionAthinon, Athens, Greece, 2007M.Sc., Univn-rity of London, England, UnitedKingtk,m, 2008M.Sc., ibid., 2009EMILY PAGE ROWEA.B., Univn-rity of Chicago, 2008BRIAN SABINAS.B., Northtoestern Univmity, 2010M.B.A., Univn-rity of Chicago, 2013'WITH HONORSSIMONE MICHELLE SANTIAGOA.B., Weskyan Univmity, Middktown, Connecticut,2002M.B.A., Univn-rity of Chicago, 2013KELLY SUZANNE SAULSBERRYA.B., Wel/esky College, Massachusetts, 2000LANEY SHALERA.B., Lake Forest Co/kge, 2008MICHAEL ANTHONY SITKOWSKIA.B., Nortbuester« Univmity, 2008ERICA SKATVOLDA.B., Univn-rity ofDenver, 2008MATTHEW STEVEN SMITHS.B., Tulane Univn-rity, 2007M.B.A., Univmity of Chicago, 2013YlNGSHA SONGA.B., Univmity of Virginia, 20IIMARINA STAVRAKANTONAKIS.B., Ikonomikon Panepistimion Athinon, Athens,Gruce2006M.B.A., Ohio State Uniuenity; Columbus, 2008MATTHEW LAWRENCE STEDLS.B., Univn-rity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,1995'WITH HONORSELIZABETH CARTER STOVALLA.B., Colby Co/kge, 2007BRANDON STRAWNA.B., jam� Madison Univmity, 2008MIE TAKAHASHIA.B., Unioersity ofToIryo, japan, 2006FEITANGA.B., Rmmin Unioemty of China, Beijing, 20IIZACHARY RYAN TROUTA.B., �ke Forest Univn-rity, 2008 CRISTIAN VARELAIng., Pontiftcia Unioersidad Catolic« tk Chil«,Santiago, 2007M.B.A., Univmity of Chicago, 2013DAN WANGA.B., Tsinghua Univmity, Beijing, China, 2011YANWANGA.B., Shanghai Uniuenity; China, 2003NICOLE MARIE WEGNERA.B., Univn-rity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2007HANNAH LINDSEY WEIA.B., Pitzer Co/kge, 2008DAVID MATTHEW WELGUSA.B., Washington Univn-rity in St. Louis, 2005CHARISE ANNETTE WILLIAMSA.B., Lewis Univn-rity, 2001B.E., ibid., 2001NATHANIEL DAVID WILSONA.B., Franklin Co/kge of Indiana, 2002DANIELLE E. 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TRIYANA5.B., Univn-rity of Chicago, 2004A.M., ibid., 2007DISSERTATION: The Efficts of Household anaCommunity-Based Interventions: Evidence fromIndonesiaJORGE I. UGAZS.B., Pontiftica Univn-ridad Catolica tkl Peru, Lima,1997M.P.P., Georgetown Univn-rity, 2004DISSERATION: Three Essays on Health and FamilyEconomics FELICITY ANNE VABULAS5.B., Univmity ofIl/inois at Urbana-Champaign,2000M.P.P., Univn-rity of Chicago, 2007DISSERTATION: Enhancing Monitoring andEnforr:ement in Intergovernmental Organizations:When ana Why State: Grant Consultati� StatustoNGOsTHE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICEADMINISTRATIONFRIDAY, JUNE 14,2013HOODING CEREMONYRockefeller Memorial Chapel6:00 p.m.SATURDAY, JUNE 15,2013UNIVERSITY CEREMONYMain Quadrangle9:15 a.m.DIPLOMA DISTRIBUTION AND RECEPTIONSchool of Social Setvice Administration LibraryImmediately following Convocation515TH CONVOCATIONHOODING CEREMONYORDER OF EXERCISESPROCESSIONALRIGAUDON, composed byANDRE CAMPRATHOMAS WEISFLOG, University OrganistREMARKSWELCOMENEIL B. GUTERMANDean of the School of Social Service Administration and Mose & Sylvia Firestone ProfessorALIDA M. BOURIS, Assistant ProfessorWInner of the William Pollak Excellence in Teaching Award for 20I3PRESENTATION OF FACULTY AWARDSNEIL B. GUTERMANDean of the School of Social Service Administration and Mose & Sylvia Firestone ProfessorALIDA M. BOURIS, Assistant ProfessorWInner of the WIlliam Pollak Excellence inTeaching Award for 20I3 JULIA R. HENLEY, Associate ProfessorWInner of the Award for Excellence inDoctoral Student Mentoring at SSAPRESENTATION OF STUDENT AWARDSCELIA M. BERGMANDean of StudentsJACOB DANCERPresident, SSA Alumni AssociationJANELLE WASHBURNSonia Berz Honor Award ANDREA KAMPFNERSolomon O. Lichter Memorial PrizeTHE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONHOODING OF SPRING 2013 GRADUATESRead by M I C H A E L JOG E R S T, Assistant Dean and Director of Career ServicesNANCY C HER TO K, Director of Field EducationFACULTY HOODERSSCOTT W. ALLARDAssociate ProfessorSYDNEY L. HANSSamuel Deutsch ProfessorLEYLA ISMAYILOVAAssistant ProfessorSTANLEY G. MCCRACKENSenior LecturerJENNIFER E. MOSLEYAssistant ProfessorTINA L. RZEPNICKIDavid & Mary Winton Green Professor and Deputy Dean for CurriculumDEXTER R. VOISINAssociate ProfessorMARCI A. YBARRAAssistant ProfessorCLOSINGNEIL B. GUTERMANDean of the School of Social Service Administration and Mose & Sylvia Firestone ProfessorRECESSIONALTOCCATA IN F composed by CHARLES-MARIE WmOR99515TH CONVOCATIONFOR THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS:ASHLEY NICOLE AKIYAMAA.B., Unillmity of Chicago, 2012KATHARINE SARA ALBANESEA.B., N� School Univmity. 2010SAMANTHA ALLWEISS.A.B., Univmity of Wisconsin-Madison, 2010JENNIFER ALTMANA.B., Brandeis Univmity. 2010SARAH MARYAM AL-ZOUBIA.B., Univmity ofNonh Carolina at Chap�1 Hili,2010TYROLENE ANSLEY.A.B., N� York University; 2006JEFF A. ATWOODA.B., Capital Unillmity. 2003JENNIFER NICOLE AVILAA.B., Univmity of California, Santll Barbara, 2006ALEXANDRA BALLARDA.B., Boston Colkg�, 2006REBECCA BARISHA.B., Univmity ofMaryland at Co/kg� Park, 2010KATHRYN KENNEDY BARONA.B.,' Unillmity of Notre Dame, 2007LAURA MARIE BAUMGARTA.B., Michigan StIlU Unillmity. 2007MALLORY LISA BENDERA.B., Univmity of Washington, &attk, 2009SARAH HINES BENDIXA.B., Ob"lin Co/kg�, 2001ELISABETH ALIX BENOITS.B., Indiana Univmity Bloomington, 2006EMILY E. BERCAWA.B., Unillmity of Delaware, 2003CAITLIN ELIZABETH BERGHA.B., Columbia Unillmity. N� York City. N� York,2008DAN PHILIP MATTIAS BESTROMA.B., Unillmity of Connectiaa, 2008MICAELA KATHRYN ANELE BISHOPA.B., Da/housi� University; Halifax, NOIIa Scotia,Canada, 2008VICTORIA MARIE BLANKS.B., Unillmity of TulsA, 2000JODY LYNN BLAYLOCKB.S. W, Univmity of Central Floritla, 20IICONNIE MICHELE BOGARDS.B., Unillmity of Texas at Austin, 2008TERESA MARIE BOLASB.S. W, Cmghton Univmity. 2009HILLARY LYNNE BRAYA.B., Colkg� ofWilJiam and Mary in Virginia, 2011DAGENE Z. 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York, 2010SHERIDAN GUSTIN LARDNERA.B., Univmity ofChicllgo, 2011AARON LAUFMAN-WALKERA.B., T=pk Unillmity. 2005JACQUELINE MARIE LE BLANCA.B., D�Paul University; Chicago, Illinois, 2008CAROL ANN LEEA.B., StIlU Unillmity of N� York at Albany. 20IIASHLEY ANN LEPSEB.S. W, Illinois StIlU Unillmity. 2011MARGARET ROSE LEWISS.B .• Northwestern Univ=ity. 2009ELYSE HEATHER LARA LICHTENTHALA.B .• Univ=ity ofMassachusetts at Amherst, 2007ESTHER KAI XIN LIEWS.B .• Baylor Univ=ity. 2010XINYANG LIUA.B .• Capitlll Normal University. Beijing. China. 20IIANGELICA C. LOPEZB.S. w.. Mrian Colkge. 2011DEBORAH LOPEZA.B .• University of Illinois at Chicago. 1987HILLARY KATHLEEN LOPEZS.B .• University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.2008KALI RENEE LUDWIGA.B .• Hope Colkge. 2008BRITNEY NICOLE LUEBBES.B .• University ofMinnesotll- Twin Cities. 20IIJONATHAN JAMES LYKESA.B .• University of Chicago. 2012ABRA ELYSIA LYONS-WARRENA.B .• Brandeis University; 2007MP.P.. 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Los Angeles, 2007MARCUS RELACO MOOREA.B., Northeastern Illinois University. 2010CAITLIN MORRISS.B., Univ=ity of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,2008LAURA MELISSA MOSERA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign,20IIELIZABETH ANN MULLENA.B .• Augustllna College, 2009KIMBERLY YUNG MUSKE-LYNCHA.B., Indiana University South Bend, 2000RACHEL NARROWA.B., Tufts Univ=ity. 200-1MA. T.. Simmons College, 2007JAZMINE ASHLEY NASHA.B .• University of Illinois at Chicago, 20II MEGAN ELIZABETH NEUBAUERB.S. w., Capital University. 20IIEDEN SAMANTHA NEWMARKA.B., Knox College, 2008JESSICA ANN NEWSOMEA.B., Lasorence University. 2010CHRISTINE MARIE NICPONA.B., Franklin and Marrhall Colkge. 2008SARA ELIZABETH NOWLINA.B .• Indiana Univ=ity Bloomington, 2008ERIN DANIELLE OBRADOVICHA.B., Evergreen Stat« Colkge, 200-1MF.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago, 20IICLAIRE ELIZABETH O'CONNORS.B., XAvier University. Cincinnati. Ohio, 20IIJESSICA ORNELASA.B., Northeastern Illinois University. 20IIABIGAIL CHRISTINE PALMERA.B., University of California. Los Angeles. 2009GABRIELLE BRADY PENDLEYA.B .• Marquette University. 2008ANDREA RENE PENICKA.B .• Kalamazoo Colkge. 2010AMANDA RENE PITCOCKA. B .• Louisiana Stat» University and Agricultural andMechanical Colkge. 2008CHRISTINA MARIE PODANYA.B .• University of Pittsburgh. 2009BRANDI MICHELLE PRETLOWS.B .• StIlnford University. 2005MEd.. Lesley University; Cambridge. Massachusetts.2007JENNIFER LYNN PTAKS.B .• University of Dayton. 2007LAUREN PUETZA.B .• Northwestern University. 20IICHELSEA MORGAN RAGSDALEA.B .• Depauw University. Greencastle, Indiana. 20IIKARINA RAMIREZA.B .• Georgetown University. 2010MAEVE ARIANA RAPHELSONA.B .• University of Notre Dame. 2010ERIN DEVORAH RAPOPORTA.B .• The Univerrity of British Columbia. v.zncouver,Canada. 2009MICHAEL ANTHONY REDDYA.B .• Saint Louis University; 2009M.P.P.. University of Chicago. 2013SWATHI M. REDDYA.B .• Colkge of St. Catherine. 2010JACQUELINE NICOLE REFOA.B .• University ofMaryLznd at College Park. 2006MARGARET ANN REYNOLDSS.B .• Syracuse University. 2011JACK RINGELA.B .• University of Colorado at Boulder; 2007SHARITZA ELENA RIVERAA.B .• DePaul University; Chicago, Illinois. 2009SAMAH RIZVIA.B .• University of Colorado at Boulder, 2008EVAN D. ROGERSA.B .• University of Colorado at Boulder, 1999RACHEL LEIGH ROGERSS.B .• Purdue University; West Lafayette. Indiana. 2008RIO ROMERO-JURADOS.B .• University of Texas at Austin. 2007JESSICA KATE ROSE5.B .• Tufts University; 2006LAURA BETH ROSENBERGA.B .• Lawrence University; 2008CLAIRE CHRISTINE RUBERGA.B .• Northwestern University; 2008lMANI RAE RUPERTA.B .• University of California. Santa Barbara. 2006AATIFA SADIQA.B .• DePaul University; Chciago. Illinois, 2011 THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONLELA SAFFLEA.B .• Baylor University. 2009STEPHANIE MARIE SARMASA.B .• DePaul Univmity. Chicago. Illinois. 20IIKRISTINE SUZANNE SCHAEFERA.B .• Regis University. 2008ANDREA ERIN SCHKLARA.B .• Tulan« University. 2007CAITLIN C. SCHNURA.B .• Haverford College. 2007CLAIRE MARIE SCHUA.B .• Univerrity ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2006CHRISTEN ANN SCOZZAFAVES.B .• University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2002SHERIE ALYSE SHIELDSS.B .• Rochester College. 2010SUNG JAE SHINA.B .• Yonsei University: Seoul South Korra. 1998A.M. Garntt-Evangelical Theological Seminary. 2010BRITTANY SIMSA.B .• DePaul University. Chicago. Illinois. 2006KATHRYN SLAVINB.S. w.. Ramapo Colkge of New Jersey. 2010KARA WHITLEY SMITHA. B .• Univ=ity ofMaryLznd at Colkge Park. 2006ELIZABETH MARIE SORICEA.B .• College of Wooster. 2007LAURA L. STALEYA.B .• Univ=ity of Chicago. 200-1VALERIE STRATTAN GUERRAA.B .• Moody Bible Institute. 2007VANESSA A. STRICKLAND­MUHAMMADS.B .• Jarvis Christian College. 1981RANI R. STUTZ5.B .• Western Michigan University. 2007JESTON ANNE SUSSMANA.B .• University ofMassachusetts at Amherst. 2010VALERIE TAINGA.B .• Simmons College. 2004VALLIE GEIER TAPKEA.B.• Georgetown Univerrity. 2009GRACE ANGELICA THORNTONS.B., University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009ASHLEY NICOLE TOMLINSONS.B .• Virginia Polytechnic Institute and StIlteUniversity; 2007DANIEL WALTER TORRESA.B .• University of Illinois at Chicago. 2011ALICE EA-JAN TSAOA.B .• University of New Hampshire, 2008MATTHEW ROBERT VAILA.B.• Sarah Latorence Colkge. 2008CYNTHIA MARY VALIAPARAMBILA.B .• LoyoLz University of Chicago. 2007S.B .• ibid, 2007LILIANA VELAzQUEZA.B .• Grinnell College. 2006SARA FAYE VOGELPOHLS.B .• Loyola University of Chicago. 2006ERIN MARY VONDRASEKA.B .• Miami University; Oxford. Ohio. 2011LAURA BRADFORD WALKERS.B .• Roosevelt University. 1976MDiv.• McCormick Theological Seminary. 1995LETICIA M. WALLACEA.B .• California Stat« University. Chico. 2011JANELLE DIANE WASHBURNA.B .• Purdue University. West Lafayette. IndUlnll. 2011ANDREW STEPHEN WHEELERA.B .• Goucher Colkge. 2008KARA MARIE WHITTAKERA.B .• University of Chicago. 20121015IFH CONVOCATIONKELSEY M. WILDA.B.• ColumbiA Co//egr. Chi�llgrJ. IUinois. zo07MERCEDES N. WILLIAMSA.B.• Unillmity ofMi�higlln-Ann Arbor, ZOIOMARY ELIZABETH WININGHAMA.B .• Dllrtmouth Co//egr. ZOIOMARCUS BENNETT WOLFEA.B.• Roos�/t Unillmity. zo08 ANN WOOTTONB.H.A.. Corntgi� M�//on UnitJmity. zoosGWENDOLYN MARIE WYDRAS.B.• Unillmity ofIUinois Ilt Urbllnfl-Chllmpllign.ZOIISARAH JISUN YOOA.B.• IUinois Wn/eyfln Unillmity. zo09SUSANNA AULD BRINKERHOFF ZENSA.B.• UnitJmity ofMuhiglln-Ann Arbor, zoo6 BRIAN LEE ZIMMERMANS.B .. SyrtKus� Unillmity. ZOIIMELISSA ARON ZIMMERMANA.B.• Franltlin Ilnd Mllrshtdi Co//egr. ZOIISUZANNE M. ZOHERIA.B .• Unillmity ofWlKOnsin-Mllliison. Z007FOR THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY:YOUNGJO 1MDISSBRTATION: YUIIlI Linlts bttIWm MlltnnlllEmploymmt Ilnd &rIy ChiiJhOO4 JRw/gpmmtwithin Lmo-Incam« FllmilinJACOB PETER LESNIEWSKIA.B.• WMlltlln Co//egr. IUinois. 1999AM.. Unillmity of Chicllgo. Z007DISSBRTATION: Constflnt Contntfltion: Di/nnmllS ofOrtllniDng, A.Jwctuy. Ilnd InJiviJUfliIntmJmtions Ilt Il �,*t'I' Cmur102 STEPHEN EDWARD McMILLINA.B.• Saint Mllryi UnitJmity ofMinnnotfl. 1995A.M.• Northwntn'n UnitJmity. zoosA.M. Unillmity ofChicllgo. zo08DISSBRTATION: Tl'1lnsftrring Tl'1lining til EvitIm&�­&s�d Pmctic« in Home VuitfltionBENJAMIN JARED ROTHA.B.• WMlltlln Co//egr. IUinois. 1997MS. w.. City Unillmity ofNnIJ �'*. ZOOIDISSERTATION: Mtxiclln Immigmnt �uth Ilnd SodA/Mobility P"thwtlyt in th� Suburbs TINA KIMBERLY SACKSA.B .. D�PIlu/ Unillmity. ChUllgo. Illinois, 1994A.M.• Unillmity ofChullgo, 1998DISSERTATION: Mobilizing ClAss Rnourrn IlndPmmting th� Self Tbe Diffirmtilll H�IlIlMIlITExpnimm of BItKIt MiJJk ClAss �mmASHATHOMASA.B.• BIlng(l/QIT Unillmity.lnditl. 1989A.M. Tfltfl InstituU. Bombtly. Inditl. 1991DISSERTATION: Framing th� S_: S«iA1 Mowmmtin th� NIlTmIIIifl VIlikyTHE AWARD OF HONORS103 .51FH CONVOCATIONEric Fama CochraneJennifer Lynn CohenCalen Joshua ColeMelissa Lynn CollinsQuinn Emily ColterElizabeth Renee ConnollySara Sciaky CorderrnanLizbeth CordovaKyriaki CouncilKatherine Margaret CrainAyesha Diamond CrockettRachel Kathryn CrosbyCaroline Quigley CrouchClaudia Cruz LeoEmma Catherine CuetoMary Katherine CunninghamKimberly Nicole CyganDavi Eric Da SilvaIsaac William DalkeArnav DalmiaBlake Elliott DanielsShibandri DasAvital Sarah DatskovskyAlexandra Rae DattiloMichael John DausChristopher Steven DaveyKate Cameron DavidsonHunter Cole DavisLinaDayemCynthia Inez De La RosaJavier De La RosaDinali Tanushka De SilvaLauren Elizabeth DeanMary Helen DeckSarah Anne Del CielloHan DengTianyuan DengMehrdad DerakhshanJoanna Yang Qing DermanAudrey Helene Marie DesvauxMartin Joseph Detmer IIIGeorge DeweyClaudia Dlaz-AlemanyMatthew James DirksKatherine Anne DiscipioHayley Israel DonerPatrick Edward Donnelly MoranMark Theodore DossGrant Bartolome DowlingCatrina Ann DoxseeAnna Barnett DozorAmeer Erick DraneYunxi DuanMallika DubeyJared Abraham DummittMichael Francis DunnErikaLynn Dunn-WeissDavid Anthony DurfeeAdrien M. Duroc-DannerAnita Shireen DutraMara Rose Kennelly EasterbrookEleanor Dorothy EastonFernando Emilio EcheverriChrisros EconomouEli Aaron EdelsonRobert Allen EdstromAshley Marie EdwardsKai Huntington EldredgeJames Nathaniel ElliottElden ElmantoAWARDED GENERAL HONORS WITH THE BACHELOR'S DEGREEHarrison AbramsTamathor AbughnaimKaushal Raghuram AddankiGala Ades-LaurentShefali AgrawalKlakow AkepanidtawornCharna Nili AlbertIan Michael AlevyAhsan Muhammed AliMohammed Syed AliAlexander AltskanEric William AndersenMiguel Eduardo AndradeLester Zhansheng AngAlexander Michael AnnekenJohn Istephanos AntonSophia Despina ArabadjisAllison Rebecca ArbuthnotMarley Sinade ArechigaAthanasios G. AthanassiadisAngelica Mae Villaluz AtianJade Christina AveryJames M. BaatzJoshua David BabcockDiego BaenaAmber Michelle BaileyBethany Anne BaileySamuel Martin BaileyAmishi BajajOlga Klaudia BajorekStephen Gregory BaloghEmily Ariel BambergerVictoria Lee BaranMadeline Grace BarnicleDenver Hughes BarrowsStefan Alexander jazwinski BartellNathan Timberlake BartleyJoseph Guido BartolacciEthan BassKunal Amitabh Basu-DuttaVincent Benton BauerJames Evan BelcherTravis Christian BenaigesJennifer Camilla BergerPeter Quinn BerkowitzJacob Alexander BermanMaria Sol Bernardez SarriaAllyce Yvette Kirk BestLeela Bhatia-NewmanAnish BhatnagarAlicia Marie BierstedtAndrea Julia BischofMatthew Thomas BizjackAlice Rose BlackwoodDavid Sutherland BlairRobert Joseph BlaksleeRoss Ericson BlauMaxwell Joseph BlumenfeldJohn Raymond BobkaDavid Ian BodowBenjamin Diamond BondAnna Katherine BootsJohn William Gaffigan BorokhovichMaggie Kathryn BorowitzAndrew Robert BoshardyJoshua James BosshardtPeter Brehm BoucherMargaret Ann BowieMartia Shannon Bradley104 Caroline Elizabeth BranderSamuel Thomas BrandtEliza Claire BrownElizabeth Ashley BrownPeter Thomas BrownSamantha Maria BrownSamuel Brennecke BrownBenjamin Robert BullockKimberly Ethelyn BullockWilliam Thomas BurgoCarl Wilhelm Theodor ButtBruno Hennig CabralLaura Katherine CainGuy-Karim Jacques Caland PuymartinDanielle CalleDragos Alexandru CalugarMaeve Ingram CampbellMargaret Claire CantaraSeverine Zheng Yan CaoXin CaoDeborah CapiroElisa Manuela CarifioCristina CarrazzaRoss Meyer CarstensSandy Maria CarterCharles Ian Ormsby CaryMichael John CaseyNicholas Christopher CasslemanFernando Cuauhtli CastroGarrett Robert ChadoBianca Gabriela ChamuscoDarrick G. ChanHui Min ChangLinxi ChangPaul Jin-Wei ChangMaximilian Elihu ChaoulideerThomas Stephen ChapmanIvy Jane CharneskiVasileios ChatziaslanisAlan Shu ChenCheng ChenChristina Shi- Yao ChenChristine ChenDiyang ChenEmily ChenGrace Luoyia ChenHelen ChenJoshua Ming ChenKevin ChenKevin H. ChenLiwei ChenVincent Cortie ChenYilan ChenEdward ChengZhuolun ChengStephanie Ling ChiaoAndrew H. ChoYechan ChoRachel Jeewon ChoiRachelle Viola ChouinardArmina Bernadette ChristensenMegan Lim ChuaHa Eun ChungJack Aaron CinomanCharles Hunnewell ClarkHannah Rose ClarkJacob A. ClementiSean Thomas ClemmerAxelle Marie ClochardMary Grace ClutterBenjamin Gabriel ElulNolan Steven EpsteinDaniela Michelle EstradaDouglas Alvin Everson, Jr.Andrew Tu-Ming FanRoger FanAnthony Giorgio Farias-EisnerAnn Elise FarrellPolly Ellanora Smith FaustDavid Gordon FedermanErik Ben FedermanJan Sharona FeldmanSevde FelekKyle Gerard FelkerSadaf FerdowsiMaria Ismenia FereiraErica Ann FernandesEly FishJohn Taylor FisherPaul Michael FisherBethany Rose FixsenEran Y. FlickerCrystal Ming-Yee FongFrancisco Ramon FontaAndrew Myers FoodyMark Evan FornaceJames Raymond FosterKelsay Leah Anna FoustDory Amalia FoxJoshua Isaac FoxKali FramptonMichael Abraham FrancusMaxwell FrankIlana Olivia FreedmanRebecca Anne Cook FriedmanJoshua Pierce FryCharles Gearhart FryeKaitlyn Rose FryzekMichael Jacek FurdynaAsher Thomas GabaraJoshua Paul GagneDaphna Ellen GallMatthew James GalleryKelsey Kay GanserYaGaoMiranda Miriam GardaNoemi GarciaJoseph Kerksick GardnerMihajlo GaSicAlexander Joseph GazdaDylan Suzanne GenestManju Ann GeorgeSage Marie GersonKathryn Jeanne GibbonsConnor Craig GilroyHenry Hewitt GinnaEmma Jamilah GistNina GnedinJahnne Racquel GoCrystal Marie GodinaRatna GogineniHannah Katzander GoldTheodore Francesco GoldSarah Elyse GoldbergJordan Graham GoldsIan Mitchell GollerMunir Sameh GomaaTianshan GongWade Tan GongMichael Celso GonzalezMaria Jane GorbatyNaomi Rose Ullendorff Gorfinkle Itir GorgucJonathan Grabinsky ZabludovskyChiara Francesca GrafChristopher Noel GrafSarah Ellen GrangerAlexander Maxim GrantElsbeth Love GrantAndrew Kirby Simonsick GreenEtienne Beijia GreenleeEmily Joy GreenwoodLexie Renee GroveMarina Roumenova GrozdanovaGrete K. GrubelichRay Hanwen GuYiran GuJuan Othon GuevaraEric Moses GurevitchIliya GutinJonathan David GutmanVictor James GutweinJonathan James HaderleinDaniel Christopher HahnJulia Aviva HahnHelen Paula HailesRyan Mark HammondSeungHo HanKeegan Wynn HankesKareem Imad HannounAshley A. HardemanCorey Evan HaroldAmanda Rachel HartmanAriella Clarissa HartmanVeasna Meatophom HasAnthony Oluwatobi HaslettYuan HeEmily Christine HeatonChristina Marie HeinrichLiam Edward HeinsThomas John HeinsEtan Ephraim HellerCeleste Alexandra HenkelmannDallas Christian HerndonCyrus Lee HinksonDon Nhu HoEmily Volena HoIrvin Yang HoSamantha Elizabeth HobsonJean-Michel Duveen HoffmanSean Donald HoganCarolyn Jacquelyn HokeMichael HongMatthew John HorchBenjamin Henry Souvaine HornShelly Naomi HorwitzAlexandru HostiucYiweiHouJessica Ann HoughKathryn Marie HoughHadiya Shoshanik HousepianRemi Jon HovsepianEmily Katherine HrenVivian HuaAmi HuangSimo HuangHelene Wei HuberNoah Joon HuhTsung Ming HungWilliam Orin HutsonRachel Ellen HymanBatoul Ghazi Mahmoud IbrahimAlexei IouchkovTodd B. Isenstadt THE AWARD OF HONORSDaniel Gregory IshHasan Hilmi IshamNusra IsmailToni Pilar IurcottaNaomi Anna JacobsBenjamin Raphael Petruck JacobsonShajiah JaffriMarco Anthony JaimesErik Clark JamesMaura Katherine JamesNaseem JamniaMichaela Elizabeth JandacekNanJiDiana Lin JiaJanelJinEnnuriJoAnders Herron JohnsonAnna Rose JohnsonSamantha Lee JonesAndrew William JordanBrendan David JordanStephanie JosephPrakriti Pradhan JoshiMarko Bernard JurkovicMeher KaironDaniel Thomas KaiserskiGabriel Michael O'Malley KalalAndrew K. KamAkshaya Suresh KannanUppili Anerudh KarmanPaul A. KaplanAnna Petkova KaradzhovaMalini Bhavani KarthaJason Robert KassKatherine Michelle KatzerWujunKeDhruv KedarNoam KeesomTheodore Everett KentChloe Emmanuelle KernTarika KhattarJiMinKimMicah KimRebecca Yehwan KimSara KimTaeYeon KimYee Hyun KimJohn V. R. King IIIChristopher Charles Peter KingdonSami Khalil KishawiAnastasia KlimchynskayaMaura Anne KnappYoungKun KoAmit S. KohliThaddeus David KomacekMehves KonukBrigette Christina KragieCalvin Bradley KroghHailey Ann KtzystonMark J. KubaczykApoorv KumarKevin Wing Kai KwokHyuk Chan KwonBayardo Jose LacayoBo Shiun LaiGarrett Matthew LairdFaith Regina LakenSiu Hon Jeffrey LamGari Anders LandgrenDanielle Alyssa LandreinErik Sean LandryShelby Avent Lane515TH CONVOCATIONNiLangAlexa Tate LangeBenjamin Philip LangeAlexis Nicole LassiterRaymond Matthew LawsJames Matthew LaytonThu Minh LeGi-Xiang LeeJae I. LeeJason Ka-Meng LeeJennie Kyu-Yeon LeeJin-Min LeeJonathan Jin LeeLaurie LeeNoah Greyeagle LeeSamantha Minji LeeSengyeon LeeTerence Lee Jun RongTracyC. LeeVictoria Antoinette LeeTyler LeedsNicha LeethochawalitMatthew Roland LemieuxKathryn Abra LeskoHannah Antonia LeskoskyHelen Zhijun LeungChen LiKatherine Jinyi LiLucyLiSiqiLiStephen Boheng LiXinyi Alice LiDaniel James LidenMarissa Lieberman-KleinJenna Rae LillemoeJung Ha LimLynda C. LinVictor Isaac LinJohn Michael LisovskyAnchengLiuGeorge Jiaqi LiuLindaLiuMolly Zhen LiuDominick Anthony LoBraico IIIHannah Concetta LoftusAnthony Lee LogliEmilie Diane LohmanManuela Londono CorralesJoseph Ronald LongeneckerJohn-Reynold Herman LopezJoseph Daniel LovinsYueLuZemingLuMonica LunaJoseph Jordan LuriaStephen Ross LuriePhoebe Scott LymanElizabeth Jane LyonCaterina Libby MacLeanTrisha Anne MacRaeRoger MadejskiKirsten Anne MadsenMariana MagalaCharlyn MagnusMagdalenaJ. MahoneyMark Paul Mahvi, Jr.Vivian Yan Ting MakNehaMalikRyan William MalitzPeter Joel MalonisMichael Alan MalusAlexander John Mamach106 Daniel W. ManeJohn Charles ManleyQarina Amena MannafPaul Joseph ManninoGerman ManoimMariana F. ManzanaresRuixiMaoOlivia Katherine MapesJonathan Bernard MargoliashMelinda Lou MarkenAdrian MarkowiczKatharine Anne MarsdenFrancisco Alejandro Martin AlbiMichael Walton MarvinThomas Immanuel MathewHaney MaxwellAutumn Lee McConnicoAlan Edward Thaddeus McCormickMatthew Joseph McCrackenDavid Francis McDiarmidLaura Anne McDaddenHannah Gabriella McGintyMichael McGovernRiver James McIntoshLyndsey Cecelia McKennaCaidin Elizabeth McKeownLiam Edward McLaughlinAlexandra Nina McleesJennifer Lynne McPhillipsAndrea Maria McPikeKathryn Leigh MearesRyan Scott MeaseJose Raul MedinaElisabeth Margaret MeierSaalika Abbas MelaMaria Fernanda MelgarChana MessingerSibeiMiValerie Rose MichelmanAshley Irene MichnickPaulina Elzbieta MikolajczykAndrew Edward MillerMolly Anne MillerTamari Andre MillerEmily Anne MinehartKathryn Erin MitchellLorena R. MitchellGregory Alexander MitseasRachel Nicole MittelstaedtReed Frederik Verchick MolbakDaniel Kenneth MooreThomas Dwight MooreDaniel William MoranTiffany M. MoranIan Matthew MoreyWilliam Robert MorganAlexis Nola MorrisDagmara Isamar MoscosoMarsha Melissa MosesJoshua MosteikoDavid MozdzenEthan Thor MuldoonMolly Agnes MunsonParvathy MurukurthyAmy Rebecca MyersIman NairnAnthony John NaimoliYuto NakafukuElaine Christine NaughtonMohammad Bin NaveedPeter John NebresAriana Nicole Nedelman Maria Eleanor NelsonJuraj NevjesticDingXuan NgSamantha Sue NgooiEvan Scott NicholasCarmel Annette NicholsAndrew J. NicholsonAndrea Hana NishiBerthine Mandou NjiemounTara Jean NooteboomKelsey Liane NorrisHannah Obertino NorwoodAlexander Lee NovetJennifer Lynn NudoEleanor Rose NurmiKatrina Lynn NygaardJoshua Bernard ObermanAlara Celine OcalDexter Newman O'connellMatthew Thomas O'connorEkin S. OflazerClaire Elise Siobhan O'gradyIsabel Cristina OliveDefne OzaltunHannah PaeEdgar Datuin PalGabriel August PanekNancy PantojaAlyssa Michelle PappasEdmund Tae ParkEunsong ParkJason Seung Jong ParkJoseph Hun ParkSandra ParkSoonkyu ParkFeenalie Niranjan PatelNeel Ajay PatelCarolina Copeland PaulTyler Francis PazeraDaniel Luis PellicerMadeleine Rose PendergastAlex Plamenov PenevVicki Iris PengSonja Olivia PerlBryn Barrett PernotLucy C. PetersonSamuel Timothy PetersonZoe Marie Napua PetticordVincent PhamDylan Robert PiattRoxane Tiana PicardMichael A. PiersonMichael PisteyMichelle Ann PitchAlexandra PitcherLukas PlevaBryce Andrew PoeterAbigail Marie PointBenjamin Gill PokrossZoe Elizabeth PolachKarlan Johannes Jokela PolingAnson PontynenDustin Matthew PopielNicholas Anthony PoppMartin Ray PosthumusJames S. PoulosGeorge Edward Powell IIINeha Karim PremjeeChristopher K. PriceTalia PrussinGabriel Robert PugelMeghan Lee Putty515TH CONVOCATIONEugene Chong Min PyunClaire QuangKatherine QuinteroTodd Nolan RachowinKathryn Elizabeth RadovanPriya Latha RajaNandini Lalita RamakrishnanDavid Gilbert RamseyRaghavendra jaithirth RaoAlexander Winston ReadMarquel P. K. ReddishNicole Franzen ReichertKate Elizabeth ReidyMargaret Suzanne Hamilton ReifDaniel James ReisJulia A. RevzinAndrew Casper RhoadsIsabelle RiceHannah M. RidgeSophie L. RiemenschneiderPanayota Korina RigasLuther Dale RinehartElizabeth Warrington RobertsStefanie Anne Robey .Kevin Dollard RobinsonDavid Andrew RodgersMolly Claire RodinKayeon RohTal RoitbergPhilip Wesley RojcSydney Aaryn RosebraughMichael William RosemeyerStephen Isaac RosenJason Binder RosenfeldPenelope Malka Rosenstock-MuravWalter Alfonso RossiJesse Amelia Sterling RothGrant M. RotskoffRahul RoyAaron Jacob RubinIshara N. RuffinsKelly Marie RunyanJacqueline Elizabeth RyanSumaiya SaadJacob Samuel SachsZachariah Lee SachsCarlos SahagunAi SaharaSophia Athena Sallas-BrookwellJessica Rose SampsonElisabeth Karpilow SandersMichaeljit Singh SandhuAnirudh SankarDespena SaramadisKareem Iskander SayeghSamuel Barrett ScarrowMinna Kathryn SchillingLee Jon Schleifer-KatzEmilia Anne SchlessingerAmanda SchlumpfRebecca J. SchmidtThomas Frederick Schmidt-ArenalesKatherine Anna SchreiberSteven Michael SchwabeJoshua Simon SchwartzMelissa June ScottMiranda Grace Seitz-McLeeseRyota SekineMatthew David SellmanConnor Sebastian SettlemireKevin Lee SeywaldNeil ShahSyed Feroze Hassan Shah Jeffrey David ShahinianPhoebe Elise ShambaughTejus Shyam ShankarMuhammad Muaz ShareefDustin Garlaban ShawDanyal Arif SheikhAngela Lee ShermanSharan Mahesh ShettyPeter Choonghwa ShinTemple ShipleyEileen Fong ShiuanEleanor Shoshany AndersonAbhinav ShresthaAdam Ray ShuboyTiffany ShyuSaaduddin Mohammed SiddiquiEmily Rose SiegelHarmon Matthew SiegelKimberly Paige SiegelGregor-Fausto SiegmundHeidi Elizabeth SiegristMark Elliot SikovRachael Marisa SilverFederico Claus SimonMolly Nora SimonWilliam Lewis SimsAjeet SinghJustin Edmond SipioraJulia Marie Housel SizekNolan Andrew SkochdopoleChelsea Marie SloanLorca Jolene SloanJacob Jerome SmithKathleen Judge SmithLane Anthony SmithCatherine Noble SodroskiKatrina Love SondermannKumalasari SondjajaStephanie Amanda SotomayorEmmanuel Panagiotis SouganidisMarel SowSuzannah Russ SpaarKristen Elizabeth SparagnaSam Henry SpiegelGlenn Francis SpringmannWatee SrininAaron Alexander StarovChristopher James Stavitsky.Alex Chandler SteinLuciana Claire SteinertJulius Samuel Stein-SupanichBailey Marie SteinworthJules Rabie StephanTatum Megumi StewartMaxwell Edward StolarskiMargaret Ruth StrairTaryn Alicia StrohmeyerKristina Strother-GarciaMyra Yochun SuVasanth Stefan SubramanianRachel Charlotte SullivanJoseph Carl Andrew SynanElizabeth Claire TadieJennifer Marie Versoza TalbottAaron Darcel TalleyGabriel Tamez NavarroGareth Weixiong TanYan ShuoTanHelen Jing TangNastasia Mariana TangherliniStephanie Andini TangkilisanMichael Armen TartellKathleen Marie Taylor THE AWARD OF HONORSWilliam Ingalls TaylorSneha Shaj ThayilPiriya ThepkanjanaNiklas Bjarne ThompsonTrevor Edward ThompsonWiriya ThongsomboonWestin Randall TomAlba Augustine Tomasula Y GarciaLester Chun Pong TongSarah TorresDaniel Martin TraficonteKathryn Jean TrelaJoseph Elias TripolirakisDennis Yung Chin TsengKatherine Zhe TuKashira Monique TurnerAlex Michael TurzilloRobert Steven TuttleNicole Ann TutunikPeter John TylawskyDaichi UedaAmara Grace UgwuAnjuli Sarah UhligEstlin Joseph UsherOnome UwhubaAnil B. VaitlaGabriel Jerome ValleyZsofia Valyi-NagyKarthik Reddy VantakalaIgor VasiljevicShruthi VenkateshChristian Emil VerhulstMichael Vincent VeritySteven Anthony VickeryArjun VijAndrew James VilladsenRyan Todd WalachCassandra Breanne WalkerMatthew Dorsey WalshBing WangDavid WangDavid Sibo WangJason Weiyao WangJenny Zhuoyue WangKairui Glen WangRichard WangYifan WangYuhuiWangYuzhou WangZheWangRobert Wesson WardSteven WaruhiuSpencer John WashburnMakiko WatanabeShlomo Hillel WayneColin William WeaverEvan Spencer WeissFrank Tian WenSiliWenSophie Marie WereleyWhitney Heather WestmorlandDanielle Marie WhiteJacquelyn Dale WhitmanChina Addison WhitmireSimon Albert WienerTamara Raquel WiesebronWarren Grant WilderSamuel Ryan WilkenBrian Daniel WilkinsonElizabeth Odessa Margot WilliamsMarilyn Margaret Ruth WilliamsShelby Janel WinansDavid Henry Wind1075lFH CONVOCATIONZachary Seid WittenKarissa WoienskiBenjamin Aaron WolffChristine Vee Kei WongCalvin Wong Yun ShengAnn Elizabeth Lien WoodAyn Su WoodwardOlivia Montine Freeman WoollamGeorge Alex WoskobGiovanni Anton Marziani WrobelTianhao WuXiaoxing XiaMaxwell Wen XiongHuitingXuAlice Feiyu XueBo Kyung YangBohongYangEthel Frances YangJin Yang Piali YangSeung Hyun YangShir Judith YehoshuaTatenda Tariro YemekeMichelle Xin Yi YeoTiffany Lauren YoungEsther Xia YuHelena YuJustin C. YuPatrick Ji Fu YuQingYiYuJoanna Victoria ZabiegaGiovanna Allesandra ZampierolloDarcy Molly Ada ZaretzkyStephanie ZelayaAnthony Lee ZhangEric ZhangJulianne Nan ZhangMaggie Zhang Michael Hanming ZhangRuijie ZhangSidi ZhangTianlun ZhangXiaojie ZhangZiyuan ZhangLily ZhaoWenjiaZhaoYechen ZhaoGeoffery Xin ZhengClaire Ya Ru ZhouAlec Mark ZimmerMengjie Zou Tae YeolGi-XianSamanaTyler DNicha LSiqi LiCaterin:TrishaADavid FDaniel ]EleanorStefanieAaron]:MirandiHarrnoiTHEMINVITErANDTCStuden.Yusef A1Jeanne (RaymerEmily l'Arlin AJDake ]uStuden.[ohn C,[ulia jer[ohn RrJames LAerik CBenjamNataliaIoannaE.KaplMichellAngelaStudenPRIZESMEMBERS ELECTED BY THE BETA OF ILLINOIS CHAPTER OF PHI BETA KAPPA FORESPECIAL DISTINCTION IN GENERAL SCHOLARSHIP IN THE COLLEGE:Members of the Class of20I4 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I3 Kali FramptonRebecca Anne Cook FriedmanJoshua Pierce FryCharles Gearhart FryeKaitlyn Rose FryzekMichael Jacek FurdynaNaomi Rose Ullendorff GorfinkleAndrew Kieby Simonsick GreenLexie Renee GroveMarina Roumenova GrozdanovaIliya GutinHelen Paula HailesEtan Ephraim HellerPaul Michael FisherPaul Cher Wei HoSimo HuangTheodore Everett KentChloe Emmanuelle KernMollie Grace KuetherBo Shiun LaiFaith Regina LakenChen LiAlei Marie MaculamPaul Joseph ManninoMatthew Joseph McCrackenElisabeth Margaret MeierRachel Nicole MittelstaedtDaniel William MoranKelsey Liane NorrisDylan Robert PiattRoxane Tiana PicardBenjamin Gill PokrossNicholas Anthony PoppTalia PrussinDavid Gilbert RamseyMargaret Suzanne Hamilton ReifMembers of the Class of20I3 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I2Kaushal Raghuram Addanki Andrew Myers FoodyMadeline Grace Barnicle Joshua Isaac FoxJoshua James Bosshardt Michael Abraham FrancusPeter Thomas Brown Connor Craig GilroyMargaret Claire Cantara Ray Hanwen GuSeverine Zheng Van Cao Emily Christine HeatonThomas Stephen Chapman Ami HuangBenjamin Dauber Rachel Ellen HymanChristopher Steven Davey Alexei IouchkovHayley Israel Doner Andrew William JordanChelsey Rose Rice-DavisPhilip Wesley RojcTerence RongPenelope Malka Rosenstock-MuravJessica Rose SampsonSamuel Barrett ScarrowMinna Kathryn SchillingRebecca J. SchmidtRyota SekineSaaduddin Mohammed SiddiquiKimberly Paige SiegelHeidi Elizabeth SiegristJulia Marie Housel SizekKatrina Love SonermannMyra Yochun SuGareth Weixiong TanLester Chun Pong TongDaniel Martin TraficonteDaichi UedaGabriel Jerome ValleyIgor VasiljevicAndrew James VilladsenRichard WangRobert Wesson WardFrank Tian WenCalvin Wong Yun ShengXiaoxing XiaAlice Feiyu XueEsther Xia YuHelena YuAnthony Lee ZhangZiyuan ZhangAlec Mark ZimmerMengjieZouStephen Arthur BadiaJane Dixon BarmanAmanda Jane BennettLuke Wilbert BertelsAlexander Bertoloni MeliKathleen Paige BohanonGeoffrey James BolingerSamuel Cumpson ButlerIan Christopher CallowayMayuri ChandranDaniel Manhon ChengAndrew Lee ChoeParker Lawrence DeRensisZoe Irelyn DobbsMartha Kelly FahlgrenJun Hou FungHaben Yohannes GhebregergishSamuel Martin GreeneJia GuoEric Rudd HallmanNathan Tyler HatchJohn Thomas HazinskiAnders Bertil HogstromJane HuangTessa Dorothy HuttenlocherJoseph Kramer IversonElizabeth Mee JayZihao JiangDaniel Joseph KitsonYuen Ying Kristie LaiAlyssa Gabrielle LawtherMembers of the Class of20I3 Elected to Phi Beta Kappa, Spring 20I3Alice Joo-Hyun LeeKathryn Ann LettieColin Low Yu CongHeather Selena LyonClaire Kimberly MaassSarah Ann ManocherianJames Baltzer McGanneyYurij Das MelnykAndy Lin NianKyle Van Nuyse PainterJames Jared PorterThomas PrendergastAdam Harry PrzybylTimothy Michael RudnickiNora Lillian SandlerEsther R. SchoenfeldAnna Emily SchultsUrveel Mukesh ShahAnna M. StapletonKaylee Nicole SteckNatalie Nicole StepienVictoria SunMattie Froedge TomaSabina Francesca Vaccarino BremnerEmilyS. WangAliza Logan WarwickKiko WemmerPhilip Christopher YaureAriadne Marika Teresa M. Yulo VincemIanMa:MychacEdgar (StepharBenjamKarelynStudenShefaliBetharrNichol;AyeshaBenjamAbdul]Yunxi IDouglaMaria]VivianStudenDenverTravis (AustinKimbelPatrickTheodrNeha fEric William AndersenDiego BaenaAmber Michelle BaileyMaggie Kathryn BorowitzBianca Gabriela ChamuscoLiwei ChenSean Thomas ClemmerJennifer Lynn CohenQuinn Emily ColterSara Sciaky CordermanDavi Eric da Silva Isaac William DalkeBlake Elliott DanielsShibandri DasAnna Barnett DozorJared Abraham DummittEli Aaron EdelsonRoger FanPolly EllaNora Smith FaustJan Sharona FeldmanPaul Michael FisherDory Amalia Fox SENIOIILLINOTHE S<NikitaLeonarro8v Tae Yeon KimGi-Xiang LeeSamanatha Minji LeeTyler Dixon LeedsNicha LeethochawalitSiqi LiCaterina Libby MacleanTrisha Anne MacraeDavid Francis McDiarmidDaniel Kenneth MooreEleanor Rose NurmiStefanie Anne RobeyAaron Jacob RubinMiranda Grace Seitz-McleeseHarmon Matthew Siegel Gregor-Fausto SiegmundNolan Andrew SkochdopoleCatherine Noble SodroskiKristen Elizabeth SparagnaMaxwell Edward StolarskiJulius Samuel Stein-SupanichVasanth Stefan SubramanianYan Shuo TanHelen Jing TangNiklas Bjarne ThompsonWiriya ThongsomboonWestin Randall TomNicole TutunikMengWuHuitingXu Allison Hickey MarianiGregory Edward KauffmannAaron J. MillerMargaret Leschen NaunheimKatie Elizabeth Raffel THE AWARD OF HONORSSamantha Gould Sanford SmithRobert Michael SternTarak Kandarp TrivediJoshua Adam WilliamsWilliam Abel ZeigerSENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELECTED TO THE GOLDHUMANISM HONOR SOCIETY:Brittany Anne BethamLaura Marshall BlinkhornValerie Hsin Yen ChenAbigail Stewart CutlerJason Aaron EspinozaUchenna Chidinma EwulonuKevin Jerome HeatonDaniel Maher KozmanToussaint L'Overture OlivierMears-ClarkeTHE MAROON KEy SOCIETY, A GROUP OF THIRD- AND FOURTH-YEAR STUDENTSINVITED TO SERVE AS AN ADVISORY COMMITTEE TO THE DEAN OF THE COLLEGEAND TO ASSIST IN THE ENTERTAINMENT OF VISITORS TO THE QUADRANGLES:Students of the Class of20I5 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I3Yusef Asiddeg Al- JaraniJeanne Germaine ChauffourRaymond Matthew DongEmily Nicole HatchArlin Allen HillDake Jung Mo Kang Tanvi MagoMallory Caitlyn MorseHimabindu PorooriAlison Nicole ShawAseal M. TinehSteven Yoon WendebornStudents of the Class of20I4 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 20I3Omar Kamau MooreStephanie A. MuiGabrielle Chelsea NewellJennifer Pauline PorterJacob Lewis RabinowitzUmang SanghaiJeffrey Michael SloanAlexander Dimitrois So tiro poulosKaylee Nicole SteckVincent Yu ZhiwenVincente Javier FernandezIan Maxwell GainesMychael Trammell GilliamEdgar GonzalezStephanie Lauren GrachBenjamin Roy HellerKarelyn MuenckStudents of the Class of2013 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 2012Shefali AgrawalBethany Anne BaileyNicholas Christopher CasslemanAyesha Diamond CrockettBenjamin DauberAbdul Rafiu DosunmuYunxi DuanDouglas Alvin EversonMaria Ismenia FereiraVivian Hua Chukwu-Ka Clarence OkohGrace Hyun-Sook Kim PaiBenjamin Matthias PrinzErika Anne RistYuzhou WangTiffany Gale WongShivani JainStephanie JosephMeher KaironMalini Bhavani KarthaPaulina Elzbieta MikolajczykAlexis Nola MorrisParvathy MurukurthyJulia Marie Housel SizekLuciana Claire SteinertBailey Marie SteinworthStudents of the Class of2013 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 2011Denver Hughes BarrowsTravis Christian BenaigesAustin Michael BrownKimberly Nicole CyganPatrick Siu-Wing IpTheodore Everett KentNeha Malik Tamari Andre MillerMarsha Melissa MosesVicki Iris PengVasanth Stefan SubramanianAaron Darcel TalleyKathryn Jean TrelaDanielle Marie White Aaron J. MillerMargaret Leschen NaunheimKatie Elizabeth RaffelGabrielle Rose SchaeferSamantha Gould Sanford SmithRobert Michael SternWilliam James UffmannJoshua Adam WilliamsMEMBERS OF THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE LAw SCHOOL ELECTED TO THE ORDEROF THE COIF FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORK OF THE SCHOOL:Joshua Phares AckermanSamuel Turner Silk BoydSamuel Earl EckmanJason Adam FeldStephen Brendan HagenbuchRyan Matthew HehnerBradley George HubbardRemi Paul KorenblitTimothy Del McDevittTaylor A. R. Meehan Brett Robert NolanEvan Michael RoseGarett Robert RoseGraham William SaftyNathan Arlen TannerWilliam Thomas ThompsonKevin John WesselMorgan White-SmithNoah Butler YavitzCharles David ZagnoliEric Michael HirschTHE ROY D. ALBERT PRIZES, FOR THE BEST MASTER'S THESES IN ANTHROPOLOGYKaya WilliamsTHE]. KYLE ANDERSON AWARD, PRESENTED TO THE SENIOR BASEBALL PLAYERWHO BEST EXEMPLIFIES CHARACTER, LEADERSHIP, INTEGRITY, AND DEDICATIONTO THE TEAM WHILE DISTINGUISHING HIMSELF WITH ACCOMPLISHMENTS ON THEFIELD:Jack Aaron CinomanTHE DEPARTMENT OF ART HISTORY DISSERTATION PRIZE, FOR THEOUTSTANDING DOCTORAL DISSERTATION IN THE DEPARTMENT:Sun-Ah ChoiTHE AsADA EIJI PRIZE, FOR THE BEST BACHELOR'S THESIS DEALING WITH TOPICSRELATED TO EAST AsIA:Feiyang SunTHE AsSOCIATION FOR ACADEMIC SURGERY STUDENT RESEARCH AWARD, FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN RESEARCH IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF SURGERY:Leonardo AliagaTHE SIDLEY AUSTIN PRIZES, FOR EXCELLENCE IN BRIEF WRITING IN THEBIGELOW MOOT COURT COMPETITION:Peter Albert GutscheChristine Nicole HarvatSarah Elise Nudelman Ian David RogersLaura Anne SextonWilliam Thomas ThompsonTHE PATRICIA LYNN BAKER PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT IN THEDEPARTMENTS OF POLITICAL SCIENCE OR SOCIOLOGY, OR IN THE MASTER OFARTS PROGRAM IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES, FOR THE USE OF SOCIAL SCIENCEKNOWLEDGE IN IMPROVING HUMAN WELFARE, IN IDENTIFYING AND ANALYZINGINSTITUTIONALIZED FORMS OF INEQUALITY, AND IN PROMOTING SOCIAL REFORM:Anjanette Marie Chan TackSENIORS IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINE ELECTED TO THE BETA OFILLINOIS CHAPTER OF ALPHA OMEGA ALPHA FOR EXCELLENCE IN THE WORK OFTHE SCHOOL:John Colin BradleyJulia Jenyu ChangJohn Robert DulacJames Lincoln FlemingAerik Christin FrancisBenjamin Reed HammerNatalia Marie JovanovicIoanna Bojidarova KadievaE. Kaplan-KellyMichelle Anne KilbournAngela laScala-GruenewaldStudents of the Class of20I4 Inducted to the Maroon Key Society, Spring 2012Nikita George AlexiadesLeonardo Aliaga Brittany Anne BethamAbigail Stewart Cutler109515TH CONVOCATIONTHE EDITH BALLWEBBER ATHLETE PRIZES, TO WOMEN ATHLETES WHO HAVECONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO A VARSITY SPORT:Paige Elaine Womack, Class of 20I6Jennifer Callegari Hill, Class of20I5Madeline Louise McManus, Class of20I4 Michaela Eileen Marie Whitelaw, Classof20I4Kimberly Nicole Cygan, Class of20I3Julia Marie Housel Sirek, Class of20I3THE ANN WATSON BARBER OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARDS, FOR THE THIRD THE T. KIMBALL BROOKER PRIZE, TO FOSTER THE LOVE OF THE BOOK AND TOENCOURAGE BOOK COLLECTING AMONG SENIOR UNDERGRADUATES:Joseph Carl Andrew Synan Rachel Martha SchastokPhoebe B. Salzman-CohenTHE D. FRANCIS BUSTIN PRIZE TO HONOR A VALUABLE AND IMPORTANTCONTRIBUTION, PROPOSAL OR SUGGESTION FOR IMPROVEMENT AND BETTERMENTOF THE PROCESSES, TECHNIQUES, AND PROCEDURES OF OUR GOVERNMENT:YEAR STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE QUALITY Richard A. HananiaOF LIFE AT THE LAw SCHOOL:Matea BozjaLauren Nicole FladgerRebecca Margaret Taylor HorwitzTodd Takashi ItamiDavid Joseph KurczewskiLea Christine Madry Evgeny MaslennikovShaton Cecilia MenzieRenard C. Miller, Jr.Evan Michael RoseMishan Raini WroePatrick Edward FigliozziTHE EDITH BARNARD MEMORIAL AWARD IN CHEMISTRY FOR SERVICE TOOTHERS:Justin Ryan CaramTHE JOSEPH HENRY BEALE PRIZES, PRESENTED TO A STUDENT IN EACH SECTIONOF THE FIRST YEAR LEGAL RESEARCH AND WRITING PROGRAM WHOSE WORK ISJUDGED TO BE MOST WORTHY OF SPECIAL RECOGNITION IN THE LAw SCHOOL:Neil Harris ConradSamuel Earl EckmanDanielle Christine Hildreth Brett Robert NolanSarah Elise Nudelman THE YANG CAo-LAN-XIAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY:Dugan HayesTHE YANG CAo-LAN-XIAN BEST THESIS AWARD IN ORGANIC/INORGANICCHEMISTRY:YeFuTHE CAMPUS LIFE & LEADERSHIP AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHOHAVE DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP IN A SINGLE CO-CURRICULAR ENDEAVOR ANDSUBSEQUENTLY IMPROVED THE QUALITY OF LIFE ON CAMPUS:Nitya DasKatherine Anne DiscipioJuan Othon GuevaraMarissa Liberman-Klein Renard MillerParvathy MurukurthyNicole Ann TutunikSimon Albert WienerTHE JOSEPH A. CAPPS AWARD, GIVEN TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PROFICIENCY IN CLINICAL MEDICINE:Joshua Adam WilliamsTHE SONIA G. BERZ HONORS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING MASTER'SDEGREE STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FOROUTSTANDING WORK, WITH SPECIAL CONSIDERATION GIVEN TO ONE WHO SHOWSGREAT FUTURE PROMISE IN THE FIELD OF SERVICES TO THE ELDERLY:Janelle Diane WashburnTHE LEONARD BLOOMFIELD PRIZE IN LINGUISTICS, TO THE GRADUATINGLINGUISTICS MAJOR WITH THE HIGHEST GPA IN LINGUISTICS COURSES;Aaron Jacob RubinTHE GEORGE V. BOBRINSKOY AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATESTUDIES IN THE DEPARTMENT OF SLAVIC LANGUAGES AND LITERATURES:Eleanor Rose NurmiAndrew Goodman LeventhalTHE DEAN'S PRIZE FOR BUILDING THE BOOTH BRAND:Brian SabinaTHE BOOTH DIVERSITY AWARD:Daniel Michael AdamsChristopher Chi-Ming LiangShounak Simlai Elizabeth Mary SlarkErwin VillaordunaChloe Chenise WilliamsTHE WAYNE C. BOOTH GRADUATE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING,TO GRADUATE STUDENTS WHO MAKE OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTIONS TOINSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAMS IN THE COLLEGE:David Chrisopher LubinElizabeth Ann Majka Felipe Esteban RojasAnton Vladimirovich SinitskiyTHE CHICAGO BOOTH LEADERSHIP AWARD OF DISTINCTION, AWARDEDANNUALLY TO THE FULL-TIME MBA PROGRAM GRADUATING STUDENTS WHOHAVE MADE EXCEPTIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS IN THE AREAS OF COMMUNITYSERVICE, LEADERSHIP AND STUDENT LIFE:Carolyn Stanford BraffFarhan AhmedLindsay Kate Giedraitis Danilo GargiuloJorge Christian Aparicio RamosTyler WhiteTHE BRIDGE BUILDER AWARDS, RECOGNIZING STUDENTS WHO HAVE WORKEDTO ESTABLISH OR SUPPORT CONNECTIONS BETWEEN STUDENT GROUPS ORINDIVIDUALS:Elisa Manuela CarinoSaalika Abbas Mela Ariel Giovanni Ruiz Soto CHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES EsSAY PRIZES, RECOGNIZINGUNDERGRADUATES ESSAYS ON A TOPIC RELATED TO JEWISH STUDIES:Lester Zhansheng AngJonathon James CatlinRachel Kathryn CrosbyDory Fox Jonathan Simon NathanEsther R. SchoenfeldAlexandra Kathryn ZirkleTHE CLASSICS PRIZE, PRESENTED TO THE GRADUATING SENIOR WHO HAS ACHIEVEDTHE HIGHEST ACADEMIC DISTINCTION IN THE CLASSICAL STUDIES MAJOR:Daniel Kenneth MooreTHE GERHARD CLOSS TEACHING AWARDS IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, TO GRADUATESTUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONALTEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:Julie Therese Skolnik Mark WesrwoodTHE PAUL R. COHEN MEMORIAL PRIZES, TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS WHOHAVE ACHIEVED THE HIGHEST ACADEMIC RECORD IN THE FIELD OF MATHEMATICS:Madeline Grace BarnicleJoshua James BosshardtWatson Bernard Ladd Ciruce Alexander Movahedi-LankaraniYan ShuoTanAlec Mark ZimmerTHE COLLEGE OUTSTANDING NEW LEADER AWARD, TO A FlRST- OR SECOND­YEAR STUDENT FOR EXEMPLARY CONTRIBUTIONS TO STUDENT LIFE WHILE SHOWINGFURTHER PROMISE AS STUDENT LEADERS:XiangHuiXuTHE OLIVER CROMWELL COX AND ERNEST EVERETT JUST PRIZE FOR THEUNDERGRADUATE SENIOR THESIS RECOMMENDED FOR DEPARTMENTAL HONORSIN ANY DISCIPLINE THAT BEST EXEMPLIFIES THE ASPIRATIONS AND ACHIEVEMENTSOF OLIVER CROMWELL COX (A.M. '32, PH.D. '38) AND ERNEST EVERETT JUST(PH.D. '16)Amber Michelle BaileyTHE CRAITENBERGER MEMORIAL PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO THE GRADUATINGFULL-TIME MBA STUDENT WITH A SUPERIOR ACADEMIC RECORD ENTERING INTO ACAREER IN INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT:Dwight George Hutchinson IV THESTUDCOLlTHORFirst jTHE.DEPAILuya(THEWOhlEXCElAnkuTHEOFCCREAMEMIDAVICatluTHEANNlTHATCOMITO EIAndrCarolCatluTHESCH(GRAITHEIlTylerFredLaunDEATORCOLlHAS ICOMPLANChrhTHEOUT�AvroTHETEACJulieTHE67T1ARfJTaralITTHE CATHERINE DOBSON PRIZE, FOR BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN AT THE67TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PHD STUDENT IN THEAREA OF CLINICAL INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Tarak Kandarp TrivediTHE JOHN CRERAR FOUNDATION SCIENCE WRITING PRIZE FOR COLLEGESTUDENTS, WHICH ACKNOWLEDGES THE ABILITY OF UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOCOLLEGE STUDENTS TO PRODUCE PAPERS ON A SCIENTIFIC TOPIC THAT ISTHOROUGH IN ITS ARGUMENTS BUT ACCESSIBLE TO A BROAD READERSHIP:First Prize Chelsea Allison Lev Second Prize Hanna Friendly MarkTHE ALBERT J. CROSS PRIZES FOR ExCELLENCE IN RESEARCH, TEACHING, ANDDEPARTMENTAL CITIZENSHIP IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:Luyao LuTHE MAX DAVIDSON AWARDS, PRESENTED TO A MEMBER OF THE MEN'S ANDWOMEN'S TENNIS TEAMS WHOSE DEDICATION TO THE TEAM AND SPORTS HASEXCELLED ABOVE ALL OTHERS:Ankur Bhargava Megan Wingmun TangTHE HARRy L. DAVIS AWARD, TO A GRADUATING STUDENT IN THE UNIVERSITYOF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS WHO HAS MOST EXEMPLIFIED THECREATIVITY, WILLINGNESS TO TAKE RISKS, AND DEEP COMMITMENT TO THEMEMBERS OF THE CHICAGO BooTH COMMUNITY THAT WERE PART OF HARRyDAVIS'S LEADERSHIP WHILE DEPUTY DEAN FOR THE M.B.A. PROGRAMS:Catherine MarkTHE DEAN'S PRIZE FOR BEST EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMMING, AWARDEDANNUALLY TO RECOGNIZE FULL-TIME MBA PROGRAM STUDENT PROGRAMSTHAT HAVE SUCCESSFULLY ADDRESSED AN AREA OF GROWTH WITHIN THECOMMUNITY AND DEMONSTRATED, THROUGH THE PROGRAM, A COMMITMENTTO EMBRACING AND IMPROVING THE CHICAGO BOOTH COMMUNITY:Andres Imaz ApariquianCarolyn Kristin KrissCatherine Mark Christian Emanudle PapayanopulosGarciaTyler WhiteTHE DEAN'S SERVICE AWARDS, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTHSCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENTS WHO SERVED AS THEGRADUATE BUSINESS COUNCIL ExECUTIVE COMMITTEE IN RECOGNITION OFTHEIR SERVICE TO CHICAGO BOOTH:v'ED Tyler Michelle MansfieldFred Leonardo Greene IIILaura Christine Jones Daniel RogersDavidWinnATEAL DEAN'S PRIZE OF SERVICE FOR THE COMMUNITY, AWARDED ANNUALLYTO RECOGNIZE A GRADUATING OF FULL-TIME MBA STUDENT WHOSECOLLABORATIVE EFFORT ON BEHALF OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL STUDENTSHAS MADE A SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON THE INTERNAL BOOTH SCHOOLCOMMUNITY (E.G., SOCIAL, EDUCATIONAL, CULTURAL EVENT AND PROGRAMPLANNING COMMITTEES):Christopher Andrew Laws:S:THE DEPARTMENTAL AWARDS, TO SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE:Avrom Solomon Caplan Katie Elizabeth RaffelNG THE SOCIETY FOR ACADEMIC EMERGENCY MEDICINE ExCELLENCE AWARD, FORDEMONSTRATED EXCELLENCE IN THE SPECIALTY OF EMERGENCY MEDICINE:Adrienne Renee AzurdiaTHE KAREN DINAL AWARDS, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS FOR EXCELLENCE IN THETEACHING OF ACADEMIC WRITING TO FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS:Julie Alyssa Hanlon Lauren Evans OsborneNG)A THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE GERTRUDE DUDLEY MEDAL, TO A FEMALE ATHLETE WHO HASCONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY IN BOTH LEADERSHIP AND PERFORMANCE TO THEWOMEN'S ATHLETIC PROGRAM:Rebecca J. SchmidtTHE BEST CORE TEACHING AsSISTANT IN ECONOMICS AWARDS, VOTED ON BYTHE STUDENTS IN CORE ECONOMICS CLASSES:Philip Oliver BarrettTHE DONALD E. EGAN SCHOLAR AWARDS, TO STUDENTS WHO, LIKE MR. EGAN0.0. '61), HAVE DEMONSTRATED A STRONG INTEREST IN THE LAw SCHOOL ANDHAS A REPUTATION FOR INTEGRITY:Stephen Brendan HagenbuchMaria Ann Hassett Evan Michael RoseTHE DEPARTMENT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDINGPERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OF FAMILY MEDICINE:Laura Marshall BlinkhornTHE ROBERT AND JOAN FEITLER PRIZE, FOR THE BEST B.A. PAPER IN ARTHISTORY:Minna Kathryn SchillingTHE ELSIE F. FILIPPI MEMORIAL PRIZES IN POETRY, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS INTHE COLLEGE WHO DEMONSTRATE DISTINCTION IN POETIC COMPOSITION OR INTHE STUDY OF POETRY:Gwendolyn Elizabeth MurenTHE JOHN BILLINGS FISKE POETRY PRIZE, AWARDED TO THE BEST ORIGINALPOEM OR CYCLE OF POEMS BY A STUDENT IN THE GRADUATING CLASS:Suzannah Russ SpaarTHE RAYMOND D. FOGELSON PRIZE, AWARDED FOR THE MAPSS THESISACHIEVING THE HIGHEST DISTINCTION IN THE FIELD OF ETHNOLOGY ORHISTORY:Jason William BlaesingTHE HENRY FORD II SCHOLAR AWARD, TO THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOBOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FULL-TIME PROGRAM STUDENT FOR THE MOSTOUTSTANDING RECORD AFTER THE FIRST YEAR OF COURSEWORK:Isaac ChanTHE DANIEL X. FREEDMAN AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PSYCHIATRY:Yelena KoldobskayaTHE TIKVA FRYMER-KENSKY MEMORIAL PRIZE; AWARDED ANNUALLY TO THESTUDENT WHO HAS WRITTEN THE MOST ACCOMPLISHED ESSAY INTEGRATING THEMATERIALS AND INSIGHTS OF AT LEAST TWO OF THE FIELDS TO WHICH HER OWNSCHOLARSHIP CONTRIBUTED; HEBREW BIBLE; BIBLICAL LAw; ANCIENT NEAREASTERN STUDIES; AND RITUAL AND/OR FEMINIST THEOLOGYLiane MarquisTHE DAVID L. FULTON PRIZES FOR ORCHESTRAL EXCELLENCE, PRESENTED TOOUTSTANDING STRINGED-INSTRUMENT PLAYERS IN THE UNIVERSITY SYMPHONYORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED THE HIGHEST LEVELOF MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT ON THEIR INSTRUMENTS, AS WELL AS ANEXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT TO THE ORCHESTRA:George Bernard HyunJulianna Dawn Peebles Kevin SchwarzwaldJeremy Holland SeemanTHE EVERETT E. GILBERT MEMORIAL PRIZE FOR THE BEST THIRD YEARExPERIMENTALIST IN ORGANIC CHEMISTRY:Landon James DurakIII515TH CONVOCATIONTHE GLOBAL AWARENESS AWARD, AWARDED ANNUALLY TO A GRADUATINGFULL-TIME MBA PROGRAM STUDENT IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONALCONTRIBUTIONS MADE, WHILE AT CHICAGO BOOTH, TO INITIATIVES THATENHANCE THE CHICAGO BOOTH REPUTATION AND BRAND INTERNATIONALLY:Jamie Sanchez-Laulhe Garda-MercadalTHE HAROLD E. GOETTLER POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS PRIZE, AWARDED TO THEBEST UNDERGRADUATE ESSAY ABOUT POLITICAL INSTITUTIONS:Andrew Edward MillerTHE GOLDBERG AWARD IN ECONOMICS, TO A STUDENT WHO HAS CREATEDEXCELLENT ORIGINAL RESEARCH IN WRITING HIS OR HER HONORS THESIS:Klakow AkepanidtawornTHE LINDA GOULD AND WARREN FABER CREATMTY PRIZE, AWARDED TO ATHIRD-YEAR UNDERGRADUATE IN ENGLISH TO SUPPORT WORK ON HIS OR HERCREATIVE B.A. PROJECT DURING THE SUMMER:Jamie Lauren KeilesTHE LAWRENCE AND JOSEPHINE GRAVES TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATESTUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:Benjamin Joseph FehrmanLaurence Samuel Field Mona Brigitta MerlingJennifer WilsonTHE JOHN G. HAWTHORNE TRAVEL PRIZE, TO AN OUTSTANDING STUDENT INCLASSICAL LANGUAGES, LITERATURE, OR CMLIZATION:Kimberly Ashley ChinTHE TED HAYDON AWARD, AWARDED TO A MALE TRACK AND FIELD ATHLETEWHO HAS CONTRIBUTED SIGNIFICANTLY TO THE SPORT THROUGH PERFORMANCE,LEADERSHIP, AND OVERALL DEDICATION:Demetrios Nicholas Brizzolara THE HUMANITARIAN AWARDS, PRESENTED TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE LIVED ALIFE OF HONESTY, INTEGRITY, AND RESPONSIBILITY, WITH A DEMONSTRATEDCOMMITMENT TO THE WELFARE OF THE GREATER COMMUNITY:Melissa Marie High Michael Anthony ReddyJonathan James LykesTHE PETER HUTTENLOCHER AND DOUGLAS BUCHANAN PRIZE IN NEUROLOGY,FOR THE BEST MEDICAL STUDENT CLINICIAN/RESEARCHER:Leonardo AliagaTHE ILLINOIS GEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY OUTSTANDING SENIOR IN GEOGRAPHYAWARD, RECOGNIZING A STUDENT COMMITTED TO SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INGEOGRAPHY IN ORDER TO ENCOURAGE BETTER TEACHING OF GEOGRAPHY AT ALLLEVELS, DIFFUSE GEOGRAPHIC KNOWLEDGE, AND UNIFY GEOGRAPHIC INTEREST INTHE STATE:Katrina Lynn NygaardTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING APPLIED SCHOLARSHIP PRESENTEDBY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT IS AWARDED TO:Elizabeth Ann GreensteinTHE AWARD FOR THE BEST POSTER DESCRIBING BASIC SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATIONPRESENTED BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT IS AWARDED TO:Yelena KoldobskayaTHE AWARD FOR BEST POSTER DESCRIBING SCIENTIFIC INVESTIGATION INCLINICAL OR SOCIAL SCIENCES BY A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT IS AWARDED TO:Jordan YoderTHE LEON O. JACOBSON BASIC SCIENCE PRIZE, FOR THE MOST MERITORIOUSBASIC SCIENCE RESEARCH PERFORMED BY AN MD/PHD STUDENT AT THE 61fHANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION:William Abel Zeiger THIwmLET,KimSTUSEC(TOT.BEEIJoshJoshSamMatSamJasOIStepRyaJBraeRerrTimTaylTHIIN ENiclTHICHINiklTHIEAC)SYMLEVIINSlAial:HAVE BEEN SINGULARLY MARKED BY A SPIRIT OF CARING AND HELPFULNESS:Rachel Louise AdelsteinTHE CATHY HEIFETZ MEMORIAL AWARD, PRESENTED TO A STUDENT IN THE THE LEON O. JACOBSON PRIZE, FOR THE BEST ORAL PRESENTATION GIVEN AT THEDEPARTMENT OF MUSIC WHOSE ASSOCIATION AS A MEMBER OF THIS COMMUNITY 61fH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFIC SESSION BY A NON-PHD STUDENT IN THE AREATHE NANCY P. HELMBOLD TRAVEL AWARD, IN RECOGNITION OF OUTSTANDINGACHIEVEMENT IN GREEK AND/OR LATIN:Emma Noel WarhoverTHE PERRY S. HERST PRIZES, RECOGNIZING GRADUATING SENIORS IN THECOLLEGE WHO HAVE COMBINED STUDY WITH SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:Sandy Maria Carter, Michaeljit Singh SandhuAkshaya Suresh KannanTHE EDWARD W. HINTON MEMORIAL CUPS, FOR EXCELLENCE IN APPELLATEADVOCACY, TO THE WINNERS OF THE HINTON MOOT COURT COMPETITION:Neil Harris Conrad Sarah Margaret StaudtTHE JAMES C. HORMEL PUBLIC SERVICE AWARD, FOR THE GRADUATE IN THELAw SCHOOL WHO HAS MADE A STRONG COMMITMENT TO PUBLIC SERVICE:Adrienne Nicole YoungTHE DAVID S. Hu AWARD FUND PROVIDES AN ANNUAL OPPORTUNITY TOREMEMBER DAVID S. Hu, A PROMISING STUDENT OF THE CLASS OF 20II,KNOWN FOR HIS KINDNESS, INTELLECT, AND ENTHUSIASM FOR LEARNING AT THEUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. THIS GENEROUS FUND ALLOWS RECOGNITION OFSTUDENTS WHO HAVE SHOWN EXCELLENCE IN THEIR ECONOMICS COURSE WORKAND CREATIVITY IN WRITING THEIR SENIOR THESES:Jacob Alexander Berman Erick Clark JamesPatrick Edward Donnelly Moran Emmanuel Panagiotis SouganidisIl2 OF BASIC SCIENCE INVESTIGATION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Nikita George AlexiadesTHE MILO P. JEWETT AWARD, AWARDED "To THAT MEMBER OF THE STUDENTBODY OF THE DMNITY SCHOOL WHO SHALL BE PRONOUNCED BY COMPETENTJUDGES TO HAVE SUBMITTED THE BEST WRITTEN PAPER TRANSLATING,INTERPRETING OR APPLYING TO A CONTEMPORARY SITUATION THE HOLYSCRIPTURES OR A PASSAGE THERE FROM, REGARD BEING HAD TO THE MOSTEFFECTIVE EXPRESSION TO THE MEANING AND SPIRIT OF THE SACRED TEXT."Kelly Anne GardnerTHE EARL S. AND ESTHER JOHNSON PRIZE, TO A STUDENT IN THE MASTER OFARTS PROGRAM WHOSE PAPER BEST COMBINES HIGH SCHOLARLY ACHIEVEMENTWITH CONCERN FOR HUMANISTIC ASPIRATIONS AND THE PRACTICAL APPLICATIONSOF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES:Kyla Roberta BourneTHE MORTON A. KAPLAN PRIZE, TO A STUDENT IN THE COMMITTEE ONINTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FOR THE BEST MASTER'S PAPER SUBMITTED DURINGTHE PREVIOUS YEAR:Andrew Robert RathTHE FRANCIS X. KINAHAN MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO THE GRADUATING SENIOR WHOHAS MADE THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO UNIVERSITY THEATER:Jesse Amelia Sterling RothTHE FRANCIS X. KINAHAN AWARD, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FOR EXCELLENCE INTHE TEACHING OF ADVANCED ACADEMIC WRITING:Melaine Lynn Zeck THICOlPHIJoshTHIOVEDEIBonPhilYegtTHISEN)PeteTHIDEGSCHAndTHIDISJeffITHIANeCaseTHIEXCNikrED THE PATRICIA R. KIRBY MULTI-SPORT ATHLETE AWARD, TO THE SENIORWOMAN ATHLETE WHO HAS RECEIVED THE GREATEST NUMBER OF MAJOR "C"LETTERS:Kimberly Nicole CyganSTUDENTS WERE SELECTED FOR THIS HONOR AT THE END OF THEIR FIRST YEAR,SECOND YEAR, OR THIRD YEAR BASED ON SUPERIOR ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE. ATOTAL OF TEN PERCENT OF THE GRADUATING CLASS OF THE LAw SCHOOL HASBEEN DESIGNATED AS KIRKLAND & ELLIS SCHOLARS:Joshua Phares AckermanJoshua Louis BeneshSamuel Turner Silk BoydMatea BozjaSamuel Earl EckmanJason Adam FeldStephen Brendan HagenbuchRyan Matthew HehnerBradley George HubbardRemi Paul KorenblitTimothy Del McDevittTaylor A. R. Meehan Brett Robert NolanEvan Michael RoseGarett Robert RoseGraham William SaftyLaura Anne SextonNathan Arlen TannerWilliam Thomas ThompsonJean Katharine TinkhamKevin John WesselMorgan White-SmithNoah Butler YavitzCharles David ZagnoliON THE FRANCES E. KNOCK PRIZES, FOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTIN BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY:Nicholas Anthony Popp Fran Tian WenTHE FRANCES E. KNOCK PRIZE, FOR OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT INCHEMISTRY:Niklas Bjarne ThompsonTHE ELLIS BONOFF KOHS AWARDS FOR ORCHESTRAL ExCELLENCE, PRESENTEDEACH YEAR TO OUTSTANDING STUDENT MUSICIANS IN THE UNIVERSITYSYMPHONY ORCHESTRA WHO HAVE CONSISTENTLY DEMONSTRATED THE HIGHESTLEVEL OF MUSICAL ACCOMPLISHMENT ON A WOODWIND, BRASS, OR PERCUSSIONINSTRUMENT, AS WELL AS EXTRAORDINARY COMMITMENT TO THE ORCHESTRA:HE Aiala Teresa LevylEA Samuel Edward MillerTHE LEE FAMILY FOUNDATION PRIZE IN PHILOSOPHY, PRESENTED TO THECOLLEGE SENIOR WHO HAS THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT INPHILOSOPHY:Joshua Pierce FryTHE MARTIN C. AND MARGARET M. LEE PRIZES, TO HONOR THE BESTOVERALL PERFORMANCES ON THE CORE AND PRELIMINARY EXAMINATIONS IN THEDEPARTMENT OF ECONOMICS:Bong Geun Choi, Macro CorePhilip Oliver Barrett, Macro FieldsYeguang Chi, Macro Fitlds Nathaniel Aaron Pancost, Quant CoreKarl Edward Schurter, Price CoreIS Peter Thomas BrownTHE JOHN HAEsELER LEWIS PRIZES, IN RECOGNITION OF THE BEST GRADUATINGSENIORS CONCENTRATING IN PHYSICS:SiqiLiTHE SOLOMON O. LICHTER MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A GRADUATING MASTER'SDEGREE STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FORSCHOLARSHIP AND PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP:Andrea Kerstin KampfnerTHE LICHTSTERN DISSERTATION PRIZE, FOR THE BEST DOCTORALDISSERTATION IN ANTHROPOLOGY:Jeffrey Sterling KahnoTHE KARL LLEWELLYN MEMORIAL CUPS, FOR EXCELLENCE IN BRIEF WRITINGAND ORAL ARGUMENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:Casey James McGushin Taylor A. R. MeehanTHE STEVEN LUKES MEMORIAL PRIZE, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOREXCELLENCE IN THE FIELDS OF BOTH INTERNAL MEDICINE AND NEUROLOGY:Nikita George AlexiadesIN THE AWARD OF HONORSJason Adam FeldEthan Drew FrenchmanTHE EDWIN F. MANDEL AWARDS, TO THE GRADUATES WHO HAVE CONTRIBUTEDMOST TO THE LAw SCHOOL'S CLINICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM:Maria Teresa PellegriniRobert Hallock SvenskTHE IGNACIO MARTfN-BAR6, S.J., HUMAN RIGHTS ESSAY AWARD, PRESENTEDTO THE COLLEGE OR GRADUATE STUDENT WITH THE BEST HUMAN RIGHTSEsSAY:Heather Selena LyonTHE MARGARET MCKENZIE PRIZE IN GERMANIC STUDIES, PRESENTED TO ACOLLEGE STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN GERMANIC STUDIES:Maximilian Elihu ChaoulideerJordan Amanda LatsonTHE DAVID BLAIR MCLAUGHLIN PRIZES, FOR ESSAYS DEMONSTRATING SPECIALSKILL AND SENSE OF FORM IN THE WRITING OF ENGLISH PROSE:Heidi Elizabeth SiegristTHE FRANKLIN McLEAN MEDICAL STUDENT RESEARCH AWARD, FOR A SENIORWHO HAS PERFORMED THE MOST MERITORIOUS RESEARCH:Marcia Ingrid FaustinTHE MEDICAL AND BIOLOGICAL SCIENCES ALUMNI PRIZE, FOR THE BESTOVERALL PRESENTATION GIVEN AT THE 67TH ANNUAL SENIOR SCIENTIFICSESSION OF RESEARCH DONE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Rachel Papanek StorkTHE OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN MEDICINE, TO A SENIOR STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Katie Elizabeth RaffelTHE OLGA AND PAUL MENN FOUNDATION PRIZES, FOR AN ORIGINAL SHORTSTORY OR NOVEL, AN ORIGINAL PLAY OF ONE OR MORE ACTS, OR AN ORIGINALMUSICAL COMPOSITION BY STUDENTS IN THE GRADUATING CLASS:Isabel Christina Olive, Play First PrizeConnor Sebastin, Play Second Priu George Alex Woskob, Musical First PlaceLaurie LeeTHE LEONARD B. MEYER PRIZES FOR MUSICAL EXCELLENCE, FOR THE BESTBACHELOR'S THESES IN THE DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC:Melissa June ScottTHE JANE MORTON AND HENRY C. MURPHY AWARDS, PRESENTED TOTHOSE STUDENTS WHO HAVE MADE A UNIQUE CONTRIBUTION TO IMPROVINGUNIVERSITY STUDENT LIFE:Vicente Javier FernandezZahed Abdul Haseeb Jacob Lewis RabinowitzAlexander Dimitrois SotiropoulosTHE THOMAS R. MULROY PRIZES, FOR EXCELLENCE IN APPELLATE ADVOCACY INTHE LAw SCHOOL:Neil Harris ConradJason Adam FeldEhren Michael FournierRebecca Margaret Taylor HorwitzSonia Lahr-PastorDaniel S. LimCasey James McGushin Taylor A. R. MeehanDavid Yoonsung PiGraham William SaftySarah Margaret StaudtWilliam Thomas ThompsonMishan Raini WroeAdrienne Nicole YoungTHE MARy JEAN MULVANEY SCHOLAR-ATHLETE AWARDS, TO THE MALE ANDFEMALE SENIOR ATHLETES WITH THE HIGHEST JUNIOR AND SENIOR GRADE POINTAVERAGES:Emily Christine Heaton Isaac William DalkeTHE HOWELL MURRAy-ALUMNI AsSOCIATION AWARDS, TO RECOGNIZE THOSESTUDENTS JUDGED OUTSTANDING FOR THEIR LEADERSHIP AND CONTRIBUTIONSTO THE VITALITY AND CREATMTY OF STUDENT LIFE ON THE MIDWAY:Denver Hughes BarrowsNicholas Christopher CasslemanAyesha Diamond CrockettKimberly Nicole Cygan Banjamin DauberAbdul Rafiu DosunmuDouglas EversonShivani Jain113THE RICHARD SALLER DISSERTATION PRIZE, TO THE GRADUATE IN THE DIVISIONOF THE SOCIAL SCIENCES WHOSE DISSERTATION IS THE MOST DISTINGUISHED PIECEOF SCHOLARSHIP IN A GIVEN YEAR:THE JUSTIN PALMER PRIZE, AWARDED ANNUALLY BY THE DEPARTMENT OF NEAR Caroline SchusterEAsTERN LANGUAGES AND CMLIZATIONS TO THE UNDERGRADUATE MAJOR WHO515TH CONVOCATIONMalini Bhavani KarmaVicki Iris PengLucy C. PertersonSumaiya Saad Julia Marie Housel SizekVasanrh Stefan SubramanianDanielle Marie WhiteTHE RUTH MURRAY ESSAY PRIZES OF THE CENTER FOR GENDER ANDSEXUALITY STUDIES, HONORING THE BEST ESSAYS WRITTEN IN THE AREAS OFWOMEN'S STUDIES, FEMINIST CRITICISM OR GENDER STUDIES:Eliza Claire Brown Sadaf FerdowsiTHE NORMAN H. NACHTRIEB MEMORIAL AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE INUNDERGRADUATE STUDIES OF CHEMISTRY, AWARDED EACH YEAR TO ANOUTSTANDING STUDENT IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY:Liwei ChenTHE NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR GEOGRAPHIC EDUCATION AND AsSOCIATION OFAMERICAN GEOGRAPHERS' AWARD, FOR EXCELLENCE OF SCHOLARSHIP:Samuel Thomas BrandtTHE DEPARTMENT OF NEUROLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:William Abel ZeigerTHE NICHOLSON CENTER B.A. THESIS PRIZE, FOR THE BEST SENIOR B.A.THESIS IN THE AREA OF BRITISH STUDIES BASED ON THE USE OF PRIMARYMATERIALS IN ANY CONCENTRATION OR DISCIPLINE:Gabriel Jerome ValleyELIZABETH R. NORTON PRIZES FOR ExCELLENCE IN RESEARCH IN CHEMISTRY:Toan HuynhSean Edward Keuleyan Chunxiao SongTHE DANIEL F. NUGENT PRIZE, FOR THE BEST DOCfORAL DISSERTATION INHISTORICAL ANTHROPOLOGY:Joao Felipe Ferreira GoncalvesTHE DEPARTMENT OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIORMEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD OFOBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY:Elizabeth Ann GreensteinTHE JOHN M. OLIN PRIZE, TO THE OUTSTANDING GRADUATE IN LAw ANDECONOMICS:Robert Gardner HammondTHE DEPARTMENT OF OPHTHALMOLOGY AND VISUAL SCIENCE AWARDS, TOSENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTS FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE FIELD:Valerie Hsin Yen Chen MeiZhou THE POLSKY CENTER STUDENT ENTREPRENEUR AWARDS, To RECIPIENTS WHOWILL HAVE LAUNCHED OR SIGNIFICANTLY GROWN A NEW VENTURE WHILE ASTUDENT AT CHICAGO BOOTH, AND BENEFITED GREATLY FROM POLSKY CENTERPROGRAMS AND THE ENTREPRENEURSHIP CURRICULUM TO ADVANCE THE VENTURE:Alex PedenkoTHE PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARDS, RECOGNIZING TWO VOLUNTEERSWHO HAVE DEMONSTRATED A SUPERIOR COMMITMENT TO SERVICE IN THE GREATERCOMMUNITY DURING THE PAST ACADEMIC YEAR:Andrew Tu-Ming Fan Ariel Giovanni Ruiz Soro THPRCSER'THIWilCh�THGR.:THISimTHemSIGJDelTHEXCUN1ANICO}MalTHFOBTHE PRITZKER LEADERSHIP AWARDS, TO SENIORS FOR OUTSTANDINGEXTRACURRICULAR ACCOMPLISHMENTS DURING FOUR YEARS IN MEDICAL SCHOOL:Benjamin David FergusonTHE JOHN VAN PROHASKA AWARD, FOR OUTSTANDING POTENTIAL IN TEACHING,RESEARCH, AND CLINICAL MEDICINE:Leonardo AliagaTHE SHEILA PUTZEL PRIZES, TO SENIORS IN THE COLLEGE WHO DEMONSTRATEEXCEPTIONAL PROMISE AS A FUTURE PRACfICING PHYSICIAN:Ursula Caroline Adams Justin C. YuAarlTHGRAEXCKevTHE DEPARTMENT OF RADIATION AND CELLULAR ONCOLOGY AWARD, TO ASENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERALFIELD:Kiran Achut KumarTHE RICHARD W. REILLY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING APTITUDE IN THE FIELD OF GASTROENTEROLOGY:Joseph Rayfield TriggsTHE CENTER FOR RESEARCH IN SECURITY PRICES AWARD, TO A STUDENT IN THEUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS FOR EXCELLENCE INFINANCE:Vinayak Radhamurthy SeshasayeeTHE JOHN GRAY RHIND AWARDS, ESTABLISHED IN 1987 BY A TRUSTEE OF THEUNIVERSITY, JAMES T. RHIND, TO HONOR HIS FATHER'S CAREER IN MINISTRY.THE RHINO AWARD IS CONFERRED ANNUALLY, TO ADVANCED STUDENTS INTHE MINISTRY PROGRAM AT THE DIVINITY SCHOOL WHOSE EXCELLENCE INACADEMIC AND PROFESSIONAL TRAINING GIVES NOTABLE PROMISE OF A SIGNIFICANTCONTRIBUTION TO THE LIFE OF THE CHURCH:Krista Michelle Kutz Celeste Grace Kennel-Shank Groff THSnINS'MalZihTH001MalTHHIGAClNwSUBMITS THE BEST SENIOR HONORS PAPER: THE MARY ROBERTS SCOTT MEMORIAL PRIZE, GIVEN TO A MEDICAL STUDENTJoanna Yang Qing Perman WHO HAS DEMONSTRATED LEADERSHIP AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE DURING BOTH THGRAARTTheOUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:Allison Hickey MarianiTHE DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOR Abigail Stewart CutlerTHE BASIC AND CLINICAL SCIENCE YEARS:THE CASPER PLATT AWARD, FOR THE OUTSTANDING PAPER WRITTEN BY ASTUDENT IN THE LAw SCHOOL:Gabriel Lee BroughtonTHE TEACHING PRIZES, TO GRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DIVISION OFTHE PHYSICAL SCIENCES IN RECOGNITION OF EXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OFUNDERGRADUATES:Gustav Martin LarssonMichael Laskin Jonathan Raybin114 THE WALTER AND FAY SELOVE PRIZES, FOR DEMONSTRATING EXCELLENT PROMISEFOR UNDERGRADUATE RESEARCH IN PHYSICS:Peter Thomas BrownNicha Leethochawalit Alexander Michael TurzilloTHE LILLIAN GERTRUDE SELZ PRIZES, AWARDED TO THE WOMEN WITH THEHIGHEST ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT AFTER THEIR FIRST UNDERGRADUATE YEAR:Amanda Elizabeth Dobbyn Hilde De Voin NelsonMagdalena Deyanova Ivanova Lori Nicole OssipAnne Christina Marsden Na Eun ShinCecile McWilliams Murray THDIThPATTouUNAwSIGJTHKatrUNIVERSITY THEATER/THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES TECHNICALAWARD, IN SUPPORT OF THE GRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS MADE THE MOSTSIGNIFICANT DESIGN AND TECHNICAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE UNIVERSITYTHEATER DURING THEIR COLLEGIATE EXPERIENCE:Kathryn Abra LeskoTHE JOAN SHIV CHEMISTRY DEPARTMENT STUDENT SERVICE AWARDS, TOPROVIDE RECOGNITION TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE RENDERED EXCEPTIONALSERVICE AS VOLUNTEERS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY AS SELECTED BYTHEIR FELLOW STUDENTS:Wing-Yeung LauCharles Thomas Rawlings Heffern Zachary Michael HundTHE PAUL SHOREY FOREIGN STUDY PRIZE, FOR A DESERVING STUDENT OFGREEK OR LATIN FOR PARTICIPATION IN THE ATHENS OR ROME PROGRAM INTHE COLLEGE:Simone T. BonaparteTHE AMos ALONZO STAGG MEDALS, TO SENIOR MALE ATHLETES WHO HAVECOMBINED ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE AND ABILITY, LEADERSHIP, CHARACTER,SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO TEAM SUCCESS AND SCHOLARSHIP:Demetrios Nicholas Brizzolara Jack Aaron CinomanTHE JOSEPH STAMPF MEDAL, TO THE SENIOR PLAYER WHO STRIVES FOREXCELLENCE AS A MAN AND AS A BASKETBALL PLAYER; WHO GIVES OF HIMSELFUNTO THE LIVES OF HIS TEAMMATES; AND WHOSE COMMITMENT TO HIGH VALUESAND INTEGRITY IS EXPRESSED IN HIS RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS TEAMMATES ANDCOACHES:Matthew William MacKenzieTHE NELS M. STRAND]ORD MEMORIAL AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF RADIOLOGY:Aaron J. MillerTHE NATHAN SUGARMAN TEACHING AWARDS IN GENERAL CHEMISTRY, TOGRADUATE STUDENTS IN THE DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY IN RECOGNITION OFEXCEPTIONAL TEACHING OF UNDERGRADUATES:Kevin John Nihill Paul Jonathan SansteadTHE NATHAN SUGARMAN AWARDS FOR GRADUATE AND UNDERGRADUATESTUDENT RESEARCH, FOR EXCEPTIONAL RESEARCH IN THE ENRICO FERMIINSTITUTE:Matthew Rand BeckerZihao Jiang Samuel MeehamTHE DEPARTMENT OF SURGERY AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD:Margaret Leschen NaunheimTHE SOL TAX PRIZE, FOR THE DOCTORAL DISSERTATION WHICH COMBINESHIGHEST INTELLECTUAL MERIT WITH RELEVANCE TO ANTHROPOLOGY ANDACTION:Nusrat Sabina ChowdhuryTHE THEATER AND PERFORMANCE STUDIES AWARD RECOGNIZING THEGRADUATING STUDENT WHO HAS BEST DEMONSTRATED THE INTEGRATION OFARTISTIC AND ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE:Thomas Frederick Schmidt-ArenalesTHE LEONARD Tow HUMANISM IN MEDICINE AWARD, FOR CONSISTENTLYDEMONSTRATING COMPASSION AND EMPATHY IN THE DELIVERY OF CARE TOPATIENTS AND ILLUSTRATING PROFESSIONAL BEHAVIOR BY EXAMPLE:Toussaint COverture Olivier Mears-Clarke THE AWARD OF HONORSTHE UNSUNG HERO AWARDS, RECOGNIZING STUDENTS WHO HAVE POSITIVELYINFLUENCED A PROGRAM OR ORGANIZATION FROM BEHIND THE SCENES WITHA POSITIVE ATTITUDE TOWARD GOALS, A WILLINGNESS TO HELP IN WHATEVERCAPACITY NECESSARY, AND A COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE IN THE COMPLETIONOF TASKS AND DUTIES:Patrick Edward FigliozziAdam Joshua Getzler Eugene LeeTHE URBAN HEALTH INITIATIVE STRONG IN COMMUNITY SERVICE PRIZE, TOA SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT WHO HAS CONTRIBUTED THE MOST THROUGHCOMMUNITY SERVICE:Toussaint COverture Mears-ClarkeTHE VIJAY AND SITA VASHEE PROMISING ENTREPRENEUR AWARD, AWARDEDANNUALLY TO THE GRADUATING FULL-TIME MBA, EVENING MBA ORWEEKEND MBA PROGRAM STUDENT HAVING THE BEST SCHOLASTIC RECORDIN ENTREPRENEURSHIP IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OFBUSINESS:Elizabeth Marie Kammel Seyed Kasra MoshkaniTHE WILMA WALKER HONOR AWARD, TO A STUDENT IN THE SCHOOL OFSOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION FOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THE FIRST YEARAND FOR THE PROMISE OF FUTURE ACHIEVEMENT IN SOCIAL WORK:David Anthony WatsulaTHE GREGOR WENTZEL PRIZE, FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGIN THE DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS BY A FIRST-YEAR GRADUATE STUDENT TUTOR:Alexander William TolishTHE GREGOR WENTZEL GRADUATE RESEARCH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENTFOR OUTSTANDING WORK IN THEORETICAL PHYSICS:Tankut Uzay CanTHE NAPIER WILT PRIZES IN ENGLISH AND AMERICAN LITERATURE, TO THESENIORS WHO HAVE WRITTEN THE BEST BACHELOR'S PAPERS:Eli Aaron Edelson Gabriel Jerome ValleyAnthony Oluwatobi Haslett Sophie Marie WereleyZoe Elizabeth PolachTHE BRUCE WINSTEIN PRIZE FOR OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT BY A PHYSCISSTUDENT IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF SCIENTIFIC INSTRUMENTATION:Emily May ConoverTHE WOMEN'S ATHLETIC AsSOCIATION AND ORDER OF THE "C" MOSTVALUABLE PLAYER AWARDS, PRESENTED TO AN ATHLETE WHO MAKES ASIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION TO THE TEAM AND BEST DEMONSTRATES SKILL,LOYALTY, AND SPORTSMANSHIP:WOmenCaroline Elizabeth Brander, VolleyballBrigette Christina Kragie, SoccerKayla Nicole Christina McDonald,Outdoor Track and FieldJulie Ann Muguira, BasketballJacqueline Elizabeth Ryan, SoftballJulia Marie Housel Sizek, Cross CountryMegan Wingmun Tang, TennisKathleen Marie Taylor, Swimming &DivingJulia Marie Housel Sizek,Indoor Track & Field MenDemetrios Nicholas Brizzolara, FootballDemetrios Nicholas Brizzolara,Outdoor Track and FieldCharles Hughes, BasketballKyle Gordon Kurfirst, SoccerMatthew O'Connor, BaseballDeepak Sabada, TennisMatthew Joseph Veldman,Swimming & DivingWilliam Edward Whitmore,Indoor Track and FieldTHE DIANA WOO MEMORIAL AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN CLINICALPEDIATRICS:Allison Hickey MarianiTHE F. HOWELL WRIGHT AWARD, TO A SENIOR MEDICAL STUDENT FOROUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE IN THE GENERAL FIELD OF PEDIATRICS:Joshua Adam Williams11551STH CONVOCATIONMario John PalmisanoTHE WROBEL TROPHY AWARD, TO THE WRESTLER WHO HAS SCORED THE MOST THE GAURANG AND KANwAL YODH PRIZE, TO A GRADUATE STUDENT FORTEAM POINTS DURING THE SEASON: OUTSTANDING WORK IN EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS:Satomi ShiraishiFELLOWSHIPSAFRICAN LANGUAGE STUDIES FUND FELLOWSHIPJorge Antonio Campos TellezAFRICAN STUDIES REsEARCH GRANTSSamuel TImothy Boland Jonathan Paul KatzARTHUR ADKINS SUMMER FELLOWSHIPSamuel Cumpson ButlerAMERICAN AsSOCIATION OF UNIVERSITY WOMEN FELLOWSHIPRachel Nataline FeinmarkAMERICAN JOURNAL OF SOCIOLOGY FELLOWSHIPAlicia Jean VandeVusseDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY LEIFFER PRE-FIELD REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPSSarah Ellen AdcockHannah Rachel ChazinYazan Haitham Bishara DoughanChristopher Michael GrantColin Michael Egenberger HalversonMaria Hayat Rebecca Kate JourneyKarl H. Love Oskarson KindstrandMary Denise RobertsonJan Harm SchutteJeremy A. SiegmanKayaWilliamsDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY LICHTSTERN DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPElise Ann KramerDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY MARK HANNA WATKINS DISSERTATIONFELLOWSHIPMary Theresa Frances LeightonDEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY MARK HANNA WATKINS POST-FIELDFELLOWSHIPSYazan Haitham Bishara DoughanAnna Jabloner Madeleine Theresa McLeesterLEO BAECK FELLOWSHIPAlexandra Katheryn ZirkleTHE HARRy BARNARD MEMORIAL DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPEmily Lockett SwaffordTHE BECKMAN SCHOLARS PROGRAM IN MOLECULAR SCIENCES FELLOWSHIPSKathleen Paige BohanonChristopher David Delaney Mara FarcasanuIsaac Nathaniel LarkinBERLIN PROGRAM IN ADVANCED GERMAN STUDIES OF THE FREIE UNIVERSITAETBERLINLauren Kelsey StokesTHE BENJAMIN BLOOM DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPSDaryl Mortensen Dugas Kathryn Elizabeth McHarryTHE SIDNEY BLOOMENTHAL FELLOWSHIPCallum QuigleyTHE BRADLEY FELLOWSHIPSAndreas Alexander Bodmeier QipingXuTHE CARNEGIE ENDOWNMENT FELLOWSHIPAlexandra Nina Mcleesu6 THE MARTHA ANN AND JOSEPH A. CHENICEK GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPDiLiuCIC/SMITHSONIAN FELLOWSHIPVictoria Lucy SalingerUCIHP CLINICAL ExCELLENCE SCHOLARS PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSCynthia Jennifer AvilaJasmine R. BerryStephanie BiCindy ChungRoberto Carlos De LoeraErin Michele DominiciMaxine FrendelAbigayle Zenia HuntleyAnika Sandeep JainRachelle Elif KochCaryssa Natalia LimJoshua Arch Little Alice Wanjiku MukoraMargot Rosalia PierluissiMadelaine Claire PisaniJennifer Zhen QinAndrew Seth RapoportMartha Hope RennAndrew Bumjin SongYueqiWanJacqueline Fang WangMichael Harris WarrenSarah WatanaskulGabrielle Elena WimerUCIHP COMMUNITY AND SOCIAL MEDICINE FELLOWSHIPSCynthia Jennifer AvilaCatherine CastroLeslie Mae GailloudJoseline Xiomara GomezSara ImamDeanne Nicole Kennedy Emma Gonzelez RobertsEsther R. SchoenfeldMax Benjamin SmithJennifer Ha TanEmmaYeTHE CRITICAL LANGUAGE SCHOLARSHIPS PROGRAM, A UNITED STATESDEPARTMENT OF STATE PROGRAM THAT SUPPORTS INTENSIVE SUMMER LANGUAGESTUDY IN THIRTEEN CRITICAL-NEED FOREIGN LANGUAGES AT OVERSEAS LANGUAGEINSTITUTES:Yusef Asiddeg Al-Jarani, Arabic in JordanAndrea Karina Haidar, Arabic in Morocco Heather Selena Lyon, Hindi in IndiaKaylee Nicole Steck, Arabic in MoroccoDARTMOUTH COLLEGE THURGOOD MARsHALL DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPJaira J. HarringtonMICHEL DAVID-WEILL SCHOLARSHIPKatherine Jinyi LiTHE DAVIS PROJECTS FOR PEACE PROGRAMLillian Anna LererTHE DEUTSCHE BANK DOCTORAL FELLOWSHIPMaryam FarboodiDEUTSCHER AKAoEMISCHER AUSTAUSCHDIENST GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSMaia Judith FraserAugust Anderson Sheehy Laurren Kelsey StokesHamza Levent YilmazDUNN REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPS IN ENGLISHConnie Jia LuAlida Camille Miranda-Wolff Gwendolen Elizabeth MurenKatherine Hylah RouhandehDUNN REsEARCH FELLOWSHIPS IN PHILOSOPHYJohn Colin BradleyFlavio CangemiSabina Francesca Vaccarino Bremner Philip Christopher Yaure FoSU1.JanEb(Ali:GelVicCEFEISta,TafCEWINoCLFEIJuliDlZa(E(An:Ali.SabVaiCIaFI'IKaIFoEn.Ad:SinCalNi(Vic[ohEli,SeQShaZo.EmEri,An:BelValCo.LU(MeCo:Gri[enVatEri!EmCoFeliBelChLalJUS!JuliStetZytCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES: CHINESE STUDIES PRE-DISSERTATIONREsEARCH GRANTVictoria Nguyen Gordon Cooper KloseAndrew Carl KunzeEmin LelicJohn O'Donnell MulleeMatthew O'ConnellEric Timothy PhillipsGiovanni RicciJulio Carlos RiveraStacie Anne HannemanTaeju KimCENTER FOR EAST AsIAN STUDIES: CHINESE STUDIES DISSERTATION WRITINGFELLOWSHIPSJake William Werner THE AWARD OF HONORSClaire Nadine RoosienMyriam SabbaghiAugust Nabe SamieKarl Thomas SchmidCheryl Anne StephensonAmirToftKaitlyn Jane TuckerFOREIGN LANGUAGE AND AREA STUDIES FELLOWSHIPSCENTER FOR EAsT AsIAN STUDIES: TOYOTA JAPANESE STUDIES DISSERTATIONWRITING FELLOWSHIPNoriko YamaguchiCLAREMONG LINCOLN UNIVERSITY JAIN STUDIES PROGRAM IN INDIAFELLOWSHIPJulie Alyssa HanlonDUMBARTON OAKS FOUNDATION JUNIOR FELLOWSHIPSZachary James ChaseF. CHAMPION WARD THIRD YEAR INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL GRANTSAmanda Jane BennettAlicia Laryn FrenchSabrina Yu-Yang HsiehVaidehi Biren JoshiClaire Kimberly MaassFIVE COLLEGES FELLOWSHIPKalisha Renee CornettFOREIGN LANGUAGE ACQUISITION GRANTSEnoAgolliAdrian EnriqueSimone Fay AldredgeCarolina BaizanNicholas Brastins BarnesVictoria Elizabeth BinfordJohn Colin BradleyElizabeth L. BynumScott Patterson CampbellShanice CasimiroZoe Elizabeth Jhia Chi ChanEmilie Irene ChenEric S. ChienAmelia Lyn ClementsBenedict John ConstantinoValeria ContrerasConnor Simon CunninghamLudger Clayton DahmMelina Evelyn De BonaConstance Mathilde Marie DelannoyGriffin Gahagan DennisJenzo Fernando DuqueVanessa Mai FarranteErin Jeanne FergusonEmma Rose GoehlerConnor R. GoodwinFelicia Maria HarrisBenjamin Roy HellerChristopher Ryan HesterLaura Brooke HillegasJustin Edward HudginsJulie Jung HuhStephanie Nicole KochZytha Roelle Kock Paige Eleanor PaulsenThomas PrendergastSabina Francesca Vaccarino BremnerAliza Logan WarwickOrest XherijaJenna Marie KyriazesTianjian LaiRachel Alex LazarJaney Jae Eun LeeAlexandra LevitasSophia Jiayuan LinChristian Alan LowerMatthew Meyer LuchinsShaun Arjun MajumdarMaayan Shira MalterAriel Yechezkel MatalonAshley McKkeithenGrace Elizabeth MitchellJeffrey Scott NiedermaierJesse James Booker Zigel OrrIsabella PenidoCatitlin Constance PhillipsEllen Caroline RabinKathryn Anderson RunningChloe Brynne SaddlerRachel Martha SchastokAlina Marie ScottiDaniel Gordon SellonSahiba Kaur SindhuJacob Anthony SmithStephanie Nicole SmithRebeccah StrombergAnagha SundararajanRandy John Thomas SwanKelsye Christina TurnerAlejandra VasquezMianWangJaewon YoonFOREIGN LANGUAGE AND AREA STUDIES FELLOWSHIPSSummerJamal Abed-RabboEbenezer ConcepcionAlison Tyner DavisGenevieve Eileen Virginia Dempsey Kristopher Tyler DriggersLauren Elizabeth EldridgeSavannah Leigh EsquivelMonica M. FelixSarah Heiden Gomer Academic learKyle Weston BellowsChelsea Rebecca BurnsJohn P. DoyleLauren Elizabeth EldridgeJason MichaelenosKsenia Alexeyevna ErshovaHannah Glay GlassonSarah Heiken GomerCatherine Anne HartmannNeil Shapiro HawleyZachary Nicholas HebertOrry KlainmanAndrew Carl KunzePatrick Charles LewisDeirdre LyonsManon Devedeux McGuiganIIana MillerFRAN<;:OIS FURET TRAVEL GRANTYuliya Aleksandrovna Tsutserova Siddkesh Jyoti MukerjiJohn O'Donnell MulleeDiana Margaret OhanianMichael Lawrence PayneKara Anne PeruccioDaniel Kalman PhillipsEric Timothy PhillipsDarcie Marilyn Price-WallaceMohammed SaghaKarl Thomas SchmidArmaan SiddiqiJonah SimpsonSamee SulaimanAndrew Franklin Ver SteeghBrittney Nichole WaraniusMaria Rose WelchCornelia Wolf WilsonFULBRIGHT U.S. STUDENT PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSRobert Joseph BlaksleeSamuel Thomas BrandtJennifer CohenLauren Elizabeth DeanFULBRIGHT lIE/USIA FELLOWSHIPSRamaesh Joseph BhagiratHannah Rachel ChazinGenevieve Eileen Virginia DempseyChristopher Thomas DunlapPhillip Joseph HenryEric Michael Hirsch Akshaya Suresh KannanMargaret Suzanne Hamilton ReifMargaret Ruth StrairAlexander Ong HsuEmma Elizabeth HiteCharles Scott PrestonBart Curtis PushawCaroline Lillian SchoopEmily YoderFULBRIGHT lIE US STUDENT PROGRAM GRANTAlexander Ong HsuFULBRIGHT REsEARCH GRANT/BUNDES- ExzELLENZ-STIPENDIUMBenjamin Charles LindquistFULBRIGHT-HAyS DOCTORAL DISSERTATION REsEARCH ABROAD FELLOWSHIPSAdrian, AnagnostNatalja D. CzarneckiErin Lee GladePatrick William KellyChristopher Andrew MalkiewiczFURSTENBERG FELLOWSHIPSEzra BlausteinYonatan Tzvi ShemeshTHE GATES CAMBRIDGE SCHOLARSHIPSBo-Shiun LaiBARRY M. GOLDWATER SCHOLARSHIPSJane HuangSamuel Martin Greene Michelle Alexandla MaydanchikCovell Franklin MeyskensMichal Ran-RubinTravis James WarnerJake William WernerOri WerdigerSaalika Abbas MelaJames PorterLuke Wilbert Bertels, Honorable MentionTHE DAVID W GRAINGER GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPEric J. OberlaII751STH CONVOCATIONTHE DAVID W. GRAINGER SENIOR SCHOLARSHIPS IN PHYSICSPeter Thomas BrownUCIHP HEALTH POLICY SCHOLARS PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSMotolani Oluwafunmbi AkinolaSamuel Timothy BolandMarvin Martin EspinozaManju Ann GeorgeAdheeb Ahmed GhazaliMychael Trammell GilliamIliya GutinYiwei HouHadiya Shoshanik HousepianHarini JaganathanAndrew K. KamXie Rachel KulikoffJonathan Jin LeeChristian Alan LoweTHE DAVID GRENE FELLOWSHIPJeremy Ely McKeyTHE WILLIAM RAINEY HARPER FELLOWSHIPSAlexander Keith Rocklin Michika MaedaPriya Dinesh MistryEunsong ParkLingyi PengFrank QianPriya Latha RajaDustin Garlaban ShawXinyi SuiBrittany Danielle WilliamsHuitingXuShirley Du YanEthel Frances YangXiaozhou ZangJeremy Penin ZiringKyle Tyler StoryMichaela SoyerGengTianCHARLES W. HENDERSON DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSGawin TsaiA. VON HUMBOLDT FOUNDATION BUNDESKANZIER SCHOLARSHIPLauren Kelsey StokesHUMAN RIGHTS PROGRAM INTERNSHIPSShefali AgrawalFrank Javier AlarconMahamAyazTravis Christian BenaigesDeborah CapiroSandy Maria CarterHana Delenesa ErkouAndrew Tu-Ming FanKaci Rossa FarrellJuan Othon GuevaraHelen Paula HailesMatthew A. HillerHadiya Shoshanik HouspianAkshaya Suresh KannanAnna Nicole KreisbergFaith Regina Laken Katherine Jinyi LiStephen Ross LurieJonathan James LykesMargaret Maria MarionClare E. McBeeJennifer Lynn NudoPriya Latha RajaMichael Anthony ReddyAatifa SadiqMichaeljit Singh SandhuJulia Marie Housel SizekMatel SowKatherine Zhe TuOnome UwhubaDanielle Marie WhiteSean Michael DowdyINSTITUTE FOR MONEY, TECHNOLOGY AND FINANCIAL INCLUSION RESEARCHGRANTSEric Michael HirschEric Michael HirschINTER-AMERICAN FOUNDATION GRASSROOTS DEVELOPMENT FELLOWSHIPPROGRAMMeghan MorrisCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES DISSERTATION YEAR FELLOWSHIPSJessica Hope AndrussJonathon James CatlinJoshua Andrew Connor Dory FoxRuchama Jerusha Johnston-BloomAlexandra Kathryn ZirkleCHICAGO CENTER FOR JEWISH STUDIES REsEARCH AND TRAVEL GRANTYaqub Rani Hashim Mohamed HilalTHE KATEN SCHOLARSHIPSSamara Emily AlbazzazMaya Shopkow FraserTheodore Michael GetzJennifer Chi Wei Hu118 Ya-Gin Hanna HuangMagdalena Deyanova IvanovaCecilia JiangAndrew Seth Rapoport Andrew Bumjin SongVictoria SunMadison Denali Taylor Emily Nicole TixierBenjamin TrnkaWilliam John Kenneth VervillesTHIMa�P.EAnIJOHN LEUSNER FELLOWSHIPBrian Matthew Weller THLogTHAbilAMERICAN PHILOSOPHICAL SOCIETY-LEWIS AND CLARK FUND FOR EXPLORATIONAND FIELD REsEARCHChristopher Michael Grant THWalTHE MANN AWARD TRAVEL GRANTJoshua Simon Schwartz PRGAys!'MEDICAL SCIENTIST TRAINING PROGRAM FELLOWSHIPSTrisha Anne MacraeAlex Plamenov Eileen Fong Shiuan THIKarTHE MELLON MAyS UNDERGRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS THIJessica Susan AvvaArlin Allen Hill Jamie SanchezMichael Anthony Santini SaraMELLON HUMANITIES DISSERTATION FELLOWSHIPJoy Cecile Brennan THIYuJLogAlerSimEndMELLON FOUNDATION HANNA HOLBORN GRAY ADVANCED GRADUATEFELLOWSHIPSarah Abigail Levine-GronningsaterHE]XiacMELLON FOUNDATION/SOCIAL SCIENCES DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPSMeghan Morris Anna Maria WeichselbraunTHE ALBERT A. MICHELSON FELLOWSHIPKarol Krizka SocFIE]MacTHE PHILIP E. MONTAG RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS SocDE�Tati:Alice Rose BlackwoodKatherine Jinyi Li Hillary Jennett RossTHE YOICHIRO NAMBU FELLOWSHIPLogan William Clark SocNiceNATIONAL COLLEGIATE ATHLETIC AsSOCIATION POST-GRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPJulia Marie Housel SizekNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION DISSERTATION IMPROVEMENT GRANTSLauren M. ZychNATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS:Zachary David SheldonNATIONAL SECURITY EDUCATION PROGRAM DAVID L. BOREN UNDERGRADUATESCHOLARSHIPS FOR STUDY ABROAD:Mollie Grace KuetherAleia Marie Maculam Matthw PhillipsNATIONAL SECURITY EDUCATION PROGRAM/DAVID L. BOREN GRADUATEFELLOWSHIPSApril Lynn Brewer Eric Christopher HunduianNICHOLSON CENTER FOR BRITISH STUDIES GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPSGregory Le BaumJoel Scott CalahanMaura Jeanne CappsCarl Christian FuldnerSmita GandortaGenevieve GodboutPhilip Reuben GoldfarbEleanor S. Hyun Andrea Harris JordanRachel LehrJose Juan Perez MelendezBastian ReinertJan Harm SchutteMudit TrivediTHE AWARD OF HONORSP.E.O. SCHOlAR AWARDAnna Katherine Guengerich CENTER FOR LATIN AMERICAN STUDIES TINKER TRAVEL GRANTSNicholas Carby DenningKarma Franklin Frierson Christopher Michael GrantJohn O'Connell MulleeTHE EUGENE AND NIESJE PARKER FELLOWSHIPSKarol Krizka THE HARRY S TRUMAN SCHOlARSHIPGabrielle Chelsea NewellLogan William ClarkNTHOMAS R. PICKERING FOREIGN AFFAIRS FELLOWSHIPWalter Steven Quintanilla J. HARRIS WARD FELLOWSHIPKatharyn Teresa KrydaTHE PAUSANIAS SUMMER RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPAbigail Mary Hoskins UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA IRVINE FELLOWSHIPEric Michael HirschPROVOST'S DISSERTATION-YEAR FELLOWSHIPAyse Polat SCHOOL OF ADVANCED RESEARCH WEATHERHEAD FELLOWSHIPAlexander D. BlanchetteTHE JERRY RAo FELLOWSHIPKartik Prabhu THE WENNER-GREN FOUNDATION FOR ANTHROPOLOGICAL RESEARCHIWRITINGFELLOWSHIPSTHE EDWARD L RYERSON FELLOWSHIP IN ARCHAEOLOGYSarah Ellen Adcock Jonah Michael AugustineAlexander D. BlanchetteSean Michael DowdyEric Michael HirschKiho KimErik Lee Levin Amy Leia McLachlanMadeleine Theresa McLeesterMeghan MorrisMary Denise RobertsonAnna Maria WeichselbraunXiao-Bo YuanTHE ROBERT G. SACHS SUMMER FELLOWSHIPSYu HungChiuLogan William ClarkAlexander Orson EdelmanSimas GlinskisEndao Han Mengfei HeKarol KrizkaNoah Prentice MitchellPavel MotlochMiles Anthony King Ting Wu WILSON TEACHING FELLOWSHIPSJessica Hope Andruss Tarick Fathi ElgendyHELEN SELLEI-BERETVAS GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPXiao Wang OTTO AND VALERIE WINDT MEMORIAL FELLOWSHIPJames Farris DamaSOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL (SSRC) INTERNATIONAL DISSERTATIONFIELD RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP DR. AIZIK WOLF HUMAN RIGHTS POST-BACCALAUREATE FELLOWSHIPJulia Marie Housel SizekMadeleine Suzanne Elfenbein Meghan MorrisSOCIAL SCIENCE RESEARCH COUNCIL EURASIA PROGRAM DISSERTATIONDEVELOPMENT AWARDTatiana Chudakova WOODROW WILSON ROCKEFELLER BROTHERS FUND FOR AsPIRING TEACHERS OFCOLORAyesha Diamond CrockettSOCIAL SCIENCES VISITING COMMITTEE DISSERTATION YEAR FELLOWSHIPNicole MottierTHE SQUARE D TRAVEL GRANTMatthew Ian McDonald'ETHE ALMA MATERText: Edwin H. Lewis, Ph.D., 1894 Music: Eustasio Rosales and Mack Evans��I I �. �l � � I� � � � IF' �l � I� �� FTo - day we glad - ly sing the praise of her whose daugh- ters and whose sons Now�� 1":'\r ;1 � J IJ. 0 � J IJ. � OJ 3 1£ a J �loy al voi - ces proud - ly raise to bless her with our be - ni - sons. Of�� J. )1 J J IJ. :0 � � I �. ) J J IJ. -0 � �all fair mo - thers fair - est she, most wise of all that wis - est be, most�� F3 1F1 If] 1":'\J. ). J ¥ IF F J J ). IJtrue of all the true say we, is our dear AI- rna Ma ter. IIMUSICIANSMILLAR BRASS ENSEMBLEMatt Lee, DirectorTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MOTET CHOIRSOPRANOHannah McGinty,(section leader)Helen EllsworthAmira FrancescaFreemanHelen HailesHannah Mark James Kallembach, DirectorALTOJessica Green,(section leader)Ji Su KangCynthia Jennifer AvilaMegan BarnesCaitlin FallahayHannah FlynnRosaley GaiTanya RudakevychSangying SanZoe Smith TENORJulius Stein-Supanich,(section leader)Sam ScarrowTavish GantzDavid MaoMichael McGovern BASSBen HornSamuel BrandtClayton DahmCollin D'AloisioPhilip McGrathBenjamin McKennaMichael Modak- TruranDaniel MuraoreC Mixed SourcesProduct group from well·managedforests. controlled sources andrecycled wood or flberFSC �Hfs�::s;;:.�l':c�if'0919