RRExp LD941University of ChicagoThe ... convocation /[no.] 514 (2013: March 22)Bib:215102 Copy:142237 Rec'd:03/28/13THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHE 514TH CONVOCATIONTHE WINTER QUARTERMarch 22, 20133:00 P.M.ROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORDER OF EXERCISESROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the University, PresidingPRELUDES AND PROCESSIONALWylie Crawford, University CarillonneurMillar Brass EnsembleThomas Weisflog, University OrganistTHE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONThe Congregation stands and remains standing until after the Call to Order.The Flag BearersThe Marshal of the University and the Student MarshalsThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculty of the UniversityThe Vice-MarshalThe DeansThe Trustees and Officers of the UniversityThe Faculty SpeakerThe Provost of the UniversityThe President of the UniversityBRASS FANFAREMillar Brass EnsembleCALL TO ORDERCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityWELCOMEROBERT J. ZIMMERPresident of the UniversityTHE CONVOCATION ADDRESSIntroduction given byTHOMAS F. ROSENBAUMProvost of the University''IN RETROSPECT"byRICHARD A. ROSENGARTENAssociate Professor of Religion and Literature, Divinity SchoolRichard A. Rosengarten works in religion andliterature, a field of study created at the DivinitySchool in the 1950s by Preston Roberts and NathanScott, and carried forward by Rosengarten's teacher,Anthony C. Yu. He took his A.B. (in EnglishLanguage and Literature) at Kenyon College,and his A.M. (1987) and Ph.D. (1994) from theUniversity of Chicago. A literary historian ofreligion, Rosengarten has written on narrativeforms in the modern era (especially the novel),and on hermeneutics and literary criticism. Thiswork includes Narrating Providence: Divine Design and the Incursions ofEvil in the Novels of HenryFielding, an examination of the status of the ideaof divine providence in a post-Newtonian universe.Rosengarten served as Dean of the Divinity Schoolfrom 2000-2010, and he writes, speaks, and consultswidely on the academic study of religion, theproper understanding of the place of theology in aresearch university, and theological education. Heis completing a study of religious poetics tided Stylesof Catholicism: Flannery 0 'Connor, Frida Kahlo, andSimone Wei!.MUSICAL INTERLUDECOME YE SONS OF ART, Movement IComposed by Henry PurcellArranged by James KallembachCome, ye Sons ofArt, ye Daughters, come away,Tune all your voices and instruments playTo celebrate this triumphant day.The tuneful grove, the talking rillThe laughing vale, replying hill,With charming harmony uniteThe happy season to invite.Thus Nature, rejoicing, has shown us the wayWith innocent revels to welcome the day.The University of Chicago Motet ChoirJames Kallembach, ConductorMillar Brass EnsembleFrank Javier AlarconElizabeth Veronica BediRenee Gong ChengSamuel L. EnglanderAustin Robert FellerLauren Mills GahaganKatharine Elizabeth HenryJingwen HuMenggeJi THE AWARD OF HONORSAwarded General Honors with the Bachelor's Degree:Watson Bernard LaddDevon Grey LawrenceHyunJun LeeZhen LiangAndrew John LovdahlRichard Riojas MartinezMrinalini PenumakaJoseph Dalton PersonMohan Ru Joanna SobiechDong Hyun SongAmanda Jo SpringerLinzi WuMengWuJin XieJames Walter Morris ZechTHE CONFERRING OF ACADEMIC DEGREESCandidates for Degrees will be presented in alphabetical order by degree in the following academic units:In the College by Associate Dean Jose QuintansIn the William B. and Catherine V Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studiesby Dean Daniel W. ShannonIn the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicineby Dean Kenneth Polonsky; Names will be read by Associate Dean Victoria E. PrinceIn the Division of the Humanities by Dean Martha T. RothIn the Division of the Physical Sciences by Dean Robert A. FeffermanIn the Division of the Social Sciences by Dean Mario Luis SmallIn the University of Chicago Booth School of Business by Dean Sunil Kumar;Names will be read by Associate Dean Patty KeeganIn the Divinity School by Dean Margaret M. MitchellIn the Law School by Deputy Dean Jonathon MasurIn the Harris School of Public Policy by Dean Colm O'MuircheartaighCandidates not presented are receiving degrees in absentia.The President will lead the audience in acknowledging the candidates after each school's degrees are distributed.For the Degree of Bachelor ofArts in the College:I. IN THE COLLEGEFRANK JAVIER ALARCON(Political Science)ELIZABETH VERONICA BEDI(Anthropology)RENEE GONG CHENG(Biological Sciences)JASON DANIEL CIGAN(English Language and Literature)JAMES THOMAS COURTOIS(Mathematics)ALEXANDER JAMES DONNELLY(Political Science)SAMUEL L. ENGLANDER(Economics)AUSTIN ROBERT FELLER(Mathematics)LAUREN MILLS GAHAGAN(Political Science)THOMAS CHRISTOPHER GEORGE(Mathematics)JINGWEN HU(Economics)MENGGEJI(Economics)(Public Policy Studies with Honors)TAE SEOK KIM(Economics)DEVON GREY LAWRENCE(Political Science)DANIEL LEE(Economics)DONG SOO LEE(Philosophy)HYUN JUN LEE(Economics)UNJIN LEE(Physics)ZHEN LIANG(Economics) LEWIS YISHI LIU(Political Science)ANDREW JOHN LOVDAHL(Environmental Studies with Honors)RICHARD RIOJAS MARTINEZ(Political Science with Honors)ANDREAS K. NAHAS(Political Science)MRINALINI PENUMAKA(Sociology with Honors)(Political Science with Honors)ELIZABETH MARIE PERKINS(English Language and Literature)JOSEPH DALTON PERSON(Political Science)DZIANIS V. PRAKAPENKA(Economics)MOHAN RU(Mathematics)(Economics)ANDRES L. SANCHEZ(Mathematics)(Tutorial Studies with Honors)JOANNA SOBIECH(Psychology)(Comparative Human Development)DONG HYUN SONG(Economics)(Political Science)AMANDA JO SPRINGER(Biological Sciences)LINZI WU(Chemistry)MENGWU(Biological Sciences)JIN XIE(Economics)JAMES WALTER MORRIS ZECH(Economics)ANTONIO JORGE SEVILLA DIEGUEZ(Mathematics with Honors)For the Degree of Bachelor of Science in the College and the Division of the Physical Sciences:KATHARINE ELIZABETH HENRY(Computer Science)(Linguistics-A. B.)WATSON BERNARD LADD(Mathematics with Honors)II. IN THE WILLIAM B. AND CATHERINE V. GRAHAM SCHOOL OFCONTINUING LIBERAL AND PROFESSIONAL STUDIESFor the Degree ofMaster of Liberal Arts:BERNICE GRIER JOHNSONA.B., DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, 2008DANIEL STEVEN KAPLANS.B., Arizona State University, I980M.B.A., George Washington University, I983jD., Loyola University of Chicago, I990 GREGORY BRIAN SEELS.B., Texas A & M University, College Station, 2004M.B.A., Loyola University of Chicago, 2008s.M., ibid., 2009DONNA WIGGSS.B., Ohio State University, Columbus, I97Is.M., Indiana University Bloomington, I988III. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFor the Degree ofMaster of Science:MICHAEL ANTHONY ALCORNS.B., Auburn University, 20IO(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)ANDREW REECE GEHRKEA.B., Boston University, 2005M.L.A., Harvard University, 2009(Organismal Biology and Anatomy)SARA LINDSAY JACKRELS.B., College of New Jersey, 20IO(Ecology and Evolution)ALLISON ELAINE JOHNSONA.B., St. Olaf College, 20IO(Ecology and Evolution) UMAR KHOKHARA.B., University of Chicago, 2007(Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition)ORISSA MERRITT MOULTONA.B., Wheaton College, Norton Massachusetts, 2007S.M., Oregon State University, 20IO(Ecology and Evolution)ERIN SMITHBERGERS.B., Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2009(Cancer Biology)For the Degree ofDoctor ofPhilosophy:ERMELINDA CECOS.B., Cleveland State University, 2004(Cellular and Molecular Physiology)DISSERTATION: The Functional Role ofLTBP4 as a Modifier ofMuscular Dystrophy in Humans and MiceVERONICA JANE CLOUDS.B., Indiana University Bloomington, 2004(Genetics)DISSERTATION: The Roles of Rad5I and Dmct in Meiosis andRecombination Partner ChoiceROSS ADAM KEENHOLTZA.B., Northwestern University, 2007(Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)DISSERTATION: Catalytic Activation of a Serine RecombinaseVAIBHAV UPADHYAYS.B., Duke University, 2007(Immunology)DISSERTATION: Lymphotoxin and High Fat Diet DynamicallyRegulate the Microbiota to Enable Obesity NATASHA LAHNEE WADLINGTONS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2004(Neurobiology)DISSERTATION: The Role of PINJ(j in the Hypoxic StressResponse through the Regulation of Hif-m TranslationERIN AMANDA WHITEA.B., University of Colorado at Boulder, 2004(Molecular Genetics and Cell Biology)DISSERTATION: CYK-4 Binding Induces a Large ScaleConformational Change in the Kinesin Subunit of theCentralspindlin ComplexIV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESFor the Degree ofMaster ofArts:SHARI D FELTYA.B., Auburn University, 2004(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)ALEXANDER CHARLES JAMESA.B., University of Chicago, 2002(Master ofArts Program in the Humanities)SOLVEIG NELSONA.B., Macalester College, I996A.M., University of Chicago, 20IO(Art History)MARCELLE COULTER PIERSONBiMus., Oberlin College, 2007(Music) JONATHAN EVERETT SOYARSA.B., Wheaton College, Illinois, 2003M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2007Th.M, ibid., 2008(New Testament and Early Christian Literature)ELIZABETH JOYCE WOODWARDA.B., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008A.M., Florida State University, 20IO(Art History)For the Degree of Doctor ofPhilosophy:KEITH FREDERICK ALDERSONA.B., Macalester College, I988A.M, University of Chicago, I993(Germanic Studies)DISSERTATION: Das Bild des Ackermannes: Viewing theAckermann aus Bohrnen through the Illumination of ItsTransmissionNATASHA BERSHADSKYA.B., Hebrew University ofJerusalem, Israel, I999A.M, Harvard University, 200I(Classics: Ancient Mediterranean World)DISSERTATION: Pushing the Boundaries of Myth:Transformations ofAncient Border wars in Archaic andClassical GreeceANDREW CASEY BROUGHTONA.B., Macalester College, 2003A.M, University of Chicago, 2005(English Language and Literature)DISSERTATION: Before Distraction: Reading the Novel, I750-I798CHRISTOPHER CUTRONEA.B., Hampshire College, I993MF.A., School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I996A.M., University of Chicago, 2005(History of Culture)DISSERTATION: Adorno's MarxismALEXANDER JAMESGENIK-SAS- BEREZOWSKYA.B., University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada,2003MiMus., ibid., 2006(Music)DISSERTATION: May 6th, I998, for String Quartet RACHEL TILLIE GOODMANA.B., Western Australia University, Nedlands, Australia, 2002A.B., University of Sydney, New South wales, Australia, 2003A.M., University of Chicago, 2007(Philosophy)DISSERTATION: Singular Thought: Making the Most of theNotionLISA HEATHER HICKSA.B., Brown University, I999A.M., University of Chicago, 20I2(Philosophy)DISSERTATION: The Ascetic Ideal and the Will to Power: AReading of Nietzsche's On the Genealogy of Morals, EssayThreeYIWANGA.B., Zhongshan University, Quangzhou, China, I992A.M, ibid., I995A.M, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I999(East Asian Languages and Civilizations)DISSERTATION: Transforming the Frontier: Land, Commerce,and Chinese Colonization in Inner Mongolia, I700-I9IIJOSEPH YACKLEYA.B., Northwestern University, I996A.M, University of Chicago, 2000A.M, ibid., 2000(Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations)DISSERTATION: Bankrupt: Financial Diplomacy in the LateNineteenth-Century Middle EastV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree ofMaster of Science:SHAN ABRAHAMB. Tech., NationaL Institute o/TechnoLogy, Tiruchirappalli, India,2008(Statistics)NIHAR BHUPALAMS.B., Duke University, 2009(Computer Science)RUFUS MURDOCH BOYACKB.Sc., Victoria University o/Wellington, New Zealand, 2009B.Sc. (Hons), ibid., 2010M.Sc., ibid., 20IIDipl., ibid., 2011(Physics)EUGENE CHAEA.B., University o/Chicago, 2002(Computer Science)JIEYING CHENM.Eng., NationaL University 0/ Singapore, Singpore, 2005S.M., Northwestern University, 2009(FinanciaL Mathematics)BRANDON TODD CHIARITOS.B., Johns Hopkins University, 2010(Physics)ZHOU FANGDipl., Sun Yat-Sen University, Guangzhou, China, 20II(Computer Science)CHENG GAOS.B., JiLin University, Chang Chun, China,20II(Statistics)WEI GUOBacb., Shanghai University, China, 2008S.M., Illinois Institute o/TechnoLogy, 2010(Computer Science)DYLAN HALLS.B., CaLifornia Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo,2002(Computer Science)JUDITH MARIE KAMMA.B., Kalamazoo College, 2011(Chemistry)MICHAEL PATRICK KRALS.B., DeVry University, Addison, Illinois, 2005(Computer Science) LAURA KREIDBERGS.B., Yale University, 20II(Astronomy and Astrophysics)BOYOUNG KWAKB.B.A., Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea, 2010(Statistics)CHAD LAWRENCE MIKOLAJCIKB.B.A., University 0/ Notre Dame, 2000(Computer Science)FRANK DAVID OLECHNOWICZS.B., Carnegie Mellon University, 2011(Chemistry)DENIS PANKRATOVB.Sc., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2009(Computer Science)CHENJIANG QIANS.B., University o/CaLifornia, Los Angeles, 20II(Statistics)JONATHAN WILLIAM RICHARDSONS.B., Yale University, 20II(Astronomy and Astrophysics)SERGEI SAGATOVB.Sc. (Hons), University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2011(Mathematics)STEFANO ALEXANDER SCOTTOA.B., Dominican University, 2005S.M, ibid., 2008(Computer Science)XIAOYAN SUNB.Econ., CentraL University 0/ Finance and Economics, Beijing,China, 2011(Statistics)WElLING TANGS.B., Nanjing University, China, 2011(Statistics)JIANGBO YIS.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 1991S.M, University 0/ Science and TechnoLogy 0/ China, Hefti,Anhui,2000(FinanciaL Mathematics)QIAN ZANGB.Econ., CentraL University 0/ Finance and Economics, Beijing,China,20II(Statistics)For the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:SUNDEEP BALAJIB. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India, 2006S.M., University 0/ Chicago, 2001(Mathematics)DISSERTATION: G-vaLued PotentiaLly Semi-stable DeformationRingsARNAB BANERJEEB.Sc. (Hons), Indian Institute of'Iecbnology Kharagpur, India,2006MSc., ibid., 2006S.M., University 0/ Chicago, 2008(Physics)DISSERTATION: ClassicaL and Quantum Phase TransitionsReveaLed Using Transport and X-Ray Measurements DAVID BAPSTS.B., State University 0/ New York at BuffaLo, 2001(GeophysicaL Sciences)DISSERTATION: PhyLogenetic Trees in the FossiL Record:Resolution, Temporal Scaling, and UncertaintyJING HUANGS.B., Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 2001S.M, University 0/ Chicago, 2008(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: The Role 0/ MorphoLogy and Surface Chemistryon the Properties 0/ ColloidaL NanomaterialsKATHRYN LARSONB.F.A., Southern Methodist University, 2006S.B., ibid., 2006SM., University of Chicago, 20I2(Geophysical Sciences)DISSERTATION: The Evolutionary and BiogeographicConsequences of Fruit Form Evolution in FagalesERIC GEORGE PURDYS.B., University of Chicago, 2005(Computer Science)DISSERTATION: Grammatical Methods in Computer VisionSARA MICHELLE RUPICHSB., University of Rochester, 2007SM., University of Chicago, 2008(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: Nanoparticle Self-assembly as a Model Systemfor Crystal Growth and Epitaxy CAROLINE COPELAND WOMACKA.B., Bryn Mawr College, 2008S.M, University of Chicago, 2009(Chemistry)DISSERTATION: The Effict of Internal Energy Partitioning onthe Reactivity of Radical IntermediatesYUNDAZHONGS.B., Peking University, Beijing, China, 2006SM, University of Chicago, 2009(Statistics)DISSERTATION: Large Scale Multiple Testingfor Data withSpatial SignalsVI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESFor the Degree ofMaster ofArts:SCOTT BEAR DON'T WALKA.B., University of Montana, I993MF.A., New York University, 2005(Social Thought) .JOEL B. BENEDETTIA.B., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2007(History)SEAN PAUL BRADLEYA.B., Bucknell University, 2006(Psychology)ELIZA L. CONGDONS.B., Brown University, 2008(Psychology)CHRISTOPHER CHARLES CORNILLIEA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20II(International Relations)NICHOLAS CARBY DENNINGA.B., University of Chicago, 2007(Anthropology)ASHLEY ELIZABETH DRAKEA.B., Bucknell University, 2008(Comparative Human Development)JANE CATHERINE CHRISTINE GILDERA.B., University ofMississippi, 2009A.B., ibid., 2009A.M, ibid., 20IO(Economics)MARINA KATO HOAGA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 2007(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)FANGXING HUANGA.B., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick,2009(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)CHRISTOPHER IVANOVICHS B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)JERROLD CHRISTOPHER KAUFMAN IISB., Huntington College, 200IM.Div., Asbury Theological Seminary, 2007A.M., University of Central Florida, 20II(Sociology) JEE MIN LEEA.B., Brandeis University, I998(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)JIALIN LIS.B., Brigham Young University, 20II(Economics)AYESHA MULLAS.B., Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan, 2008(Anthropology)MIRIAM ALANA NOVACKA.B., University ofMaryland at College Park, 20IO(Psychology)HYUNGMIN OHS.B., Hanyang University, Seoul South Korea, 20IOSB., University of Minnesota- Twin Cities, 20II(Economics)ALEXANDER ISRAEL ORWINA.B., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canadac zoo;(Social Thought)BOYCE ROBERT OWENSA.B., Harvard University, 2009A.M, University of Chicago, 20IO(Sociology)VITALIY PRADUNA.B., University of Washington, Seattle, 2008(Political Science)THEODORE ROSEA.B., Drake University, 2003(Anthropology)DONNAFLECKSCHATTA.B., State University of New York at Buffalo, I97IML.S., Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, NewBrunswick, I973(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)ZHIYU SHANGA.B., Northwestern University, 20II(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)MARGARET ANNE SHILLINGTONSB., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 20II(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)MITRA ELIZABETH STICKLENSB., Michigan State University, 2007(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)MATTHEW DIEBOLD VANCEA.B., University of Chicago, 2008(Master ofArts Program in the Social Sciences)JESSICA CARMEN VILLASENORA.B., Pomona College, 20II(Sociology) JACLYN SAMANTHA WONGA.B., University of California, Irvine, 20II(Sociology)For the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:SEAN PAUL BRADLEYA.B., Bucknell University, 2000A.M., University of Chicago, 20I3(Psychology)DISSERTATION: Interactions between Food Intake and BiologicalRhythms in Siberian Hamsters (Phodopus sungorus)BERNARD MICHAEL DUBBELDA.B., University of Natal, Durban, South Africa, I999A.B., ibid., 2000A.M., ibid., 2002(Anthropology and History)DISSERTATION: Without Work: Paradoxes of the Post-ApartheidProject in the CountrysideNORELL A. GIANCANAA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 2000A.M., University of Chicago, 2004(Sociology)DISSERTATION: Like Nobody's Watching: Hip Hop Feminism,the Public Sphere and the Story of Honey MagazineARINA GOYLEA.B., Angelo State University, 2005(Psychology)DISSERTATION: The Crossed-Categorization Approach toReducing Racial Prejudice: An Investigation of theMechanism and Methodological Limitations of a NovelMixed-Race ParadigmTRACEY E. GRAHAMA.B., Columbia University, New York City, New York, 2000A.M., University of Chicago, 2002(History)DISSERTATION: Jamaican Migration to Cuba, I9I2-I940KWOKWAI HUIA.B., Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, I997M.Phil., Hong Kong University of Science and Technology,Kowloon, 200IA.M., University of Chicago, 2007(History)DISSERTATION: Revolution, Commercialism and Chineseness:Opera Films in Socialist Shanghai and Capitalist-ColonialHong Kong, I949-I966 JEFFREY STERLING KAHNA.B., Dartmouth College, 200IA.M., University of Chicago, 2005(Anthropology)DISSERTATION: Islands of Sovereignty: Haitian Migration andthe Borders of EmpireYUEN-CHING BELLETTE LEEA.B., University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, I988M.IS, University of Birmingham, England, United Kingdom,I993M.E.A.S, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia,I994(Political Science)DISSERTATION: Development as Governing Tactics: The ThreeGorges Dam and the Reproduction and Transformation ofState Power in Dengist ChinaJOLIE NICOLE NAHIGIANA.B., Boston College, I992A.M., Tufts University, I995A.M., University of Chicago, I998(Anthropology)DISSERTATION: Making Culinary Worlds: Craft, Commodityand Cuisine in American RestaurantsMICHELE AILEEN O'NEILLA.B., Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, I99IA.M., University of Chicago, I992(History)DISSERTATION: The Myth Surrounding the Passing of the IrishAct of Union and the Creation of Irish Nationalism, I775-I8VROSA JANET WILLIAMSA.B., University of Sussex, Brighton, England, United Kingdom,200IA.M., University of Chicago, 2003(History)DISSERTATION: Creating a Healthy Colonial State inMozambique, I885-I9I5VII. IN THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree ofMaster of Business Administration:ADAM DUANE ABBASS.B., Northwestern University, 2004ARUN ABRAHAMA.B., Yale University, 2004jD., University of Southern California, 2007ADAM M. ADILB. Tecb., Cochin University of Science and Technology, India,2000S.M., Texas A&M University, College Station, 2004MANISH KUMAR AGRAWALB.Eng., Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Rajpur, India, I999S.M., Illinois Institute of Technology, 2002AKIFAHMADB. B.A. , University of Texas at Austin, 2004WASEEM AHMADB.Sc., University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore,Pakistan, I992WAJAHAT ALIB.Sc., Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology,Karachi, Pakistan, I998S.M., Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, New York, 2003ANIKET APTEA.B., University of California, Berkeley, I999UDAYA BHASKAR ARAVAPALLIB.Eng., Nagarjuna University, Nagarjuna Nagar, India, I996DAMIEN ARROUASDip!', Uniuersite de Bourgogne, Dijon, France, 2000Dipl., Unioersite de Grenoble II (Uniuersite Pierre Mendes­France), France, 2003AMBER LYNETTE ARTHURS.B., University of ILLinois at Urbana-Champaign, 200IIMRAN ASHRAFB.Sc., Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology,Karachi, Pakistan, 2003NICHOLAS ASSANISA.B., University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, 2009LUDOVIC AYMEN DE LAGEARDWOONGYU BACKB.Eng., Kumoh National Institute of Technology, South Korea,I997RAJ BAHADURB.Eng., Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India, 2000NUSRETH ULLAH BAIGs.B., DePaul University, Chicago, Illinois, 2000OLIVER JAMES BAILEYB.A. (Hons), University of Bristol, England, United Kingdom,2004MSc., ibid., 2005·WITH HONORSADAM ALEXANDER BANKSS.B., Minnesota State University, 2006JENNIFER JEAN-MARIE BAUMANNA.B., University ofMichigan-Ann Arbor, 2000jD., ibid., 2003MAHESH BENIWALB. Com. (Hons), University of Calcutta, India, I993·WITH HONORS SAND RINE BETTINELLIDip!', Institut National des Sciences AppLiquees de Lyon, Lyon,France, 200IMaitrise, ibid., 200I·WITH HONORSSACHIN BHATIAB. Tech., National Dairy Research Institute, Kamal, India, I999S.M., Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas, 200IROBERT ANTHONY BHUYANS.B., University of ILLinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2005MARCI HELEN BIDINGERS.B., Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 2002MEGHAN ELIZABETH BIERERA.B., Northwestern University, 2002CRAIG BLACKDAO LEE BOYLEA.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, I996jD., Northwestern University, I999THOMAS BRIDGEB.Sc., Trinity College DubLinlColdiste na Trion6de, BaiLe AthaCliatb, Ireland, I997B.Sc., Open University, Milton Keynes, England, UnitedKingdom, 20IO·WITH HONORSWILLIAM V. BROWNS.B., Indiana University BLoomington, 200ICAROL A. BUEHNERS.B., Northwestern University, 2008OLGA VICTOROVNA BYLYMDipL., Russian Academy of Economics, Moscow, Russia, I997DAVID L. BYRDS.B., University of ILLinois at Urbana-Champaign, 200IS.M., University of ILLinois at Chicago, 2006·WITH HONORSMARCO ANTONIO CARDENAS CARDENASBacb.Pontificia Universidad Cat6lica del Peru, Lima, 2000CHRISTOPHER ROBERT CARLEVATOS.B., Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana, 2004·WITH HIGH HONORSROCIO CARRASCOSAMATTEO CATANILaurea, Uniuersita degli Studi di Genova, Genoa, Italy, 2004BURAK iSMAIL C;ENDEKS.B., California Institute of Technology, 2004MING WEI CHAIS.B., Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, 200IDAVID MARTIN THOMPSON CHANDLERS.B., Bowie State College, 2002RUCHIRA CHAUDHARYB.A. (Hons), University of Delhi, New Delhi, India, I995DipL., Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Bombay,India, I997CHIN AIK CHEEA.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 2002JIMMY CHENB. Sc., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada, I999S.M., University of Phoenix, 2002RAMANADH VENKATA CHIVUKULASB., johns Hopkins University, 2000VIKRAMJEET SINGH CHOUHANB.Eng., Punjab Technical University, jalandhar, India, 2000S.M., �yne State University, Detroit, Michigan, 200IVIKAS CHOWDHRYB.Eng., University ofjodhpur, India, I998S.M, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2003MARC CHRISTENDipl., Berner Fachhochscbule, Bern, Switzerland, 2000·WITH HONORSCHENG HOON CHUAB.Eng., National University of Singapore, Singapore, I991S.M, ibid., 2004DOMINIQUE SERGE CIBOULETIng., Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Toulouse,France, I995·WITH HIGH HONORSKEVIN MICHAEL CONNOLLYS.B., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2000WILLIAM E. 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IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFor the Degree ofMaster ofArts:DARYL FLINKA.B., University of South Florida, 2006M.P.P., University of Chicago, 20I3THE ALMA MATER(Please Stand)Text: Edwin H. Lewis, Ph.D., 1894 Music: Eustasio Rosales and Mack Evans, arranged by James Kallembach��! J IJ. Jl J J IJ J j J I r· Jl F3 IFJ r JTo - day we glad - ly sing the praise of her whose daugh- ters and whose sons Now�� 1":\r Jl J J I J. j j J IJ. V ill , Ii � J Jloy al voi - ces proud - ly raise to bless her with our be - ni - sons. Of�� J. jS J J Ij. 0 J J IJ. js, J J IJ 0 J Jall fair mo - thers fair - est she, most wise of all that wis - est be, most�� J. Js, F3 liTI J I IF r J If] Jtrue of all the true say we, is our dear AI- rna Ma Js, I J. IIter.The University of Chicago Motet ChoirJames Kallembach, ConductorMillar Brass EnsembleADDRESS BY THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNIVERSITYROBERT J. ZIMMERMUSICAL FINALECANTATA ACADEMICA, MOVEMENT XIIIComposed by Benjamin Brittenvigeatque academia Liberain Libera civitate,sempiternum decus atque ocellusinclytae sapientiae. That a free university may thrivein a free city,Ever the ornament and treasureof illustrious wisdom.The University of Chicago Motet ChoirJames Kallembach, ConductorMillar Brass EnsembleCLOSING WORDSCATHERINE C. BAUMANNMarshal of the UniversityTRUMPET FLOURISHMillar Brass EnsembleTHE RECESSIONAL(Please Stand)TOCCATA from Symphony Number 5Composed by Charles-Marie WidorThomas Weisflog, University OrganistTHE CONVOCATION RECESSIONALThe Flag BearersThe Marshal of the UniversityThe President of the UniversityThe Provost of the UniversityThe Faculty SpeakerThe Trustees and Officers of the UniversityThe DeansThe Vice-MarshalThe Faculty of the UniversityThe GraduatesThe Student MarshalsSWINGING PEALWylie Crawford, University CarillonneurTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MOTET CHOIRSOPRANOHannah McGintyMelissa BellahElisabeth Del ToroHelen EllsworthArnira FrancescaFreemanHelen HailesIsabella KratzerHannah Mark James Kallembach, DirectorALTOJessica GreenJi Su KangCynthia Jennifer AvilaMegan BarnesCaitlin FallahayHannah FlynnRosaley GaiTanya RudakevychFangying FanZoe Smith TENORJulius Stein-SupanichSam ScarrowTavish GantzAndrew HolzmanDavid MaoMichael McGovernTyler NeenanMUSICIANSWylie Crawford, University CarillonneurThomas Weisflog, University OrganistMILLAR BRASS ENSEMBLEMatt Lee, Director BASSBen HornSamuel BrandtClayton DahmCollin D'AloisioSam DooleyPhilip McGrathBenjamin McKennaMichael Modak- TruranDaniel MuratoreROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORGAN AND CARILLONTHE ORGANBuilt with the Chapel itself in 1928, RockefellerMemorial Chapel's regal organ is one of fourUniversity organs of the American organ-builderE. M. Skinner (the others being at Yale, Princeton,and Michigan). These organs are considered amongthe finest examples of twentieth-century romanticorgans built in America. On November I, 1928,Rockefeller's organ, Opus 634, was unveiled at arecital by Lynnwood Farnam, reportedly to a crowdof over 2,500 admirers.In the Rockefeller organ, Skinner fully invested hisgenius for realizing a full orchestral sound, with acomplete collection of voices and many soft etherealeffects. Many of.the large pipe scales, which arenecessary to achieve a full sound in a building thesize of the Chapel, are no longer built and thuscannot be found in contemporary organs. Theoriginal Chapel organ included four manuals andhad 6,6ro organ pipes in ro8 ranks; since its 2008restoration, it now has 8,565 pipes in 132 ranks.The organ's bay of pipes, located in the Chapelchancel, is a work of art in itself and is an integralelement of the interior architecture of Rockefeller.In addition to the chancel organ located at the frontof the Chapel, Skinner installed a gallery organ inthe upper balcony of the Chapel, to accompanythe gallery choir. The organs can be playedindependently or as one, using either console. THE CARILLONThe Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillonwas installed during the summer of 1932, a yearafter its sister instrument at Riverside Church inNew York City, and was dedicated at Thanksgivingthat year. Both carillons are the masterworks ofthe Gillett & Johnston bell foundry of Croydon,England. Carillons of this size had never beforebeen built and have not been constructed since.The Chicago instrument, comprised of 72 bellsand roo tons of bronze, is the single largest musicalinstrument ever assembled. Its bells were cast overa three-year period and include a massive 18.5-tonbourdon sounding a low C#.Since carefully tuned carillon bells of this sizehad never been created, the design consultant,Frederick Mayer (organist and choirmaster at WestPoint), took the ground-breaking step of placingthe fourteen largest bells below the playing cabinso that the sound of these bells would not deafenthe performer to the smaller bells. Similarly, he laidout these 58 smaller bells so that the tiniest of themwould be directly above the cabin, with the largerones higher in the tower. He also placed trapdoorsin the roof of the cabin, thus providing thecarillonneur with a balanced sound. In the 1960s,several changes were made to the installation and amajor restoration of this instrument was undertakenfrom 2006-08. Today, the layout of bells favors theaudience rather that the carillonneur.ACADEMIC DRESSThe robes worn by participants in academicceremonies originated when European universitieswere being formed in the twelfth and thirteenthcenturies. Since many of the instructors came fromreligious orders and taught in unheated and draftybuildings, they adapted their religious robes for useas the university attire.The long robe with an attached cape or hoodbecame the standard and variation in the costumeindicated the rank of the person wearing it. Theywere worn every day and served to distinguishscholars and their students from other citizens. Theapparel worn by university faculty that is seen inold engravings is remarkably similar to that which isworn today. The gown is a symbol of the democracyof scholarship since it covers any clothing indicatingother rank or status. While everyday fashions havechanged, universities retained the earlier style forformal attire to be worn by students, graduates,faculty, and university officials on ceremonialoccasions.European universities each developed their ownstyles and colors of academic dress, and some of thedifferences seen in the academic procession todayillustrate that variety. In the United States, however,an intercollegiate congress in 1895 agreed on a singlestandard for academic dress in this country thathas been adopted by most American colleges anduniversities. Individuals with bachelor's degrees wear a black gown, which has long pointed sleeves.The gown of master's degree holders is also black,with sleeves that are squared at the end. Doctor'sgowns are fuller with velvet facings down the frontand three bars on the generous bell-shaped sleeves.While the usual color is black, within the past halfcentury some American universities have adoptedgowns of a color appropriate for each school; at theUniversity of Chicago our doctoral gown is maroon.The cape of the earliest academic costumes hasbecome a hood, worn, by individuals with doctoraldegrees, over the shoulders and hanging behind.The lining of the hood is folded out and its colorsindicate the school from which the wearer obtainedhis or her degree. The velvet border designatesthe degree area of study (white for arts, yellow forscience, blue for philosophy, green for medicine,purple for law, and red for divinity). University ofChicago honorary degree recipients receive a hoodwith a white facing (doctor of humane letters),purple (doctor of laws), or yellow (doctor ofscience).The cap has its own traditions. The first right of afreed Roman slave was the privilege of wearing acap, so the academic cap is the sign of the freedomof scholarship. Although the flat square cap ormortarboard is most usual, Chicago's doctoral cap isan octagonal tam of velvet.robes with alternating black velvet and gold metallicbars on the sleeves. Prior to receiving their bachelor'sdegrees, Student Marshals wear maroon bachelor'srobes with maroon mortarboards. When receivingtheir degrees, they wear black mortarboards.Student Marshals are appointed by the Presidentof the University in recognition of their excellentscholarship and leadership. Appointment as a StudentMarshal is the highest honor conferred by theUniversity upon undergraduate students.THE MARSHAL AND THE STUDENT MARSHALSThe Marshal of the University was established in1895 to assist with the conduct of official ceremonies.Until 1903 the Marshal was an undergraduateupperclassman, assisted by other undergraduateupperclassmen and by members of the faculty. Since1903 the Marshal has been a member of the faculty,assisted by other membersof the faculty and by undergraduate upperclassmen.The Marshal, Vice-Marshal, and Assistant Marshalsof the University of Chicago wear maroon doctor'sMARSHALCatherine C. BaumannVI CE- MARS HALDavid LaRue CrabbRonald A. ThistedChristina von NolckenLinda J. WaitePeter WhiteASSISTANT MARSHALSTed CohenAndrew DavisHelma DikMartin E. Feder Rachel FultonRichard H. HelmholzJohn R. SchuermanMichael SilversteinSTUDENT MARSHALSKaushal AddankiSophia ArabadjisJoshua BosshardtSeverine CaoThomas ChapmanSara CordermanIsaac DalkeBenjamin DauberChristopher DaveyMatthew DirksHayley DonerSadaf FerdowsiConnor GilroyNaomi GorfinkleHelen HailesAshley HardemanEmily Heaton Theodore KentTae Yeon KimFaith LakenSamantha LeeVictoria LeeTyler LeedsStephen LurieTrisha MacraeSaalika MelaAlec MitrovichRoxane PicardNicholas PoppKatherine QuinteroMargaret ReifJessica SampsonMichaeljit SandhuRebecca Schmidt20I2-20I3Harmon SiegelGregor- Fausto SiegmundJulia SizekJulius Stein-SupanichBailey SteinworthVasanth SubramanianWestin TomAlba Tomasula y GarciaDaniel TraficonteNicole TutunikOnome UwhubaGabriel ValleyFrank WenXiaoxing XiaHuiting XuHelena YuTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOThe University of Chicago was founded in 1890 byJohn D. Rockefeller, biblical scholar William RaineyHarper, and Chicago-area Baptists. The University'sArticles of Incorporation commit the institutionto excellence in both undergraduate and graduateeducation, an explicit policy of co-education, and anatmosphere of non-sectarianism.Harper agreed to become the first president of theUniversity on the condition that he be allowedto establish a university that would be unlike anyother. He conceived of a university that wouldemphasize the creation of new knowledge and"make the work of investigation primary." To thisend, the University has always been dedicated toexcellence in research and has sought the mostdistinguished scholars for its faculty.Over the years, the University and its faculty havehad a major impact on American higher education.Faculty scholarship has shaped several essentialdisciplines and established important and distinctive"Chicago schools" in such disparate fields aseconomics, evolutionary biology, sociology, literarycriticism, anthropology, and law and economics.More than eighty Nobel laureates have beenmembers of the faculty, researchers, or students at theUniversity. Programmatic innovations originating atthe University include the invention of the four­quarter system, the establishment of a coherentprogram of general education for undergraduates,the initiation of a full-time medical school teachingfaculty, and the development of extension courses andprograms in the liberal arts for adults. The University includes an undergraduate College,the William B. and Catherine V. Graham Schoolof Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies,four graduate divisions (Biological Sciences,Humanities, Physical Sciences, and Social Sciences),six graduate professional schools (Divinity School,Law School, Pritzker School of Medicine, Irving B.Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies,School of Social Service Administration, and theUniversity of Chicago Booth School of Business),and a diverse collection of academic support unitsand resources, including libraries, research institutes,clinics, museums, theaters, and a university press.The University has more than 2,200 faculty andother academic personnel, and an enrollmentof over 15,000 students. The 2II acre campus islocated along the Midway Plaisance in Hyde Park, aresidential community on Lake Michigan south ofChicago's Loop.The University's English Collegiate Gothic buildings,built of gray Indiana limestone, were designed toframe shady, green quadrangles. Contemporarycampus buildings have been designed in keepingwith the original Gothic theme while drawingfrom the tradition of great modern architecture forwhich the city of Chicago is famous. Eero Saarinenand Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed strikingbuildings for the Law School and the School ofSocial Service Administration. The National Trustfor Historic Preservation praised the University forits insistence on architectural continuity over "acentury of social and academic change."On July I, 2006, Robert J. Zimmer became theUniversity's thirteenth president.IJFSCwwwfoc-"", MIXPaper fromresponsible sourcesFS�C003039