LD��\c·t THE UNIVERSITY Of CHICAGO tiP(I FOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTheThree Hundred Eighty-seventh/CONVOCATION/TheAUTUMNDecember SeventeenthROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORDER Of EXERCKSESFor the Conferring of DegreesThree oj clockHANNA H. GRAY, President of the University, PresidingTHE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONPROCESSIONAL-CanZona Per Sonar No. 12 ("La AIle")EDWARD MONDELLO, Organist(The Congregation standing until after the prayer) Pietro LappiThe Marshal and the Student MarshalsThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Trustees and Officers of the UniversityThe Dean of Rockefeller Memorial ChapelThe Convocation SpeakerThe Provost of the UniversityThe President of the UniversityTHE PRAYERTHE REVEREND BERNARD O. BROWNDean of Rockefeller Memorial ChapelTHE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"ASKING ABOUT ASKING: REFLECTIONS ON THEUNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE"PAUL WHEATLEYIrving B. Harris Professor, Committee on Social Thought, Department ofGeography, and the CoIJege, and Chairman,Committee on Social ThoughtTHE ANTHEM"0 How Amiable" Ralph Vaughan WilliamsThe Rockefeller Memorial Chapel Choir and OrganRODNEY WYNKOOP, Conductoro how amiable are thy dwellings, thou Lord of Hosts!My soul hath a desire and longing to enter into thecourts of the Lord;my heart and my flesh rejoice in the living God.Yea, the sparrow hath found her an house,and the swallow a nest where she may lay her young:even thy altars, 0 Lord of Hosts, my King and my God.Blessed are they that dwell in thy house;they will be always praising thee.The glorious majesty of the Lord our God be upon us;prosper thou the work of our hands upon us. 0prosper thou our handiwork.o God, our help in ages past,Our hope for years to come,Our shelter from the stormy blast,And our eternal home.-Psalms 84 and 90THE AWARD OF HONORSAwarded General Honors with the Bachelor's Degree:Gail Jean BolingKathryn Anne CananWilliam Henry GmeinerLisa Jane Hiering Robin Ann KirkJames P. McIlreeTheresa MichaleskoNora Anne Naughton Kathy Ann ShepardPatricia Anne Wetzel-jacksonCatherine Ann WileyTHE CONFERRING OF ACADEMIC DEGREESCandidates for Degrees will be presented in alphabetical order by degrees inthe following academic units. Please withhold applause until all candidateshave been presented.The College by Dean Donald N. LevineThe Division of the Biological Sciences and the Pritzker School of Medicineby Dean Robert B. U retzThe Division of the Humanities by Dean Karl J. WeintraubThe Division of the Physical Sciences by Dean Stuart A. RiceThe Division of the Social Sciences by Dean William H. KruskalThe Graduate School of Business by Dean Richard N. RosettThe Divinity School by Dean Franklin L. GamwellThe Law School by Dean Gerhard CasperThe Graduate Library School by Dean W. Boyd RaywardThe Committee on Public Policy Studies by Chairman Paul E. PetersonThe School of Social Service Administration by Dean Margaret K. RosenheimTHE ALMA MATERToday we gladly sing the praiseOf her who owns us as her sons;Our loyal voices let us raise,And bless her with our benisons.Of all fair mothers, fairest she,Most wise of all that wisest be,Most true of all the true, say we,Is our dear Alma Mater.-E. H. LEWIS, PH.D., 1894THE BENEDICTIONTHE RECESSIONALVoluntary in C Major Henry Purcell(The Congregation remains standing through the Alma Mater, the Benediction, and the Recessional)MARSHALROBERT LOVETT ASHENHURSTRODNEY A. WYNKOOP, Director of Chapel MusicEDWARD MONDELLO, University OrganistROBERT LODINE, University CarillonneurJOSEPH CEITHAMLHILLEL J. EINHORNGWIN J. KOLBBERNARD McGINNWILLIAM D. PATTISONCEDRIC H. ANTOSIEWICZMISTY L. BASTIANROCHELLE BOBROFFJAMES C. BURESHPAUL J. CARBONEJAMES P. COYREBECCA DAOMICHAEL G. DSIDAJON A. ERRAZTILAWRENCE J. FURNSTAHLHELEN J. HOROWITZFRANK R. JOHNSTON VICE-MARSHALGEOFFREY C. M. PLAMPINASSIST ANT MARSHALSEDWARD W. ROSENHEIMJOHN R. SCHUERMANHERMAN L. SINAIKOLORNA P. STRAUSRONALD A. THISTEDSTUDENT MARSHALSPETER I. JUHNTIMOTHY SEAN MURPHYMINHHUYEN T. NGUYENPHUONG L. NGUYENNANCY E. ORRCAROL E. QUILLENWILLIAM D. RAUCHHARRIET A. ROBINSONTIMOTHY L. SWABBKURT D. WILLIAMSDARRELL WUDUNNDONALD A. ZIFFCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREEI. IN THE COLLEGEFor the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:SIGRID MARTHA STROMALEXANDERSEN(Music)GAIL JEAN BOLING(English Language and Literature) MICHAEL MARK MATTERA( Mathematics)JAMES P. McILREE(Economics)THERESA MICHALESKO(Sociology)ELLEN MORATTI(Economics)NORA ANNE NAUGHTON(General Studies in the Humanities)• WITH HONORSELIZABETH M. CAMPBELL(Economics)KATHRYN ANNE CANAN(Biological Sciences)INCHUL CHOI(Sociology)ROBERT EDWARD CONDON(Economics) SHERRIE NEGREA(General Studies in the Humanities)• WITH HONORSJOHN P. EGAN(Political Science) ANDREW ERIC NEWMAN(Sociology)CY R. OGGINS(Geophysical Sciences)BETHEA EICHW ALD(Far Eastern Studies)HELENE R. GLASS(General Studies in the Humanities) JEFFREY FRANKLIN OSANKA( Geography)ROBERT J. POUK(Far Eastern Studies)THERESA A. SALDANA(Behavioral Sciences)WILLIAM HENRY GMEINER(C hemistry)STANLEY RICHARD GUZIK(Behavioral Sciences)TOBY EDWARD HARNESS(Behavioral Sciences) KATHY ANN SHEPARD(Sociology)• WITH HONORSLISA JANE HIERING(Art History)ANNA MARINA IOSSIFIDES(A nthropology) LEAH SHULMAN(Behavioral Sciences)PETER NEIL THOMSON(Political Science)NIKOLAI B. KATZ(Art and Design)• WITH HONORS ADAM LEWIS WARREN(History)PATRICE ANN WEINER(Biological Sciences)PATRICIA ANNE WETZEL-JACKSON(Behavioral Sciences)RICHARD ALLEN KAYE(General Studies in the Humanities)• WITH HONORSROBIN ANN KIRK(English Language and Literature) CATHERINE ANN WILEY(General Studies in the Humanities)• WITH HONORSBENJ AMIN LEE(Biological Sciences)DONALD ALLEN LINK(Far Eastern Languages and Civilizations) SUNG SHIK YOO(Mathematics)F or the Degree of Bachelor of Science in the College and theDivision of the Physical Sciences:ANGELA THERESA INSLEY(Mathematics) MARK ADAM SOLINSKI(S tatistics)CANDIDATES FOR THE MASTER'S DEGREEI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHSIAO RUE CHAO For the Degree of Master of Science:MATTHEWD. TURNERA.B., Temple University, 1977(Developmental Biology)LINDA SHALONS.B., University 0/ Illinois, Urbana, 1978(C linical Nutrition) S.B., University 0/ Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1979A.M., University 0/ Chicago, 1982(Biology)II. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESFor the Degree of Master of Arts:SUZANNE BARRY CRAWFORDA.B., Wellesley College, 1978(Philosophy)JOHN W. FAWELLA.B., University 0/ Chicago, 1981(Comparative Studies in Literature) HELEN KOROVESISA.B., Rosary College, 1978(Art)STEPHEN DAVID MANNINGA.B., Wesleyan University, 1981(Philosophy)AMY BETH GOTTLIEBA.B., Clark University, 1980(Comparative Studies in Literature) KURT MOSSERA.B., Southern Methodist University, 1979(Philosophy)MARY PAQUETTE-ABTA.B., Drake University, 1971(Music)ANNE ZIMMERMANN JAENICKEA.B., Rosary College, 1975(Romance Languages and Literatures)WILLIAM C. JOHNSON, JR.A.B., Haverford College, 1978A.B., Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NewJersey, 1980(Philosophy)KYUCHIN KIMA.B., Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Seoul,Korea, 1977(Slavic Languages and Literatures) ELIZABETH A. PRATTA.B., Smith College, 1978(Art)LEVI P. SMITH IIIB.F.A., University 0/ Vermont, 1974(Art)JOHN DAVID SUSMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1981(General Studies in the Humanities)YONGKUL KIMA.B., Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1976A.M., ibid., 1980(English Language and Literature) HARVEY MICHAEL TERESA.B., Cornell University, 1972(English Language and Literature)For the Degree of Master of Fine Arts:MICHAEL SLASKI(Art)III. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESSCOT ADAMS For the Degree of Master of Science:STEVEN BENJAMIN BRADLOWS.B., University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg,South Africa, 1979S.B., ibid., 1980(Physics)A.B., Cornell University, 1978(Mathematics)SUSAN ROSE APRILS.B., University 0/ Lowell, 1977(Geophysical Sciences)JOHN STEPHEN CONWAYA.B., Northwestern University, 1981(Physics)RICHARD M. FRIEDMANS.B., Northeastern Illinois University, 1979(Geophysical Sciences)MICHAEL J. GRIFFINS.B., Dartmouth College, 1980(Mathematics)DAVID HOCHBERGA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 1979(Physics)LlPING JINA.B., Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China, 1981(Physics)JAMES KAKALIOSS.B., City College of New York, 1979(Physics) LUCY IRENE MOSERS.B., Yale University, 1980(Mathematics)PHILLIP NELSON NORTONA.B., University of Rochester, 1979(S tatistics)THOMAS HUGH SHIELDSS.B., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1980(Physics)JOEL VRBAS.B., University of Illinois, Chicago, 1980(Mathematics)STANLEY J. J. WATOWICHA.B., Carleton College, 1981(C hemistry)IV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Master of Arts:HUGO ALBORNOZ-PAVISICLie., Universidad de Chile, Santiago, 1980(Economics)ANA MARIA ALONSOA.B., Wellesley College, 1978(A nthropology)SCOTT DOUGLAS ANDERSONA.B., Columbia University, 1969Dipl., Universidade Federal Do Para, Belem, Bra­zil,1977( Geography)KATHRYN S. ANDREWSA.B., Newcomb College, 1981(International Relations)JAMES ROBERT BAUMGARDNERA.B., Duke University, 1979(Economics)THOMAS CHARLES BELLAVIAA.B., Stanford University, 1982(History)BARBARA D. BIENIEWSKIA.B., De Paul University, 1979(Sociology)ANDREA BUTELMANNLic., Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, San­tiago, 1980(Economics)MING-JING CHENA.B., National Chen-chi University, Taipei, Taiwan,1980(Master of Arts in Social Sciences)JOHN PANZER DE LA FABIANLie., Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile, San­tiago, 1980(Economics)BRIAN M. DOWNINGB.S.F.S., Georgetown University, 1979(Political Science) DAVID HUGH EVANSA.B., University of London, England, 1980(Political Science)TIMOTHY J. FALKA.B., Rosary College, 1978(Political Science)WILLIAM NEIL GOLDARISS.B., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1977(Economics)ERIK KURT HAINDLBach., Universidad de Chile, Santiago, 1978Tit., ibid., 1978Mag., ibid., 1978(Economics)ALlY A HASHMIA.B., University of Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan, 1978S.M., Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad, Paki­stan, 1981(Master of Arts in Social Sciences)RICHARD E. HEIMERDINGERA.B., Willamette University, 1979(Political Science)ANN ELLEN HERINGTONA.B., Duke University, 1980(Economics)JULIE ANN ISELINA.B., Brown University, 1979(E ducation)ROBERT EDWARD JOHNSONA.B., Princeton University, 1979(Economics)WILLIAM RANDOLPH KELLEYA.B., Rice University, 1976(Anthropology)JOHN DUNHAM KELLYA.B., Harvard University, 1980(A nthropology)JULIE KERNA.B., Indiana University, Bloomington, 1973A.B., ibid., 1979(History)MARIA TERESA KORECKA.B., University of Illinois, Chicago, 1978(Anthropology)SETH JULIAN LEVYA.B., Columbia University, 1979A.B., Jewish Theological Seminary of America,1979(International Relations)KAREN K. LEWISA.B., University of Oklahoma, 1979(Economics)MICHAEL ANTHONY McALISTERA.B., Drake University, 1977(P olitical Science)KIMBERLY JEAN MILLERA.B., Bates College, 1976(Economics)TIMOTHY PATRICK MONBRODA.B., Northeastern Illinois University, 1981(Geography)GARY PHILLIP NOVISA.B., American University, 1981(I nternational Relations)JAMES CALDWELL PALMERA.B., Texas Christian University, 1976(Economics)GONZALO FERNANDO PAROTBach., Universidad de Chile, Santiago, 1978Tit., ibid., 1978Mag., ibid., 1978(Economics)GLENN WESLEY PER USEKA.B., Kent State University, 1980(Political Science)KENNETH B. PETERA.B., Stanford University, 1981(Political Science)TAMARA LYNN PLESTEDA.B., University of Colorado, Boulder, 1981(International Relations) JAMES ANTHONY RASULOA.B., Columbia University, 1978(Economics)GONZALO RODRIGUEZ-PRADALie., Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain, 1979(Economics)GEORGE WILLIAM SEARLESS.B., Roosevelt University, 1966M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1976(Master 0/ Arts in Social Sciences)JUDITH SEDAITISA.B., University of Chicago, 1979(Master of Arts in Social Sciences)DIANA SHEJNBERGA.B., Ben-Curion University of the Negev, BeerSheva, Israel, 1981(Economics)NANCY SOLOWA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1974(Behavioral Sciences: Human Development)CHARLES SANFORD STANISHA.B., Pennsylvania State University, 1979(Anthropology)LISA SUSHELSKYA.B., University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 1979(Sociology)ANDREW DONALD TOKARZA.B., University of Illinois, Chicago, 1980(Political Science)DARRELL M. TUCKERA.B., University of Texas, Dallas, 1979(Anthropology)ARTHUR JEWELL WILSONA.B., University of Chicago, 1975(Economics)YAU-KAR DAVID WONGA.B., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1979(Economics)YOUNG-JIN YANGA.B., Seoul National University, Korea, 1974(S ociology)V. IN THE DIVINITY SCHOOLFor the Degree of Master of Arts:CAROL S. ANDERSONA.B., University of Puget Sound, 1980YAAKOV SHALOM ARIELA.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel, 1978CHEREEN GAYLEBEAUCHAMP-NOBBSA.B., University of Illinois, Urbana, 1973A.M., University of Chicago, 1978 JANE EILEEN BLUMENTHALA.B., Princeton University, 1979WILLIAM EDWARD BORNSCHEINA.B., Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1978SHERYL LYN BURKHALTERA.B., Goshen College, 1980DENNIS ANGELO CASTILLOA.B., Michigan State University, 1981LINDA CHESSICKA.B., Carleton College, 1980SANDRA LEE DIXONA.B., Bryn Mawr College, 1978PAUL ANDERS ERLINGA.B., Yale University, 1981PETER F. FOREA.B., Dickinson College, 1977MALINDA CALVIN GRISDALES.B., Oakland University, 1976JOHN L. HENDRICKSA.B., Oberlin College, 1979MARK JEFFREY KAYB.F.A., School 0/ the Art Institute 0/ Chicago,1977KEVIN WILLIAM KELLYA.B., Judson College, 1977GURUDHARM SINGH KHALSAA.B., Kalamazoo College, 1973DANIEL WILLIAM KURFMANS.B., Michigan State University, 1981ROBERT WILLIAM LINTZENICHS.B., University 0/ Illinois, Urbana, 1971A.M., Olivet Nazarene College, 1979MARGARET MARY MITCHELLA.B., Manhattanville College, 1978IAN BUCKNER OLIVERA.B., Amherst College, 1981 KYLE A. PASEWARKA.B., Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois,1981PAUL LOUIS RACZYNSKIA.B., Saint Francis de Sales College, 1968D.B., ibid., 1972M.Th., Saint Francis Seminary, 1974RUTH TANDE REINERTSENA.B., Harvard University, 1977MARK EDWARD REYNOLDSA.B., Wright State University, 1980ALISON MARIE SCOTTA.B., Whitman College, 1978DOUGLAS S. SELLA.B., Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota,1980ROBERT L. SHORTA.B., University 0/ Oklahoma, 1954D.B., Southern Methodist University, 1958A.M., North Texas State University, 1962ANGELA G. SMITHA.B., Drury College, 1978PEGGY JOAN STEIFA.B., Carleton College, 1980WILLIAM JAMES W ASSNERA.B., Texas Christian University, 1981VI. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLFor the Degree of Master of Arts:KEVIN JAMES CAREYA.B., University 0/ Santa Clara, 1976DISSERTATION: A Study 0/ Periodical LiteratureSearching at an Urban Research Library: Prob­lems and PatternsANNE C. McCREARYA.B., Georgetown University, 1979LORRAINE HELEN OLLEYA.B., Rosary College, 1974A.M., University 0/ Chicago, 1979DISSERTATION: A Preservation Study 0/ RecentlyPublished Books ALISON M. SCOTTA.B., Whitman College, 1978DISSERTATION: Eugene Field: Chicago's Biblio­philic JournalistROGER D. SUTTONA.B., Pitzer College, 1978VII. IN THE COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC POLICY STUDIESFor the Degree of Master oi Arts:CARIN MARIE PACIFICOA.B., University 0/ Notre Dame, 1980VIII. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONF or the Degree oi Master of Arts:HERBERT L. CAMMON, JR.A.B., Central State University, 1974CANDIDATES FOR PROFESSIONAL DEGREESI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESFor the Degree at Master at Arts in Teaching:STEVEN CURTIS WILLEA.B., Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois,1981(English)ROBERT B. CORMANA.B.B., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1976II. IN THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree at Master at Business Administration:JAY B. ABRAMS JINDA CLARKS.B., California State University, Northridge, 1974 JANET ANDERSON CLARKEEDMUND CARL BARNUM A.B.B., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1977A.B., Rice University, 1973M.Ch.E., ibid., 1975MARK STEPHEN BARRYS.B.E., Princeton University, 1978JOAN MARIE DUSSMAN BAXTERA.B., University of Oklahoma, 1978GEORGE ADAMS BENNETT, JR.S.B., Michigan Technological University, 1979LINDA BIZZARIS.B.B.A., Ohio State University, Columbus, 1976LEONARD MICHAEL BORKANB.Sc., Cornell University, 1979Dipl, M.S., Oxford University, Cambridge, En­gland, 1981WILLIAM STUART BOWYERA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 1980ANDREW WINSTON BROWNA.B., University of Chicago, 1980A.M., ibid., 1980GARY F. BRUGLIERAS.B., Northern Illinois University, 1976ROBERT HARRY BRUHLA.B., Northwestern University, 1973S.M., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1980DOROTHY ANN BYRNEA.B., University of Pittsburgh, 1975CARLOS EUGENIO CAMACHOS.B., Texas A & I University, 1971RICHARD C. CAMPBELL, JR.A.B., Oberlin College, 1979DIANA LEE CARPENTERA.B., Harvard University, 1979DAVID HUNG-YING CHANA.B., Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1974A.M., University of Chicago, 1975Y A-MING CHENS.B., Chiao-Yung University, Taiwan, 1971S.M., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1976 STEVEN LEE COXHEADS.B., Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana,1972WINIFRED H. DATEA.B., Smith College, 1973J.D., Northwestern University, 1976GARY R. DHEINA.B., Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, 1970DEBORAH B. DIVISS.B., Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana,1975ROBERT A. DOTOB.E.E., Villanova University, 1972HARRY J. EHRENBERGDipl., Federal Institute of Technology, ETH­Zurich, Switzerland, 1975ROBERT A. ELLIOTTS.B., Case Western Reserve University, 1979MARY ELWORTHA.B., Northwestern University, 1978KIRSTEN M. ELYA.B., University of California, Berkeley, 1979MAUREEN HURLEY EMEA.B., Mundelein College, 1972MARK B. FLORIANA.B., Duke University, 1980MICHAEL JAMES FORDA.B., Brown University, 1980PAUL EARLE FULENWIDERA.B., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill,1978• WITH HONORSTHOMAS JAMES GAWLIKS.B., Illinois State University, 1977JOHN R. GOODWINS.B., Oregon State University, 1978PATRICIA STRAUSS GRANTA.B., De Pauw University, 1978COLEEN MARIE HALLB.Arch., Carnegie-Mellon University, 1976MASANOBU HASEGAWALL.B., University of Kyoto, Japan, 1979MARY KATHLEEN HEISINGA.B., University of California, San Diego, 1975S.M., University of Illinois, Chicago, 1976RALPH WALTER HYVERA.B., University of California, Davis, 1979• WITH HONORSVICKI EULENE JENKINSS.B.Ch.E., Northwestern University, 1978PATRICIA DIANE KINGA.B., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1974J.D., ibid., 1977STEVEN MICHAEL KOEHLERS.B., University of Southern California, 1980DAVID KOSCHITZKYA.B., University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 1981ANUCHA LAOKW ANSA TITS.B., San Francisco State University, 1981DAVID L. LENTZA.B., Washington University, 1968A.M., ibid., 1974EDWARD MARK LERNERS.B., University of Illinois, Urbana, 1971S.M., ibid., 1973J ACQ UELINE LEWISS.B., Iowa State University, 1976PENG ON LIMA.B., University of Singapore, 1975RICHARD B. LOSKS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1978PATRICIA ANN LYNCHS.B.Ch.E., University of Illinois, Urbana, 1978REBECCA LYNNE MADIGANS.B.B.A., Ohio State University, Columbus, 1979HENRI MARTIA.B., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1973A.M., ibid., 1974Ph.D., ibid., 1979JUAN IGNACIO MARTI COTARELOLic., Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico,Mexico City, 1981MARC STUART MARTINEZS.B., University of Illinois, Urbana, 1977KAREN L. MATTEA.B., University of Chicago, 1978MAURICE MATTEODOA.B., Williams College, 1975SUSAN MAZONSONS.B., Brown University, 1976TIMOTHY JOHN McINTYREA.B.B., University of Notre Dame, 1980 PHILIP MEGUIREA.B., University of Chicago, 1976DAVID ALAN MOORES.B., Vanderbilt University, 1980SHIPLEY JOHN MUNSONA.B., Harvard University, 1980A.M., ibid., 1981NGO-NHU DUNG-VIETS.B., University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, 1977MARGARET MUSICH OKASAKOS.B., University of Illinois, Chicago, 1969CHONG SUP PARKA.B.B., Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea, 1971M.B.A., Seoul National University, Korea, 1973PAM PARRISHS.B., University of Kansas, 1969JOHN SUEN-WAI PAUA.B., Dartmouth College, 1979RONALDO PELSB.I.E., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1981MARY L. PIERSONA.B., De Pauw University, 1975A.M., Northwestern University, 1976DONALD EDWARD POGORZELSKIS.B., Loyola Unioersity J'Chicago, Illinois, 1972EDWARD JOHN RAM, JR.S.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1977JOSEPH S. RAMUNNIA.B., Lafayette College, 1977Mait., Unioersite Catholique de Louvain, Louvain­la-Neuve, Belgium, 1982CYNTHIA TAMARA RAYA.B., Stanford University, 1973S.M.U.P., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1977S.M.L.A., ibid., 1978BRENDA EARLE RICHEYA.B., George Washington University, 1969J.D., Georgetown University, 1972L.L.M., New York University, 1973LYNN MARIE RUSSELLA.B., College of St. Catherine, 1970A.M., University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1971M.L.S., ibid., 1975STEVEN GERALD SALTZGABERA.B., Wesleyan U niver sity, 1980BARTON T. SCHNEIDERA.B., Trinity College, Hartford, Connecticut, 1974DAVID EARL SCOTTS.B.E.E., University of Missouri, Columbia, 1981JERROLD KEITH SENSERA.B., University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1978ALDONA ALINA SICZEKDipl., Poly technical Institute of Warsaw, Poland,1965Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1974DARLENE M. SNYDERS.B., University of Illinois, Urbana, 1975ANDREW ROY STEINS.B., University 0/ Pennsylvania, 1981 JOSEPH L. TWISTA.B., Illinois Benedictine College, 1976WILLIAM HAROLD STERNERA.B., University 0/ Chicago, 1969• WITH HONORS HERBERT J. WATTENHOFERLic., St. Gall Graduate School, St. Gallen, Switzer­land, 1978ROBERT LEAVITT WELLSS.B., Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, 1980ROBERT WALTER TARUNA.B., Stanford University, 1971J.D., De Paul University, 1974CHARLES RIPLEY TILDENA.B., De Pauw University, 1975 ROBERT ALAN WERTA.B.B., Pennsylvania State University, UniversityPark,1980BRIDGET WHYTE WOODS.B., University of Georgia, 1971S.M., ibid., 1975JOHN PATRICK TUKEA.B., Harvard University, 1978JANET TUMAS.B., University of Chicago, 1979III. IN THE LAW SCHOOLFor the Degree of Doctor of Law:MAUREEN MOSHA.B., Newark State College, 1972A.M., ibid., 1974 ROLAl>lD RAYMO�lD �T. LOUI�, J�.;l.B., IFcslcyuJt �riFiee iI" JQ78JOEL ISAAC RIFFS.B., University 0/ Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1972 CARLA MARIA VOLPEA.B., Princeton University, 1978IV. IN THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEFor the Degree of Doctor oi Medicine:ROBERT CARL JESPERSENA.B., University of Chicago, 1978CANDIDATES FOR THE DEGREE OFDOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESAND THE PRITZKER SCHOOL OF MEDICINEHARR Y ROGER DAVIS, JR.S.B., University of Maine, Orono, 1977S.M., George Washington University, 1979(Pathology)DISSERTATION: Comparative Pathological Study ofAtherosclerosis in Two Monkey Species CYRUS HELMIS.M., University of Illinois, Chicago, 1974D.D.S., University 0/ Tehran, 1966(Anatomy)DISSERTATION: Normal and Experimentally InducedCraniofacial and Forelimb MorphogenesisIDA LORRAINE HEISLERS.B., Portland State University, 1976S.M., University of Chicago, 1979(Evolutionary Biology)DISSERTATION: Genetical Studies of Mating Prefer­ence THERESA M. LEEA.B., Indiana University, Bloomington, 1975(Biopsychology)DISSERTATION: The Maternal Pheromone: A Linkin the Symbiotic Relationship for Rat Motherand YoungALLAN 1. 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