Ube 'Ulnt"ersft� of <tbfcago"FOUNDED BY .JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHETwo HUNDRED FIFTIETHjCONVOCATION/�be _interMARCH FOURTEENTHA.D. NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-TWOROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELLDCJ4 IMAST�R'S AND DOCTOR'S THESES FOR MARCH 1952Adler, Howard, Jr.The electrical contracting industry in Chicago IllinoisAlston, Annie MayCharacteristics of materials used by a selected group ofhi.s:torians in their research in United States history.Arens, RichardThe impact of Communism on education in China, 1949-50.Arey, Leo B.A study in perception and symbolism.Baker, John E.The selection of superintendents of schools by boards ofeducation.Baker, Roger Carroll, Jr.Serum albumin in uremia: a clinical investigation correlated wit.hexperimental reversible uremia in dogs.Ball, John �lillerAreal patterms of a specd al.i.z ed food processing industry.Beatty, Walcott H.Validation and uses of the observation for determining the climateof feelings in a classroom.Best, Robert D.The Pecora investigation: A study of the Senate inquiry intostock exchange and banking practices, 1932-34.Bird,Margaret F.History of the demonstration program of the Illinois State Libra�.Borash, SaulConceptions of social agencies, commill1ity resources, and theproblems of a depressed community: Conceptions of social welfareagencies and other community resources.Bosch, Gulnar K.Islamic bookbindings: Twelfth to Seventeenth Centuries.Buchele, Robert B.Job evaluation: its possibilities and limitations as a managerialdevice.Byrnes, Kendal C.Status of the rules of war in international law.Harch 1952-- 2 --Cernieek, Alois D.Czeehoslmvak-Russian Relation�,1914-48, in the foreign policyof Dr.Eduard Bene�.Chave , Keith E.Some aspects of the bio-geo-ehemist17 of magnesium.Cherno , MelvinGerman movements for rapprochement with France, 1925-1930.Cherry, H. 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B.stress, fantasy, and echi.zophr-en.i ar a study of the adapt.Lve process.Keyfit z, NathanUrban influence on farm family size.Kingham, Harry W.The common law basis of school district organization and control.Kl edn , Deana T.Nutrition, distribution and sexuality of several strains of Pilobolus.Kocsis, James J.The effects of adrenocorticotrophin ACTH) on the carbohydratemetabolism of hypophysectomized rats.Koppelman, RayIsotopic studies on reaction mechanism and equilibrium in theenzymatic decarboxylation of amino acids.Kuellmer, l"rederickGeologie section� the Black Range at Kingston, New MexicoHarch 1952-5-Palter, Robert MonroePhilosophy and theories of relativityPatton, James T.The problem of the mar-r-i.age of Ruth.Persil, Herbert G.The Political thought of Paul Blanshard.Roberts, Merrill J.The intercity travel market of the Urritred States.Robinson, Gertrude J.The relation between the theories of truth and verification in thephilosophies of Russell and DeweyRolfe, Sidney E.The allocation of manpower under United Kindgom Planning, 1945-49:VVith speical reference to the cotton textile industry.Rose, Irwin A.Studies on the biochemical �nthesis of nucleic acidsRutt an, Vernon Wesly'I'echno.Log i.ca.L progress in the meat packing industry, 1919-47.Sacks, James M.A studt of normal and paranoid schizophrenic responses to thetachistoscopic presentation of the Bender-Ge&talt Test.Schmitt, Richard G.Plato's theory of knowledge in the Meno: A commentary.Solberg, Richard W.Joshua OHidings, politician and idealist.Solomon, Ruth H.Personality adjustment to reading success and failure.Solomon, Sidney.Current induced structural chang ejia in cells with particula.rreference to nerve.Sperling, FrederickAnomalous lens formations in cyclopean and non-cyclopean embroyssof J\!!lblystoma punctatum(Ambystoma masculatum)STEINDLER, Martin J.The reactions of Diborane v:ith Hydrazine and wi.t.h symmetricalDimethyl Hydrazine.S'tirton, ThomasFree trade and the wheat surplus of the Old !�orthwest, 1839 - 46 .. .I'1arch 1952-- 6 --Tabb, JayA study of white-collar unionism: tactics and policiespur-sued in building the 'Wholesale and Warehouse Workers'Union of New York.Tischendorf, Alfred P.Juan Domingo Peron's rise to power in Argentina.Treiman, Sam BardAna.Iy sf s of the nucleonic component based on neut-r-onLat i.t ude variations.Tsien, Tsuen-HsuinV!ewtern impact on China through translation: a bibliographicalstudy.Uyeki, Eugene S.Public opinion anc administration: a case study: the warRelocation Autnority.Winder, AlvinVihite attitudes towards negro-white interaction in an areaof changing racial comrosition.Winget, John A.Teacher inter-school mobility asj.Lr-at Lon s ; elementary teachers,Chicago Public uchool system, 1947 - 1948.�ebovitz, EugeneThe use of Dihydrostreptomycin in the demonstration of twopossible modes of fyruvate fermentation.Zolondek, Leon �, _Translation of Book XX of AI-GhazalI's Ibya U1um AI-DIn.ORDER OF EXERCISESLAWRENCE A. KIMPTON, Chancellor of the University, PresidingI. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional-"All Glory, Laud, and Honor" Tes�hnerThe Marshal and the Student AidesThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Trustees and Administrative OfficersThe Associate Dea;n of the University ChapelThe Chancellor of the University and the Convocation OratorII. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION America(The congregation standing until after the Prayer)My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty.Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring. Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty-To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.=s. F. SMITHIII. THE PRAYERTHE REVEREND WALLACE WOODSOME ROBBINS" Associate Dean of the UniversityChapelIV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"Graduating to the Good Life"THE REVEREND JOHN J. CAVANAUGH, C.S.C., President, The University of NotreDameV. SOLO-"God Is My Shepherd" DvoMkHELEN MARCHBANKS, Soloist of the University ChoirGod is my shepherd,I want for nothing.My rest is in the pleasant meadows,He leadeth me where quiet waters flow!My fainting soul doth He restore, and guideth me in the ways of peace,to glorify His name.And though in death's dark valley my steps must wander,My spirit shall not fear, for Thou art by me still;Thy rod and staff are with me, and they shall comfort me.VI. THE AWARD OF HONORSMembers elected to Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on nomination by theUniversity for especial distinction in general scholarship in the University:Maurice GlicksmanElizabeth Bohner HeadEric H. Lenneberg Alexander Hillhouse PopeRichard George Schmitt Bernard WeisbergEdwin Packard WileyMembers elected to Sigma Xi on nomination of the Departments of Science for evidenceof ability in research work in Science:Mikhail Abdul Rahim AlakaClair Eugene BasingerLouis Joseph BattanHerbert Arlen BrownFrank Philip CassarettoVii-Liang ChouRobert Frank De HaanIsidore Bernard FleischerWilliam Earl Henry Charles Lemuel JordanArthur Paul KlotzLouis A. KokorisStanley LangRachmiel LevineSan Dao LiaoMoreau Sanford MaxwellGeorge William Morgenthaler Mandya NagarajYvo Thomas OesterRobert Franklin PeckFrank Douglas QuigleyMarian Adele SternSam Bard TreimanFrancis John VanBortelRichard Ellis WorthingtonVII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for degrees will be presented by the Deans in the following order:Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Science in the Divisions by Associate DeanWarren C . JohnsonCandidates for the degree of Master of Arts or of Science by Associate Dean War­ren C . JohnsonCandidates for the degree of Master of Business Administration by Dean of Stu­dents Charles A. RovettaCandidate for the degree of Bachelor of Laws by Dean Edward H. LeviCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine by Dean Lowell T. CoggeshallCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Ralph Winfred TylerCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREE1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Warren Hilleary Lassen Clara Louise MagnussonII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Science:John Edwin Crew Julius Marcus Paul Chan YuenCANDIDATES FOR HIGHER DEGREESI. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESWALLACE CARLISLE FRAZER(Philosophy)LAWRENCE FRIEDMANPh.B., University of Chicago, I949(Philosophy) JAMES EDWARD FURLICHPh.B., University of Chicago, I949(History)EUGENE MATT GEIGERA.B., Georgetown University, 1950(History)WALTER ROBERT GOEDECKEA.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Philosophy)IDA MARY BUCCICONES.B., Northwestern University, I950(English Language and Literature)RICHARD CARL JEFFREY(Philosophy)ERIC H. LENNEBERGA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Germanic Languages and Literatures)GERALD HENRY LEVIN(English Language and Literature) MORRIS HARRIS PHILIPSONA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Philosophy)ANDREW JOSEPH PLACCOPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)WILMA JEAN PODULKA(English Language and Literature)GERTRUDE JOCH ROBINSONA.B., Swarthmore College, 1950(Philosophy)RICHARD GEORGE SCHMITTA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Philosophy)JAMES MARVIN SCHROETERA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(English Language and Literature)PEARL APPLEBAUM WARN(English Language and Literature)JOAN RITA ZABRONSKYA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(English Language and Literature)LEON ZOLONDEKA.B., New York University, 1947(Oriental Languages and Literatures)RICHARD W ALD LIDPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(English Language and Literature)JANET KELSO LOWREYA.B., Southwestern at Memphis, 1944(English Language and Literature)BATES LOWRYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1944(Art)ALBERT ALPHONSE MILANESI(Romance Languages and Literatures)LLOYD JEROME PAGEA.B., Macalester College, 1950(English Language and Literature)JAMES THOMAS PATTONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Oriental Languages and Literatures)II. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESHOWARD ADLER, JR.J.D., University of Chicago, 1951(Economics)ABDUL QADIR AHMAD AL-YOOSEFGraduate, Higher Teachers College, Baghdad, Iraq, 19«(History)ROBERT DAVIS BEST(Political Science)SAUL HERSHEL BORASHA.B., University of Illinois, 1950(Sociology)ALOIS DAVID CERNICEK(History)SUSANNA LEONA CHASEA.B., State University of Iowa, 1941(Nursing Education)MELVIN CHERNOA.B., Stanford University, 1950(History)HORACE DICKEN CHERRYA.B., Wabash College, 1949(Political Science)MARIAN ROSE CHLADEKS.B., University of Minnesota, 1944(Nursing Education)HELENE MANDL CONANTPh.B., University of Chicago, 1943(Sociology)ANDREW GUNDER FRANKA.B., Swarthmore College, 1950(Economics) LLOYD LEROY HOGANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Economics)MARSHALL ALLEN KAPLANS.B., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1950(Economics)BERNARD MELVIN LAZERWITZA.B., Washington University, 1950(Sociology)CHANNING HARDEN LUSHBOUGHA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Social Sciences)JUNE HARRIET LONGS.B., Simmons College, 1944(Nursing Education)MITSUO RONOLD MAEDAA.B., Houghton College, 1950(Sociology)JAMES JOSEPH McCARTHYA.B., Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, 1949(Sociology)JOHN ROBERT MORRISA.B., University of Colorado, 1949(Political Science)HENRY ALAN NEIL, JR.A.B., Princeton University, 1950(Political Science)HAROLD LEONARD NIEBURGPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(International Relations)PETER CLAUS WOLFGANG GUTKINDA.B., Earlham College, 1950(Anthropology)BARBARA MARY HARRISA.B., University of Toronto, 1950(Sociology)EMMA ARLINE HEATHS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Nursing Education) HERBERT GEORGE PERSILS.B., Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, 1950(Political Science)FRANK RUSSELL PETERSS.B. Ed., Municipal University of Omaha, 1950(Education)PATRICIA PETTIJOHNS.B. in Nurs. Ed., University of Tulsa, 1947(Nursing Education)ROBERT STEPHEN POLKINGHORNA.B., University of Colorado, 1948(Economics)WARREN ROBERT PRINDLE(Social Sciences)MARY ELIZABETH REGLIN(Nursing Education)ENID REICH RIESERA.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Education)JAMES MALCOLM SACKSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Human Development)FRANK SCORDATOA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Planning)ISOBEL SKLOWA.B., University of Chicago, 1939(Anthropology) SUZANNE M. SMULEKOFFA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Economics)RUTH HENRIETTA SOLOMON(Education)THOMAS STIRTON(History)ALFRED PAUL TISCHENDORFA.B., Kent State University, 1950(History)EUGENE SHIGEMI UYEKIA.B., Oberlin College, 1948(Political Science)ROBERT ERNEST WEINTRAUBA.B., Williams College, 1948(Economics)JOHN PATRICK WHITEA.B., University of Cincinnati, 1949(Political Science)Professional Certificate for Secondary-School Teachers:Robert Davis Best Wilma Jean PodulkaIII. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLANNIE MAY ALSTONA.B., Harding College, 1939S.B. in L.S., George Peabody College for Teachers, 1943MARGARET FLORENCE BIRDA.B., Northwestern University, 1934S.B. in L.S., University of Illinois, 1940SHIRLEY FOLKESTAD HARPER GERTRUDE ROSE ANNE JAMESA.B., Arizona State College, 1938S.B. in L.S., University of Denver, 1941GORDON PERSHING MARTINPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948TSUEN-HSUIN TSIENA.B., University of Nanking, 1932IV. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONEVELYN BURKEA.B., Goucher College, 1934PHYLLIS MAE COS ANDA.B., Earlham College, 1934LOUISE GUENTHNERA.B., Jamestown College, 1932HELENE GRYNOCH MOOSMANNBach. en Droit, University of Paris, 1931 HERBERT COLLINS MOSHER, JR.A.B., Stanford University, 1936SYDELLE EMILEE ROVNICKPh.B., University of Chicago, 1935DORRIS ELAINE STARBUCKEd.B., Southern Illinois Normal University, 1943II. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESJAMES JOSEPH KOCSISA.B., Ohio State University, 1943(Pharmacology) EUGENE ZEBOVITZS.B., Roosevelt College, 1949(Bacteriology and Parasitology)II. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESJOHN MILLER BALLA.B., Central State College, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan,1948A.B., University of Michigan, 1950(Geography)YEHUDA BASKINS.B., University of Chicago, 1951(Geology) WILFRED MICHAEL BIAGAS(Chemistry)CARLOS REGINALD DUNN(Meteorology)KENNETH JEROME EPSTEIN(Physics)MAURICE GLICKSMAN(Physics) HARRY WILLIAM MAYNARD(Meteorology)MORTON LAWRENCE MEDNICKPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Chemistry)PAUL MELIUSS.B., Bradley University, 1950(Chemistry)AUGUST TATSURO NAKAGAWAPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.B., ibid., 1950(Geography)ROBERT JOSEPH RENARD(Meteorology)GLEN WAGONERS.B., Idaho State College, 1949(Physics)ROBERT KENDALL HALL(Meteorology)WILLIAM GEORGE JOHNSTONS.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Physics)ELIZABETH SAWYER JORDAN(Meteorology)ROBERT C. KOCHS.B., Elmhurst College, 1950(Chemistry)PAUL KRUGERS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1950(Chemistry)III. PROFESSIONAL DEGREES1. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree of Master of Business Administmtion:WILLIAM CARROLTON ADAMSS.B., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1936 CHARLES WILBUR LOMASS.B., North Central College, 1950JACK ADAM BANERDTEd.B., State Teachers College, Whitewater, Wisconsin1947ALAN ARNOLD BLOOMFIELDA.B., University of Chicago, 1950CHARLES HASKELL BOROWSKYS.B., United States Merchant Marine Academy, 1950THORPE HENRY BOYDWILLIAM LLOYD BRIGMANCHARLES URBAN BROMBACHS.B., United States Military Academy, 1939ALBERT EDWARD BRUGGEMEYERA.B., University of Chicago, 1950 ROBERT GUSTAVUS MOLLA.B., Lawrence College, 1939DANIEL MUDRICKA.B., Washington & Jefferson College, 1950DONALD RAYMOND OTOSJAMES CLINTON PEDERSENS.B., University of Illinois, 1947IRVING RICHARD PERKINS.B., United States Military Academy, 1941EDWARD FRANK RAACKA.B., University of Chicago, 1939ROBERT ALAN ROGERA.B., University of Toronto, 1950HEINZ ALEXANDER BUNZEFRANCIS C. CRALLPAUL WILLIAM DEHNERGUY KULLERVO EKHOLMA.B., University of Chicago, 1950BILLY COOPER GRAYS.B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1948HECTOR NORMAND GUINDONWILLIAM STEWART HEAVNERS.B.E.E., Drexel Institute, 1933S.M.E.E., University of Pennsylvania, 1950 JOHN ALBERT SIMMONS, JR.B.M.E., Cornell University, 1941GRAVES HUBBARD SNYDERS.B.E.E., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1934MAURICE STOCKCHANNING STOWELL, JR.S.B., Louisiana State University, 1940DONALD ARTHUR THEUERA.B., North Central College, 1950ULFTHRANEA.B., Washington State College, 1950WALTER ALBERT HUTTERDONALD CORNELIUS JANSENWALTER ROBERT KOHLERS.B., Purdue University, 1942FRANK VACLAV KRAMLL. es Sc.Com. et Econ., University of Lausanne, 1948 MAX EDWARD WILDMANS.B., Butler University, 1941LL.B., University of Michigan, 1947GEORGE GUSTAVE WOLFFMARVIN WOOLF cS.B., Loyola University, Chicago, Illinois, 1950II. IN THE LAW SCHOOLFor the Degree of Bachelor of Laws:NANCY LOUISE PLATTIII. UNDER THE FEDERATED THEOLOGICAL FACULTYIN CO-OPERATION WITH THE DISCIPLES DIVINITY HOUSE, THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFor the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:ROBERT LYMAN LEMONIV. IN THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OF THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Doctor of Medicine:WARREN HOWE CHAPMANS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1946HOWARD FRANK CORBUSS.B., University of Chicago, 1949GEORGE MERRELL DAVIESPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947 LAURENT VINCENT RADKINS, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.B., tus., 1951PATRICK ADAIR RAGENS.B., Carroll College, 1948IRWIN RICHS.B., University of Chicago, 1948LLOYD JOSEPH ROTHS.B., State University of Iowa, 1935A.M., Columbia University, 1940Ph.D., ibid., 1944DONALD JAMES TAYLORS.B., Beloit College, 1948ROBERT GORDON VAN ETTENS.B., University of Chicago, 1950PETER MALIA WOLKONSKYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., 1950ARTHUR WEBSTER WOODWARDA.B., Grinnell College, 1948JOHN FRANCIS ZIEGLERLOUIS GLUCKS.B., Rutgers University, 1948EUGENE YAGAR GOOTNICKPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., tus., 1948PAUL MANLEY GRISSOMPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948JAMES EUGENE McINTOSHA.B., University of Wichita, 1948BILL MARTIN NELSONA.B., University of Kansas, 1948OLIVER NICHOLSA.B., University of Southern California, 1948(Honors in Anatomy)IV. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESROGER CARROLL BAKER, JR.S.B., Boston College, 1941M.D., Tufts College, 1944(Surgery)YU-LIANG CHOUS.B., The Catholic University, Peiping, China, 1946S.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Botany)MOHAMED ALI YOUSEF DAHlS.B., Fouad I University, Cairo, Egypt, 1945(Pharmacology)EDWARD WILLIAM GELD REICHA.B., University of Cincinnati, 1933A.M., ibid., 1935(Psychology)HOWARD HOLTZERS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Zoology)GEORGE JOJI KASAlA.B., University of California at Los Angeles, 1942S.M., University of Chicago, 1945(Bacteriology and Parasitology) DEANA TARSON KLEINPh.B., University of Chicago, 1945S.B., ibid., 1947S.M., ibid., 1948(Botany)RAY KOPPELMANS.B., University of Chicago, 1944(Biochemistry )RUTH MIRIAM MYERSA.B., Goucher College, 1934S.M., Johns Hopkins University, 1936(Bacteriology and Parasitology)IRWIN ALLAN ROSES.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Biochemistry)SIDNEY SOLOMONS.B., Massachusetts State College, 1948(Physiology)FREDERICK SPERLINGA.B., Western Reserve University, 1936S.M., University of Chicago, 1941(Zoology)II. IN THE DIVISION OF TIlE HUMANITIESGULNAR HELENE KHEIRALLAH BOSCHA.B.E., Art Institute of Chicago, 1929A.M., New York University, 1940(Oriental Languages and Literatures)WILLIAM ALEXANDER EARLEA.B., University of Chicago, 1941(Philosophy) JOHN HENRY KULTGEN, JR.A.B., University of Texas, 1947A.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Philosophy)ROBERT MONROE PALTERA.B., Columbia University, 1943(Philosophy)III. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESKEITH ERNEST CHAVEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.M., ibid., 1951(Geology) FREDERICK JOHN KUELLMERS.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.M., ibid., 1949(Geology)ALBERT JOSEPH LEOA.B., Pomona College, 1948S.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Chemistry)MARTIN JOSEPH STEINDLERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., 1948S.M., ibid., 1949(Chemistry)SAM BARD TREIMANS.B., University of Chicago, 1949S.M., ibid., 1950(Physics)GEORGE WARREN DEVOREA.B., University of Wyoming, 1948(Geology)CHANG-YUN FANA.B., Central University, Nanking, China, 1941S.M., ibid., 1945(Physics)MELVIN BURT GOTTLIEBS.B., University of Chicago, 1940(Physics)IV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESRICHARD ARENSGrad., St. Augustine's Seminary, Bonn, Germany, 1939A.M., University of Chicago, 1950(Education)LEO BERTRAM AREYA.B., Lenoir Rhyne College, 1935(Psychology)JOHN EMERSON BAKERA.B., DePauw University, 1931A.M., University of Minnesota, 1937(Education)WALCOTT HERSEY BEATTYA.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Education)KENDAL CHARLES BYRNESPh.B., University of Chicago, 1933J.D., ibid., 1935(Political Science)MARVIN DOWNEYA.B., University of Virginia, 1931A.M., ibid., 1934(Political Science) NATHAN KEYFITZS.B., McGill University, 1934(Sociology)HARRY WHITNEY KINGHAMA.B., Harvard University, 1938A.M., University of Chicago, 1939(Education)ROBERT TANDLER MACK, JR.A.B., Harvard University, 1942M.B.A., ibid., 1947(International Relations)SIDNEY ELI ROLFEA.B., University of Chicago, 1943(Economics)VERNON WESLY RUTTANA.B., Yale University, 1948A.M., University of Chicago, 1950(Economics)RICHARD WILLIAM SOLBERGA.B., St. Olaf College, 1938A.M., University of Wisconsin, 1939Th.B., Luther Theological Seminary, 1943(History)RALPH HEINZ GOLDNERA.B., University of Chicago, 1940A.M., ibid., 1941(Education) JAYTABBA.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Economics)VICTOR ALONZO JACKSONA.B., Furman University, 1925(Psychology)OTTO LEROY KARLSTROMA.B., Augustana College, 1944(International Relations) ALVIN ELIOT WINDERA.B., Brooklyn College, 1947S.M., University of Illinois, 1948(Human Development)OLIVER JOHN BERNDT KERNERS.B., Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, Uni­versity of Pennsylvania, 1940(Human Development) JOHN ARTHUR WINGETA.B., Miami University, 1934A.M., Washington University, 1937(Sociology)V. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSROBERT BENNETT BUCHELEA.B., Columbia University, 1938M.B.A., Harvard University, 1943 MERRILL JOSEPH ROBERTSA.B., University of Minnesota, 1938M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1939VI. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLCARL WILLIAM EDMUND HINTZA.B., DePauw University, 1932A.B.L.S., University of Michigan, 1933A.M.L.S., tu«, 1935VII. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONJOSEPH EDWARD LAYCOCKA.B., University of Toronto, 1935A.M., iu«, 1940VIII. "ALMA MATER" Words byEDWIN H. LEWISCOPYRIGHTIX. THE BENEDICTIONX. THE RECESSIONAL-Fugue in G Major(The congregation remains standing during the Recession) BachMARSHALHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal of the UniversityASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMSWALKER MOORE ALDERTONGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOYGEORGE HAY BROWNLEON CARNOVSKYJAMES W. J. CARPENDER CHAUNCY DENNISON HARRISJOHN GOTTHOLD KUNSTMANNEUGENE P. NORTHROPWILBERT HERBERT URRYWARNER ARMS WICKROBERT CARLTON WOELLNERROBERT DAVIS BESTCHARLES EDWARD BIDWELLTHOMAS FREW EDNIEMARJORIE LENORE GREENDALE SATTLER GRIMESELLEN DEBORAH JACOBS STU DENT AIDESMARGIT CLARA LILLEHEIWILLIAM WALFRED MUNSONJOYCE RICHWILLIAM RUDOLPH ROSENGRENJANET ELLEN STEWARTMORTON SEAMAN TENENBERG