Ube 'Ulnt"ersit� of (tbicagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHETwo' HUNDRED FORTY-NINTHCONVOCATION�bt �utumnDECEMBER TWENTY-FIRSTx.o, NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-ONEROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELDecember, 1951-1A COlvlPLETE LIST OF GR]lJ)ijJl.. rES ( N.I',_, and PH.D.) FOP 249th CONVOCATIOlDecember,1951(w/o means withoutthesis)Abrahmson, Brian (l'1athe:matics) H.S. wloAchor, Leaonard B. (Anatomy) M.S.The retention and excret,iol1 of 3,6-diamino-acridine hydrochloride inliver. QP 999Allen, David Dudley (Social Sciences) IvI.A. w/oAllen, Roger \-lillia:._'!1 (Business) B.A. ,.,rioAlpert, Bernard (Business) M.A. wloAlvarez-Silva, Hector (Social Sciences) M.A. wloArcher, George F. (Law) LID wloBailey, James W. (Education) M.A.Current practices in student personnel adnrl.ni.s cr-abLon in selected liberalarts colleges. LB3999Bardot, Richard C. (English) . M.A. ,.;rIoBarnett, Robert C. (Physiology) Ph.D.Cell division Llhibition of 4jGBg±x Arbacia and Chaetonterus eggs,ffi1d its reversal by Krebs cycle intermediates and certain phosphatecompounds. QH 999Berger,Hartin (Physics) Ph.D.Nultiple scattering of fast charges particles in photographicem.ulsions. QCI099Bergbon, 'VJarren A. (Business) M.A. w/oBerkin, Bernard (Education) M.A. w/oBissell, Halcolm H. Jr. (Sociology) M.A. wloBjorlung, Fred Dean (Social Sciences) M.A. wloBlackwood) George D. (History) Ph.D.The United Automobile Workers of America,1935-1951. HDIOOOOBlume, Edward John (Linguistics) H.A. �r/oBokman , Ann H. (Biochemistry) Ph.D.) Hydroxyanthanilic acid metabolism. QP999December 1951--2Bolling, John A. (Business) N.A. wloBonn,George S. (G.L.S.) M.A.A study of engineering business papers. Z10999Bovman , Paul H. (Human Deve'Lopaent.) Ph .:m.A study of the consistency of current,wish and proper self conceptsas a measure of therapeutic progress. BF1999 (Ed.)Brlli1run,Roscoe R.Jr. (Meteorology) Ph.D.The wa ter and energy budge ts of the thunders torm and their rela tionto thunderstOYill development. QC l099(Ge)Britan, Norman (Anthropology) M.A. wloBullough, Vern LeRoy (History) M.A. w/oBurns, John Edward (Business) M.A. wloButler, Robert A. (Psychology) Ph.D.The role of the auditory cortex in frequency discrimination BF1999Bybuth, Engvald, O. (Business) M.A. 1;7/0Cahill, Allen Ely(Chemistry) Ph.D.The use of heavy oxygen in the study of hydrogen peroxide reactions.QD 1099.5Calkins, Fay G. (Political Science) Ph.D.P.A.C. and the Democratic Party: a study of relationships between aninterest group and a political party. JK9999 (RareBook)Cameron, Alexcillder�. (Social Service) B.D. wloCampbell, Janet Evans (Nursing Education) M.A. wloCasey, John 11. (Business) M.A. ,i/OChurch, Ellen E. (Nussing Education} H.A. 1.:r/OCohen Merrill (Chemistry) Ph.D.Investigations of the chromic acid oxidation of Isopropyl alcoholin 86.5 percent uce t i c acid. QDl099.5Conley, Bernard E. (Phar�aclogy) M.S.The pharmacology ru1d toxicology of several newer chloridated hydro­carbon inseEticides. RAl299Connolly, Thom6-s E. (English) Ph.D.Swinburne as a poetic theorist. PR5514.C7Curtis, George A. (G.L.S.) M.A.A statistical survey of the services of John Crerer Library. Zl0999Davis, Florence F. (Education) Ph.D.The educa tion of sou therb gi.ds from the middle of the eigh teen thcentury to the close of the fu�tebelllli� period. LC6999December, 1951--3DeHaan, Robert F. (Hum�D Development) Ph.D.Graphic analysis of group processRK. HN999 (Ed)Dent, Robert W. (English) Ph.D.John Webster's n;rhe "mite Devi1":a critical introduction and commentary.PR 3134DeVos, George A. (Psychology) Ph.D.Accul cur-at.Lon and per-sona.l.i ty structures: a Rorschach study of ofJapanese Americans. BF1999Dissen, Israel (Chemist!�) M.S. w/oDohrmann, Irrna( G.L. S.) M.A.An analysis of the Griu� folk tales in versions designed for chi:dren.PN997 .G82D6Donaggio, Margaret, M. �.S.A.) H.A. 1t/oDukas , Peter (Busaness ) lvi.A. w/oElliston, Stephan (English) H.A. w/oErr Bernara Otto (Philosophy) H.A. w/oFeit, Cornelius J. (Business) H.A. w/oFox, Etha B. (Business) M..A. w/OFox , Kirk (Economi cs) M.A. wloFrankel, Irving T. (Business) M.A. wloFra tkin, Ethel Claire (Art) £.i.A. 1tT/oFreund, Rudolf J. (Economics) ?A statistical investigation of the 1949 North Carolina grain survey.HDIOOOOFrieo�llin, Jack (Polical Science) M.A.Limited wars in Europe,1853-187l D999Friedmann, J .R.P. (Plumning) M.A. w/oFyfe, Albert John (English) Ph.D.Contemporary psychology in the fiction of George Eliot. PR4692 .P9 F9Gabb,y, James I. (Biological Sciences) M.S.'fhe psychoppthf,c personality. RCI099 (Ed)Gaier, Eugene Louis (Psy hology) Ph.D.The use of stimulated reeall in revealing the relationship betweenselected personality variables and the learning process. BF1999Gautier, Harold "lliite,Jr. (History) M.A.Attitudes of Americ&n RevolutionaI'Y leaders on freedom. of expression.JC999Gent, John H. (Business) M • .P.... wloGoldman, iit�:;OO:X .. :tBmd:NE� Albert Harry (EngH:sh) H.A. wloGoodvd.n , Reason Al.va (Linguistics) Ph .D.Cont.r-asts of case and of adj ec t.Lve form in Russian predicate andadjective constructions. PG 999Gordon; Joseph E. (Education) Ph.D.The university presidenbs--Q study of their bac. grounds and educationaconcern in 1900 and in 1950. LB3999GOV£ill, Elizabeth L.G. (S.S.A.) Ph.D.Public and private r-esponsdtd Li.ty in child we Lf'ar-e in New SouthWales,178:;-18871 HV999Hack, Marvin H. (Ana tomy) Ph.D.A new histochemicc.. l technique for lipides applied to plasmal. QP999Hamburger, William (Economjcs) Ph.D.��� Consw.ption and wealth. HB3999Hardy, Marie K. (Business) N.• A. wloHare Alexander P.,Jr. (Sociology) Ph.D.A study of interaction and concencus in different sized discussiongroups. lIN 999Harges, Mar,rin Earl (Geology) H.S. wloHarris, John S. (Political Science) PhlD.The inspection of British local authorities by central government. JS9999Hazlett, McCrea (English) Ph.D.Richard Whitlock's Zootomia, an edition. BJ1550 .1tJ602 H4Hohl, George W.(Education) Ph.D.Some effects of a progrsL1 of child study on the professional growth ofteachers. LB3999Holady,Elsworth (Business) }:Vi.A. ,40Holden ,Josnne , (Political Science) M.A.Amer-Ican Attitudes towards po.Ll t i.cs , JK9999Hughes,Mildred C. (Education) ? wloHurlburt, Russell B.,II (Political Science) M.A.Human Nature, Hobbes's basis for civil society. JC999Jacob,Carol G. (Nursing Education) M.A. TrT/OJacobson, Tobias (Pharmacology) 1·1.8.Application of tissue culture techniques to some problems in ex 8ri;:.:entalpharraaco.Logy . QP999Johnson, Hoy 1','lelvin(Bacteriology and parasi toloR) M.S.Present status of the enzymtic theory ior the ini tam pha se of cellularinspection by anial viruses. XX QR999December, 1951-5Johnson, Virginia L. (Sociolo6J) M.A.. Teacher's conception of pupol-discipline. LB3999Jones, Robert W. (Geology) M.S. w/oJones, Themetris ,E. (Nursing Education) M.A. 1{laJuveland, Omar O. (Chemi st.ry) i/i.A. wloal-Kabi, Hatim Abdul Sahib (see Sahib)Kaplan, Irving(Anthropology) M.A. icrloKardara, Chrysoula P. (Greek Language £illd Literature) Ph.D.A study on Hhodian pottery. NK9999Karp, Basil (International Relations) Ph.D.The develop,ent of the philosophy of UNESCO ASl099Kaufmann, EdK I'd B. (Philosophy) H.A. w/oKawakami, No buru (Geology) M. S. w/oKelley, Esther V. (Education) M.A. w/oKende, Maria Louisc(Sociology) M.A.Decisions in discrimination F9999Kent, Kathatine A. (History) M.• A •.Andersonville: the ordeal of Henry Wirz---F999Kester, William Lee (Chemistry) Ph.D.Addition compounds of group IV rae be.L chlorides "Ii th phosphorylchloride. QDI099.5Kha12�f, Jassim M.(Geography) Ph.D.The w.:�_ter resources of the lover Colorado river basin. ?Khalaf, L.F.S. (Geography) M.S. wloKinney, Narjorie Alma (Nursing Education) M.A. -.40Kitagawa, Joseph M. (Divinity) Ph.D.Kobo-Daishi hnd Shingon Buddhism. BL9999Kramer, Eugene (Political Science) M.A.Lavr and the philosophy of politics: a study of Bentham's moral science.JC999Kumb, John L. (Geography) M.S.Land utilization on the South Shore of Lake Michigan. HDlOOOOKuvamo bo , Clifford S. (BacteriologyThe B.C.G. vaccine QR999 and M.S.Llli�g, Gottfried O. (Anthropology) M.A. w/oLaw, John K. (Business) H.A. "--trioLennon, Harguerite Ellen (Art) H.A. w/oLevenfield,Iona 1:T. tEducf.Ltion) l'-t.A. 40Levine, Lawrence (Planning) Ivl.A. \,r/oLipkin, Stanley (Human Deve Lopmen t) Ph.D.The meam.ng of the i apy to the c.t.Len t an Lnves t.Lga t i on of theexperiencing of clien t-centered therapy f'rcr; the phencmeno Lc g.i ca Lframe of r ef'er-enc= _f nine c Li.e te , BF 1999 (Ed).Love, Joseph A. (Educat.Lcn) lVi..A. vr/oLyde, Paul B. (Business) H.A. w/of.1.c}lillan, Orville G. (Busi::::.ess) H.A. Til/ol'1cNeill, Hargueri te L. (/Business) B.A. VI/aHcPhevson, Dorothy \,[. (Education) Ph.D.An Lnve, t.Lgat.Lon Ln to the nature of r-o Le consistency. LB 3999lvlarcotte, Eeo J. (Business) f.1.A. ./0Hilgrom, Jack (Chemistry) £.1.8. "'V11oNooken, Joseph T. (Business) H.A. w/oHoore, Lewi.s Neil (Economics) H.A.P.. study of the experience ,,-ri th sav.i.nge and \·rw;r bonds ("... s p" me thod'Ha!' f'Lnancd.ng in the United Sta.tes in 1:!orld -Jar II. HJ 99991\,lorey, Donald J. (Economics) B.A. wloHorse, Elizabeth T. (Human Development; M.A.Nyers, Robert H. (Political Scir-:nce) H.A.Na t.Lona.L Guard mobilization on the i·lexican border in 1916: -)re-lude to vic tory in world Har I. D999Newt.on , Che s Ler vI. (Meteorology) Ph .D.S t ruc ture of shear lines near' the t.ropopause in summer , QCI099 (Ge)Niehaus, Evans W. (English Language and Literature) l>LA. wloNielsen, Ernest D. (Divinity) P.D.N • F • S • Grund tvige concept Lon of the de .e Lopmen t of theChristian Church. EX 10999Nogee, Jos�ph Lippman (History) M.A.Fugitive al.avery in the nor-thcaaeern sta.tes,184;>1850. F9999O'Connor) Catharine J. (English) H.A. wloOdoi: Hiroshi (Psychology) Ph.D.An Lnve s i.Lga t.i.on into the f'unc t.i ons of t.ilE vi.su= L cor td ce Lareas in the cat. BF 1999December,195l--7Okita, Ceo.rge T. (Pharmacology) Ph.D.Studies on the renal excre cLon of r'ad i cac ti v» dis:: toxin anc itsmetaboli tes in human subj ec ts wi th cardiac failure. QP9/9Olsen, Selma til. (S.S.A.) H.A. .....i/oOlson, Vernon E. (Education) Ph.D.A study of hos t.L,;e aggr'ession Ln organized groups of pre-8.dolescentsand early adolescents. LB3999Ort.nge , Ar thur- J. (Psychology) Ph.D.Consistency of manner- of apper-cept.Lcn in tasks of varyinge t ruc ture , BF1999Outerbridge, Leon�rd N. (Divinity) Ph.D.The los t chur c' es of Chin�A-.... BV9999Panor, 4'-l.a±ie (Po.l.l t.t co.I Science) H.A.The Resettlement. Adl'TIinistration: a study in the evolution of majorpurposes. HDIOOOOParker, Harjorie Holloman (Education) Ph.D.The educa td.onc.L activities of t�le Freedman's Bureau. LC 6999Parker, Sarah J-. (Home Economics) wloPatterson, Thora K. (Nursing Education) N.A.Pfau, John N. (History) Ph.D.Ecomomic relGtions of the United States with Italy,1919-1949HC 999Phelps, John HcKevitt (Politica Science) H.A. w/o(Business) H.A. "'.joPhilip, 110rton B.Pitts, M. Hen17 (Psychology) Ph.D.An experiraen t.a L study of t118 Lnf'Luence of social psychologicalf'ac tor-s upon pr-cduc td on in bhe thel.:.c�tic/test. BF1999apj.er cep t.LonPless, II'\.;rin A. (Mathematics) 1-1.S. "';;/0Powell, James K. (Federeated rheological Seminary) B.D. /v1/0Powers Joanne E. (.J?sychology) _rIh.D.An investigation of some factors in the clinical prediction ofovert beh2.viour in psychotheapy. BF 1999Pretzel, Hank E. (Chemistry) Ph.D.Solid solutions of the alkali halides. (�D 1099.5Profi t.a , Vincen t (Business) 11.A. w/oQuetsch, Gertrude N. (English) I/.A. 1-ilo.Gecember, 1951--8Quillii, :=,oJ,-rard 1i. ( G • L • S • ) 1>1 • A •Charac t.er-i.e tics of the Li, tere.ture used by authors of booksin the fields of sociology. Z10999Rand, Harguerite C. (Romance Languages and LiterB.ture) Ph.D.The vision of Cr.s tile in the vo rk s of Azorin. Pq6623 ASIZ8 R2Reisky-Dubnic, Vladi�::1L' (Politidal Sc:..ence) lVi.A.Anti- ..4.merice..n propaganda in CL"::choslovaki,; and a proposal forCOUl1 tel' psychological warfare. DBI099Remenchik, J:'lary Hargaret (Educa.tion) j,vl.A. w/oRhodes Arnold Black (Divinity) Ph.D.Grea tion ami 88.1 va ti on �n the Psal t.er , BS9999JRice, Craig S. (Business) ].\1.A. -40Rieser, Lawrence (Sociology) M.A.ill ana.Lys i s of the r-cpc r ting of !' c i a.L incidents in Ch i cago ,1945-1950 F9999Robe:tts, Ruth :Nabel (HClthematics) l\'1.S. 'YI 0Rome, Nf.cho'l.as R. (,tJi1i1osophy) H.• A. ",r/oHowe, Cnandler if!. (Anthropology) Ph.D.The effigy mound culture of 1;JisconsiE. F999Sahib, Hatim Abdul (Sociology) B.A.The "S][Rh§X@� nation of Ls Lam , }'9999(Hcu'e Book)Sarchet, Jeremy Alfred (Human Development) Ph.D.The applicability of the analytical staff conference GO thestudy of group deve Lo .men t , HN 999(Ed.)Saunders, Lucy Ellen (Nursing Eo!'ih.eB�ion) N.A. ,·r/o pp�(J' �� r .¥�pz:� �'7V ��a.)Scherr, Charles 1-J. (Chemis try) M.S. wi 0Sell, Daniel Edvfn (Interrl&.tional Re'La t i one ) '?lin analysis of the China Policy Deh:.!.te,194�;,-1950. F9999Shea �argaret (Education) M.A. wloSheline, Yvonne (Education) l'l.,P_. ,40Shepherd, Kate B. (S.S.A.) 14.A. v-rloSima n , Eri c J 8.. cob ( Ch erai s try) Ph • D •The rels.ti ve reac ti vi. ties of'o Lef'Lues wi tr_ res ec t CD freeradical addition. QD 1099.5Sirotkin, i'hillip L. (Political Science) Ph.D.The Supr-eme Cour L and the _1 8;;::-1 ,:.� :L"" �.-i TrF; xrccee S tuI. .;;.,.--- - "' .... v - lJ' '.... 1-' :. 1lO case stud; es inpolicy f'o rma tion. JK9999DeceDber, 1951--981:1i th,. June SHeck (G.L.S.) H.A.The r-e.La t,ionsrdp be tween ti t Le s ca r-cu.ia ted ann ti t.Le s held inof a metropolitan library system. ?Sou.Li.an , Di.ran J. (Business) N.li. w/oSteinnauer, Francis George (Business) M.A. w/oStori.cg, Herbert Ja.mes (Political Science) £,i.A.TLe j ur-i sdi c tion of the N& tional Labor RelE.. ti ons BO�i1"d. HDIOOOO(Education)Stl'itz, Helen H.A.S t roud , Clyde l'Qi.rel� (Zoclc:g'j) Ph. D.1m application fo 1'lul;�i..: J.e factor ana Ly s Ls ,tID the systematics ofKalotennes. QL 999'I'annenwe Id , Ludwi.g f1. (Physics) _tJh.D.�uclear phenomena deducible from m-PaLr theory vii th pseudo-scalarcoup.l i: _g • QCl099I'hompson , vliL.iSI!l R. (Psychology) 1:-h.D.Discri,:ninD.tion behaviour of the ca t after selective ab.La t.Lon ofvisual cortical areas. BF1999Thornton, Julia H. (I"iathematics) H.S. w/oTischirgi, James D. (Political Science) ,M.A.Nazi Pa r ty control of the Lierman C� v.i.L Ser-vice. JN9999Tsou, rang (Political Science) ?h.D.A study of the development of the s c i.en td fa c appr-oach mIl poli ticalstudies in the United States, 'I'lith par ticuJ.ar emphas i s in themethodological spects of the works of Charles �. Herri2.IU andHarold D. Las sve.Ll., JA999Udin, Saul B. (Bi.ocheraus b.ry) Ph.D.Studies of the pathological serum end ur-i.na ry proteins ofmul. t.LpLe .mye.rou • QP 999Vernon, HO-VTa.rd A. Jx-. (His GOI'Y) .?The impact of the French Revolution on Lower Canada,1789-95. F9999Vidale, N·:;_rcel�·i_o 1. (Physics) Ph.D.High energy nuclear in terac t Lons f co sm.l C ray P.:.-:.rtlC�8S closeto the top of the r:.Grllosphere. QC 1099(ECOr;.Ol. cs) H.A. w/olh:�ldorf, HilliO�!l H.·�TaJJ::e, Frank H. (Sociolog'J) 11.A.i;Ja1lbrun, Henry M. (Zoology) Ph.D.Genetics of the SiPJRese figh t.i.n.; f'Lsh , Bett,(:. SnlS}ldens. QL 999wax, Rosalie (P�thropologJ) Ph.D.I'he development of author.l tarianis.L,: a compare son of theJapaneseAmerican Re Loca tLn Cen ter-s [mo. Gerra.iny , JC999.Decffinber, 1951--10(Education) H.lt. -;401tJeinberg, Gerhar-d 1. (History) Ph.D.German relations with Russia,1939-1941. DD999Uein;3tein, Harold ,oJ. (Greek Language and LiterB.utre) r.i.A. w/oLee (Educat.i.on) l.Jl.A. \,r' 0Hilcox; Howard (Eng'Li sh ) M.A. w/oWi 11 Lams , Henry N. (Political Science) Ph.D.The legislative process in Tennessee yri th special reference togubernatorial control. JK 9999 (Rare BOOK)Williams, Osceold G. (Sociol051T) M.A. wlo�Jilliamson, Ch2.1"18:3 B. (Educ tion) Ph .. D.An evaluation of the rele_tion of wo rk expe r.i.ence to cer-t.aLnci tizenship prac ticss of h i.gh school s tuden bs . 11339991.Jinchester, Harold P. Jr. (An Lhr-opo'Logy) H.A. yr/o\!:itmer, Safara A. (Education) Ph.D.An evaluation of prof'eas.i.ona.L accredi ti:ng agencies. LC6999Hohler'S, Lester P. (Political Science) Ph.D.The policy of India in rela tion to the tension be tween the SovietUrri.on and the United States, l.;rith specaa i emphr.s i s on t!.:.e:· Un it.e-lNations. DS999\'Tolfson, Leona.. rd Louis (Bacteriology and Par-as.i to Logy ) £11.S.Hemag.Iutdrie tion s tudies -�i th 1 ence.phaiitd:e s t1"" Ln s of mou.,eencephalomyelitis virus. QR9991tIood, viand Hawl.ey (Education) H.A. \{/oYarotsky, Boris E. (Business) IvI.A. ·r-r/oYoung, Anne P. (History) Ph.D.Bis".lE'.I'ck r s policy t01{ca;rd the Poles, 1870-1890. DD999Zelder, Haymond E. (Econo<:nics) I'I.A. i-l/OZeman , David H. (Business) JYI.A. "r/oORDER OF EXERCISESLAWRENCE A. KIMPTON, Chancellor of the University, Presiding1. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSION·Processional-Festival March HandelThe Marshal and the Student AidesThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Trustees and Administrative OfficersThe Dean of the University ChapelThe Chancellor of the University and the Convocation OratorII. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION America(The congregation standing until after the Prayer)My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring. Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty-To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.-So F. SMITHIII. THE PRAYERTHE REVEREND JOHN B. THOMPSON, Dean of the University ChapelIV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"The Assurance of Things Not Seen." CARL H. KRAELING, Professor of HellenisticOriental Archeology and Director of the Oriental InstituteV. SOLO-"How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, andbring glad tidings of good things!"-The Messiah HandelCHARLOTTE VIKSTROM, Soprano, The University ChoirVI. THE AWARD OF HONORSA warded General Honors with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Richard Jacob BernsteinRoy Theodore FosteyAlexander Louis LipsonMatthew Stanley Meselson Donald Edward PaquetteRoger Hugh PragerGordon Paul Ralph Alan RosenblatLowell Guy SchurmanJustine Jo-Anne TharpMembers elected to Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on nomination by theUniversity for especial distinction in general scholarship in the University:Phillip David CaganArnold Martin ChutkowStephen EllistonHerbert Charles EphraimJack FriedmanJohn Rembert Peter FriedmannAlbert Harry GoldmanRoger Nelson Hancock Irving KaplanHarold KatzSheldon Bernard KaufmanRobert Stephen MerrillAbner Joseph MikvaBurton McNary MooreGeorge Kerlin ParkWilliam David Pattison Marsha London PoirierFrederick Ri tterWalter Harold SeitzerGuido Leopold WeissHarry Raymond Woltman, Jr.George John WorthFredrik ZachariasenMembers elected to Sigma Xi on nomination of the Departments of Science for evidenceof ability in research work in Science:Adam AnthonyAnn Harding BokmanJohn Edward BruggerWalter William ButcherEdward CatalanoMohamed Ali Yousef DahiHarold Morton FederDarhl Lois ForemanWalter Charles GogelCharles Richard GreeneCharles Maria HerzfeldAllan Eugene KarkFred Edwin Kasner J ai Dev KohliRay KoppelmanHelen Emily KrizekAmos John LefflerMarjorie Jean LesherJames Scher ling MilesLloyd Spencer NelsonGeorge Torao OkitaTheodore William RallEstelle Rubin RameyRonald Lee RichIrwin Allan RoseFrank Sherwood Rowland Ana Teresa Blanco de SariolaStewart Lane SharplessNorman Herbert SmithAlexander SokoloffAlan Jay StraussPaul StuxThomas Tamotsu SugiharaGrant Wayne UrryEdward Joseph WalaszekCarl Daniel WilliamsSam Satomi YanariSamuel Jack Y osimJose Maria ZubiranVII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for degrees will be presented by the Deans in the following order:Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or of Philosophy in the College byDean Frederick Champion WardCandidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or of Science in the Divisions by DeanNapier WiltCandidates for the degree of Master of Arts or of Science by Dean Ralph WinfredTylerCandidates for the degree of Master of Business Administration by Dean GarfieldV. CoxCandidate for the degree of Doctor of Law by Professor Sheldon TefftCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Walter BartkyCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREERuth Julia AbramsBudd Berwyn AdamsWilliam Donald AltonChris Louis AthasEdwin Allan AzenSuzanne Harriet BerlfeinRichard Jacob BernsteinRichard Stewart BilisolyJ. Allison Binford, Jr.Judson Tunison BradfordGerald Franklin Britt, Jr.Charles Edward BrownWilliam Rodgers BushnellJames Robert CalvinCarol Kathryn CanfieldAlan Robert ChristiansenDolores Miller CizekWilliam Phillip CohenMargaret Ann CroninHope Rose DeitelbaumJerald Sam DickMatthew Arthur Dillon, Jr.Thomas Michael DinceccoThomas Frew EdnieJames Carol EissMivi ErmanRichard Carl EwertRichard Roland Gerald FaganHarvey Julien Feldman I. IN THE COLLEGEFor the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:Marcia Audrey FineSydel Baron FishmanRichard Edward FlanaganPatricia Jean FlomRoy Theodore FosteyRichard Allan FrenchRobert Norman GoldIsaac S. GoldmanElizabeth Allen GoldsmithNaomi Ruth GoldsteinAlan Mayo GoodmanHenry Charles GoppeltGerald J ames GreggJustin GrossmanJulius HalpernWalter Henry Holtkamp, Jr.Vernon Hatch HouchenGeorge Robert JanofskyDavid Arvid JohnsonPatricia Jane KampmannBurton Wallace KanterMarilyn Darlene KatzEllen Ann KatzmanBarbara Prosser KerrTheodore Trower King, Jr.Thomas Osborne KingNeil Thomas KinneyStephen C. KinskyJay Herbert Kisloff Cecily Penney Chapin KllanxhjaJames Francis KomerskaMatthew Barry KrasnerMildred M. LambertyMary-Claire LeonhardtAlexander Louis LipsonVivian Joyce LoberRodney Car I LowellCharles MatthewsAllen Edgar McAllesterRobert Edward McAuliffeStephen Terry McDermott, Jr.John Thornton McGiveranErnest William McMawMarcia MillardJames Donald MonkJim MorikawaShigeo MorisatoCharles William N au tsJohn Monroe NelsonAlbert Parker NiblackDonald Edward PaquetteArden Louise PhillipsSamuel Lewis PhillipsRodney Francis PorroRoger Hugh PragerHinda PressmanGordon Paul RalphJames Walter RameyFor the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy:II. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESThomas Clark ReesLaurence ReichGeorge Bernard Riddle, Jr.Susan Sontag RieffJay Sterling RiskindAlan RosenblatMarilyn M. RyanLowell Guy SchurmanWilliam Daniel SerbynJohn Louis SevcikSyril Sarah ShafferKaris Frances ShellenAbraham Mortimer CassonLawrence Hefter ChapmanWalter EmmerichJohn Maxwell GaultBasil George GouletasGretchen Beatrice Hartmann Stephen Francis SkalaAnn SklarMartin Keith SopocyJanet Ellen StewartMelvin Morris StuhlStanley SybiakFred TaxmanJustine Jo-Anne TharpHubert ThurschwellMarven Kenneth TillinSakae UeharaMyrtle Vernice LundquistRichard Ellis LynnDavid Robert McClurgMatthew Stanley MeselsonRobert Clarence OlsenFor the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Ann Lucille Laird George Alexander VidaverReinhardt WagnerJohn Anton WalterFrederic Koppe WardwellZelda Klein WeissGerane Iris WerleBetty Jean WhamondJames Madison WhiteheadAudrey Ann WittertVivian Irene WoodBurton Ross ZahlerRichard Bamberger ParkerMorris Sam PeltzWilliam Ross Shealy, Jr.William Huelster SickelsIII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESIV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESCANDIDATES FOR HIGHER DEGREES1. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESCecil George BadnerLucio Chiara viglioWarren Melvin ChoosRICHARD CORNELIUS BARDOT(English Language and Literature)EDWARD JOHN BLUMEA.B., University of Chicago, 1937(Linguistics)VERN LEROY BULLOUGHA.B., University of Utah, 1951(History)STEPHEN ELLISTONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(English Language and Literature)BERNARD OTTO ERFA.B., Ohio University, 1948(Philosophy) ETHEL CLAIRE FRATKINA.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Art)HAROLD WHITE GAUTIER, JR.(History)ALBERT HARRY GOLDMAN(English Language and Literature)EDWARD BURTON KAUFMANNPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Philosophy)KATHERINE ADELAIDE KENTA.B., Georgia State College for Women, 1950(History)For the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Aletha Amanda KowitzRobert Daniel MitchellFor the Degree of Bachelor of Arts: Howard MyersMARGUERITE ELLEN LENNONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Art)EVANS WALTER NIEHAUSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature) GERTRUDE MARIE QUETSCHA.B., Barat College of the Sacred Heart, 1949(English Language and Literature)NICHOLAS ROBERT ROME(Philosophy)HAROLD WILLIAM WEINSTEIN(Greek Language and Literature)HOWARD WILCOXA.B., McKendree College, 1932A.M., University of Illinois, 1939(English Language and Literature)CATHERINE JOAN O'CONNOREd.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1945(English Language and Literature)II. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESDAVID DUDLEY ALLEN(Social Sciences) /HECTOR AL VAREZ-Slo/A(Social Sciences) �JAMES WILLIAM BAILEYA.B., Cornell College, 1942D.B., Garrett Biblical Institute, 1946(Education)BERNARD BERKINA.B., Roosevelt College, 1949(Education)MALCOLM HAVENS BISSELL, JR.(Sociology)FRED DEAN BJORLINGPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Social Sciences)NORMAN BRITANS.B., University of Chicago, 1939(Anthropology)JANET EVANS CAMPBELLS.B., Simmons College, 1946(Nursing Education)ELLEN EV AL YN CHURCHS.B. Nurs. Ed., University of Minnesota, 1936(Nursing Education)KIRK FOXS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Economics)RUDOLF JAKOB FREUND(Economics) ESTHER VIRGINIA KELLEYS.B. in Ed., University of Delaware, 1933(Education)MARIA LOUISE KENDEA.B., Hunter College, 1945(Sociology)MARJORIE ALMA KINNEYS.B., Ohio State University, 1948(Nursing Education)EUGENE KRAMERS.B.S.S., The College of the City ofINewlYork,�1950(Political Science)GOTTFRIED OTTO LANGA.B., Brown University, 1944(Anthropology)roNA WISHNER LEVENFELDA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Education)LAWRENCE LEVINEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Planning)JOSEPH ALFRED LOVEGraduate, Dromantine College, Newry, Ireland, 1937(Education)LEWIS NEIL MOORES.B. in B.A., University of Arkansas, 1943(Economics)DONALD JAY MOREYA.B., Reed College, 1950(Economics)ELIZABETH TARLOWSKY MORSE(Human Development)ROBERT HENRY MYERS(Political Science)JOSEPH LIPPMAN NOGEES.B., Georgetown University, 1950(History)MARIE PANORA.B., George Washington University, 1950(Political Science)MARJORIE HOLLOMAN PARKERS.B., Miner Teachers College, 1936(Education)SARAH JUANITA PARKERS.B., Xavier University, 1939(Home Economics)THORA KATHRYN PATTERSONS.B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1947(Nursing Education)JOHN McKEVITT PHELPSA.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Political Science)VLADIMIR REISKY-DUBNIC(Political Science)MARY MARGARET REMENCHIKEd.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1947(Education)JACK FRIEDMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Political Science)JOHN REMBERT PETER FRIEDMANN(Planning)JOANNE HOLDENA.B., University of Colorado, 1949(Political Science)MILDRED CAVINS HUGHESPh.B., University of Chicago, 1926(Education)RUSSELL BLAIR HURLBURT IIA.B., Dartmouth College, 1947(Political Science)CAROL G. JACOBS.B., The Johns Hopkins University, 1950(Nursing Education)VIRGINIA LUCILLE JOHNSONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Sociology)THEMETRIS EMMA JONESS.B., Tennessee Agricultural and Industrial StateTeachers College, 1946(Nursing Education)IRVING KAPLAN(An thropology)GANGAPPA REV ANNAS.B., University of Mysore, 1934B.T., ius., 1936(Education)LAWRENCE RIESERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947A.B., University of Illinois, 1949(Sociology)HATIM ABDUL SAHIBGraduate, Higher Teachers College, Baghdad, Iraq,1941(Sociology)LUCY ELLEN SAUNDERSA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Nursing Education)DANIEL EDWIN SELLS.B., Juniata College, 1948(International Relations)MARGARET SHEAEd.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1947(Education)YVONNE ENGWALL SHELINEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Education)HERBERT JAMES STORINGA.B., Colgate University, 1950(Political Science)HELEN MARGARET STROTZPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Education) JAMES DEAN TSCHIRGIPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Political Science)WILLIAM HAROLD WALDORFA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1949(Economics)FRANK HICKS WALKEA.B., Tufts College, 1949(Sociology)BARBARA LEE WEISSA.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1949(Education)ALICE ROBBINS WICKENSA.B., Morningside College, 1925(Education)OSCEOLA GENEVIEVE WILLIAMSA.B., Dillard University, 1945(Sociology)HAROLD PURCELL WINCHESTER, JR.A.B., Harvard University, 1939(Anthropology)W ANDA HAWLEY WOODS.B. in Ed., Wilberforce University, 1946(Education)RAYMOND EDWARD ZELDERA.B., Harvard University, 1950(Economics)Professional Certificate for Elementary-School Teachers:Iona Wishner Levenfeld Helen Margaret StrotzProfessional Certificate for Secondary-School Teachers:James I van Gabby Marguerite Ellen LennonIII. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLGEORGE SCHLEGEL BONNB.eh.E., Ohio State University, 1935M.Sc., uu., 1936GEORGE ARNOLD CURTISA.B., Butler University, 1940B.L.S., University of Chicago, 1948IRMA DOHRMANNS.B., Northwestern University, 1945 EDWARD WILLIAM QUINNB.Ch.E., Cooper Union Institute of Technology, 1941JUNE SMECK SMITHA.B., Wayne University, 1939A.B.L.S., University of Michigan, 1940IV. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONMARGARET MARIE DONAGGIOA.B., Hunter College, 1949SELMA MARGARET OLSENA.B., University of Colorado, 1946 KATE BERRY SHEPHERDA.B., Peabody College, 1948II. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESLEONARD BRUCE ACHORS.B., St. Ambrose College, 1948(Anatomy)BERNARD EDWARD CONLEYS.B., Duquesne University, 1942(Pharmacology)JAMES IVAN GABBYS.B., University of Chicago, 1950(Biological Sciences)TOBIAS JACOBSONS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Pharmacology) ROY MELVIN JOHNSONA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Bacteriology and Parasitology)CLIFFORD SHOJI KUW AMOTOS.B., Michigan State College, 1950(Bacteriology and Parasitology)LEONARD LOUIS WOLFSON(Bacteriology and Parasitology)II. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESBRIAN ABRAHAMSONS.B., University of Cape Town, South Africa, 1948S.M., ibid., 1949 .(Mathematics)ISRAEL DISSENS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Chemistry)MARVIN EARL HARGES(Geology)ROBERT WILLIAM JONES, JR.S.B., Southwestern College, 1947(Geology)OMAR ORION JUVELANDA.B., St. Olaf College, 1950(Chemistry)NOBORU KAWAKAMI(Geology)LAMAN F ARAJ SHAKIR KHALAFS.B., University of Chicago, 1950(Geography) JOHN LEROY KUMBA.B., Valparaiso University, 1947(Geography)JACK MILGROMA.B., University of Chicago, 1950(Chemistry)IRWIN ABRAHAM PLESSPh.B., University of Chicago, 19$0S.B., ibid., 1950(Mathematics)RUTH MABEL ROBERTSA.B., Hunter College, 1949(Mathematics)CHARLES WINTERS SCHERRS.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1949(Chemistry)JULIA HORNER THORNTONA.B., Smith College, 1940(Mathematics)III. PROFESSIONAL DEGREES1. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFor the Degree of Bachelor of Social Service:ALEXANDER WILLIAM CAMERONA.B., University of Chicago, 1948II. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree of Master of Business Administration:ROGER WILLIAM ALLENBERNARD ALPERTPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949WARREN ARTHUR BERGBOMS.B., Northwestern University, 1948JOHN ALEXANDER BOLLINGA.B., Michigan State College, 1950JOHN EDWARD BURNSS.B., University of Illinois, 1933J.D., Loyola University, 1943 ENGVALD OLIVER BYBUTHEd.B., State Teachers College, Whitewater, Wisconsin,1933JOHN MICHAEL CASEYA.B., University of Chicago, 1948PETER DUKASCORNELIUS JOSEPH FElTETHA BEATRICE FOXA.B., Central Y.M.C.A. College, 1941LL.B., Chicago Kent College of Law, 1939ROBERT CHARLES BARNETTA.B., University of Colorado, 1942(Physiology)ANN HARDING BOKMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., 1948 .(Biochemistry)MARVIN HOWARD HACKS.B., Roosevelt College, 1949(Anatomy)GEORGE TORAO OKITAA.B., Ohio State University, 1948(Pharmacology) CLYDE POWELL STROUDA.B., New Mexico Highlands University, 1947A.M., ibid., 1948(Zoology)SAUL BERNARD UDINS.B., Northwestern University, 1947(Biochemistry)HENRY MAURICE W ALLBRUNNS.B., University of Chicago, 1940(Zoology)IRVING THEODORE FRANKELJOHN MARTIN GENTS.B., Northwestern University, 1944MARIE KUHNS HARDYB.J., University of Missouri, 1927ELLSWORTH HOLADAYA.B., University of Chicago, 1941JOHN KENNETH LAWPAUL BUDLONG LYDEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949REO J. MARCOTTEA.B., Hope College, 1932M.D., University of Michigan, 1936ORVILLE GEORGE McMILLANA.B., Swarthmore College, 1949 MARGUERITE LAURA McNEILLLL.B., Chicago Kent College of Law, 1941JOS T. MOOKKENA.B., University of Madras, 1949MORTON B. PHILIPA.B., University of Chicago, 1948VINCENT PROFITACRAIG SCOTT RICEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948DIRAN JOHN SOULIANFRANCIS GEORGE STEINHAUERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949BORIS EUGENE YAROTSKYDAVID M. ZEMANIII. UNDER THE FEDERATED THEOLOGICAL FACULTYIn Co-operation with The Disciples Divinity HouseFor the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:JAMES KENNETH POWELLA.B., Arkansas State College, 1937A.M., Phillips University, 1943IV. IN THE LAW SCHOOLFor the Degree of Doctor of Law:GEORGE F. ARCHERIV. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESGEORGE DOUGLAS BLACKWOODA.B., University of Chicago, 1942A.M., ibid., 1947(History)THOMAS EDMUND CONNOLLYS.B. in Bus., Fordham University, 1939A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)ROBERT WILLIAM DENTA.B., University of Oregon, 1940A.M., ibid., 1942(English Language and Literature)ALBERT JOHN FYFEA.B., University of Toronto, 1938A.M., ibid., 1939(English Language and Literature) REASON ALVA GOODWINA.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Linguistics)McCREA HAZLETTA.B., Westminster College, 1937A.M., University of Chicago, 1938(English Language and Literature)CHRYSOULA PANOU KARDARAGraduate, University of Athens, 1946(Greek Language and Literature)MARGUERITE CAROLINE RANDA.B., Pomona College, 1919A.M., Leland Stanford University, 1922(Romance Languages and Literatures)III. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESMARTIN JACOB BERGERS.B., University of Chicago, 1943S.M., ibid., 1948(Physics)ROSCOE RILEY BRAHAM, JR.S.B., Ohio University, 1942S.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Meteorology)ALLEN ELY CAHILLPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., 1948(Chemistry)MERRILL COHENA.B., Boston University, 1948S.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Chemistry)WILLIAM LEE KESTER(Chemistry)JASSIM MUHAMAD KHALAFS.B., University of Chicago, 1941S.M., ibid., 1943(Geography) CHESTER WHITTIER NEWTONS.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.M., ibid., 1947(Meteorology)FRANK ERWIN PRETZELS.B., University of Chicago, 1942S.M., ibid., 1948(Chemistry)ERIC JACOB SIMONS.B., Case School of Applied Science, 1944S.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Chemistry)LUDWIG MAX TANNENWALDPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., 1946S.M., ibid., 1949(Physics)MARCELLO LEVI VIDALES.B., Yale University, 1944S.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Physics)IV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESPAUL HOOVER BOWMANA.B., Bridgewater College, 1934D.B., Crozer Theological Seminary, 1938A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 1938(Human Development)ROBERT ALLAN BUTLERA.B., University of Florida, 1947(Psychology)FAY GILKEY CALKINSA.B., Oberlin College, 1943A.M., Haverford College, 1945(Political Science)FLORENCE PEARL DAVISS.B., Iowa State College, 1938S.M., ibid., 1939(Education)ROBERT FRANK DE HAANA.B., Calvin College, 1947(Human Development) BASIL KARPA.B., Drake University, 1944(International Relations)GEORGE ALPHONSE DEVOSA.B., University of Chicago, 1946A.M., ibid., 1948(Psychology)EUGENE LOUIS GAIERA.B., Bucknell University, 1947A.M., State University of Iowa, 1948(Psychology)JOSEPH ELWELL GORDONA.B., Birmingham-Southern College 1942S.M., Alabama Poly technical Institute, 1949(Education)WILLIAM HAMBURGERA.B., University of Chicago, 1948A.M., ibid., 1950(Economics)ALEXANDER PAUL HARE, JR.A.B., Swarthmore College, 1947S.B., Iowa State College, 1948A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 1949(Sociology)JOHN SHARP HARRISS.B. in B.A., University of Richmond, 1939A.M., College of William & Mary, 1941S.M. in Pub. Admin., Syracuse University, 1943(Political Science)GEORGE WILLETT HOHLS.B., Drake University, 1935A.M., Northwestern University, 1939(Education) STANLEY LIPKINS.B. in S.S., The College of the City of New York, 1939S.M., ibid., 1941(Human Development)DOROTHY WHITING McPHERSONA.B., niversity of Minnesota, 1937A.M., Syracuse University, 1943(Education)HIROSHI ODO!(Psychology)VERNON ELROY OLSONEd.B., Western State Teachers College, Macomb,Illinois, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1945(Education)ARTHUR JAMES ORANGEA.B., Columbia University, 1928A.M., ibid., 1930(Psychology)MARJORIE HOLLOMAN PARKERS.B., Miner Teachers College, 1936A.M., University of Chicago, 1951(Education)JOHN MARTIN PFAUA.B., University of Chicago, 1947A.M., ibid., 1948(History)M. HENRY PITTSA.B., University of Illinois, 1936A.M., University of Chicago, 1938(Psychology)JOANNE ELLEN POWERSA.B., University of Michigan, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Psychology)CHANDLER WILLIAM ROWEA.B., Beloit College, 1939A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Anthropology)JEREMY ALFRED SARCHETA.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Human Development)PHILLIP LEONARD SIROTKINA.B., Wayne University, 1945A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Political Science)WILLIAM ROBERT THOMPSONA.B., Universityof Toronto, 1945A.M., ibid., 1947(Psychology)TANG TSOUA.B., National Southwest Associated University,Kunming, China, 1940A.M., University of Chicago, 1945(Political Science)HOWARD ALEXANDER VERNON, JR.A.B., University of Chicago, 1937A.M., ibid., 1940(History)ROSALIE HANKEY WAXA.B., University of California, 1943(Anthropology)GERHARD LUDWIG WEINBERGA.B., New York State College for Teachers (Albany),1948A.M., University of Chicago, 1949(History) HENRY NEWTON WILLIAMSS.B., State Teachers College, Murfreesboro, Tennessee,1937A.M., University of Tennessee, 1938(Political Science)CHARLES BRAINERD WILLIAMSONA.B., State University of Iowa, 1932A.M., ibid., 1938(Education)SAFARA AUSTIN WITMERA.B., Taylor University, I929A.M., Winona Lake School of Technology, 19.37(Education)LESTER PAUL WOHLERSA.B., University of Washington, I940A.M., University of Chicago, 1950(Political Science)ANNE PATRICIA YOUNGS.B. in Ed., Boston University, 1943A.M., ibid., 1944(History)V. IN THE DIVINITY SCHOOLERNEST D. NIELSENA.B., Carthage College, 1928 LEONARD MALLORY OUTERBRIDGEA.B., Wabash College, I924A.M., University of Chicago, I933ARNOLD BLACK RHODESA.B., Davidson College, 1935D.E., Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, 194ITh.M., ibid., 1942JOSEPH MITSUO KITAGAWAA.B., St. Paul's University, Tokyo, Japan, I937D.B., Seabury-Western Theological Seminary, 1947VI. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONELIZABETH STEEL LIVINGSTON GOVANA.B., University of Toronto, 1930A.B., University of Oxford, England, 1932A.M., University of Toronto, 1936VIII. "ALMA MATER" Words byEDWIN H. LEWISCOPYRIGHTIX. THE BENEDICTIONX. THE RECESSIONAL-"Noel"(The congregation remains standing during the Recession) D'AquinMARSHALHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal of the UniversityCHAUNCY DENNISON HARRISJOHN GOTTHOLD KUNSTMANNEUGENE P. NORTHROPWILBERT HERBERT URRYWARNER ARMS WICKROBERT CARLTON WOELLNERASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMSWALKER MOORE ALDERTONGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOYGEORGE HAY BROWNLEON CARNOVSKYJAMES W. J. CARPENDERWILLIAM WALFRED MUNSONMARC LEON NERLOVEJOYCE RICHWILLIAM RUDOLPH ROSENGRENJANET ELLEN STEWARTMORTON SEAMAN TENENBERGSTUDENT AIDESCHARLES EDWARD BIDWELLDAVID KIMBALL CUMMINGSTHOMAS FREW EDNIEMARJORIE LENORE GREENDALE SATTLER GRIMESELLEN DEBORAH JACOBSMARGIT CLARA LILLEHEI