THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERThe Inauguration ofLAWRENCE A. KIMPTONasChancellor of the UniversityTHE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHTHCONVOCATIONROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELOCTOBER EIGHTEENTHNINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-ONETHE INAUGURATION OF LAWRENCE A. KIMPTONTHE TWO HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHTHCONVOCATIONELEVEN O'CLOCKLAIRD BELL, Esq., Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Presiding1. ORGAN PRELUDE-Fantasia and Fugue, Opus 29FREDERICK L. MARRIOTT, University Organist and CarillonneurII. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSION(The congregation will stand during the Procession and will remain standing until after the ChoralResponse)Processional-Prelude in C MinorThe Marshal of the University and the Student AidesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Delegates from Learned Societies and Educational OrganizationsThe Delegates from Colleges and UniversitiesThe Administrative Officers of the UniversityThe Trustees of the UniversityThe Candidates for Honorary DegreesThe Convocation SpeakersThe Dean of the University ChapelThe Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the UniversityThe Chancellor of the University . Reger. BachIII. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION " America"My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring. Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty,To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.-So F. SMITHIV. THE PRAYERTHE REVEREND JOHN B. THOMPSON, Dean of the ChapelChoral ResponseV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESSES"The Disciplines of Freedom." J. E. WALLACE STERLING, President, StanfordUniversity"The Independence of Our Universities." JAMES BRYANT CONANT, President,Harvard UniversityVI. THE INDUCTION OF THE CHANCELLORThe Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the Marshal of the UniversityVII. THE INAUGURAL ADDRESSLAWRENCE A. KIMPTON, Chancellor of the U niversi tyVIII. PSALM OF DEDICATION-"Psaume 24" BoulangerThe University of Chicago Choir. HAROLD BRINDELL, Tenor; RICHARD E.VIKSTROM, Director of Chapel Music, conductingThe earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof; the world and they that dwell therein.He hath founded it on the seas and established it upon the floods.Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? And who shall stand in his holy place?He that hath clean hands and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanityand hath not sworn deceitfully.He shall receive a blessing from the Lord, and righteousness from the God of his sal­vation.This is the generation of them that seek after him; that seek thy face in Jacob, 0 Godof Jacob.Lift up your heads, 0 ye gates; and be ye lifted up, ye everlasting doors; and the Kingof glory shall come in.Who is this King of glory? The Lord strong and mighty, the Lord mighty in battle.Lift up your heads, 0 ye gates, yea, even lift them up, ye everlasting doors; and theKing of glory shall come in.Who is this King of glory? The Lord of hosts, he is the King of glory, Jehovah!IX. THE CONFERRING OF HONORARY DEGREESThe Degrees will be conferred by Chancellor Lawrence A. KimptonFor the Degree oj Doctor of Science:DETLEV W. BRONK, President, The Johns Hopkins UniversityA biophysicist distinguished for his investigations in neurophysiology, for his contribu­tions to higher education, and for his leadership in scientific research.The candidate will be escorted by DR. PAUL WEISS, Professor of Zoology, and will bepresented by DR. LOWELL T. COGGESHALL, Frederick H. Rawson Professor of Medi­cine and Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences.For the Degree oj Doctor of Humane Letters:EDWIN ARTHUR BURTT, Susan Linn Sage Professor of Philosophy, Sage Schoolof Philosophy, Cornell UniversityMetaphysician, scholar, and teacher, savant in philosophy of science and philosophyof religion, worthy follower of Locke, Leibniz, and Kant, and teacher whose excellenceis here well known.The candidate will be escorted by CHARLES HARTSHORNE, Professor of Philosophy, andwill be presented by CHARNER MARQUIS PERRY, Professor and Chairman of the De­partment of Philosophy.For the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters:HAROLD F. CHERNISS, Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, PrincetonScholar, historian, and humanist, who has published monumental studies of Aristotle'scriticism of the Presocratics, Plato, and the Academy, and of the treatment of Plato'sdoctrine by his immediate successors.The candidate will be escorted by GERTRUDE ELIZABETH SMITH, Edward Olson Profes­sor and Chairman of the Department of Greek Language and Literature, and willbe presented by RICHARD PETER McKEON, Distinguished Service Professor of Phi­losophy and of Greek.For the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters:WILLIAM ALBERT NITZE, Andrew MacLeish Distinguished Service ProfessorEmeritus of Romance Languages and Literatures, The University of Chicago- Outstanding authority in the field of French literature and ideas, whose profound schol­arship, intellectual integrity, and breadth of human understanding have gained for himan international reputation.The candidate will be escorted by PIERRE ROBERT VIGNERON, Professor of French Lit­erature and Chairman of the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures,and will be presented by CLARENCE EDWARD PARMENTER, Professor of RomancePhonetics.For the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters:ARTHUR MEIER SCHLESINGER, Francis Lee Higginson Professor of AmericanHistory, Harvard UniversityDistinguished scholar in the field of American history, whose investigations and bril­liant interpretations have signally extended the boundaries of knowledge in that field.The candidate will be escorted by WALTER JOHNSON, Professor of American Historyand Chairman of the Department of History, and will be presented by BESSIE LOUISEPIERCE, Professor of American History.For the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters:GEORGE WILEY SHERBURN, Professor and Chairman of the Division of ModernLanguages, Harvard UniversityEminent biographer, editor, and literary historian, who by his scholarship and teach­ing has revitalized the study of eighteenth-century English literature.The candidate will be escorted by ARTHUR FRIEDMAN, Associate Professor of English,and will be presented by NAPIER WILT, Professor of English and Dean of the Divi­sion of the Humanities.For the Degree oj Doctor of Laws:ROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS, Associate Director of the Ford Foundation andformer Chancellor of the University of ChicagoCourageous and creative administrator of this University, great leader of educationfor freedom and responsibility, devoted worker for a just and peaceful world.The candidate will be escorted by JOHN ULRIC NEF, Professor of Economic History,and will be presented by ROBERT REDFIELD, Professor of Anthropology.X. "Alma Mater" MandevilleToday we gladly sing the praiseOf her who owns us as her sons;Our loyal voices let us raise,And bless her with our benisons.Of all fair mothers, fairest she,Most wise of all that wisest be,Most true of all the true, say we,Is our dear Alma Mater. Her mighty learning we would tell,Tho" life is something more than lore;She could not love her sons so well,Loved she not truth and honor more.We praise her breadth of charity,Her faith that truth shall make men free,That right shall live eternally,We praise our Alma Mater.The City White hath fled the earth,But where the azure waters lie,A nobler city hath its birth,The City Gray that ne'er shall die.For decades and for centuries,Its battlemented tow'rs shall rise,Beneath the hope filled western skies,'Tis our dear Alma Mater.-EDWIN H. LEWISXI. THE BENEDICTIONXII. THE RECESSIONAL-Fugue on the Hymn-Tune "St. Anne" Bach(The congregation remains standing during the Recession)THE DELEGATES FROM LEARNED SOCIETIES ANDEDUCATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS187619151913185918851888191918891909187619011846191918421869190017431887190318921900194219061909192019061890190518791915190418901886190619051850DATE OFFOUNDING17801934190218481916 American Academy of Arts and SciencesAmerican Academy of Tropical MedicineAmerican Anthropological AssociationAmerican Association for the Advancement ofScienceAmerican Association of Collegiate Schools ofBusinessAmerican Association of Pathologists and Bac-teriologists .American Association of Schools of Social WorkAmerican Association of University ProfessorsAmerican Astronomical SocietyAmerican Baptist Convention, Board of Educa-tion and Publication .American Chemical SocietyAmerican College of PhysiciansAmerican College of Surgeons .American Dental AssociationAmerican Economic AssociationAmerican Folklore Society .American Geophysical Union .American Historical Association, TheAmerican Home Economics AssociationAmerican Library Association .American Mathematical SocietyAmerican Medical Association .American Meteorological SocietyAmerican Oriental Society .American Philological AssociationAmerican Philosophical AssociationAmerican Philosophical Society, TheAmerican Physiological SocietyAmerican Political Science AssociationAmerican Psychological AssociationAmerican Roentgen Ray SocietyAmerican Society for Aesthetics, TheAmerican Society of Biological Chemists, Inc.American Society for Clinical InvestigationAmerican Society for Experimental PathologyAmerican Society of International LawAmerican Society of Zoologists .American Sociological Society .Archaeological Institute of AmericaAssociation of American Colleges .Association of American Geographers, TheAssociation of American Medical CollegesAssociation of American PhysiciansBotanical Society of America, Inc ..Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement ofTeachingChicago Medical Society19001919191518991827 MR. KARL P. SCHMIDTPROFESSOR WILLIAM HAY TALIAFERROPROFESSOR FRED EGGANPROFESSOR FOREST RAY MOULTONPROFESSOR ERNEST COULTER DAVIESDR. PAUL ROBERTS CANNONDR. KATHERINE ANNE KENDALLPROFESSOR BRUNSON MACCHESNEYPROFESSOR KA J AAGE STRANDMRS. C. D. EULETTEDR. ERNEST H. VOLWILERDR. HOWARD WAKEFIELDDR. DALLAS B. PHEMISTERDR. ALBERT A. DAHLBERGPROFESSOR J AMES WASHINGTON BELLDR. RICHARD ALAN WATERMANDR. JOSEPH C. BOYCEPROFESSOR GRAY COWAN BOYCEPAST PRESIDENT FRANCES Lucy SWAINMR. ARTHUR TENNEY HAMLINPROFESSOR WILLIAM THOMAS REIDDR. JOSIAH J. MOOREMR. RICHARD J. ROTHPRESIDENT JOHN ALBERT WILSONPROFESSOR JAKOB AALL OTTESEN LARSENPROFESSOR CHARNER MARQUIS PERRYPROFESSOR WILLIAM HAY TALIAFERRODR. RALPH WALDO GERARDPROFESSOR KENNETH COLEGROVEPROFESSOR ADAM RAYMOND GILLILANDDR. PAUL CHESLEY HODGESPROFESSOR RICHARD PETER McKEONPROFESSOR EARL ALISON EVANS, JR.DR. CLAYTON GARR LOOSLIDR. PAUL ROBERTS CANNONPROFESSOR BRUNSON MAC CHESNEYDR. LINCOLN V. DOMMDR. ALBERT J. REISS, JR.PROFESSOR GERTRUDE ELIZABETH SMITHPRESIDENT LERoy ELWOOD KIMBALLDR. CLARENCE B. ODELLPRESIDENT ARTHUR C. BACHMEYERDR. C. PHILLIP MILLERDR. THEODOR K. JUSTDR. ARTHUR HOLLY COMPTONPRESIDENT H. KENNETH SCATLIFF DATFOUN189:191:191!194(195�193�1881lW192!191 (191 !1801192,192'191 :192:194'188:1921186187119511n193:189189'18811St}DATE OFFOUNDING1893 Chicago Natural History Museum .1911 College Art Association .1915 Ecological Society of America .1940 Field Foundation, The .1951 Fund for the Advancement of Education1931 Genetics Society of America1888 Geological Society of America, The1919 Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery1925 Institute of Current World Affairs, Inc.1919 Institute of International Education1915 Institute of Medicine1808 Koninklijke N ederlandsche Akademie van We-tenschappen1924 Linguistic Society of America .1929 Lucius N. Littauer Foundation1915 Mathematical Association of America.1925 Mediaeval Academy of America1949 Mid-West Inter-Library Association1883 Modern Language Association of America1926 Museum of Science and Industry .1863 National Academy of Sciences .1870 National Education Association of the UnitedStates1950 National Science Foundation1776 Phi Beta Kappa, United Chapters of1933 Royal Institute of Thailand1895 Sigma Xi, The Society of the1899 Society of American Bacteriologists1880 Society of Biblical Literature and Exegesis15th Century Vatican Library DIRECTOR CLIFFORD C. GREGGPROFESSOR J. CARSON WEBSTERPROFESSOR CHARLES EDWARD OLMSTEDVICE-PRESIDENT MAXWELL HAHNPRESIDENT CLARENCE HENRY FAUSTPROFESSOR SEWALL WRIGHTDR. MORRIS M. LEIGHTONPROFESSOR VIRGIL B. HELTZELMR. PHILLIPS TALBOTDIRECTOR LOUISE LEONARD WRIGHT (MRS. QUINCY)DR. WALTER H. THEOBALDPROFESSOR TJALLING C. KOOPMANSDR. NORMAN A. MCQUOWNPRESIDENT HARRY STARRPRESIDENT SAUNDERS MACLANEPROFESSOR EMERITUS EINAR J ORANSONDIRECTOR RALPH T. ESTERQUESTPRESIDENT EMERITUS FRANKLYN BLISS SNYDERPRESIDENT LENOX R. LOHRPRESIDENT DETLEV W. BRONKDR. HEROLD C. HUNTASSISTANT DIRECTOR PAUL ERNEST KLOPSTEGDR. RAYMOND WALTERSHIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE WAN W AlTHA YAKONDR. DONALD B. PRENTICEPROFESSOR WILLIAM BURROWSPROFESSOR RALPH MARCUSTHE VERY REVEREND MONSIGNOR HARRY C. KOENIG116'183183186,189,183'177188186'189183.187,183184'1891851187183186'185186185185184178194THE DELEGATES FROM COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIESDATE OFFOUNDING1838 Acadia University (Canada)1874 Adelaide, University of (Australia)1889 Agnes Scott College .1870 Akron, The University of-1831 Alabama, University of .1457 Albert Ludwig University at Freiburg (Ger-many)1907 Alberta, University of (Canada)1835 Albion College1815 Allegheny College1881 American School of Classical Studies at Athens(Greece)1821 Amherst College.1853 Antioch College1885 Arizona, University of1871 Arkansas, University of1879 Art Institute of Chicago, The1860 Augustana College (Illinois)1860 Augustana Theological Seminary1893 Aurora College1825 Baden Technical Institute (Germany) .1845 Baldwin-Wallace College1918 Ball State Teachers College1864 Bates College.1846 Beloit College1932 Bennington College1855 Berea College1948 Bergen, U niversi ty of (N orw a y )1901 Birmingham, The University of (England)1856 Birmingham-Southern College1857 Blackburn College1088 Bologna, University of (Italy)1839 Boston University.1794 Bowdoin College1897 Bradley University1948 Brandeis University1915 British Columbia, The University of (Canada)1764 Brown University (Rhode Island)1885 Bryn Mawr College1846 Bucknell University1846 Buffalo, University of1855 Butler University1868 California, University of1891 California Institute of Technology, The1930 Canberra University College (Australia)1829 Capetown, University of (South Africa)1866 Carleton College .1900 Carnegie Institute of Technology1880 Case Institute of Technology1425 Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium)1934 Chicago City]unior College (Herzl Branch)1934 Chicago City]unior College (Wilson Branch)1934 Chicago City Junior College (Wright Branch) OATFaUN189'191:186'186'191'DR. CHARLES BRENTON HUGGINSDR. ARTHUR DENNINGGEORGIA WATSON CRAVEN (MRS. AVERY 0.)MR. MAX R. KLEINDR. ] OHN ]. SHEININ 181'184'194'188'188'185181181'181'1861871187,175·186·188191185:186.187:181:DR. COIS'STANTIN VON DIETZEMR. RUSSELL LAWRENCE KUTZMRS. ] OHN T. RIDDELLDR. FREDERICK STEPHEN BREEDDR. OSCAR BRONEERDEAN CHARLES SCOTT PORTERMR. ROBERT M. DUNLAPMR. NELSON FORRESTMR. THOMAS CLINTON MULLINSDIRECTOR DANIEL CATTON RICHPRESIDENT CONRAD BERGENDOFFPRESIDENT KARL E. MATTSONPRESIDENT THEODORE PIERSON STEPHENSPROFESSOR WILHELM SPANNHAKEDR. PAUL A. SCHILPPDEAN RALPH NOYERMR. HARTLEY CABOT RAYPRESIDENT CAREY CRONE ISMRS. MILTON C. MORRISONPRESIDENT FRANCIS S. HUTCHINSDIRECTOR LIEF ]AHRMANN WILHELMSENPROFESSOR GEOFFREY VINCENT RAYNORMR. SHELBY EDWARD SOUTHARDPRESIDENT EMERITUS WILLIAM MESTREZAT HUDSONDR. CESARE BARBIERIMR. CHARLES F. BossTHE HONORABLE PAUL H. DOUGLASVICE-PRESIDENT CECIL MELNOTT HEWITTPRESIDENT ABRAM LEON SACHARDR. SYLVIA LETTICE THRUPPPROVOST SAMUEL TOMLINSON ARNOLDMRS. MCPHERSON HOLTDR. ROBERT EUGENE STREETERMR. RALPH P. WEEGARPRESIDENT M. O. RossDEAN VERN O. KNUDSENDR. LE VAN GRIFFISDR. ARTHUR DENNINGDR. LAURENCE CHISHOLM YOUNGPRESIDENT LAURENCE MCKINLEY GOULDDR. HUGH]. McDONALDACTING PRESIDENT ELMER HUTCHISSONMR. FRANS RotmRT TAELEMANSDEAN] AMES MAURICE MCCALLISTERDEAN OMER S . WILLIAMSDEAN PETER MASIKO, ]R.�s DATE OFFOUNDING18911912186718691917 Chicago Lutheran Theological SeminaryChicago Medical School, TheChicago Musical CollegeChicago Teachers College .Chulalongkorn University at Bangkog (Siam)18191847194718871889185118131819181918651870187417541864188119111853186518781818 Cincinnati, University ofCity College of the City of New York, TheClaremont Men's CollegeClark University.Clemson Agricultural College, TheCoe College .Colby CollegeColgate UniversityColgate-Rochester Divinity SchoolCollege of the Bible, TheColorado Agricultural and Mechanical CollegeColorado CollegeColumbia UniversityConcordia Teachers College (Illinois)Connecticut, The University ofConnecticut College for WomenCornell College .Cornell UniversityCreighton University, TheDalhousie University at Halifax, Nova Scotia(Canada)Dartmouth College .Delaware, University of .Denison University .Denver, University ofDe Paul University .17691833183118641898183717731881186718911838187818321847189518501871183618671855186618531857184117871946 DePauw University .Dickinson College (Pennsylvania)Drake UniversityDrew Theological SeminaryDrexel Institute of Technology.Duke University .Duquesne UniversityDurham, University of (England)Earlham College .Eastern Illinois State CollegeEden Theological SeminaryElmhurst CollegeEmory UniversityEpiscopal Theological SchoolEureka CollegeFisk UniversityFlorida, University ofFlorida State UniversityFordham University.Franklin and Marshall College.Gadjah Mada University (Indonesia) DEAN JOSEPH SITTLERPRESIDENT JOHN J. SHEININPRESIDENT RUDOLPH GANZPROFESSOR LOUISE L. TYLER (MRS. RALPH W.)SECRETARy-GENERAL MOM RAJAWONGSE SALAB LATA-VALYAPRESIDENT RAYMOND Vy ALTERSMR. JULESJ. J(OHENNMR. JACK GRAY SWANSONMR. OTTO FERDINAND BONDPRESIDENT ROBERT FRANKLIN POOLEDR. ALFRED SAMUEL NICKLESSDR. HERBERT SHAW PHILBRICKMR. ROSCOE A. PAGEDR. GENE E. BARTLETTDR. J(ENNETH B. BOWENMR. DONOVAN E. INMANDR. HAROLD T. DAVISPROFESSOR HARVEY FLETCHERDEAN ALFRED SCHMIEDINGPRESIDENT A. N. JORGENSENGRACE BENNETT NUVEEN (MRS. JOHN)PRESIDENT RUSSELL D. COLEDEAN CARLETON CHASE MURDOCKTHOMAS L. BRISCH, ESQ.DR. WILLARD OWEN THOMPSONDR. LEONARD DUPEE WHITEDEAN CARL JOHN REESPRESIDENT A. BLAIR J(NAPPDR. DANIEL DAY WILLIAMSTHE VERY REVEREND PRESIDENT COMERFORD J.O'MALLEY, C.M.PRESIDENT RUSSELL J. HUMBERTSAMUEL VY. WITWER, JR., ESQ.PRESIDENT HENRY GADD HARMONMR. BLAIR SUMNER LATSHAWDEAN J(ENNETH GORDON MATHESON, JR.DEAN JOSEPH ADOLPHUS MCCLAIN , JR.MR. BERTRAM J. STEGGERTMR. JAMES VINCENT J(INNIER-WILSONDR. DAVID E. HENLEYPRESIDENT ROBERT GUY BUZZARDDR. ROBERT C. STANGERPRESIDENT HENRY W. DINKMEYERDEAN HENRY PRENTICE MILLERDR. E. ASHLEY GERHARDPRESIDENT BURRUS DICKINSONPRESIDENT CHARLES SPURGEON JOHNSONMR. WINTHROP M. ROBINSONDR. EDWIN R. WALKERFREDERICK J. ASHLEY, ESQ.DR. WARD VINTON EVANSDR. RADEN SUWANTODATE OFFOUNDING1853 Garrett Biblical Institute1789 Georgetown University .1821 George Washington University, The1890 George Williams College1885 Georgia Institute of Technology1817 Ghent, State University of (Belgium)1885 Goucher College.1846 Grinnell College .1812 Hamilton College1854 Hamline University1636 Harvard University1833 Haverford College1907 Hawaii, University of1851 Hope College1867 Howard University1870 Hunter College of the City of N ew York1892 Iliff School of Theology, The1867 Illinois, University of1829 Illinois College1892 Illinois Institute of Technology1857 Illinois State Normal University1850 Illinois Wesleyan University1870 Indiana State Teachers College1820 Indiana University1947 Indonesia, University of1847 Iowa, State University of1858 Iowa State College, The1876 Iowa State Teachers College19011914187615821833186519291910186518241837182618571847186518651836186018371853187018851846 James Millikin UniversityJohann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt­on-Main (Germany) .Johns Hopkins University, The.Julius Maximilian University at Wiirzburg(Germany) .Kalamazoo CollegeKansas, The University ofKansas City, The University ofKent State UniversityKentucky, University ofKenyon CollegeKnox CollegeLafayette CollegeLake Forest CollegeLawrence CollegeLehigh UniversityLincoln CollegeLondon, University of (England)Louisiana State University and Agriculturaland Mechanical CollegeLouisville, University of .Louisville Presbyterian Theological SeminaryLoyola University (Illinois) .Macalester CollegeMacMurray College for Women PRESIDENT HORACE GREELEY SMITHMR. THOMAS A. DEANSAMUEL WILLIAM KIPNIS, ESQ.PRESIDENT HAROLD C. COFFMANMR. BOLAN HERBERT BOATNERPROFESSOR J. BAPTISTE GILLISLucy GRAVES TALIAFERRO (MRS. WILLIAM H.)MR. JOHN R. HEATHPRESIDENT ROBERT WARD McEWENDR. FRANK E. PACKARDPRESIDENT JAMES BRYANT CONANTDR. FRANCIS HOWELL WRIGHTMR. ROBERT HORWITZPRESIDENT IRWIN JACOB LUBBERSCLIFFORD H. TAVERNIER, ESQ.PROFESSOR JEWELL HUGHES BUSHEYACTING PRESIDENT WILLIAM HENRY BERNHARDTPRESIDENT GEORGE DINSMORE STODDARDPROFESSOR JOE PATTERSON SMITHVICE-PRESIDENT JOHN THEODORE RETTALIATADEAN ARTHUR HOFF LARSENPROFESSOR MILDRED HUNTPRESIDENT RALPH NOBLE TIREYPRESIDENT HERMAN B. WELLSDR. RADEN SUWANTODEAN WALTER FERDINAND LOEHWINGPRESIDENT CHARLES EDWIN FRILEYPRESIDENT J. W. MAUCKERANDREW J. DALLSTREAM, ESQ.DR. WILHELM PAUCKPRESIDENT DETLEV W. BRONKPRO RECTOR ERNST ROESSERPRESIDENT JOHN SCOTT EVERTONDEAN JOHN HERBERT NELSONDR. AVERY ODELLE CRAVENMR. ALFRED PAUL TISCHENDORFDR. JAMES W. CARNAHANMR. WILLIAM GOFF CAPLES IIIPROFESSOR IRA EDWARD NEIFERTPRESIDENT RALPH COOPER HUTCHISONDR. ERNEST A. JOHNSONPRESIDENT NATHAN MARSH PUSEYPRESIDENT MARTIN DEWEY WHITAKERPRESIDENT RAYMOND NELSON DOOLEYDR. FRIEDRICH A. VON HAYEKMR. JOSEPH EUGENE ALEXANDERDR. MORTON GRODZINSDR. DAVID AMURTH NOBLEDEAN STEWART E. DOLLARD, S.J.PRESIDENT CHARLES J. TURCKMRS. CHARLES CHESTER 183:188�187(180,DATEFoUND1851188918771835186418071863186118291821185319401809181718001852185118511839189818931876188718371930190818371916188618691800186618891919194719481831179:1861189C1891189C189E191�189:1851184�DATE OFFOUNDING18511889187718351864 Manchester, The University of (England)Manchester College .Manitoba, The University of (Canada)Marietta CollegeMarquette University180718631861182918211853194018091817180018521851185118391898189318761887183719301908183719161886186918001866188919191947 Maryland, The University ofMassachusetts, University ofMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMcCormick Theological SeminaryMcGill University (Canada)Melbourne, University of (Australia)Mexico City CollegeMiami UniversityMichigan, University ofMiddlebury College.Mills College .Milwaukee-Downer CollegeMinnesota, University ofMissouri, University of .Montana State College .Montana State UniversityMontreal, University of (Canada)194818311795186118901891189018981913189518511842 Moorhead State Teachers CollegeMount Holyoke CollegeMundelein College .Municipal University of OmahaMuskingum College .Mysore, University of (India)National College of EducationNebraska, University of .New Brunswick, University of (Canada)New Hampshire, University of .New Mexico, University of .New School for Social ResearchNew South Wales University of Technology(Australia) .New York, State University ofNew York UniversityNorth Carolina, The University ofNorth Central CollegeNorth Dakota Agricultural CollegeNorth Park College and Theological SeminaryNorth Texas State College .Northeastern UniversityNorthern Baptist Theological SeminaryNorthern Illinois State Teachers CollegeNorthwestern UniversityNotre Dame, University of1833188718701804 Oberlin College .Occidental CollegeOhio State UniversityOhio University . PROFESSOR MICHAEL POLANYIPRESIDENT VERNON F . SCHWALMPROFESSOR DAVID SCOTT WOODSDEAN WILBUR SCHRAMMTHE VERY REVEREND PRESIDENT EDWARD J. O'DON-NELL, S.J.MR. JOHN H. NORTONMR. WARREN P. GINGRASDEAN GEORGE RUSSELL HARRISONDEAN OVID ROGERS SELLERSVICE-PRINCIPAL JOHN JOHNSTON O'NEILLDR. ARTHUR DENNINGMISS HELEN M. LANDRYPROFESSOR ARTHUR CONSAUL WICKENDENPRESIDENT HARLAN HENTHORNE HATCHERDR. JAMES CURRIE McLEODMRS. HOLMAN PETTIBONEMRS. ADOLPH FALLER, JR.DEAN ERRETT WEIR McDIARMIDDEAN FRANK FLETCHER STEPHENSMR. WILLIAM F. SLOANDR. JOSIAH J. MOORETHE VERY REVEREND CANON VICE-RECTOR GEORGESDENIGERPRESIDENT OTTO WELTON SNARRDR. HELEN VINCENT McLEAN (MRS. FRANKLIN C.)PRESIDENT MARY JOHN MICHAEL, B.V.M.PROFESSOR EVERETT M. HOSMANPRESIDENT ROBERT NATHANIEL MONTGOMERYMR. GHOUSE AHMED SHARIFFPRESIDENT K. RICHARD JOHNSONCHANCELLOR REUBEN GILBERT GUSTAVSONMARGARET BELYEA WlI.�ON (MRS. THOMAS J.)MISS HELEN GWENDOLYN JONESVICE-PRESIDENT FRANCE V. SCHOLESMR. NATHAN W. LEVINVICE-CHANCELLOR ARTHUR DENNINGACTING PRESIDENT CHARLES GARSIDEACTING CHANCELLOR JAMES L. MADDENVICE-PRESIDENT LOGAN WILSONDEAN CLARENCE E. ERFFMEYERDR. ARNI HELGASONPRESIDENT CLARENCE AUGUST NELSONDR. WILLIS LIONEL MILLERMR. STERLING B. DOUGLASDEAN PEDER STIANSENPRESIDENT LESLIE A. HOLMESPRESIDENT JAMES ROSCOE MILLERVICE-PRESIDENT THEODORE M. HESBURGH, C.S.C.PRESIDENT WILLIAM EDWARDS STEVENSONDR. CLARENCE A. SPAULDINGDR. OLOF NORLING-CHRISTENSENDR. BRUCE LINEBURGDATE OF DATE (FOUNDING FOUND!:1842 Ohio Wesleyan University IRWIN T. GILRUTH, ESQ. 18641890 Oklahoma, University of PRESIDENT GEORGE LYNN CROSS 18501872 Oregon, University of MR. JAMES WILLIAM BUSHONG 18701868 Oregon State College MR. WILLIAM EDWARD NORTH 188912th Century Oxford, University of (England) PROFESSOR NEVIL VINCENT SIDGWICK 17991882 Panjab, The University of the (Pakistan) PROFESSOR S. M. AKHTAR 18841253 Paris, University of (Sorbonne) PROFESSOR DANIEL MORNET 17941912 Pasadena College DR. JAMES RUSSELL GARDNER 18831740 Pennsylvania, University of . PRESIDENT HAROLD E. STASSEN 18731855 Pennsylvania State College, The MR. HAROLD W. BROWALL 19011787 Pittsburgh, University of CHANCELLOR R. H. FITZGERALD 19261887 Pomona College . DR. RAYMOND S. SMITH 18271890 Pratt Institute Library School MISS ELOISE ARLINE LIGHTFOOT 18231746 Princeton University DEAN FRANCIS RICHARD BORROUM GODOLPHIN 18541898 Principia College, The DEAN ALFRED GERTSCH 18341903 Puerto Rico, University of DR. JOSE PADIN 18941869 Purdue University PRESIDENT FREDERICK LAWSON HOVDE 17951841 Queen's University (Canada) DR. IRA GARNETT BARBER 183618761879 Radcliffe College DR. BERTHA HARRIS WILES 18501824 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute DEAN RICHARD ALFRED WAITE, JR.1912 Rice Institute, The PRESIDENT WILLIAM V. HOUSTON 18591851 Ripon College PRESIDENT CLARK GEORGE KUEBLER 18721863 Robert College (Turkey) DR. ROBERT S. HARDY 18611850 Rochester, University of DEAN] OHN EDWARD HOFFMEISTER 17911885 Rollins College ACTING PRESIDENT HUGH FERGUSON McKEAN 18421945 Roosevelt College VICE-PRESIDENT WAYNE A. R. LEYS 18191848 Rosary College PROFESSOR MARY AQUINAS DEVLIN, O.P. 18391916 Russell Sage College RUTH S. CLARKE (MRS. H. ].) 18621766 Rutgers University PRESIDENT ROBERT CLARKSON CLOTHIER 18321696 St. John's College (Maryland) PRESIDENT RICHARD DANIEL WEIGLE 18341818 Saint Louis University PRESIDENT PAUL C. REINERT, S.]. 189018611874 St. Olaf College PRESIDENT CLEMENS M. GRANSKOU 17801885 St. Thomas, College of THE VERY REVEREND PRESIDENT VINCENT]' FLYNN 17491243 Salamanca, University of (Spain) MR. SIM6N MARIN 18531855 San Francisco, University of DR. EUGENE SHIELS, S.]. 18681611 Santo Tomas, University of (Philippines) MR. RICARDO C. PASTOR 18701934 Sao Paulo, University of (Brazil) PROFESSOR WALDEMAR MARTINS SERREIRA 18311926 Sarah Lawrence College MRS. JOSEPH F. RICKARDS 18671926 Scripps College MISS] EAN ALICE BUTZ 19111905 Sheffield, The University of (England) THE RIGHT HONOURABLE (CHANCELLOR) THE EARL 1853OF HALIFAX1853 Shimer College PRESIDENT AARON] OHN BRUMBAUGH 19031827 Shurtleff College . PRESIDENT DAVID ANDREW WEAVER 18781899 Simmons College MRS. ROSWELL H. CHRISMAN 18261871 Smith College DEAN HELEN WHITCOMB RANDALL 18511801 South Carolina, University of MR. GEORGE CURRY 18601881 South Dakota State College of Agriculture and 1834Mechanic Arts DR. THEODORE W. SCHULTZ 16931880 Southern California, University of . DEAN BERNARD L. HYINK 17931869 Southern Illinois University PRESIDENT DELYTE W. MORRIS 18481911 Southern Methodist University DR. ROLAND WENDELL HARRISON 18801848 Southwestern at Memphis PRESIDENT PEYTON N ALLE RHODES 18451891 Stanford University PRESIDENT J. E. WALLACE STERLING 18661833 Stephens College . MRS. ]AMES W. HARDY 1701DATE OFFOUNDING1864 Swarthmore College . ALLIN H. PIERCE, ESQ.1850 Sydney, University of (Australia) DR. ARTHUR DENNING1870 Syracuse University . VICE-CHANCELLOR FINLA GOFF CRAWFORD1889 Tasmania, University of (Australia) DR. ARTHUR DENNING1799 Technical University at Berlin (Germany) PROFESSOR PAUL RIEBENSAHM1884 Temple University PROFESSOR JAMES ALEXANDER HARRISON1794 Tennessee, The University of GEORGE C. HAGER, ESQ.1883 Texas, The University of DUDLEY K. WOODWARD, jR., ESQ.1873 Texas Christian University . DR. JAMES A. CRAIN1901 Texas State College for Women MRS. W. L. MILLER1926 Texas Technological College DR. JAMES BRYAN STINE1827 Toronto, University of (Canada) PRESIDENT SIDNEY EARLE SMITH1823 Trinity College (Connecticut) . MR. DAVID B. PECK III1854 Tufts College . MR. WILLIAM JOSEPH HALLIGAN1834 Tulane University PRESIDENT RUFUS CARROLLTON HARRIS1894 Tulsa, University of . MR. JOHN T. KEOWN1795 Union College (New York) PRESIDENT CARTER DAVIDSON1836 Union Theological Seminary DR. RAY FREEMAN J ENNEY1876 United States Coast Guard Academy DR. JERRY BARTON HOAG1850 Utah, University of . DR. RICHARD H. YOUNG1859 Valparaiso University PRESIDENT OTTO PAUL KRETZMANN1872 Vanderbilt University JOHN NEAL CAMPBELL, ESQ.1861 Vassar College DEAN MARION T AIT1791 Vermont, University of MR. HAROLD C. GATES1842 Villanova College COLONEL WILFRED G. MACCARTHY1819 Virginia, University of DR. FRANCIS SEABURY CHASE1839 Virginia Military Institute COLONEL SAMUEL LORD AUSTIN1862 Virginia Polytechnic Institute CAPTAIN HARRY LELUCE DODSON1832 Wabash College PRESIDENT FRANK HUGH SPARKS1834 Wake Forest College DR. CHARLES CONANT JOSEY1890 Washington, The State College of . DR. HUGH C. VINCENT1861 Washington, University of DR. PAUL K. HATTN 1780 Washington and jefferson College PRESIDENT BOYD CRUMRINE PATTERSON1749 Washington and Lee University MR. GILBERT GARDNER1853 Washington University CHANCELLOR ARTHUR HOLLY COMPTON1868 Wayne University DR. G. FLINT PURDY1870 Wellesley College MRS. T. KENNETH BOYD1831 Wesleyan University JOHN E. WING, ESQ.1867 West Virginia University MRs. FRANK j. MOSKALRL 1911 Western Australia, University of DR. ARTHUR DENNING1853 Western College for Women DR. SUSAN WADE PEABODY1903 Western Michigan College of Education VICE-PRESIDENT WYNAND WICHERS1878 Western Ontario, University of (Canada) MISS DOROTHY M. MORGAN1826 Western Reserve University PRESIDENT JOHN SCHOFF MILLIS1851 Westminster College (Pennsylvania) MRS. W. COURTNEY WILSON1860 Wheaton College (Illinois) PRESIDENT V. RAYMOND EDMAN1834 Wheaton College (Massachusetts) BERYL PROCTOR FENSTEMACHER (MRS. W. R.)1693 William and Mary, College of MR. EDWIN DARIUS MEADE1793 Williams College STUART j. TEMPLETON, ESQ.1848 Wisconsin, The University of PRESIDENT EDWIN BROUN FRED1880 Wisconsin State College. PRESIDENT j. MAR TIN KLOTSCHE1845 Wittenberg College DR. CLARENCE T. SIMON1866 Wooster, The College of DR. MARY ZELENE JOHNSON1701 Yale University DEAN WILLIAM CLYDE DEVANEHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal of the UniversityMARSHALCHAUNCY DENNISON HARRISJOHN GOTTHOLD KUNST MANNEUGENE P. NORTHROPWILBERT HERBERT URRYWARNER ARMS WICKROBERT CARLTON WOELLNERASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMSWALKER MOORE ALDERTONGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOYGEORGE HAY BROWNLEON CARNOVSKYJAMES W. J. CARPENDERWILLIAM WALFRED MUNSONMARC LEON NERLOVEJOYCE RICHWILLIAM RUDOLPH ROSENGRENMINDA RAE SENSIBARJANET ELLEN STEWARTMORTON SEAMAN TENENBERGRICHARD CARLTON WOELLNERSTUDENT AIDESROBERT DAVID BESTDAVID KIMBALL CUMMINGSTHOMAS FREW EDNIEMARJORIE LENORE GREENDALE SATTLER GRIMESELLEN DEBORAH JACOBSNANCY ANN LASHERMARGIT CLARA LILLEHEIESTHER MILLMAN