�be 'Ulnt"ersit� of (tbicagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHETwo HUNDRED FORTY-SIXTHCONVOCATION�bt �prfngTHIRD SESSIONJUNE TWENTIETHA.D. NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-ONEROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORDER OF EXERCISESFOR THE CONFERRING OF THE BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN THE COLLEGETEN O'CLOCKLAWRENCE A. KIMPTON, Chancellor of the University, Presiding1. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional- Rubensmarch BenoitThe Marshal and the S tuden t AidesThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Trustees and Administrative OfficersThe Dean of the University ChapelThe President of the UniversityThe Chancellor of the University. II. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION America(The congregation standing until after the prayer)My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty.Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring. Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty-To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.=s. F. SMITHIII. THE PRAYERTHE REVEREND JOHN B. THOMPSON, Dean of the University ChapelIV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"Is Adventure Still Possible?" ERNEST CADMAN COLWELL, President of the Uni­versityV. SOLO-"Comfort ye, comfort ye my people." From The MessiahCARL HONZAK, Tenor, University of Chicago Choir HandelComfort ye, comfprt ye my people, saith your God; speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem;and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned.Every valley shall be exaltedEvery valley shall be exalted, and every mountain and hill made low; the crooked straight,and the rough places plain.VI. THE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGThe awards for excellence in Undergraduate Teaching are made toKNOX CALVIN HILL, Assistant Professor of the Humanities in the CollegeFirst appointed as an instructor in 1940, Mr. Hill returned to the faculty of the College in 1946, aftera long and distinguished period of service in the United States Army. A musician and student of music,Mr. Hill first served as a teacher of Humanities I and then, as his present interest in philosophy andaesthetics deepened, as an outstanding teacher of Humanities 2 and the course in the Organizations,Methods, and Principles of Knowledge. He is now Chairman of Humanities 2. To all of these difficultand diverse tasks, Mr. Hill has brought an unfailing candor, lucidity, and thoroughness which have wonfor him the highest respect of his students and colleagues.J AMES BAYARD PARSONS, Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Dean of Students in the Division of thePhysical SciencesMr. Parsons received the A.B. degree from Washington College, Maryland, served in France in WorldWar I, later attended the University of Grenoble, France, and Johns Hopkins University. He receivedthe Ph.D. degree in 1931 in chemistry from the University of Chicago. As Head of the Physical Sciencesat Wilson Junior College, he developed the General Course in the Physical Sciences and collaboratedwith Ronneberg and Cheronis in the authorship of a well-known textbook in the Physical Sciences. Mr.Parsons came to the University of Chicago in 1946 as Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Dean ofStudents in the Division of the Physical Sciences where he has done outstanding teaching in GeneralChemistry 105-106-107. By his work in bringing together students and faculty in social as well as in­tellectual affairs, he has contributed to the entire Department of Chemistry.H. STEFAN SCHULTZ, Associate Professor of GermanMr. Schultz received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Williams College in 1928 and the degree ofDoctor of Philosophy, in classical archaeology, from the University of Berlin in 1931. Appointed jointlyto the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures and to the College Faculty in 1947, Mr.Schultz has from the first brought his extraordinarily wide knowledge and appreciation of humane studiesto bear upon the teaching of language and literature. In the College he has created a new course for stu­dents who wish to pursue in the German language their work in the humanities. In the Department ofGermanic Languages and Literatures he has served the field of contemporary German literature withparticular distinction. In all of his teaching, his appreciation and enthusiasm for all humanistic studyand endeavor have been a source of insight and inspiration to his students and colleagues.VII. THE AWARD OF HONORSA warded General Honors with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Boris AuerbachEdmund Allan BashkinRenato William BegheAlice Celia BlakeHugh A. BrodkeyLawrence Benjamin ButtenwieserDavid Kimball CummingsBruno Eric EpsteinAnne Oakes FinkelsteinDick Hartman FredericksenRoger Estlick GerkinMary Jane GholsonMartin Paul GoutermanMarjorie Lenore GreenDale Sattler GrimesIrwin GronerEdward Patrick Kirby Hade, Jr.George John JacksonJonathan Val JacksonJohn Anthony JaneOren Lloyd J arinkesDonald John Jenkins Thomas Grant KernLois Nell KeyJohn Patrick KirschtMax LesnickRobert Alan LeVineRichard Alan LevinsonJudith LivingstonFelix Faust Loeb, Jr.Terry Farquhar LunsfordNancy Lee McClungMichael Morris MillerSidney Stuart MoranWilliam Walfred MunsonRobert Allen N eidorfDavid Arthur NelsonBruce Charles NovogradAmelie Sarah OksenbergPatricia Jean PilliardWalter McKenzie PintnerHallowell PopeSusannah Jane RichJohn William Ross Francis Garland Russell, Jr.Emanuel SavasGilbert Leslie SchechtmanHerbert SchneidermanHelen Louise SchropeIrwin Jay SchulmanRichard Edward SchwartzMinda Rae SensibarJohn Albert Sonquist, Jr.Richard SparerElias M. SteinMorton Seaman TenenbergRobert William TregayCharles Van BuskirkFrederick Ludwig VookThomas Alexander WaldmannCarolyn Margaret WeistWilliam Stewart WellsEdward Frank WenteRichard Carlton WoellnerKarl Ernst ZimmerRoger Estlick GerkinAwarded Honors in the Humanities with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Gilbert Leslie SchechtmanTerry Farquhar LunsfordA warded Honors in French with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Marjorie Lenore GreenAwarded Honors in Mathematics with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Elias M. SteinAwarded Honors in Observation, Interpretation, and. Integration with the Bachelor'sDegree in the College:Eliezer Lawrence Berman Susannah Jane RichMembers elected to Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on nomination by theUniversity for especial distinction in general scholarship in the University:Wiley Curtis CrawfordAnton William De PorteHaskell DeutschJoseph Fainberg Jack Isadore KarushJohn Francis KraftPhyllis Findley MaslowHans Otto Mauksch Lyle Alexander PatrickMartin PickerWilliam Austin PryorMembers elected to Sigma Xi on nomination of the Departments of Science for evidenceof ability in research work in Science:Elaine Ruth BermanLaurence Albert BlatzJohn Willard BokmanOliver Hutchins BownMarie BronskiKeith Ernest ChaveJohn James ChiakulasSarah CountsHarmon Bushnell CraigCalvin Jackson DillahaAlthea GlinesNorman Nathan GreenmanHarriet HarveyHoward Holtzer Richard Beves HoltzmanFrancis Clark HowellJohn Calhoun JamiesonFrederick Arthur Johnson, Jr.William Harding JohnsonAubrey Clayton JonesHerbert KannerLeroy Gregory KavaljianJames William LashAllan Leven te LorinczMargaret Wilson MangelLawrence Melvin MatarreseCharles Price McCartney Luiz O. T. MendesGeorge Henry Miller, Jr.Douglas Mills MoreBernice N eugartenJerry S. OlsonJean Hideko OmotoCarol Frances Lundie PembertonHyman RatnerAdelle Lena RoginskyThomas Philip RudyBetty Warren StarrMartin Joseph SteindlerRichard Baker StoughtonMembers elected to the Chicago Chapter of the Order of the Coif on nomination of theLaw School for high distinction in the professional work of the Law School:Paul Judson AllisonGeorge AnastoploJohn Borst, Jr.Arnold Martin Chutkow Herbert Charles EphraimMiles JaffeRobert Nelson Kharasch Laurence Raymond LeeAbner Joseph MikvaSheldon Robert SteinAnn Macdonald Sweet, FirstThe Florence James Adams Prizes for excellence in Artistic Reading are awarded toGene Patrick Halboth, SecondCarl Eldon WennerstromThe Milo P. Jewett Prize for excellence in Bible Reading is awarded toLafayette Ross GarnerThe John Billings Fiske Poetry Prize is awarded toPoem: DonatusHonorable mention:Stanley Howard RosenPaul Donnelly Carroll Poem: Three Variations on an Egyptian ThemePoem: The Glass ChurchThe David Blair McLaughlin Prizes for excellence in the writing of English Prose areawarded toJoyce Rabin, FirstPatricia Jeannette Cross, Second Essay: The Victim as ExPer.tEssay: Strength of Will as Tragic Motivation in the Tragedies of IbsenThe Olga Menn and Paul Menn Foundation Prizes for Play- and Story-Writing areawarded toReynold Vincent AnselmoJackson Visscher BurgessPaul M. SillsLeonard Wolfe Play: AnniversaryStory: Old Guy and His HorseStory: The Stone ManStory: Crazy Carey Walks Me HomeMildred KunerThe Charles H. Sergei Drama Prize is awarded toPlay: The New AlcestisThe Howard Taylor Ricketts Award, in recognition of outstanding accomplishment inthe field of Rickettsial Diseases, is made toHerald R. Cox, Director, Section of Viral and Rickettsial Research, Lederle LaboratoriesThe Political Institutions Prizes are awarded toHerbert Lee Caplan, FirstClive Studley Gray � SecondRosalyn Rae Witten Essay: Worker Rights under British SocialismEssay: Obedience to Conscience vs. Obedience to LawEssay: Religious Civil Liberties for the Jews in IsraelThe Borden Undergraduate Research Award in Medicine, to the member of the graduat­ing class in the School of Medicine whose research is judged to be the most meritorious,is made toJames Henry Eldredge, Jr.The Elizabeth Susan Dixon Honor A ward, to a student in the School of Social ServiceAdministration for outstanding work in the first year and promise of future achieve­ment in the field of Social Work, is made toHarriet Martin PopeThe Elsa Reinhardt Honor Award, to a student in the School of Social Service Adminis­tration for outstanding work in the first year and promise of future achievement in thefield of Social Work, is made toJohn Mike RomanyshynThe Susan Colver Rosenberger Educational Prize for a dissertation reporting the resultsof original research in the field of Sociology is awarded toShirley Ann Star Thesis: Interracial Tension in Two Areas of Chicago: An ExploratoryApproach to the Measurement of Interracial TensionThe Goethe Prize to a College student for excellence in the study of German Languageand Literature is awarded toClive Studley GrayThe Theodore Lee N eiJ Prize for excellence in the study of French Language and Litera­ture is awarded toMilton Willis FinsteinThe Elizabeth R. Norton Prize for excellence in research in Chemistry is awarded toArthur Gerald KowalskyThe Frank Lewis A ward for excellence in Mathematics is awarded toHazleton MirkilThe Harry Ginsburg Memorial Prize in the Department of Physiology is awarded toRobert Joseph RaimanThe William A. Bond Medal, to the varsity track athlete scoring the greatest number ofpoints during the season, is awarded toMarcellus Avery GoffThe Daniel Lewis H oiJer Trophy for excellence in Gymnastics is awarded toJames McCaslin JacksonThe W. J. M onilaw Medal, to the second-year College student ranking highest in generalathletic ability, good citizenship, and scholarship, is awarded toDavid Garrick UtleyVIII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or of Philosophy in the College pre­sented by Dean Frederick Champion WardThe Student Aides presented by Harold A. Anderson, Marshal of the UniversityCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREEHugh AaronAlan Ben AbramWilliam Mansfield AdamsJohn Clifton Agar, Jr.Victor Lee AndrewsReynold Vincent AnselmoAnthony John ArauJoan Marie ArchibaldDonald Glueck ArnstineNorman Miles AronovskyBoris AuerbachStanley David BakerEugene Dinier BalsleyLeonard BanesJohn Stanislaus BaranLewis Raisman BaronHarry Harvey BashEdmund Allan BashkinWillard Horatio BeattieRenato William BegheSteven D. BeligratisColette Blanche BenvenisteEliezer Lawrence BermanAlice Celia BlakeHenry David BlumbergHoward Mark BobrenCharles Anton BoucRichard BrillGene Carter BroadusHugh A. BrodkeyGerald H. BrodyKarl Lowell BruceCharles Booz BrunnerMark Alexander BuchholzRichard August BucholzJackson Visscher BurgessLawrence Benjamin ButtenwieserHannah Unger CahanJohn Richard CalmanJune Mabelle CampbellPhyllis John CappasClyde Marston CaseSandra Corinne ChusidDennis Neil ClarkGeorge Edward CoadeRichard Edwin CoggeshallGilbert Alan CornfieldBeverly Jean CrabbEdward Roberts CrawfordJack Cleaston CrosbyPatricia Jeannette CrossDavid Kimball CummingsDennis Jerome Currie, Jr.James Harry Curtis ' For the Degree oj Bachelor oj Arts:Robert Heywood DavenportChester DavisJames Everman DavisFrances Adele DeasonGeorge Huling DempseyMario Stephen DePillisWilliam Edward DonovanIra Marvin DorfmanMary Elizabeth DotyPaul Alfred DotyRobert Lee Dougherty, Jr.Joy Millis DuvallPatricia Ann DyerLeRoy Alfred EcklundHoward Robert EngelBruno Eric EpsteinCatherine Barbara ErnstWalter FeitDavid Bruce FinkelAnne Oakes FinkelsteinLeonard Brent Foster, Jr.Charles Hugh FrazeeDick Hartman FredericksenKenneth Aaron FriedmanAlice Caroline GaarBarbara Gretchen GansJames Garden, Jr.Leona GardnerJoy Ann GaultRoger Estlick GerkinMary Jane GholsonBeatrice Ann GibsonPhilip Arnold GiffinFloyd Harry GillesStanley Bertram Gilson, Jr.Gerald Morton GlasserJames Anselm GleesonMitchell Edward GlicksteinJane Juel GlucksmanStuart D. GoldmanLloyd Melvin GordonPatricia Anne GouldMartin Paul GoutermanJerold Norton GraffMitchell Jeffrey GrebMarjorie Lenore GreenThomas George GreenBernard Frederick GrieselDale Sattler GrimesMaurice Frederick GroatIsolde Joy GrodzinsIrwin GronerMoy Fook GumNaphtali Gutstein Warren Raymond HalperinDavid HamburgEileen Marie HargroveSuzanne HarrisJ ens Aage HeilskovRobert Maxwell HendricksonCal Cedric HerrmannPhilip Robert HoltDavid E. HonnoldBarbara Ruby HorvitzIrving HorwitzJeanne Marilyn HurwitzTheodore Robert HusekDan Bert IsaacGeorge John JacksonJonathan Val JacksonEllen Deborah JacobsRichard Leonard JamesJohn Anthony JaneOren Lloyd J arinkesDonald John JenkinsKirk Algon JohnsonRay Marion Johnson, Jr ..Shifra Alpha KahnJohn Quarles KampsRuth Cronheim KaphanRichard Ronald KarlenLawrence Donald KartunFlora Patricia KellyMcClellan Stewart KennedyThomas Grant KernRobert Dana KestnbaumLois Nell KeyJames Keith KindahlJohn Patrick Kirsch tSumner KirshnerLenore KnasterKurt Otto KonietzkoJudith Levin KovacsDaniel Stanley KowalczykJeanne Kathryn KyrasWilliam Paul LaMere, Jr.D. Kathryn LamphiearSheldon LandyArthur Henry LaneI von Henri LatimerBurton Myron LeiserBernard George LenskeHoward Lee LeonardMax LesnickJoan Helen LeveySusan LevinRobert Alan LeVineRichard Alan Levinson'e- Eugene Walter LewisHarold Ralph Lewis, Jr.Judith LivingstonFelix Faust Loeb, Jr.Robert Spencer LongVictor Nelson LowSuzon Swanson LoweTerry Farquhar LunsfordElizabeth MacGregorShirlie Ishbel MacMillenShane Henry MageGeorge Franklyn Malloy, Jr.Robert Lawrence MarksonAnnette Teresa MartinHugo MartinesMarian Dianne MaurerNancy Lee McClungJerome Edward McGillicuddyWalter Meln tyre, Jr.Mary Joanna McWilliamsRobert Norman MeehanMichael MeissJohn Charles Meyer, J r.Michael Morris MillerEsther MillmanDon Allan MillsLawrence B. MohrSidney Stuart MoranMarjorie Ann MorrillRoger Raphael MorseWilliam Walfred MurisonSylvia Elaine MustisRuth Lenore NeedelmanRobert Allen NeidorfSarah Agnes NeillDavid Arthur Nelson. Joan Bernice NeumanNoreen NovickBruce Charles N ovogradAmelie Sarah OksenbergMartin OransVivian Lois OrthLeon Spelly OtisRobert Sanford OzeranTatiana PadwaMichael ParaThomas Bernhard PetryDonald Moss PharesPatricia Jean PilliardWalter McKenzie PintnerEugene Leslie PollackHallowell PopeWalter Frederick Pretorius, Jr. D. Harvey PuchowitzNancy Jean QuiriconiAgnes Elva RandelAlan Harvey Raphael,Mahlon Brand RaymundDonald Lea ReavesClifford Bruce ReiflerRu th Lorraine ReisSusannah Jane RichMichel Paul RichardNathaniel Irving RisleyDaniel Jay RobbinsGeorge Stanley RosenbergFrank Duane RosengrenRoslyn RosmanJohn William RossIrene Ann RuffoFrancis Garland Russell, Jr.James Joseph RyanBernard Jerome SachsRobert Pierce St. JohnSheldon Wilfred SamuelsTheodore Nicholas SarachmanIrwin Murry Sarna tEmanuel SavasMarlene Adelle SaxeJohn Michael ScandaliosMorton Schagrin .Gilbert Leslie SchechtmanJames Henry SchliffHerbert SchneidermanHelen Louise SchropeIrwin Jay SchulmanHenry Oscar SchwartzMildred SchwartzRichard Edward SchwartzMinda Rae SensibarJoseph Stanley ShimbelJay Silverman .James Albert SmithKenneth Howard SmithJoan Lorraine SolomonFrank Joe SonleitnerJohn Albert Sonquist, Jr.Richard SparerWilliam Randolph SpeerFrank Wayne SpringerVivienne Celine StarnRolf Emil StavenhagenRobert Lee SteeleElias M, SteinGary Albert SteinerMarvin Edward Stender Charles Lester StermerRonald Howard StromClarence Ronald Stroupe'Louis Joseph SummariaMarian SuttaAlbert Carl Svoboda, Jr.Paul Thorsten SwensonJames Robert TaylorMorton Seaman TenenbergGerald Alexander TermanEugene Uwe ThiessenRobert Stephen ThomasDavid Earl TingleyCharlotte Rebecca TollTom Hamilton TowersLouis Marco TrefonasRobert William TregayPeter Ronald TritschMary Joan UdellJohn Spero VarnesCharles VanBuskirkLee Jay VickmanFrederick Ludwig VookThomas Alexander WaldmannJack Harvey WallerSteve WargoWilma WattsFrederick Renfroe Weedon, Jr.James Milton WeinraubCarolyn Margaret WeistWilliam Stewart WellsEdward Frank WenteJacqueline Claire WerleWilliam Rodney WhippleWilliam James White, Jr.Cynthia Ann WickensWesley Arthur WildmanRaymond Leslie WilkinsArline WillarIsrael Louis WinarskyGerald Neil WinnNancy WintersRosalyn Rae WittenRichard Carlton WoellnerElizabeth Jane WoodAnn Colesworthy WrightFumi YamamotoCarol Robert YellinDorothy Ritsuko YoshimoriKarl Ernst ZimmerRobert ZipfAnita ZuckmanFor the Degree ,of Bachelor of Philosophy:Wesley Paul BoisEugene Hanon BorowitzWilliam Elton BurdickErnest William Chi ago urisPaul Francis CostelloGeorge Francis DruryEarle Bartlett Griffey Edward Patrick Kirby Hade, Jr.Marie Pauline HassJames Gardiner HollandRobert Cyril KotzElizabeth Schroeder MackWilliam Henderson Marlow Harry Kenneth NelsonBeulah SeideDonald Harry ServiceDavid Houghton SuddethFrank G. TernenyiJoseph YavitTHE STUDENT AIDESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in the College:Alice Celia BlakeDavid Kimball CummingsMarjorie Lenore Green Ellen Deborah JacobsMinda Rae SensibarMorton Seaman Tenenberg Carolyn Margaret WeistRichard Carlton W oellnerIIX. "ALMA MATER" Words byEDWIN H. LEWISben - i-sons.hon- or more.mler shall die.r:'\ter.t�r.ter,COPYRIGHTX. THE BENEDICTIONXI. THE RECESSIONAL-Honors March(The congregation remains standing during the Recession) MarriottMARSHALHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal of the UniversityASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMSWALKER MOORE ALDERTONWALTER BARTKYGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOYGEORGE HAY BROWN LEON CARNOVSKYREUBEN FRODINJOHN GOTTHOLD KUNSTMANNEUGENE P. NORTHROPSTUDENT AIDESALICE CELIA BLAKEDAVID KIMBALL CUMMINGSTHOMAS FREW EDNIEMARJORIE LENORE GREENELLEN DEBORAH JACOBSESTHER MILLMAN WILLIAM WALFRED MUNSONMARC LEON NERLOVEMINDA RAE SENSIBARMORTON SEAMAN TENENBERGCAROLYN MARGARET WEISTRICHARD CARLTON WOELLNERT