Vii/\tbe :tnnt"ersft\? of 'f,bfcago.FOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHETwo HUNDRED FORTY-FIFTH(CONVOCATION/tEbt �inttrMARC H SIXTE E NTHA.D. NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTY-ONEROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELLn�<.:\nos, '2, 4 S - 2. 1.\ 9Q c? V "\ Q._..-�I�\R 12,..00 + c_oORDER OF EXERCISES1. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional-"All Glory, Laud, and Honor" TeschnerThe Marshal and the Student AidesThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Trustees and Administrative OfficersThe Associate Dean of the University ChapelThe Dean of the Division of the Biological Sciences and the Candidate for theRosenberger MedalThe President of the University and the Convocation OratorII. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION America(The congregation standing until after the Prayer)My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty.Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring. Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty-To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.-So F. SMITHIII. THE PRAYERTHE REVEREND WALLACE WOODSOME ROBBINS, Associate Dean of the UniversityChapelIV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"The Scholar in an Age of Action." PRESIDENT DETLEV W. BRONK, The JohnsHopkins UniversityV. SOLO-"Oh! Had I Jubal's Lyre," Achsah's aria from Joshua HandelMARION DAVIS, Soloist of the University ChoirOh! had I Jubal's lyre,Or Miriam's tuneful voice,To sounds like his I would aspire, In songs like hers rejoice.My humble strains but faintly showHow much to heaven and thee I owe.VI. THE AWARD OF HONORSMembers elected to Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on nomination by theUniversity for especial distinction in general scholarship in the University:George AnastaploGerald Seidmann Handel Robert Stephen Merrill Frank Theodore SolmitzMembers elected to Sigma Xi on nomination of the Departments of Science for evidenceof ability in research work in Science:A vigdor BackRobert Gardner BartleLeonard David BerkovitzErik Kauffmann BondeKenneth Taylor BrownRobert Allan ButlerAllen Ely CahillMichael Marks Davis, Jr.Irving Thomas DiamondLeRoy Edward EllinwoodConrad Sidney FischerKarl FrankMatthew Page Gaffney, Jr.Minnie HellerRobert Daniel HessJoseph Edward Hind, Jr.Georgiana Rogers HlavacekHoward Chester Hornig Howard Peter J enerickAlice Kiernan J onietzGeorge KleinArthur Gerald KowalskyHerbert Fenton LampRobert Radcliffe LongSeymour Leonard LustmanLeonidas MarinelliSheldon Leo MatlowDavid McCray MerriellDudley Bruce MerrifieldErnest Arthur MichaelClair Eugene MillerHugo Charles MoellerRuth Miriam MyersJames Barker NidayHiroshi OdoiHenry William Oliver M. Henry PittsRobert Allen PlaneRobert Edmund Ransmeier, Jr.George Warren Reed, Jr.Joseph Alfred RiderIsidor Alexander RosenbergJames Patrick SanAntonioHarold Fredrich SchuknechtLeonard Sidney SingerThomas Glenn StinchcombGwendolen Schmidt StoughtonAndrew Dillard Suttle, Jr.William Robert ThompsonGeorge Robert TiltonOtto Hubert TrippelDaniel WatermanLouis Max WeinerHarry Lawrence WilliamsVII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for degrees will be presented by the Deans in the following order:Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Al.rts or of Science in the Divisions by DeanRalph Winfred TylerCandidates for the degree of Master of Arts or of Science by Associate DeanEverett Claire Olson .Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Social Service by Dean Helen RussellWrightCandidates for the degree of Master of Business Administration by Dean Garfield V.CoxCandidate for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity by Dean William Barnett Blake­moreCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Law by Dean Edward H. LeviCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine by Dean Lowell T. CoggeshallCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Ralph Winfred TylerCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREE1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy:Millard Carter JohnstonII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Science:LaVerne Nelson Black Bernard Century Maurice NewmanIll. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Science:George Augustus Binder IIIRobert Floyd Hornbeck Joel Windsor Newby, Jr.Audrey Louise Selitzky John Richard Walton, Jr.1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESWithout thesisCANDIDATES FOR HIGHER DEGREES1. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSMERLE ATTWOOD ARNOLDA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(English Language and Literature)DALE CHARLES CHAPMANA.B., Richmond College, 1946(History)LOUIS WILLIAM CROMPTONA.B., University of Toronto, 1947A.M., ibid., 1948(English Language and Literature)LLOYD EDWARD DODDA.B., De Pauw University, 1950(Humanities)LUCIEN LESLIE FARKAS(English Language and Literature)ROBERT WELTON HEMENWAYA.B., University of Chicago, 1946(English Language and Literature)RAYMOND JOHNSONA.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)ANN RICHEY LEEA.B., Scripps College, 1944(English Language and Literature)MARTIN LIGHTA.B., Pennsylvania State College, 1949(English Language and Literature)ROY SPENCER MECKLENBURG(English Language and Literature)SEYMOUR SCHNEIDERA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(English Language and Literature)MARY NAESETH SCHUBERTPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Art)ERNEST WILLIAM STILLERA.B., Haverford College, 1930(Latin Language and Literature)IRWINWEILA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Linguistics)GERALDINE PELTON ZOLONDEK(English Language and Literature) Thesis: American Policy Regarding Sino-Japanese Relations,1868-80Wi thou t thesisWi thou t thesisWithout thesisWi thou t thesisWi thou t thesisWi thou t thesisWithout thesisWi thou t thesisWithou t thesisPaper: The Use of Plastics in Fine ArtPaper: A Comparison of the "Illas Latina" with the Poems ofPublius Vergilius M aroPaper: Dostoyevsky and Gorky: Two Similar Types of HumanismApproached in Different WaysWi thou t thesisII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESWILLIAM JACOB ACON(International Relations)HERBERT ELLIOT BAUMA.B., Ohio State University, 1948(Economics)CHRISTOPHER JOEL CADBURYS.B., Haverford College, 1943(Human Development)ROGER FRANKLIN CARRA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(International Relations)VINCENT CHENB.L., National Chung Cheng University, 1944(Political Science) Thesis: Postwar Economic Recovery in the Netherlands and theMarshall PlanWithout thesisPaper: The Expression of Feeling in the Tone of VoiceThesis: The Development of Nonbelligerency in American Diplo­macy during 1940Thesis: Sino-Russian Relations in the Seventeenth CenturyGEORGIA WELCH CLARKA.B., University of Texas, I949(Political Science)CECIL COHENA.B., Roosevelt College, I948(History)FRED DAVIS(Sociology)HOWARD McCONNELL DONALDSON(Social Sciences)JOHN WILLIAM DYCKMANEd. B., Chicago Teachers College, I944(Planning)KATHRYN BARBARA ERNSTESS.B., Catholic University of America, I948(Nursing Education)GRACE LUCILE ESHELMANS.B., Manchester College, I944(Nursing Education)THEODORE NELSON FERRIS, JR.A.B., Western Reserve University, I946(Education)IRA ALBERT GLAZIERA.B., New York University, I948(History)IRA OSCAR GLICKA.B., Roosevelt College, I949(Sociology)JOHN SYDNEY GOLDEN(Anthropology)BENJAMIN GORDONA.B., Harvard University, I943(Economics)KENNETH SCOTT GREEN, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, I947(History)GERALD SEIDMANN HANDELA.B., University of Chicago, I947(Human Development)ANTONIO J. HENSONLitt.B., University of Santo Tomas,Manila, P.I., I937(Political Science)URSULA HOLTERMANNS.B., London School of Economics and PoliticalScience, I948(Political Science)LEROY ROBERT HORN(International Relations)WILLIAM JOHN JANS(Education)DAVID LEE JICKLINGA.B., University of Chicago, I948(Political Science)NORMAN BRUCE JOHNSTONA.B., Central Michigan College of Education, I943(Sociology)VIRGINIA PHYLLIS KELLEYA.B., University of Chicago, I946(Political Science)PHILIP RUSSELL LAMBROSA.B., George Washington University, I948(History)DONALD CHRISTIAN LUECKA.B., University of Notre Dame, I950(Political Science)MARIAN McELHANEYS.B., University of Nebraska, I949(Education) Thesis: The Temporary Mixed Commission in the United StatesWithout thesisThesis: The Community Newspaper in Metropolitan Chicago: AStudy of Its PersonnelPaper: Vocational Education in the Light of General EducationPaper: The Problem of Industrial Investment in the ChicagoSouth SidePaper: The Preparation and Functions of Hospital Nurse Con­sultantsPaper: Rehabilitation of the Visually HandicappedPaper: Objectives and Obstacles in the Teaching of PoetryThesis: Lamartine Revolutionist: Theory and PracticeThesis: The Study of a Marginal Religious GroupPaper: Political Factions among Three North American IndianTribes: Hopi, Klamath-Modoc, and FoxWithout thesisWithout thesisPaper: Parental Rejection and Status StrivingThesis: A Political Analysis of the Hukbalahap MovementWi thou t thesisThesis: Postwar Recovery in GreecePaper: The Catholic Attitude toward CoeducationThesis: Civil Service Ethics: A Study of Conduct ValuesThesis: A Reconsideration of Certain Factors in the Predictionof Success or Failure on Parole from the Illinois State Peni­tentiary, JolietThesis: An Evaluation of Proposals for a Plebiscite in KashmirThesis: The New Question of Alsace-Lorraine, I9I8-32Thesis: The Proposed Columbia Valley Administration and thePrinciples of AdministrationPaper: An Analysis of Teaching Problems Encountered by Stu­dent TeachersDAVID ISRAEL MEISELMANA.B., Boston University, 1947(Economics)NORMAN MELLERA.B., University of California, 1942LL.B., Hastings College of Law, 1936(Political Science)GEORGE JOSEPH NOLLETA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Sociology)MAXINE WINSOR NORDQUISTS.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Education)MAX MILBURN PEHLS.B., University of Illinois, 1939(International Relations)HARRY HAMILTON POLLAKA.B., Rutgers. University, 1948(International Relations)CAROLYN QUINNA.B., Alabama College, 1945(Political Science)IRA MILES ROBINSONA.B., Wesleyan University, 1945(Planning)MICHAEL RODZENKO(Economics)ALFRED CHARLES ROGERSS.B., George Williams College, 1940(Human Development)CHARLES EDWARD ROGERSEd.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1945(Education)PRISCILLA HUNTINGTON ROLFEA.B., Sarah Lawrence College, 1944(Human Development)WILLIAM MADISON ROLOFSONA.B., Stanford University, 1949(International Relations)LOIS ANNE ROSENPh.B., University of Chicago, 1944A.M., ibid., 1946(Planning)LEONARD GERSON ROSENBERGA.B., Brooklyn College, 1948(Economics)DONALD MERLE SALZMANA.B., Illinois Wesleyan University, 1949(Sociology)HENRY NORRIS SA1\l"BORNA.B., George Washington University, 1949(Economics)SHERMAN SHAPIROA.B., Queen's College, Flushing, New York, 1948(Economics)FREDRIC ROBERT STEINHAUSERS.B., Mankato State Teachers College, 1949(Geography)FRIEDA SOPHIE MAGDALENE STUTEA.B., De Paul University, 1947(History)PERRY D. TEITELBAUMS.B., College of the City of New York, 1946A.M., Columbia University, 1948(Economics)WILLIAM HENRY TRAYES, JR.(Political Science)CHARLES WARREN VAN CLEVEA.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., Ball State Teachers College, 1949(Political Science) Without thesisWi thou t thesisThesis: The Community Newspaper in Metropolitan Chicago: AStudy of Its Growth and OrganizationThesis: Behavior Comparison of Two Preschool GroupsThesis: A Survey of Peaceful Integrative Relations betweenGroups in Primitive Societies Capable of Warlike RelationsThesis: The Role of the Congress of Industrial Organizations inthe World Federation of Trade-UnionsThesis: Executive Control of Administration in Alabama: TheNeed for Reorganization of State GovernmentPaper: Planning for Postwar PolandThesis: The Economic Implications of Weather Control forAmerican AgriculturePaper: An Analysis of the Recreation Programs and Services ofthe Youth-serving Informal Educational Agencies of HydeParkPaper: Legal Aspects of Church-State Relations in Regard toEducation in the United StatesPaper: Some Differences between Behavior Reported by Parentsand Behavior Observed in Their Children, and Hypotheses asto Why These Differences ExistThesis: Relations between the Chinese and the British Governmentof Malaya up to I942Paper: City Planning for Residential DesirabilityWithout thesisThesis: A Study of the I solation and Immunization of I ndividu­als from the Larger Society in Which They Are LivingWithout thesisWi thou t thesisThesis: Dispersed Manufacturing of the South Redeoelopmen tArea, ChicagoWithout thesisWi thou t thesisThesis: Training the City ManagerThesis: Byron as a Political ThinkerCAROLYN WIESENDER(Anthropology)RONALD EDWARD WILLIAMSA.B., University of Akron, 1948(Economics) Paper: Social Integration in Northern LuzonWithout thesisPhilip Russell LambrosProfessional Certificate for Secondary-School Teachers:Seymour Schneider Mary Naeseth SchubertHoward McConnell DonaldsonProfessional Certificate for Junior-College Teachers:Richard Russell Robinson George Kenney SchrockIII. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLLUCILE FAWN VICKERSA.B., Morningside College, 1923S.B. in L.S., University of Illinois, 1932ZONA KEMP WILLIAMSS.B., Simmons College, 1933 Thesis: T he Use Made of the Public Library by Children of SiouxCity, IowaThesis: The Determination of Administrative Units for LibraryPurposes in Relation to Desirable Administrative Units forCertain Other Governmental FunctionsIV. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONMICHAEL JAY BEGABA.B., University of Chicago, 1948BILLIE V. BIRNEYERNEST WILLIAM COOKA.B., University of Massachusetts, 1949FREDERIC WILLIAM HASTINGSBERTHA MIl\TNIE HEINEMEYERA.B., Montana State University, 1949DOROTHEA STARKWEATHER HOSCHA.B., University of California at Los Angeles, 1943CHARLOTTE JELKSA.B., Florida State College for Women, 1924A.M., University of Michigan, 1932PAUL KLASSENA.B., Bluffton College, 1948.FANNIE KREVITSKYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1931IRENE LA VILLA NORDINEEd.B., Illinois State Normal University, 1934SIMON SHOLOM PAVAA.B., American International College, 1949GUY WILLIAM PUNTCHA.B., North Texas State College, 1949GEORGE K. ROBBINSS.B., Lewis Institute, 1939HERBERT ELLIS RUBENMATHILDA STERNFELD SREEBNYIRVING BENJAMIN TEBORS.B. in Ed., Northern Illinois State TeachersCollege, 1947PEARL OVELLE THOMASA.B. in Ed., University of Georgia, 1939 Without thesisReport: Interpretation of an Institutional Program to ParentsPlacing a ChildWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWi thou t thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWi thou t thesisWithout thesisThesis: Responses of Roots of Viciafaba to Naphthalene AceticAcidII. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCEr. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESNEHEMA MASSEL GLASSMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.B., ibid., 1949(Botany)STANLEY LANGPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.B., ibid., 1949(Physiology)MANDYA NAGARAJS.B., University of Mysore, Bangalore, India, 1945(Botany)MAKOTO RANDOLPH NAKAMURAA.B., University of Hawaii, 1949(Bacteriology and Parasitology) Thesis: Enzymes, Hormones, and MetabolismThesis: Megasporogenesis and Megagametophyte Development inPopulus DeltoidesThesis: A Critical Evaluation of the Experimental W or ks Rele­vant to the Cultivation of Hansen's BacillusII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESRICHARD GEORGE BADERS.B., University of Maine, 1948S.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Geology)EUGENE IRVING BLOUNTA.B., Harvard University, 1947(Physics)JAY BURNS IIIS.B., Northwestern University, 1947(Physics)KEITH ERNEST CHAVEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Geology)EVERETT CLIPPINGERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Chemistry)GEORGE VICTOR DEVERALLS.B., Purdue University, 1948(Physics)ROBERT JAMES FRIAUFS.B., Duke University, 1947(Physics)ROBERT RUSSELL HEIKESS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1948(Physics)RICHARD GEORGE HERZS.B., Central Y.M.C.A. College, 1946(Chemistry)BEN DANCE HOLTS.B., University of Tennessee, 1941(Chemistry)ISRAEL SAMSON JACOBSS.B., University of Michigan, 1947(Physics)ALLAN NATHAN KAUFMANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., 1949(Physics)JOSEPH K. LANDAUER(Physics)THOMAS ANDREW LIESS.B., John Carroll University, 1949(Chemistry)WILLIAM WILSON MULLINSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Physics)HARRY ELMER NAGLE(Geology) Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisLLOYD SPENCER NELSONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Chemistry) Without thesisGORDON ALBERT NOBLEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., I949(Chemistry)WILLIAM LYMAN PORTERA.B., Oberlin College, I938(Geography) Without thesisThesis: The Geography of the Heavy Industry of Texas CityWILLIAM JOSEPH RIORDANS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, I948(Mathematics) Without thesisJOHN STANLEY ROSCOEPh.B., University of Chicago, I947(Chemistry)FRANK LIVINGSTON ROSENS.B., Georgia School of Technology, I945(Physics) Without thesisWithout thesisFRANK SHERWOOD ROWLANDA.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, I948(Chemistry) Without thesisMORRIS FRAENKEL SCHARFFS.B., Tulane University, I948(Physics) Without thesisFRANK THEODORE SOLMITZ(Physics) Without thesisRAYMOND JOSEPH SOLOMONOFFPh.B., University of Chicago, I948(Physics) Without thesisHENRY LEWIS STADLERA.B., Harvard University, I948(Physics) Without thesisTHOMAS TAMOTSU SUGIHARAA.B., Kalamazoo College, I945(Chemistry)ERNESTO TRUCCO(Physics) Without thesisWithout thesisALFRED RUSSEL VERNONPh.B., University of Chicago, I948(Physics) Without thesisLYNN ALEXANDER KEELING WATTS.B., University of Manitoba, I947(Physics) Without thesisGEORGE WEST WETHERILL, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, I948S.B., ibid., I949(Physics) Without thesisPETER KLAUS WEYL(Physics)GAURANG BHASKAR YODHS.B., Royal Institute of Science, Bombay, India, I948(Physics) Without thesisWithout thesisHERBERT HIROSHI YOSHIKAWAPh.B., University of Chicago, I948(Physics) Without thesisIII. PROFESSIONAL DEGREES1. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONRUBY LEE DORDEK For the Degree of Bachelor of Social Service:BERNADINE EUNICE ROSEBURGEILEEN KUNC VANDERLEES. B., Oklahoma Agricultural and MechanicalCollege, 1946CHARLES JOSEPH WEITHMANS.B., Purdue University, 1938II. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree of Master of Business Administration:GEORGE PAUL HEISLERS.B.C., Roosevelt College, 1950DALE ALAN HOLBERTEDWARD CHEVALIER KNUDSONA.B., Amherst College, 1913JOHN FRANCIS LITTLEA.B.Sc., University of Toronto, 1949JOSEPH MARKUSICHA.B., University of Chicago, 1941 JOSEPH ORLICKYDr. of Law, Charles University, Prague,Czechoslovakia, 1948WILBUR JOHN PECKAPETER GEORGE PETERSONS.B., Northwestern University, 1947(With Honors)MARVIN ROSEPh. B., University of Chicago, 1948HAROLD JOSEPH SEIGLES.B., Lehigh University, 1947M.S.E., University of Michigan, 1948JOSEPH LOUIS SHAPIROS.B., Northwestern University, 1936ARNOLD THEODORE ANDERSONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949CHARLES McCARTY ANDRESJOSEPH EDWARD BROGANS.B., State University of Iowa, 1940ROBERT CRAIGHEAD BROOKS, JR.A.B., University of Chicago, 1946WILLIAM ADAMS CRANEA.B., University of Chicago, 1948DONALD WILFRED FARWELLPAUL ARMSTRONG FEAMANS.B., University of Illinois, 1941JERRY ELMER SHECHTMANNORMAN FRANCIS SWANSONA.B., University of Chicago, 1939JOHN RICHARD BOCKELMANS.B., Northwestern University, 1946A.M., University of Chicago, 1949NARCISSE ANDRE B'ROWNA.M., University of Chicago; 1948DONALD HERBERT BUSSMANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947JOSEPH HOLLIGAN STEVENS CAL­LENDERA.B., Clark University, 1948WILLIAM RAMSEY CLARKA.B., University of Texas, 1949A.M., University of Chicago, 1950NORMAN WINER GElSA.B., University of Chicago, 1947DONALD CLEMENT HELLINGS.B., United States Military Academy, 1947WALTER FREEMAN HOFFMANNA.B., University of Michigan, 1948 JOHN CAMERON McLEANA.B., University of Chicago, 1948CHARLES ORVILLE MEYER DONALD GEORGE WILEYS.B., University of Southern California, 1949III. UNDER THE FEDERATED THEOLOGICAL FACULTYIN THE DIVINITY SCHOOL, THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFor the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:ROBERT EDWARD CLEVELANDA.B., Birmingham-Southern College, 1945 Thesis: Berdyaev: A StudyIV. IN THE LAW SCHOOLGEORGE ANASTAPLOA.B., University of Chicago, 1948 For the Degree of Doctor of Law:JOHN VAN DER FORD LONGA.B., University of Chicago, 1949MYRON THOMAS MURRAYA.B., University of Chicago, 1947JOSEPH MINSKYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947RICHARD NOEL NORRISKARL FRANCIS NYGRENTHOMAS LEE PALMERCHARLES PRESSMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1946ROBERT GRANSDEN SCHLOERBA.B., Oberlin College, 1948JULIUS YACKERS.B., University of Chicago, 1948V. IN THE SCHOOL OF MEDICINE OF THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Doctor of Medicine:DONALD ALBERT ANDERSONS.B., Beloit College, 1942CARL HENRY HOOKER BAUMANN, JR.S.B., University of Chicago, 1947ROBERT EDWIN BLOOMLEON DAVID COMSTOCK, JR.S.B., University of Chicago, 1948HENRY EDELHEITA.B., Harvard University, 1942MARCIA ISRAELIA GOLDS.B., University of Chicago, 1946HENRY SEIKI INOUYES.B., Bates College, 1947 ROSE MARY HOLMES JAROSS.B., University of Chicago, 1948JACK DANIEL McCARTHYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946ALDO WILLIAM MELILLOS.B., University of Chicago, 1950RICHARD HUBBARD NEALJOSEPH LIVINGSTONE OUSLEYA.B., Harvard University, 1947THEODORE LEE SCHOENBERGERS.B., University of Chicago, 1949MILTON SINGERJOHN BRAINERD THOMASIV. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESHELEN DOROTHY CATES.B., Florida State College for Women, 1937S.M., ibid., 1938(Home Economics)CHARLES GILVARGB.Chem.E., Cooper Union, 1948(Biochemistry)RICHARD M. KLEINS.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.M., ibid., 1948(Botany)HUGO CHARLES MOELLERS.B., University of Chicago, 1945M.D., ibid., 1948(Pharmacology)JOSEPH ALFRED RIDERS.B., University of Chicago, 1942M.D., tus., 1944(Pharmacology) Thesis: The Blood Serum Levels of Vitamin A and Carotenoidsin Children with or without Follicular ConjunctivitisThesis: The Synthesis of Phenylalanine and Tyrosine in YeastThesis: A Time Course Study of Interrelations among Nitrogenand Phosphorus Fractions, Respiration, and Structure of N or­mal and Crown Gall Tissues of TomatoThesis: Studies on the Pathogenesis of Ulcerative ColitisThesis: Studies on the Effects of Tetraethyl Pyrophosphate andOctametbyl Pyrophosphoramide in the Treatment of Myasthe­nia GravisII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESWILLIAM PAYNE ALSTONM.B., Centenary College, 1942(Philosophy)OTTO HENRY CHRISTENSENA.B., Union College, 1938A.M., Seventh-Day Adventist TheologicalSeminary, 1945(Oriental Languages and Literatures)THOMAS RANDALL DALEA.B., University of Toronto, 1938A.M., uu., 1939(English Language and Literature)SIEGFRIED HERBERT HORNA.B., Walla Walla College, 1947A.M., Seventh-Day Adventist TheologicalSeminary, 1948(Oriental Languages and Literatures)JAMES EUGENE ROTTSOLKA.B., St. Olaf College, 1941A.M., University of Chicago, 1946(English Language and Literature) Thesis: Internal Relatedness and Pluralism in the Philosophy ofWhiteheadThesis: The Scholia of Bar H ebraeus on Proverbs and JobThesis: The Life and Work of Charles Heavysege, 18I6-76Thesis: The Relations between Egypt and Asia during the Egyp­tian Middle KingdomThesis: Criticism of the Drama in the TwentiesIII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESIRVING SWEM BENGELSDORFS.B., University of Illinois, 1943S.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Chemistry) Thesis: The Chemistry of Phosphorous EstersEDWARD BYRON BUTLERS.B., University of Chicago, 1938(Chemistry) Thesis: The Surface Tensions of Dilute Aqueous Solutions ofHydrochloric AcidMAURICE SANFORD FOXS.B., University of Chicago, 1944S.M., ibid., 1950(Chemistry) Thesis: The Hot Atom Chemistry of the Propyl BromidesFRANK WILLIAM OSTERWALDA.B., University of Wyoming, 1944A.M., ibid., 1947(Geology) Thesis: Structural and Petrologic Studies in the Northern Big­horn Mountains, WyomingBERNARD SMALLERS.B., University of Chicago, 1939S.M., ibid., 1940(Physics) Thesis: The Precise Determination of the Magnetic Moment ofthe Deuteron*ERIC ULRICH TEUSCHERS.B., McGill University, 1947(Chemistry) Thesis: I. Tracer Studies on the Formation of Ketones from Acids.II. Mass Effect of 04 on the Rate of Hydrolysis of EthylBenzoateThesis: Mechanism of Formation of p,p'-Dinitrostilbene*PETER ROLF TEUSCHERS.B., McGill University, 1948(Chemistry)WERNER SIEGFRIED ZIMMTPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., 1947S.M., ibid., 1949(Chemistry) Thesis: The Bromination of Alkyl Halides in the Vapor PhaseIV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESEMMETT EARL BAUGHMAN, JR.S.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Psychology) Thesis: A Comparative Study of Rorschach Forms with AlteredStimulus CharacteristicsMARVIN BURACKEd.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Education) Thesis: The Relationship of Social Status and Intelligence toRetention and Progress at the Junior-College LevelFREDERICK GEHLMANNS.B., University of Rochester, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Psychology ) Thesis: Performance on Objective Tests as Indicators of Tempera­ment and Other Personality TraitsWILFRED ALAN GIBSONS.B., Westminster College, 1947(Psychology ) Thesis: Applications of the Mathematics of Multiple-FactorAnalysis to Problems of Latent Structure AnalysisGERTRUDE SCHWARZ HARROWA.B., University of Chicago, 1944(Human Development) Thesis: The Effects of Psychodrama Group Therapy on Role Be­havior of Schizophrenic PatientsHENRY WELDON HEWETSONA.B., University of Toronto, 1924A.M., University of British Columbia, 1925(Economics) Thesis: The Distance Principle in Railway Freight Rates, withParticular Reference to CanadaRALPH REGINALD IRELANDA.B., University of Toronto, 1940A.M., ibid., 1947(Sociology) Thesis: The Aging Industrial Worker: Retirement Plans andPreparations, with Some Reference to the Meaning of WorkMAURICE HAIM KROUTS.B., Lewis Institute, 1921A.M., University of Chicago, 1924(Psychology ) Thesis: Gestures and Attitudes: An Experimental Study of theVerbal Equivalents and Other Characteristics of a SelectedGroupAUGUSTA ELIZABETH LANSINGA.M., Fordham University, 1941(In terna tional Relations) Thesis: Czechoslovakia's Foreign Policy, I939-45: A Study inFutility* Deceased, June 10, 1950.CHIH- WEI LEEA.B., National Tsinghua University, 1940A.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Economics)MAURICE ALDRICH LEEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1929A.M., ibid., 1931(Education)MARGERY JOYCE MACKS.B., University of Chicago, 1942S.M., ibid., 1947(Human Development)MARY LEE MARKSBERRYS.B. in Ed., Central Missouri State TeachersCollege, 1935A.M., University of Missouri, 1939(Education)JOSEPH LUTHER MATTHEWSS.B., Agricultural and Mechanical Collegeof Texas, 1940S.M., ibid., 1947(Education)RALPH KARL MEISTERS.B., University of Chicago, 1938(Psychology)ARTHUR LEONARD MILLERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1932A.M., ibid., 1942(Education)EDWARD JOSHUA MISHANA.B., University of Manchester, 1946S.M., London School of Economics, 1949(Economics)VICTOR EARL RICKSS.B. in Ed., University of Missouri, 1937A.M., ibid., 1941(Education)MYRON-RUSHA.B., University of Chicago, 1942(Social Thought)ENOCH IVOR SAWINS.B., University of Chicago, 1947A.M., ibid., 1948(Education)AILEEN SCHOEPPES.B. in Ed., Northwestern University, 1935S.M. in Ed., ibid., 1935(Education)STELLA BElL SCHULZS.B., Kansas State College, 1939S.M., ibid., 1942(Education)SAUL MARSHALL SIEGELA.B., University of Chicago, 1942(Psychology)IRVING EDWARD SIGELA.B., Clark University, 1943A.M., University of 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THE BENEDICTIONXI. THE RECESSIONAL-Concerto No. I(The congregation remains standing during the Recession) HandelMARSHALHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal of the UniversityASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMSWALKER MOORE ALDERTONWALTER BARTKYGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOYGEORGE HAY BROWNLEON CARNOVSKY REUBEN FRODINJOHN GOTTHOLD KUNSTMANNFRANCIS JOSEPH MULLINEUGENE P. NORTHROPSHELDON TEFFTSTU DENT AIDESROBERT ALEXANDER ADAMSROBERT DAVIS BESTJESSIE CAMPBELL CUNNINGHAMMARIAM DUBOVIKROBERT ALFRED GILBERTNANCY ANN LASHERFRANCIS DUMMER LOGAN THEODORE SHAEFER, JR.JOAN GITZEL SCHROETERLAWRENCE SHERMANNATASHA SOBOTKACAROLYN MARGARET WEISTRICHARD CARLTON WOELLNER