\tbe 'Ulntl'ersit\2 of <.tbicagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHETwo HUNDRED FORTY-THIRDCONVOCATION�be�ummerSEPTEMBER FIRSTA.D. NINETEEN HUNDRED FIFTYROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORDER OF EXERCISESI. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional-"Concerto IV" J. s. BachThe Marshal and the Student AidesThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Trustees and Administrative OfficersThe Dean of the University ChapelThe Candidate for an Honorary DegreeThe Chancellor of the University and the Convocation OratorII. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION America(Congregation standing until after the Prayer)My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring. Our fathers' God, to thee,Au thor of liberty,To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.=s. F. SMITHIII. THE PRAYERTHE REVER.END JOHN BEAUMONT THOMPSON, Dean of the University Chapel andAssociate Professor of Christian EthicsIV. THE CONVOCATION' ADDRESSTschaikowsky"From Potsdam to Bonn." ALONZO G. GRACE, Professor and Chairman of the De­partment of EducationV. SOLO: "The Pilgrim's Song"MARION DAVIS, Soloist of the University ChoirMy blessing fall on this fair world, on mountain, valley, forest, ocean.The clarion winds in ceaseless motion, and heaven's blue banner high unfurl.And bless the staff that hither bore me, the alms that helped me on my way.The boundless plain that lies before me, the glowing morn, the evening grey.The very path by which I wander shows glorious, golden, bathed in light.No blade of grass that glistens yonder, but seems a star from heaven's height.o might I in my exultation to all the world this joy impart.Would I might clasp the whole creation; lovers or strangers, foes or brothers.Would I might clasp them, the whole creation with fervent rapture to my heart.VI. THE AWARD OF HONORSDivisional Honor Scholars selected for excellence in the work of the Departments:Division of the Biological Sciences:Jack Harry DavisBenjamin H. Spargo John Leonard WestleyDivision of the Humanities:Mary Jane BarnardDorothy Ann BlackledgeBetty Anne ColwellJessie MacGregor Campbell Cun­ninghamVirginia Grace DarrowJames Wesley Ellington Stephen EllistonJoan Viola GitzelRoger Nelson HancockEdward Craig HobbsLeonard Harvey JaffeMartin PickerMax Joseph Pu tzelDivision 'of the Physical Sciences:Jean Rebecca BachYehuda BaskinDonald Robert BentzMary Catherine BishopArthur Charles BrownKarel Wolfe DeLeeuwJohn William FirorMaurice GlicksmanWilliam Curtis Grayson, Jr.Joe Strother Ham, Jr. Chimere IkokuJohn Calhoun JamiesonWilliam George JohnstonJ ack Isadore KarushSheldon Bernard KaufmanDa vid John MeschiJoseph Edward NelsonGordon Albert NobleRonald John N unke Thomas Hamil WoodRichard RortyHenry Gordon RossRichard George SchmittVera Corona TurtonIrwin WeilKarl Joachim WeintraubGeorge John WorthRalph Edgar SchwartzWalter Harold SeitzerRobert Evan SloanNorman Herbert SmithRaymond Joseph SolomonoffOwen Howell ThomasGuido Leopold WeissJames William WiltHenry William Wyld, Jr.Division of the Social Sciences:Robert Alexander AdamsRobert BlaunerAllan David BloomLionel Jay BlumbergPhillip David CaganVivian Nina ChayaFaye Arlene CliftonHaskell DeutschMartin DiamondJames Isao DoiDotsie EarleMerrill Alan FreedJack Friedman John Rembert Peter FriedmannReva FrumkinIrene Sylvia GoldblattJean Delores HeffernanEugenie HillMichael Vitullo HillJohn Akers HolsenEdna Beatrice HomaNanni Barbara KahnIrving KaplanHarold KatzKurt LangEdward MacNeal Alvin MillerJames Vincent Mitchell, Jr.Carl Edwards MuellerEdward Lionel PattulloEnrico Louis QuarantelliThomas DeWitt ReynoldsDavid Frank RicksStanley Wallace StandalHoward Randall StantonMarcia Madilyn WeissHarry Raymond Woltman, Jr.Warren Leigh ZieglerThe Lillian Gertrude Seiz Scholarships for the first-year women who tied for first placein the comprehensive examinations in the College are awarded toMarjorie Lenore Green Marlene Adelle SaxeThe Susan Colver Rosenberger Educational Prize for dissertations reporting the re­sults of original research in the field of Divinity is awarded toHoward Nelson Bream John Frank HaywardVII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for degrees will be presented by the Deans in the following order:Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or of Science in the Divisions and theProfessional Schools by Dean Ralph W. TylerCandidates for the degree of Master of Arts or of Science by Associate Dean EverettC. OlsonCandidate for the degree of Bachelor of Social Service by Dean Helen WrightCandidates for the degree of Master of Business Administration by Dean GarfieldV. CoxCandidate for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity by Dean of Students William N.HawleyCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Ralph W. TylerCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREE1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Edward Russell AlexanderDonald Frederick Chapp Clayton Andrew DillmanJohn William Fitzgerald Edward Spafford LyonAldo William MelilloII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Science:James Edward BakerRobert Paul BrandauWilliam Eugene ClarkKarel Wolfe DeLeeuw Laman Faraj Shakir KhalafWalter Miller LorenzJames Leon PritchardLouis Anthony Rignanese Robert Evan SloanCharles Arthur WegelHarold ZiskinIII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:Christine Catherine TetazCANDIDATES FOR HIGHER DEGREES1. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTSI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESELAINE DILEONARDE ALBRIGHTE.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1943(English Language and Literature) Without thesisFRANCESCA ANNA MARIA ALEXANDER Without thesisPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)FRANK BALDANZA, JR. Without thesisA.B., Oberlin College, 1949(English Language and Literature)PATRICIA SABINA WANDELL BALLARD Without thesisPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(English Language and Literature)DONALD RAY BEIKMAN Without thesisM.B. Indiana University, 1949(Music)ALBERT GEORGE BENEDIXA.B., Central Y.M.C.A. College, 1939(English Language and Literature) Without thesisROBERT LEROY BOTHWELL(Philosophy)DARRELL FRANCIS BREWER(English Language and Literature) Thesis: Semiotic and the Analysis of the Language of CriticismWithout thesisJOSE FELIPE DEL-PANLicentiate in Civil Law, University of Santo Tomas,1918(Romance Languages and Literatures) Paper: Influencia de la teosoftc en algunos escritores modern oshispanoamericanosJOHN JAMES DERING(English Language and Literature) Without thesisLOUISE CLARK DEWOLFEA.B., Roosevelt College, 1949(Linguistics)TOBIAs DIAz-BLAITRYProf. de Seg. Ens., Universidad Nacional de Panama,1948(Philosophy)PAULINE DOUGLASA.B., De Pauw University, 1942(English Language and Literature)GILBERT PRATT ELLITHORPEA.B., Fort Hays Kansas State College, 1949(English Language and Literature)ODETTE CECELIA EWELLPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(English Language and Literature)ALBERT GORDON FERGUSON(Romance Languages and Literatures)ELIZABETH GREEN FRAZEEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)ELEANOR ANNE GARVEYA.B., Wilson College, 1949(English Language and Literature)DANIEL GOLDBERGERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Oriental Languages and Literatures)JAMES ADOLPH GOLDMANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Music)MABLE JEWEL GROUNDSA.B., East Texas State Teachers College, 1935(Romance Languages and Literatures)JOHN HENRY HAGAN, JR.A.B., Harvard University, 1049(English Language and Literature)WILLIAM JOHN HASKINSA.B., Harvard University, 1949(English Language and Literature)MARY ELIZABETH HAUBERGA.B., Augustana College, 1949(English Language and Literature)JOHN EDWARD HENDRICKSA.B., University of Chicago, 1943(History)HOMER VINCENT HOGAN, JR.(English Language and Literature)LEO FRANK HOTZE(English Language and Literature)JOHN HUBERT JOHNSTONA.B., University of Notre Dame, 1947(English Language and Literature)CORINNE ROSENFELDER KATZA.B., Wellesley College, 1949(English Language and Literature)DOROTHY EASTMAN KINNEYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1932(Romance Languages and Literatures)JOAN ELIZABETH LALOREd.B., Oneonta, New York, State Teachers College,1943(Art)ROBERT BOYLES LANGE(English Language and Literature)."£1/:'21'1 I i'.li WALTER DOUGLAS LOVE• c.v \J .. '* __ (Philosophy)FEI-PAI LU(English Language and Literature) Paper: A Critical Study of the Translations of Turgenev's"Fathers and Sons"Paper: Some Notes on Locke's Conception of SubstanceWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisPaper: Las ideas de Cecilio Benitez de Castro: un estudio de diezde sus novelasWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: The Contribution of Professor M. H. Segal to BiblicalStudiesWithout thesisPaper: Luca de Tena's Dramatic TechniqueWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: Effects of Twelfth-Century Heresies on Church and StateLegislationWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisPaper: "Escenas de la guerra del Paraguay," a Trilogy by M an­uel GalvezPaper: The Use of the Stencil and Its Development as a GraphicMediumWithout thesisThesis: The Philosophy of History of Alfred North WhiteheadWithout thesisEDWARD LEE SLOVENSKYA.B., Washington University, 1949(Philosophy) Paper: Marxian IdeologyHELEN FRANCES MADIGANA.B., De Paul University, 1946(Romance Languages and Literatures) Paper: El anglosajon en la poesta y el ensayo de hispanoamericaIRENE HALEY McENROE Paper: Social and Political Aspects of Selected Works of JosePh.B., University of Chicago, 1945 Maria Peman(Romance Languages and Literatures)JANICE BEST MOULTON Without thesisA.B., University of Utah, 1947(English Language and Literature)DONALD EARL MUSSELMAN Without thesisS.B. in Ed., Eastern Illinois State Teachers College, 1940(English Language and Literature)ROBERT HOWARD NASSAU Without thesis(English Language and Literature)ARMOUR HALSTEAD NELSONA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(English Language and Literature) Without thesisMURIEL ELAINE NEWMANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1944(English Language and Literature) Without thesisWILLIAM EDWARD O'BRIAN(English Language and Literature), Without thesisWALTER GUNTHER PRAUSNITZA.B., University of Chicago, 1949(English Language and Literature) Without thesisDONALD AVROM PURCELL(English Language and Literature) Without thesisROSINE RAOUL(English Language and Literature)JX t.lCI'1/ELEANORE MARGARET RAYfl' A.B., Elmira College, 1948(History) Wi thou t thesisThesis: Emmerich de Vattel's Concept of Natural Law in Inter­national LawPHILIP AMBROSE REEDS.B., Bucknell University, 1944(English Language and Literature) Without thesisROBERT CARTER ROONEYA.B., Dartmouth College, 1949(English Language and Literature) Without thesisDORIS SOMMER ROTENBERGA.B., Wellesley College, 1948(History of Culture) Thesis: Political" H ybris" in Aeschylus, Herodotus, and T hucyd­idesELAINE REGINA ROZMAREKA.B., University of Illinois, 1949(Romance Languages and Literatures)B '"J.l.Ci C,1C; EGBERT DARNELL RUCKERI B.E.E., Georgia Institute of Technology, 1947(Philosophy) Paper: Dr. Atl: "Cuentos de todos colores"Thesis: Bradley and Jordan: Two Approaches to an ObjectiveEthicsJAMES PATRICK SCANLANA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Philosophy) Paper: Social Science and Social Problems: The Views of FrankH.KnightJACOB Y. SCHWARTZ(English Language and Literature) Without thesisSAMUEL SHAFFERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature) Without thesisMINEKO SHIROISHIPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature) Without thesisFLORENCE SINGERA.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature) Without thesisJANE ELSIE SOMMER(Humanities) Without thesisANNE EDELMAN STEPHANSKYA.B., Sarah Lawrence College, 1946(English Language and Literature) Without thesisJAMES EDWARD STEVENS, JR.(English Language and Literature) Without thesisROBERT KARL STONEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature) Without thesisBERNARD HERBERT SUITSA.B., University of Chicago, 1944(Philosophy)DONALD GILKEY THOMPSONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature) Thesis: Play and Value in the Philosophies of Aristotle, Schiller,and KierkegaardWithout thesisNATARAJ GOVINDJI VASHI(Oriental Languages and Literatures) Thesis: Dance in the Early Sanskrit LiteratureGREGORY BARISH VOTAW(History) Without thesisDONALD WEINSTEINA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(History) Thesis: The Place of John Colet in the Development of EnglishHumanismODYL D. WESEMANNE.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1943(English Language and Literature) Without thesisJOHN CHARLES WESTON, JR.(English Language and Literature) Without thesisWARNER CLOCK WHITE(English Language and Literature) Without thesisLOUIS EDWARD WHITWORTH(Music) Without thesisGEORGE ORVILLE WILKINSS.B., University of Illinois, 1946(English Language and Literature) Without thesisJULES ZANGERA.B., University of Denver, 1949(English Language and Literature) Without thesisJOHN THORSCH ZEISLER(English Language and Literature) Without thesisII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESCARMEN MARfA CASTILLO DE ABADProf. de Seg. Ens., University of Panama, 1948(Education)KENNETH PAUL ADLERA.B., Syracuse University, 1948(Political Science) Paper: An Orientation Program for the Secondary Schools ofPanamaThesis: "The Voice of America" and Competing Foreign Broad­casts: Comparison and EvaluationOD ,., &J WALTER B. ASCHI A.B., Roosevelt College, 1949(History) Thesis: Walter Frank: A Study in Nazi HistoriographyFRANKLIN BACON, JR.A.B., University of Missouri, 1942(Education) Paper: An In-Service Training Program for Instructors of a Cer­tificate Program in Adult EducationRAYMOND OTHO BAILEYPh.B., Loyola University, 1940(Education) Paper: Problems of Inadequate Readers Observed by GuidanceWorkersHOWARD GEORGE BAIN(Sociology) Thesis: A Sociological Analysis of the Chicago Skid-Row LifewayWALTER MATTHEW BEATTIE, JR.A.B., Rutgers University, 1948(Sociology )LEONARD DAVID BERGMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Sociology)ARSENE OGENIUS BOYKINE.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1942(Education)ROBERT FRANK BROCKS.B., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1947(Education)LAVERNE WARREN BROWNELLA.B., Aurora College, 1942(Social Sciences)MARIAN CORDELIA RICHARDSONBYRNES(Social Sciences)EUFROSINA BASILIO CALIXTOPh.B., University of Santo Tomas, 1933S.B. in Ed., ibid., 1934A.M., ibid., 1938(Education)CHARLES FROST CAMPA.B., Dartmouth College, 1942(Education)PAULINE MARIE ANNE CAPELLEA.B., University of British Columbia, 1938B.A.Sc., tsu., 1939(Nursing Education)LLOYD EVERTON CLEVELANDS.B., Butler University, 1947(Education)IRA SHELDON COHENA.B., University of Arizona, 1949(Political Science)KATHLEEN COYLE(Human Development)CHARLES GRANT CURTISA.B., Indiana University, 1949(Sociology)GERALD RADLEY DALYA.B., Yale University, 1947(International Relations)IDA BREVAD DEPENCIERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1928(Education)�IZA JANE DOBYA.B., Woman's College of the University of North Caro­lina, 1927(Education)I Q"")faa(j JAMES ISAO DOlt.....;.:J 0" {I J (Education)SANFORD MAURICE DORNBUSCHA.B., Syracuse University, 1948(Sociology)DON RICHARD FAITHA.B., James Millikin University, 1948(Social Sciences)MARION AUGUSTA FISCHERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1930(Education)JEANETTE SCHERER FISSA.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Social Sciences) Paper: The Merchant SeamenPaper: A Social-psychological Investigation of the Belief inAstrologyPaper: Grading Reading Material for Adult ReadersPaper: How Employment Affects the Grades of High-School Stu­dentsWithout thesisWithout thesisPaper: The Social and Educational Influences of the ConventSchool in the PhilippinesPaper: Administration and Co-ordination of Student PersonnelServices at Dartmouth CollegePaper: Parent Counseling in Child Health Centers in Vancouver,British ColumbiaPaper: Attitudes toward Religious Instruction in the PublicSchools of an Urban CommunityThesis: Alexander Hamilton's Concept of Foreign PolicyPaper: Characteristics of Expansiveness as Shown in a Socio­metric Test of Graduate StudentsThesis: The Relation between Principle and Practice in the Be­havior of an Interracial Church CongregationThesis: The Problem of Direct Negotiations between the UnitedStates and the Soviet Union since the End of World War IIPaper: Trends in Reporting in the Elementary Grades, 1939-49Paper: The Improvement of Reading in Elementary SchoolsThesis: The Legal Grounds for Dismissal of Public SchoolTeachersThesis: The Monthly Crude Birth Rate, 1940-46Paper: The Reorientation and Rehabilitation of the PhysicallyHandicapped with Special Reference to the BlindPaper: Qualifications of Secondary-School Vocational CounselorsWithout thesisDUKE FREDERICK, JR.(History) Without thesisHDI EVELYN FRANCES GENEWITCHS.B., University of Illinois, 1946(Political Science) Thesis: Federal Intervention in Chicago, I894: A Conception ofPublic InterestHELEN ALICE GERMERS.B., University of Wisconsin, 1941(Nursing Education) Paper: A Study of In-Service Preparation for Nursing Aides inChicago lIospitalsFLORENCE DRAKE GILLETTEA.B., Smith College, 1925(Education) Paper: A Study of Adjustment of Estonian D.P. ChildrenLEONARD MARK GOLBERS.B., University of Chicago, 1935(Education) Paper: A New Approach to the Teaching of ChemistryRAYMOND LEONARD GOLD(Sociology) Thesis: The Chicago Flat JanitorHENRY ATLAS GOODMAN(Political Science) Thesis: The Lilienthal Confirmation Controversy: A Study inLegislative Decision-makingPaper: Faculty Organization in Hospital Schools of NursingHELEN GERTRUDE GRAVESS.B., State University of Iowa, 1939(Nursing Education)ROBERT NICHOL GRUNEWALDA.B., University of California at Los Angeles, 1946(Social Sciences) Paper: One Factor Affecting the Performance of Committees Usedin Teaching History in a Secondary SchoolHARRY GUSSS.B., University of Michigan, 1934(Education) Paper: A Proposed Course in Tenth-Grade Physical ScienceJOHN LESTER HAERA.B., University of Cincinnati, 1949(Sociology) Thesis: The Englewood Survey of Adjustment in Old Age: Se­lected Characteristics and Attitudes of the Older People ofEnglewoodThesis: The Laic School in France: A Study in the Fixing ofPolitical Loyalty, I875-I905I WINIFRED TITUS HALLA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Political Science)ETHEL HAMMONDS.B., University of California, 1939(Nursing Education) Paper: The Role of the Pediatric Nursing Consultant in PublicHealth AgenciesBERESFORD LITCHER HAYWARDEd.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1942(History)ROBERT THOMAS HENNEMEYERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(History) Thesis: The Story of Major General Fitz John PorterWithout thesisRICHARD VOGNILD HENNES(International Relations) Thesis: The Voting Procedure in the Security Council of theU uited NationsPaper: The Role of the Nurse in the Rehabilitation of the AdultOrthopedic PatientEVELYN BEATRICE HORSTMANS.B., University of Minnesota, 1947(Nursing Education)WINSLOW ROBERT HUNTA.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Human Development) Paper: The Development of a Concept of Basic Personality for aGroup of U pper-M iddle-Class ChildrenALLEN TURNER KINGS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Education) Paper: The Use of Geometric Constructions in the SecondarySchool 'JAMES RICHARD KOSNERA.B., Roosevelt College, 1949(Education) Paper: Standards for Public School Janitorial ServiceJOHN KELLER KOUGHS.B., McPherson College, 1948(Human Development)·t ... ..r\\,oi'\-\- () q'tCf " LUISE CORDELIA KRAUSE� '\ ) A.B .. , University of South Dakota, 1948\i.. rtlt.VV'-J,�". HfiE (SOCiology)BARRY ROBERT KREMERPh.B., Mt, Carmel College, 1943(Education) Without thesisThesis: The Englewood Survey of Adjutsment in Old Age: Meth­ods and Design in the Studies of Older PeoplePaper: Teaching Unit: The Chemistry of FoodESTELLE JOSEPHINE KUREKS.B., St. Xavier College for Women, 1942(Nursing Education)JACK CECIL LAMBPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Social Sciences)fJ D I DOOO HERBERT WILLIAM LEHMANNS.B., Lewis Institute, 1934(Education)SEYMOUR RALPH LEVINS.B. in Ed., Northern Illinois State Teachers College,1944(Sociology)CHARLES DAVID LEVYA.B., New Orleans University, 1932(Education)MARTIN DEMING LEWISPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(History)YUAD LOESRITB.Law, University of Moral and Political Sciences,Bangkok,1933M. of Polito Econ., uu., 1941M. of Law, ibid., 1944M. of Polit. Science, ibid., 1945(International Relations)FRANCIS ALOYSIUS LOFTUSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Human Development)KATHERINE SCOTT HAMILTON LONGA.B., University of Washington, 1929(Education)KATHRYN MURIEL LUDLAMS.B., Florida Southern College, 1948(Education)JOHN ALEXANDER MAcGAHANA.B., Duke University, 1941(Psychology) -JUNE HELM MAcNEISHPh.B., University of Chicago, 1944(Anthropology)MILDRED MAE MAHONEYS.B., Manchester College, 1945(Education)FRANK JOSEPH MAHONYA.B., Hobart College, 1948(Anthropology)DOROTHY LARSON MARTINA.B., University of Chicago, 1935(Education)JACK LANCASTER MASONA.B., St. John's College, 1948(Education)ANDREW GLADDEN MATHISA.B., Manchester College, 1946(Education)CORAL MATTHEWSA.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Education)HAROLD WILLIAM MATTHEWSEd.B., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1937(Education)SISTER M. JEROMINE McGILLIVRAYA.B., Marygrove College, 1945(Education)WILLIAM JAMES McMILLANA.B., Swarthmore College, 1949(History) Paper: The Relationship of the Hospital Personnel Department tothe Nursing DepartmentPaper: Parole in a Democratic Society: The Search for a MoralEquivalent to CrimePaper: Evaluating the Program of the Primary GradesThesis: CIO Union Counseling in the Chicago Area: A Study ofCases Referred by CIO and Non-CIO Sources to the Com­munity Referral Service from September, I945, through Au­gust, I947Paper: Social Attitudes and GuidanceThesis: Hard Times in Kentucky and the Struggle for Relief,I8I9-25Thesis: The Anglo-French-Soviet Efforts To Secure an Allianceagainst Nazi Germany, I934-39Paper: Awareness of Sex Roles in Preschool-Age ChildrenPaper: Factors Determining School AttendancePaper: Developing SPecial Interests through the Study of WesternCultureThesis: A Comparison of Several Group Tests with the Wechsler­Bellevue Intelligence ScalePaper: Re-examination of the Concept of Ethos in Light of TwoMexican CommunitiesPaper: Implications of Studies of Visual Perception for Methodsof Teaching Primary ReadingPaper: African Political SystemsPaper: A Survey of the Sources of Material Available for Use inRemedial ReadingPaper: Critique of the Ungraded Classroom Program in ChicagoPaper: Identification as It Affects Value and Attitude FormationPaper: Differing Psychological Viewpoints for Dealing with Dis­ciplinary Problems in ChildrenPaper: Methods of Approach in Secondary-School CurriculumRevisionPaper: The Teacher's Responsibility concerning Personality M al­adjustments among Retarded ReadersWithout thesisDAVID NATHAN MILSTEINPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Planning) Paper: Planning Goals and Social Change with Special Referenceto the Columbia Basin Reclamation ProjectJAMES VINCENT MITCHELL, JR.A.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Education) Paper: The Effect of Alternative Test-Item Arrangements onTotal Test PerformanceEMMET VAUGHN MITTLEBEELERA.B., University of Louisville, 1936LL.B., tu«, 1939(Political Science) Without thesisJ I("""ClCI�4 LIONEL J. MLIN\ -I fir A.B., Roosevelt College, 1949(History) Thesis: The House Committee on U n- A merican A ctivities duringthe Eightieth Congress and the I948 ElectionsLEROY ALVIN MOCKA.B., Roosevelt College, 1948(Political Science) Thesis : John M ilton+On the Conflict between M ajority Rule andFreedomFRANK GEORGE MUENCHA.B., Denison University, 1936(Education) Paper: Adjustment of the Nisei to Evacuation and ResettlementDONALD WILLARD MULLIGANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(International Relations) Thesis: Background of Contemporary Mexican Relations withSpainPaper: The Faculty Meeting: Teacher Participation in Second­ary-School AdministrationWithout thesisDAVID JOHN MURPHY(Education)JOSEPHINE RANDALL NEAL(Social Sciences)ROBERT NATHANIEL NELSONS.B., Georgetown University, 1949(Political Science) Thesis: The Relation of the Wor.kers' Parties of the Spanish Leftto the Popular Front Government of the Second RepublicLEON NOVAR(International Relations) Thesis: British-Soviet Relations in Persia, IgI7-2IIRWIN AARON NOVICK(Social Sciences) Paper: How the Collective Bargaining Power of Workers in theMeat Packing Industry May Be IncreasedADRIAN GIPS NUSSDORFER(Political Science) Thesis: Winston Churchill's Philosophy of Foreign Relationsbetween Two World Wars .RHEA RUTH OSTENA.B., Roosevelt College, 1948(Education) Thesis: Group Self-evaluationRUTH EVANGELINE OUTLAWS.B., Howard University, 1949(Education) Paper: Reorientation on Dextrality and SinistralityADA MARGARET BROWN PARKINS(Human Development) Paper: Effect of a College "Government" Course on Social Atti­tudesPaper: Being a Mesquakie IndianLISA REDFIELD PEATTIE(Anthropology )R. CHASE PHIPPSEd.B., Illinois State Normal University, 192(Education) Paper: The Origin and Development of Supervision in the PublicSchools of Chicago, IllinoisJACK MILAN PLAN ALP(Anthropology) Paper: A Comparative Study of the Evolution of Shamanism-SHIRLEY MARSHALL PLANALPA.B., University of Wisconsin; 1946(Anthropology)1'1 J') i 9 9 VI SHELDON POLLACK/ (A.B., Montclair, New Jersey, State Teachers College,1948(International Relations) Paper: Psychotherapy in Primitive SocietyThesis: Franco Spain and the United Nations: A Study of PowerPoliticsWINIFRED HUMBER PORTERS.B., University of California, 1938(Nursing Education) Paper: The Public Health Nursing Consultant in State HealthDepartmentsJULIA CLEOLA PROWELLA.B., Philander Smith College, 19I4(Education) Paper: Techniques for Developing Word RecognitionJACK BARNETT RALPH(Sociology)KATHERYN EILEEN RENNEYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Nursing Education)FRANCES MARIAN ROBERTSA.B. in Ed., Ball State Teachers College, 1935N.M., Western Reserve University, 1939(Nursing Education)FREDERICK LEOPOLD SCHLINGER(Human Development)H-" I (Ul DAVID BENJAMIN SCUDDERII 0 0 S.B., Bowling Green State University, 1948(Economics)D4qqq ALBERT READ SELLENA.B., Washburn Municipal University, 1949(History)LUCILLE DOROTHY SIMONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1930(Education)0-1 14() l) 9� t'f li}MES WINSLOW SINGLETONj t. �,,-\.� � �e"" l1f1F R} A.B., Oberlin College, 1949('�.; �-t�..,. IJ (Sociology) _DAVID WALKER SLATERB.Comm., University of Manitoba, 1942A.B., Queen's University, 1947(Economics)WILFRED ROBERT SMITHA.B., Wayne University, 1948(Sociology)JUNE IRMA SNOWS.B., Bradley University, 1947(Nursing Education)ROBERT HARVEY SPRAGUEA.B., Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, 1949(International Relations)PAUL KARL STAHNKE(International Relations)ELAINE KRENSKY STEIN(Education)CAROLYN STEIN STILLMANA.B., Smith College, 1948(Education)DANIEL LEO SULLIVANS.B., De Paul University, 1934(Education)JX I MARILYN EUNICE TALMAN(International Relations)WALTER GRIFFEN TAYLORS.B., Bowdoin College, 1941(Human Development)PS 3S"�� EUGENE TELSER, AS'!r' Z C ·(3 A.J?, Roosevelt College, 1949l:t (History)Hf"o.'O(')(ft JOSEPH KOTTUKAPPILLIL THOMASV" A.B., University of Madras, 1946(Economics)GEORGE STANFORD TOLLEYA.B., American University, 1947(Economics)ROSALIA ARTENSIE TORRENCES.B., Hampton Institute, 1939(Education) Paper: The Junk Business and the Junk PeddlerPaper: Basic Science Knowledge Essential for UnderstandingMedical NursingPaper: An Internship for Students in Administration in Schoolsof Nursing and Hospital Nursing ServicesThesis: A Study in Quantification of the Thematic ApperceptionTests of Business ExecutivesThesis: The Trend of Labor Requirements in Meat PackingThesis: Coercion by the British Navy in Latin America, I825-I92IPaper: The Administrative Control of Teacher Load in the Ele­mentary SchoolThesis: The Englewood Survey of Adjustment in Old Age: Hap­piness, Work, and Retirement of Older Persons pf EnglewoodRelated to Adjustment in Old AgeWithout thesisThesis: The Englewood Survey of Adjustment in Old Age: Hy­potheses on the Adjustment of the Older Persons of EnglewoodRelated to Work, Retirement, and HealthPaper: A Comparison of the Content of Biology and ChemistryCourses in High Schools and Schools of NursingThesis: The Crime of Aggressive War Presented at the NurembergTrialThesis: Postwar Readjustment of Italy's Foreign TradePaper: Aggressive Behavior in a Seven-Year-Old Play GroupPaper: The Dramatic Impulse as an Aid in the Primary SchoolPaper: A Study of Error in Factorially Pure TestsThesis: The Noniniplementation of United Nations Resolutionsin Political QuestionsPaper: The Use of Punishment in Treatment HomesThesis: Carl Sandburg, Journalist and CriticThesis: The Rise of the Indian Labor MovementWithout thesisPaper: The Development of an Improved Reading Program forTenth-Grade Students of Dunbar High SchoolDONALD ALDEN TUTTLEA.B., University of Notre Dame, 1949(International Relations) Thesis: Recent Indian Economic Plans and the General Theory ofIndustrializationJAMES FRANCIS ULRICHE.B., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1943(Education) Paper: The Explicit Treatment of the Principles of ReflectiveThinking in Plane GeometryALBERT NICHOLSON VOTAW(Social Sciences) Without thesisMIRIAM WAGENSCHEIN -A.B., University of Texas, 1947(Sociology) Thesis: Reality Shock: A Study of Beginning Elementary-SchoolTeachersNEIL JACK WELLERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Sociology) Paper: The Leadership of the PTA Movement in Chicago: TheStudy of the Relationship between a Social Type and ItsVoluntary Association ParticipationWithout thesisPAUL SYLVESTER WELTY(Political Science)JESSIE DOROTHY WILKENING(Education) Paper: The Objectives, Activities, and Accomplishments of theParent-Teacher AssociationPaper: The Role of the Nurse in Admitting Preschool Children inHospitalsGLADYS NICHOLS WILKINSS.B., Indiana University, 1947(Nursing Education)CARL DANIEL WILLIAMSS.B., Wayne University, 1947(Psychology) Thesis: The Effect of DijJerential Motioation upon Black-WhiteDiscrimination Learning in White RatsCONSTANTINE ANTHONY YERACARIS(Sociology) Thesis: A Study of the Voluntary Associations of the Greek Im­migrants of Chicago from I8 90 to I948 with Special Emphasison World War II and Postwar PeriodPaper: Promoting Reading Readiness in First GradeELISABETH CATHERINE ZARUBAS.B., Fordham University, 1949(Education)Professional Certificate for Elementary-School Teachers:Coral Matthews Elaine Krensky Stein Carolyn Stein StillmanProfessional Certificate for Secondary-School Teachers:Robert Harold AlbrightPatricia Wandell BallardMarian Cordelia RichardsonByrnesOdette Cecelia Ewell Albert Gordon FergusonFred Leonard KeilJoan Elizabeth LalorWilliam James McMillanJohn Paul Moulton Mineko ShiroishiRobert Karl StoneMarjorie Ann ToneyLouis Max WeinerProfessional Certificate for Junior-College Teachers:Darrell Francis Brewer G. Richard DickersinIII. IN THE DIVINITY SCHOOLI SAMUEL LEE BOTKINA.B., Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical College,1943 Thesis: The Theological and Literary Requirements of a Contem­porary Christian Passion PlayCHARLES ORON ERICKSONA.B., Doane College, 1947 Thesis: Community in Higher EducationDEAN OSBORN LUGINBILLS.B., Alma College, 1933D.B., McCormick Theological Seminary, 1936 Thesis: The First Epistle of John: Its Relation to the PrimitiveKerugma and Its Message TodayWILLIAM DAVID WILLIAMSA.B., College of Idaho, 1944 Thesis: A Study of Factors Influencing the Rise of the RomanBishop to Papal Power"2 I IV. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLELIZABETH LOUISA ANDERSENA.B., Wheaton College, 1943Z/D C/Qt/ DORIS LUCILLE NEALE. � I -I I A.B., Dillard University, 1941S.B. in L.S., Atlanta University, 1944ELEANOR PLAINA.B., University of Michigan, 1925A.B. in L.S., University of Michigan, 1936 Thesis: A Study of Recordings in Sixty Municipal PublicLibraries Serving Populations of Seventy-five Thousandand Over as of I948Thesis: A Study of the Relation between Distance from the Pub­lic Library Branch and I ts UsePaper: A Survey of the Aurora Public LibraryV. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONDOROTHY AIKINA.B., McGill University, 1930MARTHA HOERR BRANNONA.B., Bradley Polytechnic Institute, 1925ALTON MARK BROTENA.B., Valparaiso University, 1949DOROTHY ELLEN COLLINSA.B., University of Wyoming, 1941VIRGINIA PAFFORD DRURYA.B., Vanderbilt University, 1936BERNICE FELDMANS.B., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1942MURRAY FISHERA.B., Brooklyn College, 1949MARIE FORSTER FORMANA.B., University of Minnesota, 1923VERA CHANDLER FOSTERA.B., Fisk University, 1936A.M., University of Nebraska, 1941ILENE EULALIA GRABOA.B., Rosary College, 1946HELEN ELIZABETH HOWARDA.B., Central Y.M.C.A. College, 1945JOSEPH IRVIN HUNGATE, JR.A.B., Concord College, 1948NANCY LUDWIG KOSTERLITZA.B., University of Chicago, 1945LAURA SCHRIMMER KRUHPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948VIVIAN SEAY LYNCHA.B., University of Arkansas, 1940SOLIMAN MAHMOUD MARZOUKCECELIA McCUEA.B., West Virginia University, 1929MAHMOUD FAHMY MOHAMEDVELDA PAULINE OPPENLANDERA.B., Transylvania College, 1948ALSI CLAIRE ROBINETTES.B., Milwaukee State Teachers College, 1938CHARLES ROSENBLOOMS.B., Massachusetts State College, 1938MARY ELISABETH MALLORY ROSEN­STEINA.B., University of California, 1937 Report: The Role of the Montreal Council of Social Agencies inthe Establishment of Public AssistanceWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesis ,fWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisReport: A History of the Stockton State Hospital for the MentallyIII in CaliforniaKATHARINE PARSONS RUSSELLPh.B., University of Chicago, 1932MYRA JANIS SCHWARTZA.B., University of California at Los Angeles, 1945ANNE STARKSS.B., University of Missouri, 1928 Wi thou t thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisMARY JANE VADEN Without thesisS.B., in Ed., Farmville, Virginia, State Teachers College,1930ZEPHYR BRYAN WOODSON Without thesisPh.B., University of Chicago, 1934II. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESG. RICHARD DICKERSINA.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1950(Biological Sciences)MARY ELEANOR EDWARDSA.B., College of Wooster, 1932R.N., School of Nursing, Presbyterian Hospital, NewYork City, 1938(Nursing Education)FRANK MARTIN GOGOLAK(Bacteriology and Parasitology)-rql>f fl/ ADA T. HAWKINSR -, S.B., University of Oklahoma, 1932(Nursing Education)FRED LEONARD KEILS.B., University of Chicago, 1949Zoology)KATHERINE ELIZABETH LANEA.B., University of Denver, 1948(Physiology)f.} � t4 JAMES PAUL MADDEN'1 f \ 9' OJ I Ed B , Chicago Teachers College, 1947(Bacteriology and Parasitology)HALINA JULIA PRESLEYS.B., Northwestern University, 1941A.M., University of Chicago, 1943(Zoology)HELEN JOSEPHINE RUCHS.B., Bradley Polytechnic Institute, 1940(Nursing Education)L n 5-/ J'/JACOB WILLIAM SIETSEMA, JR.{' '-' ( S.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Biological Sciences)rs): 99QWALTER THEODORE STILLE'..y / S.B., Roosevelt College, 1948(Zoology)MARJORIE ANN TONEYS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Biological Sciences)SAINT JOSEPH TOYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Botany)HENRY HOWARD V ALLOWES.B., Indiana State Teachers College, 1949(Zoology) Essay: The Teaching of Scientific Method in Secondary-Schooland Junior-College BiologyEssay: Physics in the Curriculums of Schools of NursingEssay: The Effect of Aureomycin upon the Agent of Feline Pneu­monitis in the Yolk Sac of the Chick EmbryoThesis: An Analysis of the Final Record Forms Used by Col­legiate Schools of NursingEssay: The Origin of Flightless BirdsEssay: The Metabolism of Nitrogenous Compounds by the ChickEmbryoEssay: Immunity to TrichinosisEssay: Twin Studies and the Role of Heredity in the Causation ofTumorsThesis: Trends in the Basic Course in Psychiatric NursingEssay: The Presentation of the Nature of Biochemistry for J unior­College Biology CoursesEssay: Nocturnal Anurans of the Sand Dunes of IndianaEssay: Hypertension and the EndocrinesThesis: Plant Responses to M icroclimatic DifferencesThesis: Some Physiological Aspects of Reproduction in Platy­poecilus maculatusII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESROBERT HEINZ ABELES( Chemistry)WILFRED EATON BARNESS.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Mathematics)HERMAN JOSEPH BAUMGARTNER(Chemistry)EDWARD CATALANO(Chemistry)ALAN COBHAMS.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Mathematics)ERNEST GEORGE EHLERS(Geology)JAMES EARL FAULKNERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Physics)BORIS FRANZUS(Chemistry)DONALD DALE GREGG(Meteorology)PAUL HANDLER(Chemistry)RICHARD BEVES HOLTZMANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1945S.B., ibid., 1946(Chemistry)JOHN KELLY, JR. Without thesisS.B., Idaho State College, 1949(Chemistry) Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisGEORGE KOLETTIS, JR. Without thesisPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Mathematics)KUNG HWA LEE Without thesisA B., College of Wooster, 1948(Chemistry)MICHAEL ANTHONY MARTINO, JR. Without thesisS.B., University of Chicago, 1950(Mathematics)HAZELTON MIRKIL Without thesisA.B., Oberlin College, 1949(Mathematics)WINIFRED MOEHLE Without thesisA.B., University of Illinois, 1947(Chemistry)JOHN PAUL MOULTON Without thesisS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Mathematics)ALEXANDRE JACQUES MUSSARD Without thesisDiploma in Chemical Engineering, Federal School ofTechnology (Switzerland), 1048(Chemistry)VIACHESLAW ALEXANDER NEDZEL Without thesisS.B., University of Chicago, 1941(Physics)WALTER NICHIPORUK(Chemistry)PAUL EDWIN POTTERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Geology)MUHAMMAD RAHMATULLAHA.B., Agra University (India), 1942S.M. in Physics, ibid., 1944S.M. in Mathematics, ibid., 1946(Meteorology) Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisBENJAMIN FRANKLIN SCOTTS.B., Morehouse College, 1942(Chemistry) Without thesisHENRY SELIGS.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Chemistry) Without thesisELIAS SNITZERS.B., Tufts College, 1945(Physics) Without thesisJOHN ASHLEY WElL(Chemistry) Without thesisKENNETH HARRY WILMARTH(Chemistry) Without thesisRUSSELL EDWARD WRIGHTS.B., Goshen College, 1940(Meteorology) Without thesisWILLIAM BARTOW WRIGHT, JR.S.B., University of Delaware, 1949(Chemistry) Without thesisIII. PROFESSIONAL DEGREES1. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONFor the Degree of Bachelor of Social Service:SARAH REV A SUSSMANII. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree of Master of Business Administration:RICHARD LEE ABRAHAMSROBERT DONALD APPELBAUMPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948 ALBERT LOurS CANEYS.B., University of Pittsburgh, 1936RAYMOND NILS CARLENS.B., University of Illinois, 1942RICHARD ERMEL APPLEGATEROBERT AUGUST BANTZA.B., University of Chicago, 1949 DONALD MINTER CARTTARJAMES JOHN CIZEKPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948ROBERT JAMES BLOSSOMA.B., University of Chicago, 1948 ROBERT JAMES CLARKA.B., University of Chicago, 1941ARCHIE R. BOES.B.C., Drake University, 1941 LAMBERT TOM CONSTANTINES.B., University of Alabama, 1949WAYNE G. BROEHL, JR.S.B., University of Illinois, 1947 CLAUDE RUSSELL COXS.B., University of Chicago, 1937S.M., ibid., 1939WALLACE EDWIN BROTHERTONMITCHELL BROWERS.B., Yale University, 1949 BENJAMIN HARRISON CROCKETTS.B., University of Chicago, 1937BERTHA ESTELLE DAYA.B., Rutgers University, 1934THEODORE EMERY BURKES.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1938 ANN COLLINS DOWNEYA.B., University of Denver, 1949CHARLES ERNEST BURNETTA.B., University of Washington, 1949 BURTON NORWOOD ELAMS.B., George Peabody College, 1935A.M., ibid., 1939JOSEPH MACDONALD BURNETTB.Comm., University of Saskatchewan, 1949MICHAEL GEORGE FANDOSS.B., Washington University, 1948A.B., ibid., 1948THOMAS CARLOS BURNETTES.B., Tuskegee Institute, 1940IROBERT EDWARD FELTESA.B., University of Notre Dame, 1949 CHARLES MELVIN MARTINB.B.A., University of Michigan, 1948JOHN ROBERT FERGUSON, JR.S.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1937JOHN ANDREW FOURNIERS.B., University of Illinois, '1940 JOHN STEPHEN MASEKPh.B., University of Chicago, 1923EDWARD BERNARD MASLANSKYA.B., Brooklyn College, 1949KEITH TRACY FOWLERS.B., University of Utah, 1943M.S.C.E., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1947 JOHN GORDON McCARTHYS.B., Queen's College, 1948GEORGE G. GELMANS.B., University of Chicago, 1936J.D., De Paul University, 1942 PHILIP H. C. McINTYRELOUIS WILBUR MELLOTTB.LE., Ohio State University, 1932WILLIAM BONNY GILMOURLOUIS LOCKBRIDGE GREENS.B., Northwestern University, 1931 ROSEMARY HAJENIAN MILLERA.B., University of Chicago, 1947THOMAS ALFRED MORRIS, JR.S.B., Washington and Lee University, 1935JOHN ANDREW GRYGIELS.B., Rutgers University, 1949 GLEN WARREN MYERSA.B., University of Michigan, 1927NORMAN HALLS.B., United States Naval Academy, 1931DONALD MARCELLIANUS HALLIDAYE .. B., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1940 JAMES ALBERT NELSONMet.E., Colorado School of Mines, 1939MARVIN NELSONVICTOR HVID NELSONLL.B., Loyola University, 1937STUART HAMILTONS.B., Northwestern University, 1946MARJORIE MABEL HAMLINS.B., University of Minnesota, 1937 PHILIP EDWIN NEWMANC.B., University of Manitoba, 1949FREDERICK STEWART HARPERA.B., University of Western Ontario, 1949 PAUL ROBERT NICHOLSS.B., University of Illinois, 1928RICHARD STANLEY HARRISONA.B., University of Chicago, 1949 FORREST JOHN ALFRED NIEMIA.B., University of Minnesota, 1938CHARLES BIRKMIRE HAYESS.B., University of Notre Dame, 1939 JAMES FRANKLIN OATESA.B., University of Chicago, 1948JOHN BURK HELMBOLDS.B., Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1930 GEORGE LAWRENCE OKAMURAA.B., Harvard University, 1948ROBERT T. HERZA.B., University of Wisconsin, 1920 JOHN ROBERT PAD DISONB.B.A., Emory University, 1949ROBERT LEE HUBERA.B., Tulane University, 1949 JOHN EDWARD PEMBERTONB.Comm., University of Alberta, 1949NORMAN DOUGLAS JANNEYEd.B., Washington State College, 1938 JACK CHASE PETTEES.B., United States Military Academy, 1945RICHARD SCHUYLER JOSLINS.B., University of Michigan, 1937 GENE JOHN PODULKAJOHN ALLAN PONDB.B.A., Northeastern University, 1942THOMAS ATKINS KELLYA.B., Yale University, 1942WILLIAM ABNER KNIGHT IIS.B., University of Illinois, 1934 SHANNON CURTIS POWERSS.B., University of Illinois, 1941JERRY KREPELKAFRANKLIN O. KRUMM, JR.S.B., Northwestern University, 1941 ALFRED ZACHARY PURZYCKIS.B., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1944KEITH ALLAN REECEA.B., University of Chicago, 1948MALCOLM McGREGOR LAWLERS.B., Ohio State University, 1949 JOSEPH PAUL ROELSS.B., St. Ambrose College, 1949ARTHUR AUGUST LEPINOTS.B., University of Chicago, 1948 GEORGE EBERSOLE ROSE, JR.A.B., Princeton University, 1932ARTHUR WILLIAM LUCHSS.B.A., George Williams College,. 1927JOHN PETER MAGOSS.B., University of Chicago, 1938NATALIE MARGOLINPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948 WALTER EDWARD RUTLEDGEB.C.S., University of Georgia, 1949STANLEY OTTO SARGISARTHUR LEWIS SARVISS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1936EDGAR LOUIS SCHNADIGDAVID SHPERS.B., Purdue University, 1933 WILLIAM DAY TRUESDALE, JR.S.B., Purdue University, 1934CHARLES FRANKLIN TULLY, JR.A.B., University of Wisconsin, 1937WILLIAM GEORGE SIMPSONS.B., United States Military Academy, 1946 ROSEMARY VIDOVICHPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946DONALD EDWARD SOMMERDONALD EDGAR SOWLES.B., Central State Teachers College, Mt. Pleasant,Michigan, 1940 CHARLES LOYAL WALKER, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1935DELMAR DUNCAN WALKERS.B., University of Tennessee, 1943ROBERT ALEXANDER SPICEL YS.B., Tuskegee Institute, 1942 LAWRENCE WEISSA.B., University of Chicago, 1948EUGENE THOMAS SULLIVANA.B., University of Notre Dame, 1934 ROBERT LESLIE WELSHA.B., University of British Columbia, 1947Comm.B., ibid., 1947JOSEPH FRANCIS SULLIVANJOHN ROBERT THOMSON, JR.MARION ANTHONY TROZZOLOPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947 WILLIAM PLUNKETT WHITE, JR.S.B., University of Notre Dame, 1939PHIqP BRUCE WHITINGLEONA ZWEIGS.B., Indiana University, 1943ARTHUR MARTIN TRUeS.B., Purdue University, 1936III. UNDER THE FEDERATED THEOLOGICAL FACULTYIN THE DIVINITY SCHOOL, THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFor the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:Thesis: The Relevance of the Biblical Faith to the Religious Situa­tion in a Contemporary Liberal ChurchRUSSELL LOWELL FATEA.B., Doane College, 1947IV. IN THE LAW SCHOOLFor the Degree of Doctor of Law:THOMAS FRANCIS BRODEN, JR.LL.B., University of Notre Dame, 1949IV. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHYI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESWILLIAM CLARK ASHBYS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Botany) Thesis: Effects of Certain Acid Growth-regulating Substances andTheir Corresponding Aldehydes on the Growth of RootsKENNETH WILLIAM COCHRAN, JR.S.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Pharmacology) Thesis: Studies on the Mechanism of Acute Beryllium PoisoningROBERT WILLIAM DOTYS.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.M., ibid., 1949(Physiology) Thesis: Effect of Stimulus Pattern on Reflex DeglutitionJOHN DOULLS.B., Montana State College, 1944(Pharmacology )(\?C4-ttIRMA WAGNER DUNCAN� �f f A.B., University of Buffalo, 1933S.M., University of Chicago, 1935(Biochemistry) Thesis: Studies on the Toad Poison, ButagenThesis: The Effect of Ultraviolet Light on Amino Acids and Pro­teins£)0 �(VI'{ 971 AARONGANZS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Pharmacology)DAVID GRAUERA.B., University of Pittsburgh, 1925A.M., ibid., 1926(Psychology)NEAL BENJAMIN GROMANS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Bacteriology and Parasitology)JOHN EDGAR HARVEYA.B., University of Alberta, 1934A.M., ibid., 1936M.D., University of Toronto, 1943(Surgery)JOSEPH STERLING INGRAHAMA.B., University of Minnesota, 1943S.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Biochemistry)MORRIS SULLIVAN McKEEHANA.B., Union College, 1936S.M., Emory University, 1938(Zoology)BURL YN EVERETT MICHELS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Botany)RUTHL. PIKEA.B., Hunter College, 1936A.M., Columbia University, 1937(Home Economics)MORRIS DAVID SCHNEIDERD.V.M., Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1936S.M., University of Wisconsin, 1941(Bacteriology and Parasitology) Thesis: Studies on the Biosynthesis and Metabolism of Radio-active Nicotine .'Thesis: The Prognostic Value of the Rorschach Test in ParanoidSchizophreniaThesis: Dynamic Aspects of the Nitrogen Metabolism of Plasmo­dium gallinaceum in Vivo and in VitroThesis: The Effects of Permanent and Temporary Occlusion ofthe Middle Cerebral Artery in the MonkeyThesis: The Preparation, Properties, and in Vivo Behavior of anArtificial Radioactive AntigenThesis: Cytological Aspects of Embryonic Induction in the ChickEmbryoThesis: Effects of Indoleacetic Acid upon the Growth and Respira­tion of the Kidney BeanThesis: The Effect of the Tryptophan-Niacin Interrelationship onthe Production of Congenital Cataracts in the Albino RatThesis: Pathogenicity of SalmonellaeII .. IN THE DIVISION' OF THE HUMANITIESMARK ASIDNA.B., University of Chicago, 1937A.M., ibid., 1938(English Language and Literature)JEAN AUTRETA.B., Institution St. Joseph, Lannion, France, 1919tI A.M., University of Texas, 1937-r (Romance Languages and Literatures)PASCUAL CAPIZA.B., State University of Iowa, 1931A.M., nu., 1933(Philosophy)WINSON COLEMANA.B., Penn College, 1928A.M., Haverford College, 1929(Philosophy)ROBERT JAMIESON CUMMINGA.B., Harvard University, 1938(Philosophy)B Itt?7f'F8C� DONALD LEROY FABIANp(.) 1_ (g � ? 't A.B., University of Chicago, 1941"\ (!/ l A.M., ibid., 1941E t1 ,-z. '(! (Romance Languages and Literatures)LEROY RICHARD HAMMILL(\'\. ) BC G. Th.B., Walla Walla College, 1936UAU .� ., �, (I A'�;7 Seventh-Day Adventist Theological'[Seminary,(Oriental Languages and Literatures)BRUCE HARKNESSA.M., University of Chicago, 1948(English Language and Literature) Thesis: Restoration Adaptations of Jacobean and CarolineComedyThesis: Ruskin et ProustThesis: Consent as a Basis of Political Obligation in Locke,Rousseau, and GreenThesis: Knowledge and Freedom in the Political Philosophies ofPlato and AristotleThesis: The Psychological Structure of Descartes' Moral Phi­losophyThesis: A Critical Analysis of the Novels of Ramon Perez deAyalaThesis: Biblical Interpretation in the Apocrypha and Pseudepig­raphaThesis: The Handling of Time in the Novels of Joseph ConradNOJCJ' C1PAULINE GRACE KINGI S.B., Mary Washington College, 1937A.M., George Peabody College for Teachers, 1938(Art)HENRY WILLIAM KNEPLERA.B., Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, I945A.M., ibid., I946(English Language and Literature)ffl{p,3�· Mas/<7�q11q LOUIS LEALS.B. in Ed., Northwestern University, I940A.M., University of Chicago, I94I(Romance Languages and Literatures)Pi{ 'OO.s- GERTRUDE MASON1-/ ., t.A /J. A.B., Mt. Holyoke College, I936. 'f � g r", I A.M., Columbia University, I937(English Language and Literature)'?y,Rt4<{ 3a'J1Q'1,QPloqq,')' BARBARA L. MOREHEADS.B., Carnegie Institute of Technology, I933A.B., College of William and Mary, I934A.M., Radcliffe College, 1935(English Language and Literature)STEWART IRVIN OOSTA.B., University of Chicago, I94IA.M., ibid., I947(History)GEORGE KIMBALL PLOCHMANNA.B., Columbia University, I936(Philosophy)BRUCE EVERETT VARDONA.B., University of Chicago, 194IA.M., ibid., I942(English Language and Literature)CHARLES WILLIAM WEGENERA.B., University of Chicago, I942(Philosophy) Thesis: Thomas Stothard and the Development toward VictorianRomanticismThesis: Mary Stuart on the Stage in England and AmericaThesis: El cuento y la leyenda en las cronicas de la Nueva EspanaThesis: The Social Philosophy of G. K. ChestertonThesis: Melville's Use of the Narrator in "Moby-Dick"Thesis: Roman Policy in Epirus and Acarnania in the Age ofthe Roman Conquest of GreeceThesis: Nature and the Living Creature in Four Theories ofBiologyThesis: Variant Readings in Walter Pater's" Studies in the H is­tory of the Renaissance"Thesis: The Problem of the PracticalIII. IN THE DIVISION' OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESHENRY ABEL DYE, JR.S.M., University of Chicago, I947(Mathematics)CHESTER FELDMANS.B., University of Chicago, 1940S.M., ibid., I94I(Mathematics)JEROME DONALD FELLMANNPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., I947S.M., ibid., I948(Geography)ROBERT EDWARD FRYXELLA.B., Augustana College, I944S.M., University of Chicago, I949(Chemistry)ROBERT HOWIE HARDIES.B., McGill University, I945S.M., ibid., I946(Astronomy and Astrophysics)ROBERT ALEXANDER HARPERPh.B., University of Chicago, I946S.B., ibid., 1947S.M., ibid., I948(Geography)FRANK LEROY HOLLOWAYEd.B., Southern Illinois Normal University, I942S.M., University of Chicago, I949(Chemistry)HENRY GEORGE HORAKA.B., University of Kansas, I940A.M., ibid., I947(Astronomy and Astrophysics) � Thesis: Radon-Nikodym Theorems for Operator AlgebrasThesis: Real Banach AlgebrasThesis: Truck Transportation Patterns of Chicago1'2-,/Thesis: I. Anomalous Extraction of Ferric Chloride by Ethers.,II. Effect of Stress on Metal Electrode PotentialsThesis: A Study of the Spectroscopic Binary U CepheiThesis: Recreational Occupance of the Moraine Lake Region ofNortheastern Illinois and S outheastern WisconsinThesis: Investigations of the General Base Catalysis of the Chro ..mic Acid Oxidation of Isopropyl AlcoholThesis: Diffuse Reflection by Planetary AtmospheresHN/.�Cf .I gC�I WESLEY AKIN HOTCHKISSA.B., Northland College, 1944S.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Geography)q Ol;,l"/II '"'WILLIAM HARPER JOHNSTON1) I -, 7 • .:) S.B., University of Chicago, 1942S.M., ibid., 1949(Chemistry),EDWARD AMBROSE MARTELL'J, $ S.B., United States Military Academy, 1942S.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Chemistry)NICHOLAS NICOLAIDESn III 0 IJ#'. 5' S.B., C;a?e School of Applied Science, 1939..,. 7 S.M., tu«, 1940(Chemistry)/"_>"C 100 C. 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Free Radical RearrangementsThesis: The Mechanism oj Self-diffusion in Alkali MetalsThesis: Cohomology Relations in Fiber BundlesThesis: The Isotopic Composition oj Oxygen in Natural SilicatesResearch on a National Defense �roject*Thesis: Interfacial Energies oj Some Metallic-Nonmetallic Sys­tems and Their Relation to MicrostructureThesis: The Reactions oj Atoms and Free Radicals in Solution:The Addition oj Sulfuryl Chloride to t-Alkenes-:IV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESWILLIAM ALBERT BOTZUMA.B., University of Notre Dame, 1938(Psychology)JOSEPH EDWARD CLETTENBERGS.B., University of Illinois, 1931(Education)MORRIS HAROLD COHENA.B., University of Chicago, 1939(Political Science)JOHN ROYSTON COLEMANA.B., University of Toronto, 1943A.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Economics)CHARLES IDLTON CONNELLYA.B., The Citadel, 1937A.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Education)GEORGE HARRY FATHAUERA.B., Miami University, 1940A.M., University of Chicago, 1942(Anthropology)HAROLD PERRY FORDA.B., University of Redlands, 1942(International Relations) Thesis: A Factorial Study oj the Reasoning and Closure FactorsThesis: Evaluation oj Health Education Preparation for Teachersin Curriculums oj Teachers CollegesThesis: The British Civil Service in a Critical Decade, 1937-47Thesis: Models oj Labor-Management Relations: A TypologyBased on Plant-Level Collective Bargaining StudiesResearch on a National Defense Project*Thesis: Mohave Social Organiz:ation, with Special Emphasisupon Age-Sex CategoriesThesis: Russian Far Eastern Diplomacy: Count Witte and thePenetration oj China, 1895-1904* Theses on national defense research projects are approved by the faculty members who are also participating in a defense researchproject closely related to the student's field of investigation. Results of such research are at present national defense secrets.tr l( 1 q � l_ WIf.il.��i��i� �l��i��o���f(Political Science) Thesis: A Political Analysis of the School District Reorganiza­tion Program in IllinoisRICHARD WALTER GABLES.B., Bradley Polytechnic Institute, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Political Science) Thesis: A Political Analysis of an Employers' Association: TheNational Association of ManufacturersHOWARD SCOTT GREENLEEA.B., University of Chicago, 1939A.M., ibid., 1941(History) Thesis: The Republican Party in Division and Reunion, I9IJ-20GERARD VICTOR HAIGHS.B., College of the City of New York, 1942(Human Development) Thesis: Some Relationships between Certain Types of MentalAberration and the Abilities Measured by the Wechsler-Belle-vue Scale \Thesis: The Role of Value and Threat in Perceptual OrientationMARION HERBERT GROVESA.B., Phillips University, 1933(Psychology)FRANK JORGEN HAMMERf3 t=- I 99 9 A.B., Lawrence College, 1942(Psychology) Thesis: The Relation of Odor, Taste, and Flicker-Fusion Thresh­olds to Food Intake1-(3.3411:. 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C-/91 RA}��D���n°fn�!sft/��SA.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Political Science) Thesis: Negro Civil Rights and the Supreme Court, I865-I949J � i'J4 ,r� HARVEY MARSHALL KARLEN-� • , A.B., University of Chicago, 1930(Political Science) Thesis: Some Political and Administrative Aspects of MunicipalWage Determination in Chicago, I9II-4IBILL LEROY KELLA.B., Ohio State University, 1941A.M., ibid., 1942(Human Development) Thesis: An Experimental Study of the Ability To Predict theSelf-concept of an Individualfrom His Therapeutic InterviewBehaviorIRA AARON KIPNISMus.B., Northwestern University, 1941Mus.M., ibid., 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1944(History) Thesis: The American Socialist Party, I897-I9I2H Y1 LAURENCE EUGENE LEAMERu3q ''f A.B., University of Chicago, 1939A.M., ibid., 1939(Economics) Thesis: Economics and Democratic Social Action: A Study of theRole of Economics in the Education of Citizens for a FreeSocietyH ' OJ '1? 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Ph.B.} University of Chicago, 1945(Psychology)AILEEN DANSKEN ROSSB. of Econ., University of London, 1939A.M., University of Chicago, 1941(Sociology )�m��rf MATILDA LYNETTE SAINEA.B., Spellman College, 1940A.M., Atlanta University, 1942(Education)JOHN FRANK SCHMIDTA.B., University of Chicago, 1941A.M., ibid., 1946(Sociology )WILLIAM ELLINGTON SHELTONS.B. in Ed., Agricultural and Mechanical College ofTexas, 1948A.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Education)JAMES DANIEL SINGLETARYS.B., Buffalo, New York, State Teachers College, 1944A.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Education)ELMER FREDRICK STOLTEA.B., Nebraska State Teachers and Normal College,1930A.M., Colorado State College of Education, 1936(Education)WILLIAM BRUCE STORME.B., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Political Science)CLARENCE ELSWORTH SWINGLEYA.B., Ball State Teachers College, 1928A.M., University of Chicago, 1931(Education)JASPER JOSEPH VALENT!A.B., College of the City of New York, 1940S.M. in Ed., Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1948(Education)r:t/c?O C/ BERNARD ALLEN WEISBERGER! I /7 I A.B., Columbia University, 1943A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(History)JESSE HARRISON WHEELER, JR.S.B., Alabama Polytechnic Institute, 1939S.M., ibid., 1941(Geography)l: C. J - CJ e-: THURMAN JAMES WmTEfP I I J A.B., Phillips University, 1936S.M., University of Oklahoma, 1941(Education) Thesis: Small-Town Party PoliticsThesis: Higher Auditory Nervous CentersThesis: Ethnic Relations and Social Structure: A Study of theInvasion of French-speaking Canadians into an EnglishCanadian DistrictThesis: Relationship of Selected Factors to the Reading Interestsof Negro College FreshmenThesis: Patterns of Poor Adjustment in Persons of Later Ma­turityThesis: A History of Public Education in Texas during the Re­construction PeriodThesis: The Interpersonal Perceptions of Teachers and Adminis­trative Leaders: An Exploratory Study of Teachers' Group Re­lationsThesis: The Relation of Certain Factors to Selected Types of In­S ervice Education of Public School Teachers in a MetropolitanAreaThesis: An Analysis of the Illinois Agricultural Association as aPressure Group for FarmersThesis: The Legal Basis of Civic Education in the United Statesfrom 1900 to 1949Thesis: Development and Evaluation of a Leadership AttitudeScale around the Social Role of the TeacherThesis: The Role of the Civil War Army CorrespondentThesis: Land Use in Greenbrier County, West Virginia,1 , 1.' ; IThesis: Similarity of Trai;ing Interests among Adult kducationLeadersV. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSDONALD ALLISTER FERGUSSONA.B., Dalhousie College, Halifax, N.S., 1932M.B.A., University of Chicago, 1945 Thesis: A Reconsideration of the Functions and Structure of theFederal Reserve SystemVI. IN THE DIVINITY SCHOOLpmLIP HARRISON ASHBYA.B., College of Puget Sound, 1938D.B., Pacific School of Religion, 1943FRANK DAVID DOREYA.B., Guilford College, 1939 Thesis : Christian Missions and Their A pproach to ContemporaryPrimitive CulturesThesis: The Church and Segregation in Washington, D.C., andChicago, IllinoisNOAH EDWARD FEHLA.B., Bucknell University, 1940D.B., Andover Newton Theological School, 1943A.M., Brown University, 1946 Thesis: The Christian Judgment of Paganism in the First ThreeCenturiesROBERT EDGAR LEDBETTER, JR.A.B., University of Texas, 1937A.M., ibid., 1938D.B., University of Chicago, 1944 Thesis: The Planting and Growth of the Protestant Denomina-tions in Texas Prior to I850 .ELMER GARR MILLIONA.M., University of Chicago, 1949MAGNUS NODTVEDTA.B., St. Olaf College, 1917A.M., Columbia University, 1920M.Th., Princeton Seminary, 1928 Thesis: A Study of Protestantism in the Kentucky Blue Grass,I865-I940Thesis: Hans Nielsen Hauge and the Rebirth of NorwayJAMES ALLEN REDDICKA.B., Birmingham-Southern College, 1943D.B., University of Chicago, 1946 Thesis: A Typology of Anticlericalism in France under the ThirdRepublic, I87I-I9I4n)( CJ ll" r) W ALTER EARL STUERMANNf.,;1 �,.., � S.B., Carnegie Institute of Technology, 1941, $'13 D.B., McCormick Theological Semieary, 1944 Thesis: John Calvin's Concept of Faith, Presented on the Basis ofthe "Institutes" and the "Commentaries," the "Catechisms,"the "Confessions," and the Theological TreatisesVII. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATION� 1" 1 000 \) RACHEL BRYANT MARKSt"f" II A.B., Emory and Henry College, 1932A.M., Scarritt College 1939A.M., University of Chicago, 1944 Thesis: The Problem of Second Injuries: History and Analysisof Second-Injury Provisions of Workmen's CompensationLaws in the United StatesVIII. THE CONFERRING OF AN HONORARY DEGREEFor the Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters:DANIEL MORNET, Professor of French Literature, The Sorbonne.Eminent authority in the field of French literature and thought, whose broad scholarship,intellectual integrity, and human understanding distinguish him here and abroad.The candidate will be presented by Robert Manning, Strozier, Dean of Students and Asso­ciate Professor of French.IX. THE CONVOCATION STATEMENTROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS, Chancellor of the University(X. "ALMA MATER" Words byEDWIN H. LEWISWith a steady 'l'hytk·m, like a ma'l'ck::>. -:>all fair moth-ers, fair-est she, Most wise of all that wis - est be,praise her breadth of char-d - ly, Her' faith that truth shall make men free,dec - ades and for cen-tu-ries, Its bat - tle-ment- ed tow'rs shall rise,ter.ter.ter,COPYJUGHTXI. THE BENEDICTIONXII. THE RECESSION AL-"Fugue in G Major"(The congregation remains standing during the Recession) J. S. BachMARSHALHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal oj the UniversityASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMSWALKER MOORE ALDERTONWALTER BARTKYGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOYGEORGE HAY BROWNLEON CARNOVSKY REUBEN FRO DINJOHN GOTTHOLD KUNSTMANNFRANCIS JOSEPH MULLINEUGENE P. NORTHROPSHELDON TEFFTSTUDENT AIDESROBERT ALEXANDER ADAMSROBERT DAVIS BESTJESSIE MACGREGOR CAMPBELLMARY LORETTO COLEMANMARIAM DUBOVIKROBERT ALFRED GILBERTJOAN VIOLA GITZELDUNCAN NEWELL HANSENBARBARA VIRGINIA KENYONRAYMOND JOHNSON NANCY ANN LASHERFRANCIS DUMMER LOGANTHEODORE SCHAEFER, JR.ETHEL FRANCES SCHWEITZERLAWRENCE SHERMANNATASHA SOBOTKACAROLYN MARGARET WEISTRICHARD CARLTON WOELLNERFRANCES LOUISE WYERS