Ube 'tLlnt"ersft� of <IbicagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D, ROCKEFELLERTHETwo HUNDRED THIRTY-NINTHCONVOCATION�bt�ummtrSEPTEMBER SECONDA.D. NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-NINEROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORDER OF EXERCISES1. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional-"Pomp and Circumstance"The Marshal and the Student AidesThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the University ElgarThe Trustees and Administrative OfficersThe Convocation ChaplainThe Chancellor of the University and the Convocation Orator(The congregation standing until after the Prayer)II. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION AmericaMy country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty,Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring.III. THE PRAYER Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty,To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.=s. F. SMITHTHE REVEREND WILLIAM NELSON HAWLEY, Dean of Students in the DivinitySchoolIV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"Values and the Scientific Temper." THE REVEREND JOHN BEAUMONT THOMPSON,Dean of the University Chapel and Associate Professor of Christian EthicsV. SOLO C. Hubert H. ParryTHEODORE RALL, Soloist of the University Choiro Brother man, fold to thy heart thy brother:Where pity dwells the peace of God is there,To worship rightly is to love each other,Each smile a hymn, each kindly deed a prayer.Follow with reverent steps the great exampleOf Him whose holy work was doing good:So shall the wide earth seem our Father's temple,Each loving life a psalm of gratitude.Then shall all shackles fall: the stormy clangourOf wild war music o'er the earth shall cease;Love shall tread out the baleful fire of anger,And in its ashes plant the tree of peace.VI. THE AWARD OF HONORSMembers elected to Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on nomination by theUniversity for especial distinction in general scholarship in the University:John Alexander Armstrong, Jr.Norman ElkinDaniel Charles Gerould Arthur William Hummel, Jr.William George Johnston Allan Nathan KaufmanCaroline N estmannDivisional Honor Scholars selected for excellence in the work of the Departments:Division of the Biological Sciences:Dorothy Anne BakerDouglas Ambrose EggenNehema Massel Glassman David GreeneDaniel Orin Levinson George William SchmidtJames Myers ShellowDivision of the Humanities:Theana Anton BrotsosBenzion Elias DanonRobert Alan DonovanAlbert Harry Goldman Barbara Louise GrossRoger Nelson HancockHomer Vincent Hogan, Jr.Florence Singer Patricia Nanette StephensJohn Alfred TarburtonGregory Barish VotawPeter Dunbar WelchDivision of the Physical Sciences:George Edward BackusDonald Robert Bentz Arlen Herbert BrownArthur Charles Brown George West Wetherill, Jr.Division oj the Social Sciences:James Christian AbegglenRobert Harold AlbrightJohn Alexander Armstrong, Jr.Warner Bloomberg, Jr.Phillip David CaganAnton William DePorteSeymour Israel DresnerGeorge Louis DuntenDotsie EarleHerbert J uli us Gans William HamburgerWalter HartmannLouis KriesbergKenneth Edwin LaneCharles Miller LeslieMartin Deming LewisJanet Louise LippmanPhyllis Findley MaslowCarl William MerschelZori ta Wise Mikva Donna Lee MyersAlexander Hillhouse PopeRuth RosnerIrving SchneiderArthur Sidney ShapiroDaniel Lawrence SkolerPaul Sylvester WeltyKale Alonzo WilJiams, Jr.Tullius Lowdon Wingo, Jr.The Lillian Gertrude Selz Scholarship for the first-year woman ranking first in the com­prehensive examinations in the College is awarded toNancy Lee McClungVII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for degrees will be presented by the Deans in the following order:Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or of Science in the Divisions and theProfessional Schools by Associate Dean Everett Claire OlsonCandidates for the degree of Master of Arts or of Science by Assistant DeanPreston S. CutlerCandidates for the degree of Bachelor of Library Science by Dean Bernard BerelsonCandidates for the degree of Master of Business Administration by Dean GarfieldV. CoxCandidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Lowell T. CoggeshallShirley Lyons MontgomeryMurray Arthur NewmanMaxine Winsor NordquistMorris Jacob SeideMary Elizabeth ShulerHelen Eugenie SperryMyra Elizabeth W ohrerCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREEI. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESIsaac Albert AttiaEdwin Melvin BanksRobert Edwin BeilinSaul Ben-ZeevJohn Buettner-januschWill�am ChorneyPhillip Ervin GertlerHelen Lorraine Harris For the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Richard LeRoy HoodRalph Herman KathanJoan Alfreda KaufmannFred Leonard KeilMargaret Gretchen KroghMyra Estrin LevineSandra Kahn LewisII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESLeon Nahum Hurvitz For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:Robert Arnold Hurwitch Herschel Ferdinand WebbIII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESHarold George BernerRobert Howard BrooksRichard George ClowRobert Lloyd DavisJames Wedd HendersonVerner Emil JohansonHugh Mitchell JohnsonWilliam Harding JohnsonWilliam George Johnston For the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Andrew Harry JonesAllan Nathan KaufmanRussell Bernard Keller, Jr.Naomi Roslynn KenigsbergDorothy Joan LadendorfRobert LieberRobert Nestor MakiGeraldine MarcusCharles Neville Maxwell Charles Willson RectorRonald John SladekRobert LaVern Slater, Jr.Abraham SosinCharles Bruce StephensonWilliam Thomas Stratton, Jr.Walter Julius StraussEdith TerschIV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESDonald Stubbs JamisonRichard Louis JohnBernard Stuart Holzman For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:Norma Muriel LevenfeldV. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:John Edward Hurney Abraham Telingatorf 9r 9- CANDIDATES FOR HIGHER DEGREES1. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF ARTS1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESREN�E ZENON AMON(Humanities)-- MARY ESTHER BECKMAN(History)ALLAN JOSEPH BINGA.B., Harvard University, 1948(Philosophy)ROBERT ROY BISHOP(Romance Languages and Literatures)NEIL FRANCIS BRENNAN(English Language and Literature)JAMES HENRY BRODERICKA.B., Harvard University, 1947(English Language and Literature)THEODORE JOSEPH BUCZYNSKIA.B., University of Notre Dame, 1933A.M., De Paul University, 1949(Latin Language and Literature)MARILYN BUEHRERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(English Language and Literature)CHARLES OWEN BURGESS, JR.A.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1948(English Language and Literature)MAURICE ERWIN COPE(English Language and Literature)LEONARD WALKER DEENA.B., Indiana University, 1948(English Language and Literature)MARIE EIDEA.B., University of Chicago, 1944(English Language and Literature)-RASHID SALEM EL-NADOURYA.B., Farouk I University, Alexandria, Egypt, 1945(Oriental Languages and Literatures)MARGARETTE CELESTINE EVANSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Romance Languages and Literatures)MARY OLGA FILIPPIM. of Law, Jagiellonski University, Krakow, Poland,1939(Linguistics)JULIUS WEIS FRIEND, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1944(History)DANIEL CHARLES GEROULDA.B., University of Chicago, 1946(English Language and Literature)BEATRICE GERSHENSONA.B., Hunter College, 1948(English Language and Literature)RAYMOND DORNER GIRAUDA.B., College of the City of New York, 1941(Romance Languages and Literatures)SUE DAVIDSON GOTTFRIED(English Language and Literature)DAVID ALEXANDER GRIFFINA.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Romance Languages and Literatures)DOROTHEA ASKOUNIS HAINA.B., University of Chicago, 1938(English Language and Literature) Without thesisThesis: The Austrian Socialist Agricultural Program, 1918-34Paper: Social Morality: A Study in F. H. Bradley and ErichFrommPaper: The Use of Imagery in the Description of Women in Rep­resentative Dramatic Warks of Lope de VegaWithout thesisWithout thesisPaper: Cicero as a Provincial GovernorWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: A Study of the Documents concerning Egyptian-SyrianRelations during the First Part of the Egyptian EmpirePaper: Notes on Martinez Zuviria (Hugo West)Paper: The Methods of Teaching English as a Second Languagein PolandThesis: Regicide and Indulgent: A Study in the Motivation ofSome Conventionists in the Trial of Louis XVIWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: Gerard de Nerual et les [eunes-FrtmceWithout thesisThesis: Literary Criticism in the Works of Jose Ortega y GassetWithout thesisDS'19' CATHERINE HAMA.B., Howard College, 1937(English Language and Literature)EDWARD MICHAEL HARRINGTON, JR.A.B., College of the Holy Cross, 1947(English Language and Literature)JOHN PHILLIP HARTHA.B., Trinity College, Sioux City, Iowa, 1946(English Language and Literature)ROBERT DEAN HARVEYS.B., Northwestern University, 1948(English Language and Literature)JAMES LOWERY HUFFORD(English Language and Literature)RTHUR WILLIAM HUMMEL, JR.(Oriental Languages and Literatures)SELMA SIIRI SAHLMAN KARLSSONA.M., Indiana State Teachers College, 1948(Germanic Languages and Literatures)ALIA EMILIA LATINIA.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Art)HERBERT LEDERERA.B., Brooklyn College, 1948(Germanic Languages and Literatures)MARTHA BERNSTEIN LEVINEA.B., Rockford College, 1948(English Language and Literature)ELY MILTON LIEBOWA.B., The American University, 1948(English Language and Literature)FRANK COOK LUCAS(English Language and Literature)WARREN THOMAS McCREADY(Romance Languages and Literatures)MARY REED McDOUGALA.B., Vassar College, 1946(English Language and Literature)L/ 9 'Iv - PAUL GUERRANT MORRISON, JR.7 I A.B., Washington and Lee University, 1940(Philosophy)CAROLINE NESTMANN(Oriental Languages and Literatures)GRAHAM STILES NEWELLA.B., University of Chicago, 1938(Latin Language and Literature)LORETTA JEAN NOVICKS.B., Northwestern University, 1946(English Language and Literature)ALBERT LOUIS PANZAA.B., University of Chicago, 1939(Romance Languages and Literatures)ROBERT ANDERS PARK(English Language and Literature)THOMAS WILLIAM PARKERA.B., University of Wisconsin, 1947(History)HAROLD JOSEPH PERRY(English Language and Literature)MARILYN MAYO PRINTZPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(English l-anguage and Literature)JAMES FRANCIS REILLYA.B., St. John's University, 1946(Latin Language and Literature)JOSEPH ROSENBLOOM(Philosophy)CHARLES GOODWIN SAUERS, JR.(History) Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: Yuan Shih-k'ai as an Official under the ManchusPaper: Some Observations on the Swedish Language in the UnitedStatesThesis: A Study of Modes in the Development of Light and Shadein PaintingPaper: Studien zur eihischen Problematik im Werke ArthurSchnitzlersWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisPaper: Heraldry in the Dramatic Works of Lope de VegaWithout thesisThesis: A Formal Approach to Descriptive SemanticsThesis: The Excavations at BismayaPaper: The "Humanitas" of Pliny the YoungerWithout thesisThesis: M acchiavelli e GuicciardiniWithout thesisThesis: The Aetolian League and Roman Expansion in Greece,220-196 B.C.Wi thout thesisWithout thesisPaper: Literary Allusion and Criticism in HoraceThesis: The Internal Structure of Bergson's PhilosophyThesis: Richard A. Ballinger and the Alaska Coal Claims,1907-8MARY LYNN SLATER(English Language and Literature)ROBERT RAYMOND SPONSLER(Philosophy)RICHARD ALLAN VA YHINGERA.B., Carleton College, 1944(Germanic Languages and Literatures)JAMES EDWARD ZEMEKA.B., University of Illinois, 1948(English Language and Literature):JOHN JAMES ZIEGLERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Philosophy) Without thesisPaper: Bentham, Stirner, and InterestPaper: M usenalmanache and Taschenbiicher in the University ofChicago Library, Part II (1770-1800, M-T)Without thesisThesis: The Relation of Logic to Psychology in Aquinas andlIumeII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESRICHARD GURNEY AI. TOBELLIA.B., Valparaiso University, 1948(History)JOHN ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1948(International Relations)LEOPOLD BECKER(Sociology)THELMA BILLINGSLEY BLAKELYS.B. in Ed., Tuskegee Institute, 1933(Education)DONALD BLASCHEd.B., Northern Illinois State Teachers College, 1937(Education)ELOISE AGNES BORMAN(Education)ELLEN L. BRACHTLS.B.E., Northwestern University, 1940(Education)GEORGE KENNETH BRINEGAREd.B., Illinois State Normal University, 1940(Economics)BARBARA KENDALL BROWNPh.B., University of Chicago, I946(Political Science)JOHN WAYNE BUCKS.B., Purdue University, I940(Sociology)MARGARET LUCILE CARROLL(Education)PING-CHANG CHAO yA.B., St. John's University, Shanghai, China, I945A.M., John B. Stetson University, 1947(Political Science)....THEODORE SEGIL CLINEA.B., Indiana University, 1948(History)BARNEY BARNETT COHENS.B., Lewis Institute I935S.M., University of Chicago, 1940(Education)PATRICIA JANE COLLETTEA.B., Beloit College, I943(Anthropology)CHARLES HILTON CONNELLYA.B., The Citadel, 1937(Education)PRISCILLA ALDEN COPELANDA.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Anthropology) Without thesisThesis: Baltic Nationalities between Germany and Russia,1914-18Paper: The Characteristics of "Racial Jokes": A PreliminaryAnalysisPaper: Basic Reading I nstruction in the Middle GradesPaper: The Social and Emotional Background of the AdolescentDelinquentPaper: A n Evaluation of the Organization of Recent SocialStudies Programs for the Intermediate GradesPaper: The Psychological, Attitudinal, and Scholastic Effects ofNon-Promotion on the Elementary School ChildWithout thesisThesis: The Political Theory of Irving BabbittThesis: The Indiana Forger: A Sociological StudyPaper: The Implication of Global Geography for the SocialStudies in the Elementary SchoolThesis: Constitutional Aspects of the Treatment of Communistsin the United StatesThesis: M annheim: A Cultural Center of the Eighteenth CenturyPaper: Changing Emphasis in High School BiologyPaper: A Comparative Study of Leadership among the SouthernAihabaskansPaper: The Development of a Course in Public Speaking on Inter­national Relations for Air Force OfficersPaper: An Analysis of Peer-Group among Red Lake OjibwaHq SAMUEL SPITZER CRANDELLA.B., Hobart College, 1947(Sociology)CELESTINE VIOLA CURTISA.B., Southern University and Agricultural and Me­chanical College, 1943(Education)JULIETTE DANNENBAUM(Human Development)EDYTHE PEARLMAN DREWS.B., University of Illinois, 1943(Education)ALFRED KENNETH ECKERSBERG(Political Science)BERTHA BENNER EDWARDSPh.B., De Paul University, 1948(Education)ALBERT ELIASA.B., University of Michigan, 1946(Sociology)NORMAN ELKIN(Social Sciences)LLOYD ASHTON FALLERSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Anthropology)BARTON EDWARD FARBER(Political Science)BERNARD FARBERA.B., Central Y.M.C.A. College, 1943(Sociology)... JOHN THOMAS FARRELLPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Political Science)CICEL Y FRANCES FINKELSTEINA.B., New York University, 1945(Psychology )ANN KRONQUIST FITZ-HUGHPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Human Development)HARRY MARK FLAPANS.B. in Bus. Admin., Washington University, 1944(Social Sciences)MELVIN LEO FOWLERS.B., Purdue University, 1946(Anthropology)JUNE ANNE FRARY(Education)CHI-HSIUNG FUGrad., National Southwest Associated University,Kunrning, China, 1943(Education)FRANCISCO PAUL GARRIGA-RODRi­GUEZS.B., University of Puerto Rico, 1932A.B., uu., 1944(Education)GEORGE TRACY GILL UL YA.B., Iowa State Teachers College, 1938(Education)OLGA CHARLOTTE GILSONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Sociology)ENZO ALFIO GIUNTOLIA.B., DePauw University, 1943(Education)VICTOR EVERS GLICKA.B., Bridgewater College, 1940(History) Paper: Individualism versus Collectivism in Wage IncentivesPaper: Intelligence-Test Scores of Kindergarten Children of Dif­ferent Social ClassesPaper: A Study of Traits Attributed to a Select Group by FellowStudents in a Graduate PopulationPaper: An In-Service Training Program for CounselorsThesis: A Study of the Proposed Consolidation of the ChicagoPark District and the City of ChicagoPaper: Possible Significance of Motor Learning in Selected Edu­cational SituationsThesis: Class Intermarriage in an Urban AreaPaper: A Critique of the Strategy of an F.E.P.C. CampaignPaper: The Role of Fractionalism in Fox AcculturationThesis: Freedom of Association and Its Relation to Trade-UnionControl over MembershipThesis: A Study of Dependence and Decision-Making in Mar­riageThesis: The Political Theory of John CalvinThesis: An Investigation of the Effects of Association betweenDelinquent and Non-Delinquent Children. in a Closed Com­munityPaper: A Test of Humor as a Projective TechniqueWithout thesisPaper: The Robinson Preserve Component: Its Cultural Signifi­cance and AffiliationsPaper: Correlates of Reading RatePaper: Radio as a M edi1tm for School InterpretationThesis: Predicting the Scholastic Success of College Freshmen atthe University of Puerto RicoPaper: The Cumulative Record in a High School GuidanceProgramThesis: Effect of Clanging Family Roles on Division of House­hold Duties-An Aspect of Adjustment in Veteran-StudentFamiliesPaper: Adapting an A.S.T.P. Method of Teaching a ForeignLanguage to the Secondary SchoolThesis: German Activities and Influence in ArgentinaJOHN CALVIN GLIDEWELL(Psychology)RAYMOND LOWELL GORDEN(Sociology)QUINTIN WARWICK GUERINS.B. in Ed., Northern Illinois State Teachers College,1948(Education)GENE ROY HACKETTPh.B., Creighton University, 1935(Education)RICHARD STANTON HAMMETT(Social Sciences)MYRA ROSE HARDYPh.B. in Ed., University of Chicago, 1932(Education)JOHN ROBERT HERMANSONS.B., Michigan State College, 1940(Education)HARLES HENRY HEWITTA.B., University of Arizona, 1944(Anthropology )HARLES HENRY HOLZINGER(Sociology)DWAYNE ERNEST HUEBNER(Education)SURA YA ZAHID HUSAINA.B., University of the Punjab, Lahore, India, 1947(Education)EDITH B. JAMES(History).ARCHIE HARRISON JONESA.B., Carroll College, 1947(History)ERNARD ISRAEL KAHNA.B., University of California, 1948(Political Science)MAHMOUD ROUSHDI KHATERA.B., Fouadel-Awal University, Cairo, Egypt, 1941Diploma, Institute of Education, Cairo, Egypt, 1943(Education)KATHERINE BELL KNAGOA.B., University of Washington, 1938(Education)MALCOLM SHEPHERD KNOWLESA.B., Harvard University, 1934(Education)JESSIE ODEBRECHT KOMARS.B., University of Chicago, 1930(Education)DORIS ELIZA KRUDENERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(International Relations)DANA GEORGE KURFMANA.B., Beloit College, 1947(History).;pHILIP HERBERT LEIDERMAN, JR.(Psychology)DONALD JOHN LEIFFER(Anthropology)MARIO LEVIDr. of Law, Royal University of Turin, 1936(Psychology)ESTHER GELLER LIBERMAN(Social Sciences)JOHN J. LIGHTA.B., University of Chicago, 1935(Political Science) Thesis: Prediction of Some Aspects of Group Leadership Be­haviorThesis: A Study of the Relationship between Verbal Expressionof Attitude and the Individual's Conception of Group NormsPaper: Sex Education of Children and YouthPaper: A Guidance Program for a Vocational SchoolWithout thesisPaper: Improving the Methods of Reporting Pupil Progress in theElementary SchoolPaper: The Problem of Acculturation among Second-GenerationJapanese AmericansThesis: The Doctrine of Social EvolutionThesis: Acceptance-Rejection of Belief in Equal OpportunityThesis: Vocational Preferences of Elementary School Children asRelated to Peer-Group Status in the ClassroomPaper: The Expression of Emotion in the Paintings of Pre­school ChildrenThesis: Claims' Law and Miners' Courts of the Montana GoldCamps, I862-70Thesis: The Reform Movement in Chicago Banking, I893-I9I3Thesis: The Catholic Church and Its Relationship to the Back-of­the-Yards Neighborhood Council: A Study in CommunityPolitical BehaviorThesis: An Evaluation of Oral Language Programs in the Pri­mary GradesPaper: Basic Reading Programs in Four General Curricular Pat­ternsPaper: Sound Administrative Practices in Informal Adult Edu­cationPaper: Construction of a Core-Curriculum-for Seventh and EighthGrades in a Chicago SchoolThesis: The Inter-American System as a Community of Nationsand Regional Agency of the United NationsThesis: A Study of the Published Works of James Hayden TuftsThesis: The Effect of Partial Lesions in the Striate Cortex onPattern Discrimination in the CatPaper: The Urbanization of the Southern BantuThesis: An Analysis of the Influence of Two Different Cultureson Responses to the Rosanoff Free Association TestWithout thesisThesis: Selected Problems and Prospects of Television Regulationby the F.C.C.HI 3 9qo EDITH MARIE LIND(Human Development)SARAH LOWENSTEINS.B., University of Chicago, 1934(Education)LILLIAN TEKLA LUNDGRENPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Social Sciences)AMOS HOWARD LYTTONA.B., University of Akron, 1946(Sociology)JACK CARTER MARET(Sociology)McKIM MARRIOTT(Anthropology)ELIZABETH SEARS MARSHS.B., Teachers College, Columbia University, 1942(Human Development)EDITH SANSOM McCALL(Education)BERNARD LAWRENCE McCARTHY(Social Sciences)MARY CATHERINE McCORDA.B., DePauw University, 1931(Education)MICHAEL JOSEPH MICKLOSEd.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1948(Education)FISKE MILES, JR.A.B., University of Missouri, 1942(Education)VIRGINIA CLEMENT MILLERA.B., University of Chicago, 1936(Political Science)/09 ROBERT EDWARD NEWLONA.B., Colorado State College of Education, 1944(International Relations)ALICE BROWN PERRYA.B., Fisk University, 1930(Education)WARREN ALFRED PETERSONS.B., Western Michigan College of Education, 1944(Sociology)THEODORE GEORGE PHILLIPSS.B., University of Chicago, 1933S.M., tus., 1936(Education)RICHARD KENYON PILGRIM(Social Sciences)CHARLES HUTCHINSON PLETCHERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947(International Relations)TAK-MING PONGA.B., St. John's University, Shanghai, China, 1934(Political Science)SAMUEL AARON PORTNOYS.B. in Ed., University of Wisconsin, 1947(History)EDWIN MARTIN QUINNA.B., Southwestern at Memphis, 1947(Sociology)DOROTHY BABICH RATHMANS.B. in Ed., Milwaukee, Wisconsin, State Teachers Col­lege, 1940(Education)DEAN FRANKLIN RITZMANA.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1948(History) Paper: Social Class Factors in Intelligence TestingPaper: A Remedial Reading Program as Part of a Student Per­sonnel ProgramWithout thesisThesis: Marriage during the Selective Service Era in ChicagoThesis: An 14nalysis of a Selected Set of Population Characteris­tics by At'�as of Commutation to the Central Business Districtof ChicagoPaper: The G owth of Caste in IndiaThesis: A Study of Parents' Goalsfor Their Children as Relatedto the Obserted Behavior of These ChildrenPaper: A Proposed Program for Pupils Deficient in Word Rec­ognition SkillsPaper: A Study o� White Resistance to Negro Residential Occu­pancyPaper: A Curriculum and Plan for Instruction for Tenth-GradeGeometryPaper: The Psychology of Children's AggressionsPaper: The Implementation of a Guidance Program in the Sec­ondary School through the Teaching of HistoryThesis: Liberal Tradition and Modern LibertariansThesis: Evolution of the United States' Position in MicronesiaPaper: Organization of the Study Hall in Secondary SchoolsThesis: A Study of Occupational Esaluation: Comparative Pref­erence for Independent and Non-Independent OccupationsPaper: A Study of Teacher-Load FormulasWithout thesisThesis: The Formosan Uprisings of 1868Thesis: American Protestantism and the Public W elfareThesis: German Social Democracy and the Treaty of Brest­LitovskThesis: Fraternity Membership and the Conforming PersonalityPaper: Teacher Value-Systems Reflected in Their Reports onChildrenWithout thesis I�I� CHARLES GEORGE ROESSLEINGrad., St. Mary's Seminary, Techny, Illinois, 1936(Education)VIVIAN ALICIA ROGERSA.B., Albertus Magnus College, 1941(International Relations)THEESSA TODD ROUNDTREEA.B., Wiley College, 1941(Education)GABRIEL GERALD RUDNEY(Economics)CORBITT BROOKS RUSHINGA.B., Oklahoma Baptist University, 1947(Political Science)MARGARET GERALDINE SCHERERA.B., Park College, 1933(Education)JEANNE MARIE SCHLAGETERA.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Social Sciences)- LEONARD WILLIAM SCHROETER(International Relations)HOWARD EDWARD SCHUCHMANNA.B., Illinois College, 1947(History)�BERTAVRUMSCHULMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1940(Economics)JOHN BANDORF SCHWERTMANA.B., Oberlin College, 1939(Education)ROBERT LE ROY SHALKOP(Anthropology)DAVID SKLAR(Economics)CLARE CAROLINE SOLBERGA.B., St. Olaf College, 1946(Education)JaMES WILLIAM SPAIN(Political Science)CARL HENRY STOFFELS(Social Sciences)ROBERT REED STORMER, JR.A.B., Allegheny College, 1948(History)EVELYN WEINBERG TABACHNICK(Social Sciences)DANIEL DAISUKE TAKEOKAA.B., Central Y.M.C.A. College, 1945(International Relations)EUGENE JOSEPH TAYLOR(Education)FRANK JOSEPH VELESZA.B., Western Michigan College of Education, 1947(Economics)LUCILLE HATTIE VERHULSTS.B., University of Wisconsin, 1930(Education)AGNES RUTH VETTERA.B., University of Chicago, 1939(Education)WILLIAM ALEXANDER WATTERSS.B., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1938(Education)o HAROLD L. WILENSKYA.B., Antioch College, 1947<.Sociology) Thesis: An Analysis and Criticism of the Vocabulary of ChinesePrimary ReadersThesis: The Problem of Interpersonal Communication in Politi­cal Bargaining Conferences as Illustrated at the Yalta Con­ferencePaper: The Contents of Phonics in the First GradeThesis: The Processing Tax Refunds: An Analysis of the Role ofEconomics in Tax Legislation and Tax AdministrationThesis: The County Manager-Status and TrendsPaper: Personality Traits as Revealed in Children's StoriesWithout thesisThesis: The Attitude of the Communist Party of the UnitedStates toward War, 1928-41Thesis: Lincoln's "Lost Speech"Thesis: The Australian TariffPaper: A n A ppraisal of Certain Studies of the Learner as a Basisfor Curriculum DevelopmentPaper: The Jersey Bluff Archaeological FocusThesis: Some Aspects of the 1948 Strike in the Meat PackingIndustryPaper: Textile Decoration in the Art Program of SecondarySchoolsThesis: Gilson, Thomism, and PoliticsWithout thesisThesis: British Investments in Mexico, 1821-1948Without thesisThesis: American-Yugoslav Relations from 1941 to the PresentPaper: Federal Education of Indian School ChildrenThesis: Postwar Development of Czechoslovak Foreign TradePaper: An Evaluation of the Counseling and Guidance Programat Whittier CollegePaper: The Educational Objectives of the High School LibraryPaper: History of Vocational Guidance in Chicago Public SchoolsThesis: Local 166: A Study of a Union's Influence on the PoliticalOrientation of Its MembershipHfJ yc;q 7 -MAURICE JACOUTOT WILLIAMS(International Relations)EVA DORIS WILSONS.B., Prairie View State Normal and Industrial College,1930(Education)JAMES BASHFORD WINKER(Human Development)IRVING MANUEL WITTA.B., University of California, 1942(Sociology)DOROTHY GNIECH WOLFSONE.B., Chicago Teachers College, 1945(History)ALTA MAHALA YOUNGA.B., Western Michigan College of Education, 1941(Education) Thesis: British Payments Agreements: A Stv.dy in InternationalMonetary Technique and Diplomacy, I945-47Paper: Diagnosis and Remedial Teaching of Reading in thePrimary GradesPaper: Common Expectancies as a Function of Group InteractionThesis: The Division of Labor between Student Husbands andTheir Employed WivesThesis: James Henry Hammond: Southern NationalistPaper: Enlarging the Meaning Vocabulary in GeographyEloise Agnes BormanProfessional Certificate for Elementary-School Teachers:Dwayne Ernest HuebnerProfessional Certificate for Secondary-School Teachers:Mary Esther BeckmanMarie EideDavid GreeneRichard Stanton HammettJames Boyle Inskeep Bernard Israel KahnDana George KurfmanShirley LevinsohnEsther Geller LibermanLillian Tekla Lundgren Kengo N agasakoJeanne Marie SchlageterEvelyn Weinberg TabachnickThomas Edward VanDamRaymond Lowell GordenProfessional Certificate for Junior-College Teachers:III. IN THE DIVINITY SCHOOLf3l? 1 r r: GARLAND WAYNE GLICKA.B., Bridgewater College, IQ41D.B., Bethany Biblical Seminary, 1946A Cj q(.- JACK FAY ROBINSONA.B., Montana State University, 1936D.B., Crozer Theological Seminary, 1939MARVIN J. TAYLORTh.B., Olivet Nazarene College, 1943D.B., McCormick Theological Seminary, 1946 Thesis: Tertullian's Attitude toward the JewsThesis: William Robertson, Scottish Historian, I72I-93Thesis: P entateuchal Criticism since WellhausenIV. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLJAMES ALBERT BOULAS.B., University of Illinois, 1937GERTRUDE ELIZABETH GSCHEIDLEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1937z; I 0 9 t? tf - ELIZABETH FRANCES KIENTZLEA.B., Rosary College, 1944HANNIS SANDERS SMITH Paper: Use of a Metropolitan Public Library by High SchoolStudentsThesis: The Los Angeles Public Library, the Central Library, andthe Extension of Service throughout the City: A Study of theOrganization and Administration of Adult ServicesThesis: A Study of the Relationships among College and Univer­sity Administrators, Library Committees, and LibrariansThesis: Reading in the Rural CommuniJyV. IN THE SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SERVICE ADMINISTRATIONSARA PRINCE ANASTAPLOA.B., University of Texas, 1946RUTH FANSHEL BERGERS.B. in Ed., College of the City of New York, 1947DAVID LIONEL BLUMENTHALS.B., Purdue University, 1948ADRIANA BOUTERSEA.B., Western Michigan College of Education, 1937ELBA MARTHA BURGOSS.B. in Ed., University of Puerto Rico, 1945CONCHITA CARRASQUILLOA.B., University of Puerto Rico, 1943JOAN BECKMAN cnrsuA.B., University of Chicago, 1946LAFAYETTE ROSS CHISMA.B., Yale University, 1948FLORENCE McCRACKEN CHRISTIEA.B., University of New Brunswick, 1930MARGARET KILDARE DAVEYA.B., University of California, 1923CAROLINE HUBERT ELLEDGEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1931HESTER MAXINE ELLIOTTA.B., University of California at Los Angeles, 1929ESTELLE ROSS GABRIELA.B., Earlham College, 1936JOSEPH CLIFFORD GALERUTH ANNE HAEGERA.B., University of Chicago, 1939CASSIE RENA HALEYA.B., Scarritt College, 1942EVELYN HARRISS.B., New Haven, Connecticut, State Teachers College,1940NELLIE MAE HARTMANA.B., University of Washington, 1931A.M., uu., 1933FRANCES MARIE HOPKINSA.B., University of Mississippi, 1940HELEN RITA HUGHESA.B., Rosary College, 1941LILY LUCILE ISHA.B., Talladega College, 1947VIVIAN RUTH JONESPh.B., University of North Dakota, 1948PEARL ANNE LAVINEA.B., University of Illinois, 1941KARL ARTHUR MARSHALLA.B., San Diego State College, 1948KATHERINE BURNHAM McBRIDEA.B., University of California at Los Angeles, 1941PHYLLIS EILEEN MICKELSONS.B., University of Minnesota, 1939JANET AMY PARKERA.B., University of Toronto, 1926A.M., ibid., 1928JOSEPHINE ABIGAIL PERRYA.B., University of Chicago, 1945CALVIN GRISSOM RECKLEYA.B., Otterbein College, 1948JOHN EDWARD SPARKSA.B., University of British Columbia, 1944 Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisReport: Rehabilitation of the PatientWithout thesisReport: Men in the Armed Services Hospitalized for Neuro­psychiatric EvaluationWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesiss /or9R 9 VALERIE ORTR UDE STEGERA.B., University of New Mexico, 1947EUNICE FRANCES TATARA.B., University of Illinois, 1946MORRIS BARTON THOMTEA.B., University of North Dakota, 1937JUANITA MADALANE THORNSAUL TRAVINS.B., College of the City of New York, 1938IRENE MARGRETTA WERNERA.B., Augustana College, 1937OLIVE ISABEL WIBERGA.B., Hamline University, 1930 Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisReport: Use of the First Interview in Foster-Home StudiesII. THE DEGREE OF MASTER OF SCIENCE1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESROBERT EDMUND RANSMEIER, JR.S.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Physiology)a a JOHN KAIN READ7 -, S.B., American University, 1948(Bacteriology and Parasitology)..p91 c» MOHAMED SHAFQAT HUSAIN SIDDIQIS.B., Osmania University, Hyderabad; India, 1941S.M., ibid., 1943(Biochemistry)IRA SINGERA.B., Johns Hopkins University, 1947(Biological Sciences)GERALDINE SKINNERS.B., University of Michigan, 1937(Nursing Education)LOUIS GILBERT BUETTNERA.B., University of Illinois, 1942(Biological Sciences)tJ LIANG CHOUS.B., The Catholic University, Peiping, China, 1946(Botany)BERNARDINE MARY DEGNANB.S.N., College of St. Teresa, 1944(Nursing Education)DAVID GREENEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., 1948(Biological Sciences)VICTORIA GELBKE GUENTHERS.B. in Ed., Ohio State University, 1944(Nursing Education)R � /0 fo r .. JOHN RANDOLPH HALL, JR.I A.B., Central College, 1935S.B. in Med., University of Nebraska, 1938M.D., Washington University, 1939(Pharmacology)q H q q 1 ALICIA RAMiREZ HERN .ANDEZS.B., University of Puerto Rico, 1946(Biological Sciences)-----MARY JANE PHILLIPSS.B., University of Washington, 1944(Nursing Education)OGDEN HARLAN POOLES.B., University of Chicago, 1941(Biological Sciences)QR Essay: A Literature Survey on Clostridium Botulinum for theDecade 1937-47Thesis: Black Rot of BananaThesis: Aids in Teaching Anatomy and Physiology in Schools ofNursingEssay: A Consideration of the Reasons for Multiple PrimaryCancersThesis: Medical and Surgical Nursing as Offered in Schools ofNursing in OhioThesis: The Hazards of Ionizing Radiations, with a TheoreticalConsideration of Pharmacologic Intervention in RadiationDamageEssay: Chromosomal Aberrations and Their Significance inEvolutionThesis: Preparing Students of Nursing To Assist Children inMeeting Hospital ExperiencesEssay: The E.ffects of Irrigation Water on the Structure of West­ern Arid SoilsThesis: Action of Anticholinesterases, Drugs, and Intermediateson Respiration and Electrical Activity of the Isolated FrogBrainThesis: The Development of Resistance to Bacteriostatic Agents inBacteriaThesis: Fixation of Radioactive Carbon Dioxide in Lysine andTyrosine by Action of Decarboxylases of These Amino AcidsEssay: Digestive and Anti-digestive Mechanisms of HelminthsThesis: Integrating the Basic Sciences in Orthopedic NursingBORIS EDWARD N. SPIROFFS.B., Loyola University, 1946(Biological Sciences)RAYMOND ARTHUR ULMER(Human Development)SADIE ANN WILLOUGHBYA.B., Hastings College, 1940(Nursing Education)GEORGE ROSS WRENPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., tu«, 1949(Biological Sciences) Essay: Effects of Unilateral and Bilateral Leg Bud Extirpationon the Development of the Glycogen Body of the Chick SpinalCordThesis: Some Diagnostic Problems of J uvenile PsychosisThesis: Psychological Aspects of Gynecological NursingEssay: Mimicry in LepidopteraII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESALLAN STEWART ADAMSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., uu., 1948(Geology)EDWARD LEONARD ANDERSON, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Chemistry)CHARLES SYLVESTER ANNELLS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Chemistry)LOUIS JOSEPH BASILEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., uu., 1948(Chemistry)MILADA FRANCES BENCAS.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Chemistry)MARJORIE JANE BENZINGERS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Mathematics)WALTER BOHANS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Meteorology)LAIRD CHARLES BRODIEA.B., Reed College, 1944(Physics)JACK BROUSS.B., College of the City of New York, 1948(Chemistry)NEWTON MILTON BURGNERA.B., Lebanon Valley College, 1932A.M., University of Pennsylvania, 1937(Meteorology )WALTER WILLIAM BUTCHER(Chemistry)WALTER MITCHELL CHAMOT(Chemistry)ROLF DESSAUERS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Chemistry)WILLIAM LLOYD FIERCES.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Chemistry)DONALD RAY FITZGERALDS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Meteorology)MARVIN 1. FOXA.B., Cornell University, 1948(Chemistry)JOHN FUSZEKA.B., Carthage College, 1946(Geology)JESUS GIL DE LAMADRID (h)S.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Mathematics) Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: Reactions of Trichloronitrosomethane with AminesWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisDANIEL HARRY GREENBERGS.B., Yale University, 1948(Chemistry)NORMAN TYSON HAMILTON(Mathematics)JANE ELLEN HANAFINPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., 1948(Chemistry)WALTER KEITH HENRYS.B., University of Missouri, 1941(Meteorology)LAWRENCE HENRY HERSHENSONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., 1947(Chemistry)ERWIN NICK HIEBERTA.B., Bethel College, 1941A.M., University of Kansas, 1943(Chemistry)JOHN RAYMOND HOPE(Meteorology)HOWARD CHESTER HORNIGS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Chemistry)EDWIN WILLIAM HORNUNGA.B., University of Chicago, 1941(Chemistry)REGINALD CHARLES JACKAS.B., University of Alberta, 1943(Mathematics)CARL ERICK JOHNSONS.B., University of Chicago, 1938(Chemistry)DOUGLAS MIL TON AVERY JONESS.B., University of Chicago, 1949(Meteorology)FRED EDWIN KASNERS.B., College of the City of New York, 1948(Chemistry)ROBERT WILLIAM KEYESS.B., University of Chicago, 1942(Physics)STEPHEN CAJETAN KLISCHPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948S.B., ibid., 1948(Chemistry)WILLIAM LAWRENCE KORSTPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., ibid., 1947(Chemistry)LEONARD LASKINS.B., University of Illinois, 1948(Chemistry)FRANCES BARBARA LAVINS.B., Mundelein College, 1944(Chemistry)ALBERT JOSEPH LEOA.B., Pomona College, 1948(Chemistry)SHIRLEY LEVINSOHNS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Mathematics)NEWTON SCHAFFER LICHTBLAUS.B., Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, 1948(Chemistry)BERNARD LEWIS MUROWCHICKS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Geology)NORMAN PEARLMANS.B., College of the City of New York, 1942(Physics) Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: On the Movement of the Southwest LowWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: A Study of Atmospheric Perturbations in the NorthAmerican ArcticWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: A Calorimetric Study of Dilute Water Films Adsorbed onAnataseThesis: Evaluation of Lithium Chloride Hygrometer Elementsunder A -C and D-C ExcitationWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisThesis: Electrical Conductance of Concentrated Sulfuric AcidSolutions at 25° C. and 35° C.Without thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisWithout thesisROBERT LEE PLUNKETTS.B., Randolph-Macon College, 1943(Mathematics) Without thesisBURTON HOWARD ROBINS.B., Roosevelt College, 1948(Chemistry) Without thesisROBERT SAMUEL ROSENZWEIGPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., 1948(Mathematics) Without thesisMEYER RUBINS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Geology)ARIEL GILBERT SCHRODTS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Chemistry) Without thesisWithout thesisMARVIN LEE SHAPIROS.B., University of Chicago, 1947(Geology)MARTIN JOSEPH STEINDLER Without thesisPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., 1948(Chemistry) Without thesisWAYMAN L. STROTHER Without thesisS.B., State Teachers College, Jacksonville, Alabama,1943(Mathematics)EDWARD JAMES TAAFFES.B., University of Illinois, 1945(Geography) Thesis: Transatlantic Air TransportationTHOMAS EDWARD VAN DAMS.B., University of Chicago, 1948(Physical Sciences) Essay: Audio-visual Aids in the Teaching of ChemistryHOWARD ROBERT WESTERMANS.B., St. Peter's College, 1948(Chemistry) Without thesisEUGENE MORRILL WILKINS(Meteorology ) Thesis: Mean Perturbation Patterns in the Northern HemisphereWesterliesSAMUEL JACK YOSIMS.B., University of Florida, 1948(Chemistry) Without thesisWERNER SIEGFRIED ZIMMTPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947S.B., ibid., 1947(Chemistry) Without thesisIII. PROFESSIONAL DEGREES1. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLFor the Degree of Bachelor of Library Science:HANNAH DIGGS ATKINSS.B., St. Augustine's College, 1943 RUTH WINONA HILL JONESA.B., Wilberforce University, 1931BERNICE KATHRYN DONEHUEPh.B., St. Xavier College for Women, 1933 CORINNE REDDA.B., Texas College, 1943GENEVIEVE ELIZABETH DOUGANS.B., De Paul University, 1938 RUTH MATHILDA VESTLINGA.B., Gustavus Adolphus College, 1923DOROTHEAFEDERGREENA.B., Roosevelt College, 1947 FRANCES CAVE WINTERA.B., Rockford College, 1940ROBERT JOSEPH GElSB.B.A., University of Cincinnati, 1948 NEDA MAXINE LOSEFFPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947II. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSFor the Degree of Master of Business Administration:BERTRAM JAMES ABRAHAMSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948 IRWIN MAURICE GLASSWILLIAM LAWRENCE GOLDA.B., University of Chicago, 1940JOHN ROBERT ANDERSENRICHARD FELT BABCOCKA.B., Dartmouth College, 1940J.D., University of Chicago, 1946 SAMUEL J. GOLOMBS.B., Ohio State University, 1939J.D., Loyola University, 1943WALTER ADOLPH BENSONS.B., University of Oregon, 1928 GEORGIA MARIE GOODSPEEDB.Acctg., University of Saskatchewan, 1939JOHN NEWTON BOWDENM.D., University of Virginia, 1934 LEWIS NIAL GREERB. Comm., University of Saskatchewan, 1948RODNEY DAVIS BRIGGSA.B., University of Chicago, 1943 JOHN GRENNAN GRUBBS.B., University of Illinois, 1939JOHN KEENAN BRUNKHORSTPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947 BRUCE MILES GUELICHS.B., Northwestern University, 1944JOHN CARLETON BULLEITA.B., DePauw University, 1935 CL YDE CLEMENT HALLA.B., University of Wisconsin, 1940WILLIAM REARDON CAPLES.B., Michigan College of Mining and Technology, 1930 JEAN ADELE HALLENBECKS.B., Syracuse University, 1946MARY CARROLL CASSIDYS.B., De Paul University, 1931 JAMES PAUL HENDERSONS.B., Iowa State College, 1940HAROLD LEWIS CHRISTENSENRICHARD JOSEPH COHNJAMES FRANCIS COLLINS, JR.A.B., Whittier College, 1941 RICHARD BROWN HIGHBAUGHA.B., Amherst College, 1948HENRY HAROLD HORNEUGENE HOWARD HUTCHENPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946ROBERT TOHN COSGROVES;B., Michigan College of Mining and Technology, 1935 STEVE ALFRED JOHNSONWARWICK JOHN MORRIS JONESPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947JOSEPH LOUIS DAVISPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946THOMAS EDWARD DEACY, JR.LL.B., University of Missouri, 1940 CARL AUGUST KASTENA.B., University of Wisconsin, 1939JOSEPH RAYMOND DONLANLL.B., University of Notre Dame, 1931DAG OIVIND DVERGSTENWALTER HENRY EHRMANNA.B., University of Chicago, 1948 JAMES OWEN KEEFERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947WILLIAM WERNER KINKEADA.B., Marietta College, 1940EDWARD GEORGE KOMINEKS.B., University of Chicago, 1937EDGAR TOSEPH FAGANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1932 V. JOANNA LAGERS.B., University of Colorado, 1943JAMES EDWARD FASULESA.B., Valparaiso University, 1948JEAN PAULINE FLETCHERA.B., University of Chicago, 1947 CHARLES WILLIAM LAKE, JR.S.B., Cornell University, 1941HOWARD WILLIAM FRAZERS.B., Iowa State College, 1936 ALBERT B. LIDYA.B., Northwestern University, 1930LL.B., De Paul University, 1933RICHARD LOREN FURMANA.B., University of Chicago, 1947 SIGMUND HERBERT LINDNERS.B., University of Chicago, 1935WARREN CHARLES GERLERS.B., University of Illinois, 1941 EDWARD HILARY MARHOEFER, JR.S.B., Armour Institute of Technology, 1926MARY CATHERINE GILDEAA.B., University of Chicago, 1942 MERLE REDERICK McCALLFRANCIS MARTIN McDERMOTTELWOOD FUNK MESCHTER, JR.A.B., New York State College for Teachers, 1938 JOEL EDWIN SEGALLLEONARD LAWRENCE SHEPARDFRANCIS EUGENE SHEVLINS.B., Loyola University, 1936ROBERT KENNETH MILLERA.B., University of Chicago, 1948WILLIAM CHARLES MUSHAMS.B., Purdue University, 1938 CHARLES MEL VILLE SMITHPh.B., University of Chicago, 1948JAMES SHERMAN MYERSPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947 SILAS DAVID SMITHA.B., Millsaps College, 1948KENGO NAGASAKOJEROME JOSEPH NATHANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1929 JULIAN ABBOTT SMITHERA.B., University of Kentucky, 1943GEORGE JOSEPH STAUBUSS.B., University of Missouri, 1947EDWARD AXEL NELSONS.B., De Paul University, 1948 EDWARD HAMMOND STEELEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1945SOL KLAUSNER NEWMANPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.B., uu., 1947 CARL EDWIN STRAUSSA.B., University of Chicago, 1940WALTER HAROLD OAKLAY, JR.S.B., Purdue University, 1941 FELIX STUNGEVICIUSJAMES PAUL SWENEY, JR.A.B., St. Louis University, 1947GEORGE ORESCANS.B., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1942JAMES JOSEPH O'ROURKE, JR.Ph.B., University of Notre Dame, 1948 COLUMBUS EDWIN TOOTLEJOE WALTER TUCKERA.B., Union College, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1933ALBERT PAUL PASKROBERT WILLIAM PEACHS.B., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1947 CHARLES LOREE TURNERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1947MARVIN REINERA.B., University of Washington, 1948 JOHN MAURICE W AL TERSDORFA.B., Yale University, 1948BEVERLY WALDEN WARNERA.B., Princeton University, 1937ROBERT FREDERICK RICES.B., Ohio Northern University, 1929RICHARD MERWIN WELTONS.B., University of Nebraska, 1948GEORGE STANLEY RIEG, JR.Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1945 CAREY NELSON WETHERELLA.B., University of Chicago, 1938LEONARD JOSEPH ROSENBERGLETTIE MAE SAUNDERSS.B., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1948 ALEXANDER WILDES.B., Roosevelt College, 1948ALBERT JOSEPH SCHNEIDERS.B., University of Illinois, 1939 GEORGE FRED WOLL, JR.CHESTER STEPHEN WRIGHT. S.B., Illinois Institute of Technology, 1942EDWARD ANTON SCHNEIDERROBERT MAURICE SEELEYPh.B., University of Chicago, 1946 M. HENRY YACUBIANS.B., University of Alabama, 1946S.M., tu«, 1947III. IN THE FEDERATION OF THEOLOGICAL SCHOOLSFor the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:1. IN THE DIVINITY SCHOOL, THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOCHARLES CONRAD BROWNE Thesis: God as Creator and RedeemerII. IN CO-OPERATION WITH THE DISCIPLES DIVINITY HOUSELEWIS GEORGE JOACHIM Project: A Study of the Biblical Doctrine of God and Its Relevancefor TodayIV. THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY1. IN THE DIVISION OF THE BIOLOGICAL SCIENCESRICHARD VIGGO BOVBJERGS. B., University of Chicago, 1941(Zoology)WILLIAM FLETCHER CANTRELLS.B., University of Georgia, 1938S.M., ibid., 1939(Pharmacology)EUGENE PATRICK KENNEDYS.B., De Paul University, 1941(Biochemistry )MARIAN ELLIOTT KOSHLANDA.B., Vassar College, 1942S.M., University of Chicago, 1943(Bacteriology and Parasitology)CHARLES WHEELER MARSHALLS.B., University of Chicago, 1931S.M., ibid., 1933(Biochemistry)BILLY JOE McINTOSHS.B., University of Wichita, 1946(Pharmacology )JANE HUNTINGTON POTTERS.B., University of Chicago, 1942S.M., ibid., 1947(Zoology)LIANE BRAUCH RUSSELLA.B., Hunter College, 1945(Zoology)PA UL RUSSELL SALERNOS,B., University of Chicago, 1946(Pharmacology)MICHAEL NICHOLAS SPIRTOSS.B., Kent State University, 1933M.D., University of Chicago, 1949(Anatomy)MARGARET JAMES STRICKLANDS.B., West Virginia State College, 1943(Zoology)ROBERT PIERCE WILLIAMSA.B., Dartmouth College, 1942S.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Bacteriology and Parasitology) Thesis: The Ecological Distribution of Crayfish Related to CertainTolerancesThesis: The Effect of Oxophenarsine on Phosphorous Metabolismof Trypanosoma equiperdum,Thesis: Studies on the Oxidation of Fatty Acids in MitochondriaThesis: Quantitative Studies of the Relationship between Fecal andSerum Antibody in Immunity to Asiatic CholeraThesis: Studies on the Partial Synthesis of Steroids: I. Prepara­tion of Compounds Isomeric with Adrenal Cortical Hormones.II. Preparation of I6- and I7-KetosteroidsThesis: Biosynthesis of Radioactive MorphineThesis: Dominance Relations between Different Breeds of Do­mestic HensThesis: X-ray Induced DevelopmentalAbnormalities in the Mouseand Their Use in the Analysis of "Embryological PatternsThesis: The Action of Cholinesterase Inhibitors on the IsolatedRabbit IleumThesis: The Rate and Mode of Regeneration of I ntraepithelialNerves in the Cornea of the Guinea PigThesis: Difference in Toleration of Drying between Species ofTermites (Reticulitermes)Thesis: Thiamine Decomposition by Micro-organismsII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE HUMANITIESDAVID COVINGTON FOWLERA.B., University of Florida, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)GEORGE MER I HADDADA.B., American University, Beirut, 1929Licencie es Lettres, University of Paris, 1934(Oriental Languages and Literatures)ROBERT DONALD HARPERA.B., University of Denver, 1935A.M., University of Chicago, 1939(English Language and Literature)SAUL LEVINA.B., University of Chicago, 1942(Greek Language and Literature)JAMES EDWIN MILLER, JR.A.B., University of Oklahoma, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature) Thesis: A Critical Text of "Piers Plowman" A-2Thesis: Aspects of Social Life in Antioch in the Hellenistic­Roman PeriodThesis: Economic and Political Attitudes in American Drama,I86S-I900Thesis: APXQ and APXHThesis: A Study of the Fictional Technique of F. Scott FitzgeraldJAMES THOMPSON NARDINA.B., Harvard University, 1941A.M., Lehigh University, 1947(English Language and Literature)RAYMOND JOHN NELSONA.B., Grinnell College, 1941(Philosophy)DOROTHY NEWTON OVERLYA.B., University of Alabama, 1939A.M., ibid., 1941(English Language and Literature)- FLOYD ELLSWORTH OVERLYA.B., Central State Teachers College, Mt. Pleasant,Michigan, 1940A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)WILLIAM LOUIS PHILLIPSA.B., Iowa State Teachers College, 1942A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(English Language and Literature)ALLAN HENRY STEVENSONA.B., Rice Institute, 1924A.M., tu«, 1926(English Language and Literature)ILLIAM BURTON TODDA.B., Lehigh University, 1940A.M., ibid., 1947(English Language and Literature) Thesis: A Study in Popular American Farce, 1865-1914Thesis: Peirce's Theory of KnowledgeThesis: The Problem of Character in the Development of Theme inthe Novels and Short Stories of William FaulknerThesis: Preliminary Studies in the Ovidian Mythography ofGeorge SandysThesis: Sherwood Anderson's "Winesburg, Ohio": Its Origins,Composition Technique, and ReceptionThesis: Bio-Bibliographical Studies in James ShirleyThesis: Procedures for Determining the Identity and Order ofCertain Eighteenth-Century EditionsIII. IN THE DIVISION OF THE PHYSICAL SCIENCESHAROLD MELVIN_AGNEWA.B., University of Denver, 1942S.M., University of Chicago, 1949(Physics)ABDUL MATIN CHAUDHURYS.B., University of Dacca, India, 1942S.M., ibid., 1943(Meteorology)JESSE BRYAN COONA.B., Indiana University, 1932A.M., ibid., 1935(Physics)HARLEY M. FLANDERSS.B., University of Chicago, 1946S.M., ibid., 1947(Ma thema tics)MAURICE GRIFFELS.B., College of the City of New York, 1939S.M., University of Michigan, 1940(Chemistry)HOWARD EUGENE HELLERS.B., University of Chicago, 1943(Chemistry)SIMON HERMAN HERZFELDS.B., University of q�icago, 1919S.M., ibid., 1922(Chemistry)SEYMOUR LESTER HESSA.B., Brooklyn College, 1941S.M., University of Chicago, 1945(Meteorology )·�;U-SHU HUANGS.B., National Chekiang University, 1937S.M., National Tsing Hua University, 1943(Astronomy and Astrophysics)JOHN HUGHES KEMLERS.B., University of Southern California, 1935S.M., nu., 1936(Geography)DANIEL EDWARD KOSHLAND, JR.S.B., University of California, 1941(Chemistry) Thesis: The Beta Spectra of CSI37, y9I, 61147, RUIo6, SmI5I, p32,and TmI70Thesis: Some Dynamic and Aerological Aspects of Meteorologyover Indo-PakistanThesis: Rotational Structure of Some Electronic Bands ofChlorine DioxideThesis: Unification of Class Field TheoryThesis: The Magnetic Anisotropy of Manganous Fluoride andNickel Sulfate HexahydrateThesis: The Racemization of 3-MethylhexaneThesis: The Critical Concentration of Long-Chain Electrolytesand the Monomer-Polymer Ratio in Emulsion Polymeriza­tionThesis: The Meteorology of MarsThesis: I. The Continuous Absorption Coefficient of the HeliumAtom. I I. The Elastic Scattering of Electrons by NeutralHydrogen Atoms by the Variational MethodThesis: The Struggle for W 01fram in the Iberian Peninsula, June,1942-June, 1944Thesis: Fermentation of Glucose-t-CwL. MARGARET KRAEMERA.B., University of Pennsylvania, 1943(Chemistry)JAMES SWINTON MATTHEWSS.B., Kent State University, 1936A.M., iu«, 1941(Geography)ALLAN HENRY MORRISHS.B., University of Manitoba, 1943A.M., University of Toronto, 1946(Physics)ALLEN KELLOGG PHILBRICKA.B., University of Chicago, 1938S.M., tu«, 1941(Geography)JOHN RICHARD REITZS.B., Case School of Applied Science, 1943S.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Physics)RILEY SCHAEFFERS.B., University of Chicago, 1946(Chemistry)ARNE EDWIN SLETTEBAKS.B., University of Chicago, 1945(Astronomy and Astrophysics)YDNEY DION WARSHAWS.B., University of Chicago, 1943(Physics) Thesis: Oxalacetic Carboxylase in Wheat GermThesis: Expressions of Urbanism in the Sequent Occupance ofNortheastern OhioThesis: Absolute Voltage Determination of Two Nuclear Reso­nances below .4 M e'VThesis: The Geography of Education in the Winnetka and Bridge­port Communities of Metropolitan ChicagoThesis: The Effect of Screening on Beta-Ray Spectra and InternalConversionThesis: The Preparation of Borazole and Its Reaction with BoronHalidesThesis: On the Axial Rotation of the Brighter 0 and B StarsThesis: The Stopping Power for Protons in Several MetalsIV. IN THE DIVISION OF THE SOCIAL SCIENCESTHERON RALPH ALEXANDER, JR.A.B., Maryville College, 1935A.M., University of Tennessee, 1939(Human Development)PAULINE MARGARET ALTA.B., D'Youville College, 1928(Education)PAUL FLESHER ASHBYA.B., University of Washington, 1930A.M., American University, 1932(Political Science)/ LOREN PETER BETHA.B., Monmouth Colle�, 1946A.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Political Science)HUBERT BONNERA.B., Ohio State University, 1925A.M., tu«, 1926A.M., Harvard University, 1929(Sociology)JEAN OPPENHEIMER BRITTONA.B., University of Louisville, 1944A.M., Columbia University, 1945(Human Development)JOSEPH HENRY BRITTONA.B., Albion College, 1946A.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Human Development)JACOB COHENA.B., University of Manitoba, 1940A.M., University of Cincinnati, 1941(Economics)JUNE McCORMICK COLLINSA.B., University of Washington, 1941A.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Anthropology )ORRIE MEL VILLE DALTONA.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Sociology) Thesis: The Prediction of Teacher-Pupil Interaction with a Pro­jective TestThesis: The Relationship of Physique and TemperamentThesis: The Federal Administration, 1865 to 1877Thesis: Church and State in American Political TheoryThesis: Paranoia and Paranoid Condition: A Social-Psychologi­cal Study of the Paranoic PersonalityThesis: A Study of the Adjustment of Retired Y.M.C.A. Secre­tariesThesis: A Study of tl e Adjustment of Retired School TeachersThesis: Governmental Techniques of Interest-Saving on the PublicDebtThesis: The Influence of White Contact on Class Distinctions andPolitical Authurity among the Indians of Northern PugeiSoundThesis: A Study of Informal Organization among the Managersof an Industrial PlantT/ JOSEPH GREEN DAWSON, JR.A.B., University of North Carolina, 1940A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Psychology)DOUGLAS HILTON ELDRIDGEA.B., University of Washington, 1937M.B.A., ibid., 1941A.M., University of Chicago, 1948(Economics)NED ALLEN FLANDERSA.B., University of California, 1940S.B., Oregon State College, 1944A.M., University of Chicago, 1947(Education)NORTON SYDNEY GINSBURGA.B., University of Chicago, 1941A.M., uu., 1947(Geography)JOHN INKSTER GOODLADA.B., University of British Columbia, 1945A.M., ius., 1946(Education)WILLIAM HENRI HALES.B., Langston University, 1940A.M., Umversity of Wisconsin, 1941(Sociology)ARCHIE EUGENE HENDRICKSS.B. in Ed., Miami University, 1938A.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Education)BERNHARD LOTHAR HORMANNA.B., University of Hawaii, 1927A.M., ibid., 1931(Sociology)CHARLES BERNARD HUELSMAN, JR.A.B., Western State Teachers College, Kalamazoo,Michigan, 1938A.M., University of Chicago, 1939(Education)ROBERT WARREN JAMESB. 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ROBISONS.B., University of Oregon, 1938S.M., ibid., 1943(History) Thesis: Newfoundland's Surrender of Dominion Status in theBritish Empire, 1918-34H e. <i l' r: SISTER ANN EDWARD SCANLON"1 -A.B., College of St. Scholastica, 1932A.M., University of Chicago, 1941(History)PD Thesis: The Rise of Duluth as an Ore Port, 1901-15: An Eco­nomic StudyALAN BEERS SMITHA.B., Oberlin College, 1943(International Relations) Thesis: United States Tariff Policy as an Element in the Euro­pean Recovery ProgramCHARLES LOUIS SMITHS.B., Peabody College, 1927A.M., Vanderbilt University, 1930(Political Science) Thesis: Civil Control of the Military Power in the United StatesHERBERT SPIELMANS.B., College of the City of New York, 1946(History) Thesis: Henry L. Stimson and American Policy toward the Chi­nese Eastern Ra£lway Dispute of 1929GEORGE GORDON STERN(Psychology) Thesis: Affect and Hedonic Tone in RecallJOSEPH TEPLINPh.B'1 University of Chicago, 1934(Political Science) Thesis: Theodore Roosevelt: A Study in Administrative Thought.and B ehaoiorROBERT DOUGLAS WARTH, JR.S.B. in Comm., University of Kentucky, 1943A.M., University of Chicago, 1945(History) Thesis: Allied Diplomacy and the Russian RevolutionJOSEPHINE JUSTICE WILLIAMSA.B., Bryn Mawr College, 1933A.M., Radcliffe College, 1935(Sociology) Thesis: The Professional Status of Women PhysiciansCLIFFORD LEE WINTERS, JR.A.B., Southwestern College, Winfield, Kansas, 1943A.M., University of Chicago, 1946(Education) Thesis: Development and Evaluation of a Training Program toImprove Co-ordinationAMOS YODER, JR.A.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1942(International Relations) Thesis: The Problem of the Ruhr in the Peace SettlementIV. IN THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESSJOHN EDWARD JEUCKA.B., University of Chicago, 1937M.B.A., ibid., 1938MUEL L. RODRIGUEZ-AMADORB.B.A., Boston University, 1930M.B.A., uu., 1931A.M., ibid., 19.33LL.B., University of Puerto Rico, 1940 Thesis: A Case Study in the Evolution of Personnel Management:Sears, Roebuck and CompanyThesis: The Administration of the Certificate of Public Con­venience and Necessity Provisions of the Civil Aeronautics ActROBERT TANNENBAUMA.B., University of Chicago, 1937M.B.A., tsu., 1938 Thesis: A Rational Synthesis of the Manager Concept, �vith Ap­plication to Managerial Decision-MakingV. IN THE DIVINITY SCHOOLHOWARD NELSON BREAMA.B., Midland College, 1939D.B., Lutheran Theological Seminary, 1944ROBERT THEODORE HANDYA.B., Brown University, 1940D.B., Colgate-Rochester Divinity School, 1943 Thesis: The Cross-a Study in Historical RevelationThesis: George D. Herron and the Social Gospel in AmericanProtestantism, I890-I90IVI. IN THE GRADUATE LIBRARY SCHOOLLESTER EUGENE ASHEIMA.B., University of Washington, 1936A.B., in L., iu«, 1937A.M., tus., 1941 Thesis: From Book to Film: A Comparative Analysis of the Con­tent of Novels and the Motion Pictures Based upon ThemRANCES ELIZABETH HENNEA.B., University of Illinois, 1929A.M., ibid., 1934 •S.B., Columbia University, 1935<15'- CHARLES HAYNES McMULLENA.B., Centre College, 1935S.B., University of Illinois, 1940S.M., au., 1940 Thesis: Preconditional Factors Affecting the Reading of YoungPeopleThesis: The Administration of the University of Chicago Librar­ies, I892-I928VIII. THE CONVOCATION STATEMENTROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS, Chancellor of the UniversityIX. "ALMA MATER" 'Words byEDWIN H. LEWISben - i-sons.hon - or more.ne'er shall die.1":\wise of 'all that wis - est be,. faith that truth shall make men free,bat - tle-ment- ed tow'rs shall rise,ter.ter.ter.COPYlUGBTX. THE BENEDICTIONXI. THE RECESSIONAL-"Rubensmarch" Benoit(The congregation remains standing during the Recession)MARSHALHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal of the UniversityASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMS REUBEN FRODINWALKER MOORE ALDERTON JOHN GOTTHOLD KUNSTMANNWALTER BARTKY FRANCIS JOSEPH MULLINGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOY EUGENE P. NORTHROPGEORGE HAY BROWN SHELDON TEFFTLEON CARNOVSKYSTUDENT AIDESMARY CATHERINE BISHOP ALBERT HAYES FORSYTHE, JR.DOROTHY ANN BLACKLEDGE WILLIAM SCOTT GRAY InLIONEL JAY BLUMBERG BARBARA LOUISE GROSSPETER GEORGE BRAUNFELD DAVID VICTOR KAHNADALEEN ELOISE BURNETTE ANNE AMELIA KEATINGHARRIET FOSTER CAMPBELL RALPH VICTOR KORPVIRGINIA GRACE DARROW RICHARD RORTYMARGARET MERLE DEEMS WYNN ALBERT SAYMANHASKELL DEUTSCH MARY HELEN TAYLOR