\tbe mnt"ersft� of <tbfcagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHETwo HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVENTHCONVOCATIONtEbt �pringSECOND SESSIONJUNE TWENTY-SECONDA.D. NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-NINEROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL CHAPELORDER OF EXERCISESFOR THE CONFERRING OF THE BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN THE COLLEGETEN O'CLOCKI. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional-Grand Choeur CuilmantThe Marshal and the Student AidesThe Candidates for DegreesThe Faculties of the UniversityThe Trustees and Administrative OfficersThe Dean of the University ChapelThe Chancellor of the UniversityII. HYMN FOR THE CONGREGATION America(The Congregation standing until after the Prayer)My country, 'tis of thee,Sweet land of liberty.Of thee I sing:Land where my fathers died,Land of the pilgrims' pride,From every mountain sideLet freedom ring. Our fathers' God, to thee,Author of liberty-To thee we sing:Long may our land be brightWith freedom's holy light!Protect us by thy might,Great God, our King! Amen.-So F. SMITHIII. THE PRAYERTHE REVEREND JOHN B. THOMPSON, Dean of the University ChapelIV. SOLO English Traditional MelodyTHEODORE RALL, Soloist of the University Choiro God of earth and altar,Bow down and hear our cry,Our earthly rulers falter,Our people drift and die;The walls of gold entomb us,The swords of scorn divide,Take not thy thunder from us,But take away our pride. From all that terror teaches,From lies of tongue and pen,From all the easy speechesThat comfort cruel men,From sale and profanationOf honour and the sword,From sleep and from damnation,Deliver us, good Lord!Tie in a living tetherThe prince and priest and thrall,Bind all our lives together,Smite us and save us all;In ire and exultationAflame with faith, and free,Lift up a living nation,A single sword to thee.V. THE AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE IN UNDERGRADUATE TEACHINGThe awards for excellence in Undergraduate Teaching are made toJOHN CUNLIFFE MAYFIELD, Instructor in the Biological Sciences in the CollegeMr. Mayfield received the degree of Bachelor of Science from Franklin College in 1923 and the degreeof Master of Arts from the University of Chicago in 1928. As a teacher of the natural sciences in the Col­lege, Mr. Mayfield has made a notable and inventive contribution to the development of a unique kindof laboratory work. In this work students encounter science, not only as a body of accepted principleswhich may be illustrated vividly in the laboratory, but as a difficult, problematic activity which mustbe engaged in if it is to be fully understood. Mr. Mayfield's deep concern for the welfare of the studentand his insight into student problems and difficulties have played no small part in the development ofthe natural sciences program as a whole and have made him invaluable as an adviser to students.RICHARD MALCOLM WEAVER, Assistant Professor of English in the CollegeMr. Weaver received his Bachelor's degree from the University of Kentucky in 1932, his Master's degreefrom Vanderbilt University in 1934, and his Doctor's degree from Louisiana State University in 1943·He first joined the faculty of the College in 1944. As a teacher of English composition, Mr. Weaver hasbrought to that most exacting of teaching problems not only unusual mastery of the arts of instructionbut a philosophical spirit which conveys to his students and colleagues a sense of the crucial place ofresponsible rhetoric in a curriculum of liberal education.WARNER ARMS WICK, Assistant Professor of PhilosophyMr. Wick received his Bachelor's degree summa cum laude from Williams College in 1932 and also wasawarded Phi Beta Kappa. He received a B.A. from Oxford University in 1932 and a Ph.D. from theUniversity of Chicago in 1941. He is the author of Metaphysics and the New Logic, published by theUniversity of Chicago Press. Since joining the faculty of the University of Chicago in 1946, Mr. Wickhas done outstanding work in undergraduate teaching in the Department of Philosophy. He is a scholarof unusual ability and range. He has raised the standards and level of accomplishment of the best stu­dents, and at the same time he has shown remarkable ability at interesting and helping those less able.He has also performed service of great value by counseling students and by helping them with projectsof independent study and reading.VI. THE AWARD OF HONORSA warded General Honors with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Monroe AckermanAaron AsherDale H. AukermanEmmon Werner BachRobert Donald BarryKatherine Ann BeanDorothy Ann BlackledgeLionel Jay BlumbergCharles Ruggles BoardmanElizabeth Lucy BohnerPeter George BraunfeldAdaleen Eloise BurnetteErnest William Callenbach, Jr.Vivian Nina ChayaRichard Donald ChessickEverett ClippingerAllan LaMonte ColemanCharles Carter ColwellVera Sophie CoronaJohn Edward DineenJohn Carl Dunsei thSamuel EilperinDonald Leslie EppersonDavid Gilbert FooteMerrill Alan FreedLawrence FriedmanReva Frumkin Sheldon Garry GaylinJoan Viola GitzelJack GordonPhillip Reichardt GroverKarl Bramblett HillSaul Nathan JacobsonRobert Cronje JasperJack JosephDa vid Victor KahnJack Isadore KarushLouis KerlinskyJohn Ackman KeyesJoseph Seymour KimerlingLois Carol KleinmanLawrence KohlbergKurt LangSeth LeacockSherman Leonard LewisDorothy Marion LieberCharles Mason LittleJuanita Zingg MansfieldVivian S. MaxDa vid John MeschiJames Joseph Monge, Jr.Thomas Douglas ParrishEdward Lionel PattulloMax Joseph Putzel Nathaniel Elmy ReedVirginia Lehr RevereThomas DeWitt ReynoldsRichard RortyWilliam David RuekbergWynn Albert SaymanRichard George SchmittJohn Warner SederGuenter SieburthRu th Eleanor SilverWoodward SmithSuzanne M. SmulekoffStanley Winston SoderstromVera Figner S tepenTheodor David SterlingJohn Edmund StoneMary Helen TaylorCharles Bonar TinkhamHoward Napier WeiselAlice L. WerderDurward WestLee Roy WilcoxEdwin Packard WileyJames William WiltFred WinsbergHarry Raymond Woltman, Jr.Barbara Evans ZimmerErnest William Callenbach, Jr.Awarded Honors in the Humanities with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Karl Bramblett HillJoan Viola GitzelBernhard EbsteinAwarded Honors in Mathematics with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Vera Figner StepenDavid Victor KahnMerrill Alan FreedAwarded Honors in Philosophy with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Awarded Honors in the Social Sciences with the Bachelor's Degree in the College:Lionel Jay BlumbergRaphael Aaron Burnstein Robert George Hanvey, Jr.Frank Tachau Dirk WestMembers elected to Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on nomination by theUniversity for especial distinction in general scholarship in the University:Thomas Fredrik Weybye BarthRussell Harry ClarkCharles Henry KahnHoward Marvin Kaminsky Raymond Nathaniel KjellbergLorraine Bernstein N adisMorris Jacob Seide Harold Alvin ShafterGeorge West WetheriIl, Jr.Harvey Ford ZartmanMembers elected to Sigma Xi on nomination of the Departments of Science for evidenceof ability in research work in Science:Roy Marshall AckerHarold Melvin AgnewPeter BaertschiRobert Stanley BandurskiLawrence Douglas BonhamWesley Carr CalefWilliam Andrew ChupkaStewart ClareLorin Delbert ClarkRuth Isabel CooperStanley Gannaway DavisNorma Gay DeupreeEdna Esther EisenEdward Francis FahyFred Edward FiedlerBeatrice Ann Bilsky GarberRichard Lawrence GarwinJames Anderson GavanAlfred James HartzlerRichard John Hayden Gregory Dexter HeddenOiva Ilmari JoensuuWilliam Harper JohnstonDavid KahnJohn Hughes KemlerEugene Patrick KennedyAlexander Phipps KolinHenry Lawrence KraybillJerome George Kuderna, Jr.David LazarusLewis Beebe LederHugh Christopher Longuet-Hig-ginsJanet Marie LoweDeWitt James LowellJoanne Sta.rr MalkusEdward Ambrose MartellJames Swinton MatthewsSumner MayburgGordon Wallace McClure Norman Anthony McQuownKay Cameron MontgomeryAllan Henry MorrishHoward Joseph NelsonAllen Kellogg PhilbrickFrank Erwin PretzelJohn Hamilton ReynoldsFred Linden RibeMarshall Nicholas RosenbluthVaughan Pippen SimmonsMichael Nicholas SpirtosJack Hans SteinbergerMargaret James StricklandWilliam Newton ThetfordSydney Dion WarshawAlbert Bruce WeaverGuido Gustav WeigendJesse Harrison Wheeler, Jr.Chen Ning YangMembers elected to the Chicago Chapter of the Order of the Coif on nomination of the LawSchool for high distinction in the professional work of the Law School:Philip BaumLawrence FisherDaniel FogelHarold Paul Green Grant Garfield GuthrieLawrence Howe, Jr.Jerald Edmund JacksonJames Julius McClure, Jr. Milton Irving ShadurArthur Harold SimmsMarvin Theodore TeppermanGeorge Leroy Morrison, Jr., FirstThe Florence James Adams Prizes for excellence in Artistic Reading are awarded toThomas Petry Strauss, SecondMerrill Curtis DavisThe Milo P. Jewett Prize for excellence in Bible Reading is awarded toCatherine Breese DavisThe John Billings Fiske Poetry Prize is awarded toThe David Blair McLaughlin Prize for excellence in the writing of English Prose isawarded toMax Joseph Putzel, First Walter Jackson Freeman, SecondDan G. HoffmanThe Chicago Folklore Society Prize is awarded toThe Goethe Prize to a College student for excellence in the study of German Languageand Literature is awarded toPeter George BraunfeldThe Noyes-Cutter Prize, for an essay showing proficiency in the Common Dialect Greekof the New Testament, is awarded toWilliam Davenport BrayThe Theodore Lee Neff Prize for excellence in the study of French Language and Litera­ture is awarded toCarol Yeomans FarwellThe Political Institutions Prize is awarded toAnthony Robert McAloneyThe Elizabeth Susan Dixon Commemorative Honor Award, to a student in the School ofSocial Service Administration for outstanding work and promise of future achieve­ment in the field of Social Work, is made toMargaret Eleanor KrebsThe Elsa Reinhardt Honor Awards, to first-year students in the School of Social ServiceA dministration for outstanding w(Wk and promise of future achievement in the field ofSocial Work, are made toSylvester Louis Adessa Aleanor Ruth Merrifield Frances Josephine RothsteinThe Susan Colver Rosenberger Educational Prize for a dissertation reporting the resultsof original research in the field of Education is awarded toKenneth Walter EellsThe Elizabeth R. Norton Prize for excellence in research in Chemistry is awarded toFrank Leroy HollowayThe Harry Ginsburg Memorial Prizes in the Department of Physiology are awarded toHarold Wagner Robert Edward Lee Gunning, Jr.T he William A. B ond Medal, to the varsity track athlete scoring the greatest number ofpoints during the season, is awarded toIrwin John ChristopherRichard Vincent KadisonThe Daniel Lewis Hoffer Trophy for excellence in Gymnastics is awarded toVII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts or of Philosophy in the College pre­sented by Dean Frederick Champion WardThe Student Aides presented by Harold A. Anderson, Marshal of the UniversityCANDIDATES FOR THE BACHELOR'S DEGREEPhyllis Jean AbernathyEdward Francis AboodMonroe AckermanDavid Franklin AlexanderMary Helen AleyRichard Harry AllenPhyllis Diane AmentLois AmtmanMario Antonio AngladaJames Conn AsendorfMary Ann AshAaron AsherDale H. AukermanJohn Michael BabrickEmmon Werner BachRobert Donald BarrySeth Gabrielito BenardeteGeorge Kenny BertramFlora-Ann BeutelRosaline Theresa BiasonAnne Madison BlackHillel Moses BlackWilliam Alan BlackHarold Raphael BlandRichard Earl BlockLionel Jay BlumbergBarbara Virginia BlumenthalCharles Ruggles BoardmanStanley Paul BobergElizabeth Lucy BohnerJames John Bonga, Jr.George Emmanuel BontosCharles Howard BoxenbaumStuart Dunlevy Boynton, Jr.Peter George BraunfeldBarbara Louise BrennerJames Langland Brimble For the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:Patricia Marie BrittArthur Bennett BrownKenneth Stephen BrownMorris Jack BrownEarl Creighton BurgessAdaleen Eloise BurnetteRaphael Aaron BurnsteinAnn Cremin ByrneAllan Martin Cadi tzDaisy Howe CainAnne Mary CampanellaMichael Arthur CannJean Virginia ChaplineVivian Nina ChayaAni! Roy Spencer ChowdhuryDavid Caldon ClagettKenneth Lawrence ClarkCarroll Brokaw ClineBlema J. CohenAllan LaMonte ColemanArchie Allan ColemanMary Loretto ColemanCharles Carter ColwellDorothy Louise CoomerEleanor K. CoonleyDorothy Clara CooperVera Sophie CoronaAnn Louise CorriganJohn Morrell CraigMargaret Anne CurryMichael Paul DanielsRobert Dale DaVeeRoger Edwin DavisMargaret Merle DeemsPeter Tanguy DeGrootJohn Carl DunseithMelvin Jay Dupont Geraldine Patricia DuszynskiHerbert Ralph DyerBernhard EbsteinMarvina Beatrice EdmanFred M. EhrlichLawrence David EhrlichSamuel EilperinBarbara Fischer EllisWilliam Spotswood Ellis IIINaomi Elizabeth FagerAlexander Spencer FarkasErnest Eugene FieldJane FlandersDavid Gilbert FooteJoseph Gutelius FosterAlan Porter FredericksonMerrill Alan FreedRichard Alan FreemanRobert William FrostReva FrumkinMartha Masako FukamiBetty Gerow GawthropJames Alexander GeocarisRobert Edward GiffenJoan Viola GitzelSolomon GladsteinOlga Massel GlassmanRichard Donald GoldenJack GordonJohn Paul GreenbergEvelyn Angell GroomPhillip Reichardt GroverCarl Ernest GylfeWillis Dale HannawaltRobert George Hanvey, Jr.Murray Allan HardingEdward Samuel HarrisWirt Leake Harris, Jr.George Robert HarrisonTyler Henry Haynes, Jr.Ernest Sui Wah HeauCharles HelferKarl Bramblett HillMichael HinkoEdward Alden HodgeWilliam Minoru HohriAlexander Francis HomJames Merle HoskinsonCharles Richard HynesRobert Charlton IronsSaul Nathan JacobsonFranklin Peter JohnsonRoy Melvin JohnsonRuthann JohnsonWilliam JordanJack JosephHubert Whitney JoyDavid Victor KahnBarbara Press KatzE. Donald KayeBarbara Virginia KenyonLouis KerlinskyHarry KilbJoseph Seymour KimerlingLois Carol KleinmanBetty Frances KlippelLawrence KohlbergJoseph Edward KollenbergChester LachWalter Michael LacykKurt LangHenry William LarsonSeth LeacockEric H. LennebergEdwin Burton LevineStanley LevineLeon Leopold LevionDonald Stanford LewSherman Leonard LewisDorothy Marion LieberWilliam Leo LieberEdward James LindbergTruman Edward LindemannCharles Mason LittleWalter Miller LorenzChester Jay LubyLeo MacarowGordon Hurlbut MacKenzieLawrence Philip MalkinRaymond Manoff J uani ta Zingg MansfieldVivian S. MaxRobert Burr McGregorCharles Arthur McKinneyL. Ruth MendelsonDavid John MeschiAlvin MillerVirginia Southard MillerRobert Eldon MillsGeorge Ernest MoeriJames Joseph Monge, Jr.Rowland Ashmead MorrowRonald Jay MossLewis Anton MusilFlorence Alice NelsonWalter Julius NelsonHerbert Heinz NeuerCharles Carlisle Norcross, Jr.Harry James OlcottFrederick M. OlsenEdwin Riley OsbornRobert Edward Lee O'TooleGwendolyn Elizabeth PageConstantine George PanosThomas Douglas ParrishWilliam George ParschEdward Lionel PattulloElizabeth Kathleen PetersenMarion Randolph PetersonMorris Harris PhilipsonHarriet Alta PierceChester Marion PiotrowskiRichard James PlanoHoward Shirley PopeJohn Tolliver Porter IIWalther Gunther PrausnitzThaddeus Albert PrzyborowskiMax Joseph PutzelJohn Pershing RadfordJean Rebecca RaubStuart Clayton RawitscherNathaniel Elmy ReedJohn Arnold ReidBoyd Cornick Rembe, Jr.Thomas DeWitt ReynoldsAdele Zelda RodbardEdith Elizabeth RogersEllanna Barbara RogersWilliam Brown RogersRichard RortyAlbert RosenRobert Leonard RossIrvin Roth Konrad Frank RotherWilliam David RuekbergEugene Walter RulliWilliam Aubrey RutherfordLindell Linton SawyersJeanne Harriet SchmidtRichard George SchmittEric Lewis SchoplerGerald SchwabWilliam Stix Schwab, Jr.Kenneth Craddock Sears, Jr.John Warner SederHerbert S. ShankMurray ShiffGeorge Walter SiderisGordon Sanford SiegelLowell Alan SiffRuth Eleanor SilverLester Lee SimpsonLenore Celeste Smi thWoodward SmithSuzanne M. SmulekoffDonald Smi th SnyderStanley Winston SoderstromCarol Leslie SperryJerome Jay SteinerTheodor David SterlingJohn Edmund StoneEvelyn June StraussNils SwansonWilliam Barton TexterZelda Sarah TollSally Sue TomchinArthur Xavier TuohyJackson Eugene TurnerDonald Frank VeselyCarl VespaL. Robert Victor, Jr.Milton Glenn WalkerHelene Constance WardCarl Richard WasmuthOmar Ray WatsonHoward Napier WeiselJudith WeiserMilton Leon WeisshaarAlice L. WerderDirk WestDurward WestRichard Alvin WickstromRichard Jack WildbergerEdwin Packard WileyJames William WiltBarbara Evans ZimmerFor the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy:Natalie Wells AboodOtis William AdamsBernard AlpertArnold Theodore AndersonRobert Clyde AndersonIrma Celia ArenzDavid Remember BakerClement BalanoffKatherine Willis BallardJoseph Salvator BalsamoKatherine Ann BeanWilliam Clinton BeckwithKirk Sherman BelvilleArthur Victor Berg, Jr. Judith BinyonFred Dean BjorlingDorothy Ann BlackledgeRobert Selig BlattAllan David BloomKatherine BlumerFlorine Kropp BoardmanJames Warner BoswellRobert Paul BrandauRobert James BredinPaul Francis BreedRae Sarah BrodskyGenevieve Marie BronsDorothy Komerska Brooks Mary Jane BrownClark Bublitz, Jr.Robert James CallananErnest William Callenbach, Jr.Carl Henry CarlsonWilliam Greenwood CarmichaelJay Conderman ChapinFrank Seabury Chase IIIRichard Donald ChessickFrank Valentine ChmielowiecMary Birkhoff ChmielowiecEverett ClippingerDonna Rae CohenGeorge Malcolm ColbyRobert Kent CoxHarold David CrandusJoyce DannenLogan Harvey Davis IIJohn Edward DineenGordon Oliver DuFlothRussell Thompson DuganRuth Anne DymFrancis Lawrence Egan, Jr.Donald Leslie EppersonWilliam Edward EscoubeWilliam Bert FieldsJack FinebergJoanne Celeste FinkLester Randolph Ford, Jr.Arthur William FortLawrence FriedmanSamuel FuerstenbergJames Edward FurlichJoseph Martin GabrielGarrison George GamanDonald MacPherson GardinerWilliam Lawrence GardnerSheldon Garry GaylinRobert Burton GelbortBarbara Sue GellEvangelos Andreas GeorgoulisCharles Robert GilbertJohn Louis GittlerCharles James GoebelJames Earl GoldenHarold Frank GoldsmithHertha Maxine GoogeEsther Mildred GordonJay Gladstone GorePhilip Carl GradolphWerner Herbert GrafFrank Stanford GreenbergRichard GrossmanFrederic Volker GrunfeldRoland Scott GrybekClifford Leroy HarringtonRalph Robert HathawayMerle Edwin HessMichael Vitullo HillEstelle HoffmanJohn Sohei HohriRobert Wyant HolmanFrancis Clark HowellWalter Arthur HullDonald Wilmarth Ickes Donald Clarence JamesonHelen Ronan JamesonSeymour Morse J anowi tzJack Wallace JapengaRobert Cronje JasperWilliam August JensenCharles Frederick JohnsonStuart Adams JohnstonNorman Nissen KaplanJack Isadore KarushSidney Mandl KatzGuy James Kelnhofer, Jr.John Ackman KeyesRaymond Francis KossDavid Norman LarsonJoseph LashDaniel LautmanTheodore LazaratonNancy Richard LedererPaul LermanMorissa Nancy LipmanWilliam Richard LoSardoPaul Budlong LydeDavid Ashley MacdonaldRoderick John Macpherson, Jr.Gustav Donald MagnusonGeorge Mathew MarroRobert Wade McGowenGuy Engelhard MillardEric MinkusGeorge Leroy Morrison, Jr.Robert MortonMarjorie Firth MurphyWilliam Noboru NaganumaHaig Kelly NaylorDonald Roy O'NeilFrank Joseph Openchowski, Jr.Marian Louise OsbornRobert Wilton ParsonsDan PassellWalter Lawrence PoivanMeyer Eugene PollackPaul Edwin PotterWilliam Talmage PriceSanford Stephen Provin, Jr.Alan Dean RappKatheryn Eileen RenneyVirginia Lehr RevereLouis Philip River IIIRalph Richard RombergDavid Hugo Romeis Miriam Abbell RosenblumWilliam Allen RossBernard RubinFrank John Rus, Jr.Richard Ela SawyerWynn Albert SaymanArmand Bruce SchimbergCharles Klor SchindlerRobert John SchlegelHarold L. SchubertNancy Lou Cooney ScofieldFrederick James SibertGuenter SieburthWilliam Joseph Siekman, Jr.Norman Herbert SmithHelen Eugenic SperryStanley Ewald Staffeld IIFrancis George SteinhauerVera Figner StepenJohn Morgan StevensFrederick Hesse StittBenjamin Jules StricklandCharles Frederick SykesFrank TachauMary Helen TaylorAlfred Moses TennyWanita Dunn TesarOwen Howell ThomasCarol Jane ThompsonNancy Ethelyn ThompsonCharles Bonar TinkhamJohn Frederick VickreyWilbur Ames VisherOrvall Junior WallElizabeth Lauchlin WatsonFrank Albert WeberVernon Fay WeberLee Roy WilcoxJohn Risca WilliamsGeorge Charles WillistonRobert WillstadterDonald Leland WinksFred WinsbergHarry Raymond Woltman, Jr.Nancy WongJohn Andrew Wood, Jr.Maurice Isaac YoungRichard Paul ZallysJerry Asher ZieglerHerbert Carl ZimmermanAnnabelle B. ZweibanTHE STUDENT AIDESFor the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in the College:Lionel Jay BlumbergPeter George Braunfeld Adaleen Eloise Burnette David Victor KahnDorothy Ann BlackledgeErnest William Callenbach, Jr.For the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy in the College:Mary Helen TaylorWynn Albert SaymanVIII. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESSROBERT MAYNARD HUTCHINS, Chancellor of the UniversityIX. "ALMA MATER" Words byEDWIN H. LEWISWith a steady 'I'hyth'lII'J like a march>. '>all fair moth-ers, fair-est she, Most wise of all that wis - est be,praise her breadth of char- i - ly, Her . faith that truth shall make men free,dec - ades and for cen-tu-ries, Its bat - tle-ment- ed tow'rs shall rise,COPYlU;GHTX. THE BENEDICTIONXI. THE RECESSIONAL-March Dupre(The congregation remains standing during the Recession)MARY CATHERINE BISHOPDOROTHY ANN BLACKLEDGELIONEL JAY BLUMBERGPETER GEORGE BRAUNFELDADALEEN ELOISE BURNETTEHARRIET FOSTER CAMPBELLVIRGINIA GRACE DARROWMARGARET MERLE DEEMSHASKELL DEUTSCHALBERT HAYES FORSYTHE, JR. WILLIAM SCOTT GRAY IIIBARBARA LOUISE GROSSDAVID VICTOR KAHNANNE AMELIA KEATINGRALPH VICTOR KORPRICHARD RORTYWYNN ALBERT SAYMANCAROLYN RUTH SWIFTMARY HELEN TAYLORMARSHALHAROLD A. ANDERSON, Marshal of the UniversityASSISTANT MARSHALSJAMES LUTHER ADAMSWALKER MOORE ALDERTONWALTER BARTKYGEORGE V. BOBRINSKOYGEORGE HAY BROWNLEON CARNOVSKY CHARLES L. DUNHAMREUBEN FRODINJOHN GOTTHOLD KUNSTMANNFRANCIS JOSEPH MULLINEUGENE P. NORTHROPSHELDON TEFFTSTUDENT AIDES