'QCbt Wni\1tr�it1? of �bitaJJoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHESIXTY-FIFTH CONVOCATIONUbe UUlinterDECEMBER SEVENTEENTHA. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED SEVENTHE LEON MANDEL ASSEMBLY HALLCHICAGO, ILLINOISw( t:. �1];. UIJluer. .#'81'.11 ReC6Jf'tJfJt'.--ORDER OF EXERCISES1. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional March" Marche Militaire I" SchubertTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MILITARY BANDFredric M. Blanchard, DirectorThe Marshal of the University Congregation.The Candidates for the Associate's Title.The Candidates for Certificates.The Candidates for the Bachelor's Degree.The Candidates for Higher Degrees.The Faculties of the University.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Official Guests of the University.The Trustees of the University.The Dean of the Ogden Graduate School of Science and the Candidate forthe Honorary Degree.The Vice-President of the University Congregation and the Vice-Presidentof the Board of Trustees.The President of the Board of Trustees and the Convocation Chaplain.The President of the University and the Convocation Orator.II. THE PRAYERThe Convocation Chaplain,REV. PROFESSOR GALUSHA ANDERSON, S.T.D., LL.D.III. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"Medicine and the University," by WILLIAM HENRY WELCH, M.D., LL.D.,Professor of Pathology in Johns Hopkins University and President of theAmerican Association for the Advancement of Science.IV. INTERLUDE," La Cinquintaine"EDITH SHOPE REIDERUniversity OrganistV. THE AWARD OF HONORS Gabriel MarieHonorable Mention for excellence �'n the work of the Junior Colleges zs awarded to thefollowing students:David Francis DavisMarjorie DayElizabeth Emily EricksonRuth Marion Kellogg Mabel J ennetta LodgeLouise Bosley LymanMyrta Belle McCoyAllan Parker McFarland Louise Chabrier NortonMarye Olga ShakesShiro TashiroStephen Sargent VisherHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded to thefollowing students:Bernard Iddings BellCharles McClain CorrellSolomon Menahem DelsonViolet Elizabeth HigleyAngeline Beth HostetterWellington Downing Jones Elfreda Marie Catherina LarsonAnna M. MontgomeryElton James MoultonFranklin Chambers McLeanGrace Peloubet Norton John Gaston RyanIda Agnes ShaverJoseph Clark StephensonHildur Christina WestlundRussell Morse WilderHonors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awarded tothe following students:Charles McClain Correll, HistorySolomon Menahem Delson,RomanceElfreda Marie Catherina Larson,MathematicsAnna M. Montgomery, History Elton James Moulton, Mathematics Ida Agnes Shaver, EnglishFranklin Chambers McLean, Anat- Joseph Clark Stephenson, Zoo"logyomy and Physiology and BotanyJohn Gaston Ryan, Anatomy and Hildur Christina Westlund,Physiology MathematicsMembers are elected to Sigma Xi on nomination oj the Departments of Science for evidenceof ability in research work in Science. The election of the jollowing students isannounced:Ernest AndersonHarold DeForest ArnoldRobert Louis BensonCharles BrookoverLeonas Lancelot BurlingameR. D. CalkinsBenjamin Ball FreudRobert Anderson Hall William Ross HamLeRoy Harris HarveyTheophil Henry HildebrandtHenry HindsJ. Claude JonesWinford Lee LewisArno Benedict LuckhardtDonald Francis McDonald J ames PattersonW anda May PfeifferJohn Gaston RyanArthur Richard SchweitzerCharles Houston ShattuckLaetitia Morris SnowAlma Gracey StokeyArthur Carleton Trowbridge"I' _.,��_....-�,:::-:;:--------:::-�...=;:;:;;::;_-=------- - - - ------Election to membership in the Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa IS awarded tothe following students:Alice Freda BraunlichAlbert Dudley BrokawEvelyn CulverSolomon Menahem Delson Alice Greenacre Elton J ames MoultonViolet Elizabeth Higley Ethel PrestonBertha Elizabeth Lang Ida Agnes ShaverElfreda Marie Catherina LarsonVI. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for titles and degrees will be presented by their Deans in thefollowing order:. Candidates for the title of Associate by Dean Robert Morss Lovett.Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, or Science byDean James Hayden Tufts.Candidates for the degree of Master of Arts, Philosophy, or Science byDean Rollin D. Salisbury.Candidate for .he degree of Bachelor of Divinity by Dean Shailer Mathews.Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Rollin D.Salisbury.THE JUNIOR COLLEGESCandidates for the Title of Associate:Willis Sage AdamsVirginia Harrington AdmiralMary Stickney AllenBenjamin Harrison BadenochE. Raymond Bliss, Jr.Zelma DavidsonDavid Francis DavisMarjorie DayElizabeth Emily EricksonGeorge Elmer FullerWilliam Mathias GeorgenEthel Edna HanksFlorence May HarperDorothy Howe Hess Minna HoskinsRuth Marion KelloggKate Lillian KnowlesHelen Margaret LanganMabel J ennetta LodgeLouise Bosley LymanMyrta Belle McCoyAllan Parker McFarlandLouise Chabrier NortonAudrie May PalmerHazel Dorothy PeekMaurice Thomas PriceMabel RaichlenGeorge Joseph R.eD..� Vera RiceHazel Dwight RobinsonHarry Johnson SchottMildred ScottMarye Olga ShakesRenslow Parker ShererMargaret Louise SteinKarra Scott StevensShiro TashiroMabel Estelle TurnerWilliam DeGarmo TurnerStephen Sargent VisherEliza Jane WilkinsonCandidate for the Certificate of the Two Years' Course of the College of Education:Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy:Bernard Iddings BellGeorge Rex ClarkeJacob Frank CasebeerPh.B., University of Wooster, 1886Ph.M., ibid., 1889Charles McClain CorrellMary Bostwick DaySolomon Menahem DelsonJeannette Donahue THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATIONHarriet Mae CrumpackerTHE SENIOR COLLEGESCharles Henry DornWilfrid Katharine McPartlinGeorge West GravesViolet Elizabeth HigleyJose Ward HooverAngeline Beth HostetterAnna M. MontgomeryKatherine Alice Nichols Grace Peloubet NortonMildred Ida QuickA.B., Kalamazoo College, 1907Ida Agnes ShaverWilliam Odell ShepardAlice Harriet SmithMary Isabelle StocktonMinnie Elizabeth WendelEdna C. Y ondorfCandidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Donald Putnam AbbottRobert Cyrenius BeersHugo Frank BezdekIvan DoseffWilliam Francis HewittWellington Downing JonesElfreda Marie Catherina Larson Gertrude LennesMax Benjamin LevitonGeorge J. MillerJames Herbert MitchellElton James MoultonRichard Clyde M' CloskeyFranklin Chambers McLeanTHE DIVINITY SCHOOL Christian Hoffer RisserA.B., Franklin and Marshall College.1901John Gaston RyanS.B., Penn College, 1907.Charles Augustus SartainJoseph Clark StephensonHildur Christina WestlundRussell Morse WilderCandidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:ARTHUR HENRY HIRSCHA.B., Cornell College, Iowa, 1901 Thesis: The Sub-Episcopate of the Methodist EpiscopaChurchCandidate for the Degree of Master of Arts:GUY ISRAEL HOOVERA.B .• Hiram College, 1899D.B., The University of Chicago, 1907 Thesis: An Outline History of the Movement for ChurchUnity in American ChristianityCandidate for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:CALVIN KLOPP STAUDTA.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1900 Thesis: The Idea 0/ the Resurrection Held In the Ant«.Nicene Church, ./ JOHN ALVIN DEANA.B., The Universitv ot Chicago, 1905(Sociology) - Thesis: Mackaye's Economy of HappinessTHE GRADUATE SCHOOLS.. "Candidates for the Degree of Master oj Arts:.' Vv V YETT A SCHEFTELA.B., Northwestern University, Ig06!SOciOlogy) Thesis: Persistence of PovertyCandidate for the Degreeof Master of Philosoplzy:"v ,,'/.,/ RACHEL AGNES HARRIS'1 Ph.B., Kalamazoo College, 1906. J (Biblical Greek, Semitics, Ecclesiastical Sociology)'" ". Thesis: Paul's Correspondence with the Church at Corinth�./ y/ V' R. D. CALKINS"'�. S.B., The University of Chicago, 1903(Geography) Thesis: The Geography and Geology of the Prairie du Sac(Wis.) RegionCandidates for the Degree of Master of Science:·1.�f".vI\. v1EN�Y HELEN SNOW Thesis: An Experimental Study ?f the Effects of DifferentS.B. The University of Chicago, 1906 Temperatures and Different Amounts of Sugar(Ho�sehold Administration) on Fruit JuicesCandidates jor the Degree of Doctor 0/ '�i;;:OPhY:�.- ". "_/. ....\1 e�I¥E� �HARLES CLIFFORD, A.B., Oberlin College, 18g3(Physics, Mathematics) Thesis: Determination of the Susceptibility of Copper and Tinand Their Alloys/"II /\. FREDERICK V ALENTlNE EMERSONV .A.B., Colgate University, 18g8 !.(Geography, Geology) Thesis: The Geographic Interpretation of New York Cityv �.. LOUIS ALLEN HIGLEt,YS.B., The University of Chicago, Ig00(Chemistry, Botany) Thesis: The Action oj Sodium and of Sodium Alcoholates onVarious Esters oj Acetic Acidv/ v:- "EDWIN GARVEY KIRKS.B., The University of Chicago,lg02(Anatomy, Pathology) Thesis: The Histogenesis of Gastric GlandsV v\FRANK EUGENE LUTZA.B., Haverford College, 1900A.M •• The University of Chicago, 1902(ZoOlogy, Botany) Thesis: The Variations and Correlations of the TaxonomicCharacters of Gryllus.,j VII. THE CONFERRING OF THE HONORARY DEGREE OF DOCTOROF LAWS UPON THEOBALD SMITH, M.D., PROFESSOR OFCOMPARATIVE PATHOLOGY AT HARVARD UNIVERSITY,AND DIRECTOR OF THE PATHOLOGICAL LABORATORYOF THE MASSACHUSETTS STATE BOARD OF HEALTH.The candidate will be presented by the Dean of theOgden Graduate School of Science.VIII. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CONDI­TION OF THE UNIVERSITY......t-.. , ... ,..... . . ' .- .... ,.41.'" .�t' ......:* -.\tczt IX. UNIVERSITY SONG-" Alma Mater"Words byEDWIN H. LEWIS. Music adapted and arranged for mixed voices byPAUL MANDEVILLE.I1. To - day we glad - ly sing the praise Of her who owns us as her sons;2. Her might - y learn - ing we would tell, Tho' life is something more than lore;3. The Cit - y White hath fled the earth, But where the az - ure wa - ters lie,I -L IVArrangement copyright, 1898, by Paul Mandeville, Chicago.X. THE BENEDICTIONTHE CONVOCATION CHAPLAIN.XI. THE RECESSIONRecessional March, " March, from ' AIda' " VerdMARSHALJOSEPH EDWARD RAYCROFT, Marshal of the University Congregatt'onASSISTANT MARSHALSHENRY PORTER CHANDLERHENRY GORDON GALEGLENN MOODY HOBBS PRESTON KYESJAMES WEBER LINNDAVID ALLAN ROBERTSONCOLLEGE MARSHALSALVIN FREDERICK KRAMER, Head MarshalNORMAN BARKER NEIL MACKAY GUNNHUGO FRANK BEZDEK PAUL VINCENT HARPERPAUL ARTHUR BUHLIGEDWARD GEORGE FELSENTHALLUTHER DANA FERNALDHARVEY BENJAMIN FULLER, JR.COLLEGE AIDESCHARLES BUTLER JORDANHAROLD HENRY SCHLABACHWILLIAM EMBRY WRATHERSTELLA ANDERSONSARAH LOUISE CAPPSMARY ETHEL COURTENAYALICE GREENACRE MARY FISK HEAPWINIFRED KELSOHELEN TYTLER SUNNYTHE STUDENT COUNCILSWINTER QUARTER, 1907FOR THE JUNIOR COLLEGES:Albert Dean Henderson, Chairman; Ruth Marion Kellogg, Secretary; Mary LillianKenney, Willowdean Chatterson, Katharine May Slaught, David Francis Davis,Raymond Deforest Penney, Robert Brent Sullivan.FOR THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION:Jessie Strate, Chairman: Lucy Driscoll, Secretary,' Margaret Stevens, Florence Brecht,Adah Mary Jandt.FOR THE SENIOR COLLEGES:Harry Winfred Harriman, Chairman,' Ivy Hunter Dodge, Secretary,' Alvin FrederickKramer, Frank Samuel Bevan, Hugo Frank Bezdek, Harriett Grim, Henry RowlandHalsey, Harry Hansen, William Francis Hewitt, Elton James Moulton, Edith ShopeReider, William Embry Wrather.FOR THE MEDICAL COURSES:Donald Putnam Abbott, Robert Booth Acker, Harry John Corper, Robert CochranCrumpton, James Garfield Earl, Erastus Smith Edgerton, Harry Richard Hoffman,Thomas Arthur Johnson, John William Miller, George Banker Schwachtgen, AlfredMarion Shaw, John Joseph Sprofka.FOR THE DIVINITY SCHOOL:Joseph Kinmont Hart, Chairman,' Eugene Neubauer, Secretary,' Ingram Ebenezer Bill,Claude Edward Boyer, George Washington Cheesman, Nelson Alexander Harkness,Bruce Edmund Jackson, Robert Lincoln Kelley.FOR THE LAW SCHOOL:Frank Samuel Bevan, Howard Edward Flanagan, Hugo Morris Friend, Jose WardHoover, Heber Peart Hostetter, Perry J. Long, Harry Dale Morgan, Glen Dukes Peters,Norman Hathaway Pritchard.FOR THE GRADUATE SCHOOLS:Charles Read Baskerville, Clarence Addison Dykstra, Roger Miller Jones, CharlesHouston Shattuck, Clarence Stone Yoakum.