'QCbt (blnt\ltrutt� of ctbtcagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHEFIFTY-NINTH CONVOCATIONUbe SummerJUNE TWELFTHA. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND SIXTHE LEON MANDEL ASSEMBLY HALLCHICAGO, ILLINOIS,1(. t: ?=�.Processional "Marche Celebre"THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MILITARY BANDFREDRIC M. BLANCHARD, Conductor LacknerThe President of the Board of Trustees and the Convocation Chaplain.ORDER OF EXERCISESI. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONThe Marshal of the University Congregation.The Councilors of the Junior Colleges and the Candidates for the Asso­ciate's Title.The Councilors of the School of Education and the Candidates for Cer­tificates and Degrees.The Councilors of the Senior Colleges and the Candidates for theBachelor's Degree.The Councilors of the Graduate, Divinity, and Law Schools, and the Can­didates for Higher Degrees.The Alumni of the University.The Members of the University Congregation.The Faculties of the University.The Convocation Committee.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Official Guests of the University.The Trustees of the University.The Vice-President of the University Congregation and the Vice-Presidentof the Board of Trustees.The Acting President of the University and the Convocation Orator.II. THE PRAYERThe Convocation Chaplain,THE REVEREND HENRY CLAY MABIE, A.B., University of Chi­cago, 1868, D.B., £b£d., 1875, D.D., Corresponding Secretaryof the American Baptist Missionary Union."The Continuing City," by William Gardner Hale, LL.D., Professor andHead of the Department of Latin."Mater Humanissima: an Ode for the Fifteenth Anniversary," by EdwinHerbert Lewis, Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1894; Professor of Eng­lish in Lewis Institute.5Such was the oracle that made us thineThree lustrums since-or was it yesterdayThat first we stood before this western shrine,A band of palmers in a morning gray?But ah! the times are noisy, and too soonThe clearest accents of that voice were lost,Amid the foam of words on every side.The disillusioned moonLooks down upon a surging century, tostBy lawless pleasure and fanatic pride.III. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESSIV. THE CONVOCATION ODEIBut yester-eve here closed the prairie flowerWhose trivial beauty is forgot today.The plain has blossomed into hall and tower;And viewless dreams are visible in gray.The granite chapter of romance is told,And these enchantments by the morning kissedReveal the theme of all the future tonesAnd music manifold.Last touch of magic, see the tender mistOf delicate ivy stealing up the stones.2'Tis marvelous-'tis nothing! EvermoreA rain of falling cities feeds the dustAs plangent showers fed the primal coreWhen earth was welded in the whirling gust.And we, grim nature's fools, ah! why should we,Shipwrecked upon a planet veined with fire,Build halls for dreaming, cloisters for repose,And homes for pedantry,When every hour of vague and vain desireMust be atoned by agonizing throes.What wonde.r then if many a starving foolHas fed himself upon the root insane,And counts the world a scene of wild misruleAnd raves that all ideals are idols vain I 'He reads no splendor in the emblazoned skiesNo meaning in the whisper of the sea, 'No homeward motion in the flux and flood.For him no sweet surpriseOf common goodness proves the mysteryThat God may tent Himself in flesh and blood. I3Man is a hunted creature-let him hide!A pauper-let him earn his crust of bread!Why in the tombs of thought should he abide,To feed ignobly on the powerless dead?See on the wall the wind-swayed ivy leaf;Will brave men pause to name its useless parts,And listen not to what the wind doth bear­The sobs of human grief,The noise of battle and the knell of hearts,And all the frustrate world's unanswered prayer?4Wild words! Forgive them, 0 belov'd and just,Great Alma Mater, whose commandments are:, 'Though life be but a gleam and man be dust,"Make the dust sacred! make the gleam a star!"Laughter or tears-which better serves the whole?Thou answerest: "Neither! but to re-attain"Hellenic measure and Hebraic might,"And to possess thy soul."The adamantine ether is humane­"Its calm is energy, its thrill is light."II2Forgive us if we sadden when we traceThe steely gossamers of the loom of law,Which strongly hold the filmy world in placeAnd flash it through with miracle and awe.We learned from thee to reverence the loom,And all the tissue of the golden weft,But oft the patterns seem to reel and swim,And each design is doom.What miracle in all the world is leftIf God himself is but a pattern dim?3Unveil thy cunning, wisest of the wise,Renew thy magic for thy doubting ones,For thou art watcher of the woven skies,And measurest the motions of the suns.Say what more subtle instrument can writeA single micron of immortal worthWhen it records the waves of human hope.What iris bar of lightCan measure values as it measures earth,Or show the goal to which our spirits grope? 4Thou answerest not in words, but silentlyThou lookest down with sweet and serious gaze,And in thv human look we seem to seeThe patient answer to the cry we raise."Ye prate of patterns and the web of doom." Is God then strangled in the warp and woof?"Is not the Weaver in the Weaver's place?"Go seat you at the loom!"Create the goodness that is heaven's proof,"And work with God, if ye would see his face!"5Such is the answer that we seem to readIn thy deep eyes. The years which are to beShall better frame the question to the need,When wiser sons and daughters ask of thee.Perchance the atom's flower may releaseSome Ariel, some valency divine,Some bond between our life's atomic routAnd God's eternal peace.Whate'er the vision, may no child of thineBe homeless in the alien vast of doubt.IHome to the sober gladness of this dayWe throng, thine eldest children, mother fair.Few wreaths we bring thee of the victor's bay,But amaranths of gratitude we bear.See where thy dawn of wonder opens wide,Colored with life! nor fear the sky of roseWhich blossoms from the white sun of the truth.Lift up thy head with pride!Behold thy radiant unborn host which goesChanting the glory of thine endless youth.2The chant assumes a messianic range,And sings the newer race which is to be.The planet'S tragic eons, change on change,Become the intervals of melody.Rich as a mother's love the music rings,Real as hope, and sweet with all surprise.Hark how the laws of heaven blendWith laws of common things!For every science fearlessly suppliesHarmonic means to each humanest end. III3From yon clear day-spring may the breath and breezeFreshen thy brow and sing throughout thy blood.Mayall thy studies be humanities,And luminous thy goal, the common good.Dream on of Athens, white beside the sea,And grave Judea, lit with whiter stars.Pursue through all the arteries of earthThe inviolate mystery.'Tis truth, strange common tool, which still unbarsEternal values and immortal worth.4Immortal! word that quickens mortal breath!It names him whom our hearts remember still,Our man of deeds, our father young in death,Master at last of even his mighty will.Fret not thy weary gaze beyond its powerTo pierce the empyrean of his change.Common as life is that celestial birth,Mysterious as a flower.Incredible is heaven, yet not so strangeAs heavenly thoughts in men that walk the earth.5Hebraic-minded in Teutonic frame,Great toiler, builder great, and greater friend,Creative hope, aspiring like a flame,Wielder of power to power's most noble end,Live! live in us, brave spirit, teaching stillThe broader vision and the braver act.And in that valley of the staff and rod,Teach us the hero's will,Who smiles from lips by human anguish racked,And dies firm-trusting in a human God.V. INTERLUDE-"American Patrol"VI. THE AWARD OF HONORS MeachamHonorable Mention/or excellence in the work of the :Junior Colleges is awarded to thefollowing students:George Harold AndersonFrances Catherine Baker Paul Arthur BuhligAnna Evaline Culver Lucy Catherine DriscollViolet Elizabeth HigleyNathan Louis KruegerJohn Yiu-bong LeeElizabeth Ross MarkleyMarguerite Ellen MarksFranklin Chambers McLean Bessie Anthony 0' ConnellEdith Adaline PowelJohn Henry ShantzInca Lucile Stebbins Florence Alice TrumbullRuth Anita WadeAlthea Hester WarrenHildur Christina WestlundHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded to thefollowing students:Honorable Mention for excellence in work leading to the Certificate of the School ofEducation is awarded to the following students:Honorable Mention for excellence in the last two years of work zn the School ofEducation is awarded to the following student,'Honors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awarded tothe following students:Lucy Anne Arthur, HistoryJ eanne�t� Barnet, Public ,s'/'eakingMary Ehzabeth Bradley, HistoryFrances Breen, Latin .Ellen Mary Clark, HistoryMary Louise Dement, Botanyand ZoologyLe?a Epstein, Frmch and GermanA VIS Fiske, French and GermanMary Garrity, HistoryLucy Anne ArthurJeannette BarnetCharles Lee BensonAnn� Theodora BergstromSOphIa LOUisa BodlerMary Elizabeth BradleyBenjamin BraudeFrances BreenFlorence May BushEllen Mary ClarkMary Louise DementLena EpsteinAvis FiskeMary GarrityCora Emeline GrayAnna HowardOlga Maude JacobsonCecelia JohnsonMaud Amelia Morey Lillie Valnora JohnsonElla May JonesMarion Ruth KelloggJohn Frederick KellyNelle Madison KempKatherine Josephine VeronicaKielyMary Margaret LeeHarvey Brace LemonHelen Stoddard LovelandArne-Benedict LuckhardtHarry Dale MorganCaroline Leonora MacBrideLouada NewtonIsabelle Ogden OakeyMarie Georgia OrtmayerMabel Wilson PayneMabel May PeglowBeatrice Chandler PattonCora Emeline Gray, ChemistryCecelia Johnson, HistoryLillie Valnora Johnson, GermanElla May Jones, EnglishJohn Frederick Kelly, ChemistryKatherine Josephine VeronicaKiely, FrenchHarvey Brace Lemon, AstronomyArno Benedict Luckhardt,AnatomyScholarships in the Senior Colleges for excellence tnleges are awarded to the following students:George Emra Nunn, HistoryMary Madeline Carlock, GreekEva Margaret Jessup, LatinFrances Catharine BakerRomance 'Augustus William Gidart, GermanicJune Glathart Launer, EnglishFranklin Chambers McLean,MathematicsAlga Charlotte Anderson, Astro­nomy Vail Eugene PurdyHorace Garner ReedCaroline Montgomery RiceHelen Newman RoneyMuriel SchenkenbergIda Clara SchraderWilliam Vernon SkilesHelen Geneva SmithOtto William StaibGeorge Malcolm StephensonBessie H. SummerhaysHattie Calista VannattaDorothy VisherLaura Dell WatkinsHedwig Marie WernerMildred Marie WheelockVernor Arthur WoodworthRollin Turner WoodyattAnna ReillyCaroline Leonora MacBride,German and FrenchMuriel Schenkenberg, Latin andGreekOtto William Staib, ChemistryBessie H. Summerhays, HistoryDorothy Visher, GeologyLaura Dell Watkins, BotanyHedwig Marie Werner, GermanVernor Arthur Woodworth,English and Public Speaningthe work of the Junior Col-Florence Alice Trumbu 11, PhysicsErwin Paul Zeisler, ChemistryLeon Parley Starr, GeologyWilliam Embry Wrather, Geo-graphyA Scholarship ojjered by the Colonial Dames oj America in the State of Illinois isawarded toLuther Dana Fernaldw£th honorable mention ofWellington Downing JonesScholarships in the Graduate Schools for excellence zn the work of the Senior Col­leges are awarded to the following students:Frederick Hornstein, PhilosophyMary Margaret Lee, PoliticalEconomyHelena Marie Bassett, Greek Muriel Schenkenberg, LatinEmily Bancroft Cox, RomanceOtto William Staib, ChemistryJ ames Madison Hill, Geology George Malcolm Stephenson,GeograhpyLaura Dell Watkins, BotanyOrie Chris Yoder, BacteriologyThe Clark Medals for excellence £n debate are auiarced to the following students:Victor Ernest KeyesJoseph Louis Lewinsohn William John MatthewsCharles Foster McElroyFrank Henry PikeReinhardt ThiessenMembers are elected to Sigma Xi on nomination of the Departments of Science /01evidence of ability in research work in Science. The election of the followintstudents is announced:Members are elected to the Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa on nOm­ination by the University for especial distinction in general scholarship in theUniversity. The election of the following students is announced:Walter Van Dyke DinghamCharles Macdonald CarsonLouis IngoldMargaret Blanche AllardyceLucy Anne ArthurBenjamin BraudeKatherine J osephine VeronicaKielyRobert KuiperArno Benedict Luckhardt William Duncan MacMillanOscar Edward MeinzerJohn Thomas PattersonHarry Dale MorganDaisy Mae MosherCaroline Leonora MacBrideMarie Georgia OrtmayerBeatrice Chandler PattonMabel May PeglowChauncey J. Vallette PettiboneVII. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for titles and degrees will be presented by their Deans III thefollowing order:Candidates for the title of Associate by Dean George Edgar Vincent.Candidates for the diploma of the School of Education by Dean NathanielButler.Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Education by Dean NathanielButler.Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, or Science bYDean Francis Wayland Shepardson.Candidates from the Old University of Chicago for the reenacted Degree ofBachelor of Arts by Dean Nathaniel Butler. Lora Antoinette RichDade Bee ShearerWilliam Vernon SkilesOtto William StaibClark Candee SteinbeckBessie H. SummerhaysCandidates for the degree of Bachelor of Laws by Dean James Parker Hall.Candidates for the degree of Master of Arts, Philosophy, or Science by DeafAlbion Woodbury Small.'Col· Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity by Dean Eri Baker Hulbert.Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Law by Dean James Parker Hall.Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Albion Wood­bury Small.THE JUNIOR COLLEGESMaurice Charles Pincoffs, Jr.Edith Adeline PowelEdith Shope ReiderHarland Clare RobbinsElizabeth Gregory RobertsonElsie Matilda RouthRandall Adams RowleyWilliam Miller RuffcornCharles Phineas SchwartzJohn Henry ShantzMany Zachary ShapiroMarian SimonMargaret McNeill SimpsonCharles Christian StaehlingOswald George. StarkLeon Parley StarrInca Lucile StebbinsN ora Belle StevensonMorgia Jane StoughHelen Tytler SunnyJohn William ThomsonRobert Morrell TomsFlorence Alice TrumbullJohn Howard UptonWilliam Butterfield UrmstonEugene Van CleefClara Keturah Van NestRuth Anita WadeAlthea Hester WarrenDaniel Clary WebbAbraham Lincoln WeberHildur Christian Westlundortnt Candt'dates for the T#le of Associate "Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts,'Alga Charlotte AndersonGeorge Harold AndersonFrances Catherine BakerGladys Russell BaxterHortense Lucile BeckerCharles BednorzEdna Elizabeth BergFrank Samuel BevanPaul Arthur BuhligInez Belle BusenbenzFlorence Jeannette ChaneyEvelyn Harriet CarterI vor Gordon ClarkGeorge Rex ClarkeFlorence ComptonMarguerite Aileen CorkellKenneth Owen CrosbyAnna Evaline CulverAnne Sophia DavisEleanor Chapman DayGertrude Olive DickermanIvy Hunter DodgeLucy Catherine DriscollMarie Caroline von DuisburgMar�ar:t Buchanan DupeeBen]amm Charles EnglishE�ward George FelsenthalMmerva Fairbanks FondaMyra Louise GrantJohn Winston GreenJ ames Henry GreeneHelen Cowan GunsaulusHarry Winfred HarrimanJeannette BarnetAnna Theodora BergstromFrances BreenClarence Spence BurnsF A.B., Kalamazoo College, 1905lorence May BushFrances CarverEllen Mary ClarkEllyn Kelter CooneyMarguerite Aileen CorkellAnna HowardMarion Ruth Kellogg Bertha May HendersonSara Davie HendricksViolet Elizabeth HigleyDonald Stanley HinckleyDavid Harold HoffmanHarry Richard HoffmanLeo Weil HoffmanMary Ella HulburtLois Ballard KauffmanWinifred Margaret KelsoEdna Anita KlineBohumil KralNathan Louis KruegerJohn Yin-bong LeeStephanie Vervait LockwoodMargaret MaddenElizabeth Ross MarkleyMarguerite Ellen MarksHarry L. MeffordHenry MendelsohnWilliam Rummell MisnerAnna M. MontgomeryEdith MooreMinnie Eleanor MooreJessie Blanche McKinneyFranklin Chambers McLeanIrene Frances C. O'BrienBessie Anthony O'ConnellMary Frances O'MalleyViola Isabel ParadiseElsie Gertrude ParkerEdwin Eugene ParryTHE SENIOR COLLEGESHarvey Brace LemonMary Luella LowreyA.B., Des Moines College, 190$Ella Ruhamah MetskerHarry Dale MorganM athilda NelsonLillie Ruth PaisleyMabel May PeglowTheoron Torrance PhelpsMark Frank SanbornA.B., Kalamazoo College, 190$Mary Shipp Sanders Muriel SchenkenbergBertha May ScullinJohn Howard StoutemyerA.B., Kalamazoo College, 190$Grace Margaret VincentA.B., Emporia College, 1903Daniel Clary WebbSue Emmeline WelchLagene Lavassa WrightMargaret Hoyt YoungCandidates for the Degree 01 Bachelor 01 Philosophy:Candidates for the Degree oj Bachelor 01 Science:Candidates lor the Diploma 01 the Two Years Course:Edward Hamblin AhrensLucy Anne ArthurFrederick Rogers BairdGrace BeedBeatrice Medill BellSophie Louisa BodlerAlma Marie BoekeMary Elizabeth BradleyLucy Emeline BrowningCharles Arthur BruceElizabeth CaseyWalter Elmo CluffEmily Bancroft CoxWilliam Horace DavenportA.B., Eureka College, 19O5Berenice Frances DodgePaul Hunter DodgeAlice Maria DouganLena EpsteinKatherine Marie FennessyAvis FiskeClara Emily FortS.B., OhIO Wesleyan University,1903Alice Janet FrankNewton Augustus FuessleBurton Pike GaleCyrus Logan GarnettMary GarrityJ essie Alvina GasserGlayds Elizabeth GaylordLaura Evelyn GibbonsMaud Ada BaileyBenjamin Spafford BarnesCharles Lee BensonBenjamin BraudeHerbert Horace BunzelJosephine Margaret ClinninLuverne Harrison CuttingCarl H. DavisA.B., University of Oregon, 1905Mary Louise DementDosu DoseffS.B., Whitworth College, 1905Henry EricsonA.B., Lombard College, 1902Louis Harry FrankCora Emeline GrayMary Alma HardmanLillian Starrett HeckmanMary Natalia AllenGladys Russell BaxterPenelope BowmanJosie Mae BoyingtonAnna Marie BuritaMabel Miriam DimentReine EisenstaedtLiva FinwallRuth Farrar Hagerty Anne Aloyshia HannanMary Lucretia HartJames Vincent HickeyBlanche Rose Cox HoganFelix Turner HughesFrank Magnus HultmanOlga Maude JacobsonCecelia JohnsonLillie VaIn ora JohnsonElla May JonesCatherine Mary KellyNelle Madison KempKatherine Josephine VeronicaKielyGertrude Henrietta KuehneEdith Charlotte LawtonMary Margaret LeeEugene Tullius LippincottA.B., Ohio Wesleyan University,1904Helen Stoddard LovelandMarcus William LumbardWilliam Gorham MatthewsElizabeth Maria MungerCaroline Leonora MacBrideEhzabeth Watson McClureGrace McConnellLouada NewtonGrace Louise NoblettIsabelle Ogden OakeyMarie Georgia OrtmayerBessie Hudson PalmerJames Madison HillDavid Alfred HorovitzJohn Frederick KellyGrace Whiting KnudsenJohn Hamilton KornsA.B., Ohio Wesleyan University,1904Frederick Joseph LesemannLouis Freiberg LevensonArno Benedict LuckhartDix Blaine McLaughlinS.B., Carleton College, 1905Charles Elmer NixonJohn Colwell PaineWiHiam Alvah ParksAlbertus B. PoppenIrma Estella RiceRandall Adams RowleyTHE COLLEGE OF EDUCATIONHelen Gunn HammelBertha HendersonIrma H. HillerElizabeth Ann HoweCaroline LarrabeeA vis Gertrude LarsenLenerl Pansie MorehouseMaud Amelia MoreyMae Oberfelder Waldemar Edward PaulsenMabel Wilson PayneClara PechBertholf Marsh PettitLucy PorterVail Eugene PurdyGrace Anna RadzinskiRuth Marie ReddyHorace Garner ReedCaroline Montgomery RiceHelen Newman RoneyIda Clara SchraderClara ShawM.D., Hahnemann Medical Col­lege, 1891Katharine Sturges SimmonsHelen Geneva SmithOtto William StaibBessie H. SummerhaysMary Lee Van HookHattie Calista VannattaHenrietta Lynn Van WormerGrace Medora ViallCaroline Alice WakemanCharles Julian WebbFlorence WellsHedwig Marie WernerFredenck Lamson WhitneyWayland Delano WilcoxHoward Levansellaer WillettMabel Ernestine WilsonVernor Arthur Woodworth}.William Vernon SkilesHarry Stillman Wilcox SpencerHerman Augustus SpoehrGeorge Malcolm StephensonFar Tsan SungS.B., Ohio Wesleyan University,1905Charles Henry SwiftWilliam Clarence ThorsenDorothy VisherLaura Dell WatkinsHerbert Edward WheelerMildred Marie WheelockRollin Turner WoodyattOrie Chris YoderPh.B., University of Wooster,1905Marguerite PierceLillian Hannah PorgesOlga Beatrice PorgesAnna ReillyJane Ward RobbinsRenette Pearl SalterMargaret Anna ScanlanEdna SecordMargaret Vincent�. . . - . .. -'. - _......... - �-- -Candidates for the reenacted Bachelor's Degree conferred in recognition of thesame Degree conferred by the Old University of Chicago:Henry Clay Mabie, A. B., 1868Oscar George May, S. B., 1867 George Washington Thomas, A. B., 1862Joshua Pike, A. B., 1865Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Education:Abraham BowersPh.B., University of Chicago,1906Margret Persis BrownLucy Emeline BrowningAlfred Jackson BuntsS.B., Milligan College, 1897Ph.B., University of Chicago,1904Ph.M., ibid., 1905Nels Andrew Nelson ClevenPh.B., University of Chicago,1906 Isabel ElliotA.B., University of Toronto. 1905Harriet Louise HughesL.B., University of Wisconsin,1903S.M., University of Chicago, 1905Alice Marie KrackowizerS.B., University of Chicago, 1906Barinka Clara NeuhausPh.B., University of Chicago,1905Beatrice Chandler Patton Grace Olive RandallA.B., University of Chicago, 1903Elizabeth Wells RobertsonPh.B., University of Chicago,1905Louise StanleyS.B., Peabody College, 1903Grace Medora ViallCaroline Alice WakemanFrederick Lamson WhitneyJoseph Bailey CampbellFrances CarverElizabeth CaseyMark Seavey CatlinWilliam Stanmore CawthonEllen Mary ClarkNels Andrew Nelson ClevenJosephine Margaret ClinninWalter Elmo CluffWilliam Francis CondrayEllyn Kelter CooneyMarguerite Aileen CorkellAnna Louise CottrellEmily Bancroft CoxEleanor CraigJohn Bradford CraigCarrie Pierpont CurrensMary Harnet CurtissLuverne Harrison Cutting'George Franklin DasherWilliam Horace DavenportCarl H. DavisCleora Emery DavisRoy Francis Beaty DavisMary Louise DementJames Dwight DickersonBerenice Frances DodgePaul Hunter DodgeRobert Emmett DohertyCharlotte Marie DondersDosu DoseffAlice Marie DouganMinnie Mabel DunwellCharlotte Reed DuttonAnna Elizabeth ElfrethIsabel ElliotUlysses Roscoe EmrickIrene Victoria EngleLena EpsteinHenry EricsonIda Amelia FeltKatherine Marie FennessyNellie Mignon FisherAvis FiskeAlbie Naomi FletcherPearl Evalina FoltzDuring the Academic Year, I904-I905 the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy,Science, or Education has been conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:Clara Emily FortAlice Janet FrankHannah FrankLouis Harry FrankBeulah Waters FranklinHugo Morris FriendNewton Augustus FuessleBurton Pike GaleAmelie Berthe GanserCyrus Logan GarnettMary GarrityJessie Alvina GasserHelena GavinGladys Elizabeth GaylordLaura Evelyn GibbonsAnna Jean GibneyClaribel GoodwinCora Emeline GrayEben Elwood GridleyLeonard Ephraim Gyllenhaal. Robert Anderson HallAnne Aloyshia HannanMary Alma HardmanMary Lucretia HartFrederick Davis HatfieldEvelyn Marie HaydeLillian Starrett HeckmanHerman Gustavus HeilCaroline B. HemengerMary Gordon HensonJames Vincent HickeyJames Madison HillAlice HillmanAda Mary HoebekeAnna Frances HoffmannBlanche Rose Cox HoganLulu May HoldenIngham Dickson HookAlbert Jarvis Hopkins, Jr.Frederick HornsteinDavid Alfred HorovitzAnna HowardNathaniel Elisha HoyFelix Turner HughesHarriet Louise HughesEdward Hamblin AhrensJessie Hoyt AmesGustavus Edwin AndersonMartin Eli AndersonEllen Hewitt AndrewsKatharine Susan AnthonyLucy Anne ArthurRoy Wilbur BabcockMaud Ada BaileyFrederick Rogers BairdMaud Emily BarkenbusBenjamin Spafford BarnesJeannette BarnetHelena Marie BassettFloyd Irving BeckwithGrace BeedFlorence Nettie BeersBeatrice Medill BellHarry Baxter BenninghoffCharles Lee BensonHelmut BerensAnna Theodora BergstromEleanora Anna BinnaSophia Louisa BodlerAlma Marie BoekeWilliam James BooneVasili Andreevitch BouroffAbraham BowersMary Elizabeth BradleyBenjamin BraudeFrancis BreeneH�rbert Arthur BreyfogleAlIce Bonner BriggsHazel Louise BrownMargaret Persis BrownLucy Emeline BrowningCharles Arthur BruceEdna Lena Marie BuechlerRose Amelia BuhligRoyal Wesley BullockAlfred Jackson BuntsHerbert Horace BunzelLeonas Lancelot BurlingameClarence Spence BurnsFlorence May BushCharles Nickerson Cadwell� - .� �___._--�_... - - - .... - .. �--___ A�_--------""Frank Magnus HultmanOlga Maude JacobsonCecelia JohnsonCora Hannah JohnsonLillie Valnora JohnsonElla May JonesGustav Leonard KaufmannMarion Ruth KelloggCatherine Mary KellyJohn Frederick KellyNelle Madison KempCharles Ferguson KennedyAlfred Richard Grigg KentEdward Michael KerwinKatherine Josephine VeronicaKielySherman Noble KilgoreGuy Edward KellieGrace Whiting KnudsonJohn Hamilton KornsAlice Marie KrackowizerGertrude Henrietta KuehneLouise Goldsmith LarrabeeEdith Charlotte LawtonCora LeadbetterMary Margaret LeeHarvey Brace LemonFrederick Joseph LesemannLouis Freiberg LevensonEugene Tullius LippincottJohn Oscar LofbergHelen Stoddard LovelandMary Luella LowreyArno Benedict LuckhardtSara Louise LullMarcus William LumbardCleo Mary MarnerWilliam Gorham MatthewsVada MayallSimon MayerDelbert William MeyerElla Ruhamah MetskerHarry Dale MorganElizabeth Maria MungerCaroline Leonora MacBrideThomas Noble McBurneyIda Marie McCarthyElizabeth Watson McClureMildred Rae McCombGrace McConnellCharlotte Mary McFarlaneFrancis Xavier McGuaneHarry Rex McKellarCharles Morgan McKennaMinnie Elizabeth McKenzieJ ames Edgar McKownDix Blaine McLaughlinMatilda NelsonBarinka Clara NeuhausLouada Newton Charles Elmer NixonGrace Louise NoblettStrong Vincent NortonIsabelle Ogden OakeyJeannette Brown ObenchainMarie Georgia OrtmayerClyde Ernest OsbornNellie Ethel OxnamJohn Colwell PaineLillie Ruth PaisleyBessie Hudson PalmerCecile Morse PalmerRay Albert PalmerCharles Walter PaltzerEleanor Ophelia ParkerWilliam Alvah ParksJ ames PattersonBeatrice Chandler PattonWaldemar Ed ward PaulsenMabel Wilson PayneClara PechMabel May PeglowGeorge Gulliver PerrinJoseph PetersonBertholf Marsh PettitTheoron Torrance PhelpsJo Alva PhillipsBertha Elizabeth PierceAlice Gertrude PomeroyAlbertus B. PoppenLucy PorterVail Eugene PurdyEdmund Lennon QuinnGrace Anna RadzinskiGrace Olive RandallRuth Marie ReddyHorace Garner ReedCaroline Montgomery RiceIrma Estella RiceArthur William RichterElizabeth Wells RobertsonMary Ella RobinsonI va Frances RockwellNathaniel Curtis RogersHelen Newman RoneyEdward Daniel RoseenDavid RosenbaumRandall Adams RowleyLee Matthew RyanMark Frank SanbornMary Shipp SandersDaisy SandidgeGeorge SassGeorge Raymond SchaefferMuriel SchenkenbergIda Clara SchraderAugusta Ruby ScottBertha May ScullinLouis Martin SearsClara Shaw Albert William ShererKatherine Sturges SimmonsMay Wood SimonsWilliam Vernon SkilesBeverly Oden SkinnerMaizie May SlocumHelen Geneva SmithJennie Helen SnowRosa Belle SnyderHarry Stillman Wilcox SpencerHerman Augustus SpoehrOtto William StaibGeorge Cooper StaleyMary Minerva SteagallClara M. StearnsGeorge Malcom StephensonJohn Howard StoutemyerHenry Durham SulcerBessie H. SummerhaysFar Tsan SungCharles Henry SwiftWilliam Clarence ThorsenLoretta TonerEdith J. Van DenberghMary Lee Van HookHattie Calista VannattaHenrietta Lynn Van WormerGrace Medora ViallGrace Margaret VincentDorothy VisherCaroline Alice WakemanLaura Dell WatkinsCharles Julian WebbDaniel Clary WebbEdgar Huidekoper WebsterSue Emmeline WelchFlorence WellsHed wig Marie WernerClara Kingswell WheelerHerbert Edward WheelerMildred Marie WheelockAnna Laura WhiteFrederick Lamson WhitneyWilliam Frederick WiggerWayland Delano WilcoxHoward Levansellaer WillettEdna May WilsonMabel Ernestine WilsonMary Morton WoodJohn Charles WoodwardVernor Arthur WoodworthRollin Turner WoodyattJohn Stephen WrightLagene Lavassa WrightOrie Chris YoderGeorge Everett YoungElizabeth Adams YoungEvelyn Elizabeth YoungMargaret Hoyt YoungTotal 315THE DIVINITY SCHOOLCandidates for the Certificate oj the Dano-Norwegian Theological Seminary,'SOREN JACOB MARIUS PETERSENFOGDALLMAGNUS BERNTSEN HOLMENJOHN AUGUST MOELAWRENCE THOMPSONTHORWALD CHRISTIAN THYSTRUP Tesis: GnosticismenTesis: jesu Kristi Opstandelse som et historisk FaktumTesis: Farisaeismen og dens IndJlydelse paa KristendommenTesis: Bibelens Fremstilling af .SyndenTesis: jddernes Kampe for religiiis og politisk Frihed underMakkabaeernes LedelseCandidates for the Certificate of the Swedish Theological Seminary:CARL AUGUST SEGERSTROMJOHN AUGUST SWANSONCARL JOHAN WORGRANFRANK GRANT LEWISA.B., Brown University, 1893Graduate, Rochester Theological Seminary, 1896FRANK KAUFMAN BAKERA.B., Franklin and Marshall College, 1899A.M., ibid., 1903CHARLES BUTTON ELLIOTTA.B., University of Chicago, 1903BENJ AMIN EDWARD ROBISONA.B., University of Chicago, 1904DAVID EDWARD THOMASA.B., University of Nebraska, 1902JOHN RALPH VORISA.B., Franklin College, 1901WILLIAM DUNCAN FERGUSONA.B., Oberlin College, 1897D.B., Oberlin Theological Seminary, 1894HENRY BURTON SHARMANS.B., University of Toronto, 1891Frank Kaufman BakerWade Crawford BarclayNathaniel Carter DaniellCharles Button ElliottEverett Benson Killips Afhandling: OrkenvandringenAfhandling: Inledning till galaterbrefvetAfhandling: lnledning till romarebrefvetThesis: Taxes in Palestine in the days offesusRobert RoutledgeThomas Andrew SherbondyDavid Edward ThomasJohn Ralph VorisThesis: The Condition of the Exiles in BabylonVictor Sherwood KutchinA. B., Ripon College, 1903Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1904Henry LamplA.B., Friends' University, 1902A.B., University of Chicago, 1904Harry Clayton LeemonA.B., University of Chicago, 1902John Carlyle MooreA.B., University of Toronto, 1902Porter Heath MorganPh.B., Drake University, 1903William Andrew MurphyA.B., Cornell University, 1904Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1905Thesis: The Music of the New TestamentTotal 13Candidate for the Degree of Master of Arts:Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:During the Academic Year I905-I906 the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity has beenconferred by the University upon the following students:Thesis: The Rise and Growth of the American BaptistMissionary UnionThesis: The Influence of Greek Phz'losophy on the OldTestamentThesis: The Religious Life of Young Men in ManhattanThesis: Lexicographical Studies in the MacedonianInscriptionsThesis: The Teaching ofJesus about the FutureCecil Clare NorthN aotaro OtsukaN eils John PetersonN orman Hay RobertsonTHE LAW SCHOOLCharles Edward GallupClark Saxe JennisonCandidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws:Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Law:Herbert Winfield BrackneyPh.B., Iowa State University, 1904Henry Porter ChandlerA.B., Harvard University, 1901Joseph Wallace FellheimerPh.B., University of Chicago, 1904Frank William HenicksmanA.B., Indiana State University,1901; A.M., ibid., 1901Samuel Dillon HirschIS.B., University of Chicago, 1904Alfred Richard Grigg KentS.B., Carthage College, 1899Ph.B., University of Chicago.roog Dennis Michael MalloyHorace Greeley NebekerGeorge McHenryA.B., University of Chicago, 1904David Falk RosenthalPh.B., University of Chicago, 1904Rudolph Ernst SchreiberA.B., University of Illinois, 1904Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1904W illiam Henry SymmesPh.B., University of Chicago, 1904John Frederick TobinA.B., University of Nebraska,1903During the Academic Year I905-I906 the Degree of Bachelor of Laws has beencon/erred by the University upon the followz"ng students:Clyde Coniah ColwellCharles Edward GallupClark Saxe Jennison William Frederick KellerHenry W. Lackey Dennis Michael MalloyHorace Geeley NebekerTotal 7During the Academic Year I905-I906 the Degree of Doctor of Law has been con­ferred by the University upon the following students:Herbert Valodin BarbourHerbert Winfield BrackneyHenry Porter ChandlerArthur Alvin CockeJoseph Wallace FellheimerFloyd Everett HarperFrank William HenicksmanSamuel Dillon HirschIAlfred Richard Grigg Kent Victor Sherwood KutchinHenry LamplHarry Clayton LeemonWalter Archibald LybrandOliver LeRoy McCaskillGeorge McHenryDelbert William MeierJohn Carlyle Moore Porter Heath MorganWilliam Andrew MurphyDavid Falk RosenthalSamuel Crawford RossRudolph Ernst SchreiberWilliam Henry SymmesJohn Frederick TobinGeorge Earl WalterTotal 25THE GRADUATE SCHOOLS.Candidates for the Degree of Master of Arts,'ROBERT FRY CLARKA.B., Central College, 1901A.B., Oberlin College. 1902(Semitics, English, Sociology)JOHN NICHOLAS DAVISA.B., Maryville College, 1897( Philosophy)JAMES DYSART MAGEEA.B., Des Moines College, 1902(Sociology, Political Economy, Philosophy)r EDWARD ALANSON MILLERA.B., Oberlin College, 1897(Philosophy)AGNES DORA MULKEYA.B., Whitworth College, 1905(Latin)WILLIAM DUNCAN MACMILLANA.B., Fort Worth University, 1898(Astronomy)JEAN BAIRD PONDA.Boo Smith College, 1905(English, History, History of Art)v JAMES REID ROBERTSONA.B., Beloit College, 1904( History)EUGENE ALONZO WILSONA.B., Mt. Hope College, 1898A.M., ibid., 1899Ph.M., Michigan State Normal College, 1899(Political Science)J WILLIAM H{.!GH WOODA.B., University of Nashville, 1899A.B., University of Chicago, 1904( History)ARTHUR HEATH WOODWORTHA.B., Lafayette College, 1904( Eng Iish, Philosophy. Sociology) No thesis requiredThesis: The Training of the Will as a Function ofEducationNo thesis requiredThesis: The Development of the Ohio School SystemThesis: The Condition of Women under NeroThesis: A Special Class of Periodic Orbits in the Problem ofthree BodiesNo thesis requiredThesis: The History of the Franking Privilege in theUnited StatesThesis: Primary Laws of the Central StatesThesis: The Executive Function under the ConfederacyNo thesis requiredCandidates for the Degree 0/ Master 0/ Philosophy:JAMES MACE ANDRESSA.B., Michigan State Normal College, 1905(History)MARY PALMIERRE BROOKFIELDS.B., University of Chicago, 1902(History, Philosophy, English Literature)ETHAN ALLEN CROSSA.B., University of lIIinois, 1905(English), ALFRED WILLIAM GARNERS.B., Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College,1900 .ADALINE WIGHT HARDINGL.B., Fairmount College, 1901(English)JOHN WESLEY HENNINGERS.B., McKendree College, 1881.j S.M., ibid., 1884LL.B .. ibid. 1887(Sociology, General Literature, Philosophy)CARRIE PUTNAM HERNDONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1901(History)LILLIAN VIT ALIQUE LAMBERTS.B., University of Chicago, 1895(English)MARIA ROSE LOGANA.B., Woman's College of Baltimore, 1904(History, Sociology)ETHEL CLAIRE RANDALLPh.B., University of Chicago. 1904(English)V MAMIE LUELLA ROBINSONL.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1905(English)LAURA LOUISA RUNYONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1898(Philosophy)J ANNA THERESA WALLACEA.B .. , Leland Stanford, Jr. University, "1899(LatIn, Romance, English) Thesis: Rouseau's Idea of the StateNo thesis requiredThesis: Tennyson's Dramas, a Technical and Critical StudyThesis: The Ku Klux Movement.Thesis: Prologues and Epz'logues in the Drama of the Eigh­teenth CenturyNo thesis requiredThesis: The Financz'al Policy of MirabeauThesis: The Effect of the Expansion of England on Shaks­pen's ImaginationThesis: Voltaire's Political IdeasThesis: The Neo-Celtic MovementThesis: The Text of" Henry v»Thesis: The Teaching of History in Elementary SchoolsNo thesis requiredj Candidates for the Degree 0/ Master oj Science:Thesis: Solutions of the Equation of Plane Waves in a Tube,under carious degrees of Elasticity at the EndsDuring the Academic Year I905-I906 the Degree of Master 0/ Arts, Master of Phi­losophy, or Master 0/ Science, has been con/erred by the University upon thefollowing students:ARNOLD DRESDENStudent in the University of Amsterdam( Mathematics)PAUL VAN CLEEFS.B., University of Chicago, 1905(Chemistry)J ames Mace AndressGeorge Cromwell AshmanEdith Ethel BarnardWilliam Joseph BradleyMary Palmierre BrookfieldAlfred Jackson Bunts Thesis: The Analogy between Silicon and Carbon CompoundsRobert Fry ClarkEthan Allen CrossJohn Nicholas DavisDudley Watson DayArnold DresdenOtto Frederick Dubach Agnes LaFoy FayAlfred William GarnerLeroy Bethuel GreenfieldAdaline Wight HardingJohn Wesley HenningerCarrie Putnam HerndonJacob Wilhelm HeydJulius William Adolphe KuhneLillian Vitalique LambertMaria Rose LoganJames Dysart MageeLaura Anna MacDonaldCharles Foster McElroyMargaret McLaughlinAnna McLauryJohn McLearieWilliam Duncan MacMillanEdward Alanson Miller Agnes Dora MulkeyAndrew Peter PetersonEdward Palmer PillansJean Baird PondNathan Tanner PorterChessley Justin PoseyEthel Claire RandallJames Reid RobertsonLillian Gonzales RobinsonMamie Luella RobinsonHenry Alford RugerLaura Louisa Runyon Emma Louise RuserArthur Richard SchweitzerWilfred Hobson SherkRayna SimonsPaul Van CleefAnna Theresa WallaceDavid Cassius WarrenEugene Alonzo WilsonWilliam Hugh WoodArthur Heath WoodworthFrances Anna YeomansTotal 53Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:9 J AMES FRANCIS ABBOTTA.B., Leland Stanford Jr. University, 1899.(Zoology, Physiology)CHARLES GOETTSCHI 11 A. B., University of Chicago, 1901.(Germanic, English)HENRY MAX GOETTSCH"I 'V S.B., University of Iowa, 1899(S.M., ibid. 1900.)(Chemistry, Physics)j FRANK LOXLEY GRIFFINS.B., University of Chicago, 1903S.M., University of Chicago, Ig04(Astronomy, Mathematics)WILLIAM RAYMOND LONGLEYv- J A.B., Butler College, 1902S.B., University of Chicago, Ig02S.M., ibid., Ig05(Mathematics, Astronomy)EBEN MUMFORDA.B., Buchtel College, 18g6(Sociology, Political Economy)MABEL CARTER RHOADESV Ph.B .. Syracuse University, t8g8Ph.M., ibid., Ig03(Sociology, Social Technology)ABBIE MARY LYON SHARMAN.J A.B., University of Wooster, 1894(English, History.) Thesis: The Morphology of CoeloplanaThesis: Ablaut Relations in the Weak Verb in Gothic, OldHigh German, and M£ddle High German.Thesis: The Affinity Constants of Diacid BasesThesis: Certain Periodic Orbits of K Finite Bodies Revolv­ing about a Relatively large Central Mass.Thesis: A Class of Periodic Orbits of an Infinitesimal Bodysubject to the Attraction of N Finz"te Bodies.Thesis: The Beginnings of Authority.Thesis: A Case study of Delinquent Boys in the JuvenileCourt of Chicago.Thesis: English Book-reviewing Journals up to 1749.During the Academic Year I905-1906 the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy has bunconferred by the University upon the following students:Edith AbbottJames Francis AbbottHamilton Ford AllenBernard Camillus BondurantHarvey CarrDavid John DavisWalter Fairleigh DoddWilliam Lloyd Evans, "William Duncan FergusonCharles GoettschHenry Max Goettsch Frank Loxley GriffinReginald Harvey GriffithGlenn Moody HobbsEarl Dean HowardRobert Franklin HoxieMary Jackson KennedyWilliam Raymond LongleyCarlton John LyndeWilliam McCrackenGeorge Fitch McKibbenEben Mumford Russell Burton OpitzStephen Walter RansomGeorge Fullmer ReynoldsMabel Carter RhoadesHermann Irving SchlesingerAbbie Mary Lyon SharmanHenry Burton SharmanJohn Rothwell SlaterDelonza Tate WilsonTotal 31VIII. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CONDI­TION OF THE UNIVERSITY- -.-- �- - --- - -� - . - _-. -: �: ., _..; .... - � --_..... -:.Jt� F '1 1 j l' t. i f9 '3: 11 � tt ppOf all fair moth-ers, fair - est she, Most wise of all that wls - est be,We prize her breadth of char - i - ty, Her faith that tru th shall make men free,For dec - ades and for cen - tu - rles, Its bat - tle- ment-ed tow'rs shall rise,Words bynDWIN H. LEWIS. Music adapted and arranged for mixed voices byPaUL MANDEVILLE.IX. THE UNIVERSITY SONG-" Alma Mater.""Tannhauser March" WagnerArrangement copyright, 1898, by Paul Mandeville, Chicago.X. THE BENEDICTIONTHE CONVOCATION CHAPLAIN.XI. THE RECESSIONMARSHALJOSEPH EDWARD RA YCROFT, Marshal of the Un£versity CongregationGLENN MOODY HOBBS, Acting' Marshall of the Uu£verslty CongregationASSISTANT MARSHALSHENRY PORTER CHANDLERHENRY GORDON GALEPRESTON KYES DAVID ALLAN ROBERTSONHARRY GIDEON WELLSHELENA MARIE BASSETTMARGARET ERNESTINE BURTONGLADYS ELIZABETH GAYLORDMARY FISKE HEAP .HELEN ELIZABETH HENDRICKS ELIZABETH MARIA MUNGERHELEN NEWMAN RONEYEDITH EMILY TERRYCLARA KINGSWELL WHEELERCOLLEGE MARSHALSHUGO MORRIS FRIEND, Head MarshalFREDERICK ROGERS BAIRD. Acting Head MarshalHUGO FRANK BEZDEK ALVIN FREDERICK KRAMERCHARLES ARTHUR BRUCE SANFORD AVERY LYONCYRUS LOGAN GARNETT JOHN FRYER MOULDSBURTON PIKE GALE HAROLD HIGGINS SWIFTPAUL ROWLEY GRAY CHARLES JULIAN WEBBNEIL MACKAY GUNN LAGENE LAVAS A WRIGHTEARL DEWITT HOSTETTERCOLLEGE AIDESTHE STUDENT COUNCILSSPRING QUARTER, 1906FOR THE GRADUATE SCHOOLS:Earle Brownell Babcock. Edith Ethel Barnard, Stephen Reid Capps.jr .• Daniel AndersonCovington, Emil Goettsch, Albert Lafayette Hopkins, Edgar Francis Riley.FOR THE DIVINITY SCHOOL:WARREN HASTINGS MACLEOD, Chairman,' Edward Atwood Henry, Secretary; Roy HenryBarrett, Herbert Francis Evans, Charles Arthur Exley, Robert Lincoln Kelley, Bertram G.Nelson, Edgar Storrs Newschwander, John Howard Stoutemyer.FOR THE LAW SCHOOL:LESLIE TAMES AYER, Chairman; Roy H. Hunter, Secretary: Henry Llewellyn Adams.George W. Black, Oscar William Carlson, Alfred Richard Grigg Kent, William WesleyKirlpatrick, George McHenry. George Gulliver Perrin.FOR THE MEDICAL COURSES:FRANK LESEMANN, Chairman,. William Charles Speidel, Secretary,' William MacMickenHanchett, William Hunt Long, William Crane Nichols, James Patterson, Garland Dix Scott.Charles Henry Swift, Heilman Curtis Wadsworth, Brice Russell Wallace.FOR THE SENIOR COLLEGES:RUSSELL MORSE WILDER, Chairman,' Mary Margaret Lee, Secretary,' Donald Putnam Abbott,James Vincent Hickey, Horace Babcock Horton, Earl DeWitt Hostetter, Lyman TrowbridgeLoose, William Gorham Matthews, Irene Josephine Moore, Walter McAvoy.FOR THE JUNIOR COLLEGES:ALVIN FREDERICK KRAMER, Chairman,' Helen Tytler Sunny, Secretary,' Marie lone Avery,Edward George Felsenthal, Nathan Louis Krueger, Anna M. Montgomery, Mary AdelaidePitkin, Max Rohde.FOR THE COLLEGE OF EDUCATION:TANE WARD ROBBINS, Chairman,' Beatrice Chandler Patton. Secretary; Anna Josephine'Beiswenger. Bertha Belle Blish. Abraham Bowers.