1Cbt mni\ltt1)itp of ctbicagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHEFIFTy-SEVENTH CONVOCATIONUbe UUlinterDECEMBER NINETEENTHA. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIVETHE LEON MANDEL ASSEMBLY HALLCHICAGO, ILLINOISProcessional March-" Salute to Chicago"THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MILITARY BANDFREDRIC M. BLANCHARD, Conductor RedynsORDER OF EXERCISESI. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONThe Marshal of the University Congregation.The Councilors of the Junior Colleges and the Candidates for the Asso­ciate's Title.The Councilors of the School of Education and the Candidates for Cer­tificates and Degrees.The Councilors of the Senior Colleges and the Candidates for theBachelor's Degree.The C lI�r;L..... :," ()f the Graduate, )ivinity, and Law Schools, and the Can­didates tor Higher Degrtt.�.The Alumni of the University.The Members of the University Congregation.The Faculties of the University.The Convocation Committee.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Official Guests of the University.The Trustees of the University.The Vice-President of the University Congregation and the Vice-Presidentof the Board of Trustees.The President of the Board of Trustees and the Convocation Chaplain.The Dean of the Faculties and the Convocation Orator.II. THE PRAYERThe Convocation Chaplain,BISHOP WILLIAM FRASER MACDoWELL, D.D., LL.D.III. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"Some Maxims of Life," by His Excellency Jean Adrien Antoine JulesJusserand, LL.D., Ambassador from France to the United States, withintroduction by Jacob McGavock Dickinson, of the Chicago Bar.IV. INTERLUDE-"Whispering Flowers" Von BlonV. THE AWARD OF HONORSElection to membership in the Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa zsawarded to the following students:Robert Emmett Doherty Amelie Bertha Ganser Helena GavinHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Junior Colleges is awarded tothe following students:J ames Root HulbertEva Margaret JessupJune Glathart Launer Edith Warfel MarkleyHelen Dorothea MillerWalter Robert Rathke Lucille RochlitzEdna Verena SchmidtJ ames Patrick SullivanHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded tothe following students:Robert Emmett DohertyHelena Gavin Evelyn Marie HaydeEleanor Ophelia Parker May Wood SimonsClara Kingswell WheelerHonors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awardedto the following students:Robert Emmett Doherty,Chemistry . Helena Gavin, English andGerman Evelyn Marie Hayde, HistoryEleanor Ophelia Parker, HistoryVI. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for titles and degrees will be presented by their Deans in thefollowing order:Candidates for the title of Associate by Dean George Edgar Vincent.Candidate for the Diploma of the School of Education by Dean NathanielButler.Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, or Science byDean Francis Wayland Shepardson.Candidates for the degree of Master of Arts, Philosophy, or Science by DeanRollin D. Salisbury.Candidate for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity by Dean Eri Baker Hulbert.Candidate for the degree of Doctor of Law by Dean James Parker Hall.Candidates for the ·degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Rollin D.Salisbury.THE JUNIOR COLLEGESCandidates lor the Title 01 Associate:Isabel Donaldson Annan Helen Elizabeth Hendricks Joseph Lorenz ReichmannHarold Richard Atteridge Marcus Andrew Hirschl Harriet Lillian RichardsonCharles Frederic Axelson Jose VVard Hoover Helen E. M. RobertsGrace Sarah Taylor Barker Earl De VVitt Hostetter Lucille RochlitzLouis Samuel Berlin James Root Hulbert Leo P. SalingerMabel Jenny Berquist Eva Margaret Jessup Edna Verena SchmidtWalton Simon Bittner Charles Earl Latchem Charles SchottArthur Gibbon Bovee June Glathart Launer Philip Frank ShaffnerArthur Manly Boyer Herbert Ira Markham Edward Eggleston SmithLucy Emeline Browning Edith VV arfel Markley Jessie Irene SolomonChauncey Stillwell Burr, Jr. Robert Eddy Mathews Margaret SpenceMary Winifred Burr Adeline Meyer James Patrick SullivanFrances Chandler Helen Dorothea Miller Harold Higgins SwiftFred Asa Crossman Marion VV allace Milne Edith [Emily TerryWinifred Perry Dewhurst Anna Florence Moran Florence Adeline TimmAlbert Blaine Enoch Charles Newberger Edna Lilian VV atkinsJessica Foster Katharine Alice Nichols Edna VV eldonMay Eliza beth Fralick Stirling Bruce Parkinson Frederick Lamson WhitneyAugustus William Gidart Clarence Gilbert PoolWilliam Buckingham Gray Walter Robert RathkeCandidates (or the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:THE SENIOR COLLEGESJ essie Hoyt AmesA.B., Kalamazoo College, 1905Cleora Emery DavisA.B., Kalamazoo College, 1905 Ada Mary HoebekeA.B., Kalamazoo College, 1904Vada MayallA.B., Knox College, 1898 Eleanor Ophelia ParkerMaizie May SlocumA.B., Kalamazoo College, 1904Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy:William James BooneA.B., Hillsdale College, 1904Alice Bonner BriggsCharles Nickerson CadwellA.B., University of Illinois, 1902Mark Seavey CatlinUlysses Roscoe EmrickHelena Gavin Claribel GoodwinEvelyn Marie HaydeAlbert Jarvis Hopkins, Jr.Frederick HornsteinAlfred Richard Grigg KentS.B., Carthage College, 1899Louise Goldsmith Larrabee Barinka Clara NeuhausStrong Vincent NortonBertha Elizabeth PierceDavid RosenbaumMay Wood SimonsLoretta TonerClara Kingswell WheelerCandidates for the Degree oj Bachelor of Science:Herbert Arthur Breyfogle J ames PattersonA.B., Ohio Wesleyan University, 1902 Alice Gertrude PomeroyRobert Emmett Doherty S.B., Kalamazoo College, 1904THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Edmund Lennon QuinnLee Matthew RyanLillian Anna WarnerCandidate for the Diploma of the Two Years Course:THE DIVINITY SCHOOLCECIL CLARE NORTHA.B., University of Nebraska, 1902Candidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:Thesis: The Religious Life of Western Universities asInfluenced by the Young Men's ChristianAssociationCandidate for the Degree of Doctor of Law:FLOYD EVERETT HARPERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1903THE LAW SCHOOLTHE GRADUATE SCHOOLSCandidates for the Degree of Master of Arts:WILLIAM JOSEPH BRADLEYA.B., Mercer University, 1902A.B., University of Chicago, 1905(Philosophy)JULIUS WILLIAM ADOLPHE KUHNECollege de Celle(Romance)ANDREW PETER PETERSONA.B., University of Idaho, 1902(Latin) Thesis: Plato's Conception 0/ the Soul; Its Relations to theWorlds 0/ Being and BecomingThesis: "La Plainte du Desire" de Jean Lemaire de BelgesThesis: The Development 0/ Horace's StyleCandidates for the Degree of Master of Science:./ DUDLEY WATSON DAYS.B., University of Chicago, 1904(Bacteriology)ARTHUR RICHARD SCHWEITZERPh.B., University of Chicago, 1900(Mathematics) Thesis: The Relation between Serum Resistance and Viru­lenceThesis: Concerning a Monotonic Function first Introducedby PeanoCandidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:DAVID JOHN DAVISV"'" S.B., University of Wisconsin, 1898(Pathology. Physiology)GT_,K1\lN MOODY H0"R13SLB., University of Illinoi., lil,)'(Physics, Chemistry)£1 .:: L DL!\.� EO \'". 1:,:.],;Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1902Ph.M., ibid., 1903(Political Economy, Sociology)ROBERT FRANKLIN HOXIEPh.B., University of Chicago, 1893(Political Economy, Political Science)CARLETON JOHN LYNDEA.B., University of Toronto, 1895(Physics, Chemistry)GEORGE FITCH McKIBBENA.B., Denison University, 1875A.M., ibid.,I878D.B., Chicago Baptist Union Theological Seminary,1881(Romance, Spanish)STEPHEN WALTER RANSONS.B., University of Chicago, 1902S.M., tu«, 1903(Neurology, Pathology) Thesis: The Bacteriology 0/ Whooping CoughThesis: The Re'-at-:,.,,., butv'pp," P'D, and Sparking Distance:v Small i.u:» 'J the LatterT . is: l1P. Rec . t -ndustrial Progress 0/ GermanyThesis: An Analysis 0/ the Concepts 0/ Demand and Supplyin their Relation to Market PriceThesis: The Effect 0/ Pressure on Sur/ace TensionThesis: The" Eructavit," an Old French Poem: The M anu­scripts, Argument, Sources, and AuthorshipThesis: Retrograde Degeneration in the Spinal NervesVII. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CONDI­TION OF THE UNIVERSITY( On account of the absence of the President, the Quarterly Statement will not be given. It will be.. printed later in the University Record.)VIII. THE UNIVERSITY SONG-" Alma Mater."Words 'by!tDWIN H. I.EWIS. Music adapted and arranged for mixed voices byPAUL MANDEVILLE.Arrangement copyright, 18gS, by Paul Mandeville, Chicago.X. THE RECESSIONKnight of the Sword LoseyIX. THE BENEDICTIONTHE CONVOCATION CHAPLAIN., .. . - -�.' ."- -- --� __ "= �_�=c��_�-� ::�--�_-� _�.-_-:_ .._., ..• - :.-��.:��-.��.�-�_.�.�� -,.,., '-:"'��''''''''-�'�����;:FOR THE LAW SCHOOL:WILLIAM FREDERICK KELLER. Chairman; Roy H. Hunter. Secretary; Henry LlewellynAdams, George W. Black, Oscar William Carlson. Alfred Richard Grigg Kent, William WesleyKirkpatrick. George McHenry. George Gulliver Perrin.MARSHALJOSEPH EDWARD RAYCROFT, Marshal of the University CongregationHENRY PORTER CHANDLERNOTT WILLIAM FLINTHENRY GORDON GALE GLENN MOODY HOBBSPRESTON KYESHARRY GIDEON WELLSASSISTANT MARSHALSCOLLEGE MARSHALSHUGO MORRIS FRIEND, Head MarshalFREDERICK ROGERS BAIRD ALBERT JARVIS HOPKINS, JR.HUGO FRANK BEZDEKCHARLES ARTHUR BRUCEMARK SEAVEY CATLINCYRUS LOGAN GARNETTBURTON PIKE GALE CLARK SAXE JENNISONGEORGE RAYMOND SCHAEFFERFREDERICK ADOLPH SPEIKCHARLES JULIAN WEBBLAGENE LAVASA WRIGHTCOLLEGE AIDESHELENA MARIE BASSETTMARGARET ERNESTINE BURTONELIZABETH MARIA MUNGER HELEN NEWMAN RONEYEDITH EMILY TERRYCLARA KINGSWELL WHEELERTHE STUDENT COUNCILSAUTUMN QUARTER, 1905FOR THE GRADUATE SCHOOLS:Earle Brownell Babcock. Edith Ethel Barnard, DanielH ' D "'1i"l .o.rson Covington. Emil Goettsch.n� � Capps. Jr.COE HAYNE. Chairman; Edward Atwood Henry. Secretary; Ambrose Moody Bailey. AltonEzra Bigelow. Herbert Francis Evans. Robert R. Fleming. Jr .• Robert Lincoln Kelley. RoyWilson Merrifield.FOR THE MEDICAL COURSES:Louis Samuel Berlin. William MacMicken Hanchett. Robert Bain Hasner, Frederick JosephLesemann, William Hunt Long. James Patterson. Lee Matthew Ryan. Garland Dix Scott.William Charles Speidel. Charles Henry Swift. John Wesley Tope, Heilman Curtis Wadsworth.FOR THE SENIOR COLLEGES:WILLIAM GORHAM MATTHEWS. Chairman; Elizabeth Casey. Secretary; Hugo Frank Bezdek.William Jacob Cuppy. Cyrus Logan Garnett. James Vincent Hickey. Horace Babcock Horton,Robert Martin Linsley. Isabelle Ogden Oakey, Lillie Ruth Paisley. Clara Kingswell Wheeler.FOR THE JUNIOR COLLEGES:PETER FRANCIS DUNN. Chairman; Jessie Irene Solomon. Secretary: Grace Sarah TaylorBarker. Frank Samuel Bevan. Carey Herbert Brown, Paul Vincent Harper, Alvin FrederickKramer, John Alexander Lee, Edith Adeline Powell. Helen E. M. Roberts, William MillerRuffcorn. Ruth Anita Wade.FOR THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION:JANE WARD ROBBINS. Chairman; Anna Josephine Beiswenger, Secretary; Bertha Bell Blish,Abraham Bowers. Beatrice Chandler Patton.