1I:bt mni\ltrt)itp of ctbicagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER�THEFIFTY-SIXTH CONVOCATIONUbe ButumnSEPTEMBER FIRSTA. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FIVETHE LEON MANDEL ASSEMBLY HALLCHICAGO, ILLINOIS--� - �� � -- - - - -..-..,...� - ... - -...,,. --� .... - -----------��-�ORDER OF EXERCISES1. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONProcessional March-"Triumphal March" (Naaman)EDITH S. REIDER, University Organist CostaThe Marshal of the University Congregation.The Councilors of the Junior Colleges and the Candidates for the Asso­ciate's Title.The Councilors of the School of Education and the Candidates for Cer­tificates and Degrees.The Councilors of the Senior Colleges and the Candidates for theBachelor's Degree.The Councilors of the Graduate, Divinity, and Law Schools, and the Can-didates for Higher Degrees.The Alumni of the University.The Members of the University Congregation.The Faculties of the University.The Convocation Committee.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Official Guests of the University.The Trustees of the University.The Vice-President of the University Congregation and the Vice-Presidentof the Board of Trustees.The President of the Board of Trustees and the Convocation Chaplain.The President of the University and the Convocation Orator,Election to membership in the Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa tsawarded to the following students:II. THE PRAYERThe Convocation Chaplain,THE REVEREND PROFESSOR GRAHAM TAYLORof the Chicago Commons.III. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"Vanishing Trails," by Hamlin Garland, with introduction by Robert MorssLovett, Associate Professor of English in the University of Chicago.IV. MILITARY MARCH ElgarV. THE AWARD OF HONORSMinnie Mabel Dunwell Cora Emily GrayMary Ella Robinson Louis Martin SearsHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Junior Colleges is awarded tothe following students:Frances BreenGeorge Bernard Cohen Clinton Joseph DavissonEleanor Morrison Mahany Daisy Mae MosherGeorge Emra NunnHonorable Mentz'on for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded tothe following students:Katharine Susan AnthonyFlorence Nettie BeersRoyal Wesley BullockMinnie Mabel DunwellCharlotte Reed DuttonIda Amelia Felt Pearl Evalina FoltzHerman Gustavus HeilEdward Michael KerwinThomas Noble McBurneyJoseph PetersonMary Ella Robinson Louis Martin SearsBeverly Oden SkinnerMary Minerva SteagallEdna May WilsonMary Morton WoodEvelyn Elizabeth YoungHonors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awardedto the following students:Charlotte Reed Dutton, History Thomas Noble McBurney, Louis Martin Sears, LatinHerman Gustavus Heil, Physics German Mary Morton Wood, EnglishThe Sels Scholarship, for the young woman student who completes the first year ofthe Junior Colleges wz'th the hz'ghest standing' z'n the studies of that year, isawarded toHildur Christina WestlundVI. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESCandidates for titles and degrees will be presented by their Deans in thefollowing order:Candidates for the title of Associate by Dean Robert Morss Lovett.Candidates for the Diploma of the School of Education by Dean NathanielButler.Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Education by Dean NathanielButler.Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, or Science byDean Francis Wayland Shepardson.Candidates for the degree of Master of Arts, Philosophy, or Science by DeanRollin D. Salisbury.Candidates for the degree of Bachelor of Divinity by Dean Shailer Mathews.Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Law by Acting-Dean Ernst Freund.Candidates for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Dean Harry PrattJudson.Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts:THE JUNIOR COLLEGESCandidates for the Title of Associate:Donald Putnam AbbottMartin Eli AndersonAbraham BowersFrances BreenFlorence May BushGeorge Bernard CohenWilliam Jacob CuppyClinton Joseph DavissonAmasa Frederick Drummond James Madison HillFelix Turner HughesCharles Ferguson KennedyMax Benjamin LevitonEleanor Morrison MahanyDaisy Mae MosherRuth Joana MacHenryJoseph Vincent McNallyTHE SENIOR COLLEGESJoseph Bailey CampbellWilliam Stanmore CawthonJohn Bradford CraigA.B., Geneva College, 1900Nellie Mignon FisherPearl Evalina FoltzLeonard Ephraim GyllenhaalRobert Anderson HallA.B., University of Nashville, 1894 Caroline B. HemengerEdward Michael KerwinGuy Edward KillieA.B., Butler College, I904Cora LeadbetterJohn Oscar LofbergA.B., John B. Stetson University,1905Simon MayerThomas Noble McBurney George Emra NunnMax Donald RoseAgnes Rodatz SnitjerHenry Durham SulcerHenry William SumnerThomas Barnett TaylorHelen Gertrude ToddWilliam Frederick WiggerI 7Harry Rex McKellarA.B., Emory College, 1901Cecile Morse PalmerMary Ella RobinsonLouis Martin SearsGeorge Cooper StaleyA.B., John B. Stetson University,1905Mary Morton Wood• •. - •••••••••• � �..-. � • � •. _ � - �:-'�,! .....•••• - 1 •••............... ,.. ••••• � • ! •• :.�... ! '.� ¥"l •• ! •• "l �·t � L •• ' _ -.-------� '"Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy:Ellen Hewitt AndrewsKatharine Susan AnthonyMaud Emily BarkenbusPh.B., Kalamazoo College, 1903Florence Nettie BeersRoyal Wesley BullockWilliam Francis CondrayMary Harriet CurtissCharlotte Marie DondersMinnie Mabel DunwellCharlotte Reed DuttonAnna Elizabeth ElfrethIda Amelia Felt Albie Naomi FletcherPh.B., Kalamazoo College, 1905Anna Jean GibneyEben Elwood GridleyFrederick Davis HatfieldHerman Gustavus HeilLulu May HoldenInghram Dickson HookCharles Ferguson KennedyDelbert William MeierCharlotte Mary McFarlaneMinnie Elizabeth McKenzieJames Edgar McKown Ray Albert PalmerPh.B., Kalamazoo College, 190-4Charles Walter PaltzerEdward Daniel RoseenDaisy SandidgeA.B., Baylor College, 1895Agusta Ruby ScottBeverly Oden SkinnerMary Minerva SteagallHenry Durham SulcerEdith J. Van DenberghPh.B., Kalamazoo College, 1902Edna May WilsonEvelyn Elizabeth YoungCandidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science:Gustavus Edwin AndersonFloyd Irving BeckwithS.B., Kalamazoo College, 1904George Franklin DasherS.B., Kalamazoo College, 1904Francis Xavier McGuane Charles Morgan McKennaM.D., Rush Medical College, 1905Clyde Ernest OsbornPh.B., Shurtleff College, 1896Joseph PetersonJo Alvah PhillipsS.B., Kalamazoo College, 1904THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Nathaniel Curtis RogersEdgar Huidekoper WebsterA.M., AtlantaUniversity, 1897William Frederick WiggerElizabeth Adams YoungCandidates for the Diploma of the Two Years Course:Estella Mae DanielsEdna Eliza Hood Elizabeth Frances HughesCaroline Beulah Maine Marie Antoinette WieserHenrietta WillisonEleanora Anna Binna�Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Education:Rose Amelia BuhligPh.B., University of Chicago, 1905THE DIVINITY SCHOOLCandidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Divinity:EVERETT BENSON KILLIPSA.B., University of Chicago, 1903N AOT ARO OTSUKAA.B., Bethany College, 1899THOMAS ANDREW SHE RBONDYPH.B., Bucknell University, 1902GEORGE EVERETT YOUNGA.B., Hamilton College, 1887A.M., at«, 1890Graduate, Xenia Theological Seminary Thesis: The Faith Element in AquinasThesis:- A Sketch of Religious Progress in JajJanThesis: German MysticismThesis: The Early SemitesCandidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:HAMILTON FORD ALLENA.B., Williams College, 1888A.M., Union Christian CollegeMcCormick Theological Seminary(New Testament, Old Testament) Thesis: The Infinitive in Poljlbius and in Biblical GreekJOHN ROTHWELL SLATERA.B., Harvard University, 1894D.B., University of Chicago, 1898(Old Testament, English) Thesis: The Sources of Tyndale's Version of the PentateuchTHE LAW SCHOOLCandidates for the Degree of Doctor of Law (J.D.):HERBERT VALODIN BARBOURA.B., Indiana University, 1899LL.B., ibid, 1901 SAMUEL CRAWFORD ROSS, cum laudeB.L., University of Wisconsin, 1903Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1904ARTHUR ALVIN COCKE, cum laudeS.B., Southwestern University, 1897A.M., University of Chicago, 1904 GEORGE EARL W ALTERA.B., Carthage College, 1903A.B., University of Chicago, 1904OLIVER LEROY McCASKILL, cum laudePh.B., University of Chicago, 1901THE GRADUATE SCHOOLSCandidates for the Degree of Master of Arts:LAURA ANNA MAcDONALDA.B., Oberlin College, 1899(Philosophy, English, Education) No thesis requiredCHARLES FOSTER McELROYA.B., Butler College, 1804(Political Science, Political Economy, English) No thesis requiredMARGARET McLAUGHLIN(English) Thesis: The Criticism of Goldsmithv JOHN McLEARlEA.B., Macalester College, 1897(Sociology) Thesis: The Modern Treatment of the American IndianHENRY ALFORD RUGERA.B., Beloit College, 1895(Psychology, Philosophy, Neurology) No thesis required•../ ETTA LOUISE RUSERA.B., Cornell University, 1902(Germanic) Thesis: A nzengru ber' s Relation to NaturalismI WILFRED HOBSON SHERKA.B., Oberlin College, 1899( Mathematics) Thesis: A Discussion of Linear Congruences with ImaginaryDirectricesRAYNA SIMONSA.B., University of Chicago, 1904(Latin) . Thesis: Roman Dress in the Time of MartialDAVID CASSIUS WARRENS.B., Baylor University, 1894A.B., ibid) 1899A.M., ibia, 1902(Physics) Thesis: Thompson's Formula for Slow Periods, •• • ..• � ••• "" � � � • .. �.. • .'�' - �'-":,., '" - 1 #iI'"" t .. ! :.�... • ",' s !' ••• ".'! ! ,.;; f .;;: ----- -' .- .-Candidates for the Degree of Master of Philosophy:Thesis: The History of Southwest Virginia to ;78;Candidates for the Degree of Master of Science:GEORGE CROMWELL ASHMAN Thesis: The Ar�on Group of ElementsV S.B., Wabash College, 1895(Chemistry)EDITH ETHEL BARNARD Thesis: On Oxonium SaltsS.B., University of Chicago, 19°3(Chemistry)AGNES LAFOY FAY Thesis: The Determination of SulphatesS.B., University of Chicago, 1904-(Chemistry)CHESSLEY JUSTIN POSEY Thesis: GeograpMc Factors �'n the Irrigation of the AridS.B., University of Illinois, 1900 Regions of the United States(Geography)Candidates for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy:ALFRED JACKSON BUNTSi/ .j S.B., Milli2'an College, 1897Ph.B., University of Chicago, 1904-(History)OTTO FREDERICK DUBACH.J Ph.B., Ottawa University, 1898(Political Science)J LEROY BETHUEL GREENFIELDA.B., University of Oklahoma, 1903(En2'lish, General Literature, Philosophy)J JACOB WILHELM HEYDA.B., University of Missouri, 1903(Germanic)ANNA MCLAURYV S.B., Wellesley College, 1886(English)-/ NATHAN TANNER PORTERJ A.B., University of Utah, 1900(Political Science, Political Economy, Law)LILLIAN GONZALEZ ROBINSONPh.B., University of Chicago, 1903(Romance, Sanskrit, Germanic)FRANCES ANNA YEOMANSV S.B., Mount Holyoke College, 1893(History)ViEDITH ABBOTTV" A.B., University of Nebraska, 19°1(Political Economy, Political SCience)BERNARD CAMILLUS BONDURANTA.B., Hampden Sidney College, 1891A.M., Bethany College, 1894A.M., West VlTginia University, 1900(Latin, Greek)HARVEY CARRS.B., University of Colorado, 1901S.M., ibid, 1902(Psychology, Education) Thesis: The Treaty Relations and Government of the Chero­keeNo thesis requiredThesis: The Indo-European t-stems in GotMcThesis: Byron's CainNo thesis requiredNo thesis requiredThesis: The Intendant as the Political Agent of Louis XIVThesis: A Statistical Study of the Wages of Unskilled Labor�'n the United States, ;830-I900Thesis: Decimus BrutusThesis: Some Visual Illust'ons Due to Eye ClosureWALTER FAIRLEIGH DODDA.B., Florida State Colleile, 1898S.B., John B. Stetson University, 1901(Political Science, Political Economy) Thesis: The State Governments of the American Revolutz'onDELONZA TATE WILSONA.B., University of North Carolina, 1887A.M., Vanderbilt University, 1896(Astronomy, Mathematics) Thesis: Work on Mz'nor PlanetsWILLIAM LLOYD EVANSS.B., Ohio State University, 1892S.M., ibid., 1896( Chemistry, Physics) Thesis: The Adz'on 0/ Alealies and Oxt'dz'zing Agents onBenzoyl Carbz'nol.,/ REGINALD HARVEY GRIFFITHA.M., Furman University(English, German) Thesis: Sir Perceval.../ MARY JACKSON KENNEDYA.B., Belmont College, x883A.B., University of Chicago, 1904(Latin, Greek) Thesis: Characterization z'n Tacitus and Ammz'anusWILLIAM McCRACKENA.B., University of Michigan, 1886(Chemistry, Physics) Thesis: On the Hydrochlorides 0/ Imido-Ether DeriuatiuesRUSSELL BURTON OPITZM.D., Rush Medical College,\895S.B., University of Chicago, 1898S.M., University of Chicago, 1902(Physiology, Histology) Thesis: The Periodic and Irregular Variations z'n the VenousBlood-Flowv GEORGE FULLMER REYNOLDSPh.B., Lawrence University 1898(English, History, Germani�) Thesis: Some Principles 0/ Elizbethan Stagz'ng'HERMANN IRVING SCHLESINGERS.B., University of Chicago, 1903(Chemistry, Physics) , Thesis: Velodty Determinations w#h Imido-EthersVII. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CONDI­TION OF THE UNIVERSITYVIII. THE UNIVERSITY SONG-" Alma Mater."Words byEDWIN H. I.EWIS. Music adapted and arranged for mixed voices byPAUL MANDEVILLE., Arrangement copyright, 18gB, by Paul Mandeville, Chicago.IX. THE BENEDICTIONTHE CONVOCATION CHAPLAIN.X. THE RECESSIONRecessional March-" March and Chorus" TannhduserMARSHALJOSEPH EDWARD RAYCROFT. Marshal of the Uniuersity CongregationASSISTANT MARSHALSHENRY PORTER CHANDLERNOTT WILLIAM FLINTHENRY GORDON GALE GLENN MOODY HOBBSPRESTON KYESHARRY GIDEON WELLSCOLLEGE MARSHALSLEE WILDER MAXWELL. Head MarshalFREDERICK ROGERS BAIRD CHARLES FERGUSON KENNEDYMARK SEAVEY CATLINHUGO MORRIS FRIENDCYRUS LOGAN GARNETTALBERT JARVIS HOPKINS. JR.CLARKE SAXE JENNISON GEORGE RAYMOND SCHAEFFERFREDERICK ADOLPH SPEIKSCHUYLER BALDWIN TERRYEVON ZARTMAN VOGTCHARLES JULIAN WEBBLAGENE LA VASA WRIGHTCOLLEGE AIDESMARGARET ERNESTINE BURTONELIZABETH MARIA MUNGERHELEN NEWMAN RONEY LILLIAN STEPHENSONEDITH EMILY TERRYCLARA KINGSWELL WHEELERTHE STUDENT COUNCILSSUMMER QUARTER, 1905FOR THE DIVINITY SCHOOL:WILLIAM JOHN PEACOCK, Chairman,· Edward Atwood Henry. Secretary.FOR THE LAW SCHOOL:OLIVER LERoy MCCASKILL, Chairman,· Fred Ernest Heckel.FOR THE MEDICAL COURSES:Ralph Stephen Fisher, Secretary ; Frank Warren Calhoun, Arthur Evarts Lord.FOR THE SENIOR COLLEGES:INGHRAM DICKSON HOOK, Chairman; Herman Gustavus Hell, Secretary ; James VincentHickey, Lillie Ruth Paisley, Horace Babcock Horton. Isabelle Ogden Oakey.FOR THE JUNIOR COLLEGES:WILLIAM MILLER RUFFCORN, Ckairman; Mary McDonald, Secretary ; Jessie Irene Solomon,John Alexander Lee, William Jacob Cuppy, Alvin Frederick Kramer.