'QC:bt mnt\1tr�tt!' of ctbtcagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERCHICAGO, ILLINOISTHEFIFTY-SECOND CONVOCATIONUbe ButumnSEPTEMBER SECONDA. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FOURTHE LEON MANDEL ASSEMBLY HALLI. MUSIC_ The Pilgrim's Chorus (Tannhauser )EDITH S. REIDER, University Organist WagnerORDER OF EXERCISESII. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONThe Marshal of the University Congregation.The Councilors of the Junior Colleges and the Candidates for the Asso­ciate's Title.The Councilors of the School of Education and the Candidates for Cer­tificates and Degrees.The Councilors of the Senior Colleges and the Candidates for theBachelor's Degree.The Councilors of the Graduate, Divinity, and Law Schools and the Can-didates for Higher Degrees.The Alumni of the University.The Members of the University Congregation.The Faculties of the University.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Official Guests of the University.The Trustees of the University.The Vice-President of the University Congregation and the Vice-Presidentof the Board of Trustees.The President of the Board of Trustees and the Convocation Chaplain.The President of the University and the Convocation Orator.III. THE PRAYERThe Convocation Chaplain,THE REVEREND PROFESSOR JOHN PENTLAND MAHAFFY, D.D.IV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"The Evidences of Evolution," by HUGO DE VRIES, Professor of Botany andDirector of Botanical Gardens and Laboratories of Plant Physiology,in The University of Amsterdam, with introduction by JOHN MERLECOULTER, Professor of Botany in the University of Chicago.V. Offertoire de Stt; Cecile, No.2 BatisteVI. THE AWARD OF HONORSElection to membership in tlte Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa isawarded to the following student:Leo Falk WormserHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the :Junior Colleges is awarded tltefollowing students:Inga Marie Katrine Allison Grace Edith MayerHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded thefollowing students:Zonia BaberBernard William Neville BagotElla BehnkeAbraham BerglundEsther Eugenia BjornbergJ ames Franklin ChamberlainFrank Lorenzo Cummings Jacob Taylor EllisJames Edward GlavinHenry Clyde HubbartMary Kate JanesClara Anne LeslieHarriette Parnal MarshAda Jane Miller Edith May SimpkinFrieda Viola SolomonMyrtle Irene StarbirdSarah Teresa SteinErnest William SundellLeo Falk WormserWilliam Albert Young"Honors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awardedthe following students:Ella Behnke, Romance and GermanMary Kate Janes, LatinAda Jane Miller, EnglishEdith May Simpkin, Latin Frieda Viola Solomon, LatinMyrtle Irene Starbird, GreekMyrtle Irene Starbird, FrenchSarah Teresa Stein, GermanThe Selz Scholarship, for the young woman student who completes the first year orthe Junior Colleges with the highest standing in the studies of that year, isawarded toAgnes Whitefordvn. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESndy,LE THE COLLEGESThe Title of Associate is conferred by the University upon the following students:Inga Marie Katrine AllisonFrances ClendeningMildred Adelaide CoffmanWilliam Francis CondrayRoscoe Simpson FairchildMary Garrity Katherine Anne GoldenElizabeth Walker GranberyDavid Alfred HorovitzGrace Edith MayerElizabeth Maria MungerIsabelle Ogden Oakey Adolph John OlsonIrma Estella RiceGeorge Buchan RobinsonDavid RosenbaumLee Matthew RyanPaul Atlee WalkerThe Degree of Bachelor of Arts is conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:Bernard William Neville BagotWilliam Eugene BeardsleyAbraham BerglundFrank Lorenzo CummingsAlfred Renault Hedrick Flora Belle HermannHolm HolmsenHenry Clide HubbartRaymond Ransom KellyEnoch Cook LaversOscar Paul Lienau Harry Adelbert MillerFlorence Vane SkeffingtonFrieda Viola SolomonWilliam Hugh WoodWilliam Albert YoungThe Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy ts conferred by the University upon thefollowing students:John Orlo BackhouseElla BehnkeEsther Eugenia BjornbergIrene BlackledgeCaroline Elizabeth BlanchardHenry Grant BrownAlfred Jackson BuntsJacob Taylor EllisJ ames Edward Glavin Elizabeth Churchill Hale Maxwell Kennedy MoorheadWilmer Carlyle Harris Harris Greeley ProvinesFrank Bradshawe Hutchinson, Jr. Burt Parker RichardsonMary Kate Janes Nelle SenourCaroline Lucy Judd Genevieve SissonClara Anne Leslie Albertus Victor SmithJoanna Hey Longley Sarah Teresa SteinArthur Evarts Lord Katherine Julia Elizabeth VaughanHarriette Parnal MarshAda Jane Miller Leo Falk WormserThe Degree of Bachelor of Science �S conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:Lloyd Clark AyresZonia BaberJUlien Lafayette BrodeJ ames Franklin ChamberlainEdna T. CookWalter FullerJohn Ross Harger John Emanuel KalmbachHollis Elmer PotterLouis Win RaperStewart Ralph RobertsHerman Call RunyanCarl Walker SawyerErnest William Sundell Harold Benjamin ThompsonIsabel Louisa VinzantFrederick Simon WeingartenHenry Neill WhitelawSanford Archibald WinsorFrances Catharine ZurawskiTHE SCHOOL OF EDUCATIONThe Diploma of the Two Years' Course is conferred by the University upon the fol­lowing students:Gertrude Louise Clayton Helen Elizabeth Purcell Margaret Van HoesenThe Degree of Bachelor of Education is conferred by the University upon the fol­lowing students:Samuel John Samelow John Henry Smale Mary Minerva SteagallTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLThe Degree of Bachelor of Divinity is conferred by the University upon the follow­ing students:JOHN WELLINGTON HOAG Thesis: The Doctrine of Original Sin in the Light of ModernThought.Thesis: Morphological Index of the First Epistle of Clement.Thesis: Commercial and Ecclesiastical Legislation in ColonialMassachusetts and Connecticut.Thesis: The Religion of Early Childhood.FRANCIS WILLARD KENNEDYAMOS HENRY SHATTUCKWILBURN EDGAR WOODRUFFThe Degree of Master of Arts ts conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:EVERETT LINCOLN MESERVEY Thesis: The Episcopal Doctrine of Divine Right in the Timeof the Stuarts.Thesis: An Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles.RICHARD ROBERT WRIGHT, JR.The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the follow­ing student:JOHN WILLIAM BAILEY (New Testament, Old Testament)Thesis: Does Hellenism Contribute Constituent Elements toPaul's Christology? \/' Iv�/v.Jv'oj/V'II'(· . . . ,;i "i� �: .The Degree of B'achelor of Laws is conferred by the University upon the followingstudent:The Degree oj Doctor of Law (y. D.) 'IS conferred by the Uniuersity upon thefollowing students:The Degree of Master of Arts 1S conferred by the Un£versity upon the followingstudents:The Degree of Master of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the follow­ing students:J ames Milton Sheldon.> CLARA LATIMER BACONVANGELINE AMENIA BERGEY,,-SHEPPARD EMERY BUTLER�/JOSEPH STUART CALDWELL�'FIIUR: AL v IN CeCILE)�VAN TAYLOR SAGEVMYRA LOUISE SPAULDING.; BANKS JOHN WILDMANV GEORGE HERBERT BETTS. J BENJAMIN FRANKLIN CONDRAYVWINIFRED GARDNER CROWELLvJ.LBERT LINCOLN JONESvi' WILLIAM ARCH McKEEVERV" MILTON CHASE POTTERVMARY ELLEN ROBB'( ANNIE ROSS THE LAW SCHOOLStephen L. RichardsForest Garfield SmithTHE GRADUATE SCHOOLSThesis: The Determination and Investigation of the Rea!Chords of Two Conics Which Intersect in Fewerthan Four Rea! Points.No Thesis Required.Thesis: Emerson's Revision 0/ His Essays.Thesis: The Effects of Toxic Agents upon the Action of Bro­melin, the Proteolytic Enzyme of the Pineapple.Ns Ts@sis F8EI'QiF@QThesis: The Funeral Orations of Ambrosius.No Thesis Required .Thesis: A Comparison of Lucretius's" De Natura Rerum"with" Tennyson's Lucretius."Thesis: The Place of Imagery in Instruction .Thesis: On a Case of Constrained Motion.Thesis: The Character of King Mark in the Tristan Legend.No Thesis Required.Thesis: Some Aspects of Social Sensitiveness.Thesis: Treaty Limitations in the Constitution of the UnitedStates.Thesis: The Character of Tiberius as Represented by Tacitusand Velleius.Thesis: The Pronunciation of the Latter Part of the Seven­teenth Century in France, according to Malard's"True French Grammar."The Degree of Master of Sciencestudents:/LILLA ESTELLE APPLETONjERNEST EVANS JONESj STEW ART RALPH ROBERTSI�AE WOLDT ts conferred by the University upon the followingThesis: The Social Basis of Education.Thesis: The Atomic Weight of Iron.Thesis: A Comparison of the Cervical and Brachial Plexusesin Certain Reptilia.Thesis: The Relation between Antheridia and Sporangiaamong Filicales.The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the follow­ing students:MAXWELL ADAMS (Chemistry, Physics) Thesis: On Some Derivations of Hydroxylamine.WILLIAM McAFEE BRUCE (Chemistry, Physics)Thesis: The Oxygen Ethers of Urea./NELLIE ESTHER GOLDTHWAITE (Chemistry, Physics)Thesis: On Cyanocetic Ether.It WARREN STONE GORDIS (Latin, Greek) Thesis: The Estimates of Moral Values Expressed in Cicero'SLetters.WILLIAM CYRUS GUNNERSON (Sanskrit, Latin, Greek)Thesis: The History ofT-Stems in Greek.j HERBERT EDWIN JORDAN (Mathematics, Astronomy)Thesis: Group Characters of Various Types of Linear GroupS.j IVY KELLERMAN (Sanskrit, Latin, Greek) Thesis: On the Syntax of Some Prepositions in the Greekj Dialects.IRVING KING (Philosophy, Education) Thesis: The Genesis of the Content of the Religious Conscious-ness from the Standpoint of Functional Psychology.JWILLIAM JESSE GOAD LAND (Plant Morphology, Plant Physiology)Thesis: A Morphological Study of Thuja.WILLIAM RAY MANNING (History, Political Science)I Thesis: The Nootka Sound Controversy.J WILLIAM BURNET McCALLUM (Plant Physiology, Plant Morphology)Thesis: Regeneration and Polarity in Plants.I CHARLES OSCAR PAULLIN (History, Political Science)Thesis: The Administration of the Department of the Navy, during the Revolution.V THOMAS JAMES RILEY (Sociology, Philosophy)V / Thesis: A Study of the Higher Life of Chicago.vi DAVID MOORE ROBINSON (Greek, Latin, Archseology)Thesis: The History of Sinope./ARTHUR WHIPPLE SMITH (Mathematics, Astronomy)\I Thesis: The Symbolic Treatment of Differential Geometry./LA RUE VAN HOOK (Greek, Latin) Thesis: The Sources of the Metaphorical Vocubulary of GrukLiterary Criticism./MURRAY SHIPLEY WILDMAN (Political Economy, Political Science) ,Thesis: The Economic and Social Conditions Which Explain/ Inflation Movements in the United States.V OSWIN WILLIAM WILCOX (Chemistry, Geology). Thesis: A .S'tudy of Ethylchlorsulphorate.jROBERT BRADFORD WYLIE (Plant Morphology, Plant Physiology)Thesis: The Morphology of Elodea Canadensis. VIingtsesr;iaw-D'Ss.��I.r• VIII. THE CONFERRING OF THE HONORARY DEGREETIle Degree of Doctor of Laws is conferred by the University uponHUGO DE VRIESfor profound investigation in the phenomena of the plant cell and the problemsof heredity and especially for his distinguished contribution to evolutionarydoctrine in propounding the mutation theory of the origin of species.IX. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CONDI­TION OF THE UNIVERSITYX. UNIVERSITY SONG-"Alma Mater" lIEusic by P. N. MandevilleWords by Edwin H. Lewis, '94Today we gladly sing the praiseOf her who owns us as her sons;Our loyal voices let us raise,And bless her with our benisons.Of all fair mothers, fairest she,Most wise of all that wisest be,Most true of all the true, say we,Is our dear Alma Mater. Her mighty learning we would tell,Tho' life is something more than lore;She could not love her sons so well,Lov'd she not truth and honor more.We praise her breadth of charity,Her faith that truth shall make men free,That right shall live eternally,We praise our Alma Mater.The City White hath fled the earth,But where the azure waters lie,A nobler city hath its birth,The City Gray that ne'er shall die.For decades and for centuries,Its battlemented tow'rs shall rise,Beneath the hope-filled western skies,'Tis our dear Alma Mater.XI. THE BENEDICTIONTHE CONVOCATION CHAPLAIN.XII. THE RECESSIONTriumphal March (Incidental Music to Henry VIII) SulliuanJOSEPH EDWARD RA YCROFT, Marshal of the Uni'llersity Congregation.MARSHALASSISTANT lrlARSHALSHENRY PORTER CHANDLERNOTT WILLIAM FLINTHENRY GO.RDON GALE GLENN MOODY HOBBSPRESTON KYESHARRY GIDEON WELLSCOLLEGE MARSHALSCLYDE AMEL BLAIRHUGO MORRIS FRIENDALBERT JARVIS HOPKINS, JR.CLARKE SAXE JENNISONCHARLES FERGUSON KENNEDYLEE WILDER MAXWELL JAMES SHELDON RILEYFREDERICK ADOLPH SPEIKADELBERT TURNER STEWARTSCHUYLER BALDWIN TERRYCHARLES JULIAN WEBBEVON ZARTMAN VOGTLEO F ALK WORMSERACTING MARSHALS FOR THE AUTUMN CONVOCATIONJOHN ORLO BACKHOUSE HENRY DURHAM SULCERJULIEN LAFAYETTE BRODETHE STUDENT COUNCILSSUMMER QUARTER, 1904FOR THE GRADUATE SCHOOLS:RAYMOND Foss BACON, Chairman; William Cyrus Gunnerson, Secretary; Mathilde Castro,George Lane Melton, Charles Henry Gray, Edwin Garvey Kirk, William Jacob Baumgartner.FOR THE DIVINITY SCHOOL:LESLIE MOULTHROP BURWELL, Chairman; Clyde McGee, Secretary; David Russell Lee,Walter LeRoy Runyan, Charles Button Elliott, Richard Roy Perkins, Roy Wilson Merrifield,William Ely Hopkins, Archibald Ellsworth Minard.FOR THE LAW SCHOOL:Lyle George Herrick, Earl Jay Walker, Frederick Dickinson, Walter Edward Collins, OliverLeRoy McCaskill, Fred Ernest Heckel, Victor Sherwood Kutchin, Henry Lampl.FOR THE MEDICAL SCHOOL:THOMAS OLEARIUS WHITACRE, President; Nathan Boggs, Harry Hoaglund Blodgett, EdwardWhitney Bodman, Frank Warren Calhoun, Charles Homer Gowan, Emil Goettsch, GillRichards, Roy Eccles Thomas, Albert Theodore Lundgren, John Sundwall, Henry NeillWhitelaw.FOR THE SENIOR COLLEGES:J AMES SHELDON RILEY, Chairman; Irene Victoria Engle, Secretary; Maxwell KennedyMoorhead, Arthur Evarts Lord, Keith Preston, James Franklin Chamberlain, Edwin DeForrestButterfield, Hugo Morris Friend, Albert Lafayette Hopkins, Charles Albert Shull, Sarah TeresaStein.FOR THE JUNIOR COLLEGES:FREDERICK DILL MABREY, Chairman; Irma Estella Rice, Secretary; Henry Durham Sulcer,Horace Babcock Horton, Isabelle Ogden Oakey.FOR THE SCHOOL OF EDUCATION:MINNIE ETHEL PUNTENNEY, Chairman; Eleanora Binna, Margaret Evans, Elizabeth Irwin,Estelle Miller, Dorothy Ellen Silverman, Henrietta Willison.(