1Cbt flelni\lttilitp of ctbicagoTHEFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERFIFTIETH CONVOCATION\tbe SpringMARCH TWENTY-SECONDA. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FOURTHE LEON MANDEL ASSEMBLY HALLCHICAGO, ILLINOISORDER OF EXERCISES1. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSION-Processional March, " March Militaire, I "THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MILITARY BANDFREDERIC M. BLANCHARD, Conductor SchubertThe Marshal of the University.The Councilors of the Junior Colleges and the Candidates for the Asso­ciate's Title.The Councilors of the Senior Colleges and the Candidates for theBachelor's Degree.The Councilors of the Graduate and Divinity Schools and the Candidatesfor Higher Degrees.The Faculties of the University.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Official Guests of the University.The Trustees of the University.The Visiting German Guests of Honor, with their escorts.The Vice-President of the University Congregation and the Vice-Presidentof the Board of Trustees.The President of the Board of Trust�es and the Convocation ChaplainThe President of the University and the Imperial German Ambassador.II. THE PRAYERThe Convocation Chaplain,THE REVEREND CHARLES RICHMOND HENDERSON, D.D.III. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESTHE COLLEGESThe Title of Associate is conferred by the University upon the following students:Jonas Oskar BacklundGeorge Remington Beach, Jr.Florence Nettie BeersAlida Jeannette BigelowSallie Elizabeth Calhoun Frederick Davis HatfieldEvelyn Marie HaydeHelen Jeannette HolzheimerWade HuletteEdward Michael KerwinFrancelia Colby Louise Goldsmith LarrabeeHelen Mae Collins Jean Agnes LeslieMarie Katharine Daszkiewicz Sarah Louise LullJames Dwight Dickerson Wayland Wells MageeEvaline Pearl Dowling Lee Wilder MaxwellWalter Fred Eggemeyer Thomas Noble McBurneyAlbert Wesley Evans Elizabeth Mace McFarlandHelen Ruth Friend Susanna Regina O'DonnellLeonard Ephraim Gyllenhaal , Charles Walter PaltzerThe Degree of Bachelor of Arts is conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:The Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon thefollowing students:The Degree of Bachelor of Science is conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:The Degree of Master of Arts is conferred by the University upon the followingstudent:GEORGE LOUIS LORING WHITE Thesis: The Great Principles for which the Pilgrim FathersStood in Church and State.Henry Stead DavidsonEdna Cordelia DunlapHarry William Getz,Margaret Reardon BaconErnest Everett BallJeanette BatesF red Granville BurnettFrank G. BurrowsEleanor Frey CochranRebecca Baxter GilkesonEugene Laurence HartiganDudley Watson DayGeorge Edmeston FahrHorace Montague Francis Myra Hamilton HansonElizabeth Katherine HossHarriet May PalmerSilvanus Laurabee HeeterCharles Roland HoweCarol Lee JordanMary Anderson LeonardMarian Crawford LyonsWilliam Woodrow MartinKate Lou NeelWinifred Mary ReidFrank Woodward MetcalfHarry Edgar MockAgnes Burnett MacN eishTHE DIVINITY SCHOOL J ames PattersonWaldemar Ed ward PaulsenHenry Ingle Raymond, Jr.George SassRuth Shelton SaundersGeorge Raymond SchaefferJulia Kate SommerFrederick Adolph SpeikGrace Willard StaffordJohn James Von NostrandHerbert Edward WheelerJohn Stephen WrightEvelyn Elizabeth YoungLaura Darlene WardLawson Grant YenerichMurray SchlossJohn Allen Sweet, Jr.Mary Evelyn ThompsonEdith May ThomsHarry Milton TingleTilden Ryland WakeleySimon WilliamsLester Ely OdellCharles Moore SteeleThe Degree of Bachelor of Divinity is conferred by the University upon the follow­ing students:JULIAN FOSTER BLODGETTLESLIE MOULTHROP BURWELL TThesis: The Separation of Church and State in Massachusetts.IThesis: The Differmces in Theology between the Alexandrianand the Antiochan Schools. A;.,WILLIAM HENRY GARFIELDROCHESTER WILLIAMS IRWIN Thesis: Protestant Missionary Societies Prior to A. D., r Soo.Thesis: Anselm's Theory of Redemption Compared w#h Herr­mann's.HARRY EUGENE LUCK Thesis: The Moral Message of [esus,THE LAW SCHOOLThe Degree of Bachelor o/i Laws is conferred by the University upon the followingstudent:WILLIAM MORT KEELEYThe Degree of Doctor of Law is conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:CHARLES VERNOY CLARK CURTISS ROCKWELL MANNINGTHE GRADUATE SCHOOLSThe Degree of Master of Arts is conferred by the University upon the following stu­dents:JOHN BASCOM HAMILTONALBERT NEWTON MERRITT No thesis required.Thesis: The Labor Problem in Jamaica.The Degree of Master of Philosophy is conferred by the Uniuersity upon the follow­ing students:Thesis: Constitutional History of Cook County.WILLIAM SHELTON BIXLERMARY VIRGINIA GARNERHERBERT WYNFORD HILL No thesis required.Thesis: Sidney's Arcadia and the Elizabethan Drama.The Degree of Master of Science is conferred by the Un'iversity upon the followingstudents:EDITH EDNA GLADFELTER Thesis: Ecology of the Drainage Canal in the Summer ofI903·Thesis: A Self Dual Configuration of N-SPace Determinedby N 2 Arbitrary Points.HARRIS FRANKLIN MA�NEISHThe Degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the follow­ing students:THOMAS EATON DOUBT (Physics, Chemistry) Thesis: The Effect oj the Intensity Upon the Velocity of Light.ANDREW PETER FORS (Comparative Religion, Philosophy)Thesis: The Ethical World-Conception of the jllorse People.GEORGE HARRISON SHULL (Botany, Zoology)Thesis: A Second Contribution to the Establishment of Place­Constants for Aster Prenanthoides MuM. at Clifton, Ohio.IV. THE AWARD OF HONORSHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Junior Collegesis awarded thefollowing students:Jonas Oskar BacklundHelen Mae CollinsJ ames Dwight Dickerson Albert Wesley EvansEvelyn Marie HaydeThomas Noble McBurney Ruth Shelton SaundersHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded thefollowing students:Ernest Everett BallJeanette BatesEleanor Frey CochranHenry Stead DavidsonEdna Cordelia DunlapGeorge Edmeston FahrHorace Montague FrancisHarry William Getz Rebecca Baxter GilkesonMyra Hamilton HansonSilvanus Laurabee HeeterMary Anderson LeonardMarion Crawford LyonsWilliam Woodrow MartinAgnes Burnett MacNeishHarriet May Palmer Winifred Mary ReidCharles Moore SteeleJohn Allen Sweet, Jr.Mary Evelyn ThompsonLaura Darlene WardSimon WilliamsLawson Grant YenrichHonors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awardedthe following students:Eleanor Frey Cochran, EnglishEdna Cordelia Dunlap, French and GermanGeorge Edmeston Fahr, Physics and MathematicsRebecca Baxter Gilkeson, History Marian Crawford Lyons, EnglishAgnes Burnett MacNeish, MathematicsHarriet May Palmer, MathematicsJohn Allen Sweet, jr, Political Economy and HistoryElection to membership in the Beta of Illinois Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa isawarded each of the following students:Ernest Everett BallEdna Cordelia DunlapAgnes Burnett MacN eish Harriet May PalmerWinifred Mary ReidJohn Allen Sweet, Jr.V. THE AWARD OF FELLOWSHIPS Laura Darlene WardAnna Prichitt YoungmanThe annual award of Fellowships will be announced in the WEEKLY CAL­ENDAR of April 2, 1904.VI. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESSES fiAddress by the Representative of the University,PROFESSOR JOHN MERLE COULTER)-I.Address by the Representative of the German Guests of Honor,PROFESSOR EDUARD MEYER.Address by His Excellency, the Imperial German Ambassador to the United \States of America, with greeting from the German Emperor,Greeting from the President of the United States of America. Presented bythe Dean of the Faculties of the University.VII. MUSICTHE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MILITARY BANDVIII. THE CONFERRING OF THE HONORARY DEGREESThe Degree of Doctor of Laws is conferred by the University upon the followingrepresentatives of German Universities:BERTHOLD DELBRUCKfor investigations which have established the science of comparative syntax, and especiallyfor a monumental treatment, recently completed, of the syntax of the Indo-European languages.PAUL EHRLICHfor chemico-bioiogical and theoretical investigations that have resulted in a better understand­ing of the etiology and treatment of infectious diseases.WILHELM HERMANNfor his distinguished services in the field of theology and ethics, and especially for his expo­sition of the philosophical content of Christian faith.JOSEPH KOHLERfor treatises of distinguished merit in the law of patents and bankruptcy, and especially fornumerous valuable contributions to ethnological Jurisprudence.EDUARD MEYERfor writings in ancient history evincing mastery of technical detail, yet marked by originalityand breadth oj view, and especially for his brilliant and comprehensive History of the AncientWorld.The Degree of Doctor of Laws is conferred (in absentia) by the University uponCHARLEMAGNE TOWERfor eminence in diplomacy, and especially for h£s services to the cause of friendship between. the United States of America and the German Emp£re.d \XII. THE RECESSIONRecessional March, II March Militaire, II" SchubertThe Degree of Doctor of Laws is conferred by the University uponHERMAN FREIHERR SPECK VON STERNBURGfor eminence in diplomacy, and especially jor zeal and tact £n drawing closer the historicfriendship between the people of Germany and the people of the United States of America.IX. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CONDI­TION OF THE UNIVERSITYX. UNIVERSITY SONG-" Alma Mater"Today we gladly sing the praiseOf her who owns us as her sons;Our loyal voices let us raise,And bless her with our benisons.Of all fair mothers, fairest she,Most wise of all that wisest be,Most true of all the true, say we,Is our dear Alma Mater. Her mighty learning we would tell,Tho' life is something more than lore;She could not love her sons so well,Lov'd she not truth and honor more.We praise her breadth of charity,Her faith that truth shall make men free,That right shall live eternally,We praise our Alma Mater.The City White hath fled the 'earth,But where the azure waters lie,A nobler city hath its birth,The City Gray that ne'er shall die.For decades and for centuries,Its battlemented tow'rs shall rise,Beneath the hope-filled western skies,'Tis our dear Alma Mater.XI. THE BENEDICTIONTHE CONVOCATION CHAPLAIN.GLENN MOODY HOBBSPRESTON KYESHARRY GIDEON WELLSMARSHALJOSEPH EDWARD RA YCROFT, Marshal of the University Congregatzon.ASSISTANT MARSHALSHENRY PORTER CHANDLERNOTT WILLIAM FLINTHENRY GORDON GALECOLLEGE MARSHALSACTING ASSISTANT MARSHALSCHARLES JULIAN WEBBALFRED CHARLES ELLSWORTHHARRY WILLIAM GETZCLYDE AMEL BLAIRLEO F ALK WORMSERALBERT JARVIS HOPKINS, Jr.CLARKE SAXE JENNISON CHARLES ROWLAND HOWEHOWARD JAMES SLOANADELBERT TURNER STEWARTJAMES SHELDON RILEYLEE WILDER MAXWELLFREDERICK ADOLPH SPEIKSCHUYLER BALDWIN TERRYHUGO MORRIS FRIENDTHE STUDENT COU]\WILSFOR THE GRADUATE SCHOOLS: WINTER QUARTER, 1904RAYMOND foss BACON. Chairman; William Cyrus Gunnerson. Secretary; Matilde Castro.George Lane Melton. Charles Henry Gray. Edwin Garvey Kirk. William Jacob Bau+v " '."LESLIE MOULTHROP BURWELL. Acting Chairman; John William Thomas McNiel. Secretary;William Henry Allison. John Charles Garth. Archibald Ellsworth Minard. Richard EdwardSayles. Wilburn Edgar Woodruff.FOR THE DIVINITY SCHOOLS:FOR THE LAW SCHOOL:WILLIAM REYNOLDS JAYNE. Chairman; Thomas Jones Meek. Secretary; John RobertCochran. Walter Edward Collins. Curtiss Rockwell Manning. Thaddeus Jasper Merrill. VerneAdrian McGeorge. Oliver Leroy McCasskill. Clarke Saxe Jennison. Forrest Garfield Smitb.Oliver Brown Wyman.FOR THE MEDICAL SCHOOLS:THOMAS OLEARIUS WHITACRE. President; Nathan Boggs. Harry Hoaglund Blodgett. EdwardWhitney Bodman. Frank Warren Calhoun. Charles Homer Gowan. Emil Goettsch. GillRichards. Roy Eccles Thomas. Albert Theodore Lundgren. John Sundwall, Henry NeillWhitelaw. \'FOR THE SENIOR COLLEGES:CLYDE AMEL BLAIR. Chairman; Winifred Mary Reid. Secretary; Frank Ramsay Adams.Julien Lafayette Brode. Frank G. Burrows. Eleanor Frey Cochran. Alfred Chester Ellswortb•Allen Frake , Helen Alden Freeman. George Owen Fairweather. James Sheldon Riley. EdnaRose Robinson. Charles Moore Steele. William John Waterman. John Henry Weddell. AnnaPrichitt Youngman.FOR THE JUNIOR COLLEGES:STRONG VINCENT NORTON. Chairman,' Henry Durham Sulcer. Secretary; Arthur GibbonBovee. Elizabeth Casey. Richard Joseph Davis, Allan Dickson Jones. Edwin Eugene Parry.