�bt mni\')ttsit!! of �fJitagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERCHICAGO, ILLINOISTHEtHIRTy-SEVENTH CONVOCATION\tbe Springn"MARCH NINETEENTHA. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED AND ONESTUDEBAKER HALLORDER OF EXERCISESI. MUSICI. March, "St. John's Commandery"2. Selection, "The Serenade"3. "The American Patrol"4. Dance, "Manana," Chilian5. March, "Coronation"THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO MILITARY BANDGLENN MOODY HOBBS, Director FarrarHerbertMeachamMissudMeyerbeerII. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONThe Councilors of the Junior Colleges and the Candidates for the Asso­ciate's Degree.The Councilors of the Senior Colleges and the Candidates for theBachelor's Degree.The Councilors of the Graduate and Divinity Schools and the Candidatesfor Higher Degrees.The Faculties.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Official Guests of the University.The Trustees of the University.The President of the Board of Trustees and the Convocation Chaplain.The President of the University and the Convocation Orator.III. THE PRAYERThe University Chaplain,THE REVEREND PROFESSOR CHARLES RICHMOND HENDERSON, D.D.IV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS"Chinese Civilization."HIS EXCELLENCY, MR. Wu TING-FANG, Envoy Extraordinary and MinisterPlenipotentiary of China to the United States.V. MUSIC-Selected.VI. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CON­DITION OF THE UNIVERSITYVII. THE AWARD OF HONORSThe Ferdinand Peck Prize for excellence in Publ£c �{}eaking in the Juuior Collegesis awardedCHARLES ADDISON QUACKENBUSIIHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Junior Colleges is awarded thefollowing students:Oscar Olin Hamilton Deo Elizabeth WhittleseyEvelyn Shewell Hayden�---- ---�- -- � -- - � -- -- ---::::---==::..::--� ..=....,--_- - - - --�-- -------------The following appointments for Fellows/tips for I90I-I902 have been made by theBoard of Trustees. The stipend in each case is indicated in the official letterto the candidate. Other appointments 'It'ill be announced later.THOMAS, DAVID YANCEY, History, Emory College, Arkansas.BRINK, GILBERT NICHOLAS, New Testament, Pomona College, California.JEWETT, FRANK BALDWIN, Physics, Throop Polytechnic Institute, California.O'BRIEN, VICTOR LATHROP, Sociology, University of California, California.FENNEMAN, NEVIN MELANCTHON, Geology, Heidelberg, College, Colorado.WOOLSTON, HOWARD BROWN, Sociology, Yale University, Connecticut.INGBERT, CHARLES, Neurology, Universrty of North Dakota, N. Dakota.GRIFFITH, REGINALD HARVEY, English, Furman University, Dist.ofColumbia.ADAMS, CHARLES CHRISTOPHER, Zoology, Illinois Wesleyan University, Illinois.FRENCH, BURTON L., Political Science, University of Idaho, Idaho.GORDON, KATE, Philosophy, University of Chicago, Illinois,ARMITAGE, BENJAMIN F., Pedagogy, Dartmouth College, Illinois.FESLER, MAYO, History, University of Chicago, Illinois.NASH, WALTER DUDLEY, Political Economy, Wheaton College, Illinois.GRIFFITH, ELMER CUMMINGS, History, Beliot College, Illinois.McNEAL, EDGAR HOLMES, History, University of Chicago, Illinois.VAN HOOK, LA RUE, Greek, University of Michigan, Illinois.MILLS, JOHN, Physics, University of Chicago, Illinois.SMITH, ARTHUR WHIPPLE, Mathematics, University of Chicago, Illinois.SCHWEITZER, ARTHUR RICI-IARD, Mathematics, University of Chicago, Illinois.FLICKINGER, ROY CASTON, Greek, Northwestern University, Illinois.GESELBRACHT, FRANKLIN HER-MANN, New Testament,BECKER, HENRIETT A KATHERINE, Germanic,1I0CHBAUM, ELFRIEDA, Germanic,WRIGHTSON, PHILIP GRAEME, Botany,KING, IRVING, Philosophy,BEAL, WILLIAM OTIS, Astronomy,COULTER, SAMUEL MONDS, Botany,HATTON, AUGUSTUS RAYMOND, Political Science,KELLY, ROBERT LINCOLN, Philosophy,SHEPHERD, JOHN WILKES, Chemistry,BAILEY, JOHN WILLIAM, New Testament,BEESON, CHARLES HENRY, Latin,VEBLEN, OSWALD, Mathematics,BRUCE, PRESTON PISHON, Semitic,SHOEMAKER, WILLIAM ROSS, Theology,HAT AI, SHINKISHI, Neurology,SUTTON, WALTER ST ANBOROUGH, Zoology,RILEY, THOMAS JEFFERSON, Sociology,BUSHONG, FRANCIS WILLIAM, Chemistry,BEATTY, WALLACE APPLETON, Chemistry,HAYES, EDWARD CASEY, Sociology,MACARTHUR, JOHN R., English,TOWER, WILLIAM LAURENCE, Zoology,MESSINGER, JAMES FRANKLIN, Philosophy,HARPER, EUGENE HOWARD, Zoology,HEFFERAN, MARY, Zoology,WILBUR, HERBERT LEMUEL, Pedagogy,VIII. THE AWARD OF FELLOWSHIPSUniversity of Chicago,University of Chicago,Northwestern University,University of Chicago,Earlham College,Earlham College,Hanover College,Franklin College,Earlham College,Indiana University,Franklin College,Indiana University,Harvard University,Cornell College,Iowa State Agriculture ColI.,Imperial University,Kansas State University,Baldwin University,Franklin & Marshall CoIl.,Kentucky University,Bates College,Manitoba College,Harvard University,Harvard University,Harvard University,Wellesley College,Amherst College, Illinois.Illinois.Illinois.Illinois.Indiana.Indiana.Indiana.Indiana.Indiana.Indiana.Indiana.Indiana.Iowa.Iowa.Iowa.Japan.Kansas.Kansas.Kansas.Kentucky.Maine.Manitoba.Massachusetts.Massachusetts.M assach usetts.IMassachusetts.Massachusetts.ADAMS, ROMANZO COLFAX, Sociology, University of Michigan, Michigan.AXTELL, HAROLD LUCIUS, Latin, Kalamazoo College, Michigan.WILDER, FRANK ALONZO, Geology, Oberlin College, Michigan.GOULD, CHESTER NATHAN, Germanic, University of Minnesota, Minneso'ta.LINDHOLM, SVANT GODFREY, Political Economy, Carleton College, Minnesota.BRUCE, WILLIAM McAFEE, Chemistry, Central College, Missouri.McCLENEHAN, FRANCIS MITCHELL, Political Science, Yale University, Missouri.PENN, HENRY CABLES, English, University of Missouri, Missouri. [:GUNNERSON, WILLIAM CYRUS, Sanskrit, Indiana University, Missouri.HENDERSON, HERMAN CHARLES, Pedagogy, University of New Brunswick, New Brunswick.POWELL, RICHAIW HOLMES, JR., English, Mercer College, New Mexico.GRAY, MASON DEWITT, Latin, University of Rochester, New York.CALHOUN, FRED HARVEY HALL, Geology, University of Chicago, New York.CORWIN, LUTIE REBECCA. Semitic, Hartford Theological Sem., Ohio.PADAN, ROBERT SAMUEL, Political Economy, Marietta College, Ohio.CRAGG, WILLIAM J. MILLS, Semitic, Victoria University, Ontario.BUCHANAN, MILTON ALEXANDER, Romance, University of Toronto, Ontario.LEACOCK, STEPHEN BUTLER, Political Economy, University of Toronto Ontario.RUSK, WILLIAM JAMES, Mathematics, University of Toronto, Ontario.MISENER, GENEVA, Greek, Queen's University, Ontario.FERGUSON, WILLIAM DUNCAN, New Testament, Oberlin College, Ontario.DEWITT, NORMAN WENTWORTH, Latin, University of Toronto, Ontario.NEWSON, WILLIAM VICTOR, Geology, McGill University, Ontario.DERICK, CARRIE M., Botany, McGill University, Ontario.NORTHWAY, MARY ISABEL, Physics, University of Toronto, Ontario.PHILLIPS, LLEWELLYN, Divinity, Bucknell University, Pennsylvania.DAY, MARY HELEN, Romance, McGill University, Quebec.HOvVE, CLIFTON DURANT, Botany, University of Vermont, Vermont.HUTCHINSON, BENJAMIN OSCAR, Physics, Richmond College; Virginia.NELSON, ROY BATCHELDER, Sanskrit, University of Chicago, Wisconsin.GARRY, GEORGE HENRY, Geology, University of Chicago, Wisconsin.REYNOLDS, GEORGE FULMER, English, Lawrence University, Wisconsin..Honorable Mention. for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded thefollowing students:Honors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awardedthe following students:Herman Egbert BulkleyMartin Henry HaertelWalter Wilson Hart Paul George William KellerMary Cain LincolnClara WalkerMartin Henry Haertel, GermanMary Cain Lincoln, Biology Ella Katharine WalkerAlma M. Y ondorfJoseph William PriestMildred Blanche RichardsonTennie Florence RolfeFlorence Belle ShieldsHarriett ShirkEdna Leona StevensJosephine Frances StoneHorace Broadwell StreetDeo Elizabeth WhittleseyClara Walker, Geolol[YElla Katharine Walker, HistoryWalter Wilson Hart, Mathemat£cs( VIII. THE AWARD OF FELLOWSHIPSIX. THE CONFERRING OF DEGREESSpecial Honors for Excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges areawarded the following student:THE COLLEGESThe Title of Associate is conferred by the University upon the following students:The Degree of Bachelor of Arts is conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:The Degree of Bachelor of Science is conferred by the University upon the fol­lowing students:The Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the fol­lowing students:Edith Coffin BellamyLily BellandHellen BrandeisIsabella Catharine BrodieRobert Halsey CampbellMartha DobynsAnnie Louise DodgeCharles Abraham FriedmanOscar Olin HamiltonSarah Jane HarperAnna AndersonWilliam Luther GobleJulius Theodore HallerHerman Egbert BulkleyMarian Harmon CalhounElliott Robert GoldsmithJulian Frank GoodenowMartin Henry Haertel Evelyn Shewell HaydenRobert Llewellyn Henry, Jr.William Austin HillJosephine Ruth KortenJosephine LacknerDora Catherine LongeneckerHarris Franklin MacN eishGrace Lenore MyersZellmer Roswell PettetFrank Gevrier GuittardRalph Ainsworth McBroomPaul George William KellerEmily MiladofskyCarrie Putnam HerndonAmelia Evelyn LaceyMary Cain LincolnLillie Anna Pfeiffer Walter Wilson HartMary Dewhurst MilesClara WalkerAlthea SomervilleElla Katharine WalkerAlbert Cassel WieandAlma M. Y ondorfTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLSThe Degree of Bachelor of Divinity is conferred by the University upon the fol­lowing student:HARRY AUGUSTUS STOUGHTON Thesis: Preventive Work for Imperiled ClzildrenThe Degree of Master of Arts is conferred by the University upon the followingstudent:SAM.UEL NATHANIEL DEINARD Thesis: The Doctrine of Revelation in the QuranXI. THE RECESSIONRecessional March. " Gloria. Patri." BarnbyTHE GRADUATE SCHOOLSThe Degree of Doctor of Plzilosophy is conferred by the University upon the fol­lowing students:CARL EDGAR EGGERT (Germanic; English Language)Thesis: The Middle Loto German Version of the Legend ofMaria MagdalenaRALPH STAYNER LILLIE (Zoology; Physiology)Thesis: Excretory Organs of Arenicola CristataFRITZ REICHMANN (Physics; Mathematics) Thesis: Capacities at Small DistancesX. THE BENEDICTIONThe Convocation Chaplain.[The audience is requested to remain until the recession has taken place.]MARSHALWALTER LAWRENCE HUDSONASSISTANT MARSHALSARTHUR EUGENE BESTOR CURTISS ROCKWELL MANNINGMARIAN HARMON CALHOUN JAMES MILTON SHELDONWILLIAM FRANKLIN ELDRIDGE KELLOGG SPEEDMARY ETHEL FREEMAN CHARLES JULIAN WEBBTHE STUDENT COUNCILSWINTER QUARTER, 1901COUNCIL OF THE (GRADUATE) DIVINITY SCHOOLChairman- FRED MERRIFIELDSecretary - CLAIRE LUTHER WAITELLEWELLYN PHILLIPSGEORGE ELSTON BURLINGAMEARTHUR EUGENE BESTOREDWARD CHARLES KUNKLECHARLES GIBBONS FLANAGANARTHUR ERASTUS HOLTWILLIAM KENNON MATTHEWSCOUNCIL OF THE GRADUATE SCHOOLSChairman-HENRY MAGEE ADKINSONWILLIAM EDWIN MILLERRALPH WALDO WEBSTERWILLIAM FINDLAYFRANK BALDWIN JEWETTCOUNCIL OF THE SENIOR COLLEGESChairman- VERNON TIRAS FERRISDIV. I.-MARY CAI� LINCOLNDIV. Il.-GRACE MANNINGDIV. III. - CHAS. W ALTER BRITTONDIV. IV. - LEONA CANTERBURYDIV. V.-DAVID ALLAN ROBERTSONDIV. VI.-EDNA LEONA STEVENSCOUNCIL OF THE JUNIOR COLLEGESChairman - HARVEY HURD LORDSecretary.-EMMA DOLFINGERDIV. I.-ZELLMER ROSWELL PETTETDIV. II. -FRANK FREDERICK JOHN TISCHEDIV. IlL-RICHARD HOWELLS WELLINGTONDIV. IV.-LAMBEl{T ARUNDEL HOPKINSDIV. V.-ALBERT CONRO FIERO