I)zngltbt l1lnibet5itl1 of 4!tfJitagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERvingneca,vzng THE, THIRTY-FIRST CONVOCATION'iticalvzng� thelzg?asses Ube. UUlinterJANUARY SECONDtinia,A. D. NINETEEN HUNDRED'rgerSTUDEBAKER HALLCHICAGO, ILLINOISORDER OF EXERCISES1. MUSIC- Tannhauser March.MR. WILHELM MIDDELSCHULTE. WagnerII. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSIONThe President of the University and the Convocation Orator.The President of the Board of Trustees and the Convocation Chaplain.The Trustees of the University.The Official Guests of the University.The Members of the University Senate and the University Council.The Faculties.The' Councillors of the Graduate and Divinity Schools and the Candidatesfor Higher Degrees.The Councillors of the Senior Colleges and the Candidates for theBachelor's Degree.The Councillors of the Junior Colleges and the Candidates [or the JuniorCollege Certificate.III. THE PRAYERThe Convocation Chaplain,THE REVEREND PRESJDENT J. G. K. MCCLURE, D.D., Lake Forest.IV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS" OUf Standards of Political Morality,"PRESIDENT ARTHUR TWINING HADLEY, LL.D., Yale University.V. MUSIC - Scherzo in C minor Guiima'JltVI. THE AWARD OF HONORSThe Ferdinand Peck Prize for excellence in Public Speaking in the Junior Collegesis awarded .MR. ROWLAND HENRY RITGHIE.The University Prize for excellence in Orations in the Senior Colleges is awardedMR. BAREND KUIPER.The Joseph Leiter Prize for excellence in Debate in the Graduate and DivinitySchools is awarded the representatives of the Graduate SchoolMR. EDWARD MAX BAKER (Special Mention.)MR. HENRY RICIHlOND CORBETTMR. RUSSELL LOWRY." - � r. _. _�';_':.JI(_�"'" . : �. - -. �_:"'.,-:-1��\I_._:.£��� � ---:__ ---_:- _����_-= � : � ��---:-�-:-=----:-_ �_� - ..;�_:� �Honorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Junior Colleges is awarded thefollowing students:Minnie BarnardHarold Bennett ChallissJosephine Doniat Frances Marie DonovanLillian Snow GreenleafElizabeth Mary King Benjamin Franklin McCordJean Ingelow OdellLaura Amelia ThompsonHonorable Mention for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges is awarded thefollowing students:Wagner Frances Barton BatesElizabeth Earnist BuchananElla LOl1l1 Anna Sophia MorseN annie Gourley OgleveeJean Rowan Priest Kate Clarentine RisingFrances Louise y..l alshel-Jonors for excellence in particular departments of the Senior Colleges are awardedthe following students:Elizabeth Earnist Buchanan, HistoryElla Lonn, Political Science and Historylin. N annie Gourley Oglevee, GermanJean Rowan Priest, HistoryVII. THE CONFERRING OF CERTIFICATES AND DEGREESTHE COLLEGESThe Junior College Certificate is conferred upon the following students:ididatcs James Hallock AndersonFrancis BaldwinMinnie BarnardGuy Reed BellCharles Walter BrittonLafayette Wallace Case, Jr.Harold Bennett ChallissFrank Clayton ClevelandJosephine DoniatFrances Marie DonovanEdith Mabel Dunning·William Franklin EldridgeJoseph Chalmers EwingMay Louise Gravesfor theJunior Lillian Snow GreenleafJulius Theodore HallerRuth HardySamuel Northrup HarperEldon Roy HaynesWalter Lawrence HudsonJay Stanley JacksonElizabeth Mary KingGeorge Wilson KretzingerGrace Emma ManningBenjamin Franklin McCordHugh Lafayette McWilliamsAugustine Francis NaylorJean Ingelow Odell Albert Eugene PatchAlexander Webster PierceClarence Whitaker RichardsDonald Randall RichbergRowland Henry RitchieRowland Thumm RogersFred SassAlthea SomervilleCharlotte Louise StinsonMary Katherine SynonLaura Amelia ThompsonMary Lee VanHookMary WeberForest. The Degree of Bachelor of Arts is conferred upon the following students:Kate Clarentine RisingRalph Elliott RughFrances Barton BatesElizabeth Earnist BuchananEmma Lauretta Butler Alice Joanna HarriganElim Arthur Eugene Palmquistsity. Ella LonnLura May LoveThe Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy is conferred upon the following students:Jean Rowan PriestFrances Louise WalshAnna Sophia MorseN annie Gourley Ogle vee�uilma1lt The Degree of Bachelor of Science is conferred upon the following student:Alden Hervey HadleyTHE DIVINITY SCHOOLThe Degree of Bachelor of Divinity is conferred by the University upon thefollowing students:FRFR��NK LEONARD ANDERSON Thesis: The Fatherhood of God.E JD TAYLOR DYE Thesis: Religious Liberty in the Netherlands.RRETT GATES Thesis: The Contest for Religious Liberty in Massachusetts.ru�HARD BEAUCHAMP MARSHALL Thesis: The Philosophy of History as Developed by Augustine.IAN EMMET YATES Thesis: The Inductive Method of Leonardo da Vi1ui.The Degree of Master of Arts is Conferred by the University upon the followingstudent:CHARLOTTE COMSTOCK GRAY Thesis: Th� Visions of Santa Teresa-CollegesrzoardedDivinityTHE GRADUATE SCHOOLThe Degree of Master of Arts is conferred by thestudents:HAROLD LUCIUS AXTELLNEVIN MELANCTHON FENNEMAN­CAROLINE LOlJISE RANSOM University upon the followingThesis: Authenticity of the Fifteenth Heroid of Ovid.Thesis: The Laramie Cretaceous Series.A Partial Catalogue of the Collection of Greek Vases inthe Art institute of Chicago.Thesis:EMILY CHURCHILL THOMPSON Thesis: Unreal Conditions in Present Time from Homer toHerodotus.The Degree of Master of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the followingstudent:RUTHELLA BERNARD MORY Thesis: The Growth of Toleration as Developed in the Founda­tion of Maryland. 1The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the followingstudents:HERMANN BENJAMIN ALMSTEDT (Germanic, English)Thesis: Das mittelniederdeutsche Laicndoctrinal.FREDERICK ERNEST BECKMANN (Romance, Germanic)Thesis: Spanish Influences in Eichendorff.HENRY CHALMERS BIDDLE (Chemistry, Physics)Thesis: Ueber Derivate des Kuretins und der Formhydroxam­sdure und ihre Beziehungen zur Knallsiiure.HERBERT MORSE BURCHARD (Greek, Latin)Thesis: Homeric Influence on the Palatine Anthology.WILLIAM GILLESPIE (Mathematics, Physics)Thesis: Determination of all Hyperelliptic Integrals of the firstkind of Genus 3 Reducible to Elliptic Integrals byTransformations of the Second and Third Degrees.OTTO HELLER (Germanic, English) Thesis: Die Ahaswerussage in der Litteratur.ANNIE MARION MACLEAN (Sociology, Political Science)Thesis: The Acadian Element in the Population of N07/a Scotia.FOREST RAY MOULTON (Astronomy, Mathematics)T'h "'sis:- A Particular Class of Periodic Solutions of the Problemof Three Bodies.VIII. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE cor­DITION OF THE UNIVERSITYIX. THE BENEDICTIONThe Convocation Chaplain.X. THE RECESSIONRecessional March - " Meistersinger" Wagner1l1ARSHALWALTER JOSEPH SCHMAHLASSiSTANT MARSHALSWALTER LAWRENCE HUDSONWALTER SCOTT KENNEDY RALPH CURTISS MANNINGLEROY TUDOR VERNON· .. 1899-1900THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERPROGRAMME OFTHE AUTUMN FINALS ANDTHE THIRTY-FIRSTCONVOCA TIONWINTERPROGRAMME OFTHE FINALSNOVEMBER 17. FRIDAY.8: 00 P.M. The Junior College Finals in Public Speaking for theFerdinand Peck Prize. Judges, the members ofthe Junior College Faculty. Kent TheaterDECEMBER 8, FRIDAY.8: 00 P.M. The Graduate and Divinity Finals in Public Speakingfor the Joseplt Leiter Prize. Debate: Resolved,"That the Granting of the Degree of Master beabolished by the University of Chicago."Kent TheaterDECEMBER IS, FRIDAY.8: 00 P.M. The Senior College Finals in Public Speaking for theUniversity Prize. Orations. Kent Theaterg: OO-II : 00 P.M. The Senior College Reception.Green HallDECEMBER 17, SUNDAY. Baccalaureate Sunday.3: 30 P.M. The Baccalaureate Prayer Service. Members of theFaculties and Candidates for Degrees are invited toattend.Haskell Oriental Museum-Congregation Hall4: 00 P.M. The Baccalaureate Vesper Service. BaccalaureateAddress, the President of the University. Music bythe choir of Sinai Congregation. Ken» TheaterDECEMBER 20,21, 22, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY.Quarterly Examinations of the Autumn Quarter.PROGRAMME OFCONVOCATION WEEKJANUARY I, MONDAY. New Year's Day. A holiday.JANUARY 2, TUESDAV. Convocation Day.8: 30 A.M.-12: 00 M. Matriculation and Registration of Incoming Stu­dents. (The Offices of the President, the Deans, andthe Registrar will be open. Officers of Instruction maynot ordinarily be consulted on this day.)12: �o M. Division Meetings of the Senior and Junior Colleges.Attendance required. Cobb Lecture Hall12: 00 M. Meeting of Candidates for Degrees with the ExecutiveOfficers. Cobb Lecture Hall-Chapel3: 00 P.M. The Thirty-first University Convocation.The Procession.The Convocation Address: President Arthur TwiningHadley, LL.D., Yale University.The Conferring of Degrees.The President's Quarterly Statement.Studebal�er Hall7: 00 P.M. The Congregation Dinner.The Quadrangle ClubJANUARY 3, WEDNESDAY.8: 30 A.M. The Lectures and Recitations of the Winter Quarterbegin.4: 00 P.M. The Eighteenth Meeting of the University Congre-gation.The Procession.The Admission of New Members.The Review of Actions of Governing Bodies.The Discussion of Special Topics.The Election of Vice President.Haskell Orientalll£ uuzon-Congregation HallJANUARY 7, SUNDAY. Convocation Sunday.4: 00 P.M. The Convocation Vesper Service.The Convocation Sermon: The Reverend T. D.Anderson, D.D., Providence, R. 1:The Quarterly Report of the Christian Union.Keitt Theate r8: 00 P.M. Union Meeting of the Young Men's Christian Asso­ciation and the Young Women's Christian Associa­tion.1-1 askell Oriental Musettm-A ssociatiou Hall