�fJt 8nibetsit)1 of �fJitagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHE FIFTEENTH CONVOCATION\tbe SummerJULY FIRSTA. D. EIGHTEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY-SIXCHICAGO, ILLINOISORDER OF EXERCISES1. THE PROCESSIONAL MARCH. THE FIRST REGIMENT BANDq. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSION.I. The First Regiment Band.2. The Candidates for Certificates and Degrees.3. Members of the Junior Colleges.4. Members of the Senior Colleges.5. Members of the Graduate Schools.6. Members of the Divinity Schools.7. Members of the Collegiate Alumni Association.8. Members of the Graduate Alumni Association.9. Members of the Divinity Alumni Association.10. Members of the Academy and Affiliated Schools.11. Representatives of University Extension Centres.12. The Official Guests of the University.13. The Faculties of the University and the Affiliated Schools.14. The Trustees of the University.IS. The Chaplain of the University and the Convocation Chaplain.16. The Vice-President of the Board of Trustees and the ConvocationOrator.17. The President and the Founder of the University.III. THE PRAYER.The Convocation Chaplain, The Rev. WILLIAM H. P. FAUNCE, D.D.IV. GREETINGS TO THE FOUNDER.VICE-PRESIDENT ANDREW McLEISH.F rom the Trustees,From the Divinity Faculty,HEAD PROFESSOR GEORGE W. NORTHRUP, D.D., LL.D.From the Faculties of Arts, Literature, and Science,HEAD PROFESSOR HARRY PRATT JUDSON, A.M., LL.D.·From the Students of the University, HENRY LOVE CLARKE.V. HYMN-" Ad Universitatern."o salve, magna domina,Tu Spiritus Hesperire;In potestate condita,Et plena sapientire ! Cum tempestates saeviantSententiarum omnium,Vt rupes sempiternae stant,Tu praebe cor impavidum.Te coronamus hodie,Regina nostrum cordium,Canentes omnes hilareBeatum hoc quinquennium. Doctrinae facem erigeUt tenebras illuminet;Erroris noctem exigeDum veritas imperitet.Quocumque terrae pertinentAd lacus ab litoribus,Montes vallesque resonentTuis laetis honoribus. Ministra Christi gratiaH umanis nostris mentibus ;Tu Deu111 Regem celebraEumqu' extolle gentibus.FRANK JUSTUS MILLER.VI. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS--" The Part which the Old Testa­ment has played in the education of the race, and how far its powerto educate and inspire is affected by modern criticism."The Reverend Professor GEORGE· ADAM SMITH, D.D., Free ChurchCollege, Glasgow, Scotland.VII. THE PRESIDENT'S QUARTERLY STATEMENT ON THE CON­DITION OF THE UNIVERSITY.VIII. OVERTURE-" The Mill in the Forest." ElLENBERGIX. THE AWARD OF HONORS.Scholarships for excellence in the Summer Examinations for admission are awardedto the following students:Katharine S. Barton,Kenwood Institute, Chicago, Ill. Roger Nelson Kimball,University School, Kenosha, Wis.Scholarships for excellence in the work of the Junior Colleges are awarded to the fol-10'lving students in the Senior Colleges:History, E. T. Gundlach. Greek, Frank Dignan.Social Science, Laura Runyon. English, Susan Helen Ballou.Mathematics, . Frank H. Westcott. German, Joseph Norwood .Latin, ; W. H. Jackson. Chemistry, R. E. Graves.Philosophy, Helen B. Thompson.' Romance, :;Ethel Beers.Scholarships for excellence in the work of the Senior Colleges are awarded to the fol­lowing students of the Graduate School:Romance, :Arthur D. Dunn.'!Sanscrit and Com ..paratioe Philology, W. E. Moffatt.Greek, Elizabeth T. Coolidge. Zoo"logy,Zoology,Physics, Louis B. Comstock.Emily R. Gregory.Henry Gordon Gale.X. THE CONFERRING OF CERTIFICATES AND DEGREES.THE COLLEGES.Junz'or College certificates are conferred upon the followz'ng students:A.B.Ethel Ella Beers,Emily Wilson Guthrie,William Browne Hale,Mary Laura Hubbard,Ralph J. Janssen,Bowman Church Lingle,Mary Evelyn Lovejoy,William Pierce Lovett,Ruth Ellen Moore,Sarah Nicoll Osborne, David Moore Robinson,Marshall Emmet Sampsell,Jessie Nea Spray,Raymond W. Stevens,Robert Newton Tooker, Jr.Franklin Egbert Vaughan.lGeorge Louis White,Charles S. Winston,Edwin Campbell Woolley,Laura May Wright.II�==�����==========================�================������Harry Fuller Atwood,Florence Fielding Ball,Helen Huntington Ball,Grace Darling,Julia Florinda Dumke,Helen Blanche Lenington,Charles Coombs Macomber,Walter Hazelton Abbott,Wallace Walter Atwood,Louise Bates Comstock, Ph.B.Anna James McClintock,�Henry Lavergne McGee,Elizabeth Messick,Jessie Louisa Nelson,Inez Dwight Rice,Laura Louise Runyon,Edith Ewing Schwarz ..s.B.Harry Hodges Griswold,Alfred Ogle Shaklee,. Charles Francis Stocking.The Degree of Bachelor of Arts is conferred upon the following Students,'Caroline May Breyfogle,Henry Thurston Chace, Jr.,Agnes Spafford Cook,Mary Ida Dana,Charles Dorrance Dibell,Horace Raymond Dougherty,Edith Earle,Charles Anson Finch,Grace Freeman,Mary Furness,Henry Gordon Gale,Mary Laura Hubbard,John H ulshart,Adelaide Melcher Ide, Victor Oscar Johnson,Luella Mary Kerr,Alfred Ernest Logie,Wesley Claire Mitchell,William Eugene Moffatt,Joseph Edward Raycroft,Marshall Emmett Sampsell,Kenneth Gardner Smith,Stella Robertson Stagg,Raymond William Stevens,Harry Wheeler Stone,Elmer Ely Todd,Gwendolen Brown Willis,Charles Sumner Winston.The Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy ts conferred upon the following Students:Georgia Cary Baker,Lisi Cecilia Cipriani,Henry Love Clarke,Henry Tefft Clarke, Jr.,Raymond Carleton Dudley,joseph C. Friedman,Frances Inez Hopkins,Lila Cole Hurlbut,Ralph Hiram Johnson,Eleanor Lauder Jones,Henry Jennette Kennedy,Harry Alexander Lipsky,Katharine Agnes Livingstone,Mary Duncklee Maynard,Anna James McClintock,Albert Edward McKinley,Mary Elizabeth McWilliams,Earll Williams Peabody,Louis Sass,Mary Susan Thomas,Whitwell Wales, Jr.The Degree of Bachelor of Science zs conferred upon the follozoin/{ Students:Walter Hazelton Abbott,Kate Shumway Anderson,Howard S. Brode,Wilbur Thomas Chollar.Louise Bates Comstock,Hyman Elijah Goldberg,Paul Gerhardt Woolley. Nina Gates Holton,Ludwig Loeb,. Frederick Horace Minard,Charles Wesley Stewart,Harriet Stone,Cyrus Fischer Tolman, Jr.,THE DIVINITY SCHOOL.The Degree of Bachelor of Divinity is conferred by The University upon the followingStudents:WILLIAM N. MEBANE,GEORGE BRAKER.TIle Swedish Certificate ts conferred by The Uniuersity upon the following Student:Peter Lovene.The Dano-Norwegian Certificate is conferred by The University upon the folloze)iug Students:Hans Peter Andersen,Sjur Olsen Borsheim,Rasmus Christensen,Soren Kristoffersen,Jakob Larsen, Nils Christian Larsen,James Peter Nielsen,Martin Nelson,Peder Pedersen Overgaard,Lars Rasmussen.THE GRADUATE SCHOOL.The Degree of Master of Arts is conferred by The University upon the following Students,HARRY LEVY STERN, Political Science.JOHN BIRDSEY CURTIS, Political Science.LAURA CHURCHILL GRANT, Political Economy.CHAUNCEY PETER COLGROVE, Pedagogy. Thesis: Civil O/fice in Missouri.Thesis : Town and County Government in Illinois.Thesis: T/ie Theory of Value.Thesis: Habit and Adaptation.The Degree of Master of Philosophy is conferred by The University upon the following Students:CAROLINE E. SILLIMAN, History. . Th esis: The History of the Adoption of the FourteenthAmendment in Congress.Thesis: Gothicz'sm in Eighteenth Century English Literature.MA UDE L. RADFORD, English.The Degree of Master of Science is conferred by The University upon the following Students:MA.RY M. STURGES, Zoology. Thesis: Description of Distomum patellm'e, n. sp., with Noteson its Histology.Thesis: Notes on the Neruous System of AeolosomaTenebrarum,Thesis: Experimental Determination of Verdet's Constant.EDITH M. BRACE, Zoology.ISABELLE STONE, Physics.Thesis: The Analytic Representation of Substitutions on aPourer of a Prime Numbe1' of Letters, with aDiscussion of the Linear G1'OUP.The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy ts conferred by The University upon the followingStudents:. ,,();GEORGE Pr?GARRISON, History. Thesis: History of Federal Control of CongressionalElections.GEORGE E. VINCENT, Sociology.CLYDE WEBER VOTAW, Biblical andPatristic Greek. Thesis: Sociology and the Integration of Studies.Thesis: The Infinitive in Biblical Greek.AGNES MARY CLA YPOLE, Zoology.CORNELIA MARIA CLAPP, Zoology.HOWARD S. BRODE, Zoology.LEONARD E. DICKSON, Mathematics. Thesis: The Embryology of Anurida maratima guen.Thesis: The Lateral Line System of Batrachus Tau.Thesis: A Contribution to the Morphology of Dero vaga.SAMUEL STEEN MAXWELL, Physiology.BERNARD CONRAD HESSE: Chemistry. Thesis: Contributions to tlu Nerve Physiology of Annelids.Thesis: On Malonic Nitrite and Some of Its Deriva­tives.SIMON FRASER McLENNAN, Philosophy. Thesis: The Theory of the Impersonal Judgment.The Degree of Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy, or Science conferred by the OldUniversity of Chicago is reenacted by The University of Clzicago Z1l the case ofthe following persons:Willis L. Black,William Eugene Bosworth,Alfred Bosworth,Elizabeth Cooley Bruner,Chas. R. Calkins,H. S. Clendenning,Lydia A. Dexter,Eli B. Felsenthal,H. E. Fuller,Albert Judson Fisher,Ella F. Haigh Googins,Frank A. Helmer,Char les R. Hendersen,Frederick W. C. Hayes,Adrian Carr Honore,Edgar Levi Jayne,Hector C. Leland,Darius Robert Leland, H. B. Mitchell,Charles W. Nicholes,Chas. Tillinghast Otis,Horace G. Parkins,Clarence Newton Patterson,Ethelbert Weeden Peeke,Ferdinand W. Peck,John Edwin Rhodes,John Ridlon,E. R: Rundell,Grace Reed,J. Frank Rumsey,Frederic A. Smith,Daisy M. Springer,S. G. Stein,. Edgar Bronson Tolman,Richard Bentley Twist,Lucy Waite,Chas. H. Wayne.XI. THE PRESIDENT'S QUINQUENNIAL STATEMENT.XII. THE BENEDICTION.The Convocation Chaplain, THE REV. WILLIAM H. P. FAUNCE,�D.D.XIII. THE RECESSION.MARSHAL.WILLIAM SCOTT BOND.HARVEY ANDREW PETERSON,:ASSISTANT MARSHALS.GILBERT AMES BLISS.�DONALD SHURTLEFF TRUMBULL.JAMES SCOTT BROWN.The University of Chicago publishes weekly the University Record which'vcoritains articles oniit��ary and educational topics, the Convocation Addresses, and the Quarterly Statements of the Pres­ident. An official weekly report is given of �the affairs of The University, embracing the officialactions and notices, the announcements of courses of instr uction, and, selections from addressesdelivered at The University and papers of departmental clubs and societies. The work of the variousboards and divisions of The University is "summarized, includin g weekly announcements from theUniversity Extension, Physical Culture and Athletics, and the �,University �Settlement. A calendargives the announcements for the coming week. The price of the University Record is $1.50 a year,5 cents a copy. It appears every week on Friday at 3: 00 P.M. Subscription may be sent to TheUniversity of Chicago Press, Chicago.