ftfJe mnivttsit)1 of ftf)itagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLERTHETHIRTEENTH CONVOCATIONUbe \MinterJANUARY SECONDA. D. EIGHTEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY-SIXCHICAGO, ILLINOISORDER OF EXERCISES1. OVERTURE.II. THE CONVOCATION PROCESSION. FIRST REGIMENT BAND.The Counsellors of the Junior and the Senior Colleges.The Candidates for Certificates and Degrees.The F acuIties.The Members of the Council.The Members of the Senate.The Official Guests of The University.The Trustees of The University.The President of the Trustees and the Chaplain.The President of The University and the Convocation Orator.III. THE PRAYER.The Convocation Chaplain, Rev. ROBERT S. MACARTHUR, D.D., NewYork City.IV. THE CONVOCATION ADDRESS-"Modern Tendencies in TheologicalThought."PRESIDENT AUGUSTUS H. STRONG, D.D., LL.D., Rochester TheologicalSeminary.V. MUSIC: Serenata Me:cicana� FIRST REGIMENT BAND.VI. THE AWARD OF HONORS.Scholarships for excellence z"n the Autumn Examinations for admission are awarded to thefollowing students:ERNEST A. WRIEDT, Dickinson Seminary, Williamsport, Pa.JANE COON, Englewood High School, Chicago.I�' iLeon Alschuler,Frank Puterbaugh Bachman,Burt Brown Barker,Wilbur Wheeler Bassett,Gilbert Ames Bliss,Waldo Breeden,Allen Tibballs Burns,Frances Candee,Helen Crafts,Frank Winans Dignan,Horace Raymond Dougherty,Ralph Leland Dougherty,Raymond Carleton Dudley,Herbert Cassius Durand,Edward Brice Evans,Clarence Everett Fish,Leila Gladys Fish,Margaret Ford,Grace Freeman,Marilla Waite Freeman,Roy Cyrus Garver,Hyman Elijah Goldberg,J ames Madison Gwin,Adelaide Melcher Ide,Edith Sarah Kellogg,Mabel Avery Kells, Jennette Kennedy,Luella Mary Kerr,Edgar Cranfield Lackner,Harry Alexander Lipsky,Alfred Earnest Logie,Ida Margaret McLean,Mary Elizabeth McWilliams,Wesley Clair Mitchell,Joseph Norwood,Ella Maria Osgood,Alice Peirce,Ward Beecher Pershing,Arthur Thaddeus Pienkowsky,Philip Rand,Joseph Edward Raycroft,Alice Robson,Nellie Edna Tefft,Emily Churchill Thompson,Helen Bradford Thompson,L. Brent Vaughan,Sarah Emma Wallace,William English Walling,Frank Howard Wescott,Alice Winston,Vladyslas Yarzembski.VII. THE CONFERRING OF CERTIFICATES AND DEGREES.THE COLLEGES.Academic College Certificates are conferred upon the following Students:The Degree of Bachelor of Arts ts conferred -upo« the following Students:Edwin Putnam Brown,Elizabeth Teasdale Coolidge,Mabel Earle,Andrew Noah Fox,William Addison Higgins, Franklin Johnson, Jr.,John Simon Lewis, Jr.,Cora Maud Porterfield,James Primrose Whyte,Frances Greenwood Williston,The Degree of Bachelor of Philosophy is conferred upon the following Student:Rose Adelle Gilpatrick.The Degree of Bachelor of Science is conferred upon the following Students:John I. Jegi, Van Rensselaer Lansingh.THE DIVINITY SCHOOL.The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the followingStudent:ELIPHALET ALLISON READ. Thesis: The Christian Idea of God in its Relation to Theology.THE GRADUATE SCHOOL.The Degree of Master of Arts is conferred by the University upon the following Student:MEIR JAFFA. Thesis: Tlte Hebrew Word Goy.The Degree of Master of Science ts conferred by the University upon the followingStudent:LAURA WILLARD. Thesis: Local Government in Illinois as Illustrated by theMunicipal De7.- elopment of I-£yde Park.The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy is conferred by the University upon the followi·ng Studenzs :HENRY FARRAR LINSCOTT. Thesis: The Indo-European Negatives.Thesis: On the Reduction of Hyperelliptic Functions to Ellipti�Functions by a Transformation of the Second'Degree.Thesis: The Latin Third Declension,-a Study in Syncretismand Metaplas1Jt.Thesis: The Early Development of Marine Annelida .Thesis: The Development of tile Doctrine of Immortality Amongthe Hebrews.FRANK HAMILTON FOWLER.JOHN IRWIN HUTCHINSON.. ALBERT DAVIS MEAD.HERBERT LOCKWOOD WILLETT.vIII. THE PRESIDENT'S STATEMENT ON THE CONDITION OFTHE UNIVERSITY.IX. THE BENEDICTION.The Chaplain, THE REVEREND CLARENCE A. BARBOUR.X. THE RECESSION Marche Heroique. SAINT-SAENS�MARSHAL.JOSEPH EDWARD RAYCROFT.ASSISTANT MARSHALS.HENRY GORDON GALE, HENRY TEFFT CLARKE, JR.,RAYMOND DUDLEY.