THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGOFOUNDED BY J. D. ROCKEFELLERTHE SPRING CONVOCATION'Ube $econbAPRIL FIRSTA. D. EIGHTEEN HUNDRED AND NINETY - THREECHICAGO, ILLINOISORDER OF EXERCISESMarch Processional. LEMMENS.I. The Convocation Procession.II. The Prayer.The Rev. James G. Johnson of the New England Congregational Church.III. The Convocation Address _tI The Mission of the Scientific Spirit."HEAD - PROFESSOR THOMAS CHROWDER CliAMBERLIN, PH.D., LL.D.IV. The Award of Special Honors.V. The Award of Scholarships.VI. The Award of Fellowships.VII. The Conferring of Degrees.[No names of candidates for degrees have been presented.]VIII. The Recognition of Incoming Academic College Students.IX. The Recognition of Incoming University College Students.X. The Recognition of Incoming Divinity Students.XV. The President's Reception III Cobb Lecture Hall.XI. The Recognition of Incoming Graduate Students.XII. The President's Statement on the Condition of the University.XIII. Benediction.The REV. WILLIAM M. LAWRENCE, D.D.XIV. The Recession.March Recessional. GUILMANT.