Price $J*00Per Year Zbe mnmxsity of ChicagoFOUNDED BY JOHN D. ROCKEFELLER Single Copies5 CentsUniversity RecordPUBLISHED BY AUTHORITYCHICAGOHbe mmvetsftE of Gbicaao DressVOL IV, NO. 21. PUBLISHED EVERY FRIDAY AT 3:00 P.M. AUGUST 25, 1899.Entered in the post office Chicago, Illinois, as second-cl&ss matter.CONTENTS. 8: 30 A.M.-g: oo p.m. Opening of the work of the College for Teachersand of the Class -Study Departments. The Dean andI. Preliminary Programme of the Summer Finals Secretary will be in attendance in Room 410, Fine Artsand the Thirtieth Convocation, Autumn 1899 - 117 Building, 203 Michigan avenue.II. The University Congregation: The Fifteenth October i, Sunday. Convocation Sunday.Meetin0, - 118-119 8:30 A.M. Bible Classes. Haskell Oriental Museumn™ • i >,b,. '.,oa 4:00 P.M. The Convocation Vesper Service.III., Official Notices - 120 The Convocation Sermon : The Reverend Frank Crane,IV. The Calendar 120 Chicago.The Quarterly Report of the Christian Union.= Kent Theater_ rt _ 8 : 00 p.m. Union Meeting of the Young Men's Christian Asso-PRELIMINARY PROGRAMME OF ZHE SUMMER FINALS AND THE ciations and the Young Women's Christian Associa-THIRTIETH CONVOCATION, AUTUMN 1899. tion -Hashell Oriental Museum-Association Hall October 2, Monday. Convocation Day.THE FINALS 8 : 30 A.M.-12 : 00 m. Matriculation and Registration of Incoming Stu-August 10, Thursday. ' *****- (All University Instructors offering courses, in'T . _, „ „...,_,. 7 „ 7 „ . the Autumn Quarter may be met at the consultation8 : 00 a.m. Junior College Finals for the Ferdinand Peck Prize. hours announced.)Judges, the members of the Junior College Faculty. t-.. . . »t •* c 1 r j o • /- nJ ' Kent Theater 12: 00 m. Division Meetings of the Junior and Senior Colleges.9 : 00-11 : 00 p.m. Junior College Reception. Attendance required. Cobb Lecture HallCobb Lecture Hall— Chapel 12: 30 p.m. The Eighth Anniversary Chapel Assembly.September 8, Friday. Cobb LectUre Hall— Chapel¦8 : 00 p.m. Graduate and Divinity Finals in Public Speaking for 2 . ^ p<M> Meeting 0f Candidates for Degrees with the Executivethe Joseph Letter Prize Debate: Resolved,' That Officers. Cobb Lecture Hall— Chapelthe principle of the Eight -Hour Day should be recog- ,«-.».. j t. • . .• *t • o. j .nized by law in all industries where machinery is 2: 00-4:00 p.m. Matriculation and Registration of Incoming Students.largely used." Kent Theater 8 : °° P-M- The Thirtieth University Convocation._ The Procession.September 15, Friday. -, . ... (irr, TT . .. , ,™_,.^„ _,.,._,,, . 0 .. , , The Convocation Address : " The University and The8: 00 p.m. Senior College Finals, m Public Speaking, for the Teacher." The Right Reverend J. L. Spalding,University Prize. Judges: the Members of the Bishop of Peoria.Senior College Faculty. Debate : Resolved, (i That The Conferring of DegreesMunicipal Ownership and Operation of Street Railways The Presidents Quarterly Preferable to Ownership and Operation by Private Central Music HallCorporations." Kent Theater October 3, Tuesday.September 17, Sunday. Baccalaureate Sunday. 8: 3Q A#M# Lectures and Recitations of the Autumn Quarter begin.3:30 P.M. Baccalaureate Prayer Service. Members of the Facul- 10:30 A.M. Senior College Assembly. Attendance required ofties and Candidates for Degrees are invited to attend. Members of the Senior Colleges.Haskell Oriental Museum — Assembly Room Cobb Lecture Hall— Chapel4:oop.m. Baccalaureate Vesper Service^ 4:00 P.M. The Sixteenth Meeting of the University Congrega-Baccalaureate Address. The President of the Univer- tjon#sity. Kent Theater The Procession.September 19, Tuesday. The Admission of New Members.8: 00-11: 00 p.m. Senior College Reception. The Preview of Actions of Governing Bodies.The President's House The Discussion of SpecialTopics.„ ^ ,_, The Election of Vice President.September 20, 21, 22, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Haskell Oriental Museum— Congregation HallQuarterly Examinations of the Summer Quarter. 7 : 00 p.m. The Congregation Dinner.The Quadrangle ClubCONVOCATION WEEK. October 4, WednesdayAnnual Meeting of the Board of Trustees of the Theo-September 30, Saturday. logical Union.9:00 a.m. -3: 00 p.m. Matriculation and Registration of Incoming Stu- Fine Arts Building— University Offieedents. (The Offices of the President, the Deans, and October 5, Thursday.the Registrar will be open. Officers of Instruction may Annual Meeting of the Theological Union.not ordinarily be consulted on this day.) Haskell Oriental Museum113 UNIVERSITY RECORDThe University Congregation.The Fifteenth Meeting.The fifteenth meeting of the University Congregation, which was held June 30, 1899, was one of specialinterest and importance. As is known to members andfriends of the University, the Congregation is, as thePresident of the University has said, " a body whichincludes all the faculties, which serves as a channel forthe expression of the public sentiment of the University in reference to questions which concern either asingle faculty or all combined .... It serves as a generaluniversity body which considers questions of generalpolicy and gives expressions of opinion concerningthem." In the words of the statute by which theCongregation was created, it " holds stated meetingsquarterly in connection with the convocation exercisesto consider subjects referred to it, and to make recommendations to the governing bodies of the University.If the Congregation formally disapproves a regulationenacted by any faculty of the University, it is the dutyof such faculty within four weeks to reconsider itsaction and to report through the Senate or the Council to the Congregation at its next meeting. The Congregation recommends to the board of trustees theconvocation orator and conducts the celebration ofFounder's Day."The Congregation is composed, not merely of theofficers of administration and instruction, but also ofall doctors of philosophy of the University and electedrepresentatives of the bachelors of divinity, the mastersand bachelors of arts, philosophy and science, electedofficers of affiliated colleges and honorary members recommended by the Senate and elected by the Congregation. Up to the date of the fifteenth meeting, butthree honorary members had been elected : Messrs.John D. Rockefeller, Martin A. Ryerson and MarshallField.The following matters of significance may be reported from the fifteenth meeting :1. The result of the annual elections of representatives from the alumni bodies of the University tomembership in the Congregation was announced :From the masters of arts, literature and science :C. W. Barnes, Agnes Lathe, IT. P. Learned, G. C.Sikes, Madeleine W. Sikes.From the bachelors of divinity : C. W. Brinstad,J. F. Mills, W. M. Blanchard, G. Braker, D. B. Coon,W. C. McNaul, H. A. Fisk, J. F. Sanders, D. W.Hurlburt and S. E. Price.From the bachelors of arts, literature and science :Jas. P. Gardner, E. B. Tolman, J. Ridlon, W. L. Bur- nap, G. Sutherland, H. T. Clendening, H. A. Howe,E. L. Jayne, G. M. Lambertson, Frank Walsh.2. A brief statement was made by the Recorder incommemoration of two members of the Congregationdeceased during the year.Dr. Temple S. Hoyne was the son of Thomas Hoyne,a well-known lawyer, and one of the founders of theUniversity. Dr. Hoyne was the first graduate fromthe old University who completed the full collegecourse. He entered the University in 1859 at its opening and graduated as one of the members of the classof 1863.Professor Thomas C. Roney was a member of the classof 1878. After serving in a neighboring institution oflearning for some years as professor of English, heconnected himself with the publishing house of A. C.McClurg & Co., and at the opening of the ArmourInstitute became a member of the faculty of thatinstitution and was director of the academic department. For the last few years of his life he was thedean of the faculty.The announcement was made that the alumni hadelected the following persons to membership in theCongregation for the unexpired terms of Messrs.Hoyne and Roney as follows :In place of Dr. Hoyne, N. C. Wheeler.In place of Professor Roney, J. D. S. Riggs.3. The Congregation unanimously elected tohonorary membership Mr. George Noble Carman,dean of the Lewis Institute.4. The committee appointed to gather materialrespecting a plan for the retirement of officers of instruction on pensions reported as follows :To the University Congregation :The committee to whom wTas referred the subjectof some recommendation about Pensions or RetiringAllowances for members of the faculties of the University of Chicago, beg leave to report as follows :1) The great expense of living in a large city likeChicago, and the comparatively small salaries receivedby those who devote their lives to the profession ofteaching, combine to make the subject of provisionfor old age or for possible disability a very importantone, this being increasingly marked in the case ofthose who have children to educate, or who haveothers dependent upon them for support.2) A somewhat extensive correspondence withrepresentatives of the faculties and governing bodiesof leading institutions of learning, and an examinationof the scanty literature upon this particular phase ofpension provisions have failed to disclose any satisfactory plan, which the committee can recommend forfavorable consideration. The inequalities in the agesof members of our faculties and in the salaries received,taken with the smallness of the number of interestedindividuals, prevent the adoption of any such schemeas those in force among policemen, firemen, publicschool teachers and other classes of people, wherecomparative equality of salaries is joined with thepresence of a large body of contributing individuals.UNIVERSITY RECORD 1193) In cases where definite steps in the direction ofretiring allowances have been taken, notably at Columbia, Yale and Harvard, the University authoritieshave taken the initiative, and have provided for halfpay for these who have reached the age of sixty orsixty-five years, and at the same time have giventwenty or twenty-five years of active service to theinstitution, in certain cases a number of years ofservice being arbitrarily added to the time of actualservice to meet the needs of particular individualswhose work in the institution began late in life.Where such arrangements have been made, the fundsrequired have been taken from the available resourcesof the university, or, as at Harvard, have been partlyprovided by means of a special endowment contributedby interested friends of education.4) The committee therefore recommends to the Congregation that the subject of Retiring Allowances becommended to the Board of Trustees of the Universityof Chicago for their favorable consideration, fullybelieving, that while there may be no need of drawingupon this fund for any professor for a number of years,the efficiency of every member of the staff would be increased by the partial removal of a source of constantanxiety regarding a competence after working yearsare past.Respectfully submitted,Francis W. Shepardson,J. Laurence Laughlin,Eliakim H. Moore.The report was adopted.5. A question proposed at a previous meeting fordiscussion at this meeting excited much interest. Itwas as follows :Resolved: That while it is the privilege of everymember of the University to entertain whatsoeveropinion he may choose concerning controverted questions of public interest, and to express that opinion inany proper way and on any proper occasion, it is nevertheless desirable that great care should be taken toavoid involving the University, even by remote implication, in such controverted matters ; that all actionsand expressions of opinion on such subjects should bescrupulously dissociated from all University relations,so far as possible ; that by such scrupulous regard forthe good standing of the University in the opinion of allclasses real freedom of speech and of action will bepromoted.After full consideration the Congregation adoptedin place of the statement presented for discussionthe following :Resolved:1. That the principle of complete freedom of speechon all subjects has from the beginning been regardedas fundamental in the University of Chicago, as hasbeen shown both by the attitude of the President andthe Board of Trustees, and by the actual practice ofthe President and the professors.2. That this principle can neither now nor at anyCuture time be called in question. 3. That it is desirable to have it clearly understoodthat the University, as such, does not appear as adisputant on either side, upon any public question ;and that the utterances which any professor maymake in public are to be regarded as representing hisown opinions only.6. Another subject for discussion was the following:" That it is advisable to abolish the requirement ofa thesis for the master's degree."The committee appointed to present this topicreported, through Professor Shorey.The report was adopted and ordered printed in theUniversity Record.7. The election of officers resulted as follows :For Vice President (Summer Quarter), Professor E.J. James.For Treasurer (year 1899-1900), Dr. James H. Boyd.For Marshal (year 1899-1900), Assistant ProfessorGeorge E. Vincent.8. The Right Reverend J. L. Spalding, bishop ofPeoria, having been nominated as convocation oratorfor the October Convocation, the nomination wasapproved.9. The following subjects for discussion wereaccepted for the sixteenth meeting of the Congregation to be held October 3, 1899.a) " That to require university service of fellows isunsatisfactory." (Committee: Prof essors Judson andHale.)b) "That selected courses on the Theory of Musicbe accepted for university credit." (Committee :Messrs. Abbott and A. C. Miller.)c) "That the administrative advantages secured byrequiring students to register for two quarters inadvance are insufficient to counterbalance the educational disadvantages of the requirement." (Committee : Messrs. Tufts and A. W. Small.)d) " That the list of changed words contained in thelist of improved spellings adopted by the N. E. A. beadopted for use in all official University publications."(Committee : Messrs. Chamberlin and Shorey.)The Congregation dinner was held at the QuadrangleClub Saturday evening, July 1, at 7:00 p.m. In connection with the dinner, toasts were responded to bythe following gentlemen : President Angell of theUniversity of Michigan, whose subject was " The Companionships of Learning;" President Strong ofRochester Theological Seminary who spoke on"Changes in College Life;" Professor Geo. AdamSmith and Professor Stephan Bauer who brought greetings from Scottish and Austrian Universities, respectively, and President Harper who reviewed events andtendencies of the University during the past year.120 UNIVERSITY RECORDOfficial Notices.The Final Examination of Frederick Ernest Beck-mann for the degree of Ph.D. will be held Friday,August 25, at 3:00 p.m., in Room BIO, Cobb Hall.Principal subject, Romance ; secondary subject, Germanic. Thesis : " Spanish Influences in Eichendorff."Committee : Professor Howland, Dr. von Klenze, Dr.Schwill, and all other members of the departmentsimmediately concerned.The Final Examination of Robert Lee Hughes forthe degree of A.M. will be held Tuesday, August 29,at 4:00 p.m., in Room 1 C, Cobb Hall. Principal subject, Political Science; secondary subject, History.Thesis : " The Constitutional History of Illinois 1818-48." Committee : Professors Judson, Goodspeed,Henderson, and all other instructors in the departments immediately concerned.The Final Examination of Malcolm WilliamWallace for the degree of Ph.D. will be held Friday,September 1, at 3:00 p.m., in Room 3 D, Cobb Hall.Principal subject, English ; secondary subject, Pedagogy. Thesis: "The Influence of Plautus on theDramatic Literature of England in the SixteenthCentury." Committee: Professor Manly, AssociateProfessor Tufts, Assistant Professor Hill, and all otherinstructors in the departments immediately concerned.The Final Examination of Floris Winton Kings-ley for the degree of B.D. will be held on Monday,September 18, at 2:00 p.m., in Room 36, HaskellMuseum. Principal subject, Church History; secondary subject, Homiletics. Thesis : " Machiavelli."Committee : Professors Huibert, Johnson, Moncrief ,Anderson, Henderson, and all other instructors in thedepartments immediately concerned.Calendar.august 25— september 1, 1899.Friday, August 25.Chapel-Assembly : Divinity School. — Chapel, CobbHall, 10:30 a.m.University Open Lecture :4 : 00 p.m. " The World State." Professor Judson, Congregation Hall, Haskell. Physics Club meets in Ryerson Physical Laboratory,Room 32, 4:00 p.m.Paper: "Slow Electric Oscillations and the Nature ofInduction-foil Discharge" (with demonstrations), byMr. L. Akeley.Sunday, August 27.Vesper Service is held in Kent Theater, 4:00 p.m.Professor Sylvester Burnham, of Colgate University, willdeliver the address.Monday, August 28.Chapel-Assembly: Junior Colleges. — Chapel, CobbHall, 10:30 a.m. (required of Junior College Students).Tuesday, August 29,Chapel-Assembly: Senior Colleges. Chapel, Cobb Hall.10:30 a.m. (required of Senior College Students).University Open Lectures :4:00p.m. "Native Races of North America." AssociateProfessor Starr, Congregation Hall, Haskell.4:00p.m. "Electricity and Magnetism." Associate Professor Stratton, Ryerson Lecture Room.Sociology Club meets in Congregation Hall, Haskell,8:00 p.m.Address: "The Eight-hour Movement with special Reference to the Garment Workers' Trades in Chicago," byMr. Abraham Bisno.Wednesday, August 30.University Open Lectures :4:00p.m. "Some Problems in Urban Life." ProfessorJames, Congregation Hall, Haskell.4:00p.m. "Readings from Lyrical Works of Heine." Assistant Professor von Klenze, Cobb Hall, LectureRoom.Thursday, August 31.Chapel-Assembly: Graduate Schools. — Chapel, CobbHall, 10:30 a.m.Dr. von Klenze will speak on Goethe and a Study ofGoethe.University Open Lectures :4:00p.m. "Native Races of North America." AssociateProfessor Starr, Congregation Hall, Haskell.4:00 p.m. "The Extension of the Union." Assistant Professor Shepardson, Congregation Hall, Haskell.4:00p.m. "Electricity and Magnetism." Associate Professor Stratton, Ryerson Lecture Hall.Friday, September 1.Chapel- Assembly : Divinity School. — Chapel, CobbHall, 10:30 a.m.University Open Lectures :4:00p.m. "Some Problems in 'Urban Life." ProfessorJames, Congregation Hall, Haskell.Material for the UNIVERSITY RECORD must be sent to the Office of Information by THURSDAY",8:30 A.M., in order to be published in the issue of the same week.