�,.VoL 17. No. us. ,at aro. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MAY 27,1919 .;Price SCents�ear at the final meeting of the quar- SPEED UP TICKET EHELD" ON UNIVERSITY COURTS ter held at the home of Carroll Mason MUSTI SALFORTY-FIVE MENWIll COMPETE INTENNis TOURNAMENTEight "Big Ten" Schools andLake Forest Play ThisWeek-end.Forty-five players, representingeight Big Ten schools and Lake For­est College, will compete in the tenthannual intercollegiate tennis tourna­ment to be held on The Universitycourts next Thursday, Friday andSaturday.' The entry list is the big­gest that has ever entered conferencetennis competition and Business Man­ager Meriam predicts the most suc­cessful meet ever held at Chicago.Dr. Reed,' in charge of the tennisteam, has entered four men in theplay. Captain Benson Littman, Ruth­ven Pike, Walter Kramer, and Ber­nard Nath \\;11 compete in both thesingle and doubles. It is likely thatPike and Nath will pair off for thedoubles as they appear to have an edgeon the other two players on the basisof early season games. Pike has beenputting up a remarkable exhibitionof the game and is a sure contenderfor honors in the single play. Cap­tain Littman is also a possibility ashe is classed above the majority ofthe conference players.Michigan Men Confident.,_ 'The University of Mieblgan, who�se'net experts handed the Maroons a de­feat earlier in the season, expect tomake a clean sweep on the events.Walter Westbrook, the Ann Arbor all­around athlete, is a wonderful playeron both' the defensive and offensiveand is certain to push the rest of the,players for the individual title. If heis abl� to secure- a fast partner in 'thedoubles he wih make a good, showingin the play. Bartz, Michigan's nextbest man, is only an' ordinary player,and Chicago has little to fear fromhim.Both' the University of Wisconsinand Northwestern University haveseveral clever players. Fan�ing andTaylor, of the Madison' team, havebeen working, together in good shapeduring the preparatory contests butare not expected to show enough classto ,win the tourney. Singleton andTomson, of Northwestern, are bothabove the average and may pull theunexpected and defeat the Michiganand Chicago stars.Publish Complete Entry LisLThe entry list for the contests dosedlast Tuesday. Officials for the gameshave been selected but will not bemade public, until the tourney.The complete list of entries follow:University of Chieago-B�nson, Liman, Ruthven Pike, Bernard Nath,WaIter Kramer.University of Indiana-F. E. Bas­tian, M. DeMarcus, W. F. Kegley, W.T. Plogsterth.University of Michigan-W. West­brook, N. B. Bartz, E. C. Bowers, L.E. Munz, H. L. POppe T. R. Harrison.University of Wisconsin-W. M.Fanning, H. L. Gctfredson,' H. W.Pribnow.Northwestern University-So M.Sincleton, O. R. Torrison, D. E. Rossi­ter, K. H. Kraft, H. P. Dusmore, S. L.Golan.Purdue University-Po L. Fatout, G.D: Feehtman, E. M. VanWinkle, H. C.Thuen,. W. J. Kelley.(CO'IIIirIu4 Oft f'G#e .. )t, Final preparations for the banquetto be given next Monday at theCooper-Carlton Hotel are being com­pleted. An attractive menu has beenplanned and will be published in TheDaily Maroon at a later date.Reception Committee Meets., The speaker's committee of whichHarry McCosh, 'chalrman of the A. O. Brungardt is chairman, has an-h nounced the addresses for the eve- matter.ticket committee, is not satisfied wit ...11• "If ning, Dean Marshall will talk on A resolution was passed recom-the way hop tickets are se mg." h id "Swinging the School into Marshall mending the revival by the councilthe dance is to be a success, e S3l, .. b' .... Step'," Prof. Wright on "One Year on of all worthwhile campus institutions"the sellers must acquire more pep.t h the 'Wn'ght' Side of the Dean's Desk'," that died during the war through lac, kI have only one thing to say 0 t em, _and that is, 'sell every ticket.''' Mr. Lyons on "Let's Go;" and Alex of time, interest or members. AmongThe Reception committee of the M. Squair, an alumnus, on "Grad's N' th:__ .campus or�Jltzations whose re-.Interclass. 'Hop�'\vilF'-meet t6day---af 'Evel'Ythirlg�""'-�··presi(1e11"" ·"'Joseph "vlval is being considered are the Pen11 :15 in Cobb 12A. Members of this Thomas and Grant Mears will talk on club, an organzaition of the artists ofcommittee are: Katherine 'Llewellyn, undergraduate subjects, and A. O. the campus, the McDowell" club andchairman; Loretta Lamb, Arline Falk- (Contmaud on page 2) the Tiger's Head, both musical clubs,and the Masquers, a women's dra­enau; Clarence Brown,' June King,James Nicely, Lillian Richards, David MAROONS COP BALL GAME matic organization.Annan, Dorothy Miller, Van Meter AND TENNIS MATCH; LOSE Wish Student Discussion.Ames, Frank Long, and . Coventry MEET BY NARROW MARGIN The council wishes to bzing' to lifePlatt. only those institutions which servedNath and Pike Outplay Wisconsin Net a definite purpose in the undergradu-Men-lllini Nine Has No Chance. ate body. It is anxious for an e.'{-pression of student opinion as whichThe mass athletics meet will be com- are the desirable ones.pleted today, events being run off at The ruling of the faculty prohibit-11 an'd 5. Over one hundred fifty men ing fraternity house parties and thehave already competed, and about abolition of house parties given byforty more are needed to make the women's dubs, was discussed. TheUniversity eligible for the conference (Continaud em page 2)meet. Everyone who has not won :lletter is eligible. The five events arethe 100';yd., the 50-yd., low hurdles,the high jump, broad jump, and shotput.�ames Today-Tennis: Minnesotaat Chicago 3:30.Satulday was a successful day forthe Maroon athletes, who won one ballgame, one tennis match, and lost onetrack meet by the narrow margin ofseven points. The baseball teamlooked as good on the field as it doeson paper, and the IIlini never had achance. Director Stagg's track. menworked hard, and their showing wassatisfactory in most of the events.Ted Curtiss aspired to the positionof iron man of the afternoon andplayed the ball game to warm up be­fore he ran the 220 and 440. Curtisswas third in a 22 1-5 second furlong,and then ran the quarter in 50 sec­onds for a first. Several watchescredited him with even better time,and in the conference he should go thedistance around 49 seconds. The milewas . another pleasing race from aChicago viewpoint, as three Maroonsfinished in a bunch. The Maroonsalso grabbed all points in the broadjump.The ball game was a long drawnout affair that lasted nearly threehours. Chicago scored one run in the(ccmiim&cd Oft pag. ..)CRANDALL EL:ECTED TOHEAD DRAMATIC CLUB FRATERNITIES TOLOAN FURNITUREFOR HOP BOOTHSSelect Margaret Haggett, Carl Piperand Louis Dooley to Fill Next Year'sOfl'ices-Mrs. Cran'dall Made Honor­ary Member. Local Chapters To Notify BeQ­nett As To What Contri­bution Will Be.Carlin Crandall was elected presi­dent of the Dramatic dub for the nextlast Sunday. He suceeds Emily Taftwho was president of the organiza­tion this year. Crandal1 has takenpart in most of the dramatic club pro-,ductions of the last two years and wasstage manager and a member of theplay committee.The other officers elected ,were:Margaret Haggott, secretary; CarlPiper, treasurer, and Louis Dooley,stage manager. Miss Haggett suc­ceeds Elizabeth Brown to the positionof secretary. Piper takes the place ofHoward Beale, who was treasurer ofthe dub this .year and Louis Dooleysteps into the position of stage direct­or which was held by Crandal1. Each fraternity will supply onedavenport and several other goodpieces of furniture for the booths atthe Interclass Hop to be held Thurs­day night. Gerald Westby asked yes­terday that each fraternity notify Al­ston Bennett, at the Pis U house,what articles of furniture it wiII sendto Bartlett gymnasium on Thursdaybefore 5. The furniture will be re­turned Saturday:"There will be no fraternity boothsat the hop," said Westby yesterday."The dance : managers have decidedthat it will be better sto have fourclass booth�. Th� furniture is sup­plied by the fraternities because most,of them are located near the gym-Select Play Committee.The play committee, composed ofthree members of the dub who passon the locally written plays presentedin the annual contest and who decideon the regular plays which shall bepresented, was also chosen at Sunday'smeeting., Charles Breasted, RuthLovett and Glenn Harding wereselected to make up this committee..' Mrs. CrandalLwas elected to an hon-.omey membership in the club in ap­preciation of her assistance, to theorga�ization.May Shorten Term of Office.It was also suggested that the Dra­matic club should elect officers foronly a year in the future, and thusincrease the competition and efficiencyof the leaders. This proposition wiIIbe definitely decided at the first meet­ings held next fali. nasium."AssbcIATE PROF. HOBENWILL ADDRESS Y. M. C. A.At a meeting of the Y. M. C. A. to­day at 11 :15 in Cobb 12A AssociateProf. Hoben, of the department ofHomilectics, will speak to promotionsgroups of allmen students. The sub­ject of the address wi11 be "Calls forLeadership." .All students wishing to attend theconference at Geneva are requestedto hand in their application and a de­posit of five dollars to Mr. Stevensas soon as possible. The y, M. C. A.will pay most of the expenses, hencethe cost of the trip will probably notexceed more than fifteen dollars. Onehundred-ten dol1ars, which will gotoward this fund, was collected at theperformance of the, Blackfriars' per­formance Friday night.EMPLOYMENT BULLETIN ISGIVEN TO COMMERCE ANDADMINISTRATION STUDENTSC.ommittee of National Marine LeagueIssues List, of Positions ForCollege Men.Employment bulletin number 3 hasbeen issued by Dean Marshall to Com­merce and Administration students re­garding summer work. The employ­ment is furnished by a committee ofthe National Marine league which hasbeen organized to place American col­lege undergraduates in temporary p0-sitions during their summer vacations,with concerns engaged in some mari­time enterprise.The purpose of this is two-fold, ac­cording to Dean Marshal1: (1), toarouse the interest of undergraduatesin ships, shipbuilding and foreigntrade, (2), to furnish to American ex­porting, importing, shipbuilding, andallied businesses a constant flow oftrained, educated men, who, upongraduation, will have some grasp ofthe conduct of a definite industry, andwho will have pursued those coursesof study that will serve them best inthat industry. Salaries paid win vary,but in all cases will be fair,The communication regarding theemployment was received from the N a­tiona1 Marine league. Anyone inter­ested in the proposition should com­municate with Miss Alice Davis, TheNational Marine League, 268 PearlSt., New York City. WEATHER FORECAST..' Unsettled; moderate easterly mn'ds.THE DAILY MAROONBULLETINTodayDivinity chapel, 11 :15, Haskell.Chapel, Junior Women, 11:20, Man­del.Y. M. C. A. Promotion Conference,11 :20, Cobb 12A.Chinese Club, 4, Classics.University Tennis Match, Chicagoagainst Minnesota, Univenity AvenueCourts.TomorrowDivinity Chapel, 11 :15, Haskell.Chapel, Senior, 11 :15, Mandel.Chinese Club, 4, Clusics. ROBERT BEACH TO TALKTO COMMERCE STUDENTSBusiness Manager of Association ofCommerce Will Speak T�mori'ow at4 : 15-Preparations for Banquet areBeing Completed.Robert B. Beach, business managerof the Chicago Association of Com­merce. will speak __ to the, Commerceclubtomorrowat 4:15 inHarper As­sembly room. His subject will be"The Profession of the CommercialOrganization Secretary."This lecture is one of the series thatthe Commerce club is offering itsmembers, and, as it is by a brilliantspeaker and one who has had muchexperience in the training of the com­mercial secretary, all members of theclub have been urged to attend themeeting tomorrow. Tickets for theCommerce club banquet may be ob­tained at the meeting.Banquet to be Given Monday. FRANK MADDEN TOHEAD NEXT YEAR'SSTUDENT COUNCILElect Georgina Burtis, JeanPickett and Glen HardingTo Other Offices.REVIVE CAl\IPUS INSTITUTIONSAt the meeting of the Undergradu­ate council held yesterday at 11 :15,officers for next year were elected,Frank Madden was chosen for presi­dent of the organization.George Martin who was a fewweeks ago elected president whenCharles Greene resigned, was unableto attend the meeting. So Maddentook the chair immediately. Theother oflijcers chosen Were Jean Pick­ett, secretary-treasurer, GeorgineBurtis, librarian, and Glen Harding,president of the Junior council.,",�Discuss Refreshments at Hop.The question of having the classesfurnish refreshments during the in­tennission at the Interclass hop wasdiscussed and finally referred to a com­mittee of the four class presidents'who will meet today and decide the ':.1TO GIVE GYMNASTIC EXHIBITIONDepartments, of Music and PhysicalEducation Entertain Parents.An elaborate demonstration by thedepartments of Music and PhysicalEducation will be given tomorrowfrom 5:30 to 9:30 for the Parents'association of the school of Education.In ease of bad weather it ,\;11 bepostponed until Thursday. This dem­onstration has been planned to showthe parents the physical activities ofthe school in the gymnasiums, on theMidway and the playfield where theevents are scheduled in the daily pro­gram. A demonstration of the pupils'musical training will also be featured.The physical training program com­prises two parts, one at 5:30 and oneat 6. At each of these hours eightgroups will be at work. Various mem­bers of the department of PhysicalEducation have charge of the games.Geneva Watson has charge of the highschool girls' high jumping and volleymatch and James 1\1. Nicely of theFreshman high school boys' play­ground ball.Parents are requested to bring "BoxSuppers" for their families andfriends. The musical 'program \\;11'last until 8:30, after which an hourand a half of dancing will be allowed.2EDITORIAL DEPARTl\lENTThe Staff.William Morgenstern . Athletic EditorHarry Bird Night EditorErnest Fribourg Night EditorRichard Flint, Day EditorHerbert Rubel Day EditorEdward Waful Day EditorHarold Stansbury ., Features EditorViola Roth ., Associate EditorReportersJ. C. Cekan, Maxine Davis, RozellaBUSINESS DEPARTMENTThe StaffGrant Mears ..... Business ManagerHenry Pringle . Advertising ManagerKeith Kindred .. Circulation ManagerEdmund Eichengreen.Asst. Adv. Mgr.Laurence Tibbits Asst. Cir. Mgr.Entered as second class mail at theChicago postoffice, Chicago, Illinois,March .13, 1906, under the act ofMarch 3, 1873.SUBSCRIPTION RATESCalled for, $2.50 a year; $1.00 aquarter. .By Carrier, $3.00 a year; $1.25 aquarter.By Mail (city), $3.50 a year; $1.50a quarter.By' Mail (out of town), $4.25 ayear; $1.75 a quarter.TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1919"TICKETS, PLEASE."managers.There. is always a good crowd atthe . Interclass Hop. Doubtless' theman�gers are not overly worriedabout the �ize of the crO\vd. But th{'ywould like a little of the money; theywant those who' plan to go to purchasetheir tickets now, and not wait untilnext Thursday. Programs, decora­t!ons and all the essentials of a' dancehave to be. paid for immediately, notnext week. Too, the managers wantto know what their advance sales willtotal-a financial barometer. Con­sequently, if the spring has affe'ctedyou, and if you are planning to at­tend the Interclass Hop (as you shouldbe planning, because the Hop is thebest dance of the springtime that everis held in these parts) that ticketshould be purchased today.HONOR IN COLLEGES.It is with a feeling of justifiablesatisfaction that members of the Uni­\'ersity of Chicago watch the cam­paigns conducted in other Americanuniversities for the honor system ofwork. One of the most recent cam­paigns is at the University of Kan­,'as, where popular vote will forcea decision either' for or a�ainst thesystem.The honor system has been in exe­cution for quite some time at the Uni- The last meeting of the Federationof University Women will be held to­night in Ida Noyes hall. The dinnerwill begin at 6 and a general discus­sion will be held at 7. Mrs. Rouer­ick Peattie will be the speaker. Thediscussion will be about upper. classcounselors. All women have been. in-vited. s,The following women '�il1 be. hos­tesscs: Lydia' Allen, Corinne Allen;Charity Budinger, Georg ina Burtis,Frances Dorr,' Irma' Erickson, JuliaFletcher, Mary Gingrich, Virginia Hib­bin, �ay Irwin, Alice Johnstone, Jean­nette Lindsay, Kathryn' Llewelyn;Elizabeth Mann, Mary. MaX\vell,'E1iza�beth Owen, Mabel Rossiter, FrancesRyan', Marion Vogdes, a�rl 'Jo�ephin�Wells.,---Je�ish Literary S�ciety. PI�yers Pre­'sent One-Ad Play,� -,-. -4 . � >-.:',FRANK MADDEN TOHEAD NEXT YEAR·SSTUDENT COUNCIL(Continued from page 1)council also djscussed contemplatedfaculty ruling which will prohibitall dances, or parties of any descrip­tion gi"cn by fraternities, women'sclubs or campus organizations ex­cept such functions as arc given onthe campus. This. would eliminatesuch things as the Score club dances,hotel dinners 01' danccs, beach partie�,parties such as the Dramatic clubgives in private homes, and all offcampus affairs.The council feels that these' rulingswould tend to destroy collcge spirttand it wishes an expression of stu­cicnt opinion on this subject that the ./ ,'Concern Extends Invitation.C., CORMANY'SHOME LUNCH ROOMThe Old R�liable'Headquarters for University., StudentsWe sei"V� the best of every­thing. Prompt 'Service ...Try Our Special, SundayChicken Dinner.1313 E. 57th Street, S1.)ITS 'MAnE" TO' ORDE'R'. :'. -"', ' .,'. '" . '_. . ,. Only $35.00"'. EXTRA PAm"OF PANTS" FREE WITH EVERY'SUIT_,I', ... .l /1m�� %la1·1,tt .. arnnn ,.\��ity�·;�t:.��a'f' a�d:ii�{#��:�s .�.� attit�de 0.' ,�}i�a��us:�?lJla�::�'�1 �, � .W &� � � " :J'. 1Ja Q • guaranteed ... ;,D�btle88;S the:J:etUaeht8: tknown. '"," �,,:;.. "�::, ;':; \:::'" 11 �,� "', .:� r., . ..... �;"l'�. ... ..The ����:::it�e:r.�.:.� the. .!"or.����l��:·;��ao:�: '�OBER� �EkH fu .fiJt.,o: i:. :1; .. :�.r;a�;SINf: � � S·,�,rNl'FFthey do not admit 'it) but rather from � �::., � TO COMMERCE STUDENTS- .".. �0'- �.. ;:;a;I..n_Published mornings. except Saturday, the angle of good sportsmanship. The � . . ......Sunday and Monday, during the Au- professor (and The Daily Maroon is (Continued from page 1)- MEETING .:tumn, Winter and Spring quarters, . h h '11 ' J ,-) i .i. '/by the Daily Maroon c:>mpany. under the impression t at t ere. sti .. . .... ,, ' ,f''',._ _ .. ._are a few on the campus) who insist Brungardt will be toastmaster. Otheron empty, seats between .students .at arrangements are being made to, pre­an examination, who, have text: books sent a variety ,of. entertainment atJohn E. Joseph Managing Editor piled on the front scats and who in the banquet' '��'hich, 'according to the. John Ashenhurst News Editor general indulges in the tactics of -an social committee, is going to be theRose Fisehkin News Editor eight grade teacher is not a good best that has ever been offered toHelen Ravitch News Editor sport; he rather, hinders than helps members of the school of CommerceHoward Beale Ass't. News Editor the furtherance of an honor system . .and Administration.So with the man who cheats "for theHirschfeld, Rose Frances Kramer, FEDERATION TO HOLD MEETINGIrma Lundburg, Mary Milligan, Jane Subscribe for The Maroon and IMorganthau, R. S. Starr. Dinner Is Given Tonight At' 6 In Get All the Campus NewsNoyes Hall.Editorial Rooms Ellis 12Telephone Midway 800, Local 162Flours: 11:00-11:50; 12:25-6; 7-8Business Office Ellis 14 MEN. OR. A. R TO GIVE l\l.USICA.,L.ETelephone Midway 800. Local 162Arrangements:· for the: ,Menorah"In the spring a young man's fancy" musicale to be: given tomorrow at 7 :30and so on. Only it appears that Uni-in Ida Noyes theater have finally beenvarsity young gentlemen are not hav-. completed.: . The : main feature. of, tht�:ing the .fancy soon. enough. Spring program. will be a., one-act: play, en­must be here; the great numbers of titled "The Dear Deceiver," written byundergraduates sitting on the lawns Dr. Arthur Elfenbaum and to .be pre­and the equally overwhelming, num- sented .by the: Jewish Literary" 89-bers of graduates hanging out of the . t I Th la 'I'S a portra yal'• ere y payers." : e P y. .'Harper wmdows prove the fact be- ,of Jewi�h l�fe :and, has been enacted'"yond a doubt. But Flop .tickets are . h . l' J . hWIt success m, severa eWIS, com-.not going speedily enough to suit the munities .of Chi�go. _The ,.cast, is· asfollows: .. .. ,. ,Miriam .....• � .•• ; .. � _:Miss Ro.se J�ffeSheba (her, sistt:r) .. Miss Ethel. Cohen111eir .mot�er� .Miss,�A�na. NewbergerTheir uncle ... Mr. Hyman Elfenbaunl.David (Miriam's s",ee.th�art) ....•. 'j- '8' arry.' . Mi·tchell'.........•.... Mr. Arthux: .Reinhart,In addition to the play, Miss Mabel . I. Barker will sing· selections from,' ' 16-1S"E. JacksOn Blvd.Meyerbeer and Verdi .. Beatrice Tcl- B�tweeD; �,t.t� .�d :.W�hll.�' ·Chic�.o..ler will play the violin, accompanied ========.=. =. ==================::====================by Helen Beck.fun of it," or because he hasn't thenerve to pass an honest examination. Sears, Roebuck &. Co; recently ex-The honor system is something to tended an invitation to members ofbe reckoned with. Colleges who re- the Commerce club to make a trip tofuse to install it or college students . the plant 'and to dinner, Bcca�se' of .who disregard it are to be classed with numerous other activities to be heldthe decadents. this quarter,. the club has declined theinvitation until next Fall.. .Han: Mitchell IIIiI I!.1======================�============,,f=·=!=\=':=':=I:=:�='=':�·I=''''�'='''='=J=='''�" ,I,! . :!�i,j, :I .' iJ ,'f, '.'y ou .will .il ppreciate our "wide selection of Rich, New-Spring .. ,,' .,Fabrics .,; Fabrics [,""0(,' Jp( .. l��e,�(":,, ; ... ; �:b;i� d:�il�;c��;::j:b���;;t-h ' , '. . ".'as to durability and 'style� ,,:.• f' : • • I, f'" . .: �, ; 1. •. '; :. :,PTices:'$40,>$45�,;,,$5jJ::,:,:'("':';"i .._ ,an,d':'Upwards;"'" ,,': ,'.',;:,' ',.;. I,: I.·.·: .. {• J, � I ! ': r: I,:; �; ,, • � I : : • f 1 ; ", ! ', ,.. , • (;: : I ; J', " ; , t ) j � t (} ,,mail�r. r�� .'pung,SU.t ,"i; I I:!:.:,:� .. l ! !!.:J.,,' .. ,,': .. '., ',' :,; ,'. "l:i·, ,d7 N. La Salle ,S��d 01:', .. ,'�.'" \ .t:314- S. Michigan A yr.71. R,,;Monroe: 8t. ;l,':;,id')i IiThree' Stores:.: .:" :.', "111 t.1' I: .... '.1 .r: I. , COCA�co'LA; i�'�; �:i£b�i'�h'���r: r: ;".to. thirst, that no' imitatior(can "sati��' ,I. Ii '.,•• 'I ; ;. � 1 \ 1 .': �: : l ; I ,'j \' I\ ": .,' I ( r I ,I ,: 1 ;: :: iCoca-Cola quality., .recorded in .. the; .," ,public taste, 'is what' holds it above" . ,.: I imitation�1 j :'i:!.1. I' .' , .I ' ' '�', J ;,,' .'} : ( ,Demand' the genu by full., DUDe : . 1 .';".",....-.._ ........ i-Dickumea encourage aubetitutioa., ,"': . , .. ' •'! J � ., 'ITHE COCA-CoLA ,Co.:,�f) ',d;'ATI:.A:'NTA· GA.'1 ;: .... ,i I . j; ;!:i.. ,)'.,.'!IIIIr.,.. ;.':01' ,:' , ',;" : ',,1. ':. Ill}, : ... I , I ,. I iJ �!� � I: ';;' I ... i : I:::'. ,: ..i. ,:i ... ·.·:rs!·!Cloth Bollnd• I, I � I I' :-::,·.(f :' 1'4'• '" '- ,'1':",., ,; t, i I: 1 I' .: • i i J � i. ': :'1',' 1,': ·'t ... ••I • ! � ;. J 'I ", � " !. .: I. j:. �;{ I ,-1, .' rSend your order thru Faculty Ex. BO£IO"! )." .�,,. �j ,rJfJIi!lLI,_________'.-_----_'-, ,-_-,-_-, ,-"'-"_-_-,-_-,.-,_-_-_-_-_-. --__-_-. ,-. __THE....• r..(j.,.;r:...D�-AiLty/MABOON,�TU£q])AY!!MAY.(27,i919,•.••.• �; ••. :.,-"':"'" ••.• ,.-,1, .. ".r', ',;:rr '''''',-,;.'':� ,,' 1"p�,,�i�fiv.�ri��;,willie·�d'E��rie!littlebetterthanusual,althOUghper- '�tenut1,Bfta,..RaaTocIaj .:' ';'. �;I:!I,j,l: 'i:,:�:·B;eall 'UfU�!;1 and,'lthe ;:. Beast ._ .. ,'. _'Ho���iI·a, :a�:b��k.,1 They' are, rather !sonally I prefer some thinkin, g and leas Inte, r-frate�ity relay races will 'be1, .. t : .. -: ( .' f ' .. ,.. ", :" " ''. ,," . .,' I �l��er, ;an,� not half � ;yulga� � they I irritation in my quest for entertain- held �y at 4 :46 at Stagg field.. All___ . __ . __,._, ' __ "_'__ "_"_' . . �tlg�,�,�, and ;on. th� who,Ie deserved ment. . fraternities are asked to have their: "" ,- J' .the I .. good., I" hand. they, got. Th. eir I.teams on hand,"'A) Re"i�w rof' Wrhe 'P�iD� Show' of when.jshe sings. or speaks as a lady "Galli Curci Rag," though, was out-< 19'tr'at"the;'P�lace Music Hail. w��.�,!i� 0n�'-K.i·i��J,�l!tl�en, rageous am{n'ot at all funny. 'Cos-.' , great blue eyes and, a musically un- turning and settings were above the�:�'·�-:�-Iiji}OIi��E.",J.O�E�if':-� , :-:. ·Ainerican'voiee�·' She was allowed but average. Watso n Baratt, I suppose;� .. The�' is a'Very"1leautiful and tre- one+good song; 'the rest of the good is to blame, as he is credited with be­'J�'e_d' y6���'iady, Miss 'Hel�� Carring- ones went to�Emny�Mi1es, who owes ing' the art director. Even Mr. Zieg­'ton, a:�d there �� 'se�eral othe� 'p�tty, her beauty tothe inventer of peroxide, feld's honorable reputation for beauti­and less�'�fi�� :yo�ng'ladies' in: the and who-wilt have a doublechin if she ful productions would be advanced by-Schiibert's-::-swnmer:'snow.-' Y'ou,:Y.�m doesn't cut dowri onthe �tarChes. ' •, '".. r :« J ,1,,! '! '".,OJ.; 'l,': of ", ", the' Salome "and Gold Room scenes inalso find several ugly, unrefined, funny " �ut"":';_this . is n-9 e'uology on Miss "The Passing ,Show�" , .old men, ��d" �'rie : tbi�:' good-looking Flele�' '. Carring1on:' aliho�gh' i't ought"�ic� y'oung' �an .. ;'The 'Passing Show" to be.' . I. it: the J·azzoo 'circus one' can, To expand this review would be lostti�e,' because you know what brand ofI boasts' 'of en6ugh' noi�. to, . run' a' &teel, fir;t,d other things ·.of interestand 'enter-... . , .. ,. . . . amusement "The Passing Shows" put'mill, and enough bea'utirul"costuming I tainment. Fred' and 'Adele Astaire" I'��d �.e��f{-'(m��'�i� o�: mal'\:�ls' :ror '(F.red-"is tile,' nice' f�ung "rna'n)' a�e a f�rth. The 1918 edition is perhaps athe 'shows' of Jake and<Lee) to be pair of lithe and agreeable dancerspleasing. A' deaf' mute, 'not.' a blind who' are' original enough neither to( J I , t' " "� • , • '.. 'I, ( • ,. '. ',.- _,,' ". r �.' ,, inan"ought to have :1 good time .at the shimmy nor to "interpret," as doesPalace this summer. \, '.'.' Dorsha; 'the 'stick on whim the beauti-How Mis� 'Helen Carri�gtori ever got ftil clothes are wasted. Romberg andinto 'a Shubert revue is one of the nine Schwartz have provided the music,.;.wODders.of .tbe-wOI"Id. -When.-she. firsq which ia.catchY,-particularly.the songs,[appears she does-not �not,:lJIindiXO�)1 '�rll/M�e\ ��,�pgel Out of Yod,"jimmediately lift �p! lier"sk(rti-{vlth� a "Bar)}+." :an<l "BU)\\'ing Bubbles." The Let Us Show, Y oul iboys-how-do-you-like-me air. Mod��tJ �r:chestra works harder than most oflin a S.Jt���Sh�\'; �h�de o\J�li���{ln.a }..h,'.e ���.J.ru .. \.g�ls��espefi�J1Y: ��ring the, jderson'!;l T��n .Wben �e taKeS o� hel' :second:acLwh�J_l R9� :C�m�l!lgs, oh: at .�at, anctyou"se� thatr:'er haitwas'bo� I' \·� r l·very'''furlny "'(h� thinlts) co�e-J '1 :blonde the shock is al\')�,��,'l'I-!!���.'l'! l!ar-.!k�f�11ing into the pit. ; To Serve You Betterwe have moved tonew and largerquartersWe Extend a CordialInvitationFISK CAFE to visit our newstoreThe University of Chicago Bookstore1309 E. 57th St.5802 Ell IS AVENUEOpen 7 Days a Week.\ ,) I-I I, J� .r1�I 'II!�L_� -ttJ,,Iit 'iIJ;,'.'"�, r, If � I I� ....\','t III .- � - -, '-,,. "'� '.' .- ..,THE DAILY MAROON, TUESDAY, MAY 27,19194Doe Bradfish Trainer RECEIVE ,TRA VEL PAYAND SERVICE BUTrONS LOST-Kappa Sigma fra�ty pinset in pearls. Marked' with initials,"c. H." Retum to Maroon office.:Reward.Senior Chairmen Will Meet.Committee ehairJl14!n of the Seniot'class will meet today at 11 :16 in CobbDischarged �Iembfts of S. A. T. C. 12A for important business. Alland S. N. T. C. May Apply for Ad- chairmen are asked tobe present.ditional Travel Pay-May ObtainBadges in Military Oft'ice.Percy, the dashing young candy vendorDishes out pink carnations galore,Adorned in a dazzling new white vest,I Purchased at the new bookstore.-adv. LoST-Waltham watch, Friday, Cobb7C. Return to Maroon oftlce. Re­ward.CLASSIFIED ADS.IF YOU went to the Friars' show CLARENCE Ad Infinitum Brown Major James C. Lewis, who is now LOST-LIGHT BLUE SWEATERFriday you probably noticed that has the right scheme for getting into stationed at the University in con- Saturday afternoon on tennis courts. LOST-In front of Haskell, b1aek sDkCrandall drew some more posies. The i the public eye. After he shaved his nection with the artillery school soon Return to Maroon Office and receive embroidered bag containing moneybouquet percentage now stands: mustache, he thought there' wasn't to ,be established, has recently given Reward. Ellis 12 and 14. and papers. Reward. Return to R.Crandall 750 much chance of breaking into print; out two notices of Interes+ to dis- Lovett, care Daily Maroon.Us 000so he went and had his tonsils re- charged members of the S. A. T. C. ATTENTION-Need a good type-We might also give the cornpara- moved, and S. N. T. C. Certain of these men writer? We have it. The small BALD EAGLE FLYING CLUBtive batting average in laughs of two I are entitled to additional travel pay, 9 1-2 lb. National Combination Port- Lock Haven. Pa.of the members of the cast: CORRESPONDENCE. and all are entitled to wear Victory able typewriter. very .durable; has Best ex-army instructors; 16 to 20Tilden ; 991 . b tt back spacer, two color ribbon. tabu- minutes flying each day; theory ofUs 018 Dear Whistler:-I have not been in service u ons.ltd· . ibl ·t· W·II fl· ht . t t· to. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Following is an extract from one of a or an IS VlSl e wn mg. 1 Ig; ms ruc Ion on rno rs; gun.the Whistle for just days and days. the notices issued by MaJ·or Lawis: take paper 9 inches wide. Sells for nery; wireless; instruments; corn-INTERVIEW What is the matter? I have gone so.I. • "A number of students in the Uni- less than $50.00. Special price to passes; map reading; riggi!\&" etc.APPROACHING the terrible Q. E. far as to publicly announce that I. . students. Also all makes rebuilt Recreation, swimming, canoeing,d t' b . h Whi tl versity of Chicago have been honor-D ti I ti .d ith on want to C 10 t c '\ IS c any t lte t· ht· S d wrestling, boxing, letc. Tuitl·on ctJ:l\l\,. cau 10US v. we men ione WI as I .ablv discharged fromthe service since ypewri rs a rIg prices.. en na,.; """'".more but what else can I do? .1much casualness as we could summon 'November 11, 1918, and have received now for price list. Dearborn Type- which includes everything. BeginsEsther.that we heard he went to see "The I travel pay at less than five cents a writer Co., 525 S. Dearborn St. July 5 and lasts two months.N��� Ni�ti�" �d timW� i�, AMW��l� S�hm�are�tit1�toa� =============================quired if he enjoyed the show. "Gtrij, Dear Lcmons:-Just keep on as you. d d����� fuord��re��� �M._. �IM__' ' N' __�'�_�'M__' ' �'M__' __ ---- ••�nntu smbvuy ponbdy," he replied in', a-e. More people see you every ay certain fonns must be made out andhis brutal voice. "Jndeed! But the tl-un read the Whistle, With etc, andI sent to Washington, and the Depart-general impression was that it was etc.,. ment of Military Science and Tactics,d d I . ':sful.quite goo ," we ip ornatically \"en-I Cobb 2C, is prepared to furnish the. tured. His brow grew still darker. details. Any student entitled to ad-"Dftu vmgu., sygsb rtysawr," came I fORTY-FIVE MEN' ditional pay, and who wishes to se-the challenge. "But even Percy Ham- I WILL COMPETE IN cure it, should report to the Depart-mond liked it," remonstrated we sOf�-1 TENNIS TOURNAMENT ment, taking with him his dischargely. We saw at once that we had said certificate."the wrong thing, because his wrath I -- I(Continued from pa.ge 1) Service Buttons Now Ready.overpowered him. We left at once ashe was in the midst of a horrible fit The second notice, concerning serv- IOhio State University-A. Pretz- ice buttons, is as follows: "A lapel Iman, H. E. Davis, H. W. Hane, J. J. button. to be known as the Victory,H 'Wh·t C·t S . I'" Hane, W. M. Dornbirer, W. M. Par- Button, for wear on civilian clothes; Iow s I elY peerarr rish, V. L. Roehm, W. G. Wirthwein,� is being issued to all officers, enlisted. THE other day Beale. pulled aro�n(ll C. S. Nelson, M. Friedman. men (including S. A. T. C.), fieldIn a pretty good looking car which University of Minnesota-H. H. clerks, and members of the Armyhe said was his. We didn't believe it Ad H N rtuntil he wouldn't let us run it. Now ams,. 0 on.Chatfield- Nurse Corps, who served honorably onLake Forest College-O. active duty in the Army of the Unitedhe's around telling wild tales, that he Taylor. States for a period of fifteen days atcan drive it with one hand, etc. Allany time between April 6, 1917, andit needs now is a name. Someonehave MAROONS COP BALL GAME November 11, 1918; The button is ofsuggests Beelzebub, but what AND TENNIS MATCH; LOSE silver for those wounded in action,you? MEET BY NARROW MARGIN and of bronze for all others. WHAT A PA.TRON SAYSof theUN.IVERSIT-Y CAFE1024; East 55th StreetYour place is neat and clean; the serviceprompt and courteous; the meats are of first­class quality and exceptionally well prepared;the portions are substantial and the prices veryreasonable. I do not know what more a cus­tomer could ask .of cursing.A. W. YEATER, .Press employe."+ •. _1_1- _1 __ 1_ .. . -1---0_._1- __ 1 __ _ .- -�'7'�'.�THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERof, CAP AND GOWN,.'19Special rates to all U. of C. StudentsDAGUERRE, STUDIO_.,\ "All University men and women,who served as stated above. may se­cure Victory buttons by applying atthe department of Military Scienceand tactics, Cobb 2C, bringing 'withthem their discharge certificates. Thebuttons are' now ready for issue." I====================1(Continued from page 1)AFTER diligent slueth work, we'have found out the lineup of the fac­ulty team which will face the seniorsthis afternoon. It is as follows:Frank Abbott .............•......• PFreddy �tarr CF. J. Gurney •.•............. 1st baseR. G. Moulton ...........•... 2nd baseMiss K. Gettys ........•..•.....• SSeHerc Mulroy •........ 3rd base (capt.)Theo. Soares ....••............. L. F.Jimmy Twohig � C. F.Harry English ...........•..... R. F. second and one in the third as a sortof gift from thE! Ihini, but in the nexttwo frames they scored four runs as aresult of some hard hitting. Curtiss,Sproehnle and Elton helped by rap­ping the ball safely in the pinches.The Illini looked threatening in theeighth inning when they got threemen on with one out, but a circuscatch by Elton kept them from scor­ing. Crisler pitched good ball most of the time, but he had the bad habit Iof passing the Illini, and walked tenmen during the game.Pike and Nath had an' easy time atWisconsin, Pike defeating Goldredson6-4� 6-4; and Nath defeating Taylor,6-4,6-1. The doubles went to Chicago6-4, 6-4. 218 So. Wabash Ave. CHICAGOTel. Wabash 527 for appointment.----MOSERSHORTHAND COLLEGE "INSPECT"NE·W WOOLENS"The Business 'College with a University Atmosphere."The Moser Shorthand College enrollaonly JUgh school graduates. It is· the onlyschool in Chicago with such a high entrance·requirement. ,The Secretarial Courses of, the MoserShorthand College are complete and thor­ouah. Thev are of a character that will ap­peal to university students.The work is taken with young ladies of university qualifications. Avery large number of University of Chicago students have been enrolledhere the past year.IP AUL MOSER, J. D.; Ph. B.12th Floor Lake View Bldg. 116 South Michigan AvenueOpposite Art Institute. Central 5158 OURThey're pleasingly different from thecommonplace-Land you'll have thepleasure of knowing the pattern of yourchoice is practically confined to you, forwe carry but one or two lengths of each.MOSER SHORTHA�D COLLEGE,1206-116 S, Michigan Ave.Chicago, Illinois,\Vithout obligating me in any way, please send full informationregarding course checked bclo w :o CO)'IPLETE (Tcll Mon ths ) SECRETARIALCOURSE (Beginning September 2, 1919)o THREE MO�THS IKTENSIVE COUR�E(July, August, September)ooo FOSTER & ODVVARDor(October, November, December)REGULAR SIX �IO�THS STENOGRAPHICCOURSE (Beginning any Monday).'\CCOlTNTI�G COURSE(Beginning any Monday) Correct Dressers of Young ·Men7th Floor, Republic Building State and Adams StreetsTelephone 8216 HarrisonNAMEADDRESS '., (DM)