" ', I1/'_,t.,I"',, 'f:�\.� :,r.., \, -4.'. ,.' ,.••(.''J ,;. :y':...... ,..�. :.;. � ": ... ,'--' :�. '.'�.� '.. c,/'_ <, . ,'." -/ .' . .,.....• I _ � ...,at areen, -,., .. ". .... -.Vol •. 17, No. 101. Priee 3 CentsUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WEDNE$DAY, APRIL 30,1919NEW R. O. r. c .. UNITTO BE ORGANIZEDBY COLONEL MARRArrangements Are Now BeingMade for Extensive Coursein Field Artillery.l\IILIT ARY OFFICE SOON OPENEDArnIlgements Still Inde&DiteAs yet plans are not. definitl. C�LMarr says that he ean get just asmuch equipment and as many officersas the attitude of the University war­rants. The unit is to be a field artil- HAMPDEN SAYS ART ANDLIFE ARE iNSEPARABLE..... (Ccnl&tmued em pGg. 4)LA VERNE NOYESSCHOLARSHIP' USTPUBUSHED TODAYlery unit and Colonel 'Marr plans to Two Hundred and Sixty Menhave tractors, horses, and guns righton the ground. The University will Granted Tuition for thestable the horses._ . ' Spring Quarter.During the war the govemment;found that good artillery officersformed one of its greatest needs, andso it plans to train men in the col­le� who will be fitted for an emer­gency in the future. And in this mil­itary training the War departmentthinks that college men will gain fullyas mueh training for the mind ali inmore ac:8demic courses.Traininlt Not CompulsoryMilitary training will IIOt be com­pulsory, but every effort will be usedto make the course sO attractive that agreat number of the men of the Uni­versity will register. for it.A two year course will be offeredthat wnt involv«; two or three summercamps .�ere the more practical train­ing wm be offered. At these campsthe men will receive regular army payand equipment. In addition, arrange­ments win be made whereby a manwho wished to go on beyond the twoyear course will be given advancedtraining and will u an added induce­ment get for the second two years acommutation of rations. This willgive many juniors and ,seniors an op­portunity to combine the earning ofmoney with one of their collegecourses and with a patriotic duty.Zionist Society wm MeeLThe Zionist society wm meet todayat 4:10 in Harper MIS. All membershave been urged to come. Robert Acker, Joseph L. Adler, Ed­win W. Ahern', Ro�rt Z. Alexander,Herfnan H. Allen. Sidney Allenberg,Van Meter Ames,. Arthur Anderson,Frank H. Anderson, David H. Annan,J;>uncan C. Annan, George It Arnold,Bomer P. BaJabanis, John 'H. Bass,Rickard H. Bauer, Harry F. Becker,Fletcher S. ,Bibb, Robert D. Birkh9ff,Paul W. Birmingham;Harry Blitzsten, Frankiin W. Blye,Charles H. Borden, Lloyd M. Bowden,Milton M. Bowen, Burtis A. Bradley,.Leo Brandes, Merrick It Breck, Fran­cis L. Brinkman, Francis K. Burnett,Henry Clarence Bush, Elbert E. Bush­nell, William G. Butts, Don B. Cam­eron, Earl H. CargiV, Max F. Cargill,Jay F. Christ, William C. Christian­son, Ruel Vance Churchill, SamuelChutkow, Ric�ard K. Clardy, AustinN.C��; • •Leo C. Clowes, Clement D. Cody,Arthur Cohen, George Cohn, John S.R. Cole, Robert E. Collins, Alfred L.Craig, Charles Newman Crewdson,Herbert O. Crisler, DeWitt H. S.Crow, Stanley M. Crowe, Harry A.Cunningham, Edwin' C. Curtis, How­ard ·B. Dabbs, David H. Davis, JosephA. Dear, Maurice DeKoven, Albert C.DeWitt, James Isaac DoI�iver; .Wmiam Dou�kerr, Emmer D. Ed­wards, James Miles Evans, Sidney H.Evans, Joseph P., Fanning, Hans A.(Cemtim&ed em pGg' 2).. BLACKFRIAR BEARDS BAD COUNCIL APPOINTSBIZZ, ' BEWAILS BRATFISH STUDENTS ,TO LEAD· INTERCLASS HOPmen's committees, "who Cannot winone of these medals. L�t us make the wi\h Cahn, Hinkle, Sproehnle andElton Wielding the war clubs, andCrisler and Terhune pitc:hing excellentball, the Maroons nosed out the Wil­son Company nine yesterday after':'noon by' a' ninth inning rally. Thefinal score was 6-5 and the outcomewas .uncertain up to the last frame,when Page's men scored two runs,winning the game. While the Ma­roons were taking the g8me, somethief was busy taking the clothes ofthe Wilson team.SUBSCRlPTIO�STOLOAN ON CAMPUSLarge, Audience Hears Fa m 0 u 8 AMOUNT TO - $50,000 Foresees Sad Future for Hia TOJl8;OrialShakespearian at Ida Noyes-Says -- Industry If "Na�ghty Nineties"War Has Brought About Revival of Dean Miller Announces Prizes :�gr=!e�::!i:e:-ODg Un- Annual Affair to Be Held MayArt. ..-- / to Student Solicitors of -- 29 in Bartlett Gym-"Art cannot be extraneous from Liberty Bonds. That eminent' surgeon, Dr. Bratfisb.life; art, beauty, culture and religion was found by The Daily Maroon in-are all part of life and are insepa- terviewer reclining despondently on --rable." , , WILL OFFER GERMAN HELM� his Louis Quinze ehaiae-longue in his MADDE:N IN CHARGE OF DINNERThis \\-asas18tement made by Wal- salOn des clJeveux. His heart was all__ ,ter Hampden in 'his lecture. on "The but broken' bec:aUse the Senior nttenNext fall an R. O. T. C. unit is to Romantic Revival of the Theater," Subscriptions to the Vic!ory loan were raising mustaches �d it was The Interclass Hop which will be. be organized on the campus. Col. H. which was given in I4a Noyes theater a� coming in slowly, according to in- only after pummeling him with towels held May 29, in Bartlett GymnasiumE. Marr of the Field Artillery is here yesterday before -an audience which formation received from University and bits of plumbing that the inter- were chosen at the council meetingnow opening an office' and making ar- overflowed the bounds of· the hall. campaign headquarters yesterday. The viewer was able to restore the doctor yesterday. It was also decided to placerangements. ' Mr. Hampden is at present playing total number of subscriptions already to his normal good nature. Frank Madden in charge of a FacultyCol. Marr is a regular army. officer in "Hamlet" at the Princess theater, handed in amounts to only $50,000. I ha " be th rte dinner, to be held May 14. MaddenSalesmen in all branches of the Uni- ", ve come, gan e repo r, ' •who was in the service before the war and he has been for many years a covering with' his hand, as best he was chosen as the council representa-came. Since the war ended, he has student of the drama. versity are being encouraged to could; his uilsbaven chin, "1 have come tive as an assistant to Dean Butler.been visiting various universities over greater efforts in every possible way. to ask wh&t sort of a show .th. e Black- for the Secondary School ConferenceRomance Is Part of Life Dean Miller, manager of the Univer- 0 'M 9 d 10the country starting preparations for friars are going to put on this year. n ay an .C C I M d "Romance to me means the same sity campaign, announced yesterday The men and w hR. O. T. . units. 0 • arr gra u- ' I want your expert opinion, yours and omen w 0 were'ated from Bowdoin college, Me., in thing as poetry," said Mr. Hampden, that he will place a special inducement you� alone. i'm afraid to ask any- chosen from each. class to lead the hop"and poetry is a creative living thing before the student solicitors. He has are' Senio H M C h d1905. • ' body else's." � . rs-- arry c os an'which deals with the real things of recently been able to secure a prize Dorothy Lardner; juniors _ GeraldArtillery Unit Being Organized Iii h th' f th . 't th t are . he, t e mga 0 e Spin a for the student who turns In t e great- Great Surgeon Is Stirred Westby and Frances Henderson,.While he was at Northwestern con- the common ground of all humanity. est aggregate number of subscriptions . sophomores - Elmer Donahue, andlti behalf f th W d rt The spirit is the only thing worth eul- . h d rte The great surgeon stirred irrita�ly .su ng on 0 e ar epa - to campaign ea qua rs.in his chair. One could almost see Enid Townley; freshmen - Jerome,ment, Col. Marr unofficially suggested tivating. Without it there can be M Prize Will Be � Helmet Neff and Damaris Ames. These pea-W st t b k to that he was ruffled, even his shirt. ap-to President Judson that a unit be real culture. e mu ge ae This prize will be 'a' souvenir Ger- pIe will also be in charge of the arorganized at Chicago. As a result real living before we ean-aehieve any man helmet, not the ordinary soup- peared to be. rangementS for the dance, and wilPresident Judson and Vice-President real culture. • pot; but a pickelhaube, .or dress hel- ."1' can't say tha� I approve of 'The announce the music and list of patronsAngell have been to Washington for "Life cannot be chopped up into dt- met. This 4s one. of several thousand Naughty Nineties,''' he began, non- and patronesses later.a conference with the War depart- visions and departments," he--con�r.� which the fonner KaisQi brought for- chalantly stropping a razor on' the McCosh is a member of Blackfriars �ment, and it hils been decidedto place ued. "Life is one, and all beauty, lit- ward in his 1914 drive, to use in his sole of his shoe. "It looks as if there and Owl and Serpent, and is captain ':;.-an R. O. T. C. Field Artillery unit,st erature and art are equal and su- triumphal m arch-through Paris. Dur- were g"ing to be too many beards in ::��.... of track. Dorothy Lardner is a Uni- " ;eChicago. preme." I big the subsequent German retreat, the. show. �'s Fat Beber, for ex- versity Aide, a member of Nu Pi Sig --:�'"War Has ·U_: __ .l Standards iarge numbers of tnese. helmets" fell ample,' one 6f my' best customers. He �- .: \.Col. Marr was chosen to take chaJ'ge �..' . ma, was manager of the Portfolio in :�.of it and be is already here looking Mr. Hampden asserted that the war into the hands of the Allies. Many of has to wear a �m SP� � the fiU:t 1918. and was . assistant .�r '. of : f�;;�t�·over'ihe cn!und. He·'is:lIOOB·to have ,baa ,been a.paa�force in.the revival them have been sent to this.country, ,thathetabsa.�.�part.: .... ) ... ,r.�. 1Jie.�"·1919,,·settleDieDt.DaDc:e. :.�:2�·:·-?ra' �pu8-;f&;-� �gi�""�ork 'i�' of �� ·'The -iaSt-fOU-;'�'year;�ve wlie� l1iey.... wl� tie .... �e"at4tiaies-:- �uanoes',��tlIat"'a-�· 'Westby is::- a :"'n;-��··�'-the-Honor· �'It:: samen who do .particularly fine work in (Cemtimud Oft 'PI'll" S) cominission, the Dramatic elnb, �. . ,., :'<�this drive. Quarters, Skull' and Crescent, . and . r ·:li',. ''Thi's' is an exceptional. o. pportunitiy MAROONS W''&'. • 'op 1·S .�.ftLLI Iron Mask. Frances Henderson "'!.lfor the student salesmen,t said Dean WILSoN COMP.ANY president of ' the League. . Elmer Don- ':;1Miller yesterday, "and one which ahue is a member of the Y. M. C.' A. i)_ought not to be neglected. When the ,'NINE IN CONTEST cabinet. Enid Townley was on the . ,�".',,��,jfinal count is' made, size of subscrip- 1 , {>ortfolio, and was secretary of the �tion� will count as well as their total Freshman class last year.value." The helmet will probably be Outcome Uncertain Until End The Interclass Bop is, next to theplaced on exhibition in a conspicuous -Final Score 6-5--Cahn Washil!_gton Prom, the largest danceplace on the campus. S gth or of the year. The dance was elimi-trena ens I eam. IIn .addition to this prise, a medal nated last year, due to the comple:,_ccast from the steel of a Gennan can- ---,war conditions which existed in theTHI non will hi' given to every salesman WILL PLAY. MICHIGAN FRIDAY, Univ'"rsity. However, it was deeided .RTY FAIL TO GET RENEWALS .... "''-&who turns in subscriptions amounting -- to resume the custom this year, andto five hundred dollars' or more. Game Today plans are being made to make the hop"There is no salesman on the campus," Mal'OOlUl VB. Lake Forest-Stagg Field larger and better than ever.s:lid John Prosser, manager of thp _University solicitors one hundred �r-ccnt medal ·winners."Black Bonnet Meets Friday.A business meeting of Black Bonnetwill'be held Friday at 11:15 in Cobb12A. Pins may be secured at thistime. All members have been urgedto be present.WEATHER FORECAST The addition of "Bobey" Cabn in\ --- the Maroon lineup has strengthenedContinued cool and probablY unset- the infield and Captain Terhune andtleeI; fresh northwesterly winds. his men now appear as a finished �ban machine. Pat started Crisleragainst the packers and he' went fiveinnings and was touched for only fourhits. Captain Terhune then took up, the slab duties and with the exceptionof several tight places, had easy sail­ing up to the eighth inning. TheChicago comeback in the last inning,Public lecture, 4:10, Harper. with two men out, snatched the gameZionist society, 4:10, Harper M13. out of the fire after the Wilson nineTomorrow. had taken the lead. It was Hinkle'sDivinity chapel, 11 :15, Haskell. hit in the last frame that cinched theChapel, college of Commerce and game.Administration and college of Ednu- Wilson Puts Up Hard FightTHE DAILY MAROONBULLETINToday.Divinity chapel, 11 :15, Haskell.Chapel, Senior colleges, H :20, Man­del.tion, 11 :20, Mandel.World Problems Forum, 4:10, Har­per • The Wilson team put 'Up a stubborn(C07ltitaucl Oft pag. 4) nasium... ,�.. �, .:!J.' .. ,�jt,1:11-» J.�,:!iSCORE CLUBBERS WILLREVEL AT ROSALIE HALLIN SPRING PLEDGE DANCEKafles and Special Numbers to BeAccompanied With Boom BoomsaDd Jangles. .�·fBoom! Boom! Jangle! Jangle!Squeak! Swakle; This will thestrained music of the famous W 000-lawn orchestra waft itself over theterpsichorean revel of the Score Club­bers next Saturday at 3 in RosalieBaIL �The annual spring pledge dance iscoming off as per schedule and thesnowy whiteness of the posters is onlydue to the fact that the orchestra isgoing to make enough noise this yearso that lurid posteMl won't be needed.A big feature event is being planne,1for the dance. Wonderful prizes areto be raffled off to couples holdinglucky numbers. The general scramblefor the tidbits is sure to make a livelyparty.Tiekets can be procured from ScoreClubbers daily and are o� sale in Cobbball (at chapel hour). Owing to thp.fad that the si�es of Rosalie are notas ftexlole as they look, tickets shouldbe bought immediately, as the numbel"of couples will be limited. -. �":..,IFtI.2 ��." ." .J.. /� ' ... '", I'" >.' ' .. ':,;, �',�': .. :;, ::- ,:"'.,.� DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1919m�t'---I-�-"�-ti, -f.·r,d4 ... �lIli":1"'" Deed_witb the Amen- Stenseth, Go;don StePhe���:--�;�:���unity ��jn;'-�e roo�n the -·1-- �-=-.:-:-: - - - • - rw., "'1:1" .. Can BXpediUOMry Porc_ in Pranee R. Strong, Mark W. Tapley, Leonard I second floor south of Ida Noyes hall We Cater to St�deDts i==================--I prcrl&" this ·BtateJlent; beeause the eM- [J. Taylor, William H. Temple, raul ' have been given over for this purpose,Th� Student N .... PIlllR eI tI. -ualty,liats, ,-"_.out from cities �h W. Terry, Laurence M. Tharp. Joseph !Ion Thursday afternoon from 2 untiJ 5.11 The Frolic TheatretrniTenit, of � IIas D@troit, Toledo. and Chieago I'tI6d.. R. Thomas, Lewis H. TifTan}'. Aaron I All W. A. A. members have been re- D StPubiished mornings, except Saturday, like those or a foreign land. English Touf, WiIJiam E. Turk, Stanley H.I quested to come out and help. I I rug oreSonday and Monday, durinc the" Au- names were few and lar apart on such Udy, Claud M. Vance, Sumner ·G.! I Sit in a Booth With Yourtumn, Winter and Spr1h� quarters, llsts. The great political and govern- Veazey, Clarence Vollmer, Wi11iam .1: I Girl!by the Daily Maroon company. Imental experiment, the United Statell, Vyhnal(>k. Paul A. Weber, Harold C. I Commeree Club Committee To lleet. 959 East 55th StreetEDITORIAL DEPARTMENT is admittedly a success. The recent Walker, Leo E. Walker, Maurice N. I Cor. Ellis Ave.THE STAFF ordeal of battle was helpful in WaJIk, William. W. Watson, Harry N.I Meeting of Social Committee ofCharles C .. Greene�.M&D8fIi.r Editor "Americanizing." Weinberg, Milton L. Weiskopf, Edwin I Con1rnerce Club Wednesday, April 30'1 Tel. Hyde Park 761 IJohn E. Joseph News Editor L. Weisl, James M. Weller, Robert .J.I Chapel hour, Cobb 4B. .� _. • __ -,- • - - • .;0Roth Genz�r�r New8 Editor A WeR�Gerald 'I. Westb�John E, Wil-1�����������������������=����==WIJIiam M��Mtem A�. Eilltor L �RNENOY� �n: Wil�r & W��, O�a� �I����������������������������Jnhn A�henhurst. Night FAitor SCHOLARSHIP' LIST Wright ErIe F Young John.J Zav- IHelen Ravlteh Night Editor PUBLISHED TODAY ertink, 'Dominic' J. Zerb�1 �o. 'IHoward B.ale Day EditorR F· hk' D Edito (Conti"Med from 7J(Jge 1)ose 18e In , ay r PI ()ELTA (Jill AND DELTA' IHarold Stansbury .. A!;8OCiate EditorFeldmann, &lwaM H. FHf'R, H .. rry.C. �)(;MA AN_N_O_I1NCJo; I'LEJ>f;}<;S !Fisher, John' Flowers, Samuel J, Fog- Delta ,siJ!mll und Pi Delta Phi have Ielsen, Iiunlette E. F.ord� Torvald announced the; I' pledges. D(·lta SiJ!'ma IF}'ederickse .... John W. Frey, Olto J. pl{'(lged six women. They arc: Mar- IGabel, Le�ter E. Garrison; jorie Carrol, Ednn Clark, Ruth H�mi1- !l .... rank Fenner Keith Kindred Henry G. Geertsma, William D. ton. EslhN .Jeffry, Vera .Iurz and�!Henry Pringle Herman MfDrayel' Gemmill, John Gifford, Leo C. Giles, Mary Ruminier, Pi Delta Phi has.J"I"Ome Neff Allen Holloway Oscar S. Glover. Emory L. Gooch, , Ipl('(I�e(1 r;Ntt'W!l' Byrn» ancl Rut� IFlarl Wooding Edmund Elehengreen Davhl W. Goodrich, William C. GOI'- IDixon.gas, Percy Graham, William H. Grnnt, IEntered 88 second class mall at the Lennox n. Gray, Leo C. Graybill,F1h' P t m Chi nus I W. A. A. HUM Charge or Sl·wing. I�I��:.r 13,o9190��e,unde�a'fh� act 0:" Charles.C, Greene, Charles F. Grimes, rMarch n, 1878. William n. Gubbina, Eli Gurovit7., The W. A. A. hns taken charge of iHorace W. nen. Joseph W. Hanna, . I. Arthur H. Hansen, MUTI'ay G. Hard- MilS. MAllY Th.Yf..,OIl-I.IGGJo;r-r, ICalled. for, $2.60 a year; S1,00 a Ing, Albert F. Hardman, John H. Har- 1quarter. . Spl'cinljp,t in Voic(' UuUding and Arti,,- :By Carrier, S8.00 a year; $1.26 a greaves, Julius Harris. George H. tic Interpretation. !quarter. Hartman;' In "'I II (ity) -860 y -1 60 For information addressa g�a;t:r. e , ... a ear;.. Hanson W. Ha;t�, George P. Hell- IBy Mall. (out of town). "l26 a man, F�ck H, Helmholz. Simon 60:13 EIliM Ave. Phone H. P.9190.year; $1.76 a quarter. H. Hersfeld, Walker Hinman. MalvinG. Hoffman, Eli8 S. Hoglund, BertHudgins, Guy Anderson -Hunt, Buel E.Hutchinaon, Arthur J. Hutton, RobertL. Imbt, Benjamin E. Jaffe, Carl H.1\1. .lanson, Albert J. Johnson" C. G.Johnson, Darwin G. Johnson. J. 1\1.Joice. George W. Jones, Henry D. Jor­dan, George' J. Kabrine, Theodore:kanvoBki, J. Kenneth .Kemp. ElmerKennedy, . Daniel J. Kom, JuliusKreeger, Robert S. Landauer, Ray G.Laadaraf, .. .'- "Walter Eo Landt, Robert Lanyon,Levi Lathrop, Harold P. Lawrenson,Charles E. Lee, Pieter van der Leek,Loui8 Leiter, Joln,·A. Leitch, Alan B.LeMay, Philip Lieber, Reuben O. Lin­dell, o. W. Li&ben, .Roa\Wll F. Magill,Kemp Malone, Charles A. Maney,Kenneth A. Mather, Hennan T. Mc­Brayer, Charles McCartney;DeaD, S. McComber, Harry H. H.MCCosh, Bernard C. McDonald, FrankW. MoDonald, George H. McDonald,Charles R. McDoweilt Charles E. Mc­Guire, Charles H. McReynolds, Chat­mer C. McWilliams, Norman C. Meie�',Charles .J. Merriam, Robert V. Mer··rill, Clarence L. Miller, Earl A. Miller.George D. Mi118y Loyal L. Minor, Wil­liam ,Moffat, Irvin C. Mo11i80n, Hen,.,.H. Moore, Robert M. Moore, RolandR. More. Leland B. Morgan, HennanT. M098beTg, Paul H. Moyer;Walte� MO�'le, Robert L. Muckley�Judson C. Munger, Chauncey E. Mun7�James M. Nicely, Han-y F. Nicklaus.Hans W. Norgren, Carl D. Ottosen,Han-ey O. Pa�, Merritt W. Parkin­son, �m.pster Stewart Pa�ore,ne'\\-ey S. Patton, Charles N. Pease,Rutb'�n W. 'Pike, Paul "K. Porch, Ar­Umi' K. P6wlins6n, Henry L:' B. Prin­gle, Eme� Probyn. William H. Radp-'baugh, Earl E. Ranctall, Herman T.ReilinR'. Benjamin J. C. Reynolds. Le­roy R. Re}"TloM�, .lohn H. Ro�rt..c;.Louis C. Robem;C�l1r(' W. Rochestel". Carl W. Roth­ert. 'El"\\"8ld A. Ruppclt. Re-njamin G.BUStNESS DEPARTMENT, , , ManRJr@r8May Freedman Grant S. MearAA81d8tantlll",\. \, '.SUBSCRIPTION RATES;, /: 1/J Editorial Rooms ..•••.•••••• El1ls 12Telephone l\lldway 800 Local 162Hours: 11:00-11:60; 12:26-6' 7"8Business Office siUs 11Telephone Midway 800" Local 162 'Hours: 1\Iay Freedman .. 8-9 A. M.Grant l\Ieal'ft ..•.• 4-5 P. M.).'ilIii 'I,11 WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30,1919AMERICANS ALLIII Americans AU" is the headingacross the top of a Victory Ltbert,. loan poster drawn by Howanl, Cband�ler Christy. The wonts below the goldstale are highly signifieent. Suehnames as, DuBois, Smith, O'Brle�Pappandlikopous, Chriczanevicz, Gon�zales. Knutson, Cejka, Haum, An�dl'88Si, Villotto, Turovich, Levy, Ko�walski al"e on the honor roll. It is avaried list, iHustrative of the manynationalities represented in the UnitedStates. For, as all know, the UnitedStat� is peopled by penonll frome'�ry comer of the globe and ill uniquein its "melting pot" character. .·The poster also brings out the factthat all these mythical soldiers nameddied for libert�·. They a1"e on thehonor 1"'011. It mattered not that thename was' Smith or PapptmdrllropoUIbeeaURe each and e�ery one W81' fight+ing for fhe single CBU8e, the pTHe1'\os ..tion and extension of the benefit8 �fliberty RM of the pri"i1egell of democ"rftcy. Admitted, the draft waR needied, ret when onri' �eded, the f�r·eign-born and the nati,�-bom forgotall g'·e to defeat the Hun and to endthe wal' a� quickh' Ill' poMible.Agitatol"� and l\lal"mi�t8 point to thee,·eT-ineN'llsing ctange� 'of imn'ligta­tion and �f the immense problem offt��imilfttion. Of COU1"!'e. there are in­n\1m�rahl(' 'and 'Pl"f's�ing pl"Oblem� con­nt"CtNt ,,;th th" co Am('ri�niU\tionn �fthf' mA!II�(,� of fore\�('l'!' in thi� coun­try. 'Rut.. l\ftf'r Rn. thf'l� i� no needof nll\1'1'1'\ O,'(,T th(' �it Ilation. FOl"('ip:nIi.,tI:,,�r.:; o(t"n unitl' pf'opl('� of a fl�hting R\lt�l�, Cha�-tor H. Ryan. Thoma�('(\l1nh·y. Thf' (�l"f'at War hRS ('f'rtAinly 'E. �ndidge, Carl W. R. �ss, V(,SPCToon(' mu('h tow,\,rOs mRkin� Am('ri('an� A. &-hl('nk(,T. ROf;.qell A. Sch",·('itzel".of n11 inhfthitants of th(' rnitNi StRtl'�. ArnoM SeNi('r. John J. SN-rl�y. G .•J.Yc"t thl'�(, ctrftftNi men ann thl'll' fami- �('r('k. R('nN-n 1.. �th. C,.('()l11.'� W.li('� rl'ali7:M �'hftt "OR!' h<-� ann "'hnt �tter. J�ph �a'Pil"O, HRM·Y M.�hould �ll"\;"(' ann "'hl'n th(' time �111man. Max S. Sickle, Fol'E'� D.('ftm(' th('y Rll fought ,..·ith "m-tt"rmi- Sfet'kin. William G. Simp�n. 'William'Mltion thftt fMINi fOf' Ano any alikl'. A. �miley;, •. , no th('y !taio ,,'f' ('()uldn't fl�ht" i!' "Rradforrl S. Smith. Chal'l('s R.ftll�':\-PT'f'��i'·(' of thi� iMe. Thl' Scan- Smith. Of'«) W. SnalT, Dall� M.oinftviftn-.'mf'r1('an. tlK- Tti�'h-Am('ri- S�l'. St3nton R. SpH-r, VictOl' A.eRn "no t'hl' MMit('l·ran�an citi�n� R11 :';�'hr •• lolm R. SJ'l"Oflt'hnle.. Harold O.10�'llny d('feMM thl' p1inci"l� of t.he St3rn1htrry, Jolim C. �n, Milton V. I WE announce 0 u rex ten s i vespring assortment of exclusivepatterns for. young men andmen of mature years who de­mand distinctive' clothes indi­vid ually tailored.The Richard W.. Farmer Co .16 W. Jack.on su«, �hicago.,You may .. · �unt theworld, over-but you· '!an­not find a cigarette totake. t!te place of MlE:ad_The tobacco in Murad is '00% pureTurkish-and Turkish is the mostfamous of all tobaccos for cigarettes.It is true that C. ordinary'� cigarettescost a trifle less.I'�Juilge lor yourself-!"��iWlES*a . =?.� [A� . miBasicwofelWIreIcalhistheth.tIcsa�",", !o�•-, 'S.::5'_l-:. 'I-'. I"�,. .•�--,..'" � ...j J �:r-: 'j •.• --. '.'-" ., � .t.. ..I ,�•• .. ...,r ..... �:-.. �-7�J ,._.'\.:" J --:;.�',. <It. -.<..:::-'�..., ..........fl-. "' ... - RilOUIabiVOl\'01itK3dOlbelre�thisa�amisbe.halin�maen!antDainCh. notoneshlinriegelfoiwha.:velnillofvaldUlfUIeo\letco,watinth(.i\ _t..:...,- �j..'" .I'",�,-�'!.;:.. -� ,.1I� vironeth�YOIshtHeasthEPOIwoaplyOlpalJillso.-THE DAILY MAROON, W£I)NESDAY, APRIL 30,_1919 sLEAGUE TO BEGIN ANNUAL. I youthful. M. David has eaUed a n!-CAMPAIGN FOR MARGARET hearsal of the ushers in his office forGREEN FUND NEXT WEEK! tomorrow at 11.:15,. when he will in----, struc:t them in their duties.Freshman Commission Has Charge or I The ticket sale bas' progressed well,Drive-Want Subseziptiens From I but there are sti�� many good .seats toAll University Students, be had. All the boxes except two,, 'which have been set aside for the manThe annual campaign for the Mar-I and the woman selling the, greatestParke R. Kolbe, Collaborator in Bu-garet Green Memorial fund will be number of ticke� The, money goes toMadame' Bertha Kalich, who, in my I' reau of Education, Publishes "Theh ld t k Previ tl I the Fatherless Children of France.mind, plays rings all around Ethel, Colleges in War Time and Aftel." e nex wee. revious years ie iBarrymore when it comes to a discus- ; .--- Senior women of th� University have I' BLACKFRIAR BEARDS BADsion of the first lady of the theatrical: The war activities of the University taken charge and It has be,en con-j BIZZ BEWAILS BRATFISHworld, has to offer a somewhat .indif- Iof Chicago are featured prominently ducted in an inconspicuous manner. I Iferent play differently acted at Mr. in Parke R. Kolbe's new book, "The This year the Freshman commission, i (Continued frOm page 1)Wood's temple of the drama. It's dif­Colleges in War Time 'and After," under the leadership of Albertaferent because it is well acted. Chi-Re ld takewhich has recently been published ty Searles, will canvass the student body man like Mr.. her, shou ' acago is in a unique period of theatricalI' ,nD A 1 t & C 1\1 K lb . t II 'or its support of the worthy cause. j ady·s· part .'CYhistory right now, because in two loop . pp e on . o. r, 0 e e s 1.I "Oh, no,". continued Bratty. outheatres. of which Wood's is one, I of all the numerous activities in which The students are to be asked fot", • d tand Kn w· g 'l:'at as[-mrsun ers me. 0 m "1:,t�ere are presented plays with pra�-I! the University took part with other money, not pledges, although ,Pledg�S! I do I shouldexpeet him to take.thetically flawless casts. And that is universities and colleges and which \�ill be, accepted:. Large subscrip-I part of any number of'ladies. Whatsaying something., tions will not be expected, but theI . th t ith th tationI the War department found valuable. . . I mean IS a, WI . e- repuIn spite of the fine cast of "The. , commission hopes that every student i Blaekfriars shows have of settingRiddle ; W "1\1 d Kali h I Mr. Kolbe was a special collabo- will give what he can when he is ap- I' f hi th . dangerI e: oman, J. a arne c I in th U' d S B f d i campus as ons, ere IS ahi h . t 'I ti rotor In t e nite tates ureau 0 proacheoutshines er associa es In urama IC .! that. wearing so many beards in thebili Sh h th t b tif I Education in Washington throughout 1\,1 t Gat d t· ,_a ility, .. e as e mos eau I U •• ar�re " reen w s a s. u en In I play may set the style. Before you, I . h d' II lif the period of the war and had access th U t Sh t tedvoice ever ear In a my I e, a e mversi y, e was In eres ,'knOW it, every undergrad in college. d t I th t I fit to all the records of the government , th Iif d t' T f th'volce so un er con ro a S leMcadn in relation to the work of the colleges. In; e I e an ac IVI res 0 e �am- may be raising a war garden' on. hisit to any mood or action. .. a arne . pus, and was for two years president i lower maxila,: That was what, hap-Kalich is as graceful as the Duff Gor- His book is the first complete history of the Y. W. C. L. Miss Green died! pened in 1893 when allthe- foreignersof the services rendered by the va- 1-don gowns she wears (which really are during her junior year in the Univer- I" on the midway wore 'em. It was arious faculties and student bodies ofbeautiful in spite of the designer), sity. After her death her friends C3- ; terrible, blow to my business. Hardlythe country. He explains at length d h Iand she has a strong sense of effective tablishe in er .memory the Marga- anyb ... .ly came into this Re'V1'lolcfs dubthe method of co-operation between "\& 07-pictorial arrangement. And above all ret Green Memorial fund, a loan fund, I shop in ,that �r.. And now they arethe colleges and the War department, 07--these things she is an excellent act- which w.as to. be used to help girls ,in I going to reprodueethe old midway inand follows the effect of the changesress of the emotional genre, some- the University who needed finanClalj' Mandel, whiskers and all," 55th and Elli.in college life and curiculum from thething on the order of Lenore Ulrich, aid. Since then many 'Women have "Aren't you rather overstating tlie Midway 9700 Hyde PJlrk 452first reaction of the war up to the Isay, but utterly different in physical been helped who otherwise could not danger?" put in the interviewer insigning of the armistice. Severaland mental construction. Miss Ulrich have graduated fWP.ll the University. I an effort to comfort the downcast ton-J;:' , is still a little girl, and she hasn't :hap�ers are d�vot�� to the work done! sorial specialiSt. Phone Hyde Park. 2433, .. - been able to conquer the nasty ingenue y t e women � co eges. ! "Not at. all. Raising beards is very , Deliveries Made .habits which Belasco is fond of teach- Book Reviews Work of S. A. T. C. ANNOUNCE PATRONESSES. ; contagious. Why. have you noticed? ' W'lL L I AM SI ... � . Ing his pets. Madame Kalich is � The book reviews the work of the AND USHERS FOR SOIREE I Half of the men on Abbot 'Breekfs: MAKERS OF CHOICE CON-' s- _.. mature woman of, I suspect, consid- S. A. T. C. at-length, but does not MOLIERE FRIDAY NIGH! I �taff have already-started, And they]: FECTIONS Be fCE CREAMerable intellectual power. I confine itself to such immediate ,--- I never need haircuts; they tear theh· - 1133 East Fifty-fifth St�"The Riddle: Woman" (an insipid preparation for war. The develop- Mrs. Judson Among Patronesses-- I hair. out." .+ .. ..and irrelevant title, by the way is of ment of technical science for war pur- "Ouvreuses" Chosen From Student i The interviewer deftly pocketed a ===============Danish extraction-the scenes are laid poses, and the war research done in Body-Tickets on Sale. I hand-painted sha�ng mug and' de-� •. � in Copenhagen-but worked over by the college' laboratories is made thepartecL Sale" Be�OI'e. D--.-.I-Im. g:.. bi t f ch te d II' ,. .Salvage- II BaIIVU.CCharlotte Wells, of whom I know su lec 0 one ap r, an co ege Patronesses and ushers. for thenothing;--and -Dorothy Donnelly, the finances during the war anothez.ehap-, Sttiree 'Moliere; which' will' �" gwen 1024 E. 63d' St. -,I te 1ft th b k . th La":"'ftt Hats. at Reduced' PrieeS. _':-3 once famous Madame X, and no mean r. n act, e 00 reviews e Friday at 8 in Mandel hall.' have been I A. �shaker of the goose quill. The woman entire situation of higher education announced. The patronesses for the . MiUio D-n..:..-in the cas€, Lilla O(rik, happily mar- in war time, annual French production are: Mrs. ,TJlre,e·: ,.D. .uuia.F :ried to an extremely' sensible, solid The last chapter of the book is de- Harry Pratt Judson, Mrs. James R.I &ANICgentleman of heavy purse and fist. voted to the future of colleges and Angell, Mrs. J. Gordon Laing, Mrs.foils the attempts of a he-vamp, of the changes that will probably be Wi11i� R. Linn, Mrs. Cyrus Hall Mc- ,--,,) whom she was a one-time victim, on brought about in the college syste: Connick, Mrs. Arthur Ryerson, Mrs. I�.a .silly young mi1lionairess. Lilla is due to the war activities. Speaking Slason Thompson, Mrs. Russell Tyson,very wise, very controlled, very femi- of·tbe·men who are returning to 'col- Mrs. Henry Walker and Mrs. J. Clar-', nine, but she gets weary of pleading, lege after being in the service, he ence Webster.of beiifg blackmailed; so when the he- says, "They will come back to us in The ushers for the plays will be:vamp aggrevates her beyond all en- numbers, and it is just possible that Adelaine Allais, Ina BarteUs, Martha Idurance she foregoes her chance at the cut-and-dried formalism of our Behremdt, Dorothy Cunningh�, Ag- Ifurther happiness and chokes friend education may not satisfy men who nes Jacques, Margaret Haggott, Jean Icount almost to death, obtains' the have looked life and death in the face. Pickett, Marjorie Royce, Ruth Lovett,letters (the usual letters), and-dis- A short, year ago we might regard Viola Merriam, and Isabel Watson.covers that her husband has been them with. the easy superiority of our It is planned to call these usherswatching the wrestling match all. the own, maturity-we might hedge them ."ouvreuses," which is the name giventime. But husband proves himself a with rules of conduct and prescribe the ushers in the French theaters.thorough man. their course of study with an easily The reason they are called this, theThere is no need of enumerating the assumed infallibility. Will this be directors of the plays say, is becau�virtues of the cast. There was only true again when the soldiers of the the French "ouvreuses" are usuall).'one member whom I couldn't see ami Army of the United States return tc antiquated actresses, while the ushe�.' that was Beatrice AlIen a.c; Marie, the their colleges? Doubtless, not. for the Soiree are exactly the oppo-youngest victim. She was too sweet; "For a certain type of student the site and ar� all that is charming andshe ran all over the theatre. Chry�tal traditional forms of college work, th�I MADAME TIGER-LILY IA Review of "The Riddle: Woman,"at Wood's Theatre.By John Joseph. CHICAGO ACTIVITIES INWAR DISCUSSED IN BOOK, '."• :.�S.:.:-'_l.'I-'''-..---I':t!&. ...,, J1204 East 63rd· Street .NEAREST BANK TOUNIVERSITY' OF' CHICAGO Subscribe to the Daily M_aroon� _tw- \-,"-, "�"\�-'- I.1. � .'MONROEA '1'HE NEW'RRO�-COLLARFOR. SPRING.auett.Peabotly &-Co.lnc. Troy Mr"C. CORMANY'SHOME LUNCH ROOMThe Old ReliableHeadquarters for UniversityStudentsWe serve the best of every­thing. Prompt Service.Try Our Special Sunday.Chicken Dinner.1313 E. 57th StreetFor Prompt 'Service onBaggage to All Pads' ofthe City callPETERSON .' EXPRESS . & V AN- CO. -,JOSEPHINE . MILLINERY "' .... ,.-�You are invited to look them over..'$500�OO � EXPENSESExceptional opportunity for - collegemen and women. Congenial and in­teresting work. Application must bemade at once. State age, class and. -_department. Intemational Press, Col­lege Department, 1010 Arch Street,Philadelphia.Co�per-,Carlton HotelHyde Pa.rk.BGulevard a.t Fifty-th,i,rd StreetEsceneDt FacilitiM for DaDci .. Parti_. Lmadleoa., Fi.e O'dockT..., Diaa ... � .. Md. Weddi1Ic.Get 'Our Literary Edit�onFriday, May. 2..�,NO COPIES GI,VEN FREEexclusiveness of academic seclusion;'Will always keep their charms, but thegreat majority of our boys have notonly fought for democracy, but th�yhave lived through a practical illus­tration of democracy which mustnecessarily be reflected back uponevery college in the United States.Heme, as another victim, Lee Baker,as the husband, dnd A. E. Anson, asthe he-vamp, all pve excellent sup­port to Madame Kalich's brilliantwork. The moral, if there was one,applied to he-vamps: use handcuffs onyour victims when you taunt them�particularly if they are of the tiger­lily variety .SOCIAL SER'nCE LECTURE ISPOSTPONED UNTIL TUESDAY CAN SAVE ON .ICE BILLTHROUGH DINSMORE'S ADVICEL ' "The price' of ice is due to rise in ashort time, according tq Mr. Dinsmore,of the purchasing department.On accoun.t of the warm winter, icehas more than tripled in wholesaleprice, having jumped from two to SE"V­en dollars a ton. In view of this fact,students and members of the facultyhad bCst lay in � stock of ice couponsfro.:n their iceman at the first chance.Othern;se their ice bills are sure tosurprise them when the hot wavecornes... The fourth lecture in the series"Developin� Fields in Social Work,"whieh was· to be given today underthe auspices of the Philanthropic Serv­ice division of the School of Commerceand Administration, is postponed un­til next Tuesday. At that time 1\IissEthel Bird, formerly director of casework in the Philanthropic Service di,vision of the University, will be the'speaker. The subject of her lecturewill � "Americanization Work forwomen." -----------..; 5 c'-'I '��''''''''''''-�---- .,., ,.�.�.: "-•.••.•.:.!II� .• ... ... ..... �.•� . .01!_�.�1.;�.�"':".1�<�::-:::�,�:-.. :r�1:.�. -.-�-�WITH Waful and Kom in the cast.the Friars audiences will have a mostexcellent opportunity to get fed up onthe show.THE Freshman Whistle staff is 100per cent loyal. �They're all wearinggreen caps. Yep, both of 'em.,Famous Complaints."Who put that funny stuff in theY, 1\1. C. A. story?."; l� ;.. \ LET THE GOOD WORK GO ON!If you are a consistent reader of B.L. T. you could not help but have no­ticed all the dramatic publicity we'vebeen receiving of late in the line.First Riquarius (our vet Friars'scribe) comes across with a snappywheeze about one of the lines in aFriars' lyric, and now H. D. (he is anesteemed member of our faculty andwrites breezy quips that only a. Paris­ienne can appreciate) comes acrosswith a hot pome en francais playingup the Swabray Moliere. Watch thecol for the Dramatic club teaser, to beeontrfbuted next week by HowardBeale._,: D-ning With Faint Praise.Q. E. D. is almost a Conrad fan, buthe feared that Joseph's review of hislatest would be over-enthusiastie."You might say that he is the great­est living English writer," he said,"but don't make it any stronger thanthat."I,o t·'!'Lunnon Repartee.Wlllett-C'mon over to the De1b1.." Res�urant, Bud.Combs-Oh, you mean the Delta Thouse1 .Answers to Correspondeiats.Monsieur-I wanDa know how tokeep my green cap on in a heavywind! Indy Lemma.Ans.-Don't ask us. You shouldhave joined the army. You wouldhave had lots of practice with the�, overseas caps.Hair-How can I tip my green capto a Wyvern when the vizzor is outof reach 1 Wurreed.Ans.-Lean your head back and letthe wind blow jt off.Senior- Wby do they pick out PsiU's for Friars freaks 1 TBB DAILY MAROON; WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30,1919way-.""It's very gay upon the old Mid- CurtIs, Ib ......•. _. . .. 5 oThere are to be eighteen half-backsout for Varsity next fall."Where are the 018 of yesteJ7ear 1"BirdIe.HAMPDEN SAYS ART ANDLIFE ARE INSEPARABLE(Continued from f'Gge 1)brought about a firmer realization thatthe culture of the soul is the only realculture. Beauty is the underlying fea­ture of the romantic revival in thetheater. Beauty is also the apex ofall education and all civilization."Hamlet wm live always," Mr.Hampden said. "This play bas beenput on the shelf for too long and hasbeen considered as a document to bestudied and pondered over. We arejust beginning to realize that Hamletis a real, live being, a being to be dis­liked if one will, but a human being."It has been announced that a reduc­tion of twenty-five per cent will beallowed to all University students onseats purchased in blocks of twenty­five or more.MAROONS WALLOPWILSON COMPANYNINE IN CONTEST(CORtituNd Oft fHJII. 4)fight over the entire route. TomPalmer, a member of last season'sChicago varsity basketball team inthe eariy part, of the schedule, per­formed for the packers and the Ma­roons were only able to nick his de­livery for nine scattered blows.Sensational stops in the outfield pulledhim out of pinches on several occa-• ImODS.The Maroons "'are now ready fortheir two--game series with the Uni­versity of Michigan at Ann At;bornext Friday and Saturday., The gameyesterday showed a decided improve­ment in the offeDSive, wlu1e "Bobey"Calm bas suc:eessrully plugged the holeat second base. ' Chicago will enterthe Miehigan series with her strong­est lineup and the dope favors a two-­game victory for Pat's men.wm Divide Slab DutiesCaptain Terhune and Crisler willdivide the slab duties on the trip. Itis probable that "Terry" will work inthe opening game, as Crisler pitchPdthe Wisconsin contest last Saturday.Both hurlers are in tip top conditionand will be ready to go the limit to oHinkle, ss _ . . .. 5Elton, If 4Serck, cf .. .. ", 4Nicely, rf •. .... 2Vollmer, c 2Crisler, p •••.. . . . . . . . .. 1Sproehnle, rf 2Terhune, p __ .. __ 2 1 21 2o1 11 1o 0o 0o 0 MATINEES SHUBERTTHURSDAY and P R INC E S SSATURDAY,2:15 PHONE CENTRAL 8240 at 8:10"Chicago Will Like Mr. Hampden." A����n�;WALTERH A M P 0 E N "Hamlet i. a cood abow. Let'. co."-Chicaco Tribune.··No counterpart on any .tac�."-N. Y. Globe ... His actinr i. unparalleled:'-Baltimorc.- .Evc. Sun.EVERY NIGHTTotal .. .. 32 5 9H2o Total _ .. 35Swift Company 5.ABKaufmann, 3b .... _ . . .. 3Cooper, ss 3Forrest, cf 4Reilly, If 4Diehly, rf 4Mullen, Ib 4Fay, 2b 3Murphy, c 3Palmer, tb 4 ' 6. 9R Ho 2o 0o 0o 12 2o 01 02 2o 2 ··Actinr of the hYEheat order."-Chicago American··Easily the unisuc event of thedramatic year:-So Y. World.··This i. he, Hamlet the Dane."-\Vash. Post.'OURChi Psi Announces Pledging.Chi Psi announces the pledging ofRobert Collins of Chicago.For .the Latest ··A creat performance:'-Chicago j ournal,··Best Hamlet of a ceneration."-:'\. v. Eve. Post."Hampden's Hamlet real humanINbeinr:·-Phila. Public LedgerCampus '. NewsreadThe DailyMaroon ··Greatest livinc Hamlet."-Clayton Hamilton.··Morc power to Hamlet."-Chicago Herald & Examiner.'··Finest Hamlet of the time."- The Bellman. HAMLETWith Notable Cast. Including ALBERT BRUNING.MABEL MOORE and MARY HALL.Prices 50c to $2.50. Mail Orders Filled in Order of Receipt.II·iI, Look at this one. A cork­inc piece of I:enuint'French Briar, sterlinacNac, vulcanite bit, the. smoothest workmanship-a shape that m:-.:.csit michty convenient tohave in your room. YOU will see W D CPipes on every campusin the country-Americanpipes for American men,and not bettered anywhere.You can get any shape, size andgrade you want in a \V D C.The best shops carry them at $6down to 75 cents.wecWM. DEMUTH & co., New YorkU·urld·. Larl1�" Pip« JI"'""ac'unrLet Us Show You SUITE 204-8 VENITIAN BLDGTeleplaoDe RaadoJpla 178815 E. WASHINGTON ST.�-----------�oto _. -- a_ - - _1 __ - __FISK CAFE1309 E. 57th St. FURSSPRING STYLESMayer MillerFURRIEROpen 7 Days a Week.0-1-'- __ • 1 ._. ._1 _win.,Yesterday's lineups are:Chicago 6.Cora Fee. ADAns.-The costume bill is too high 4Cahn, 2b .•...• _ .•.•...•already. Koebel, 3b ••••.••..••. 4ODE.The leaves in the trees are opening oatThe birds in large herds flying upfrom the south,The grizzlies awake from their longwinter's sleep,On the seniors' faces I see somethingpeep.The perplexed chorus man wh� did• his best to obey the coach's instruc­tions to "Spread out," should haveconsulted Stansbury. Perhaps, h'kethat worthy P. A., he would have atonce set down to a typewriter ..Rubel suggests "If I buy one I'llbuy it from you" as a last line. Thething for his case is a little sales­manship. R11CLASSIFIED ADS.LOST-Silver filagree fountain pen.Please return to Cobb.OPPORTUNITY for two enterprising Imen in oil business to learn from�UDd up. Write fully' qua1ifi�7"tions' and personal future outlook.Midco on Sales Company, Box 0,Faculty Exchange. 'LOST-Coral pendant, Friday night,'between Reynolds club and Comellavenue.' Reward. Return to Ma­roon office.LOST-Sigma Pin. Please return toCobb Han, information desk. �'INSPECT "NEW WOOLENS..They're pleasingly different from thecommonplace.Land you'll' have the.pleasure of knowirig the pattern of yourchoice is practically confined to you, forwe carry but one or two lengths of each.FOSTER & ODVVARDCorrect Dressers of Young Men7th Floor Republic Building State and Adams StreetsTelephone 8216 Harrison .Have you contributed to the Ma­roon's literary supplement yet? Thisis your chance to ''blow long and LOST, STRAYED, OR STOLEN_;_Aloud." green slip-on sweater. Left ontennis court Sunday evening.The local branch of the Y. M. C. A. Please return to Room 28 Hiteheoetis in New York this week on business. hall, and receive reward. J 1.------- ... ------------- --�,... .......... ,... ..........LOST-An Alpha Kappa Kappa pinset in pearls, Apnl 22nd. Pleasereturn to Maroon or P. Eaton.Tel. Midway 5766 and receive re­ward. .: gt!M,totridi.V(peispr..th.ro:" '1.:' .�1F"v",.U'� - dltlst<IiJ.11IIII'linatFoou,, pbhitbleHi:ea.weCa1mfo", wCClstpinEwi., thm:.,.,f-, anhalFr.sataglancpitnimanctheinlbolamRy:hitanethesch..t· l in Itea;, titl,'1CalM04CuIHillSprColiElt4VolSel'lSmJT. ,I.