t-_ -,, r�;.1-,'fIt�{,�.If·:t il .-;.,,'.... +: ...... �J... _'_�.-:!--. ',, " .p·I· ..., -.wIiI'.... --' .. aVOL. XVIL No. 13. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23,1918 PRICE THREE CENTSUncertainty of Future MakesStagg's Job Difficult-Prac­tice Is Irregular. MATTHEWIS AND FRENCHFORlMER STUDENTS, ARENAMED ON HONOR ROLL MEE .--_ . TINGS ARE TO BE SECRETavenue. dence, The Board expects to pass ona number of cases since there aremany women who find it impossibleto carry out all the requirements ofthe pledge 'because of excessive out­side 'Work. The members of the Ex-NEW OFFICER TO HAVECHARGE OF ALL WORKON STAGG DRILLFIELDNUMBER OF UNIVERSITYALUMNAE IN WAR WORK EXEMPTION BOARD FORMEMBERS OF W. S •. T. c.IS NOW ESTABUSHEDMIUTARY WORK AND"FLU" KILL ALL PEPIN MAROON PRACTICE 'Fifteen Chicago Women Serving inHospitals, With Red Cross, Salva-tion Army, and Signal Corps Hereand in France. ROLL OF HONORKiUed in Action.JASPER FRENCHMissing in Action.RICHARD MATHEWSLieutenant Forrest Mercer IsTransferred Here FromCase School of Science. List of Members Includes DeanWaUace .. Dean Flint aadMiss Croain.A report of the war service ·beingMAY LOSE SEVERAL PLAYERS rendered by w�en.include the namesATHLETICS BEING ORGANIZED. lof fifteen University alumnae. Of. . ---. . I this number five are engaged in act- . .�hbtary work must be interfering I. . 'F fi .. \.. .. .Lieet, Forrest 'l1ercer will have. Ilv.e work 1D ranee, ve oeners are 1D ••with the 'Maroon sleep of the football . . 11 ," I genral superv. rsron of all S. A. T. C.men, if the way they act on the field I' or awartmg. ca hS to, nu.rs.es tfirammg work on the Stagg drillfield from nowis an indication. The most listless scho�ls, �htle t. � remarmng. ve ah�e on. This was announced at the Mili-ti f ed d working 1D trammg camps ID t ISprac ice 0 a ragg year was stage tary office yesterday.I . • h d f h 1 country. L' '1 . d hast nlg t, an some 0 t e payers . . '05. .. ieut. ':'l ercer arrrve on t e cam-Nina Nation , JS a nurse ID aseemed to have barely enough pep to '. pus yesterday, and will take imme-make motions. Coach Sta�g said after hospital in Fra�e. Connected �Ith diate charge .of the work. He washe eessi :L h I k the Red Cross ID France are Shirleyt e -session was over tuat t e out 00 d G B I '10 'transferred here from the CaseSchoolFarr, '04, an 'enevra a eman, ,'Was not very encouraging, but re- of Applied Sciences at Cleveland,who is in Paris with the Red Crosspeated his earlier statement that the where he has been since the initiationcommission:University would go through with of the Students' Army Trainingthe schedule. Jeanette Parritt '17, is In France. Corps program.'Several of the men are expecting to Jeanette Parritt '17, is with the Sat- Companies Reach Normal Size.be in the next lot of men sent to: of- vation Army service in the front linesficers' camps, and they are not show- and Betsy Blodgett "17, has just leltfor France \�here she also will being very much interest in the game.The "flu" restrictions are also act­ing to kill interest, and football seemsto be in a worse fix than was the easewhile the military authorities werestill determining the fate 'Of the gameearlier in the year.Stagg Tries New Bac1diel¢s.There was nothing 10 the practicelast nipt of an advanced nature. Di­rector Stagg wortced the men onplays, but they were of the simplestnature. A new backfield combinattonwas put together every few minutes,and' there· were several' shiftS in theline, as. the men were reporting allduring the session. M"off Elton wasnot out, and Halliday was shifted. from end to half.The Hyde Park eleven � out onthe practice field during the after­noon, and the ��� ��Qol boysshawed mor.e abilitJ than most of theMaroons. -Withput the services of aregular coach, the Hyde Parkers aredrilling themselve�, and their prac­tice has more pep to it than that ofsettlement house in Houston.the Varsity. .The Y. :11. C. A. also has claimedNumber of Jlen Chances Daily. 'the work of two Cbkago alumnae."If I were only certain of �having They are 'Mallfaret Hess 116" and Julia iDespite the prevalence .of the in-about tfifteen men, no matter If they Ricketts '18 who are in the "Y" ser- fluenza, the third in the Y. M. C. A.�ere mediocre, I oould do more with vice in ;he Munitions plants. series of ·Bible class meetings will bethem than with the thirty 1 have out held today from 6:30 to 7:15 in 'Man-" ·d ".. St ]a t n'gbt del hall under the leadership of As-now, sal Lnr. agg S I STUDEN� FACULTY ANDe'F d d I '-- sistant Pro.f-. Merrifield.rom ay to ay an never &JIll: cer- EMPLOYEES ON CAmIlPUStain how many men I am going to "Mr. llerrifield is a very interestingBRING UP TOTAL IN LOANhave out, and it makes things rather speak.er," said Activities SecretarydifFICult. It is almost impossible to Tabulated Account of Amounts Sub- Stevens, of the local Y. M. C. A., yes-put a team together, because there is scribed by Various GnJaps in terday. "He is especially qualified tono telling how long t·he men I put lead a discussion group of this kind.Uniftrsity is Presented. . of Amherst. \..on the first eleven will last." Any member of the S. -A. T. C. rna,41ln other years if there was such The total or the University sub- �ttend these "meetings; no enrollment The most recent publication issued each day to this work. The correoe:t-irregularity about the men reporting, scr;ptions to the Fourth Liberty Loan liS necessary.. by the University Press is "Readings ive gymnasium is open daily from 2either each day, or in the number of was $396,950. This was the combined. A supply.of testaments, which .were in the Economics of War," edited by to 5:30 and from 7 to 9 .• :_- a week. they came out. those s·.d..scrintl·on of 1 000 'Perc:�ns through· made �speclally ,for the Army, wJ.n be: As ...... P f J ". . a k d Women with automobiles have been.... �.. UU·r , _. •. . •• I SOCII'lL'!; ro. • 1�l'.laUrICe ar e anmen 'Would l1:;e dJClIPped. Jrom the organizations and subdivisions as fol- ogIV-CD out at this ..meetIng. It has I Associate Prof. Harold G. !Mouhon of asked by the_ Women·s War Aid tosquad in a burry. It i� hard to main- lows: i l .. :en announced. that "he assembly the department of Political Economy, help the Aid in its eRorts to halt thetain discipline, when the men report No. of Tobl i room on t�e third ft?or of the ReY-1 and Walton H. Hamilton of the pe_ influenza ;epidemic in the neigbbor--at all hours of the day, and more than persons dolta.rs - nolds doh IS to be gsvell over to the I panment of ;Political Economy of hood.hard to a.t the best ·work out of Faculty and administra i amusement of the S. A. T. C. Tbe! A L_-t C II T·h t· I f.... i . • I m.�;, 0 ege. e rna ena 0tbem. But one tbing is certain, until tion _ · 368 103550· room .contal�s a grand plano, and �111 the book is for the use in the study PLACE FOOD EXHIBITION 1Mthere ceases to be competition, the 'Library staff 69 6?CO .men who Wish to play have been an- I ...z • d't ob· t FOYER OF IDA NOYES HALL-.. I VII economICs an I 5 Jee as an-Uni,ersity is going to continue foot- Physical CGlture depart- "·Ited to avall themselves of the OP-I! nounced in the preface is "to inter-bali." ment .•.•.............. . 8 2050; portunity. pret the war in its economie aspectsKoneU WaD Return to Field. I Correspondence dept. Il 800 I And to outline its si�ificance for theIf the ban on pmes is lifted by the Auditor's dept. 9 2000 W. S. T. C. 0fIicera WD1 Meet. I futur-c organization of industrial so-health department, there is a posslbil- Clerical f01'ce (not includ-. . ciety."ity ()f the pra�tice improviog some- ed elsewhere) ' 2S 2500. The cOOl11l�ssloned of.ficer� of the I In a foreword mention is made ofwhat. ·Wit·h no games in sight the Buildings and gronnds... 39 21850 : ,\V. S. T. C. wall meet Fnda1 ID Class- I the fact that the war can not bemen Are not "'Y much intere�ted, I Pre.. . .. _. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 68 4300 pcs. 21. There are at preteDt nineteen I viewed in its true perspective withoutbut with something to figbt for there Women in balls ....•.... .'11.7 11800 I' oUlcers, but OD accoa�t of .th. e Ia��: a study of th� economic aspects aswill be a little .ore pep show". Kor- Womaa off campus .•...•. IU 19SO number of women rcgJstered for m.IJ- well as the military events. In viewsell has finally' shaken' oR the idu- Men Dot inducted... ... . .. 72 S7SO! tary drill, mon wiD be appGillteG; of tbis, three divisions of tbe workenza, � will ff'obably get into a dlt Men cash �es..........." 3OSO '10011. ; are made; .� economic backgroundnext week, a� � �t1In af Mm. School of �dacation..... 8S 7650 ,; ! 0' war in general, tile ecGJIOmic re-and Islay is also hpided �". Unlftrslty High sdtool We.tIIer "'U." i orpDimtion required- in .Mw- of. the(number Dot reported) 54100 I -showers with soatbtd1 winds, be- necessities of a world war, and the HAVE YOU ftmD ADvERTI8-JlA.ROOIf ADVERTISING PAYS (CaDtinuecl onl»&p 2) coming fre.... CContimaed on page 2) IN'G IN' THE DAILY MAROONlWord has been received of thedeath of ;second Lieut. !Jasper .Frendlex-'IB, and of the 'Probable death ofLieut. Richard Matthews, '16. Lieut.French was killed instantly when theplane which he 'Was piloting fell inflames at Crawford, .Miss, Lieut.!Matthews' plane fell behind the Ger- T'he plans of th-e Exemption 'boardof the \Voman Student Training'Corps have been announced. TheBoard will decide on all cases of per­sons who claim exemption from anypart of the three-fold pledge of thecorps.Women who wish to Ibe excusedman lines, and it is not actuallyknown whether or not he was killed. from drill, volunteer work, 'or prepa­ration for an essential occupation,have been asked ti file exemptionclaims. Blanks for this purpose willbe obtainable at the recruiting desk inIda Noyes hall after Friday. 'Meet­ings of the Board will be secret, andall information will be -held in oonfi-Lieut. French was the son of :l\{rs.Charles French, 5850 Harper avenue.He attended the University !but onequarter, in the autumn of 1914. Hewas a member of Delta Tau Delta.'Company organization :has been Igo­ing on rapidly. A good many compa­nies, including A, B, D, G, and H,engaged i"O Salvation Army canteen have teached someehing' near nor-service. Added to these is Elsa Free- mal size. In these companies, ath­man, who, when last heard from, was Ietic competition is !being organized,awaiting her sailing orders. She has and a schedule C1f games will he an­enlisted as a telephone operator, in nounced shortly.the Signal Corps of the army. Company A is organizing soccer,Ruth Sheehy '17, Helena Stevens football, basketball, and track teams,'18, and Agnes :Yurray '18, are taking! and the same activities are being tak­a course in the Nurses' Training en up 'by the other companies whichsohool at Camp Grant. 'lHss Murray, 'have something near full strength. Questionnaires Satisfactory.Who took her degree last spring, is at Companies A and G willmeet in foot- ·Only Eighteen Cases Among Stu- Regarding the questio�aires, whichpresent nursing at Camp Dewey, ball sometime soon. Other games are clcAta-Jlec:banics· UDit Jloat, Se- W. S. T. C. women have been askedl'ilere �eI- has :been called because of not yet arraoged.. � �� �F�,·_!I� t��6U. ()1:Zt,. �. �Waria(ie,.ba�:.�lise' large �r.: of. iDBuenza cases.. ReDder Eme Serrice· the . .Awaitiq' CalL to HospitaL Time EEteDtion to End Soon. rpnq III fhe following statemente' ;"'e of the 5 AT.r ·11 ''-a to Neighborhood. '11'1 am. 'V.ery we.ll niI,ease,·, d. witA__ t.L......,M.cs. Brownlee ·03, is still awaiting .w. n . . .\... WJ ". ve ... I4IVf, or her call to the school, and Dora have their initial induction papers spirit whic.h the women are showingt t bef k f t d The number of cases of influenza in in fitIing out their. questionnaires, A. nThompson '17, is at the Bellevue sen ou ore one wee rom 0 ay.T.bis is the second extension of time the University proper is exceedingly the women are volunteering some ser-Traininl' School for nurses .at the 1 Ith � tho d f the " h. th SAT .r •. -1 ow, a OU5� a Ir 0 'aLee an- v:ice, and many are extremely aeDer-'Bellevue hospital in New Yodc city. since e . • ."\... W'aS orgamzee, 0d ·11 r kn b th 1 t Ics unit at the V�ers.ity High sehool OtIS. lWith the amo unt which thev areTwo Univ ersity graduates are at an WJ ,as ar as own, e e as. -�are in quarantine with it. willing to give. A number of womenHoU'sto� Tex.: Mary Kidder '1� who The Mechanics unit is the one that �ave sign.med their .willingness to.· de-has t.h.e 1>osition ;){ �me lserviqe THIRD OF BIBLE CLASSESWILL BE HEL I ... A ... T has been eating in the small room ad- vote the entire day on Saturdays toagent for the Red 'Cross, southwest . D N �DEL joining Hutchinson commons, living war work."division, and Esther Thayer '18, who -'. h I h h d hMerrifield to Address Study Group- an tete ep one ex.c ange an t e Want More Influenza Masks.is settlement assistant at the Rush 1Testaments wm be Given De ta Upsilon fraternity house, and The eall whic;h was, issued to mem-Out at Meetina'. 'studying in the University High \})ers af the 'W. S. T.·C. to help makesehool. In this division there are two 1nfluenza maSks in Ida Noyes 'hall isilundred and fifty �en wbo Game :being answer.ed :by ma�y women. Onfrom �s. amps 0v_.er t�e country Friday and �onday only twentyfor tralOlDg at the Unaverslty. 'Women appeared to help with this(Continued on page 3) work. Yesterday more than fortywere busy in the· corrective tnrinna-"READING IN ECONOJlICS sium and· the rooms at the east endOF WAR," IS IJATEST BOOK of the Ibuilding turning out masks forFROM UNIVERSITY PRESS use in the city and in the anny camps.Volume Edited by Professors Clark It has been announced that the workand Moulton and Hamilton does not require any specitl skill insewing, and all -women have beenasked to devote at least a short timeHe was considered one of the mostefficient fliers on the field;'Lieut. Matthews received this IPh.B. degree in 1916. He was a member.of Psi Upsilon and of Owl and Ser-pent. 'He was also 'business managerof the (Maroon. He was the son of'MIr. Rudy Matthews, 67111 Stewart emption 'board are: Dean Wallace.chairman; Dean Flint, KatherineUNIVERSITY REMARKABLY Cronin, Florence Decker, Irma :Ericc­FREE FROM INFLUENZA son, and Beatrice Davies.An exhibit in the foyer of IdaNoyes hall calls attention to the ne­cessity of sugar conservation. Theexhibit s}1ows that while the wbeatcrop has. lessened the tension in thewheat crisis, the sugar question is Dotyet settled. A table shows that there;. stin a supr shortage among theAmes • The use of substitutes is de-monstrated in a display of fruit, des­serts, and custards and war pastryfrom tbe Ulriftnitr cafeteria.,'I" J , 1.:THE DAlLY MAROON, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 23,1918·Influenza masks, if indulged in bythe undergraduate body, would proveEDITORIAL DEPARTMENTTHE STAFF 0 distinct asset and decided help to The \V. S. T. C. is a mechanism The student soldier has had moref f 11 I 1.� b f h di f t of are being given a chance to develop.John 'Joseph �lanaJ.!in� Editor some 0 our e ows w lose oest ets which will direct the students into than a taste 0 t e iscom or sR th G b N Edit fl' . , . h·.L:. f k Don't let despondency keep yoursu enz erger eW.5 1 0 are soppy recitations. those channels where their services army life durmg IS <urst ew wee sHelen Ravitch Night Editor . L k f f for or from growing.Howard Beale Day Editor are most needed. Through the ques- in the service. ac 0 nne -.Rose Fis hki D Edi h . ti d the influenza are theI c un ay ItOI' tionnaires which �ery member as garuza Ion anJames Sheean Day Editor COMMUNICATIONSbeen asked to sign, it is possible to two great causes. Those who came toWilliam �lorgenstern ...........• (In view of the fact that the com- 1 . h rhc coll rath•...................... Athletic Editor find out just what work each woman school this fa I -wrt t ie co ege. -Frederick Winterhoff munication column of the Daily Ma-is best fitted for. and to help her ar- er than the army idea u��rm�st in..................... Associate Editor roon is maintained as a clearing house h k di 1 This I their 'minds have been disilluSIOned.range er wor accor mg y. .BUSINESS DEPARTMENT for student and faculty opinion. The will not necessarily mean that the The old balance of work and play I�Grant Mears �l"'n"'ger Maroon accepts no responsibility for ..' ff' h e and in the general smas.h-ul> 01 economic Questions involved in the- ...... I other orgamzatlOns Will su er In t e gon •. . cen-l{ay Freedman As.sistant the sentiments therein expressed. process; instead, �t should instill new customs and ,,:ays of h�.ng, eon. reorganization of the industrial sys-Staff Solicitors Communications are welcomed by the OOf d into them The W tration is difficult. �hhtary duties tem at the end of the present war."11 e an purpose .'cl .liessrs. �lcBrayer, Ballinger, Cekan editor, and should be signed as a£ S. T. C. hopes to vivify these agen- keep' the' Student away from ass at The intention of the authors is thatand Dunn. evidence of good faith, although the cies and to. help all to a greater de. least once a week. T.�e ard�ou:. �nd the book may be used for three pur-Entered as second class mail at the name will not be published without 'gree of usefulness. disagreeable tasks which rnaxe rving 'poses: text in courses of the eco-Chicago Postofiice, Chicago, Illinois, I the writer's cOJllellt.) . .hearable must all be done by the men nornics of war, whether for members.March 13, 1�06, under the act of -The -great problem before us all illi I'---ch 3, 187'.1. --- . kl themselves. instead of by the WI mg of the S. A. T. c., or for students in-� 0 now is to win the war as quic y asI THE PURPOSE OF THE W.8.T.C .. possible. The \V. S. T. C. will do 'professionals, landladies, cooks, an.d I teres ted in the larger economic issuesSUBSCRIPTION RATESall in its power to help accomplish porters. who formerly kept the re�h-I 'Of the war ; an introductory course in. Called for, $2.50 a year; $1.00 a Ii Editor of the '�larooll: zation of the necessity of these duties 'economics on the conditions that arequarter. this end. It deserves the support ofBy Carrier, $3.00 a year; $1.25 a Lest there should tbe any doubt inevery woman in the University. from entering the student conscious- now revolutionizing the world; andquarter. the minds of the women of the Uni- ness. finally a general source of iDforma-By Mail (cit ) $350 $150 I \V., S. T. C. :Member. . . .I y, . a year; . versity as to the real purpose of .the In the face of these eonditions m- tion for those interested in the war's.' quarter.By Mail (out of town), $4.25 a I Woman Students' Training Corps, a difference and the give-up spirit ap- economic background and the eventsyear; $1.75 a quarter. r word of explanation may be wise. The ASK FRATERNITIES TO SEND pear, especially in the case of those that will result from the war.Ed. . I R . \V. S. T. C is not an organization LISTS OF MEN ,IN SERVICE whose vital energy has been sappeditoria ooms Elhs 12 hi I h' . f' B hI!Telephone :\Iidway 800, Local 162. w IC 1 as. sprung up, hoping to rob b. y attacks 0 disease. ut t e sa ll-. ," STUDENTS FACULTY ANDHours: 11:10-11:50; 12:25-6; 7-8. all the older campus organizations of The Daily tllaroon plans the publi- tary reflections must be borne m mind I 'Business Office Ellis 14 i their individuality. I t has no desire cation of a complete list of the fra- that men elsewhere in the service are EMPLOYES '"ON CAMPUSTelephone 'Midway 800, Local 162 _ BRING UP TOTAL IN LOANHours: 10:20-11:50; 3-5:30. to usurp any of the powers of the 01'- ternity men in service. For this pur- facing worse difficulties, and that.ganizations. pose fraternities are asked to send in with the year just begun. the attitudeThe women who conceived the idea the names of their members who are of cheerful equanimity and readinessof the 'Woman Students' Training fighting and the branches in which for whatever the future may hold is Officers S.A.T.C. 13SOLDIER LIBRARIES Corps did so because they felt that they are serving. These lists should the only tenable one. "Carryon" is a! Subscriptions throu�h stu-___ 'such .a corps would fill a need which 'be brought to the �Maroon office or I phrase which will outlast the 'War be- dents............ 1 20000i\Vhile to the S. A. T. C. men it I no other institution could fill. They sent through t�e Faculty exchange I cause it expresses. the spir�t which. is I U niver�ity of Chicago cor-may so�nd ridiculous to request books 'felt that a corps, embracing every as soon as posssble. necessary to seremty and vigor of life -poration .m�t latin tlaronnThe Student Newspaper of TheUniversity of ChicagoPublished mornings, except Saturday,Sunday and Monday, during the Au­tumn, Winter and Spring quarters,by the Daily Maroon company.Wednesday, October 23, 1918.for soldier libraries, on account ofthe overwhelming number of publi­cations of every species to be foundon the University campus, there arecertain very good and sufficient rea­sons for such a request. Even jf wedo not haTe the time ,for recreational Ireading, or even if we do find so many.text and reference books on each sub­ject desired that it is difficult tochoose, many are the soldiers whohave time and desire for recreationor study ·via the hook line who arefinding such things impossihle. Stu­dent Army Training Corps through- iout the country are training camps Ide luxe, so to speak. i�Iore than a year 'ago (at least as Ifar as we are .ablc to remember) the IAmerican Library association. prob-Iably with the grateful an? earnest c�­operation oi Army and Navy authon­ties, sent fort,h a wholesale call forbooks. At first the demand. was forfiction, poetry and essay. hut gradu­ally carne the realization that evcrykind of book 'Was needed. �Ien intraining camps ·were begging for textbooks and references, men overseas,anxious to continue their studies at IIodd moments .(there must have beensuch things if th�y sai� .so) wanted Iiscientific works m addillon to theother sorts mentioned above.Ii all events the demand for recre­ational books is being met with somedegree oi adequacy: such a requesti!; one that can he considered hy anygroup or class. But the Universitygroup, wc. you. I, are particularlys��ted to meet the demand for scien­tifi� :U1(1 �erious tcxts of almost any�enre. X 0 one of u", �ave perhapsstudents in medicine an(1 law. are s{)enamoured of onr serious hook:'. that. the i:�t of certain �ortions of them to I�he LIbrary association would prove Ia hardship or great sacrifice. Certain I"fraternity libraries;' for inst�nce. nowmo.1ding in storage, could he donated.Fraternity lihraries are generally de­POsitories for dust, at that.1 it the hu�tle, confusion and rush ofthis, year the plea of the American iLibrary associa'ton �houId not go \In-I:heeded .. e.s.pecially i.n t�e. university Icommumtlc,s. Any public .library willtake your donations; t�ere is a place under any' conditions.The newly created soldier needs toI put iron into his will and "whistleo'er the lave o't.' Discomfort. dis­=---(-'F-r-o-m--t-h-e-lf-l-C-h-ig-a-n-D-a-il-Y-,)--- like of military duty, and the effectsof sickness should be forgotten. Thisis, after a11, a good time in which tolive, stirring, historic days, the mem­ory of which will be a proud berital:e.The best things in men's charactersin Harper library near E II for such phase of campus work and includinggifts. \Ve consider the hint sufficient every student in its membership,'to swell the present most useful con- could gain a broader view of thetributions. whole field of war service than· couldany single organization. They feltthat such a corps could unite all the'different ,fon11s of war work· .beingdone on the campus into a co-ordi­nated whole. WHAT COLLEGE EDITORSTHINKCOMMENTTHE MISTAKE OF DOWN­HEARTEDNESS·'READING IN ECONOMICSOF WAR," IS LATEST BOOKFROM UNIVERSITY PRESS(Continued from page 1)(Continued from page 1)1i5012500020'CentsTURKISH CIGARETTES.ARE MADE ESPECI,ALlY. FOR THE,O'ISCBIMINATING - A�D EXPERIEN.CED',SMOKER OF HIGH GRADETURKISH. C1GARETIE5The blendin� .is exceptional"AKERS Of THE HIGHEST GRADE TURKISH A"O'EGYPTIAN C;1G"RElTES IN THE WORI.D.Theylike •are Just•meetIngyour Best Girlfac� to face.REMEMBER-There are noothers like your II B. G. " 'It �, ...... p,; ,� r \ T4 r ........ .... , ..ind.. al.. Slsi. - p44�" S)sc, I ... _'P.� :." b-d.I.- e.ta... " .. hih4te• .: dac.. isa!• 01r ccsc-'t J �ti,f(i, .,� " � is....III.. . ,hi.,. ylrea\ di,.,tt'" alyl� "t1"' Ii al("c' :al• r. ."j ql( .. .-{� "{" ",', st�4 'P'�'- I,.- al.. - _..Ih:... , _,--\" -".• I- E� (...- _.:Jo:":n.",,� fi',Ct. �� l�� /. s(el.. ."'\\'. tl.. r,f J :K• _ c.t(.. 1\ '\_", P.- irI ' � AA 0.cl"- (' . ,Ie�, .... Piir.. t, � 1:nt ..•-tI' • .'.�.�/ \'.., ,- J.c, . s', 1'4� � ... , n•I(.. b·t'i F-... F" • f' -'.. L"J;.'.f�SIA tl�r:. p• ,III S4f'r I'" ·l'- 1�.�2The adoption 'by 'many educationalinstitutions and especially by all Stu­dent Army Training 'Corps collegesand universities of the four-quartersystem, is the subject under discus­sion in President Judson's latest Re­port. Among the advantages of thesystem pointed out by 'President Jud­son are the following:"The four-quarter system makes itpossi'ble for students to enter at thebeginning of any of the quarters and paign against the "flu," stated late tenant commander in the Ordnancedegrees also are given at the end �f yesterday that to his 'knowledge there department 'Of the navy and is sta­each of the quarters. A student may were only eighteen students in the tioned in Washington, Prof. Millikantake any one of the four quarters for whole University ill with the disease. is lieutenant colonel in the Signalhis annual vacation, and 'he may, if Establish Emergency Office. Corps, National Research council,he wishes, work for all the four quar- Women members of the.faculty and Washington,ters consecutively and thus shorten wives of professors have been ren- Prof. Gale is a major, A. E. F.,the time required for his degree. The dering aid to neighborhood families, 'France. Associate Prof. Kinsley isadvantage to members of the Faculty which .have been stricken ,by the epi- captain in the wireless branch of theis that he may ararnge his vacation demic. An emergency office has been Signal corps. Assistant Prof. Lemonas may be most convenient for him, established in the rooms of the '\"0111- is captain at Aberdeen Provingor he may be in residence for four an's \Var Aid in/Lexington hall. Since grounds, Aberdeen, :\Id. Dr. Derns­consecutive quarters in one year and Sunday, these women have assumed ter, instructor in the department, is aso have six months of accrued vaca-I �ntire. care of a number of �amilies second lieutenant in the wirelesstion, which�e can use for travel or I 111 which every member was sick. branch of the army.,for study in foreign lands. j I n one family the father, mother Work· is Given by Substitutes.B ildi U d El :M th I and two children were ill and had no 'During the absence of those men,w IDgS � ev�n on s.. care until some women of the lac- the work of the' department is being"From the point of vrew of adrnin- It' k d d . d .h u y came 111 to nurse, coo an 0 carne on by Associate 'Prof. Lunn,istration t e four-quarter system the housework. A young woman on :\1 essrs. Koppius, Hagenow, Kannen­makes possible the full utilization of her way to nurse at Camp Grant stine and Bell, and by Assistant Prof.buildissgs during eleven months of the," . PRESIDENT GIVES FULLDISCUSSION OF SYSTEMi ('\ Tella Advantages of Four Quarterrv' lIethod-Students Can Enter AtAny Time-Report Just Issued byPress.¥'I..� -1...I ,I ... r:year, and in the case of dormitoriesresults in receipts by the University ofa third more income than would or­dinarily be received. It also enablesthe University to organize economic-;ally its administrative offices on a Iyearly basis. In the experience ofthe University of Chicago the attend-I 1 ance in the Summer. Quart�r has usu-f'''''' :ally been larger than in any other•j 1'"' •• __ 'quarter of the year, and the fees' fromfi -: students are' correspondingly larger."A reprint from the iPresident's Re-I�4 port covering the four-quarter system I'� ,-_land its advantages in actual 'Working• ....- _Ahas just been issued Iby the Press. :��'�-'\ "EPISCOPALIAN CLUB MAKESEXTENSIVE PLANS FOR YEAR1-The Episcopalian club has an­nounced that its application for af­filiation with the National Council ofChurch Cluhs has been accepted by iMr. !McCou, the president of the as-Isociation in New York. The Rever­end Dr. Street, curate of St. Paul's,� t .�. � who has been the guiding hand of• the club 'since its founding, and :�[yraKimball, the president, urge all Epis-]copalian women on the campus to at-Itend the meeting Friday, when the Iplans for the year will be announced!in full. IThe dub plans study classes duringAdvent and Lent under t'hp t1irectionof various members of the Chicago jclergy. These classes will consist of.lectures and discussions during thisperiod. Further information concern­ing these and other matters win be,laid before the organization at the imeeting. I_________________________ 1I<:I�ifi� !------------------------1TO RE�T___iFurnished flat. 62421\Voodlawn Avenue; 2 apartment. 71large sunny completely furnishedrooms-3 rented if desired-.,�.OO a Imonth. Hyde Park 4545. !�OST -Crold chain about 20 inches Ilong, more or less--not a thing ofbeauty, but highly valued. Lost he- Itween 61st St. and Classics building.Finder please return to Kate Smith,:::. Foster hall...,.•...a I' ,"- (' .� , ....... "'"t ... ., ,S "1... L�.'.f-':'" WANTEI}--ILive men with somespare time to solicit advertising for.the Daily :llaroon. Commission aspayment, or' place on the BusinessStaff. Those interested see GrantMears or ,�{ay Freedman. '.THE DAlLY MAROON, WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 23, 1918 •PrGfesaor Judd Will Speak.UNIVERSITY REII'ARKA:BLY helped for one night. In another Hennings of the School EducationFREE FROM INFLUENA family the mother and five children and Mr. Willson of the Universitywere ill, and were helped by the fac- High school. Prof. Judd. director of the schoolulty members. The registration ill the elementary of Education, will address t.be Nortfa�courses is twice as great as usual be-DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICS cause of the large number of men inLOSES STAFF MEMBERS the S. A. T. C. who are studyingFOR SPECIAL WAR WORK physics, Th�t:e is not a great demandfor graduate work, as all technicallyProfessor Michelson is Lieutenant trained men are doing specializedCommander of Ordnance-Major work in the 'army..Gale Now in Franc� •(Continued from page 1)Brine Influenza from Camps.When these men came they broughta number of cases of the influenzawith .them from training camps. Theinfected men were immediately put inclose quarantine, but in -spite of this,new cases have developed until thereare now ninety cases In the one unit. ern Illinois Teachers' Assoclation atBelvidere, I1l., on October 31 andNovember 1. Prof. J udd recen�spoke 'before the teachers of Balti­more on the subject of "Why Ameri­can Schools are Democratic." and be­fore the teachers of the Joint CountyI Institute, .san Antonio, Tex., onThese men .however, are not in the Since the beginning of the war the. SUBSCRIBE FOR "Curren11 Reforms in ElementaryUniversity student body and do not regular staff of the department of THE DAILY MAROON. Curricula."./mi�k wiili campus me� On ilie �hy�cs h� heen de�e�d on a� ������������������������������campus, there are fewer cases of "flu" count of the services of the memberst.han in most quarters of the city. Dr. in the army and navy. Prof. 'lHchel­Reid, who' is at the head of the cam- son, head of the department, is lieu- All S. N. T. C. Men!They say it takes the Navy to show us how.-Here's a chance to prove it.Polson of your company is waiting in Room 9 to get yourSUbscriptions for The DAILY MAROON. You must know bythis time that The MAROON is the chronicle of all events ofthe campus. An added attraction is to be the s. N. T. C. Bul­letin. Your own particular doings will be recorded there.Remember Polson, Room 9and the News ofthe Day•Jr(issingYOU who have not wept for' onewhose life is dear, walk forth with methis day. There from a window in the sun,gleams a golden star in a field of white, astar sewn there in mourning love to marka new-dug grave in Picardy. See, throughthe street there walks a woman white ofhair; her aged arm supports a drab-cladboy, yet in 'his teens, as with falt'ring stephe gropes his sightless/way. At an office.desk a man, not different from yourself, sitswith bowed head and harshly sobs overrthe day's newspaper where his prescientffinger found his son there listed with the"rrilssing." «l.Y ou who have not wept forone whose life is dear, give utmost thanksthat yours have yet been spared. to servethe common cause of right. Give utmostthanks that though you may not walktheir fields of death and face the peril youfain would share, that of your bloodlesstreasure you may make an ally that willspeed their cause and yours. The day'sduty is that _you buy War Savings Stamps;that you affix your name on Pershing'sHonor Roll as one who has fulfilled hispart, So, buy these stamps today• • e :"I- .' � '.a_. .... ,��. ", . --..THE'DAlLY MAROON:' WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23,' itllNIO\V that campus activities areInsuch a flourinshing state (hie), theconductor of this colyumn of com­ment and mirth will be henceforthPhilip Space.IIilitary Ditty.THE K. P. is a lucky bird,Allowed to eat most heavily.T�le only thing that isn't nice'S to get up before reveille.WHILE the S. A. T. C. is corn­posed of sober, upright, young men,the Navy always has its Boos.OFFICER examining materjal forO. T. C.: "What would you do if you'saw a Battleship Maine coming downthe street?Neff: "I'd take another drink."AMONG the other questions askedthe young hopefuls, some f01l0",:How long is a string?How far is up?Why is a smell?This is to warn you. So if youthink you are going to be called upbefore the Lieut., you'll know what tostudy beforehand. unknown quantity at present, as sev-STARR WRITES ARTICLE eral of the men were lost to the offi-FOR SOCIOLOGY JOURNAL cers' training camps lately. FrankON MEXICAN SITUATION Long, who was looked upon as oneof the 'best of the five milers last sea-Recent publications of the Univer- .... P . I d "Th A . son, IS still In school, and he andsrty ress me u e e merrcanJ 1 f S . 1 .. f S t be Tom Campbell. the sensational Uourna 0 OCIO ogy or ep em rand "The Classical Jaurnal" for Oc- High runner, 'Will surely compete.tober, The former contains an ar-tick on "The 'llexican Situation" byAssociate Prof. Starr of the depart-ment of Anthropology. The Executive Committee of theIn speaking of the higher complex I Student War Activities Committeeproblems involved in any study of will meet today at 4:15 in Classics 21.lIexico. Prof. Starr makes the state-ment that the solution of these prob- MAROON ADVERTISING PAYSlems can come only Irorn Mexicansand cannot be made outside the coun- ---------------Itry. He quotes Manuel Gamio, an I A !official in the Carranza government, i Three Million Dollar Iwho says that the "fundamental cause I jof Mexi�o's ills lies in the fact that BANK !there are two elements involved in Ithe population of 'Mexico. and that I'one ef these, the Indian, has hithertoIbeen ignored'.to �ear the wails when on Saturday,shore leave is r-efused them?ANOTHER exodus oI the remain­der of the football team is on theprogram, If Dave Lockwood. thepromising bullet bead or Co. A goes,as he threatens. Stagg 'may as wellthrow up the sponge. I ,CROSS COUNTRY liEN WILL ! STUDENTS Aim REQUESTED ands stilt are in desperate need. TentMEET CITY RUNNERS SOON I TO OFFER THEIR SERVICES cents a day will keep one of theseI --- children from starvation,"-,-- I Volunteer Workers Needed to Sell I d . f d h . tThe -Maroon cross country menT M da f F th rl: csu : n or er to raise un s, t e socse ywill get their first tryout of the sea- ags on 'Y or a e ess - of the Fatherless Children of Franceson next Saturday morning when dren of Franc:e. has decided to. have a ta� day Mon-they meet several city stars in \Vash- day. Students who. are free duringIn ton \Park. Coach -Eck is arranging A call has come in for volunteer the morning hours have :been. espe-an informal meet for all the long dis- workers to. asist in this neigbborhood cially urged to. volunteer.'tance men who wish to compete, and for the tag day for the benefit of theexpects to get several athletic club I Fatherless Children of Fr�nce. All Professor Mead on Committee.runners out. The IlIaroon team is an 'Women who can gIve their services_for any hour Monday have been asked Prof. Mead, of the 'Department otto send their names. addresses and Philosophy, who. 1S president of thetelephone numbers, together with the 'Chicago City club. has been madehours they may be available to Box chairman of a social service commit-53. Faculty 'Exchange, before Friday. tee of fifty, representing ten different"Thousands of little children have social service organizations. The pur­lost their fathers on the battlefields pose' is to cooperate with city and fed­of France and Belgium." s�y the au- eral officers in the suppressioin ofthors of the society. "They look to vice in Chicago and its environs.America for help. Already many ofthem have been cared for, yet thous- MAROON ADVERTISING PAYSStudent War Committee Meets.LONG life to the new.Anon.,NEWS item: No guard duty for the MAROON ADVERTISING PAYSS. A. T. C. Now ain't that too �ad.!EVEN though peace should cometo the rest of the world. it's a safebet that hostilities will not cease be­tween the S. A. T. C. and S. N. T. C.Or between Companies G and H.More Sayings of the Sage.IT was on guard duty before thatworthy institution was aboUshed. Thesquad came up to reliere the guard.Said Ilh� corporal to �e sentry, "Tellbim your best." R-eplied the rookie,"Yes, .sir, I'm beat."I� ". ..iWlE await with breathless interestthe latest development in the candycontroversy. It is perhaps the oneitem of purely civilian :interest thatone finds in the IMaroon nowadays.A traitorous navy man discloses theIact that the trysting place of the unitis 57th and Ellis after mess of anevening. It is a case of two of thetbree military organizations co-oper­ating. the absent party being theArmy.v-.��.-.-.. , AGAIIN, points out our Naval cor­respondent, isn't it pathetic to listento the gobs sing K-K-Katy" as theymarch sbipward from study hall. orHAVE YOU SENT IN 'YIOURSUBSCRIPTION TOTHE DAILY MAROONl Established 1890JENKINS BROTHERSDry Goode aDd Melia FumisIaiaga&ant 8t. and UDivenity Aye.BlIM Goods Right PricesBight TreatmeDtc.' CORMANY'SHOME LUNCH ROOMThe Old ReliableHeadquarters for UniversityStudentsVVe serve t�e best of ever,y­thing. Prompt Service.1S13 EAST· 57th STREETPhone Midway 2830 1204 � 63� StreetNEAREST BANK TOUNIVERSITY Of omCAGO IARRowSoft COLLARSVery superior in fit and wear •It pays to ask for Arrows.CLUE'lT. PEABODY A: 00 .. INC. M'JD:RS "A RemarkableTypewriter"All favorite features combined inone handsome writing machine of,the first quality.WOODSTOCKTYPEWRITER COMPANY23 W. Was� Street, ClaicapPhone CeDtra) 556SKEEP IN LINE WITHqlNSERVATIONPlace Your RaiDyDay Fund �ithCentral Hyde Park Bank16th ST. AND BLACKSTONE AVBNUE, eBlOAGO, ILL.OLDESI' BANK IN HYDE PARK..,", ' Hotel Del PradoAdjoining the University, is a handsome hate for oat-ef­town studeats, and the logical home for the rela\hea Of ...dents while visitiag them.Oft'ers temporary home while awaiting WuetioD late&��� -Open for the comfort and entertaiDmeat ., 'be �Training Corps.ADnouneemeuts of the Dances wiD appear .. the �Home of the Naval Navigation Studmt&ALBERT F. GmDINGS, llpo.ATTENTION!"The Pen of the Army."Do you realize that whenever �ou write your "papers"in "Longhand" you are making twice the work for yourInstructors? Your papers will be better and your grades wiDbe higher if you do your writing on aCORoNAFOLDING nrEWRITERLet us demonstrate this wonderful little machine to 180at your convenience.(SMJelAlL TERMS OF1FERED TO S. A. T. C. lIEN)Uniftl'lJity repr'-'tiYeSIDNEY CASNER-5728 Prairie Av.aePhoae Nonaa) 658SCOIOIA mEWID'EI SALIS COIIP AftT12 s. ... Salle StreetPIt_ FraU .. 4"2-4"3NOTlCE!-We Rent Coronas ••cc·Ie.paJ:.(I,I ,..... -".'_ I,..,.. -,.J 1 • .1....._ ........In6Cnintomelte.... 1. ,. Iet?stgi.NmOlCOlI'At0'ne, to'.'" .� p".. 1 r:"! ,,�,. , . �•insil, ... �