, '���r.'�·'�":�"f ,:�f::':":(�"':'"'�: 2�·�-I':"·":?�,�·:: .:.\��>_��'<�-;�':'i:= -,��-'; ,':.'��' ,.i/·),:,·U<,,:·-:; (. _�;_ ... :.: ·','>/:.j.�· :.�.:.�� �;:J.,':..:'�� j�' .': .�.I"':.;.'i�. , .. :�.��� ' ••• ,:' ... � ..........," v.. �, '!'; '" ." -'. .;."(:!." .," - ,� .,_ '" '�/..·i '. ..::.... •- Ti). '�'��' :;L" ': "'/ : � .:'. ;:: ' .: ': "�":' :::'� .: "',:::.>: >, >-' .". ,f . ��:�����'�'��':'���::�' ,;�'�. �'�.�," -', ',,�.' �', ', ;,' ,�. .: », : ...<, I�: ',.:',\fJ��""" . e'..: .:.... :..., .._'.� #.• ',. .;.:l ..•" .Women of 'the W. S. T. C. are beinggiven a clianc; to do immediate warPURDUE GAJlE IS UN.DECIDED service this week.. An emergency NO GUARD DUTY ,FOR PRESENTcail has been issued t\wo�n to help The. time -for sending' out of initialmake gas masks, for w�ich there is induction papers bas been extended THREE UNIVERSITY MEN were seot ,to Officers' Training Campsa great need. The corrective gy:m- N .. 1llED ON HONOR .ROLL at the close ,of last week. Thirty-five.to October.3O, in 'accordance with or- ..cutnasi� in Ida Noyes hall is being of these left' for the Infantry Officers'ders from the War Department atkept open for this purpose. Edward Orr . Killed in ActioD. God- School, Camp McArthur, Waco, Tex.;The Woman's War Aid, which bas Washington. dard'Dies in Airplane Accident in eight went to the ,training camp for, . This was announced at the Military· , Iits office in !Lexington. ball, has' asked France. Strohm Dies of Pneumonia officers of the heavy) artillery, at Fort-ith tom bll t I» th' Office. yesterday. The large number in Camp. ress ·Monroe,· Va.·, and �ve .went to'women WI au 0 1 es 0 orrer err of .men whose lOea'l draft boards have 1.1services to help cope, .with· the 'in'ftu-· ... the training school for machine gunbeen unable to 'get their papers tran� W rd tha he . eel f thneza situation in /the neighborhood. . 0 s en recerv 0 e officers, at :Atlanta, Ga.ferred for the original. limit hu made d th f th U· ·t............. L' tThe War Aid will keep c�k of the ea 0 ree nrversr y .. �¥. leu . The names include those of promin-. . this neCessary. No additional exten- Edward Orr '17 and Lieut. Walter Iwor� done by the women, and it will ' , , ent nth etes, and men well-known inbe dited ·to the W S T ·C . ' sm �f time' will 'be granted, as far as Goddard, '13, were killed in action, II t· .ere � .' . • . �o.men, is now known. .C . p • co ege ac IVlties during the past year.weeks there was some ability 'appar- as. thelr war service for ·the week.,.·· . and. edrie Barton Strohm, 17, died The complete list fotlows: _em in the Squad� and there is a' faint FacuItJ m�mbers and wives of faculty Changes in Military Stair. . -Of: -disease. Infantry (35)-Stanton S�r, Ber-bope now that the .� 'Man" will TL-e have been seve'ra1 'l'mporta' nt tLi,• eut, Orr was .a, -gTa_ duate of themembers ar:e volunteering their ser- aer.uu nard Nath, Morris Musselman, Buell:�.. - .be able to turn out a .fairly. decent vices as:' DUMes _ in neighborhood chuges in the Military' Sta1f . during first p£ficers' Training School �t Ft. Hutcliinson, Paul Hinkle, Perry Heist,eleven. I\\-"/bile Coach Stagg is b'usy the past te' n davs.' iLeutenant- ---. 'Sheridan. He was tralls&;hed' t,o avi-homes which have been struck by the ".maD Theodore Janavs"ky, Robert COwie,building up a new team, the m.i1itary 'd . So d' 1.._. k a- B8ttaHon Commander whose ation after .graduation and was an Carl· Halperin,'• Albert' De WI'tt, J'obn.. ., ," .' ...' epl euuc. me are' omg 'uvusewor .", '..'• authontles are reported to be engaog-. hese'" h _:"".2 thers lei' transfer was announced last w«1,. has mstructor at Mmeola, L I. He left Moch leW i1l6eG· Arth -.w_:l:. . �. f' h ' '. . 1ft t . omes a.uu 0 are coo ng At, th'" f th e,.. IJ.U mre, ur J.JU:Poin,! ed �n ����ng men � anot er�cam,p,; food '�t their'homes 8nd taking it to been succeeded by Second Lieutenant for" France at· e b�nnmg 0 e Frank K:1ika, Robert Adler;ttJ• which may mean ·tbat t�e ...-v;eck ofthe houses 'where there are patients. Dady. Captain ·BoardlDfUl, Post Ad- ���iS'L_Orr was a .�e�er: O,.f Phi �P- • .Leon.,. Glaser, 'lAlwrenc� Lewer.��.·one more team may resu t. . J'utant, 'who has been absent. on, leave, :r- £1I Mrs. T. 1L MontgoDM!l'Y is chairman Goddard Prominent on Cam.pQ.ij-;'>: ,�',Colberg, Lennox Grey, Douglast \. Men Are Badly Scratched. f thO k ., on ,account ,·.of· illness, has been tem- .,... . .';.1.:, 'D__. ,-n.;. __ u lDos Robert Ba __ w_,�� 0 IS wor . .' .., . Lieut. ;'Goddard was killed' ��.I:ti. ��:�.n. e, . ,um�..-A 1ittk time IWIaS spent in signal "Flu" Halts- Enteriabuaent. porarily' st1eceeded by Second I:.ieu- airplane accident � a training' :fi�d uer;"'Robert Cole, Herbert Crisler,ji. ';;.' drill, and in running bade punts. The. W. �. T. C. has postponed..aU tenant ¥Ud C. 01iv�r. " ' .. ,''. in Francie. -He' was in the �viation Her�r.t Verrall, Louis Dooley; .Mter that the real IW'Ork began, when its plans for'entertaining the men of Gaa�. duty for the' �ompanles In ..' '\;.':':"t.. .• 'I 'H George Barclay-;; Edwin Dygert,, S 'ed' AI\..' Th .... the'"' SAT ,..,' L._ . been' ..J � 'tel . secuQn. ot;uJe sIgna .corps. e was. . tag�. start .. lie �lInmage. e the S. A. T. C. �or the p��" The �.,...' "-I. U1&S U1:U� • Y13. .menmer<of' the chi Psi and' while James 'N. :Nicely, Bernard McDonaid,"·It(� .M�roon �ch ordered the.. men to, ban on large gatherings baa made_�� Sl1S��.',��uty.�(_f�.to;�� 'm-�.'�l1,'. sity,��rwU a:'$r�)oot� :(h�,��.:JoJm.+;·.�!,:.J'_.>;�\""'>:�:-;_��f:��01'. '. play their' thardest, aod.. d1Cre ,wa:& I�b' .�_. Wie.. ·.mnr.. ..df','&8 :' , ..... .,. .. ". ,r ..... �·· �� .• :." ""'.' , �."'��"'''J:'' �,.":t. ��.�' .... � .. , ..... -,:1I!d-t...'WJ.>."'.:w:r..M&i.Q' 'ir,,��,,;':'H:"';i<.ft. ":,1'�• �._: •• ,- • .:. •.• "" �I).' ,.('. t,· .,�_:a�.��.��.4 .. � .. "".. ._ •.. ..,. • '�'-', .-. ·"::r�(��:--,.,.,.� ,,�>"�Y,'''''-k-''"=!!!.-�'�\���.''''*l'� ·soiDe-W�1>rat1rfiras--.�r� t�""":p�ne;f"")or the '. �oste. '" r., �.�, ,:lS�,.e", ". ' 'iC�: �tiohm. d'rd .�f ,: .. ��.�' :.:, ... �:: ". '.' '. �/ ...., "':'. < " I'.'J (' 'flf ·tbe m�n' wel'e ba�I�.�CI'atched up House· in' Ida' No� WI_ . '. �.� oo,'�J�uty,'On'caui�".", �t,�Wadsw:����"'1�IHea.VY"Mobile.Gun .(til-A. :Tod,.'by tb,e' time t.he sessIon was over" Pauline ;Lauderbac� recruiting om- . -Uniforms wtll probably be issued C ' .. ;J..�'1'· -','tho . T�· " ·�{s'· �_. .. l 'G�fTouff .Bicham . Porter . 'Brad]'"". _.f th h d � d 'of thaD' • nul e lin" e ..,nlversl.._,., U"Qllm, ,-'"�: -.:._,... �ut.. ey a me. 9OIJ1e, �" , . cer. for the' W:'o'S.' T .. C., bas cmcMme- to the .command at the. �. of another majored' iii geology. Mbfr �on. Hall, WUliam Watson, :Ha� Will-.. d�"-� -1Ihe .aftern�on.· '., . "" ed that the �ting station in· the week.: The :dela:y� in inducting 'the he-'rw�t' ,to Paooma a's' one of: the iams, \Edwin Ahearn, Benjamin Perk� .Eu�ank. w�s 'taken ou� by. ��gg !oyer of -the 'Ida 'Noyes baIl/wiD be full ,nUDl]:)er of..men-hav�:helped :slow geo�e.{eta1r of �t colllltrY.· He .Machine Gun (5)-Walter .Derby,�:::!egtp:ll,7: ��sth;l�;: open daily from 11:30 � l:a.�. and up the �uip1ne�t of th� �panies. en:��d. '�h� :;��!i�at seryice in A�-' Frank' Wells,' Theodon:: �,roon coac1l liu -sifted his' �eld, from 3:30 to �., .; Women. may enroll ��. To .�_�o �<ca.:-PL ". gust, an� ·.was �e� to Spartanburg In Adolph Barsley, 1..' W. :Dilley.. .. r' and ·Elton is DOW :9taying,: half. �nd ma�.��,l��OD �-, . M'orem�'�� �Y be:8ent to �pt�ber.; 'His 1�ldes� was'of nearly. -Hermes was. played 'at fun\� yes- mg ,eD1�. 1,. un.'. ifO.z:ms' and. lV8l" the .. ;��' �mng �ps �ortly. two �s.' duration. Funeral serv:-. � U.NIVERSITY in WIAR TDIE, " da' d···· L':..L":' ... 'L� .l..e' ""I' 'WOrL UDiforma should be ,ordered The Dumber of men and the time of ices will be beld today at 10:30 fie .: �', .. "". . .-_, • ter. y an rt IS prolNl&K: U'iU 'II, Wll : . . : . . .,'. . '. '. ,�. . : .(, cOntiD�e to it�l� down that po9ition� '. (�ntinued' o� p&ge '3) their go�� � not· yet ��y, known, Oakwoods Cemetery •. '. '. pr;What We Would .Do If �e CoaJd, l' U 1m'. k <!111ft' Hermes has but � exammations ;bave . ,", ,But We CeI1aiDly Can t. .n own a !Wee ar.-, _. '. '.'1. 'dis_"a�d such �.i1ity.that he seems BRlT� EDUCATl._ONAL bee•.. n.go.mg.· on' in the otrice. 'of ,the Act- UNIVERSITY SUBSCRIPTION �an' J� , ·AM...tant. .... .. t'L_-- FOUDfI'D' LIBERTY LOAN "Oh, dear," ��_,:tke:·'University... t'o be sure of a berth on the first',' II.. ISSI�W1LL. .VIS. IT. lng &aUJ,Y, .-en.l.or ,�exam- aa.o.. • .., . nded b �....__:- c,a .... DAlGN IS '�&AA young lady as she,.pzed.··. ' ,diScoDSoIate-,� eJe.en. ' CHI 'IN NOVEMBER lnations are reeomme'. y � .ftADa&" ,._.,_..._ company. officers, and only induc:ted '. ly at the Chi ,Psi hospital,· "what shalll4� Jerry Neff Is Clever Half. MissionS Purpose is � BrlDC' British men. aft eligible. ' ..Aaoaat. af Baad8 Boacbt Exceeds we do this year DOW ·that the iNV-� Jerry Neff 'W8s ptayed 4.t Jeft balf Arid American,U�ftnides IDto . The .Ioc:ai draft boards in moat . . TIIat Bo.Pt in TIaird � ernment'has commandeered the frat-J y�eHlray, and .,aUed off SOllie d�ve� ao.r RelatioaSbip. . ..Io:� t' sti·· ito 1l-,.1:6 .... emity bouses wI1ere we used to have.-..: tel' L "n'L ...t....:ft -L'ch . eases "'10 DO lSSue que 0JmIUftS All ....., h' 1'..1- dI ". �'. ue .M)r� '���:,�QI . ""u�: , ' .. '.' .:---- . the eigb�n-year .. old men �o were ,______ . s� DIce c ass vo&oces, teas an par-:-� 1)Uta;.' Elton .at bal.f:.:1IIld,.1I.�� �t 'The British . ,Ed.. UC&ti.·.onal Mission ....'� .' .... .' The' fi-" .;'_ftrI_a. ._. �'L_ T,':� ties?",� . ..' ," • .;/1 , ..' , . (Continued OIl page ') . . . . ma. ,_-.au" QI. WIV �a."J . ,fl"�. w.t �:1o be a � one offen5l� w�ion is now itIt 'PhiI�deIPhia' stueIY,": '. '. . ..,' LoU'drive at the University shows "Tha:s . all right," �Iaineel -hertl: ,.1y,�, .�e D�ty/ of d��� ing 'the universities o.f . that �cinity, SA. T�c' GOD OVER TOP', a .� Subscription' of $96,450 on the coq,anron,• sw�dy, "There are DOl �a DeW ... !-� IS done �y 'Wltlt. wiD eome to Clicago the' first week" . eampaigD. The � boaPt by �Iass orgamzatiODs to have �s,l[� Hennes IS an excellerrt fl�����tr, in November. Its stay ·bere wiY be' .. ' �o�RTYA ��AN��� pelSonS'eomaeetecl with1he UDiftl'Sity and lhardly any bat Freshman meD topd ia aood for pins �n b� W'lil � brief, only four days, but in tllat time'. and ,b � U • 'ty corpomti is co to them if there were any."'. A{ , EftOai.. is effectift OD :l1lY fOnaatioD.. it will visit the u. niversities of this 'Libe .' T _. ubeeripti ,• ..E �QOI7 600Y _i.: �veJal. .'-of .;:.n,ooo And she might have 'added. that,. h'� t i . . 1 rty._... . ODS lD,. � ,.uu', , 1NUwmg an �......, b' -� L R Id d :-� I,.,. FoseJsoa, w 0 .UUlI� up s rong n part of the country and the tralmng SAT C b .itt the total. � the the ThiN Liberty l.oaD last t eJte COUIU ve. eyno Db unorma s,t .� 'die two hieh doo1. KrimmagM last camp at Great Lakes. '�. .• . : roug, ors 'L ove_r. : i£ it weren't for the fact .... t the Rey-c.... _ _"_..I... d __. for the . ' ." UnIverSity well up to the quotLl Uu- sprmg. Id lab bas obeen tu d' t; r" � a-'J.e a 5VVU .game This. mission. was organized and St!:iotions were 'taken from, the in;. Member of the faea1t7, 209 .in DlIDl- no s Cc. ��e _� 0 L�t 10' secoad .... sent to America by the British go�- • � .. • . .'.. - Y. til.· A. but. ' .A lien; � vci C:( ,Pa-t Page's crew of second striag t' t' tb . 'ta": _I: th N C'.l�ted ,men through their COIIlpaD7 �r, aub8enDed .,850, 78 membeIs of dinners if it \VC1'en't for die fact that. • ern men a e InVl ",on U>I e a- nd b a.'L' '-- f the _""_:-.:---ttve aDd c1eric:al f�'_-- -- up ODe toachdiwn against . '1 1'""_ '1 r ID f 'f 'L!.. cot!lma era, y �e same SJa_ 0 IlUlDUUltKII ...... __, we aren't allOWd -the food. The�l:1. -- UNA tIona vuuna -0 e ense 0 t.�. , ;,' ., "':'1r.. the wt team, wirile A .A. Stagg, I . d � :'Brtlal ·pa�te as hu obtained In. $9�, '.ad 148 atudents, 13,vvv could be parties in the Ida Noyesf� �nior was 1lJlabJe to pUt Ode over. cAOU�' 'ts. PU�t' e �s .ttOh .sttlu y .fl.. j'the other 1mmch. of the U'IIl7.· through eoHcitors oatsicIe the 'Uni'ftM- corrective gym if it weren't for lheu U• mencan umverSI 1es WI le view• ." '.' • . .f h L._..I.. '--..1.t _f. .' p�. nlaYed quarter and was respon- f.l:..- • IF" 1 ". b t Tbp. subsel'lpti,mB � aift1l m Illy. The amount 0 t e UUIIWI vv.I6" fact that that room is now used for� -- p , 0 ",MInna - c oser umon e ween .�'L al b students· th U' ''_ Hi h •. "f liMe for most of the gains made, as the schools of the two countries, and i on Thursday night, aDd "WIe lotment Y� m e mversl .. ,.,. Ig Red Cross work. And there could behe tossed some perfect forwards, and of creating a eJoser intem�tionat fee1- ppers setting aside the 1Dootb17 sehoul was $41,650. These amounts, football games if it weren't for the /abo pulled dOWD a few good long ing betwteen the .two countries. I payment to the �rer of the Uni- added to tbat turned over b7.the fact that the health department for-piu. The 'first team pla'Jed in hard Mission Arrives November 7. ted States Weft signed Saturday ag8llts working on the c:ampus glV6 bid, them. _!." lack, lGmbling tlR ball When there On Thursday nigbt, November 7, morning after � iDapectin. a total of $212,600 aubscribed b) 1,122 Tbellarixm could haft its custom-'. )was a chance to score. the 'Missioa will' .arrive in 'Chicago. Ali the companies nbleribed well up persona. The 'tabulation of the ary bunetin if it weren't for the foctBItoIl Good Groaad G=er. T� next day, IFriday;, wiH be spent to one bundred per eent. amo1lllta Of bonds bought by WVIIIetl that there is nothing to put in it;TIle teCODd team touchdown came in �nference at th�' UJj'versity .of Compan7 A, in �b at MidcDe and men Iapeetiftly, aDd tbat.whieh and if the "8u" doesn't flurry up andafter Dougall and· Focel'9D had run Chicago, when the discussio� Will be and South Divinity'_Ha,led tb8 COlD- was ao1d through the dorm� aDd abate soon tMe1'e wftl � neither any­,.._�. 'ft tile W .... tIle'� OD a1aort 1Macb. 011 the relatioas lbetIWeen Englislund panies of the battalioD in tile per varioaa clubs will be aD1lO1IDCed Jat. ·thing to put in the IIarooIl or US)"Some long pas,. from Page_to American anwenities. and esspecial�y capita 8ubscriptioD, with 6,'160 to ita e!'..' members of the staff -left to pat it!Scbwab were .bo Jlood for fo .. on die Dew Ph. B. degree conferred credit. DeaD IliDer,., who .... in eh8rge �ere.piaL' Fop'boa took tbe baD OYer by,tHe"'Britdh schools. of the eampaiga � the am,.., 1aa Of 1:oUfR � coald co to die011 .. 1Mt·.ta.na, "-"tiIw..1ds � On Satarclay,. the-Yisiton will p to ' WEA'ftIBIL �.. apr 111111.' .. _" ... beiBc· eDtizeb: mo" to CtUtnct oar � bat. *throagfl mo. of the fint team 101' Urbana to eft t!1e campos' there. _� ,with the re�ts obtaiDecI, cnories are closed. AU that remaia.. , die . Deeded_ -dam yards. Elton � After only _e' day at the U"ver- Continued Nr, .wIth· JAGdw� DC! � cratefaI to ,�� .... active � die workers in E 11 aDdi i+ (Oontillaed on pace 3) ' .• '(OcJa:tIaued Oil paae 3)' w!nds. ' ..... Ilted �: ideaS for quizzes.1Ir�.1"i\ rJ.{j • t . .'�..,;arn", .-, � .... '. .. I. .". '.. _..." :. - ..- "." .. �t' .VOL. XVIL, Ne.. 1%.', UNiVERSITY OF CHICAGO,' TUESDAY, OCTOBER Z2, 1918 �R1CE THREE CENft_00.' 1iI¥EI' STIFF � REQUEST AID O.F WOMEN IANNQU. ICES.. EXTEISIONWOKOUT ·IN EffORT . . � CHECKING EPIDEMIC OF TIME OF ENDUCUOIITO 'srRENGTHEN TEAM War. Aid. Needs Volunteen'to Make OF MEN lITO S.A.T.C.�asb aDd Drive Machin. 'Y. S.T. C. PG8tpoDes HostelS PIaD&-AD­DOUDCe Registration Figures. ,Forty-eight men of the S. A. T� C.48 MEN FROM S. A.T. C.AiIE,SELECTED TO .GOTO OfRCERS' SC'"'-----\-.' Several Mea" Shifted to New'Positioas-Herines Is ae.. .eeat FiDel. Delay Ou.sect By' .IDabDity 01Draft Boards. to Get PapersTransferred. . Killed in France.EDWARD ORR/WALTER W. GODDARD Studeats Leave to Receive TraiD­iDg at Waco, Fortress Mo..roe and Atlanta.Died of Diaeue.CEDRIC BARTON'STROBKIt was work for a capital "W" forthe Maroons yesterday afternoon. De­:Spite the fact that the next sched­u1ed game is at least ltwo weeks away,tCoadl Sta� drove �he men to .1Ile'limit, and the dTardest· scrimmage' thenew men h�e ·-experienced so far wasthe result, W-ith Coach Stagg 'and!Rlt P�ge both -pointing out mistakesat the same timC, it Was a hard lifefur the football meD:'For -the first time in the \ast two"'.\'.�,",...I' r.'I \ ' :. �i .. t'"".;:-,'�� �.:' to.� '': ':,.�� -r: ·t,',. ,� .' -.' .. '" .DIB DAILY IIABOON. TUESDAY. OCTOBER Z!, 1.18}'.-: .... " .:, . ..-�.;..tion, blecause it· is c1o�ely tdifw t'ii D$tted some act that was not trulythe ;'i'e�ltl tiatfblioLI ttsk of .ti.aia, American.De Stucleat life ..... of The this war.' We· �ubt :WTy, ·.fi�, if ;' Shall we or sh.lt we not? ThereUDiyen&t; of 'Odeaco - eotil' Geberal, Pel'Shing �orriei �t is a distinct qu'tStion for you who::::I-=::====:::a::==_==:I:iI==_=::i::It the que�ion, _but to ril�.r. of this are "always winin. to help 'Out in anyPublished mornings, ekeept Saturday,SUDday and Monday, (luring the Au- Univer!lity, especially old members, sort of trouble." Athletics haveWiDD. Winter aDd SPring quarters, the question has been a thom ill the been decided by the goverranent," the Daily Maroon �ompan� sidle. fraternities by necessity, 'but theEDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Is it unpatriotic 'and 'Wrong to con- others, We are $tiU 'Wondering.THE STAFF tinue� University organizations' andJohn IJ oseph .......•• Mana�inl[ Editor custotns?�uth Genzberger .•.... News EditorHeltn Ravitch Night Editor No, you say, if there is time. Well,Howard Beale _ Day Editor there is time for everytbing, so toRese Fischkin Day Editor h .tv Sh D Ed' speak, but can we spend t e timeames .eean. . . . . . . . . . ay itorilliam Morgenstern that way? Have we the righ� to talee_ ..................••. Athletic Editor twenty minutes 'here, and an beurFrederick Winterhoff .•••••....•...•................... Associate Editor there to attempt some sort of pre­Autumn quarter, .J918, campus Hfe and sanctum.activity. For instance, shall TheGrant Mears Manager ') 'W�May Freedman As.sistant Daily llaroon continue to exist. eStaff SoliCl'tors hane to see our traditions and clubs (In view of the fact that the com-Messrs. McBrayer, Ballinger, Cekan pass beyond, and yet we would hate munication column of the Daily lIa­and Dunn.BUSINESS DIElPARTMENTEntered as second class mail at theChicago Postofiice, Chicago, Illinois,March 13, 1906, under the act ofMarch 3, 1873.SU&;cRIPTION RATESCalled for, $2.50 a year; $1.00 aquarter.By Carrier,' $3.00 a year; $1.25 aqaarter.By Mail (city), $3.50 a year; $1.50• quarter.By Mail (out of town), $4.25 ayear; $01.75 a quarter.Editorial Rooms _ _ Ellis 12Telephone Midway 800, Local 162.Hours: 11:10-11:50; 12:25-6; 7-8.Business OUice _ _ Ellis 14Telephone Midway SOO,' Local 162.Hours: 10:20-11:50; 3-5:30.Tuesday, October 22, 1918.'WARE INFLUENZAlAhhough it seems impossible to getany offiqial statement from Universityauthorities on the campus influenzasituation, all evidence points to thefact that the number of ,fairly seriouscases �as increased in the last fewdays to quite a 'cJeogree. Such a state­ment should not cause any panickyfear, but it should be Ibeeded, 'in' orderto 'Prevent a more serious sit,uation.As far as 'One is able to jud�e,most of the cases have appeared inthe 9tudent Army Traming Corps.This is ol1'ly a natura:! outcome . ofbarracks life and large classes. Butbarracks life and large classes aresufficient reason, too, to exercise un-, e Ventila'tion, personalusua.. car..b· in fact every preventrve. ygtene, Jsh-ould be continually em-measure .ployed. i1'The University and the m .ltary au-t110rities are doing_ everythl.ng theyibf can to reduce the mfluenza'P09SJ Jy . b I'1 IT --res have been gJven, u-pen,.. l�'''' d' ·b ted. t d "flu" ,masks Jstn uleuns pos e ,and all that. ,H ow ever, to haMe" anykind of success students must wa�carefully. 'Sneezing and COU�l::send' out �enris; i>oorl� ventdatroams increase and re-distributegerIM. . .Under t� preserrt . regime , Jt liSdif,ficult to miss classes and keep upwith the work, but any student feel­inrg at an urrwell should stay awayfrom 'gatheringlS _ of any sort. Theschool .¢1ysicians- are more than will­ing '2nd' r�dy _to provride medical at­tention and .advice at any lime.So it is up JO teach one personally.I f your neighbor, your class or yorin'structor is lax in preventive meas­tIres; employ them your�elf.) As Dr.Re�d has said in 'his butletin: '''AnypersOn who sneezes or coughs with­out putting a handkerchief com'PJC're­Iy over the nose o".mouth is a men­ace '0 the health of others. As thistittle ,the presence of such tJniversity,trl=oups shoud not be roleratlcd." AndUntt 'stat�ent � only putting itmil«lly;:' " SHALL WE OR NOT?. 5ir.c� . the 'heg� of _ the quarter,u_ ndergr.aduales _ both dh .. men an womenave h(4Cn no 1'. •.,uzz JOg th�Jr h_eads off Iah()Ut, campus �tiTi�es. The questionhas rea'lJy been of H_rioas considera .. 1IarooD' accept. JMj �t7 for we ��i:w�� ��� Jak-tile IeDrimdlta therein· Ujltl"lad. __ �� �' t£ _ the candy eoJdCOJIUDUnicatioDa are welcomed ."'..... In iaAtla, ��. ilau iI allowed only &�toi',.aad ah� be "'d .. '-' eerWn--�t;;,:,.,,;.,ao without sug­ewteDCe of pod faith. a1th�.the ar in iur .'e_ eojfee because thename will Dot be published without �Ugar supply allowed each bail iatbe wrlta'. u •• ") limited and bec:ause we hue. ea!Id,.during the da,. •. ·THE CANDY QUmTlON. As for myself, I shalt eat eaDdy ulong as it is sold.. Surel,. we qIl betrusted � to eat more than a reuon­able amount. 1'he government willlimit the 81lPPl7 W�D it sees fit.,Hall Resident.OOMIl.ENT Editor of The Maroon:This is just a word to refute theopini�n expressed ott the eand1· ques­tion • by Mis. Ross several clap _gooin this column. I don't think thePress or the League would ,be alt01fedto sell candy if the government didoot allow it. Besides, the governmenthas not Aid that we must do withoutsugar or candy altogether.Moreover, aU candy is not made\wth �ugar. And we must havesome sugar and if we don't eat toomuch candy there is no reason why'l11e qustton of, t·h hpur is bow canwe produce tWa worthy "col" or soof meaty, timely comment and what­cha oaUit repartee with the Reveilleand Taps iamilies (along with all thelittle calls) taggini around in the PROFESSOR WILLETACTING CHAPLAINDuring the absence of Dr. Soares,who is in France doing Y. M. C. A.work, Prof Willet, of the Departmentot Semitic languages. and literature,is acting as University chaplainCOMMtJ:NICATIONSstill more to- feel in the slightest way roon is maintained as a: dearing housewe 'had done wrong. we had com- for student and faculty opinion. The"Wisbafri�dIy 'Ace'would drop·some Muradearound 'her&�, '"•if•�.;...•._..,,.•..... ' • �}.......�IIize�IttcIeaJtcII51�otinmvtarofE,Mn .: fht. ;. inMten, ,; coLt'et·) rmTI..r- JeJof,,'_ Cclt·�' lieUrI�� of...., ..... : MeTuf ,. leg. �0,.(� Pr,,:34::: -sit:I ...... �··of� - _,:.. CoSPl'r Be'"'�'::: dOJ'tt turrr;:�df :'to•.�. II'PaJltois aill 'A.to .1grawor'r.)ftI'O(lon��rl4mitesom1"U�bdt' ..ill "',&Sbulliter, .....,.If·(.,- ALl,.,;;� A,'AIthe I.��� .hot� �kl��l�e.., -.�'.\- ... � ,,'. "•16',j. ,­r •• Mrs. Judson will gj·ve a dinner forthe who'le tlfission. The next morn­ing, Wednesday. the members of theMission will leave. Chicago perman­-ently to go to the University of Wis­consin. . They will stop at the' GreatLakes Training station on the way.,On the British �fission. are seven ,*�- .. - � - .. -...'.'._.-.---.�_ .. __ . _� _ � ...,,_ •. A ,. .. - or· .�'. _ - ..;�_:._., Io'- �.- ...• ·.JttrIBII BDUCAftOR� SfGIUJFICAKCZ·OP·'1Jtmm er'-Y CJWSs�OOl1"��. SQl1�, ,,:. KEQV��.P�;)lV�: :.,::�: �. ..:Ii�.'.��� '. '.�·IIISSIONWILLVISIT COUNCILINOIlEA.SEDBYW� ::·, .. LOsESTWOMBN .. WB.EN:"l IN:... ;.�.,..... K... IN,.G,... EP, m.. EMIC.. ,' ;.".:.. -'�.:�.J';', .. '���"'."'" �.... ::.... :,.:.�. CHICAGO IN NOVEMBER· . \.. . - , .' .: .' BAirrKE ANID� MOOD.GO av .IUIIRU'.r.: .1 .....LIM � .--. of IIa �OJ. A.tdn-· .... ( ; �, . '. .(OoDtiDued !rolll pap. 1). . >,. . ... �. • '.'.,&r7 Are � to'" ,, __ cat. Two ,eMU country men who were at �hia desk, no� a� 'Carson, Pirie, (�.ftOm pap 1) ..... :.. . counted on to make the Maroons con- Scott and Co.. Arm bands wiD be .� star �4 �_;. fot die V.,,,The Ida Noyes Advisory Council tenders for the cross eountry title are given out at the recruiting desk on bat .Her::�-;;'::'7:. � dWt.-u�bas announced no definite plans yet, 'lost to the aquad because of the need WedMSdays and Fridays between Tbere is no dispositrion on fhe pittbecause of the cessation at activities of the army for oW-Jeers. Bartke, who 11:30 and 1. of.anyone .in authority to cut out foot'! .during the inftuenza epidemie. This wu one·of the best of the long dis- 871 Women EDreU ill W. S. ',f. C 6a1l for tile 601'500.· As y�{ ttiereyear� however, the duties of ·the eeun- tance men developed by T� Ec:k ·in 'More than eight hundred and sevea- is no indication' w.fie� the ·'I.i'· '�iicil win be of greater significance since th laat Jear, Wt Saturday night, for t, women haYe enrolled in 1ile W. S. �ift lift, and it .may be ilJl9:O$d)fe ."'". ..Ida Nayes han is to be a Hostess Waeo, Texaa, where he wiil enter the T .. C. Most of these have expressed play ,the 'Purdue gaiDe. 'While 'therehouse. The lIlembtn of the Ida Noyes machine CUD ofrJCers' schooL Haat- a wi}lingsnesS to do a 'large amount of is any ebance of p1ayi�, thle Maroonsauxiliary will be announced shortly. inga Moore, the only two-miler on the work. The 'WOmen drill" twice a week in wi-II keep going. 'So far few Of.' theThe Advisory council is compoaed ·track laet ,ear, aDd winner of sevenra the field behind the gymnasium. Per- team seems to be affected witJI theof women oOf the University and wives dua'l meets, will � be lost in a short menent eom�niea are beiqo formed, inlueDza.· .of the professors) The members are time, u .be has been accepted for and every woman will be assigned to"appointed by the President of the the aviation�. Eck is DOW look- a unit this week.Univer:sity. Their, duties coMist m for long distance runners, as it isdeciding the policies of the ball The probable that one or two of the re- 11AJOR IS GRADUATE Men in Naftl Unit Get uDil�auxillary is composed of twenty Uni- maining men on the team wiH be sent OF BOWDOIN COLLEGE125 Sluient& Enro�versity women, five for each at th� awa, before the last of Nevember.four classes; appointed through thePresident's otrice. TheY' aet as rep- SEND NEWS OF WORK DONEresentatives of the council ·to carry BY BASE HOSPITAL UNIT 13out the plans which the 'latter make:They also form a reception committeeto guide visitors through the hallThis �r for the first time the mefu­bers of the auxiliary will wear pinsof silver and blue enamel designedafter, the Lancaster rose, \be prevail­'ing m�tif of decoration in "Ida Noyes.The phis will be worn with badges toshow that the wea�rs are hostesSesof the hall.J.r lity of IHino�. the. :Mission will re­turD to Ohicago and spend Sundayin rest and motor trips around thecity •.Northwestem On. SclIcdule.IMonday morniDg. the uriou! higb�bools of Chicago lVill entertain themembers of the .�ission, ,who wishto ·Ieern something of American highschools. too. For luncheon and the.. -} .I afternoon, they wiH go to Evanstonto Northwestern University. Thatnight the National :Association ofState Universities will entertain them1riibh a banquet at the Hote'l Sh�rman.. This association will have chargeof the visitors again Tuesday morn­ing when. they will bold a downtownmeeting. After luncheon at the Uni­versity Club, t-he iMission will Co toan affair given by th� Rhodes Scholarsof Ohicago in honor of the ·Rev. Mr.E. 1M. 'Walker of Oxford. Tihat night s. N. T. C. B.ECElVF.8 EQU�ENTt·) tire unit..,I ,The .Naval Unit now contains 125,men. Of these, 105 �re enrolled stu- ..An account of Carolyn Wiison, spe- POETRY CLUB TO MEET TODAY' dents, one' was. transferi-ed . from· theeral correspondent.of Th!, Tribune, Great ILakes Naval Training Sta�ion,from 'Paris, tells of the work of ,Base The Poetry club will meet today at one was sent fiom Rhode .Isl3nd (andHospital Unit 13, which is com-posed 4:30 in Reception lRoom A in Ida nine were from the 'Medical �iv"mainly .of University men. The has- Noyes hall. The. President bas re- Very few:a.ses of infItrenza bve ·de.pital is situated in Limoges and l:s quested that ,members. bring mano- veloped in the unit, and the heaitb of'.one of the biggest mid best in 'France. scripts. _ men is veri gOod in' iflie main... .;Dr. Parker Is Convalescent In the July 111S'h the hospital accom.:-. _. " . --, . <'.� .,Dr. Parker, .former University rec- ad ted· 1,500 d't I h ++Ht.++ ·H.++ •••••••. m a men, an 1· a ways as � \ ." :order, 'who was injured by a farl last 1,200 beds fiUed.: '•.week in New York has been reported + W' S· T C . � :'as convalescent. He will not I1eturn to University men are playing an im- .' -+Chicago, however, until later. :;,::t =.�:._tb�=��� �":; i, ' .,. ' ",,•" ',', • :: :: .SI�W�:.��.!:�=:GO:TAFF :��::e:e:.e�::��\:: i� W . .:kn� to Chicago ath1etic friends, :. . omen /' .:.Papline Lauderback, recruitiqg :offi- is. em.. e of the most POPular. entertain- : . \.,'. i ,!c:er of the W •. S. T. (:., ·has aDD�UJ1oed 4!rs •. IBis si�I�«. � a 8O_ar� of ��t. i· ",the members of her�. They are: jo.y.-.to�tbe.·patienb • .a.... . . ..:, "==-:!:.:.� � ::: �!;::\���\=ia1 ha:� i You Have The 1Ruth 'Jlrown..' TheSe. w�meD haw' Among' these. ,is Lieut. Ralph Chap- • ' .. , :cr.� . of :the ric:ruiting desk in _Ida man, '14, 1ril6 lIaS' been oSetiausly • './ �.., !�,:.:;;:=!:::,.,��.from woand� I" 'Ch. icag' 0 .Sp· irit. ISub$cn'"be to .your college paper. :: 'I�• •I Subscribe to. the Maroon 'i: . t: i·Major Dana, the command�ng. o�­cer of the loea:l S. A T. C. is a gradu­ate of !Bowdoin college. 'He studiediaw at Harvard and later praetn eolnw in Boston. While in college, heFonner University Studen� serve in was prominent activities and wasHospital in Lemizes- Popular captain of the tennis team. He is aAs Entertainers. member of Delta Kappa Epsilon. .' The equipment of the -NJ-t Unitstationed on the campus isJk:nvi�rapidly. Hats and suitg nave aniv­ed, and it 'M �peeted that enougbhave been received to furnish th en-It.. ':.',�.)mdtlbers, five' men and two women.They are: Dr. Arthur Everett Ship-"',- ley, Vice-Chancellor of the Universityof Cambridge, 1.faster of Christ'sCollege and Reader in Zooligy. Sir}fenry Miers: Vice-Chancetlor of theUniversity of Manchester and Prof.1:"-:::.. of Crystallography; the Rev. EdwardM�fuurn Walker, . pellow. SeniorT·utor, and Librarian of Queen's Col­f.:' lege. IMembe� of :Hebdomal Councfl,Oxford University; Sir Henry Jones.�� Prole C;£ lli'orat Phitosopby, ·Univer-34. -::. -sity of Glasgow, Dr. John Joly,. Prof.I • . ":"·of Gealogy and Mineralogy, Trinity-� .:� College, Dublin; Miss ·Caroline,.Spurg'eOn. Prof. of English 1.iterature,'r Bedford College, UiiiyersJty 01 Lon­'" �.�:.: don;' and 'Miss' �. Sidgwick, Lee�,<t tur�r on Ancient· Wstoiy, University---. '�l'-'" '�of 'Birmiogham.�. ---"ME WORM H:AS TURNEDt ,p.t .�' �;�') ...... -".. �-:. ,. .. �. '�.; f· •,-Senior Engagement ,Announc:eci.r No, iMatilda, this' is not a term- .t(('! .f Zoo] I' F.' b ·t f o� us ,MT. and M'nl. Samuel A. /Kennedy .opaper or : er � J• r bavc announce,!" 'tile e em ofto .possess any sucll aspIrations. It· h . . /" npg ent._ is a treatise upon the startling chang� :!.. �Jrldauglbt� '�K' . ·to· Lieut. Thomas. d t th part _C .tLose S rucn� es. M.JSs, errnedy belong$ toOIn 'COn uc on e· UI . 1:11 .• t'A T·C rob h d ty °t is tlhe class-of '19 and is a member of. . . me ers w. ose. u. � Moftalr Boa"!. .Lieut.- Gentles �x-to .promenade of evefllngs m 'Sola� '19)· � of':"-:-. grandeur benea'th the windows .of the :c'.-.;.1o� a.. Delta Kappa.•'�I n and of SkuD . and 'Crescent(:..... women's dormitories., and was cpresi�t ot 'his FreshmenI 'They lr.ad patrol1ed -the solitary,.. .? L'_ _ � • class.� - � p3Vern.cnts to a de�ee-· trkit 'WOW(J. �. It�ve exhausted the: patieoce of aI -� oseissors slmrpener ... With only t1M! . PoatPoae Dr. Gilkie'.- Addr_. t;.·:" ·ligJIt of �e moon "rtd a' 'Vefy . ilim ·Dr. Gilkie Wit! 'I1ot address Divin-'. �n at tha't, they have gonc their ity school chapel tomorrow;' as �c�,'� 'qV�h �_ lonelt lWay, they have gazed with iIl- announced. His lectwe as been·,�.: �rll:ellJed .. � upon the lighted dOT- pOS'tponed.indefinitely on a�unt of.Spanis1J inftuenza.... . .� . lbit�c!8 and bye heard tlhe revelrous", JO souDds ' .. that proceed therefrom.' ...... �-,..I!!!!!!I�a......-ifi!l!!:�e-d-�---',\.. 1':b�te .came tL' time :MIen they c:oal� '-'ebdure no Sooger. Their SOU,! rose W ��mang WOIDaD,' .to 'asUit in,.. i".: ----tof ". � home momi�and �eninP for room'/� '. 50 o�' a stilly night a mysterious And .� •. PhOJlii Hyde .'Park 940'1.SbUnd arose from·'tlJe lM"elften� 'hot _,��. literally-you undet-Stand. WsT�A cameo pm set with pearls.·· .. Lights· OUt, up tft�te." F.i�del' lJ}eale return to H. J. 1Iartin,C4-. t'\. We should not b�ve given it away Foster Ball. Reward.t ,¥. because ,.it �sulted in a t�dY. But LOST-A small broWh leather poc_it was a good story-too good to ketbook with initial 'T." in metal.) ! .. - �e'P.. rw� leave the moral �o you. The' Frolic TheatreDRg Store t. :! flI, 959 � 55th StreetOlDer Ellis A.�MARY A. PETERSuccessor to Ada � •• �re1m Killlbark AftIlae.FEMME' CHIC GOwNs OF DISTINCI'lON .. BIoasp and MtenIooD GoWIIS '.Short Orders PrGmptly Attended to'MISS MITT'"If·Yoa Carlt Go Acro"�me Acrou" �._ The' tollcnring figures give one a fair idea of ,.... ... or her Jc.n.'to'the GovetDment by the purehue of � Do ... 1MB ·aeeomJ)lelaw'hen u8ed by the War ·DepaJlllDeDt:·oDe $50 bCmd will' b1l, tn!IIc:1l knives for a ....... ,..7, or 26hand gl'euC1es,' or 14 rifle grenades, 01" 37 taaes of IDII'ieal basta __for enlisted men'. beltS, 01"10 c:aaes of·lDt1Iical instn.Deats tor or...,.,betts.· ,.A $100 bond will clotbe· .. soldier, or feed a soldier ... eight 1DCJIIt.M,or purchase ,; rlftes or 30 rifle grenades, or 43 ba� �ades. or 26iJ)Ounds of ether, or 145 hot-water bags, oOr 2,000 su� Deedl... ".A $100 and a $50 bond will c:lotlie and equip 8!l inla.tr7 sOldier farservice oyerseas, or feed • soldier f�r a Jear. .Two ,100 bonds will cJdtbe a IOldier for a year.Thr� $100 bonds win clotDe a soldier and feed laD· t.r one,.. iaFrance, or buy a motorcycle for a �hiD.l.!1n CIOIDjJnJ'","..Four $100 bonds wJ1) buy an X-ray oudit.One $590 bond will sUpplJ bicycles �or � � �; .. '�.fantry regiment. " ._Sabseri_'tions for the Fourth Liberty ,Uan r.ecei- at.. Central Hyde� Park ,·Bimk: "50th ST. 'AND BLACKSTONE A�ENuE� .... ·�CAOO,.14. '. ' : ' " .'� .. : .. , . . '.. ; ";'\O.LDEST, BANK IN JlYQE .. PAR� :, ( 10 �'".-; • ••• ••'M A ReambbleTn-ewriter"lJAll f*'9orite features combined inone handsome writing maehine ofthe fint quality.The money in. was .not as importantALUMNI LOAN LIBRARY IS OPEN as the book itself. tI is a keepsakethat ·1 don't care to ·Ioft. See MayFreedman. WOODsTocKTYPEWRITER COMPANY2S W. W&l� street, OaIeapPhone Ceatral 5563'.Books may be rented for twenty.five�rtts a. quarte� from the Aiumni l�n. .FOUNiD-iA new Watermall Foun­ilbrary which will be open daily this tain iPen 'in the BasiMSS Office of the, '*eek from 1l�15 to 12:15 in.H�rper MalIOOft •. 'l1Ie.� will be glad 1-------------1� . _=]( �. to, �um it to the'ri&1ttfut,Owner. P!WaIe Do.." Leuo ..In a coune of six leuoaa (S5.I&);� A_ounce Seaion' �ad. ��1icitors for the adver- iae caD � tJae .tepa olthe Waltz,.�. :' ,Announcement ·has I �en �e .� t�l� department �f th� Ma�oon. The Oae«ep, aDd rFoz.tr'Ot. SiDeIe--the �ement of Dbroth,. .. ��- �� �eads �.,,��)- the busi- aona if deeital.'·'. .. � �, '19, to Lic�t.· ir..ebn ·COHen. 'I7, nea stair; 61 t6 �otAm1Sslotls. .Any- LUCIA HEND&RSRO"" STUDIO< wbo is flOW stationed at Camp Han· one inU!rested see Grant .!Meara or 1541 &' 57th St: '," II":' Park .14� � G.� .. �_� __ �_� �,_,��.��,_ : ", � _.� __, _ ������������.�-�.�.d�..•�.�.•• �. ������i,e •am read�: the' ·tNe�\ :y �rk . H'�i�It surety 'looks . verY . �couragiac •. ".," .If yCMi see 'Yother- tell her not to.Tent . my room for" Spring Quarter.I may want it' myself. !he daysbece are wonderful but the nightsare very cold, and dlat is wbere itgtets me as I work nights as welt as. . We' are nQw at odr !permanent part of the day. We have no fire orNOW. that the big. drift, is. over, -camP • .an Wlfini�ed place' on a Ilittle 'lights of any kind but eaadles, whichwe;( have to satw7. oureelves b7 hilt 'From our tents and barracks, don't give very ai�h wannth or�,about the ftu and the. b�ht 'we can See .a ·.gt'ciat dea:1 of the coun- �tgbt eithee. So I almost freeze. 'chances of our football team. try with its red roofs and pecu��r I run'a little every day now. There-- sbapeod .fields. 'are big' IntematioriaJ· Track meetsIF 'they send any more freslunenFrance is a beautiful country, but held in the V2rious cities. It may beto the O. T. C.'s, each camp will. havethe lack of men was appaorent as we that I can get to go to one of them,to eqwp itself with a couple o� n� 'traveled through the country. Eng- Paper is very scarce here as weto spank the 70ungsters when they re land is also a beautiful place, being have no "Y." This is some I. happenedbad and sing to them at nigh.t: so different from our country. I do to have in my barracks ,bag. 'My let-"HuSh. my darlings, do not err, ·not remember seeing corn erowing ters are 'flat, because I can't write asYou'l '\\"C3r gold bars b7e -and bye." in eithIor country 'and none of. the I would like to, r but it will all keep'1louses are of wood 'as it is so scarce until those 'days when we ail get backSAYJNGS OF THE SAGE. 'here. to the old D. U. house when we shaUSARGE Blanchard of Company H. We are fortunate enough to b� sit- chew the rag relating our different��,������w����an�u��.������������ L �you "Shouldn't move when you re qua2nt villages; these not commer-standing still !" cialized by railroads or other modem ANNOUNCES EXTENSION.improvements, Life and customs OF TIME OF INDUCTIONSONGS OF A COLLEGE AT WAR. surely are very interesting in these,,. NO.1. places, and I've spent many a happy: OF MEN IN�O S. A. T .. C. Th . FOB hi d th G'. hour just wandering about and taak-I . ---I e orce e m e un. .' .W. S. T. C. ing to the natives. But one thing (Continued from page 1).WillY is the sergeant so mean to'does distrub me, and that is that inducted into the .s. A. T. C. This II . I • It ,'l_'S not sufficient to "pledge" your subscription to Theme!., the French seem to understand the should have been done; aceordm� toIThe hornd old thing, she tai� as EngIlish I speak far better than they a bulletin received from the War De-, Maroon�' ,To have your college paper successf�l, every sub-. �ough.! understand my Feenoh. It's a shame parbnent at Washington. ! d t th'She thought I was tryin� to �teal ,the French don't understand their Questionnaires are DOW being issued! scriber who has received a bill from us should atten 0 e'her beau. 'own �anguage. to those men who. have not yet receiV-! matter at once.I ean't see haw anyone could be On t1te. boat coming across, we had ed them, and it bas' been requested I-e : ,As plain, a8 eross, as nosy as she.drill for fire and sub' attacks about that they be filled out end returned as ;, . < IeYet'y minute or it seemed that way. promptly as possibl� IWe wore our bife lpreservers and Icanteens .aU the' time.. ' even sleeping Ii.in them. There was a canteen on A. Good· Dancer tit off !lC!w, quick!" board ship hut it didn't do � much Can"be prodUced ODly by ,, (.As though she'were ·my mother, good as I bad about all my money I ateacherwbobowsbow.I ' to get the results youthe naaty old stick..) cthanged into francs and trave era '1 wish for - a snappy.- And I said, "I've, no more powder checks. I suppose you wiD be sur- mocliah style. There isU • 1 bi I more to good dancing-en, thanks, prised to know that socia tea IS-than mere "step". yet": Than you ·have!'· And I � caits" were in the greatest deman-d. it is Dot difficult whenright out of the ranks. Fruit is now a dream and about all you. are told HOW.· ' :f. J. IR. the meat is mlUtton three times a day FRANK JAY ALLMONtin stew or boiled. Tel: Drel:el 7286-. Studio: 4306 Cremwood Av.'. 'YlES, �e mUst admit that's P� -, . On Ship we slePt ir:t OUT clothes,b&d. but if you .... th'ink. you can do never taking 1!hem 'Off at 211. �el ... ---------------'IIbetter. let·a see whatcba � got. were oot allowed to. We slept ID.hammocks hardly large enough for. WE can't undel'8tand how the mili- � person. ,Few. feD out but we'tary au�rities overlooked Corporal bumped each other every time theEv Walker of Co. A for a heavy artD- boat listed.-' "lery comish. ./ Tbet"e was a. Y. M. C. A. man onboard vAlo furnished us with booksand papet". One of the books I read Iwas� "Riders to the Sea," which re­mioded me of t1re good old days,when w:e read it in Teddy Lynn's IEnglish 40 -class. •.. • . ·We Ibad a great time .at one of� FKESIDlAN submits a rem eon- the ,townS en route tryill'g to buyRib. eolHthing p�h �bout Pa� thread 'aDd jam. The Frendh werePage's three ch'ild1'eD being e1uaed as:more perplexed when we tried to talk;·�h. sentence, and e1auae. fheir .�g� 'thaD when we talked� ...... oglish. . We would hold our hands;.1' , 'j CIVILlAN NOTES.. out' fined with money and let the:••• :----. ._.- .. - •• __ .... .._. � •• -...;.... salesma1l take whatev-er 'he wanted..:.--.�... -.-..... ----., --�- 'We 'WeJ'e ,helpless as far as change.•. __ . .. _-- .. _ ...••.. __ .. _.was .concerned. ,\Ve're slowly loam-.... _ at .__ ing. however.IJADY 'Maroon repo"�,, "'11-- It is 'DOW 3;()() a, en. and t' 'am nightwriter: ."1 bab suj a code thM Iward master of the G. U. ward. Our !-.-------------Iw.rocIe :fft!sbmab as freshmab." boSipital is still UDfinisbed. I'm us-, .id b� 't . to be iDg a caDdIe for' a light, aDd waterwm sa t ere wasn gomg. L._-.I to p''t. We have heeD� Ask Com G IS very IIA&UIt. P.. � .working from twelve to fifteen hours· WE'D waiti�ee a 8ham bat- "oar a day doing manual tabor try­tIe between the S. A.. T. C. ad the tag to 6nish the camp. I t surely• 0D1 there oaIdn·t be mach is bard especially tftese 4hot dji)'fSu::.' wlwat". Wwith very title water for washing. I_ It.____. AM my patients aI'e abte te get. COHDUCTORS may come aDd c:on- up but need treat.malts. Itt� veryduetors may go, . interestinog and instructive. I seeBut the signature is ever Ye1'J' little of our ClUt1Se'S, thoog'b. ._ " IA... Th� are none in my �d" of �-------------IIIcour.se, ami DODe 2t'e on duty atWANT MORE IN·PLUBNZA MASKS oight.I had &0 report side can tlhe othertnftaeaza masks are beiag made day. 'tbe 6nt time �e I joined theevf!l'1 day from 2 to 6:30 aacl from army. My sickness did not Qst long,'1 to 8 in the eorrective iuwlWi1 1aowever, as I was only in bed onefa tela Noyes hall. "no GoDcl8pee4. day. Some of our fellow� have lteen'dinetor.of the hall ... ubd that aD � sick with temperatures up .asWOIDeD wbo 1ft able Wp-· ... -tMe trich ..... lOt-'PIe. It seems die waterw� . The ...a wiD be __ is the afFeets us.eitJ'. ill the Uniftrsity. if ""''7. We get Europellll editions of theaa a180 in a .... trabIi1Ic eampt. various American papers here and I ..... .. , �.... -lot '\' ..... - ........... '.'.�. ,,_, ....... '" .. ,. _(,l •• � •• ". "".,,�OH .tWAR;L�BR .':-.:.'l :..-.. The foHowing is a portion of a Jet-ter written wom 'Fraooe by GeocweOtis. k9t yeu's cross country cap­tain and mack �..ar. who is with BaseHospital Unit 14.I.](I'i�fIt,i.: The other day I was laughing in.. ifranks. ."And she said, �ipe it off! Wipe,� '.�-..:. • I ."I..I .\I., . ..c�" �'".-[ �.. !" ..�.k· /t)� ��� _',1103 But 55.. SInetLET' ..�.' : NQRDUNG.BE YOURDRUGGIST.· THE city. bas fcnbidden large in­doOr gatherings, but you notice the•gang still goes to Mandel every. day, for War 'Aims and Harper each Digbtfor study • :Make this store your head­quarters. Everything- in DrUgs,Ci�s and CaDdY.'Sab-P_tal' Statioll No. 218Parker Fomataia Pea Ageaey:i. \I\ ..:.11 iI t--I. I NORDLING DRlJG CO.'Prescriptioa DraggistaA. l. NoimLING.·a,; PH. G.Car. 55th ... � ·Aye. ,.. �TeIep'.e .,. Park StI·PnIie Da.rin1·Aa.J_,'55th'" EDis AftIl_Classes Taesdaj ... Thara-day EveaiDp. . \oJReeeptioas every SaturdayaDd Sanday Ev_inp, 8:30te 11:30 p. III.Come and hear the BcBtDaDce Ofthestra iD Chleago.PROF.S.L.LOBELLI\,iOscar Matsui�le" .,THE EAGLE LUNCH ROOM. ' ,:::!'. I: .•...... '.'Hotel ,Del PradoAdjoiDiDg the University, is a .......... -.e lor �­to". stadeats, aad the Iogic81 home for the reIatheB of ••dents while visitiag them. . .wren temporary �ome while awaitlaa illdaetioa lates. A. T. C.Open for theTraiDiDg CcJrps.AmIounCemmts of'the DaDees wm �ppeu" tIae·�Home 01 the Naval 'Navigation Students.ALBERT F. GIDDINGS. llpo -.If You Haven't'SubscribedDO-IT-NOW!. "·ATTENTION!"TIle Pea of the. Araay.,. -.,'..Do you realize that, .. \V�enever �ou Write your ''papers'';in "Longhand" you are'. �ng twice the work for' yourInstructors? Your papers. will. be better and your �des wiDbe. higher if you do your writing on a .CORONAFOLDING nPEWRrrERLet us demonstrate this lVOnderfU) little maehine to )'Ouat your convenience..(9fIFlCIu\iL 'mRIIB � TO S. A. T. C. KEN)Ualftftit7 NlJneeatatiYeSIDNEY CASNE4728 PrairIe AftilaeP'-e N ..... 6581'ColONA �1"WIlIEl SAta COIIPAIY. 12 S. � St6 Street..... FruUa ......NOTlCE!-W., Rent-,Coronas 1,1.�J,; 4I, ..t-� - .... �f.. ,":;� .1..4 '(.. t,:"• �._'" ,�,• f·:( ..",: ., ..:•• J-'t· '"..,.,.... -�'"'""' ....J... _'_ ....� ....r)�.-_ .. �','"_ ..•..�., . ...:., .,will'I·.. " ......&•• "'"• ' .... I \.".(..A ,�, .....' -r-�.".. f!:", le