,es,tY WISCONSIN PEP. SESSION FRIDAYAT .10:15.� _./._--------------------"/', ��!larnnn·Vo . XIlI. No. 22. !/ Price Fivc CcDtaTICKETS TO IIAD-Datly ISON THURSDAYAT COBB.UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO. WEDNESDAY. OCTOBER 28, 1914FRATERNITY ·MEN TALK,, ON 'iiU�G SYSTEMMost of ear/;;; Greek LetterSocieties IAre in Favor of�ral Scheme..I--WANT TO/RUSH IN·MORNINGIBULLETINTODAY.Cbape:I. Seaior co1lcp aDd Colleccof CaIameRe aDd· AclmjnjstradOD.'.:15, 1IaDc1el; Collep of Bdacatioa... 10:15, Bmmcm. BIUae.Law 8Cbool COGIIdl e1ectioa, 10:1�Law"'''''K. .;1' ... C. A. .... choD, 12:45, Batdi-iaaoD cafe.RobiDa nIly, 3:30, Kat theater.. IIaqaen, 3:30, LaiqtoD IS.Nei&1aborbood coaacD, 3:30, NeIch-.. bodIoo4 room.Settlemat tea, 4, Leapc room.Mathematical dab, 4:30, R,enoD 37_Sc:oatmuten, 4:30, Cobb 12 A.Peo club, 7:45, Phi Kappa Psi h01llC,5635 UDiftl'Bity avenue.TOMORROW.Chapel. Divinity school. 10:15, Hu-keD.Y. w. C. L., 10:15, LeziDctOD 14.Speec:hea by candidates, 10:15, Kent.Delta SipJa Rho, 10:15, Lawbaildfnc.FmIch dab, 4, Lesiqtoa 8.Uahenlty pabHc lectare, 4:30, IID­deJ.PIIDbanDoaic cboras reheana1, 7:45,IIitcbeIl Tower.Diacipla, I, HahD ..Sc:an«Bnnia dab, I, Cobb 12 A. �CLASS LISTS ,ARE POSTED_I PI;lACTlCE TRlCK,PLAYS ,'l'.Namcs of AU Undergraduate Students . FOR SATURDAY'S GAMEArc Published-Reclassification Be- 'gins Today-Candidatcs for All SOffices Make Speeches Tomorrow. . tagg Continues PreparatioasIfor Wisconsin Battle By Giv- jing Team Signal· DrilL . . �iFRESHMEN •IjPreliminary tryouts for positions onthe University debating teams will beheld Friday night at 7 ;30 in the Har- DISCUSS CAMPAIGN ISSUES.per assembly room. All students de-'Phi Psi Representative Says Rules siring to try for places must hand in· Mr. Bramhall Praises Candidates forArc Unsatisfactory Because They their names to Coach Moulton before Past Records-Describes FieldsCannot Be Enforced. 5 today. The applicant should state of Both Speakers.what side of the argument he will jors may classify as lower juniors,S�teJUents from most of the fra- discuss. Prof. Tufts will preside at the non-' with from six to twenty-one as upper Director Stagg continued his prepa- jternlties on the campus indicate a Contestants will be allowed five partisan meeting this afternoon at 3:30 juniors, with from fifteen to thirty as rations for the crucial Wisconsin bat- jgeneral feeling that the new rushing minutes for constructive argument and in Kent theater, at which Raymond lower seniors. and with more than tle Saturday at Madison by polishing ]h . f Robins, Progressive candidate for f up hi trick I . I .. 1 '.fules have proved satisfactory in this tree minutes or rebuttal. Twelve twenty- our as upper seniors. The . s n pays m a ong SIgna·11 United States· senator from Hlinois, E d ·11 t da Th f h. year's rushing season, Most of the men w, be chosen to compete in the lections committee of the council has n yes er y. e res men were. statements suggest changes in details final tryouts, which wiU be held next. and Miss Mary McDo\\�l1, the Pro- urged all students to look at the lists sent against the reserves in a half- .,h M gressive nominee for county commis- h .. . . .,t disi I th· W· ;of the system, but express satisfac- mont. embers of the faculty and and see that they are properly c1assi- : our scnmmage 0 asp ay e IS- :,;f . . siones, will be the speakers. The fi b f consin f tie Th ilars � ·1 .tion . with the general scheme. Two ormer teo am men will act as judges, ed e ore tomorrow. as reclassifica- onna ons. e regu rs 10 - "meeting will be held under the aus- . 1 d th t . d d . th·: )fraternities declared the system an Win Pick Eight Mea. • nons will not be made ·on election owe e eams up· au own e d" h f pices of the non-partisan Robins club. d field collecting' pointers on how the \Improvement over t at 0 last year. The twelve debaters selected at tbe . ay. ilrecently formed at the University. Badger attack is to be foiled. . �The statements follow:· first tryouts will be divided into four: Presidential candidates in each 'Phi Kappa.PIIi. Hayes MacFarland teams, which will debate each . other Miss ldcDowel1, together with Miss class will be allowed three minutes to Spurred on by the crisp weather. �." . -The rushing' rules' are not satisfac- at the finals. Eight men, three for. Harriet Vittum, head of the North:' address the classes tomorrow at 10:15.. .the first )"ear ·teain and'the reserves .�" L;.. ••• ibl ' . western. university settlement on the Other officers in the three upper .·clash. ed ,in a snappy· ... session replete ';k·,:,o�"y. because ·It IS �Imposs, e to en- each team and two alternates. will be: .. " . ..f.... , ' f h . "h . ' .northwest side, is the first woman cla·sses wI·II be introduced, while can-. with brilliant performances by the op-·, eree most 0 t e Important prov�- c osen from the twelve candidates to : . �• '.' � . , candidate for county commissioner," didates for other ·offices than presi- .. ' posing backfields, - . Each team sue- I:�.0DS. .. . represent the University at the tri-: •.U.-6_ � :D: _, Maca· . In aU the speeches she has made in dent of the freshman class wI·II be al-' ceeded in annexing a touchdown, � bUt� .& __ � _wrence· rec- angular contest in ]anuaey.. Men will' h·· . . ,'":....__. n..:.._·th· . h· I' h' .. .. . d·· b .. t e present campaign she has advo-, lowed one minute, Freshmen will.' did not attempt the goals .-and··.·' .. thc·, .... ',".,::: �II. e w 0 e t e system IS goo. . e chosen according to individual abil- ' ..'-�. -t· ... r_ h' .d ·d· d h th· cated a' .redueficn in the appropria-. meet in Kent theater, Sophomores In final score resulted in."a .6-6. • �. �:T:':or tr ...� ':�'1 �IIIC• av�. eer e t at. e greatest ob- Ity and not by teams. Tuition for ' � _ �j-,._.: • l' t b f _A· h ". . . tions made by the Cook county board Kent ".:�.T est, ]unl·or·s in Kent East, and:' the first fifteen minutes of play neither .�.',::J-..uon IS no 0 e OUNf'6 In t e SPIrit two quarters will be given .to those .. _." f h . Ies but ] h d of co_m. missioners.. She .. has· .been o. ne Seniors in Cobb IZ A. the Varsity ner the freshmen .. w' ere �.:0 t e ru es at In t e numerous e- who .appear in the triangular_contest.; .,"!_:I_ . of. tho e mo. st consistent opponents of .... ' . . able to ex· h,·bl·t' n a ·ctt··· . t'_":L::. b t C.� which it is almost impossible to "Nearly thirty stu.dents have sigm"-: " Issue Election Rules.· a elle ve.a -� u <i.·. the sections of the county board a series of fa. st. open. 'f.o. rm. a.tioias· fi�ll'" �.:·�epfrom.violating;fo.rexampletthe fied.theirintentionof-.. �.ng'outL.;.'r, EI t· I·" b h U : .I "/ .... J.. IV Which, she aSSerts, �as robbed the. ec Ion ru es gIven out y t e n-· brought the., oVat. within the fr�h- �.;;prompt· handing in of a signed ·pledge the· teams,'" Said Coach Moulton wes-', ddt·1 da ' ',., .I pcopJe of· the county of 'a great: . ergra ua e (:ouncI yester y state men's ten-. yard· 1ine,· where,· a. ft. e;, c�u' r r'statem�nt; 91-· walking on the campus terday, "and among them are m.en:· _. th th be b·' f I' .· • L".... . I :amount o� mon�y. . ... '-. at ere may no com lDatlons 0 desperate stands� the fir.·s.t year. m.·- � :�;danng taK: morning with a lreshman" who have had experience on former candidates, that candidates may not' b d �· If cvery "fratenuty that broke some ·of teams, here and at other col1eg·e�. A; .� Jfiia �wclL succum e , and Agar. smashed two �.. . . ... .' _ solicit votes, and that no soliciting yards, through tL- line for a touch';' .�r.�.. ';·these pe·it)' �1�s bad b.een taken··to ke�ri· fight for· places· is CertaiD� and; ,'.'Miss McDowctrs .·work, at. the. whatsoever may . be carried on in. d &l1li:. . .•Wk. for ·.i� offen� the_lnterfrater- . the prospects for a successful' team; University·.sc::ttlement. has made it evi-j Cobb. . own. ;'. �,.��. _�.. m 'w.. oUld. have more work o,n. ,are. j;no-.• ' h.l:-"" _.' :. ., : ·4en� Jhat she will. be a valUable asset' T R '.. ...:..".... ,': .:.: FreShmen T'le � . I'., .. :'"� ...,. _ .. om. yan; chairman ·of ·the POlDt· .. .. ." .,. -!---- .... :;��ol�:�Il .. h�!�Jr��(;I#.:��· �:����.�4""''': . ��_!h��co�nt� ��",�d Mr. '�Bra�-: .:Syste� committee made a·final ana1;J_ ... : Befo� ·the_ Il�t �ck-off· :Pat40��e . i. aext �ct-_ '.A.ll9tr.efller. wc bc�cv� ...: .Negotiitio� aile �� tor:· �. �-. ,'_ �',� 0;. .• ..�' .• � � •• .•. - .• - ••• '_ •• ....- '�c:d,.m_tb.,,,ft:JCDU·a..t!:aft�-:.bota-, r;:, that.. .tti. e. ·u,'.ew. ,. ,ra._ I_e&__ a.. re .a... de.cided. im- the formation of a ne;';' -._;;;� �th' ;,. - ment, yesterday: "An imj)ortaDt part: '.. '.. .",._ .. _ . -. :-iIDor"dI.�"""_-:"':;:..fOr-dD.;"""'i--""�. .�.......... I ·He. announced JUt iriglit ·that thc :1ist' .... � .- ...... .J":. . >� .�_L¥.��: . .I;�P'�v����t... •. . . ._, '. . .' Ch.ic:agO.-TuJaD.'e, ·aiid·PeiiiaS7Iftiii·is; �f the ���� ()f.�b� �rd is. �fa.. c�r-;" would stand .without" further changeS, die· of· the field. !he .f��hDJe¥l. :��: ··f.J ..... 'l:tii.: � ... �� members. The ._s.:...n.o...-: 'of Ne-1 ltablc nature. She IS. espeaally caP-i . me._ced a P(Oc:essIQ.Il down tbe ·fidd '· "' .,' ....... -a"". bl f .. • in'so far as the point system was con-::� .L._'.. . •. . '!{a-h··: .. .... .�� ODe fault with the n.les-�: that thcY· braska for a debate to· J.e held at:ua-: a � 0. ��dling .thlS. � . .. . cuned" .,.. , . ,·101': bn:. tY1n� connt..·.:_" � !,�d. �gar 1· are. too... tedmica.t P,or..... � ... jaa.. lance, a.· colu is still bcifttr eo_clued. .._ ... L..-:.. Raym.ond Robi,ns.' .has.�. n ·ill the: .P"d .' .. _, .. .. :' '-alternated·. ·In accomplisbing ..... cs .... J1':""'_3 - u� � resl ent Templeton, of the apJ)eJ:; . .' - .. '. '. < •• :;.; •• ' •••••• ,;:.,;":" .• .;.. mao n is. Do.· t, pI.�U&CU uatil,"'. ....... . sign- . coach" . southern part :of the state making . . d h· I" . f II ar�qnd .the ends for bIg 1r.lI'DS. ·.Kahn t. JunIors, announce IS 1St 0 te ers . ,_ .. _ : . .D-. .,. '. '..... ' cd.a ple"D1e· .. ;.. .. d this··· ... -..;.� ·d·epo·· s- a s ... -�n.. g toa.. r. until last week. While: pro-ed ·hUIISclf a parbcularly hard .;u - �� �& last night. It follows: . ," . ,.,: ;.. .•. . '. .. .i itecl,With'an ··offiJ�t�·�JDtutra� START WATER BA8�: a�y, and since his return to Chicago,: 8:00-9:i5-BueU .. Patterson and· ma.n to; stORIt,��d many �,a��.J;,t�itY .. co.mci� �·it-� � is men of many ·political parties . have; Elizabeth Hunter ently after �lug.1a�)c:d, ��:�qulrmcd 1:: -wearing a button and ·us signed a . been making speeches in his support.! 9:1S-10:15-Robert Loeb and Mar- away and �\ n�nued .. on h.is way .d�� t• J),�. but; the pap�r lias not. been IDt�daa Aquatic Game. WID Becin: Senator'La Follette, of Wisconsin;: t M D let. the field. i.' filed, WI.·.·th an .officer.· of the council,' a OD No!ember lL i Senator Owen, of Oklahoma; Senator: gare ac ona . Th la t h'·· h. ·_ .. I tIO:1S-1:45-]ohn Gernon. e regu rs wen t roug a 515-. r: member of thc �me mternil1 would. Contests between the seniors and Poindexter, of·Washinltton; Senator 1l:4S-12:45-Poercy Dake and Mar_: drill under the arc lights un�i after. l; be 'violating rules to cross the. campus freshmen and the juniors and sopho-i Clapp, of Minnesota; AsSistant Secre-. jori� Latimer.:· -dark. Director Stagg is still bDdmg �I with him.between 8:15 and ·10:iS,,· At· ill· th - t lass L __ 1_ • tary of Agricalture· SkiDner, and. 12:45-1:45-John Slifer and Ruth, out new fOl'lJl3tions which, :de de- \; �c ·.mc time. should a member' of mores WI open e In ere �et-i Colonel Roosevelt . havc "spoken in ShehL. clar� must be periected before the .i· aDO.ther. fraternity attempt to rush the ball schedule Wednescby, November: Robins'.. behalf._ . _ ., . _ . ', 11 Forty·men ha .... e al-� 's·-:C";'�' -. 1:4S-2:4�Arthur Gray and Nad,·ne Bad&'erco. �t.cst. At pr�. 1. the.prob- ,t'.' freshman he woulcl be gul-Ity under" .. ..It:4&Uy IISIIUU.:u: "R. obins is a t� .entirely new in � ._ th· . t u" .f . ." h - . J r- HaD.· able lineup m the backfield CODSlSts.· of ... JeJr ,n en on 0 representing t eJr. politics," said Beujamin Cohen, presi-· J. (CoD�ed on page 4) classes in thc contests. i dent of the nOR-parti·san R·· obl"ns club,' 2:45-3:45-Ge�1d W�lsh and Helen Gray, �ood, Schafer,. and Russell" ITh • d • Ga i Adam' s. Berger and Acker are, howe"fICr. mak- !'. e senIor squa conSIsts of nh yesterday .. "He is not. hound by 'any� . . . . .n r G ,. � la d T Ima L! 3·.4S-4:30-W,·II:"m Templeton and. ing strong bids for regular positioDs :e '. ray. JDCrar n, � n, y-. political bosses and is thc only candi- &8 '. ... . •M Go d Pa L Th' Margaret Monroe. and both of them wi1) uiidoubtedly beman,. oore, rgas, an rAer. Ci date who will mve the n.nnle a square ..• n· tat· Fa li _L i D· r- .... r C·""di·dat- for 1'Ur.:_ used Saturday. .JU lor represen Ives are v c� deal at Washington. Hc will un-· ---- - �Burcky, Olson, Shirley, O'Co'unor,: dOubtedly make a strong appeal to the UPPER SENIOR. The latest news from the Bad�rMurdock, and White. Wmclrow, � students at the meeting,," . For President- camp consists almost entirely.; .ofhen, InpenOD. �dgway, Galdreau,: Stanwood Baumgartner, "bear storics." It is' �po�ed thatTeinpleton, Hunter, Midkiff, Pritzler,; LeRoy Campbell, Br�ckenridge, �he fuJlback who maclc·Clark, Wak�field, and Meine compose: RESmENTS OF FOSTER Hugo Swan. the sole score apinst Ohio, has beeDthe sbphomore team, while Loeb� AND GREENWOOD WILL For Vice-President- forbidden to play by his parents.Donahue, Earle, Crawford, and Guerin. ENTERTAIN TO.ORROW Hilda MacClintock. Mucks is supposed. to have a badwin play for the freshmen. Helen Ricketts. knee and other ...eguJars are in badFor Secretary- shape. Coach Juneau is working his !Emily Burry, men hard, and the Badgers are beiug ,Margaret Fenton, taught defensive plays for the forma-' :Nina O'Neill. tions displayed by Chic::lgo apiDst'For Treasurer- . Purdue .Tom Hollingsworth, Pat Has MQloom- Story.George Lyman, A big surprise is in store for thosellax Sickle. Chicago . rookrs who think thatLOWER SENIOR. Stagg's men will have no trouble inFor President- defeating Wisconsin Saturday, accord-lJruce Martin, ing to Coach Page.. "Pat" was a spec-Philip Miller. tator at the Ohio-\Visconsin gamcFor Vice-President- Saturday, and found out several thingsHelen Timberlake, about the Badgers that the news-Eugenie Williston. paper accounts of the game did notFor Secretary- show. .Olive Greensielder, "I believe that ·t�e strength of thcHelen Hunt. Wisconsin team is greatly underesti-For Treasurel'- mated," declared Pat. ·On account ofRalph Davis, the small scores made against oppou-Laurence Salisbury. ents so far, the opinion has spreadUPPER JUNIOR. that the Badgers have a weaker �Jey..For President- en than last season. But this is Dot(Continued on page 2) (Continued on page 2)SCHEDULE DEBATE TRIALS. Tuns WILL PRESIDEAT ROBINS MEETINGStudents with less than twelve ma-Preliminary Contests to Choose Mem­bers of Varsity Teams Will Be HcldFriday Night-Many ExperiencelMen Sicn Up. Miss Mary MeDoweD and Ray­mond RobiDs to Speak at Po­litical Gathering Today. Class lists for Friday's electionswere posted at the Bureau of Recordsin Cobb yesterday. Reclassification,which begjns today, must be complet­ed at the Bureau of Records by 3 to- RESERVES TIE:-:Scrimmage . Results in .6-6 Score-Page Says Varsity Must 'Improveto' Defeat Badgers. .morrow.Hallowe'en ghosts and witches wt1lbegin to exercise their charms in thewomen's hans tomorrow Digh1. when;Foster and Greenwood entertainJOld residents of Foster win be hos�tesses to new women of their house.and the new Greenwood women willentertain old residents with a shadowplay" Green and Beecher will enter­tain Friday night; Green with a caveman's party and Beecher with a NewEngland dinner. K�lly han will givea fancy dress party Saturday night.To Bold Seaior LaacbeoD.Seniors will hold a luncheon Thun-.day at 1 in Hutchinson cafe. Thc.speaker will be announced this after­noon.WiD Pick Hocby Teams.Members of the hockey squads forthe championship games will be chos­en sometime next week, according toan announcement made yesterday byMiss Wayman.Entertain TOIDOI'row. Residents of South Divinity hallwill �ntertain 0111 Divinity students ata Hallowe'en party Thursday night.This wiD be the first of a series ofparties pbnned by Divinity men ..Three banquets, a formal and all in­formal reception Wll1 be given thisquarter.The weekly Neighborhood clubparty will be held tomorrow after­noon at 3 in the club rooms. Mosi":cal numbers, aesthetic dancing, games.and a reading Wl11 constitute the en­tertainment for tbe women.mil. lIaily _arounOfficial Student N.wsp .... r of theUniv .... ity of ChicagoPubllaheel mornings. except SundayaM KOD4D.yrclurinc the Autumn. Win­ter and Spring quaeters, by The DallyMaroon 8ta1f.r� ,G: W. Cottingham Managing Editor'. G. K. Shaffu _ News EditorI C. A. Birdsall and R .. P. Matthews.................. ": .... Business ManagersF. R. Kuh, night' editor; E. Retiek­�r and H. R. Swanson, day e':-;tors;j. r, Donahoe, athletics editor.Aaociate EditoraI Earl, Bondy Samuel Kaplan, . Hermann Deutsch Nicholas Lentz'j Alta Fisher Bernard Newman!, I Entered as second-class mall at theChicago Poatotttce, Chicaco. Ill., ::March13. 1908, under Act of March 3. 1813.ji, !il SUBSCRIPTION RATES$2 a year, if paid before October 20;by carrier, $2.50 a year; $1 a' quarter; ,by mail. $3 a year; $1.25 a quarter.Editorial-business office, Ellis 12.'.J' elephone M,idw:\y 800.Clarke-McElroy ]:'ubllshing Company621' Cottag'e'G'ro,;e ,,"vee Midway 3935,�NE�DA:Y, OCTOBER "28, 1914I f.f .A. PARA��E�.lOut of the depths of experience and'. �isdbm we speak. And we speak to'fhe' freshman. And we speak' to him'who weareth not the Green Ribbon'out standeth on the outer edge of the· mystic circle that separates the sacredfrom the ungodly, gazing awe-struckat the dim rites unto the thunder andthe sun, saying, "Behold, the prom-.jsed land. Yes, even as it was writ. ' .sc hath it appeared unto me. Thriceblessed am I:r ' .Ifri!1I;III)IIIII!I. -,,, ,.:,� '" And they, went into:the temple amiJi chose they every. tenth from among�I .. ··th.em :and spoke: '1,1l�0 him s�yin�, "Go" .,:�'�� t1n�o thc altar and dance andI jl,1ake joyful noises unto the GreatSpi'rit, so that he may hear and come"""nt��. SQ, may, tbe scoffer.s and the· Pharisees and the wise ones from� I �be' east know we are blessed. And'.. 'for the spC'sce of ni� and thirty days, .. �� nights shaU yc pc:rform vicarious_ .. a.�ncmen,t for the, tribe of. John."" ,,' And even when the days of the tem­pk "'ere as thc 6nger� on the- hands;and the toes' on the' feet. and the ,\\-.,..& D,NLY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER .. 1914.,young' men wcre weary uttenne joyfolnoises, there cometh not the Great,SPiriL Yea, even unto thi� day dwel­leth he apart.-And the wise ones in t� seat ofthe scornful stick their fingcrs untotheir noses and speak saying, "Thereis no spirit. Y e bow down to a braz­en calf, to a false god:'Out of the depths of wisdom and ex­perience we speak: And we speak to,thc frcshman. And we speak to himwho. ,wearcth not the Green Ribbon.but standeth, apart and may hearkento the words of wisdom.CLASS LISTS ARE POSTED(Continued -from pag.e 1)Dunlap Clark,Richard Gamble,Robert Willett.For Vice-President-s­Corene Cowdery.Theo Griffiths,Alice Rockwell.For Secretary-Elizabeth Mac'Clintock,Orville Wetmore,For Treasurer-s-James .nredin,Adrian �{ac Farland.LOWER JUNIOR.For President-,. Louis Balsam,Jack Guerin,�tax Lambert.Arthur Peterson,Homer Ring,Denslo,,' Trumbull.,For "ice-President-Margaret Cook.Amy . Firth,M. Han,Allan Loeb,Wells Martin,Hans Norgren.For Secrelary­Jean Barker,Dorothy Fay,B. Forth.) rene Marsh,Eva Richolson,Frances Roberts.T reasu rer­'Wade Bender,, Simpson Burke,John Nuveen,Harold Uehling,Leland Weere,Orrin Zo�ine.. � For. The cross country season will beopened, November 7, when CoachLightbody's �'n meet the North­western long distance runners overthe Chicago course. The race will: s��t 'and finish on Stagg field and� will take in Washington and Jacksonparks.The V-arsity squad now consists ofthirteen runners, all of whom havea 'chance to run for Chicago in thefirst C-hicago meet, The men on thesquad are Capt. Stout, Campbell,GOOdwin, Morris, Tcninga, Powcrs,Wilson, Law. Bacon, Kimbraw, New­comb,. Colwell. and Caldwell. Of.these the first six have been making,the best showing up to date. CoachLightbody depends largely on histrio of vcr..:: mns, Stout, _, Campbell,'and Goodwin, to dcfcat' thc Pnrple�niner!', hut they will be forccd tothe limit to ontrun such mcn as Os­horn, Traxler. and K mft.When this meet is over the squadwill bc put to work preparing for theConfer:nce cross country run sched­uled for November 21 at Purdue. Oflatc years the Chicago team has al­ways heen among the last few to fin­ish. hut prospects are that Chicagowil1 he one of the first to cross thetape this year.Score Club to Give Dancc.And even as he gazeth with awe'an'd rev-erence, the still voice' within, askcth, "why do I stand on the neth­· u:bank? Why' am I not dragged'through the' waters of the Jordan,! shoved up the cedar of Lebanon, so·that my voice, as the turtle's, may be . C�OSS COUNTRY TEAM'heatd through the land? And why" ; TO MEET NORTHWESTERN"aiD: I' not asked to leap and dance be- .fore the altar and make a, joyful noise Dual Conest Is � for No-I unto the Spirit of the Colleges?" vcmber 7--Sqaad Consists of. , 'OUt of the depths of experience and' ' Thirteen Men.. Wisdom wc speak" .And' we 'speak to/hc freshman. And we' speak to h'im'�ho wcarcth not the Green Ribbon. but may hearken to the voice of wis-'<Jom. . ,In'the beginning ",a� the mud and'the frogs, and the' mud and the frogs;ve�� with John. And the mud and.th'c frogs looked good to John, 'for be:spake, saying, "Lo, I 'shall build atemple." And even as he spake, soII •� : ;arose the pillars, and he looked at his., handiwork and saw it 'Was good. And"when the days of 'the" temple .were, I. .' �n' as the fingerS on the hand, there''arne wisc men from the east and wor­I, sliippcrs 'from the' west, yea even 'fromI, .tic islands in the far seas theycame.. and worshipped. '.' ,But the Great Spirit dwelled apan· and ��c not unto them. So' on the; �orrow of the ful1' m�on thc w�rshlp­pers arose, rent their robes and sPokc,saying, "Lo, we �ili buiit an altar and. give bu'rnt offering and open the gates"o'r thc tabernacle so :(tftat ' when he"cometh unto us he' ni�y enter."Score cluh will give its first al1-University informal Saturday. Nov.i, at Rosalie hal1. 'Tickets are nowon saJe and may be obtaincd from. members, of the c1t1h. Music'will hehy Anracher. JiltESIDENT AND IiRS..! JUDSON GU� OFHONOR AT RECEPTIONPresident and Mrs. judson will bethe guests of honor at the annual jointreception of th'e Y. M. C. A. andY. W. C. L Friday night in Hutch­inson han. �. committee of Y. M.C. A. and Y. W. C. L. members willform the receiving line at thc recep­tion. which is to be informal.PRACI'ICE TRiCK PLAYS'FOR SATURDAY'S GAME(Continued -from page 1)the case. The Badger line is muchheavier and in better condition thanlast year, and although the backfieldis composed chiefly of new men, theyhave already shown that they are tobe feared. Bellows especially is muchimproved and his ability at kickingfield goals must be considered in theoutcome of the contest.""Badgers Toy With Ohio.""The score of the Ohio State- Wis­consin game in no way indicates therelative strength of the two teams.Wisconsin should have been creditedwith at least on: more touchdownand could have made more if pushedhard. In one instance, Taylor, of Wis­consin, had' �rossed the goal linewhen two Ohio players fell on himand 'secured the ball. In this waywhat ought to have been a touch­down was counted as a touchback.,. I n my opinion the Wisconsin gameSaturday will be our hardest foughtbattle," continued Coach Page. Thefact that it will take place on theBadger gridiron makes victory an themore difficult. Our men will have toimprove greatly before the end of theweek if they hope to emerge victori­ous. This is especially true of thebackfield, for they have not as yetshown championship calibre."Notices Are On Senior Rack.'\' , __:_ ,. \_',.i Til��� "a�e' notices �� the seniorrack for Sidney C. Paske, and Jas.E. Lebensohn.,Classified Ads�Fiv. centa per lin.. No adverti .. -ments received for I ... ·than 25 cents.All cla_ified advertiSem.nts must bepaid in advance.ROOMS - PLEASANT, ATTRAC-''!livc front rooms, Three blocksfrom Tower. Board if wishcd. 5618Drexel avenue. 2nd' floor. Phone2294 Blackstone. 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STIMSON" Manager.Headquarters for Chicago.New, Mockrn au Fireproof.Rooms with Bath, $2.50 and up.Chess Club .The prcliminary matches of the­Chess club were concluded �'ith the Ifollowing scores: THE MANAGEMENT'OFTHIS BANK'::" ,,:The Directorate of' �Ul- Bankis composed of representativesuccessful men, who in their pri­vate lives, no less than in theirbusiness careers and professionsstrive to earn the praise of theirfellowmen. This Bank reflectsthe high character of �. �­agement and in aD its �tiODsand transactions embodies thatintangible quality we eall Honor.The strength of this Bank lies110t in its bricks and 'stones.but in the Ideals of Honor heldby the men who conduct itsaffairs.George Cramer 0David Stevens l-To men and women whocling ·to co.unesy and con­servatism this Ranle. ;lP'peals.Elias GordonFloyd Hogan z........ 0Clarence Ohlendorf ..Merlin Paine .Charles Pavlicek , .... 0Magnus Rosenberg .. 2The game between �[cIlvaine andMonroe has not yet been played, asMcilvaine may not remain in theclub. McIlvaine. Rosenberg. and IGordon werc the last year's intercol­legia� chess champions. Ohlendorf,plays a brilliant game. but loses hytoo much sacrifice play. WOODLAWN TRUST& SAVINGS' IJ'A��1204 EAST SIX'l'Y THIRD ST.Nearest Bank to th� u .. i,e.8il-,of Chieago.' .''14 Men Meet Replarly.Men of the class of '14 are holdingweekly luncheons. at the RaltimoreInn \Vcdnesdays at lZ:.lO. =�i"t}r===;, 1-," :,, y.:::�..::;� ....THE D4ILY IlAROON. WEDNESDAY� OCTOBER 28. 1914�_"""'."I;�� .$500 for the Bestt1be.dyertislngprofession isilttraet­iDe 1DUl1 college men. Several1IDiyenities recognizing this ten­deuey have iDaupI'&&ted s�ialeoanes In theselenee uf adftrtising.Here Is. chance fot you to proYf:whether YOU bay(: talent' for thebCW profeasion--with a possibilityJ e8m1og .�OO � your next7ear'. expe�.:rOrthe best m.iaal Fatima ad. sub­mitted byacolkaeman before JuneI 19U we wid pay 8500 in pld., , " "The lint .... Dment of students' ada.: i. will lie published oext monthW IIID8th. 'begiDDlD« DeXt moath. some of tbe ads.__ L-t�. will be published ill � papers �.- --'/ _--L. _..:a published·f the -=ster.. psi , With � au. 80 • I..w �l: as. we wiD publiab � DaJDe. year &Del,:�pIa.! � ad. published will be paid for at "the rate of ISI apl_ It must be UDderstoocl bcnreYer. that the selee­, tier. of an ad, for publicatioo does DOt signify that It,� .... aDy better chance to wiD the $500 tbao the ads.'_IO�Al.: r.en, ,:,." DO restrictioUiI wbate'Ter as to the method: IOU shall employ or the way rou shall approach the�---elteept that the ad. must be truthfulI' ..J It been oar esperieoee that DO mao ca� strik� the: of cooviclioD iD aDY kind of saiesm.DSblp-wntten� er'Pe_l'llOD8I-UDlesa be belifsves in what be. is aelliog.�t·. �ly a hint. however. .:.r,,�:kl.. FatimaFaeta.... Toa-a..No 'D« t.obKcD -s tIIaa ..Fa:lw.SlJiIpIc. �ft PKbac.!t':�lAclS_ciE'l-Jbde "_b,-coIIqe--.The Tlarklila tGt.cco IIKd laI'MJaa 'S .pedall,. IIdeaed byftSidnIt _'y� buJCftat x.a.dli.Cawslla,. s.-ud Sa,_.Saobn of hi" pri«d dp.I'CttCS who smoke a IC'W �.=�-:��..w1J' __·rJt,?t��� .. 20 far 15c: . REVIsED CONsmunON Am BY-LAWSOF GLEE AND MANDOLIN CLUB IS ISSUED'! ;it TH&_'TURKISil'.LEKD;�IGARETTE, ESTA�ED 1818i'. '. ,.:'.):SUITS'arid @VERCOATS, .:-.SPORTING and' MOTOR GARMENTS,ENGLISH HA'BERDASHERY,': HATS,; SHOESBastea ,1kaIacb _'-_1.9.TREMONT ST. Newport Brauch220 BE�VUE AVE.UNFAILINGLY CORRECTYou have the satisfaetio� of knowing you look altogetherright at all times, when your: clothes are tailored the "Jer-.!emS way." ",...' , .Jerrems tailored clothes represent true economy; not onlybecause . of the' low price, but because the tailoring is so'c:orreet, 'so individual that they keep their style and can.be worn long' after ordinary clothes are hopelessly out ofdate.' ,. ,. You will make sure of seeing what is c:orrect and authori­tative in fall aIld winter fabrics by coming into any of ourthree stores. . .Prices-Suits and Overcoats $30. $35, 40.JLAA�A- TAILORr�. For Young MenThree Stores:-25 E. Jackson Blvd. 7 N. La Salle St.71 E. Moaroe SLSUBSCltIBE FOR" THE DAILY MAROONAll the Campus News Sec. 5. I t shall be the duty of theassistant manager to assist the man­ager in anything in which the �B­ager shall request his assistance, aDdit shall be his especial duty to takecare of the publicity of the club. Theassistant manager shall be selected.from men who have tried out for tlteposition during the year, aDd in tblSelection great weight shall. be. giv�·the recommendation of the manager ..The assistant manager sh.all 'bye atleast two more years in' the Univer­sity at the time of his election. . ."Sec. 6. I t shall be the duty of theleaders of the respective clubs toselect the music; to eondnet t�'rehearsals; to lead such clubs" inall concerts; and to be generally re­sponsible for the musical training .of·the clubs. The leaders shalt have thepower to suspend at their discretion,"subject to appeal of the club. .Sec. 8. There shall be an Execu­tive committee consrstmg of thepresident, who shall be chairman. themanager, the leadef of tbe Glee club�·.the leader of the Mandolin club. and .a member elected from the club atlarge.Art. IV .• 'Section 1. The regular,annual meeting of the club shan beheld in May of each year. on a day.and at a time. and place to be desig-.nated by the Executive committee:notice of such meeting to be sent by.the secretary to each member at leasttwo days in advance. .Article V .. SeCtion 1. This consti­tution may only be amended by:atwo-thirds vote of all the active mem­bers of the club.By-Laws of University Glee and Man_:­dotin Club.1. �eetinp. All meetings of theGlee and Mandolin club shall be gov­erned' by Robtrt's Rules of' Orderwhere they are not inconsistent withrules of order of this organization,2. DepoSits. . The manager IS au­thorized to collect a five .dollar de­posit. from each man of the' respec­tive clubs at the beginning' of the· year, within three weeks after the first!meeting. This deposit o� five dollars ishall be used in the following manner:1Two dollars shall be retained bylthe manager as an annual assessment.i. The . balance, minus SUCh. fines as" the:,'· deposit�r may have incu��d dUrlplgthe year. shall be returned at. th� .�",dllof the season. I n event of an ex­tended trip being taken by the club.1a special deposit may be levied by �c-ition of the club upon such 'men ,asJmay take the trip. :3. F"mes. Every man participatinglin any' concert who shaH be absent;from any rehearsal shall be fined;twenty-five cents for such unexcusedabsences; excuses to be by Executivcicommittee' only upon written petitionJtwo tardinesses shall be equivalent t�one absence. I t shall be 'he duty o£the leader of each club to keep an:·accurate attendance book of the m�present ·at the rehearsais. Any mawt· absent from any regular concert oi·the club or missing any number o�the program in which- he was chosento participate. except in case of sick�ness or accident, shall be fined tw�dollars, Any man not attending aR�social function to which all membenfhave beeD invited, unless excused by·the Executive comm.ittee, same asabove, shall be fined one dollar. .4. Deficits and Profit&. A ny de ..ficit acquired by the club shall be methy special assessment of t� individ..,ual members of the club who went onthe trip through which the deficit wasincurred. A reserve fund !lball be setaside from the profit� of each year.and put out at in�rest. Fifty dollarsof this shall be al10wed the newlyelected manager for preliminary ex­pense� of the season. The balawceshan he drawn upon only by a ilia..,jority vote of the club.5. MecJaIa. R�gtl1ar members ofthe club shan be awarded a goldmedal of the, standard design at hiselection' to the club.6.. lam.tioa. An initiation fee oJthree' . dOl� shall be collectetl ·from(Continned on page 4)President Lollesgard of the Univer­sity Glee and Mandolin club yester­day issued the coustitution and by­laws of the club. which were adoptedafter the reorganization of the sepa­rate musical" clubs to form one bodyMay 18. The new system for tbe se­lection of club members was given indetail in an announcement by theclub officers. The constitution andby-laws follow:CoDStitutiOD of University Glee andMandolin Club.Article I, Section 1. The name ofthis organization shall be the Uni­versity of Chicago Glee and Mando­lin club.Sec. 2. The purpose of this or­ganization shall be to control thejoint interests of the University otChicago Glee and Mandolin club.Article II. Section 1. Membersshall be elected to the club from theroll of men who take part in theconcerts and from the managerialstaff. . Three dissenting votes shallbar·a man from membership.I Sec. 2. Members shall be el-ect­ed to .' the club organization at theregular annual meeting of the club.I Sec. 3. The active membership ofthe Glee club shall be limited totwenty-four vacancies to he fined atany time by the. e eeutive committeeupon recommendation of the direc­tor. There shall be two substitutesfor each part. who shall rehearseregularly with the club and be sub­ject to the same rules and regulations·as regular members,Sec:. 4�. Membership in the Mando­.Iin club shall be limited to ten active. members, vacancies to be filled at anytime by the Eecutive committee. The.Ieader of said club shall use his owndiscretion as' to substitutes.Article III" Section 1.· The officersof the club shall be a president, sec­,retary, manager, assistant manager". _" �, ��' ·alumDi advisor, and a lead-er of each--'-�O-�H IN' club. These officers, with the excep-. �.� :' .•.·m •. �.. ait1nI-�"iU9 . �b·�. - -�----�::ho:S:�eb�e��;�to:f'�: �l:ts'a:��l�regular annual' meeting. and shall'., ;1" ��:CM.�-SECOIID5T. serve for one' year. The leaders shall,., :., ,�, • r .. � YOItK.. be chosen by their respective clubs by,o� ,"repreSentative will be at the ballot, to serve for 'one year; their.... " '. �."- , .�. election shall' take place' � at .the time:; '. '·:�,.HOTEL, LA SALLE of. the annual meeting; and only'. ' :': "'�. .�th Fall and those who are members of such or-, Winter Styles in ganization shall be entitled to vote inthe election of leaders.Section 2. It shall be the duty ofthe president to call and conduct allmeetings of the club, to act as theclub's representative in any dealingswith the University authorities. toarrange for faculty repre�ntatlve fortrips, and to oversee the general wel­fare of the organizatlon�. See. 3. I t shall be the daty of thesecretary to provide adequate minutesof all meetings; to provide notifica­tion 1'0 candidates and members oftryouts and rehearsals; to provide forinserti�n of rehearsal notices in thedaily papers; to notify newly �lectedmembers by mail of such election. andjto handle all correspondence deaJingwith the internal· affairs of the' club�It shall also be his duty to keep in asafe place' .the financial reports foreach year, together with· the itineraryfor the year. the program for' eachconcert, and such other papers andrecords as may be of permanent indueto the club .See. 4. It shall be the duty of themanager to secure all concert datesfor the 'club, to provide for such hipsas he may arrange with the consentof the club, to provide the details ofaccommodation for members on suchtrips, and to have charge of the fundsof the club. He shall be the author­ized agent of the club, and shall haV'Cpower to sign for the club in all deal­ing� with' outside parties. He shallnot he liable for any deficit whichmay occur during the tenn of his of-fice. The office of manager may befilled by the election of the previousassistant manager. The manager shall�ign a personal bond to the Slim of$250.00, paid for by the club, whichbond shall be filed with the alumniadvisor within two months after themana�r!' election. oARRow�SHIK1'S' .. ,';.. THE bosoms alwaysr ern a in flat andereaseless. They can­': ".. ' p.�t" bulge or break16).00., '. Z,aulup; Chiett. 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Of course they an- LLlillie: rough in spots, but these rancasilv be remedied. \Ve would lik. to�(.e them tried again next year.Delta Tau Delta. Lauriston Gray­On the whole I think the rules areprt;tly good stuff. Sending men out oithe house early with no downtownrushing has given the men In thechapter a chance t({ get more: workdone. Not spending money down­town has been a good thing and hassimplified matters considerably. Therule against -, pledging University highschool men is a good thing, too.Chi Psi; 'RaY,IDond Bohnen-I thinkthe rules are 'all right. except !or one:thing. That IS. I think there oughtto he a period of a week from thetime freshmen register �he:n thereshould be no rushing. I don't thinkany dates should be made with, a -resh-man until he' enters college., O:1t­side of that. I. think it went prettywell.Delta Upsilon. Frederick Burck),­On the whole the .new rules stowed "ljlrushing considerably. It is hard Nsay just how well they work, for theyreally have not been tried enough.I'hcy will probably need some furtherrepairs .. I don't feel that the men Inthe chapter- got any more work donethan formerly. It seems to me, too,that three days is :too long for theno rushing .rule .during the nppezclass";(':Jr.sell�r system. The trouole with11aat is.' tbat nobody respects it any-how, ,and it- is ; bound to "lead 'totrouble, ".., .'Sip..,�; ,BpaUcm..· Doaald De­Jan,_.. Weare. entirely': satisfie·:J Witht!le new rules and think that they Willw�rk. o�t for. the best interests of the. fraternities. ..,. Sicm& ·.Nu. John Burtt-The rulesas a " .. hole were entirely satisfactorYto '�:' They did Qot·, give, the fr�sh­man any more time to study. Therules as they stand now form a verygood nucleus for an ideal set' of rulesin the future. ,Kappa Sigma. Emest CaYiD-Thepresent rushing rules have been sat­isfactory to us. I think that they arean improvement over last yea ... s rules.Alpha Tau ()mep. Arthar 1Iaupt­The present rules have proven emi­nently satisfactory. They ar.e an im­provement over the former rules. We'can suggest no amendments at pres-.rent.Phi Kappa SipDa-I can see �o im­provement in this years rules overthose of last year. For instance. the,rule providing that DO. fraternity manshall be with a rnslaee before 12:45 isa farce. as it is impossible to ipore afreshman on the campns merely be­cause you met him before a certai� sethour. A good ameDdment to this rulewould be to make it an offense to' bewith a rushee during' the ,time he'should be· at class. The greatestfault. however, is the lack of enforce-ment of thi: rules. This is the tauhof the council though, and not of therules.Delta Sicma Phi. Joseph Pishbaum-There is not much improvementover last year. There should be oneweek, at the beginning of the Autumnquarter, when there should be norushing at all. If the present systemwere strictly adhered to it would beadequate.Beta Phi, Loais BothmaD-Wehave found the present rules allright. The only suggestion thatI can make is that the rule bar­ring a fraternity maD from seeing aman before 12:45 should' be changedto allow meeting at the 10:15 recess.USPEED UP!"to 6iJ .._' � Ao.r',' " - by �,tAe ".,wi" .V?' .oa(¥.�1 .,/ AND amile! For here at last is the mastermachine that mabS it �y for any stenog­rapher to tum out �RE letters with LESSeffort in the ordinary vr<M.idng' day. 'The newRoyal Master�J4� ��Q�� speeds up the day'swork and sets the pace that pays I"Just turn the knOb;' �d 'get the "penonal touch ..that fits YOURSEI$I ,Wrile with the fast, Royal roller ..trip escapement-l/ae' Aearf oflhe Igpewriler rum wilbout effort.Built' ·ltJr .•.• �ig Ba.ine.. •• and 'itsGreat A�y., of &pert OperatoraThese new �fea� of: the. 'byal add to the aeositivefingers of the typist, the oDe' vital thing that the old-styletypewriter subbacts " '.peed 1" ..The speed with bI-ains behind it-the aU-da speed of. ' ythe expert typist in the, day's work. Errorless speed'is the kind of speed' tbat:, cOuDts. Commonsense haspunctured the 'iD�.ot � otI8- kind.Get the Faf:b' I � \SeDdfortbe"R�'.·� _.'Nee hJltJOman"aDd"for.� .DBMONSTItATlOIt;Or write 118 ditect,fix oar Dnr bIo­c1mre,-··B.".��"aDdbOak':of facta OIl Toad,I$125.: ;:';:'·;:1 :J:: :,' 'iI ea..IaROY ��·:tTPEWRITER COMPANY.280 E. Mo�� a.b� WesIq A. �.I&r.- ; .. ' .�. .! REVIsED CONSTlTU'ftON:;:··;, t ;,}1as' ian 'advantage over'! OF GLEE AND�· j.,. ,: ,4�W1i-ont .yell. 'LIN CLUB IS ISSUEP:-, ,�" n(Continued from page '3) : r iJackson E. Towne, Eastern corre­spondent for The Daily Maroon, andone of the associate editors on theboard of The Harvard l11ustratedMagazine, has an article in the Octo­ber number on "Through Yel1ow­stone Park on Horseback." Townespent his freshman year at Chicago.T'Norihwestem is h'aving a' great'amount of 'trouble' ,�ver 'their student,athletic books. The' students persistin 'b�rrowjng the �,upon - books andusing tbem for friends and relatives._'., _:' .,_. � ;each, new man upon cleciion'''t({,.tli�;club. ' ',.' .... , :..._� -; �!. 7. Officers' Report. The' manager,! shall submit an annual written report,; of receipts and expenditures, whi�h;shall be audited by a committee ap-ipointed by tbe pl'esid�nt and acted:.upon by tbe club. The alumni advi�r'�. shaD be a member of the auditi�1icommittee. ex-officio. At the annualmeeting of the club the other �ffi�'shall give a report on the ,,"orlt Vihi�tbey have carried on during the' year;aDd th'e Executive committee" . shanmake a: written report of its' 'acti6tiduring : the season passed. '� ," � ,j. a. VotiDc. All voting a�d:' el��: tions shaU be decided by a inajori\it; vote of those members pre��� ujI.1; less otherwise specified. One-half tia�� a�tive men shall constitute'� qU��to do business, or if there is no'�', jtttion' those members present shtli• . , . . Iconstitute a quorum. ; �9. Sbiq1a. All members shall �entitled to purchase fro. the maD':ager a ,"shingle" showing bis �em�bership in the Glee or Mandolin ;cI�bias the case may. be. These shing�shall be sold at cost. ' ."C,".::' 10. A· complete copy of the co:n­stitution and by-laws of the clabshan be filed with the secretary of theclub and another copy with the alu�­Di advisor, and a third copy with' theUniversity. ' . - Indiana, is: making great plans, for, their, p.ine' With Ohio State on Nov.1. 'Ii is thought that practically the. clH.ire student body will make the· tripto Indianapolis by special train. Alir'eai :amount' of optimism has sprungup in ,the' Hoosier camp since theirvi,ct?r)' over Northwestern.Northwestern was the victor overlllinois . in the first intercoll�tetennis match of the season.,Captain Brickley of Harvard baSleft ,the hospital for his home. aD�according to his own statement,' itwill not be long before he win be ondie . gridiron again. His one greatdesire is to be able to play in the�me' a�inst Yale.The Indiana shift is at last begiD­�ing to work. The Hoosier playenseem to be getting a little more ,snapinto it than they did in the ttamesagainst Chicago and 111inois.Correspondent Writes Article.ATHLETIC BREVITIES.;'" h· ' i·_IC spn rooters are planning !tomake themselves heard at the. HirLftrd gridiron Saturday. An alumr1u�'has been studying the acoustic .J)rqp;.min of the, big - Eastern stadium! i.order to determine which kind of acheer. win have 't?le ,best . effect. Hedecided that th� short. snapPy Cheer Club Hu 694 Members.The Reynolds club has S27 actinand 167 associate members, accord�iug to the latest reports of the oli-cen: '�' ",,',Tliere is .a Greaf[r�:Difference in TobaccosT uedo is tile MiWest. Sweetest, MOIlPleuaat Smoke ill the Werld, Becaase-.'First-No one but the makers ofTuxedo. is willing to spend themoney necessary to buy the mildest,choicest, most thoroughly aged,selected Burley tobacco. .Second-Noone butthe makers ofTuxedoknows how to treat this Bur­ley tobacco so that every bit of pleas­antness and goodness remains in thetobacco and every bit of unpleasant­ness and harshness is taken out. ' v· STRFAN�SON 'famous �lI.plor'Ol'•• T�Jo I., mlIJ. coolanti aooIlUnJ';_ Jwl ,be aorf .o/to6occ., IItftJ. TrueJo,_��, Tuxedo was born in 1904. Itsfirst imitator appeared two years' G:itANDOLPHCHKST&lt1 S· I If" , famous author -ater. IOCC t len a . lost 0 Imlta- .• wt.,i doalJn°' a __tions have been born and are clam': 6a -au., ,,, ft�«• f fo6cra:o wM:Ia 6ion cooI •orlng or your p�tronage. . JftJ«'aftIHl'I.jy1ltfa .No imitation is ever as good as the d TanJo>·�: original. No amount of advertising, (f,���no amount of bluster and bluff, canever make an imitation tobacco asgood as Tuxedo.'If you are. not a pipe smoker, youare denying yourself the greatestsmoking pleasure known to man.Try Tuxe�o in your pipe this week.YOU CAN BUY TUXEDO EVERYWHEREeo.. .... � po.cla. 5 F_�� tia. 10'inr:or-·U •• " witla C willa.............. CI. • pc........... c:.nM .. fit� ., ,.I,. GlaU H� SOc aaJ 90c J .. N. JlARCHASDfamousl1lustratwFREE Send u. : cent. in stamps for poeI- ··Fill my IIlpe .tJ. T�age and we "ill mail 'You a IOUftDir alo ..ll'. content Y_.' t�n,o� ,TUXt:DO tobacm.. tD any, ,"",0,,,.,, TraeJoJor..w.,point in the United States. Addrns . neu _ parity ." 0THB AKBRlCAN· TOBACCO CO)lPANY . � .SI-,,_.._-�<, Room J299 Ill, Fifth A\'CIlue New York .departure from the ' university. , ,What College FAti� ThIak., .. ,�.9,n�. b,ig t\l�g .�:rememba: is �t, cUts were not devised for the bSe ',.f=============== loafers. They were 'd'wgned' to as-PLAY PAIR. sist studeDts who 'unavoidably are ....S�Dt froDj»- classeS. aDd. the fac:Q1t7. is, .The Qaily lllini overheard.' a -te,,:": iacliDed 'to maintain that View �ba'mark the other day. Said one stu- eonsiderable StrictDess. : ',dent to another:' ,Under the ruleS 'which forbid �e.excusing of cuts ODce they have!recorded. it is inexpedient'to 'wa"\h Fa�e, as a maD is doing who .necessarily (;uts classes.-Daily PeRil-syl:van��. . ,. ,"Are you going to use your Ath-,letic association book next Saturday �If not, I should like'to borrow it.""Thanks.": To which we should like to asksome questions. Is this playing fair?Do not the terms on the book saythat the tickets are DpD-transferable?Does not each student agree with theAthletic association' that he alonewill make ase of the book?I t is Oase ingratitude to deceive theassociation in the face of the liberaltreatment accorded .the studeDts.They are permitted to see games atthe rate of twenty cents per conteSLVisiting teams receive half the gatereceipts, and as a consequence theassociation must pay them twenty-­five cents for each coupon, thereby Ientailing a loss of five cents for eachperson.Whe" you stop to_ conmder thatthe sale of coupon books brings inonly $12,000.00, white the associatioDhas a yearly expenditure of $45.000.00,do you bel;eve it is fair to misuseyour books?Upon the single admission salesand the money received from otherUniversities when our teams playupon their territory, the Athletic as­sociation must make up this large de­ficit. 5 FOR YOUR DEN 5Beautiful, Colfege PennaDtsYALE AND HARVARDEach 9' in. x 24 in.PRINCETON. CORNELL.MICHIGANEach 7 iIl.' X: 21 in.AU of our best qUality, ia tIleirproper colon, with colored eJD!)1ems.Either assortment, for limited time. ..sent postpaid for SO Cents aDd tiftstamps to cover shipping costs. 'Write us for prices before piacn.orders ior ielt novelties of all �THE GEM NOVELTY CO.'2456 Bittner St. DA �TPN. omoPlay fair.-Daily Illini.THE HIGH COST OP CUTTING.MAROON ADSBRING RBSUL'IS ,It is safe to assert that many stu­dents, at this, the end of the fourthweek of the semester, have accumu-·lated so many cuts that a week·s il1- 'ness would over-cut them in severalsubjects, force conditions Upon themand perhaps cause their premature •".: _..