1/· I�--.I � ..• ,.•.•••· .w.'\", ,.·I \ ·· 1••, ....· ,� •.•I••t. I' \• \ . IUilg flarndft·VoL XII. No. 80. !J1UVBB8Ift OF 0BI0AGO, '1"HUB8DAY, FBBBUABY 5, 191'-SALE OF TICID'S FORCONCERT IS PROMISINGtion is a formal and somewhat unin­teresting affair will be thoroughly ex­ploded Saturday night, if the plaJlS" ofthe officers materialize. Every effortMr. David Will Address JuniorsAt 12:45 in HutdUnsoo Cafe·­T ake Orden for Cla� Pipes NatioDal Scope of Chicago Iadi­cated in Choice of EasternMan, Preaiclent. SaY.GIVE NO EVENING CLOlllFS' PAGE AND TEAI:lWDl :> .',TAIl AT IABiEDiIIiLUNCHEON TODAY IDmCE HUGHES lADEUNIVERSITY TRUSTEE Infonnality In Every Way' WillCharacterize ReceptiOn For. -. 'President Judson Saturday - Big Pep SeaaiOn' To' Be' H.ler IaLarge Crowd Expected Ken;�terNearly All80sea Taken For Eo.tertaimnent By Women's GleeClub Nestj Wecinesciay An attendance of one hundred isTWENTY-TWO expected at the Junior class luncheonPATRONESSES at 12:45 tOaay in Hutchinson cafe. Gn'"EN LL.D. BY TEN COIJ ECES that a President'. reeep-The idea OHIO STATE IS FORMlDABlIDavid, of the Bomanee department,Two hundred and fifty tickets have will talk, aD� important announee- Associate Justice Charles E. HUJ�already been sold for the concert to ments will be made, Claaa tiekets are of the Supreme Court of the Uni�hp. gin'n by the "Tom en's Gle(' club in t qul d f d •••. __ Membenlno re mre or a m.1 .... lvMo. States was elected trustee of the UBi· is being made to provide interestingManuel hall. Tickets will be 011 sale f h t' 'tt ·11 bo t e exeeu rve eommi ee Wl l' versity yesterday at the meting of the nnd unusual footures which will be at-at the Information office in Cob from present, and will have tickets for those board of trustees. He will succeed Dr. tractive in themaelves and which,--:-iu10:15 to 2:30. Nearly all tl I, es h .hie ox S who wish to pure as t em. Thomas Wakefield Goodspeed. Mr. addition to the opportunity of meetinghave ben sold. "I expect it to be the biggest runeh- Hughes' acceptance has been received. the President and faculy members,The paronesses are: h h d '-= t' tte deon we ave a -ulgges _in a n - The election of Justice Hughes in. should attract an unusually -largeMrs. Harry Prntt Judson, Miss Marion Talbot, Mrs. Robert Stevens, :\Irs.James Wl'bf'r Linn, Mrs. C. H. Hitch_cock, Mrs. 'Vallace Heckman, Mrs.Shailer Mathews, Mrs. Charles Crane, Follow the DrumTo Kent10:15said dicates the broad scope of the Uin- crowd.Mrs. Murtin A Ryerson, Mrs. EmmonsBlaine, 'lIra. J. J. Glessner, Miss Etiz- ance and biggeat in interest,"President Sykes yesterday.Stanwood Baumgartner, who hascharge of the elu. pipes, will. be pre,pared to take orden. Thirty_1I.ve 8JDok­ers have already cm1ered. Those whowish toques will be able to get them '\·ersity," said President Judson yes- "Evening clothes are not expected;".. ,,_. ,� ... l.'terd� afternoon. "We are not simply said George Parkinson yesterday. "It .a Chicago institution, but are national is the desire' of the dub to -make the Coach PB6te and memberl-ot the �.in character. Mr. Hughes is one of a1fair very informal, though still pre- : ketball team will speale at' the -�.-the most prominent Baptists in Ameri, 8eJving the dignity, of such an oeea- 'meeting in Kent today:--at 10:,15. C�.ea, and one of OUr most prominent cit sion, No con1l.icting- University date cago will play itS' hardest remai�abeth Wttllaee, Mrs. A. MncLeisb, l\lrs. from Hugo Swan, Frank Selfridge or Th' f D G ._1i2ens. e 1'e8lgnation 0 r, OUU· Suturday makes it ideal'for the recep-Charles Henderson, Mrs. A. C. Me· -Iud LymaJL Twenty.tve toques areLaughlin, Mrs. Ernest Burton, l\f'rs_Edgar Goodspeed, Mrs. E. E. Chandler,Mrs .• Tames H. Tufts, Mrs. A. C. Bnrt­lfrs. speed made it necessary that a Bap- tion. From all appearallees there willalready taken, and have been muchin evidence during the cold weather ofthe past few days., game on the home lloor tomorro},( �wll8A'the team mee� Ohio State. The ath�'letic authorities are makin� p��._. "':-''tions to take care of nearly as lat."_� crowd 11S at the Wisconsin pm.,�:• •• & ....;. .''Cheerleader Matthews expects t�a��l --. 'pep session to b� one of the best: 01 ',tist be elected, to make up the number be a big erowd,"of fourteen Baptists on the board To Entenaln Women.which is required." Special efforts are being made to in-CLA8SB8 m KOIIIB'AD FB.IDAY CoD811ltatiOD' 'Basy. .terest . the women of the University .Dr. Judson stated that while Mr. The bowling alleys and billiard tableslett, Ml'l1. John O'Connor, and• Tames R. Angell.PredIcts Success.DBFBA'i'B 8OPBOJlOBm Cherry is the scoring star of the tea ••He has received the degree of Doe- Tt was his individual work that defeat-Superior Buket-8hootiDg Gins Year-t01' of Laws at the following schoolN:­ IiDp ODe-slded Victory b� �16 Score.One hundred and thirty couples havil. Brown,' Colombia, Knox, Lafayette. M Chicago last yen, and he made",,'!Itfirld goals in the Purdue gain� H. i.tall and rangy and played end ••Ohio's football team.already aigDi1iecl'their intention of at- T:nion, Colgate, George Washingtontending dae Seaior Promenade. Man), Williams, Harvard and Pennsy,lvanin.alumni are expected and it 18 certain He ie a member of the New York Stat�that a good� nuaber of lower claM- &1' commission, of the Univenrity, IW Rolling up a lead of six point� 00·fore their opponents were able to Re01'l·.th� Freshman first team was not tobe headed, and they trimmed th ..Sophomores 26 to 16. Remarkablemen will be praent. ]luhliean, Union League, Brown, andCope Ha"e7 with an oreheltra of N'a8Au Country clubs, and of the �lt:·tcn pieeea will furniab. �e .aaie. Thn" l'pBi1on fraternity. Ooaeh Stagg ha.9 ente:red hi • .,riat.en and the shot putters, pole .ftlllted, ,and high jumpers in the Pint � .. :ment meet Saturday. The tnaek atbasket shooting, espeeially by Fisher.tile tall Freshman center, fe.tured tilt"(vill be twellty-follr dances and .upper,,·m be aerved at the end of the WUl Gtft PIa,.. game. Fisher displayed some of th.· thf' armory i8 only a tempa"n,. .true .. :The Dramatic Reeding ftoci('ty wi!) bnt 8hooting that halll been !lCen iJ1 tnre nnd tbe sharp turn8 make it ..,. .present ·'His Model Wife," l1 onf'_a('� tile entire ..eries and seemed to have' for no runner to twist an ftnkle. Withcomedy by :Miss Helen Brngg�, thi� no trouble at all in dropping �hc hali bright ]lr�t8 of a 8lu· .. <'MfuI- tncltquarter. Those who will take part art' through with long or ba�khRnd IIIhot� c:pnllr.n. DiT'C'f'tor �tRg.: is taldn� .... -'.J("ssie Brown, Margaret II eM, llnb('. nln.ckburn, his teammate at gtla1'd, wM "hanres with hiB middle 0'1' lone dl-..;O·Connor, Florence Knight, Ruth not f:u behind when it came to makillJ! tnn('(' mrn, who nrt" restnrd� ail Are 'Thomas, Treva Mathews, Helen ,Jnmie. hBrd shots, and he lIIu�ef'eded in. ("ount- T'I('tnt winn('� in the C,onfenmee m�'son, Bruce Martin, Fay Graybill and ing four in the course of the gam.. Kni.:M and Rnranick will eOlll'Pet� i.Thomu Goodwin. McConnell played a good steady pm(' th .. dnf'h, Thomas' and- -Bofof' .. In' til.""for the Sophomores, and Ru�ll show .. ,l G''''\' • .'After the next meeting of the flo pole vault, Cox, OfR1lIll. and "aittDIgreat flasbes of form whf'n he "'f'nt d ·'bl' �. . :;dety, 'Wb�h will be devoted to the in the hi�'b jump, an po881 y .1 01'1"".in in the ReCond half. . Th" . . :-Irtndy of Kipling, the n'gular program!' and �8 .rarden in the shot. .. la.Oubide of the good ballk .. t IIhootinJ! fi"'l.l1 ftnd tbe handi"'anpintP make' "it" _.will be disrontinued and prneti� .. on • \l co "." '"the game wall rather sloW'. The Fre1lh.b red' h tL.- _-'\ ::1:th .. play will begin. .TMtsie BroW'n imp0!'8i Ie to p let '" at ..I"ill eoula Ih cut. J (o..u. ... - .... I., will do.twelfth danee. The Grand Marell willstart at 9:30. The musieal program asRnnollneed by the ela.irman, i. aa fol­lows:should be returned to Mr. Stf'ven!" hoxin the faeulty exchange immedintC'ly. 1. Night. of Gladness.2. I.e Gigot (Leg of Mutton).3. Un Pea De ' AlIGur (A LittleLne, A Little Kia).4. )(7 Boa7adore.5. The Girl of the Film.6. The FiNflT.7. Y eo.o Le' Va' ..8. Oh, OIl, Delphiae.9. Pupellen.wm IIeet ill Cha'b-The Tnu I.nmdnRho elub will hold a meeting nt ]0:1:;thiB morning �n. the Reynold!' dub. Allmembers will plcs8C make it a ]lointto be there, as illipoTtant bn!'in�" i�to " taken liP. ..."l'BE DAlLY MAROON. THUBSDAY. FEJmUAB.Y 6, 19U.'·h·e MarOOD :;.:C:::==TODAY work us all outl'�dc.'r tlt'4o'S it," "ill beDivinity School chapel, 10:15, Has- the subject of the talk by Deucouesskell Assembly Room. l;t.ollwill at t lu- lIlt't'till� of t he Y. W .Young Women's Christian League, t '. L. tOtla�' at 10: I.j ill the League10:Hi, Lexington 14. ;':.:::IllJunior class luncheon, 12:45, Hutcb-I S ak 'I Bovee willBovee Will pe - ... , r. > ..inson Cafe. ,.) b f i t. sl'l'ak at t he .... "reuch e U lIlt't' lllg 0-.... � w. eow...... New. Editor French club. 4, Lexington 8. IJL 8. OG-s � Bdl&erLeV'.. d:ly ut ·1 ill J_l.xill�tCIJ.I S. Arruugv-.- ala. r Graduate Women's club, 4 :30, ....II. p .... , B. HI ..aceIllle'lIts will lw uiude for a recept ion toW. Be L,.... ClrealaUo •• ..acer 15'.;.--------------- ington •I.t' u ivcu Prof'vssor Lvf'ru ne ill tit .. • near- UniversitY Public lecture, 8. K�n' '"lCDtered .. MCODd-cl... lIlall at thetheater. I t'u t u ru,.ClUcqo poetomce. Chlcaco. IlL. lIarch 11.110 •• IUlder £ct of IIan:h .. 1171. TOMORROW. Stopa.m Addresses Germans _ Hr.Mathematical club, 4:15. Ryerson I !"t •• ,."alli "ill lulclrl':-;s thl' Gt'rlll:lll t')llhLaboratory. i 1111 "Hot\mi�(·ht\s. Ltufie nise h es. lind Ahn-German club, 4:30, Lexington U. ! 1i"llC'�" nt it s lIleetillj.! in l..l'xillgtClIl 14University Public lecture, 4:30, H�.3·1 t .. morrow uf'tcrnoon.kell Assembly Room. II ---� .,Soares Will Speak-Profl's.�or :Sonrl'::'�OD Pr .... Ul1 Cott.ace Grove AveDue. Chicago-Ohio State Basketball game....• asium. I \, il1 he the speaker ut the DI\,lI11t�7.30, Bartlett gymn .I II k)1 II • room8 H t h k h .. n sd!ool chu pvl ill usxe assem u �CosmopoUtan club, , i c coc <_'It 10: 1., today.library. .'Some agitation has been going the University Public lecture, 8, Relit' I· Announce Pledge _ Esoteric uu-I'OIDids looking toward abolishing the Cheater. nOUUCl\S the pledg ing of Xadiue Hullthe Senior "hoDor-lists"I of Chicago.in the Cap and Gown. Will Lecture in PhilipPines.. G d t WO""�n Meet-TIt e GmcluA fairly well defined Frnncis Wayland Shepnrdson. Assn- ra ua e u£group has adopted this .ci1\te Professor of American Hist or ... ·::h' WOlnen's club will be eut.erfu i nedPrfD&:i»le,'and not handed in � hon- 'hn!'l been gh'en Ieave of nbscneo t� h�' the :\rodt,rtl Luugml�e department0lS. The idea back of the moyement visit the Philippine Islands :lllcl It,C'tllrf' of tll:lt ('l'g-:tllizatiou at its �l(.\etiug illis this-it is lUlfair to the person. who b('fore tll(' Ten('h('rs' As�mlI1�', ",lli(>]. Ll·xingto·n 1;'; nt '1::W toclny. Allm(,pb at Bnguio. th(' l'InmnH'r f'�II;L,l �r:lcht:lte WOlllell hnve bet.'11 iu\'ih'cl.If(' will gi'\"e (>onrses in Am('ri(,:\11 TTi!"Hold Mail at Faculty Exchang�.to� nnd is (':"(pcC'tPll to r('turn ill HII''fliP)'l' i� 11 lIc:dIl,.l fur muil nt th\�has no homs to dfsplay, for others tohave long lists. .r� why is it JIllfair?wq. Should possible bad feelings onthe part of. these people be considered:What are college "honors?" They areBe recognition by the conege commu­nity of ability aDd Of'work·done. fteIlIaD who gains a position. of recognizedstanding o�' the campus through poll­t1ca or personal "pull of BY SOrti is.rare indeed. Chicago honors aren'tgiven that way. Now, why do peoplefafl to win honors? Is it not throughlack of·" .. oppo:rtunitJ'-the varioUscampus activiites are cr;vfDg aloud :f�peolllt 1r11o"� do the woJ;k. It is not� lack. of fraiemity baddng-.f th "biggest" amf most re­man� 0 e .and Missions" by W. F. Ellis, the jour. n.; Peterson, P. L.; Rector, Annn;spectjed students have had nothfng butnalist who traveled nround t'he wor1.1' �(>llOell lr�. A. G.: Seipp, Wm. C.;-ft onl7 rea-' '. Ith�� .�or baddDg. efor the Chicago Dnily Xews and sev·ll T)mrp, Prof. H. M.; Thomns, H. C.;- .• \..A� t get Ws recog-BOD � Person � DO'ernl east('rn papt"rs. Webh, Dr. H. A.DtUoD 18 becaDse' he does. not deserveIt. Bla faflunt to deserve it may notbe tgDOmfnioas or � in aD)"aeJlSe; 11e u.y haft been. too busyearntilg a livJng, or developing someP81'BOJiaI . or menQl accompUshinent. II:Jtllat Case, perhaps he has won thEgrea� honor of all; he need feel Jl('grief .� Jds list· is shorter th:UJthat « 8OIJleODe ebe. Or the fail1ll'{'\ .. ' ..may be due to 1DCOmpeteDce; the person �y be wiUlng tD do things, but1acb the abWty. ftJa rarel7 is a bf(handiCap; mere wt1l1DgDea to work t:highly uetul aDd w1u big rewardsB1It the rare cue of one wJlo bungler� he touch .. llaoUld DOt bfeouI48re4. ne reuon is the same arthat widell applies III the case Of tiltpenon:'wlaCi"Iiaa't the energy, the de·aIre to .d�. __ Mng for the Univer­dt7 comm1lJl1ty. U these people &ITCOJUdderid, &lid our QBtem of apporUontng recognition in proportion trmerit is framed for them. tmmecUatel:r... dbecnmt heari7 all .abWty anr'wDUDin_ to work. CAll we dord todo tIa187 Sbould � frame our conegr.Dail,............ x .. � ., aM 11 ......:, flIi:I � �1.,... ',.hlaUalMd IDOI'IWlP. ueept 81Ul4&� aDd1IeadQ •• � the AuttullD" WIDter aDd.prtaa quart.,... It, The Dati, MarooD.&&1[.811B8CaJPr10N &&TE8.e, c:arrler: 1%.60 & � .. r: 11.00 a Quarter.a, 1D&l1: U.OO a ,ear; 11.%6 a Quarter.ScUtori&l-Bua1Deaa 04Jce. EilJa U.'telephoDe Kld.a, 100. .After 10 p Ill.IQlI. Park "U.Abo�"l£on6rs" "c-.eaieat pouch. 5 Fa_us .,. •• n tin. 10inner-lined with C with IrUld l.tt.rinsr. Cmoiature-proof paper cW'Yed to fit pocket '"·In ·Glau Humidor., SOc and 90c Fi�I:D (;lI.BRRTCt'!,·hra I!'t! :rapshoot�rFREE·.'. S�d UIO � Cl"r.�c: In stnmp'l for poc;tnze-· o'The ccolcsl, most /ra­: aDd we will maiL you I.>r�",;,!:! Il ':'lll\"(!nir granl I"/,.z("("o 10 my ape-tiD of TUXEDO tobacco to any �I.o"_: 1:1 "r J U th Itb. UDlted States. Address . 'I", •• �,,; - • t: :.:" 0: .'! nmilJne3$ and puriill •THE" AMERICAN TOBACCO COMPANY �. 1lR.1II.. '1. IRooDillOS III Fifth AvenDO New York � �,-====--:::::-'� � IBulletin. ' , .:-.;EZ;..=-=':._::=-- Brief Campus News70 Discuss League Work-" Leaguer('I�OIlS: Allan Anll:1 E .. Barton Prof.f:l"ulty t'x(·ltangc· for the followingExhibit Convention Books. Ralph �L, .!.!U!":3"('ss.· Issac Brown; Ba-Several books and· pamphlets w1tj�11 ker, Rev. O. E.; Bryan, H. J.; Barnes,were on. exhibit 'at th� :;Kansas City Prof. C .. 1.; Comer, H. n.; Carstensen,eonvention, ha�e been pIticed in the r.'- R(',·. :\[. C.; Chamberlin, Rev. G. A.;tail room of the .press for insp(,(·tioll CllrtjN� Prof_ J. G.; Denman, Mr"; Dull,and will b(' put on sale. The "'ritin�� ChaR. E.; Da.venport; Prof. IL J.; Fan·de31 with the chan�ing ('onditions !t' (·)If·r. Rev. H. W.; Goodspeed, B.; Gif·China, India, and South' Am('rica� ir.- I for'!l, S. R.; Gray, Mason D.; G:av ,.eluding also sC!me biographical mat(''l"'' C. R: IInYRhi, K.; Hale, T. J.;- HoyeT,ia·1. .Among the more important \,t'!· R. A.; Hull, S.; Henry, Dr.··Jeffry, .T.umes arc "Human Progress and )Ii" R.; Lynde, C. J.; Mitchel1; Dr. W.;sions," by .Tames Barton, and "':\1"1: Uarion :l\Iiss; Muney, Ed; Nymoem, N. QlIi'ck on the TriggerWith "a Snap-Shot EyeTHE c rac k trapshooter has tohave steady nerves and musclesabsolutely under control- alwaysready to swing �is gun. into �lac.eand bringdown his clay pigeon. Thismeans trained, not to the minute,but to the split-second.We present the names of somefamous crack shots. They like tosmoke, but take no chances on atobacco that might "throw themoff." They use Tuxedo becauseit is mild, relaxing, steadying­strictly pure.Tuxedo is made of only thefinest, choicest, selected leaves ofperfectly aged Burley tobacco. Itis made bv the original "TuxedoProcess" which removes even' traceof hite and stillg and develops allthe wonderful mildness, fragranceand flavor of the Burley Leaf in away that no ·other brand of tobacco;has 'e�er successfully imitated.YOU CAN BUY TUXEDO EVERYWHEREute � a nonDal which represents f:oodwin "'ill �p('ak.tile leaSt �t stUdents In theCOWDIiUdty, dragging down the strongf!Jto thfa :Inel? "Jiardly; thls would beto dam' (the word call be taken bothwaya) aD � .... or coune, it an,·OIIe 'W'fIIae8 .to· do. this or AIl7 group"WbIaea .to do"�. weD'aDd gOOd; it isthe a.tr�fr ot:� � or that 1I'01Q).Bat 8lloiaJd .tlaat penon or group at.; teIIlpt to ad4I8 it. opbdOllS or wtshes- tile COIIiIdwdtJ. � acttaUon, a p&- I,C')'� flf the Scout �r:l�t('J'�' trnininl,t"Ollr�(' w('rc taught llOw to make firf'WtU Speak at Convocation-Prof('�- withollt mntch('s nt, a meeting yest('r'!lor .Tnmcs RowL'lnl1 Ang(')), he:ul of cln�·. 'J'h� m('t.hocl c;f twirJing a �tickthe c1l"pnrtm('nt of P�yehology, will he in :l hflle in a }worc) hy m('ans of ah 1· C t' It e omtor nt t IC coming on\'o('a IOn, I how wns used.lrnrch ]j. I Thc' clt'monRtrntion wn!! follow�(t hyI :t tntk hy llr. I ... I ... If('Oonnld on tit!.!'ade of example, or creation of senti· nl('thofl!l of conducting hik('!! n.c1 «'nmp'ment. it is throWing the wbol.e machine inc Tl:lrti('s. Roy �Ollt not(' hook,. Iout of gear. Sucll a movement is de' WfOrI' gi'"('n ont to tltl" forty studcnt�moerac:y gone mad. ,,110 were prescnt. • (iEO!{C:F: w, �1"\XWI-:LLkadinl: trap"hooter00/ find complde enJog­ment in Tuxedo. J,'�aMroesteadier and cl$urejire.JOU)­burning 'obacco ."-�9-r9;¥� •"....,T01[ A, :'\I.\R!,:IIALLf'lI:1.I:b �.:,." ... !obot,07iu:cJo /I.i)o,la:o i� un-ql!e�(I"or.uf,!!J th« acme 0/perfcct.on ; snlO�;ng T uxeJonakes It] c better &eorthliving •••,7�o,&.u� e•When' Men· Speak of Sweet Tips You . Are! Listeaing to Connoisseurs of TobaccoI .... ';\TAlLon lOR YOUNG IIBJfU B. J.eUon Blvd. 71 E. Monroe at. IIITHK�l!! STOB F..s; 1 N. La Balle St... ./IiIIII__________COO_�g �r a '!'u:f '!"t!:cc-8couts. I. Hold Joint �eeti.ng-:\ j"�II!. �'!."d" TEACH SCOUT MASTERSIDJ: flf th(' St. 1I1)<la � GUllel 01 ( hll :1�" I YAW '1'0 BUILD FIRE I:'n(l Xorthw(,l'It('rn lIni\"l'rsitit,� \\ il) }I('I WI'l'H0U'l' USING MATCHh(')d tod:.y at �:�O in th(' church (,)"l. I _rOODl� of thC' Hnyworth hllilciinJ!, �ra.li- i For a II 'round wear and good service�on nnd ""almsh RtrC'('t�. J)l'af'on('!'!� By ndllat f)('mClIJ!'!tr.ltiulJ th� m('m-We recommend our SPECIAL WIN­TER OF��ER---A black, blue or grayserge or cheviot suit, with extra trou­sers of the same or stripe material$30.00.. �y .4"00 •• muBaDAY, nddtttAaY a, 1914.men started oil with a rush, but theMt.>mbt·rs of tho Brownson club will Sophomore. 800n got started and play_present the sketch, "Priscilla" in the ed their yo�nger opponents even duringReynolds club theater on the after- the remainder of the first half_ Thenoon of February iI .': The . perform- seore at the end of this period stoodanee will be given for club members 14 to 10 in favor of the. yearlingsand their guests only. The Sophomores took a flying start inThe play is a two-act comedy, writ- the aeeond half, and inside of the firstten by one of the members of the two minutes had tied the Beore. At thillclub, and deals with tho adventures of point howover, the Freshmen braced,an Iust ructor in a correspondence and, with the aid of Fisher's andcourse, who fulls in love with one of Blackburn's long shots, took the lead,his students. 'I'he cast follows: and were never again headed,Today at three the Sophomores willProfe�or .•..••• - - - - . .• Thomns Tyun meet the Seniors. The seeoad yearFlora . - - - . . . • . • Mabel O'Connormen WOn the first game by a close BeoreBarry _ .......••• Edwin Jordan and the Seniora are out for revenge;Priscill& - •......••..•...•• Pyllis Fayso the game will be sure to be inter-Mr. Smith .••••••••.•• Donald Delany t.es lng.Lily - . . . . . . . . . .. Marie Rees The lineup:Tom John MeGalloway Freshmen I (26). Sophomores (16).Dora '. . Sarah Mulroy "D F C· C 1'"Willett .•••••.. .Do. •• • • • a vm, 0 ..Dick. Robert Elliston McDonald, Otis L. F. .. Plume, RusaaUFisher ...•••..•. C. ..... . McConnellNichols •..•.... R. G. •••.•••• PlumeBlackburn ..•. L. G •...... WeinmanBaskets: Cole, Plume, Russell 2, Mc­Connell 3, Weinman, Willett 2, Fisher6, Nichola, Blackbum 4.BROWNSON CLUB WILLpBE8Blft IJIWO-AO!' PLAYWEDNESDAY AFftlBNOON....,••... rOU'VE HEARDtOF THB ")(..&.8-"!"" "1TER KEY" THA.T'�FIT 8 EVERYL 0 C K - DI.DYOU EVBR .EAa-0:::' A. )lA8TEB.. ,)I 0 DEL OF ..&.TYPEWRITERI........ k of .ALL ofOe eo.blaed &4-TIl.tap. of 8ET­E� tBewrl&en70- lIaTe He.,eo.ee. trate ...o ]I B .ta.4arc1.u ..... ,.._ TIle IIo7aI baadlftperfeetb' eY_"kao.. fonD .fceDeral e ....reap.adeae.aDd don ftlrdwritIDC _d C_­.... wd BIIJlnlr W­eld_ - wlthoat a.la«le "'pt'dal at­taeh_eat" Ie addelltra t'ORt to theOpewrlter. Think., Ih.. __ ad ,._"OJ .aTe a , .. rI,.cood Idfta of tIN'Maater-Jlodd ofthe .. ,..1."I·ROYALT\'PEWRITEB CO.bIe.N II:. II .... 81 ..�.. DL. - .NOTIC.)'. Dear Sir:-Spring clothes an the u.en tJd.Dg toWDk about. !'he New Pauerus arehere aDd the�'re:nne. 'l'he7're ftl7moderate in Price. too.Come In aDd see them when 70U can.�Yoan,. __ I VARsll\TAILOR, lUI Eul ''Ilia ........ /I FBB8JIM •• I"IBft IfBAII'fBFBAft 8OPBOIIOBB8(Coatiaued from page 1.) ESTA8U$HED 1818ARRow'7vIadrasCOLLARSGrantO'Tlr--uwle of a finequality self striped Madras.A collar that has the charac­ter and individuality thatalways accompany correctstyles. IJ for 1J5cCU:ETT. h.doDT & Co..I.c .. TaoT. N. Y.JlaI«ra 01 Auow SaRTI Garment. for eYU7 requ1rem.entfor »&7 or BvenfDc Wear,For 'rrave1 or Outdoor SportBDglfaIl Haberdash817, Hata aDd Bh08l,� Bags, Leather GOodLOttt Bepreaetatiye, JIB. WALKBB, wD. be at theBOD:!. LA 8ALLB,'II., ... , Febl1lal7 12th, 13th &114 14t.b.Bree leasons Why yoo should Eat at the len's Co __1st. Good Food ProperlF Cooked.z.d. Cleanliness our Motto. Inspect the Ki�a3rd. A Miaimum Price for HI�h Qualit7 Foocl .Clab Breakfast lie op �afeterla at Lmaehblmaer ALaCarte BUSIC CoIDe"-'. . ._'-�HICA •••ST. LOUISBest Readaed by Through and Fut TraiDs of the"D.IJNOIS CENTRALAll Steel Da,'ight SpecialLeaves Chicago 10:02 a. m.; arrives St. Louis (vi� ��taBridge6:02 p. m, Indestructible. steel cars of ha�me �ntenor 6m.hEvery comfort and convenience WIll be found on thIS tram .Diamond SpecialLeave Chicago 10:30 i). m.; arrive SL Louis 7:48 a. m. Electric·lighted train. A convenient evening departure from Chicago.Stope Mad. i. Bolla Directi ... at Soatla Sid. nan. •••Statio .. , .on1. Uni _d .3nl StNetaObservation Parlor Cars. Cafe Cub Can. SleepiqCan. Free Reclining Chair Can and Coachesnell.b, Fa,.. _d Sleepi •• Car R ...... atio •• at76 West Adams 51.CITYTICKET OFFICE-.J.�CBA£L.D.P.�•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Hotel CumberlandReferee. Waterhouse. CLASSIFIEDDYllTISEDn'SNEW YORKBroadwa7 at .sttb Street.He ... SOUl Street Sa� Statloa aDd53M Street Rlnatecl"Broadway" can from GrandCentral Depot.Sneath Aftlllle ear. from PamqI­.... Stad ..IC.",. BY ... COLUQ •.... IfB.ADQU ... Il'l'.1UJ 'OB COLUO ••• IfBP.OU.£ JU'l''' 'OB COLUfI. n .....Tea Mimatea· Walk to Thirty TheatreaHAiRRY P. STIMSON. MANAGERIIBDQUART1nt8 �"a CBtC.&OONew, Modem aDd FireproofRooms with Bath, 12.50 and up.•••••••••••••••••••••••••••5e per line. No advertisements re­ceived for less than 25e. All c1 .... flecladvertl8emeuta must be paid In ad­vance.An efficiency engineer who haa madea practice of studying cues of grad- TO BErl'-Well furnished, pleasantuates of technic.al schools who take up front room, in new mod. building;engineering work attributes the fail-ures to three things:I-Lack of practical experience andgood judgment. .2. The feeJ,Uag reasonable. Young man also desiresroommate. 5427 Ingleside ave., 3rd apt.Midway 6174.-"English Poetry" by MAnly, inEllis 8, Thursday. Fjnde-r please re­turn to Information O1fice.the untrained man and the general dis­regard of discipline.3. Desire for too rapid promotion.From this statement it is evident LOft-In Mandel Hall on Tuesday &f­thBt maDY men graduate without Brat ternoon, January 27, & small blackhaving leamed some of the fundamen- and white striped aiIk bag, trimmedtals of a successful technical career. with black velvet a rhinestone buttonPradical experiece is not obtainable anc! black tassel. Contained a hand­through a college course_ It must kerchief marked N. A. D. and a smalleome from aetual perfonnance of du- amount of money. Kindly retrun to thet ies. The feeling of luperiority and President's o1rice or to 4609 Woodlawnth(' inattention to diaeiplinary mea- avenue and receive reward.�u�, however, are traits· that mightwpl1 be guarded against through proper WAlft'BD-.Freshman with some ex---onrse!' in technical institutioD8. JA.e- perienee in camping or now engagedtnrp� by experienced men, who havf' with work as assistant in Wisconsinthe Ahility to plaee the faets before th('camp, .July and August. Addrese W. M.Hf ucfpnt in an intr�ing but foreeful Kiplinger, Morgan Park, Hl,manner, would be of great value to theman who ha� a JlOO1" c�n('eption ofthe relation of workman to employer. BOARD-In small private family. Ex·('ellent home cooking. Limited numberThe desire for too 1'8.pid promotiOn At table. Addreu 6134 WoodlawD ave·iR a natural desire. Sen_tional pro- nae, 3rc) aparbD�nt, telephone Hydel!1'P.M il dfJlll&nded by tILe graduatf'. Park 837.Pf'rbftps he places too high 1In opinionuron his true wortb. In �his cue b(' JIBS. FLORA 1lacIV0Bis to be pitied, bee.URe his untimely '·oice builder aDd teacber of artisticrequem for promotion lower bis stand- singing, ::Monda,.. and Thunda,.. ating in tbe ey" of bis superiors. Mra. Knight., 5652 lIarylud Aveaue,The p1'Ollpeetive gr&4)uate shoulel Wedae8da,.. and Saturda,.. at home,mue an efrort to lean to adapt him- 63.',6 ::Mal'7laDd A venue. For informa­Relf to eonditiolUI. If sut!eeaful in tiOD acJdrea 6356 Marylandthi", bis struggle in tbe technical world Phone. ::Midway 4390.wiD be witb lea c1ifPieulty.-Purue Ex·ponent.FOB SAT B Standard Smith· PremierTypewriter in excellent eondition, atvery reasonable terms. A great bargainfor aDyoDe desiring a typewriter forrrofeaional ue. B. B.LemoD, Boom 6,RyenoD Lab. or 1220 E. 54th St.WID ViII, I ••Dr. Alonzo Parker, for twelve yea�Recorder of the Univenity, will leaveearty ia February for a viat to Ital,vand other ::Mediterranean eountries.Dr. Parker W'U oae of the fint truR­t� of the University, ... Be1'Ved uProfeaiOll&I Lecturer Oil ::Model'll :Mis­lions and .. head of Hitehc�� ball.n� is now PrQfessor Emeritu. in theDi viaity SchooL PO •• 4LB--A Ilew No. 5 Oliver Typewritter ill perfect eonditio1l. ::Must _11tJaerelore price re&8ODable. Write, 0ea1l after '1:00 P.::M. � B. Brunemeier53 Kiddl. Divinity HaD.------ --THE DAlLY JlA&OON, THUBSD,A,Y, FBBa1JAB.Y 5, 191'-THlZSMOOTHES1'TOBACCOMUSIC hath charm:;-ac1cl a pipeful ofVelvet and you arc a whole orchestra.Such is the pleasure' of good tobacco,Velvet, the tenderest leaf-a:;cd in the oldwarehouse for two year�-a ��O\V, sombre,time-process of mellowing-e-ia \I;hich allharshness i� lost-the i!::.yor tc__ �d, sweet ..ened, made exquisitely SIilOC�:l. A .zmokewithout bite-e-music 'I:::�"!C�� c:��ordlVelvet is known to be t�e meet c2.!"duUymatured smoking tobacco+-only ti�e canproduce its delights-or.! y patience insuresits pleasures. All yo�s!At all dealers.£:n�t!t$./r�� ar.full Z oz. tinaFlowers for the PromCHOICE CORSAGES OF ORCHIDS, BUTTER-FLY �",i\�EET P '::AS,VIOLETS, AND LILIES OF THE. VALLEY.NO EXTRA. COST FOR SHIELDS AND TIES.Place your Order Early. Choice Assortment cr Cut Flower!; andBaskets Always on Hand.PALKS RENT:BD FOR ALL. OCCASIONS.A. McAdamsTelephone Hyde Park 18. w. J. Lagrotta1303 E. S3rd Street.M. ShiIldermaJaTAILORS & CLEANERSIf you want your clothes Pressed and to stay FICS:::cd callup Midway 6958.We Call for and Deliver PromptlyOrder your SPRING SUIT Early and have it rc�dy for EarlySpring Days. 25 per cent discount on all orders taken now.1114 E. 55th StreetFra&enll7 �ewe1r7LeaOer GoodsCoDee. NonlUes Ernhussl'll StatllllH·ry". t'cllling In ,·ltatillnsCullin!: CardsBROCHONENGRAVING CONlPP> NYH. G. TURNERPresident GIlt �I allcrs HlIlllllngRandolph :Ur.:tOapitalSurplus'Undivided Protlts. The Hit oj The Season$3,000,000.005.001),000.00 ,1,000,00.002 For 25 Cents.Troy's Best Product------- ----�L\!�()( ,�\ ,\1):-'l:I�I:\G i�r5l·LTS i DELIVERS THIRD TALEIII i». O�t wahl dvlivvred tilt' third ofII is �I'rit'� of lect II res 0 II Colloid Chern;! i�t I'y lust llil!lIt ill "1'llt tlu-utvr. 'I'he PlSi Upsilou took two' of the three:-<ltl'jt'd «f his talk was "CllulIl!t's iu the g'UWl':; from Sigma Nu yesterday, andof lIl'itU Upsilon took two from A. T,O. l:;igma. Chi forfeited to Beta ThetllPi. Tolman of D. U. was high maoCOLLom CBEMIS"rB.Y 8tgma Chi Forfeits to Beta-Tolman isHigh 1I&n.,OF LEC'l'tJB.E SERI::S ON('olloill Stu te, J nt e rita I,�!:ttt·, :::::\\l'llillg, Sl·ttillg,.\t.=-"'l,tioll. Cuaguhttion, Pept izat iou."I Dr, Ostwald Is the l'Xdl:lllgl' l'rut"t·:.·: snr f'rmn Ll·ip ... iv, Germuny, uud is nu! n ut hurit.y 011 the subject of Colloid! l'hl'lIIi:-:tn·. He will lecture tonight 1I11I •'�I·il·lltifh� A ppl ieut ions of Culloit1: (·hl'lIlistn·:· All mombvrs of tilt' {'IIi·I H'I':o;ity ;1lI\"(' been iuv it ed to ut t e nd; t lu: loe turr-s,!, r .. IASQUERS PLAN OPENAm PAGEANT TO BE Psi Upsilon."8BP'tEJIBBB MORH"With Dan LewIa.The World's Greatest Entertainer.,B ARB Y L A U D E Rand Co. of Internatilonal ArtistsUi�k"(.�'· .� . .'COlAN'S GlANDfor the clay.""HEARL Y MAB.B.IED"Coutc!:.iu ••••.•••• 139USH5 109174156157130 With Bruce McRaeYutthc\\'s lOS"Delightful Comedy-GreatFun."-Amy Leslie in NewsBent . l:;HIS5U5Brown 163134 Ir 1 •Ilunter .....••. '.•Total .•.•••...• 726 726 ILLINOiSSigma Nu.GIVEN TmS SPRING:-\I'l'ucerHammer . IIISI1-1:, In TIB SU.NSHINE GIRL'1'11(. Iluarh'r's work for till' �[usqUt'r!'\\ as 1II:II'I'l'll out at t lu-i r meet iug �·l·Sterdny, Th» soe ivty hus been d ividvdiut o three gl'lIUp:-:, and eue h group int n r n will pn'parl' U program to ht'�h l'll Ii rxt at the rt'glllar llIl'etillg oft lu- :-:o(�il'ty, allll l'I'pl·ah·J ut t he Huruefor tilt' Iueurubles. �Iargan·t HessI1t·II·1I Andrews, and T'revu �[uthew�hn ve h('('11 apl'oillh'cl r-hu irmeu of tIll,itn'�I'I'd i \ I' 1!1·IIUl'S. III udd it ion, the so'I·j(·ty \\ ill I'rl':-:l'nt two plays at the CIl\'nf tll(.· quarter."\ II OI'l'II'a i r I':l:.!l':lllt is planned bytJ:,· t·lllt. f'or the Spring quarter. Th(>�1'('Il:ll'io for the pageant will be ChOse11: I,\, «ompet it ion, only mombers of the�'I' I· ie'I�· be i ng eligible to enter, The,l'I'lItl'�t will close after the first meet;I: ;I�� (If the Sprin'g quarter.I: l\m. AND MRS. ROBERTSONLEA VB FOR NEW YORKON .JOURNEY TO SICIL'THE I ICom Exchange National Bank I� Cllieap. Duvid Allan Robertson, assistamP,.oft's�or of English and secretary tt'lit" President, I('ft yesterday with MrsnlOlwrt!'on for New Yorlt, whence they. \\ ill s:iil Snt urduy fo� . Europe. The)'i i-ln n to spend three weeks in Sicily"III) will later tour Gr�ce and other:\£t'clit('rrnlle:m count rles, 1\lr. and Mrs,T:o bert.son will return to the Midway":11"ly in May.----4----REGISTRATION SHOWSINCREAS"3 C,VER WIN'lERQUARTER LAST YEARTil .. r('gistrations at tl1(' Universit�·for tl1(' 'Vint<.'r (l'tnrter this year shown J!r�at incr<.'nse over last yenr's registrntion for the> �am(' p('rioo. In the dc_fm rtlll('nts of Arts. Lit('rnture, and Sei­('n('(' there ar(' 1,�:!6 rn('n and !l0� wom­('n or 2,229 shulcnts as C'ompnred withtlr,' l,!l;!) of a y{�ar ago. The regish1'_1 j')n in tIle profc�ional schools haR:!(lnmc('d from 6�S to 7S1. th(' ('our:'l'ill �[e(}icine show!i :10 incr('n�(' of 6ntlr(' Law School of �1, :In.1 th(' Cul1('g'(If E(1u('ntion 9. The totnl number ,.,f:-;illI1(·llt� r('J!istcr('d in the rni,\"f'�ityi:; l,fil:: nwn and 1,1;;0 worn('n, a tuta·(If ::?.fi::. This i� un a(l\"nnct' of 3�cO\'I,'r last year.I. __ • __ • __ ._ .• _I :l..P.P.A!oTGE PUBLICATIONI JULlA SA:NDBRSCNH:!11';1:;-11511I ;j:��ickleI::SWith Joseph CJ.wtbom and.100 MoreHoydell'i'otal 695 7-11 Ho�ard's TheatreAlpha Tau OmegLA Blow at Commercialized ViceHHIiI133l�l147 lOtiH.163 It Has Awakened Chica�o.Unpp�I",y�r ..........••....••Lunde ...•.•••........, .. 'A.tkins .. , .•••..•..••. ,. 1··­.. I13 ... THE TRAFFIOTotal 763 tiS;................POVVERSNortonLeonardKnightTolmanBaldwin 147129 14:;13�lU6................ FANNIE WARDIn the Laughing Successof Seven CountriM.MADAM PRESmENT............... '.. 175202157 I:;:!, .Total 810 6!H................�SICAL PROOBAlI OFPBOJ[ IS ANNOUNCED .Jack Lait's New Play ' ..•HELP WANTED(Continued from page 2.)A Clean Comedy Drama withaanry Kolker10. Sweethearts (Vietor Herbert).II. Swannie Ripple.12. Isle D'Amour.Supper Extra.·13. Seventy-fourth Regiment Band.14. Irresistible Tango Argentine.I;). La 1\fattehlehe.16 • .Just Because It·s You (The Littl ••Cafe).17. Maori.JS. The Blue Danube.1!l. I'm .Just Crying for you.2(1. Barcelone Beauties.21. Porcupine Patrol (The DaucingMistrea).22. Ya Cherie, Songe D'Automne.23. La Petite Coquette.!4. Dreaming. •STUDEBAKERlIB.. LYN HAlLDmGIn Sir Arhtur Conan Do�le'8'1'hrW:1ng New PIa,.THE SPEOKLBJ) BANDFINE ARTS'"'l'lIB SW.AN SONG":s,. Tchekoy."p B Y L"A Three-Act Comed)­B7 CicelJ' HamiltonprincessThe Favorite Irish Actor-stnprI'ISKB O'BABAIn the Deltghtf1ll BoIDUCeIN OLD DUBLIHFBlfCIBLB8 BBOBcJAlOZBAS DBBAftlm 8OOIB'fiWill Hold First �oatB tor AaociateJlembenldp OD P.'braz7 18. o LYl\..tPIC�r('mber8 of Feneibles last night r('nrJ:rnnized the KOeiety into a Univer­�ity debating loeiety. Any undergrad­'mt .. mnn is eligible to try out fo," RBADY MONBYWithROBBRT OBEBm('rnh('r�hip in the new society. Tb�OF SECC'ND NUMBER OFfirRt tryouts will be held February 1�LIT::B.ARY MAGAZINrin ('onn('dion with the tryouts for the LASALLETI,P h(,nfc) of e>clitor� of the> Lite>rar� l.�r(,Rhm:tn (lebating team. Assoeiatt'!\:\1 "lit "I�· will mf'1't :\t 10: J;i t()(lny to h('('(omf' mem'bcnt after public appear· !'ango-F1l1ecl Song-OomedTi: Ill:! kl' tlle final arrnngcm('nts for til.II �ir:-;t 1'Ilhliration of th(' magazine, TIlt'I :'T'T'I':lrnn(�e (If the maJ!azine haR h('f'''I ,1da�·('el h('cau!I(, gn()(l finan('inl ar.I 1":1 ngf'm('nt.s ('oulc1 not be mn(le. Th�'i I',litor� IIav(' almo�t, ('notlJ!h contribllI til'lIS now to lR!lUC the s('('ond numh('r.: :, ",) 1 he only thinJ! that i� kf'epingI k,d, tire puhU('ation is the proof r('n(�I i'1:! and printing., flnC'f' in the work of the organization.OfTicct'8 el�tcd last night for th('"". society arc: FAlward Retie'ker,rorf'sidcnt; Rudolf Moritz, viee·presi· A �ERICAN':L.�Odf'nt; 'Martin 1iorn('U, eeeretary·tren!!· BVA TANGUAY··rf'r. Philip Mmf'r, Lenus Lundber,t,A rthnr CP.rlMn. Rolw-rt Harper, Law­frn('f' �Rliflbllry. Rn(l Tlonald CrawfOTd"'f'n- f'ho�('n to � tb(' c%ee1Itive com·mitte-e. 'I'll. . OJelomc ComedieuDe aDdHer .TabU" Vaaderi1l. CompaJI7-Witll RBIL JU::N nlB-FaD·milt 8cotchmaD of AD.OFFICERS.ER:"'EST A, I L\:\DftT.I •. Pr�s:d .. n!,CHARI.ES L. IIUTCHI:"'SO:-':. Yl('--l'r .. I'CHA�':-':CEY �, BI.AIR. Vlc�Pr('!O·<1f'nt.1). A. ,:MOnLT()�. Vlce-Prl'.1Ildent.B. C. SA1UIO:-':S. Vice-Pruident.FRA:"'K '\Y. S)llTII. Sl'crelary,EDWARD F. SCHOE:-':ECK. Aut. Caahiel'.J. EDWARD :MAAS. A!tSt. Caehlfr.J.A.lIES O. WAKEFI·ELD. Am. Cashi .. r,LEWIS E. GART, Aut. Caahter.DtR&CTORS.Cbarhe8 Wacker Clyde �I. Carr•• rtln A Ryenon Ed,,! n G. Forem,'"JIc!ward :::l Butler Wataon E. B;"lr� H. Hulburd Edward A.. Shf'ddc.nnee BaeJl:lncham Frederick W. �yIhDajrnfn C'a1'l)Ol'" Em.� A H.mmJII