�- .. "� _ .. __ .• t '_VARSITY TANHORCES MA5QtJERs . 'SCORE HIT ,_ OF�, I�IVEDOWNED BY PURPLE Members WiD &ih�'Acdaim ,PLAN fACOLn DOOtEl � Duce After Ch�,Of A� 'rut'_ p�� . Rey- Dorothy .Uewellyn To Be' T out- Class Basketball Team to ViCtOryDOlds.aub�--t-·_··nepl·ta;··:· miatreu-Promilea.•.• , .. Novel rv. ... r Divw''ty" C_I:_'oo"I' "Qu'"""_tet�;' Game _ �.;T'!'q� w.'. " 'IDCil,_ £""'.'" EntertaiDment vy" ..xn m Give� •. �.� {.,BIg Succe. 21 to 12 .Ide' Co�"'".. .'... .. ,PRESmENT JUDSON WIll SPEAk .WOOD STARS FOR Membeni of' Masquera, the women'.. Aftcr Witnessing' a thrilling ��et-. YfJScONSIN HAS .GRElT •• ;VlCfORS drauia1;_ - dub; KOrea a Bmashiq hit Women students of the Univerfilt, ball game, fro� w.hie� t�.e �niorJ�. �'ith their presentation of the Spaniah will have a chance to further ta.tt �emerged with 4ying colon, t:.h� ��.playlet, "Pepita,"" adapted frem the acquaintance with the members of 'h. bers of the c�ss of 1.9.1� a�j.o�r!l� __ �Spaniaab by Mnt� Otis Skinner aDd faculty and their wives at the .ret the Reynolds club" there t� ��.c�p���. . Ohicago,D W 11" : 0-1 . Di' ..... _g.... .. , . wh t .1 t b # h d N.org�n":, ..... R.,F •••••• ��.van a aee, � ma eu.II.A, - :raculty dinner given by the wom�q. In. � proveu .. o e �ne_. o� .• � e. :,_�'.Pepita;. Trev': Matthew. as the maid, StU8ellts .\\�1l Dot 'sit "below the. salt" cided social successes of the .t1niv�r- Goettler ..... : ... L.� •...... Haasd·E '. ·C 1 - o':"b--:"-';" th it Dea- .Jarc1�e.Q •••••• �C ..... VanG.llt ,an velyn 0 e .. DC -�, e and leave the faculty members at the • Y Beason. �:- ...aunt, w"re thtt membera of 'the club head table a� is usual in student diu. The class broke all records. f.or &to;. M·olallder. - _ .•. R •. �. � H.r� ," '.:.3 Th' .·t-� liaumgart�r�:.L..G Lange·DiSplaying' unexpected strength in who pllrtielpat"".· ey .ere .... .u Den where members of the faculty tebdance of class dances at: 'w cotil,the· dash"s and taking advantage of �y Rudolph Moritz, a. Vietor the'hero are present. lion yesterday �fterooo,O_ .T.be. second P'revio�·Oidcago-.WIacOD8ln Score.a bad slump among Coa�h White'!) �ax Sickle, the father;' :Millard' 'La';�- President Judson will speak to the' floor of -the Reyno!�tI .eAub 'W� .used, S" -". �."'. .'C' 'l ". :' .::: ,:::• ...:r.... ers, Northwest.rD WOIl the open- l.ell�e the 8t� faetotum, 'aacl SidD.Y womea. probably on th.' subject' ill ibd although th.r. was eDough room I:.:�::·" .lIIci:�a;;!,::J�;;g,�.'. Sc�,:iDr· meet of the Beason from Chieago Pidott,' as the Manluis. which· at this time they are most :'n- tor daneing; _it \\'8S not qu:�e' �ple .at JVba�. 1�-.�.1.�(. �.. i�h.·t by a �9. '1.1.·-.·1.2 seore, i':Mba DieDOt"g bad the ditfieult part terested, Dean ·Walec e, and MI .. Bal· h!� the intricate 4gu rea. of ,ttw ';"til· 190;,: .. .Houghton, at UbgcL, i!t,1,.Chieago swimmet8 faiJeit . �ve up to hf th� play� . Her &etiog was eh�raet�· lou of t�tt, Latin department �m airo hbn. There were no programs, "grand. ., '.. ' .. �.: �t Witp:.�: �l-�aput�"perfo",':D�e.;:�;;t: ,or below Iud by'a reeen-.;· wlIleh. although be amoDg the speake... Other Daoie. �ight aad Iefia" b�i.g i�u���L;'hiel; 1908 ... ,.Sc�o .... er. �t .�V�." F'�tb . \ : -' . ..:,;I_',•• :d-{�,�., 8' eeming' a infte cold at time- proved th p be· a _. thh Id aded to th sp· it f od f 1·1' she.Ir ��n&a. ':'. stF ... on e rogram are 10. TO � e RS." . e.. ll. ..e go - e ow Ip ,a� . Che.9 :' 2�-�@ .. neii' lint eonferenee competition �he interin'etatfo.n beat .�ui�e�. t� p�rt � .u��ae. �hich prevailed.,. . ._ :... ,.� .. �i.�, .� . �8-J.� ..Beezt"�· to throw stage fright into for the oecaaion_ The 'least ove' raWD The women'. glee club· will be .Oll Ruth Agar' and .no.weU . .ltlurray led f909 ... - .:(leolJlen, at 'Y�, � 18-�C ... h 'Whit.'. pro .. iaiag first year reo lragi. etreet, ill, the 'part wo�14· 'hav. haDd with ..... Dew' .0all8o .aDd Suo the cotillioa. oe •• ral steps of which .. "., ... at.. Ch&l!,.;. ��{/P· lO'\'ed deterimental to the productilln mnne Fisher, chairman f)f the enter· h db' b b'" Hieruits, and Pavlicek and Redmon es-. a een given t em y -U.s. q. �10. _ . _ Hojfma�, at .Chlo .. ::.. ���:peeiaUy failed to perform up to stand- �onaiderine th�. eirc�mst����. Her �inme.�t. COmmittee .. bas promised man.. They had spent a great deal.·of I. :;'.; , _.�� ".at.,W-�: _. l�y.I 'd t billti would have shown to •. omething Ji'ovel, in the way of fUrthel t' h - th .ti W· 22"d. The meet began auspieionslT with E't' - en. ea •. . , une re eanupg e vanQ� .' gur�.r )911 ... _ ... S��tr. at_ 18e�f, ',. , �,.'b:.nch-- better advantage in another ve· e�tertainment. whicb were executed. with the utmost at �.hg.o.; . 2t,�.�ie1e where' the oee��n did- not· force. Dorothy Llewellyn.. toastmistress o� smoothness. ,The tavon were' .the. sur· ,1�1.2 .. _ .••. _ Sauer at.' <?h�o .. , 1�'�.neh'a d� of repreaaion. Her ae- �he Ain��r! 'says,' "T�is w� be ODe �f prise of the·' .afterlioo� . They wert' '_ �, :; '' .. !-t.:W-!.... �l:tJc'tiDa 'ItUOUeIi�� ·.howea . iL druia&tie tb.e few �c�ns wh�!l .. th� W()m.e:r-. 1_!lDC._� �,JaMa..of. �. . •• �m.;·�:--:-.4-:: ' �: �:.t; .. ���::�:�-_,.�.t;':-�--"�"":� .... ��::��;-�' :!�'.:�--tii��. ·p·rO��·�uWd; .. �t '- ..--- _JlLu.. � ..... I ·aha� aad .d�.·.mlJiiM:.fnUa ::a .,at-�;'" 23-ie' ,pJai<'. tlie ca.. room Wit� th. ehe:� of -.1, .. ChaDticleer�'<dOWJi thr'ougil·tie .Jiia- . ·:�o,�n� .. ����·p���.�·���;;The .uie .�t of PlaT b play.. big r..lOre to them thu '�. morn ... � I - ".... r-, torieal periods·to·a co �:- -def_ted�.., iQI.thOJ���ei'�wU _.lthO ........ May ..... ·tile � � bec�" uq�ied ... ith tht"ii iWfaP '...r.s .... '.' ;;.. ' ....',. r ••• .•• < �. • .'."'" ' ,. '. I 1. ,.-.et:·�P*��·!R�:�i "'A--- . '... .. '; wbeL ''\We hope � every woman hi , t . '" " ".• _. C���. � ��, tie Unive�'ty' will be on h�.· All TIte,Seaiora..�_O';'ir Iat ..... :of. ....., of �e;A .. :Jaalf.,of;I.�'.�... ',. ,til b· f h f It . the series yesterday,: wh.-·'u.�y··:.e- 0.0 I'ap'&.-u ��J}' .... E .. ?__ .� .• �,��i'� ;.,: .' :k�em en 0 t e aeu yare In-feated tbe'Divinity t� :aJr'� .2� .�o tiecl.foJ' tb.leltd�(� ..��IIJ;:. �. D�AI8JI J2 score. The game, was hotly' �ontest- aGe. teaIu ri�'U.reo. ��t�I.'�� ._ i1'icket;a. fC!r the dinner will be on,..iU,'. . . , cd througllout the first half, the ecOle ;and the wiDDet to��. J.IP�b...,;. �,'t:":�W" .. � Ii i'�'cwiecu.i.i 'ale � week, by the membe.n of the. -, . • !...i;:'::1 -,_ - standing J3 to 10 at tllat time. lit tile ;Ie&d Ute raeo for the 1le� ,��I!tk Ilt,''. . � �,.� ... &t&O' � ..... baaee eommitt�e, �nd may also be. r" - \'" .. �seeond half the fourth-year men ran ....... '..� ..obt:aiDed in the' League room. Tht! I t, i· .. , . �away from their opponents and kept .,:" ·... 0 .date Wisconsin lias defe.W' JlIi�'_ prie. b fifty cen� The neighborho�d ...Tod�i i� the ia.{d.y' iia tla� W'�k�� clubs have arranged to see that all : the ball near t�e�r basket mOISt of the Jio� at" Urbana b_,. &Bingle- pOiat, .• .ti,;.'. . . 'time. It was only their ioaeeuracy a.t C .h ... .1.' ""'-es a1:"__. Ea.campaign beiDg' ..ar:�. by the T'Um�: � e� attending. will reach homc oac .m..eanwe S prv_,a _, .- . . . .'. ,.,'"" . - : basket �hooting that 'kept 111e score. ali over Indiana at.. BlOOIIiinpa, � Si-.sity Christiini: - auoeiatioDa io� eoaiii; '_fely. .bu4 0'" . � tia� tf�iteci: Cbri'� 'tIi.!.' .. \ down_ StaDinga IItaned �or' the Divin- 115, and last week c)o".ed' lIiau_"OOIlllBllOBA'rB LBB'8 BlBTBDAY .ities .. Murray aDd ml • ..... a for the .. ' .... . b .28J," Alth...;.. ...collection of five hDadred tf�IJ.n.;, .et ' I In their Alrst ame game, . II _...,..a� ; ..&�� -��"p�eti�m;' .��_ ...u..m Cbab wm Bold BecIpUon aDd :Seniora. Wieeonai� has not .lao"a -tlae .• ��be of attainment, a. 0 • .,. flSO" Jut! Dulce S'�'" : The .sc:ore: thia s�n, tkat has cha ... eteri�"�been Abecribect; . �h. ir&terail.:....:..;. & . .; Beniol'R, 21. Di�inity, 12! IBadgea' for the pre�ou. tWg :j"an;� �, Ia eommemoratlon of the annlver· ..., . . , .'..women'. dubs alld ••• ",,1 otIaer 0... .. . pickenson R. F. . Stallin� they have a strollg acCrega"tloL-: • �< ,.,;. '--�:' -17 of the birth of General Robert E.ganlatl�u, a" yet to be �eanl frO"ll. J.ee,. which oecurred JaDuary 19, th( )lunay. Vaa � Ia �.but tile' c01lUDiUee dGeli Dot _i ... :.t.I ,Waterhou8e ...• L. F ••••••••.•• Zette!:Captain V�a Ge�t aD, weatera ...80atlaern elub will give .. reception. ao� .. .. ... �. _. )a total of .ON· *.a �. Kennedy. ter for t"o yean is the ai!e eJ IMt��. �� �:15 �onig�� !n_�he .�no1d8 C o. •• --Il . '.. . '. . .. �,_Williams.......... • -... � .. -- Jardien and haa had more u�elub theater. Prof�r WiUi.. Ed· .•. .Pri' . .. .. ..Pi�e, Coleman R. G. ..•.••••• er than th.e gia�.t.. CIa. ic.ago .piv..ot D:�rd "Doctd .of the 'department of His ...., Harri., Ream ••. L. G ... Soldant, Lallf &th 'of these men' are 'ia a el .. bItoJi, ,rio apeak. The o1rieen of th.. , . .•; Basket.: Staili.,., )lunaT, Wllt- th�Beiv';' abo�'e all oihe�· iD.' 'thei .... 3; Zetter 2, ·o.tergre� Barris, eou�try. �n��.at f��.;d �"a ���r�Rheam, Waterlaoa.ie, 1'. Free. tlaro .. : al, rangy player.' He h .. a wonderf�William., 1. Referee, "'I'tt.e1e for the baeket, aDd ha. led. U.toomm:lt\."s in .hoot�ng t�i. year. Lr:. (Jn�bi. .to GI� 8ec� �� �r at guard i. eODside� the pick of"PertlOaal Relationahip to Jeans the 'Weat. This is Jlia thi�4 18r: ...... ... : Val1'lity .. an, and be i. th., mainsta,(!h.rist" ... ill be tbe nbjeet., �f tlae �Iet', of Coach )learHveIY. aefenM. La ...tnre by tbe Rev. Dr. Frank Wakeley at the OUI .. auard, pl&7ect"ead OD tMGun_ulus in Kandel TuHda,lligbt at football team, and Ida ;riairoa .,.,i-8." T..ia· will be ti.� �o�d' �f a'seriet eace mak� hi ... � ideal pard. I! •of, talb' by ih-. 'G�a��' o� �'8onI�' fita in the Wieeonsin style 01 ,la, �... - .. , .. ' .;; .•.. '.. \ 'Ii" '., .• '. teetJv.: . TIle otlter fonrar4.. . � ..Penonal Aspecu .of. til. Claiatian_ Re,' ". .' .•. : - .. ; . \ .. � , . :' eared for by either n.... � �ligioll." The tala �� � vea .�ad�r 1M .8,.,t".the aaapius of the Y. )I. C. L. and � .....I""" __ """""'''''''''''''__t •• Y. M. ·C. A."TIl01llh· it __ We bYe Mt M­utes and a half of the �ght minute compuarle.t .. wlaat. w. let oat let, d!.'peticod had pB88ed the Purple seeured .aid WiUiaiD L)'aaIl �, "W.their lIeCond aeore. The ban waa put Ilave dODe Tery well .ader 1M eire ...in play and in thirty seeonda Bedmon8e0re. This abot was the MD_tion ofmore to eharit,." .the game and the big boy received a., , weaiiic !rIll ......great ovation. Northwestern managed � , ,; I ". .:. I •••• . flWlea it ia .. eoI4 .. it... ;.to .core tWice III the remainIng three ..' , imia..... .. 19�!t; �. eOllti..... � �ho .... maclt "'eriac tUn • 1iIlel7 tobel "0" ,til. J!OOI' people, .. �tIa •• �._thr'� ..110 .. ,.._., ia felt. KanfGTer,4ia ;e..r' BnW1I,&. �• w... Bukethall Game GoesTo Northwestern by ScoreOf 10-2Urbana, ui, .Tan. 23 DUno18I defeated Minnesota here toll1gh, iDI_ MDJ&�0na.l &D4 hard.-foudlt bat­u.-. 18-16._ victory for Lyman in the plunge.RedaOIl was pf( fonD and failed t".' 'l'laee and _ond and third places went-c��,.�����-f ,". : .Woocl, � N� ... eetem spraq a bie_�tio. - b,T ct--tiDe Pavlicek bybacia. In the fort)" &I1Il IlUllclrecl yard� Pav was· riallt 'beIWId hla op­ponent all the way but did aOt la _the t'eeerve strength to win. The bnUt• troke was easy for Seholea of NortJa­western, although' Goodma. p�.Ennes a fight for seeond place. Pavli-eek lost out again by ioehes in thebaek stroke and Wood captured the 22". 1 :, .: ..• .winning his thud firat place.Chh:ago's inexperienced water bas­ketball tcnm gave the Purple veteransa e10ee fight. Defending the shallowp.nd in the·' first half Chicago heFNorthwestern sc:o�eleas until ten Ik,"'-'onda �f�re the end of . the period,w�en a long ·o�e·iaanded· shot gave thePurple their only -=ore.Be4moa 8cora tor OIdQao.In'· the aeeoud period the experienceof \he Northwestern. playen in deepwater began to tell After four min-. ,sbot down from a guard positioD andmade a bael[ handed toa from. thecenter of th'e tank. The hu' droppedinto ne: basket' for Chicago'. onlyTIl, Illtrocluetioll of the Rew sportwu neeeaful. The pme appeaftc1 topleue the 8peetatori.· a-*t . w.. ._e·leatl, devoid of roUgh.';' to; be freefro. the laDle obJeCtio" .. pOlo. Theft" perait e ..... oW .. aacl duek·.lC_tDMi - .... I.)�.--. r t , • c;I1,1914.�- ._-..... - .... _ ......" ..• -� ..fte LIneup:'�. WISO.O.� _ltan.eee.. TIl. ._ .0..,. ... fta .tributed ill on. of 11_ CUlpaicuwu $4to, -.red �. before iut,. ' t � , :', ,_ .1Bat tile eua� lUted tww ... lathell· atad til'. ...010 at""" dab will receive.Aa7 801ltJaerner in coll.e i. eligibleto IDeDlberahip in the club by payillltt'e qua�er�y dues of Aft, cents. The�en are: Rupert Riehardsoll, preai'... 4leat; Patty 'NewbOld, viee·preeideot;Praaee. Gooeh, secretary and HubertKeDaaiel, treuurer... ��� ...TIle o.'.aDie clab will meet Mon·.. , 'aigllt at 8 at tbe h�me of AUO'Idate Profeaor SchutH, 1373 Eaat51t11 atreet. IIr. Weigel will apeak on"Rerdft��"Vom' Erke�De� �Ild 'Emp', ., .. _ .. ;.' .Inde. 'der Kensehlicllell Seele,' as.n: :". J... .. '.. ";runatrat�on of His Ph.i108Ophr of Per·', .. 'rIlE .AlLY KABOON. SAftBDAY. JANUABY 24, 1913.PURPLE DEFBAT8 V ABSrrYsingle amount, twenty dollars, coming,fr()m,.��l. !,nony�ou,s souree. Only twc LIlA�,.BlDES ,4NJ:) P.JLJ.OW8,of the women's h�lls have reported, NOVEL'l'IBS IN JEWELRy 'Ax»Foster gi',ng twelve dollars, and oneof, the halls, contributing anonymous·.ly, eleven dollars. None of the men's,halls ha ve bee� heard from. Alpha'Delta Phi is the only fraternity whi�hhas reported, Phi Delti Phi the only' DREXELTile Dailyin.: to pll·uS(.' the spectator, whil� itplnces :I !'rt'lllium 011 team work and. elevur shootiul:. ...:-'''Ullw'''!eM:MarOOD ..fContinu('4) from (.&2e 1.)lQ.SQUEltS KEJlBBBSWB.O PEBFOBlIBD IN"PEPITA" YEftERDArhbllabe4 IDOnalDC" except SUDda,. aDd I Chicago-Wisconsin basketball game1lea4Q. dvlDa the Autumn. WlDter aDd.Pl'uaa qtaarten. b1 The Dally lIaroon I at 7:30 in Bartlett.ataJL Cosmopolitan club' at 7:30 in EllisQ. W. Co&Uqlla.. News Editor 18.H. S. Gorca. AWetin EditorBe' P. )1 ... &' Ba.IDua )laaagerW ... L,.... CI.realaUoa .anqerwomen's 4!ub.Kiss Brown. I,.eada.Arline Brown still leads in findivid·Plunge: Won by Lyman, C; .Y(''('1:11".\', :'1:. seeund ; Grunthum, N, third;HiloltUllf'l' ;i�. ft 6 in.Forty yard. swim: Won bv Wood ........ , "',I'u vlieek.C, seeond , Nl·lsou, N, third.Time: :!u ::-:;.200 yard breast stroke: \\!'" on by8-dlOles, X; Ennis, N, ('('Cond; Good.man, C, third. Time: 2:5H 4-5.100 yard swim: Won by Wood, x,I'uvlicek. C, second ; Nelson, N, third.TtnHl 1 :113.150 yard. backstl"Oke: Won bySc·hnles. =": Pa\,lit·t'k, C', second ; ''''bite,head, x third. Tim(': 2:U:;.22$ yard sVlim: Won by \\·.,od, N:Xl'lf, �'. second , St ruber, :S, third.Time: 2:4 r.Relay: Won by N(,,�hwl'stl'rn. TIme:] :�;. � :;'.Southern club reception and dance at8 in Reynolds club.TOMORRO'.':.• t�n4 .. aecond-cla.. mall at lh.lCJa1ca&o poatomce. Chlcaco. 111.. lotarcb 11.11'" 1ID4er Act of Much a.· 181S. ,University rellgtollS service 'at 11 inMandeLMercer talk to University men at 4:in Mandel .MONDAY.JUnior college men's chapel at 10:15in Mandel.Student Volunteer Band at 1:30 inLexington.1'ryouts for Freshman Dramatic clubplay at 4 in Lexington 8.Lecture-recital on concert !)rogram.at 4:15 in Mandel.ProfessOr Lefranc's lecture at 4:30in Harper :MIl.Botanical. club at 4 :30 in Botany 13.Physics club at 4:30 in Ryerson 32.'Zoological club at 4:30 in Zoology24. Water Basketball:l'h!c,�\!!o. e. Nurthw(>8t�rn, 8.X t.'fl" •••• _ • • • •• P. . ... __ ..... EnnisC-ollllman p. . ...•.. StroderPa\li�t'1\.. Shirh·y. }' _ .. -.. SeholesPj erce _ ..... _ . .. G. '__ .. Pn ttersonRedmon G. . _ -ShepardLyman - G. . -_ .. _ WhitingBaskets. �edmon, Ennis, St.rnder,Scholes, Patterson,811B8CJUnION BATES.Br carrler: 12_60 a )'ear; 11.00 a Quarter.Br m&11: as.OO a year; U.2S a Quarter.Edltorlal-Bualneaa omce, Elll. %t.Telephone '1allc1wa)' 800. A(ler 1\1 p molIb'd. Park 4811.�GE· APPONTMEN'rSFOR 'CAP AND GOWNGROuP PHDTOGRAPHSCfbitotialA movement is under way to havethe Athletic department institute daneing claSSeS for men. TheAthletic department isinterested in the mat,..ter, but very properly. TODAY IS LAST DAYI'!, wants to be assured of some, interestin the 'pian on' the part of students.,whiCh would show the addition worthwhiie. A mere explanation of the planabould be enough' to inSUre widespreadinterest and support. The idea is de­sirable trom every point of view. Manystudents come here every year' who-eith�i are unable to dance, or whosedan� is incorrect. The class affordsthem a convenient and free opportun· Appointments for group pictures fOTity to acCluire this "social art." Wheth· the Cap and Gown have bl'en arrangeder 'dancing' is a necessary social se- as follows:'co�pUshment, perhaps is a question. At the Koehne Stud') in, the lion­�fte ··United States says '!Yes;" bl' roe building, Michignn avenue' andtea�blDg dancing at West Point, and Monroe Street: January, 2-1:>.AD.llipo�,- .AW1 anyone 'who � to ia.oo ,A. 1\1., Chi RihD Sigmp.mix in social lite will find a knowledge '12.00 M., Reynolds club library co�·of' correct .dancing necessary, ,.And mirte«,there is a greater number of students, .. 2.00 P. M., Spelman House..... ho have been left. belIind by �e UDi- � . At ..the �oehne Studio in the Bushvenal adoption �f new �ps, (which Temple, Chicago' avenue aud Clarkbave put \�� man with a. repertoire ,strcet, January �5,:of waltz and two-step out of it .: as '11 :0.0 A: � .•, Blackfriars. Nearly fifty dollars was added tothe eontr ibufions yesterday, the largestGermanic club at8chutze's home. 8 at Professot(Continued from pngt.' 1.)11::10 ��. 1\1.,. Three·Qti��ers club.2:.00 �. M., Tiger's Head.2 :30 P. M., Glee club.completely as :t!iough he' couldn't daDCeat all), or have adopted the eXPedientof learning some· sort of �o andhesitation in the public dance . ,halls. At Koehne Studi() ,an the Monroenese,.students will find a real ,chance building" January 30::�:30 P. !\I., Senior hockey.4:()O p.,; ll., Junior hockt'y.}'ebruary 1:10;00 A. M., Chi Psi.10:30 A� M., Iron llask.11 :.00 A. ],1., Alpha Deltatf?:.'leanl'the Dew dances as they shouldbe:. daDcecL AU. of the elements should.) . .combine to furnish enth�c: a.nd�reeiative support fox: �e n�W' clat;s,ADd with that support enlisted. th£'c1ius will 809n, .... 'be_ an accomplishedf&ct.. . n�'� g� �t will' result fron:tt,u.��tl�� great. The �ti·l.ment .�r ; �rrect ,danciDg will find:Strqug � ,eDlisted, the class wit. " ,'," ....�n be: -.u., '( accompuShed fact. Th(• ood .�t·. will . �t �rom it is un­questio�� great. The sentiment fOI... ," {..,' '�rrec�:, �aDCing will find strong support; :!�r' hm '18 the opPortunity and�e �CeDUVe to learn correct danc1ng�e 'gradUates of the University, as a'bod7. WUl be more accomplished so­dall7 aDd the students who are ham,peted by'lack of Previous sochl t:aln·lDg, will and an OPPortunity, Without Y. JI. C. A. Field -rrip-Homee iDthe district of the Stock Yards whichhave been helped by the United Char·itit's will be visited by the Y. M. C.A. field trip party, leaving at 8:3Cfrom Cobb. The party will also in­spect the Soeinl Bervrce building and ,other philauthropi work being carriedon in the vicinity •The Donchester, SHIRT BOSOM always lies fiatand smooth within the waist­coat opening, because theend of the bosom is not at­tached to the shirt but slidesover the band of the trousers.ARRowSHIRTS$2.00 IJnd up.Cluett. Peabody & co .• Inc. KakenThe ColleRe ShopExhibitionDANCE PROGLUIBThp CnllpoP ShOD1110 Masonic Temple.PHARMACYMAft JlcABANY. B. Ph.Comer 66th azul Druel 0JdcaC'!relephone Jlidwa7 lUlual collection�, having �olleeted $9.50, 'nIe .... ., Pare Drqa. Cb .........Selma Dienstng played the title rol\! Donalcl nclnny and Anna McLaughlin :For tt1.t Grippe or 0014 In t!l., .,.4-or..Iof Pepita with grl'nt suces.�. In thl' tie for seo'conll place with a�e doUan Cold, Grippe, and Fever Tablet8. 2Ic.f. ttl d I·n bl."'ck as t.lle each. The faculty has contribnted .uk for a Frft Sample.,Irs nc S Ie apl'car(' .. Stop th1lt Couch wit a botl'le of of our 'WIII&etwepty dollars. The faculty, however, Pine Honey and Eucalyptu., 2:k:.daughter of a poor porter. The ,S(.'eond ·b d h Ch�· . Rel�" tbd BMdach� wlttl a lOe ... _-- -�o1'ltrl ute to t e a.-nles' campaIgn ..--- -act bring:-; ht'r fanle and money thrnuJ;n ill December. Drexel Headache Powdw8.The audience showed grent cnthus·Phi.ll:,:W A. :M." �)�a_�atie dub.12 :.00 M'J Pen club. '1:00 P. M., Gamma Alpha.I ::W P. M., Phi Kappa Sigma.2:00 P. M., �Igma Alpha Epsilon.2:30 P. lL, Sigma' Chi .3 :00 P. ll., Lineoln House. I " I' I, ,.t'I;1 ""IIIIIWII"II," Ii liP' ,1"'111 I .her success U!lon the stage. lliss Dien·stag W:t� very striking in her Spani�hdancing costumes of spangll'd yellow. Frateral17 �ewelQLeat .. er GoodsCoDep NOYeIU ••n brilliant. Trcva Mutthcws made a charmin� E.1to.H4 StaUo.eQWe4d1.c 1.11tat1o ••cam.C CUt.maid, dreSSt.>d in the conventional 8er­,"ant's costnme. BROCHONENGRAVING CO�PANY�February 2:';\::l0 P. 1\(., Beta Phi. H. G. TURNERPresident............ .. •• 01» .. IIA III )laDen B.n ....Evelyn C()lc's ncutral costumc ofbe forthcoming. It is an astoDislling stal-d bro""-n I·n h d.. t � �'-'con net. �ug·fact that most of the DlOnq in haDd gestcd well the do\\'�y old womnn �hchas come from other than active mem-bers of the cub. Ilea from cau.tonda was im!;lCrsonoting.to llaiDe have contl'1buted; and th838men -probabq never' will 1UIe the u· ia�m throughont the play, calling bad<embanassment or .. .,.._ ...... to overc'o m" b--. "..a._"�"'-, ·-'e _-..11 --ben d' \-Y"uog '" &-# �_.., W& _, - t.h,� ncturs thrl'c an four times. ,ttheir deficiencies. From every point of -the men who Will get the benefit 01 the end of each 3('t numerous bouqu('tl' Subscribe forview, the Idea ,is an admirable one. the l1bl1U'7-ought to contribute something. Less than a doUlar apiece frou:Pro·w�rc pr'��cntcd.Dean Boynton, Ilcan Talbot, The MAROONthe active melQbers would provtdfEnough money is on hand �o makE more than enough. U the membenthe eatablishmen� of the Reynolds clul: prove iDdUrerent, the c:l1Ib might trJUbrary a certainty. Bnt fessor David, and Hean Wallace w('rehmong those present.The prodution marksthe expedient of putUDg It to a, vol(the funds are not yf!t at the &IlIlual elecUou-tn other words, triumph for the lrasquers.great enough to estab- it might sa.bmlt the proposlti01l of aDl1sh p.�' ad�uate Ii assessment, to be chu'ged wl\b � President Matthews IU-Picsidentbrary, aDd the cI1Ib is anxious to raise dues. But nch a move oagbt Dot le, I:udy ,llatthews of the Senior dass has.. me Ive h1lDdred dollars, in ordeJ be necessarY; If the members lIlow IllY been confined with a slight attack ofthat no money is wasted in a tempo- sptrlt at aU. the money Will be raised thc grippe, but is eX{lccted to be backDrY iDStaUation. '1'h1s mODey ought to wlthlD a short time. in college in a few days.!'he ClubUbr&17 51.50.Jha ve been reeeived from Germany re- The entries for the annual Reynoldseently, and an equal number 1s ex- elub handicap pool and billiard tour- �peeted in the near future. The space nament. will clue February 10. Thehere is so limited that it would be a tournament, wh eh starts February 17,waste to germinate all of them nt will be in nature of a round robin."T1l1.1E' of ALL of . present, as I would like to, because we Each contestant will be placed in n Itile eo.blaea a4- are now hopelessly overerowded. Any division by the committee, and theTa._" of. BEV- � ill -relief which we will seeure when we winners of each divit� ... n w meet)nEBAL tnewrtten),0. llaTe, He.. set out oUr Spring material, will be a round robin for the title. The ruleseoaeea t rat. 4 la nly temporary." state that each player must play hisO· !foE ---"81"IIu�-'-I ...... � I.a ..... 1 ' The c�lleetion of' eyeads,· 'seeured ilehedu1e out; that· th�-scraUlf··pla'yerfrom South Africa and Anstralia by will play 175 points; that all· gamp.sProfesaoJ' Chamberlin in 1912 now oe- are to be governed by standard tour­enpies an entire house. The.e are nament ruiN, and th�t a referee mustgrotring so rapidly that they will soon be selected by the participants ..demand further space. Mr. O'CarrolJdeclares that the coUection is one of.......Don't Blame theImplement�-- .blame yourself-if you can't playup to form with a strange racket,or golf club, or baseball, There isno excuse for you. S�lding Ath­letic Good. are on sale' in e\'erytOWIl from Jdaine to California.Bea4 for Oar Catalocae-U'a.. ,Free.A. G. Spaldin,28 S. Wabash Ave. &: BrOLChicago.WaplRS.... ODOrsafERYleEYOU'VE BEARD.OF THE "liAS-'TER KEY" THATFIT SEVERT ,...' ..L 0 C ][ - DIDYOU EVER BEAll_.OF A KASTER. I• 0 DEL OF A·TYPEWRITER'ROYALTYPEWarrEa eo.be.··A E. __ ne 81 ..Clalea5 .. DLJOSEPH SCHMIDTCARRIE �. ' RAYMONDBeauty Specialist1116 Bast 56th Sueet.· .Tele.lIoa. B. P. IUt. � . Beeeut shipments of seeds from In the fastest and roughest game ofabroad, . together with the natural the season the LaV!s defeated the Med­J:Cro".th and Increase of the plants al· Ies 29 to 22. Until the last Dve min­'l'eluly at the University greenhousetl, utes it was auyone's victory but withhave emphasized theoir limited eapae- a spurt the Laws left the Doctors be­ity. The experimental greenhouse in hind. During the game time was tak­the Botany building has been pressed en out for several of the prayers, butinto serviee, the Univ�rsity collection no one was injured seriously. For theof cacti and other desert plants has Lawyers, Goldburg, Herwitz and Ca­been taken there from the greenhouses tron starred each g«.>tting four basketsone Ellis avenue- during the past week. and showing god teamwork. For theTh��d���eh�bHnk�u M��(\k�M�� a� H�d�� \_�----------------------------�a�"�eb������wftlot�e �a�d�e��pm� �r�� •• 4���� •• 4��� ••• 4�� •• _4����.gardening department. According to The score:Mr. W. J. O'Corroll, !b� head aor:�t Laws, 299.' M'edics, 22.late of the Royal Dublin nnd St. Louls Goldburg, Herwitz R. F ......• MayctBotanical gardens, it h.t!!' b ... ·11 neees- ·Catron_ .• - .... L. F. Bothnian, Butlersary to employ numerout1 lUakesbift.:5, Herwitz, Boyle. . .. C. . .... Holderman Isuch es double-deeklng of benches, and Striker - - L. G. .. - - . 0 • - 0 • Gilroy . �the transp�nting of the larg('T speci- Scofield, Boyle L. G .. - . .• • Headlandmens to the central w:,l'c.'i. Bothman . �"The greenhouse is u�ginlling to Baskets: Gilroy, Herwitz, Goldburg,look like a jungle," said Mr. O'Carroll Catron, 4; Mayer, 3; Headland, Strik-: yesterday. ··The alUgatlr pears, pa'''- er, 2; Butler, Holderman, 1. Free.paws, Chinese fan palms, banullal, throws: Scofield, 1. Befereee, Pr.gl'..Arabian coffee plant, ete., have been CLOSE EN'rBIES IN POOL: l,lttnted deep, accordingly, to prevent AND BILLIARD TOVB-them from growing through the roof-� F.lorUt, W �.o-oarrolUl&7S KanT apurt In x..t lliDutes 0l1DchM Vic-. - '. :lIakelh1fta Are N..-r7-PfeUrer tor,.-'rlme �ueD Out 8enral8eDdiDa � fimes.LAWYBJUI ftDI JlBDICS INFA8'r nrrEBOLA88 OO:N'JmftLACK OF &PAOlI U PBL�� U: QVBBB JIAlO)IOAPNAlIIBNT, FBBBtJABY 11Two hundred package. of rare seed ...Brief CamP" Newsthe most valuable of its kind in culti­ntion.Dr. Wanda Pfeiffer, of the Botaa,.department, who is now in Porto B�o,is sending in a number of shipments oforchids and other tropicall plants. 'rake C'omm:lssllon�s' Pidm'e-Th(Freshman Y. M. C. A. commission pic­ture for the Cap and Gown will he Follow the B071And take advantage of our discount saleLiberal reductions on every suit andovercoat in Our ShopDockstader & RexfordSuite 816 Republic Bldg.State and Adams St.ST. 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B. 65tJa .. 0JIIap, m.Iaported aDd DomesUc LIM ofCJIOAD &!fD CICJAaI:I"I'D•••............... , .- � .. - � GIVE JlBMDB.I.AI. wm Give PartJ'-The Northeast2'0 BBYXOLDS OLtJB Neighborhood elub will give a party_ W �cJn�ay at 4 in the elub rooms. Of-Present and Pormer 0Ilcen of Clu'tJ fleers for the year will be elected.Are JIaIdnc. PIau forout. 8caudinaYiaDs B1ect-Miss AnnaLagergren was elected presidlent ofomean of the Reynolds club for tbe the Scandinavian club at a mMlingheld Thursday. Osear Olson was eletted.1ast ten yean are planning to pre8e'ltthe elub with a permanent memori�lin the fonn of a clock to be placed inthe lower haD. A number of local clock vice-president and Edna .�10n, Beeretarv-trcaaaurer.manufacturers will present bids on the athea Potter will give her first talk ODwork. Nothing definite has been de- "Immigration" Tuesday at 4 in Harpe�cided as to the design of the clock asaemb17 I'OOm.other than that it i, to have chim"'"which will strike the quarter-hours.. "We hope to have the clock installed hall women will iive :l dance on Feb·this quarter," said President Parkin. nUT- 7.Plan Greenwood DaDce-Greenwooo80n yesterday . afternoon," and,.,lanninr to eeeure a timepiece the MillS Brown, the Y. W. C. L. 8eeretary,club will be proud of." who has been ill the !last week will beThe bids for shelving for the Rey- baek at work Monday.0.-- En.lap aat Saada), .onla,..All �ork Doa_� al ......... PrIces.nolds club library are still in the handsSWITCBES .ADE pao. CO.DINGS of various manufaeturers of ofli�f!DB GEKTLE.ZK .AKICtJIlING Olllbfurniture. Profe�or Lunn and Mr. Miller will. �._.L ... speak at the meeting of the Phy8ie�Bewmaa WDl 'l'alk-Aaveiate PrtI elub Monday at 4:30 in Ryerson 32.f�S1II0T �eW1llall will BtMJ8'k on "Crot'1I lIr. MilleT will talk on ''The Emi88ionFertilization in Fishes" before the Zoo of Electrons by Tungsten," a1ld 'Mr.olO(ieal elub, MOD_Y at 4:30 in Lunn on "The Damping of a Radiftt-ZoolCV U. ill« EiectioL" Hotel CumberlandNEW YORKBroadway at 54th Street.Near SOUl Street Sa1J1rq Statioa aDdS3nl Street EInated."Broadway" cars from ChandCentral Depot.SneDtb A'ftII1Ie Can from PeDDSJI­YIIIIIa StatIc&KRP7' BY ... COLU611 .....B.ADQUAR'l'.as 'OR COLUa ••• IfBP.CI ... L 1lA.'l'.B FOil COLUa. n .....Ten lIinutes· Waik to Thirty TbeattesHARRY P. STIllSON. IIANAGERBRADQUARTElUI I"\iR CBtCAGO.' New. lIodem and FireproofRooms with Bath. $2.50 aDd ap.... __ .. __ .---_._ ,JOSEPH SCHvVEITZE.RThe University Pharmacist for over Ten yea ....In his new up-to-d�te S�::-eAcross the street fr;1!1) ('::! !� � 'ltion.DEUTSCHER1321 East 57th Street. APOTHEK'ERTel. H. 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In ,1909ClIieago journeyed '�o Madisoll to playa third game for the Wceetel1l cham· Wiua AI. .Jolloa &D4 100 0t:Madub meeting Monday afternoon fit4:30 ill Botany 1 A880ciate Professor pionsh,ip. Th.e re.ult' �u all 18·16 vlc:Cowles and Dr. Fuller will s,l)eak on tory for Ch�cago that resulted ill the"The International Phytogeographic We.stern champiOl18 playiDg Pellll8yl·}o;xeursion." The talks will be illus- vUllia and capturing tha National.�wo remarkable aamea 'with the Bad­Faculty Board to Meet-The boardRers. 1 n the game at Chicqo with theof Physical Culture and Athletics willseure ] :! . .J. agai�st. them, Captaia Hotr.meet this morning at 9 in Harper M2�.CLAS'SIFIEQO,,-TISEtIEN1S �OIAl'S &lAD"BB.AJI,LY '¥AJtB,I'j!r-'ehumpionshlp, In 1910 'Chieaeo witha mediocre but. fighting t_iD, played With BrUce �muu's men came back aad WOIl out j.an o�t.�rif-lUe ga:"le, 16�1�' . La� iJ:a the. i_", • . '. ' . .,,-:S6380n in one. if the elcsest eamea oa 'l�LI�O�Srecord, the Badgers 1\'ou at. lIAdi.on� .Jt1.LI.A SANDBB80N.11·10.5c per line. No advertieementa reo . Chicago JJreaka' �er'a Becord.ceived for less than 25c. All classiJledadvertisements must be paid in ad-vance.is making Special Bates to students. FOR BALP--Standard Smith.PremierSteam heat and electric light in all Typewriter in exce])ent eondition, atpared well, llftd carried it alo. �f·very reasonable terms. A great bargain feetiv('ly throughout. The lack of train'Bella.n.t. Barber Silo.,. BowD.. for anyone desiring a typewriter �or•• 41 BOIl..... I. Co •• eeUo.. ing and 8tage tradition· whie •. camHrrofeaaional Ule. II. B.Lemon, Room 6;It profcMional prodaetioil wu overbal;Ryerson Lab. or 1220 E. 54th St. . _--_"_-_._"_.._Rnced by the enthasi� a�d "feel'• � ::A "'ALI:a�� ._.�: .for the part .. whieh eharaeterized the.... e::::.aeting� Tf the NitbU.aiarof "'er.iti� i:L.1-:' " . ,eR1audienee M liny eri�; t'e play 'I'uIIo-rm.! �-Oa.l�wa. an o'naqtUalifted' .aeMa, •• d a.,FuD TwoOaDceimaWoodlawn Trust]& Savings Bank1204 E. 63d Street, Ohicaco'1'lIE FACULTY aTHS STUDENTSof theUNIVERSITY OF cmoAGOWILL FUm INTms BANK ALL THEFACILrl'IES OF A DOWN" TOWN BANK.. ..�.",.�.1�sAVINGS ACOOUND• andCHECKING ACCOUNTSAre Welcome and Appreciated. -"e'�:Bit ollbe SeasonRESOURCES $2,000, 000. 2 For 25 Cents.NOTICK•• .s.. To.r Clotbu DI'J'-C1e •• ed •• .1� .t Inq .... t I.te"al. 70. will... .. to be • I •• n b.t prolta.l. I.­T ...... t. Troy'. Best ProductThe New Florida Hotel5721 Cottage C�ve Ave..'Iuh.h Ihlng In Dormllnrlu le.nCIollle. •• �are of Jaaltor, oar repre­ae.taU... �all!l aDd deJ:nn dall7,.Ibn call .p Midway •• 1 .. rooms.VARsll-vTAILOR PRONE HYDE PARI[ un.--------------------------�1m E •• ' 67111 SUM" OSl.Y _ ......tn ted booket de­acrlblntr a Dewtreatment for allNlety razor bladNl, maklnJr "e 1>1&41. 1.ata '"et.me and be 1>eftter tit... wheD par­c.llaRd. �nt on rt"cfOlopt of .5 cnt ..CLAUDE WOLFE,Boward ct�, JIlcJa.FOR lEN TO RENT-One suite bedroow, siUingand bath, one or two men, within afew blocks of U. To rent' for spring-and summer· quarter. Apply Bo� 279 ,idll' parnsitic father want- t�roUl.h aI-'ae1l1ty ex. 'part 'wJ.�ch wonld require iDeneantd.rill for months in voice and aetion to�R BALB-A new No.5 Oliver Type. produce just the needed etJoet. As awritter in perfect condition. Must sell, result, his 'interpretation was somewhattherefore price reasonable. Write, or indifferent; this was· better tbancall after 7:00 P; M. E. H. Brunemeier .would be R. strained attemp.t to pro-53 Middle Divinity Hall. duee all. the: possibih ] es, although itforced him.. upon his. lines for eft'eet.tunes, wcs ·another. BJar make-up, a�·NICBLY FUlUOsRBD--Light, fI'onition, nnd . presenee, was splendid.room; 2 willdows; large eJoset; elee-trie light, steam heat; good opportunity T�e other l��y part . ..fur u.at 'Of'Pedro, played by� liillard Lawrence .Its Mm('what breezy lil1es, with a �e­gree of poritpo�� 'Belf.im�nee, eonldhe 'd"\'t�)op� 'almolf"-Of 'themaelTe!l,and in �on88qU.,ftiee �wrene. lIadWANTED-One or two girls to shart>li�ht-hou�kecping apartment for �WiD rather an ('IlsY' ti�e �f _i� aa�. di-tter quarter. Mrs. E. F. 'Denton, 57)9 l"!"nU.Dorchester. MIone H� P. 66.')5. In his t'ntrance' in' the ieeond �et,,Rudolph M�ritz got .n ���i' wort�j1188. 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Address 6134 Woodlawn an,Ilue, 3rd apartment, telephone 'HydePark 637.. for two women' atudenta or teachen;near Park and llidway_· 1345 East62nd 8t .. 3d Apt. Tele. Midway 85;3.LOft-Top of fraternity' pin. Lett�rDelta 8et with pearls and a diamoDd.LibeTaI reward if ntul'Iled to MOUElli. Avenue. Telepbone Hyde10M. In T;U.c: SUNBlIINE GIRL+Last yeur early in t�e aeaaot Chi·eago Willi defeated at Madilfll, IS·al; With Joseph Cawthorn an4hut when the ·Cardinalll came to Chi, 100 Moreeago with twentv-nlne atrai&bt inter· ''. ". ,�. collegiate "ictor�15 ;D twu yean, they HO""ard'S Th�� �were joltt.-d' 2:nu. ·.t'or the paat tWQA mOw at Oommerc:l&lDed V� �"'.years Wisconsin h�s hed un�putedpOSsel!��'1I of to" Conference ehampioll�··ahip. . .�QUERS . 800B3' JD'!'PQWERS" . .,1\ ,I.\ IIi I,Il)AVJD WARFIELDIn Th. 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