, .' ... ,'_.,·1 latly .urunuUNIVERSrrY OF OBIOAGO. WBDNBSDAY, NOVEMBER 26,1913.VoL XII. No. 4L PBIOB FIVB 0B1IftDEBATERS WIu.. MEET WOMEN HAVE SPREADIN LEXINGTON TONIGHTSHORTY DES JARDINWDl LEAD 1914 TEAl GIVEN ROOM Fm FRESIIIEN. ARE,HONORED BY SOCIETY PHYSICISTSGoach Moulton Divided the T earnInto Two Squads.- They WillDebate Each Other Once Every Neophytes Will be IDitiated IntoWeek. Three Quarten Club NedTuesday Night Representatives of Leading Ameri-can Universities to be Present atThanksgiving Meeting of Amer- Six Hundred Are �ted To. Phvsical Soc' Attend Annual Thankagivingican YSI iety. Dinner At 5:30All-Star Center is Choaen to Caplain Ned Year'. ElevenYesterdayone-hundred cl1stinguished ARRANGE MUSICAL PROGRAMVarsity debaters have been given :I.room on the third lloor, cast tower otSEVEN VETERANS GRADUAT£ OverAT UNIVERSITY cwDINEPhysicists, represent! ng manp of theHarper, in which to study for the au-Paul Des Jardien. all·Westcrn een, at .1 b . h Mi hi • .1 N h ....,if'ty neophytes will be admitted to universltdes in the United States, wlil Six hundred women are expected tonu ue ate WIt c �Ul uuu ort·ter for the Iast two seasons, waa elect- western in January. AU the books, the Three-Quarters club at the club's be assembled ill Ryerson for the reg- attend the annual l.'hanksgiving spreaded captain of the 1914 football team ular Thanksgiving meeting of the given under the auspices of the Net' ... ;.pamphlets, periodicals and other Iiter- annual banquet at the University club 161yesterday, The official team picture ature connected with the subject, ot Amcrican Physical Society on }"riday ')orhood clubs today at 5:30 in Lex-was taken at the same time. Des Jar· the minimum w'u'e have been ulaeed next TueHday �:,dht. Two men wert' and 8uturday. There will be three ington gymnasium, The women have-0 s: chosen from each of the seventeen . h fi . F '.1dien baa been on the team two years there. sessions, t erst couunenemg riuay been requested to come in costume andand is rated as one of the best line' fraternities that have membership in at 2 P. M., the second and third at the novelty of the costumes will prob-The men have been divided into ;men ever seen in the West. Shorty ia equada, Harry Bosenberg, ArnolJ the club and sixteen men chosen frol!!. 9 and 2 on Saturday, respectively. ably exceed those of last year. The \t. t 1·1.1 Ii . Ch·"..In. tot" remaining candidates. ., Lilt' of Speakers. judges of the e ostuuies will b ... MiSswen y ycars • u anu vee 111 lC""'&f'" Baar and Benjamin Bills compose the "" VHe played two years of football at affirmative team which will debate Delta Upsilon, Kappa Sigma, '.l\lpha The speakers for the meeting arc Wallacc, ::Miss Talbot and Miss . Breek-Wendell l'hillips before entering tho against M,ichigan in Mandel, and WH· Tau Omega, and Phi Kapp ·Sigma. G. ·K. Stewart, Harold Stiles, F. C. curicl�e.University. lard Atkins, Loon Powers and Ralph lead the Jist with four men each. Brown aud L. P. Sieg of the Univer- After the supper Dorothy Llewellynnt.IIS .lurtlien·tJ first athletic venture Swanson are on the neg-... t.ive team, De-Ita Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Delta. Phi, sity of Iowa; Jacob Kunz, L. T. Jones and a c1,)l'uS will sing "Deep' sea.was in basketball at Wendell pL:II:pS ""J N P' U il d Chl P . Yarns" which she composed for· Cam-u.&U.A which will meet Northwestern. Shen, �·.�ma u, S1 ps on, an 81, and G. A. Sheek of the University ofin 1908: ·He came out for· the foot;. f '11 . h h . ..,_ pus Follies Iast ....-ar. "Tent in Araby"man Conrad and Wilbur Hamman, arc 0 ow WIt t roo apieee, .L ,,0 non- Hliucis; C. E. MendeDhalJ., R. A. Mil. J--ball team in 1909 and ,Played for two alternates, fraternity men, Byron Gendreau and . A (' L W H. K-.1 h which was written by Miriam: Whalin... likan,·. '. unn, .. iIoUesC �Debate Ev., Week. Leonard Loeb, were also chosen. Albert E. Henning, A. A. Michelson, will be sung by Phyllis Fay and Ma.b-chosen all- Cook County center. He en- From now on the two •.. ams WI'II .1...... �I Becker and choruses. A one-aenK;... u� R J ff Harvey Blenon, Carl Kinaley and Johutered the University in 1911 and star ayne e reys, sketch portraying the Student Hohor- bate against each other every Tburs- -Jesse Lehman, Y. Lee of the University of Chieago;red on the freshman football team. day night. in Mandel Between these C. R. ��and of the University of Court of 1923 will be presented.Sh t h b th t f all Herhert OtiR. Louise Mick will give a. 'monologu' e.� or y as eon e error 0 een- meetings they will meet with Coach' M' hi E. B ...... :11 f th Uni erEarl Neville. ..L IC igun, • -'U..& er 0 e v-ten in the West for two years. He Moulton to discuss the finer points of sity of Wisconsin,. E. K. Kennard 'of Members of the c� are:stands over six feet four inches and the subject; 'l1heor � meeet 'with Emmet E. Wiley.Cornell University, }.,. R. Earhart and -Iudge -Pol Econ . � •. ,' . Cornelia. Beallweighs 199 pounds. 'Be is a member aaeh other daily to divide up the Frank Moran.A. D. Cole of the Ohio State Univer- Polly' Sigh Gertrude O·Mea.ra.t Del ll'.......... .... ..... 1... 8'-11 -";".:.1 Philbrick Jackson. A At A Rho ta .� .�n, a.u.&&..au.. w .... k ..... d to D'O over their ..... guments, T"o..._'L___ In' nn omy' , .. - ... - .. ". gnes • arp... .,. -.- -- Frauk Kennie. aity, .aad, Saul.·...£IWUUoII5oI& and nng- Cfteeea't, aad -. . Order- of-'tIut-Irvr -·'they· are going over the material Langmuir of the General. Electric< 'I'he Ology Twins....... 1- l' --t Jar h ... 1 .. , ed �- Car) AI'sclbach, Zoe Pattv Newbold.DLADA. � y( e r-Y een_. on with a 1lne tooth comb", said Coach ' Sch tad NY' . . . . . . • . . •. . . . . Jth bask thall the ah J. Arthur Asher. Company, . nee y, • . ,t......... put .... .... Fizzy. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Nina' O'Neille e -, VIP - Moulton yesterday. "The subject is ofhigh jumped on the track team, and Harry Bearasle,., Mrs. G. Ology •..•..•. Charlotte 'Viallunusual interest, and from the presentPlaved third base on the baaeball JanleK Bredin. .Junior WomeB. to Give Pazty. Mrs. Vi Sigh ....•... Margaret Fcnton.., .Uook I ean predict one of the best.tt'am. He won four maior emble!nL Francis Bromell.- debates in history.'"Sev_ V ..... Loa\ Edward Boyden.Seven veterans will be lost to the, OAB'r :FOB JIASQ'UBBS Henry Bur�team by graduation, but the remaiDing PLAY OB08BH'j '!rO BE Franklyn Chandler."C" men will form a stronl llUeleas GIVBJI' BBU QU'ABDB. Dunlap Clark.for the 1914 eleven. Capwa Norpeo, The cast for the two-aet play, "Pe· �'harlee Cory ...Pierce', Harris, GoeIttler, lteImedy, pita," whieh will be pen by the 'John Curtis.Leach and Fitzpatrick an � old Masquera early next quarter, was an- Paul Donker.players who will graduate. TIle veter- nouneed yesterday. Thes play has Francis Dunn.ans who will play ncxt year are CUI' been translated from the Spanish by Jerome Fisher.taio..elcet Des Jardien, Gray, Seanlon. Dean Wallaee and Mrs Otis Skinner Richard Gamble.RWI8ell, Baumgartner, Huntington. Thecast follows: Byron Gendreau.Shull and Sparks. Mouttoa, Whiting, Pepita Reyes •.•...••• Selma Duhstr�' Fran�i8 Hamilton,Boyd, Redmon, MeConnell, and Breath- Vietor •••••••••••••• Rudolph Moritz NOmlaD Hart.ed are some of this yeare eubatitutee, Peddo •••••..•••.•..•• Sidney Pedott Arthur Hayford.who ebould prove valuable. Car� Morritos •..•••••.... Treva Mathews Donald Bops,St-baefer, Lea, Dob8Oll, SQi .... u, Marquis •..... , ...••.... Max Soekle Harold Hula,Hardingor. Alberta and Gowau are a NNieasio •••••... Reuben Chadburn Raymond Jelf,reY',few of the freshmen. who ebould make SebastoaDa ••••..•••••• Evelyn Colo Bruee KiDg.:good. Rohert Loeb.PnUe OoImOJCli1Uil 8pIri'- Adrian KeFarland.The Univenity was praised for its Norman Me�eosmopolitan .spirit by all the spoo.k()rs FJ-� MOraD, ,at the banquet of tile Cosmopolitan Bernard Newmu.club .held yesterday at Hutchinson Berbert Otis.cafe. ThM frgen were being Albert Piek. Jr.plaeed OR tile same footing witll the Frederiek RidgwaY',Short speeehes by AIBoeJate Prof_ A.mea. .uadenY.".. the eoneenB11� Thomas Ryau,IlOl' Jlo�:Q, William 8talliDp, Ba,.- of opini... Among the principal Walter Sehaefer,mond Crawford anr Kaarice Priee, speakers W8e Direetor Stag. Profes·• John SUfer, •were tht' features of 1eeterdaT. Y. !Or lIaeCliatoek and Dr. Gronow. Vernon Smyth,M. C. A. raUy for tile x..... Cit1 Aboa., NvatT·Av. men, representa· William Templeton,lolunteer Band convention, widell Gp- .tiv_ of ... -nriou aatiODS eompris· �vall Thomas.ens on Deeenloor 31. Profeeeor Hobe ilag the clab, were preeent. Franeis Townley,81tOke on the (.,1eve!and convention of Dr. . o.n. to � at Chapel. Eugene Trau�1898, and Mr. Crawford pave Ilia im- Prot .... Jolua lL Coulter will ael· Harold Tulvesson,Lorau Wa8S0n,James Webb,WilliaJ'll Wilev.seaeens, In 1910 he was unanimouslyWomen of the Junior class will give Miss Talcum Dotothy Davisa party in Foster Hall next Wednes· Miss Walnuts.. • Phyllis Jt'ayday aftcrnoo� Dorothy Llewellyn has Miss Siaymen ••.•...... Mabel Beekurbeen appointed chairman of the com- The women will meet in' the Neigfl­mittee whiCh will ha.ve charge of th� borhood rooms at 5:30.Imrty. The members of the commit·tee include Lilliaee Montgomery, DB. HENDERSON GIVES TALltMary MacDonald, Mary Cameron, Lou·ON MODERN SOCIAL BBLPlise Avery, LuCli.l1e·�anman, �.&ItherButtolph, Irene Tufts, Gertrude 0'-4\tcara and Eclith SInlth. .t:Jtplains Relief K.ethods and DescribeaWork of Various Charitable'0rK�0ns.J'OHH GBEBlm GOBS IN TANK.dr. to .Join om .. of Sacred Ducks-­S7kes Shaves.. 'l'hat ooto him who hath shall be I!).v­cn" i:s truer today than ever,' ia the::tatemcnt nlauc by Dr. Charles .&The., first Sacred Duek of the elassof 1913 rides the waler.goat. Hcndcrson in his lecture on "Si�and ::iocial Hclp", Ia:;(. nt,!-tL lIr.John Greene couldn't keep the Gil·Hcndcrson said that we must. first aa.l• ette away from his upper lip and con·sequently was the JIrst to pay thepenalty for violating the Senior mus­tache tradition.Greene appeared yesterday morning'on the eampus just. after having part·ed with his "'hopeful down". The ooconllJy, give nlatcrial relief, afternews reached Rudy �thows in a. carefully stu,lying the individual cuo.twinkling and a call wen't out for all How is rclief to be gh'en? W,e can:;enior men. John was rushed aed� aid oilly by �oing tho r�t. Wag.The whole charitable community m1llll;,,"l \\ hat the needy family wanta. �. � .. ,BOBBH 8PBAE8 AIJI IIBB'fllCU (.rcler to do thia, it. is necessary to �- ,,­'luiro into the situation. Find out.what thc fa.mily lacks. Then, andnot till thcn, shOUld we give help.rII tho eampu to BArtlett gymnasium fol·lowed by the Three.Quarters dub anti .... ·ork toget.her.··We ought to work toward the 8Ilda host of sympathizers. His cL-..ss-mates hustled him straight for the of aboli!4oing povcrty," said Profeuortank. All he left outsido was hi:- Hcndcrson. "We no longer know any­shoes and eoat. oho wh\) is born to be poor. We�'.Since this little incident lower e1m��'1 ogtlize no guild of bcggers. Modernmen ha'\"e been quietly Rhaving otT .'111 I ..... ":- is a li,·c, ntoviing organization8emhlan('cs or must.'lehes. l'rcsiclm.;. \,:I.id. 1,lm'idl')o; hope and prospect for,Kent Sykcs of the .Junior class w:u. : tho llf�('dy. (;harity keeps alive th08eone of the fiM4t to take ach'antage of I �.: I,oln bu�incs8 turns out. W. ID1Idthe ICMOn. • l'<'g'r";':3,tc thnt ten pcr('cnt of the peG-"'hf, all' hc .. dl':-;"�, whom wc ha\'c b,,':nBntertatDs L:IiItiD Claaes lIouda,.. .n:::\I'll' to c.ll1c:1tc for thrc(' g�ncr3'Prof'('� .. or Ballou entertainOlI h,'i' tions. To soh'e our human problems,Livy and Cicero elas9C8 Monllay aft cr· I to :U.: lTc'r the many ('Ties of dis�essnoon from 4 to 6 at her horn .... , 1222 i w(' rnu�t havc one C'cntral orpniza·I:;�t 56th street. tion in each largo city.". -�pJ'C8Sions of tho BockeBter eODveutiOilof 1� ...Amnii; tile well known mea wJao willmake speclChee at. the cOilTellUOIl 11ftDean Sh.Uer B. Mattia and Prot.·BOr Charlee R. Bend of tile Uaivenity; Secretary of Stale WiDia!. Jenninp BJ'1&Il; Job B. JloU, Bob­,ert Eo Speer, Dr. Zw__.t Cairo,Egypt, C. T. Wang of tile CkiIl .. COD­gr.., and Dr. KeDoDald of tile Tor·. ozato 01,",.. � .... -''dreIB the &Jaool of Education chapc:tJaia manaiDc at. 10:30 in EmmonsBlaille at lit Oil '"Normal TrainingSeJaoola.-� ..... )10 '.faa III Okla!Ioma.Prot_. NUIluiel Butler 'Willtpeak w.... tile _dent. of the um·� . .t 0klU ... Uaia moning. Bowill aIiIo live an addr_ at t.he Olda·Mma' Cit,. liP llehool. In the even­t.. .. will ta:tk at a meeting of tile� mea of the dtr. Oalclnll to AUea4 MeeUu •ProfC8S0r O. W. Caldwell will atten.la con'·cntion of the Central L",oeiation of Scicnce and Miathernatic� aDes Moines, Iowa, Friday and Sattll'day. Mr. Caldwell will be one of tbc�principal speakers....c,j'i.' ftIE DAD .. Y JIABOOM. WEDNBSDAY, NOVBKBBB 26, 1913.----- I" ---- - -Mar 0 0 D �---===-·=-"��BaU====etiD�· ====�::=;;,! Alumni Who Were "The Biggest Men CLASSIFIEDo.w St--:'/Ii�ar:a.Cc� the lJDber- ------� ---�::: In College" When at the University ADVEKIISEMEN1SI Senior College Chapel-lO:15 Mnu·Publ1»hc:d morDlnlO.. except Sunday and '�oDday. durinlO th� AUlumu." Wlnt ... r an.! :.!cl.:;priDK �ulU't.,r.. by 'l'h., Vally �aroou• taU. Glee Club B.ehearsa.l-4, ReynoldsThe D ail,Willialll Howard Prescott, Joseph campus past wean scmethiug to theK J:a�"'l'oft, t:harll's SUlllnel.Pike�Noti campus of the present that the M • .\:·ll. D. �'el'er. llalUlglog EliUor club.G. W. CulUllgUDl .sew» EdUur JuDi --th t1. Cl '" 'I> WilHalll }'liut,-tilel)Q are tho uaiues of hOO� will publlsh in the next flJL t;. (.iurgll» Athlet1c: • .I:Alitor or..._ ema c S uU-nycrsouB. P. llll�' BIl�lon� llllWlger �i. 'the uieu chosen by the DAILY MA. weeks, U shurt story about each of. W. JL J..1l1laa Clell1llUull lllllUlgl"r I twelve promiueut alumui._________________ SocioloO Club-4:�O, Harper M16. }(OO� as most prominent in uuiver- J f you are Interested to learnTh:I.nksgivin& Spread-5:�O, Lc�ing . .tIity life durlug the closing years of fie I'l'r liue. �o advertlsemeuts reo«eived for less thau :!5c. All cJppl"ecladvcrtiscllleuts must be paid in ad-.. ance,FOR S.\1.E at Larguin-Oue 8uit of,·lotheR-- Tuxedo style, original eOIlt.�55-lllacle Ly flue tailor-Suit isAa.IIoclate EdllonU...ul� S!�h;l lJuroth)· \\' o:iI otiro Ltg men of the Uuiversity in for·the uiucteeuth century. These UUllH.'S 11I('r years, if you think that BOUlesturul out conspicuously umorur thl.'· 1,,"rtl' eular meu should be known to '111"11 "'I"" 1·'11 I' B'� ,... '" u '.. ... •. , - • ,ulre USIUess wanag-Jouuders of campus orgaaizutious uud tho students, send their names to er of Maroon.eustems which arc now known to e"- Promiueut Men Editor of The Daily(.\l'y student by the time he has com- Maroon� through the fDeulty exehangv "HOW to work your way through eol­pletcd one quarter in the Uuiversity. 1 l' y ou kuow auy auecdoto from th« It·�e." Mailt'cl frt·,· to studcnta. In.It is with the intention of giYinrr to t'l Letter Club, -Iii!'" Jefferson ave .b lin's of the �lli\'tm.itY·1t big alumni Jersey City. � .• J.the present student body a better scud it in. and iu this way we cal.kuowle.Igo of Uuiversity history au-I secure what the records of the Uni- F01' RE!\T-A suite of rooms and al­of lIlaking the prominent nallles of tit", n·rsity llo not givc. so one siugle" room, two blocks fromCobb Hall, Mrs. Sullivan, 5802 Jack­son a" .• 21111 apt. Phone,Hotel Cumberlandtou.AUlOulSta ::;w<lwite}'RlDAYEntcr�d WI secoud-cluss mail at theCwcalOu l·uJ;tullic.... l:hicalOu. 111., �arch lb.UUIi. un.!c:r Act u! �arcu 3. Ib,:S, Reynolds Club Smoker-S:15.a;V�JUl"T10� K, .. \TES. ----+---B1 carrrer ; $::."u a year; U,UU a Quarter. �v.JnlU�.L .. l(.iA�'&'Vl'4 •.l:I.y mail; $3,UI) a year; U,:!5 a Quarter. ,.Iw!1toJ'ial-liutiinC:J;:f OUH;�. EJliti ;:4. Library on Holidays.H':J�"'�;��O: 4�tii�Way liOI). Aller 1\1 11 m'lTO tho ]:;\111or:.\l�uoD l're¥:S. �:;1l l:utlalOe l.iru\·� A \· ... nu ... : under the impresslou that the stu-deuts of the University arc desirous of(itOilOtlai Ihaving the usc of the Iibrarics on hol,The meworks have been shot oil' Unys, the oJIiciall$ have ordered thatthe red .fire has been burned. Th� tho main library be kept open on at.�cr team has Ilone hofidays except Ohristmas and thehome. Chicago is Con- Fourth of July. This new rule iurpose.,ierence chaL.pioD. We a grcat hardship on the emplOyCI$ vihave � a gre4 sea- tho library. To be compelled to gi H'.oD; and probably most of us have en- up one's Thanksgiving dinncr, ouc 01JoyEkl it to the full. ,And nO"R 'liO tho times of the year when wholeha.Di up the rooter's hat, pin the :r.rm familit..'8 gather and have a gooll tillie,bands to the wa.U, &nd look at tlla::J is a special hardship. On other holi­dusty 'pile of bOOks. It is high time days it is not pleasant to have to miss Waterman�WorkThe Schooland CollegePen inRegular,Safety andSelf-FillingTypeswe renewed acquaintance with them. the pleasure of the various celebra·There was no reason for studying lastweeki chamPionship ,week was 'too ab­sorbing. But now we have had our.tnn. We ha.ve relieved the monotonyof the dailY round, class to library,to study, to meals, to bed. After wehave cheered ourselves hoa.rse, and.snake-danced and shouted and slappecieach (Jther on the back, we can 1ind. open on holidays; they have not COli.pleasure in studY. We can go after plained before. ND doubt a fow I'those bOOks .tth a vim, � into them �;ullS, probably gralluate students, ha.naDd 51lbdue �em iD handy fashiel, i.t- complained, but they are but a few ofstead of � through them with the thou83.1l11s. They arc probably tb;\lti has b ood. �ort of people who uevcr think (a, groan. The vaca on een g cfforts of others than themselves. Itfor us. .ADd noW is the time to �et"'ft' 4:_: .. ", d is not necessary to keep the librarieJto work. And when we .&lAve �erevieWS bY the week before ex- opcn on these holidays; little usc l -our ...."'_ lib "'1" the privilege will be mallei the stu-� and ca.:1 �o to III&AO razy ""':ork out the .fine .points which. dents as a whole do not care in the.& _ _a_ least whether it is open or not; soclIaDSte the C to an � we can �at the other fdlOW, who is di� why not give the library employes a.....-............. . chance to enjoy the merry holillays.fraD� for a o� acquaillt-ance with hiS subjects in order topass. . , � LLi.� CHOSE KA.BG� WAT.KBRAND GRACE HOTCBXISS The Watennan 's Ideal that is suited to your hand will do!leater, more uniform and quicker work than any other writingImplement. Such efficiency is of the greatest benefit in studentlife where writing is a part -of evtry study. The continuoususe of one pen develops character of handwriting. The same\Vatennan's Ideal will last for years and is always ready. Buythe genuine, the pen with the famous Spoon Feed and Clip­Cap. In many sizes, scientific shapes and points of every degree.tiOllS or the fellowship of visitors whl'cOllie at thc::;e times. Anyone whoworks knows what an unpleasant thin�it is to have to labor while others aroat home taking ad"antage of the fow00' tla.) s of the ycar.The stullents of the University ;_not demanding that the libraries bcIconoclast.Are Elected C� of JUDior aDdSenior Hockey TeNu'Are .StroD& SeDiorsI, Sold by All the Best DealersL E. Waterman Compaoy, 173 Br�ndwny. New YorkMargaret Walker was chosen cap·t.ain of the Junior hockey team yes­terllay and Grace Hotchkiss lealler aftho Sehior team. The Juniors electedKathryn Waltz as manager Whilerrances Rosenthal was picked to man­age Hie upper classwomen. The dates�f the three championship hockoygames were given out yesterday atpractice. The three games wili be play­ed December 5, December 9 and Do,:el1lher 12.'rhe twu squads have beea p�actic­it g nearly ev(·ry (la� on C,�enw,:odlicit!. Mal Y telic\'� that !il. � .. iIIOJ:Jwill capture the banner this year formost of the players are experiencc,Iand tho team work is of a high stand­Tall. TIle Juniors however have a gO()flstrong back-field and help to break upthe pas.-res of the Senior forwarll line.Tb� two teams will practico today at;�::t0, and Monllay at 1:30. NEW YORKBroadway at 54th Street.Near 50th Street SlIinra7 Stadoa aDd53rd Street Elnated.··Broadway" can from GrandCer.traI Depot.Seventh Avmae Care from PeaDql­yaJIIa Stadoa."EPr BY " COLUa. ''''.H.ADOUARr.RS 'OR COL�Q ••••BP�C1AL RA7'.S FOR COL�a. r." ••Ten Minutes' Waik to 11sirty 'nIeatraHARRY P. STIllSON. IIAN.I\OERRI!ADQUARTBR8 �a CBtC£OONew, lIodena and FireproofRooms with Bath, Sa.so and up.Kn. Vincent to be With lira. Judson.Mrs. Georgo Edgar Vincent, wife ofPresident Vincent of thc university f)Kinnesota, wi1;1 receivo with Mrs. JUfl·.on this afternoon from 4 to 6 at theJ-resi(lcnt's home. MAROON ADSnRn\G RESULTSPatronize our adnniserL•Smdon JIoI4 DaDce .en Week.Juniors will hold a elus danee from" to 6 Friday, December 5, in the Rey·DoMs club. , LOST-nl'hn'ell !i;jth antI Postcr Hall,a brown pursc, containing bank·book,eont'crt til.'kets and money. Finderplease return to Elizabl·th Newbolll.THE BEAUTY PLAGl-;'_:Mi8scs Lock-\\"00t1 and Nielsen. Hnirdres�ing, dye·ing :lilt} bohbinJ!. sl':llp treatment, man­ieurint,:, d:iroJlotly. l�ocly masHage byappointment at �'o\lr home. All ourinstruments are stt'rilizt'cl. Every tilingsa.nit:lI·�·. 1-140 East 57th strcet, sel'­onll .floor. Phonc JIyfle Park 6772.TYPEWRITING ncatly clone-Mist'cl·laneous work n. sI,ceialty. Miss B.Rrown. 6132 Vcrnon a'·c. or HarperI .. ibrary Loan Desk. W·3 J."'OR �Al .. � vcry elteap. Washburnguitar, full dress ('oa,t, Tnxoflo DntlPrinco Alhert, si7.e :t6':i8. U. P. 22W>,!l463 Wnshin�ton A ,'e" 211.1 Apt,mIRIIItiI!lll8Imm!ij�1!U!i:!i!m[;!lliil1mmlF.IT:J1'.,1l::I!!2Wm!lllInlBl:'aSTETSON UNIVERSITYDEL.�SD. FLORIDA.PftL U� Hail"". A. n. HanaI'd. n. D •tJDlnnlt,. ., CblQP.Four collf'ces. n\'� schools. 1'i bulldln ... :iO!n faculty. 15 C:nnf'cle unit. ftqulred to �nt.rCollece of Llber:al Arts, Lan4 of blue .Itlt ...summer ""�3ther. out of do.:.r recr(,3tlon anwinter . .aft w1l1dll from th., sea, an4 the mu:olcof mocklnc biNS In the orar.c� CTO,·e. "'-"­est coUf'ce standards, Sen ... for cat_loe.l l._ili.'�r�;li:;a:fuilll;mn�i:Jf:il:lilii[JJ.ll: ..·_u --.OSLY _ UI __tratt'<! book,.t de­acrlblnc & newtreatment for all_fet,. razor b:3.1('!I, m:tkln.: one bladf' last& IlIet.m� and b�' bMler thaD when pur·t:l3S'ed. Sent on r('ce�pt of :5 Cf'nta.CLAUDE WOLFE,Bowar4 City, 1Ilch.i(OI MENBa, Your Smokes. aadGents' Famishing. atCowhey·ss. E. Cor.· 55th and Eliis Aye.SUBSCRIBE F(,�"HE DAILY IIABOOR..........................',' ....=I-Ii1-I·tos:-nI,r,rI.,01-yrgI­s,Ifu.1l[t.SOer..illten-Il-e-I.,II.at.r-Ii:1e.-• WILL FBA.-ruBB I!'AlIGO I M1nIsten are BntertalDed at rea. IAI!' CALIFODIA. PBO. l\(.�ighboring mihlsters were tho � Woodlawn T rult� I"BlDAY MOlD" ):uetlt� of honor at the Church tea giv- & S· Ba ken in the League roow yesterday af- avmgs nterueon, The guesta included Mr. ant\. 1204 B. 63cl Street, OhicagoTlle Tango and Dan.za, Castle Walk, ., Mrs. Amos, Mr. and Mrs. Helming, Dr.One Step Waltz, and Hesitation Walt� Capital ••••.•..••....•. $200.000.00�ilkey, Mr. and Mrs. McClure, Mr. Surplus-Proflte It..u,\JOO.ooUlfITED ftA'l"ES DEPOSftOBYFOB POftAL SAVINGS FUND.Woodworth's Book Store-·I TRY IT. BUY IT.OUR NEW STORE. 1311 E. 57t�. ��RE�T .. . A BOmED BOUQUET_ ... r- -OF FLOWERS.I�--------.----------------------,will be featured at the Junior Prom and l1rlf. Merrifield, i», and Mrll. Co­to be held at the University of Cali- "crt, Dean Wallace and Mrs. Pliht,10rDia on }'riday. 'l'he Dougl88lt Give Th.aDk:sg1viDg Dimler tar Club.Cranes, or�na.tors of the Tango in'fLe University and Hyde Park Y.thb country, have been secured forA T k" . dl .M. C. . hun tlg1\'lng Inner giventile evening and will be seeh in a feL.I to the uiembers of the Cosmopolitanwe exhibition of dancing during the I•• •I club w1l1 be furnished by the Ladiesbatermiasioll bet-ween the eleventh and. A .. . t f h II d P k ".I uxifiarv sOCJe y 0 t eye ar .I. •twelfth dances- -. .• AI, C. A. The club w1l1 meet ih Cobb. To add to the artistic effeet of the . . .115A at 12:.10 and WIll go over 10 :todan�ell, tho Crane's will perform ih tho 11 d P k Y MeAI body to the year . . . .,!are ot a spot-liiAtt which will follow , .y:.� i building. Dinner WIll be served at 1.the couple in their course along the •. _AGOI'. In order that the general col- MO"illg pictures were taken of thelep public not attending the Prom Purdue.Tudiunn footbnll game la�.. y have the opportunity of seeing Satur.lay.th886 exponents of fancy dahcing,�tator's tickets entitling the holderto a seat in the Balcony for the ev­ening will be Bold at 25 eehts, SWAN'S LUNCH ROOM1342 East 55th Street.Try Our Regular Dailyand Sunday Dinner, 20c UpTabln for Ladlu. }o'lnt Cla�s S�nleet ••••• It It •••••• It. It •••••JOSEPH SCEDIEDTStationery, and Toilet Articles "FINE LINE OF CANDU:S1321 East 57th Street. Phone H. P. 321956 B. 55th 8t;. Ch1caCo. m,Imported aDd Domestic Line of I.... ��G.�. m �;���+H. Three leasons WIly you should Eat at the leo's CO_ODS1st. Good Foed Properly Cooked.I.d. Cleanliness cur M ctto. lospect the Kitchen3rd. A Miaimum Price fer High Qualif7 FoodCia' BreaIdasI1Se up Cafeteria at IAmehBIDDer .& LaCarte MUSIC Come InAccounts of Professorsand Students Invited.Checking Accounts MayBe Opened With$50.00.THIS BANE IS NBABDTHE 'UNIVERSITY THAXANY OTBEB BANKA STATE BANK.The New Florida HotelfI Beta &Dd Phi Gama bOOaDCe.Plli Gamma Delta F'reshmen enter­tained the Beta. Theta Pi Freshmen atJRneh yesterda.y, The Beta uppor.ua..men entertaoned Phi Gamma Del­ta. 5721 Cottage Orove Ave.Has been remodeled and newly furnished.and Is now open under New Management.Rooms by the week run from two dol­lars per week on up. Steam heat andelectric light In all rooms, In connectionwith the Hotel there are BilJiurcl and1·001 Hull. Bowling Alleys andREST A URXNT.PHONE HYDE PARK un . The Secret of Good Battingis similar to the secret of good business-it happensto some and just misses the others.If there ever was a commercial home run it· 5Fatima, the Turkish-blend cigarette. The expertwho conceived this blend was some batter r Fatimawas 6rst lined out in the college towns-the studentbody quickly proclaimed them winners. TodayFatima is the l:iggest selling cigarette in this country.The secret is-pure, good, choice tobacco-noexpense in the package-quality all in the smoke-"Twenty." r' •_.2o:lOrl5tJOSEPH SCHWBIffIEBANDA. D. ADAMS177 N. STATE ST.Preaent w. Ad. at Joseph Schweit--zer'8 and receive sampleboW&MAROON ADSBRING RESULTS " lJist;nctive� Individual"----_ _-_ - .'Wanted At OnceEach IIUUI at the Univenity to come in and investigate oarSpecial Offerto College MenHERZKA BROTHERS:-: Ta i lors :-:1545 East 53rd StreetTelephone B. P. 1037. Op�n Evenings and Sunday KomiDg.--_ _----_._-_ _ •.JOSEPH SCHWEITZERBuy Your Boo s••• AT •••Univenit;y Books •• New and Second HaodLaw Books Meclical BooksThe University Pharmacist. for over Ten Years.In his new up-to-date StoreAcross the street from old location.DEUTSCBEB. APOTACKEB.THEMASTER-MODELof the Royal is • sfand·ard correspondence machine anddoes (ondel1s£d billir.g wiflIGuf anyspecial attachments.The TypewriterThat Solves "Tyrewriter Prohlen�s:'ROYAL TYPE\\ RITER CO�lPANY58 E. Monroe St., Chicago Illinois.Patronize luoon Advertisers';;IIIF" -d irec t.#'".==7 from anyv: inkwell infour secondsf ....-J.,....�r4I4I��f1€ Cleana it8elf w1rUe It fills h8e1f. It GIrD�!!l writes IIDIOOtblY-DeYer falten. It woo't� doe. h ccm·, leak. Nothlaa to take apart.== u.so. '-3.00, Uo5O, 14.00. 1&00 ......i FGI''''�� woonorua .. Book ",1311 B 57t11I� G'DI� of CJldcaCo �, B1&O-II "'A��� n.c..u. c..� T OIIIe�. If' --- -3'I'HElHuB�tfl.Y!tI!1lm 7tcJlJnJ,.011' In our ... Home-Just across from our o1cl locationTHIS overcoat stockof ours is surely a splendidexample of the democracy of thisstore-there are coats for men at the topand'bottom of the ladder--for employ­ers and their employees-for every man.AT $15somesturdy, durable,weather defyingstyle perfectovercoatsthat no otherstore can du-plicate and we" ready toareprove it.!.j :1 AT $20,� $25,$30� the same quali.ties of wear andvalue with"'- greater refinements ofstyle, distinction and individuality.AT every price, be it$15 or $75, greater value,more style and larger assortments thanany other overcoat store in the world.CLEVER dressers are all wearingthe smartest collar style of theseason-' SHADOW '-the LION col­lar with aU the LION comfort features.Look for it in your dealer's window-the style with"Pliable- Points." 6 for 75c-or as usual 1 for 25c.WiiiLliitl!£!!UNITED SHIRT II COLLAR CO., Makers. TROY. N. Y...;� ='---- -. 10f be-d for an eight o'eloek class,·What CoDere Editon 11Uak 'tht're is no Mart' of bands and frenzi�l===:;:::::::===r�=======� I applause from assembled multitude&. ThNe is a great opportunity for a matter of course. In some ,,-aygcertain Varstiy students to find a use- this shines as a fine example of col­luI sphere of work in connection with lege spirit and loyalty. It is anouy­the Y. M_ e. A. Secretary Weltt u.1 mOUIf, and often the man who workshis assistants are laboring hard to sc- the hardest never sees his name ateomplish things, but they cannot do I tho top of tho paper. Credit is tooeverything alone. But let no one- go often given to those "higher up" Bomvlightly iuto Y. M, C. A. work, for it IdUY, perhaps, tho Daily wilt becomeI demands the best kind of service an-I opulent N10Ugh to make some returnthe best kind of manhood. Too often 'ror such unselfish labor, or with thei roligious institutiontl are accomplish- advent of a utopian state of a1fainling fnr less than they should simply in tho distant future, the universitybecause tho character of their workersforbids the broadest expansion.It by no means follows, however.� that everybody is in duty bound toi 110 this w.orkl. The world demands.mauy sorvrees; it is a complex taskmaster ; and a field of usefulness isopened almost everywhere to slneereilion and women. Let no student go, ] n last Saturday'S game with Pur­therefore, to Seeretary West in a Ilip; due, Indiana attempted thirty-five for­pant. thoughtless spirit and volunteer ward passes. Of these twenty were. to work, when he knows full well that completed for a total gain of 109he can put only his half heart into yards.tho effort. A task poorly accomplish-Y. II. O. A. Work.I e«l is worse than none attempted. W ecan take the teachings of no one se­'r iously unless the teacher himself docs:>0 first.No work is bigger than the man;'rile II'aD Who Counts.I.oynlty of the Daily men is not of Few know and the others take it asmay recognize the college paper �more than a toy and give graduationcredit for worthy efforts in the writ·ing of its cohuuns.-'l'htl MinnesotaDaily.Athletics BrevitiesPurdue students are thoroughly satlists and apply it vigorously. They isfiecl with Coach Andy Smith"s ftrstaTO on the side lines all the while, season with the Boilermakers, AI-watching the few' on the field who are though he did not turn out a cham- 'A UDITORIUlMEVELYNNJo"SllIT :1'11,\71ADd CompaD7 of 75. 9 other b1JrG�RRICK:am. WM. HODGE 1D'fUE ROAD TO HAPPINESa"Genuine llUI·C�8 .. �or to -THE MAN"1�OM HO�t t-;,"__lnter Oc:eaaa.tOBAN'S GRANDAnother Oohan • KanIa Suecela·BAYMOND HITOBOOO�J naN cw M usieal Comed,"T II E· B E A· U T Y SilO p.doing things, or at least giving' allth .. t is in th ak pionship team, it was the beat On 1..'.. em to m o eollege ac- Purdue has had. in years.th-ities a success. They undoubtedlyshould be taxed for lending their pres­enee to the community, They havetalents but they will not apply them.I. .. ike in the parable of old, the�cshould bo taken from them and gi,·ento, �e few who are striving to make,�mething of their college and whosoIMt thonghts are directed towarclthemsolvM--Daily Northwestern. LAS�LLEwhen they embarked for Lincoln forthe Nebraska gam«,Iowa dental students carried the -tlIutcal Comedy for Yonnl. awl 014footbail team to the depot last Friday ,A TRIP TO WASHINGTONTHE HAM T B E BDO matter what your ability, your IT f h . hi b k tballopes 0 a c amprcr,s Ip l1S e A�ERICAN MUSICtraining, and your outlook, you will team are running high at low:\. Three HALLfind that all are given full scope in of last year's team are back, besides McIntyre and Heath and 00. of 30student Y. M. C. A. Work. If your several men who have had experieneeeonvictions are sincere, if you are a at otb",r schoolu,I elean, sane-minded fellow, Secretary• 'Vest can use you: some at the humbleI: tasks. others at the more signal. This'may mean YOU!-Wisconsin DaihI •News, The football season \Vn, officially Cabaret &- Dancing Every Night at 11closed at Purdi.> h:' Lurniug the tack-10 dummy, This is an old custom inthe }:ast, and the Innovation was en­joyed greatly by all the spectators.Ten of the Purdue fOotball squadwill graduate this year.The freshman football team M Pur.due easily defeated a team of pieke.lstars from all the other elasses, thusdeciding the inter-class championship.Bold BDra PracUce of Glee Club,tending college, while the remainingsmall minority should be paid double -The Reverencl Dr. BralUey of Wor_Dr. Bradley Addreeaea Women.While the statement on the whole C:1ptain Glossop, who played his'I shuold he taken with a grain of salt., there is no little truth contained there- last football game for Pardue last Sat- 0 HI 0 H! DEL P H.I ••urday, received his training as an ath. .,in. :Many students, in fact the major, Iete in the United Sta� NI1VY •. Hp...... o""'ard's Theatr,ethere won an enviable name as an �--tBOADWAY HONEYllOOlf _athlete, being coach and center of th�'basketball team that held the eham-Ity, come to college with the sole in­shipped on the U. S. S. Louisiana, andtent of getting all they can out of,it and putting nothing back. TheyI are tho parasites of the college body.I They_ hoM aloof from all activi�ies, yionship of the Navy tor two years,or grvo half-hearted, luke-warm sup-I IIlIIHng stroge on the crew that heldI �ort that is worse than nothing at all. �the championship of t)te world forThey think of themselves first, IMt.and all the time. They of course Iike three years, and playing quarter anllto see the college activities well man- half back on the all-Navy footballd b team.age, ut never lend a helping hand,In fact, they hold a hammer in theirAn extra practice of the Women'sA certain Yale graduate, for many Glee club will held next. Monady at:('a.r8 a member of the f�ulty and al-3:30 in the Studio. Director Steven"ways a close obsen·er of the under-urges all members to be present in or­gradunt(', once said that the maJority dcr to practiee for the La Verheof stullents at.tent1ing Yale ought to Noyes reception.be taxed soyerru thou�'lDcl dollars a�·ear in Tcturn for the privilege of at-that Ilmount for contrihuting them­flelves to the unflergraduatc commtHli­ty. chester, Mass., spoke on "The Bela­:tiom.hip of Man to God" at the Juniorcollege women's chapel yesterday." Dr,.Bradley is the Unh·ersity pr�laerthis week.I the gJ"atHlstand oreler. When tho re- InVite Btuclenta to Walker 8odal.'porter stnys up until four o'clock i!l .-\11 studenta ihtercsted in Geology,I tho morning to see the Daily safely I Geoc.lraPhY or Palentology have beenofT the pr�.. no one applanel". AnI} 1 inviteel to an informal social hour inwhen shortly after he lifts himBelf ou· Wnlk('r 2 }'riclay at 4:30 • ILLINO.ISIDa... & Erlanger"s !lu.lcal TriumphEMMA OABUS.JOE �OWARD-MABEL II: OANBPOVVI!.'RSDA V lD BELASCO PresentsAGO 0 D LIT T L B D J.; v I LA Fairy P.a� for Oro1l'D UpsTJlE GREAT PLAY OF NOW... II 0 DB B N Q I B L"S·TUD�BA�:ERARTHUR HAMMERSTEIN' PreeeutsZII.A. �."BN'rI.1'f B B FIB B. FLYFINE ARTSBBPBB�OBY SBARONB. mEN PAYNE"The l\(uteT of .the lIou8e," Stanl�yHoagb\on. 'Phipps" Author of lIindieWak_ . A .florentine Tragedy, OscarWilde, Press Cuttinp, George Bor!·ft-·dRha ••p.lnc��sDORRIS KEANBIn Ecl�rd �eldon" J..o\"'c Drama