e mail!'.............. __ ...\"()1. IX. 1\0. 110. Price Five CentsamenUNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, SATURDAY. MARCH 18,1911.PORTRAIT OF VINCENTFOR THE UNIVERSITYPaiDIiDi of Dean ViaceDt to Be RUllIia the Mea'i CommoDl Within theNext Few Weeks.SUBSCRIPTIONS FROM STUDENTSCommittee Decides On Painting inPreference to Fund for AnnualScholarship and Character Medal.A portrait of Dean Vincent, the giitof his friends to the University. is tobe added some time in the next fewweeks to the collection in Hut chin­sin Commons. The existence of asubscription for this purpose. op cn tostudents, alumni and faculty, ha s justbeen made public, the plans of thecommittee in charge having' pro­gressed so far as to insure its s-uc­cess. Almost a hundred and fifty in­dividual subscriptions have been al­ready received and it is expected thatthe total number of subscription swillreach four hundred. Students whowish to take part in the subscriptionare asked to send their names andcontributions at once to D. A. Rob­ertson, directly, or to turn them overto Roy Baldridge.Two Plans Mentioned.The suggestion was made somemonths ago when Mr. Vincent ac­cepted the presidency of the U niver­siry of Minnesota, to present the Uni­versity with some memorial in honorof his work, here 4t an informal.,. • -..- .. - .' f\.,.meeting of about thirty members ofthe faculty, two plans were mentioned-a portrait, and a fund to provide amedal to he given annually to somemember of the Senior class, distin­guished for scholarship and character.After some consideration the poretrait was determined on, if time couldbe got to paint it, and a subscriptionto secure funds was put in charge ofa committee consisting of Dr. Ray­croft, Mr. Linn, and Mr. Robertson.Following a preliminary canvasamong the alumni and the faculty itwas seen that the idea would meetwith general favor. Arrangementswere made therefore, with Mr. Vin­cent, and Mr. Louis Betts was se­cured to paint the portrait. In thelast few weeks Mr. Vincent has beengiving all his free afternoons to thesittings. It is now thought the workcan be completed before he leavesto take up his studies at Minneapolis.Portrait Shows Him Seated.The portrait shows him seated. Hewears the official gown of the Univer;�ity, and holds the cap in his lefthand. By a special arrangement withMr. Betts, Mr. Vincent was allowedtc continue his general office workduring the sittings, which it has thusbeen possible to arrange without toogreat an interruption to his unusual"iy heavy work this spring.When the picture will be hung hasnot yet been decid e d.DRAMATIC CLUB PLAY -COMPLETE BLACURIAR STAFF IIN MANDEL TO-NIGHT Executive Committee Selects Stapp,Hutton, Mac Lane, Kay ton andBowers to Work on Business End"Joa Never CaD TeU" by GeorgeBernard Shaw Is Play toBe GiveD.D� REHEARSAL PROMISINGTonights' Play Much Lighter ThanMOllt of Former Productions ofDramatic Club. 'The 3 nnu al winter production ofthe University Dramatic club will beLeid in Manuel hall tonight. Theplay to be given is Bernard Shaw'scomedy, ., Y ou X ever Can Tell," andd:e cast is as follows-Valentine _ .•... Paul O'DeaBohun . _ _. '" Byron Hartley)1�(lmas _ ' . _ . " D. L. BreedI'hilip Clandon__ W. S. Hefferani.rampton Robert V. T'itus\\ aiier H. R. BaukhageMrs. Ciandon .. , Wilhelmina BarfieldDolly ..•.... _ . . . .. Dorothy GoodrowGloria Eveline Phillips"You Never Can Tell" is certainlyone of the most delightful plays thatthe Dramatic club has ever under­taken to present. Jt is lighter, morepleasing to the av-rage audience thanany of the Shaw comedies. I t is al­so somewhat lighter than any playwhich has been presented by the Dra­matic club within recent years. Lastyear the club gave Emily Day's"Goliath." which was' a powerful play,but more or less heavy and even trag;i: in places. In 1908 the play wasGoldoni's "The Fan," and in" 1901Goldsmith's "Good-Natured Man,"Loth of them much less lively thanthe Shaw piece.Dress Rehearsal a Success."I. believe our play will score agreat success," said President Bauk­hage, "The dress rehearsal was verypromising, considering the traditionthat all dress rehearsals are apt to bemore or less discouraging. The casthas worked hard in preparation for.. Saturday night, and I am sure theirefforts have not been in vain."The play begins at 8:15. The doorscf Mandel will be open at 7 ::JO andtickets will be sold at that time.GYMNASTIC MEET WILLHA VE MANY ENTRIESLtzington Contest Has Thirty Wom­en In Different Eventa-:-To BeHeld Tomorrow.Judging from. the number of en­tries in each event, the annual ath­letic contest and indoor meet whichis to take place' this afternoon inLexington gymnasium . will be one ofthe most successful ever held.Since yesterday the names of eightmore contestants in the elementaryIndian dubs have been posted. Theseare, Sadie Bonnern, Muriel Bent.Ruth Morse, Marie Dye, Margaret�:ammett, Edith Parker, Ruth Houghand Augusta Swawite, Through amistake, the name of Sarah Sanderswas omitted from the list of con­f�:llants for the indined' rope. Thishrings the number of contestants to�II. the largest number ever entered inthe history of wo�n's indoor meett;.Th('re will also be several specialfratures given in connection with themeet. One of these will be fancydancing by Miss Hinman's class.:\hout :11) women Wil1 gh'e the LindyLee and the Spanish dance from lastytar's Blackfriar show. There willlikewise he Junior and Senior relayraces, and handicap races, the exactnature of w_hich �ve not as yet beenanllounced. of "Capturing Calypso."With the completion of the entiremanager-ial staff at the meeting of theExecutive committee of the Black­friars yesterday, everything is ine adiness for the beginnig of active·..,'ork on the show next quarter. Thecommittee chose all of the staff yes;tvrday - ... -ith the exception of assist­:, 'It property and publicity managers,,·ho will be selected at 'a later date.I'he completed staff now stands:l v Ianager Maynard SimondCostumer H. Russell Stappl 'uhlicity Manager Earl HuttonM aster of Properties _ ........... _ .. _ Howard Mc LaneAssistant Costumer ............. _ \V. Varner BowersTile date for the cast tryouts of"Capturing Calypso," have not yetbeen annocunced, but will be early in. he quarter. As the date of the show;alls about May 20 the coach and man­"'!ers will begin working soon afterthe quarter opens, Coach Stothartvill come down from Madison to he­,�in preparations. Hc is now coachingl-e production of the WisconsinIT aresfoot show which will he put-n here April 28.Prospective members of the "Cap­turing Calypso" cast and chorus have-e en rcceivmg dancing instructionfrom Miss Hinman all quarter. Theattendance and enthusiasm diplayedn this work insures' plently of ma,. erial for the show.I ARSITY SWIMMERS MEETWISCONSIN TEAM TONIGHTFeature Races in Connection WithMeet-Alumni Polo Team toPlay Varsity.The Chicago-Wisconsin swimmingmeet 'which will take place tonight inBartlett natatorium will be a closecoritest, with the odds in favor ofChicago. Templeton is thought tohave belonged to the Chicago Ath,eric association swimming team andif the report is true he will prove:l formidable rival. The Chicago men,U olJingsworth and Kramer who areentered in the 40 yard back race, areure to take two pJaces in the event,nd unless a very fast Badger is en­ercd they wiH lake first and secondplaces.The harem skirt race is expected to.lcase the crowd, as they will sec thelatest fashion and see a race at thesame time. The contestants havexsked that. their names should not be(iivulgt'd hecause of modesty in dis'ilaying their "creations" before themeet.The finals in the interclass swim-ning championship will be hotly con­ie stcd as the upper classrnen do not.vant the Freshmen to win. The.. wirnrning captains are urging all men.\"110 can swim to come out and work;'" t he class. The captains are: C.r:. Goes, Freshman, T. E. Scofield,Sophomore. K. Lind!'ay, Junior, andC. Benitez, Senior.Tht' etlnmni polo team has sig-ni­lied its intention of playing the Var­'ity in order to give them practiceior the Con;erence meet. which takesi)iace next Friday evening. The al­\lmni team is composed of: "Babe"Meigs. C. D. Peacock, A. Goes, C.r.enitez, I. E. Ferguson, 1_ J. Solo­mon and J. E. Anderson. They willput up a stiff fight despite the factthat some of the members of thet('am have not played for several-years. CHICAGO WINS AND LOSES(Special from Evanston.)Chicago's Varsity track defeatedthe Northwestern team by the scoreof 45 to 36. The Maroons bad nodifficulty in winning the meet. al­though they kept out several oftheir good men. Chicago won mostof the events in easy fashion.In Bartlett gymnasium last nightChicago Freshmen were defeated inan overwhelming manner by Dlin_ois Freshmen. The score was 45 to22. Chicago's 1914 team was out­classed from start to finish. JUNIOR EXERCISES ARE HELDPresident Judson Emphasises Educa..tion--Hamlin Garland States TooMuch Time Is Used in Material Sideof Life-Roberts Speaks."The difference between the edu­cated man and the uneducated man ist hat the educated man knows how tothink and does, while the uneduca­ted man only thinks occassionally,"said President Judson yesterdaymorning at the closing exercises ofthe Junior Colleges. "The great massof the people are content to let othersd·) their thinking for them and it isonly the educated man whose opini­ons are WDrth any tiling, because, firsta man must have definite knowledgeupon which to base his opinion, andsecondly he must be, �Ie to think itout for himself. A lack in either par­ticular invalidates his opinion."Must Keep On Alert.With these facts as a basis thePresident went on to show how thecollege man must keep himselfalways on the alert in order that hemay learn to think.Mr. Garland gave the address inwhich he lauded the work of a part(If the undergraduate body as son­neteers and said that today therei" too much stress laid upon thecommercial and material side of life."'The artistic and literary sides oughtto be more enforced to bring the de­velopmeur of the race up to the high­est point, As we in America do notlook to the past but to the future, sowe of the University of Chicago muststrive to build up around her noble'traditions by the production of poetryand other forms of literature to thatend."Glenn Roberts made the responsefor the candidates. taking as his sub­ject the chapel exercises. He showedthe negligence and lack of properspirit in the attitude of the studentstoward the chapel exercises, and par"ticularly in the simple matter of seat­ing. He was roundly applauded by.I he audience and if that can be tak­e n as an indication of true sentiment,a change for the better will surelyccme aboutThe Dean of the Junior Collegesmade his quarterly statement whichshowed and increase jn the numberof students entering but a decrease in'.h<: number receiving the Title of As­-ociate,., BIG BEtf' LEAVES UNIVERSITYWill No Longer Deliver Mail on Cam"pus-Has Been Here 12 Years.ELECT HARRISON OFFICERSHarn-;on Club on Campus ChoosesFour Men as Officers.The Carter H. Harrison Democra­tic club was organized \Vednesday bya gathering of the Democratic stu­()t'nts of !ht' {'niversity. The fo11ow'ing officer:- ""ere elected: P�esident,Leonard C. Smyth; Vicc'pre!'ident, R.Sidney Milner; Secretary, Sidney �r.1 larrison; Treasurer, George Allen.,Permanent headquarters will be se­cured at once and the regular meet·ings will soon be announced.S. A. E. VICTOR ON FOULIN FRATERNITY RELAYAlpha Delta Phi Again Finishes Firstand Again Disqualifi�Win­ners Finished Third.Sigma Alpha Epsilon won the fi­nals of the Inter-fraternity relay raceby default yesterday afternoon inBartlett. Chi Psi failed to enter onaccount (If the inability of Goodman,one of their best men, to be present.and the race was run off by Sigma Al­pha Ep�i:on; Alpha Delta Phi. andPsi Upsilon, the remaining three ofthe four teams that were to havecompeted in the finals last Tuesday.Alpha Delt and Psi U both finished',head of the winners, but were dis­qualified for stealing on the gun. Al­pha DeIt finished first, time, 1 :38 1-2,P�i V rather a poor second, Fongerhaving lost about 50 feet by a fallon the first lap. S_ A. E. was third..The race started with Dickerson,Alpha Delt, and Fonger, Psi U, run­ning together, and Harper S_ A. E.running alone. Fonger stumbled atthe end of the first turn, and before'H' could recover Alpha Delt had ob-aincd a lead of some 50 feet, whichis slightly increased in the course of: he race, while S. A. E. lost slowly tohe end. Although the last laps wereperhaps a trifle better contested thanthe first. the race was a live one fromstart to finish.The contestants were as follows:Sigma Alpha Epsilon-HarperRamser, Murphy, Leisure, Matthias,',nd De Graw,P .. i l'p"ilc ... n-7-ong-cr, Lindsay, Law­;er, Schnering, Hunter. and Van Keu­reno.-\: ph a Delta Phi-Dickerson, Ad­-uira], Lane. Cleary, MacOintock,:� cnt Chandler, and Patchen.INTERCLASS MEET TODAY.. BiJ-r Ben." the University mail, man. has found the carrying of month"iy checks tiresome work. and will noI, -nger carry mail to the dormitorieso nd halls. Ben has been the Uni­versjty letter carrier since he enteredthe government employ, 12 years ago.r t is understood that he will delivermail to residents of the East Enddistrict.Noted Physiologist Dead.Dr. Henry Pickering Bowditch. an'fl1;nfnt phy;;.inlngist. formerly pro­f�s�or at the Harvard medical school,i·" dead. Dr. Bowditch served in the("h'il War. retiring with the rank ofmajor. He was graduated from Har·\ :t ro in 1861 and from Han'ard medi·cal school in 1868. He publishedI'l:lny papers on physiological sub­j,'ctc and was aa iRternational author_ity. He received degrees from theBritish ulli\"ersitiea of Cambridge andEdinhurgll and was a trnstee of theBoston public library.Track Men of All Classes Will Com­pete This Aftemoon.A track meet between the represen­�=\tives oi the four classes will beheld this afternoon at 3 o'clock initartlett gymnasium. The events arc.;;0 yard dash. 440 yard, half mile.mile. and relay: shotput and highinmp. The winning class w ill prob,;11>ly he awarded a banner, the place,', inllers will be �iven rihhons.·'n," llH'TlIh('r nf :tny ('"b" i, ('li�.!ih�e((, CUlllpdc i,.r hi:" cia:;:., except thel:l'n who ha\'c competed in a Varsityr Fr�sh111an meet. This rule docs:lltt apply to the relay. which is openq all.Entri('s may still he made throughhe cap::tins of the team�. The cap­�;!l� ar(': S('nior!'. William Kuh: Jun·!f.rs. Clarke Sauer; Sophomores.r,('or�e Kuh: Freshmen, Nelson Xor_J.,:rcn. The teams wi1l he slected att he time of the meet.•THE BAILY MAROON SATURDAY, MARCH is, lint1'D D.&ILY Irl&BOOR.'I'M Ometal 8tadeDt hbUatloa ., TMUDlYeralt7 of CJaleaao.rormerl�Tiae UDlY.ralt� of CllIeaso W_klJ'JrouDde41'be W .. k17 •••••••••••• October 1. lanTM Dal17 •••••••••••••• October 1. 1IOJhbllahed Da1�, ncept �ucJa� .. lIoD·W. aDd hoUd.J. dudoC tIlNe-quar&era.f tIae UDlYen1tJ Jear.•• tend .. SecoDd·clu.. mall at til. Chi-t.... o Po.tofUce, ChlcllCo, IlllDo... ....rclali, 1808, uuder Act of )larch I. 181'1.------------ -----THB aTAJ:o".N •• �. 1·I:O,£.· ... ·ER • llaaaclDC EdltorB. .J. DALY • •• • lS'e\u EdltorII. F. CABl·El'lTEK Athletlc Edltor.t.Ji80CIATB EDITOIUtW. J. It'oulec, Y. l.�lorC. W. HotljEhl.Dd H. L. KeDDlcott.Irl. W. KeeND. L. BreedBBPOBT&B8oJ. K.. Beebe 11. D. Ste •• ",UarrJ' CouserMax KuelowIII. A.aplau u, �'. DuuhaUl11:. L. Hurl.I'. KeuoeJW. L1wau J. U. I'erl"II. L. i)alre L. StolsH. W. Vlolaakl W. WellDUlDWOKEN'8 ».,PABT.IlBNTMarjorie Hill, Bdl __Ruth ltetlcker, Aaaoclate EditorREPORTERS"�f_," M. Cawl,.IbeUFler.Dre CatllD Alma LlchtJ8UBSCRIPTION BATBS8, Carrier. '2.60 per yeur; ,1.00 per qr.CU� maD, 'L2G p�l' "uarter; p.OO perlear 10 adYaDce.N.". eoDtrlbuUOD. mal be 1att at m·Ua Ball or li'acult7 JDxehaDp. a44Naec1&0 The Dalq )larooD tAlthough the Convocation exer­cises as a whole are painfully neglec­ted by the studentConvocation body, there is one fea­Sunday ture of the exercisesthat is almost ignoredby students. This is the Convocationreligious service on the Sunday pre'ceding the exercises. While theweekly chapel may excuse the stu­dent from neglecting any other re­ligious service during the quarter, atleast on Convocation Sunday heshould be willing to give a few hoursto devotional service.There is a special reason whywe should take advantage of the op­portunity to attend religious servicestomorrow-the fact that the Rev.H ugh Black will deliver the Convoca­tion sermon. Dr. Black has been aperiodic visitor to the University foryears and has inspired hundreds ofstudents here very year. Time spentin hearing Dr. Black will be time wellspent.COMMUNICATION.March 15, 1911.Editor Daily Maroon:I am of the opinion that the sani­tary conditions of the Universitycould be improved upon, via thedrinking cup route, at a small ex­pense,As germs and diseases are dreadedenemies of ours, we should at leastdo all we can to prevent them:Therefore, the replacing of the oldcups with new ones should go a longway toward the improvement of sani,tary conditions.Respectfully,An old cup drinker.DAILY BULLETIN.Inter·Class track meet today inBartlett at 3 p. m. "You Never Can Te11,·· by the Dra­matic club in Mandel hall.Chicago- Wisconsin swimming meettonight in Bartlett at 8 p. m.ANNOUNCEMENTS.Convocation reception Monday inHutchinson hall, 8:30 to 10:30 p. m.. All students and friends invited.Ticer'. Hud Cl.ub meet�na MOD­day, at ·2 P. m. at the Rey·nolds club. All members out, im­portant business.A Meeting of the Social Sciencedub Monday. Tea at five in Lexing­ton hall.Dean Vincent will speak on, "AFoundation Course for Social Sci-ence."A Meeting of the Kent Chemicalsociety. Monday at 7 p. m. in Kent 20.Illustrated Lecture on "Carbon,"hy Bernard Dyer of the NationalCarbon company. All invited.Sophomore social and executivecommittees Tuesday at 10:30 in Cobb:;:\. Important.Seventy-Eighth University Convo­cation Tuesday at 3 p. m. in Mandelhall. Professor Charles HubbardJudd will give the address.The Examinations for the wintercuarter will be held as follows:4 o'clock classes, Monday, March�O, 2-5 p. m. ·8:30 o'clock classesW e dncsday. March 22, 8:30_11 :30 a.111. f) :�O o'clock classes, Thursday,March, 23, 8::.l0_11 :30 a. m. 11 o'clock­classes, Friday. - March 24, 8:30·11 :30a. Ill. 12 o'clock classes, Wednesday,March 22 2-;"} p. m. 2 o'clock classes,Thursday, March 23, -2_5 p. m. 3o'clock classes, Friday, March 24, 2-!j 1>. m.COOLER TO BE OUT IN MAYSnell Hall Publication Now In Pro­cess of Construction.The Cooler, the annual publicationor year book of Snell hall, will bepublished the third week in May. Themembers � the staff who were dec­red several weeks ago are as follows:Edwin Stein, Editor.Franklin Fisher, Assistant Editor.Mark Savidge, Business Manager.Karl Lewis, Assistant Bus. Mgr."This year's Cooler will be largerami better than last year's," said Ed­ward Stein yesterday, "The materialis coming along in good shape, andthe hook promises to be a success."GLEE CLUB TRIP UNSETTLEDNo Acceptances as Yet Received Ac­cepting Dates Offered.Thc anticipated trip of the Gleeclub through the west during thespring vacation is still a matter ofanticipation. At a late hour lastnight no messages had been receivedaccepting the dates offered. The fi­nal decision will not be reached tillthe fir st of next week.At the business meeting held irr theReynolds club yesterday afternoonthe men who expected to take thetrip were voted on, but as only a partof the total membership of the clubv-as present. it is not yet known howmany will be able to go. I f the tripis taken the club will leave next Fri­(lay night at midnight.Professor Nef Recovering.Professor John Ulric Nef, who isat present suffering from a slightsicknc ss, will probably he able tomeet hi!' classes next week, and togin them their examination.You may seeFOWNESGLOVESOD the maD who doeaD'tknow what'. wbat­you're sure to He themOD the maD who does kDow.10 YOU college men ought to get acquainted - withthis store; it's your kind of a store; it's a place wherehigh standards of business and o� merchandise a�emaintained; where the first and chief consideration ISthe satisfaction of the customer. We don't want anyman's money, unless he ,feels that he�s getting full valuein merchandise in return for it,and therefore we say=-vlf youbuy here, and are not satis­fied afterward, get your moneyback."\\' e have one entire big day­light floor givt:n up to youngmeu's ciothes; the lively mod­«Is, colorings, weaves, tha,\' arsity men want. We'llshow you the smartest stylesin suits and overcoats youever saw.H art. Schaffner & Marx.Sha pernaker, the best modelever designed for young men;also the Varsity; also a newEnglish sack, very swell. ThePicadilly and Gibraltar areother good ones.You'll find these worth see­ing; suits and overcoats $1;;to $:;5. You'll find also a lotof other gl.od stuff you need;Manhattan shirts, the best inthe world; the new patternsand colors; very snappy newthin� in soft fabrics - withdouble cuffs and collars torna tch. New neckwear, also.Stetson and Crofut & Knapphats; Dent's, Fownes, Per­rin's gloves; Johnson & Mur­phy bench-made shoes.This is-ought to be-yourstore.Maurice L Rothschildl\Ionev,refundedcheerfully The home of Hart, Schaffiler & Marx Clothes. Stetson hats.Manhattan shirts, Johnson & Murray ShoesSpecialists in good clothe,»; and nothing elseSOUTHWEST CORNER JACKSON AND STATE Chicago11 inneapolisSt_ PaulNEWS OF THE COLLEGESChinese students at Washingtonall cut off their cues on Jan. 30_Three. varsity eights and five freSh-Iman eights are at work at Wisconsin.A course in poetry writing has beenopr-nerl at Missouri.A f13 year old student has been en­rolled lately at the University ofSouthern California,An inter-class bowling and indoorhasebaH tournament is being plannedby tho girls of Wi;consin. II'r inceton <Ideated Pennsylvania in I;! wrc- tlinp bout hy the score of fivematches to one.___ II Iarvard has a cup whch is compet­ed for yearly by inter-dormitorycrews.A cam ass of the student body isI)cin� held at Cornell for the pur­pose of making up a deficit of $1,000which occured in connection with theminor sports,De Paw held its annual Panthy,�atcrian night for girls on Wednes­day with an attendance of 500, onehalf of which wore male attire. o ELECTRICITYLike .. bodies repel,while the lm]jke at­tract. Which accountsfor the magnetic quali­ties of Fatima Gga­rettes-theyare totallyunlike any others.They generate a CUlleDtof favor, powerful in its at­traction of college students.Some Jay, some word willbe coined '0 Jexribe Ihem.THE AMERICAN TOBACXO co.•CWTOH, 21 ...... BEDfORD. 21 .. �Ar{i(ow'NOtch COLLARSSit bnu2ly to the neck. the tops meetIn front nod there Is ample spacefor the crav=t,l5c..l for l5c. ::!uett. Peabocb & Co..Makan"The inhabitans of the city ofthe University of Chicago spendover $4,200,000 per year."Mr. Merchant: Are you gettingyour share of this amount?The students must read THEDAIL Y MAROON in order totake part in Student activities.Report of, the 0 Condition ofThe Washington Park NationalHank, at Chicago in the State of 11·lmois, at the close of business, MarchHm.Resources.Loans and Discounts ..... $4,3,535.11Overdrafts, secured and unsecured369.9Uc. 0S. Bonds to secure circulation••••••••• , ••••••0 •••••••• 100.000,00Premiums 011 U, S. Bonds 45,000,00llanking house, Furniture & Fix-tures •••••••••.•.•••. •. 49,363.71Due from National Banks (notreserve agents) ••••.. • 6,213.64Due from State and Private Banksand Bankers, Trust Compan­ies, and Savings ••••••• 14,261.25Due from Approbed ReserveAgents � .... � ••.•. � •••• 42,809.33Checks and other Cash Items ..•••••••••• ,....... •••••••••• 844.56. Notes of other National Banks .•.•• 0 3825 Ot). . . . . .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. . . .Fractional Paper Currency, Nick-els and Cents •• '........ 1,316.33Lawfui iriClney Reserve in Bank. THE DAILY MAROON SATURDAY. MARCH 18,1811.FORMATION OF HARRISONCLUB AIDS ACTIVITYMerriam Orcanizaticn Stirred Up toGreater Enthusia..m and Activity-Club Encouraged by Outlook.The formation of the Harrison clubhas stirred the members of the Mer'riam dub to greater enthusiasm andactivity. Although th� exarnniationweek will be a Quiet UII'.� politicallyfor the students the vacation weekwill be one of great activity on thepi,rt of those students in residence att he University ... It is believed that a large num­I).:r oi students will turn out andwork for Merriam during the vac a.,t n.n 'seek who have found it impos­sible t» do so before,' said MiltonLoomis president of the Merriamdub. "There will be no meetingsnext week 011 account of the exam'illations."1 n �pitc of the denials. there ha vel.ce n many Dunne and Graham sup­jI'.)rters won over to Merriam in thecause of good government and dec,e ncy in politics, On thc whole theMerriam club is encouraged with theout lock at present and believes that-vith steady and consistent coopera­tion and organization, the election ofMr. Merriam will be assured.SENIORS ARE CHAMPIONSIN THE DECIDING GAMEBlues Take Third Game of SeriesYesterday-Graduates and SubsPlay.In the final game of the champion­s hip basketball series, the Seniors de­feated the Juniors by the score ofl;�-l. The game was hotly contestedand enthusiasm ran hig-h on bothsides for each team won one of thepreliminary games, and this gamedecided Ufe contest. The Juniorscame off victorious in the first gamehy the score of 16_13, and the Sen­iors took the second of the series12-5 Monday.The lineup in yesterday's gamewas:Seniors. Juniors.Z. Shepherd R. F .•...•. J. KernL. Verhoeven L. F. " E. GoldsteinM. Sullivan. . • . . .. C. . B. BeallI, Hashtings ...... R. G P. GoverL. ThornburyJ. Graff ' L. G •.. , .H. Mageeviz;Specie ... � ......•••....••••• 33,260.40 SENIORS WIN TITLE BYLegal-tender notes � •••.••.•• 3,920.00 FORFEIT OF MEDICS37.180.40 Wm' E' h T Ia19 t of en games p yedRedemption fund with U. S. Treas- -Freshmen in Second Place byurer :; per cent of circulation. Forfeit of LaWs.• .. , .. .- .. , .••••.••••••• .- •• 4,200.041779,377.98 intra-University championship whenLiabilities. the Medic forfeited their game, whileCapital stock paid in ...•• $100.000.00 the Law squad forfeited to the Fresh·Surplus fundp . 'fi' ••• �l" ... Ex'• 5,500.00men, and placed them in second place, -C' LASSIFIEDUndivided ro ts, ess penses The Senior played ten games, win-anti Taxes paid .•••..• 2,994.21 . . h d I . f hrung erg t an osmg two 0 t em. ADVERTIS�Xational Bank Notes outstanding JjlllLl'."• ... , •• •• •• •• •• •••••••• 99,200.00 T"ey were defeated by the Freshmen•• 600 and Law. �ate')-·Three lines for 25 cents.Dividends unpaid •..••••.•.• . The team is composed of DeGrawIndividual deposits subject to Six words to the line.53145942 and Baldwin, forwards Sutherland Five insertions for the price of four.eheck ........••.....• , . and Patchen, guards, and Worthing. No advertisement taken for leuDemand certificates of deposit ••••· ....••• '..... .•••••• ••• 5,818.28 center, than 2S cents.The final standing of the teams is: Cash must accompany order.\Von. Lost.Seniors 8 2Freshmen •..••••... 7Law .......•...... ,6Sophs 6Medics ,.:lJunior!' 0TotalTime certificates of deposit(ert;fierl Checks ...••.....• 23,725.00111.39Cashier's checks outstanding , . ....••••••••••••••••••••••• 3,563.68Reserve for Taxes 1,000.00Total 779,377.!}SState of Illinois, County of Cook, ss :I, Augustus E. Olson, Cashier ofthe above-named bank, do solemnlyswear that the above statement istrue tl' the best of my knowledge andhelief.Augustus E. Olson, Cashier.Subscribed and sworn to before methis Hth clay of March. 1911.CORRECT-Attest:Sylvester Fisher H. W. Mahan,Notary Public Isaac N. Powell.Garland Stahl,Directors. The Senior basketball team won the The Star LibraryEASTER GOODSLargest assortment in Wood­lawn. Fine hand·painted CardslBooklets, etc. Easter Post Cards10 for .E cents and up.SPORTING GOODSSpaldings, Reaches. Wright andDittsons, etc. New 1911 Goodsnow here, Right-handed GlovesBooks, Magazines. StationerySchool Supplies.1361 E. 63rd StreetNear Madison Avenue.3 .7004 .600" .6007 .:100]0 . 000.800 For Rent-To University womenonly. Three pleasant rooms in al'rh ate house in convenient neigh­horhood. Two good boardinghOlJ�C� on the block. Tel. Univer­.. ity Exchance 146 or H. P. 3868.Scif'ntist Well Known Here Dies.J:l('oh Henry Van't Hoff. profe ssor' of physical chemistry in the Uni­versity of Berlin, who died in Berlin,March 2, 1911, was given the honor­ary degree of Doctor of Laws by theUniversity of Chicago on June ]�.1901.Professor Van't Hoff gave a sene!'of lectures at the University while inAmerica. In ]901 he was awardedthe Nobel prize of $40,000 for his re­search work in physical chemistry. THE DAILY MAROONThe Spring Quarter will soonbegin, and undoubtedly many ofthe students will be OD the look..out for new lodgings. Why Dottell them you have an excellentroom or suite of rooms youwant to rent. You can talk atthe University through THEDAIL Y MAROON. The costis 18 words for 25 cents per in­sertion. One doUar per week.Try this.Chocolates, Bon BonsUnequaled FountainDrinks.Orders Filled bl) PhoneShipped Anl)'DJhere'59 State St. 184 Michigan Ave.179 .La Salle Street. Carter D. lIarrison Club.OF THf UNIVfRSITY OF CHICAGOMass MeetingKfNT THfATRfMonday Afternoon, March 20AT FOUR O'CLOCK 11SPEAKERSHON ..CARTER H. HARRISONCANDIDATE FOR MAYORCOL. JAMES HAM. LEWISHON. JOSEPH BADENOCH""0 Rent-()nt· rucc large r r.om andtwo connecting rooms, seatrn heatedhouse. 5;;�8 Monroe Ave.pm 17.21_22. You know what a satisfaction it is tohave your spring clothes all made andhanging in the wardrobe ready for you toslip into on the first pleasant day. Thismeans that you should make an early sel­ection.Why not come in today, and look at ourhandsome new spring and summer stylesin Shackamaxon guaranteed fabrics?TRADE MARK REG. U. S. PAT. 0"'.Guaranteed Fabrics.Suits from $25 to $50.John Verhoeff& Co.•Wanted-Two persons to completean auto party which will tour Eng­land. Scotland. Ireland and Francein June and July. In London forcoronation. Address Miss Steed,man. -I:l4!l Ellis A vc, Tel Oakland-1666. prn ]8-22·23,2 •. ---TAILORS---Strauss Bldg., third floor. Clark and Madison Streets.J. D. O'NEILManuiactuaers ofTRUNKS, GRIPS AND SUIT CASESSpecial styles ar.d sizes made to order. Prompt aU •• tion Ci,.. •to repair work. 'EXPRESSING TO ALL DEPOTSThree ,trips daily to city.Factory and Salesroom454-6 East Fifty-fifth Street.Phone Hyde Park 44.474 E 55"l' ST.CHICA •••We print the Daily Maroon.MADISON AVENUE LAUNDRYdoes more business at the University \han any laundryWHY? BECAUSE IT IS THE BEST.Madison Avenue60181993 Salesmen AveraRed SI.15PROFIT EVERY HOUR WORKED, SUMMER 1910 •An names, addresses and records given upon request. College apeueamadeand business experience gained by selling ''Wear-ever'' AluminumUtensils. 10 Specialties not sold in any store. For complete informationsee our University Representative, l C. CLARKE. now.THE ALUMINUM COOKING UTENSIL CO.No. 12 Hitchcock halL 1_2 p.m. Phone Mid. 3084. EveninpWOODLAWN TRUST 'il s,� VTNGS BANK1208 East Sixty-Third 5t.(Near Woodlawn Avenue.)SOLICITS ACCOUNTS WITH UNIVRSITY STUDENTS.S % Interest on Savings Accounts.THE DAILY MAR.OON SATlTRDA V, YARCH 19, 1011AMUSEMENTSILLINOISROSE STAHLinA COMEDY OF DEPARTMENTSTORE LIFEMAGGIE PEPPEREIWPRESS....... �.Cin .... A ..... ' ........ '11Fonlerly the T ___DUedioa SulJiyu & Coa.iaioe. L 1. � M...­GENAROandHIS VENETIAN BANDinA NIGHT IN VENICE.2 ShoWINi(htJ�. Dai1� MrtiD ...1000 Relerved S_lIat 10 ..... 20 CODti-BLACKSTONEU,626 People in 32 performanceshave seenDAVID WARFIELD-1N-THE RETURN OF PETERGRIMM",.;�� I. GARRICKMARIE CAHILLinDaniel W. Arthur's PicturesqueProduction of the UnusualMusial Comedy."JUDY FORGOT"i...!Fa.. �-, pOWERSDAVID BELASCOSends Chicago Another TriumphTHE LILYWithNANCE O'NEILi:. GRANDThe Fourth .Week ofMR. GEORGE ARLISSinParker's BrilliantDISRAELISTUDEBAKERANNIE RUSSELLIn the new Serious Co�THE BACKSLIDERSCORTHENRY KOLKERiaTHE GREAT NAMETen Weeb of SUCCeaLLA SALLETHE GIRL I LOVE."The Best Comic Opera ill theCity."'WHITNEYDAVE LEWISin"Don', Lie to Your Wife"COLONIALBack to Chicago by universal requestJULIAN ELTINGE .inTHE FASCINATING WIDOWMcVICKERSTHE MERRY WIDOWIncludingFrances Cameron, George DemeolpRINCESSMADAME BERTHA KALICHIn a Revival of Her Greatest Succea�'THE KREUTZER SONOTA"OLYI\4PICGeo. M. CobaDaGET-RICH-QUICKW ALLINCFORD FLETC:!f£R WINS'TH:t co2IN REYNOLDS TO�NEYBy Defeating Adams Yesterday WinsTitle-Billiard Finals PostpOnedUntil Next Week.J n the closest game of the tourna­ment, Fletcher, handicap 145 defeatedAdams. 150, by the score of 145 toU5, thereby winning the champion­ship in the Reyonlds club pool tour­ney. Adams pulled off the high runof the game and the tournament withhis run of 23. Fletcher succeeded inroll'ing up 20 at one time. Fletcherearned the title and the prize cue bydefeating Adams, Baldwin, and Gold­smith in the finals and by winning, hree games in the preliminaries. Hisplaying throughout was steady andl·onsistent.There is still a tie in the billiardrinals between Lawler, Sterchi, andJ.� arsten owing to the sickness ofKarsten. The tie will be played offnext week.SCHEDULE OF EXAMINATIONSWill Begin Monday and With Excep­tion of Tuesday Will LastUntil Friday.The quarterly examinations will be­�in on Monday afternoon and willla st through Friday, The schedulei.; as follows:-l o'clock classes on Monday, 2 to.�: 8 :30 classes on \Vednesday, S :30to 11 :30; H:30 classes on Thursday,"::10 to 11:30; ]] o'clock classes onFriday. 8 :.10 to 11 :30; 12 o'clock class·rs, Wednesday, 2 to 5; 2 o'clock class­cs, Thursday, 2 to ;;; 3 o'clock classes,Friday, 2 to 5.Liberal proposition made to goodlive men to take charge of sellingof a new patented article. Also want2 men who are at the University toact as special representatives. PhoneRandolph 1938 or write J. G. Dee,:8_40 S. Water St.LYRICIt It It ItMatinee� Saturday Only.Combined Stellar ShakespeareanEngagement.MR. E. H. SOTHERNandMISS JULIA MARLOWEJ'he Following Arrangement of PlaysEvery night, except Saturday and Sat. I\fatinee, Their New Presentation ofMACBETHSecond week, commencing' March 20:.\londay and Tuesday ••••••••••••...••.•..••••• • Romeo and JulietWed, and Thurs, .Merchant of VeniceFriday ••.••....•....•••••.•• MacbethSaturday Mat ....•••• As You Like ItThird week, commencing Mar. 27:Monday •.•.•.•• Taming of the ShrewTuesday •.•.••.. Merchant of VeniceWednesday _ HamletThursday •...•.•••• Romeo and JulietFriday •••.•.•.••••.•• Twelfth NightSaturday Mat. .......•••... MacbethSaturday Night As You Like ItLest it be thought by the publicthat prices will be raised for thiscr:gagemen't7 it is positvely announcedby the management that the highestpaice wiJ1 be $2 and gatJery seats 50c.The scale of prices will therefore be�2 for entire lower floor; balcony, $2,�1.:;0 and SI, and gallery, 75c and 50c.Owing to the elaborate nature ofI the productions the curtain rises at8 o'clock sharp evenings, at 2 o'clock;;( the Saturday Matinees.To avoid disappointment the man':lRement urges patrons to securescats for Monday and Tuesday even­ings of each week, as the sale for thelast nights of each week is exception­ally heavy.Tour Under tbe Direction of111'. Lee Shubert. SAYS" ACTIVITIES LEAVENO TIME FOR STUDYINGWestem Professor Makes Attack onOver-Strenuosity of Student­No Marcin Is Left..\ strong indictment of student ac­tivitie s is made by Professor Gayley0: the University of California, whomaintains that the student. caught upif) the whirl of organizations and ac­til ities, never has time to realize thathe is in a place of learning."\Vhat with so-called 'college ac·tiviries,' by which he must prove hisallegiance to the university, and soc­ia I functions by which he must re­create his jaded soul," says Profes­sor Gayley, "no margin is left forthe one and only college acrivity=­which is study. Class meetings, busi;ness meetings, committee meetings,ulitorial meetings, football rallies. vi­carious athletics on the bleachers,garrulous athletics ill dinning roomand parlor and on the porch, rehear­sals of the glee club, rehearsals ofthe mandolin club and of the banjo,r rhearsals for dramatics, college dan­ces ',IHI class banquets, fraternitydances and suppers, preparations forthe dances and banquets, more com­mirtecs for the preparations; a run­ning up and down the campus forc phemeral items of ephemeral ar ticles in ephemeral papers, a solicitingpf adver tisement s, a running up and:1')\\'11 for subscriptions to the <lancesand the dinners and all the papersand the clubs; a running up and downJIl college politics, making tickets,pllllin;,{s wires, adjusting combina­tions, canvassing for vovtes=-canvass ,ing the girls for votes, spending:llIurs at sorority houses for votes­,;l�ending hours at sorority houses for:--t'ntiment; talking rubbish unceasing­ly. thinking rubbish, revamping rub­l-ish=-rubbish about high jinks, rub­l-ish about low. rubbish about rallies,rubbish about pseudo-civic honor, rub­hisit about girls;-·what margin of'cisure is left for the one activity of�;�e college, which is study?"PLAN CPEN PRACTICEEVENING NEXT WEEKGreenwood Glee Club Plans to En­-tertain Friends at Informal Con­cert on March 21.The Greenwood Glee club has de­cided to hold open practice nextTuesday evening, March 21 in theparlors ui Greenwood hall, from 7 :45to 1) p. m. The club has been makingrapid progress this quarter under thedirection of Mr. Daniel Protheroe, theclioirleader for Dr. Gunsaulus at theCentral church, and this open prac­tice is designed to let the friends ofthe organization see what the club isdoing, The practice will be accom­panied with violins and piano .The club plans to give a concert onthe campus sometime in May and as... oon as the vacation is over will be­.�in formal preparations fo� that pro­·;ram.The officers of the club are:Director, Daniel Protheroe ; Chair­man, Martha Whittemore; Secretary.md Treasurer, Dorothy Goodrow; Li;hrarian, Charlotte Bierbower; and. \t·compa:licst, Martha \Vhittemore.The present membership of thedill! is::\ir:--. Harry Pratt Judson, honor­;,r\' member. Ruth Wood, Florencer::rn.. Altha Bierbowcr, Charlottellicrbowcr, Helen Connor, Mary[:ickcrs(,n. Frances Duffel. SusanneFisher, EI\'a Goodhue, Dorothy Goodrow, Hazel Haines, Martha Laiblin,Catherine Lee. Blanche Mason, Nora�torgan. Margaret Mitchell, Edith('·"('ar. Florence Porter, MonaQuayll', Ruth Reticker, Anne Rhea,Brcrline Scallon, Florence Schwartz,Lenore Shanewise, Phyllis Schreiner,Gertrude Thompson, Dorothea Wash­IH:rne, Martha \Vhittemore, KathrynWilliams, Leah Williams, and Fran­loes Wolgamuth. With March Comesthe SpringAnd we're all ready for itwith our Spring Fabrics.Our Prices:College Suits or Overcoats-$30 to $50j��Tailor for Youn� MenTwo Storea; 131 La Salle Street.44 Jackson Boulevard. ---------All the ne .... of the campa.ill The DaHy lIIarooa.BostonGarte��.Fits smoothly andkeeps up the sockwith neatness andsecurity. It iscomfortable be ...cause its wearerdoesn't feel it.The BostonGarter keeps its�engthand exeels in wear­value. FullyguarantNew pairfree if youfind an imeperfection,C�t.,�IOc.JlaJlr", on ....-elpt or prlee.CEORCE FROST CO., MAKERS.Boston. U.S.A. ,;,;ti''_; ..BostonGarterill stampedon the clasp. ) �DIANAPOLISCINCINNATILOUISVILL:K_ : ., ...Reached Quickly and Com.fortab� ViaDearbom Statioa. 47th St.and EnClewood (6Srd St.)Herbert Wiley. Gen. Act.P .... Dept.182 So. Clark St. ChicacoTeL Harrison SS09.THE DAILY MAROONhas a reading circulationof over 6.000 men andand 'D1omen in Chicas»,THE CORN EXCHANGENATIONAL BANKOF C BIC AGO.Surplus, $0,000,000Capital, $3,000,000OFFICERS:Ernest A. Hamill. President.Charles L. Hutchinson, Vice-Pres.Chauncey J. Blair. Vice·President.D. A. Moulton, Vice-President.B. C. Sammons, Vice-President.John C. Neely, Secretary.Frank W. Smith, Cashier.J. Etiward Maass, Asst. Cashier.Jc:mes G. Wakefield. Asst. CashierTHf TAILORS YOUOUGHT TOPATRONIZfJ. R VERHOEFF & co.Strauss Bldg,Clark and Madison St s .NOBLE D. SOPERI j;; Dearborn St. Corner Monroe.JERREMS1�1 La Salle St.andJ::ck..;on n!\(1, hl't. \\·aha .. h and State.THE COOPERATIVE TAILORS;':l., w-« 6:lrd St.BECAUSEThey 111:1 ke good Clothes.!? '1'11<')' have extensive sprin<uitings.�. They make clothes for college11I('n fr.:n; $�O to $;;0.4. They are reputahle.;,. TIl('y a(l\'Crti�e in The Daily�Iaroon. 1 Open :Ila.7 and Night161 Dearbom Street.Barber Shop Satato.. HotelLadies! Did You Ever TryM. CBIMBEROFF····WOMEWS FASHION TAILOR565S Ximbadt Ava ...TeL H. P. S283.Spring Styles Now On Hand.eau and See •.Eam your Lenten mOneyseJling Easter cards to yourfriends. Liberal commissionCALL OR WRITE.� UITLE ART CORNER1528 E. Slat ST./ THEStudent's noristA. McADAMS53rd St. and Kimbark Ave.Pbo.. B. P. II.�L.IUBASSB�..., OPTIC�NIUUUIIID_88 MadiaoD &1. Trib.e Bide.Eye. glasses aad spectada eciea­tific:a1l1 fitted &ad adjusted. Ex·amination Free of charce.Ask to see the New Idea Mountin&