The Daily Ma�onPublished Five Mornings Each Week by the Students of the University of Chicago During Three Quarters of the �veraity Year. .\"U1.. IV. No. 132 PRICK Two CIUft"SCHICAGO, TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1906.[)10)r.e CHICAGO WILL NOTPLAY MICHIGAtyGAME NEXT YEAR ,OPERA SEAT SALE OPENSUniversity Authorities Send Requestto Wolverines Asking ReleaseFrom Existing Contract Tickets for Both Performances WillBe Offered to Students This Morn­ing-Heavy Advance Sale is De- ..sired-Rehearsals AnnouncedAction of Faculty Takes Away LastGreat Game-Acting PresidentJudson Issues Statement Tickets for both performances ofthe Blackfriar's -cornic opera, "TheRushing of Raxes," will be placed onsale at the University Theater Agen­cy office in Cobb Hall this morning,The sale ope�s much earlier than \If"".\laC owing to the heavy sale of seats .anticipated,Manager Cornell of the Agencysaid: 'Students now have an .op­portunity to secure good seats al­most three weeks in advance of thebox office sale. I should like to haveit understood that all reservations ofseats now held by us must be paidfor by the hst Tuesday of the sale,as it would be an injustice to thesingle ticket purchasers to hold thesetickets longer than that- "time. Ishould also like to request purchasersto examine their tickets before leav­ing our office, so that no mistakes bemade in the date or price."Manager Paltzcr of the Black­friars is very optimistic over the out­come. "What we want," said he, "isa heavy advance sale of seats; and Ibelieve we will have it. The showthis year is a good one and it is wenadvertised. Advance ticket reserva­tions are encouraging and show usthat people are expecting more ofus this year than ever before."The management of the Blackfriarsthis year has been placed ill- �J:1.�IJ: •. 'of tJie· Executive ,'c�mmittee whichconsists of C. W. Paltzer, Chairman;Max 1.. Richards, and Paul K. Jud­son. The different departments . are. managed by Harold H_. Swift, Cos­'tumes; Wellington Jones, .Scenery;Max L. Richards, Printing; Paul K.Judson, Properties; Program. Adver­tising, G. W. Graves; general Pub­licity, C. W. Paltzer,The cast meets Tuesday night andFriday afternoon of this week in theReynolds Theater. The cast andchorus meet Thursday at 7:30 o'clockin Mandel Hall.With no words of warning, exceptsuch . inferrence as mi�1rt 'be- drawnfrom the rumors which have beenfloating around, the reformers offootball in the University dealt thegame the most severe blow it has.yet received yesterday, when the au­thorities announced that efforts werebeing made to call off the Michigangame. I t has been understood forsome time that on the innitiative ofthe Wisconsin faculty the Cardinalgame had not been scheduled butnothing as radical as the doing awaywith the only remaining big gamewas thought of.The University Senate met Satur­day and it is thought that the decis­ion to ask for a release from the con­tract with Michigan was reached atthis meeting. The news of this ac­tion came as a shock to many of thestudents who had considered the mat­ter closed with the adjournment ofthe conference.Overwrought rivalry and the ten­dency 01 the same to promote badfeeling between the faculties and stu­dent bodies of the two Universitiesis partly responsible for the actionof the Universil,Y.._Senate .. How long� 'it -�ii( b�' bef�;'e Michigan and Chi­cago will again meet on the gridironis but a matter of conjecture. Thereremains but one more thiog ... to. bedone and the game will be erasedfrom the schedule and that is theagreement of the Michigan authori­ties to release Chicago from the ex­isting contract.Acting President Judson's Statement.The following statement was is­sued by the President's office yester­day afternoon:"It is the opinion of the faculty ofthe University of Wisconsin that thedifficulties relating to football whichthey are trying to remedy comelargely from the intense rivalry con­nected with the 50-called "big games."Accordingly Wisconsin requestsfrom Chicago that no games bescheduled between those two insti­tutions for 1906 .. To this' request theUniversity of Chicago cheerfully ac­cedes."The Board of Physical. Cultureand Athletics and the Senate of theUniversity of Chicago are also con­vinced that the over-wrought eivalryconnected with these championshipgames is responsible for much ofthe tendency towards professionalismami commercialism which have injur­ed intercollegiate football in recentyears, and that if the game is to beable that these great games be omit­saved and maintaincd it is vcry desir­able that these great games be omit­ted for the present."There is a contract between theunivcrsifies of Michigan and Chica­go for 1906, but the Michig:itl Athlct- .ic Board courteously intima'ted itswillingness to release Chicago if thelatter deems it bcst. By action ofthe Chicago Board. approved hy theUniversity Senate. on April 28th, a Manual Training ConventionThe four days' session of the West­ern Drawing and Manual TrainingAssociation opens at the Universitytoday for its thirteenth annual meet­ing. After the delegates have be­come settled in 'their headquartersat the Del Prado Hotel they willvisit the exhibits in the Manual Train­ing Building,In the evening at 8 o'clock theywill be welcomed to the Universityand to Chicago.The program for today follows:Music-"Toccota" (Widor) ..... MissGertrude Smith.Invocation by Rev. C. R. Henderson,Chaplain of the University.Address of welcome by Harry PrattJudson, Acting President of theUniversity.Music-"Spring Song" (Schumann).Hull House Trio.Address of welcome by Edwin G.Cooley, Superintendent of Schools,Chicago.Music-"Now May Again" (Mendels­sohn). Hull House Quartct.President's address Florence E.Ellis.Folk song-Cal "Thc. Piper,'" (b)"Swedish Lullaby," (c) "G� 'Fv-ening," 1:1\111 P � u-c Chorus(Continued on Page Four) Victory for Alpha Tau'sAlpha Tau Omega defeated Beta'sSaturday morning in a ruamond battlereph:te with startling plays, long,hits, and fine head work, with a score21 to 6.Score:A. T. 0 7 0 5 0 1 8 0-21Beta's 0 1 4 0 0 I 0- 6VARSITY WINS FROM BELOIT GIRLS CLUBS ANNOUNCENEW LISTS OF PLEDGESShow Improved Form in Fieldingand Batting-Wisconsin Men PlayErrorless Game-Walker AllowsBut Two Hits Longest· Rushing Season in Historyof University Comes to Success­ful CloseSaturday afternoon the Varsitybaseball team defeated Beloit College New Rules and Regulations ProveSuccessful-Forty- Three. NamesOn Listby 'the score of 4 to o. The teamplayed in changed form, working fastand cleanly in the field and hittingthe ball -regularty� Bel(;it fielded in'handy STyle, but Walker held themsafe, allowing but two safeties.These two came in one inning, theonly time Beloit at all threatened toscore. Lathrop and Arnold, openingthe period. made=them, and advancedwhen Walker fumbled Ransom'shard grounder, filling the bases.Manley dumped a litle roller to thepitcher, who threw to Gaarde, forc­ing Lathrop to the. plate. Gaardethen hastened the ball to first baseto catch the batter, but Meigs, withexcellent show of head work, . seeingthat Arnold was trying to score from .second, did not wait to put out his'man, but returned the ball to theplate in time to get the runner. Twoother double plays made by Walkerto Burke to Meigs were features ofthe work of the Varsity. .In the eighth inning Manley pitch­ed but four balls, Captain Moore-. house, Beloit's center fielder, makingthe three outs. Walker's fielding wasthe best for Chicago, and that ofMoorehouse for the visitors.Walker now leads the batters with• 375-' �·�arper follows with .�"Meigs, .211; Nowells and Baird have.200 each.The line up. TJ:Je girls clubs announced their. liStof pledges yesterday. This ends. thefirst rushing season 'unde'r the newrules and regulations and the newsystem is said to have proved a suc­cess.The lists reported are as follows ;Mortar Board-Mary johnson, Em­ma Webb, Susan Webb,. Mary L3.;Ck­ersteen.Esoteric-Edith Greely, HelenPeck, Madeline Nash, Margaret Nash,Elizabeth Tenny.Quadranglers-Brmny Blackman,Ethel Chamberlin, Florence Cum-.mings, Emily Frake, Grace Meigs,Endora Smith, Elizabeth Theilens.Sigma- J can Compton, . EleanorDavidson, Augusta MacDonald, Ro­wena Ewart, Helen Hayes, Eva Leon­ard.· Marguerite Proby, -Mi1d�edScott; Helen Webster, Marjorie Wol-fenden. _-:_ _ . .__ . •Wyvern-Alice Coonradt, • AliceMoore, Jean Pond, Edith Richard­son.Chi Rho Sigma-Vera Bass, HelenOeverdon, Roberta Dailey, HazelDriver, Florence Ferguson, MenonaFit�,.��ssi� .O'��ie�_ : .. '�--:-', . .:.. ..........CYCLONE HITS' ALPHA DU;rs-"S. A. E. Acts :tike Kansas Pet andWallop "Bubbles" HillBeloit-Moorehouse,c. . f.; Lathrop, c.; Arnold, 2b.; Ran­some, lb.; Manley, p.; Barnett, 1. f.;Gleghorn, r, f.; Buck, rb.; and Burke,s. S�Chicago--Templeton, s. s.; Paul, r.f.; Baird, 3b.; Meigs, rb.: Burke, zb.;Eckersall, 1. f.; Nowells, c. f.; Gaarde,c.; and Walker, p. The Alpha Delts were humbled tothe dust Saturday morning by SigmaAlpha Epsilon in baseball, 29-7·· .Thegame was full of the usual. conglom­eration of home runs and errors.The S. A. E.'s practically monopoliz­ed the former, while the AlphaDelts had a corner on. the latter.For Alpha Delt "Bubbles" Hill: oc­cupied the slab. He also covered him­self with dust and glory in a terrificslide to second when he stretched asingle into a two-base hit.Score: .S. A. E., 5 4 2 3 5 6 4-�A. D. P 4 0 2 0 0 0 1- 7RHEBeloit 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0-2-0. Chicago 0 I 3 0 0 0 0 0 * 4-4-3Sacrifice hit: Lathrop. Two basehit: Walker. First on balls: offManley, 2; off Walker, 2. Struck out,by- Manley, 6; by Walker, 4- Lefton -bascs: Beloit, 4; Chicago, 3. Doub-'Ie plays: Walker to Gaarde to Meigsto Gaarde; Walker to Burke to. Meigs (2). Passed balls: Lathrop,Gaarde. Hit by pitched ball: Meigs: by Manley. Time of game, 1 =40.Umpirc: Pickett. PHI GAMMA' ·DELTA. WINSDefeats Kappa Si� in One SidedGame SaturdayRECEIPI'S FOR WOMEWSCARNIV AL ARE LARGEThe Phi Gamma Delta baseballteam overwhelmed the Kappa Sigmateam Saturday morning in Washing­ton Park. Chamberlain, the pitcherof the winning team was easily thestar of the game. Leo De Tray alsodistinguished himself by rapping outa home run in tlte first inning.The score:Phi Gam's 6 2 0 0 0 0 7 *-15Kappa Sgrna .•.... o 0 0 0 0 0 1- IGross Returns $587.60 and Profits Is$351.39-The final statement of the Wo­man's Carnival shows that the affairfor this year was an immense suc-·cess. The amo�nt takcn in at thegate was $525.60, at the vaudevillecntcrt:tinment $62.The net profit was $.�5' .. �(). Thissum is gre:ttcr than was realized onany previous carnival.Friend and Lightbody WinFriend won his heat in the 120meter hurdles at the Olympicgames yesterday in :161-4- Light­body won the 1,500 meter race in aclose finish in 4:12.THE DAILV MAROON, CHICAGo, TU�SDAY, MAY 1, 1906.��������W���+�*�������ff�... ED. T 0 a. • A L 5 ...�I ali Eastern game will be offered as a ;AKK � i::5 � 0 <c -e- '- - � � <x: ::E !e! c::: +._. -r � � NI[� • : bal'm for this wound, but where is ':;80n HEADQUARTERS .THE BEST IS nIH�,' there a Chicago man who would not!; FOR THE FINEST lONE TOO 600D. ! xt COLLEGE STATIONERY ·.ETCALP FOR YOU tBAChicago, through the action 01 her rather see the Maroons and the Ihighest executive body, the senate, ; Maize a�d Blue play for the cham- JAKE +8Kpionship than a whole' �ch�dule of tATA ••• A.ASH AV •• U. .PI� eastern games?· . It is worth while .to I AT CLASS. FRATERNITY CHICAQO INVITATIONS ftB: play Michigan, i't is a� hon'or:t:o .win - Am SORORITY PROGRA.S ArE! Irom " her. If "Michigan grants: a .re- i' , AND SOCIETY .ENUSj quest. for a release from the present jl.��.��.��::.c:��.?��,���f=i::;J����� B.��culmination of the ef- ,contract the students may just as I ,£11\ - I-- -e- --e- -- <l -e- __ . --..::...:: -== � <c CC L- � � I • IICIQ DLforts of the western educational in-. j well accept the, inev;table�, A season �f; I'" '... '.THB ILU' NOl8 WAREHOUSE __ ...stitutions to put a quietus on the without' Michigan as a Ciimax seems of football. Wisconsin took about as attractive as-it's too sad to : STORAGE COMPANYthe lead, and Chicago has followed. talk about. : I ....... _...,..1iJI "'MBAltltAY& ... APTY�",The sport is not abolished, but the .. . . , a! Dut ... Best Kept Stoa&e. S, W 0.-0 .. tile CIty • • •game-the contest which has meant ..- .... iI I' 1. p.w-SIaippe4 ...... �a', championship to the Maize and ',' .. I SOC I A L " '.' :il:'�' _ �� ���.. ��Blue or the Maroon.-e-is about to be_ _ -- - '"'- -- - --.-erased from our slate., Michigan has I __ ............ �..... ===-..::MD-&L ......fGamma Beta chapter of Kappa I' _ ,-_ ... _-. ... _been our' -narnral rival from earlier - -- -- -.Sigma held its annual ball last Fri-'days. On the track, the diamond and ,; day evening at the Hotel Metropole. � i� ----------- PATROlllZB THEthe gridiron the teams have met and I:':n �::!:!.:..�� �u:.r·t:c�ut�::� . ����g�:tr;:�:s::f '�::�e:::k.�t;:;· Madison 601'8!die.lOtt:.;••Se.'.rriceI.y_Mrs. \Villiam Sproule Ross, of Miner-ties say these. triumphs, have. been 'won and lost by a sacrifice of athlet- al Point, Wis.; Mrs. Charles Ireland, Pho B P 1009of Beardstown, Tll.; Mrs. Albert· De • •ic ideals and a submerging of ath- Hutchinson. of Capron, 111.; Mrsi Iletic methods in the mire of unfair Frank Klock. of Oak Park, Ill.. and:and non-amateur' conditions.' Both, Mrs. Francis \Vatren Parker, M rs.j;institutions. .have been accused of William Isaac Thomas, Mr�. Albertgoing too far to win, and defeat was 'Fitch Crosby. and Mrs. Frederick:always too bitter a. -piTf for. the loser. Pond, of Chicago.In this co�ncction the student bodyof' Chicago "wishes the student bodyof the University of Michigan to un­derstand that - this �cti�� of the fac­ulty: in no way retl�s on their vchar�acter as sportsmen. Michigan menhave shown' themselves to be goodsportsmen" . they demonstrated itwhen Chicago won the championshiplast fall. The impression may goout that the methods of the Michiganstudents in regards to athletics arefar below ours and that we. in an ef­fort to help the Wotvcrincs to liftthemselves from the mud. have takenthis far reaching step. This is wrong.if this action, of the Univcrsjty Iacul­ty is based on anything' it is basedon the knowledge that Chicago is riot"Lil y \Vhitc" and that wc had hcttcrtakc time to cIe:tn np hcfOTe we gofurthet',Granting we need an application ofrcform "sap()lio." will thc applicalionof thc "scoUTinc" in snch qt1antitic� .as the t;rlcing away of ,the best games\ve ha\'c, do the work? It will cer-ltbe mail! maroon1_... .Clothes Shop Is aLeader in Men'sFashions.'Official Student' Publication of the'University of Chicago.Formed�The U-niverSity of Chicago Weekly.FotmdedThe Weekly, October I, 1892.Tile Daily Maroon. October ., 1902.News Contributions are Requested. . Now that we are acknowledgedto be successful and have built upone of the best businesses in Chi­cago, people say we were. lucky.They say that there was a place foran exclusive shop in Chicago andwe w<;re fo�tunate. enoug!l to open"up at the tPsycho1�gical:; moment.We w.ere not "lucky,«. \Vel. workedfor the position we now have' andhold it by "the sweat of our brow:'Men come here to buv because thevcannot get the garments we sell inany other place. Thev come hereagain and . : again" because theyhave found' that, our clothes wearlonger and look well longer thanany other ready-to-wear garments.Clodas-IIMs-Siabts.49 Jackson Boulevard.Chicallo.-u.j.1�J) ..�IiIt::j,'I�i"I 1!:ntered as Second-Class M:lIl :.&lChicago Postoflice.Daily Subscription$,3.00 Year; $1.00 for 3 Month�_Subscriptions received at 'the Ma­roon office, Ellis avenue .. or left'inthe Maroon box, the Faculty Ex­change, Cobb Hall.11:Ii�JI Orders for delivery of the DailyMaroon. either residence or place ofbusiness may be made by postal cardor through telephone, Hyde Park426. Any irregularity ill deliveryshould he immediately reported -to theotuce of publication,Juhn Fryer Moulds, Business Mgr.Printed by the Quadrangle Press,404 East Fifty-Fifth Street. tainly go a long way voward killingthe interest in the game and in con­nection with the new scholarship reg­ulation change materially the per­soncll of the teams. It is said thatTUESDAY, MAY I, to ask Michigan's permission toannul the exrstmgThe Count 'foo_tbalr contract �hich:of Ten calls . for a game nextFqr Football October. It is but.jhe ." '. ��.\' ,',.,. ';'Fownesf�';Gloves'WiD b. WOftl loDgerthh�eason than �ther8�t"'t is. oth.r .10 .....A Man's Facehas a right to' health adcomfort. It -cannot have thesetlDless he iasists uponWLLIAMS' SllAWICS.T.ICKAlbert Mathews, Pres, Geo. H. Fielder, Vice Pres. F. H. Stratton. Sec.MATHEWS" CO. Inc.THE TAILOR SHOP.New Powers BlcJC., 156 Wabash Ave.MAKERS OF YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES.Our Specialty $35-00 Sack Suits.We show one of the Largest Lines of Woolcns in Chicago .INDIVIDUALITY COUNTSIt lifts you out off and above the commonplace, it imparts toy�>ur work a distinct look, that gives it a value far beyond amere imitation. 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I t is esti- : Id that each gladiator hit ther once in the four rounds. Theof the time they took up ining imaginary bees, and dancingc sort of a dance about eachr. After the laughter and cheer-had subsided. Bezdek. the referee,, j "ounced the bout a draw, and Ar- lBovee sang some originalgs. He was called back severals. The bout between EckersallMerril was fast and furious.crsall showing more hitting abil- :;ne of the most interesting featur-of the evening was a wrestling jch between Me Lean and Hilpert :the terms of the contest, Hilpert,o was much the heavier man, was :throw McLean three times in !nty-five minutes. He succeeded •winning the first throw in about irtcen minutes. The second throwk him about seven minutes; but: 1was unable to throw McLean m�remaTning time. McLean wasrefore declared the winner.Ducker gave some selections one mandolin .and _ he wa� enchored ..peatecllY. ' "Hunt" .and . Win·st04enry then sang some popular songs.mongo . these was. a new Chicagong written by H. Henry and WiU- )d, which made a great hit. jThe last number of the program, 1iJohn R. Thompson will speak tohe men of Philosophy College today� liThe Young Man in Politics."The following Junior Day Commit­ees meet Wednesday morning at0:0 o'clock in Cobb 8B:. Adtletics,­Dramatics, Printing' and Ivy.Senior Notice.The Senior vaudeville will be onMay 2, at 7:45 p. m., Reynolds Onbheater. This is for Seniors onlyTIle Alpba T31I fraternity held an :nformal card party and dance Fri­day, April Z'J.MARTYN'S MAROONSTUDI0 :5705 Cottage Grove Ave. U. pf !C. Photographer. Special rms to tstudents. CARVER " WILI\IE... TAILORS ...Announce the arrival or theirCollege DepartmentFabrics for spring ...BUStiESS SUITS $35 18 S45 II THIS DEPARlIEIT185-189 Dearborn Street .. Adams Express Suilding".II111 luatz-tamlar CL iRasIInII1 !III � RESTAURANT10+106 MADIs6N SiREEiH. E. 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We alreact,have 1�31 defiDi&e places for College,University and Tednrical School grad­uates to begin work in JDly 01' Sep­tember ·and the list is arowiq clail,..A c:boice of the bat oppoataaitiw· is)'ours if you write as at ooce. statiagage, course taken, practical experieac:eif an)" and line of work preferred.HAPGOOD.The National Orpnization of BraiaBreiten.Hartford Bida-, Cbica&o. mOffices in other cities.J. H. Kintz, Prop. Jolla Clark, II ....All orders da), 01' aiaht 6Uedpromptly.We ..... c:be.J achson ParkLivery273 It. F'iIO-8ewDtb 8tnet.TeleplaCJllle Hyde Park 552. S53CHICAGO..����-DAILY MAROON, CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1906.(Continued from �age One)CHICAGO WILL NOTPLAY MICHIGANGAME NEXT YEARrequest for such release has beensent to : Michigan. If this request isgranted it is the .opinion of the Chi­cago authorities that the plans' al­ready on foot for the reformattonand rehabilitation of the j..!ame willhave far more room for successfuloperation. '. When this success is anassured thing it will be time to con­sider the propriety "of renewing' thegames.",!.'.,_ ·TO'-DAYAt· the CommonsAt the Boarding House-At the Fra��rnio/ASK FOR ....."THE FOOD OF QUALITY"IT'S DIFFERENT«:>Have The YouYou Tip WillBeen Top LikeThere? Inn ItTop Floor 0./THE PULLIIA. ,COIIPA.Y � BUILDI.6, '. f . .•Cor. Idals 'St., aid lIic�lgal Ate. - 'I .... A·.M u; �.;;;.-;=]Studebaker .."Ifs the Fluffy Girl That Gets 'Em."l!t'nr}' \V. S:l\':l;!e's production,THe COLLEGE WIDOWe(;""\'�e .\fle·� Great ComedyGarrickJEF�ERSON DE ANGELIS--F-A-N-T-A-N-A--Next 'SuIiJay-Se;lts Tliurs.layMEXICANA. Christie Abc Donald,Louis Harrison. Juseph Herbert.LaSalleNow holds the IOIl� ,list;lllce record,THE U:\fPIRE-250lh time.We can suit yourPocket bookas well as your taste-Prices forBusinessSuits$20 to $50@/Lud£TAft.a .... & Ada._ SIs. ENGLEWOOD STATE BANK.................................................. �.State Bank Building,63rd St. and Yale Ave.Capital. Surplus and Earning.�220.000Offers the services of! a handsomely furnished and most completelyequipped BankSpecial attention to Ladies' AccountsPays 8% OD SavIngs .Ll(.:COUlJtsSafety Deposit Vaults. Boxes $3.00 per yearI .... 'OC·A�NDAR.'O'O)SocialFriday, May ...Delta UpsilonBournique's.Saturday, May S. formal dance,Tiger's Head informal., Friday, May 18."1 consider it a poor move, as ath-. "The Rushing of Raxes."letics in the middle west will be hurt ;, Saturday, May 19-very much by it," said Hugo Bez- "The Rushing of Raxes."dek. "I see no reason why MichiganDean Small States ReasonsDean Albion W. Small said:"The chief criticism .which has:brought, about this action; is Ihat Ifootball is an overdeveloped gaine.]TIle athletic atmosphere of our west-:em universities is or' too high a' ten- ision. The rivalry is too great "and ]there has' been an ill feeling among i-the students and faculty members of ithe various colleges 011 account 'of',�his rivalry which should not exist.:. ":\11 Oxford or a Cambridge man,'would never think of going to such':.ext rernes to win as we have done.per- .haps. We must wait a little and let,this overwrought spirit die down. Idon't know how long we will keep.from playing Michigan or Wisconsin 1in football. I do not believe that;,Minnesota will be taken on in the;place of either Michigan or Wiscon-,sin. There is talk of an eastern game Ib�t' I cai1l10t" ti!ake a statement in!regard to this.". Members "of Team SurprisedMany of the members of the Cham- ;pionship team of last year whenasked concerning the abolition of thegame spoke with much feeling. Burt.P. -:Gale said:. " I am surprised to hear of this de­cision. -It will be- too bad if we don'tLectures aDd Club.Tuesday, May I.5:00 p. m.-The Botanical Club."Some Botanical Experiences inEngland and Ireland." Dr.. Cowles.7 :30 p. m. - The Fencibles.(Room 8, Cobb Hail.).8:00-opening Session WesternDrawing and . Manual TrainingAssociation. (Mandel Hall.)Alb.eliesSa�day, May 5.3:30- Inter-collegiate Baseball� Game: Varsity vs. Illinois.FENCIBLES TO MEETDebaters Will Discuss. Question ofProfessionalism in Athletics. ··Professionalism in Athletics" willbe tile subject of debate at the meet­ing of the -"Fencibles" in Cob 8B at7:30 o'clock. In full, the Questionis:uResolved: That in institutionshave the game. I have no statementwhere one year of residence is re­quircd for �ligibility, �tudents shouldnot be debarred from competition inathletics on account of 'professional­ism' during their college course.The affirmative side of this qucs­ti�n will be upheld by. P. II. Dodge,C. A. 1\[c Bride and, F. S. Bevan,while E. Fuller, P. Judson and W.1\[. Ruffcorn wil defend the negative.". .THE LAKE _$HO�� LI"I.TED ..'Particularly . Desirable for Ladiesand Children,Leavcs Chicago at 5:30 p. m. ar­we want to quit while we are ahead. ! rives in New York at 5:30 p, m. AllThis may be the spi�it of the faculty, modern convenicnccs, including ladieshut the members of the team know 'maid, manicure, stenographer, elec­that they, the team. want to meet I tric lights, dining car and obscrvatonthem next Fall. If the Faculty takes compartment car.this action I look for them to burn Iriqurc of L. F. Vosburgh, G. W.the ;!ymna�ium and discharge Coach P. A., Chicago, or Warren]. Lynch,St:l�� in disgrace at their next meet- Pas�engcr Traffic Manager, Chi�ago.Very Low Rates to Boston VIaLake ShoreOne fare plus one dollar for roundtr-ip. Good going June 2, 3, 4 and 5,return limit by extension June 30.Write L. F. Vosburgh, c. W. P. A.,Cfiicago, 111., for particulars. Warren}. Lynch, Passenger Traffic Managcr,Chicago, IIIto make on the matter."and Chicago should not continue tohave games. Of course, Michiganhas had some radical ideas concern­ing athletics, but Chicago ought tobe big enough, and I think she is,to overlook them.""If "Wisconsin wants to abolishfootball, well and good but I can'tunderstand why they need worryabout the welfare of the other west­ern colleges," said Fred Walker. "Itlooks to· me like they are playing adog-in-the-manger game if they can­not ot will not play football theycan't bear to have Michigan, Chicagoor 'any, other institution play. It willcertainly throw Chicago in a poorlight, if we refuse to play Michigannext year. It will look as if we wantto quit while we arc! one to the good,which is, certainly- not the feelingamong the players, for we want .totry' and beat them again next yearand prove that it was no fluke thatwon us the championship game."Captain Fred Baird of the baseballteam said:.. 1 think it will take.a great dealfrom the game. Now that the auth-«ritics have taken away the trainingquarters, the training table, shortenedthe season, taken away the fourthyear of the men. and revised the:'rules so thoroughly, this last blow isInn much."Merrill C. Meigs said:"1 think that they nave done enoughto kill the interest in athletics byrevising the rules, abolishing train­in<:! quarters and-the Jabl�, and /�hort­cuing the season. Michigan 'will saythat we are afraid to play them, thatil1�.Scie:1c(!·Art 'Baseball GameScience :1Il(1 Arts . baseball teamswill play the second of the inter-col­lege ;!amcs tomorrow afternoon at.�:'5 o'clock on .Marshal1 Feld, HOW ABOUT YOURSPRING CLOTHESOur Spring Styles are Hereill AbundanceBIBe Greys, GID Club C�ecks aDd TaaBrow.s; We Invite- Your InspectionTailor ',!r .Youn. M ... nTwo Stores:131 La Salle Street44 Jackson BoulevardPhones: •Office, H. P. liSH. Resid. nee, H. P. %1!Dr. .rcl) 'UU1. �atkCt!Dr. 'Ralpb 'WI. 1)1ImcrDENTIST.S6249 al .. b .... Ave.. Cor. 63rd StreetHonrj; 9-12..-:30-5 ''OEPE\tORCHESTRAI Music Up-to-dateResidence5630 DR£,X£.L AVE. Pllonc II. P. 339Vogelsang" s182 Madison StreetA cafe of individual tonewhere fastidious folks findcheer and refreshment­the perfection of twentiethcent ury cooking in a de­lightful old-world atmos­phere.(There I. on'7 ODe Voeel.aD.·.)CIaIllfl8d AdnrtIA ......FOR SALE-GREAT SACRIFICE,astronomical telescope-Star find­er, celestial and terrestorial eye­pieces-tripod, etc., cost $4so,price, $150. P. J. O'Shea, UnityBuilding.Try Tolu, Tar and Wild Cherry.for that cough. University Phar­macy, S60 E. 55th St.WaD ledIf you wish to secure a position toleach call on or write to James F. Mc­Cullough, Railway ExchanJ""'. Chica­go.Anyone wishing an upright pianotaken care of in a good home forseveral month, please communicatewith box '7, Faculty Exchange. }(