The Daily aroonPublished Five Mornings Each Week by the Students of the University of Chicago During Three Quarters of the University Year.VOL. IV. No. 128 CHICAGO, TUESDAY, APRIL 24,1906. PRICE Two CIUfTSFAIR SHOWING MADEIN PENN. GAMES TRYOUT ROOTERS FOR BLACKFRIARS PRACTICAL POLITICS CLUBnewCall is Issued for Experienced"Leather-Lungs't-c-Speclal Set ofScenery Being Designed by Pro­fessional Firm-Schedule of Re­hearsals "Commonwealth" is Name of NewUniversity Organization WhichWill Famialiarize its Member WithPolitical Game by Practice as Wellas TheoryCold North Wind Hampers Effortsof Contestants in PreliminaryMeet.Chicago Gets Hard Luck In Draw­ing for Places in QuarterMile. Students who so loyally exercisedtheir lungs at football games 011 Mar­shall Field last fall are again offeredan excellent opportunity to root forChicago tonight. The Blackfriarsare pressed for men for "mob"sCCW!s and" have an openiog- __ --tbirtymen. These students are to be usedto "fill in" and make a noise. Other­wise, the opera is being whipped intoshape in true professional style. Castand chorus are taking to their dutieslike ducks to water, and the manage­ment speaks in glowing.terms .of thehis characteristic "1Il3D1Ie1". said: VWe A University organizationcame into existence this week whenthe Commonwealth Club held its firstmeeting. The club is organized withthe general purpose of encouragingamong its members political activity-in the' public interest. In carryingout that' purpose, it proposes for it­self some very definite forms of ac­tion. I t intends to arrange publicaddresses at the University by menwho are in the public service, or areprominent in public activity, on bothl'sides of the question of which are be­ing debated/.politically, and on both------------------------------------------------Saturday's tryout to pick a teamfur the Penn Athletic Carnivalshowed practically all the memb�rsof tbe team in but fair condition. Tnecold northwind may have been prac­tically responsible for some of theslow work.Merrill ran two trials heats in thehundred, each time negotiatiag thedistance in bat 10 3-5-Stefteu. iu the � JaIr&escould go no faster than 1']1-5-Captain Parry's work in theseason. Although handicapped bya rather sure hand, each of his throwsof the hammer went beyond 150 feet7 inches. His best discus throw was124 feet II 1-2 inches, while his shotput was 40 feet 8 3-4 inches. Parry isin good condition, and should im­prove on these marks in competition.Gerry Williamson showed -up ingood form in the hammer throw,hurling the sixteen-pound weight 148feet. He' has been improving rightalong, and Parry believes he will be asure point winner in the dual meetsthis year. He will probably go, withParry, to Philadelphia."Burt" Gale tried out in hammerand' shot,' b.:st· '�';;;';';ot at a1\ :-'0 fo'rm,his best shot-put being 38 feet 3 1-4inches.In the trials for the one mile re-lay team the best work done by Mer­riam, 514-5 finishing strong withBarker and Tompkins fairly close.In the other heat Comstock, the oldHyde Park star, did the quarter in:54 4-5 with "Tommy Taylor second.Schommer and Richards showedfair form in the high jump, the form­er clearing the bar at 5 feet 101-2inches.Work in the broad jump and polevault was not particularly promising.Professor Stagg announced thatthis tryout would not be consideredfinal, chance being given everyonenext Wednesday.Chicago fared but poorly in thedrawing held last week for positionsin the relay carnival at Philadelphiadrawing the fourth place from thepole. Michigan drew even worse inthe four mile race, getting sixthplace.The complete list of drawings forthe intercollegiate relay races fol-lows:One-mile college -championship--I, Columbia; 2. Harvard; 3, Penn; 4.Chicago.Two mile college championship--I, Columbia; 2, Penn; j. Dartmouth.Four mile college championship­I, Penn; 2. Cornell; 3. Harvard; 4.Princeton; 5, Brown; 6. Michigan. WILL LEAD THE JUM.OR PROMNorman Barker Miss Winifred Dewhurstsides of political campaigns-as inthe past, the Municipal Club secur­ed Carter Harrison and Graeme Ste­wart, John W. Harlan and JudgeDunne, Colonel Lowden and CharlesS. Deneen. It intends to bring tothe club, to talk to it, men who know .: how the game of politics is played,who know how to organize a pre­cinct and to get out the vote. It in­tends, however, not to be contentwith being told about the game, butto encourage and assist its membersto get into it themselves.e-ao meetreal politicians at work at real poli­tics, and to learn how to take hdlldand help. I n this connection Freder­ick D. Bramhill, secretary of the club,said: "Men who have been at the Uni-coming event. Manager Paltzer, inhave George Ade beat by a year.The "College Widow" will look palewhen we will have finished w:ith ourfootball scene. Measurements arenow being taken for a set of Egyp­tian scenery by the Daniels ScenicStudio people, and judging from theirprofessional work we will have beautyenough in our equipment to com-. .pare very favorably with any of thedowntown theaters. However, weneed rooters badly, and hope that therequired number of students will re­spond to the call this evening."Full cast and chorus rehearsals willbe held today at Mandel Hall at 7:30p. m. The chorus meets again Wed­nesday in Ken Theater at 4 p. m. fora music rehearsal. Another meetingof the chorus will be held Thursdayin the Reynolds Club for dancing.The cast assembles Thursday, 7:30o'clock at Reynolds Club.. Y.versity long, know that there aremany opportunities for such exper­ience-they know, indeed, how Uni­versity men have cleaned up politicsin the 17th precinct and kept themclean. It docs not matter which sideof the fence a man is on, in a parti­sian sense; he can be useful to thepublic in one party as another. It isof the utmost importance, however,that a man who has some inclina­tion in doing his part to make pili­tics what they should be, shall notbe frightened away by his first con­tact with politics as they are. Theclub intends that none of its membersshan give up the fight, as many aassistantCharles M. Steele Debat�s to Get EmblemsThe members of the University'schampionship debating team will beawarded with emblems tomorrowevening at 6:30 o'clock in the privatedining room of the manager in the advertise­ment departmcnt of the NationalCash Register Company visited theCampus yestcrday.Professor Duncan T. MacD�naldwill read a paper on "The EssentialNature of Hebrew Poetry," beforethe Semitic Club tonight at 7:3°o'clock in Haskell 26. Notice to Seniors.Senior Class meeting Wednesday,April 25th, Cobb Chapel 10:30. (Continued on Page Four) CALLS ON STUDENT BODYTO AID THE TRACK TEAMDirector Stagg Issues Letter of Ap­peal Calling for MoreCandidatesExplains Situation and Asks for Bet­ter Spirit-Fraternities areEnlistedDirector A. A. Stagg, has issued acan for more candidates for the trackteam. Letters have been sent to thefraternities and other organizations inan effort to bring from chaos and tomake it an organization that willmake a respectable showing in the\ spring meets. A letter is addressedto the Daily Maroon in which Pro­fessor Stag� points out the weaknessand strength. The letter follows:t" Chicago, April 21. '06Editor of the Daily Maroon :-"TheUniversity has lost nearly all of lastyear's track team, there being atpresent only four point winners inthe Conference meet, now in collegeand three of these men at presentare not available to the team. It isimpossible for one of these men tobe used this year and one other isout on account of parental objection.The other point winner we hope willbecome eligible before the dualmeets begin."Looking at it optimistically, themost that we can count on from lastyear's team would' be eleven pointsout of the fifty-four which we won inthe Conferdnce Meet. At presentthere are only a few men trying forthe team; a-n'd . there-is' tiardfy an event - - "in which there is strong cornpetitiin.Only" one man has appeared for thedashes and only two .for; the hurdles.In the distance runs there is a saddearth of material in spite of the factthat there are no. stars trying" forthese events. There ought .to be asquad of fifteen to twenty men work-ing for th distance events, insteadof the two or three who are now try-ing. There is no place where thereis a better opening for athletic hon­ors than in these events since there: is no competition and there is no ex­perienced runners, so that no onewould feel outclassed in trying forthem. Distance running is an eventin which men are "discovered" morethan in any other event since it doesnot depend upon skill or form. butrather upon the natural endownmentof heart and lungs and nervous sys­tem, which nature has given.Our first dual meet with Illinoisis only two weeks away from thismeet. and for the succeeding meetswith \V siconsin and Michigan andthe Inter-Collegiate, we must securesix of the best runners that we canpossibly get. I would, therefore, urgeupon every man, no matter whetherhe has ever tried distance running ornot, to get out and help make a team.There witt be opportunity to do train­ing any time in the morning or inthe afternoon under suitable direc­tion. I would be glad to cinsult withany student on the subject., A. A. Stagg.The call sent to the fraternitiesembodies the same sentiment andstatements expressed in the letter tothe Daily Maroon. In part the let­ter follows:"We must get a bir;.t bunch of menout for the distance events or wehave no chance in our dual meets.(Continued on Page Three) .-.- ._- --- .. �- .... :THE DAILY MAROON, CHICAGO, TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 1906.ttbe 1DaU� maroonOlicia! Student Pablication of theUniv\.'f'sity of Chicago.Fermerlyne Uniycraity of ChicaCO Weekly.FoundedTke Weekly, OdeHI' I, lip.The Daily Maroon, October I, 1902.News Contributions are Requested.Entered as Second-Class Mail atChicago Postoffice.Daily Subscription$3.00 Year; $1.00 for 3 Months.Subscriptions received at the M.a­roon office, Ellis avenue, or left inthe Maroon box, the Faculty Ex­change, Cobb Hall.Orders for delivery of the DailyMaroon, either residence or place ofbusiness may be made by postal cardor through telephone, Hyde Park�. Any irregularity in deliveryshould he immediately reported to theoffice of publication.John Fryer Moalda, Busineaa Mer.Printed by the Quadran.le Press,404 East 55th Street.TUESDAY, APRIL 24 1906.EDITOR.IALSIn the Wisconsin "Daily Cardinal"of a day or so ago appears the fol-lowir g, of passing inter­est: "The intercollegiategymnastic meet whichwas to be held at Chi-The Gym-nasticContestcago next week has beenpostponed on account of Chicagobacking out and the other institutionsbeing unable to compete at this time.The Maroons sent word that theycuuld not have the meet at Chicagoand the opinion is that they do notconsider their team strong enough tocompete with Wisconsin. Last yearthe Midway team secured five pointsto the Badger's 40 and it is said thatin order not to have this humiliatingdefeat to Prof. Alonzo Stagg's pro­teges repeated, the Maroons will nott.ak� part. This necessities the meetbeing held at some other place. Madi­son was suggested, but the other col­leges find it impossible to come. Illi­nois and Grinnell sent. word that theycould not come because of the dis­tance and expense; Minnesota has nofunds while Nebraska is the onlyuniversity which sent a favorable re­ply."The fact of the case are these: Amonth or so ago letters were writtenby the athletic authorities of the Uni­versity to all the western institutionsthat have ever entered teams in agymnastic contest, with a view tofinding out how many colleges wouldhe represented in the annual meet, ifheld. Replies to these letters indi­cated that \Yi:-;consin was really theonly institution that would guaranteeto send a full team to represent it;the other si x institutions were eithervery (1lluhtful whether they could, orH'ry certain that they could not. senda full team.It wa s not strang<.' t hcn. since theint cresr in the work was so veryslight. and the prosTwcts of even afair repres('nlatiYe so cxtrcmclv un­certain that the Univcrsity (Ii;' notfeci justified in �I)ing- to the troubleand expense of hnl(ling- the gmynas­tic meet this year. haying as it many other athletic events thatwill he "fizzles."As to the other point about "Chi-" �I cago backing out" "in order not tohave this humiliating defeat," etc.,but little really need be said. We'rechartiable ; by all means let the Bad­gers boast themselve the championsof the wesf'-in gymnastics. And itwas partly for that reason that it hasbeen sugestcd to hold the contest atMadison; as the one athletic event ofthe year it certainly should prove alarger financial success than at theMidway,There are but two men in Chica­go's gymnastic team. As these twomen will probably represent the Uni­versity in the contest, whether heldhere or at Madison, and as defeatwill be even more "humiliating" inthe Badger town than here, we failto sec how to fear of this can becharged the decision not to hold thegymnastic contest at Chicago thisyear.(Continue .. t from Page One)-----_- -------- ---PRACTICAL POLITICS CLUBman of education is apt to do, simp­ly because politicians arc ordinarymen."The club intends, also, te, co-oper­ate, as the opportunity arises, withnational and municipal organizationswhich are working for civic improve­ment, such as the Civil Service Re­form, the National Municipal League,the Legislative and Municipal Voters'Leagues, the City Homes Associa­tion, the the Juvenile ImprovementLeague, . and many others.Finally, the club has planned to or­ganize groups of members interest­ed in similar phases of politics intocommittees, which may meet asthey arc inclined, to talk over devel­opments in their several fields. Suchcommittees will probably be orgnniz-.. ed so()n upon Primaries and E!��­"tious ; 'Municipal Government; 'Fran­chises, Taxation, Charities and Cor­rections, Courts, Civil Service, andothers.Membership is confiened to men inresidence, who are seriously interest­ed in politics, not for the sake of pri­vate interests, but for the sake of thecommonwealth.The first officers are as follows:President, H. L,eClaire Ickes, '9<�, La�'oz: vice president. James B. Blake,Law '07; secretary, Frederick D.Bramhall, '02; treasurer, Dudley K.Woodward, Law '06. The first elec­tion of new members under the con­tribution will take place next Fri­.day.Best & Russell Company's Cigarson sale at the Reynold's Club,MARTYN'S MAROON STUDIO5705 Cottage Grove Ave. U. ofC. Photographer. Special rates tostudents.Fo-w-nesGlovesWill be worn longerthis �ea�on than othen-that i�. other gloves.1Face Valueis what you value your face at.If you value it as you should,yon useWLLIAMS' SHAVINGSTICK Albert Mathews, Pres. Geo. H. Fielder, Vice Pres. F. H. Strattoa. Sec.MATHEWS" CO. Inc.'THE TAILOR SHOP.New Powers Bldg., 156 Wabash Ave.MAKERS OF YOUNG MEN'S CLOTHES.Our Specialty $35-00 Sack Suits.We show one of the Largest Lines of Woolens in Chicago.�������������������������� o<�+�-��-�����w+�<�BeD HEADQUARTERS THE BEST IS f[NFOR THE FINEST III E=TCALF NONE TOO GOODxt COLLEGE STATIONERY FOR YOU tBA!�! 86 W'ABASH AVEIIUE ::AT CLASS, FRATERNITY CHICACO INVITATIONS rtBA m A:gR��giTY PR��:�:S ArEAAA BZtz: c: <l-e-�><� co + -& L- CD -e--& c:::t .li......I>< c.....J-e-::Z:AX. �i=;><����"-I<<J�����L:2��� tAlCARVER &, WILfiIE·... TAILORS ...:Announce the arrival of theirCollege DepartmentFabrics for spring ...BUSINESS SUITS $35 TO $45 IN THIS DEPARTMENT185-189 Dearborn Street.Aqams Express BuildingHarder's.FireproofStorage & Van e.O,. . Successor to. .Becklenberg Express, Warehouse & Yan Co.•• ..... • ... � t ' •• �... 1: ,. , :.. •.• " •. 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TON'S.... neuftly3f8 57th Street......1M HJ* ParkAdvertise in theMaroon THE DAILY MAROON, CHICAGO, TUESDAY, APRIL 24, 1906.(Continued from Page One)CALLS ON STUDENT BODYTO AID THE TRACK TEAM,My enforced absence from the cityduring the winter and early part ofthis quarter has prevented me fromproviding fur this contingency soon­er, and I am therefore writing to themembers of your fraternity, askingyour special aid in this matter."When asked how he accounted forthe dearth of distance runners Pro­fl'ssor Stagg said he was at a loss toknow. "lleretofurc we have alwaysdepended upon our cross countryruuucrs to furnish us material fortrack," he stated, "this year we hadsome very prominent men in cross­country, but they have failed to showup for the track events."Even men arc lacking for theshort r uns. l\lerrilt should have com­petition Saturday in the hundred andso should Steffen in the hurdles.,,' n the hr oad jump, Pomeroyand Terhune arc practically alone.Both arv showing good form. Pome­roy has not succeeded well in histakeoff. hut has distance and speed.Terhune has accuracy and a goodspring, but not enough speed."KAPPA SIGMA CONVENES.District Assembly· of FraternityHold Annual Meeting.The annual convention of theeighth district of the Kappa Sigmafraternity was held in this city lastSaturday. Delcgrates were presentfrom Ohio State University, Indiana,Purdue, Wabash, Lake Forest, Mich­igan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, andChicago. The convention closedwith a banquet at De Jonghe's Satur­day evening, Among the distin­guished visitors at' the convention­were the entire Supreme Council ofthe Fraternity,_ who had met here fortheir 'semi-annual business session,Prifessor Finis Farr, University ofTennessee, Editor of the "Caduceusof Kappa Sigma," and the registrarof Cornell University, Mr. DavidHoy. Many of the visitors stayedover and visited the Lake .Forestchapter on ; Sunday land the localchapter last evening.ORATORICAL CONTEST MAY 4Howard R. Driggs Will RepresentChicago in Northern LeagueMay 4 has been set as the day forthe finals of the Northern Oratoricalcontest, to be held at Oberlin.Howard R. Driggs, who won thepreliminary contest here recently,wilt represent Chicago. The subjectof his oration is: "The Inner Lifeof Americanism."Michigan's representative is a Jap­anese student there, who will speakon "The Mission of Japan," .'Miss Lucille Way, who won thePillsbury Oratorical Contest at Min­nesota recently, will represent thatinstitution. Her subject is, "ThePassing of the Home."The other speakers in this contestand their orations are:Edward M. McMahon of Wiscon­sin, "The Message of the Lincoln­Douglas Debates:" Frank M. Reedof Northwestern. "War and PublicOpinion:" Fred Cunningham of Iowa"Alexander Hamilton and the NewPhon�:Office. H. P. 17� R�idf'nce. H. P. %1Jl)t •• re� 'E. I)atlcetJl)t. 'RalPb 'Gll. I)atllnDENTISTS6249 IlI.h .. Ave.. Cor. 6.1n1 SCreeHoars: 9-12. 1:J0-5 H. E. SHOR�JY & CO.••. TAILORS •••R.KMOVED TO332 REPUBLIC BLDG._ .. ROOMS 73·74TIU •• PBO •• z •• o BA •• I.O.� IRESTAURANT104-10. MADISON sn,EETTHE ILLINOIS WAREHOUSE an.·STORAOE COMPANY�_"PukI7' IaMBAU AVB. aDd PIPTY�_,De Cleaaest and Best Kept 5torapWarebo.., .. the City • • •l'aaIIIlm8 ... PIma IIcJoN4 Seored. PIICbd ad ShJppecI ........ e:die ...... �PrIftIte� R-. Laqe ParIar�".--. Tnmb -s WheeJa. Laqe Itaoaa .. c.m..-._ ..s ft1JJID '1'0 £lID no. ALL DaO'I'L1.ecII �-=.. DOIiae. f'-'IF &u.a. ......... , II» ......INDIVIDUALITY COUNTSIt lifts you out off and above the commonplace, it imparts toyour work a distinct look, that gives it a value far beyond amere imitation.That's why Esmoer's' PHOTOS ARE GOOD'There is individuality in them, your individuality, because heknows how to make you appear yourself, and his individualityin the competition.That's the kind of PHOTOS YOU WANTYou may get them in other studios, but the aim ofthis adv is to tell you that you will get them atESMOER'S STUDIO, 243 E. 55th' STREETAnd you don't det 25 % discount any other placeIndustrialism;" and Aubrey W.Goodenough of Oberlin on, "Rusk­in's Message in Our Age."Juniors College CbapeL"Life is a sentence and we canparse it" declared Dr. C. W. Bittingbefore the junior men's chapel heldyesterday morning in Mandel Hall."Personality is the subject, friend­ship is the predicate and, with allthe holy influences of Christianityand God as modifiers, the subjectis. a helpful, peaceful, well roundedcxistance, The old theory was thata college turned out men as a brickfactory turns out brick, the productof the college being in intellect somany inches high, so many incheslong, and so manp inches broad,with the name of the maker stampedon the back. I t is rather thc placeof education to supply individuality,the starting place of all power.Notice.The following Junior Day Com­mittees wiil meet Wednesday, April25. at 10:30 a. m. in Cobb 8 B.Printing, Finance, Reception, Ar­rangement, and Decoration. SENIORS; 10111 lITOIUSlIESS ORTECHIICAL WORKshould write us today for full informa­tion concerning desirable positions inall parts of the country, We alreadyhave 1,231 definite places for College,University and Technical School grad­uates to begin work in July or Sep­tember and the list is growing daily.A choice of the best opport1mitia isyours if you write US at once, statingage, course taken, practical experienceif any, and line of work preferred.HAPGOODSThe National Organization of Brain.Brokers.Hartford Bide., Chicaco, mOffices in other cities.Telepbone!! Hyde Park 18 aDd fJ96A. MeAdalDsTh.Ual ...... 1t7... F 1 0 rist .•.CJItJEDJIOUSBS :Qor, S3cl St. aDd ItIIDIaark A�. ChicagoCMA8. A. LAWRENCE.IIA� AIIIe ..... cn.LAWI\.ENCE ORCHEST.ASelect Kalc for an .elect 0CC'UIeasYoar .,.troaqe .oHdte.lR�idewcc:Tel� 57t5 Rosalie CeRrtRyde Park lt67 CI'UCAGOAR·OON· CHICAGO, TlJESDA Y, APRIL 24, 1906.THE DAILY M.� J. ,_We Invite Your Inspection(" GARGOYL ETT ES" I··SKEETER" VOGT WRITES�TICLE ON THE VARSITYI�;. TO-DAYAt the CommonsA t the Boarding HouseAt the FraternityASK FOR •••.•"THE·F00D OF QUALITY"IT'S DIFFERENT\yn'CHIC AND EXCLUSIVE STYLESJa 81Iita, LIDpde, W .... 1awuwOowu ... Tailored DIrta.IIAXWBLL I: .OIlHG.......... Hammond Typewriter tis pronounced faultless by Iuninrsity users. Send. postal toG. FAYE WALKER.,Ir!6145 E1lia Avenueand he will be clad to show you amachine.FOR SALE-GREAT SACRIFICE,astronomical telescope-Star find­er, celestial and tcrrestorial eye­pieces-tripod, etc., cost $450,price, $150. P. J. O'Shea, UnityBuilding.Try Tolu, Tar and Wild Cherry,for that cough. University Phar­macy, s60 E. 55th St. BOW dOUT YOURSPR.ING CLOTHES Have The YouYou Tip WillBeen Top LikeThere? Inn ItOur Spring Styles an- Herein AbundanceBile 611YS, 611 Cllb C�ecks al. TilBrowlsIn High School Paper, and PlanAlumnus Outlines Work ofChicago. ��TaUor for Youna WonTwo Stores:1:31 La Salle Street44 J ackaon Boulevard"Skeeter" Vogt, ex-'o() cont ributcsthe leading article of his high schooltil' D'l'l'ton 11 igh Schoolpaper, e'J.Times. on the Uuiversity of Chicago.\ . t' )f Dr l larper forms theI pIC ure t..Irontispicce uf the special issue, 111which also apear illustrutions of thegymnasium, the Commons. Mandel.and the Law Building.The article goes on in a verythoro�gh way to describe the loca­tion of the University, its methodsof instruction, .cour s'es, equipment,After touching upon the other ad­vantages claimed for it over othercolleges of the :\1 iddle West,.With reference to the professionaland commercial courses offered, V?gtclaims that "such courses are fairlyapr opes to any business life, and areof mort: value in the University thanin any other school. because thegreatest market of the worl.d is here,where the real business Illustratesand vivifies the_ work of the c1ass­room."After taouching upon the other ad­vantages of a large city as a seat oflearning, Vogt outlines its advant­ages to the student who is thrownmore or less on his own resources. MEDICS WILL PLAY ABIG BASEBALL GAMEWisconsin Students, However, SayIt Will Be Too Rough.Base-hall excitement in the medi­cal schol is rapidly ,nearing the fever­point. and the approaching game be­tween the sophomore Path"logyclass and the freshman Physiologyclass is the leading topic of conversa­tion wherever "medics" congregate.The challenge issued by the sopho­mores last Friday was accepted im-. mediately by the freshman, and bothteams began practice on Marshall­Field yesterday,Speidel, who occupied right gar­den for the vars�� last season, hasthe Sophomores squad in charge,and captain-elect Robert Denny willendeavor to drill a few rudiments ofthe game into the Freshmen,Faculty aid has been enlisted, andDean H. G. Wells has promised topitch. for the second year men, shou' ..jre:-:·be::� wilile Dr. D(""ncket isthe most formidable candidate' forbackstop position who has loomed upas yet. l\lembers of Physiology facultymay be counted upon to aid theirproteges. The sophomores willhave the services of Rowe, Morrisonand Roberg of last year's winningteam. Elliott. who played eight yearson the Knox college team, has beendeclared eligible under the eligibilityrules just promulgated by a specialmeeting of the Medical Council. whileCarter and Johnson of Illinois arc con­sidered likely candidates. The fresh­man stars arc Oliver, Poppin andMoody, Lord and Stokes, of the un­ivcrs'ity choir, have second basecinched on their respective teams.Former University of \Visconsinstudents, now in the medical school,are endeavoring to substitute morepeaceful methods of settling class:-;upremacy, considering that baseballlike other ('olleRe sports, is entirelytoo rough, A spelling match be,tween the Granulomata and thePlethysmographs has been suggestedas a less strenuous substitute. How­ever the baseball game meets thepopular favor, and will undoubtedlyhe played, barring the possibility ofa Collier's expose of the freshmanHARPER HURT IN GAMECatcher is Spiked in Illini Contest­Team Plays WellThe Chicago team played excellent­ly in the bascbal l �am� in which theUni"ersity o! Illinois defeated the:\1 arnllih by the score of 3 to o.Captnin Baird's men lost through thestar pitching of Ovitz, Huff's latestfind. who struck out fifteen Chicagomen, the latter gettinl-! only threehits. two of which were scratches.The features of Chicago's work wasa throw from left field to the plateby Paul, catching a runner by fourinches. Harper was spiked in tag­�ing a player sliding home, and willbe nut of the game for a week. Gaardefinished the game behind the bat, andwon praise for his work.Ready for Meet at Athens.f Athens show theReports romAmerican team in fair condition forthe OIYlllPian. games. which formallycommenced Sunday. The Americanteam met with many discomforts onthe journey. Crowded bunks andpoor fOOlI making the trip fromNaple» a miserable one. So badwere the accomndations that the menleft the boat when it touched atPatros. and proceeded the rest of theway to Athens hy train.Lig htbody and Friend are reportedin goo(1 trim and none the worse �Ilrtheir lon� journey. They will haveseveral days rest before their firstcompct itions. The track .and fiel�mit t ccs will meet Wednesday, April.!;Ih. til Tuesday. �f:.y rst.WaDtecS team.If you wish to secure a position toteach call on or write to James F. Mc­Cullough, Railway Exchany.. Chica-10. Lecture on Persian Life.\ lecture on the "Social Life andCustoms in Persia'· hy Mif7:a Raftic.a sh1l1ent at the University was given; es\('rclay afternoon in Kent Theaterto a fair si7.ed and attt'lIti\"c audience.St'lI0ft' Raftie introduccd his lecture�)y saying that since coming to Arncr­Ica he had fnunll so many erroneousimpressions regarcling Persia, that itwas his int("ntion to ("orrect these ina scr ics of lecture of which this wasthe first. The I�cture was supple.mente(l with st("r('opticon views ofscenes and prominent persons ofPersia...... RentThe Order of the Iron Mask andthe Committee of Twenty-Three willhold a joint meeting this afternoin at4 o'clock in Cobb Chapel.The Literature College DramaticClub will meet tomorow afternoonat 4 o'clock in Cobb Lecture room. Tl11' Iacult y addrt,ss hooks for the!"prill� Qnarter arc out and may he"htaincII at the Information office.TIll' Quihhlers will hold a business:-;l'��illn tomorrow at i:.�O o'clock p.111. in Lexington 6.l·hi .. afternoon at .,.:JO o·clock inGreen l Inll, Dr. Breckenridge willlecture to the Household Administra­tion Club nil ":\lunicipal Sufferagcfor the Household."Telephone your classified adds tothe Maroon. �Top Floor 0.1THE PULLIIAN COIIPAIIY BUiLDII&Cor. Adas St., lid IIlc�1gu AILJ. H. Kintz, Prop. John Clark, Mgr.All orders day or Dieht fillCclpromptly.We ncyer d.e.Jachson ParKLivery273 E. Fifty-Sncnth Street.Telephone Hyde P3rk 552,553CHICAGO.Vogelsang·s162 Madison StreetA cafe of individual tonewhere fastidious folks findcheer and refreshment­the perfection of twentiethcentury cooking in a de­lightful old-world atmos­phere.(Ther. Is OD17 ODe Vo •• I.aD.·.)1 iJEIi"E'wgrORCHESTRA\ Music.Up-to-date � .:" . -a. •• ldonc. . .. -'-'..530 .1. .. U:.XE. ... AV.K. Phone H. P.339To Meet Methodists at ChcsaA chess match between Northwest­ern and the Varsity team to decidethe championships of the westernuniversities has been definitely de­cided upon. The contest will takeplace Saturday, May 12 at .2 p. m. inthe rooms of the Chicago Chess Club .Chicago has a strong team and willput up a determined fight for thechampionship. The Varsity tea�with the added advantage of beingcoached by E. S. Jones, who led theteam that defeated Michigan, 8 to 2last Thanksgiving will consist of M.B. Leviton, who last year won ofLasker the wo.ld's champion �ndDr. A. L. Pendegrass. Had the teambeen less rigidly limited in sizeCharles Leviton, H. W. McNeish, A.n. Barron, L. Barron and R. F. Bald­win. whose playing was all well upto tournament standard wo�l� _howebeen available. If the Varsity winsthe championship this spring theabundance of promising material bidsfair to keep it for many years tocome,Northwestern's representative willprobably he S. T. Jacobson, holderof the championship of the Chicago11 igh Schools and son of the presi­ch'nt if the Chicago Chess Club. Anint("rested in chess are invited toCOn1(' and root for the Varsity team.Dr. and Mrs. McDougal addressedthe Botanical Club yesterday on"Some Aspects of Desert Vegeta­tion."The Tron Mask will hold an impor­f n,i.,J:o?Fol'tec"pffis?H? cmfwypyodtant business meeting tomorrowmorning at 10:30 o'clock in CobbLecture room.