The Daf ly MaroonPubUahed Afternoons by the Students of the l1Dinralty of Chfcaco DariDC the Pour Quarters of the UDiyersity YearVOL. I. No. 51 PRICE THREE CENTSCHICAGO, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1902�'. -ELLSWORTH '03 CAPTAINMARSHALS APPOINTED MASS MEETING fOR PRESENTATION OF C'S TOMORROWThe f�110wing m�n were .appointedthis morning by President Harper asUniversity marshals for the currentyear:Hayward D. Warner, Charles B. Elliot,:Fra"nk McNair, Charles Roland Howe,Howard T. Sloan, Theo. B. Hinckley,Arthur C. Ellsworth, Harry W. Getz,Adetbert T. Stewart, Frederick A. Fischel,Arthur G. Thomas.The list of marshals now numbers Phi Beta �ppa Initiates Addressed byfourteen, there being eleven new men Members of New School-Law lIItenand three holding over from the pre- Impress Scholarship Fraternityvious year-James Milton Sheldo�, At the Phi Beta Kappa dinner lastPlatt Milk Conrad, Thomas J. Hair. nightthe large majority of the speak.The office of marshal has always ers were law men. Although there wasbeen one of the highest honors and no formal attempt at making this amost responsible positions to be law program, it could be clearly seenattained in college. Originally, that the presence of the law schoolwhen the office was instituted in 1893, with us has made an impression onit was the duty of marshal to take the scholarship fraternity of the Uni-charge ofthe University convocations., vcrsity. A short account of the ban-The marshal merely superseded the quet follows:university usher. The office neces- President William Gardner Halesarily grew, however, because the acted as -toastmaster. Before intro-marshals were prominent in student ducing the speakers he introduced toaffairs. In a short time the duties of the Chapter Miss Elsie Flersheim,or<Tanizing and directing the various Miss Hedwig Loeb, and Mr. C.;dent celebrations and mass meet- Newkirk, the new members, who hadings were added. been initiated during the'day.Up to 19-00' the appointments to He also referred feelingly to the loss thethis position were made through rec- society had suffered in the untimely death ofommen.dation� presented by .th� old Mr. C. L. Burroughs. He paid a gracefulmarshals. .In that year the old rule compliment to the facuJty oLthe_DeW lawschool. and introduced Dean Joseph H.was done away with, and the Senior Beale to speak on uThe Education of D-· College Council was given the power Lawyer."of nominating candidates. . Mr. Beale spoke eloquently of -the scienceAll the nominations of this year's of law, its value to societjvits progressivenature, and its recent. rapid . developmentCouncil, six in number, were accept- : under the newer forms of legal education.·ed, and five others were named by . Mr. Leon P� Lewis then_spoke wittily of..the President. .. -- "The Law School and the Law$tudents." HeAll of the app ointees are promi- pointed out the advantage the lawyer hadover men in over professions: they must getnent in University student activities. from him their licenses for the practice ofFollowing is a partial list of the col- their vocation.lege honors of the newly elected Mr. Henry L. Clarke, an alumnus of themarshals: University with a distinguished record in thebotany department during his student career· Hayward D. 'Varner, member Senior Col- and now a successful lawyer in the city'lege Council, president Cross Country Club, . "spoke on "The Law as You Find It." H�Lincoln House, member Senior Prom.· Com- said that the lawyer was ceasing to be a con-mittee, testant and becoming a peacemaker; that hisCharles B. Elliot, vice-president Senior duty in the future was to bring about har-Class, member the band. . mony between apparently antagonistic in-Frank McNair, associate editor THE terests,DAILY MAROON, member Senior College Mr. Hale regretted the unavoidable ab-Council, member mass meeting committee; sence of Professor Loeb and spoke of themember athletic board, Delta Kappa Ep- loss we would suffer in his departure.silon. . Professor James P. Hall spoke of educa-Charles Rowland Howe, baseball team,' tion on the Pacific coast. He confined hisassociate editor the W�tH'y, Junior College remarks to Leland Stanford University andCouncil, Chi Psi.· gave. a glowing description of its' many at-Howard T. Sloan, baseball team, editor tractions.Cap and GO'"J1n, Iron A/ask, Delta Kappa Professor Nathaniel Butler spoke elo-Epsilon. . quently on "The Ideal of the New Educa-Theodore B. Hinckley, Dramatic Club! tion." It was a synthesis of the ideals ofmember Junior College Council, Delta Tau humanism and realism.Delta.Arthur Chester Ellsworth, captain elect '03football team, baseball team, Phi DeltaTheta. .Harry W. Getz. member Senior College,Junior College Council, member JuniorProm. Committee, Beta Theta Pi.Adelbert T. Stewart, associate editorDAILY MAROON, member Musical Club!',member the band, business manager Cap.and Gozo«, Iron Mask, Alpha Delta Phi.Frederick A. Fischel, member SeniorCollege Council, Junior College Council,Junior College Scholarship Public Speaking.ArthurG. Thomas, member Senior CollegeCouncil, Delta Tau Delta.President Harper Today Names theMen who Will Act as Uni­versity MarshalsMen Nominated by Senior Council Re­ceive Appointment-�artia1 Listof Their Activities . The mass meeting to be given inKent tomorrow at 10:30, for thepresentation of C's to the football,track, and baseball teams, is expectedto draw more students than can pos­sibly be packed into the theater.The method of thus presenting a highuniversity honor is a departure fromthe old way, and itis felt by the menof the teams and by the students thatit is an action. bound to enhance thevalue of the emblem.Professor Coulter, of the botanydepartment and a member of theathletic board, will speak of the sig­nificance of the meeting. Mr. Stagg will explain the basis on which theC's are granted, and will make theawards.The teams will oc�upy sectionsreserved for them, and the menwinning the honor for the first timewill be signaled out from the oneswho have already won their spurs forthe presentation.The meeting has been arranged�OI'. by the board of athletics througha committee consisting of DirectorStagg and the student members ofthe board, who are R. G. Pierson forthe divinity school, and Frank Me­Nair for the senior college. "Shorty," Jlaroons Big Center,Elected to Lead Next Year'sFootball TeamPresident Harper's Annual FootballDinner a Very Successful Affair­Many Toasts-Dance After� _ ,.. _ •••. _ •• __ -,.. _. ........ �_c.� ... _...-.. ....... &Arthur Chester Ellsworth was elect- .ed captain of the 1903 football teamlast evening, at the annual dinnergiven by Dr. Harper in honor of thefootball men. H is election was near-ly unanimous; the other man who washonored by being nominated for thecaptaincy was Ernest E. Perkins, whofor the last three years has well andfaithfully served his alma mater.This is Ellsworth's second year onthe football team. He entered col­lege in the fall of '99 and played onthe scrubs. In the spring he madethe Varsity baseballteam of 'co. Thenhe was out of college a year. In thefall of '01 he returned and played onthe football team, and again madethe baseball team. This fall he. made the All-Western. He hastherefore played on two Varsityfootball and two Varsity base­ball teams.The dinner was a ·very enjoyableand successful affair. One novel feat­ure of the dinner was. the ice-creamfootballs.President Harper acted as toast­master. He opened the speaking bycongratulating the team, and thank­ing them for their work.All present stood up in memory ofChar les. L. Burroughs, and_ then _ Dr, ..George Goodspeed spoke briefly onhis remarkable work as a scholar andathlete, and of his:· remarkably finecharacter.Mr. Stagg mentioned the fact thatBurroughs was the only man who hapwon his C and a.phi Beta f· "l'pa key.Mr. Stagg continued by c mmend­ing the careful training w:·.:ch theplayers have done, especially in re­gard to smoking.He tried to sit down but Dr.Harper would not let him until hehad explained how we lost theMichigan game.It was because we lost our quarter-back.This made it necessary to begin again at thebottom. We were perhaps at fault in not. having another man ready to take his place,but it was the very training which made LeeMaxwell a first-class quarter-back, whichcould not have been expended on another,and have made Maxwell as good as he is, atthe same time.Again Director Stagg tried to sitdown, but Dr. Harper asked aboutnext year's team.He said the president was bound to gethim into trouble, but that he would say thatour prospects were first-class if we could getTripp to stay.Sheldon was the next speaker andhe made a characteristic speech.Miss Wayman, Miss Cox, and MissDudley then spoke for the women,Mr. Coulter for the Board of Physi­cal Culture, and Ellsworth, Perkins,Ahlswede, Tripp, Koehler, and Gar­rey for the team.Those present at dinner were: Messrs.and Mesdames Harper, Stagg, Coulter,Brinkerhoff, Capps, Goodspeed, C. P.Small, and Misses Bertha Warren, GraceWarren, Julia Hobbs, Ed th Shaffer, Dor­othy Duncan, Elizabeth Calhoun, NarcissaCox, Emma Dolfinger, Isabella Webster,Edna Stevens, Bertha lies, Marie McEvoy,Persis Brown, Corinne Campbell, RebeccaDay, Ruth Terry, Edith Barnard, VidaSutton, Margaret Axson, Lurena King, Anna• Payne Wells, Bok, Solomon, Hester Ridlon.Grace Bruce, Josephine Lackner, AgnesWayman, Gertrude Caswell. Rena Hooper,Davida Harper, Gertrude Dudley; Messrs.Sheldon, Ellsworth, L. Maxwell, Ahlswerle,Jennison, Koehler, Farr, Perkins, R. Max­well, Speik, Catlin, Bezdek, Ivison, Wight-man, Schnurr, Terry, Tripp. Linton, Parry,Hitchcock, Beach. Pierson, R. L Henry, Ir.,Raycraft, Ganey, Atwood, F. Molonev,Bingham, and F. Harper. -GRADUATES ELECT COUB'CD.ORSAt the election for Graduate Coun­cilors, held this morning in Cobbchapel at 10:30, the following wereelected: Miss Jessie Allen, of theDepartment of Neurology, for thelong term; Charles A. Huston, of theDepartment of Political Science, forshort term.The 19°° census showed that therewere 98,923 students in colleges inthe United States. LAWYERS AT THE BANQUETAN INNOVATION IN EMBLEMS.en Who BaTe Completed .ore Than OneYear to Get Distinguishing llarkaAn important innovation will soonbe made in regard to emblemsthough there is not enough time t�work the matter o�t thoroughly be­fore the mass meetmg Friday. Mr.Stagg plans not only to give themen C's each year they earn them·so that a man will have an oppor-tunity to win a C four times, butthere will be distinguishing marksfor each year of competition. Forinstance MrStagg has thought of giv­ing stars. .A man who has served theUniversity one year will get one startwo years two stars and so on. 'It has not yet been determinedexactly where these stars will beworn. They will be on the sweaterseither on the left arm, the neck 0;in a curve directly above the' CThere is also the problem of dis:tinguishing those who have won twoor three C's. CLUB SECURES MUSIC HALL"Esmeralda of the, South," First Dra­matic Presentation of the Season, atFine Arts Building January 23. The University of Chicago Dra­matic Club has engaged the MusicHall. of the Fine Arts Building forits winter production, which will bepresented Friday evening, January 23."Esmeralda of the South"isthe play.The winter production of the Dra­matic Club has always been a much­looked-forward-to event. and thepresent play promises to be betterthan ever. The cast which was pub­lished in THE MAROON of November25 promises an excellent production,and, coupled with W. G. McLaury'swork in getting things "underswing" at this early date, the Uni­versity may lcok for perfection inevery detail.Members of the halls and the vari­ous University organizations : havesig·nified· ttl�ir tarenttorr tJf airendingin a body. The seats for the playmay be reserved now in blocks often or over. These reservationswill be held until January 5, afterwhich the public sale will commence.Applications for such. reservationsmay be 'made by letter addressedcare box 152 F�!=ulty. Exchange, orF. W . DeWolf, . the business man­ager, may be seen with the plan ofthe house, on Monday and Tuesday,December IS and 16, in Cobb Lec­ture Hall, from 12:00 to 1 :30.CHESS SCHEDULES ARRANGEDCity Chess Club Invites Students to VisitTheir Rooms to See ExhibitionsThe University chess club is com­ing into the notice of prominentChicago chess players. It is the. desire of the club to have all chessplayers in the University join theclub and compete in the presenttournament, in .order that we mayhave a respectable team to competeagainst other universities.The Chicago chess and checkerclub has invited our club to visittheir rooms while Mr. Lasker, theworld's champion, is playing exhi­bition matches.Mr. Charles W. Phillips has kind­ly offered his services to our club andhas arranged to give several valuabledemonstrations to those who are par­ticularly interested.The following drawings are an­nounced for the second round ofthe tournament. H. Schlesingerwill furnish the addresses of theplayers upon application. Thesegames are to be played beforeThursday, January 7, 1903·F. Hornstein os. H. Schlesinger. H. Lustos, A. E. Layman. R. Chamberlain us, S. B.Tern·. S. E. Stout us. R. Mulvane. N. A.I'uessla 'l!s. I'. R. Dapprich. E. A. Davis us,O. R. Sellers.Mr. Lasker plays December 12and. 13, at the Chicago Chess andChecker Club, Schiller BI�g.Tile track meet Saturday will be in tilemorniDg at 10:00 o'clock, sharp.CHICAGO, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1902The Daily MaroonFormerl,. the University of Chic:aeo Weeki,..POUMDIlDThe Uaiversity of Chicaeo Weeki,. - October I. 18cpTHE DAILY MAJlOOll - '- - October I. 1002Published ia the iaterests of the studeDt-body of theU Diversity of Cbicaeo every afterDOOa. except Saturday •auc.' Suada,. ciuriae the .6 weeks of the Universit,. year.Preseat board of editors and busiaess manaeerautbonzed by student·body in mass meeline May IS.1002·Membership on subseqUetlt boards of editors to bedetermined by competition open to all students ia theUniversity.BOARD OF BJ)ITORSManqia, Editor - - HIID.RT E. Ft..IUXe.News Editor - - - OI,IVBR B. WYMANAthletic Editor - - ROIlllIlT L. HaNn.JR.- .ASSOCIATB EDITORSFaANClS F. TISCHa FIlANK: McNAIREu P. GALS ADELBaRTT. STEWARTW AUC •• G. McLAun FRANK: R. ADAMS',J "". ;,,,_ ••• ..ADaTnfA.:l:JAYDKN, .- '�'-----woiuni-.D-ITORS-: -- MiSs CoI:NEUA S. SMIT1I MISS JUUA C. HOBBSBUSIlfESS STAyPTHE DAILY MAROON THE MONTHLY MAROONBU5iaess Manaeer • - BYRON G. MOONAuisiaat Business Maaaeer. ' JUUAN L. BaoDEAdvenisin, Mana;er - - ..; PLATT M. COICRADRush MediC Manaeer - - C. H. McKENNASecretary. - - - - FRED 'VORTHINGTON.ApplkaliilN ",tuI, for ",/rJ lIS SUONd-class ",IU­I,r at II" ClticaKD Posl-olJiu.Dally Subscription, $3 per 4 quarters I $1 for 3 monthsBy Mallin city 14 per 4 quarters I $1.25 for 3 months!;ubscrir.tIOllS receiftd at "The MUOOQ" OAc.. 6Bt lloor thePress BualdID!r. or left in "The Maroon" Box. the Facul17Exdwace. Cobb Hall.,PrInted by the Unl..-eni17 of Chlc:q:o Press.�l'f;1I!i" I' EDITORIALS '·1THE MAROON desires to state asclearly as possible its stand on thiswhy question of the 'nextWe quarter's division meet-Petiti�n . ings. We do this bothfor the faculty, .students, and THE. MAROON. We believe that it is botha just and a reasonable request whichis for the benefit of all concerned.The priucipal objections raised to, the change are that .lt ls dow.J\.Jii.tbecalendar for ,Friday, and that it'-ls. but another of the �tudents' incessant, demands for more vacation. It seemsto us that the calendar 'might- verypossibly be disregarded', in thQ case, of these division meetings, for whenit was-made out probably no consid­eration was 'given to the circumstancethat January'2, which is used soldy, for division meetings, was . tli'e onlyworking day between a legalbolidayand two days-for seniors threedays-on which no classes meet.Moreover the postponement of thedivision meetings need cause nochange in the provisions for "regis­tration of incoming students."That we only petition for more va­cation is also wrong. We make, ourplea against cutting short our vaca­tion for three or four days-Fridayto Monday, in some cases Tuesday-.of practically enforced idleness.There is, moreover, no question butthat most of the students would pre­fer to have "exams" commence Mon­day, December 22, and give all .ofnext week to recitations, rather thanto finish next Friday, and have a'week before Christmas to "shop,"which time must be paid for byidling around the dormitories after: New Year's. If it is because ourquarter is too short could we notadopt Professor Thompson's sug­gestion of classes on the followingSaturday? We would certainly pre­fer a Saturday class to a Friday di­vision meeting. Every indication, shows that both faculty and students, feel the request should be granted.If meetings are insisted on for Fri­, day, will not many students take theten cuts and risk scratching them bya little diplomatic lying to the deans?'And would not, at least, their ab­sence be justifiable? But it is not necessary to lose even the .8:30 reci­tations on Monday-as Miss Tal­bot suggests-for we could dispensewith Junior Chapel and hold themeetings at the 10:30 hour. Suchmeetings seldom take over half anhour, and would at worst only causethe eleven-o'clocks to start slightlylate.We are glad to know that !ill ar­rangements for the mass meeting Fri­day are perfected. Let us' make thisthe greatest meeting of the year, andshow that we appreciate the work ofour C.NEWS FROM THE UNIVERSITIES.Plans for a new, social. and . religious ,building at Brown University are be­ing considered.The University of Iowa is makingefforts to have itself placed on the listof universities which are supportingthe American School of ClassicalStudies at Athens.A large number of students fromthe agricultural departments of themiddle West state universities at­tended the stock show which was re­cently held in Chicago.<iJH�<iOYCEooESLOVBSOKGS OF AN mmBRGIUD.NO.2-AT TI{E INFORMALIf I should gel' a dance with her,I'd tread upon the air. .And I'd incline to think divineAnd godlike music rare,The stuff that Goldsmith ladles out,At dollars five per man;The frappe cold would be wine. oltJAnd mellowed 'in the can,And I'd be king of all the bunch,That to me would defer,For Rosalie'd a palace be.I( I should dance with her.GOALS FROM. TBB BLBAClIBRSAt the football dinner last night the �os­tuming was done by Famous.Good-bye, Jim, take care 0' yerself. IThe training season is over; back to �eCaf�!., ;.. The ThoinaS.coucertOn Friday afternoon at 2:IS. and onSaturday evening at 8:IS. the ChicagoOrchestra will render the followingprogram:-Overture. "Lodoiska" CherubiniConcerto for Violin NO.3, B Minor.Opus. 61. .Saint-Saeas(Allegro non troppo-Andantino quasi. allegretto. Molto moderato e maestoso-­Allegro non troppo.):"Dramatic Symphony, -F Minor. � ••. Duvivier(Grave-Allegro maestoso. Marche�I�giaque: Adagio mol to. Intermezzoscherzando: Andante grazioso, Finale:Lento moderato-Allegro ma Deciso.)INTERMISSION.Suite. "Raymonda" •• ;-�' .•.....• GlazounowKaisermarsch WagnerSoloist-l\lr. Leopold Kramer.Ladies of the Hyde Park Church of Dis­ciples, cor. Fifty-seven st. and Lexingtonave., will hold a bazaar and furnish dinner,Friday, December 19, S:30 to liP. M. Priceof dinner, 2SC.Manuscripts. letters, circulars, etc .• type­written at S552 Lexington ave., third flat.Nobby styles of derby and soft felt hatsare shown at $2.00, $2.50. and $3.00 byBrowning. King & Co., Wabash and Madi-son. 9-IO-IIChicago's Thanksgiving game made theteam famous. "Famous" makes new. clothesto measure. cleans, presses and repairs.346 E. Fifty-fifth at.Near Kimbark ave. 'Phone, Blue 3223.Go to University Phannacyifyouhave anyprescriptions to be filled. or if you wish any·thing in the line of drugs, chemicals, ordruggist sundries. S60 East FlfLy.fifth st.COFFEY'S FreeART CALENDAR(SIZE 12� x 14� INCHES)To anyone who will cut out and send to me this "lid."hearine four Dames and addresses of persons whoou�ht to be my patrons. I will send, postpaid, myhandsome Art Calendar for 1903. which is a reoproductlon in colors of Lynch'. famous painting "In.necenee."Y..."..ddru�1S3.s��le M. J. COFFEY ��:..t!01105'1107 Association ;'Id·g Phone Central 3439 SCIIIfSINGm&MBmCHRISTMAS SUGGESTIONS, A �ew .hints that will make it easy to select something bothhandsome and appropriate at a small expenditure.HOUSE COATS SHAVING SET SCARFS .NECKWEAR UMBRELLA CENTER PIECESHANDKERCHIEFS GLOVES HAIR ORNAMENTSSLIPPERS DRESS SUIT CASE HAT PINS . .WALKING STICKS WATCHES PERFUMES AND ATOM-WATCH FOB LOCK.ETS IZERSCOLLAR AND CUFF BOX RINGS POCKET BOOKSSMOKING SET STICK PINS CHATELAINE BAGSJ STATIONERY OPERA GLASSESThis store has always been the favorite shopping center for giftbuyers-the new finds first showing here and our prices are alwaysthe lowest ., _ _H. ZEISS LADIES'TAILOR , '�9 East 47th street : : :(near Ill. Central Station)'Phone Oakland 1269, After 7 P. M., orSunday, 'phone Gray 404Unlined Salts from, $35 up.Silk-Uned Suits from $"'0 up.Skirts from $IS up.Fire I...bsses AdJaste4 BulldlDes AppralsedMcKEOWN BItOTHE�SCARPENTERS AND BUILDERS"9,,·,,06 East ,,7th Street'Pbone Dreaell2961BuUdines remodeled and repaired. Fine interiorcarpenter work. Store- and oftic:e-fittjn�. HardwoodSoars. Only first-class workmen employed. Contractors to the U. of c., 'III R S. ANN lEW A R D F 0 S T E RAND THE KISSES FOSTER--lJANCING CLASses--At The Vendome Hotel. 62nd end MonroeWEDNESDAY EVENINGSSATURDAY AIo'TERNOONS'Private lessons by appointmentsSpecial rates to studentsBEGIN· Positions filled in HighTEACHING Schools, �cade�ies. andTV Colleges m vanous de-.u"1 'partments. For further'JA1fUARY ,inf�miation apply to'THE CLARK TEACHERS' AGENCY:37�88 W:abash ayenueTel. Harrison .¢ ChiC&itO, Ill. Suits pressed, SOC; TrouSC�j�c:'J';';� ,,: ,,;''',-,".-Henry Heinze, Tailor306 E. 57th street CHICAGOMUSSEY'S,Billiard Halls and Bowling Alleys, The Largest and Finest AmusementResort in the W orId100 to' 108 MADISON STREET.::�=.WM. FREUND &: SONS17.-176 State at. Opwsite Palmer House T •••• ARTHUR G. KING ••••AI Going to have a WinterL Suit 'I SEE ME : ••' : :' : Lo 0R�---------------------RTAv. H. DECKER, WATCHMAKER2<60 E. sstll st. ...ct JEWELERCHICAGO 'Phone Blne 2365Best In a box designed especially for theUniversity of Chicago. A postereffect of a Chicago girl in the Uni­versity colors, the U. of C. Flag,Chicago yell, etc.BARBER SHOPG.F.AiRm446 E. Fifty-fifth st. Open Ulltil 9 P." andCor. Lexineton ave. Sunda,. MOl1linesScheyer, Hoglund CO.TAILORS89 East Madison St., - Suite 9-12A'Special Offer ill Full Dress, Tuxedo,� : Ud!PdnOe AIbert:-""Sulta �' ::. �: Of �:...,Please Can ud IilYeatipteIllINOIS��E�l�LAW3OOStwd ... t., 70 pawd 1111110;. Bar ulUlll_t/Olt./at ,ear.s...d for oataJog to HOWARD II. OGDEII, PrN •• 172 � Sf.E. BURNHAMHAIR GOODSELECTROLYSISFacial Ieurlnr. Ladl.· HairDreaIDr _d lcuriDr. Ladl.·T"rkl8h _d KDaIau Ba&h.70 and 72 Sla/� st., - - CHICAGOINSURANCE5% TWENTY YEAR ENDOWMENT BONDSEVE�Y DOLLAR GUARANTEED; NO ESTIMATESIf you wiJ) send me your full name and address,.toeether with dale of birth, I will submit propositiCXlTelephone Central 3931 G EO. M. LEE 1008 Marquette Bldg, ChicagofJ��;;�;;;;��. AFFILIATED WITH THE U�IVERSITY OF CHICAGO fI t Students may work during the winter quarter at Stetson and receive ftheir credits at Chicago. �� t The equipment for work is good. At Stetson there is no snow, noj t (rozen ground, or mud. For recreation, besides regular college ath-jt letics, there are fine opportunities for driving, bicycling, hunting, #� t boating and fishing. Expenses, including railroad fare, are not much #, in excess of those at Chicago. For catalog, and further information, #, address the president, J. F. FORBES, PH.D., DeLand, Fla. #,,�� ......... ��� ............. � .......... � ..........THE STUDENT'S FRIENDCHICAGO, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 11, 1902SUCCESSFUL II MAJOaS aDd MINOaS I I aUSH :MEDIC NOTES IA MRS. A. M .. TALLEYMODISTETailor Stylu ctlJiu' er tlriri".lIdr n ICUlUUteed. T_uty.fin ,.ears' expcrieDce aDlOD&'our best families. ExceptiODal refereuc:es furuiahcdwbe�· desired. Goods aud trimmiues selected, if re-quested. 4545 WABASH A VB., CBlC.lGOThe semitic club will meet tonight at 7:30in the President's study.The Rev. C. W. Briggs, of Bakalvd, Philip­pme lslandl.·,riU address the Divinity ChapelFriday, 10130.The Ul1lnnity chess champion. F. R.Dapprieh, .u defeated by F. J. Hornsteinin the aecolld round of the chess tournament.It is rumored among the medics that Dr.G. N. Stewart. of the Western Reserve Uni­versity. is to be the successor of Dr. JacquesLoeb.The literary lights of M. Ingres' French7 class are busily engaged in grinding out ashort story in French for the Monthly Ma·roan, . A number of the men at Rush are gettingup a college Glee club. Rehearsals are beingheld at the rooms of the different members.President John Ury called a Senior Classmeeting Iorthis morning in the Lower Am­phitheatre at 9 o'clock.The instruments used by the late Prof.'Fenger have been presented to the Rush Col­lege Museum in Room SOOt Senn MemorialHall.. Everybody is anxiously awaiting the Uni­versity Senate meeting. at which the questionof coming back Friday or .Monday will bedecided.Announcements are out for the wedding ofDr. Philip Peterson Schuyler Doane, of thedepartment of surgery, to Miss Helen Stew­art, daughter of the well-known GraemeStewart.-Dr, Warren H. Hunter, of the class of '96and formerly 'interne in Cook County, 'hasaccepted a position in the medical depart­ment of. the College of P.hysicians and Sur­geons.E. H. Jacobs, of the class of '03, won thesurgical instruments and medicine case whichwere ramed in the college post office yester­day. There was great excitement in the lobbywhile the numbers were being drawn. FOR SHAMPOOING......• •• USE •••v\lhy? BELGlN SKIN aod SCALP SOAPThe Beat Medicated Soap on the Market.. Sent by mail, 25 cents, prepai ••THE BELGIAN DRUG CO.,14 Adami St., Dexter Bld£. Telepboue Hanison 241'eBecause I serve the members of the Univer­sity with EXCEPTIOIUL SKILL, and give myCLOSEST ATTENTION to their work. and carrythe BEST AIm LARGEST COLLE�ON of-woolenstoselect Irom,.' The Glee Club, headed by Ernest �1iller,will liven things up at the Studebaker nextTuesday aftemoon....fet'-the· benefit of thosein, attendanl:��sday's· convocationmeeting. .Lost-In Cobb corridors or basement, oron the campus last Tuesday night, a goldscarf-pin, Pin was in form of a leaf, withthree small pearls in it. Finder please re­turn to Information office.Adelbert Stewart left here on Tuesdayevening for Washington, la., to be presentat the services over the body of Charlie Bur­roughs, who died recently at Paris. It wasdecided to hold no services at the Univerattyuntil next quarter, the date to be announeedlater. - ....__ . .. _.The Sophomore class held a meeting thismorning at 10:30. The only m ... ner dis­cussed was the paying of a $20 debt incurredat the time of the 1905 dance last year, forthe rent of Rosalie Hall. Cahill, the classpresident, appointed Speik, Gridley, andMagee to decide on an assessment and col­lect it. The committee decided on a 50-centassessment.The watch fob reported yesterday asfound, and described as containing a pictureand a ·lock of hair, the same to be returnedupon application, did .not originally containthe articles named. it now develops. Thefob was found by a little girl and taken toFoster Hall, where some young ladies insert­ed the picture and the hair, all of which nodoubt relieves from embarrassment the youngman whose name was yesterday mentionedin connection with the recovery.Convenient to U. of C.William Sachen320 sc;th st., near Monroe aveL. MANASSE, OPTICIAN88 Ma son se., Tribune BuildingSpectacles and Eyeglasses Scientiflcally AdjustedEyes Tested Free. EverythiD2 OpticalMadiemaucal, ..Metereol�ical.audfor the Lautemill.Kodaks, C&meruand SuppUes. I ACADEMY ITEMSIThe members of the South Side Academyfootball team posed for their photographslast Friday at Root's studio.Lewis Institute has withdrawn its appli­cation for membership in the Inter-academicDebating League, The debating society ofthat school is composed chiefly of first andsecond-year collegiate students, and there­fore do not come in the same class as theother members of the league.South Side Academy will this quarter dis­pense with the customary manner of con­ducting examinations. Usually the last threedays of the qua- ter are given up entirely toexaminations, allowing about two or threehours for each subject. This year classeswill be held at the regular periods in whichoral and y ritten exercises will be conducted,covering the work pursued during the quar­ter.The track oupook at. Morgan Park issomewhat discouraging since the teams ofpast years have been so speedy. Of the oldmen winning emblems, Capt. Schoonhovenand H. Jayae.are.back •.• Capt. Schoonhovenwill take care of the dashes, polevaults, andboth hurdles; with him in the dashes are:Higgins of last year's team, Carter, of HoweSchool; Stuart of Washing ton, la., Flinn. of last year's team, McConoughy of Rochelle'High. In the hurdles there are Schoonhoven,Flinn and McConoughy. The half-milers. are H, Jayne whose time is 2:0S, C. Jayne,Hellyer of Lawrenceville, and Lyons ofHuron Academy. There are no quarter­milers o( ability bnt some may develop. C.Jayne. last year's miler, is the only one atpresent who can be .found for that event,In the field events are: R. Oliver who hasdone S fL 8 in. in the high jump and 10 ft.2 in. in the pole vault; Bennison, Muscatine(Ia..) H. S., who has done S ft. S in. in thehigh jump and put the shot 38 fL; Vaile ofRochelle is a weight man. The manage­ment has arranged winter meets with LakeForest, Englewood, and Armour. ART CALENDARFourgrac:eful poses from nrC; figures ten incheshigh. reproduced in colors. Highest uampleof lithographic:: art."THE ONLY WAY"to own one of these beautitul calendars isto send twenty-five c::ents\ with name of publi­cation in whic::h you read this advertisement,toGEO.j.CHARLToN,General Passenger Agent,Chicago & Alton Railway, 328 Monadnoc:kBuildiug, CHICAGO, ILL.The best railway line between CHICAGO,S1'. LoUIS, KANSAS Crrv and hORIA. .JENKINS BROTHERSReasonable and Reliable Retail�of Fme Dry Goods, Meu�sF� Boots andShoes, EtC., Etc. JJ JJT�e::r�23 Cor.63cl at. and Kimbark ave.. Columbia School of Music'KIMBALL HALLJackson blvd. and Wabaab ave.Music, Elocution, Dancing 8EITLEMEIWHO DRESs FOR sms. lEATIESS, AID COMFORTWEAR THE .MPROVED.New lDUltrated Catal� FreeCLARB OSBORNE RBED, LoUIS McDoNALD.. Director· Busiue5S Manaeerc. C. C. MEN MEET TOMORROWHayward D. Warner, captain ofthe Cross Country .Club,)')� .�@geda meeting of that organization fortomorrow (Friday) afternoon, De­cember 12, at 4 o'clock in the gym_This meeting is called for the pur­.pose of deciding on the .time fortaking the picture of the club, andmaking arrangements for the annualbanquet. This banquet was held inthe spring quarter last year, but Cap­tain Warner thinks that it wonld bebetter to hold it some time in Janu­ary or February this year. It ishoped t hat all C. C. C .. men will be. on hand at this meeting. BOSTONGARTERPIIOTOGlUPlIBRSHEE'T···"'M'U'SICTALKING23c. and MACHINES 23c.. The Musk Shop Steinway HaDFRED. J. HAMILLTe1epboae 718 OaklaDdA. McAdamsTHE UNIVERSITY FLORISTGREENHOUSES: CHI'''' Ii. 'GOCor. S3d st. and Kimbark 11ft. �Storage:i� Miss Williams to Speak for JuniorsMiss Alene Williams, '04, was to­day unanimously chosen to repre-·sent the candidates for the associateDegree at the fall convocation. Shewill reply to President Harper's ad­dress. Miss Williams is a graduateof the Englewood High School. �palr,8I11t!Oc..Coaou!:Sc.JIalled oa ftftip& 01. price.Geo. Frat Co., •• lIera,lato., ...... U.s.l.Telephoae, 461 ucl462 W ntworUtBECKLENBERG'S EXPRESS &V AN CO.6154 to 6160 WeDtworth ATe.BRAKCH: &,,0'1 COttace GrG'Ye ATe. Miss Mae Wheeler will return to the Uui­versity to continue her work next quarter."Phone Gray � Salts called tor and deliveredJ. JAOODZINSKI, TAILOR4..64 E. 55th st., ue&r Cleaniue, Dyeiue.Greeuwood ave., CHICAGO aDd Repairlue BANQUETSBOWMAN DAIRY CO. The Nickel Plate Roadwill afford its patrons an opportunity to takeadvantage of . low rates for Christmas andNew Year holidays, by selling tickets at afare and a third for the round-trip to allpoints on their line, December 24, 2S and 31,1902, and January I. 19°3. Return limit in­cluding January 2,1903. Through serviceto New York city, Boston, and other easternpoints. Chicago passenger station, Harrisonst. and Fifth ave. For further infonnationaddress John Y. 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Notices must be left at THB MAROON officeor Faculty ExchanRe before, I : 00 A. II.Student ActivitiesDramatic Club RehearsalsThursday, Dec. I I, Haskell, 7:45 P. M.,Acts 1,2 and 3.Friday, Dec. 12, Haskell, 7:45 P. M., ActsSaturday, Dec. 13, Haskell, 2 I'. M., ActsMonday, Dec. IS, Haskell, 4 P. M., ActsTuesday, Dec. 16, Haskell, 7:45 P. M.,Acts-·-.Friday, Dec. 19, Haskell, 7:45 I'. M., ActsSaturday, Dec. 20, Haskell, 2:00 I'. ),1.,Acts--.The Dramatic Club will hold its monthlymeeting at.7:45 Saturday,. December 13, in.the library of Hitchcock Hall.Calendar for the WeekTHURSDAY, DECEMBER IIThe Semitic Club, the President's Study,7:30 P. M. Paper, "Survivals of Primitive Seemitic Religion among Syrians and Arabs."Professor Samuel Ives Curtiss, of ChicagoTheological Seminary.The Zoological Club, 5801 Monroe ave.,8:00 P. !'-I. Topics, Review of Conklin's pa·per, "Karyokinises and Cytokinesis," Mr. J.M. Scott. Review of Adolph Speeler's paper,"Ueber die Teilungserscheinungen der Eizel­len in degenerierenden Follikeln des Sanger.ovariums," Mr. B. M. Allen.FRIDAY, DECEMBER 12Chapel-Assembly-e- The Divinity School.Chapel, Cobb Lecture Hall, 10:30 A. M.The Women Students' Christlan League,Assembly Hall, Haskell Museum, 10:30 A.:M. Subject: "News Afield."Der Deutsche Klub halt die lc+ate Ver·sammlung des Quartals um 4-6 Uhr inGreen Hall. Programm: Weihnachtsfeier.Public Lecture, "Francesca da Rimini inItalian and English Literature," by Dr. LisiCecilia Cipriani. Chapel, Cobb Hall, 4:00P. M.The Mathematical Club, Room 35,. Ryerson Physical Laboratory, 4:00 P. !'-I.Papers will be read by Professor Laves, �Ir.Calley, and Professor Dickson.SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13Meetings of University Ruling Bodies,Haskell Museum: The Faculty of the JuniorColleges, 8:30 A. M. The United Facultiesof Arts, Literature, and Science, 10.00 A. M.The University Senate, 11.30 A. M.Reduced Rates' for Christmas and Nf\7Year HolidaysThe Nickel Plate Road will sell tickets De·ccember 24, 25. and 31, 1902, and January I,1903, at rate of a {are and a third· for theround trip, to any point located in CentralPassenger Association territory, good return­ing to and including January 2, 1903. Pull­man service on all trains. Individual ClubMeals, ranging in price from 35c. to $1.00,served in dining-cars, Address Iohn Y. Cal­ahan, General Agent, 113 Adams st., Chi­cago, for particulars, Chicago city ticketoffice, III Adams st.; depot, Harrison st.and Fifth ave.The surveys of a site for the $25,-000 laboratory, which is to be builtfor Professor Loeb, have been ac­cepted by the University of Cali­fornia. Contractors' bids are to bereceived soon.Edison supplies of au kinds; Columbia ADd VictorE. W. ALBROPHONOGRAPHS and .GRAPBOPHONES400 E. Sixty-Third st., ChicagoIlS1'AaUSIdO 1874W. T. Keener & Co.MEDICAL BOOKSELLE�SPublishers and Importers·Main Store9OW ...... 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