...... ... ",. ,. � \ .... ,. "( .,;'/'�',The Daily Maroon'•Pabllahecl A.ftemoou by the Stu4eata of the UDlftBity of Chlcap DariJaC the Pour Qaarten of the UDlnnity YearVOL. I. No. 42 PRICE THREE CENTSCHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1902ALUMNI CHEER TEAM .FINAl MASS MEETING FOR SHELDON AND HIS TEAftJ! I SUCCESS EXPECTEDChicago Club of the AssociationCongratulates Team andCheers Expected Victory "I tell you, boys and girls, we aregoing to have a glorious day to­morrow!" With these words the OldMan spoke the spirit of the last ante­game student mass-meeting of theseason held this morning in Kent.Though last, it was not least, as wasevinced by Kent being filled tooverflowing, and resounding withcheers, speeches, and music.After Allen Burns' opening re­marks, he pruposed three timesthree for Dr. Goodspeed. Thevenerable enthusiast said in part:The first thing that comes to my mind is.. Cheer. boys, cheer! Chicago's got theball! .. I think I shall feel like doingthat tomorrow. The last year Kennedyplayed, Wisconsin was sure of beating us.But we turned the tables on them, 17 too, When we got through it was thegreatest day of your life. I believe inthis team, as all of you do. I believe thatthis team is able to beat any team in the\Vest that does not ring in ··rlngers;" \Vis­consin does not. I want to see the team to­morrow have the spirit of combat of the oldNorsemen in them. Go down toward Wis­consin's goal with such determination thatnothing can stop' you. We know you cando it.-Do it! Do'!! Do it! ! !, When Professor Stagg referred tothe gathering as the last mass meet­ing, Dr. Goodspeed called, out thatthere would be another after thegame; ever�body applauded. Mr.STAGG HAS "RESTFUL FEEL!NG",r:t"'""' Coach Tells Alumni They Must EverHave Ilu:reaaing Pride inthe UniversityWith nine hearty 'rahs for victorythe Chicago Alumni Club of theAlumni Association of the Universityof Chicago closed its fifth annualbanquet at the Hamilton Club lastnight.The meeting was a great success.It was one of the most impressivegatherings of the kind ever held. Afeeling of deep sorrow was cast overthe members by the announcementof the untimely death of one of themost active members of the organ­ization, Charles L. Burroughs.Seventy-fivermen were present atthe repast and all agreed that thedollar spent for the supper was thebest investment ever made. Thespeeches were eloquent and the Chi-cago spirit displayed was inspiring. means only in inducing these men to enterAmong the speakers were such menour institution. The result of our efforts isas Director Stagg, Captain Sheldon, that we have a larger per cent. of athleticProfessor O. J. Thatcher, "Phil" AI- material in the University now than everlen and Frank McNair, who ably rep- before. But this fact is due rather to Stagg'sattitude toward the men than to the work ofresented the student body. the committees. Stagg. personally, can do�'JUdie�"�Wilson Presides such work best. He is the man to run thisbusiness through to the end, so that we canW. O. Wilson, President of the get the best men in the secondary schools to.AllllJllli...�.....A.ssocjatio{\,. ..... opened., .Jbe. 'Come t�I�UbiwmtrGt,Chicmgo; -:->-'�-'- '. '- "meeting with a few remarks on the After Dr. Raycroft's remarks the .purposes of the organization and its Alumni indulged in. a rousing "Hotsuccess. He said:_ Time" and good yells.We have assembled here tonight to enjoy Un4ergraduates Presenttogether the fifth annual dinner of the Uni-versity of Chicago Alumni Association, Frank McNair, of. the class of '03,which bids fair to be the' best one Since who represented the student body atthe inception of the organization. We have the banquet,' was .the next-speaker:proceeded gradually and have probably donebut little, but what we have done we have It was very pleasing to hear Mr. Stagg saydone well, as Mr. Phil Allen will testify. to me a few moments ago: "We seem toTwo years ago all the western colleges have a good sprinkling of undergraduateswere bitterly antagonistic to Chicago. Mr. here tonight." Yes, we are here. and are,Allen is very able to tell us how the other glad of it. But we are not here to tell whatcolleges feel toward Chicago now. we know. We want to find out what youknow. Very few of us undergraduates knowPhil Allen Speaks anything about the Alumni Club, and we" Phil" Allen responded to the want to learn about it. We appreciate yourtoast with an interesting speech, invitation tonight and thank you very muchfor it.which in part was as follows:Professor James W. Thompson:It seems mighty good to be at another chairman of the committee on thealumni dinner. It may seem rather slow f&rthe younger members of the club, but when new student club house, next toldwe old ones look back on the first two or the alumni about this new feature ofthree meetings it fills our hearts with joy to our college life and urged all grad-.see how these latter ones haxe improved in h 1 b b beeattendance and general tone. The alumni uates to help out t e c u y om-have always done all they could toward �lId- ing associate members. He said thising the athletic teams of the University, and club was destined to become thewe intend to continue to do so. I wish to finest of its kind in the country-notcongratulate this year's team on the great 1 d h H d U .showing they have made. It is true that we exc u ing t e arvar monohave been beaten; but we have been beaten Faculty'. Interest in Al1UllDibv the best team that I have ever seen play Professor Oliver J. Thatcher was-':and I have seen a good many teams inaction. I expect that Michigan will beat. next called upon. He represented�linnesota,and I alsoexpectlhatChicagowill the faculty at the meeting and spokebeat Wisconsin next Thursday. Wisconsin has very eloquently of the feelings thenothing to lose, but we have a lot to gain. facultv holds for the UniversityIf we beat Wisconsin we will have the 'tJsecond team in the West. I feel that we alumni. He said:are to be congratulated that Chicago is on I want to tell you alumni that you are notthe square. and that no men are on the team forgotten at the University. Your names arewho are not bona fide students of the mentioned very often; I assure you that weUniversity. Other universities have always are interested in you and are always glad todone missionary work to get good athletes hear of your successes. ,As to the team, Ito come into their folds, but Chicago has have watched the practice nearly every after-never done that. Stagg wants 'the men to be noon this fall and know we have a goodreal students and not merely men who come team. We have good grounds to he proudto plav football, I am happy that our team of our men if thev land second place in thehas worked up to such a degree of perfection championship class,without the aid of players who are notstrictly on the square. William S. Bond. who was the sec-Preps Coming to Chicago ond President of the Association,said a few thincs about the club'sAfter nine hearty rahs were given nfor "Phil" Allen and "Maroon, Ma- former gatherings, and comparedthem to the one of last night.roon, Maroon" was rendered lustily I 'under the direction of the author, After singing "'Tis. A. :\ onzo'Horace I.ozier, Dr. Raycroft was several times Mr. Stagg was finallycalled upon to tell about the com- prevailed upon to sing "The Oldmittee formed for "rushing" athletes Gray Horse," to the delight of allof secondary schools for Chicago. the men present, who joined in theHe said: chorus.Assistant Coach Garrey followedThe object of this committee was to inftu· with a short, witty speech. His talkence men-athletes and others-e-tc enter thel'nivenity. We were to use legitimate (Continued on page 3-) Stagg told what he had said to theAlumni Club last night and added:Wisconsin has a team of fighters and abil­ity. There is a sign over their door in theirtraining quarters which reads ... No quittersallowed here." We also have a team whoare fighters and not quitters, and I believeyou will acknowledge, of some little ability.So I tell you, boys and girls, we are going tohave something glorious tomorrow.When Allen Burns called on Jim·mie Bheldon, he reminded thosepresent that this was the last timethey would hear him speak as a mem­ber of the football team. The stu­dents rose and remained standingwhile Captain Jimmie spoke. Hesaid in part :As Mr. Stagg used the same speech hemade last night, 1 hope you will pardon meif I give you the same one I made. Mr.Stagg said last night he had a restful feel­ing, I said 1 did not feel so restful, and theteam feels the same way. No, I'll take thatback. I'm sure we are going to win, but itwill be a hard fight. 1 have said this atevery mass meeting, and this meeting is noexception.The band, led by Adelbert Stewart,struck up "When Jimmie GoesThrough the Line," and all presentsang.The meeting closed at II o'clock,all too soon for the enthusiastic stu­dents.FIRSI' C. C. C. RACE IN THE WEST.Chicago and Northwestern Will Bold NewForm of Athletic Contest on Jlidway.To-morrow morning the first in­tercollegiate Cross Country Clubmeet ever held in the west will berun off on the Midwav. The race is- scheduled .fo, 10:30 .�. M., the-"wen-'to start and finish on the Midway, infront of Haskell.The course to be run is laid outaround the Jackson Park lagoon. Asit will be new to the Northwesternmen. Mr. Stagg will either, use arelay of pace-makers to show the wayor else clearly mark the course withwhite flags.The teams are as follows:Chicago--Warner (captain), .Hall,Henry, Hook, Mathews, Brown .. _.Northwestern-Spencer (captain);Stahl, Maxwell, R. Baird, Mull, Lewis.PRESENT THANKSGIVING PROGRAMChildren of School of EdacatioD BDgage ina Very Pretty Celebration Toc1ay.A very pretty Thanksgiving cele­bration by children was presentedthis morning at 10:30 in the Schoolof Education bv the members of thesixth seventh," and eighth grades.The �hildren were dressed in colonialcostumes, 'The program consisted of varioussongs and Thanksgiving psalms, �ndone of the principal events was aprocession of children bearing offer­mgs of fruitto the Mother of Plenty,represented by I Mrs. Flint, wife ofthe UniversityEnglish Professor.Following the above was a recep­tion to the parents of the pupi�s.The officers of the day were: MISSBaker, captain; Miss Grace Ha�·­man, first lieutenan"; Miss JessieHines, second lieutenant.SECOND MONTHLY. MAROON MONDAYitA Day With Lew Wallace" and a Front­ispiece of Local Color Featuresof IssueThe lead article for the Decemb�rissue of THE M()�"THI.Y MAROON Willbe "A Day With Lew Wallace," byCharles A. Kent, a graduate student.A frontispiece of Gen. �Vallac� andseveral half-tone illustrations WI Jl addto this feature of the issue.The cover design for the secondissue is the work of Strong Vincent -Norton and is bright wit� localcolor.The magazine wi11 be tout nextMonday. . Maroon's C�ces Against TheCardinal in Big ThanksgivingStruggle are Bright\ .ROOTERS ARE PROUD OF TEAMVictory, on IIarahaU Field Tomorrow'Will be Fitting Climu: toGlorious SeasonWill we win from Wisconsin?There are many reasons to think wewill. Mr .. Stagg, although he does, not prophesy a victory, says he has arestful feeling. This means a gooddeal coming from the Old Man, whois always conservative and very sel­dom wrong in his judgment. Wedo not expect to win easily or to rollup a score. That the game will beclose and hard fought there cannotbe the slightest doubt, and we willbe satisfied and happy if we win byone point.Our defense was more efficientagainst Michigan than was Wiscon­sin's. Michigan did not rush usdown. the field at the beginning ofthe game .in double-quick order fora touchdown. We held time aftertime.. and at one point three times atthe one-vard line. Wisconsin madeno such stand. They were extremely'lucky in defense by timely runs byJuneau. Michigan could not gainagainst us by straight bucks and itis _r���0�ab1� .. tC?"�sup�. ..!.h..�t,�is:,consm, whose offense IS withoutdoubt inferior to Michigan's, can dono better than the Wolverines.Oar· Line SuperiorIt was Michigan's versatility andtricks which defeated us, . Can Wis­consin do the same.P We doubt' it.Wisconsin bas not up to the present.time shown aJ"y ability in this direc­tion. Its playmg has been bonest,straight football. Furtbermore, ourFreshmen will undoubtedly be wiserthan before.The Badgers' offense did not gainas mucb ground against Michigan as.we did with a disorganized team,andit cannot therefore inspire us ,nthawe. We should be able' to' bold'them.The Wisconsin defense is undoubt­edly good, but Michiganis is better,Without Lee Maxwell we were ableto gain against Michigan, andshouldtherefore have an easier time againstWisconsin. The plays, are, runningmuch more smoothly than before theMichigan game, and Lee Maxwellwill be there. .Furthermore Mr.Stagg says that trick plays have beenso well assimilated that they will berun off without giving then: away., IiDe-Up iD DoubtRegarding the line-up for tomor­row Mr. Stagg is still undecided.The abundance of the material isunprecedented in the history ,of theUniversity, and all of it "is so goodthat the first choice is hard to make.The line positions will probably bethe same as heretofore, but the endsand backs have not 'been chosen.Mr. Stagg says:I absolutely do not know what the line-upwill be. It is the most perplexing problemI have ever had. perplexing in its very wealth.Then there is the uncertainty about Maxwell.I do not know how long he will Jast.If we win tomorrow, as we havegood reason to believer-we 'should bethe proudest rooters that ever TOOted.Our team will have performed won­ders. Who at the beginning of theseason dreamed that we had a fairchance to defeat Wisconsin? At thattime no team in the West was thoughtto be in the same class with Michigan(Continued on page 3-) '1- ....:{:<(.:_ ......... _- .. ..,..,. ......, - \'!j:�;�;·':.�i�':-1t�,: ;.:;1��",' :.:��-;:tr".p._,�:JI>'):;��::. ;::��t",�}t;:?l:..1., :�;:�:::')1.' .::�-:;.:::'�?: ..• �� .. �,���rl�f!>:\\?'1_!:�i> -: ":r :�., ", \ ' .:�• J '.�'ICHICAGQ, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, 1902--==��==============�====================�==============================================1lIIe .,Dally Maroon'-'7 tile l1ahcnitr aI 0bC:ac0 W_kly.1'OCJIII)a)on. Uahaak, 01 auc.eo W-k17 -' Odobu 1.119-'r. D.AJLY � - Odobu I. lODeBOAIlD OF BDlTOJl8J1 ..... Editor - • HDaUT Eo FLmIDCGXews.Uftor. - • - Ouna B. WYIIAJIAtIaIetic Editor • Roaur 1.. Hbft, J It •.ASSOClATBIlDnollSf'b1fC1s F. TISCHIl . ....AJCIe McNAI.Eu P. G.ALIl· ADlluauT. SnWAJITW AI.It&a G. McLAUJrY hAllie It. AD.uIsAUSTIIC A. HAYDUWOIIU IlDnoUII .. CommuA·S. S� . Mlss!� C. HOIIIISBU8D1B88 STAPPTHIl DAILY MAIlOOlC THII MOKrHLY MAIIOONBasiaess Manaeer - -AssistaDt Busi_ ManaeerAdYertlsil!J M�'­Rush Medic MaDa£eI'Sec:mary • BYROII G. MOOIfJ UUAN 1.. B.,DE- PLAn M. CoIIRAD• C. H. McKItNNA- FaED WOIlTHINGTOII.A��lzi:atU" ",ad, fllr '''try as s,clI"tl-class ",at·tn- at til, ellic_X" PIISt ..fj'ie,.Dally Subscription, S3 per 4 quartan I S 1 for 3 months8ylla1lin city 14 per 4 quartan I S 1.25 for 3 monthsSabKriaumoas receiYed at "The M_" Ollce. first 8001" the�� H.lt� IIl"ne J4arooIl" Box. the FacultyPrlD� by the UDlwers1ty of Chlcaco Press.I" EDITORIALS�e heartily agree with the alum­nus who, speaking as "Exhibit Crt lastnight, said: "The undergraduates.and the entire University need thehelp of the alumni." We 'need theirhelp; we appreciate their help; theyhelp. Are you an alumnus? If not,you are going to be one; better getin practice.-How does-the University.appearto the observer 'from the Midway?From the Many students have asked:.iclway that question. We are allanxious, of course, that this greatuniversity block and campus, no mat­ter from which direction it is ap­proached, shall bri Ilg forth none butwords of admiration for the beautyof its architecture and for the tastein the arrangement of its buildings.And so, many who watch the dailyadvance in the University's growthare wondering how the Universitywill look to the thousands whoseonly view-point is from the Midway.While the student is going to andfrom his classes, his thoughts may befar from the University itself, but atthe same time a world of people arepassing and are commenting on thestructure, beauty, and arrangementof all that goes to make up thisUniversity.This fall many thousands havecome to Marshall Field by way ofFitty-sevenrn street on their way tothe' football games. _ These manyvisitors have 'stood and admired thegreat .Tower on the northeast cornerof the campus. Nothing but words ofpraise h ave been heard from peoplewho have seen the University fromFifty·seventh street... But from the Midway the outsideworld views the University. Throughthis great avenue, now famous for itsconnection with the World's Fair,visitors are constantly passing, andfcom this view-point give judgmenton the University. This fact shouldnot be passed over lightly. Thebuildings on the Midway should beas imposing as the TTniversity canafford, and every student hopes that�his will be realized when our" Mid­way institution" is complete.The School of Education building is yet in the early stages of COD­struction, and what is to be doneto beautify it few of us as yet know.Again, we can only hope that it willhave Dot only an Imposing, but ahighly artistic and even beautiful ap­pearance from the Midway.lIEWS mo. THE UlIIVERSlTIESThe new president of Swar.ilmoreCollege is Dr. Joseph Swain, who wasformerly professor of mathematics atStanford.The senior class football team atIllinois defeated a team from thefaculty by a score of 23 to 6.One hundred thousand dollars basbeen given to the University of Penn­_sylvania to endow a new departmentof Assyriology.' .'Land for newbuildings costs i200,-000 an acre at Columbia, $50,000 atChicago, and $ I 8,000 at Harvard.­Ex.The Michigan University band isrun by its own management, and allreceipts for services rendered are di­vided among the members.GJH�GOY(Er5r5ESPODS YOU OUGHT TO DOCENo matter how busy you are you oucht to take a fewmomeats off each day to join in the erand swell of theanvil chorus.-MAKCUS Aultl!Llus DooLEY.FAIR CRUELTYThe rejected lover meets the girl,And staggers in surprise,For his acquaintance sbe has cutWith the daggers in her eyes.The timers of the Hllnois-Chicago fresh.man football game were Enoch andBadenoch.In the account of the hold-up adventure ofR. C. Brown and Perry Payne we find thefollowing: "Payne had a wallet containingabout $50 but managed to drop it on thesteps unnoticed by the burglars." We don'tknow just how this looks to the rest of youhut we think that if it is really true it is upto Perry to "buy."Belted back "tourist's" overcoats, madeup. in fancy rough-faced cheviots, can behad of Browning, King &; Co., Wabash ave.and Madison st., at very moderate prices.Monroe Building CafeSixth' -- & ElevatorPloor 5519 .-onroe .a.ve. 5erYiceHandsomest Afpointed Cafe in Hyde ParkBreakfast, Luncheon and DinnerSerrice prompt and faultless. CuiaiDe UIlexceDed.Splencbd new of the Campus from the Dillin,Room.. : : : UDi?eI81ty StudeD� Welcome.In Union there is Strength!Also Comfort if you have yourUnion SuitsMade to Fit.We make UNDERWEAR to Measure,·Also SWEATERS, etc.STRAUSS-CAHN KNITTING CO.N. 'VI. Cor. 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For fu I particulars. addn:ssSUMBOLA 4S4S Wabula AYnlleCHICAGO, ILI.., U.S.A.. 'CHICAoo., �EDN�DAY, NOY�EB 26,1902 "A SUCCESSFULTailor Punts FroDl the lSleachersSUCCESS, F-XPECTED ALUIIlII CHEER TEAl[That the game tomorrow will not decidethe championship should not detract fromits interest, We have one of the best teamswe ever had, and we are to meet our old rioval, \Visconsin, who also has one of the bestteams that ever represented the Cardinal.We must not emphasize the question ofchampionship too much. A person's sue­cess, it has been well said, does not dependso much on how high he has climbed, buthow many rungs in the ladder of success hehas been able to ascend. With a team it isthe same. On this basis our team has beenmuch more successful than has Michigan. Atthe start we were greatly handicapped; nowwe are almost even.That we should be more proud of ourrecord than Michigan on what has been ac­complished is certain, and furthermore,though we dislike to detract from our rival'sglory, we should think that the fact that avery serious and well-founded suspicionhangs over-some of the \Volverine players,and in one case, that of McGugin, was abso­lutely and indisputably proved, would con­siderably diminish the pleasure which Michi­gan supporters can get out of the success ofYost's wonderful team. \Ve are proud ofSHEET MUSIC �.ourbOYs. • • � _ •T ALKIN'G ' The team will be taken t6' the Lexington2 3 C and ' 23 C Hotc�l after the game tomorrow for Thanks-· MACIiINES • giving dinner.\'lhy?Because I sene the members 01 the Uniyef>osity with EXCBPTIOllAL SKILL, and giye myC:::.osEST ATTElITlOll to their work. and ,carrythe BEST AIID LARGEST COLLBCTIOll ofwoolens to select from.t: C.onVeilieilt to U .. of C� .'William Sachen320 SC;th st •• near Monroe aveL. MANASSE, OPTICIAN88 Mad aoa se., Trlbaae BullcllacSpec:taclea and Byepuaea SCienWlc:ally A4juatec1.EycsTeated FreeEverythi02 OpticalMathematicalMetereoloei�.andfor the Lantemist.Eoc!ab. Cameruand Supplies.JENKINS BROTHERSReasonable and Reliable RdailaSof Fme Dry Goods, Men�si"'umishings, Boots andShoes, � Etc. � .-TelephoneDrexel "S23 Cor.63c:I It. and Kimhark ave.Columbia School of MusicKIMBALL HALLJKksoD blvd. aad W ........ ave.Music, 'Elocution, DancingNew Illustrated Cat2lOEUe FreeCLARE OSBORNE REIm, LoUIS McDoNALD,Director Business Manaet:rPHOTOGlUPBBR (Continued from page I)and Wisconsin. Both universitieshad veteran teams, with practicallythe same men who placed them atthe head of the list last year. Fromour 1900 team, which was to say theleast not great, only five men re­turned. We had to build up a teamfrom raw material. At that timethe Knox game was a big test, andPurdue loomed up as a well-nlghimpassable obstacle. To think ofour improvement is truly gratifying.We have developed so far thisyear that we are now in the cham pion.shi p class 'and a good match for thebest, in the country", As-UCaptainSheldon expressed' it,' if we should goon improving at the same rate thatwe have done, and the season endedat Christmas instead of Thanksgiv­ing, no team in the country wouldbe our equal.• ••The Music Shop Stanway HallFRED. 1. HAMILL .1 MAJORS and MINORS 1Telephone 718 Oakland _ _A. McAdamsTHE UNIVERSITY FLORISTGREENHOUSES :Cor. 53d st. and Kimbark ave. CffiCAGOSt Moving.oragepa�gTelephoue, 461 and 4&1 W DtworthBECKLENBERG'S EXPRESS &VAB CO.61S4 to 6160 Wentworth Ave. 'BRAlfCH: 6]01 Cottace GroTe Aye.'PboDe Gray m' Salts called tor aad deliveredJ. JAOODZINSKI, TAILOR4._64 E. 55th st., __ Cleanine. DyeiDe.Grecuwood aYe., CHICAGO and Repairi�BOWMAN DAIRY CO.• • • OUR.Mi1k is Bottled in the CountryIf You. Are Sick}'OIl wm requirePURE 'MEDICINESIf J'OII are well you will ww. tbe best 01GBlIBItAI. SUPPLIES�� Avery's P�cies55th and Moaroe 11ft. 57th aDd Coctace GIOYC! ave.Indian Curio Co.LARGEST STOCE OFComer s.,th & INDIAN CURIOSStoney IslaJ?d Of Tn WORLD. FRO • .l.LLo P po. t t e BORTH AJIBRIe.ur Dfl)1&lIPie14.un. TRIBES. fI OpeD ItgeDtJap Roscoe Fairchild, '0S, basso on the Uni­versity Choir, appeared 1D a concert givenby the Gottschalk Lyric 'School in KImballRecital Hall last night. He sang "Withinthe Sacred Bower," from the Magic Flute;Owing to Thursday and Friday beingholidays the Women Students' ChristianLeague will not have regular midweek ser­vice, so they want especially to urge theyoung women on and about the campus tocome to their "Thanksgiving praise service"Sunday, November �o, from 4 until 5 o'clockin Haskell Assembly Hall. A special pro­gram has been provided which will be mostbeneficial to all who attend.1 RUSH MEDIC NOTES 1At the junior class meeting yesterday morn­iug the following men were elected to thecouncil: Messrs. M. J.O'Hem, Gephardt, andG. G. Davis .The medics are busy making plans forspending Thanksgiving. A large numberof the men will go home; the foot ball con­tingent goes to Pnnceton, and the rest ofthe foot ball enthusiasts will be seen out onMarshall Field witnessing the Chicago­Wisconsin, game.FRIDAY A HOLIDAYNo University Classes to be Held �OD theDay After ThaDb,iTiD,There will be no classes Friday.The weekly calendar announces thatFriday, Nov. 28, is a "Universityholidav," and all those who haveplanned to go home or out of townover Thanksgiving can stay over Fri­day, or until Monday, without miss­ing classes.In the chapel assembly at the South SideAcademy this morning touching tributes werepaid to the honor of Charles Burroughs.Professor Whaley spoke of Mr. Burroughsas an acquaintance and gave a brief outline ofhis school life, showing how he had won honors, not only as an athlete, but as a student.Dean Owen spoke of him as havin� been hisinstructor both in academy and college. Hetold how diligently Mr. Burroughs alwayspursued his work in every detail.WATCH (Continued from Page I)was, in brief, as follows:I don't believe we will have an 1'8-0 cinchon Thursday. as someone has 5uggested, butI do feel that the g�e can be won.Director Stagg made one of hischaracteristic oratorical efforts and,indeed, outdid himself. Many oldgrads said it was. the strongest speechthat the Old Man has ever made.He became so much wrought up overthe great future that the Universityof Chicago has before it that he forgot entirely the coming game withWisconsin and sat down amidstheartfelt applause, without saying aword about our Thanksgiving gameBut on being reminded .of his oversight he again arose and talked football to the enjoyment of the alumniMr. Stagg's first speech was as follows:Wrector Stagg' 8 PositionI remember the 1901 meeting of this association with great thankfulness for tworeasons. First, because of the great trustand confidence you placed in me at thattime; and, second, because of what you didfor me on that occasion. You opened mymind for me and let a light in. I saw that1 was pursuing a course far too upright-bytoo upright 1 mean falling backward in myefforts to be honest and clean and square. Ifelt that I, personally, was not doing all 1should toward getting good men to enterthe University. I said to myself "Chicagomust do something or fall behind. " Isaw that there was no harm in seekinglegitimate athletic timber. 1 have since fol­lowed out a plan of getting men to come toChicago. But everything done has beenperfectly honest and above board and hasproved to be very effective. What has beendone cannot be criticised by anyone. Allletters that have been written were perfectlysquare and above board. Our plan hasproven successful. Anyone who questionsthis can see the correspondence. We haveinterested men and got them to come to theUniversity; but I can't do everytbing in thatline. The alumni are able to help us a greatdeal in getting fit men for us. and we wantyou to do what you can. Your influencewill count very decidedly in getting us men.The least vou can do is to let us know ofgoodmen ,of your acquaintance.Charlie Pike has spoken of the loyal spirit 'shown at Yale and Princeton. They didnot have as much in my day there. \Ve shallhave the same loyalty and pride displayedhere as soon as our graduates begin to takeenough interest in their Alma Mater to turnout at the games. If you want to feel thespirit of the University you must put your­selves in the proper attitude, by taking alively and continual interest in the Universityevents going on at the �lidway.Confident of VICtoryWhen asked about the Wisconsin game hesaid: "1 have a sort of restful feeling aboutthe game. I don't know whether this feel­ing is justified. but I have it. nevertheless.There are some reasons why it can be justi­fied. The team has dally been makingprogress in the perfection of its plays, andis learning to work off trick plays without awhole lot of notifying that something un­usual is going to happen. Our men maynot have the' inherent power to make victorysecure. but the progress of the team of latemakes me pretty confident, When you canshuffle in a trick play without a whole lot ofpreparation it makes a man feel hopefu.l forthe success of the team." ,After Stagg had finished every onecalled for Captain Jimmie Sheldon,"the man who will lead our team tovictory on Thursday." Sheldonspoke as follows:I haven't such" a restful feeling as Staggseems to have.. 1 myself and in fact all theteam are rather nervous about the result' ofthe game and are keyed up to the highestpoint, Maybe that is why Stagg is so rest­ful. We expect a hard game, but we have agood team. 1 feel, sorry for the otherWestern teams next year. There will benothing to it. They simply' can't stop us.We have had a good many mass-meetingsthis year in which the students have told usthat we have done the University a lot ofgood. We are going to stop doing that kindof good, and are going to do the otherkind by winning all our games. We needyour support. If you will do your part ingettiag us good material next year-why, wesimply can't be stopped.Alumni O1Iicera ElectedAn election of officers was held forthe ensuing year, with the result asfollows:President. Donald S. Trumbull, '97.Vice- President, Horace G. Lozier, '94.Secretary and Treasurer, Howard Kirt-ley, '98.and Vice· President, Mr. Esher, of the oldUniversity of Chicago.Herbert Fleming, '02, managing(Continued on page 4)THIS SPACE Goldsmith'sORCHESTR'A'"L GoLDSMITH, Dind#r08ice It.esIdeDce. R.ocD 6-s9 DeuborD IItIeet lin AduIctaa placeRoars n to. ..... Hours 9 to II A. ... 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Preparefirst and second acts ..Calendar for the WeekWED�ESDA��0\"EMHER2�The Youug Men's Christian Association..Club Room, Snell Hall, 7:00 I'. !\I. Subject:"The Serenity of Jesus." !'tlr. Wilbur Carr,Leader.THURSDAY, NO\'E!\IHER 2j.'(Thanksi;ivini: Day. A University holiday.)The University football game, MarshallField, I :30 I'. !\I.FRIDAY. NO\'ElIHER 28,(A University holiday.)S:\TFRPA Y, !'O\'F.:o.tHF.R ZC).No meetmgs of University ruling bodieswill occur this week.ALUMNI CHEER TEAM(Continued from page 3)editor of the DAILY MAROON wascalled upon for a few remarks. Heurged the alumni to send news fromthe body to the paper and predictedthat the first issue of the MAROONafter the game would contain thefollowing in its biggest headlines:"Chicago, 12; Wisconsin, 0."Homer ]. Carr, of the class of '79,spoke after Jimmie. He said inpart:It has given me great pain to hear theapplause which greets slurs on the Universityof Chicago, at banquets of other universityalumni associations. '1 hey say that Chicagohas no college spirit, but this enthusiasticmeeting proves the contrary.Resolutions on Mr. BurroughsAfter the election of officers thefollowing resolutions on the death ofCharles Burroughs were adopted:WHEREAS, It is with a feeling- of deepsorrow that we, the members of the ChicagoAlumni Club of the University of Chicago,have just learned of the death of our friendand fellow-member. CHARLES LI�DSEYBURROUGHS, and\YHEREAS, :\1 any of us during his course atthe University, and during his connectionwith it since his graduation. have enjoyedclose, personal friendship with him, and wereso fortunate as to be closely identified withhim in his manv labors undertaken on behalf. of our A/ilia Jila/�r, and have with sincereadmiration and appreciation felt the effect ofhis sterling character in ;111 of his acts anddeeds among us, and\VHEREAS, Those of us who have so fortu­nately enjoyed a close intimacy with himand those others of us who have not been sofortunate as to associate with him in apersonal friendship, do all hear witness tothe high esteem in which we have alwaysheld him for his noble traits of character, aswell as for the marked success to which heattained in all of his achievements for theUniversity, which has been so enriched bvhis presence among us, -It is with a deep feeling of sorrow andgrief that we express here our pride in himas one of the truest and most loyal andfaithful sons of our University, our deepfeeling of loss and bereavement in his death,and our most sincere sympathy to all hismany friends and tnore particularly to hisfamily, which we fcel has sustained a loss sogreat- and so lasting that his place in theirhearts can never be filled;To them we wish to extend our sympathy,to express to them, so far as we are able togive adequate expression to our feelings, thehigh place which Charles Lindsey Burroughshas held and will ever hold in the hearts ofall of us as one of the most dearly prized andmost highly honored sons of the Universityof Chicago.Now the days are coming when the "roughhouse" hats will be found "just the thing."Knock it about as you will, you cannot putit "out of business." 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