" I· I . , " , Vol. 18. ,�No. 129. , at :ilroon UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1920 Price' Five Cents MORTIMER HARRIS ELECTED CAPTAIN OF VARSITY TRACK Interfraternity Relay To KlN9RED·.IS ELECTED Be Run Off After BLACKFRIARS' ABBOT Ball Finals AT ANNUAL BANQUET Major "C" Given to Seven­ teen Men for Con­ sistent Work Immediately preceding the finals of the Interfraternity baseball on June 11, the Interfraternity relay will be run off. The race will be for one-half Allen Holloway Made Mana­ ger of 1921 Show: 44 Men Initiated --- mile with six men on a team, each --- TWO RECEIVE TENNIS AWARDS man running for a third of a lap. THEATER PARTY FOR MEMBERS --- No man is eligible who has either --- Keith Kindred was elected Abbot or Mortimer B. Harris. sprinter and won a "C" in track, or who has been quarter-miler, was elected yesterday entered this year in a college meet to succeed Capt. Stanton H. Speer, for Chicago in a track event. This '20, as leader of the Maroon track rule will make too race a real fra- ternity affair, with true novices as team for the season of 1920-21. The the contestants, according to those placed in charge of the event. Entries must be made with Nor­ man Graham at the Delta Kappa Ep­ silon house, 5754 Woodlawn avenue, today. The necessary preliminaries will be run off tomorrow. major "C" was given yesterday to s�venteen men for consistent work in track, tennis and gymnastics. Harris entered the University in 1917 from the University High school, where he was captain, of the track team. He has been a reliable point winner throughout the past season in the quarter mile and in the 100 and 220 yard dashes. He is vice-presi­ dent of the Reynolds club, treasurer or the Junior class, and a member of the Campus club, Skull and Crescent and Iron Mask. Ten Receive Track Awards Five new men were awarded the "C" for track and field work, in addi­ tion to five others who were already wearers of the Maroon emblem. Mor­ timer B. Harris" Adolph J. Bartky, Walter A. Bowers, Joseph B. Hall, Henry W. Kennedy are the men to receive the award, while Charles G. Higgins, Capt. Stanton H. Speer, E. -trastings:C l\Toore, .Tio:, George�bfis-' and CLASS PARADE IS ONE OF FEATURES FOR REUNION WEEK Distinctive Headgear Will Be \Vorn This Year By Many Classes SEVEN TENTS TO BE ERECTED One of the features of the Alumni reunion week, starting tomorrow, is the regular class parade, which fol­ lows the shanty ceremonies. The JH!!­ rade starts at 5 :30 and, headed by the University band, the alumni will march around the campu-s - and 'elio in Hute}i;:' Archibald R. Jones are the veterans inson's commons for the general winning- letters for the second time. alumni dinner at 6:30. In tennis, Harry F. Vories and Per- Plans have been made this year for ry Segal were awarded the emblem, distinctive headgear to be worn dur­ in addition to Capt. Ruthven Pike, al- ing the preceding shanty ceremonies ready a "C" man. 'I'he men qualify- and the parade. A number of former ing for the major "C" in gymnastics classes, including the class of '19, were Capt. John A. McHugh, Herbert have already reported that arrange­ H. Inlow, Henry L. Pringle and Geo. nu-nts have been made for their spe­ Schneidenbach. cial dress, and others are expected to 1 eport soon. The various classes wear CAMPUS, DORl\IS AND HOUSES their own class headgear until they TO BE CANVASSED IN DRIVE return to celebrate their twentieth Ask That Students Supply Food Drafts to Starving Austrian Students in University The drive for funds to aid starving' Austrian students will be conducted today through campus solicitation and by a canvass of the women's dormi­ tories and the fraternity houses. The purpose of the drive as was explained yesterday in The Daily Maroon is to provide enough money to purchase food drafts for Austrian students whose appeals may corne to the Uni­ versity during the summer. The only way in which these people can be aid­ ed is through the use of food drafts purchased in this manner. Next Monday a campus drive will be started for old clothes for Arme­ nia. Bins will be placed around the campus into which students are asked to place such clothing as they wish to contribute. Play Tennis Finals Tomorrow The semi-final rounds of the All­ University tennis tournament have been reached. McLarty defeated Me­ Cormick and will play the winner of the Lasley-Gates match for the cam­ pus singles championship tomorrow. Plans have been made to repeat the tournament next year under the aus­ pices of the Campus club, Morton Livingston, manager of this year's event, stated. Medals will be award­ ed to the winners and are on exhi­ bition in the Bookstore. anniversary, when, upon initiation into the shanty, they adopt the maroon tam 0' shanter worn by all members of the shanty organization. Another feature connected with the shanty is the regular side tents. This year six large army tents have been secured through the military science departmnet and will be placed in a semi-circle around the shanty. These tents are the gathering places of va­ rious classes not yet members of the shanty organization. It was an­ nounced yesterday that the class of '07 has purchased a special maroon and white tent for the members of its own class. NOTICE TO SENIORS The Alumni office wishes to have photo�raphs of all seniors before t.hey �raduate. These photographs :-fC to be placed in permanent bio- I '!'raphical files in the office. These fi'e. were established at the desire (' r the office of the President and the Alumni association. The Alum­ ni office has thus far the individual 'photo�raphs of seniors left at the Cap and Gown office, hut as anum, ber were missing and as some have not yet turned in their photAJgraphs to the Cap and Gown, attention is called to this important mat�1' and all seniors are thus �,sked to co­ operate now to the e�d that the files for the class of 1920 be com­ plete. Blackfriars for the year 1920-21, at the annual initiation banquet of the order last night at the Morrison ho­ tel. Chester Guy was elected prior, Frederick Manter scribe, Harvey Page hospitalIer, and Lewis Fisher fifth member of the board of superiors. Roland Holloway, the retiring man­ ager, announced the appointment of Allen Holloway as manager for the 1921 show. Allen Holloway was cos- ginning of the Autumn quarter. Initiate Men Into Order LINDSAY HEAD OF GLEE CLUB Kenneth Richardson Re-elected Lead­ er; Jessopp and Gebhardt, As­ sistants Officers of the University Glee club for the corning season were elected last Monday. The system of presi­ dent" vice-president, secretary and of treasurer was abandoned and the au­ thority of the club was vested in a manager and two assistants in charge of the business of the club and the leader in charge of the club at rehear­ sals and on the platform, The following officers were elected: Roger Lindsay, manager; Dudley Jes­ sopp and Frank Gebhardt, assistant managers. Kenneth Richardson was unanimously re-elected leader of the club. All Dramatic Clubbers Must Be on Hand Today, or- G. O. P. Club to Unite 579 DEGREES TO BE Factions in Big Har- CONFERRED AT 116th mony Move CONVOCATION JUN. 15 David Prescott Barrows, '97, of the The several organizations support- University of California, will deliver in Johnson, Wood, Lowden and Hoo- All political factions' now on the campus will unite next week with the Republican club, to form a solid G.O.P. organization that will be . continued permanently as one' of the largest and most powerful bodies in the Uni­ versity. It is planned to start a sweeping campaign in the fall and continue it all during election time, in order to help out in the fight for a G. O. P. administration, according to Charles Greene, president of the club. President David Prescott Bar rows, '97, Gives Convo­ cation Address 37 GRADUATE FROM C AND A At the 116th Convocation, to be held next Tuesday in Mandel hall, 579 de grees and certificates will be con ferred by the University. President too convocation address. His subject will be, "Is America Responsible 1" In the Colleges' of Arts, Literature and Science there will be 315 candi dates for ,.'tlsc' 'Bachelor's degree;' in the ehool of Commerce and Admin­ istration, 37 candidates for the de­ gree of Bachelor of Philosophy; and in the College of Education, 40 candi­ dates for the degree of Bachelor m Education, a total in the colleges of 392. Base Hospital Quartet, Sigma In too Divinity School 21 Masters Nu' Jazz'Band Are Two - degrees will be conferred, 6 Bachelor -New ·F eatures degrees, and 1 degree of Doctor of --- Philosophy, a total of 28. In the Law SHOW INCLUDES ALUMNI ACTS School 7 students will receive the de- _ ,--- gree of Bachelor of Laws and 46 that Plans for the Senior Vaudeville are of Doctor of Law (J. D.), a total of 53. In the Graduate Schools there will The Freshmen class act, which is next in order, has been replaced by a terp­ sichore�n exhibition in which two of the best dancers in the class will ap­ pear. The Sophmores will be repre­ sented by two favorites, "Jo and Gin, the Singing Sophs," who' will sing a number of �C?Pu�ar songs. Paul Snyder, an alumnus and one of the most promising pianists in the city will give several numbers. "Op­ timism," the popular one act comedy (Continued on page 2) ===============- ment would have to be held in Ida Following the overture, Charles Breasted and Gerald Westby will ap­ pear in a black face act rewritten in order to be of interest to the alumni. SPRING EXAl\IINATIONS ver will remain acttve during the coming convention week and will send representatives from the campus to work for the candidates at the va­ (Continued on page 4) tume manager of "Barbara, Behave!" _ and a member of the chorus of "The - Naughty Nineties." The 1921 f(aff SENIOR, y��DE� will not be announced until the be- HAS NUMEROUS NEW ACTS ON STAR BILL The board of superiors for the com­ ing year were all active men in the production of "Barbara, Behave!" Keith Kindred was property manager, Harvey Page program manager, Fred­ -erick Manter score manager, Chester Guy assistant score manager and Lew­ is Fisher publicity . manager. Forty-four men were initiated into being rounded into final shape for the order before the banquet. They the Saturday night performance un- be 84 candidates for the Master's de- had been elected for initiation at a der the- direction of Hans Hoeppner, gree and 29 for the Doctor's degree, meeting of the Blackfriar staff last general manager of the �h?w. Changes a total of 113. The total number of week. for work in "Barbara, Behave!" have been made since the first per- degrees to be conferred by, _t�� _Uni- ThlIoWin-g'-tile�b�iiiq-tief;'r�portS-o:fi1ie� f��:n�:gi:;e�:-l�(inonth� '�d ih�' versity 'ls - 586. -- .;» - - -r-: -.�,.--��, ----- years work were read and a theater management promises good entertain- Among the graduates will be 8 Chi­ party for the Friars was held at the ment for those who saw the first pro- nese, three of whom will receive the Illinois and Woods theaters. duction. The same thirty piece or- Bachelor's degree, 4 (including 1 wom­ chestra which played for that per- an), the Master's degree, and 1, the formance has been secured under the Doctor's degree. A, Japanese and a direction of Walter Reckless. Bulgarian will receive the Master's degree, and Hindu, the degree of Doc­ tor of Philosophy. Dr. Barrows Born in 1873 Dr. Barrows, who will give the con­ vocation address, was born in Chica­ (Continued on page 4) The Dramatic club will hold an im­ portant meeting today at 4 in Cobb 12A, according to an announcement by Margaret Haggott. Several vital issues concerning the club's future pol­ icy and activities will be decided. All members must attend. Those who are not present will be summarily dropped from the club. "This IS an extremely important mcctine," declared Mil'S Haggott yes- terday, "and it is absolutely necessary 11 o'clock classes, Wednesday, that every member be present. Sev- June 16, 2 :30-4 :30. oral questions or great importance 2 o'clock classes, Thursday, June to the club will be taken up at the 17, 2 :30-4 :30. mcetine. Those who do not attend Attention is called to the fact wi1l be automatically dropped from the that the examination period is two club membership. Several members hours in length rather than three. have already met that fate through I f as has been the custom or some non-attendance and the rule will be time. even more rigidly enforced today." 1--------------- The schedule for the final exam­ inations of the Spring quarter as com piled by the Recorder's office is as follows: 8 o'clock classes, Wednesday, June 16, 8-10. 9 o'clock classes, Thursday, June 17, 8-10. 10 o'clock elasses, Friday, June 18, 8-10. 1 o'clock classes, 'Wedne�day, June 16, 11-1. I .s o'clock classes, Thursday, June , 17, 11-1. 3 o'clock classes, Friday, June 18, 11·1. ANNOUNCE PATRONESSES OF FILIPINO CLUB EVENT Sixteen Acts in Program-Hon. Jaime De Veyra to Speak-Hold Enter­ tainment in Ida Noyes Hall. The list of patronesses of Filipino Night were announced yesterday. It was also learned that the entertain- Noyes hall instead of Mandel hall, as had been planned. A program of six­ teen numbers has been arranged, in­ cluding a short speech by Hon. Jaime De Veyra, resident commissioner in Washington, D. C., who is in Chicago attending the Republican national COD­ vention. The patronesses for the event are: Mrs. Harry Pratt Judson Mrs. James S. Agar Mrs. James Rowland Angell Mrs. R. H. Becker Mrs. Harry C. BigJ!lestone Mrs .• John F. Bobbitt Mrs, Arthur Lincoln Brabrook Miss Roberta Burgess Mrs. Frank 11. Burt Mrs. William Chalmers Covert Mrs. Frank L. Crone Miss Edna Crosby Mrs. Frederic Beers Crossley Mrs. H. A. Dalzell Mrs. Frank Edwards :\Irs. Earl E. Eubank :i\lrs. Fred A. Galigcr Mrs. Eva Gaylord Miss Etta Gee (Contlnucd ()n 1)(lgc 4) 1 THE: lJAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1920 The Student Newspaper of the Univft'Sity of Chicago Published mornings, except Saturd Sunday and Monday during the A tumn. Winter and Spring quart by The Daily Maroon Company. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Managin&, Editor JOIlX ASHEXHt:RST News Editors Harry Bird, Jr. Herbert Ru Night Editors E�win Jordan. Jr. Olin Stansb Day Editors Richard Evans Elsie Gullan Robert Seymour Associate Editor Mary Hayes Reporters Ramona Hayes Rita Hanus ATHLETIC DEI'ARTltEXT Lennox Gray. Editor BUSINESS DEPARTl\IENT KEITH KI:"\ DREJJ. Business l\lanager Adv. Manager Cir. Manager �Iortirner Goodwin Laurence Tibbits Assistants Gilbert Beatt,. Morris Pickus Assistants Charles Loeffel Frank Linden .Entered as second class mail at t Chicago postoffice, Chicago, Illino March 13, 1906, under the act March 3, 1873. Offices Ellis Telephone Midway 800 \Vednesday, June 9, 1920 YOUR ANSWER? You are asked today to contribu a small sum to keep a student in Au tria from starving to death. The should be one answer when you a approached for your contribution­ the answer of man to mall when on has sufficient, the other none. Before the war "starving- to death had a more or less horrible sound the ears of most. Today we find pe sons around who stop and ask que tions as to the advisability of fecdin persons who arc starving-. Yet th is a Univcrsity-a place where w learn to be broad-minded and toleran Let us make our broad-mindednes so broad that we ignore details sue as cold and hungry students who writ in desperation to us in America a the only way in which they can ob tain food. Let us not make our tol erance a huJ1lan suffering and an . h L t S out of the fullneSS 0 guisn- e u' our hearts, give. - THg EMPLOYMENT OFFICE In the editori:d in yest�rday's Ma I •• uelping Ser)lOrs to Se roon cal ed � d t ention was ma e as cure Jobs," J11 E I J1lent bureau the fact that the rnp °tYJ1lPora"",, po s seCUl"e e ',J helps student ,,' was said abou . . b 110t •• lng sltlons, llt f }1e buteau-tha another fllnction. 0 t{ r seniors �hen of securin� positlo}ns 0 choo. they leaVe s 1 nt bUl"eau was �mP oyme When the '11 'flurpose was el its mal r first otgatai�e d I esterday's Ma 'one In Y f the one melltJ • small jobs or h f securIng roon, t at 0 f ',ing their way desi S 0 Wot'" d those esirou f those in nee 1 or ot 1 through se}1oo S' e then the toea eY inc . of spate mon' arkably in sIze h fO,vn reJ11 . bureau as � haS addeel another {unc- and scOpe al1el . rtant than the ore Impo d tion much III . t uch with lea - �ets In 0 first. It no« h ·ty desirouS of in t e Cl ing concel"nS d \:o_opcrates eluates an college gr.l d' seniors to the sen Illf! . . with them bi' . " Already thIS �5 to \\01''''' establishmenv• �'e been placed 1 �enl0rs }1a . h year �vera' h' h 4anding ,"·hlc of Ig ",« with concerns h' th futuro. . h mUC In C promIS\\ t em . f the Employ- . fuflctlOn 0 . ThIS latter f 'n<1' positIOns ffi }1at 0 securt,.. . ment 0 . ce, t after theY �raduatc, is for sentors • the cam- of great importance on. . one f particular SIgnificant"(? pus and one 0 . to seniors with no definite plans )n H. L. R. view. ----­ Quadran�lcr� Announce Pledge The Quadranglers announce the pledging of Grace Bennett, of Mil­ waukee, Wis. deed represented ut the mock con­ vention by a plurality of well coached delegates, but other factions did not regard him as the true spokesman of Republican opinion. As a consequence Gov. Lowden was finally chosen, not only as the first choice of a substan­ tial group, but as the second choice of a majority .. With Mr. Lewis I congratulate the JOBS FOn SENIORS Hoover workers. They did their ut- Editor The Daily Maroon: most, Heaven only knows. It was The editorial signed H. L. R. which rather expected that they would re­ appeared in yesterday's Maroon has sort to the wholly ordinary and fa­ a tendency to create the opinion that eile means of securing a childish re­ seniors in the University of Chicago venge and mental satisfaction by cry­ are not assisted in obtaining perma- ing "crooked politics," to which the nent positions. I am of the opinion best answer is that they were beaten that the writer of said article is not at their own game. I have too much a senior and therefore is not informed respect for Herbert Hoover to believe as to the assistance which the Em- that he is actually running his cam­ ployment bureau offers to those who paign in the same fashion as Mr. request aid. Lewis and his friends at the Univer­ Some time ago I asked 1\1r. Mather sity convention, or that the latter gen­ to inform me when he came in touch tleman really resembles him in any with positions of a permanent cha'r�c- particular. To this worthy 1 would ter having a future. This was less humbly suggest that he watch care­ than six weeks ago and I am glad to fully the workings of the Republican say that I have had twelve communi- national convention beginning- Tues- cations and three actual offers up to day of this week at 11 o'clock in the he present time. Tiris proves to me mornirur. Paul Hedrick. hat any senior who takes the trouble --- o g-o to the Employment department I nEY�OLDS CLliB vill find hearty co-operation. I Editor The Daily Maroon: Hans Hoeppner. I In last Wednesday's Maroon appear­ ed a communication in answer to Mr. ANS'VERI:\'G :UH. LEWIS Herskovitz' resignation from the Rev- Editor The Daily Maroon : nolds club. The communication. judg�t! 'Ve, of coubse, were impressed with :111'. Herskovitz' action as premature he portrayal of Hooveritc virtues by r.nd somewhat absurd, and advised that Ir. Rupert R. Lewis in Friday's Ma- �,lr. Herskovitz try to forget by throw­ oon. An outsider would no doubt in!! himself into the various campus . . . . activities egtster a prayer of thanksg ivimr at . he alleged presence of this strong In the first place I would like to even of Hoover Honesty in the midst know whether the student signing the of that Machiavellian mob which letter of judgment would hunt a law- rumpled under its feet the spirit of: ycr before deciding whether or nut Ked K P d Clean Politics o� the Campus" at h:' �a�1 been �nsult�d: to prev��t "I�rc- osmeo ream an osmeo ower he mock convention. matui cand somew hat absurd action. I A F S 1 E .;\11'. Lewis' explanation of Hoover's Any person engag-ed in an ��ncial po- . re or a e verywhere I Appreciated Everywhere! efeat misrepresents the facts. The .5:�ion must expect to have his state- Ask your neighborhood druggist r-feat was due to the plain and sim- .l�e.nts, at least w�ile he is on duty, GERVAISE GRAHAM, Mfr. CHI C AGO Ie fact that when the Wood and • .ken as representing those of the in- ohnson groups broke up and exer- .t itution which he is serving. I sup­ sed their divine right to have and pose if the president of the United �=�����§���§� xpress a second choice, there were States were to issue a statement to the ore Lowden delegates among them . fTect that government officials had han there were Hoover delegates. Be- serious doubts as to the desirability ore the break up those who favored of the Irish as citizens, the Irish res­ r. Hoover for second choice went idents of this country would condone rer to him. That explains why Mr. the statement by saying that it was cover gained during the early bal- r.robably only the president's person­ tting. al opmion. When Mr. English made When the Wood and Johnson groups (he statement concerning the desira­ w that they could not nominate their l-ility of the Jews as members of the an they were sportsmen enough to dub, Mr. Herskovitz showed no hasty knowledge defeat and scattered their (t· absurd action in accepting the tes to their respective candidates ..tatement on its face value as that of ft in the field nnd the- result was the t he club and an insult to his own per­ mination of Gov. Lowden. son. It was the only honorable action This explanation has the advantage left open to him. A "man" does not er that of Mr. Lewis', not only be- c nter into argument trying to justify g a true one, but in being logical, tis kind as worthy enough of member­ d it accounts for everything which ship in an organization. r. Lewis in his unsportsmanlike To date Mr. Hershovitz' assumption atement attributes to the disorder of that Mr. English's statement repre­ uble dealing of "the mob." s-:·nteJ that of the club seems to have We will do Mr. Lewis the honor of been w�l1 founded. If it is hot then cepting his statement as to the the officials of the club must be woe­ nor and fair play of the Hoover- fully ignorant of the convention ap­ s. W(! are sure that Mr. Hoover plyingto such a situation. Assuming uld fully approve of them in this then, as we must assume, that Mr. speet. But from what we know of Herskovitz is right in his judgment, r. Hoover we feel safe in saying he is wholly justified in trying to im­ at he would not approve of the dis- press upon the Jewish students of ct whine that has been emitted by ; his University that membership in beaten supporters. t he Reynolds club is incompatible with Geo. A. Carmichael. t he retention of their self-respect and l-.·mor and represents a condonation of a slur of their faith. Let "other" men seek "scholastic or athletic work in an attempt to "forget"; �Ir. Her­ skovitz docs not desire to forget. As a loyal follower of the Alma Ma- n ay, u- enz bel ury der ch,. 5S:6 he is, of t t 14 t \ te t s- l\ re r re r t e I " to t " r- t s- g d is d e t. p J s ci h e e m s t - f - M - 0" f H 10 sa - m - ac 0 vo le - no t t ov in an M -st do - ac ho ite wo re 1\1 th tin his Ed ica rna the to Mr the of tel' 5 ter, I also would like to see the mat- ; ter cleared up and the differences � straightened out, but "she could not' love her sons so well loved she not j For Particular P rin ting truth and honor more." An under- I standing could be immediately reached; No jobs too large or too small. by a public statement. II . At M Offi ti •• . aroon ce any Ime !'�. Feinberg. PICK-US The Official Photographer of CAP AND GOWN, '20 Special Rates to U. of C. Students. DAGUERRE STUDIO COMMUNICATION (In view of the fact that the com­ mWlica_tion c,?lun:m of The Daily Ma­ roon IS mamtamed u a deanna house for student and faculty opinion. �h� . Daily Maroon �ccepta no respon­ slbihty for the sennmenta therein ex­ pressed. Communications are wel­ comed by the editor. and should be signed as an evidence of good faith. although the name will not be pu}). Iished without the writer's consent.) A LOWDEN LETTER CHICAGO, 218 South Wahash Ave. ILL. itor The Daily Maroon: There is something inately Amer­ n in accepting defeat in a sp()rts­ nlike manner, and the leaders of \Vood and .Johnson campaig-ns arc be congratulated. It seems that C LAS S I FIE DAD S. Tel. Wabash 527 for Appointment. . Rupert Lewis is unfamiliar with common convention phenomenon FOR SALE-TJnused Duplex Ham- compromise, hence his amusing let- ,mond t�writer at reasonable of .Tune 4. Mr. Hoover was in- price. 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The results of the meet are as fol­ lows: Plunge (30 seconds), Ruth Dix­ on, first, 46 feet; twenty yard free, .-------------� style, Mary Hess, first, 134-5 seconds; i ============== crawl stroke, Ruth Dixon, first; twen- : -------------'. ty vard back stroke, Katherine Kitch-I We Pay Highest Prices for Second 01 Hand Clothing and Shoes. No en, first; breast stroke, Katherine! Orders too Large or Small. Xitchen, first. 'A. MARKOWITZ Trudgeon, Ruth Hess, first; diving, I Room 412 105 W. Monroe St. Marie Trevor and Ruth Dixon tied: Phones: for first place; relay, won by Juniors,: .__C_t:_'n_tra_I_4_S_S6_a_n_d_C_en_tra_1_8S_7_4_ 1 minute 194-5 seconds; twenty yard! ==========:==== breast stroke, Buol Burke, first; side 1 ,....-------------..,. stroke, Gertrude Crashaw and Ruth' Esch tied for first place. Prof. Tufts, head of the department! of Philosophy at the University, has: accepted an invitation to be visit irnr ' professor at Columbia university. He --------------­ will be absent during the next acade-j mic year and is to offer at Columbia leo 'W 1-1 E 'V' S one course in moral and politieul phi-: Store for Men losophy and another in the history i :)!.raw Hat" :'tIen's Furnishings. Hats. of American thought, in addition to: Caps and Neckwear a seminar in present ethical problems.: BASEBALL SCORES Prof. Tufts, who has been connected. CIGARS-CIGARETTES-PIPES with the University since its found- � co th t -55th d Ell' A ,.:"ou eas corner . an IS Ye, irur, has been prcxidcnt of the West- I ern Philosophical as.soc iat.ion and of; .. -= ============== the American Philosophical associa- i 1 tion, and is the author of volumes on: Ethics anti Our Democracy, as well as: the editor of the International Jour- i nal of Ethics. i ! PERSONAL-$50 reward for inform- i at ion leadirur to discovery of better I Poetry in collcee mnrrazines than Ii The Phoenix p:blishcs'" in the June '�','. issue. ! ARROW ------------- .. � I 7roy fJailorea I SOFT COLLARS The Event !=CLUETT=.P£A=BO=DV&=CO= •• INC=.T=ROV.=N.V= PROF. TUFTS ox LEA YE SOON; Head of Philosophy Department Ae- � cepts Position at Columbia . " of the Week June 10th SA.M. Drink UP-TO-DATE Serves the Best Me�s In the City A Trial Will Convince You. Special 35-Cent Dinners. We have Commutation Tickets $5.50 for $5.00 5706 Ellis Avenue Opposite Snell Hall DORIS HAT SHOP 1151 E. 55th Street Near University YOUTHFUL STYLES for COLLEGE GIRLS � � I i- University Students � receive courteous attention at � � 1nhe � FROLIC THEATRE § DRUG STORE : Cigarettes Fountain Serving Cor. Ellis Ave. and 55th Street (Adjaeent to Frolic Theatre) TelephoJle By. Park 761 SPOEHR ENGUSH TOF­ FEE BAR At the Bookstore DELICIOUS AND REFRESHING Quenches Thirst­ Touches the Spot ,t of the highest quality. 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Call. telephone (Rand, 1575) or w�ite Principal for catalog and complete information about spe­ cial Secretarial Courses. FP.ED L. ROSSBACK, Pres. FIVE PRESIDENTIAL CORNERS WASHINGTON Corner Dearborn JACKSON Corner Dearborn l\IADISON at LaSalle MONROE at Wabash BRYANT & STRATTON BUSINESS COLLEGE WILSON Corner Kenmore 4th. 5th. 6th Floors - LAke: View Bldg. � 116 South Michigan Avenue SUBSCRIBE FOR THE DAIL Y MAROON Read The Daily Maroon e , . NOW ON SALE Suit and Extra Trousers $60, $65, $75 and Upwards ANNOUNCEMENT OF THESE Between-Seasons Sales always brings a rush of orders-Therefore, we urge an early call so that you may have a full stock from which to make your selection and in order to give us ample time to complete your order. . This announcement is made to you in advance of public advertising. = � ; � , T a i!or for Young Men i I I � THREE STORES � 1 t � 7 N. La Salle Street 314 S. Michigan Avenue ! 1 § 71 E. Monroe Street � � � � � ! I, �i\f6W\wM\fjiiiMifai\8MWiM_\tiifi}ii\W\Mi6t1bi&hMWimMlVAlVfiVbWml 4 THE DAILY MAROON, \�'EDNESDAY, JUNE 9, 1920 � J .\ duty as intelligence officer in ��.-�;- 6 in the Quadrangle c�����i ;osenwald -contest, -�-;�-.-- Mor�-��� 1--- Att�-�i��! -. Fraternities Philippine Islands. Later he served! make reseravtions at once through stern, Walter Loehwiz, David Halfant IS' I P' o 0 0 0 I 0 d MOll '11 t d i I pecla rIces on In Siberia, especially at Vladivostok. 11 Faculty Exchange, Box 212. Tickets an George 1 s WI compe e, an in F . P" are $1.50 apiece. the Adams contest, Ellen Coyne, Alma I raterruty rintmg G. 0.' P. CLUB TO UNITE FAC- �lorse �nd �larie Kohl will read. The! See Pickus at 1 Maroon Office TIONS IN BIG HARMONY MOVE I SENIOR VAUDEVILLE first p�lze m the Rosenwald contest I . i HAS NUMEROUS NEW is $100"snd'the second $50. ============== i ACTS ON STAR BILL I (Continued From Page 1) I : rious headquarters. When the G.O.P. (Continued on IJage 4) ANN 0 U N C E MEN T S ! standard-bearer is finally chosen, how- of the first performance, will be pre- i ever, all factional lines will be cut sented by June King, Lucy Sturges The Freshmen eemmisslon will meet! 63rd " COTT AGE GItOVE A V:l:. and the clubs will combine their ener- and Robert Connelly. A number of next Friday at 12 in the Y. W. c. A.I Teleplume MidWGJI 82Q gies in the big Republican drive. I clever lines have been added. rooms. The beach party which was I University Students Work Solidted 'Republican Spirit Built Up I Secure :SIgma Nu Jazz Band planned tomorrow has been called oft'l Special prices on term theme work "We have built up through these I Marion Rubovits will appear again because it conflicts with the W. A. A.: factional clubs, and by the holding of with a new group of the season's most dinner the same evening.. ; .- ... our mock convention, a splendid spirit popular songs. The quartet of Base The Intercollegiate committee willi LYRAVINE VOTOW of Republicanism on the campus," de- Hospital 13, composed of Arvid L. hold its last meeting of the quarter! clared Charles Greene, president of Anderson, ex-'18, Norman Harte, and today at " in the Y. W. C. A. room. the Republican club, yesterday. "This the McCready brothers, is an added I spirit will be put to good use in the feature of the show. Likewise the Yellow Jacket will give a beach I election next fall. We expect to make Sigma Nu jazz band, which was not in party today. Members desiring to I the Republican club one of the most the first performance, will appear with go have been asked to sign up on the powerful organizations in the Uni- the Delt shimmy dancers. bulletin board in Ida Noyes foyer. : versity. Our real work will commence next fall in the heat of the election (Continued From Page 1) test for excellence in oratory, and the go, June 27, 1873. He received his Make Campus Club Reservations Florence Adams prize for excellence A. B. at Pomona College in Califor- All those desiring to attend the in dramatic reading will be held to- nia in 1894, and in the following year Campus club-Alumni banquet Friday morrow at 8 in Mandel hall. In the �ceived from the University of Cali- = fornia the degree of M.A. In 1897 he was made ia doctor of philosophy of the University of Chicago, his de­ partment being anthtropology. In' 1900 he went to Manila as superintend­ ent of the schools of Manila, Sub­ sequently he became director of edu­ cation of the Philippine Islands, re­ signing in 1909 to become professor of education an.!!_dean of the graduate school of the University of California. In 1911 he became professor of po­ litical science and in 1913 dean of the faculties. In 1917 he was major in the American army and was on active ASNOUNCE PATRONESSES OF FILIPINO CLUB EVENT (Continued From Page 1) Miss Mary Pomeroy Green Mrs. Chas. W. Henson Mrs. J. A. Hiller Mrs. L. C. Hollister Mrs. W. F. Hypes Mrs. A. Jarman Mrs. Harry H. Kan Mrs. Paz King Mrs. Arthur R. Lord Mrs. Geo. MacAdam Miss Vira MacLaughlin Mrs. Murdock MacLeod Mrs. Cleland B. McAfee Mrs. A. J. McCartney Mrs. L. Wilbur Messer Mrs. Frank J. Miller Mrs. Theodore Lee Neff Mrs. Thomas Nicholson Mrs. C. F. Ogden Mrs. Francis W. Parker Mrs. David A. Robertson Mrs. Frank E. Sedgwick Mrs. Milton Shirk Mrs. Gerald Karr Smitb Mrs. C. H. Sudler Mrs. George H. Thomas Mrs. George L. Truby Mrs. Rolla M. Tryon Mrs. Leon Walker Mrs. Ella Wangeman Mrs. Wm. R. Wedderspoon Mrs. John Henry Wigmore - 579 DEGREES TO BE CONFERRED AT 116th CONVOCATION JUNE 15 SPOEHR'S FOUR LOOP STORFS For Lunch Downtown PROTECT YOUR PARENTS against loss, in the event of your death, of the money invested in your education. The only medium through whic-h this can be done is LIFE IN­ SURANCE. Phone me for appointment and de­ tails. If not in when you phone, leave your name and phone number. c. C. WHITEHill SPECIA L AGENT New York Life Insurance Co. Phone Central 5501 :W NORTH LA SALLE ST. Woodlawn Trust & Savings Bank WOODLAWN AVENUE At Sixty-lnirct Street Nearest Bank to the University of CWeqe � , ... -" .� ..... As a grand climax to the evening, "Rudy" Matthews, former cheerleader, struggle. We intend to carryon a and Ruthven Pike will lead the audt- campaign that will sweep this campus ence in a number of Chicago yells and for the Republican candidate. I songs. "There are no limits to the success The orchestra will hold their final we can achieve when all the energy rehearsal today at ":30 in Mitchell and political ingenuity that has been tower. The dress rehearsal for the �xerted by every on� of t�e factions I entire performance will take place to­ m the recent campaign will be con- morrow at 3 in Mandel hall. Manager centrated into one supreme effort on Hoeppner announces that tickets may behalf of the Republican party. Watch I be secured at the Mandel box office out for the Republican club next fall. daily from 12 to 1 and from 2 tc 3. It's going to wake up this entire Uni- versity then, just as effectively as it did this Spring." The annual Julius Rosenwald con- Woodlawn Stenographic Service HOTEL STRAND June 21 to August 28 614 Fine Arts Bld!j. Telephone Wabash 8238 Res. 6026 Kenwood Ave. Hyde Park 6738 Rosenwald Contest Tomorrow Why are Summer Course for Supervisors of Music and Grad� Teachers SPOEHR PUDDINGS At the Bookstore COLLEGE CLOTHES A Speciaty Harry G. Smucker Reasonable Prices 602 NORTH AMERICAN BUILDING Phone Central 706 Complete Intensive Stenographic Course The next complete stenographic three months' course will begin July 1. Only college graduates or undergraduates are eligible. An unusual opportunity is afforded by this intensive course to get a complete steno­ graphic training in three months. The environment of the MOSER SHORT­ HAND COLLEGE is appealing to the col­ bee studcnt-only Mgh school graduates are enrolled. Bulletin on request; no solicitors em­ ployed. Moser Shorthand College WRIGLEYS tlavors '-li({e the p�ramids of EgyPt? Be_cau�e they are long -lasnns, And WRIGLEY·S is a beneffcial as well as long-I,stina treat. It helps appetite �nd d!�estion. keeps teeth dean and breatb sweet. allays thirst. CHEW IT AFTER EUERV Enrolling Only High School Graduates. Twelfth Floor Lake View Building 116 South Michipn Avenue Central 5158 Cticago, DIinois Paul Mo�r, .J. D., Ph. B. Edna M. Buechler, A. B .. Sealed Tiehf- • Kept Rieht AlO I • I ·1 .j -I · f -I .• t , �I · i • I · .' } . � "