r------------- .. _ ... \/01. 18. No. 127. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, FRIDAY, JUNE -'4, 1920 Price Five Cen ts TRAC�� TEAM GOES TO ANN A�BOR FOR «ONFERENCE ' MEET SUCCESSFUL FACULTY \V ALLOPS SENIORS IN ?ICNIC BALL Gi\l\lE, 10-8 J='iTEHFUATEHNITY I�ACI� JUN. 11 ANNUAL INTERCLASS HOP TONIGHT AT 9 IN BARTLETT Teams for Annual Event l\tu.;t Be Entered by Wednesday Hutchinson and Sproehnle Hit Out Home Runs; Reed's Pitching F eacure \Visconsin and llliciois Favored for High Honora: Johnson Bad� \X'ith \\!olverines Interf'ruternity reb: y teams must be entered by Wednesday, June 9, with Norman Graham, 5754 Woodlawn ave­ nue. The race.' VIi:! be run on Staj.!g field immediately precedin r the inter­ fraternity baseball finals on June 11. Members of Various Classes Will Form "C" and Sing Alma Mater--Smilax Feature of Decora­ tions-"Ranstead's Raspberries" Play. } PlmLn!l�:\m:··s STAIn' TOf)AY SCPPER AFFAIR The I r.cc will be for a half mile, each Con fl':'l'n:� track teams assemble to­ ur the six mr n on the team running day at Ann Arbor to run otT the pre- the seniors in an exhibition game yes- liminur ivs (If til'.' onc-th.rd lap, No mar. is elurible who S h , . -' - !920 Conference has wen a "C·' in tracl., or who shall tcrday on Ida Noyes field in connec- out ern smilax, wisteria blossoms, Tonight promptly at 9:15 in Bart- • i meet which takes place tomorrow. A have been entered in the track events tion with the Y. 1\1. C. A.-Y. W. C. A. white Tatt.ices and Japanese lanterns lett �ymnasium the annual Literelass "� h':tJaxy or stat's of the nij.! Ten teams picnc by a score of 10 to 8. Dr. D. will be the features of the decorations Hop will beirin, with 225 couples dane- ot' a univerxity meet hy June 11. If '::ill ('(c'y'te rot' the track and field ::, ::eed pitched for the winners and in Bartlett �ymnasium tonight. The inz. In order thut the hall mitrht not !1':a'.;l':.ll'Y, prcliru.nury hcat-: wi li be � (;�.ampi n hips, \..oLo(idell Crawford and Dominick Vo- hangings and scenery are more elab-: be crowded the attendance has been ,'�:n on '1 hursday, .Iune 10. ,'- Illirvis and Wi!'l'cnsin clear-ly han' Iini for the class of 192P. About 200 orate and costly than ever before and; limited. More than 200 student» have the ed: l· ell till' c! her mid- Western 'I LB(,TlTR!�S AND RECITALS students attended the picnic. '�-,ve 1�:''::1 secured 1(0 miles from the; Lccn unable to !;C(,:'l!'C tickets fer the c. teams and will �ia;.!l' a hot fig'l�t for . PLANNED FOR SUMMER I A COld. wind made the baseball �it:r. afl'air. the honors. As a result of her victory _ __ game a lively one. Hitt.injt was f're- Scenery and white lattice work ccv- The members of the Senior, Junior, " over t h:: Il lini in a dual meet the Bade- St"r.,hcn Leacock, Amy Lowell. Percy I qur nt and both teams were ragged on ered with smilax are placed around Sophomore and Freshmen cla.ises will 'ers are t he l'he!l'� for the first po- MacKay('. Lorado Taft to Appear; I (!·:!fense. Stegeman, Scrck and the �.:;:::n:.!dmn. Two lines of large: form lines and :.!ftc- the grand march sition. Univcr. i.:. 1;and to Gh'e "·eekl�' I �pr�ehnle, who knocked a homer, I l-asket.s of smilax hang from the ceil-:: will grct:!) themselves into a "C" and l\�khic:'n ('hi( :!��!! ::r.d Minnesota Ccnccrt , ! st.ar-red for the students, and Heed,! ing, with a row of lanterns betw�n: sing the Alma Mat ... r. Grant :tfears w'Il bct t!c Icr t hir d ::::11 f'ourt h places. I l\ioulton, Lewis and Vance for the them. The balcony is also covered' and Gladys Nyman will lead the Sen- The \Vp]\"':'incs }-aWl' the f!d�e here Numerous lecturers and musicians profs. Buol Hutchinson also rapped with the live green plants. : iors; Ch-ester Guy and Coventry Platt as they have been greatly strength- will appear at the University during cut a home run for the seniors with Arthur Ranstead's "Raspberry Sev- ; the Juniors; Charles McGuire and Hel­ I erred hy t h-. return of Capt. Johnson, 11(' Summer quarter. A public lee- none on base, and others made long en" will play the music for the af- I en Palmer the Sophomores; and Wal­ .\, star .of t hc 1919 Conference meet. +ure will be �iven every afternoon at dr-ives. Coach Sta�g acted as umpire. fair. His orchestra consists of a pi- ker Kennedy and Emma MacDonald Juhn.ions prowess will he evident in 1:,.5 by experts in arts, literature and The pitching of Dr. Reed was a ano, drums, a clarinet, a cornet, a bass I the Freshmen. the hurdles and the jumps. science. In addition a special series surprise. as the medical examiner had viol, a banjo and an xylophone. Fif- No Long Reception Line Coach Sta;.:j.!'s Maroons appear to be has been arrarured for Friday eve- I excellent control and allowed only teen dances will make up the Hop pro- This y·::?ar a long reception line has sliuht ly better than Minnesota. with nir-rs. I scattered hits. On the other hand the gram. been eliminated. As the dancers come IIi�g';n" and Otis ccr tain point win- Arnone those who will lecture are.' facultv players drew frequent bases Announce List of Patronesses in the gymnasium they will shake ners. HiKj.!ins should take firsts in Stephen Leacock, the distinguished em ralls, and two were struck by the The patrons and patronesses for the' hands with the chaperones who will the shot put and uiscus throw, and economist and lecturer; Amy Lowell, pitchers. A good crowd watched the Hop are as follows: 1 stand in two short lines on either side should gather some extra points in the Percy MacKaye and Lorado Taft. game. 1\11'. and Mrs. Harry Pratt Judson, of the door. Dancing will begin at hammer. Otis will taxe the mile run Many Recitals for Summer The picnic supper which followed Mr. and Mrs. Louis Platt" Mr. and I once, but. the grand march will Dot and if entered in the two mile will Recitals will be- given by Miss p::-J\'C.d to l·� very successful. Mem- Mrs. J. E. Palmer._Dr. and Mrs. J. Eo' start untIl 9:15. pr;i.::�� ::t ll�hr:k�.C��i1iln a�::t::J:':; �::� S��:::n�· tt:!t�;G:�� )'J�:h!f --l�:; rt��l�n�:_':e �'i�- ��:;i��:!·.M;:,���t:�;.""a�dl pr����.!�!�S ::;r - :�sr���-s�:o�- - ,.- some points for the Maroons. Harris Menica Graham Stults and Walter nickers played a number of games Mrs. J. M. Gu�, �r�.� �uisa McGuire, away, with this year, enabling the in the 220 will star.e a great fight S�ults, Ernest Davis of the Boston cf various sorts. The University Mrs. E. V. MacDonald, Mrs. Edith dance to continue the -2ntire eve_ing. ,. with Kebey of Wisconsin, Cook of �Grnnd Opera, Vera Poppe, a cellist, band gave a concert during the sup- Foster Flint, Miss Elizabeth Talbot, Those desiring refreshments during Mkhij.!nn and Emery of Illinois. :1nd the Zoellner String Quartet. per period. !�liss Marion Talbot. the hop will be forced to secure them The -1,�O promi�es to be one of the Concerts by the University band ------- , outside the dance floor. j {.:aturcs d th� meet. An abundan�e will be given every Thursday evening New Phoerux Chock Full EXPECT 200 PEOPLE AT I Spectators on Track of s�ars are entered and fast time is 'i'r:Hn '; to 8. Of Educational FIELD DAY ON TUESDAY I Those unable to secure tickets to looked f(lr. Emery and Donahue of ------- din I (he hop may watch the dancers from I!linois, Wetzel of Michigan, and Bart- C .. ASS OF 1912 WILl. GIVE Rea · g Program to Start Promptly at 2:30 the running track by paying an ad- ky of the Maroons, will all battle for SPECIAL DANCE ON JUNE 11 With a Parade Headed by the Uni-l mission fee of 25 cents. Guards will Do you want the straight dope on : t�. quarter mile �upremacy. 1 d ' h d h d? \'ersity Rand-Maypole Dance Spe- I be stationed at each end of the track ,. \1 h�w to win a a y s eart an an. I Capt. Speer of Chicago and Brown nl'lte J u:r.ni of 1910 and 1911 a� cial Feature. I so tJtat t� spectators will be kept of lEinois �:hould sta!-!e a �o:;d fight Guests of Rig Affair' Consult "Springtime Advice" by Jer- I from the dance floor. in the �RO. If Otis enters the two ry Westby in the June issue of The That 200 people at least will wit- i Dancing will continue until 2. The mi!e he will buck up a�ainst Dusen- Among the special features by the Ph�rnix, which will be out Thursday. r.ess the, �t�let�c:,_program to be given i men will wear white trousers and 'le:'Tj' of Illinois :!T!d Anderson of Ohio, various clas�e� to be given during Since the author is graduating in ten en Field day next Tuesday was the! dark coats and the women summer both fa�t men. Malecker of the Badg- alumni, reunion week, June 10 to IS, days, he is fitted to give a fearless prediction made yesterday by General dresses. Flowers have been absolurely C:'S looks like the winner in the 100 is a class d:1nce by the class of 1912. comment on th� subject, and he <I':e: Chairman Mina Morrison. At the prohibited from the affair and the use (Cmltinltr,z ('n rn.ge 4) It will be held on June 11 from 9:30 so. same time she announced the day's of taxis has been discouraged. _____ . __ to 11 :30 in Ida Noyes t�ater. The The soul of a symphony orchestra events, which will include a complete class is celebrating its eighth anni- conceIt is exposed by A. P. S. in an presentation of women's athletics FRATERNITY NET TEAMS PLAY ver!:ary and is expecting to make the �:-ticle entitled "Discord of Sweet Po'h-en at the University. - affair a bi� success. The committees Sounds" in the same issue. The writer The program will start promptly at II Six Win in Second Round of Tennis ·n ('h!lr�� have invited the classes of was once given a ticket to a concert, 3:30 with a parade headed by the Tournament Singles � !)10 ar.d 1911 as guests. and �rasped th� opportunity of lay- University band of twelve pieces un-I --- Th� entire order of Cap and Gown ing bare the hidden meanings of some der the direction of J. Beach cragun.j The second round of the Interfra- 920 has arrived in the office and is ��OI.. E. A. GRAVES SI'EAKS :r.a�t·!rly opera which to the lay Members of the athletic teams and ternity tennis tournament singles re- • hrin� (!istrihuted to students, it was TOOAY AT 4 IN HARI'ER auditor mean nothing. field and track squads will follow. suIted in easy wins for six teams, rn:1'\unc('d ye�t('rday ty Carl Piper. "The Evcluticn of the Pen" is the There are also two short stories, Publish Complete Program Beta Theta Pi beat Alpha Delta Phi l us'ness mana�er. Books may be ob- subject of an illustrated lecture to Cne concerns the handicap a young Included in the day's program will by th� score of 6-2, 6-2; Psi Upsilon �'1in'!cl elaity in the Ellis hall office, he �iven by Col. E. A. Havers today man underwent in propsing to a lady be a Junior college-Senior college base· I won from Zeta Beta Tau, 6-3, �3; from 8 to 5. It is nf)t necessary to at 4 in Harper 1\111, under the aus- by mail, and suggests that college ball game, the final inter-class base- i Sigma Alpha Epsilon beat Sigma Nn, present .... fuhscription receipt. pices of the Y. M. C. A. The lec- students must watch their pens and ball games, line ball and volley ball I 6-3, 6-2; Pi Lambda Phi beat Delta The fr�t �hipments of the annual �ure includes a full description of the Ur.dC'twoods during summer vacation. matches to decide the University I Tau Delta, 6-1, 7·5; Delta Upsilon "'ere not larj!e enough to supply the "tone a�e, the stylus, the brush and The other tells about a romance of ehampions, and the tennis finals be-I' beat Phi Delta Theta, and Kappa Sig­ !ma'!1d, and as a result numbers "cccl, the ,::oose ancI quill, the 8teel East and 'Vest. The hero is from tween the wome.'n who occupy the four rna beat Alpha Sigma Phi, 6-1, 6-1. �re tlnah!-� to secure copies. There p<'n. the fountain pen, the gold pen P::-ovidencC', R. I.. and the heroinee hi�he�t places in the ladder tourn:l-! In the third ro�nd of the �ingle� Pi > n'lW on hane} the full supply, and r:ncl how it is made, and a chapter on from Thermopolis, Wyoming. ment. I Delta Phi beat SI�ma Alpha Epsilon, th� hoo!�� ��.e hein� dven out to all • he pen, ancl the advancement of civ- Furth�r features of the special va- The field and track pro�ram willi 6-2, 6-3; and Kappa Si,::ma beat Delta who, cemplete the paym('nt of $3. i!ization. Til<! lecture is given u,lder (aticn number will be announced later. embrace fifty yard dashes, hurdles, I Upsilon, 6-3, 6-4. Tho�e wh') have paid $1 will have a 'h� ccurtesy of the Waterman Pen 111e ma�azine will be the largest and hi�h jumps, javelin throws, basket· The second round of the doubles � book reserved for them until June 12, Co. :h� most elaborate which The Phoenix ball throws, dis('us throws and relay I resulted in some closes �cores. Alpha dt�r which this ("ann'lt b� g'uaranteed. ------- :�t�ff has yet is!'ued. The price is races, Delta Phi b('at Beta Theta Pi; Zeta "The business staff wishes to apolo- nEG YOUR PAROON! the ::;ame as bcfore-15 cents, A Maypole dance to he �iven under Beta Tau beat Psi Upsilon, 7-5, 3-6, 1':'7.(, for elelays and to thanlc sub· Yesterday's Daily Maroon stated th� direction of .Tos<'phine Strode and 6-3; Si�ma Nu beat Si�ma Alpha Ep- s('ril,crs for thcir patien�e during the ',�t Mi�s .Tulia CO:1ley had been mar· Y<,l1ow J;:cket Gi\'es Party Ruth Dixon will be a special feature silon; Pi Lambda Phi beat Delta Tau jn�: two clays:' Piper declared yes- hI to Piof. Altrocchi. The Maroon 'jh� Yellow .Tacket cluh will give a for the day. Damaris Ames has been Delta; Delta Upsilon heat Phi Delta I t�rday. "The business manager was receiveel the notice to that effect from l:�a('h party for the members Wednes- appointed chainnan of the Sophomore Theta, r,n��i:)llS to �et th� hook out as soon .... d�\\'n'�wn p:lp('r ancl thug the mi!\- ,by, .Tur,e 9. Those wishin� to at- booth committee to succeed Mina Only one match has been played in , :1<; pr.�si':I(', nnd cldays were caused '�1." npp�::r('(t in ollr columns. It t-:-nrt shnuld sh:n their names to the )lorri::;on, who was n:lmcd to take the third rounel of the douhles in , � \' rb'nmstan('el' quite he yond our h -uld h:lvC rencl that their en�a�e· �lUlle�in bonrd in Ida Xoyes hall he· Th�'!"csa Wilson's post as general which Pi Lambda Phi beat Si�ma Nu, � control." �Cil' was ::nnoun'.'ed. I\,re �l()nday. chnirman of the day. Faculty basebull players defeated '1 l' I' 'Entire �up;:]y of 1920 l Cap and G-awn. Ready For Di�.trihution I �-1, 6-4. 2 THE iJAIL Y MAROON. ;:-RIDAY, JUNE 4, 1920 W 11 p it il ill' in a r U U 11 �,� is supposedly an in���;���-;;;�i�JY. W. C. ",... ?IE�IBEI���II: �I!;;� - , At�::&1ticn! F .:at�ti� 1"' __ �-�--.-;;-_!ii!-!IiI-.�-� -!ii!IiI-��!Iiiiii ::) why not limit the distribution of the I Al.HEA I>Y STAinED ron 1920! " Lir:i.elS on a class basis; that is, so ; Special Pricec on i .nany tickets for seniors, so many for Ruth l\tetc:t1fe Chooses Eight Women ! Fraternity Printing i un.ors, and so on. If a yellow book to Head Tcams-c-Captains Ap. ' I Published mornings, except Saturday, were placed at the Information desk point Committees ! See Pickus at Maroon Office! Sunday �!1d Monday during the Au- t tumn, Winter and Spring quarters ,)1' at the Murocn office or at some Pluns for the Y, W. C. A. lllember-: ================= by The Daily l\laroon Company. other convenient place where people ship drive to be conducted the third � El>ITOIUAL DEPAI!�'IENT- Jc�irinl-: th .. kets for the hop could sign week of the autumn quarter have ul- : Managing Editor Up, I think the problem would be ready been m,l{:'!, Ruth Metcalfe is: )011:\ ASIIE:\Ill·H.ST solved. The lists could be ch-ecked in charge of the drive and has ap-: News Editors d h 1 Bury Uinl. Jr. Herbert Rub�1 an t ose students signing' up first pointed eight team captains who will I N' h Ed' would have first option on the tickets choose teams of eieht women each. Ig t uors I . � 1-:,;wilJ Jur.lalJ, j r, Olill Stansbury Ramona Hayes. Team captu.ns arc Carolyn Hoyt, Day Editors --- Siune W ennerblud, VirJ,!inia Strain, Ridl3r,1 Evans Elsie Gullander . The Convention Again Natalia Grcensfelder, Devereaux Jar- ,! Robert Seymour E lit Th (1 or e Maroon: I ratt, VirJ,!inia Foster, Ann Lorenzen, :,' Associate Editor :\tary 1I;.yc!I In behalf of the Hoover club I want Lela Carr. These women will llled! Reporters to thank all those who worked for the Monday at 12 in Cobb 12A. Arvi.l Lunde, Asst. tion know, as long as even a semblance ========�==��====--�----------- of order and deliberation continueu, Hoover increased his 5u!J:.t�mt;i.ll lead over th, field on every ballot, and for those of you who were unable to be present, it is a pleasure to report that the cheers for Hoover drowned out the feeble shouts from the op- Entered as se�ond cl�ss mail a.t t�e posing camps. Chicago postoffice, Chicago, Illinois, I March 13, 1906, under the act of I am also glad to be able to report March 3, 1873. that even after more than half of the Offices , Ellis 14 delegates had left and the convention Telephone Midway 800 had broken into a disorderly mob, and although sorely tried, no work-er of­ ficially connected 'with our organiza- Straw Hats, Men's Furnishings, Hat .. ,; tion yielded to the temptation to in- Caps and Neckwear MAROON MISCELLANY dulge in Tammany hall politics, but BASEBALL SCORES Som-ething is wrong when we have rather .lid their best to continue the CIGARS-CIGARE'ITES--PIPES to order 200 more Maroons than there Uni v ersity of Chicago sentiment for Southeast comer-55th and Ellis A ..... With the above off our chest the Xot a Monkey Convention rest of the day is easy. So much Editor The Daily Maroon: campus opinion has drifted in today There is an ancient scripture which that lack of space forces us to turn says, "Answer a fool according to his our calOllln over to them. We can folly lest he be wise in his own con­ then tufn our attention to reparrrng ccit." There is no call for the pro­ typewrjters. We de that quite well. test of Messrs. Gordon and Vog-el con- ccrning the harmless violence which may have been threatened aga inst the thoughtless youth who put forward the name of Eugene V. Debs at the mock convention, It was a mock con­ vcnticn but not a monkey convention and a student who did not know better than to play smart aleck on such an occasicn should take the consequences without complaint from himself or others. F. J. Gurney. dc::r.:,d I1',\I;-;L Le I�;<:intainccl. It ��ems to th� \\' .. i�er th�t � similar pro�)lcm I T�e South�rn club will give a dance coulll I)c n:ost sUl'l'e�sfully solved in I today from S to 11 ::�O in the theater the ftAture hy rcfusin� to distribute I 'f Ida Noyes hall. ticl:"t:- to f;�temities, :\ f:er all, the Tickets for the W. A. A. sprin� -------==-= hanqud will he on sale cvery day ��;'�::�,n.i��"�V:'IW.'/� The foll()win� wolllen will meet with • .,r! "'nm ... • .. c, ... ""h Elf'anrr Ryrnes tnday at 12 in Cobh "I Fv .. I •• hr. � E .... , h."w' m.lvnll ,h .. m 12A: ,Julia \Vhite, An:1 Loren7.('n, lon;r, 'hi,1< .,,<1 IU",OIIl. Gu.'.n' .... d .b.olu:�I. T D 1 ,. I h"'m!�.. Hund,�<i .... f Ihnll'.n<', "I wom .. n h.... I' ar.� l' nncy, ,!.""anine GoW( y, Flor- ��;:n '::!��'�:�;� r.::'h Ih" ,�,"1,. oh,.,n .. d b, i" n-:.... A leuck, Esth('r McI .... 'lughlin, Pric� SOc. At Your Df-al"r'. II �1i: (1)("h ;\Iann. ;\Iary GinJ!rkh, Mar- MA YBfJ.L LARORA TORIE.�, CHICAGO _ r;�j'('t Rohinson, E(lna Eisendrath. The Student Newspaper of the University of Chicago RaIllUII;1 Huye s Rita Handschy AT HLET IC iJEl'AJ{T�1 E:\T BUSINESS I>EPAnTl\IE�T KEITH KI::\IJIU:D, Husiness :\l:lIIager Adv, Manager Cir. Manager Laurence Tibbits liortimer C ;ou.!win Assistants Gilbert neatty llorris Pickus Assistants Charles Loeffel Frank Lindell Friday, June 4, 1920 are subscribers and even then our supply outside the office is exhausted before 10 o'clock. Our belief in the honor sentiment has encouraged us to continue the practice of distribut­ ing Maroons in the usual way outside the door. For the rest of this year at least W� shall cling to our belief, but unfortunately complaints from subscribers necessitate that we order even more Maroons. With the sin­ cere hope that other universities do not notice this necessary appeal, we must request subscribers to get to the office early in order to get their Ma­ roon before the non-subscribers clean us out. COl\1MUNICA TION (In "ie� of the fact that the com­ municarion column of The Daily Ma­ roon is rJlClintained as a clearing house fof student and faculty opinion, The DailY Maroon accepts no respon­ sibility for the sentiments therein ex­ pressee]. Communications are wel­ comed bY the editor, and should be signed as an evidence of good faith, althau�h the name will not be pub­ lished �ithout the writer's consent.) Sounds Plausible Editor 'fhe Maroon: In l'c:ld;n� tGda:;'� editorial I no­ tice that f�rth('r attention has heen ('a!lcd b the dep101'ahle and lamentahle state of affairs reJrardinJ,! th� dis­ trihllt hn of th� much to he desired Hop ticl�ct�. Oh\'iously, a limit on�e YOU.TOO,CA? HAVE BEAUTIFUL EYELA�HES and BROWS , h�v "dd wonr1�,lul. 'v ,,., ",eO, hf':t'\t'· �hafm �nd "1!,.cti\'�· \ I,,,'� Lash-BrClw-lne HC;':'\,'!I' cause on the campus. As those of you who were at the convcn- I. "clean politics on the campus," which sentiment was so recently and nobly! expressed hy many prominent stu-I dents on the campus. We have the satisfaction of know­ ing that we put up the same clean, fair fight that Hoov-er himself would have fought, and even though the outside world is denied the opportun­ ity of hearing where the University of Chicago stands in national politics, we on the campus know that, as far I as they were permitted to express themselves, the predominate majority of the students on this campus ap-I prove of Mr. Hoover's candidacy for presidency. Rupert R. Lewis. Like your finger on silk A Blalslldl Pl'ncll ,,,rites as t'lllIlIy aN your ftllJ:f'r mOVl'S on Nllk. Your stut lonor hus tbe popular Hlah"h'lI Colurt.'tl Pendls. No wurk III "harJll'uiul: - Just nick tbroul:h one thlcklless of puper 1II111 111111 1>1 rah:ht 11\\,11)'. II ·J'II .. 11 t'olon of BlalJ6dt'U Pt'D- I I dill &art' u .. t'd til.. world o\'er I I for c'uuntlt ... " purilolit'li. No. I 15J nlut' ClUt,.t'U .. nil otht'r blue , II",nc'lI,. t·umbhuod. , L_-----=-==� ANNOUNCEMENTS The :"fen's Glee club will hold a final imp�rt3nt meeting l\londay, June I. Offi('ers ' .... m be elected and ar­ . :-:r.:--.en�('n! s m<,.dc t.o put through a trip next fall. Th� pins will also he d:stributed. fr"m I!:! to 1 in the foyer of lcla Noyes haJ1. DDrnthy A lIg-ur, II a ?.:: I .Jenny, Lucy :\cill, l\Inrion .Jaynes, l\tarie :\if'r�arth, Ger�rllcle Bis�cl. Gertrude Byrne, A lice IInll and Alice Adams ',;i11 also havc tickf'ts for �alc, Th� Blue Bott Ie duh will meet to­ <la\' at 12 in Ida :\oy<'s sun parlor. 11111il'l Iili ' ARROW 'Jrorf !.7,,;lorcd SOFT COLLARS CLUETT, PEABODY" CO., INC, TROY, N. Y I I I "Sinn' the new membership busis . has been installed, membersh'ip will, mean more to the women on the cam pus than for aier ly,' stated Ruth :\l�t- ; calfe. "W l' hope that by organizing: our teams early the drive w.ll bc ' =========:============:-::--=-=:-::-=-=-=-=-==-=-==. more successful." �----------------- ----------------- ..... Phone Hyde Park 2433 SPOEHR DEAR HEART C:-10COLA TES Makers of E vcrvwhere CHOICE CONFECTIONS C 0 VV 1-1 E'V'§ Store for Men ' and ICE CREAM 1133 E. 55th Street" CHICAGO Entering the World Electrical �E gradUate oftoday enters a world electricaL Gathered from the distant waterfalls or gen­ erated �y the Steam turbine, electric power is transmitted to the busiest city or smallest country place. T�rough, the �o-ordination of inventive r.cnius Wlth engmeermg and manufacturing resources, the General Electric Company has fostered and developed to a high stat_e �r perfection these and numerous oth('r applications. And so electricity, scarcel>: older than the grad­ uate of today! appears In a practical, well developed serVice on every han�. Recognizo its powerd• st�l�Y i�s applications to life's work, an un rze It to th your fi of all mankind. e utmost for the bene t I. THE DAlLY MAROON, FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1920 :1 for the Dramatic. club which --m-i-gh-t-i�-S-K-;)ROGRAM HINTS -I-L�-rc-h-i-n ·ca;���-t��--W�;-A-.-o-tli-c-e, fairly: be called an even or complete I FOR W. A. A. RECEPTION Ida Noyes hall. ' interpretation, she .always retains t�at I --- I singular power of enforcing the tragic Suggestions for the Women's Ath-: HOLD FILIPINO NIGHT JUNE I.l emotion of certain scenes. Her curious ,letic association reception to new stu-I A unique program of musical en­ awkwardnes�, her angular, galvanized I dents, t� be given after the openi�g I tertainment will be given Filipino postures, bring catastrophe home to of the l' all quarter next October, will night, Friday, June 11, under the aus­ us quicker than does the professionai! '_·e received by Frances Lerch, who i pices of the Filipino Triangle club. smoothness which is lacking to her.] has been put in charge of the pro-! The entertainment will be given in end her monotonous voice, rising :. n :! gram for the affair. I Mandel hall at 8. Honorable Jaime de falling with depressing sameness of Ideas for the program, together I Veyra, who is resident representative tone, ach'eves something like posses- with suggestions for carrying out the I of the Philippines at Washington, sion of her hearers. Nobody in the reception, should be addressed to Miss I D. C., will speak a word of welcome DrnmaticclUb�nactmorebaill�onl��������������������������������� occasion; but certainly nobody in that: J organization possesses more of the di- ; vine fire-or whatever people have ' nowadays instead of the divine fire.: HORSE SENSE AN� SOAP THR�WERS I . By TOM ECK i' •. \...-----� - ----_. Miss Brown, of course, owns the stage whenever she is on it, whether she is acting well or badly; and that, I take. It is some time since I wrote a note; quarters of a mile in 3:14 seconds, for the Maroon, owning to a bad at-: was taking an electric treatment. The tack of Flue from head to toe, and,' Dog was smelling around for mice, sideways also. On my return to the and Otis laid his hands on him. You Training quarters, I found some new I heard about the athlete who was so Athletes, who should read these Horse I quick that he could turn off the Gas se�se and Gur�ption letters of Mine I and Jump into bed before the room written last winter, We have a few � was dark. Well, that's how quick the new soap throwers, But their aim is I Dog made h1s way to the front door, bad .. A.lso some �ot P-ep Gu:s who I uf'ter l'�ceivinJ.:" the shock. Up the USf� It m large uoses. But It does I steps, SIX at a time, and out 57th some good, for it wzrkes them up for street, with Johnny after him with a a few minutes each day, which shows lasso. us they may have a chance on the I Joie Ray, the little speed Merchant, track team, some day when they gct ] has Lecn doinz :,uJIle training on Stagg over being like a Man who is Just; field. But he l-earnt Joe Stout a train­ walking around to save Funeral ex- 'I ing stunt, that of bouncing a Tennis it, is proof conclusive of her really penses, You can ask some of them Ball around the Gym Floor. He told great gift. • . • • t i d th t s kin II The show, then, is good', and the: a ques IOn an cy pu up orne '1 ( Joe it would make him fast. No won- j cf un evasive answer, thinking I urn a! del the price of tennis Balls has gone thanks go largely to Mr. Louis Doo- I mind reader. i lip. It is awful to have a young stu. ley, who has brought the Dramatic i Johnny Johnson has returned a I dent rush into the training quarters club throc rh a most successful and: Vastly Improved man, that is so-J and nsi •. Ichnny Johnson if he kept profitable year. May his tribe in- I cietivcly he comes and goes in his new I! erasers or a shoe lace for a left shoe. crease. II I Rabbit Racing Auto. He can turn a corner and miss a cement Island as! i close as any man I ever saw. Anyone I TilE DUA!\IATIC CLUB SCOnES PI CK - US troubled with heart failure should I I �Ive Johnny a wide berth. Bartky, ... , For Particular Printing cur new quarter Miler, is figUl·ing how I 1 he pat rcns of the art� traveled all I • he can fix it with Coach Stagg so he � the way to �mmons Blame �all ye�-I No lobs too large or too small. ,'an have the long berth going to, terday to view the Dramatic club s At M Offi t' I , -' f "Th T·1 • aroon ce any ime Michigan 111' the Confereneco Meet.! presentation 0 e rageuy of He says Higg+ns had one goinJ{ East i 1':a:1;' and I have yet to hear of one last summer to the Cam" Dix Cham-II wh» came away dissatisfied. It was SPOEHR'S FOUR plonships. Someone asked me why �ot only. the most significant dramat- STORES they throw lip their hands at the end I c offcr'inz of the y-ear hereabouts of a Race. Was it to let the other' (not excluding Madame Hammer's fellows Know that the race was ov=r ? "Ibsen" or .MI'. Holloway's "Barbara, Harvard University has introduced Behave!"), but the best thing the Dra­ a New Idea for its runners to devel- !':<!tit- clu'» has dcne these many op the proper form in running. But moons. There u.re many unfortunate We Pay Highest Prices for Second . Hand Clothing and Shoes. No I think the Bovs use it more to see if things to think about in connection Orders too Large or Small. their hair is p��rted in the rhrht place.' with the production. For example, A. MARKOWITZ We ex�ect a new Gasoline Roller to i W.h.� is the �ramat.ic cI�b c0111�elled to Room 412 105 W. Monroe St. go behind our men to Make them go �l\C earnest and intclliccnt interpre- Phones: fast or get flattened out. I thinl; a I tat ions of good plays in such a dis- Central ,4556.and Central 8574 IUtlc ca�dy at the fin�h wo�d be!lcul ou�kirt as the Scho� of Edu- ������������������������������������������������� quUean�ducementforsomeofthem,: a.ion, wh:� the B�ckfriar� ba� ij!�������������������������������������������������� Jones in particular. Going down to 1 chanalia are surrounded with pomp !�_.I the Illinois-Chicago Dual meet at I :,�:I circumstance in the urban bril_1 Champaign last J"'riday, it was slow I' liance. ?f l\I�nc!el hall? But that, l�lY I _. service; our waiter must have had a dear Watson, IS one of the mysteries hammock in the kitchen and took a I only to be solved by that psychologist - "ciasto" between each course, at our I (not Scott Fi�zgerald), who shall o�� table. Our table was served in seven I some day explam. the mystery of the 'i .. courses; first, water; second, butter; I undergraduate mind, I � third, bread or biscuit; fourth, gravy; At any rate, be it said, Marg-aret .. - and roast bed; fifth, strawberry short! Hag�ott did a clever and finished 1- cake instead of pie; sixth, coffee or! piece of acting as Mrs. Pargetter, at­ milk; seventh, $2.25 check. : tacking the difficulties of her role with Psychology, they say, is a �rcat an intelligence which left nothing to thing. But it does not always gd the he dcsj red ; Betty Brown showed again society Students the Girl he wants. her keen sense of tragic values, her 1-· It is like a Fortune Teller to me. It unfailing instinct for pose; and Rich- �, is Great Stuff if they tell you some- ard Evans caught a memorable bit of � thing that comes true. I knev .... one doddering age in his interpretation of II�. who told a woman she was going to : he cld Gaffer. As for the rest, they I � Die some Day: Charges, $1. Some were thoroughly adequate and intel-, fast time was made at the Gym and lig-( nt; Miss Kohl was pretty and not Stagg field today. Johnny .lohnson amateurish; Mr. Thomas Long was I brought his new Boston Bull to the good to look at; Charles Beckwith training quarters to show the speed was passnble, and the Misses Shanks merchants how heautifully he is � n-I A msdcn were pictorial and very mar: ed. Otis, after running three: graceful. ================ ' T,' i\liss Haggott belong the laurels i of the day. IJ.�r interpretation of ! the role was a complete thing, care­ ! L.Il\, stu.lied and done with an as­ ! C llr:nce which almost amounted to I"" c. 'brilliance. She had come nearer the : dinlcct than most of the others, and : gave the spirit of the thing a vitality I . which i, quite :1 re\'daticn to one w.ho ;1:1:, :-.c: r. h-:-r :!ct for thr('e years. :\hss I i ij:-(,wn. a pcr:-;(,n:lli�y of �reater e�jlO- . , t irnnl P:.Wt·'· en the st'lg('. did not I - I � "'.i\'e a fini;"hecl p-�rformanee; the .. ,· I �;crc many in. eonsisten('ies; she f\)r·ll- J'.of. her dialed often. she ovcr-acted 1 iwnudl:1l1t t he' first act, and she I slc,uehed rnd gri:l�accd '�ntirely too much all the time. And yet, when in . the sweep of l\lasefield's magnificent liiles she f('lt the terror and despair of her role, sh� carried her audicn('(' \"'ith her in th� intensity of her read­ ing. She has something which might rass for �enius, perhaps; and, al­ : h')uf h she has never yet done a role For Lunch Downtown TANTUSCANS THEY'RE tan and they're made of Tuscan braids. It' s something new, some­ thing different in straw hats. You'Il like them, they're so good looking" so very stylish, �md they, won t soil eas- $6 ily; they re practical. Other straws, $4 to $50. \. I t· r Maurice L Rothschild Money Ch�rfully Refunded Southwest comer Jackson and State Chicago Minneapolis St. Paul NOW·ON SALE Suit and Extra Trouser.s $60, $65, $75 and Upwards ANNOUNCEMENT OF THESE Between-Seasons Sales always brings a rush of orders-Therefore we urge an early c�ll so that you may have a full �tock from which to make your selection and In order to grve us ample time to complete your order. This announcement is made to you in advance of public advertising. !� Tailor fer Young Men· THREE STORES 7 N. La Salle S�l'eet 314 S. Michigan Avenue 71 E. Monroe Street . , I 4 THE DAILY MAROON. FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 1920 I tcrnity house and; said -he'd hear� I somecne there had a Hop ticket to I sell. , THE PHOENIX I (Continued) ! THE PHOENIX is the Senior I vaudeville of magazines. THE MAROON for once had a news I --- item that wasn't decrepit with age. FINAL arrangements have been Yesterday's reported that Prof. Al- I made for the Interclass Hop. It will • trccchi was married. Fast work. The I cost $3.30 to J,:ct onto the gym floor wedding comes off in September. I and two bits to watch the melee from the track. SPORT SHORTS I Gooddell and Volini were liberal j SO NEAH-and yet so far! with passes in the Faculty-Senior! -Birdie. g-ame, each ,::iving about eight per I inning. We could understand this if I TItACK TEAM GOES they expected to take more courses i TO ,A�S ARBOR FOR here. ! COSFElm:SCE MEET On the other hand, ,Mr. Moulton and I Major Lewis were hit by pitched balls. j (CcmtinKeci IrMA pe •• 1) When Captain Vance came up to I bat and whiffed, somebody supgested yard dash. Johnson of Michigan and that as a ball player he made a good Knollin of Wisconsin are the Big Ten's best in the hurdles. !l!M\P4\PJ\Pl\tI' ••• MW1\t4\m.wmp.$\'I\ ••• 1a ••••• of 1the Maroons are b�h st��ng in the hammer, throw, with titft,' ,ormer having the lige. J Wisconsih: Illinois, Chicag� and Minn('s� should finish in the order named, . with Iowa pushing the last two for fourth or fifth place. Dancing �;!,. A wonderful time Friday night with the MERRY GARDEN "3" 1 • C LAS S I FIE DAD S. W ANTED-College men wishing to I earn a good income during their va­ cation should communicate with us immediately; good, clean business;', large returns. Refer to page 123 of , the May issue of the Ladies' Home! I Journal. V ACUETTE SALES CO., I 163 W. Washington St., Chica,::o'l: Ill. 152 ---------------------------: LOST-A bunch of keys, probably on : Tuesday evening, between RiCketts',i lab. and 63d and Woodlawn; one Yale key branded HI8. Address; care Maroon office. 151 : ===========================' Subscribe to the Daily Maroon! and Get All the Campus News: s: BUD COMBS, ON SATURDAY EVENING Five Pieces All this takes place at the Harper Hall 53rd and Harper Avenue-Above Harper Theatre � I r l' -I r ( I } ] I ( ( I ), iJ tl h CI b l\' \11 tl n :,.. tl > I·;: . 1t. f. 'tj a , fe . 't tl ·t t< ,. -<' w 1 f( I eJ h. k. w .- w n c( .M bJ � in si • .. tb 4 d\ w' til se w, 1-1 III er nc 3: ',: lil hI: to 4:1 .a ja ., f(� hr '-, , .' .. : H) of th .. , . th . t . -I , } ro , University Nights Tuesday and Wednesday Evenings jockey. George Serck was r ig ht in his ele- In the field events Higgins of the ment. i Maroons has excellent chances for Sprcehnle t ried to hit the bass horn I firsts in t�e shot put. and �iscus thr�w in center field, but missed and struck i although Slater of Iowa WIll push him the clarinet. ! closely in the latter event. Miller of I Purdue is assured of first place in "MODERN ENGLISH" is a book I the javelin throw. recommended for English 1 students.] Between Buchanan of the Illini and Its author is G. P. Krapp. I Endres of Wisconsin in the pole vault Shoot! I there is little choice; and Osborne of I Illinois should win the high jump, as Lunde wanted to play with the sen- ! he has been clenring six feet consist­ .iors in their big game yesterday, but 'II ently. In. :he broad jump �sb?r, ne Prof. Moulton objected. of the Ilhm, Wesbrook of Michigan I and Sundt of the Cardinals have shown DRAMATIC REVIEW I well. Bennett of Illinois and Higgins BETTY BROWN seemed to get! ===================== along almost as well with the Pi�Ch-1 See our Campus Represen- hitter. . tative, Morris Pickus. at the _- I Maroon Office for all kinds of THE D. U.'s expected to beat the i p . ti M·dw t T . nn mg. 1 es ypeset- Psi U's yesterday. ! ti C The verb, you will notice, is in the I Ing ompany. past tense. ! I SPOEHR BLUE BIRD FRESHMEN track stars arc still SWEETS hard at work on numerals tryOl'';S on I Stagg field. So far only four men I have satisfied Mr. Stagg as to their ==================== prowess and won the coveted 1923. Wally Bates, one of the thus far unlucky ones, says you'd think 19231 was a telephone number-it's so easy! HOTEL STRAND to get. l63rd &: COTTAGE GROVE AVE. : Telephone MidwlIJI 820 'I University Students Werk Solicited SOMEBODY just called up a fra- Special prices on term theme work I �·,.:;i:ii;;jiii;i;i;iillliflil:jjiiiijlllllllllllll!lllliIlfiiiiiiiliiiiiiillilllill:liiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilliiiiliililliliiiliiiijjmilll� liillllll Profits Helped Build Our Business Do you think it's right to save money? Swift & Company's business has been built up partly by selling capital stock for cash and partly by thrifty saving, pctti.:1g seme of our earnings each year back into the business to increase facilities for production. For Happiness Woodlawn Stenographic Service' JOKE That is What most all of us seek to do-save part of our earnings for future usefulness. Complete Intensive Stenographic Course f It is the w�y American indus- tries have been built up, It means the least drain on the financial resources of the country. For the past twenty-lour years Swift & Company has made an average profit frem all sources cf 11.3 PC4" cent on investment (capi­ tal and surph: ), and 2.3 cents 0:1 each dollar of sal"s-3. frac.ton of a cent per pound Out of this we have paid dividends and saved somet'ung to help us keep pace with a growing country. The next complete stenographic three months' course will begin july I. Only college graduates or undergraduates are eligible. An unusual opportunity is afforded by this intensive course to get a complete steno­ graphic training in three months. The environment of the MOSER SHORT­ HAND COLLEGE is appealing to the col­ lege student-a-only high sehool graduates are enrolled. Bulletin on request: no solicitors em­ ployed. College Shorthand Moser Swift & Company, U. S. A. Enrolling Only High School Graduates. Twelfth Floor Lake View Bm1ding 116 South Michigan A "enue Central 5158 Chicago, Dlinois Paul Moser. j. D., Ph'. B. Edna M. Buechler. A. B. =