Yesterday was hardly suited to a f_L.-� baseball game, and the two teams-and a handful of spectators shivered � oj- through nine cold inningso The gale • of wind that � blOwing carried the �. high into the air, and there were �I � . ..r numerous outs from flies, as well as :; '<�"�Jauty.:of Mernb1gly_, good ,.hits that ...... were blown over the foul line. . "Fritz" Crisler _ demonstrated yes- terday that' he is able to go the full limit, and pitch· a good game all the way. With the weather against him, and up against a team of heavy hit­ ters, Crisler allowed but five hits, and evened matters up by striking out five others. Only in the seventh innmg did the new hurler weaken, when a hit, two walks, and a man hit by a wild pitc;h allowed the two runs to score. I Sera Able to Make Third. Serek got on in the first inning, with a hit, and then two errors allowed him to reach third. Elton brought him home with a bingle. Vollmer and Smith scored a couple of innings)ater, a pair of singles, a steal and fly to center bringing them in. The last marker came .in the eighth, when El­ ton came in on a single by Cole. PHOTOGRAPH OF OXFORD FORMS FRONTISPIECE OF • h APRIL ALUMNI MAGAZINE I! I; � I e , .,' ._ I � : " 1 !. , : . ", .... t �;\,; :.; . '.; , at· aroon Vol. 17, No. 91 uNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1919 Price 3 Cents MAROONS WALLOP STEW ART-WARMER NINE IN CONTEST Word has been received that Jacob Frank Scudder, '10, died of pneu­ monia, November 5, at Kenmore, N. D • Frances Hessler Will Direct. '�NEW LEADERSHIP IN NEAR EAST" IS SUBJECT OF TALK International an'd Cosmopolitan Clubs Give Performance April 25 for Benefit of. Fund for, Rebuilding of International Federation of Stu­ dents. Coach Hamilton Coleman Puts Choristers Through Preliminaries. CAMPUS ORGANIZATION PRESENT THREE PLAYS JACKSON WILL LECTURE ON MOODY FOUNDATION MASCUUNE WOMEN DISPLAY GRACE AS FRIARS CORYPHEES Columbia Professor To S.,eak Next Wednesday, Th1U'8day and Friday In Mandel-Will Talk On Persian P Harry A. White Speaks At oetry. -- Weekly Meeting of World Dr. A. V. Williams Jackson, profes- P�oblems Forum. sor of Anglo-Saxon and Indo-Iranian ,in Columbia university, will be the TO HOLD CAST TRYOUTS TODAY fourth William Vaughn Moody lec- Ul\TJVERSITIES WORK :r.."EEDED , , _ turer of the season when he speaks _ The chorus "women" of this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of "The New Leadership in the Near spring's Blackfrairs show, "The next week in Mandel hall. East," was the subject o! Harry W. Naughty Nineties," showed Coach The series will consist of three lec- White's talk at the weekly meeting of Hamilton Coleman for the first time tures, the first of which, discussing the the World Problems Forum in Harper yesterday afternoon how they could "Beginnings of Persian Poetry and assembly room yesterday. Mr. White dance. They skipped and they waltzed. the Great Epic" will be given Wednes- is a foreign worker of the Y. M. C. That is, some of them did. The others day; the second, "Persian Mystic and A. and has seen service in Egypt, will learn. .Lyric Poetry," Thursday, and the final Asia Minor, India and China. He Candidates for the cast will report lecture on "Romantic Verse, Including worked among the British troops in this afternoon at 2:30 on the third 'Ballad Poetry of Lands to the East Egypt and Palestine for two years, floor of the Reynolds club. They will of Persia," Friday. during the war, and was elected an be given extracts from the play to Prof. Jackson was a member of the honorary captain in the British army. -memorize before next week, when the American-Persian Relief Commission He spoke on the opportunities for real tryouts Will take place. of. which President Harry Pratt Jui- service in the Near East, especially son was director. He is a public Iec- in Egypt and A!::i M' . Webster Pleased With Chorus. --ea mor, "I I ks k turer of note and has traveled for re- Mr. White pointed out especially the t 00 Ii e a promising chorus," .search in India in 1901 and' 1911. In said John Webster, '00, one of the au- ' splendid field for service in Cairo, 1903, 1907 and 1910, he visited Persia E h thors of the comic opera, yesterday and Central Asia, receiving splendid �t, were the University Y. M. C after rehearsal, "and the Abbot tells- A. is to aid the work. He deserfbed me that the list of men who' are al- (Continued on page 2) the city as having a population of ,three-quarters of a million, with thirty �ady known to be candidates for ijle cas, t is likewise promising. The Sl· .... e TWO UPPER CLASSES TO thousand students, practically un MEMBERS OF DRAMA T1 .. C ,. t h d b It f h I ful • CLUB WILL GIVE DANCE of the men who will'probably take the ENTERTAIN EACH OTHER ouc e y any so 0 e p mstitu AT 8 IN REYNOLDS CLUB part of girls in the chorus and the AT REVEL IN IDA NOYES tional work. "There are 11,000 stu dancing ability they have sho� are --- dents in one university," he said �"""�cu1arly suited for the' kind "f Presence Of Prominent Persons "with no place to obtain exercise or Ten PaD Final 1'r7o�'-Pla,.s Must, y-w U pra ti thI ti d thin to k " musical, nUmbers we, are', g�iDg' 'to, Promises Pep To Pleasant Party c ce a e cs, an no g eep Be In For Contest By Friday. have.? JI' -Prophecy Pretentious them from immorality and idleness. ��':1 . -�eh' -�f' t:» -ti8,�Cto·�':Jb12'��-thg!veRe"��1'ds�' �.\����f.i.-=-cj��:���,,��. j '.:, . Pro�. ��a::.�: A�::ci:d:=::ti:::' ': ':".;� torug t rom m e yno smgmg 0 � .. 'anu caoi'us agam'-:wii5' ._ Th' e ""se'm-:o-rs-': ani d ��'o· rs: -are' "'to' 'te"- ... _" '[;egged �orso.DU!·Sort of-,8 'bunmrir�J'!" ." :.:-.:� club. The mUsical numbers. will be year. " " -1- L '\, '!' organized by Nat Wills. The members Program To Be Elaborate. sichorate today frOm 4 to 6. Dave and 'social service in Cairo. ;-1 admitted to the club yesterday are . Frank Annan,' the dreadnaught president of Educatio.n. Progressing WelL " Madden, program manager, , eligible to attend. ':.- has announced that the programs will the upper form, will grace the pres- "The progress of education in the At the final tryouts for membership be more pretentious fO,r this show than ence with his affair. His voluptuous Near East has been wonderful," he Yesterday, ten pe' rsons from the thir- curls will flow gracefully up and down t· ed in previous .years. The ,cover design con lUU • "Where five years ago the teen -who passed the judges were ad- will be of an artistic natu�. the stairs and blend amourphously government had to pay students twen mitted to assoeiate membership in the . After five weeks of rehearsal, "The with the surrounding murals.' Ah, ty dollars a month to attend the train club. They are: Rachel pennis, Flor- Naughty Nineties" will be given May yes! The "affaire de pied" is to be ing schools, it is now able to charge ence Falkenau, Faye Millard, John 16, 17, 23 and 24 in Mandel.·' held in Noyes hall, onomatopoetically one hundred and fifty dollars a year Ashenhurst, Vio� Roth/ Robert CoI- speaking. tuition, and is swamped with applica lins, Irene Jungk, June King, Ehrma, University Dames to Meet. Arline just called up and told us to tions. The trained teachers are far too Lundberg and Daniel. MaeCallum. ,be sure and to get this on the !ront few to satisfy the demands." The dance which the organization The University Dames will meet page. She also said that the- music These countries are looking to will give tonight is the first dance the Saturday at 3 in the north reception would be by-whom did she say? america for aid and instruction, Mr. Dramatic club has given this season. room of Ida Noyes hall. Directo� Judd Well, �ny way she wm;ts lots o� pub- Wite asserted. The Mohamm The officers hope that it will make of the College of Education will speak. licity and we are all out of ideas prejudiced as they have been bY:::' for interest in. the club on the part already. We told her so. But then ty y'ears of Gennan propaganda, have of the new members, and also stimu- Aeouth Will Meet Saturday. you know Arline. She just pumped already found the difference between late activity for the onginal play �n-. us full of clever little mots about the the German-Turkish methods and the test which is pending. Each member Acouth club will meet Saturday at facts of the affair-where it was to be, British and American ideals. He de is entitled to bring a partner' to the 7:30 in Ida)loyes hall. All members who was to be there, and all those c1ared that the appeal of the president 'dance. He is not expeeted to bring have been urged' to be present. little' hilarious things. of the new Arabian state of Hedjazz another club member. _ Loretta Lamb probably will be pres- that America be its sponsor during The original play contest is a y�!'- Black Bonnet Meets Today. ent in all her black eyed splendor to its early years is significant of the Iy occurrence in the Dramatic club. Black Bonnet will meet today in cheer for the Chi Psis-Oh, yes. The general attitude in the Near East. "It Each spring plays written by students Cobb 12 A. Pins may be obtained seniors are inviting the juniors. is a challenge to America," he as are presented to the play committee, at this time. Jap King and Warren Mulroy (�ty serted. "We have struck a � death 'conSiSting this year of Carlin Cran- cents down and a dollar and half when blow at autocracy, but we have not dan, chairman; Frances Hessler, Sar- WEATHER FORECAST the big book is out) have decided to yet made democracy secure. We must ah Mulroy and Glenn Millard. The -- -respond to the invbtions not only in bring to these peoples the message of plays must be but one act in length Fair anCl cooler; diminishing winds. spirit but in person. Warren Mulroy world fellowship. The universities of and must require only: a simple set- did not say yesterday, "I will not R. America must furnish the means and tinge Those whose plays are accepted THE DAILY MAROON S. V. P. But of course, I'll go. If the leaders to carry out this great are given an active membership in the BULLETIN the music is all right. task and make good our pledge of ,organization, are permitted .to select __ The board of decorations is ham- friendship." their own cast, and to coach the pored by unfinished business from sketch if they so desire. The plays Today.· next year, and so was forced to con- must all be before the committee by Divinity chapel, 11 :15, Haskell. fine to activities to securing good Y. M. C. A. dinner, 6:30, Hutchinson weather for the dance. It is hoped, Commons. desired, wished and anxiously c1am- --- ored for, that a sumptuous attendance Tomorrow. be granted. Meetings of University Ruling Bod- High Wind Makes Fast Ball Impossible-Oppose Northwestern. The members of the International PLA Y JOLIET TEAM TOMORROW and Cosmopolitan clubs will present three one-act plays for the benefit of the fund -for the rebuilding'of the' In­ ternational Federation of Students, on the night of April 25, in Mand�l hall. The plays are, Lady Gregory's "The Rising ·of the Moon;" Chekov's, "The Marriage Proposal," and an original Chinese play by C. W. Luh, fl mem­ ber of the Cosmopolitan club. This last play was written especially (or the club. With Crisler pitching steady ball, the Maroons had little trouble setting the Stewart-Warner nine down with a 4-2 defeat on Stagg field yesterday afternoon. Cold and a high wind that swept the field made fast ball impos­ sible, but the Maroons displayed a fairly good attack and a tight de­ fense. Timely hitting in the pinches py Elton and Cole brought in the Maroon runs. The 'trong N orthwestern college team win be the opponents of the Maroons this afternoon. They will be the first college nine the Chicago team has played this ye�r, and a tight con­ test is expected. Tomorrow the- Jol­ iet team of the City League will ex­ hibit in the afternoon, unless the weather interferes. Day Not Limited to Baseball. Frances Hessler, who played the part qj' the widow in the Dramatic club's production of "Seven Keys to Baldpate," will direct two of the plays and Mr. Luh will have charge of his production. The students who will take part in the Russian play are: Libby Rosen­ thal, Paul Humphries ana Jesse Feld- (Continued on page 2) ,l , Number Also Containa Portrait Of Late Professor Williston-G1Ves War Service List. .... ;', ,i I, An airplane photograph of Oxford University, England, forms the fron­ - tispiece of the April number of the University of Chicago magazine. The , photographer was Arthur K. Powlin­ son, a former student at the Univer­ sity, who has been a member of �he American Air forces, which were training at Oxford at the time. A portrait of the late Prof. Willis­ ton of the department of geology and paloentelogv; is also included in this month's number of the Alumni maga­ ,zine. Prof. Williston was a member of the National Academy of Sciences, and at one time held the presidency of the society of Vertebrate Paleon­ tology. "The Letter Box" contains a number of letters from alumni who are in war service and of the men Baseball Class Is Organized. next Friday. "The committee requests," said Car­ lin Crandall yesterday, '''that any per­ son who is writing, or who intends writing a play for this contest should turn his name in at once and eensult with some member of the committee, Completed plays may either be turned into the Faculty Exchange, labelled 'Dramatic club', with the name of the author attached, or handed to some member of the committee, or to Emily Taft, the president of the elub," A new baseball class has been or ganized and will meet Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 :50. All university women who are not already registered for baseball and arc interested have been urged to join this class. Student Volunteers To Meet. --; The Student Volunteer band will meet Monday at 7 in the League room of Ida Noyes hall. Charles Bromley will lead, the discussion. The subject for this meeting is "The Crisis in the East." ies. Faculty 0 fDivinity school, 9, office of the Dean, Haskell. Faculty of the Colleges of Art", Literature and Science, 10, HarPer E .n. Faeultes of the Graduate school!', 11, Harper E. 41. Alumnus Dies of Pneumonia. • (Continued on fXJge 2) 2 � �DAlLY MAROON, ..,uDAY, APRIL 11, 191t Blackfriars and spring football sions. seem to have one result in common. A list of the women's organizations Certain men are kept out of the lib- on the campus is. contained in the rary and the "fussing" is somewhat . magazine, giving the officers of each stopped. 'club and their activities •. The regular :departments of athletics, University Under the system in effect this year, notes, news of the quadrangles and the fraternities and balls are obliged jottjngs of 'class and association activ­ to have lunch at two different "times. ities are given space. But, still this scheme ·is better than a proposed one which would do, away with the chapel hour period. It is bet­ ter not to eat with some of the broth­ ers than not to be able to chat with . . mitt maily _araan tion now has funds derived from the Panhellenic dance, and will also have a eonstitution within the next month. Perhaps in the future, the body will be influential, since money talks. I , .." The Student Newspaper of �e University of Chicago Published' mornings, except Saturday, Sunday and Monday, during the Au­ tumn, Winter and Spring quarters, by the Daily Maroon company. Two fraternities on the campus strive to be different. They practice the so-called pledge-off system. Under this plan, the most promising of Freshmen may be left entirely out in the cold, as the relationship estab­ lished is purely conditional. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT THE STAFF Charles C. Greene .• Managing Editor John E .. Joseph ....•..• News Editor Ruth Genzberger News Editor William Morgenstern Ath. Editor John Ashenhurst , .....• Night Editor Helen Ravitch Night Editor Howard Beale ........•.. Day Editor Rose Fischkin Day Editor Harold Stansbury .. Associate Editor Thanks to The Maroon, the good features of the Green Cap, the de­ funct Freshman publication, and the Chicagoan, the former literary month­ ly, have arrived. The Daily' Maroon has decided to publish a supplement containing poems, stories and essays. And, then, the Green Cap is with us every day in the Whistle. ; ; FRIDAY, APRIL 19, 1919 (Continued from 'P4IJe 1) BUSINESS DEPARTMENT !\ianagers May Freedman Grant S. Mears Assistants Frank Fenner Keith Kindred Henry Pringle Herman McBrayer Jerome Neff Allen Holloway. Earl Wooding Edmund Eichengreen The Dramatic club announces a dance for tonight. All will remem­ ber that new members taken in yester­ day were invited to the affair through the columns of The Maroon. Sort of tough on the new ones to start expenses so quickly. Entered as second class mail at the Chicago Postoffice, Chicago, Illinois, :March 13, 1906, under the act of March 3. 1878. , SUBSCRIPTION RATES Called for, $2.50 a year; $1.00 a quarter. By Carrier, $3.00 a year; $1.26 a quarter. By Mail (city), $3.50 a year; $1.60 a quarter. By Maii, (out of town), $4.25 a year; $1.75 a quarter. Editorial Rooms .....••..•.. Ellis 12 Telephone Midway 800, Local 162 Hours: 11:00-11:60; 12:25-6; 7-8 Business Office .••.•.•••..•• Ellis 14 Telephone Midway 800, Local 162 Hours: May Freedman .• 8-9 A. M. Grant Mears •.•.. 4-5 P. M. every one else in college. . The Three Quarters Club announces a subscription dance for- -the last of the month, Possibly the profits ob­ tained will be ·used to purchase green caps. DRY COMMENT. .' 1 � , , The Honor Commission is being re­ organized, if reports are true. The new plan proposes to increase the number of members and to exclude underclassmen, The conubittee in charge of the reorganization declares the new body will have more respect and will receive greater publicity than the present Commission. Commend­ able! In the past, students often con­ fided in Commiss\On members. In the future, only the foolish .will commit such a mistake. man. Those who are in the Chinese play �rc lone Weber, Swen Wiking and Hamilton Brown. Th4! cast of "The Rising Moon" has not as yet Meen selected. Tickets will go on sale today. They will be fifty cents for downstair seats and tJprty-five for the balcony. These tickets will later' be exchanged for reserved seats. .They may be obtained from any of the.members of the club, and from Frances Hessler, the direc­ tor. "Each member of the International and Cosmopolitan clubs bas pledged a certain sum for the purpose of send­ ing a delegate to the European con­ vention for the Rebuilding of the Fed­ eration of Students. The Chicago chapter delegate is Dr. Nasnyth, who CAMPUSORG�AftON PRESENT THREE PLAYS Yes! The class of 1919' will give a dance this afternoon in Ida Noyes hall. Such a sudden burst of energy overwhelms the average student. But, then, you must know that the dues are four and one-half dollars this quarter instead of fifty cents. The few contributing students. are able to do something after all, as the indi­ vidual sum assessed is large enough. ." The Interfraternity Council is as­ suming real powers. The organiza- COCA-COLA is a perfect .answer to thirst that no imitation can satisfy. Coca-Cola quality, recorded in the public taste, is what holds it above imitations. Demaad the genuine by full 'namo .---,..".._ -nlcknamea encourage IUbatitution. THE COCA-CoLA Co. ATLANTA, GA. leaves next month for Europe," aaid Freida Romalis, president of the In­ ternational club yesterday. "This is a cause that should appeal to every student and we hope to sell a large number of tickets. The plays will be very interesting, as they represent such varied types." . JACKSON WILL LECI'URE ON MOODY FOUNDATION (Coatim&ed from 1) (Continued from page 1) who recently received their commis- t MRS. MARY TAYLOR-LIGGETr, Specialist in· Voice Building and·Artis- , -tie Interpretation. For'informatiOn address 6033 Ellis Ave. Phone H. P. 9190. Private'Dancing Lessons In a course of five lessons ($5.00) one ean ·acquire . the .tepa ,of . the Waltz, One-step, and Fox-trot. Sin&le Lessons if desired. � LUCIA HENDERSHOT STUDIO 1541 E. 57th St. �de Park 2314 Phone 'Hyde ·Park 2433 DeliVeries Made WILLIAMS MAKERS OF CHOICE CON­ . "FECTlONS a: ICE CREAM 1 133 East· Fifty-fifth St. e A man instinctively feels at his ease wen he is conscious his clothes are absolutely correct-- tailored in the conservative Jerrent's Way Prices $40, $45, $50 and Upwards (r- ._ - _.- ---- - wailor for loltttg .rn , Three Stores: 7 N. La Salle St. 314 s. :Micbigan An. 71 E. Monroe st. A well known professor at the University' of ,- Chicago once said in a 'chapel talk before the Graduate School: . "Before I pass judgment upon an ap­ plicant for a position, no matter what his record may be, I must see him,: I must witness' his W!ly of expressing himself, his deportment, his manner of -dress. Dress is too often disre­ garded by university .men. You owe it to yourself to dress in good taste and .as well as y� can afford." We· know the professor practices what he preaches .�ot we make his clothes. 'WILKIE &' SEIJdERY Tailor. Stecer·B1iildiDg, Jacbon Blvd. aDd ·Waha.b Ave. TEUa'HONE HARRISON 7 - - -- _" INSp·ECT" OU,Ro, N1E'W WOOLENS , They're' 'pleasingly different from the commonplace-r-and you'll have the pleasure of knowing the pattern of your choice is practically confined to you, for we carry but one or two. lengths of e h ' ac. FOSTER & ODVVARD Correct Dressers of YOUR .6 . g lr .. en 7th Floor.Republic Building S Telephone 8216 H . tate and Adams Streets arnson , J � • 6i )0..1 .. 1 �. - l., : ., H , 1 • '\ .. It , ,- ",'0, .� " H .: Beh .: - r t ". " Tuesday, April 15th will see the re­ vival of an ancient custom at the Sen­ ior bench at 11 :15. Coach Stagg fires the pistol whcih starts the hair grow­ i,ng on senior upper lips. In other words, the senior mustache race is on! McCosh, who promised a reporter at a late hour last evening not to use Utopia (guaranteed to grow hair on a door knob), will be given a two day handicap. Henry, whose upper lip already' looks cloudy is suspected of stealing a lead. Norgren on account of previ­ ous experience will start at scratch. Nuveen promises to wear pink neck­ ties to match his cerise misplaced eye- brow. Breckinridge, in the bantam- MOSER weight class, gives promise of a real --- -- ... struggle guaranteeing five on a side. . Martin has been accused of collabora- tion with the estimable Doctor Brat- S H 0 R T HA N D. fish to produce novel effects in land­ scape gardening. COLLEGE Brown, whose ears are just peeping out _ of the shrubbery, moved for a full beard race. (Come out of the bushes, Clarence, we know you!) Greene earnestly hopes that Herpleide will produce better effects on his up­ per lip than on the top of .his head. Other dark horses are expected to fill the paddock before the final gun is fired. Already Moose Gorgas is heard champing on the bit. . Formal guard mount and 'inspection will be held daily at 11:15 A. M. on the "C" bench, Doc Bratfish officat­ ing, After careful. consideration and a thorough canvaSs of the countryside Tom WALRUS Eck has' been chosen official trainer. Fourteen policemen have been' hired to keep back the crowds at the opening ceremony. The judge�' stand will be filled with Sen­ ior women whose names' are being kept secret to avoid bribery. I AlulD,llU Dies of Pneumonia. H Mit h II Merwyn M. Palmer,' '15, died of 'arry- c e pneumonia on April 7, at. Portsmouth, :Va., while serving in the United 'States Army. I I � ... 'j .: .. 2 ' , .- , , \ , '� We Cater to Students The Frolic Theatre' Drug Store Sit in a Booth With Your Girl! 959 East 55th Street Cor. Ellis Ave. Tel. Hyde Park 761 Very superior in . fit' and wear. It pays to ask for ArroWs. ' CLUE'lT. PEABODY & CO .. INC, . MAXERS The Secretarial Courses of the Moser Shorthand College are complete and thorough. , The Moser Shorthand College enrolls only high school grad- . uates. I t is the only school in' Chicago with such a high en- . trance requirement. .' -:. <. ; .• � . For particulars regarding Sec- . . , 'retarial Courses write, tele­ phone or calion PAUL MOSER, J.D., PlI.B. Proprietor 12th Floor Lake View Bldg. 116 So; Michigan Avenue ,(6pp. Art Institute) CENTRAL 5158 SUITS MADE TO ORDER Only $35.00 Harry Mitchell 16-18 E. Jackson Blvd. Ltw •• a' Stat. aad Wa�, Claicaa� The �arriage is announced of Miss TO HOLD DAILY INSPECFIONS. MerIda B. Orr, '17, daughter of Mrs. J. T. Orr of 4259 Grand boulevard, to George H. Bowen of Higbland Park. SENIORS WIU.. 'GROW CERISE AND MAUVE MUSTACHES IN RACE Next T uesclay Will See Reviv­ al of Time-Honored Ante­ deluvian Custom. Announce Graduate's Marriage. The marriage is announced of Sarah E. Radebaugh to Herbert Wigren Granquist, '13. Picture of the Chicago package of Chocolates by one of the -old masters. FAMOUS SINCE 1842 Buy a box for YOUR sister. McANANY " FINIGAN, 1201 E. 55th St. Phone Midway 708 H. J. SCHULTE, 1501 E. 55th St. Phone Hyde Park 206 DREXEL PHARMACY, 901 E. 55th St. Phone Midway lUO A. J. NORDLING, 933 East 55th Street VAN De BOGERT 4: ROSS, 1000 E. 63rd se, Phone Hyde Park 254 1465 E. 63rd St. Phone Blackstone 3272 800 E. 63rd SL Phone Midway 3200 MENORAH SOCIETY MAKES at" night. The next meeting will be ANNOUNCEMENT OF PLANS held the night of April 24, probably The engagement is announced of, in Ida Noyes ball. This afterncen, at John Leonard: Hancock, A. B., '05 to At the spang quarter meeting of 5, the Menorah Study circle on the Margaret L. Campbell, S. ;8., '11. Mr. the Menorah society, held Wednesday "Hj.story of the Jews,'" will meet in Hancock 'is at the University of Ar- 'at 4:30 in Classics 10, Judge Hugo Harper M 17. All members who have kansas, Fayetteville, Ark. signed up, for this circle have been Pam spoke on "�nvincible Forces AI- 'urged to be present. fecting the Jew." After the lecture, GraCluates Will Be Married. Chicago Alumna Is Manjed. announcements of the plans of the society for this quarter were made by Esther Jaffe, the president. Owing to the fact that many of the members have classes at 4:10, .several of the coming meetings will be held First Class Hat Cleaning and Shoe Shining LADIES AND GENTS 10 Ccnt. G Slain. University Shoe Shining Parlor 1017 East 55th Street Blackstone 2115 Hill Is Associate Professor. I. B. Hill, who received his Ph. B. at the University in 1913, is now an associate professor in the department of Botany at the University of Penn­ sylvania. WE announce our e xt e n s i ve spring assortment of exclusive -patterns for young men and men of mature years who ,de­ mand distinctive clothes indi­ vidually tailored. A Three Million Donar BANK �. The Richard W. Farmer Co. 1204 East 63rd Street NEAREST BANK'TO UNIVERSITY OF CmCAGO 16 W. Jack.on Blvd., Chicago Young men make this store their style headquarters because we know so well just 'what they want, · IT'� easy to please the yOl,lpg man whim a store studies his Iikes , and -dislikes as we do' here We talk his own language in .clothes; we understand 'him and he understands us Right now he wants a� air of brisk- smartness in his clothes W'e have it for him, both in . suits 'and in overcoats, em bodying the .individ ual style distinctions �'Featuring Hart Schaffner & Marx exclusive confined style clothes" Beautiful, snappy models in single and double breasted types; close fitting types and military types High welt-waist models with the newest lapels, flare skirts and curved hips; .new two-button ef­ fects with ultra-styled pockets ; .the latest in all patterns and materials; rich colorings; the finest you can buy Solid value and teal wear in all of them $35 $30 $50 $60 $25 $40 Open Saturday· ev�ning until 9 P. M. L Rothschild Good clothes; nothing else Southwest Comer JaCksQD and State Chicago Minneapolis Sl Paul Money cheerfully refunded '�� ! � r· ,i11 l;J !t 4 I. ,. " " 1 \ � , �-� ! � �'i ," t, SINCE we taught one of the uni­ versity ladies how to light a match with her finger nail, she's been run­ ning around hollering, "I want a match." To date she has not met her match. Once when she got awful in­ sistent, we shouted back, "Ain't they got any matches over in Greenwood 1" Then she chirped, "Naw, they use elec­ trict lights and they don't, need matches for anything else." Now if someone would confiscate the electric lighter, they'd have to use matches. . DID you see how the Phi Psi guys up at N orthwestem were put into print yesterday? It seems that they made their neophytes enter public places and say, "Cuckoo, cuckoo." Here it's different. When we pass the Phi Psi dwelling, we say', "Cuckoo, cuckoo." B. D., who has left out his middle initial for a change, points out a unique feature for the new C. and A. club. In order to be in the forefront of co-educational activities, it has, if we are to take the word of yesterday's Maroon, announced as one of its standing committees that of fiancee. "More power to it," ejaculates B. D., as he or perhaps she hastens to add his or perhaps her name to the ros­ ter. WE are trying an experiment in vers libr; we endeavor to produce the sounds of nature. If nothing happens to us before tonight, we will call the experiment a success. ·Its called. .. ' I , SPRING • The birdlet sat on a treelet, "Peewee, peewee" peewee," peeweed the birdlet. The wind' roared through the bared foliage. "Rooooooaarrrrr," said he. Then the rain pitter-pattered on the ' landscape. "Hel-" held the man opening the umbrella. As if he was going to say, "Help." , '� I "jt --.- THE Y. M. C. A. will hold its next prayer meeting in the Psi U house Sunday. Deacon Martin will lead in congregation in bymns and Deacon Reber will give all the freshmen a ride in the dumb waiter: FAMOU� REDS. The Bolsheviki. The Red Book. Esther McLaughlin. t .. THE Daily Maroon announces that some day next week Q. E. D. will write a Whistle. The business offiCe thinks that it can cope with the large crowds who will demand extra copies. IN THE editor's sanctum next door we - can hear Cassius pounding out Dry Comment; a new plan for the Honor Commish, a knock for the Dekes and Alpha Doodles, and what­ not. He wants us to let you know that he isn't trying to be funny. But it's a good thing he's getting all this dry stuff out of his system before July 1. If he tries it after that date, he'll just wither away and blend him­ self into the atmosphere. CHARLIE has just proposed Bosco McCosh, Bill Henry, and Brad Smith for membership into the Order of the Desiccated Dromedary. WELL-KNOWN FINAL STAT&­ MENTS: (Also proposed by Cash) "Just one more." 'afol. , ne C. lw TI . pl: , ca an cb Fr in -c rm 'II sh, eVI e- ,- so Th ., cal _,.- hu: � ,.- wi] - fOI y: Jj�'� rig ;:. j Pel . - the I / - TBB DAILY MAROON. FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1919 CLASSIFIED ADS. Ccok1ll� Utensil cs, 68 East Wash­ ington St. Randolph 3327. Cooper-Carlton Hotel W ANTED.-Several clean cut young H y d ePa r k 80 u leva r d at F if t y - t h i r d S t r e e t men for high grade sales work. Full Excellent Facilitiea for Dancin, Partiel, Luncheonl, FiYe O'clock or part time. This is an unusual Teal, Dinn� Partie. and Weddin,. LOST-A gray Hart, Schaffner &: Marx spring coat, with belt. Re­ tum to Room 37 Hitchcock ball and receive reward. "WILL men about to graduate see me relative to affiliating themselves with an old, well established insur­ ance office as salesmen."-Chas. R. Gilbert, C)J 7 Insurance Exchange Building. opportunity and offers a splendid future to efficient salesmen. Call or address H. D. Lapp, Suite 511 Peoples Gas Building. Tel. Wabash 527 for appointment. W ANTED-Man to sell advertising for The Daily Maroon, 20 per cent commission. �, � ��9rClPycfJ THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER of CAP AND GO W N, '1 9 Special rates to all U. of C. Students WANTED-Several energetic young men for pleasant and profitable summer employment. Work digni­ fied and strictly educational. No books or magazines. Salary $100 per month to start with liberal com- mission besides. For personal in- . terview see G. C. Buxton, Room 2002 TYPEWRITERS TO RENT - By Mallen; Bldg., Chicago. week or month. Ribbons, bonds, papers, second I sheets and ete., Woodworth's Book Store, 1311 E. 57th St. DAGUERRE STUDIO WEAR-EVER SALESMEN of 1915, 1916, 1917 and 1918 we have an of­ fer for you good until April 10th. Call, phone or write, The Aluminum 218 So. Wabash Ave. CHICAGO Patronize Maroon Advertisers \ J::'OR real enjoyment C and delight, one box of Murads is worth· a dozen packages of ordinary cigarettes that "lJlerely smoke. " �. Maroa are Pure Turkish! 100% Buy a package ofMurads: If you are 'not more ,than satisfied, return half the' . package ,to' us and get all your money back. We are not afraid to make this oHer­ MURADS ARE TURKISH - the world's most- famous tobacco for cigarettes. Judge 'lor yourBell-! A T t = ., .I.�' = . , .. , :.., ly, bat Thl gn ha( tea be lay tra ( an der the Dig nig To) l1Dl Sto reo mil end 1,0« fift: II .. ''1: .... .) M\ .. ". " ':;" .- 4 �. j .. � ' . S the G -bur vall 440 sen sen mn yar in t in 1 in ' thh secc thil fou: Koc han the ne\1l T was and the Spe ; . J. I -"� Il, : 'e ,._ ." j_ a:_'*