,'-' ',1" 1 ... - -,� I , �. I r r- )' - , .... .". � (.. . , .e: , . ... � .' I � ....... :� . Vol. 17 •. No. 80 " aroon UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, MAR. 12, 1919 Price 3 Cents w. ·S. T. C. ELECTIONS TO BE HELD EARLY IN SPRING QUARTER MEMBERS OF C. AND A. COUNCIL ARE SELECfED , More Than One Hundred Students At- LEAGUE SMASHES FORMER RECORDS IN MADRAS DRIVE MAROONS WILL OPPOSE PURPLE NEXT SATURDAY PLANS FOR NEXT QUARTER WILL BE DISCUSSED TODAY tend Meeting-Elect Two Repre- --- sentatives From' Each Class - To Raise '450 Dollars _ Kather­ Serve Until End of Year. Track Team To Compete In First Non-Home Meet At Evanston This --- Week-Men Preparing For Big Ten First Cabinet Of Y. M. C. A. Competition. -- ToMeetAt31n "Jap" King. Phyllis Palmer will be there minus mustache. Helen Thompson will of­ ficiate at the punch bowl and promises that, beside this enervating beverage, there will be delectable' cookies and tasty sandwiches. Helen Ravitch will �end an intellectual air to the occasion. , Of course, there will be many other belles to assure a scintillating bril­ liance to the general appearance. Other celebrities to I be viewed at this auspicious function are: Moff El- Today. ston and Gladys Nyman, Frances Hen- Registration for the Spring quar- derson, who will give the big League ter. air, and the prominent athletes, Divinity chapel, 11 :15, HaskeJJ. Chance Dougall, Capt. P. S. Hinkle, Chapel, Senior colleges, 11 :20, Man- Frank Madden, John Joseph, Fat Re-: del. ber, Paul 1\1 oyer, George Serck, Jo- Y. M. C. A. First cabinet, 3, Ellis 3. seph Eaton and Mildred Powlison. Faculty of the college of Education, 3:30, Emmons Blaine 205. TomorroW'. Registration for the Spring quarter. Divinity chapel, 11 :15, Haskell. Chapel. College of Commerce and Administration and college of Educa­ tion, 11 :20, Mandel . World-Problems Forum, 4:10, Har- per. Divinity lecture, ":30, Haskell. Sociology club, 8.t Classics 20. Seven Members Of Executive Council Will Be Selected Next Month. WANT SUGGESTIONS' FOR NAl\IE That elections for the new organ­ ization which is to succeed the W. S. T. C. will be held the second week of the Spring quarter was the decision reached yesterday at a meeting of the executive committee. These elec­ tions will be for the general council, which is to be composed of a council chairman, a socrctary-treasurer, pub­ licity chairman, social chairman, pub­ lic chairman, vocational guidance chairman, and personnel chairman. The executive committee is now at .work on the selection of a nominating­ committee to name candidates for the above offices. All women who have any suggestio�s for this committee have been urged to hand in their sug­ gestions to any members of the exec­ utive committee, as this group is very anxious to have the body selected a representative one. Jim Niceley says that the refresh­ ments will be par excellence and Pres­ ident Long is assurance for the fact that the music will be better than ever. Warren Mulroy, chairman of the ex­ ecutive committee, is attending to the details. "Of course, I'll be there," said another prominent Junior and Beta, twenty sponsors, or "moving infor­ mation bureaus," as the plan of the organization calls them, will also be chosen at the end of the Spring quar­ ter so that their work may begin in fall. Chairm�n l\lakes Statement, "We are especially anxious that the matter of a, name be decided quickly," said Helen Thompson yesterday. "Every woman is urged to send in her suggestion. Choose some name that is significant of the spirit of the organization. In order that the nom- inating committee may be chosen in as democrati,c way as possible, we want students to tell whom they want for this office. Any member of the. committee will be glad to receive sug- Discuss Student Finance' Plan. ine Moore' sTearn Takes More than one hundred members of First Place. The Chicago-Northwestern track the school of Commerce and Adminis- meet, originally scheduled for Friday, tration interested in the unification --- has been postponed until Saturday of their school and the promotions of CONSIDER CAMPAIGN SUCCESS night. The contests will be held in discussions of economic problems and Patten gymnasium at Evanston, pre- social events met yesterday and form- Iiminaries to start at 8. The plans of the University Y. M. The League broke its record last f h f ditabl ed a council body which will act as ex- The Maroons, res rom ere e C. A. for the coming quarter will be week in the Madras campaign, which h P d d M·ch·· ecutive of the club now being formed. showings in t e ur ue an 1 1- discussed' at the weekly meeting of ended last Thursday. The amount t afte N rth t- In order that each class should be gan meets, are ou r 0 wes the first cabinet today at 3 in Ellis. raised in the campaign was 1,450 dol- , cal Th b k tball d � t th t equally represented" two members ern ssp. ease e ea a The Y. 1\1. C. A. is planning to pro- lars, while the original goal set was h Etch 1 h d d C pt from the Freshman, Senior, Sopho- t e vans on s 00 an ea. mote several new lines of work, Sec- 1,300 dollars. This is the biggest H' k1 d hi 1 t Wedn d y more, and Junior classes were voted In e an IS men as es a reta ry Stevens announced yesterday. amount ever raised by the University . ht be f to . th tests into the executive council. The fol- DIg may a Be r In e con , An effort in a comparatively new in history of the Madras movement. th' te . 1 between the two lowing were elected: Senior: May as e In nse nva ry field will be the formation of several Jean Pickett, general chairman of schools is now at its highest stage. Freedman and Joseph \homas; Jun- the drive, is well pleased with the re- Reports from the suburb school are Bible discussion groups under some ior: Grant Mears and Florence Me- suIts of the campaign. The thirteen that the track prospects are unusually of the ablest faculty Bible instructors. Neal', Sophomore: Dorothy Lyons and Th' experiment was tried last qual' teams took great interest in' raising poor and the Maroons should win by a' IS - Maurice Brody; Freshman: Earl theri M ' 'te - ter under the S. A. T. C. regime, with the quota. Ka erme oore s am neat margin. Northwestern will be Wooding and Michael l\larckovitch.. . . . 3 5 d II not very pronounced success. Better won first place, raising 1 0 ars, able to furnish some hot competition - Will Nominate Club Officers. Beth Uphaus's committee took second in many of the events, however, and things are hoped for with the experi- The .members of the council will place with 265 dollars. Corinne Al- with Capt. McCosh and his track men enced faculty leaders. The meetings BI ch T r' will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays serve until the end of the year and len's team tied with an e roge s, in excellent form there is a possibility ff· f th 1 b d each turning in 114 dolars. f ds bei . hed. and Thursdays, the Tuesday group in will nominate 0 icers 0 e c u an 0 recor ng smas the afternoon and the other two in the a. representative from the Graduate All E t W II Att ded. Ch W k I Fi Id E t' ven seen icago ea. n Te ven s. evening. school. The members of the council The. events which were held in con- Chi , eakn • th field arc also eligible for offices. The coun- icago s w ess In e Professor Goode Will Speak. nection with the drive were pro- events may azaln prove a stumbH.ng cil will draw up -the constitution and e- P f G d f th d artm t f nounced very successful by the women block for Coach Stagg's team. Last ro. 00 e,· 0 e ep en 0 will present it to the members of the G h' to b th k t in charge of the campaign. Many Friday Michigan defeated the Ma- eograp y, )S e e spea er a club at a meeting early in April. h kl ti f th W ld People attended the Oriental tea and b 42 33 'nl beca t e wee y mee ng 0 e or Ask Women to Suggest Name. As soon as the club is better organ- Iroons ya - SC<'Te mal y use \ .' the Friendship dinner. The tea was Problems Forum Thursday at 4:10 in I :'� As yet no name has been found for: (Continued on P(J{JS 4) a distinct novelty, being' Eastern in (Continusd on page 4) Harper assembly. Prof. Goode's sub- • J_- • the organization. The committee is character, Eighty-six dollars was -ject is "World Commercial Relations," ;jC ,8IlX10US to decide on a name before JUNIOR CLASS TO GIVE subscribed at the Friendship dinner BELEN SULZBERGER WINS and his talk is to be illustrated. The . !;I , /" .. the .end ,'-o( the current quarter, .and FIRST AND LAST DANCE alone. PLACE AS PRESIDENT OF meeting is under the joint auspices '.-; _!1 ��, With ���-\h", .... __ , pJeJzed: ��-�� ..i.;'·�.>.�U:A��N��lUD,.'On.A_, v�'-'>-''' ... ''[.,..a:ant-�tlw=b 'tile' mpmbpra-zo{. _,.:.:..-_w.._�".IN: ��.CO.m.;EST, of: .the._Y.>L.,-.�'.:ancLY..- ,W .... �L._�. ":_"'''::;';�: ;/:.. a box. on the bulletin board, in Ida . all the teams for',the splendid work --- All students of the- Univqsity are . �·i ! Noyes hall,.in which women have been Will Cavort From" to 6 in Reynolds which they did in the campaign," said Yesterday's Voting EJects Florence welcome. Following his talk Prof. h ;t:.., urged to place their suggestions. Club-Prominent Members Jean Pickett yesterday. "It was only Falkenao, Marion Meanor, and Mar- Goode will answer questions on his Ideas for a name may also be given to Attend. through their co-operation that we jorie Winslow to Executive subject and the meeting will be open to Katherine Frost. The organization __ were able to make the drive so sue- Positions. of the new organization will be set The Junior class will give a dance in motion as soon as possible. The in Reynolds club Friday from 4 to 6. members of the executive committee This is the first affair of the class now in existence have begun planning this quarter, and since it will also be the duties of the council members, so the last, Juniors who wish to get their that when those 'officers have been money's worth from their class tick­ elected they may be able to begin ets will be there. work immediately. Headquarters will be established in Noyes at the begin­ ning of the new quarter. The card system, whereby the ac­ tivities of every University woman ;Will be registered, will not be insti­ tuted until the end of the Spring quar­ ter, it was announced. By this means a record will be kept of the career of every student on tbe campus. The gestions." The University of Utah is discuss­ ing a new plan for managing student Kappa Sigma Pledges Two. enterprise finances. Class treasurers --- will pay all dues into a common fund, Kappa Sigma announces the pledg- from which expenses will be deducted ing of Louis P. River, of Oak Park, for student parties to the amount ot m., and Richard Richter, of La Porte, �n estimate ratified by the student Ind council. (Continued oil page 4) , At the annual W. A. A. elections ...... __ • __ ..... • • __ ..... • yesterday, Helen Sulzberger was elected president, and Florence Falk­ enau, Marion Meanor, and Marjorie Winslow were chosen vice-president, recording secretary. and secretary­ treasurer, respectively. The voting was very close in the case of the presi­ dent, as Helen Sulzberger received only one more vote than Eleanor At­ kins. BLACKFRIARS' NOTICE To Lyric Writers. A list of seven songs for the second act of t�is spring's Blackfriars pro­ duction is ready for distribution among those interested in writing lyrics. There will be no synopsis for the second act. Those wishing to ob­ tain a list of the songs should apply to R�land Holloway, publicity man­ ager, or to Harold Stansbury, press manager. The lyric contest will close Friday. In the race for vice-president the votes were most evenly divided, but Florence Falkenau won by twelve votes. The other two officers won by large majorities. Marion Meanor was elected by almost a. two-thirds plu­ rality, and Marjorie Winslow likewise walked away with sixty votes. There were 89 voters. The installation of officers will take place on Frida� at 11 :20 in Cobb 12A. All members have been requested to be present. There will also be dis­ cussion concerning the revision of the consti tution. The results of the elections folow: President. Helen Sulzberger, 33. Eleanor Atkins, 32. Phyllis Palmer, 24. Vice- President. Florence Falkenau, 38. Edith West, 26. Edythe Flack, 25. Recording Secretary. Marion Meanor, 52. Edna Cooper, 24. E,id Townley, 13. Secretary-Treasurer. M arjorie Winslow, 60 . Mary Seymour, 18. Lydia Allen, 11. _._._ - - _1- 1_1_ WEATHER FORECAST Fair; moderate temperature; mod­ erate to fresh southerly winds. THE DAILY MAROON BULLETIN Ellis. ORGANIZE DISCUSSION GROUPS to discussion. .'i �NNOUNCE EVENTS FOR MEET Junior and Senior Colleges Each Schedule Seven Contests.. The list of events for the swimming meet which will be held today at 4 :30 in Ida Noyes has been announced and is as follows: Senior college-clive: Mary Trevor, Ruth Lippert, Margaret Long; plunge: Mary Trevor, Sarah Neu­ mann; free style: Mildred Powlison, Ruth Lippert; side stroke: Ruth Gos­ ling, Mildred Powlison; breast stroke: Ruth Lippert, Sarah Neumann; back stroke: Janet Lewis, Helen Jiraek, Margaret Long; relay: SaJ.ah Neu­ mann, Janet Lewis, Ruth Gosling, Helen Jirack. Junior college-dive: Ruth Dixon, Marjorie Winslow; plun�: Ruth Dixon, Hilda Lieber; free style: Helen Gorgas, Hilda Lieber; side stroke: Helen Gorgas, Lucille Havlick; breast stroke: Helen Gorgas, Meta Lieber; back stroke: Katherine Kitchen, Mar­ jorie Winslow; relay: Ruth Dixon, Meta Lieber, Hilda Lieber, Lucille Ha\'lick. .TO RECEIVE FULL EQUIPMENT R. O. T. C. at University of Washing­ ton Expects Rifles and Uniforms. The R. O. T. C. at the University of Washington will receive complete 'equipment in the near future, accord­ )ng to word given out br the war de­ partment. The equipment to be issued by the 'government \\;11 consist of woolen uni- (COfttinued Oft page 4) 2 I ..,.." ' «-: .. �/,'" � .. !,. 'It .... -, • _.. � "4 " THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, MAR. 12, 1919 We Cater to Students --- Conservatory. Boston.) "A Historical Prof. Moulton. head of the depart- Excursion Around About· Ararat," ment of General Literature, will give "'The Plymouth Rock' of Asia Minor," a series of lectures this month under and "The Destruction and Reconstruc­ the auspices of the woman's board of tion of a Nation.'. St. Luke's hospital: They will be There will be two courses of class given at the homes of the following lectures: "Elements of Armenian­ women: Miss Ethel Wrenn, 1500 As- Ancient and Modern" and "Armenia tor street Mrs. John Borden, 130 and the Byzantine Empire." Bellevue place; Mrs. Stanley Field, 1550 North State parkway; and Mrs. Frederick D. Countiss, 1524 Lake Shore drive. The individual subjects of his lec­ tures are as folows: "The Bible as Literature for the Busy." "The Mes­ sage of the Bible to the Nations," "The Problem in the Book of Job and Its Solution in the New Testament," and "Popular Misunderstandirigs in the Book of Revelation." " Prof. Moulton, who is the author of "The Literary Study of the Bible" and the editor of the "Modern Reader's papers? Oftentimes, the comments Bible" in twenty-one volumes, will be seem of small value even to the writ- the Phi Beta Kappa orator in June. ers themselves. But, today, the future is brighter. The office received a 1et- MARCH NUMBER OF ALUMNI ter this afternoon from a former Ed- MAGAZINE APPEARS FRIDAY itor-in-chief of The Maroon. Ex- --- The March number of the Alumni cerpts follow: Magazine will be out Friday. Among "Will you please do me a favor? the articles to be included ,in this is- . Sure you will, I know. It is this. sue are ":My Experiences in Italy," Pick out three or four numbers of The by Associate Prof. Clark, of the Pub­ Maroon of my last year and send them lie Speaking department, and the re­ to me at once, so that I can have them view of the basketball season. The editorials will include one on the before Saturday, if possible. I'll read Moody lectures and War Service credit. them Saturday - regretfully. Please A continuation of the list of Chicago m�t iaily tlarDon The Student Newspaper of the University of Chicago Published mornings, except Saturday, Sunday and Monday, during the Au­ tumn, Winter and Spring quarters, by the Daily Maroon company. EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT THE STAFF Charles C. Greene .. Managing Editor John E. Joseph News Editor Ruth Genzberger News Editor William Morgenstern Ath. Editor Helen Ravitch Night Editor Howard Beale Day Editor Rose Fischkin •.......... Day Editor Harold Stansbury .. Associate Editor BUSINESS DEPARTMENT l\lanagers May Freedman Grant S. Mears Assistants Keith Kindred Frank Fenner Henry Pringle Herman M. Brager Entered as second class mail at the Chicago Postoffice, Chicago, Illinois, March 13, 1906, under the act of March 3, 1873. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Called for, $2.50 a year; $1.00 a quarter. By Carrier, $3.00 a year; $1.25 a quarter. By Mail (city), $3.50 a year; $1.50 a quarter. By Mail, (out of town), $4.25 a year; $1.75 a quarter. Editorial Rooms Ellis 12 Telephone Midway 800, Local 162 Hours: 11:00-11:50; 12:25-6; 7-8 Business Office Ellis 14 Telephone Midway 800, Local 162 Hours: 10:20-11-50; 3-5:30 WEDNESDAY, MAR. 12, 1919 EDITORIALS Editorials-such a subject! Are editorials ever read by the subscrib­ ers-or by the purloiners-of college t I I i f i 1 ! � pick out snappy numbers-with good­ looking, newsy front pages and in­ teresting editorials. "Wish you'd do this for me, Char­ ley. I'll appreciate it much, and do the same and more for you any old time you say. "You can see what I want them for, to follow up a line to a job-a very in- • teresting job, incidently." But is that conciliation? The Man­ aging Editor in question loved to write gifted Cds-he gloried in writ­ ing. And he produced excellent ar­ ticles on all sorts of subjects, inter­ national, aesthetic, local, etc. Yes! His letter brings hope. 1- Exhibit Portrait of Foster. The Matzene studio. 410 South Michigan boulevard, has announced that a portrait of the late Prof. George B. Foster, of the Divinity school, is now on exhibition. Students have been invited to inspect the por­ trait. Hold Bowling Finals Today. The final bowling match of the in­ ter-fraternity tournament will be played today at � between Psi U and A. T. O. A hard match is promised to all those who have the opportunity to attend. COURSES IN ARMENIAN TO tion, and (c) address to which check BE GIVEN IN SUMl\IER TERM is to be sent. --- "When' settlement is made all per- Antranig A. Bedikian to Instruct and sonal papers will be returned to ap- Give Public Lectures on His- plicant with check. No further corre- tory and Language. spondence is necessary except to ad- ___ vise change in address of applicant." Through the generosity of Charles R. Crane, the University will offer during the Summer Quarter, 1919, two courses in the Armenian language and history. The courses will be offered by Antranig A. Bedikian. Mr. Bedi­ kian will also give certain open lee­ tures in the Summer series. In view of the widespread interest in the con­ dition of Armenia and especially in view of the suggestion in certain The Sociology club will meet in quarters that the United States be re- room 20, Clasics building, Thursday sponsible under a League of Nations evening at 8:00 P. M, these courses have a DEAN LEON C.l\IARSHALL SETTLES DISPUTE OF SHIP­ BUILDERS AND WORKMEN Dean Marshall, of the school of Commerce and Administration, who has been in the war service of the government as Director of Industrial Relations, United States Shipping board. has recently represented the director-general of the Emergency Fleet corporation in the dispute at Seattle between the shipbuilders and the 25.000 union employees of the shipyards. Dean Marshall held a se­ ries of conferences with yard owners, striking workers, and international officers of various unions who were present to investigate the situation. As one of the results of the confer­ ences the striking employees returned to work. TO GIVE SERIES OF LECTURES Prof. :\loulton To Talk On Bible At Xorth Side Homes. men' who have received higher com­ missions and a notice to Chicago sol­ diers who have recently returned re­ garding places of employment are in­ cluded in the March issue. WOMEN SWIMMERS �ILL COMPETE TODAY AT 4:30 IN TANK OF IDA NOYES The Senior-Junior swimming meet will beheld today at 4 :30. Mildred Powlison is captain of the Senior col­ lege team and Ruth Dixon of the Junior. Miss Akerman, who was at the Uni­ versity last year, Miss Helen James, and Coach White will act as jurlges; 'Miss Gertrude Dudley and Miss Dor­ othy Stiles, as timekeepers; :Miss Katherine Howe, as starter; Beatrice Wcil and Katherine Clark, as scorers; and Miss Katherine Cronin, clerk of the course. Among the events arc scheduled a 20-yard back stroke, side. for form diving. and a 40-yaro free style breast for form obstacle relay. FOR CAMPUS NEWS READ THE DAILY MAROON for Armenia, timely value. Among the public lectures on Ar­ menia to be given are the following: "Through Folk-Song to Folk-Soul." A lecture recital. (Soloist: Miss Marie Bashian of the New England Professor Sargent to Speak. Prof. Sargent of the department of History of Art, will speak on "The Relation of Art and Religion" in Has­ kell assembly Thursday at 11 :15. All University students are welcome. SEND IN FOR $60.00 BONUSES Reprint Regulations for Benefit of Campus Men. For Prompt Service on Baggage to All Parts of _ the City call � �.� .:_-! PETERSON EXPRESS & VAN CO 55th and Elli. Midway 9700 H,.de Parle 452 There promises to be an influx of sixty dollar checks on. the campus be­ fore long. A revenue act approved Feb. 24 .makes all men who reported for any branch of military service before Nov. 11, 1918, recipients of the 'United States government checks. At the request of numerous ex-military campus gentlemen the requirements arc reprinted below: All persons serving in the military or naval forces of the United States * * who have since April 6, 1917, resigned or hav� been discllarged un­ der honorable conditions (or in the case of reservists, been placed on in­ active duty or who at any time here­ after (but not later than the termina-, tion of the current enlistment or term of service) in the case of enlisted per­ sonnel and female nurses or within one year after the termination of the present war in the case of officer, may resign or be discharged under honor­ able conditions (or in the case of re- servists, be placed on inactive duty) -c shall be paid, in addition to all other amounts due them in pursuance of law $60 each." Exceptions to this regulation am: (1.) Persons who did not report for service prior to November 11, 1918. _ (2.) Persons who have already re­ ceived one month's additional pay. (3.) Persons entitled to retired pay. To obtain this bonus the following = Phone Midway 9690 ���dberom���th: II�������������,������_�_������������ "All persons entitled to the bonus I:: and who have received their final pay will forward claim for such bonus di- rect to the Zone Finance officer, Lem­ on building, Washington, D. C., who is hereby designated to settle such claims. Such applications must con­ tain (a) the discharge certificate or order for discharge or release, if no certificate was issued, but both cer­ tificate and order' if both were issued, the paper bearing endorsement of final payment being required; (b) a statement of all military service since April 6, 1917, showing place and date of reporting at first military sta- ,. Must Turn Pictures In Soon. The Frolic Theatre Drug Store Sit in a Booth With Your Girl ! 959 East 55th Street Cor. Ellis Ave. Tel. Hyde Park 761 All Seniors must have their pictures and activities cards turned in at the Cap and Gown office by Friday. March 14. Sociology Club to Meet. _a __ Stationery March Sale Bond Typewriting Paper 75c-500 sheets Pkg. Correspondence Paper (bond) 120 sheets, pkg. 25c Envelopes to match above ... , .... 10c; 3 pkgs. for 25c Pound Pkg. Linen Correspondence Paper, per lb., 30c • Envelopes to match above 1 Oc; 3 for 25c Extra Fine Pound Pkg. Linen Correspondence Pa- per, value 65 cents 45c Envelopes to match above, value 25 cts.; 15c; 2 for 25c HALL BOX PAPER, ENGRAVED-· Beecher, Green and �elly � 25c per box Eight-inch envelopes, Bond or Linen, fine grade, 25- cent value 10c per pkg. Correspondence Envelopes, good I Oc grade, 8c; . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. 3 for 20c Correspondence Cards, 35-cent value 25c per box Good Grade Box Papers 17c and 25c 11,4 Pounds Paper, good for pen and ink work 1 Oc A 60-cent Whiting Box Paper. � 40c W oodworth's Book Stores 1311 E. FIITY-SEVENTH ST. Near Kimbark Ave. Open Evenings. .: .. _---- - - - _._ - - - _I. THE OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER of CAP AND GO W N, '1 9 Special rates to all U. of C. Students DAGUERRE STUDIO 218 So. Wabash Ave. CHICAGO Tel. Wabash 527 for appointment. DON'T JUST SEND ·FLOWERS Let Yom." Next Gift be FLOWERS ,FROl\1 EASTMAN'S We Deliver An�here �n the City EASTMAN FLORAL SHOp· F'RAGRANT LASTING FRESH 1168 East 63rd Street Selling . last books? . , quarter s Try a Classified Ad in the MAROON ) Be le, w1 Io: ,. s I. CI · ... ·0 en su de eel ti(l I. eel of he: fe, cei th( clu I, ... Fr: abi Ala wa wo WIJ wa Bu: Ma dUI � her qui son son S ond gall whi helc L .....---Sul: Leo Dav . Wat Tay �Spri Burl I -_ Rog , .' Pfru �. Sub- Re U Ti Sc: JAl\l Ja Beta vcrsi was -cross E. F actio Sc' pany Mal; Boul' riod trans porUl sion artill sivc ously he su THE DAILY MAROON. WEDNESDAY, MAR. 12, 1919 s SENIOR WOMEN VICTORS IN SECOND BASKET GAME Championship Is Decided as Upper- DiscU88ion of Aetivities of University "Living Cycads," Published By Press cluswomen Win Over Juniors With During . Time of War Appears in -Describes History and Life 28 to 22 Score-Groman, Driver and !\larch Number of Atlantic Monthly. of' Plants. Henderson Star. ,. I. f.. :....'� '�'b �" �� ,. "If � , I Snappy passing characterized the second game of the Junior-Senior col- lege basket ball championship series, which ended in a victory for the Sen- iors. Wh�n 'the whistle blew at thc end of the game Monday, the score steed 28-22. All the players showed a keen un­ derstanding of the game, but, as usual, certain members deserve special men­ tion for the fast game thcy played. Eleanor Groman's guarding was ex­ cellent, and with the steady assistance of Helen Driver, the Senior defense held the Junior forwards down to a fe� baskets. Honors for the jumping center go to Frances Henderson. In thc third quarter time was called and changes made in the Junior line-up. Geneva Watson went in against Frances Henderson and showed her ability in getting the ball on the toss. Margaret Foss took her place as for­ ward and showed some pretty basket work. Ruth Dave supported Geneva Watson and Margaret Foss in the for­ ward line. Edna Cooper and Buel Burke exhibited exccptional playing. Margaret Springe was a good support during the first quarter. Margaret Leopold and Helen Sulz­ berger kept the Junior guards on the qui vive. However, Winifred Roger­ son and Leonore Pfaelzer exhibited some good team work. Senior college won the first and sec­ ond ga�es of the seas�n. 'A third game will be played Friday at 4, after which a basket ball spread will be held. Line up- � ,,; Senior College. ..... _-- Sulzberger; Helen ..•......•....... f. , . Leopold, Margery � .•.•. f. '.� • Henderson, Frances ........•.•..•.. c. '" Cooper, Edna ...•.. ' ; s. Co Groman, Eleanor ..• · ..•.......•.... g. . Driver, Helen ..... · •............... g. Junior College. , Dave, Ruth ........•.............. f. o Watson, Geneva .... r •••••••••••••• f. Taylor, Margaret .•................ c. "Springe, l.fargaret s. c. Burke, Buol s. c. Rogerson, Winifred g. Pfaelzer, Leonore ..........•...... g. Sub-Margaret Foss j. Referee-Mrs. M. Glaser Weil. Umpire-Louise Patterson. Timekeeper-Katherine Cronin. Scorer-Helen Malone. JAMES SELLERS GIVEN D. S. C. ARTICLE BY PROFESSOR I GOODSPEED IS PUBLISHED "The mind is no unalterable house, but a developing structure in which successive historical periods are re­ flected, just as they are in the mate­ rial fabrics of old seats of learning, in the remodeling of whose very build­ ings one. can read the history of their times," is the statement made by Prof. Goodspeed of the department of New Testament and Early Christian liter­ ature, in an article called "The House of the Mind," published in the March number of The Atlantic Monthly. Prof. Goodspeed proceeds to prove this statement by showing how "only yesterday, the great collegiate houses of the -mind were putting on new fronts and adding new wings, to meet the needs of war." He describes the way in which the, University made room for the S. A. T. C. and how its institutions, professors, and' clubs were quickly transformed to meet the abnormal conditio';s of war. Pro­ fessors who were skilled in the in­ structing of theology and law were forced to abandon the courses which they had been teaching for years and to teach the collegiate soldiers sub­ jects that would make them efficient and victorious in the art of killing huns. Article Describes Flag Raising. Dr. Goodspeed tells of the flag-rais­ ing event, which he describes as "an impressive occasion." He then goes on to tell how .. the divinity halls were barracks; the men's club house was turned over to the Y. M. C. A.; the women's club' house was' a hostess house; and CI�ics a temporary shel­ ter for the deans of women. The University had its troubles and inconveniences in transforming the scholarly atmosphere into one of mili­ tarism. Many suspicious strangers fell into the military net of the nu­ merous sentries on the campus. Li­ brary attendants, setting out for home, were ordered to the other end of tke quadrangles, and it was quite as difficult for them to enter the aca­ demic precincts. Dr. Goodspeed went on further to state that the freshmen of' October. 1918, made it their business to be both students and soldiers. "Nothing bet­ ter illustrates this new spirit than the behavior of the women students. They militarized themselves and in their �oman Student ,Training Corps formed- an organization with drills, officers, uniforms, a war-service pledge, anp a muster-rol! almost equal to that of the local S. A. T. C. itself." DECORATING COMMITTEE TO University Graduate Is Awarded for !\fEET TODAY IN NOYES HALL Bravery in France. --- James M. Sellers, '17, a member of Bcta Theta Pi, Owl and Serpent, 'Uni­ vcrsity Marshal, and Phi Beta Kappa, was awarded the distinguished-sen ice -;0 -cross by the commanding general, A. E. F., for extraordinary .heroism in action in France. Sellers is a first Iieutenant, Com­ pany G, 6th Regiment, Unit"cJ States Maline Corps. On June 6, 1918, at Bouroschcs, France, at a critical pe­ riod of thc attack he was selected to transport a message of extreme im­ portance. In order to execute his mis­ sion he had to pass through a hcavy artillery bombardment of high-explo­ sive and gas shells. Although seri­ ously wounded while making the trip, he sucesfully executed the mission. '. ' two Blocks East of THE FROUe • Stop in After the Show WILLIAMS 1133 E. 55TH STREET akers of Choice Cenfections and lee Cream Members of the decorating commit­ tee for the basket ball spread have bocn requested to mo ,f; toda:, at 11 :20 in the trophy room of lin Noy�s han The following women compose the committee: Mary Maxwell, chair­ man; Marion Meanor, Leonie Crocker, Anna Shely, and Rubie Warner. A Three Million DoUar BANK 1204 East 63rd Street NEAREST BANK TO UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO CHAMBERLAIN WRITES NEW James D. Lightbody states that he is • VOLUME IN SCIENCE SERIES now serving in the General Records offrce at Toul, France. Lieut. Light­ body, who was a member of the class of 1912, writes that he has met many U niversity men in his work there. Prof. Mead Gives Address. After investlgatlons extending over fifteen' years that necessitated trips to Mexico, Cuba, Australia, and Af­ rica, Prof. Charles Joseph Chamber­ lain, of the department of Botany, has completed the latest addition to the University of Chicago Science Series, which is published under the title of "The Living Cycads." These cycads are fernlike or palmlike plants, the surviving remnants of a line reaching back into the Paleozoic age of geo­ logical history. Prof. Chamberlain studied all the genera and many of the species in the field, and preserved much material for later study in the laboratory. In the first part of the book is gIven an account of the distribution, general apearance, and field conditions of the cycads, together with some of the ex­ periences hf an investigation involv­ ing so much travel in distant and varied tropical countries. In the sec­ ond part is presented the life-history of the group based largely on the au­ thor's own observations in the fieid and laboratory. Part III is devoted to the evolution and phylogeny of the cycads, the opportunity for such a study being �ceptionany favorable because the ancestry can be traced back through geological periods, and because the extinct predecessors of the living cycads are the best known of all fossil plants. Prof. Mead, of the Department of Philosophy, who is also president of the City Club of Chicago, gave an ad­ dress at the symposium dinner of the patrons' department of the National Education association Feb. 27. The general subject of the symposium was "Lay Contributions to Educational Progress," and Prof. Mead's subject was "The Interplay Between the School and the Community." Very superior in fit and wear. It pnys to ask lor Arrows. CLUETt'. PEABODY &: CO .. INC. IlAXERS 'PRINTING SERVICE 1510 East 56th Street Near I. C R. R. StatIon 15 minutes walk from campus. "A Remarkable Typewriter" Telephone Midway 864 All favorite features combined in one handsome writing machine of the first quality. Private Dancing Lessons In a course of five lessons ($5.00) one can. acquire the steps of the Waltz, One-step, and Fox-trot. Single Lessons if desired. LUCIA HENDERSHOT STUDIO WOODSTOCK TYPEWRITER COMPANY 23 W • Washington Street, Chicago Phone Central 5563 1541 E. 57th St. Hyde Park 2314 Lieut. J. D. Lightbody at Toul. Word recently received from Lieut. The Daily Maroon for Campus News . I I;: Compare them with­ Higher Priced­ cigarettes NOR jocosity-- ADIEU-- * * * I I '" * * more than we had ever set before, and NOR jocundity-- UNTIL AFTER THE-- • * • I" the fact that this was oversubscribed O beeinnine wi h hI" * .. meet and he is counted on as the main- by one hundred fifty dollars reflects N R any word eginmng WIt t e EXAMINATIONS- stay of the four man team. initial letter of "joy!"-- I * very creditably. on the University. * .. .. * * Hold Big Ten Meet This Month. This matter is not of local interest GOOD PROPOSITION for college ALAS, alas! Q. E. D. The swimming squad is now hard alone. The University has set a prec- * * * I at work in preparation for the annual edent among all the coleges which arc TIME is short. i MAROONS WILL OPPOSE I Big Ten conference meet to be held doing Y. W. c. A. work of this kind, I * * • PURPLE NEXT SATURDAY I in Evanston the last of this month. and it is earning a good name among AND I' hate exams, for which I Chicago's well balanced team may all these colleges." I must prepare. (Continued from page 1) bring the victory to the Midway al- . -. . . I though little is known of the strength I TO RECEIVE FULL EQUIPMENT BUSINESS CHANCES-Commission of sweepmg victories m the. field con-, of the other conference squads. North- proposition. Apply at Maroon Of- tests. The work of the Chicago ath- western is Chicago's logical opponent (Continued from page 1) flee, 9 to 11 A. M. letes in the running events is expect- for the 1919 title. EVEN SO, it may be necesary to I ed to offset this serious handicap in The close of the basketball season I forms, o· .. erco.ats, shoes, service ha.ts, I WANTED - A chance to show you run hands, like this- I fi ld t It th I the dual Saturday as the predictions hId b fit d h . . am e equipment, was e In- what our Classified Ads do Apply • • • as a rea y ene e t e sWImmmg,'. r. • • • • I are that Capt. McCosh and Speer will t D II f C ., I tontion to utilize the uniforms left Daily Maroon. earn. ouga, one 0 oach Page S f th SAT C b t th I have little opposition in their events. utility men on the basket squad, has 1 over rom e . . . ., u ese --------------- I Capt. McCosh gave a fine exhibition reported to Coach White. Dougall I could not be used. Consequently WANTED-Man who can .. sell the . th 01 hi h h h dil I some delay was necessitated in ob- best typewriter on the market to 1m e mr e, w IC e won an I y is a star performer in the breast l .. men of the University. Apply at from Sedgwick in the last tho ree laps. stroke swim and his addition is a big I taining others. K d a1 b f I I Maroon Office. enne y so ran a eauti u race" boost for Chicago's chances in the con- , • I �he� he nipped Butler in a close fin- ference meet. There is a possibility I CLASSIFIED ADS . I Ish In the 440. Speer had no trouble of several other basketball athletes in winning the 880, and finished a securing places on the swimming I LOST - At the Reynolds club dance quarter of a lap �, the good. The re- squad. I Friday night - a platinum pendant lay team of Hall, Barris, Kennedy , set with four diamonds. A reward and McCosh ran away from Michigan. b ' h. . I' willJ be paid if the pin is returned INDIVIDU AL AND EXCLUSIVE er of the C icago runners msures a t th M' if· L RBI I t P h h Prepare For Big Ten Meet. di bl h·' ,0 e aroon 0 lce.-. . 00 c-p a es. er aps you ave ere ta e SOWIng. I your own idea or design for a boek- WHICH fill space so admirably-- The track, team is rounding into Saturday's meet is the first of the WANTED.-Several clean cut young , plate, if so let me execute it. • • • form for the Big Ten, \ conference in- season awav from home for Chicago, II men for high grade sales work. Full - " -" Tuesday and Thursday Evenings. NAY.-- I door meet to be staged the last of thi� and a big crowd of fans are needed to I or part time. This is an unusual Marietta Fournier. Blackstone 5817 • • • I month, and indications are that the overcome this disadvantage. Some I opportunity and offers a splendid I SHALL brave the odium-- Maroons will have an excellent chance announcement concerning' arrange-] future to efficient salesmen. Call or FOR SALE - Spaulding .running • • • I to win. Little is known of the strength ments for the trip will probably be I ' address H. D. Lapp, Suite 511 shoes, 'in excellent condition. $3.00. OF A writer of free- • of other conference teams but the eali- given within the nextday or so. _ - I Peoples Gas Building. Inquire at Business Office. I i ======================================================= L......J .. '_I! . ,,,' I I , .. ... ... I THIS is going to be a very sad I Whistle. Sad--sorrowful, dejected, I depresed, cheerless, doleful, dolorous.] dreary, dismal, melancholy, gloomy, I rueful, lugubrious, woe-begone, woe- I ful, and (0 me miserum!) wretched I and miserable, as our friends the lex- icographers might say. I * • ... I NOT a cheerful thought shall enter i HUMOR shall not illumine it-- j' • • • llotto: Je veux pleurer. into it- ... ... ... NOR jocularity-- * ... ',- ' •• ..,.. "I • • THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, MAR. 12, 1919 --�����=���- --_ ... _... i VARSITY SWIMMERS ro-- I\!EMBERS OF C.- AND A. --I TWO GOOD MEN-To sel;- advertis- .. .. '" i MEET MILWAUKEE TEAM '. COUNCIL ARE SELECTED ir.G' durir:g vacation. Liberal com- :--':OW, I shall gi\"C--in G r eek: I --- --- I mission, They must have had sales l' '" II< i First Home Contest of Season Will (Continued from page 1) ! experience. XOPOS. I Ht· Staged Friday at 8 in Bartlett-« ' --------------- ',' .. .. -lieen Competition Is Expected. ized, prominent men from large es- BECAUSE OF CERTAIN DEBTS IN English:--' tabIishments will be called upon to the Maroon has come into pOssess- .. >!< '" ... I "Doc White's swimmers will have speak to the club upon economic prob- ion of approximately $100 in trade CHORUS. I another chance at the strong Milwau- lems. The members will be divided at the Hotel 'Cumberland, one of " ...... I kee Athletic club tearn Friday night into groups, each interested in a cer- New York's best hostelries. Inas- .\�D we wept much, at Bartlett and the Maroons expect tain branch of the industry and work much as it seems Improbable' that RAISI�G our hands to the gods-- revenge for the defeat at the Wiscon- pertaining to each line of business any of its staff will have use for this SEEKING fa"our-- sin city last week. This will be the will be carried on. the Maroon will be glad to traD8- ... .. .. first home contest of the season for Are to l\Ieet Friday at 1J. :15. I fer' the whole or any part of said I� vain-- the swimming team. The opening Members of the council will meet I amount to any person intending 'to .. .. .. event is scheduled to start promptly Friday during chapel period in the visit New York this year for 50 per FOR just as I finish-- at 8. Daily Maroon office. cent of its face value. Further par- .. *..' I Friday's meet is sure to be close and tieulars Inay be obtained by calling I AM offered a very good poem-- some keen competition is certain in LEAGUE SMASHES Midway 800, local 162. and asking • '" * * I every event. Captain Ries of Chica- FORMER RECORDS to speak with the Business Managf>r FOR which there is no room! go should 'win the sprints as he easily IN MADRAS DRIVE or by calling in person between the ',' >It ... " took those events last week at Milwau. hours of 9 and 10, or 4 and 6. ADIEU! kee. Gordon looks like the best entry (Continued from page 1) ... • .. ; in the plunge, while Veazey is expect- WANTED-To trade brand new Oli- ET ENCORE UNE FOIS-- ed to score heavily in the fancy diving. ver typewriter for Corona and case - cessful, The University can well be. II di . * * * The relay team, with ,the advantage In equa y good con ition. proud of the results of the drive. The A I 1\1 Off' 5 of their own tank, should win easily. pp y aroon Ice, 4 to p. m, orig'inal goal of 1,300 dollars was Captain Ries' work in the 1 �lay was one of the features of the Milwaukee W ANTED-Men to sell advertising AH! OH! • • • • * • 071 a college paper; 20% commis- sion. men. A sales proposition. Takes an hour or so each day and as much more time as schedule of man per­ mits. Apply to Bus. Mgr. Maroon, 4 to 6 P. M. OR designs like this- * · '. • •••• * •• • ••••••• '" • .. ' • • • • WANTED-To buy three double-deck iron beds. Call Maroon Office, Midway 800, Local 162, for fu�er ' information. - I r l i Complete Next Quarter's Registration SIGN UP FOR THE MAROON = = H M. .. ;. all "A no a' al"1 wa we � bel 4 � Pu doi o • so " im: Th the an( J, the .... Kit , pIa hig for .JIll. 1 tea: Pal f __ Mil ers giv� one C of 1 Mal mw an was leae ave: CCl and thre Gor. , tion of , doul fere the beel tean free ,play and , TI of 1\ due. pion also tain well over caUSI anee hard with team tion asa team BiJ I � a PO! is pu Birk} on th He p only I