'90L. 'leVIL .No.,32. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 'ZIt 1918. , ",:... .. PRICE THREE CENTS . - ,:' ...... 1.-------------- STAGG'S MEN HOPE TO NU p� SWv,. ELECTION .. ' FINAL CONTRIBUTION. :·J"_BIl-IIINNESOTAIr To HODOr&ry.1Iembenhip. COMPLETES QUOTA IN . SEASON'S FI�/ GAME lin. Gecqe Goodspeed. WAR WORK CAMPAIGN , � , d· . \ . .' .,. ... .� .. T0da7. Divinity c'hapeJ,' 11 :05, Haskell • Semitic club. 4:30, Haskell 23. Y. M. C. A. Religious Uisc:ussion $'roup, 6:30, Reynolds c1ub� Tomonow. ' . �anksgiving day-University hol- iday. . " Frida,.. Central Association of Science and Mathematics. teachers: General sess­ ion, 9:30, Ida Noyes theater. Depart­ mental section ineetings, 1, Emmons Blaine '�lI. Chapel, Senior colleges, 12:20, Man del. University Public lectures: "France of Today and Tomor.row," Lieut. Louis Cazamian, .4:30, Harper assembly. f�periences of a French lSurgeon on Different Fronts," ..Dr. Etienne Burn��, �:30, Ricketts. _ "The'Real France Revealed in Her Scenery I3Dd Peoples," Prof. Emman­ uel de Martonne, 4:30, Rosenwald lec- ,', Is Elected President of Club. � ;. - 'At the firSt meeting of the Philo- sopbical club, held last Thursday, Eu­ nice N.,Conf� was elect� president for .this quarter. .' Semitie Club Meets TQday. f FRESHMAN COMMISSION FOR 1918-19 IS APPOINTED -, MEN IN S. A. T. C. WILL' BE GIVEN FIVE DAYS' . LEAVE AT CHRISTMAS .Orpnizati'Oa wan Be Qampoaed ,of 21 • Women.-.Aml'Ouncement .is Made of Geueral P'Olicies and Spe- ci&c Plana for Year. Are Divided Into Two Groups- Have One Day Off at Thanksgiving • eago tomor.r.Ow and 'Will remain until next �y. Four '�embers af the mission will deliver leetures at the :t!niversi'ty. On the first edition of the weekly calendar it was announced that.. the lectures would. be given to­ morroW but this has now been chang­ ed Ed the' lectures will be given :Friday. Three leetures -will be given Fri­ day 'night.' AD four are public lee­ tures and the student body has been invited to attend. "�e of Today and Tomorrow" is the title of an ad­ dress, by Lieut.. ·Louis Cazamian, pro­ fessor of English' Literature in th& University of �aris. This lecture will be given at 4:30 in Harper assembly. 'Dr. Etienne Burnet will give an il­ iustrated talk at 4:30 in Ricketts la- lbo rat 0 ry. Dr. Burnet is a member of the Pasteur Institute of Paris. He will . sPeak on "Experiences of a French Surgeon on 'Different Fronts." Prof. Emmanuel de tMartonne of the University of Paris will givc an­ other illustrated lecture on ''The Real Franee Revealed in' Her Seenery and People." This lecture will be :given at 4 :30 in Rosenwald lecture room. Li�tenant-Co1onel Theodore Rein­ aeh will speak on "Martyr )Ionu­ ments, Reims, Couey, Arms'" at 8 in Mandel. Lieutenant-COlonel Reinach is editor of the "Gazette des Beaux- MAJOR 'DANA DENIm RUMORS _,/ --- Gophers Wbmers (or Four Years JUNIOR COWGE WOMEN AssistaDt Prof •. Farr Cables ,� '� �yers Are Cheerf,I .l " WIN FAST HOCKEY GAME $1,000 From Paris-Makes . . � .' A_at PreseDt Outlook.. - Total Subseriptioas The personae! of the Freshman • � . seaIaq u.e :1-0 Jlatda GIl GreeDwoed $�,200. ( commissioU' for -l9�8-19 has been an- '}LtBooNS BOLD SIGNAL DIlIL� i'ieIIL ... er.ba Is � Witla .' '" '. nouneed by lMartha Simonds, -adviser ,'- -. . "l-I&iiaC D1ap1A�ecl bT· .. ·T� DRIVE, �:�ELL -P1,RaA1PJ;D 'to the commiSsion. -. Announcement The hie question on the�.Midft�· . � '�-�- .. :�' the.a� . The Un�versity. reached its quota has also been made regarding the lIajar Dana haa'8DDonnced that S. , right DOW concema':the ability of Dr . t : The lunior college won JUB''' in the United War JWorks drive yes- genCral 'Policies of the commission A. T .. C. men will be given five daya '. W� Gophers to stage their an- game of the women's mter-eoUege terday when one thousand 4011ars and its -specific plans for this year, leave during the Christmas holidays . '::.: I nual comeback on Stagg Field Sat- hoc:key' aeries yesterday afternoon on' was received by cablegram from As- whidl include, as the first of the en- and a day for Thanksgiving. _ �� ,',urday afternoon. Since 1913, when Greenwood field. The seore was 1-0. sistant IProf. !Farl', who is doing Red tertainments planned, ra. supper to be The men will be divided into two . , • the rMaroons won the iut game.from 'In spite of the pOor ecmdition of Cross work 'ilf- ,!Paris. given by the old commission in hon- groups for Cbiiatmas leave. One bait :M \ _the Northmen, the !Minnesota· team the ground and the heavy mist which .up to last night the U�iversity bad or .of the new. of them Will be given from Dee. 21 .�� .baa walked over the Staggm.... No made it difficult to see .the ball both raised $25,200" and, a: few reports The members of this years com- to Dec. 26, whDe the :: ::r �U . ?� Diatter who else WOD. from Minnesota, teams played fine hockey. Although were not in. if .the ,required amount mission are: Clara Smith, 'Ruth Sey- ·have from Dec. 24 to • s . '''�j the· Gophers for. three Yead have this was the first time these;teams is to be raised, however, all pledge mour, Julia lFletchelr, Damaris Ames, arrangem�t was. made so .that one .' �.� 'trampled' all ova the Maroons.' ad . met . they displayed exCellent must be 'paid at -the properAime, for Jean Falconer, .Frances Ryan, Ma- half of the men will remain on duty. .)1 � ",' � ':,' Last seMon the �inneapoli� . team team-worlf and there was some Ibrilli- the eversubscription is only two hun- nene Gowdy, Esther '.M'dLaughlin, while the other half'is having-its fnr- �� - ,�ost to W.isconsin, two weeks before ant in�ividual playing. :Beth Upba,us, dred dollars. ,Margaaet Foss, Helen Shipley, lough. The enfue IS. A. T. C_ will .. !: .. � -,. ·,tbe aili:agci game. The!rlar9ons had Eleanor !Atkins, !Mabel iRossiter. and Amount Reached LIaat Night. Gladrs- Fredenhagen, Frances Cro- get Thanbgiving ·as a day ojf. The .. :;�9� �:. 'meaged to get through �he season Helen Driver starred.for'the a�ors; "The effort of the University tc zier, Katherine MOOlre, Laura Thomp- men will be diacharged after mess .'<�1 • , <> ,'withoUt a defeat, and hoped to win Coventry Platt, Ruth Hueyand Mar- raise twenty-five thousand dollars son,' Irene Kelsey, Lois Tyson, Eliz- Thursday and � :not have to_�turn ')515 • - " the game. The restht of the contest jorie Winslow and Enid Townley did was crowned with success when night 'aJb�th - Burnham, 'iMiriam Ornsby, until 11:30 that Dight . .>::i1.� : . at .MinDeapolis was a crushing de- good work for the juniol1k before last the figures reached $25;- Gladys 'McW'hotiter, Fay Milla-r, and 'Ramon CUnea.t OD. �na. �J��4 '�I " .. feat for Chicago, the old recuperative c-' 1F.�t is ElIminated. ZOO," said Dr. Burton, chairman oi Ve ... Edelstadt, . Ulfany rumors. have.·been c:cmtinn- .. ;;_��\'1 . , .�m!'Y of the Gophers eomiDg out oiIIis. 1Cro� who :...rereed the tbe general committee fOr the drive EzpIaias Purposes of GrouPs. ous1y cin:ula� througb t&e cainpu. . ":(.?{��: _once more. I I 'd "I . �]. tl at llhe uDiverstiy. ' . " "Th F � C ..'. regarding the diaOOntinuanee of the ". ,. game 8&l , was m.__ .. p easan y -. . e' resuman ommlSSlon IS at ' "1- 'Pier rldorious OYer Gophers. • b·tb ' d'd 1.' of '''In this successful effort all parts .nresent the only definIte freshman or- So A.' T.' C. and the mustering out .. -:". .'. th Go I� ba' � snrpriaed y e sp,en 1 p YlDg 'y :> .... This yean e Pr--� ve � both' teams. The defense of the teams of t!Je University community have ganiza,tion on the campus," s,aid !Mar- of the men. Some rumors say that . :bumped more t� once, and � was really �kable for most of shared with" remarkable ,h�ines! tha Simonds yeste�ay. "Its pwpose 'the corps will 'be discharged �n �, . ;Staggmen are hopmg that they will the . play was outSide the striking and unanimity •. Professors, students, h�s been to interest all the a month, while there are other. re-. " ._ Jland out, one m}�� defeat. The �t circles. There was no bunching which members' of the 'Library Press, the 'me�:of the Freshman class in all ports �that the men wiH not be mus- I :-:' � .bump � Saturday, when th� �r' i. nSua11y one of the. most common, clerical staff, and janitors 'ilave '3l1 activities' thalt are open to them' to tered out until a ,ear has ended. '" ' .. beat. Minnesota. rl0-6, th.e .� 'faulta." con#ibuted.willingly. I want to;take repres�t them, and in a sense, s�fe:' 'Major Dana·has stated th8t these .' ' :. toucbdo� commgpla0ver rt� _ �ne tbenlast � The lineup was: ��s:. �portunity �o express' D.J�', sin- guard:their infer�9ts, Ito 'back up their rumors are nat true and. he baa re-,- , .. ' �88Ven·m�� of . y. :,u:p; W _ 0 � •• _" .... _, .�or·CoUege. ' c� ... �ppreciat�� o_!. :tb� h�artiDe.s� .esithusiasni'. ,md._help direct-their.·en- ceivecl n��rd- ·:w�m,.regam.;- .. :.. ... _:.'.;..;� � ... ",_' ��)��:'=�to aon_��L�ill"·:.po�_ ��'i��' � ��.' .eo w��i¥bi�:�O��::�as :irJia'tfi� ����. (Continued on page 2) ing the dismissing, of the men. He . " : .. ,:, ... -- 1NIUGr CRSy8ll !"-"WI .. ,' _,,"IA" . . _ .' the·undc:r.taking.· I . cannot remembe. \.�;_:�.':'," � expects, however, to receive o� - '�, perior Weicht won :.�nt in the final (Coutinued on page,2). any enterprise ,into:whicb die whole' � OF MIsSIONS TO from Washington in the near future. I�,�' ,miD1iteL �-. University community bas entered so' UNITED STATES DELIVER FaCulties HoW Joint ·:&ieetillg. , ":.AccordiDg .. to two ex-� who . MR� BEATRICE . 'ORB� ,cqmpIFtely ,and. �animously as ha� LECTURES AT UNIVERSITY A joint meeting of the faculties of .{ ate -noW'oD playing on the gob ,team, RO��RTSON � 1$ SEN"I:' been true in, this,}as.e." ''''J'' .. ' . the schools and eolleges of the Uni- .;. ·_,:Stag.g'a team ie·_goibg to have a TO SPEAK ON FOOD NEED'; _, '. . , . 'LienteDaDt-Colone1 Reinach,,' Lieu_- versity,-'Was held yesterday at '5 to .bai-d tiuie winDing, leaving ,Out the EPISCOPALIAN 'STUDENTS TO - ant c.�mi8D, iDr. &met aDd. eonsideran inquiry received from t�e "el� of comeback. Gale IDoc:ki ComeS MOnda,. from FoodAdminiS- MEET FRIDAY IN IDA_,NOYES · Profe88Ol".tte � Speak govemment concerning the continua- .: and JohDny Bran, are the two. men tration to Inform Students 'On Pres- St. Mark's society. 'Wili meet Fri- Friday. 'tion of the S. A. T. C. The results '-bo' d--'-- that the .Maroons :have. - -t Si6-ti·'On. 'of 4.1..:_ ting l..-�e not vet been _:the ft,' l'r to�. out for them.' Bloc:ki - ...... day at 4:30 in Ida. Noyes mil .. The :wua mee oUAY J ...vca. The French Ednctiona1 Mission' to made public. ' , .. . �. . . . second of a_ series of -four leCtures ;declares tiult it was a terrific fight. IMrs. Beatrice 'Forbes - Robertson H the ,United States will arrive in Chi- / th will �e given.' The Rev. J obn enry :�before the Pier won, and then e Hale will speak on t"The Present . HoPkins will be the speaker ,this element··of stzength was largely Te- Need: A lMeSsage from the Food Ad- week, and his subject i's "The Church tiponsible. , ministration,". 'Monday at :10,10 in and Reconstruction." The purpoSe Stan Otr�._ �o CoIDIHDt. Ida Noyes theater hall IMrs. iHa�e is of th-e society is to . further friendship ; Pat Pa- who' saw the- game, saya f fift - k t t b .' _;, &-7 one 0 een spea ers � sen ou y among :the Episeopaf. students. All '- ,that � stands an eVeD chance the Food Adininistration since the members ,have been urged to alten·d. . to· wiD, and Pat d� not usually signidg of the armstice: The food =====:;:::::::::::=:�:==;::::;=:::;::::;::e::;;:== . make optimistic guesSes. Coach shortage in Europe has aused ,the THE D�Y MAROON Stagg keeps his' thoughts about the admini;tration to undertake this BULiLETIN . Came to himself, and eontiDues prae- worlc of informing the country . at 'tice .s usual "large' of the present food neects. r . Signal 'W'Ork was all that the JIa- Mrs. Hale spoke last Friday at � did yesterday afternoon, but' a a meeting .of the heads of IIilnois Krlllllllage i. expected this �- Food Adminjs�tion, at wbieh the DOoD. . The Pier team worked out cobnty-Ieaders were present. She is . OD the J6twaY' field, .ngside. the also speaking in neighboring states. \ Kal'OOns, but tbe two � were �� She is a niece of Sir, Johnstone .crimmaged. The Y. K. C. A.. Col- Foz4bes-Robertson, the Qctor, and is lege team arrived during the after- herself well-known in the theatrical noon, &Del was used as trial h� w'orld� She is the author of "Nest­ for the _lors. lbuilcJers" adn otber novels. She is Business Man�ger David E. 'M�r- -also the author of' "What Women riam bas announced that the pnce Want," a discussion of the feminist of gener.t admission tickets for seats question. � at, the North end of the field have :Monday, the day on which Mrs. been ndueed from one dollar to fifty 'Hale will speak, has been set aside eeDb. ' : t �U. by the University, at the govern: ment's request, as a day for inform­ ing students 3'bout the food situation. The government has sent a similar request to every school Qnd college country, asking them 'to reserve a day for 'Calling the attention of stu­ dents to the present food needs.. �e are very fortunate to have ;Mrs. Hale speak at th�' Unive'rs�ty," The Semitic club· win m�et today said :Assistant Prof. �unt,. of' the. de- tur� roo!D. , . '"Martyr Monuments: at .4:30, in Haskell museum. P.rof. ',partment of Home 'EconomicS. "She ht Couey, Arras." Lieut.-CoI. ; Jastrow will lecture on "New �lg \comes directly from 'Mr. Hoover, l:1d �t'in".:"" " . ., ie On the GjJga�esh Epie." (Continued 011 ��e 4) Arts" and is a member of the Inati­ Reims, ' tute de France. The headquarters of Theodore I the mission will be at the Congress hotel. . -,:� . "', ,. {i " . _A,__, .... "':_ ' .. , '.:,j LIBRARY IS REPRESENTED " ..... Emibition At .Art lDstit1lte To Have University Books. The University library will be well represented in an exhibition of 'books .printed prior to 1500. This exhibi­ tion wi11 be' held :at the Art Instittrte, under the auspices (If tbe ('..axton club.'· \Mr. Simmons, a member of die club, will make . a selection among the books. ..From the 'Gunsaulus collection alone will probably be thirty items. Other books will be added from those sh�lved i� the Rare Book room in Harper library. A number wil� �lso be loaned by Classics library. According to a census of fifteenth century books now being printed in bulletin form by the New York pub­ lic library, some of the books owned by the University library are not rep­ resented in any other institution in America. . ... �. �', .. I .,- .. ,I," ." Add Names t'O Pledge List. A mis'take was made in an' an­ nouncement in the 'Daily Maroon yes­ terday .. The names ot-lSuzanne' Da- ' vis, Rock Island, and-Elizabeth Ware, Chicago, were omitted from othe Mor- tar Board list. • Do Your Chr:.tmu ShoppiDg Now . \ .. " . " rl,. ',,,,",,, ,.. ,{�0�";';t'" " ' .' r' , ;'r(_' .. ' ": 'i :"� I �========��="=,�������=;��������;;�,;;;;�==S:�.� __ ����========�� __ ����������A=--�==� ��"�.�_���=========='�'�===4==���==�.��;:�����====��'. mlJt laD, 1aiUo.· ... i l:!f;:a:�t afH"'3'pe;� ��<b.-' . Iciii iBD.: :"a I-��" "-Jr. 4j�da. ��.c�e::t!. ::::a===:::::1:-====-_:::::::aI:::::=di:--=_-=:at� .. �. , .4Ltr.... �. t& ' fOC 'i -� � ,. � , Ie ,5_", �. Tbe Studeat)..NewIIi;a��.,;,,�"l:. ' :The ,1O,rmer �ol1ie��:was: lo�ew�t, (CoDtiDUecl'.:uoI[l:�t),. I .: ':�'. � ",." • . ' ' - ,tBI� BOam�t ��Id a dance Fri-' UBi�enity of Chieaco similar .Sto t�� B"cldnus, tli'gugh In �, V:' , , . " The "·treshmatl! ��en's clubs !Jne '.:1_ ��k' "f14�"!'!' -�6·�t� . th th BI • • • ' ....1.._ t.= LI th I d ct· iti -..;. R hi . ti VA)' ttom 'to In e eater. ue this, case IlJDlted to women and not, ersy In II."IIilDneaa· WielU to emse ves resume a IVI res, us IDg par lei .. � , • I'QbHSb� mornings. except Saturday, " , ' -. , , B ttl ba 1 d held t' ..... .-.v AD / SUDda), and Monday. during tbe Au- capable' of puttin�'on-muc1i of'.a'p'e,r- and' to the·VniveritY. '. aI-e.·bei,"held 'this �e.�'- A"'n�w _0 e', ,I a.rea,y .'. 1 � �-;�: __ tumD;, Winter and Spring '-quarterS. formance. Last year howev�r the PTh.is' � :'�e; . �comimission wiJl �g �y �e .e�ty !inu�s �e PH- 'Freshman women and aU olcl melD­ b, the Daily Maroon company. I presentation of Lindsay's �hine�e have' a- spe'�ial"part' in' . the annual ·ties jtiven by" each elub to O.De 'a year. ibe'rs'-o't the dub- ftave been invited 't� Nightingale" . marked ,distinct· ad- Christmas celebration. for the chil- so 21though pledging will take place attend, these parties. EDlTOR� ��TMENT vance. lBut the Dramatic clqb was dren of ;'the "tiniver�ity' \ Se-tt1�zrient. later, the' clubs win' not be able to t": _',_: _�:_,_: _ John \]oseph ....•.••. M.an�Jtin� Editor: the only organization whose aims which bas, become;i' tta.dition �f the become . very 'active. Do Yo. Ouiatmu ShoppiDc Now 'R.uth Genz�erger •..•.. N.ew.s Ed!tor were finished acting of good dramatic Young 'Women·, aChristian league, ,'_ ...'.. ., " .... ", Helen Raviteh Night Editor' 'f Th I b lit d be .• This work in the' past -has been given Howard Beale _ Day Editor eomposr Ions. e e u a e� mrs- Rose Fischkin ......•..... Day Editor mananged and usuaHy put out rather over to upper-class organizations but William Morgenstern ..... ': .. . •• •.• shoddy' performances until Iast sea- for this Ohristmas it will be the par- - ......••...•.....•••• Athletic Editor 'ti' 1 . f th � ih ., Frederick \ViDterhoff ......•....... son. when the presentation ,of "Fash- eu ar proVInce 0 e,.. res men. •..........••........ Associate Editor ion" and the program of original "·a:�.e supper which the old com- BUSINESS DBP ARTMENT plays gave new life. From all ap- mission is planning for the new will )day Fre�dman Manager pearances the club this year is striv- be given sometime during -the first ing to uphold last year's standard, of next 'Week'" ' though tremendous difficulties have been encountered. Exactly what has Entered as second class mail at the �been done will be revealed at Fri- Chicago Postofiice, Chicago, Illinois, . day's ,performances. The Dramatic . March 13, 1906, under the act of , March 3, 1873. '; club should survive. Alice Johnstone __ .. .l'. i. Florence McNeal •.. _ .. __ .. __ ":' J. i. Eleanor AtkinS _ _ �r. w. Beth Uphaus (Capt.) _ .. .:-�l. w •. Helen IDriver .... _ .. _ .. _ ... _ .. __ :_ .. e. h. !Mabel Rossiter __ .. . .r. h. Gladys Gordon ..:.. __ • ._j. h. Edna Clark _ ... _ .. _. . ..r .. �. Mildred lPowlison .... _ .. .•.• __ � f. Helen ,Fortune _. __ ._ _ .. _ _ g. Junior College. Dora Kirehenbaum _ .. _ _. __ .. _c. Enid Townley _ _ __ .;r. i Luella Bither _ .. __ . __ _._l i. iDorothy Latta •.. _ .... .. .:r .. w. � ...:.I Mazlorie' Wi�ow _._ .. __ .. _ .. _:.}. w. iMargaret FoSs ._ .. _ .... _ ..... _ ... _ c. h. iMaiy lSeyuiour, Vera Ede1stadt. r. h. ·Damaris' Ames _' ' _...:.. _ ETAO , -Coventey '�latt, ;Damaris Ames. .. l.· b. Ruth Haey _. __ . __ ...T. f. J Edythe Flack .. _._---1. f.' 'Rachel Sheldon •.. _ .. _._ .. _ .. __ .. _ .. g. The j�or' score, � mad�by Mar­ jorie W"mslow. Staff Solicitors Ballinger and Fenner i i I I' II SUlBSCRIPTION RATES Called for, $2.50 a year; $1.00 a quarter. By Carrier, $3.00 a year; $1.25 a quarter. By Mail (city), $8.50 a year; $1.50 4& qaarter. By Mail (out of town), $4.25 a year; $1.75 a quarter. JUNIOR COLLEGE WOMEN WIN FAST HOCKEY GAME (Continued from page 1) i :i ,/ I. " 'I \1 ti' P', ,,' (. I, /. I' Editorial Rooms _ _ Ellis 12 Telephone Midway 800, Local 162. Hours: 11:10-11:50; 12:25-6; 7-8. Business Office _ Ellis 14 Tele,hone Midway 800, Local 162 Hours: 10:20-11:50; 3-5:30. Wednesday, November '1:1, 1918 ANNOUNCEMENT " :i " Owing to the fact 'that Thhrsday is a holdiay, there will he no issue 0f The Daily IMaroon on Friday. How­ �ver, there wili' be an issue Thurs­ day morning. ;J 1\: ;/:', I:, : LECTURES Up to the' present time, off�cial University lectures have been notice­ able by their absence this qual"ter. ,The reason for omitting them, prob­ ably, was due to the regime of the , Student Army Training CoIlps; the UN IF ORM S majority of students could not attend .: _ " " " ... � �:" ..' . meetings at any ·time. Co.plete Outfits, S. A.' T. c. Tho)C �ho • h�ve missed 'lh� usual Overcoats lectu{es '(and there an: many who Wool Uniforms have) will be offered opportunities Army Shoes this week to hear some splendid ,talks, A.rmy Sweaters if titles'count for anything. In the firSot Hats and Caps place, Associate Prof., Clark's lecture Leggings last night was splendid. On ·Friday Puttees of this w�ek JJl1:mbers of the French , Insignia Cords Educational ·mission 'wiII visit the Shirts campus, and they will give lectures. Sheepskin Coats Men from France, from famous UDifOl1llS made to French institutions, m�n who can . _easure. • think and act in the fullest sense of Military Instruction the words; 'h�e is an opportunity. BOoks Two of the' lectures scheduled will Send for Catalog be delivered by commissioned offi- No. 10 cers of the Franch army. Topics such ,Satisfactioa or Moaey Back. as "The France of Today and To- morrow," and "The Experiences of a Amy • Na'YJ Eqaip.eat Co. French Surgeon on Different Fronts" _37_W_est_l_25tb __ St._;_N_e_w_Y_o_r_k_, C_�_· _'_,: ,give promise of things worth while. Three of the lectures are at 4:30, an hour during whiCh many men of the Student Amry Training Corps are free •. So let there be a number of students present to hear something worth hearing. ----------- '\ i' .. ' ... 1':;' -; �.,:. . &: .... , � ASCHER'S Frolic Theatre 55th St. and Ellis Ave. DRAMATICS I I, Of !ate years this University ·has suffered for want of something really .progressive and worth while in the '�ine of dramatics. Campus amateurs /had limited outlets of talent: Black­ friars, the Dramatic club .and the erst­ while Follies (last year changed to the Portfolio for reasons of dignity). Blaekfriars was organized for one purpose: to �ive an annual musical comeuy, in wh;�h men alone partici­ pated. Consequently nothing of par· ticular artis-tic or mental value could be expected, although the Blackfriars always produced the' most profession- Wednesday, Nov. 27 LILI LEE -in- "Such A Little ri����" Lyon Moran Comedy Ga�ont Graphic NeWs ,{ \ i i t , I MAROON'READERS I' _ � _ • NOTICE! Have YOU noticed those, yellow sheets beside the Pile of MAROONS a Ellis, Cobb, and Ida Noy�? ", " Every subscriber's name is one of them. If you want. your.M;�OON at another place, notify us and we'Il change your name to the correct ��. If your name is Dot down, Ws time that you sub­ scribed' and anyone on the- MAROON � be glad to " • " " '.' r" \ . I, '" " ' " . , • take your subSerlption� "\' •• r- ( I' "A Remarkable , ! " , 'J.'Yjiewrlter" 'j .',: r : �', All favorite fe�tures combined in one handsome writing machine of the �rst quality. ,I I • WOODSTOC� TYPEWRlTEJJ· CQ�� 23 '!. ��'�� ��IO Phone Central 5563 SECURITY S·AVINCS •.• 1.' f, \. � __ • , .,' SERVlCE �� ,"",:" 1'; - - The' OI�est1Jank in, Hyde, Park •• -... .: I ... (;.. • .' ." .:. � .. . ;. ,_. • • , ... 'Central Hyde Bark Bank '., .... ; "',. � ,. .... ,. T" \" "'" .", .-. ...,,:. ..... .... SStla St. and Black.torie'Ave • t�_; .: •. ;-,', :�.'r·�,.� :!Jl,· :,.,�) .� :'1.-�- All �·W 001 Suits $30 . • •. _, _ . .J. ..(' �1; �)I.' -00; : r.J � •• ::10' _ .. 1 '.t .. !. J S"'v.cr� BDD��d, ".1 f��� ��Qke� t.m.P., �t �lIer - Pric�d StQdE,_ �t T. �,ecial 'Pric� -, : 'S' Q?tfE' of the l1est y����s �� lIloqtb.� �re off�r�� . , at ����tantlal econo�y to e.very pur�haser. S\Jch �n eve�t �.h��14 �p���t t� th¢ �an,' "'�Q� throQgh t�e �lgnlng of the armistice, now, knows his . stai�s. . It �l�o. wiH i�tef��t tll(� ChicagQ�� who has never VISited us. Llke'thousands of �thers h� eventually will apPr�ciate' th� . extra value, 'quality and, service he ,obtains from our 4i�tincti v� clothing' arid,Dther' 'apparer. . � I ' Ther�'s a s�le �q� $�� ��f� f�� e�e� �� 0. tIae nunl Floor MARSHALL FIELil &, OOMPANY . . - "nlE'sTORE FOR MEN -. • j o .J, ( ,I �� , .- ." � t: i_ tr lI' d w N "e "bi 111 " S . " is n' . I ..... tc ) 51 , t, n " � ,. I ( � r' _, /' } I. k 01: r il : , c t, e: C �� . " :�, t :" i • ". ,., , " • ;. • , � 4 ., " I • '0' I • ..... \. I �� � . I' I , 1::.: • ,,<' , ,.' : � .. :� .' .: "COMPANY 'A '7" "1 .;�'. � \. .,: ..... " .,;;. . v : :'" � .• , ," . ..c. �.,\. " ., ._- .-; . �'. . " SA Y, gentleman, look at the con- tributions' . in the lWbistle tod'ay from the comPany. Pretty' ''Witty bunch w� 'have;' I'd' sa,.. ,. . ... .... ' : � 'II f' �jfied THE .news comes that the basket- ," . _', baU game 'Monday resulted in a RIOOMS Light housekeeping score of 13 to 16. Wrtliout ·the �east ·suite. Siligle and double rooms with �Dthusiasm we state dtat the . gobs or witb�Ot tiOflrd. Reasonable rate� came out o�/'top. <-C�pany D team Calf at· 582Z 'Drhei';Ave:' or' phone had j1lst one practice as a ·team while Hyde Parle 3931 for �ore infonna-I ,the gobs have 'been playin� for some .tion. . , time. H�ever, we oUer no excuses but.we would like to mee't those hard- STENOORAt'PHOO and TYPE- - boiled gobs: again ilf id)otit a week. WRITING wodc, all'kinds, promptly, Ernest Dom was elected captain and accurately, ne�tly done, by thorough­ Arthur sCher manager. 1y expert, rapid stenographer-typist (20 yt&rs' experience; litmary, medi cal, commercial, etc.) Univer$ity stu­ dent; best recommendations. ShOT hand also -thoroughly, rapidly, inter­ estingly 'taught. For stenographic or .typewritin� work, write "Kelly,' 'care of )(�D office, or'leave we there to be called for. .� ) , .' to • : , t, -- ;'�. .. ,�. ,: . e·. ,.' , .... \. I �. j- " 1.;-:, . " .... ... SPEAK1NG of social butterflies, ther� are �o flies on Co!Dpany D.' A d.ance and ,smoker is planned and will be given QS soon as the money can be raised. An auction sale was con­ ducted by 'Lieut. Oliver 'Monday night and a �oodly s�m was drawn from the pockets of the poor dough­ boys. Those in e�arge are Ioo�ing � University student wants GreeCe, , Lessons (Classical Author and also anxiously toward neXt· P, ayday.. . ___:....;. �rammar) one or two hours �jly, COMPANY. D's mascot is the first from competerit young man or wom­ battalion's mascot, we guess, from An student or tutor • Terms must � the rounds ids making. The ear is �commodating and reasonable for paying Cl visit oto' CO�Pany C today. 1)ermanent pupil. Lesson preferred Tomorrow Company B will have a . between 11 and 2 or 3. A.pplr Ma- roon office. roRl� -sergeants, K�n and Newman . 'were . informed that their "old jobs" . were awaiting them. sa, "but hi 'prlvale life' the' said g'entlemen worked jilt' the Fair iinpe'rsoniti� Santa Claus from Dec, 1 to �. , PVT. 'May, our ·famous rag-picker, is going to tickle the�ivories at 'the next stunt night; w-e' are itold� Go it to, 'ljack, we're for you. .. ." - .. . ....- THE mascot doesn't. like cold air, so we don't see him very much an)" more. "\ DID you all sign the 'payrool, too? Alb out , time, we'd say. COMPANY B 'HA VIE you" noticed how chesty /' " . Company B' is of 'late?' There's "- reason-sweaters were issued, SERGEANT Perch: "Corporals, report I" Voice in squad thirteen: "Private Fantezzi 'present, reSt of squad on leave," FIFTE'EN men turned out for bas­ ketball. W oodniff was eleeted cap­ tain. 'Beware, Gobs 1 WE suggest tha.t the bUglers sound reveille at the, conclusion of the su­ pervised study hours, instead of re­ call from Study. WE were encountered Monday aft­ ernoon, following the airplane acci­ dent on the 'Midway, by a young lady • who inquired - of us. a� 'to the, details of the mishap. Upon being told that the accident was due to a badly miss­ ing engine, she won�erecf1 ;iiow' the machine could move' at in \"ithottt an engine ... :Obl' dear ui,-s�' 4r��, isn� it?- ALLOW us ,to'_ introd1lce you,.to Arthur Summerson� -ou�' btesi· mas­ co tical (w'hichever you wish), acqui­ smon. He is five years old and ex­ ebstes all the facings and knows dIe manual of arms by be art. WHO'S got the best mascot now? SERGEANT Porch (very dramat­ ioally): "My honesty is as ,good as the day is long." SERGEANT Heidler: ·(innocently): "I notice the days are geJtmif shorter." '- 'j COMPANY D visitor; ••••• � •• o ••• ++++.+ ••• o&� •• �� ����� ••• , r . ,.,' .... . .' I' : : · Sa .. l ve a i I DD' 'ime a i I v • . ay. - I • • • • : . : i I and deposit in this I i . �' .., . , ' .:..>! (. : E:: '; );: ". : -,- : i . old-es�blisbed i i National Bank i • • • • : . : : • • · ' . l CQrn Exchang� i i f/ational Bqnk I i i i : : . . . .. . . : ':1 I:. Capital, Surplu. �d P�9f�� i $10,QOO,000 i • • • • + : .. . .. . .. . .. • * .* • * * • .. . : : .. . .. . .. . .. . : Northwest Cor. La Salle aDd Adams St&. : �s�� .. c;.� I' · . . i Saturdays TiD 8 P. M. i Dept.� •• , , i: .. Savings Dept. Open AD Day I Trw ... VEJVVS &..ii..... ... ""1 ..... tz,AIO".,..... , �--------------------=- , ++ . , -'. , '1 'ma, and an tha-t. 'The' Only criticism THE WAY OF SO�E FL� . of plot- is "that it should be :�asted on musical comedy, ,because'it seems A Re�ew � "The '�eltiDg of MDUy" as ,if 'there were possibilities for a at the Shubert-Studebaker. neat little, 'comedy. But that is neither here nor 1here; lWith a 'bit of revamping and quick- ,the lines',are �musing; the situations erring of pace (two ;things liable to more so. The best feature outside of occur as time goes by) "The. !Melting .the players' themselves is t'he music, Qf lIolly," !ii, brand new musical com- written rbY Sigmund Romberg)'who edy"now: on view at lthe Studebaker, wields a nifty m�sica" pen, as f�r as o�ght' 'to prove a successful 'box-of- pop�lar tunes are concerned, '"�ar1- fige! experiment. . As it is, ,the enter- jii��"Jazz An' Your Troubles AWay," ttitnment is: thoroughly enjoyatble; in "Ftoati_p.g DOwn a: Moonlight Stream" sJcit's it ;(:�uld· h'e' improved,: but even � "'D�; Old '_GQ�,"'-.a.fe 'hIgh'�pot� In; those s.pot� there' is a strong sug- in' an . unusitally tunef� �nd' �ell or- gest!on -of 4up�es�merely the. feel- ehestr�ted' �core':" . ., " ing tt.'hat a: few 'changes would be The' cast containS no Dames famous worth' the effotft. ", in musical Comedy realms. " I�belle , 'Of course:the plot aDd construction LOWe tak�s' bonors in portraying tedlDicalities ; o� �usic�l 'productions Yolly. �e. sings a lit�i s�e' can't are noe of dine meChanism, so that a dance at, 'all, s-he' -is not a dazzling criticism of construction is unneceS- 'beauty, but she 'Can a.ct.' :Consequent­ �ary. Maria Thompson Daviess wrote i Iy singing and dancing. parts a're rel­ a�_: agre�le best seller' several sea- ega-ted to: oth�rs' and' MiSs' Lowe. en­ sons ago, :'eoncerning' .the' -terri6c ef- tertains' 'Wit� � thor��hly ,agreeable fons of '�oUy' Carter to grow thin, ,personality,' a stiille dIat seems real, in order that her', fiancee, ,engaged and her impersonation of Molly. in dipk)mating acr�ss ·the.seas, should Tom 'Richards, another unknown, not �e disappointed, when he re- does Dr. Moore, the gentleman ·who turned to- claim his "lily", 'bride. Of, assists .Molly to "melt" and who 6nal­ course the gentleman is h;&ttly en- ,Iy wins'ther. He is toe only one'who "moured of bimself, of' course there can sing, and he is indeed fine look­ is an "at, home" lover m�ch betta, ing. From the ranks of 'Straight com­ of cOurSe there is an Clmbitiou� m�m- edy comes Mrs� Otra,rles C. Craig, .�. . "." " 'with her' �yi "acceptable pOrtray­ . at .. Of �'liegtoJ iDammies: � she' seems to be enjoying herself, and certainly 1he audieace 'f!ajoye4' Judy: Gloria (ioodwin, ptaying Molty's sister, . dispiayt l1y far the best taste - "A�HiStory of �I� in 'the Unit­ ed' -sbtes" ''by kult,�oriU has j�� bee-n issued by the' U�ivenitY -Pre'sL The- books" treats or' suffrage iii 'Its ,broadest raspects and shows its' de­ velopment from the Revolution to the 'Present Itime. "It seems to ·have been taken for -granted," sayS Dr. Porter, "that well­ nigh universal manhood suffrage' bas existed. since the beginning' in the United States." It is true that ·his:' 10ry tells little of the oarly' restric­ tions in consideration : of property­ holding and tax-jaying, Dr. Porter follows -the growth of political ideals, social conditions and economic 'circumstances which have given rise to the universal demand for suffrage from the oarly days through 'the strenuous period follow­ ing 'the ICivn' war and down to the Jatest period.of woman' suffrage. 'The last phase is treated but slightly in­ asmuch as it has been a subject of much recent discussion and is con­ cerned with the 'Purpose of the book only in illustrating the extensive progress of suffrage. , ... � .- ....... ·in gowns, a 'terrific thinness:and somewhat of a dancing· ability in spite of her !trs. Castle shrugs, �aude �urner Gordon, seen often in the movies, gives the usual ambi­ ,tious-mother-looking-for-money i>0r­ trayaL The chorus, ah the chorus, is just fair, or rather ean 'boast of only a fair proportion of the fair. The Shu­ berts <Jjsplay rotten taste in both set­ tin,gs and costumes, and impossible costumes, such as those disptayed'in the �Jazz" and "Doctor' numbers never improve the looks of othe doubt­ ful ones. However, we could stand it, and we sat well forward.' But, as a p�rting question, why is a chorus man? Y .. M. C. A. GROUP TO DISCUSS "VALUE OF PRAY�R" TODAY Assistant: lp,rof. Merrifield's discuss­ ion group will meet tonight 'at 6:30 in the Reynolds theater. This group has been very successful -so far.· The subject for discus�ion tonight will be "The Practical - Value of' Praying." meeting will' consist entirely in ask­ ing and discussing such questions as "What is God?" '�.hat i�_ prayer?" '�What are the benefits of prayer?" All . interested have' been invited to attend. ., s. A� T. C. Attentioa! Altering And Pressing. Service Prompt Ra� Reasonable. 10 !PER CENT OFF TO YOU Famous Tailors & Cleanen 1305 East 55t1r· street. .. \': : .' ,.; .... , . . . �'�',' .,._ ':: :'�:�:;:��:W::;·:'·;:'::'(3'·f;��t�r��:C��;;�;�f�;�fit��It�t�g�:, ; ';��:����:f;;.���;�t���f,���t.;'::f�f.:�:::�?:�07.t:ff+f���iFJ:��q������{'��':��:j.f��}�rb\· �" ,'�'� _.:_ ,AiLy·JU.8OoK �_H_ii�':'liov.' oil itli' '. : ..... .' : .. ,:}' ,', '., .,�,: .:. '_', .... )-:. '< ,,'. -:', "'�,-r. , .' - . ';.. �. t·,.:... , ,._.... ", r.' , • . . '. . ,- - ·'.:,"."zq • .' '. .�. • •.•. ::.:- . .t'/. '; •• , ...... '4'_ •• ' ".," '\'.�':'� •••. ' �: ... j'��:';_ ,,,:..-,,, '_' .. � ':1; TO HOLD TEA. AJR). DAKCB yon. � 1>elaJLei, 4Kilclied Fah,.. Ruth -Den1iCb, .� GleasolL _ ..... hid 1 .. ' . _ . -'�', 'OR S. A· T. C. TIIJ8 wBu . Virginia FairchilcI.· .�c1e� Frieclbn�· .Be� . • Linale, . He1�, Pattencm, ,JUK)NS. BIlOTllERS, ' { ., '. . der.· ' ..' '. - ;. ;-'Prisci1l& nuke, 'DoI'otby Clifford,' Jo- DIy GoodIIud 11 .. _ FIInIUiqa "'t w. S. T. C. �pecial � IDYlte 1Iaa7 .... �. seph�� ��e7' Josep�e Palmer, . a.w at. ad UaiYenity Aft. ,·Ij 11' .. Parties to Be Held Saturcla7 Beatrice Gilbert, 'Lydia Hinckley, Mar�rJe. IW'lDSlow, ElSie J.ohnson, 111M GeM. BIPt PrAee.. • aDd Sada7 in Idk N07es HOIItaa Edith Kennon, Marjorie 'Nail, Elean- Manoa Stearns, Dorothy ,Belss, �v- .Bicllt 'rna __ elyn Stern, Ruth Moore, Meta. Lie­ ro OX:onnor, IMarion Ringer, Helen ber, Hild-. Lieber, Alice Laurence, Thompson, Frances Henderson, Der- )'{ary tMulligan, Henrietta WiDkler, othy Van Peldt, Antoinette. Bennett, .Marjorie Fye, . E,liza'beth Wheeler, Florence Bede, �re Ita .Lamb, Flor- Bessie Bleakly and Elizzbteh Arentz. ence Langworthy, Dorothy Lardnerr, Hostess 'Douse in Ida Noyes naIl. Evelyn BJ'9Wling, Elizabeth Cope, The first of these will be a dance and Rose iFurst, Esther' Henkens, Yeta Lieber, Hilda Lieber, Janet Lewis, Dorothy La,tta, Ruth :Meyers, Helen Johnson, ·Elizabeth Fox, M'ary Still­ man and ,Marjorie Leopald, Th.ose invited for the Sunday tea are as follows: 'Marjorie Fox, Antoinette Wolf, Al­ ice !MacNeil, Jessie McCormack, Win­ ifred Wood, Frances Dorr, Ruth Brown, �ay Leeper, ·Madeline Lar­ kin, Marga1'et Rogers, Frances Lurch, Edith Palner, Beth Uphaus, Evelyn Pierce, 'Myra Kimball, �'pciIle Fos­ ter, Kathleen Foster, Catlferine Piek­ ett, Alice !Logan, :Mabel .Holman, As you were: near 'Sizzle: I am able :to divulge the official list of questions that are to 'be used, Marion :Creyts,. Erma Eriocson, in whole or in part, in the forthcom- Edythe Flack, 'Elinor Hayes, lPearl ing S A. T C .. aminati C Henderson, Dorothy Huebner, 1ane . .....x lnauons. au-. . .. . . tion the compositor to set them in � Kinsell, VlrgtDla J ob, �nna KIWlt- pt. Ch�ltenham bold, caps and' lower I sky, Dorothy Lyons," Elizabeth Ben­ �e {he� �ow what that mean�.I������������������������������ They are as follows: I I-Name a town in your state. 2-Have you a middle name? (Catch question.) 3-What is another name for or­ anges, bananas aud gooseberries? Be brief. " " 4-What is water when it is frozen? 5-How many days are there in the week? Name aU &eYeD. \ 6-How.many fingers have you? 7-ls the automobile a useful ani­ mal? State why it is. 8-Is taJdng poison bad for the sys_ tem? H no� why not? and give foUr eXamples. 9--Is it true that there was a war in Europe? State why you think so. lO-Give one reaSOn why you like pie. .. U-8tate briefly the cause of death ill StarvatiOIL 12:-Wbat is corporal punishment and why should aU corporals be pun­ ished? 13-Are any members of your fam­ By insane or in the Naval Training Uait? Please note tba·t any man who wishes an early discharge need only send a copy of these questions to­ gether with the correct answers to the ')l-ajor's office. OUR editorial of yesterday brought results, as all good editorals should. Our mail was deluged today with lots of clever stuff. Witness: Military Henldry. . Dear sir: Perhaps it would excru­ ciate you to know that Company A has adopted as its official emblem the pine tree, signifying, of· course, no leaves at aIL t. Mike. If poetly were my long suit, Then everyday I'd wear it; , But as it's not, I leave it 'home For I'm afraid to wear, it. When we see Dr. Reed,·M. D., Be gives us !Olll white pills, Though we .,:have mumps or house� maid's knee, They"re bound to cure all ills. I Sir Hobbledehoy. AT this pointe we must interrupt the contribs, long enough to remark on -the fact that our brother on the WisconsOin Daily C�rdinal is a gen­ ius who' recognizes other genii. Frin­ stance, he copied for his colyumn two items from last week's Whistle. .' .... ;\_ i: ,..:-. , ....... ,�. -:.�: ... 'Your own, Lud. No wonder he spent twelve cents . for stamps yesterday. TRY IT, GIRLS Dear sir: I have discovered a way for civilians td procure "Dairy Maids" at the 'Press. For ·the benefit of those who yearn for the forbidden fruit, I hereby submit this ptan. The civ. will enter the store and ask for a Dairy Maid. The clerk will enquire, "Are you an'S. A. T. C. man, a member of the \V. S. T. C., or ; some other kind of \V.?" y�u will ,answer, "Sure, I'm an I. W. \V." The' clerk will then dish out the suste­ nance. Wise. CHlORUS: All we do is sign the payroll Anon. o_ ,.. .�._ ¥' '.� : Hoase. 4 , MEN·S WEAR­ Hats - Gloves �., Neckwear JAMES E..COWHEY . The Woman lStudents· Training ·Corps will bold two parties for the S, A. T. C. men this week-end in the S. E. Cor 55th St. and E1lis AYe. B I L L·I A'R D S Cigars ._ Cigarettes � Pipes ] .J r I t I " MRS. BEATRICE FORBES­ ROBERTS()IrI HALE lS SENT TO SPEAK ON FOOD NEED (Continued from page 1) entertainment Sa·turday evening, and the second a tea from 4 to 6 on Sun­ day. 'The features of the entertain­ ment 'have not yet been invited, but it ·is understood that eome of ehe best talent on the campus will star. It has been announced that, beginning next week', men will be admitted by ticket only. Tickets may 'be obtained at -the Y. M. C. A. office. The fol- Private Dandag Lessons ,In • coane of 8iz les80aa ($5.00) therefore has fa great deal of first- De caD acquire the .� of the Walts, band information. She is a force- One-atep. ad Poz-trot. SiDcle In- '.ana if deaired. ful and and interesting speaker. All LUCIA HENDERSHOT STUDIO U,\iversity women will 'be welcome a,t 1541 Eo 57th St. If.7de Park 2314 her lecture." lowing women have been invited to be guests at the dance on Saturday: Katherine 'Moore; Nina Yorrison, J osephine Ogden, .Gladys Rainer, Caroline Peck, Ruth Seymour, Kate Smith, Florence Falgenau, Katherine Green, Florence Hammet, 'Dorothy Lowenhaupt, lMargaret Abt, Helen Palmer, Helen. Sulzberger, Lillian Powers, Alberta Shepard, Margaret Wright, Hazel Schmidt, !Madeline Liebert, 'Maurine Thompson, Flo­ rence Cam�ron,. Genevieve 'Blanen­ ard, Eleanor 'C-rabb, Edith ICmnshaw. Margaret :Gates, 'Phyllis lGithwaite, Marion Llewellyn, Kathryn lStevens, Frances Slate; lFrances' Hessler, Ruth Lippert, Vjoh 'Merriam, 'Lydia.' Allen, Louise Auerbach, I�beUe' Bukoff, Established 1870 Phone: Harrison 970 QUALITY UNIFORMS . , A Three Million Dollar . BANK for the S. A. T •. c. j Made in our own workshop ALSO ALL EQUIPMENT -, MARCUS RUBEN 625 SOUTH STATE STREET 1204 East 63rd Street NEAREST B·ANK TO UNIVERSITY OF OHICAGO MURA'D· 'TURkISH CI6AR�TJES ,ARE MADE ES.eECIALLY F.OR--THE· .Ol�J�IMJ�ATING AND E�PE.RIENCED - lS"MOK'E� OF HIGH GRAI?E . TURKISH. C1GAREnES 20 CentS The blending. is excepti�1II11 , EST _ TURKISH-A"" "AKERS Of'T�E G'!��ES lNTHE WORLD EGYPTIAN Gt. . , They like . , are'.JUst .. meeting your Best Girl face to Eace� ) REMEMBER-There are no others like your �� B. G. " ,1 " t'j'� . I . _- . f,�' A I J}L� • ' f ....... ",1.\