... I ...... � .. I' ... :,oj '" �. • 1'1) .... ; � .... • 4!' • ," , .. '" , .. 0: : . ," ,., .' � .. � ./ .• , I I 'j " i ., ":-: " .. ' I 1 � " VOL. XVI. No. 97 e \ aroon , at UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1918 :" ,.' ', '. .» i � : ....... .'. " .,\ ,.�� .... ,.�,:.'.:� ;" , PRICE FIVE CENTS The "Ten .Minute" lectures are given Mr. Martinek was in Russia for to supplement the other war work of more' than six months, where he came the University. While they are in­ into intimate relations with the lead- tended for all men, a special invitation eta of the BOlsheviki party His asso- is issued to medical, law and divinity ciations with the revolutionists give students whose programs prevent him a peculiar qualification to discuss them from attending afternoon and the aims and the desires of the Bol- evening lectures by the lecture com­ sheviki, and the reasons why they mittee. The subjects of the talks are failed to materialize. • specially planned by the Y.M.C.A. with the idea of giving as near a complete grasp of current war problems as can be given in the shoM time allotted to them. The lectures hav.e been very popular and well attended in the past. JOSEPH MARTINEK TO SPEAK TOMORROW ON RUSSIAN EXPERIENCES Editor of Bohemian Paper in Cleveland, 0., Comes With Message to Americans SIGNER OF PATRIOTIC PETITION --Mr. Joseph Martinek, editor of the Delniske Listy of Cleveland, Ohio, who has just returned from Russia, will lecture on "My Experiences Among the Bolsheviki," tomorrow at 4:35 in Harper assembly hall. Elemnts of Propaganda Here DEAN LINN TO TALK AT NEXT Y.M.C.A. MEETING "What Is Loyalty in Time of War?" Is Subject of Address-Meet at 10:10 in Cobb 12A on Friday "What Is Loyalty in Time of War?" is the subject of the next of the Y.M.C.A.'s "Ten Minute" war lectures for University men. Dean Linn, of the English department, will deliver the talk which will be given in Cobb 12A on Friday, March 8, at 10:10. The Y.M.C.A. plans to give these talks from now on every two weeks regu­ larly till the end of the school year. While in Rusisa, he was in a posi­ tion to see the mechanics of the Ger­ man propagandists and the powerful influence of the German-paid agita- tors, who finally caused the 'downfall Loyalty From. Students' View of the new republic. He' returns to "The subject selected for our next the United States with the warning 'Ten Minute' lecture," said Clarence that elements of propaganda which F. G. Brown, secretary of the campus caused the' undermining of Russia's Y.M.C.A., yesterday, "is specially per­ unity, are to be found at work in tinent to an auddience of University America. me�. :rhere is comparatively Iittle M M rt· k' f th 1 d social intercourse between members r. a me IS one 0 e ea ers f th d·ff t bols I th U . of the Bohemian Socialist group in' o. e I er�n sc 0 s m e mver- A· d hi th fi t Slty, and consequently the men often menca, an IS name was e rs . that was signed to the appeal of the (Contmu�. on page 3.) Bohemians to the American Socialist party, to support the American gov- ernment in the war. MADRAS PLEDGES EQUAL ONE'HUNDREDAND SIXTY-- FIVE DOLLARS TO DATE The League will give another tea today at 3 :45 in the League room for the Madras campaign. All women' students have been'Invited, Mrs. Pun­ WOMEN WILL SWIM IN MEET dita Davie, who is a practicing physi- cian in Chicago, �1l speak on the edu­ Senior and Junior College Teams Con- cation of Hindu women with partieu- test '1;'uesday at 3:30 lar reference to the women of Madras. Mrs. Davie, who was born at Calcutta The teams have been announced. for and educated in northwestern India, is the big swimming meet which is to an Indian princess and has devoted take place next· Tuesday at 3 :30 in herself to work among the women of the Ida Noyes swimming pool. �e India. Miss Harriett Taylor will also meet is the first to be held this year speak: and will feature many new events .. A - Miss Anne Elizabeth Taylor, secre­ special feature will be the contests tary of the League, said yesterday: in life saving, which are being trled "This will be one of the most import- ou't this quarter . f h N U . . WEA TBER FORECAST JUN! lOR COLLEGE QUINTET • ant meetmgs 0 t e year. 0 mver- _ Th tea h· h h afte Colder today;' winds becoming DEFEATS SENIOR WOMEN e ms w IC were e osen r sity women should miss the chance of I d ' try ts .I 11 ws h Da • northerly. 18-1 � IN IDA NOYES severa ays ou are as .LO 0 : earing· Mrs. VIe." .. Senior college-Mary Ingals, Ruth Pauline Louderbach, general chair-: Unsettled today; cloudy Lippert, Margaret Long, Margaret man of the Madras campaign, has an- so.theast Winds. Wallerstein, Beatrice Wei! and Dor- nounced that the pledges on Monday othy' . White. Junior coUege-Jan� amounted to one hundred and sixty-five Davenport, Esther Greenac:re, Franees dollars and that Katherine Blodgett's Rosenberg, Priscilla Sanbrin, Margery committee is a head, with Anna Bar­ Winslow and :Margaret Yates. boura' Gray's second. Any women "We expect the meet to be very who have not been asked to pledge close," said Miss Ackerman. "As ·far and are interested in the campaign as I can see, the teams are very evenly may obtain blanks �t the League of­ matched. As they have been "carefully fice. chosen, the. match should prove an exciting one. The life saving contests will be instructive as ell as interest- Well Known in Germania He is a friend of the celebrated Prof. Massaryk of the University of Prague, who was exiled by his govern­ ment, through German influence, be­ cause of his anti-German sentiments. He is also well known to the Socialist group in the Central Empires. .' in g." DR. TOMKINS WILL ADDRESS EPISCOPALIANS TOMORROW Dr. Floyd J. Tomkins, rector of Holy Trinity Church, Philadelphia, will ad­ dress the Episcopal club tomorrow at 4:16 in the League room of Ida Noyes hall. When interviewed Miss Olson, president of the club, said: "The op­ portunity to hear Dr. T0t:nkins, who is one of the speakers at the Lenten services at the Majestic Theater, is one which no church-woman should al­ loy to pass by." All women interested have been invited. Katherine Blodgett's cOmmittee TIII'ILfi in Largest Sum-Anna Gray's· Team Is Second �IISS TAYLOR TO SPEAK AT INTERCOLLEGIATE DINNER The Intercollegiate committee of the League will give a dinner tonight for all women who have entered the University from other colleges. Miss Harriet Taylor, of the National Board of the Y.W.C.A., is to talk on the Mad­ ras campaign which is now being con­ ducted by the League. The guests of honor are Mrs. George S. Goodspeed, Mrs. R. A. Millikan and Dean Flint. All those who wish to come have been urged to purchase their tickets before noon today of a member of the Inter­ collegiate committee. The dinner will begin promptly at 6 in the sun par­ lors of Ida Noyes hall. N orthwestem's schedule will be shortened by two games as a result, and if W!sconsin is defeated, and the Purple wins its remaining games the latter will probably claim the title. and colder; There will be little chance of the Helen Sulzberger Stars for Winners other leaders coneeding the champioD- in Rard Fought Basket- ship to Evanston, however, as their THE DAILY MAROON ball Game schedule has been too sbort for con- BULLETIN . sideration. Today The Junior college team defeated Chapel, . Senior colleg� men and the Seniors in a closely played match women. 10:15, Mandel. yesterday at 4 in the gymnasium of ANNOUNCE NEW APPOINTMENTS Chapel, Divinity school, 10:15, Ras- Ida Noyes hall. The contest was con- kell. sidered by the large crowd as the most Four Instructorships Granted, One Mathematical club. .. :30. Ryerson exciting which has ever been played ' Promotion aDd ODe Addition 37. in Ida Noyes hall. Both teams played Philosophy club. 7:45. Classics 21. well, some of the players outdoing Philological society, �, at residence themselves and giving an exhibition of Assistant Prof. Coleman. 5706 of some really excellent basketball. Blackstone avenue, In the first half the Junior team Tomorrow piled up the score and not until the Chapel,' college of Commerce and second half did the Seniors creep up. Administration and college of Eduea- In the last quarter, however, the Sen­ tiou, 10:15, Mandel. ior team almost tied the score. The Chapel, Divinity school. 10:15, Has: final score was decided in the last few kelt I minutes of play and was 14 to 18. The Y.W.C.L. Chapel hour meeting, feature of the game was the good 10:15. Cobb 12A. passing of both teams. Helen Sulz- Episcopal elub, 4:15, League room, berger starred for the Juniors, making Ida Noyes hall. \ many baskets by her long, daring University War lecture, "My Ex- shots. perienees Among the 8oIsh�viki," Mr. The second game of the series wiJI Joseph Martinek, 4:35, Harper assem- take place March 13 at 4:15 and the bly. third March 15 at 4. The second game Disciple's club, 8, at residence of will be the largest and a large au­ Prof. Willet, 6119 Woodlawn avenue. dience is expected out. TO GRANT 209 DEGREES, TITLES AND CERTIFICATES HISTORICAL INTEREST MOTIVATES "FASHION," BY ANNA C. MOWATT Set March'19 as Date of 106th Con­ "ocation Exercises-Archbishop of York Will Be Orator for the Oc­ casion Play First ��Odueed' in 1845 Being Revived By Dra­ matic Club Two hundred and nine candidates will receive degrees, titles and certifi­ DRAMATIS PERSONAE.OF TYPES cates on March 19, at the one hundred and sixth convocation of the Univer- One of the-chief reasons for the pro- sity of Chicago, according to a state­ duction of "Fashion," the play to be ment recently issued. -Of this num­ presented this week by the Dramatic ber, sixty-nine will be given the title club of the University, is that of his- of Associate, and eight the certificate torical interest. It is a perfect exam- of the college of Education. ple of the early art of the American In the colleg of Arts, Literature theater, and from it many conclusions and Science sixty-nine students will may be drawn as to the. development receive the Bachelor's degree, two in of play-Writing in this country. the college of Commerce and Admin- Anna Cora Mowatt, the author, was istration, and twelve inthe college of greatly interested in the conventional Education, a total of' eighty-three in type characters of literature, and es- the colleges. pecially of the drama. In "Fashion" Grant Seven Law Degrees she tried her skill at making novel In the Law school 'there will be four situations as a background for· the candidates for the degree of Bachelor traditional types of people she por- of' Law . and three for the degree of trayed. She took all the stock char- Doctor of Law (J.D.), a total of seven. acters which have since become per- in the Divinity school there will be six manent in American drama, and built candidates. for the degree of Master of a play around them, motivating, with Arts, three for that of Bachelor of Di- great skill, the use of each character. vinity, and one for that of Doctor of Role of Characters Varied . Philosophy, aJ . total of ten. In the There is the foreign impositor, in liraduate schools of Arts, Literature, the person of Count Jolimaitre; the and Scienceseventeen candidates will oppressed heroine, who turns o�t to be receive the degree of Master of Arts, the daughter of ,a rich old man and two that of Master of Science, and an heiress; the French maid; the noble zhirteen that of Doctor of Philosophy, army officer who marries the heiress; a total of thirty-two in the Graduate the unscrupulous clerk, an imitation schools. of Uriah Heep; the social climber, The whole number receiving degrees Mrs. Tiffany; the prying old maid; is 132. Of this number, one js a Jap­ the good old man from the country anese, who will receive the degree of who brings happiness to everybody Bachelor of Divinity, and .one a Chi­ concerned; the tired. business man nese, who will receive the degree of whose wife' is driving him to bank- Master of Arts. _. ruptcy; and the drawing room. poet. These typical stage personages are brought together in one plot in an ex­ tremely skillful' manner. The humor of "Fashion" is' varied and brilliant. It ranges froni the horse play obtained from' a' drunken character to the witty dialogues and burlesqued pronunciation of Mrs. Tif­ fany. t The very contrasts between the personages heighten the humorous effects. Costumes of Pre-Bellum Days The production to be presented by the Dramatic club Friday and Satur­ day evenings will be elaborate, . The costuming will be that of pre-Civil war 'times-hoop-skirts, gay colors and large fans. The scenery is being especially painted for the dub by Eu­ gene Cox, who was engaged to provide the settings used in Blackfriars last Spring\ , . Nine Recipients in Service Among the list of graduates will be nine men who are in the service of the nation, or about to enter the service. The Convocation Orator will be the Archbishop of York, Most Reverend Cosmo. Gordon Lang, D.D., D.C.L., LL.D., Litt.D., Fellow of All Souls' College, Oxford. Archbishop Lang, who was educated at Glasgow Uni­ versity and BalIiol College, Oxford, was for six years a student of the In­ ner Temple, London, and Dean of Di­ vinity at Magdalen College, Oxford. He became Vicar of St. Mary's, the University church at Oxford, in 1894, Bishop of Stepney in 1901, Canon of Paul's the same year, and was Hon. Chaplain to Queen VictQria. He has been Archbisbop of York since 1908. The subject of his address will be an­ nounced shortly. \ DRANGE AND BLUE MEET CHICAGO TODAY ON CHAMPAIGN FLOOR Return Game With Downstaters to Be Clo.seiy Matehed and Hard Fought GOPHERS AND PURPLE QUARREL Pat Page and bis mIl hopeful crew leave this morning for Urbana, where they will meet the slipping Illinois five. The Orange and Blue squad is out of the race, but is' still capable of giving the Maroons a real game. A victory for the lOcal team tonigbt will keep alive the fading championship aspirations, and at least would insure a good place in the final standing. On paper the Maroons look to be the best team. They beat Michigan last week in an uphill fight, and unless that game dulled the teamwork of the squad they should be in good form to­ night. Illinois has been meeting with some keen competition in the last few' weeks, and has been steadily dropping behind. Home Games Favors mini The fact t�t :the nlmi play on their home floor will be a big factor in their favor. On tbeir own floor Jones' squad is almost invincible in ordinary times, and although their record so far is nothing to boast of, .the Dlini have a good combination. The traditional rivalry between the two schools and the earlier defeat of Dlinois will be behind the downstater's desire to win. Johnny Bryan 'is in shape to go a full game if need be, but Coach Page may not start him, as both Long and Blocki are going well. I A defense for Taylor, center on the Dlinois team, has :been provided ,nd the Maroons will also be able to take care of An­ derson, the 'troublesome forward. With these two taken care of and Hin­ kle and Gorgas ringing the ball from all 'angles a Chicago victory is likely. Purple Breaks With Minnesota The final conference results will probably be more muddled than was first thought, because of the break yesterday between Minnesota and Northwestern. These two had a pair of games scheduled, but the historic blizzard of two· months ago prevented Minnesota's playing the Purple. The Gophers asked that the Evanston team play the ,postpOned game off after the game scheduled for Minneapolis was played. Northwestern refused, and the break resulted. .. Among the new appointments to the faculties recently announced by the Board of Trustees at the Univer­ sity are. the following: To instructorships: Charles Drake and Carlos Castillo, in the department of Romance Languages and Litera­ tures; J .0. McKinsey, in the School of Commerce and Administration; and R. C. Gunning, in the department of Physiology. Dr. Harvey B. Lemon, an instructor in the department of Physics, has been promoted to an assistant professor­ ship; and Dr. A. L. Tatum, Professor of Pharmacology in the University of South Dakota, has been made an As­ sistant Professor in Pharmacology and Physiology. . rf"'�\. ..... " ; . I '- I I . I , i 1 } $ , .. I 'f , " � , I t J �' � L' i. f , i .. t'.' •. � ;4 THB DAILr MAROON, WBDNESDAY, MARCH" 1118 "", - '.._ l " '.' ,., .. :; .. �.� .. �;,(�� �',�; '���:�"",'�} "" ' UTAaLI.NED •••• Entered as second elau mail at the Cblc:aao P06toffice. Chieago. Illinois. March 13. 1906. under the aet of March a. 1873. witt lai1y' _arnon regime of the women's clubs in a PROF. TARBBLL RBTIRBS democratic institution. There are ,AFTER Z5 YEARS' SERVICB many more. There are'tens and twen­ ties more. And they all belong to this Announeemnt, is just made that Prof. Frank Bigelow Tarbell, of the department of the Hi8eory of Art, af­ ter 'twenty-five years of service in the University, has" at his own request been retired, his retirement to take effect on April 1. Prof. Tarbell, who was the annual director of the Ameri­ can School of Classical Studies at Athens in 1888-89 and alter its secre­ tary, became Associate Professor of Greek at the University of Chicago in 1892, and Professor of Classical Archaeology in 1894. He was for twelve years one of the board of edi­ tors of Studies in Classical Philology, and has been an editor of Classical Philology for the same length of time. Among his publications have been A History of Greek Art and a Catalogue of Bronzes, etc., in the F'ield Museum of Natural History. TIM St.Hat Newapaper of Tbe UDlyen1t7 of Chlcap second type of tradition, the tradition PubUabed morniDD. exeept S0Dda7 and MoD- that had its birth in a passing fashion d�. duriDc the Autumn. WiDter aDd Sprlq quarters by tbe Daily MarooD companJ'. now obsolete. Since what gave rise to these vari­ Arthur Bur -- .. - .. ------- Pr.ident cus traditions was a fashion or super­ ('barl_ Greene .________ Secretar7 Wade Bender -.----r-- Traaurer ficial something now obsolete, the tra¥ ditions themselves should be recog- EDITORIAL DEP ARTIIENT nized as obsolete, and placed without • regret in the archives of the past. They no longer reflect University life; because they do not, and because they persist in attaching to the advanced present a character that is essentially of the out-of-date past, they have be­ come inane and in some cases even harmful. They should be discarded. But those other traditions,' those that are beautiful and meaningful, should be distinguished from them. They are significant. They uplift in­ stead of degrade. . . . And the only way to distinguish them is to probe into the origins and the mean­ ing of our traditions, to determine by this process in which type they belong. Undergraduates-and people in gen­ eral, for that matter-too often accept the traditions which have been given unto them without questioning. They are quite willing to take without res­ ervations what their predecessors have given them: This is wrong. This FiYe cents per line. No advertise- ments for less than 25' cents. All is their Chinese habit of mind. classified advertisements must be paid ia advance. THE STAFF Arthur Bur ._�q Editor Chari.. Greene New. Editor Roland BollowQ Nlaht Editor John Joeepb .__ D� Editor William M.oraenatem .•• .AAt. Athletlca Bditor Itutb Falkenau Women·. Editor Itutb Genzberpr_Aaiatant WomeD·. Editor Leona Baebraeb. .. _._ .. _ . ..Aaaoc:iate Editor Helen Raviteb. .. _ . ..Aaaoc:iate Editor BUSlN� DEPARTMENT Wade 8eDder Claren� Neff Dancing Party Friday By Carrier.' sa.OO • ,-ear: 11.26 • quarter By MalL sa.5O a )'ear: $1.60 a quarter On Friday, March 8, from 3:30 to 5 :30, the Social Dancing class will give a party in Ida Noyes, as its last meeting before it disbands. All of the members of the class who wish to attend the party must check off their names on the list in the basement of" Ida Noyes some time on Wednesday. ., �@tt�� � �misltm,90"il;. .AD •• O. AV •• U. CO •• pditn.POUaTH 5 ... RIEU .awYOU Telephone Murray Hill 8800 Our Representative will be at 'the Hotel La Salle 'Today, March 6th with Samples of Ready-made Clothing Furnishings, Hats and Shoes Send for Illustrated Cata_logue Uniforms for Officers in the service or the United States BOSTON SAL£S-O�CES T.aIOIITcolt. BoYWTOtl STllCCT NEWPORT SALES-O",CES 220 BCLLCYUC Ayc ••• Editorial Rooma Ellia 12 Telephone IlldwQ 800. Loeal 162- Hours: 10 :16-10 :46: 1 :30-6: 7-9 :10 Business OtBc:e _ Elila U Telephone Michra7 800. Local 162- Hours: 10:16-10:46: 1:30-6 M. SHINDERMAN. TAILOR 1114 East 55th St. Phone Mid. 6958 ·a SUITS TO ORDER $18 472 Classified Ads. We make Suits from your material at reasonable . prices Best of Fit and Workmanship .... WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6, 1918 THE CHINESE HABIT There are two types of university tradition. The legitimate type is that A THOUGHT of Dr. Lewis' Alma Mater, a tradition dignified by years of respectable ac­ ceptance. This type includes the tra­ dition of the Daily Maroon for honest recording of university events, with an absolute ban on scandal The evo­ lution of this tradition can be traced fl'Qm the first volume of the Daily Ma- ============== ro�n. This type includes the ringing of the Mitchell chimes at ten o'clock at night; it includes the respect paid . the memory of President Harper; it includes the Spring festivals, which, alas, is a tradition observed not �gof­ OUSly enough; it includes certain of the CUStoltlS of certain of the honorary societies of the UniversitY. A_!l th�se 'traditions are beautiful })ecause they OligilJs.ll�,\ sprang Rom a resp� and lOve fot the UniversitY of Cb��go and a des� to express those e;ot;_ns, and beCaUse they have})eelJ Igtl ed b tabl acceptallce. y y� of respec.... e �e of tradi- But there is anotber ".1':- te be tion. The fi� � is legitiroat ha­ . bet'en <: r- CaUSe it ts, based on the In 1 . '. and as Ong acter, of t}1e UnlvetS1tt. t +.1'r.e f . es tba ".It' 0 as that <:�racter �v �ve. This tt-adi'ti�� �]lou�d and will � founded on seconJ �, however, of the Uni­ the ��pel1icial cha�cter was al>pro­ versit1; aomething th_t use ft Was . tOme beC8 Pria� _t 4 cettaln 1 erfici�l thar- in hafl'lnl\1 �th the slJP t that time. . ·tt � �ctcr of t}1e UD1�el'Sl _ lownish habit SUCh _ t�didon IS the c cl1lb, �hieh Of the -rnree QtJ9.rteJ'S "ndet�d- � . e wben date� ).c�� a tIro hmen h%d to �te� believed tbAt fres eS9 of de�_ he 1J]9de hum�tl bY' a PrOC'nfortn9l ini- b r is the J • t· datiotl· J\not e h hollot soCle les tiati�fl Of sorJle of t e mities, 'Vhich :l.nd fUO�t of the frate thOUght that dates to 3 time when lJ]en the abiHty to the test of m�tlhO� W�:hOUt. flinChing. hh 'cal pam WI �_ endorC•· ySI llc charac�r of Anot}1el' is the baby-ta. which mUst d in June, Senior <:lass ay. . n in tile tickle • had ." .. inspIl'atlo .. nave I� • ded m�hvid_ f feeble-J1'Un brain 0 some bit of pr�sent- 'la1. ,Another is the ha. in bubl. - . and prIzes IC ing schOlarshiPS . two worthy � king and debatmg, . . pen. . zenIth years arts that have seen theIr. h Ather )s t e Per- and years a�o. no . . ffen·ng certain worthless sistance In 0 . the curriculum that lost ccurses :n . their value sometime in the distant An�ther is the aristocratic past. Speaking of Hard William (who dis­ tributes exclamation points in The New Republic) reminds/a; of the time when Stem Charles wrote dramatic NOTICE-Will the finder of the bag of knitting lost last Wednesday (see yesterday's Maroon) please return it to Cobb information desk if he or she does not know either Margaret De­ laney or Helena Stevens. criticisms for the Daily Maroon with a pen dipped in caustic-oh pshaw! call the punster-Whistler. AMUSEMENTS PRINCESS Arthur Hammerfitein Presents THE MYSTERY DRAMA De. Luxe Annie Three or four live men wanted. A good op­ portunity to clean up some money. Inquire at the With Violet Heming & Vincent SeJano "Will outstay 'The Man Who Came �ack.'. "-Amy Leslie, News. Pop. Mats. Today, Fri" Sat. & Sun. "JUMP'JIM CRO'W" Learn It-Dance It· "MA YTIME" With John-'Charles Thomas and ' John,T.' Murray Whistling-Humming-Laughing Hit! Pop. Mat. WedDesctay-Be8t Seats $1 With ;Plenty Good Ones for 75e and 50c *�E ST'UDEBAKER The Corset Is the Foundation Your college outfit Starts with a GARRICK M��. Shubert Present Clifton Crawford in an Utterly Unique Musical Play "FANCY FREE" With Marilynn Miller and Ray Raymond Your figure wiD be gracefuL and you wi have disbnct style, iI respeaive of simplicity in dress, and your health as .. sured. Moreover, a Redfern Model is so ideally com .. fortable, fitting so natur, ally that its wearer may do any athletic stunt as easily as she dances. rides or walks, in her corset. Be sure to have your Redfern Corset properly fitted before you choose your suits and frocks-then their correct appearance is assured. OLYMPIC Ri'f·M��tv�t. COHAN & HARRIS presnt CHAUNCEY OLCOTT In "ONCE UPON A TIME" MR. OLCOTT WILT. SING FOUR NEW SONGS. C Jonn. Lino & Schaefe-r"I8est Seats. $1.50 OLONIAL Ey�1'J Nipt , A. H. Woods Continues "Cheating Cheaters" $3.50·up At alllu,h dew $/oru Holiday Matinee Friday ,Popular Mat. San., Wed., " Sat., ,1 I • .AIUlON'84 ----.- -----._- .... , ! � ; i //;"".-t'�� Note that this three- , " piece aluminum body bolts directly to the ten-inch-deep frame. That is a· master·stroke in motor car design. It does laway with wood sills. Permits the floor of the bodv to be eigh t inches -lower than you'll find it in most cars. That means a low center of gravity­ an easy riding and smartly stylish car. The Marmon 34 in uverai'imponan t features-one of which is Lynitc alu- _ minum pistons­ marks a distinct advance in construc­ tion. One has not' seen the strictly modern automobile until he has seen the Marmon 34. NORDYKE & MARMON COMPANY Established ISSl : INDIANAPOLIS .. , , . to .. 4 • . .. � I, - !! ( " , ", A ,::r .. It ;.. ... \� J oil q\ it te s} Sc 84 m aJ st 1M re " , f(l aJ 1� Bl Q G: M M SI A B B: Q E, G G' H H Jc K K t.'. '1 �, , �. � I I • w n. fc ,W CI B, B B' E F H o o ·r.:..I\ " .. � .' . .t-:'l� . .. of II . .. .' � ,.,..'" - • � ,I" .- .. � ... W al A A B B B ... . 1Il.,- ni E R J.l .. : .. ' I, J oj _, , r � ,. It .. I, � " - " . " 4 A ,::1 .. It ;.. ... \� J "" ., "" ,"',.,.., ":'-'"" ;�l"':'� ..,,': � -.' " .... ' �� • ,.... i i"tr' "',.,." , " -e, > I, "' .. 7 l ..... " .' .: ' .. " � , :"'" .. " ' " " :;-:':�?;���, 4 '.,� " " " TBB DAILY 'MAROON. WEDNESDAY • .MARCR 6. 1918 • [ �_O_.T_._C_. _N_OTI_CBS H .. I ... ==W=O=M=EN="S=W=A=R=W=O=IU[==':!)� DEAN L�:X� Y��;A..A�BETING - - - . (Continue!! from page 1) R.O.T.C. NOTICES 1. tThe time schedule for the Spring quarter announces ,that the, prerequis­ ite for Military Science 1 is two quar­ ters of Military Science O. This should read" one quarter of Military Science O. A new section of Military Science 0 is being offered so that drill may be taken Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at 3 :40 in­ stead of Saturday mornings. 2. The Military French class will be organized only if twelve or more register for it. • 3. The following men will report for make-up drill 'Saturday, March 9 and Saturday, March 16, from 10 to 12: Bushnell, S. S. Combs,J. F. Grossman, E. B. Martin, G. F. MooreK. W. ' Smith, C. R. Anderson, C. E. Baird, A. M. Bradley, L. P. Center, A. H. Edgers, N. W. Glass, W. E. Green, S. R. Hales, 'J. H. Huse, E. W. Johnson, J._O. Karstens, H. H. Keller, G. J. 4. The following named .men are warned that they have five cuts. As no further opportunity will be offered for make-up drill� an additional cut .will mean the loss of one-half P.C. credit: Bartle, J. S. Bartlit, F. H. Buchanan, R. D: Ebert, E. II. Fishbein, W. Huml, R. J. Owen, A. A­ Owen, 1,. D. 0\ �, , �, � 1° ,r:..t\ " .. � " rl:\ of 'II • 4.·� ...... ,-' �- ... ,� "" " .. ".,- J.) I, J Knepper, F. F. Krueger, W. A­ Lee, A. Mulroy, J. W. McWilliams, C. E. Newhall, R. It. Nicely, H. E. Peattie, D. C. Rieger, J. Sherman, H. N. Shull, J. W. Ziedman, L. Ducker, W. H. McLean, E. P. J;tockwood, S. W. Dumont, N. A- " Wasserstrom, S. Pernokis, E. W. Sandwick, L M. Sippy, H. 1,. Springer, C. W. Volk, J. F. Wind, M. M. Monaco, R. E. Philosophers Meet Tonight Pledges Lucile Foster Pi Delta Phi announces the pledgiJ\g of Lucile Foster of Salida, Cal. Yellow Jackets Meets _, The Yellow Jacket club will meet today at 10:10 in Lexington 14. , I" �( t' tODAY IN HARPER W 31 AMERICAN - OPINIONS Van Dyke. Henry: Fighting for Peace. Call No. 0640 V25. Reesevelt, Theodore: The Foes of Our Own Households. Can No. D619 R64. Gleason. Arthur: Our Part in the Great War. Can No. D640 G5S. In the vertical file: Houston, D.' F.: Why We Are at War; Submarine Warfare and Prussian l'tlil­ itarism. (23 pp.) American Loyalty. 'by Citi­ zens of German Descent. ' (24 pp.) Advertise in the Daily Maroon. . The Entertainment sub-committee lack a co-ordination of ideas on any one subject which they should have as of the League Social Service commit- students here. Dean Linn will repre- tee has made 300 surgical dressings sent what loyalty means from the at its �eetings recently. The com- viewpoint of the University of Chi­ mittee is composed of women who cago and how we should regard it as have volunteered their services for students. monthly programs at nearby charit- "I would not be surprised if Dean able institutions, including the Church Linn would give a definition of 'pat­ JIome for the Aged and the Home for riotism' to students who are in doubt Incurables, where afternoons have as to the couree they are pursuing. been given. Those serving on the Just as Dean Butler's talk on the prob­ committee are: Leona Bachrach, lem of the undrafted men in college Charlotte Beard, Isadore Bennett, settled some difficulties in the minds Maxine Davis, _ Edythe Flack, Myra of the men, so will this lecture settle Kimball, Lois Hostetter, Marion problems of a different nature . Meanor, Mary Jane Perkins, Martha '" . . .. Parsons, Mildred Powlison, Evelyn Dean Linn Is Logical Man Stem, �elen Sheldon, Rachel Sheldon, I "D�an Li�n is just the �an to .s�e.ak chairman, and Miriam Withrow. on thls subject because hIS activIties outside the University give him a broad 'grasp on current problems from the world's point of,view:�while at,the same time his activities as a Dean of the Junior college' give him the stu­ dents' attitude." I " "To meet the National emergency in military and public health nursing by recruiting college women, who are especially wanted because their pre­ vious educatJon facilitates intensive training and rapid advancement to posts of urgent need, there has been established at Vassar college a new summer school, known �s the Training camp for Nurses, which will open June 24 and continue until Sept. 13, under the auspices of the National Council of Defense and the Red Cross. T� Camp provides an opportunity for college graduates to fit themselves for the nursing profession in the shortest p'ossible time. It is compar­ able in sc�pe to Plattsburgh. Ariyone wishing information is asked to com­ municate with the Recruiting Commit­ tee, 106 East 52d street, New York City, or Dean Mills, Vassar college. Central Student Committee on • Increase War Class 'The registration for Political Econ­ omy 140, the new course in secretarial war work for women, has been so large that a new section has been formed. The section will meet Jlt 2 :35. The course, is open to women having twenty-four majors of credit and' to those who obtain special per­ mission from Miss Reticker, the in­ structor .. Those women who consulted Dean Linn last quarter in regard to this course are not insured' of a place in the sections thereby. Junior Class to Give Dance Women's War Activities. The Junior class will give a dance Friday afternoon from 3 :30 to 6 in the Reynolds club. Advertise in the Daily Maroon. Why 1!{tnby-:!Inbt (1nnt�t!i When you can buy a suit from us that is made for YOU; from 11. selec­ tion of over 500 patterns. no two alike. for about the SAME price that you MUST PAY for 'ready-made clothes? Ask the boys: they will tell you what kind of clothes we. make. Correct Dresser of Men. 7th Floor, Republic Building State and Adams Street CHICAGO TlmKISH- GiUl\RETTES ARE MADE ESPECtALLY FOR THE­ DISCRIMINATING AND EXPERIENCED SMOKER OF HIGH GRADE TURKISH ClGARE1TES The blending is ex�ept�ont\l 18 cents' '. , ....... "'Z'. ST GRADE TURKISH AnO 'MAKERS Of THGE"G'!�:�ES 'NTHE WORLD EGYPTIAN " 5. The range assignments for next week, . Monday, Thursday.and Friday are as follows: ' 2:35.< 3:40 Anderson, C. E. Batcheller, D. G. Andes, C. S. Bauer, M. Bancroft, H. D. Baum, A. Bartl';' J. S. Beddees, M. T. Bartlett, F. H. Binswanger. H. By DirectiOn of the' ComamndaJtt. Frank J. Madden, Bn. Adjutant. The Philosophy club wiIl meet to­ night at 7:45 in Classics 21.' Miss Edith Ayres wiIl talk on "Boodin's 'A Realistic Universe.''' 'I , I ' .. ' REMEMBER- There are no others like Murad. .�. : .. ;: II .: I' \, < • \ "'I" • A' ". � . .. �, �'. , .. ,' , . THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 6. UIS OUR R.O.T.C. i.j' . >(. , r", �. lt�------ ( . COMMUNICATION THE CAMPUS WHISTLE Motto: You toot the line. It is the aim of the local unit of the R.O.T.C. to secure a membership sev­ eral times as great as that now main­ tained, according to the statement of Captain McAndrews, the commandant. The members of the unit can under- spats stand the advantages that will accrue from a corps of sufficient size to carry out battalion and regiment move­ ments. It is impossible during the winter months to carry on training on any extensive scale, but during the com­ ing quarter, there \fill be opportunity DRAMAH for road marches, field maneuvers, (H F h f II . I ) aad battle maneuvers, such as were ow a res man a s In ove. . . . PROLOGUE: The action takes I carried on duzing the Spring quarter I f th bezmni f th fIla year ago. But practice on a large p ace rom e. gmmng 0 e a scale cannot be carried on if the num- quarter and continues through a sun- her f . too II to .I t o men IS sma rorm a ny day on March 6, 1918. It· t f th battali . eas a regimen 0 ree Ions. CAST: A F�eshman youth, various The�e must be at least six hundred fresh�an mal�ens, the freshman men in the corps to form a unit that 'yo�th s . fratemlt! brothers and the will be capable of the big er under- University of Chicago and a hambur- takings g ger sandwich from Cormany's res- . taurant. P. S.-The sandwich is the There are at present about two hun- silent partner. dred men in the R.O.T.C. I If they wish ACTION: to do worth-while things duimg the next quarter, to get beyond the rou­ tine work of column right and column left, and secure experience in the tac- tics that an officer in the Reserves must know, it is up to them to raise the membership of the unit to the re­ quired number. If each member of the unit will just prove to two of his friends the necessity of taking' the military work the coming quarter, and have them register with him for the work, the problem will be' solved. The membership of the unit will be increased as a matter of, course, dur­ . OH, yes� we musn't forget to men- ing the Spring quarter. 'But what is tion dimples again. the use of having a unit that is too unwieldly for a battalion and is too small for real work 1 It is, therefore, up to the R.O.T.C. to raise the neces­ sary men. Every cadet, as he 'reads this article, should make a mental note of his share in the work and should begin today to get his two members. Only in that way can the University of Chicago secure an Of­ ficer's Trainfng Corps unit that will be capable of doing 100 per cent of the work of which it is capable. Harry M. Shulman. A SPRING POEl\1 Cough drops. Dimples. An overshoe stuck in the mud. Turtle doves. Apples and peanut bars and and fancy vests and bow ties. "Fashion." News hounds and gambling. Matching pennies on Harper steps. Hoop skirts and taxicabs. Sighs! IMPERSONAL MENTION 1921 C..ommission Meet THE ACTION WAS DELETED BY THE CENSOR. NEVERTHE­ LESS, WE ARE ALLOWED TO TELL YOU THAT IT CERTAINLY WOULD HAVE BEEN GOOD IF WE HAD PUT IT IN. EVEN SAMMY SAYS SO. --AND HE IS AN AUTHORITY ON THIS KIND OF DRAMAHS. The Betas' newest song is entitled, "Oh, hellobellow who saved the cello 1" Harry English, the well known Dean of the Reynolds club pool room had Doc. Brattish, �he well known Eau d'quinin dispenser trim his queue the other day. It would have been - all right had not Doc. given him a chalk­ shampoo. Jane Delaney says the taxis must be Fords or they could never get them in that little garage by the power house. We found out why they call those candy bars with no nuts in them Wal­ nut Bars. They are stained a beau­ tiful shade of walnut. We hear . that the costumes for uFashion" are to be historical and from what we have seen of the rehear­ sals we would like to add that the act­ ors and actresses are hysterical. ---has a new pair of soft shell glasses. Helena Stevens has found the first four leafed clover on the campus. MacDOWELL CLUB WILL MEET TONIGHT AT 7:30 The MacDowell club will. meet today at 7:30 at the home of J. Beach Cra­ gun, 6120 University avenue. The - following program will be given: 1. Mary Knapp _ _.... Reading Berlioz. . 2. Clifford Manshardt. Reading Chopin. 3. Grace Hennis ...... Waltz in G Minor Chopin. 4. Lyman -Cbalkley.................. Reading Liszt. 5. I1ma Bayle Vocal solo Liszt. Simpson ...... ;.I2tb Rhapsody Liszt. Campus Vamp: Let's get an apple at-the Press. 6. Nellie Be: My dear, you don't get apples at the press. You get cider. The Phi Gams are peeved because they didn't think of having a fire be­ fore the Betas did. But anyway, they say the synthetic weenies they serve ought to make the Whistle. CHARLES BREASTED RETURNS AFTER 3 MONTHS ILLNESS Ask Carlin about his mingles. Charles Breasted, ex-'19, of the En­ gineer Corps, arrived yesterday from Worcester, Mass. On account of a three months' illness he has been hon­ orably discharged from service with the privilege of. re-enlistment. He in­ tends to re-enlist after six months if his health will permit. . The reason George Barclay don't smoke cigars is that he can't figure any way to keep the 1it end from dragging on the ground. Women Register for Gym Charley is some litt1e censor. even makes us sign this --- Registration for' physical education begins today in Ida Noyes hall. Any­ one desiring information has been re­ quested to consult the bulletin for the announcements posted there. All wo­ men who have not completed their gymnasium requirements have been asked to read the announcements. Registration is required of all women who have not completed this require­ ment. He Anon. 1921 COMMISSION TO SELL FRIENDSHIP DINNER TICKETS The Freshman commission will be in charge of the sale of tickets for the Friendship dinner to be given by the League Friday at 5:30 in Ida Noyes hall. Tickets, which are priced at forty cents, may be obtained every day at the noon hour in the foyer of Ida Noyes hall. The Freshman commission will meet tomorrow at 3 :30 in the League room of Ida N6Yes hall. ) FR.EE TRIAL We ship' the famous Oliver Type­ writer-brand new-direct from the factory to you for free trial. If you want to own it. pay u. at tM rate of $3 per month. Or mum It. You are your own saleam;n and save $51 this new way. Before our direet-to-,.ou plan the Oliver price wu $100. now it fa $49. All the savinsr comes from our economical d� tribuUon. Write for details of plan and �:� ::; h:!:lC:ri 011'v: tor 5 daya· free trial. Write today for· �u.. r The Ollnr Typewriter Co. . Pboae Raaclolph '" CIlIcqo. IlL Woodlawn Trllst .... vlngs Bank 1204 EAST SIXTY-THIRD STREET lEI NEAREST BANK to The University of Chicafo 153 Resources $3.000.000 An Old. Stronf Bank lEI Accounts of Faculty and Students Invited atet/""'� �lWz 4ueeitU.? Here ia Y'OU1' opportunity' to insure epjDst embamlssiDc errora in 8Pd1iDc. IJI'ODUDCiatiOQ and poet choice 01 worda. KDowthemeaninc of� war � bc:reae your efficicnc::Y. wbic:b realiJt:a ill power aad aaccea. i WEBSTER'S _ ; flEW INTERNATIONAL § = = .. DtcrtONARY is an all-know- ==§: .. ing teacher, a universal question answerer" made to meet your needs, It is in daily usc by hundreds ofthous:mds of sue- :: eessful men and women the world over. 400.000 Word&. 2700 PaIlN. 6000 Q­ lustratlons. 12,000 BI�phlcal En­ tries. 30,000 Geoanapll1c:a1Sub,Jecta. a.&Jm RID. (lI4!hest Award) PADaIDa-Pacifio ExpositiO!1. . DGIJU& .... 1lIDll.pJPllt ........ WRITE for Spedmca � FREE Poc:IDct loIape if )'011 Dame thi. papu. a. a c. IlERllIAM co., SJIdDafieId. Ma... u, S. A. �>. It ��. � has the better flavor- Swift's Premium Oleomargarine Delicious on bread, excellent for cooking and baking. Packed in sanitary, one poand cartons. SWift & Company u. s. A. L 1 Hotel Cumberland NEW YORK CITY. Broadway at Pifty-fourth Street ··Broadway"Cars from Grand Central Depot Kept by a Colle,e Man Headquarters for Students Ten Minute." Walk. from 40 Theatre. R.oom •• wit�h Bath. '2.00 aDel up Special Rates for Collefe Teams and Students HARRY P. STiMPSON The Cumberland does more School and COU. busineas than any other hotel in New York. HEADQUARTBRS FOR CHICA�O • • Bos 269 Fae. 'Esch. EnAravers . Printers . Linotypers Binders. Die Stampers The Ingleside Press Produces printing that conveys a pleasing im­ pression and i m pe fs close consideration of CLARIDGE lJ1J:!Fdll O-W- LAR' its contents, .. .. .. .. .. .. 6233 Cotta�e Grove Avenue \ • • Collate and Society Work a Specialty Printers of The Daily Maroon TYPEWRITING OFFICE Room 2, Lexington Han ( Stenography Expert i COpying t 1\limeographing Prices Normal \tid",ay 800 ..ocal 214 Lobster PiclUea Oysters Spaghetti Swiss Cheese Goulash Raviola Chile-Con-Carne J5L • of ,. l .: t t · ,il .. 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