..... " .• r -r ( �. 0, Jo , -'" •.. '0 I aro ,I , at il VOL. XVI. NO. 34. . UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, FRIDAY, . NOVEMBER 16, 1917. Price Five Cents BRELOS WINS CONTEST BY ONE VOTE ., . ..-..�' . ADAMS AND JUUA RlCKETfS LOSE IN_RACE FOR SENIOR PRESIDENCY , CheerJeaderHenryUrgesLarge A D f � . -Delegation of chicago Stu- mes e eats McCosh. by Two Ballots] for Junior . drnts to Make Trip.. Office-Hutchinson and McWilliams Are the . \' '·1 Successful Candidates in Lower College. PARADE ON GOPHERS' CAMPUS THREE WOMEN'S CLUBS GIVE WILL Ol\UT CONVOCATION ADDRESS AND RECEPTION _ .... AT DECEMBER �XERCISES FRESHMAN SQUAD AND S'UJQ�lqS'TO rouow MAROONS NOREmWARD .\ NEED MORE INTEREST 'IN Y.M.C.A. FUND TO 'REACH $15,000 GOAL Yesterday's Contribution to Students/War Work Fund Only' Reaches $350. . President Harry Pratt Judson has announced that as a result of the war situation the convocation ceremony for December will be greatly simpli­ fied. The usual convocation address will be omitted and the President's reception will not be held. The pres­ ident will make a brief statement and confer degrees. The usual prayer service and religious' exercises will "be held on convocation Sunday. Many of the student body and fif- COULTERiDECLARES ELECTION WAS ,AUSCJ�UTELY FAIR' Today is the closing day for the t, campaign being fought by the local DRAMATIC CLUB SELE' CTS' teen members of the Freshman foot­ branches of the Y.M.C.A. and the Y.- ball squad will follow the varsity ag- W.C.A. to 'collect $15,000 for the war PLAYSFORP�ODUCTIONS gregation to Minnesota headquarters Following is the list of candidates work of the Y.M.C.A.· The slogan --- ton. ight. Cheerleader William Henry and the number of votes received by each. The first name for every office '. • "See a Sammy Through the Season," Works by Stanley Houghton, Bernard will .make the trip and will be on hand indicates the person elected for that which the Y.M.C.A. adopted for the Shaw and Hermann Sudermann to extract the proper amount of noise office. drive, can beIived up to by the con- Picked (or Performances on Nov. from the Chicago rooters who aceom- SENIOR . tribution of a ten dollar' bill, the cost ,28 and 30. paity the t�am. ,The· party, which For President, 143- of providing a soldier with ¥.M.C.A. will include any students who wish to Carl Brelos, 58 facilities for a year. Although it is go, ,\'ill leave the Illinois Central sta- Carleton Adams, 57 At a meeting of the Dramatic club realized that many students can not h ld da tion at 5:57 and will leave the loop Julia- Ricketts, 28 e yesterday the fololwing selection afford to give that amount, it is hoped of plays was made for producticn: on the C.·B. and Q. shortly after 6. - No previous arrangements are neces- that the University will contribute to "Fancy Free" by Stanley Houghton, ."The Dark Lady of the Sonnets" by sary for students wishing to go with Bernard Shaw, and "Fritzchen" by the' party. Hermann Sudermann. The plays will Fifteen of Freshman Squad Go be given on ,Wednesday and Friday The Athletic department reversed nights, November 28th and 30th in its decision about leaving the fresh­ Mandel hall. .,��, admission charge of men j:n_,Chic�g�_�!l� decided to take twenty-five cents will be made: thirteen of the best regUlar members There area f�w parts still left open of the team and two members qf the and associate members who desire to squad who will be chosen by lot. play them 'should confer with the When it was announced that no fresh­ play committee today at 3 :30 in Cobb men would be taken to Minnesota the 8B. Casts will be announced in a squad threatened to have" a walk out. later edition and rehearsals will be- Plans for a spe cial celebration for . . medi tel For President, 8g_;_ gm rm ra y. tomorrow morning are. 'Yell under Van Meter Ames, 45 way and all the Chicago rooters will Harry McCosh, 43 meet at the Minnes6ta athletic club. The students "ill see the campus and For Vice-president, 86-- will parade. Dorothy Miller, 52 "It's going to be some game," pre- Carroll. !\Jason, 34 dieted Cheerleader Henry last night. For Secretary, 84- Invite Seventy-five l\len From Great 'Th ' e team is going to have to fight Helen Driver, 45 Lakes 'rraining Station-To to the best of its· ability.: The more Gladys Gordon, 39 pep we show and the' more students For Treasurer, 83- come up to show the. pep the better chance the team will have for success. David Annan, 83 There' ought to be a big crowd out to support the' team, which will play its only game away from home tomor- For President, 86- Buel Hutchinson, 72 Alva 'Frederick, 14 ( I For Vice-president. 139- Marion' Palmer, 80 Rosemary Carr, 32 Marjorie Mahurin, 27 as great an extent as possible. Sev­ eral gifts of a hundred dollars each have been received. With the goal set by the managers of the drive still about $5,000 distant, 'r only $350 was' collected yesterday; In order to hav� the agreed amount subscribed by tonight the student body will have to work nearly twenty times as hard today as it did yester- day. If all the pledges signed are turned in and all the members of the Y.M.C.A. committees see the students whom they were to canvass the man­ agers of the drive see no reason why every person of the campus should df not be wearing a Y.M.C.A. button. to- , night. '. t· " Expect Freshmen to Donate . Three 'Women'� clubs subscribed ."') $f·O each to the fund yesterday. Their 1 ( I g,fts were what swelled y�terday's �. ,collection to $350. The clubs who, made' gifts were Mortar Board, Wy- vern, and the Quadranglers. Sub- On Saturday afternoon, from 3 to 6 , scriptions from the freshmen are ex- in Ida, Noyes hall, will occur the first � peeted to follow a speech by Associ- bf a series of parties to be �ven ,by �, ate �f. Solomon Clark, of the Pub- the women' of the,- University to , . Iic Speaking" department, 'at, the groups of men from the Great Lakes l � Freshman luncheon which will be held Naval Training station: It will be , today at 12:50 in Hutchinson cafe. under the �uspices of the Women's Associate Prof. Clark will speak- on Administrative COUltCn; in conjunction "Patiretism," with the committee on War Activi- EmphaSis has been laid on the ne- ties of -Wome� Students. Seventy- , ,t cessity that the members of the com- five jackies have been invited, and a \ I' mittees get their pledges in early to- group . of campus men, under the I I: 1 day. Cards should be handed in and chairmanship of Clarence Brown, will - � t"pledges paid at window 7 in the cash- assist the hostesses. The women r l' ier's office today between 9 and 12 guests invited, to the number of one "I and 2 and 3. Members of the com- hundred, have been chosen by a com­ (, mittee �ave been asked to see the mittee of women students, who - are chairmen. The, chairmen 'are the fol- selecting among others at least one lowing:' Marjorie Mahurin, Francis representative from each woman's or­ Henderson,' May Allen, Elinor Castle ganization on the campus. For the Florence KUvary, Ruth Huey, Marian other parties in the series, other wo­ Llewellyn,' Barbara Miller, Marian men guests will be selected in the Palmer, Katherine Clark, Willene Baker, Sterling Bushnell, Joseph Hil­ lard, Frank' Priebe, Arthur Baer, Eu­ gene Rouse, George Otis, Oliver John­ son. Grant Timmons, Goodell Craw­ ford, Edwin Sackett, Bradley Han, Roland Holloway, Carter Harmon �nd Elmen Donahue. For Secretary. 139- Barbara Miller, 56 Beatrice Weil, 53 Frances Beckus, 30 'F6i- 'Treasurer; '140-' .',., HaroM Fishbein, 54 Donald Skinner, 46 Carl Helgeson, 41 JUNIOR UNIVERSITY WOMEN WILL GIVE PARTY TO JACKIES TO�ORROW IN IDA NOYES �ance and �wl. SOPHOMORE For Vi�e-president, 86-­ Frances Henderson, 51 Dorothe Scholle, 35 For Secretary, 84- Josephine Gamble, 84 For Treasurer, 86- I Brook Ballard, 44 Bradley Hall, 42 Freshman Commission Meets The Freshman comrmssion will meet Monday at 5, on the- third flOOT of Ida Noyes. An· inembers have been requested to' be present. WEATHER FORECAST Cloudy today; not much change in temperature; moderate westerly winds. FRESHMAN For President, 268- Chalmer McWilliams, 116 John W. Fulton, Jr., 64' LeRoy 'Owen. 44 Howard Beale. 37 Otis Handley, 7 For Vice-president, 26g_;_ ElIcn Gleason, 88 Georgene Burtis, 71 Carol Smith, 61 Frank Schncberge� 31 Edgar Palmer, 17 For Secretary, 261- Enid Townley, 124 Mary Seymour, 84 Ruby Womer, 53 For Treasurer, 266-- Roger Combs, 82 Theodore Helmholz, 73 Carlin Crandall, 40 Carl Hiss, 35 Geo;ge Armstrong, 29 Theodore Lee, 7. THE DAILY MAROON BULLETIN I I I · �, I I: I I · \ (i · Ir ( Today same way. . The entertainment will consist of Chapel. Divinity po:hool, 10 :15 Has- kell. dancing bowling and games. Marian Hicks is. chairman of committee on entertainment, and Florence Kilyary of the committee on food. Volun­ teers from the University band will furnish the music. German Conversation club, 4:30, Cobb 12A. International and Cosmopolitan clubs. S. Ida Noyes hall. Tomorrow Meetings of University Ruling bodies, Harper E41: General Administrative board. 9. Board of University Press. 10. Board of the Christian Union, 11. Faculties of the Graduate schools of Arts, Literature and Science, 11. HarPer MIt. Southern Club Gives Dance Women Asked for Articles The Southern �lub win give a dance today from 4:30 to 6, in Ida Noyes assembly hall. All Southerners have been invited to attend. 1,/ Subscribe for the Daily "Maroon. �I "L_�_lL .... All women who wish to make money by providing articles to be sold at the Christmas bazaar of the Y. W. c. L. have. been asked to speak to Miss Taylor, secretary of the League: as soon as possible. :t'_, •• _ ;.. ........... �_ ... 1 _' ... ' Carl Brelos was elected president of the Senior class yesterday, win­ ning by one vote. from Carleton Adams and by thirty votes from Julia Ricketts. Other class presidents el­ ected were: Van Meter Ames in the Junior class, Buel Hutchinson in the Sophomore class, and Chalmee Mc­ WiIJiams in the Freshman class. . In regard to the elections, Milton Coulter, chairman of elections, repre­ senting the Undergraduate council in this matter, said last night: "This election was absolutely fair through­ out. In every single case the count tallied absolutely. There may have been a political machine operating be­ fore the election but neither that ma­ chine nor any other organization had .anythingvto do with the, results. Mar­ shals and aides were the tellers dur­ ing the time the polls were open and no one besides members of the coun­ cil were allowed in' the hall save vot­ ers, who were carefully watched. From the time the doors were locked at 4 no one but council members were in the room. This new election sys­ tem allowed no graft anywhere," . Marion Palmer Vice-President Brelos is a University marshal, cap­ tain of the Varsity football team, a member of the Iron Mask and the Delta Upsilon fraternity. The other successful candidates were Marion Palmer, vice-president; Barbara Mil­ ler, secretary; and Harold Fishbein, treasurer. Marion Palmer, who-Is the vice-president of the Senior class, is the chairman of the Entertainment committee for the Settlemnt dance, a member of the Dramatic club and of Morter Board. Barbara Miller, who was elected secretary of the Senior class, is re­ porting secretary of the W.A.A. and a member of the Executive committee of the W. A. C. Harold Fishbein has interested himself in .debating activi- ties. ' The ra·ce for president of the Jun­ ior class was also a close one. Van Metcr Ames won from Harry Mc­ Cosh by a vote of 45 to 43. Ames is a member of the Honor commission, is on the track team, is secretary of the Interfraternity council and a member of the Beta Theta Pi Frat­ crnity. Dorothy Miller was elected vice-president of the class of 1919. She was a member of the Undergra­ duate council, is on the Ad v isory board of the W. A. C. and is a mem­ ber of the Sigma club. Helen Driver. who was elected secretary of the Junior class, is a member of the Honor commission, the secretary­ treasurer of the W.A.C., a member of the hockev team and a member of Esoteric. '·David Annan was the onlv candidate for Junior treasurer. He has recently returned from six months in the American field service in France, is playing Varsity football • (Continued on page 3.) , " '-' -e , ,("' . , '-, ,.: r" .. - ,. ".' " ..... , , ". \ ...... ..;.. .. _ <r :» /.:' •• ; ..... .. .' I' w�� ially �arnnn The Stadeat Newspaper of Tbe Ualnnlty of Chicap Published morninp. except Sunda7 and .on­ day, during the Autumn. Winter and Spr'lq quarters by the Daily Maroon company. =====:..'=--=' ------_-_.-==-_---_- _- _- Arthur Raer President Charle. Greene _ _........................... Secretary Wade Bender Treasurer =======.:.....:.::....:=-_-:= ..... - - EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT THE STAFF Arthur Bur .... _ _ • •. _.Managing Editor Charles Greene _ __ .... _. News Editor Roland Holloway Night Editor Lewis Fisher _ __ Da,. Editot John Josepb _ .. __ D.,. Editor· Harold Stansbuey _ _ .. _ Day Editor Stanley Roth Athletics Editor Ruth Falkenau _ Women'. Editor Ruth Gen&berger Aasistant Women'. Editor ASSOCIATES Leona Bachrach Hele� Ravitch Editorial Rooms __ • __ Ellis 12 Telephone Midway 800. Local 162. Hours: 10 :15-10 :45: 1 :30-6: 7-9 :30 Bnalness Office _ _ .• __ Ellis 14 Telephone Midway 800. Local 162. Hours: 10 :15-10 :45: 1 :30-5 ..... 472 FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 1917. absolutely prevented any possible at­ tempt at ballot-stuffing. There was not a single hitch in the entire sys- tern. . The council is to be congratu­ lated. Those men who evolved the plan of the system are to be offered particular thanks. The system will no doubt be. established as a- tradition. THE DRAMATIC CLUB The choice of the Dramatic club is commendable. Plays by Stanley Houghton, Bernard Shaw, and Her­ mann Sudermann were selected, and the choice is wise. It is to be hoped that the quality of the performance will come up to the quality of the selected plays. There is no reason why the Dramatic .c1ub should not forge' to the front with an excellent and educative presentation. • STUDENTS' WAR WORK FUND The men of the University have not been sufficiently interested in the Stu" dents' War Work fund. Two systems of committees were devised and car" ried into execution by. the men ill charge at the cost of almost unreason" able effort, and the results have oeell nothing at all. The cause is a good one, and the men of the University should not fail to recognize this. Funds are needed badly. University men all over the country are doing' their part in this manner. Will Chi" cago men be backward? A THOUGHT There was a great battle. Knight Election Excitement put to .. ' THE DAILY MAROON, FRI DAY, NOYEMBER' 16, 1917. • fore entering the first camp at Ft. Sheridan.) .. - - - _1- __ • - - -,.+ to defend the prisoner involved and I 'C' - - was given a half hour notice, in which time I was supposed to prepare a defense. The prisoner 'was, a "hard egg" from Chicago; he was up for his third escape from- the guard house -he couldri't get booze in the pen so he always escaped in order to get it. I made him sign a pledge so that the court would be lenjent. Six hours . after court closed the cuss escaped again and got drunk-and he comes from Chicago. It is remarkable how well Chicago is represented in the guard house. I examined the addresses on letters' ar­ riving for prisoners and over half were from my home town. I am still enduring a painful course of lessons in 'horseback riding. Fo� one hour per day, five days a week. the young officers have . to pound around the riding hall. The most en­ joyable (?) feature is what is termed 'slow trotting." We remove our stir­ rups and make our horses trot around the hall for about tyenty to thirty minutes. The "slow" has a technical me·aning: it refers to thr fact that we are not allowed to post and does not mean that our horses go slowly. The last week has been ideal for riding. Saturday and Sunday after­ noons of last week I had the best rides I've experienced out here. For �----------�----------�------------------------------------� four hours each day a group of peo- ple from my regiment rode straight 'cross country. All you need in or­ der to keep gQing is to hunt holes in tne wire fences that: separate the ranches. It's hard to believe that terrible things are happening in Eu­ rope while everything around hqe is so open and free. The fort had a celebration in honor of the Liberty Loan. The three regi­ ments held a field day and put on some of our army's famo� cavalry stunts. I't is marvelous how some of the men can ride. The� were "Roman races" (each man rides two horses, one foot on the back of each' one), mounted gymnastics, mounted wrestling, etc. The stunt that took the prize was to gallop up to a hur­ dle, dismount and mount while the horse was jumping. The 3:500 men at Fort Russell sbscribed about $240,- Foster & Odward, Correct Dressers qoO to the Liberty Loan. of Men, 7th Floor :Republic. bldg.. State and Adams streets. AMUSEMENTS STUDEBAKER Matinees Wed •. and Sat. Arthur Hopkins Presents Mr. William Gillette In Clare Kummer's Comedy A SUCCESSFUL CALAMITY Alvin Theatre 860 East 63rd Street :1 to II p. m. daily Price IOc aDd 5c TODAY Dorothy Dalton in "WILD WINSHIP'S .WIDOW" Additional Features at All Perfonn's PRINCES Pop .. Mal Thurs. The weather here has been so glor­ ious that a person fond of the open air has had .on excuse for staying in­ doors. It amuses me to read of snow flurries in Cleveland and frosts in Chicago while at 'Cheyenne in the im­ mediate neighborhood of the moun­ tains, we have had only one cold day. Daytime is as balmy as June in Chi­ cago. Nevertheless, the natives tell us that cold weather is coming that will make us think we are at the north pole. There is a rumor circulating that my regiment is to be sent to Polo Alto, Cal., for the winter. At one time this rumor was so strong that we thought it surely time. Now, however, we merely have, strong grour.i's for hoping that it will be- BUSINESS DEPARTMENT come true. Wade Bender ..; Business Manager I now feel like an old experienced Entered as second class mail at the Chicago hand at the game. When I came, I Postoffice. Chicago, Illinois. March 13. 1906. couldn't tell whether a horse was under the act of March 3. 1873. good, bad or indifferent; now I'm able By Carrier. $3.00 a year: $1.25 a quarter +to distinguish a thoroughbred from' By Mail. $3.50 a year: $1.50 a quarter (a truck horse. I know a lot about horse diseases; in fact I can tell when a horse has a cold-if he coughs loud enough. The "officer of the day" job, which I have had three times, was not a very strenuous one until lately. My regiment has about 1,200 men and fifty of them are in the guard house at present. The O. D. has a 24 hour tour of duty. Besides attending to the posting of guards around the fort. the 0.0. supervises the ground house. THE SUCCESS .OF THE COUNCIL Today I am O. D. and, by orders, I'm The efficiency of the election ar- feeding the prisoners bread and wa- ter . as apunishment. for something rangements at the polls yesterday is they did yesterday. The prisoners a credit to the Undergraduate coun- wouldn't eat breakfast and, when they cil. The excellent system of checks saw bread and water at noon, I thought there was going to be trou­ ble. I had so many armed guards around, however, that nothing hap­ pened: The fools contented them­ selves with refusing to eat. In the army a man can't be forced to eat. I'll bet that the bread and water to­ night will be eaten. Just to show how everything in the 'army is done 'by' order let: me quote: "By order of the commanding officer, there will be a dance .every Saturday evening for the post officers." I guess we'll all have to go. There are about 120 officers here and our hops are quite imposing affairs. The Man Who HomelRestaurant qame Back M�-;;N;�h land Lunch GARRICK ..... L�WEEK-. Mats. Wednesday &: Saturday 1304 E. Sixty-First Street • �t. Kimbark •• nd Kenwood ""The 13th Chair" Meals 20c, 25c and up With ANNIE RUSSELL SouP. Coffee. Bread :and Butter' LAST PERFORMANCE SUNDAY EVE. Included with All Meat Orders. When I wrote last, I had visions of going to California. Alas! Those visions are no more. One regiment left· here for Houston but my regi­ ment and the 1st cavalry remain hero for the winter . There are good warm quarters for officers, men,. and hors­ es, and so the prospects are not ·sc uninteresting as they mihgt be. Two weeks ago we had a sample of real winter weather; three or four bliz­ zards, a steady gale for almost a week, and . a temperature 'ranging around zero showed us what this country can dish up in the way of a cold climate. We ride for an hour or so, even in bad weather and, I'll admit that there are 11'\0re comfort­ able occupations. I had my first sample of court-mar­ tial the other day. It was my turn Sit rout Sit Knight Editorial Inspiration, Meal Tickets $3.30 for $3.00 HARPER .THEATRE, 53Hr:rpaenrd"'ve. who fled irrevocably. At any rate, the F 1\1 S d W N .n ree e:a��al �ick'!� Cu��o���� ew . BILLIE BURKE successful candidates are hereby con' gratulated by the Daily Maroon, and wished a very successful year. all over, so cheer up, my heartics! r �IAROON WAR tEITERS J '-----. (The following excerpts were taken from letters written hy Roy Hart, '10. a second lieutenant in the 83rd artil­ lery (formerly the 25th cavalry), who is in service at Fort D, A. Russell in Wyoming. Hart took his master's and Ph. D. degrees at the University and taught last year .t Harvard be- It'� Home Cooking "ARMS AND THE GIRL" Also a Rex Beach Travel Picture Typewriters Rented The KIMBARK THEATRE At Special Rates 6141 Kimbark Ave. Continuous 2·11 p.m. TO STUDENTS TODA� Bargains in REBUILT TYPEWRITBRS of ALL KINDS BILLIE BURKE "ARMS AND THE GIRL" Curernt Events and a Clever Comcdy Call! Wrile� Phone! Plaisance Theane AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE CO. 329 S. Dearborn St. . Harrison 1368 6Sl E. 6,;rd StrHi Charles Rae in "SUDDEN JIM" Marjorie Rambeau in "Dazzling l\-Irs. Davidson" .' Ascher's Frolic Theatre 55th Street and Ellis Avenue SUNDAY, NOV�MBER 18th Continuous from 2 to 11 P. M. Paramount Artcraft Picture Presenting . GERALDINE FARRAR ......... IN .. "The Woman God Forgot" S, REELS A Big Smashing Production that will awe every .observer. A stupendous undertaking and a, most pretensious background. ONE. DAY ONLY EnAravers • Printers. Linotypers Binders. Die Stampers • • The Ingleside Press CoJleAe and Society Work. Speclalty Printers of The Dally Maroon , . Produces printing that. conveys a pleasing im­ pression ·and impels close consideration- of its contents. CO W�L WITII BOW OR FOUR- � I:"Il-IIA�"D I:; ers, each. 6 f� 9:» ets, CWETl� PEABOOy.&Ca INC.AClfIaRS 6233 Cotta�e Grove Avenue • • ", '" '.1 4 '. i t 1 , ,I I· 4 IJ I t, 'j I I. � ." d f: tl .' · � 1"1 C� f r. • ·a 01 .' DI , " � p: · '" I t e1 D � B r u i ;. s) " h: �) a .: _, l' m cJ. p; T� F4 I' ·w 6. '1 {� f � It W (: gi' W ,'; _, i j) - .j � � . ".' .,--.. --: ..... \.' .... ;,.. .. " ..... - ,,�� .... : .. ' ., THE DAILY MAROON, FRIDAY, NOVEtlBER 16, 1917. MAX BROOK LADIES' .ND GENTS' TAILOR r- m CAMPUS WIIISTLE " L�E5' =,i5!l5555J - , ' _j l.OTS OF SUSPENSE L1FE ON THE PLAINS Quoting from war' letter in today's Maroon (see Maroon, Chicago' Daily, Vol. XVI, No. 34, Friday, Nov. 16, 1917), "It's 'hard to believe that ter­ rible things are happening in Europe while evreything -around here is so open and free." treasurer from Bradley Hall who ran a ciose second, the vote being 44 to 42. Ballard � working on the F ublic­ ity committee of the Settlement dance and .on the Y.M.C.A. committes and is a member of the Score club and ,of the Kappa Sigma fraternity. The biggest vote' was in the Fresh­ man class. In the balloting for pres­ ident 268 votes were cast. Chalmer McWilliams was an easy victor in the race ,for the presidency. He re­ ceived 116 votes, his nearest compet­ itor being John, W. Fulton, Jr., who received 64 votes. McWilliams is a pledge of Phi Kappa Psi. Ellen Gleason is Vice-President Ellen Gleason was elected vice­ president of the class of 1921. Geor­ gene. Burtis ran a close second �ith 71 votes. Enid Townley was elected: secretary of the Freshamn class and Roger' Combs treasurer, Combs' if: a pledge of Delta Tau Delta. The new' election system proved a very successful one. This system was worked up last year for the Under­ graduate council by Milton· Coulter and Walter Bowers. Each vote was counted two times and in no case did the totals disagree. The actual time of counting votes was a little over four hours. Hitherto the count has been a very difficult thing to manage and the time of counting considerably mroe than four hours. ',I Or Waiting in Ellis Corridol'B for' the Election Returns � I It f) , .. t, ". i f: ;. � JI r �.� , I, By One Who Was There If you and I had only voted for-­ Just think. " Oh! "Well! IF- � Act I. Anon. Scene: The North corridor of Ellis (also the South corridor). 'Characters: Prominent seniors, jun­ iors, sophomores, a freshman, Maroon copy }>Pys,> and Burdette Ford (the latter on a beam from which he could look through a transom down on the heads of the councilors within). All: What are�they do�g?, Ford: I dunno, I can't see. All: Gee, I wonder who'll get it. BRELOS WINS CONTEST BY ONE VOtE (Continued from page 1.) and is a member of the Delta Kappa �Epsilon frateinit� ',:. , Hutchinson an Easy Vidor' Buel Hutchinson won an easy vic­ tory over Alva Frederick for presi­ dent of the Sophomore class, the vote being 72 to 14. Hutchinson also re­ cently returned from six months work for the allies in Erance, is a member of the Varsity football team, is work­ ing on the Y.M.C.A. committees for the Students' War fund and is a mem­ ber of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Frances Henderson was elected as the vice­ president of the Sophomore class. She is vice-president of Black Bonnet and a member' of the' Quadranglers. Jo­ sephine Gamble had no opposition for secretaryship of the Sophomore class. She is secretary o'f Black Bonnet and The ticket committee of "Chicago a member of the Sigma club: Brook -Night" will meet today at 1 in the Ballard won the office of Sophomore trophy room of Ida Noyes hall. Act II. Same as above, Ford still on the beam. Copy boys there too. Ail: What are they doing? Ford: I dunno, I can't see. All: Gee, I wonder who'll get it. 'j Act III. I, I � ?\' I ,; I Ji I , I I Same as above. Copy boys in pos­ session of the beam. ·Seniors pacing nervously up' and down, Juniors, sophomores, and- the freshman doing likewise. All: What are th-- Voic� from within: Call Joseph of the Maroon.. , All: JOSEPH, Oh!, JOSEPH! Act IV. ·e TIcket Committee Will Meet . , Joseph'arrives on the scene on the run, a pencil behind his ear and some copy-paper on which. to record the returns. He crouches at the keyhole, 'and a weak voice from within calls out: ,,"Telephone Dad T'll be late to din- ner." The curtain lowers on the Seniors pacing nervously up and down, etc.' Tmlor for Young Men' � . { 7' N. LA SALLE STREET Three Stora 314 S. MICHIGAN AVENUE - 71 E. MONROE STREET A Man, Instinctively stiffens his s'houlders and feels at ease-when he is cOfi'scious that his .cloehes are absolutely correct­ t.ilored in t�e skillful len-eros· way. I Tuxedo. especiaJly' selected -for school and coDege wear. $35 and up HIGGINS WAS RIGHT The team is going to fight like­ everything, an dso are we if Clarence. B�wn 'comes in. again with anything lik'e the one !Ie just spru-- no, sprang. He said the Council should have provided soap, water, and tow­ els for the voters in order to' insure a clean ballot. - � " Classified Ads. Five cents per line. No advertise­ ments for less than 25 cents. All classified advertisements must be . paid in advance. TO RENT-.Room suitable for one' or two persons. Welcome to use of parlor ana piano. 6203 W 00018"\\,11 2nd apt.' MAROON - BUSINESS DIRECTORY Phone Midway 4208 BEGIN SCHOOL RIGHT 'S. NIDITCH . Go co the .. " .. Fashion Restaurant F�st-Class Shoe R:epatrUlg We serve the best:of food at prices , WHILE YOU wA\T you can afford¥A good�clean 1312 East 61 st Street, .place., Try us. 1004 E. 55th Street. Phone Midwa, 7262 FO� RENT-Large front room with fire place and lavatory. Opportunity to speak' French. Price 'reasonable. Phone Hyde, Park 4296. Address 5749 Dorchester Avenue. SPECIAL PRICES TO STUDENTS. Corsages a Specialty , Jrtllrrnct .OOfr -UrrS ,Jflnmrf &1Jop' 1377 E.' 55th Street' R. L. Nelson, Prop. Phone H. P. 38 "Better,Work for La. Monq" The,Midway Cleaners : 'Dy�rs : Tailors . 6249 Cottafe'Grove Avenue, , Tclepbouc Midway �8'� Prariu, &ad Rcpairiu,. Ra, Clcania, a Specialty WANTED-Four live young men to work evenings and Saturday after­ noons. Those having' experience in saleswork preferred. Moore Motor Vehicle Co. 37 S. Wabash Ave. Ask for Mr. Coats. TYPEWRITING OFFICE Room 2, Lexington Hall ( Stenography Expert (Copying. (Mimeographing Prices Nominal Midway 800 B.>x 269 Local 214 Fac. Exch. FOR RENT-Two Rurnished Rooms, steam heat. A home for men stu­ dents, $6 and $7 per month. Uni­ versity neighborhood. Tel. Hyde Park 7872. Le-Fevour Restaurant 114& East 63rd2St . , I J II Neat. Clean and Quick , W ANTED-eo-cd who must lcavc college to earn funds. Personality and ambition chief requirements. Gfve phone number to arrange for personal interview. Reply Box 0, Faculty Ex. MILLER BRqS. EXPERT CLEANERS AND DYERS "]"My KnolO �0tD" 1 03 7 East Sixty-Third Street Ncar Greenwood Ave. .; 'bJ) .; u d" ::s ...... �.; c= u .. ;.; u .... :: .. c ..... O cg�v '" -s < -0 Q:_ t.) • .. - c ._ II . C; = � Q) v�' � e E v 5�z o �� ::c "8 o I' Phone Hyde Park 0439 Auto Service it W ANTED-Student to act as college manager for reliable firm. On" who has had selling experience given preference. Give references, address and phone number. W. A. P. clo Thc Daily Maroon. Phone Midway un Call aad Deliver W ANTED __ Girl Student' Roommate f', in attractive family hotel. Ten min- Suit. MNC co Orcl ... AlIO Remocldin, aad Clcanin, utes walk from campus. Telephone Miss Seabury. Midway. 1624. 100'7 Ea.. Sixty - FI ... t Street , NcarEJlu Avnuc I ' \ I� • � ••• Ka.MON B'4 .--.--.- •••••••••• ,� ."iII! i i 1.(;;.._:._�'·1:�t:�:� I • Note that this three­ piece aluminum body bolts directly to the ten-inch-deep frame. That is a master stroke in motor car design. It does a�ay with wood sills. Permits the floor of the bodv to be eight inches lower than you'll find it in most cars.' That means a low center of gravity-' an easy riding and' smartly stylish car. The-Marmon 34 in" several important features-c=one of which is Lynite alu­ minum pistons­ marks a distinct advance in construe- . tion. One has not seen the strictly '. modern automobile , until he has seen the Marmon 34. NORDYKE & MARMON COMPANY Eatablishcd 1851 : INDIANAPOLIS FLUFFY ""HIT� Big. Wash - No Rub - 20 Minutes Dear Madam:- You undoubtedly have oft en wondered why scientists have not de­ voted more time towards, devising some manner or means for easily and �heaply cleansing clothes. True, there are many compounds and devices for performing' t his work, but, we believe we can honestly state that we are the only Concern . . manufacturing a prod- uct for washing' clothes that does not contain lye, potash, or any or-the other harmful' ingredients so often used for this purpose. ,,/ Fluffy White is guaranteed to safely wash the daintiest of fabrics, quickly and with practically no labor, and Of course will cleanse the coarsest of garments as well. Your clothes will never "yellow" when these products are used, they will be clean, pure and sweet smelling and will wear much longer than when washed by any' other process. In trying this sample, be careful to follow the simple directions. You wiII be pleased with the results. Your wash­ ing will be done in 112 the time, and we are confident that you will not only continue to use these products, but will recommend them to your neighbors. • FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY First put soiled clothes in cold water. Shave fine one-balf bar of any srood bundry soap and one small cake of Fluffy Whiu., Dissolve in a Quut of bollinsr water. Pour thlS into your clothes boiler half full of hot sort water. Wrinsr clotaes from cold water. put them in your boiler and boil them 20 minutes .tirri1l{1 fr�q,""dy. Then rinu chDn thoroughly in hot Il'CICer. Do not put 100 many clothes in boiler at one time. For extra lalllC ",uhinsr put in soap and Fluffy White in proportion to water added. hard water should be thor. OUllhly softened before usinR". Little if any rubhinR" is nece5Saey-POssibly bard hems, wrist bands or neck bands. Empty and dean boi1n- ""1I1� h,t. . . BORAX OR SODA WILL SOFTEN WATER MRS. WHITE'S IRONING COMPOUND TIle greatest aid to the housewife in ironing since the invention of flat irons. This compound is of the purest ingredients, combining the best of all known harmless chemicals, The results were obtained in our laboratories by our chemists after years of study and experimenting, You mix it in the starch-It makes the clothes smoother brighter and helps to keep them stiff in warm or damp weather. ' It helps the clothes to wear longer and will strengthen and bring out the colors- Docs awa�· with ironing pads. . Mrs, White's Ironing Compound is equally as effective in all grades of starch. Makcs·the iron run smoother, faster and easier, ' Your ironing will be completed in half the time and with much less labor. DIRECTIONS A�d one tablet to each Quart of hot starch after remo\"inll rrom fire-Stir until thoroulrhly dKI�solved. Thin down Ir_T:ldually with warm wat€'r to suit PUrpose, stirrinlr vilrorously eep starch warm to o�am best results. Follow dIrections accurately. ' Surprise your neighbors by sleeping an ,hour later and finishin your wa:;hmg and ironing an hour earlier, they ,v:11 notice the clea; pure white look of your clothes. ' Buy a package today. Your neighbor will uk: "How do you do it?" 7!;--::- .-. -.�---�-.-- , , , . f ." .... " �=.. � � � . t f'" , J\' ... �, ... . � . -". �' ." '. ' .... THE DAILY MAROON, FRI .. DA Y, NOVEMBER 16. 191'1. . .. FOOTBALL VETERANS, WILL BAND GIVES CONCERT SERIES' ADD TO SWIMl\lING CHANCES . Moulton. Reber aid Others to Swim­ .Earle and Goldman Getting Into Shape. I ! r 1 I l. i· I ! i I I I I l i I Much needed re-enforcement is ex­ pected to rally to the support of the swimming squad at the close of' the football season, when Moulton, Reber, and probably several others will be able to join the pool team. At pres­ ent oniy half a dozen men are work­ ing who show any pronounced ability. Capt. Walter Earle' is working in the 40, 100 and 220 yard swims, and will be one of Coach White's few really dependable men. -Ben Goldman is working in the fancy dives again this year. Three new men, Joe 'Vhite, Frank Breckinridge, and Ruthven Pike are eligible and developing in this branch. Emil Ries is practising in the back­ stroke division, and Irving Miller will probably be a good man on the breast stroke. Outside of these men the 1918 swimming team is a doubtful quantity as yet. Sam Williston is good in several departments, and n;ay swim in some of them in the future meets. Northwestern Has Good Team Chicago's most powerful opponent in the swimming conference of 1918 will be Northwestern, more men re­ turning to the Purple aquatic squad than any other. Coach White is not optimistic, and is unwilling to float any hopes of another championship team at this time .. Dates have not been definitely set for either dual or conference meets as yet, but it is pro­ bable that the first meet will. be with Cincinnati. . t i, i . ! WOMEN SHARPSHOOTERS TO JfAV� JUFLE PRACTICE IN ST,:\NDS THRICE WEEKLY The women members of the' Ri6e club will be allowed to shoot on three days of the week hereafter. The wo- \. men on .!he campus will be allowed to shoot on Mondays and Thursdays: while off-campus women will continue their Wednesday night practice. The coaches express great satisfaction with the marksmanship of the women and' with their interest in the work. 'The women are' requested to enter the field through Bartlett gymnasium in the future, instead of waiting at the Bllis avenue gate, which is Iikely to be locked. W. A. A. WILL CONDUcr HIKE TO SAND DUNES TOMORROW \ The W. A. A. will conduct· an all day trip to the sand dunes Saturday. All women who wish to go will meet .. at 9:15 at Sixty-third street station of the Illinois Central. The price will be $1.15 if more than twenty-five 'take the trip and slightly more' if fewer women go. A ten mile hike ",,11 be taken for which the women will re­ ceive thirty points toward member­ ship in the W. A. A •. Every one has � been requested to bring lunch. .: - - - - - - - '_ Take it or send it. but be sure she gets it! f f 1 I Bound with tlu colon. Stamped with the ua1. $1 the pound at VAN De BOGART & ROSS Ea.t Slat St. rand Lake Park A va. R. M. GRAY, 1348 East 55th Street GLENN BROTHERS. 1145 E. 63rd St. AMPHUn BlOmERS I 6300 Stony ' .. rand A Tena. j .�.----- --- ... I+-E::T -Y;A:S-A:O�;D:Y-I' AT THE UNIVERSITY' -------- --_.> , f. Blackfriars Selection by Cragun In­ cluded in Program. The committees' as finally selected; -SOPHOMORES' BEAT' FRESHMEN together with the teams, team cap- tains, and chairmen,' will be' enter- tained at a tea by Mrs. �. A. W�lton, Heekey Matches Start With Victory 5737 W oodlawn avenue, at her home of Three to. One. next week, the date to be announced later. November 16. 1917 Sophomores won, from the Fresh- University prepares for enthusS- 1\IISS HENDRICKS TO TALK men by a score of 3 to \ in the first astic mass 'meeting for Wisconsin AT JOINT MEETING TODAY hockey match' yesterday at 3:45 on game Saturday. Greenwood field. MemL-rs of the .. team F h � W t 10 Settlement dance workers decide to s were: res men- a son, . . Spu . K· h b L' d M' . tag women m order to raise money rgm, ire en aum, yon,. ea- f . . nor W· I . A Platt FI k or annual chanty event. , Ins ow, aron, , ac, Stone, Stein and Purvin. Sophomores W. A. A. members plan royal wel­ -�rocker, � Clark, Seyomur, Atkins, come for Wisconsin women who ae­ Uphouse, Moffett, Vogdes, Kannally, co�pany the Badger football team tr Clark, Fairchild and Zickler. Chicago Saturday. The second series in the Class ' Cap and Gown appoints William match games will be played off Tues- Kuh member of the athletic commlt­ day at 3 :45 on Greenwood field. This tee of 1910 annual. will be between the freshmen ,and Students submit seven songs for juniors and between the sophomores The Daily Maroon prize. Judging ---- I . and seniors. Members of the various committee consists of five members. The publicity committee ot "Chi-. classes have been urged to come out Public Speaking finals in the Jun- cago Night" will meet Monday at �d cheer. ior college are held in Kent theater. 3:45 in the trophy room of Ida Noyes Purdue and Indiana universities hall. FRESHMAN WOMEN TO SEW charge each other with having pro- FOR RED CROSS MONDAYS fessional players. Two compositions by J. Beach Cra­ gun, a march "The Request" and a selection from the 1917 Blackfriars show, "A Myth In Mandel," will fea­ ture next Tuesday's band program in Mandel, which is to be given by the University military band of fifty players. The concert will be held at 4 :30 and will, be the first of a series of popular .programs given by the University band or orchestra. Following is the program for next Tuesday, Nov. 20: Program J. Beach Cragun, Conductor 1. March "The Request" .. _ _ ... ,Cragun 2. Overture "Raymond" __ .Thomas 3. "Entre Acte" from "Mignon" ... . Thomas 4. Second Hungarian Rhapsody ... Liszt 5. Selection from the Comic The monthly joint meeting of the International and Cosmopolitan clubs will be held today in Ida Noyes hall on the second floor. Miss Hendricks will talk on "Schools in China," and Gladys Titsworth will give a violin solo. Refreshments will be served. All men and women who are Interest- ed are invited. Publicity Committee Meets At Ukulele club try-outs held yes­ terday, the' following women,' all of whom play ukuleles unless otherwise specified, were. elected to member­ ship: Catherine Dorran, Alice John­ stone, Margaret Haggott, steel guJi tar; ,Marion Robinson, mandolin; Margaret Long, Marie Hall, Marion Smith, Margaret Robinson and Mar­ tha Behrandt, mandolin. The next meeting will be held Tu­ esday at 3:30 in Ida Noyes sun par­ lors. All members have been re­ quested to attend. German Club Holds 1\Ieeting NINE WOMEN SELECfED FOR· UKULELE CLUB 1\IEl\IBERSHIP . Opera" A Myth in Mandel" ... Cragun 6. Sextette from "Lucia".", Donizetti The German Conversation club will 7. "Serenade" Herbert meet today �t 4:30 P. M. in Cobb 8. "March Slave" Tschaikowski 12A. The general topic will be: "Aus The second' program will be given meinen Leben: Allerhand Streiche." on Tuesday, Dec. 11, by the orchestra. The Freshman commission has in­ vited all Freshman women who eat luncheon at Ida Noyes hall to sit at the Freshman table. It also announ­ ced that all Freshman women will meet every Monday from 2 to 5 in Ida Noyes hall to sew for the Red Cross. Atheltie Association to l\leet Subscribe for the Daily Maroon. WILL HAND IN NAMES TODAY AU members of the W. A. A. have MISS GRACE COULTER WILL been requested to come to a 'meeting SPEAK AT COUNCIL SUPPER Dance Workers to Select Committee- today at 10:10 in Co?b 12A. men and Team Workers. Miss Grace Coulter, secretary of the Elean�r club will be guest of hon­ or' at the' supper to 'be given by the Women's Administratlve council Sun­ day at 6 iii 'Ida' Noyes hall. Tickets may be procurred in the main hall of Ida Noyes club house at noon' today =============== and tomorrow, , . University Dames Entertain Committee chairmen and team cap­ tains for the' Settlement dance are requested to' select committeemen and team members at once and turn the names, in order of selection, in to Wade Bender sometime today. Team captains are to select fifteen students for each team, . The University Dames will give a "husbands' party" today from 6 to 10 in the Ida Noyes assembly hall. Foster & Odward.. Correct Dressers of Men, 7th Floor Republic bldg., State and Adams streets. Read TIle Daily )faroon . . For' Campus. News' - TURKISH CIGARETTES ARE r:JADE ESPECIA�L'{.:F�R THE DISCRIMINATING AND �XPI=RIENCED SMOKER OF HIGH �RADE TURKISH CIGARETIES The blending' is exceptional j :t' GRADE TUR.KISH A"O" MAKERS Of THE G��:':� ,NTHE WoRLD -. ' EGYPT'AN G1· _ ." ... _",.. � � Package. of Tau cuUl· Twenfia;. 25 GMt REMEMIlER.- Tarki./a to­ bacco i. t1a_e world'. most lamoUa tobacco for cigarettes. . � � A � I , Id I .\ � t.1 ! � � J, �'. ! :. '" = �, ,. ( " .) '.� :1" S "- n, DI iE W c( gl J ( , 31 .. -.; w � :� t • hl � st Ii' ) 1M in 11· ' d VJ :, : .,. e� 10 Iii ;. to to it be • "',' ) . Sll Ie: .'<� t8 he 'in wl of fr wl hm J)(l iv, uJ th m sh an tic "I an N • eft tb � M; aJ) illi sol hit W(l tit • F1: Ch an del vel of a� 1 . pel of pre da: fOI gir th� wh en Bl< ca� wil . tea :b . 'jfJ :, 1: I� fr' \ t. • n , I