.,. ,. . - I :.. "" I ''T. " 'cr' ., ',' :, � .. ,. '\ l­ I i ' n. / ... � � ... ...: .' . ,', .. .1 ", -.: aroon VOL. XVL:, No. 20. Price Five �ts UNIVE�SITY OF CHICAGO, SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27� 1917 MAROONS 'AND PURPLE 'CLASH TODAY . ..,. ........ -,''It .. --------------------------�--------------------------------------------�------------------ Hallowe'en is offered as 'an excuse for a lot of foolishness. The seniors had a party yesterday afternoon at the Psi U. house. The most prominent members of the Senior class present were May Cornwell. Jo Gamble, Kenneth 'Alex- Students Could Arrange for Better .ander McPherson, Clarence Plummer! Afternoon .Classes-Fraternities and Eddie Kemler. and Women.'s Halls to Object. Happy though Silly I There were too man)\ 'people there I The final results of the campaign and so the committee had them A plan by which no intermission in among the members o�' the faculties, dance the Virginia reel, which drove classes will be allowed' for: a lunch students, and the employees of the hundreds away.' . Milton Coulter was period \\;11 be discussed at a joint University. have been announced, the master of ceremonies. He' really en- meeting of the faculties of all the campaign among the students having joyed it. schools and colleges of the Univer­ ended last night, and that of the em- Because it was a Hallowe'en party: sity which is called for this morning ployees Wednesday. The subscrip- Marjorie Mahurin thought she would at 11 in Harper. assembly. The pur­ tion made by the University reached have to steal a stone owl. She wa-. pose of the new plan is to allow stu­ the total of $264,950. Of this amount chased off the roof and down the' fire dents to have a wider choice of studies the University itself subscribed $200,- escape just in time.. Add results of in the afternoon without, having to 000, the faculty members and em- a college education and of prolonged remain at school as late as is at pres­ ployees $51,800, and the students $13,- confinement in Foster hall. The pianist ent necessary, Tlie plan will relieve 150. . The subscription made by the was a volunteer and played like' one. congestion in the classrooms in the University to the Second Liberty Loan Besides the Alpha Delt seniors, few morning. · was double, that made to the first. men' ·attended the party. Again the By the arrangement to be discussed . Of the bonds' bought by the faculty horrors of war. . /. there will ibe seven class hours daily, the employees of the University, 9 . She Stoops to Duck each-to' be fifty-five minutes long,' and · were for $1,000, 9 for $500, 217 for Lee Ettelson' and Marion Palmer! witli" a ten minute interniissiiori be- $100, and 332 for $50. The majority the popular histrionists, won the rub- . hveen' them, beginningbetween 8 apd ot.: the purchasers of the bonds are ber derby for ducking .. for .apples. 8:30 and ending between 2:55 and paying for them in installments taken They're. used to ducking. Wade 3:25. The fime of lunching will be out of their salaries and could have Bender, who, has been telling every- left to the individual program. - The . been reached in no other way than by body how busy he is, was there in a plan will �rmit persons wanting the' University. The students are also body. He related some of his best either morning or afternoon classes buying their bonds on the installment ghost stories. Ruth Mount thought to have lunch: either before arriviitll: plan i� large numbers, qaost of the in:" somebody was passing a wet fish or after leaving \ the campus' and to stallments being paid weekly. . around the room, as is done at Hal- have a choice of four periods in either Tuesday's Sale Greatest lowe'en parties, but she �ound it was case, it being possible to consider the The sale of bonds to the students only Politician Adams" hand she was fourth 'period as in the morning or the was greatest on Tuesday when $4,000 holding. afternoon. .- dollars worth were sold and smallest . After everyone had been -.told that _.__ _._._- -- the opening day when only· two fifty it was a wet day and after aU the (Continued on page 3.) dollar bonds were disposed of�' Thurs- apples had been eaten, the party broke day the sale was $2,450 and yester­ day $2,850. Mr. Trevor Arnett ,the University auditor, who was in 'charge of the campaign among the employees, and Mr.' Rolland Seely, of the Flying. Squadron, who sold bonds to the stu­ dents, are both highly pleased with the results of their campaigns. At . the end of the first week the sub­ scription among the students had ex- · ceeded Mr. Seely's expectations for the entire campaign, as he whispered in private, and Mr. Arnett' was also elated with the results of the faculty's end of the University loan. 34 Subscriptions Yesterday, The subscribers to the loan who 'pur­ chased their bonds at the Cobb booth yesterday are Lois Higgins, Madeline Seyrnons, Greenwood hall, Madeline Lyndon, Ralph Zimmerman, J. W. Jordan, Ethel Bird, William Licnlick, Francis Stiger, Burton Confrey, Wil­ liard McGuere, John Tipton, George A tkins Katherine Bortholomeu, Agnes Prentice, Hat-oM Ross, Faith Prentice, Green Hall, Katherine Dopp, Mildred Chart, Joseph Arnsdorff, Hattie Gold­ stein, Daniel Fisher, Van Meter Ames Paul Willett, Hazel Kyrk, Florence Kilvarv, Dudley Lyndon, Robert Cole. Lulu Durland, Helen Marshall, Caro­ line Schwab, Florence Devol and Mary Dyers. . CAMPUS BOND SALE ENDS WITH RECORD TOTAL OF $264,950 University More Than Does Its . . Share in Liberty Loan . Campaign. PURCHASE YESTERDAY $2.850 34· Subscriptions Made at BOoth to Agents of Flying Squadron on Final Day. Forum to Meet Tuesday The Forum will meet to discuss the subject "Should Peace Terms Be Dis­ cussed at Present," Tuesday at 3 :40 in Cobb 12A. \ \. FACULTY WRL MEET NORTHWESTERN INVADES MIDWAY TO DI�IJSS l:BANGE TO DECIDE LOCAL CHAMPIONSHIP • • .. _ o •• __ �.IN. TIME. S£BEDIJlE. _)_�_ ..... __ o I· . .' •. . ., . -" .. -- _. Hallowe'en Party at Psi Upsilon- House is Conventionally Foolish­ Even the Virginia Reel is Dragged Out of Oblivion. To CoAsider Adoption of . Plan Providing for Continuous Session' of Classes. Brelos (Capt.), 1:}O _ . .I. e. Jaekson, 196 ..... _ .. _ _._. __ ._ 1. t. Bondzinski_ 201 z: _ _ ........ _.., •• '_.:.. • .1. g. Gorgas, 196 .- .. :'.-_.-.- _ .. _�_:� .. c. Moulton, 168 ._._: _ _.:._�_.� •.. " •. Cochran, 186 .. _ _ .. - .. -.-._ _...:.:r t. McDonald, 163 : .. - - _� .. _ _. __ .r. e. Blocki, 149 _._._ __ .. q. b. Rouse,.·163 ._ .. - __ .. __ . __ .. _. __ 1. h. b •. Elton, 167 - -._. r. h. b. Higgins, 214 .. ._ __ ........ _. __ . __ .f: b •. � Average weight of teams-Maroons, 177%; Northwestern, 1�5. Average weight of backfields=-Marocns, 173; Northwestern, 162¥.z. Average weight of lines-Maroons. 180; Northwestern, 166%. - ---.......,...-- .' -.�.. . - The Purple game this afternoon' will Maroon. and. Purple . will mix today be-staged . in- a··martial··setting.'" -The 'in-the big 'annual battle, bigger � . day 'is to be, a "MilitarY Day!' and the ever before this' time because of' a dominating color khaki. multitude of interest-moulding factors. Yesterday the Athletic department When the ·referee's whistle' signals completed work on a tier of boxes in the opening of the game at 2:30. this front of the concrete stand on Stagg afternoon on Stagg Field the rival� . Field which have. been set aside for for supremacy on the local. gridiron the seating of all the military notables will start on what promises \0 � one in the vicinity. President Judson has of· the. hottest contests held here in invited Major General Thomas H. Bar- recent seasons . .#.. l -, ry, :Major General William H. Carter: Coach Stagg will send int6 the game CoTonel James A. Ryan, Captain Wil- the same array of talent thathe pre­ Ham A. Moffet and Captain Edward sented to Purdue at the opening' of A. Evers and their staffs 'to be his 'hostilities Jast Saturday .. There has guests at the game. been little to indicate during the week Most of the commanding officers ef practice that _ any of' the three . have signified their intention of at- promising substitutes' would develop tending in person and all. have said sufficient ability to replace the eleven that their staffs \\;11 come.' A large regulars. Blocki probablywill do the contingent of officers from Fort. punting again, for which . Higgins is Sheridan will also be present. not a bit sorry. Gale did so well last . ·Bands to Be in Khaki J week that the Old Mali decided to re:: Both bands will be clad in khaki and I' �ic'\"e Charlie of one of his numerona will dwell on martial airs. North- Jobs. . . '. . '. - western plans to send many of the' M� Physically �it : Today Evanston training corps to the game 'AU of ·the men are in fine physical of University Ruling in uniform and members of the local condition. The Purdue game, ,although R. O. T. C. also will attend in mili- hard fought, resulted in barely _a tary costume. The stands will also be scratch to the varsity. A few bumps' sprinkled fairly liberally with men were ironed out' during the 'week and from Fort Sheridan and Great Lakes Johnny Johnson last night reported who come in for the game on their. the athletes "in the pink." North­ week-end vacation, western, too, will have a 'team devoid Northwestern's rooters will number of cripples. The Evanston men have close to 5,000, probably more than the had two weeks in which to recover l\.laroons will have to yell for them. from the Ohio struggle and practice Over 3,000 tickets were sold, on the for this afternoon's game. Bill Bright: dub, 3. Ida Evanston campus and almost as many mire is still a cripple, but was never more to alumni and ex-students. The counted on to perform against the • football game. 2:30, Purple contingent "will occupy the Maroons. whole southern half of the east stand. In weight the Maroons have a big Business Manager Merriam estimated margin, which however, hardly means the total attendance at about 15,000. an advantage in the face of fight and sen' icc, II, which means that all of the stands open football. Last year the Chi- will be jammed. cago team was even more weighty and 1918 Women Congregate yet was defeated. Northwestern's main dependence is on the experience of the Purple players. Ten or the eleven regulars are veterans, as com­ pared with four experienced men on Coach Stagg's squad. Koehler-Higgins Duel Interesting This advantage, too, can easily be overestimated; for the Maroons, al­ though newcomers in Conference foot­ ball, are hardly novices. Many of the Chicago's senior women plan to sit together in the student section and 10:1;; request that all the 1918 women make a point of keeping together. SENIORS FORGET DIGNITY AND DUCK AFI'ER APPLES WOULD RELIEVE CONGESTION up. Meeting �ies: Board of Physical Culture and Ath­ letics, 9, Harper E 4i. , Board of the school of Commerce and Administration, 10, Harper E 41. Joint meeting of the faculties of all the schools and colleges of the Univer­ sity, 11, Harpera ssembly. Board of the Christian union. 11, Harper E 41. Unh·ersity Dames' Noyes hall. University Stagg field. WEATHER ·FORECAST NAME TWENTY-TWO ON FRESHMAN COMMISSION Today colder and unsettled. A new Freshman commission has - been chosen to succeed that of last year. The old commission will give a supper for the new one Tuesday 'at 5 :30 in the League room of Ida Noyes hall. The following Freshmen wo� -men have -been selected to serve for the year: Marion Amy,' Isadore Ben­ nett, Gene Burgess, 'Amelia Colq, Esther Davis, Ellen Gleason, Helen Lingle, Bess MacFalls, Louise Mac­ Neal, EliZabeth Mann, Marion Meanor� Coventry Platt, Mary .Scott, Miriam Simonds, Lucy Sturgess, Margaret Vickers, Ruby Worner, lone Weher, Elizabeth WiIafred, Marjorie Wins­ low, Mary Wood; Theodora Young. -----,......--- -- --- . - - THE DAILY l\IAROON BULLETIN J Tomorrow Take Photos Before Haskell The business manager of the Cap and Gown has announced that the pic- University Religious tures for the Annual will be taken in Mandel. front of Haskell instead of in front of V esper service, women, .t, Walker as previously announced. The Noyes hall. Junior picture will be taken Monday at 10:10; the Sophomore picture Wed­ nesday at 10:10. l\londay Chapel, Junior eolleges, men, Mandel. Botanical club, 4 :35, Botany 13- Student Volunteer band, 7, Lexing- ton' 17. . Patristic club, 7, residence of Prof. Good�peed, 5709 Woodlawn avenue. New Testament club. 8, Harper M 27. Romance club, 8:15 Cl888ics 21. Bohemian8 to Organize The Boh.erriians . of the University \\;11 meet tomorrow at '7 at the Uni­ versity settlement, 4630 Gross street. for the pU1"JlOse of forming a Bo­ hemian club. The settlement W111 furniish entertainment. ; Nearly Evenly' �atched Teams Contend Today for 'Premier Honors=Maroons Have Defeat of Last Season to Atone. ARMY AND NA. VY OFFICIALS, GUEStS OF HONOR HOW THEY LINE UP. CHICAGO NORTHWESTERN Arries, 135 ..... _ .... . __ r. e. Randolph (Capt.),· 180_...:._._.r. t. Ulrich, 170 ._: _. r. g. Lynch, 165 _ _ .... . ___c. Mulder, 175 ..... _. __ . . .,...1. g. Townley, 185 .. _. . __ --:---: __ 1. t. Crane, 155 .. __ . _. __ . 1 •. � Underhill, 165 __ :-�_ q. b. .. Ellingwood, 140 --1'. h. b. -, " __ __.I� h. b. . __ -.,- __ f. b. Holmes, 160 __ ., Koehler, '185 _._ Ida (Continued on page '2.) Mrs. Goodspeed to Be at Home Mrs. Goodspeed will be at homE' most informally to Senior' and Graduate women Tuesday at 4 in the reading room of Ida Noyes: han " . J J" • II • . . ... . � .. ... ' .... 't - � ..... • - - .. -. • -.�-; .... ' .. <Ie{" :.," -"'-"" .. ,- ..... -,- :. , . .. · ... ;.r, .... ,� .""t'*"-.;.�7 . :.- . . THE DAILY MAROON,':SATttRDAy, OcToBER"27; 1917 ". . '... - . broaden their aims, and approach their goals, so impervious! Why should such things be? A THOUGHT It takes a man with a keen sense of proportion to make a great scholar. Just as it takes a scholar with a keen proportion of sense to make a great man. MAROONS AND PURPLE .' • MEET IN ANNUAL BATrLE- (Continued from page 1.) HALL JESCHKE RETURNS FROM PORT ROYAL, S. C. Hall Jeschke, '16, who .enlisted in the Marine corps last June, returned as a first lieutenant to the Campus yes­ terday for a short visit. Jeschke .spent the time since enlisting at Port Royal, S. C., in training, and did so-well that he was promoted. While in school Jeschke was captain of the wrestling team, and Conference champion in the 133 pound class. He will retum East immediatelyp where he will be as­ signed to active sea duty. mitt lai1y ilarnnn MAROON BUSINESS DIRECTORY TIle Studeat Newapaper of The Unlnnlo of Chieaao -. Publiahed mornings. exeept Sunda7 and Mon­ day. durinse the Autumn. Winter and Sp� quartel" by the Daily Maroon company. Arthur &er President Charles Greene _ ..• _ : _ Secretary Wade Bender _........... Treasurer =========� ------- WITORlAL DEPARTMENT THE STAFF Arthur Baer _ _ • .lIrIan&.Jti� Editor Charles Greene _ .. _. ._ Newa. Editor Roland HOlloWay ._ .. Nisbt Editor Lewia Fi"her __ .. _. .. Day Edit.01 John J02Ieph _ _.;_ Day Editor Harold !'lftnsbury _ .. _. Day Editor Stanley Roth _ __ Athletics Editor Ruth Falkenau __ __ Wom.;;;.'. Editor Ruth Genzberger Aaaistant Women'. Editor ASSOCIATES Leona Bachrach Helen Ravitch UUSINESS DEPARTMENT Wade Bender _ _ Business Manager Entered lUI second class mall at the ChiCago Posto1l1ce. Chleaeo, Illinois. March 13. 1906. under �he aet of March 3. 1873. Uy 1,.;1l1'l'lel·. sa.oo a year: $1.25 Ii quarter Uy Mail. $3.50 a fear: $1.50 a quarter EditoriHI Itoorns .. _ ...... _ ..... _._ ...... _ •.. _ Elli. 12 Telephone Midway 800. Local 162. Hours: 10:15-10:45: 1:30-6: 7-9:30 Business Office _ _ __ .. _ .•.. _ Ellis 14 Telephone Midway 800. Local 162. Hours: 10 :15-10 :46: 1 :30-5 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27, 1917 SOl\IETHING TO CONSIDER " (. r r. [. (I Inst('ad of displaying a grateful at­ titude, the critici5�d organizations pre­ sume to be wounded and hurt, or eve" offended. They conceive themselveF to be either martyrs or victims of calumniation. Where they ought to be open-minded, they are cUriously prejudic('d again�t suggestion. When­ they might profit, they refusc all as· sis�ance. Why arc young, growing organiza­ tiom;, who need all the aid they can secure in order to clarify their ideals Woodlawn Trust l\IEN PHSYCIAL Y FIT .... vlng� Bank C· 11 H d L d JUnreme .norf jitters men who are playing for the first BANK orne an aun ry JJ;lowrr &40p time are showing great promise of NEAREST, TEL. HYDE PARK 3091 I 1377 E. 55th Street developing into stars. The duel 00- R L '111..' • P Ph H P 38 to 11£.04-11£.08 East 5&..th Street . . rve.snn. rope one.. tween Koehler and Higgins will be 0.1 J U interesting, not as a scrap, but as a The University of Chicago =. =====. =====��.� .. --. ,I Manic:urinA, • ham ooinA. Fa. i.l Maude, Scalp match of ability. Both men are stars 15J. Pboae Hyde Park .39 Auto Scrvi .. ee . Trearm .. m, H"it G .• ods Made to Ordee of the first water and expect in all Resources $3.000.000 MILLER BROS. hiurrsity Ifnirbrrssing 'nrlnr departments of the game. EXPERT CLEANERS AND DYERS 90� East 57th Street A victory for Chicago this after- An Old. Stron� Bank "TMy KnolD HOlD" SPECIAL-$5 worth of work for $5 noon will mean a good chance to beat lEI 1037 Ea.t Sixty-Third Street to Students Illinois next week and thus to get Near Greenwood Ave. Frances Simmons Tel. H. P. 7904 into line for the Conference banner. Accounts of Faculty and' l The first big test was passed admir- Students Invited Phone Midway 4208 ., M· � L' · H d ' h' -t ably by the Maroons. This second one ISS uCla en ers 0 is more difficult. The mi�i play Pur- s. �IDITCH due today and their showing against the Boilermakers will give some basis for comparing Zuppke's men with Stagg's. l\lichigan Plays Nebraska The biggest game in the West out­ side of Chicago is the contest at Ann Arbor between Michi�u and Ne­ braska. The" Wolvennes bave ex­ pressed optimism but a feeling that the game wilT be a hard one, probably the hardest of the year. It will be in- AMERICAN. teresting to watch the course of Wei- WRITING MACHINE CO. mann, the Michigan full back, whose 329 S. Dearborn St. Hanison 1360 careerIs very nearlyparallel to Hig- Men·. Purni.hin, •• Hau. Cap. and gins'. Neckwear At Madison the Badgers will prob- ----------_-. JAMES E. COWH�Y Church, SobiePrit�ntal.hn� C. ommercial ably have little trouble in squelching - . 0 the light, green Iowans. The other Big Ten teams are scheduled fo� con­ tests with only minor colleges. George W. Kirchway, arristant. su­ perintendent in the New York state prisons, will speak Tuesday at 4:35 ;n Harper assembly on "Self-Gov­ "rnment and Prison Discipline." This " the fourth of'the geries of lectures ')n "Types of Social Work" which have been arranged by the Phil an· 'hrnnic Sf"l"\'ice divh;ion of the �hool I of Commerce and Administration. AI· University Students . especially invited. to the . IInnblamn Stt1tn�iat Qt�urrlt Sunday, October 28th Social Pro,ram. 4:'0 Special Lunch. ��oo 64th aDd Woodlawn 1204 EAST SIXTY-THIRD STREET 151 PbOD. Mielway 1'."1', . MAX BROOK A GRAFONOLAff{c!:'ur " . $10-$2.25 The Woodlawn Phonograph Co. Can aael DcUv� LADIIIS' aND_ GENTS' TAILOR 5uica Made to Ordn . AlIO Rcmocle�' aael Cleaaia. 1314 East 63rd Street lO�7 Ea.. Six'" - FI.... S ... ee. MIDWAY 1960 OPEN EVt:.kY NIGHT . Near Blli. AveDue "B.un Worle for Lc •• Money" The Midway Cleaners : Dyers: Tailors 6249 Cotta,e Grovc A venue Tclepboae Mielw.7 1'8'1' PraaiD. aael Rcpairia" Ru. Clcaaia •• SpeciaJC7 LeFevour Restaurant 114& East &3rd St Neat. Clean and Quick SPECI�L PRICES TO STUDENTS Corsages a Specialty We Call and Deliver. Mendin, and Darnin, Free of Chu,e witt 1Jngle!ii�r Jrt!iS PRINTERS-LINOTYPERS ENGRAVERS-DIE STAMPERS .' At Special Rates TO STUDENTS Typ ew rtiers .Rented First-Class Shoe Repairing WHILE YOU WAIT 1312 East 61st Street DancinA Class Monday Evenin� at8P. M. PriYat. Leuona by Appolntmnat 1541 E.. 57th St. Hyde Park 2314 Bargains in R�BUILT TYPEWRITBRS of ALL KINDS Call! Write! Phone! .. HAS THE NEW LAPEL FRONT Subscribe Today -FOR- The Daily Maro�n ALUMNI MAGAZINE OUT WED. Prints Names of Fraternity MemberS' t in War Senice. The feature of the ·Alumni Maga­ zine, which win make its first appear­ ance or'the year on Wednesday, will be a list of· mo.re than four hundred fraternity men, who are now in the service of their country. The. usual departments of editorial comment. .,; nf'WS, the University record; athletics and "On the Quadrangles" (the last edited by Bartlett Connack: '20) will be included. "At Sea," by Ma·rtin Stevers, '12 will be the leading fiction story. Other :1l1 ic1('s will be "The University in War Work;" "The Psi Upsilon Chapter House;" "Military Science at the Uni­ versity;" and "Dismond as a Quarter Miler," by Le Roy CampeIl, '15. Dr. Shailer' Mathews to Speak ·''''l1rrl.. "'r<-r l",.f.llTCS are primarily for students of the social sciences Dr; Shailer Mathews wm speak at ., VOTl� interested has been iJ'lVited te.l th� Vesper services to be held tomor- attend., row at 4 in the League room. Chop Suey Resta�rant UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Steaks and Clrups. Sp-cial Breakfast (;:30 to 8:30 CHUNG HUA LO 1320 East 57th Street J TYPEWRITING OFFICE Room 2, Lexington I Hall (Stenography Expert (Copying , . (l\fimeographing Prices Nominal Midway 800 Local 214 Box 269 Here is a question to consider. "Why are campus organizations of every variety' absolutely opposed to adverse criticism 1" Blackfriars gets advertisement through the news columns of the Daily Maroon for three weeks before the performance of its annual light opera. But immediately that an unfavorable review is written by the Maroon critics, Blackfriars flies into a rage, and complains that the student news­ paper fails to support campus activi­ ties. The Chicago Literary Magazine (now extant) prints a critici� of the delapidated ideals of the Dramatic club. and is immediately accused of . disloyalty to University endeavors. The old, well-known advocates Df Three Quartersism will lose cODtrol of I themselves if an i�terested outsider, With well-founded opinions of his ownc attempts to prove the theory that monkey business does not nece�lY serve to bind together the men of tbe Freslunan class. The Honor commission preserves a ANNOUNCE MEMBERS OF BOARD dignified silence th�ugb �1l the alter.- P ··d t J d A . ts M be .' • . res. en u son ppom em rs cations that engulf the problem of Its· of Christian Union Board. . value, but never gives the sligbteSt . heed to any objections. President Judson yesterday ap- Why are these things true? It ca.n- pointed eleven students to member­ not be because the organizations are ship on the Christian Union board. Thev are as follows: Howard B. 80 old and so long established that Dobbs, secretary; Howard Goodman. any change is contrary to a traditional Y. M. C. A.; Mary Lois Brown, Y. W. status. They are all of them com- C� L.; Bruce H. Douglas, Volunteer paratively young. They are stm in band; Agnes Murry, Honor commis­ the formative stage of existence. They sion; Walter Earle and Vesper Schl- enker, Senior colleges; Jay Chappell 'all need that kindly gui�ce and as- and Josephine Brooks, Junior' col- sistance whieh is tendered any yOllJlg leges; J. B. Ostegren, Di'\;nity school; person or young league of persons. Irwin M.· Baker, Law school, and Sometimes the guidance takes the Helen Wescott, school of education. . form of constructive ad�ce. Some- The first meeting of the board will he h('ld this morning at 11 in Harper times, unfortunately but unavoidably. • E 41. it tak('� the form of adverse criticism. But it is still guidance, and should be lilRCHW A Y TO TALK considered in that light by the critised. TUESDA Y IN HARPER Fac. Exch. 1001-1003 Ea�t �:sth Street College Work a Specialty Corner Ell .. Avenue Prinur. of tJa.r Daily Maroon Billiards. �igar8. Ci"arettes .&233 Cotr�e Gro�e Ave _ Tel. Mid. 4289 Certaia ideutificatiOll marts f.I'C)tCct �oa apiJISt \ the apuriou.-.aot only the imitatiou 01 the prodact. remember. bat attempted 1'd1II'I"eC- ti�be old failure. that are now � �.m bottJca similar to tbat of the D� laC- ' cea. Look for these 1UlIDi�bJc . 'marks of the ianine-bave. the bottle opesac4 before yOUj then, /1:\. �������� � bean tile Foz tr8de-mark. Be sure the Bottle bean .bls label DEVO i. a pure drink. Which means more than that it contains pure inp-edieuu-mcan. that. while you may have Coad reaaon to .uspec:t .om. milk C'f water d containinc rerm .. BEVO-a pastcuri:-�(l ,..,r�:Juct in ater­ i1izccl bottle __ i. always a.';: .:; free from them. DEVO i. also healthful- '�1': C:lc,;ce cereal. and Saazer bop. from whkll i� is r.:adc make it �d you will find its refreshinc quality anel Savor delichtftlny unlike &D)' you ever tasted in a soft drink. DemaDd the &muine. On .. Ie at an Snt-cJaa places. Your aroccr will .app17 �01I by the caae. M.ufac:tarecl &Del bottle4 adusinly � Anheuser- Busc:h. St. Louis. U. 5. A. � drink s..o ooId Tbe .U-y •• r-·round lOR drink 2U , r···�' i '.,: � . I 'I� . .. � "J J. l' rived • !!!!!!!!!!!!! [ " Fra ' ... that l� reasor � . bande tive b earloa Att not b roll me and� histor Ba� Colurr O. T. tion, t Pro ,', Califo profes · ramo elasse The versit J"tpnac Only 1 cPlvp{l nul' ("I'llnt the fil a wor . PPl". 'I .... Mel ". t:: ... rlvat . their \. 1"'"" .... ('.,., for t} The ,. ,. far co J) ice of Chs .: .. Uni�e there t - ��. ; ::.. h(' 1rl a ,\ � WOl • ;'�'··m s homer 1 -: tf"rno( \ . • ,::Will � r-ias • .. , Franc I NEBI \: Eig Nebn yesteJ on Stl � � � .. j� mass preseJ r�. dents. I way t �\= the 1 .,... this ;: Bes Stews physi� R. D. Nebn . but D of thE ing fl ers w on th Coa 1907, team Poor' his te the 54 to th� ,·:('igh hea� tJ..P : Coacll t I f '( . - . - . � • wasc, igan ., :� " Bans Tho - comm '. �tartil comin nesda- 1" "'Jre' blow ... tak('n I' of fal ., .... ("nroa1 'food = I ' \ t'\. be<-n' ... )'-- wn - boug} ',: �." .. '�I ", .:,' .'. WI ;,� .... , 'J.; .. ," .... ,:. . .' /' ' ,,"" " ..... ,"';. e " ,- •• '1- 4" • •• ·c ; �.. '.. ' .. • J THE DAILY.JlAROON, ISATURDAY. OCTOBER '27, 19�7: • r=r= ...... ·· he passed on down the line, where an ) .. attendant skillfully tossed a ·'Bpdon·· COLLEGIATE BRIEFS ful of the Sweetening ingredient on the mush. That was the limit, and �-----------� the hungry student could neither beg nor buy another spoonful. The Com- mons was going to economize on sugar, even though they had to put on an extra attendant to do it. Under the circumstances, the price of un­ sweetened food, still remains as be­ fore. The salt and vinegar. are still free. : " ) Fraternities at Michigan, 'charging that local merchants are charging un­ reasonable prices for foodstuffs have � . banded together to carry on eo-opera­ tive buying. They have ordered two carloads of potatoes already. Attendance at Grinnell College bas not been hit by the war. The en­ rollment this year, both among men and women -totals the largest in its history. Bayonet fighting wm be taught at Columbia, to the members of the ·R. O. T. C. Besides individual instruc .. tion, teams will be fonned. Prof. Cory, of the University of ;, California, has taken the lead among proff>ssol'S, by declaring that it is patriotic for women to knit during classes. The coal supply at Ohio State Uni­ versity is in great rumger due to the menace of stn1ces in the coal fields. Only one carload of fuel has been re­ cf>ivf>d by the university this week. nllP to a shortage of men on ae­ �unt of the war, Albion College for the first time itt its history, will have a women as editor-in-chief of its pa­ p4't". The. Pleiad. Members of the R. O. T. C. at Penn­ svlvania are using "dummy" rifles for their drill, owing to the fact that the f"""'OI''"Tlment took their regular rifles for the use of the Home Guards. The University of Michigan has so far contributed 1,300 men to the serv­ ice of the United States . Chancellor Frank Strong of thE; University of Kansas has decided that there will he no more formal parties hold at the university during the war. Women at the University of Illinoia '··m 5('11 peanuts and candy at the homecoming game at Urbana this af­ tl'moon. The profits from the sale will go to their fund to buy Christ­ Mas gifts for the University men it' France. ',;, v \ ,. .') � -'�';::' \ , i -. � -: - ... :i.. " NEBRASKA rEAM STOPS' FOR FINAL PRACTICE ......... f- Limbef Up on Stagg Field-On Way to Play University of Michigan \. - " COMMONS 'WAXES PATRIOTIC " Bans S1}gar-Continoes to Donate Salt and Vinegar. Those .who depend on Hutchinson commons for their daily meals are �tartin� to realize that the war is coming rather close to horne. Wed­ nesday was wheatless day for the tray ll1f7'�ern. a"d yesterday the unkindest blow of all came when sugar was , • taken off the tables, On the one bill of fare was a printed notice: "In ac­ eordaneo with the suggestion of tho " food administration, sugar bowls have I been removed from the table." � -, <, Whpn the patron of the cafeteria I.,,� bought his morning bowl of oatmeal, ... �;_. \L, J: FACULTY WILL MEET TO DISCUSS CHANGE IN TIME SCHEDULE Continued from page 1�) Dean Lovett Proposes Plan Dean Lovett proposed the idea at a recent meeting of the General Ad­ ministrative board because the ques­ tion about providing more and better afternoon Instruction had arisen .. The deans had arranged for more after­ noon classes this quarter, but the 3 :40 classes have been unpopular and per­ sons wanting afternoon classes only have found it almost impossible .to arrange such a program. Over ,two­ thirds of the classes have been given in the forenoon up to the present time. The condition has made the classrooms somewhat crowded in the morning. . Arguments which wm be urged againist the changing of the program are, among others, the inconvenience to which it will put fraternities whose members wish to lunch together and the trouble which will be caused in the women's halls which serve lunch On the other hand the campus cafe­ terias will be able 'to serve lunch with less congestion. It. is barely pos­ sible that the arrangement, if adopted will begin next quarter, but that i� improbable since the time schedules for next qt.arter have been nearly completed. It is' probable that thp' school year, at least, will continue under the present system. - Classified Ads. Why Ready-Made When Clothes CHICAGO State and Adams Streets Sk:zte at Chicago·s Big Fresh Air Artificial lce'-Skating Rink-Send this ad with self addressed stamped envelope to Iceland m anager and receive invitation good for admission skates an I wardrobe. Good fllursday, Nov. I, or friday, Nev. ! Five cents ,per line. No advertise­ ments for less than 25 cents. All classified advertisements must be Eighteen strong, the University of paid in advanc� Neb98ka football team stopped off FURNISHED ROO¥S,-- University yesterday morning for an hour's work . neighborhood. Privilege of piano Remington . :'1 on Stagg Field. The Cornhuskers ar- practice, Tel. Hy�e Park 7221. . ! rived about 10, at the time when the ===========. Type. writer - Company '.� m� meeting was going on, so their . CHARLES· CHAPLIN presence was unknown to the stu­ ·0. dents. The Nebraska team was on its way to Ann Arbor, where it will meet /(: the University of Michigan eleven ..... this afternoon. 858 East Sixty-third Street Besides the players, Coach E. J. ============== .• Stewart,· Dr. O. W. Everett, team physician, and his wife �d PrOf. The KIMBARK THEATRE R. D. Scott were in the party. The 6M2 Kimberk Aye. ConIiD1IOIiS l-11 p.m. '( Nebraska outfit was a husky crew, ., , but much cut up by injuries. Three' of the stars of the team will be miss­ ': ing from the lineup, and several play": ers will be 'Started who ought to be on the side lines because of injuries. Coach' Stewart, who led Purdue in .• t'� 1907, was not very optimistic over his The Snirits Ten 'LIe team �king a Victory from Michigan. ". '" Y'& Poor weather kept him from working -: his team out of doors this week, and "The 13th. Chair" Home Restaurant the soggy field wm work a handicap POP. MAT. WEDNESDAY to the squad. Michigan greatly. out- With • and Lunch '·"l'ighs the Cornhuskers, "and the ANNIE RUSSELL GARRICK ' heavy going will deprive Nebraska of t .... P. advantage of superior speed. PRINCESS: Pop. Mat. 2:15 Today Coach Stewart said, however, that he IrY01IHa�·tGot,Sntslo!This'Mati.. cedine nothi • nee. Don t Be Sad. There s a Poplllar was con mg nothing, and that Mlch- Matinee E'ftrY Thunday; and You Cen igan was going to have a fight·to win. 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Top Floor McClurA BidA. 218 South Wa�h Avenue Phone Harrison 7084 for Appointments .. OJ Home Cooking 63 .. d Street and Soulh Park Avenue ICEL�ND READ AT EAT Open� Thursday Eve, November 1st Rosalie Inn 57th St. and Harper Ave. DINNER Daily 5:30 to 7:.10 Sunda,. 12 to 2:30 TRY OUR HOT ·VVAFFLES Few Break, .. t and Lunch Outaide Rooms '3 to '6 per week Subscribe" for Your College Paper ! i ! - I' t ll� i II - • .J �l -_ .. - , .. ..... '\ . ; � • I . ( ,. , .. • "'_' .-: •.•• ��: .. }I . . ... , for the Hallowe'en party which will WOMEN PRAcrlCE SMALL IL THE �US I WHISI1E iii be given for the entire University to- ARMS FIRING ON RANGE &!iii night in Ida Noyes1uill by the League and the Y. M. C. A. have been Learn to 'Shoot under Tutelage of Dr. announced. The. complete' receiving Sophia Eckerson and Dr. Charles line is made up of President Harry Chamberlain-Two Already Expert Pratt Judson, Dean Marion Talbot, Marksmen. Mrs. Goodspeed of Ida Noyes hall, The women of the University are MISS Taylor of the League, Mr. and learning to shoot, . and to shoot Mrs. Charles W. Gilkey, Dr. and Mrs. straight. Theodore Soares, Dr. and Mrs. John The seventy-five foot rifle range Coulter, Dr. Charles Goodspeed, Dr. under the stadium has been given Earnest Burton, Mr. and Mrs. John up exclusively to the women on Wed­ Moulds and Mr. Clarence Brown. nesday nights, where, under the tute- An addition of some value to the lage of Drs. Sophia Eckerson and program is the securing of the serv- Charles J. Chamberlain of the Botany ices of Robert Larkin, a freshman and department, they are practicing small­ the brother of Garrett Larkin who left arm firing. There has been no new school last year to join the aviation club formed, the University Rifle club corps, who will sing at the vaudeville having no rule against women mem- ' which will be the entertainment of the bers. There are over twenty women evening. Bartlett Cormack has been representing all classes, and more are at work rounding up some members of to join. the Dramatic club to give a perform­ ance. The rest of the program will be as announced yesterday in the Daily Maroon. "The persons in charge of the enter­ tainment," said Josephine Brooks of the committee last night, "have been working hard and' with co-operation the result is sure to be a successful evening. We have prepared many surprises for the entertainment and the refreshment committee has worked hard. We hope everyone will come out Just because this sheet goes up in and get acquainted. with. everyone air every day is no reason that (saith else." the ed.) it should be called "the daily balloon." Motto: This place has changed hands. Ode to the Dept. of Grounds The melancholy days have come, The saddest of all the year, Spring and Summer left behind And only Fall and Winter here. One rays of hope shines through the clouds, One ray of joy to us .is deeded; It can't be long till spring will come, They haven't canned "Please-newly seeded." We've Always Wondered Dear Whizzler: If you want to know why they call beginning reporters "cubs," just look and see who the editor it. Vair Liber The rain beats against the window. It patters. -Laura Blackburd. About 23,482 stupid ones failed to gather, from a story recently gracing this nifty newspaper, that robbers entered the Sigma Nu house, stole two cases of soap, and made a clean get- away. Rhyme, Rhythm, or Reason We needed some books out of Hahper, We made out the call slips quite prhahper. We handed the cards To the lady in charge Who, after about ten minutes, said that she was corry, but the books were out. Some lukes say, in spite of Hoover, that meat is a good thing to eat when in a hurry because it doesn't require salvation. The difference between Harper Li­ brary and the Reynolds club is that the reading '109m of the club is often quiet. No, Dune doesn't write this column. Have you made your date for Black- - friars yet? We thought not! ;.� Anon. .""" COMMITTEE OF HUNDRED MEETS TO PERFECT PLANS Membership Workers for Campus Y. M. C. A. to Lay Organization Plans on Monday-Give Hallowe'en Party Tonight in Noyes • ---' ; The committee of one hundred, which is going to undertake the work of increasing the membership of the Y. M. C. A. this week will meet for the purpose of discussing a plan of perfecting an organization Monday at 10:10 in Cobb 12A. The.committee is in charge of Sherman Cooper, gen .. eral chairman, and is made up of ten smaller committees each of which will be assigned a special field for its ac­ tivities, The necessity for acquiring a larger membership has been caused by the desire of the Y. M. C. 'A. to do a large amount of work in the army camps, both at home and abroad. The chairmen of the sub-committees have been appointed permanently and were announced last night by Clarence Brown, acting secretary of the Y. 1\1. C. A. The chairmanships were an­ nounced during the week, but nurne­ rous changes have been made since that time" The chairmen arc now, A-Milton Coulter, B-Floyd Angle­ myer, C"":"Prank Breckenridge, D­ Goodell Crawford, E-.James Nicely, F-Barrett Spach, G-Anrlrcw Baird, H-Jasper King, I-Paul Randall, and J-Frank Priebe. Make Party Changes Certain changes in the arrangements Phone Midway 1960 We delinr -FOR- New Dance Records • New Song Hits The Woodlawn Phonograph Co. U14 E.63rd STREET OPEN IVENlNGS , I • .. nude The women whom we are qualifying for markSmen are given a test equal to hitting a hat at 20Q l yards, with accuracy and rapidity. Can y,ou imagine a band of bz:igands get­ ting past such a deadly fire. That's the kind of a fire our women will be able to put up, after their training . here." Two Good Shots $30 want to prevent the recurrence of e Columbus massacre. Many of the wo­ men who m shooting are from the Western border states, and they real­ ize that they may sometime be re­ quired to use their knowledge, should ano.ther raid ever occur. If the wo­ men of Columbus had known how to shoot; there would never have been a Since We Specialize in , College Men's Clothes Prepare Surprises The women have demonstrated that they are in no way inferior to the men in aptitude and accuracy. The scores that they have made are equal to any that men of equal experience make. Concerning the shooting, Dr. Chamberlain said yesterday, "Some of the scores made have been especially good. Two of the members, Drs. Norma Pfeiffer, and Sophia Eckerson both of the Botany department, are alreadymarksmen. After passing tho tests .here, they went up to the Great Lakes Naval Training station, where they took the Government test for marksmen on the army range, using military rifles and ammunition. Both passed the tests, and are now privi­ leged to. wear the bronze marksman button. "The aims of the leaders of the prac­ tice," continued Dr. Chamberlain, "are tw�-fold. We intend, first of all, to familiarize women with firearms. A woman cannot overcome her natural antipathy to firearms till she practices with them often enough to secure confidence in herself. Then again, we Freshman Class Tickets on Sale q We are peer­ lessly equipped to meet your clothing de­ mands :: Dockstader &.Sanber�' Suite 600 Republic Building , Adams and State Streets Thia popular Trench Coat Model-A variety of pattn71a at Freshman class tickets are now on sale. They may be purchased fro student agents for fifty cents. These tickets, which take the place of clasn dues, will admit freshmen to all class functions. Agents are requested to report before Monday noon to James Nicely. REMEMBER - Turkish to­ bacco is the world's !!'()!"_� famnus tobacco for ci gc'!·'-'; � ,. r· -.. � ---�- \' I J� ,� � . ,� , .. � . I , \