f • '. ..... � ,L r ,. � .. ' . i .. , I' e , at aroon .: J f { .�. , , � t I f VOL. XVI. No. 12 UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, WEDNESDAY,'OCTOBER 17, 1917. Price Five Cents PURDUE STRENGTH IS ,UNDERESTIMATED, IN OPINION OF MAROONS " map are 'populated' by persons with different feelings, concernings the events of last week on the Boiler­ makers' field.' One of these localities is Stagg Field. The Maroons are pretty certain that Purdue lay down In the Depauw game. Th'e'y - are' not 'taking seriously' the closeness of the score and are guag ... ing, rather, the strength of the Boiler­ makers 'men, many of, whom have seen service on the gridiron before. An effort to get the fraternities ac- Best Men Did Not Play tively interested in the! campaign, to sell bonds to the students was made The salient, feature of last Satur- day's game was the absence of Allen at the interfraternity council meeting and Huffine from the line-up. The yesterday, and the committee expects former played in several of the games the secret societies to take an active last year and demonstrated consider- part in stimulating a wider interest in able ability in open' field 'running, the bonds among the students. The punting and defensive work. Huffine committee has suggested .that the ira­ was=conceded to be the- best 'bucking ternities, in the .'cases .where it is 'halfback in' the Conference last, .sea- possible, buy bonds with either the son, and additional practice has chapters or the individual members as hardly injured' him. ' units. 'Th� loss of" Hart, ;'ho broke an "Of course," said Mr. Rowles last night, "we realize that "a number of , ,. ankle something over a week ago, KRUPKE TO EXPLAIN .will be felt by the Boilermakers, but students are' working" their' way Y M C A A• CTIVITIES' 1\1 I h b .' hi through school and that they can, not The University, will be allowed a • • • • . ,c ntos is a fair su stitute for 1m.' N iti th taff h be IN TRAINING CAMPS always spare even a dollar a week for ew P.oS! Ions on e s ave en quota of eighteen men graduates or ,� . Iuffinc is a sure ground gainer against , . the purchase of bonds, but on the created with a view to distributing the undergraduates who have had work apy team and Allen is' liable to be 'k f duci th al . other hand there. are many men and wor 0 pro ucmg e annu comic in the department of Militarv Science. Local Association to' Conduct Series dangerous' at any time. With both of ' . . tl d if t I '.1 • women in-residence who are perfectly opera more JUS y an more e ec ua- The men who are selected will be sent of l\Ieetings-Wili H old Fresh- thes e men on the sidelines Saturday, 1 ,IT k d h h ' . cble to help the government. In con- y. nor connecte "it t e music to the camps for training het\�'een man Luncheon on Friday. there is no mysteryin the closeness of d h d d b • . ::C, quence of the number of well-to- an t e score will be divi e e- . Jan. 5 and April 5; the camps to be' the game.· "( do students \ v e expect a large sub- tween the score manager and the held in all the regular cantonments The 'first of ... series OI� meetings to Line Is Strong . I dit It j h d th t' thi '" '" scription to the loan. The amount sc.ore e lor. IS ope a m 1� now bcine UR cd Fnch appli c· t . will -The Purdue line- is strong this year. ' , � ,t.:...... :' I '1 be giYcn under the auspices" of the raised on this' campus should be equal way the score will be printed more undcrrro a physical examination from Y. M. C .. A. on Friday at 10:10 in Cant . Berns ·and Bartlett, are good to that 'of any in the country." accurately and the music competition a�y reputable physician at the ap- Cohb 12 .:\ will be in the nature of an �:!.c;les and �lcDo'naIdJ an� l\Iiz� d:v�r conducted in a more satisfactory man- , 1'1ka;,I:'r. expense. ',' informal lecture' by Walter Krupko. onr s, Mort-ish and or an pay t c , ' , I nor S' I � h . I t 1 f ;:.-uar(Is and Olmstead center. Most. of I FGCHTF.EX STUnE�TS T'} siti '. �.' .. . \ lJ:,;n,: \:' 0 WIS I 0 apr y or Krupke, who was doing Y. M. C. A. , I'.. 1 ' , "VII J BY� IX FI� \LS ie posi lOll 01 prograrn man .. gcr, 1�1<:r'1L(11'��hp in the camps may do so I work -on tIl'" can-lpus ... ,'e"r "'0-0, I·S �he::c - p�en hac some trammg ast .... >� • • � � � I"} ''''1} h r ,..,.', � r.' k P . b '" _......""to> OF DRA 1\1.\ TTC CLUB \, 1t... 1 las v('.:n <:ol\ (':1 lO � ran lie e, at the r�iiitary office' in Ellis 1:>, ,,'here , 1'0\':' doin� simibr \\'�rk in the train- �cason. '.� 1 . \ . ;:-; a ncw ot�i:. Lan; .... r :md bettcr pro- 41,(\, \\"'11, ,.,'\'('11 11., k t b 1::11 1'1 Thr>_partic'.llar ad"antage whic�l --- 1 � ...... ,',. �. 1" .'f, t";! , ) ... n -" 0 e 11. �( I :I1g can-:ps for drafted 1:.0n. He \ViiI ' ,�:l'am�, with :l.(h·�rtiscments, arc' ex- ('·U'. Anpl!('a!)ts must be tx>twccn the c:plain th' work of the association Coach O:})onnc1( enjoys js a complC'te Eight�('n Candida�('s Try rur A!'so-I pret(;d as;! result of crr;ating- it. Ba ... t-, :'l'J'S of �t ano 31 on Ja:) .. ;; and may and will explain the .. 'e!ation between (Continued ci:!te �1�r.I'-'crship to C�mpus Orgrrll- ktt CG],!1:�c'k. pre.'s ar,-cn:, ,\'ill do the h" ('i�h�l' lTIaI'l'1cd or tmmalTi('d. :\ p- the stude�t� here ancI the recruits in on page 3.) izat ion at Pr('limiilary Cont�st. I \';c",j.; \\'bich reIa�c�; to news storit's. pli<-:l� if'ns' t�'llS1: b(' 1l1ade 1)('fo}·(' D('�., tlle �"Cl"'·lce. . ._", I ,,' . t � 1 h f- 1 1 s ...... I '. a::::otl!1C, i';,C:l::-, ail'. p o.og oap 1 J .. 1. aiter �';hi('h no more members" will • :IeJ1lher� of the faculty and, prom-I WEATHER FOR�CAST Eighteen studcnt$ tricd oat for �s-I pi.lbiications, particularly daily news- hf' arim:1.t,-..l. Although Idtc1·S. of I inent alur.mi who are interested in , .,ocbte. mcml.icrs!lij)s of the Dram3tic I p�pcrs. ' l'('co')H�'en(lation "1'(' not \\'ant" � th .... I' 1 l' 'V".J';I··s.·d"�· f�l·r·. no� .. much ch"nrrn " � '.. . - .•• - ,q" Y. �l. C. A. work anc its C'1U1vu ent ... u...... - .. �� c1ub a� the nnartc.:h· ccmnctition hci.'i I �;o LC5S Work rnMf'S of three 1"e:=pons!blc citizens I ,\·ill r-peak at futUre meeting':> to be n temperattm.' •. Gentle "ariable "'inds. yesterday aft('rnaon in Cobb. Of £11(' , "TI�c j"s+i! utio:1 of a �1"('ater nu:n- \\'110 k:1oW the applicant ·r.Hlst he i held at the same place on successlye (';,�r.�c('n the ju(lges selected fourteen I bel' of positions on the staff'flocs not gh·cn. I Fridays. Th('y will speak on sturl�' THE DAILY' MAROO� competitors who WC1'C tJ10ught to show m('an lcss ,,"ork for t11e holders of To Or�anize Other Schools ' ;):·o�!(.ln::; and religious qutstions that nULL£TIX suffident ability to appear beforc th(' any of them,�' said Ahbott COOP(,I' The prC'!'ent tl·air.inf!' �"hl)ols m'e interest the undergraduate body. Today clull' in the' final competition which y('sterday. "It means a bettcr pro- pl'im�rily for mf'n to IJl� comlssioncd in . The first Freshman luncheon of the Chapel. Senior �olleg('S. 10:10. l\Ian- will he held tomor!'o\\: in Cobb 12,\. duction, that's all. The' elections ha\"(' t.hC' line, hut th(' other c1('�artments of veal" will he giycn on Friday at 12:45 del. • Two memhers of the department of been made with an eye to merit ann t.h" anny :ll'(, authoriz('o to organize ·1·',1 I,Tl·l�chl·t'.son ""aL".e b" the ros:socl· ... tion. E l' h d . I h l' .1 b'l f h ' • � .. �._ U Chapel, (}h'inity sch.ool, 10:10 Has- .ng IS acte as JU< ges. t e pecu Jar a(lapta I ity 0 eac man �ch(lols for trainin� men to he of- This luncheon is (m·e of fiye or six. ken. Thc" foUrteen who arc to be in the to his position. r think the st�lfT will tirC'r;.. 1':0 a!lp1i('a�ions ar� to he maoe that are annual1'-' mven for tlle fresh- h' 0 R fi 1 � t to I R th I tt t L_ bl N '" e' :\Iat emah�al club, ":3, ye�on,,,a ,ryou ray are u JO\'C __ pf{we 0 m: a \'ery a e one. • ext through the 'Var dppartment. men as an aio to acquainting them. 37. Carlin Cranoall, Beatrice Wid. Han- y(':lr':; proouctio!l. \\'11ate\"er it may hc, with each other ana the college tradi- Puhli!' I<'�tun .. women, "Youth and nah Valantine, Arthur 1\Ie11ing, Zc(' 1 n'm S\lre, will }'C' up to the Black- �opnO:\'ORE �MEnTCS t.iolls. A prominent faculty member Society," III, .t :3;;. Mandel. Reeves. Carl :Marcus, Sarah Joh:;;on, fria1's standarci if thf"sC men han' ELECT 4 OFFICERS usually speaks at the�e luncheons. �It'norah !'ociety� 7. Ida �oy('s halt Carl Piper: Lucy Sturgis, OliYe Scott, an�,thing to do with it." The part�' nrrangeo by the Y. 1\1. C. A. Tomorrow Helen Saunocrs, and Helen Boyc. T1w The tim� \\'hen all manuscripts of for today has heen postpont"d till Fri- Chapel, College of Commer�e and cont(,:,tants ga\'(' sclections from pla�;s to be entercel in the Rla('k- day, Oct. 17. It will be held at 8 in Administration. �ol1cgc of Education. standard plays aryl were a110\\'co thrce f:'ia!'s cor1pf'tition must be in the 1<13 �oyes :\nd will be a Hallo'('('n 10:10 'landel. minutes fo; rlrli\,cry. har(l� of the 01'0,'1' llas &e'n ('xt('mlco Chapcl. Divinity school. 10:10. lIas- "ThC'sc pcopl('," S&�;d Dorothy Fay, i!'Cktlnit('b·.· It will prohahly he l'f"t J.:('H. the' pl·('sident of the cluh, con('('rning- :>.h(\ut the middl(' of NowmhC'T in- Chri�tian ficience !'ocidy tea. 4. Ida t1ie amhrYt) actol·�. "311 !'how('rl l'omf' ��r::lCl of No,'. 1. as formerly an- ��oyes hat1. ;o.hjlit�· '\\'h�('h was thoug-ht hy thr non:.rc<1. Physic's cluh, .t :�O, Ryerson. 32. jwi,:,,('s to a(!mit of thrir app(\arin� 0('- Puhiic lectl�r('. ''Tvp<'" (If Social �n"(' tl1r dub this af!I'Tn00n for t1w '\\'ork" H. 3 :30. IIar�('r, E 11. fln:ll r()'".�('st. Th(' nnmher of p(,l"sonc; Read The Daily �farooll f't1hF\· l('('�l1r('. WOr"'lC'n. "Youth allr! 1""'1") \\"('1'(, �'.��ri(1ntl�·'nt"r('st('fI tt) try I · So,'iet y," TY. " :�:;. �t:lnc1e1. i .... :;� fr!' 1l�(: cluh \\'a� ('ncollra�ing'." For Campus N ev.rs auspices of the Poetry club, an organi­ zation fonned last year for students of the University who have ability in writing verse . The contest will' close on. Thursday, Nov. 15. trhe verse that is entered in The University of Chicago has been the contest must be original lyric selected by the War' department to poetry. Any number of lyrics may be one of the colleges to send men be submitted by one student. There to training camps which have been . will be thre� judges, one of whom established !l.t all the cantonments for will he Harriet Monroe, editor of the the training of me� selected as possi- Poetry Magazine. The other judges bilitics for commissions. The train- 'Will be announced later. ing camps are primarily for the en- Regulations of Contest listed men of the regular army, na- Each lyric must be typewritten on tional guard and national army: but' 'a separate - pi�ce of paper and only places will be made for graduates and one side of the paper should be used., undergraduates of selected Universi- The manuscript should be sent to the ties. Poetry club, Box 0, Faculty exchange. The students who complete the work The manuscripts as they are received given in the campus, which will. con- will he sent to 'the judges, and' the tinue for three months, will, if sue- result of the contest will be announced cessful, be considered eligfbile for ap- soon after the closing date. . pointment as· second lieutenant and The contest will be similar to those will be commissioned, as vacancies oc- conducted' for the David Blair Me­ cur, in the order of merit determined Laughlin prize, the Political Science by the recoad made at the camps: AU prize, and such others. Any student students wJio go 'to the camps must of the University, graduate, under­ enlist for the duration of the war and graduate, or unclassified, "ill he elig­ those who are not successful in get- ible to enter. Further information ting commissions will continue their can be secured at the Daily l\l6lroon service and finish their enlistment:' �fficers or from any member of the While i� training they will be ranked, club. The present members are: Edna as first class privates and will re- Strauss. Paul J cans, Donald Peattie, ceive pay as such, about thirty dollars Wrisley Oleson and Arthur Baer. monthly and food, clothing and quart- \ Parrish, Freshman End, Injured Scrimmage with Varsity-Pro­ nounced Out of Danger. An honor roll upon whfch the names of all members of the University who have purchased bonds or a bond of the Second Liberty Loan has been put up on 'the bulletin board in Cobb, by the members of the Liberty Loan committee who are conducting a cam­ paign for the- sale of bonds among in the students: The first name to ap­ pear on the list is that of Virgil E. Sheetz who bought the bond sold yes­ terday at the booth in Cobb. The booth for the sale of bonds on the campus is in charge of Roland P. Seely and Duncan �l. Rowles, mem­ bers of the Flying Squadron of Four, Miriute Men. The hooth will be open daily from !) to 4 as long as. the students show a sufficient amount of interest in the campaign to make it profitable for the men to spend their time on the campus. Bonds can be, purchased through the University at the booth and paid for in full, or the booth will refer the students to banks which will allow bonds to be paid for in installments as low - as one dollar , I ERECT HONOR ROLL OF 'BOND BUYERS IN COBB �IUST APPLY BEFORE DEC. 1 WILL AWARD PRIZE FOR COMPOSITION OF POETRY a week . Ask Fraternity He1p CHOOSE STAFF FOR FIFfEENTH ANNUAL FaIARS PRODUCTION ALLOW UNIVERSITY .' .: TO SEND STUDENTS . TO TRAINING CAMPS Contest for Prize of Twenty-Five Dol­ lars Will Be" Conducted under Auspices of Poetry Club-Will • Close Thursday,' N�v. 15. r- '. " The announcement has been made that a prize for excellence in the writing of poetry will be awarded this year, and probably in all future years, at the University. The prize, twenty": fh'e dollars in cash, has been donated by several interested persons, and the contest will 'be conducted under the - , " Scant Vietery of Boilermakers 'Saturday Over Depauw Indicative of Little. First Purchase of Liberty Bond at Campus BOoth Is Virgil Sheetz­ Solicit Fraternity Interest in Gov­ ernment Loatt. Ruling Permits Eighteen' Chi­ 'cago Men to Try for Cemmis-' sions at Next Cantonments. Frank Breckenridge Made Man­ ager-Fisher, Nicely, Read­ ing and Others Named. rRACTICE ',!� ,WINTER �IONTHS NEW POSITIONS ARE CREATED Letters of Recommendations Are Not Wanted-Applicants Must Be Between 21 and 31 on Jan. 5. All l\Ien Chosen Are Well Suited for Their Jobs, Says Abbott , Cooper. ., ,� � . �, • > -, � . " '. �1 j . �1 s: l ... . . ' l " � ", � J� :\j :, '" Purdue barely nosed out a 7 to 6 victory over Depauw last Saturday and had to use all of its strength to do so, according to reports from Lafay­ ettc. Other localities on the western The staff which will stage the 1918 Blackfriars show' was announced yes­ terday by Sherman Cooper, Abbott of the order. The personriel was elect­ ed by the superiors during the sum­ mer but publication of it has been held up to provide time for any substitu­ tions that might have been made nec­ essary by the departure of men to war. Leo Walker is the only man originally chosen who did' not return to college. He joined the n�val re­ serve. . Frank Breckenridge, '19, who was publicity manager last year of "A Myth in Mandel" and a member of the chorus of "The Rhenish Rhomance'" in 1916, has been made manager of the 1918 production. The .othen members of the staff are asfollows: 'Costumes manager, James Nicely, '20; property man, Edgar Reading, '20; publicity manager, Lewis' Fishes, '20; press agent, Bartlett Cormack, '20; chorus master, Frank Madden, '20; score . manager, BradleY., Hali, '20�re - �j�"_'�-'; editor, Joseph White, '20; program manager, Frank Priebe,' '20; assist­ ant costumes manager, William Ellis, '20, and assistant property mall,' Glenn Millard, '20. ' 'ers. To Start Jan. 5. New Jobs Instituted I. Subscribe To�ay For Your College Paper party. to The S0phomor('� f'f the Merlical F('hool hl"'lrl <,l('ction of officers y('�tcr­ oa\' mornin�. Thf'�(, ('I('cteo arC': Rf'hnrt. Gr311am, pT�sid('nt: Harry Ohf"rh�lm. vicc presirknt; ann Frank Kelly. ��rrdnry and tr(':lSUN'. Forty­ fivc stufl�nts w('re pr('s('nt. Women from Other School!' )Ieet A "get together" m('ctinrr for an W(WH'1l f!'om ot h('r ct>11er,-es will he ;)('1,1 in thr. Lcag11(, r00m. lela xo�·('s b��l, to!110iTOW afff1T7100n frot:l 0:30 to :) o'('lock: .... t .. " ,lllil .,.- , ,,,", 1 'I' . II"". • ,'''� -n l : • '- .. -,-- . .� � r � - ., ..... - THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, O��ER 17, 1917. , ) " w1Jt laiiy jiarnnn .Our pet :n:!�����hiS js: You The Student Newspaper of The Uniunlt7 can lead a man to thought, but you of Chicalto can't make him think. =============-----�-�----�-�-= Published morninp. except Sunday and Mon­ day. during the Autumn. Winter and SpriDa quarters by the Daily Maroon company. Arthur lJaer _.. President Chartes Greene _........................... Secretary Wade Bender _._ •.... _ .•• _ _ Treasurer EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT THE STAFF Arthur Baer ..... __ . .. .' •...•• Manasrinc Editor Charles Greene ._ .... •....• __ • New. Editor Roland Holloway Nlcht EdItor Lewis Fisher .•... _._ •. _ )Jay. Edito1 John JOIIepn _ .. __ .• _._._ Day Editor Harold Stansbury _..... Da,. Editor Stanl .. ,. Roth ,. Athletics Editor Falkenau -;.. Women's Editor enzbenrer A..uistant Women's Editor ASSOCIATES Leona Bachrach Bela KaYlteia William �orl."enatern BUSL�ESS DEPARTMENT Wade Bender Business Manager ---�---- -�---------------- Entered all second class mail at the Chicago Postoffiee, Chicago. Illinois. March 13. 190.6. under the aet of March 3. 1873. By Carrier. $3.0.0. a year: $1.25 a Quarter lJy Mail. $3.0.0. a year: $1.50. a Quarter Editorial Rooms _ __ _ .. �_ Ellis 12 Telephone, Midway 800. Local 162. Hours: 10.:15-10.:45: 1:30-6: 7-9:30. Business Office _ _. __ ._._ Ellis 14 Telephone Midwa� 800.. Local 162. Hours: 10 :1&:.10. :45: 1 :So.-5 �472 WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17, 1917. NEGLECTING AN EDUCATION "-�.- The opportunities for securing an education at the University of Chi­ cago are so obvious that to speak about them is considered a truism and a banality. There is not only the presence of the educational institution tself. The fact that the University � located in a 'great city opens up a hundred. more possibilities. The art galleries, the theaters, the lecture as­ sociations, and the tremendous city tself offer untold and "untellable" op­ portUnities to the man who is seeking to broaden his sympathies, to increase his knowledge, to acquire those quali­ ties of character and knowledge which determine culture. No one can live in a city like Chicago without getting soem degree of educatlon as a result. But that is not all. The University eontl Inually makes an extra effort to attend to the cultural welfare of her 'sons and daughters. She has given them as h a ome a group of beautiful grey, buildings that form, a camPlls incomparable. She has hung' th halls In e of those buildings portra'ts f excol] � . 1 0 en" artIstic worth. In' merabI Innu- he great and smaller ways she as COnt lb te ing n u d her part toward mak- rn�n' and W f h daughte omen 0 er SOns and rs. InlDOrtant wOl'k among these is the . �r the University Orchestral as- SOClatton Th . in th . el'e IS not a university e country which has thi arran J� same . gement for securing the be t mUSIc b s pl 0 y one of the finest of s""" 1 nv 0 h ,,111- h . . rc estras in one of th . UlhlingS He . e campus of th . rc }5 the best rendering chest must 1 st I SiC )rought right to th U( Cnt's door H' e chan . ere 15 an admirable cc for education But th . t e stUdent fails to take ad- van ag'e J t h I .. Us as e ncglect.� to visit 1(' art noaH' • � (\T1e�, Just as he n I � osee t11C • cg ects th C ." good thmgs that come to e hl('ago sta . t h . rrc, Ju�t as he neglects c thou;.;and unrl one opportuniti('!; for rcalh' a '. . _] <. Cf)\llrmg- an education, so 1I0('S ho f '1 1 - a: l('te. Th0rc are a number of seats still unsold for the orchestral concerts in :\landcl hall. It was piti­ ful to soc tho vacant scats vestcrdae, Vacant scats! Eheu! Eheu! Miseri­ cordia! It is especially pitiful when one considers that the students of the University arc given an especial rate. You cqme back to the old proverh: You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. .: .. DR. MABEL ULRICH TO CONTINUE LECTURES Series of Talks for University Wo­ men to Be Given this Week. The third of the series of lectures for University women on "Youth and Society," by Dr. Mabel S. Ulrich, of Minneapolis, will be delivered at 4:85 this afternoon in Mandel hall. .The remaining lectures wifl be given 'to­ morrow and Friday at the same time in Mandel. Dr. Ulrich, a graduate of Cornell and Johns Hopkins, and a practising physician' for ten years, is one of four lecturers appointed in 1913 by a commission on social mor­ ality to speak before the women of the various colleges and normal schools throughout the-country. Dr. Ulrich delivered this Series of lectures at the University last year under the auspices of the Women's Adntinistrative Council. She is here now at the request of the Council, the League and the Women's Athletic Association. Women may hold con­ ferences with her from 10 to 12:30 today, tomorrow and Friday in :Mrs. qJodspeed's office on the second floor of Ida Noyes hall. LETTERS "R. O. T. C." AND :"U. C." ARE WORN The cap and collar ornaments for the campus division of the R. O. T. C. have been prescribed by the govern­ ment and will' be here for use with I ' the new uniforms. The cap orna- ment ,,;11 be the letters "R. O. T. C." enclosed in a wreath and the letters "R. O. T. C�" and "U. C�" will be worn on the collars. The parade an­ nounced for Thursday has been post­ poned. - , '/ Why Ready=Made 'Clothes When • you can. buy a suit from us 'that is made for YOU, . from a selection' of over 500 patterns, no two alike. for about the same price that you must pay for .ready-made clothes? CIf YOU want individual clothes, and style that· everybody not the .same wears; just a little different from the what we other' fellow's, and that is .aim to give you. CIf Ask', the boys; they will tell , . what kind of clothes we make. you FOSTER & -ODW ARD Correct Dressers of Men • RECEIVE CATHOLIC STUDENTS: ,7th .Floor; Republic Building Brownson Club Will Entertain Today ,in Noyes Hall. An opening receptipn for all Cath­ olic students, both men and women will be given this afternoon from 4 to 6 in the assembly room af Ida Noyes Hall, by the Brownson Club, the Cath­ olic students' organization of the Uni- versity. " Father Shannon, pastor of the St. Thomas church and Miss Montegriff, head resident of' the .Paulist Settle­ ment, will be guests of the club at this meeting. There will also be election of officers for the coming year. Re­ freshments will be served, . Margaret Hayes is general chair­ man for the meeting, Catherine Clare and Herx are chairmen of the recep­ tion committee' and Florence Woods of the refreshments committe-e. FOSTER HALL DECIDES TO BUY LIBERTY BOND Foster hall is' going to have a $100 Libertv bond all 'its own, The money, which "is to be raised by subscription before Friday night, was appropriated last night at a house meeting. The bond will be bought through the Uni­ VC1'Sity, to help its Liberty Loan cam­ paign. HARPER LIBRARY STAFF DONATES FIFTY DOLLARS Fifty dollars 'vas the contribution of the staff in Harper Library toward the National War Library Fu�. Miss :\lilIs and Miss Ridlon of the lihrary staff were chiefly instrumental in the collection. The money was forwarded yesterday to the local treasurer and makes up part of a huge 'fund to be used for erecting library buildings and purchasing books for our army training camps. Gives Physic�1 Examinations All women who have registered for work in the department of Physical Education have been requested to have thei'r physical or heart and lung ex­ amination before the end of the week. The former will be given tomorrow from 8 to 10:15, the latter toc1ay from 9:30 to 12. State 'and Adams Streets CHICAGO , Every Minute Counts Why you should subscribe today for The Dail y Maroon 1. Remember your brother or friend . in the trench or camp, . Rememberyour parentsat home are interested in what you are .. doing, 3. Remember this to keep in sity affairs. Remember this is the orrly way touch with Univer- 4. • IS YOUR college paper. Offices - -Ellis 12-14 - .• J ....... ,J ,. " J , , s s t t i 11 t t c f t , " .' J1 t, r f. t o d c tl n a t " P b tl 51 P I J • I '� I I .. a E I t1 �1 d, C a d S( 01 I hi E J ., " I • f.; 'II T h( , i �, � ." t' 1 ( • i." , . at al T. he \\ L. n< u sa ce th ,I· • ,. .J ,. " 1 �, .. 1 ) �' .. � � ;.. J ' .. , , .' ! .. t'· " .. '.'., ...... � ... '��.' ". -':"' ..... �.' - I ', ...... " . . ' ... '.. ....... .,. ...... i ·THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 17,1917. -;'� :'j HARRIS SORRY HE IS ON WRONG SIDE OF CHANNEL . Faculty Member in England Writes to Secretary, Dickerson of Eager­ ness to See Service. T. Spencer Dickerson, secretary of the board of Trustees, has just re­ ceived a letter' from Assistant Prof. Norman M. Harris, of the department of Hygiene and Bacteriology, who has been made a captain of the Cana­ dian contingent of the Royal Anny Medical corps which has been in serv­ ice in one of the southeast counties of England for over a year. The letter reads as follows: "How eagerly on this side the great waters all Europe waited to see what America in her travail this past win­ ter and spring would bring forth! Succor, or thrice-damned neutrality? I shall never forget the emotions with which I read through the stirring, yet intensely logical and convincing ap­ peal of President Wilson to the coun­ try in his speech to Congress, calling upon the Republic, 'to arms!' 'And how gratifying the immediate re­ sponse was, and how wonderfully are the preparations going on towards launching the thunderbolts' of war! Bartholdi's statue at the entrance of New York's harbor more than ever typifies and' justifies that word so dear to the American people, because the United States of America has en­ tered upon this colossal struggle with­ out 'an ax to grind,' no annexation, no indemnities, but she fights for a great ideal, for the advance of liberty and civilization in this world of oura, Right must, and will triumph over might! The lowest score of the series re-: 1,-- will be a plca.ure to us. a eonven- suIted in a· game between the Uni- _' ienc:e.to you. if you do yo�r versity Press and R. R. Donnelley -& Bankini here. ' Sons, which stood .a-lin favor of the former team. The highest score of, _ .• the series was 9-4 in a game played iil4r 3Jnglr!itbr JrrS5 with Barnhart Brothers. The games ' were played in Washington park. Fol-}. PRINTERS-LINOTYPERS lowing are the final percentages. : . ENGRAVERS-pIE STAMPERS The University of Chicago Press_667 Church, Society and Commercial Tablet and Ticket Company _. __ .533 Printing- R. R. Donnelley & Sons. __ _ _._ 524 College Work a Specialty Barnhart Bros. & Spindler .. _ _ 400 Prinur. of th� Daily Maroon Rand McNally & Company_._._._ _ .. 333 6233 CottQ�e Grove Ave Tel Mid. 4289 Sewell-Clapp Company _ _ . ...200 (Continued from page 1.) The University Orchestral associ a­ ion has announced that several season tickets remain unsold. This is at- tributed to the fact that many per­ sons do not know the range of priees' Suspense is Maddening and the place to buy tickets. The "Here am I still stuck on the wrong' prices of season tickets for the general side of the channel, within sound of public are $3.75, $5.75, and $7.75; for the guns at the front, in spite of students, $2.25, $4.25, and $6.25. Th� semi-official promises that I will be are on sale at Cobb llA. • sent across 'shortly'; it's maddening; Florence Macbeth, soprano, 'will' -r but it can't be helped by any vitupera- sing under the supices of the associa­ tion, so I have to grin and put up with tion Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 30, at-4- it. Of course, I'm not idle, in fact, I o'clock. The first concert of the sea- have a great deal to do and am 'on son was given yesterday. The Chi-' �======�===�====�����="""-- .... --"""""',...,....,._'""l. =�":"""'._""'_ .... _ .... __ ...... _ .... _..., ...... _"......"..,.,.". .... __ .... _ .... �...__"""""'_ .... _.,.._......,,_ ... _""'_ ......... """""'_ ... _"=-'==:== the job' alert for and 'combating cago Symphony orchestra will give six I _ . trouble that threatensthe health 'and moreconcertsduringtheseasonat�e WoodlewD Truts MAROON BUSINESS DIRE.CTORY- comfort of the troops in the brigade University. fromti�totim� ft��te��q ----�. � Sav_ngs BaDk============�====�======� work and I've learned a lot worth re- TROPHY WON BY PRESS TEAM "' ANTE:D, Phone Midway 1960 We deliYer- membering, and forgotten· a lot. that 120. �AST SIXTY-THIRD STREET _ FOR- testing. has proved worthleas. As a Printer's Baseball League Champion- THE Students for Salesman Positions on New Darice Records result of my brief experience, I have ship Secured by University Players. NEAREST � Saturday Afternoons at Big Down- New Song Hits fonned the opinion that a camp sani- town Clothing Store. Apply at once The WoodlaWn Phonograph Co. tary officer, whatever his rank, is at The trophy eup" displayed in the BANK at Ellis 12-14. one and the same, time a most cor- window of the Press bookstore was - to dially hated and esteemed man; be won by the University of Chicago h'U . f Ch. , hi' .', h ' f Baseball team In the seriesplayed by T e niverslty 0 Icago can t e p stepping upon t e corns 0 '-' the indolently disposed officers' com- the Printers Baseball League of Chi- FI man ding, adjutants, quartermasters cago during the season just past. Out P Resources $2.000.QOO and others of that ilk, but if' he ob- of fifteen games, the University team . _ . tains results that pass muster and are won eleven, giving, them a percentage An Old. Stronf Bank worthy of the commendation �f the of .• 667. lEI powers at General Headquarters, he becomes the 'white-haired ladd'je' of the local headquarters. I've had my share of ,'knocks' and some meed of praise as well, so that upon the whole I am not immensely discouraged. "Rumor has it that already there are some American troops training in England, but I've seen none of them . I am on the Iookoutfor the boys from the U. of C., as I understand that there have been great and successful doings in a military way on the old Campus, and that among other things a field 'ambulance has been formed, drilled and ready for s�rvice over- seas under the captaincy of Dr. Clark ENGLE ASKS FOR l\IORE of 'Anatomy'-splendid! I hope that FRESHMEN FOR ANNUAL I may meet the gallant \;aptain and his men 'somewhere' in France, or in England perhaps." PURDUE �TRENGTH IS UNDERESTIMATED, IN OPINION OF MAROONS knowledge of his men gained through months of practice throughout the winter and spring of last year. With six months of training as a head start over the Maroons, the Boilermakers have something to rely on. Yesterday's practice included another scrimmage with the freshmen, who used Purdue plays. Hales scored for the yearlings and Rouse and Jack-' son counted for the varsity. The final score was L'3 to 7. Old Man -Stagg worked Kahn at right half and 'Jack- son at fullback. . Parrish Hurt in Play Parrish, who played left end for the freshmen in the early part of the scrimmage, was knocked unconscious' by a kick in the head early in the scrimmage. He was carried to the Phi Gamma Delta house, where he 'lay in a state of coma until late last night; Doctors pronounced him out of danger although suffering a slight concussion of the brain. They say he will re­ cover completely after a few days" rest. � . TICK}"'TS LEFT FOR CONCERTS�. � Orchestral Association Has Few Sea-, son Books for Sale. . Only ten freshmen appeared at the , meeting of the Cap and Gown aspir- ants, held yesterday afternoon. Editor TO HOLD CONFERENCE Benjamin Engel announced that there AT MOODY INSTITUTE 5 a great opportunity for freshmen on the year book this year and that an�' further candidates \\,11 be given full opportunity to prove their worth. Meetings will be held regularly here­ aft cr on Tuesday at 3 in Ellis 17. l �. . t t' , ( . 1 .', . . .. I' The monthly conference of the Chicago Student Volunteer Union will he held tomorrow afternoon and night at the �toocly Dible Instituto. The af'tcrnocn session will begin at 3:30. TIle subject of this conference will he "The :,\fissionary Enterprise in Wartime." Dr. Ozora S. Davis and L. Wilhur Messer are the speakers an­ nounced. Will Serve Tea Daily The Young Women's Christian League has announced that tea and sandwiches will be served for ten cents every day from 3:30 to 5:30 in the League room. • REGULATION Gym Outfits $:2.45 COMPLETE I I ATHLETIC GOODS I I The W. C. Kern Co. 1331 East 57th Street OPEN EVENINGS 1314 E.63rd STREET H.GRAY Tailor, Cleaner and Dyer Repairing. Pressini and Alterin, We Can and Deliver Tel. 'Midway 6755 1155 E. 55th St. VIVIAN ,�ARTIN in "TIie Sunset Trail" Wednesday at The Drexel Theatre �58 East Sixty-third Street Miss Lucia Hendershot DanclnA Class Monday EveninAs at 8P. M. We Call and Deliver. Mendini and Darnin, Free of Char,e ' Cornell Hand Laundry Private Leuons by Appoilltmellt TEL HYDE PARK 3097 1541 Eo 57th St. Hyde Park 2314 1504-1508 East 56th Street Phone Midway .208 'Limousine Livery Service S. ' NIDITCH PETERSEN First-Class Shoe 'Repairing Motor Car & Garag-e Co. WHILE YOU WAIT 5536-5540 HARPER AVENUE 1312 .East 61st Street Phone Midway 3261-949 Best Work-Reasonable Prices. S. SCHWARTZ Electric Shoe Repairing 813 E� 55th Street ' Corner Cottage Grove, Chop Suey Restaurant UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Steaks and Chops. Special Breakfast 6:30 to 8:30 CHUNG HVA LO' 1320 East 57th Street Classified Ads. Kodak Supplies Portraits rulM.i iho�os Uninr'faitl! &tu�in 9 to 9 Daily. 8 to 8 Sunday Phone Hyde Park 1621 1213 East 55th Street We Serve the Best Money Can Buy MllnicurinA. Shameooinj; Facinl MIl.�RAA-. Scalp Treatment, Hair Goods Made to Order Ultiul'rsity ijair�rl'!i!iilt!l parlnr 1909 East ;-;7th Street SPECIA L--$6 worth of work for $5 to Students Frances Simmons Tel. H. P. 7904 Strictly Home Cooking Lieblich's Restaurant . ;)706 Ellis , Opposite Snel1 Hall -FOR- The Daily Maroon TYPES OF SOCIAL WORK LECTURE IS POSTPONED Because of conflict with Dr. Ulrich's lectures, the second of the series of lectures on Types of Social Work ,\;11 be given at 3:30 tomorrow in Harper 1\1 11, instead of at 4:30 as previonsly announced. Mrs. Albion Fellows Ba­ con, author of "Beauty to Ashes," will ,f;peak on "Housing as a Social Prob­ lem." SPECIAL 'PRICES TO STUDENTS Corsages a Specialty FLORENCE MOORE MYERS FLOWER SHOP Men·s Furni!lhin�s. Haes, C:aps and Neckwear JAMES E. COWHEY 1001-1003 East 55th Street Corner Ellis Avenue 1377 E. 55th Street C R. L. Nelson, Prop. Phone H. P. 38 Billiards. Cigars. igarettes Five cents per line. No advertise­ ments for less than 25 cents. All classified advertisements must be raid in advance. FOR RENT-Single room to gentle­ man. Overlooking Midway, com­ fortable, reasonable. 6021 Drexel Ave., 2nd Apt. Phone Midway 6922. Patronize Our Advertisers " .. � t. .. , .. _ .,. ,._; ... 't, v ' ...... �'t:.�.;. THE DAILY MAROON, WEDNESI;>AY, 'PCTOBER 17, 1917. hind Otis, with Cox, a 'Sophomore, close behind. Lewis, McCormack, Long, and Blye finished in the order named. Otis set the pace all the way, but was almost headed by McCosh, who staged a great sprint in the last half mile. The time for the last. mile was a flat 5:08. Men Show UpWell The run last night indicates that Chicago will be almost a certainty for the Conference title. Otis was as good as Glenn Tenney last year and his showing proves that he is just as good this season. McCosh never ran five miles before last night, and with a little more training will probably press Otis for 'the lead. Angier, Lewis, and Cox also did well, and' will probably be entered in the first meet of teh year. McCormack, Long, and HAS THE NEW LAPEL FRONT cnoss COU�TRY MEN RUN FIVE �llLES THROUGH PARK AT GOOD PACE Otis. Angier and McCosh Make Fast Time in First Long Race of Se�on Eight cross country men went the full distance of five miles yesterday evening in Washington Park under the watchful eye of Coach Eck. George Otis, one of last season's stars, came across the finish line first, three sec­ onds ahead of McCosh. Eck refused to give out the time for publication, but the first tv .... o men ran the distance several minutes faster than last year's first practice. Angier, another veteran of last sea­ son, finished third, about a minute be- Typewriters Rented • At Special Rates TO STUDENTS Bargains in REBUILT TYPE­ WRITERS of ALL MAKES Call \Vrite ,Phone AMERICAN WRITING MACHINE CO. 329 S. Dearborn St. Harrison 1360 - . ,\- I!��: with five VENUS Drawin. Pencils. Holder and VENUS Emaer sent free. Write for it. VENDS O�,PENCIL THE perlec: tion of pencil quality-un­ equalled for smoothness, uni­ formity of grading and durabllity. - 17 black degrees. from 68 softest to -to 98 hardest, and -hard and medium (indeUble) copy­ °mg. Lool( for Ihe Jisllnc· tioe VENUS jinishl -- American Lead Pencil Co. " 21S P:fthAve,�. N� 'Y. .j- Dent. 0'. 1 0 -;.' • Ii.' I I T=-:I th« VENUS E. r. aser; INJo -' .. Jade. .,} .. �.!:,. t I . 12' � • Ie" bo ,L .Ul .s,,:� .. o �_, .... 'vpc;r z; .....�!: k,,, ........ -- " , =-=-- ; "TROY·S S£ST PRODUCT A GRAFONOLAFRo�:Jr $10-$225 The Woodlaw� Phonograph Co. 1314 East 63rd Street MIDWAY 1960 OPEN EVERY NIGHT Remington Typewriter Company Typewritten Themes and Term Papers are Appre- , ciated ,by your Professors eJ We sell Remington and Remington­ Monarch second-hand typewriters at prices from $30.00 to $SS.OO. Terms if desired. We rent dependable machines at $3.00 p�r month. $7.S0 for three months Free Delivery. W:,tbash 5400 220 S. State Street • • G. 5. ROBERTS. Alumnus Local Reprcse nrarive Complete Your Registration Subscribe Today lor The Daily Maroon I Make the coming year an enjoyable and successful one for yourself by keeping In touch with all campus activities through its columns. Yearly subscription, $3.00 By the quarter 1.25 I Offices Ellis � i 2-14 ; Catholics Invited to Brownson Club as good.. From now on there are going to be plenty of workouts and dual meets, and with the Conference more than a month off we should be in good shape for the big run." Blue are all new men, and with' a lit­ tlc more time should be considerably faster. Eck sent thc men over a new track which he laid out recently around the 1 all grounds in Washington Park. The track is one and a quarter miles to the lap. T�e course is level, but the men will be given training- later on running up the small rntls in the parks in order to accustom them to a real cross country track. Eck Is Optimistic The Brownson club will meet today from 4 to 6 at Ida Noyes in the Screen room on the second floor. All Catholic students are invited to be present. Settlement Club Meets . University of Chicago Settlement club will mcet tomorrow at 2:30 in the Trophy room at ,Ida Noyes. Hold Glee Club Tryouts. Tryouts for the Glee club will be held today from 4 to 5 in Lexington hall. Further tests will be made F'ri­ day from 3 to 4 and Monday from 4 to 5. Mr. Cragun, instructor in music, has especially urged the Fresh­ men to try out. Physics Club to Hear Lecture • As usual, Coach Eck was optimistic The Physics club will hold its first over the team. "The men all made meeting tomorrow at 4 :30 p. m. in very fast time this first trip," he said, Ryerson Physical Laboratory, room 32. "and naturally they will get better. A lecture, "X-rays and Crystal Struc­ Otis' time was better than the second ture," will be given by Mr. E. C. trial last season and McCosh was just Watson. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. � FairTreatDlent CC-i i-*l'Fair List Prices � , . ·BOODLRICH, SILVERTO. CORD TIRES, An Object Lesson in llres IRES wear o�t INSIDE-not OUTSIDE. They are. burned out by' internal frictional heat.r'ubbed up betw-een the plies of the tire. Every extra ply means ex­ tra 'Wearing out of the tire . Note the two-ply struc­ ture in the rubber Saturated, cable-cord body of the Sil­ vertown tire here laid bare. • Ten Silvertown Cord. �­ X-C�I� -:- Could you thus look into :ALL tires, you would find three types: I.Incrcnscd,en-, ginepow,,�_: eotion fabric, with iioe to seven swathes; Thread -web, a five to seven ply base of strings; Cable-cord, the unique patent-pro­ tected, two .. ply structure, found ONLY in Silvertown, the origi­ nal Cord Tires. It stands to reason that Silver- .. town tires, trade-marked with the RED - DOUBLE: DIAMOND,. :vlith but two plies will outlast many-ply tires with their multi­ plied heat. You cannot afford to be without their smart appearance smoother-riding ele� gance, and thei. :.�� �:�,��,nne-saving economy. ,�:.}w !f-:C.�":�lO� o)f the famous fabric tires c�.,,�:�, Black S"f�ty Treads ., o a t 1 J _ \ J b �.-, I �; V , \_. ',. !� I .'�' ,p s .:r. � (.-' C , ,,.. 1i� , '1 j