" \� . • 7, . ,\ '. 'j / ., - \ Vol XV. No. 132. UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO, TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1917. Price 5 Calta " ARRANGE PROGRAM FOR PARENTS' DAY MAY 18 MAROON TEAM WILL PLAY NORTHWESTERN TODAY AT EVANSTON -- I Plans For Entertainment Include, Dramatic Production Blackfrial Hits And Music By Band-Fol­ lowed By Reception In Reynolds CWb. t WILL HOLD FIRST DRESS REHEARSAL FOR FRIARS SHOW MAROON TRACK TEAM TO M�ET PURP,<E TOMORROW . --- SELECTS MORGAN TO OFFICE OF COLONEL . IN TRAINING CORPS Midway Nine To Attempt Rep. aration For Loss To Ohio Saturday. The Rrst Parents' Day at the Uni" versity will be held May 181 under the supervision of the Women's Ad-; ministrative council. The council plans to make this an annual event,­ to the end that ·parents of' U niver-, sity students may become better ac­ quainted with the aims and methods of the University as well as with. its external featUJr�s._ The council, .in co-operation: with the, President's office, the Super-. intendent of Buildings and Grounds, the League, Y. M. C. A.� and ath, letic departments, has formed exten-, sive plans for the day's entertairr; ment, which will-be concluded by tht; Parents' Day meeting at 7:45 in Man­ '<ltl, where Dean Talbot and Dean Angell will give addresses of wel. come. Dramatic Club To Give. PJq. The program fex. the Mandel meet­ ing includes the presentation of Ar­ nold �ennett's "The Stepmother" by (� Oft ,.,. 4) Coleman !Wakes F¥W Prepara­ tions For Presentation Of ' . "A Myth In Mind�L" To Hold Contest, Originally Scheduled -:, For 8aturdayp 'lbree Days Earlier In Order That Northwestern Stars May Leave For France. or· Maj�. Bell Announces P�rma- The Maroon track team will meet the Northwestern squad tomorrowaf':' ternoon on Northwestern field •. The MUST HAVE TICKET' TONIGHT meet, originally scheduled for Satur- NAMES ONLY THREE CAPTAINS day, will 'be held t�morro,! at the re- _ Scenery Arrives ADd Costumes To Be quest 'Of the Purple authorities in or- Templeton, Schafer 'And Gaee Aro Delivered This Morning-�n der that Captain Barker and several Appointed-Setzer, Loehwing And Work Night ADd pay. of his teammates may compete before Parker To Head BattalioDs. they sail for Franee to take up their . -- -I Th Y. M. C . .A. work in the prison casnps, Leland B. Morgan, a member of e first dress rehearsal for "A M ...... l. • ,. The'Varsity defeated Omer's men. ·in Delta U!I)silon, was yesterday ap- J"'" m Mandel,' the 1917 Blackfri- pointed by Maj· or Bell to the office rod cti ·11 tak la . h the annual .indoor dual meet and ars p u on, WI' e p ce tomg: t of colonel for th� University unit th . ,,-- .should repeat tomorrow. on e stage m .maudel hall, in prep- of the Reserve Officers' Training ti Northwestern will score most of the ara on for presentation on May 4, corps. 'Morgan ,has been serving the ,50, 11 and 12. Another dress rehearsar . points in the dashes and' in the hur- corps for some time as actin�-majOf'. will take place on every night until dIes Ibut after these' events are run His.position will be the highest stu- Friday. ' 011 Coaeh Stagg's �en should pile up dent office, and will be directly under All is re8dya for tonight's rehearsal .� lead. Captain.Barker, of Northwest- that of Major Bell in point ocf a.u- ern, andhis nmniJig-mate. Brigbtmire, thority. .. Cox·s Studio delivered .the sceoeryy� . are' slated for the first two plaeee .in Officerships for the battalions and .. � tetday and the men will set it up to- the dash, with Feuerstein and Brink- companies were also announced yes- J .day, The New York Costume com- terday_.: They follow: Majora, ., !� pany has promised to deliver the cos- man, ·OfBen�iandcagoG' p�g �:m �_� George Setzer, 1st !battalion; WaJ- -J tumes this mQrning. Both cast and wrq. -" uenn are &.iIIe.D.UUVVll ter Loehwing, 2ncl battalion; and >� chorus have been working day and, entrieS in .. tl"!t�hurd1es but they are not Leslie. Parker, 3rd' battalion. Regi� .......) . nia'ht to periect the show. and have good for bett£ th&n-.seeoDd and thUd mental adjutant, RotM:n Merrill; bat- - J very. nearly approached that mark.. �gainst sMart. . ....., talion adjutants, John Steiner, ist; .;� 'Mr. Hamilton Coleman, .,.the coach, Purple To W"m Quarter.Mile.. Abba Lipman, 2nd; and R. T. Walker '-:-1 admitted yesterday that he was very.' Duk�, '. Jrd. - '�.' . . In the ftft ......... :.., No-rib' �.-40- must' -:-,. well pleaJed. 'tWCWoM<04 ..... �UI::'.I.'ll . Name ,Company A·a Ofiscera. . � Coleman Praises Stw.r. be .eoneeded firirt but. tae.lIaroon run- : The officers for. Company .A arp: � "Mr A"""':"£._":' 1..;___':_ �. . . of ·th ners will garner. tha:'re.st. of the points wa1�ee. Gage, captain; ,George N<>:-. ':l • • ."WA�.� �� �.: o�e e. The half. mile and .:tw. 0 mile. with. • mi,., . 'JI best to work Wlth that the � ha' ... jak,�:2Dd' HeUtenant; Walter--Bow��.: .� 'M�� Martin H. BicJc?a.m, executive '. ,.. . _ .. _._ ... �.:� ·-·Teime'y�: Clark;' Swett.:, ;.pOWers :and lsf sergean�:' Harry McGaughy: &Del A Here.,. of the Unift.rsity Y. M. C.j ever bad, he said.. ,"Although, it :is. .loDes to uPhOld the- Ibroon end . Fred Bro�1 sergeants; iTohn Seeri 'J A .. and four stutfents of the Univer- intel1!gi�le 'and �ntrtaining _t� every agaiDat Deswart;_Ferries,' Bell aid ley aDd EdWard Ma"!m. corporals. . i ,� �ity' will leav� this .week :to take Up' �ne, 1� .lB also I� �d pArtieula:rly W'� looks like a repetition Of the Coq;any B's officeD follow: FQJl- : Jj th� duties of secretaries in the Y. .¥1teresting to UmverSJty .Pe?���o:nt indoor m�t' when' the Varsity runners cis BroomeH, 1st lieutenant; H_� ,;,� !t .. C. A. headquarters being erected. ,80 � than . any other �lacJdriars-.1iJ.cnq .scored '-a' slam in 'the mil� and took mond Birks, 1st' selpaDt;" � . '("v at the Great Lakes Navz1 Training have been. The cut IS larg'6r this year two pIaeea in ;both the· half and two Bernstein' and Porter Burleigh, � � ;':� station at Lake Bluff, Ill. They' wt11 and the parts .��ted and. well- mile events. The ftlay race will prob- ;geants; Robert Redfield, Wrlsle,. Ole:. .�,' -�.':�.': have. charge of the first of two build.: ta.ken.. • The l�cs. are clever and. • the .... ""_ go to the NorthSide �"""r. BU- ,sOD, Stellari Windrow, Otto Doeder- ;; ings to be erected at the station by d I r' if � ��..... . lein and Paul Birmingham, corporals. ,_ ·1 musac,ls as goo as ast yea • s, _ . not ker •. ·Bn·gh·tm;-., WI·IIt· ... .....;.. and C't-.-.-£. .., the--assOciation to provide facilities bette Th ..L.-.M ... _ • - ... 'W - � App�t TempletOn Captaia. ; '. . ':'1) r. ere are more � num- ," __ '- n"_,, _�.,;:.a'. < ._11 k" ' .. for the entertainme.nt of 21,000 men .' '. � V.l.'� S '"i'-- 18 wvc:.&.uuy wea William Templeton is captain of· ..... : .. _ �,'�;j bers than usual. �t8Cn)y a good .' : ".' , . -' � who are soon to be qU:K-tered at the choraS." .' . (�OII pag. 4). Company' C. The other' officeQ are!: .. ; -.,�. camp. Yr. Bickham, who will serve Leon Gendron,' John stapler � .. _.; i �\�:: as executive secretary of the a.ssoei- Nobody willibe admitted to the re- MAJOR BELL TO GIVE Frank Oliver. sergeants; Arthur Ha-' '., I :.�r� ation 'at the station,..is supervising eharsal tonight without a. pass, issued ��RESS' A� I.mYNOLDS nisch, Percy Dake, John Bryan and'� " � .the erection of the first glUt· haD either by Manager Sherman Cooper 01" 'CLUB SIIO.�R TONIGHT Jay Chappell, cOTpOrals. . .... "� where the sailon' win ·be aI10wed to by'Frank Breckenridge, publicity man- - ., .' The. officers ·for Company D are� �i': read, write letters and give - enter- age. The small audience will consist PrOgram To Include MUsical SeJec:- ,Robert' iDunlap, 1st· lieutenant: F�. > 'i" tainments. He expects it' to be' chiefly of representa_tivea of the' inet- tiODs, Dances And Recitations- Leeming, 2nd lieutenant; Hany ltor.- '.'� readw for occupation by Saturday' of - To. � C· i-- I': ..... .-.-s gan. 1st se�eant·, GustaVe Lan .... • �;;j J ropblitan Pl"eSs. and superiors of the D-� -'"6CU�� ·e '6.... '-iI this week. The second·.hall will 'be order, and ...... r. Percy H •• Boynton,' And Refreshments. �rgeant4_ Frederick Wheeler, Don- ". . ... � .In. __ aid Bra.dford and 'John.. Tinker, cor- . ra. finished within thirty days. Mr. representing the faculty. ". . p9t'&ls. �, Bickham will 'continue his work at Major Bell will give an addres.s " .. the University for the present. • - Win Use New Costumes. on' '''Interior Economy and Oom- Lindauer Is Made Serpat.., .::� Give Names of Three Stadenta. The costumes will be new, not stoc:k - pany Administration," at the Rey� Company E's officers are: Albert '� T,he four University students who' material belonging to the' costumers. 'nolds club smek�r' to�ght at 7:45. Lin.dauer, Alked Link, Eugene Carl- . _'_�� will serve as unclerseeretaries to Yr.'/ (ConIim&ecf.OII page 3) Bed, write and blue flAgs and banners .son, and DaVid Harris, sergeants; . � Bickham are: Feed Wise, an A. T. --=========-=---=======-- -suitable fo th . 'n d !William Hunter, Lowen Duo. Lea- � , • r e OCcasIOn, WI 'ec:or- ter Die. k' a. nd William W"aJey corpor- ..... O. senior; Fran1c Torell, a junior;' WEATHER FORECASI'. ' a� the upper floor of the club. Edwin B. Chappell, a graduate .stU-· Som�what colder. NOI't!:eut wWa . In addition' to ;the address, a vaude- als.. } '�...l dent in the Chicago Theological sem- beeomiD. _.__. ... vrille performance, which will sur- The officeI'! of Company F follow: .�� inary; and a fourth man to J)e se1ect- • -&VM6 pass any previous bilI ,both in the Walter Schafer, C81Ptain; Fn.ncis . �.� eel from amoag twenty-se.ven volun- length of the program and the talent Townley, 1st 'lieutenant; Howard '..:� teers, Their work will be. �ntirely' THE DAILY IIAiwoN' . of the members represented, win Copley, 1st sergeant; Austin Carlt _ -:'� at the station, and will require aii BULLETIN. fol1ow the address of Major Bel!. Ci- and .James Masteston, .sergeaDts; � of their time. , --- , prs, eogarettes and ·refreshment. wlil . Clark' and Samuel Shambaugh, COC''': " ii Twenty-seven students have volun- <laapel, Junior' � w--. be' serVed. porals. , � teered to serve in the other buildings 10:10, MadeL • Select Ott As. Sercemt. .� Di_.:-�. _La--l, 10 •• 10. U __ L..:1l Give List of Nambers. . -Company G's officers are: H2.- - .� to be erected at the naval station nlU"" QI r- • .DAIIIa� •• J � and at the. other mobilization camps Botanical clab, 4:35, BotaII7 13. Mr. Francis Abbott, Norman Hart, Ott, l'St sergeant; Morris TunnicUff� ."t- I·n the s.tate. They are.. Walter R. ,..__ of sodal _--- �- 1'1 Stellan Windrow, and (James Hemp- Charles Young and Sterling 10hanig- _� 4:it.lia.._.. WQIIIl& --"" a, hilt' who have performed in past man, sergeants; Royal Montgome- T::.'� Bimson, Walter A. Bowers, Dwight . ar- .J 1 UU7'1.._ '&Le U.J,&� 8ta6- z_ iD ... Le events will contribute to the pro" and Stuart Cochran, cON\orals. .j " •• R. Powers, David E, SonQuist, Claude n aq WI IUIoCQ ..... .. U1 .'.1', W. Warren, Lester F. Dibble. Roy War," IV, 7, MaDdeL gram tonight. The program is as The officers of Company H are: � Preston, Clay E. Palmer, Clarence Patristic club, 7, 5706 Woodlawn fol1�ws: Goodell Crawford and John !John Slifer, 1st Lieutenant; James � \Voolsted, Clifford Manshardt, John avenue. Banister will offer popular selections . Nicely, 2nd lieutenant; Joseph Lau- � L, Lobinger, Walter Krupke, Arthur LeChristiXl.ngt· o·nanl�.Science society, 7:45, �:gthaent����,.L:�����d Ta�;ja:�I!. gr::�t�s��f�::n��!�h, �a�::e��ff::;: '·'lo..'I ... :,·.Jl B, George, John Nuveen, Ernest· - Hemphill at the pia�o; ragtime mu- Charles 'Galloway and Julius Kahn, ,:Morris, Ward R. Miles and Harrison Tomorrow. Ryan. - .sic will be play�d by the University cOf1)orals. , Caapel, Senior coIIegee, 10:10, Man·'· Saxaphonc trio; Richard Atwater will Gift Norgren Office. ; Continue Liat of Volunteers. del .' present a . sketch' Written especially' Hans 'Norgren' is 1St lieutenant of Herrin R. Entenburger, William Divinity chapel, 10:10, Ha:ablL lor this event; Norman Hart will Compank K. The other officers are: . :i R. Hu'tton, Thomas' A. Goodwin, Mathematical dub, 3:30, Ryenoa amuse with a few- '''rags''; Mr. Fran- Bat'tl�tt Cormack, 2nd lieutenant; AI- '�l George W. Turner,' August L Sund- 37. ·;cis Abbot ·will give several of ,his fa- .bert � De Groat, 1st; sergeant; Harry •. � vall, Reuben Seitner, John H: Green. "Why the United. States 'is iD· the ·m.o.us French and negro melodies;'and Swan·soDy. sergeant; Will� Boa1, Ernest H. Shideler, H. H. George ·War," V. 7, MaDdeL. ' '. . .Floyd· Angle�ey� will complete the George' Traver,. teo Brnndes. Fran- aD4l' A.. H. . .And�s. . \ Bio1ogieal e1a� 7:45, Botan7. entertainment .with choke se.le":_tiOnL cis Conroy. ·c()fporal�,. . nent Officerships For Uni­ versity BattaHoos. I I I PITCmNG TO DECIDE CONTEST " Cri.-man, Star Purple Pitcher, Is Sick -Doable Plays Were Factors In Defeat At Columbus. i J, \ { II Ie" ) '. Coach Page's ball team will ma� another attempt to win a ball ga�� I, . 'today when they play Northwestern at Evanston, although chances are sUm for a vietory over the P1lrple. The Ohio came OIl Saturday went the way Gf all the others thia spring· and the :, Karoons lost 8 to 6 becauae of inef- fective pitching. It was a wild after­ DOOD of ball with about every eonceiv­ __ �ppeniDg taking pJ8.c:e befOre the � slugged out their victo�_ If adc:a1'O bas even fair pi� thie afternOon, there is • chance of • 1Ilct.o!y over McGill'a team, for Cri8s­ man, who was too aiclt to piteh against 0Ueaa0 tat Wednesday, baa been in bed 0ftI" the week ezid aDd there ia nt;:. tie dlaDee that � will be able to CO OIl the mound. Patti. DriacoU will l �. twirl apjn aDd the Chicago boys aft ... pefuJ to· ... '. � to··finW1 tM . .,'DD7 ftieh Wu .PPecl by rain in the. l' eichth iDDID&' of the lad Pup1e ..-. LaridD wm probabJT pitch tar the Ifa- .. ..;.. BICKHAM AND' FOUR STYDENTS TO. LEAVE FOR NAVAL STATION Will Take Up Duti� Of Secretaries In Y. II. C. A. Headquarters­ To Erect Two Buildinga. , , IQCIM; -- 'l"Iaue wen t ... errors m the 'Ohio (I pme, in .,ite of tile aise of the aeoze,­ � tMre were 'enough hHa 011' hotIl aIdee to Win • couple of ball Pm-. JIarum -worked on the slab for ad­ sao aDd was pounded almost �- 'f faJb" at'tbe start. � in the Pme he aeWecl down, but Wright and Nor­ ton elammed. out drives that rolled 'f over tile bald outfield to the concrete 1feDce tor home rans, giving Ohio a two-nm margin. aDeago Diigbt have :won the' game but for a couple of weird double playa by the Ohio team. In the third in .. Ding home runs by Bart and Rudolph aDd & lot of other offensive firewoib I' .� only four runs because Staudt robbed Curtiss of a hit by trapping his liner in left aDd forcing two qhicago .: ranners who dared not leave their bases, fearing • safe catch. Again in tile tdsth (2deago Md a golden chanee. If Buae,. started badly by passing two mea Del was replaeed by Patuam. CUr­ tiss INfIlt a high .POPUP to Nortem aDd I� was out auto�tica1ly on the iD1leld fty rule, but .lohJUlon got tangled and . t was doubled at thhd when be· started to run as Norton mded the catch. Umpire BarIl Ohio )fea. In sliding home in the seventh, Nor· Icm boc:bd the ball out of Hart'. hands and was called out for Interfer· ence iby Umpire Goockle. The Ohio (Cowtmued 071 pag. 2) 'WILL DISCUSS WAR AT SENIOR SMOKER " Snior men will discuss the war, Interclass Hop, brands of cigarettes and ever)'1hjng else at a smokcr to be held tomorrow night. at the Phi Gamma Delta ·house, 975 East Six- tieth street. Army officers will be present to ten the interating and � sides.of army life. i .:. " IlIA' f" • • .. '.11 .: I .,;..:. , '. I �",: .. - '( mIJt llai4J '��rliP�\,� � BladeDt Ne •• pa.,.. of The 17ial ....... t;i·· of Cbl�o� ,._ "�,?-"".�.' ' Publlshed mornlnJ:lI.. except Sunday and Monday, durtux the Autuuiu, Winter and Bpriag quarters by The Dally .. llarootl, company. Harry IR. swaason, '17 ••••.•...• l'resldent Arthur A. Baer, '18 Seeretar,. F. Claire lJaxwell, '19 Treasurer EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Barry R. SwansOn, '17 ..• Manaaclng Editor Arthur A. Baer, '18 New. Editor Charles C. Greene, '19 NIght Editor SterUng S. Bushnell, '19 Day Editor Vera K. Edwardsen, '17 •• Women's Editor BUSINESS DI·}P.\UTl(E�"!l" .. F. Clalre Maxwell, 'ltI .. Bustness lianager I I I ! ' I , I .. i \ ! �. .\s8oclate Editors George Barclay, '19. Wade Bender, '18 Reporters. Leona Bachrach. '20 Ruth Geasberger, '19 Robert Cameron, '�o Roland Holloway, "..m Jiorothy Dorsett, 19 John Josepb, '20 "ath Falk�ullu. '18 tIden Ravltcb, '20 ..... 1. Fisher, '20 Hal't!ld Stansbury, '20- Entered 38 second class matl at the Chi­ eaeo Postotrtee, Chicago, Itltnols, March 13, 1906, under Act ot March 3, 1�. By Cnrrler. $2.�.o a year: $1 :i quarter. By Yall. $3 a year: $1.25 a quart.er. Edltorlnl Rooms EllIs 12 Telephone Midway BOO. Local 'lre Business o trice ..•....••..••• ' •...•. Ellls 14 T�lephone Blackstone 2:;91 .... 2.7 TUFSDAY� l\1.� Y 1, 1917. {f ,. ,( BLACK BONNET WlLL GIVE HOUSE PARTY I The Black Bonnet house party �ll be held May 6 and 6 at the home of Eleanor O'COnnor, LaTceside, Mien. All ,those intending to go haVe �n u'bd to give their names to Helen Thoinp� in- Eleanor O�O�� The) ���t att��d a meetiiig Th'ursday at 1:30 in Ida Noyes. Thifi being Dewey Day, every man should dew his little bit for the coun­ try-here's ours: Patriotic Ven..e (or the Day. Men of Yale and men of Harvard, ,Men.l()f e�ery 'Varsity, .' _ Men _of Brown and men of Princeton, All shoulder arms' the world to f�e; Vassar Girls and Wesley co-eds-« Red Cross nurses they will be, But all will pay true homage to yon. Loyal men and women of the "C." (The above, should make good en .. listment propaganda. It you don� go to the front at once, I threaten to spiel off some more.) <, Some More Patri�tic Hints.. The big league ball players drill every day before the game., Why not extend the idea to the various campus· activities? Why not, we say, why .... ," And a Greek prof whowrit�s!'inDi:., t> columns. ' :-- . .'"' ) . • ..;- ... I -'1',J f ,.,��,' •• ;" '?' , And a music prof who dote,s o��t-:· time. � �: .. " ,J .�', .,�..;.i ... . The next thing yo'u know one of our dignifled deans will be e:cting for the · mOvies. Aild you will see in big elec­ tric lights: "Teddy the. Tumble Tack- les a Taxi. Special comedy feature­ bring the children-let 'em laUgh at .. ..... _. I. I i .� C � �pt:=�-------,��, ---------�jr,�-_-_- --:3��' K EEPIN' cool under fire shows a good soldier-an' good tobacco. . �' VELVET'S smoothness ' ' , -and,cooIDes..-is Jarae- . I,. the result of It" two 11 � . years' Natural AKelD1:. g� j It We. students all economize Our time, as you can see; To save all moments possible Makes for efficiency. We eat our lunch in Po1,. Econ., Write home in Botany, We trim our nails in PhySics Six, And sleep in English Three! Did you ever bear of a newspaper. editor who was a �usieal comedy �tat-? No, but we've h�rd ot a bustDess manager who was • poet. . .-1. __ ADd a football captain who aported a Phi Beta Kappa kq. : Ana � Ebglisb pi"Of �6 Wore 8iis- � . � the funny man." . And who could have �unk o! a staid senior like Luke Levin becoming a pony in the chVUs! Stem says that as a pony, Luke is a horse! Or was it a bear? Maybe 8 goat. But wait till you see Stellan Wind. triill. Query: If Helen of Troy were' an egg, would the Blackfry-er? ,-.--. Next Friday. eve, the Blackfriars . will take you all the way to Greece and' 'return for the modest sum of $1..50. And yet people will talk about the high cost of living! And you won't be torpedoed on the way,. either. . . . And who could imagine such mu­ sical lawyers as Herzog and Gnalano! . Invitation. Believing that it will strengthen ·in­ ternational relations, the Law School laddies ·(not J3dies),' invite the' fair dames of the other side of the water, i, e., Harper-to cross over and study in the Law Library. It's terrible lone- · some over here! C'me over and say goo-bye,' ��re we enlist.' strong' Arg:ament. for the' Draft. The' �iga�ated Order of Loop H��d� !kal 999, say they will not �clist, unless th�y are allowed to fox �t to th� 'froht, fight to the ��e of ��k�iel�s, .a�d �at m·a�aroon.s b�t��en aita�b .. . . --' __ ', . �e you ,th�� th�se pri�iess �eg- • eb�le�, �e�emb�h-this i,S m�.fir�t of.: '.fenc�� . Mort Weis& " : .OFFER TH�EE WAR LECTURES " .� A - .., - .' \�, •• f -: • _.. .• Bramhall To Speak. Tonight At 7 In M&Dd�l , " '. TJie last �bree""", of ,the lectures. on ��why the:·.U�ted StateS is i� -the War" "nlljbe del�vered, tonight, tolOOr,. ,/OW night and Th�ay night.. ·Mr. Fn:terick D. Bramhall, instructor in the departm�nt of Political Science, - �ll deliver the l�� tonight. . ins subject �il be, "D��racy the Baslll of a World Order." . . Mr. Bramhall received.bis degree of .bachelor .of.Pbi�osophy from the Uni­ versity in 1902. . During 1907 and' �8 he oceupied the. position of legiala· tive rd-��C;e lib��� in the.. Ne� York State Library. He returned to the University as an instructor in Po­ litiea1 Science in 1908. Dean Shaner Mathews, of the Di­ vinity s�hool, will deliver the lecture on Wed�sday night. He will .talk �n "AmeriCan Democrac� and World Polities." . The last lecture .will be given by Prof. Paw Shorey� head of the Greek departm�nt, on "Civiliza· tion's Stake in the War." These lectures bave been arranged to offer students an oPportUnity to · hear the most intimate views of some of the taculty melil�:n ·c,n t.h� "ar and the participation of the United Staie� in the m., The;'.� ��iined especially for students, though all m­ te� have ·hen· inVIted to .• ueoo. The lectures will tie Jiveb at '1 in ·Mah- del. ". � . .. If GREATEST BARGAINS IN HistORY OF TYPEWRITERS ·t Underwoods j ••••••• $30 to $5'0 '·OHYers � 2S to 45 L. C. Smith 27 to . «) Rerningtons ••••..•.•• IS.SO to 65 Smith-Premiers 16.50 to 45 and other makes $lQ and up. . Ex­ pert repairing and rebuilding. Ey­ ery machine in: perfect condition' and guaranteed two years. We· sell to students on ca.sy paymenu. Write for our liberal free trial of- • 'fer and cut-rate prices. • 0 • • • , ,. All Makes Typewriter Co •• 162 N. Dearborn st .• PhOnI Cant. A3' What You Give For Any Present ShoWs Your Taste. Why Not Give a Box of G�iiuiDe oia FashiOned Candy . ." Pur�, .Praetic81 .. and Pleasing. N'ow Exclusively ,on sale at 55th 'and Uruversity Aveilu� ,. .Dellverles. made in all parts ot the clty.; It �ts WUllame. Its pure! ! ! . ." . ANINOUNCES CONTESTS FOR SPRING QUARTER Assi�tant .Prof. Nelson Gives Infor-' matioa Concerning Public Speaking Prizes. . Announcements ,have been :made by Assistant PJ'of. Bertram:G. Ne�son of the department of Public Speak· ing, concorning. the. three prize speak­ ing 'contests which will take place, during the Spring , quarter. The, �on­ te.st� are the Lower Senior one in EXtc�po�aneous . Speaking, the pre­ luninar,. trials of, which, take !place Flfiday; the Florence Adams Read· ing Prize contest, and the Julius Ro­ senwald Ora�rical, Cont�st, rwhich take place during the last week or ten days of the. quarter., : Those 'who are interested in the. Lower Senior contest have been re· quested to meet tomorrow at 1�:10 in Kent 16. T�e question this year is toncerning the single tax, and it will be tomorrow that the separate: t>Pics will be <lis�sed. with the contestants. Three 'Prizes are offer­ ed: the first a· tbree-quarters' scholar- ship, the ��nd a two-quarters' sch�l­ arship and the' third a one quarter scholarship. . Those interested in the ot�er two contests are to meet Thursday at 10:10 m Kent 16, when preliminary details Will be explained. Lower or upper seniors are eligibue. - The se- lections 'may be made from ,either Poetry or prose articles. These a.re not to exceed ten minutes in length. Preliminaries will take �lace in two or three weeks. The first prize for the Rosenwald contest is $100 in cash, and .the second is $50. The fi.rst prize for the Adams contest is $75 and the second is $25. \ P.trl�� bub To keet. � The patriotic elub :Wih meet. tonight at 7 at the b�e .of Pioi. EdPr Good­ speed, 6706 WoodtaWli .ven�. _ 't., I' ,.., I .. ., .... � r, " f " FjYe: ..ceflts per.:1iDe. '; No ,W"'" . tisemeu.ta for 1_ tIum. J5 �. AD eJa88ified. �yenuements must . be· . paid in MY&Dce.· . \ . 'f not? ANSWER THE QUESTIONS; Thus, the Maroon Staff, before en': The Undergraduate council is mak- tering upon the day's tasks (1), couid ing a very worthy attempt' to' 'gather gather befoie Ellis,' and execute for-. statistics and infonnation concerning mations under the generalship of that the ,���irities 'andplans �f University Terrible Titiln-Teh: ·(T. ·E. H.! not men . .in .regard to preparedness .. Men Tee-Hee-Hee.] hav� .. been .requested to fill ouOt the At the Reynolds Club· dances the Cards -passed out Bt the chapel assem- couples C'Ould forin left, arid right· col:' bliesarrd to turn them in before leav- umns and charge on th� ,'frapPe bowl ing. 'The �ol1�wing questions appear . in double-quick time.' I ;: on the cards: ' , If all the "colyum"' writers were to. 3: 1 Ar' il�' th R . ' enlist, it would, he w.ell-nigh universal 'I��� , . e you now enro ID.e� .. , service, there are � many of them. · .� serve Officers! Training Corps? , '. ' . . c. .: .•.. '. .' . , • ,; A .... ,_ �:;;. .i\nd their ba�!!e hymn would be; . �' �!,'< ,2. If not, why not? '.. . I ,,-, s- - Hal( a JOKe, · • ' '3 ... Are you taking it as, a, '�jor? Half- 'il joke, .. � t:. As Pbysi��i cultut-e credit �nly?" " , ,._:··Italfa joke, onwa�! ) � 4. . W ��ld . you :be . willing to drop,. .• tv. withn{ the' next few cU{y� _&: major . Mter noticing ,th.e long line of lov�- o,�;' � f'\ 0 of academic work and substitute tlu!re- sick _slack�rs ,b�re thf!: !Darriage; li'7 . �I� f�� �; .��jo�. ?� :Mili�rY .. �i�n��;,.� cense �n�ow"lVe,a� fi1;"Dlly convinced �- ... �: _, consist of ten . hours per. week of such that eventually w� must be' deelared � "/, work.as the. Department �f 14iukry on Dan Cupid!. (Hooray!). , �i�: .' Scienc� and. Taci.i�s �ight'.d� nee- Dan .Cupid, stands for a�tocracy. in ; ��r �8ry? <TIiis wO�d:be.iD �d��o�. to love!, .We' stand for Democracy! � �; work now prescribed if you � already. ('Ray!) , : t-�. �.-. carrying the course.) . Dan Cupid ba$, interffi!� :with many : [:.: : '�:.., . 5. If the UniversitY should � a man's constitutionai 'right to love and �: f" '�� i .. :, every male �tud�nt to (ii-'op iLll &ea- be loved! .. . r",,:··· '-(. " d9ik work and substitUte ih�refo� Without .warning, be lias b>tpedoed � ��:.� . triilitacy training fo.r. fuh,ciedit, �tll� our fondest dteam$,ka us .�ropPed • ',� y�u be willing to JQin a bcl�mity �f deadly bombs 1i})Oii otii- ail· castles! '.y chlQgo . Training .Camp �hlcli �oUJd 'Qan �upid is a crufi!l tyrant, and , �t probably � from the.fi�t of Jun� to rer�es ,� i�� ,�s ���n�:,.�,�� i;�,��b \:. .J the end of AugUst, with .the aSsurance a "place In the son" or th�aughter, ; f;'" . , tba� exp�n��s for. board ancll��g he wants t1e �li�i�. stage fo� liiznself. i !-:' would not fall·upon you? (This woula Therefore, .we now an'! here declare �.'oll.� not ,in any way obligate you to further war on him! ,(Nine rahs!) ..\ service.) . And all iove notes, lilac wa'ters tal- ;' . .i' . 6. If it ;"er� necessary for YQu to cums, flowers, and bon-bOns are placed :- ��� cover these expenses yourself, wOuld on the �nt�d list..· . � �:�. y�u. then be able to attend Such a And the hours of spooning must now �. {{ camp? be regUlated by the government! f t 7. Ar you expecting to enrolfor the Couples may stroll only alon� certain ': ( Ofticers' Training Camp 'at Fort Sher- debite ianes,.and anyone caught fuss- � t';: idan which begins on May 8? �ng aftez:o tWilight will be considered :.l .8. Have you enrolled for this an alien and shot at sunrise! , •. camp? :'�:.' .. _�.',', The Junior college men have already _ isPvaq ;l!3l11 uc) .su!ptre1s awP3 . passed out the cards. Many of the ptni 9!lf.uv nq .:i:9lU!-ld atiJ. iB.tO;UO� questions were .left unanswer� and _ some eards were never returned. It is El'ideoney With a Capital "F." hoped that the senior college men will realize the value of this plan and cio their duty. Answer every questIon and answer it accurately. It wiil help the University and will help you. kN iNtELL·Ic;.£�T PERSON MAY earn ��l� nio�thiy corre.spondin� for newsPapers; $40 to $50 montldy' in s'pare' tilne; eXlperience unneces­ sary� no canvassing; subjects sug­ gested., Send. for, particulars. Na- . tiona I Press Bureau, Room 251'5, Buffalo, N. Y. . , ATTRACTIVE SUITE OF ROOMS will rent single. or together •. Bath and lavatory adjoining. 6749 .Dor- . clJester. ,H. P. 4296. Opportunity 01 for French conversation. TYPEWRITING OFFICE Room 2,' Lexington HaD I {Staogra� Expert {Copying . {Mimeographing Prices Nominal Midway 800 Local 214 • 0" .. EASY TO 'SAVE AND WORTH aAVING. GET ON£ OF' OUR POCKET .ANKI AND SAVE A DIM. A DAY. .start a .avln" .:Count wltIl Us .. oN .. tabllabed nat:onat baDk. The .... - iii... department occupI� conY.DI_t quarterw on the .'t!'eet leftl et 0_ butldtne. The �nc boun � � are trom 10 a. m. to , p. m., aatur­ clay. from I a. m. to I p. m. 'CORN EXCHANGE NATION AL BANK C�.'tal, lurplul an. ProtIte ,10,000,000 • It. tw. Cor. t& � � � �. " " Elect Net To Vacancy. � . .John Nd bas ·been elected to the Honor Commission to. fill the vacancY • left by Brook .)Jallatd. I . J. I., I.' . -�, - ...... . ., ", CEDARWOOD NeW'! .. 'f 't .. I' At Hig" CIaJ S6na ... , .. ����:, , " Do:�You Enjoy.: ()jlt4o�� Sports) .: ." ,. 'f , " " 'f ... " .. nleet :ii_,�� requiJ:��b.· �:are modelS � made (or ··sports":��. arid each rriOcteI is a � "'.;.�. ,::. s.""tII'.g corset. / • ,t, Be ji&j to yo;" Ret/fern Corel. $3 and up .1 .t WOMEN HOLD MEETING TODAY TO PLAN FOR ANNUAL SPRING FETE v , " The Advisory board. has decided to give a 'May day fete in place of the usual Spring Festival, which has 'been canceled because of the war. All women who are interestd in the Kay day fete have been asked to meet today at 1 :10 in the Ida Noyes assembly room. Pauline Callen and Elizabeth Edwards will' speak abouf the arrangements. Present plans call for a May-pote for each class wittt nD'bons of the class colors. Preced­ ing the May-po1e dances �here wiD be groups of English folk dances to � given by the Various dancing clas- ses. (Contimud /"om page i) , team argued for 'te� 'J�utes untii the. official pulled his watch. Third' base­ man Skelly and a couple of substi­ tutes were sent to the dressing room. Today's lineup: . Chicago. Giles :.� Shortstop Curtiss _ First base Calm Center field Rudolph Second base Hart : Catch 'Marum Right field Larkin Pitch Maxwell _ Left fi�lrl Wiedemann Third base Northwestern. Hogue Center field Ellingwood First base Lynch Third base. Driscoll Pitch Norman . Left field Koehler Catch Poyer _ Second base, �i1ler or Rose Right field· .Ellis _ Shortstop Postpone Beach Party. ,'The Freshman Commission Beach • party for tomorrow, has been post­ poned indefinitely. .THE DAILr, MAROON, TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1917. .. ' .,. I', I-­ \ , .Circe.· 'Windrow ;18 a senior. He:tOo'k . t· • � 'I' 1 d ' part .11l.!:'WIe'.:,.,UftlDr rcve an ·· ... on ,a minor '�:.'at -lvite'r .. h�sketbai·fY·:\�r which he �ned a place on the 411- conf-erence team. He has had thea't­ rical experience in. the motion pictu* as well as t.in previous Blackfri'� shows. He i� a member of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity, James Hemphill is a sophomore. He led the Freshman whig of the' Inter­ class Hop last' year. He is the com­ ;po.ser of "The Ukelele "Sernade," a' so�g that he. will sing himself in .the play. He is a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. ' ........... ... ' ." • I ':'''J�i� Jb4oto9rapn�-C!J The Pictures for Publication' in Cap and Gown 117 Are now finished. There will be more - and better ones than . during any previous year. ;,. ,J ' .. ')\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- � , ..... r .•• , �� -1'1 n , ,'1 .,! I 'J �.� SOFiIOMORE WOMEN WiN , IN GYIUNASTIC CONTEST The Special Rates for All Unioersity Students Are Still in Force Senior College Women· Take Second Place-Individual Honors Go To Helen FranlL· and the discount of 33 1-3 per cent will be given on ali grades of photographs during this entire college y� •. The finals of the first· Ida Noyes gymnastic contest were held Friday afternoon at 2:30.. The first place was won by,the sophomores, the Sen­ ior college team winning second place. Helen Frank carried, off 'th-e indi�dua1.:�onors. . '. ; - � The competing teams .were, �he � :30 sophomoree;' .lead by,' Do�tliy L4rd­ ner, the 11:45 fr<?,shmen� under Ruth Stein, and' a" Senior' college ,te��' of . which Esther Beller was captain.: In team competitibnconaisfing; �f march­ ing, free-standing, 'exer'Cises, ,work on • the ,horse, ,�m .' and, balance, beam, . . DAGUERRE STUDIO" The official photographer for Cap and Gown, -'17 TOP' FLOOR McCLURG BUILDING 218 SOUTH WABASH AVE. Phone Harrison 7684 for appointment. TWO BLACKFRTARS STARS: JAMES·'.HEMPHiLL"AS' CIRCE; STELLAN WINDROW' AS �.'K�\VPIE" DURHAM; IN THE' 1,9,1" ,PRODUCTION, UA MYTH IN MANDEL." '. '. ',' I. • WILL HOLD FIRST DRESS REHEARSAL FOR FRIARS SHOW , (Ccmtimud from page 1) They will include, among other things, Hawaiian dresses. 'bridal gowns, cu­ pids' dresses, Athenian robes, and sol­ dier suits. Shoes are being purchased from Marsb&l1 Field and company. It has been only during the last week that Mr. Coleman bas rehearsed cast and chorus together. The musical numbers have been found to fit well into the lines, occtrrring at long enough intervals to give time for changes that are not more than hasty, at least. The management announced a satis­ factory sale of tickets to date but added that it was not too late to re... serve desirable seats, particularly for the last three nights of performance, May 6, 11 and 12- To Use Cats 01 Stan.. The aeeompanying eut8 are photo­ «r*pha of Stellan W'mctrOw, as "Kew: .pie" Durham, aDd.J&mei BemphflI, as J � J ',: " � .,.. , .. ". �� � � �� .� ,� ''1 ',11 �� .��; '.¥. > • .. � .. �� ',�:i :.' 'J .. � �j ,] ;� , ,.,_ ;� -'1 '·1 ",,;i � .,..::! � :� ,:� .... .$ ':.I:: Michigan, �ajorGeneral Lecniarii·· E. ,_ :� Wood deelare� that university students ,"] sltould not enlist, until the plans Of .. � the government with regard to 1i8iDg : :'� university students are known. He �- '" � vises all who are eligible to go to tile � tarining camps for reserve officers. .. '� Fifty-two men' students from the �� college of Agriculture at OJUo S�f:9 :�.� left last Wednesday to eri� in eel.:. : j entific farming, to help increase fOoa .� production dUrihg the War. '''; M"nnic war battles are now cons a- j i : .' 4 fe� 2 inches won the high jump Mrs. Joseph Wright, Miss Preston, Miss Ortmayer, Miss Philbrick, Miss Palmer and ¥iss Parma lee were the judges� Reserve Training Corps receive. Eight hundred engineers at the Uni­ versity of 'Michigan turned out for the first drill of the engineering college which was held last Friday. Over 150 men at Minnesota bave en­ listed in the various branches Of � vice. The marme eerps has elamied : the largest percentage of them. . Change Time Of TryoUtS. The first swimming tryoutS lim .bt!tn changed wom' tCjday to tblii� I'OW at 4:30 in Ida Noyes. ) clu b-swinging and a relay race the sophomores won 34.67 points; Senior college women, 30.43, a�d f�sbn1en, 30.399. ,The match was decided by the relay race. The points from individual events which we� open to all students, were added together for class totals in aU events in wbieh at least four persons eoiDpeted. The freshmen secured 30 points, the sophomores 27, the sen­ ior 12. _ The greatest number of in­ dividual .points w;ent to H-elen Frank, a sophomore, who lWn first place in exhi-bition on the horse, second on the ladder, flying rings and team work en the horse. Marjorie Koch­ ersberger, a freshman, won second place in the individual events with 13 points, by making first place on traveling rings and in team work on the horse. Pauline Calien of the Senior col­ iege team, by winning first place on the ladder, secOnd in balance beams and third in ftying rings, sec1ired third place in the iDdividual 1fteet.' Violet Falre:hDd 'tioJl am plaee in basketball :throw, witll a distance· of 62 feet; Mignon Cordill by jumping COLLEGES AND THE WAR. The 'Interfraternity Council at Northwestern has been disbanded for the rest 'Of the .year. The council came to. its decision on account of the unsettled condition ainong the frater­ nities, due to the war. The wireless station at Kansas uni­ versity has been dismantled to comply with gov-ernment orders. Cornell is leading in the number of men who have enlisted for service in the Mosquito Fleet of Submarine Chasers among the eastern universi­ ties. Up to the present time about .600 men have reported from five uni­ !ersities. ,Of. t.bis number about 2� �re �rom Cornei1"l00 from � aDd the reniaining 200 from Harvard, W'illiams and Brown. In. a letter to �ent Hutcluns of tuting part of the military training which Purdue cadets in the Oft'"Jeers' t , , I ,'I -I' \ I THE DAILY MAROON� TUESDAY, MAY I, 191!. MAROON TENNIS MEN DEFEAT OHIO STATE Captain Lindauer Wins Two Straight Sets From Buekeye Star­ Littman Loses To Zack. Chicago tennis men defeated Ohio State at Columbus Saturday, taking one of the singles matches and the doubles contest. Captain Lindauer won J tWI() straight sets from Captain Max- on of the Buckeye college, 6-3 and 6-2. Littman, the second member of the Maroon team, lost an uphill struggle with Zach of Ohio, 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. The doubles went to the Maroons, 4-6, 6-4, 6-1. .,. Captain Lindauer played mid-season tennis and easily defeated his, oppo­ nent in straight sets. Littman won the first match from his opponent, who then came back and took two straight sets. Littman played an erratic game, putting many of his shots into the net. The Chicago men lost the first set in the doubles because of unfamiliarity with each other's play. �od indi­ vidual playing by both gave the match to Chicago. Two Games Caneelled. The original schedule for the trip called for games with three seaools of . the Buckeye state, but two were can­ celled. Ohio Wesleyan and Kenyon were to have been played, but at the last minute the matches were' called off because of lack of time. The two men IOn the team were not to have re .. turned until today, bad the original plan been carried out. Results of the meet entitle Chicago to consideration as a repeater in the the Dramatic club, renditions of B1aclcfriars song and dance numbers by members of the cast and chorus of CIA Myth in Mandel," and selee- . Uons by the University band. The meeting will be followed by a re­ ception in· the Reynolds club under the direction of William Henry, chairman of the Reception committee, Tickets for the meeting and recep­ tion will be free. . Each student will ebampionahip. Lindauer played fine receive three upon application. Tick- I tennis, and by the time the Confer­ eta will � distributed daily from 2 ence 'season opens, he should be able 10 -4 at �da Noyes hall, from 10:10 to win the title again. Littman, who to 10:45 m Cobb, or at the Reynolds was picked to be the second man on dab, W'hi� �11 issue tickets, all day. the Ohio trip, did not play up to his Kandel WIn be OIPened at 8 to fhose usual standard. who have no tickets. The ticket di." tribution will begin Friday. auk To Compete Sooa. The following cast has been an- Clark; who was a member of the aoancecl by the Dramatic dub for doubles team last Je&l', was unable to ' ita production of "The Stepmother": compete beeause of a sprained ankle. Olristine ..••....•... MaI'ion Palmer He will be in shape in another week Un. Prout •••••••••••••• Emily Taft and his Mturn will greatly strengthen Adrian .•..••.•. ":' Bartlett Cormad the Maroon team. Clarit aDd Captain IX. Gardner ..••.•...•.• Lad Abbott Lindauer are an ubeatable c:oJid,ina- Dr. H. L Harley, State Psychologist, and member of the board of Adminis� ,tration of Springfield, will deliver a Iec:ture on "The Mentally Defective aDd the State," before a public meet- <, iDa' to be held under'the auspices of -'the Philanthropic Service division of the -eoDege of Commerce and Admin­ idration today at 4:35 in Harper as- .�biy Dr. Barley will !1lustrate bie The Botanical club will meet today -.ctdftaa with a number of stereoptican at 4:35 in Botany 13. Research re­ alides, indicating conditions under ports will M ciftD. which the mental defectives, who are .,. UDder the jurisdiction of the state, live. , According to D1'� H. D. Singer, of the Philanthropic Service division of the State Psychopathic Institute, who the college of Commerce and Admin­ d8livered an' address on "lDaanity as istration. • Social Problem" last Wednesday, Dr. BArley is one of the best informed MAROON TRACK TEAM TO IIMID m the Uni� States on the sub.. MEET PURPLE TOMORROW jeet of the relation of the state to its citizens who are mentaily defective. Be has studied for years the problems in the field events. James took sec­ of treating insane patients, and being ond against Captain Fisher in the win­ • psychologist, he has studied ques- ter meet, and tomorrow he will be tiona involving the care of the in- , aided by Smart who will likely add ane from a psychological point of another point to the Northwestern to­ view. His lecture, according to Dr. tal. Fisher and Graham are ·booked to Singer, should be one of the best take the first two places in the pole which has yet been given in the field vault with Folse of Northwestern, of 'social service. third. Higgins, Gorgas and Fisher This lecture win be the twenty- are more than good enough to annu MCond of a series of lectures on a slam in � shot, Brelos is far bet­ "Types of Social' Work," whieh are ter than the Northside entries in the siva weekly under the auspices of hannner, and Higgins and Gorgas will T".. c.....,. AII ........ _ ........... THe HAIIUO.D TYPEWRITER CO I"�W. Ma ••• St. C.u .... MISS LUCIA HENDERSHOT baa returned from New York with \ • new step for spring and summer. <3aaa e'f'ery Monday enning at 8 o'clock .l"rivat8 lessons by appointment. 1641 East 57� Hyde Park 2304 PRINCESS llatinee Thursday. $1.00 , Saturday, best seats, $1.50 ToDight-- The Parisian Pantomime "PIERROT THE PRODIGAL" The Ilu.sical Event of the Season ARRANGE PROGRAM FOR PARENTS' DAY MAY 18 (Continued from peJl, 1) -: , The play will be given under the .direction of Lee Ettel.son. ' :PSYCHOLOGIST WILL LECI'URE, 'To Speak On Duty Of State To Mental Defedins. " , ) 't, .,. %. • �� oJ tion in the doubles, and the former was playing a better game in singles than Littman. Ten Appear In Chorua. The Daily Maroon wishes to correct the list of the people who sang in the chorus of the Undergraduate Classical club Saturday night. The names are: De Ette Abernathy, Edith Abernathy, Eleanor Clouti�r, Ruth Genzberger, Irene Okeberg, Grace W oolwortb, Wil­ liam Emerson, Frederick Huebenthaf, Paul Merebant and Jacob Sietaem,- Botuists To Meet. (Continued from page 1) f �. I A " # " J , ,,' " , \ If this advertisement were a mile square, jammed with words- It wouldn·t he-it couldn·t be-half., convincing as smoking a Mund., WALTER H. ECKERSALL (Former All-A.mMiean Quarter Baek and Uni­ versity of CJieago football and traek hero.) USES RECOMMENDS Horlick's TIae Original Malted Milk TrR.ONE-�in. �O�· form1it COLLAR HE SAYS "Horliek's" is the ideal, light, sustaining lunc:h before ath­ letic coz:rtests, and the refreshing bevoerage aCter physical or mental exercise. rors AND BANDS ARE cUB.v"& CUT ro FIT TUR SHOULDERS. 2/_ .lOe CI.UETT.PE:ABODr&co.(t¥'� He especially considers the cocoa flavored Malted Milk TABLETS appropriate for the adhe man in college life and athletics:. and as the dependable, convenient sustena.nce far the teams when traveling. "'Wallie" always producerl... Reeults COUDt with him. He's now writing athletic articles tor the Tribune. take eight points in the discus. Return With Many Trophies. The victorious Maroon relay teams arrived yesterday morning from Phil­ adelphia where they captured two sett of watches, a cup and two team ban­ ners in the annual Penn games. The medley distance quartet won their event from Penn, Friday, and later'in the afternoon the sprint med�y team lost a close race to the Quakers: The AS K HIM' four mile team captured their event cial events, Higgins won third in the in easy fashion Saturday afternoon' 5 pound weight throw, and second in but the two mile team had to be sat- the shot. Graham tied, for secoDd � isfied with a third place. In the spe- the pole vault. d I I! J J r 3 e " .>,